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Fun Fact
Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.
endeenderman · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Accurate 😂💕😅
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ms-maria-sorrow · 13 hours ago
@moinstar : “ I Am ImMuNe tO HiS cHaRmS “
Me: Are you challenging me MoinStar?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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cloudyuwu · 15 hours ago
Solomon and I would probably have that kind of relationship where we genuinely hate each other in a chaotic way but still manage to get along somehow
Also Diavolo and Simeon I’m sorry I still love you guys 😿
Tumblr media
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x4gay · 19 hours ago
Could I please request a bottom lucifer cockwarming a male mc in RAD or maybe a semi-public place, then ends up getting fucked later on? You can ignore this request if you don't feel like it. Also thank you for providing male mc content along with gn mc!
YES I CAN I LOVE THIS REQUEST DONT WORRY MY LOVE. I will always try to be as inclusive as I can that’s why I open my request! I love when people send request.
Bottom Lucifer x M!MC
“Hey love, I think we should do something.” MC smiled at Lucifer. Lucifer getting called love made him blush a bit. The two walked down the RAD hallway heading to lunch. It’s Lucifer’s first time having a break.
“What is it?” Lucifer raised an eyebrow at him. He always liked MC’s ideas though he’ll never admit it.
“Well... I’ll tell you when we go to the courtyard” MC smiled. The two got their lunch and headed to the courtyard.
“Now will you tell me what’s your idea” Lucifer and MC sat farther away than normal. They decided to eat lunch on the grass.
“Well- you know how you have told me since you have been busy you have missed how I’ve made you feel.” MC sat Lucifer on his lap and placed a small kiss on his cheek.
“Yeah- i’m not sure I quiet follow” Lucifer questioned. MC was adjusting Lucifer’s pants so it seemed like he was still wearing his pants but now his ass was exposed.
“Well think about it-“ MC sucked on his fingers and started to tease’s Lucifer’s asshole. Lucifer fixed his posture as the warm fingers stretch his asshole.
“What if people see?” Lucifer looked around the demon enjoyed the idea and the thrill of getting caught hot him even more turned on.
“What if they don’t” MC slowly put his dick in Lucifer’s ass. He let out a soft groan finally MC placed his full length in Lucifer’s ass.
“Hey look at the cute couple” Simeon walked up to MC and Lucifer. Diavolo walked up to them too. Lucifer began to turn bright red. He knew he couldn’t move without exposing himself. He looked at MC who kept a calm demeanor. He rested his head on the crook of Lucifer’s neck.
“The won’t know unless you panic.” MC whispered kissing his temple. This let Lucifer relax a bit and lean back.
“Lucifer I never thought I would see the day where you express PDA.” Simeon laughed.
“He’s a softy.” MC cooed. MC fixed the way he was sitting but this just made Lucifer grip on to MC’s thigh trying not to moan.
It started to near the end of lunch Diavolo and Simeon walked away to head to a meeting.
“That was close, but I think you should be more careful.” MC kisses Lucifer’s neck. Lucifer grinded himself on MC’s dick.
“No no you have a meeting to go to” MC pulled out of Lucifer which caused him to whimper. The two fixed themselves up and walked their different ways.
All Lucifer could think of was how good it felt to be on MC’s dick. He barely got through the day. He’s just waiting till he’s able to go home maybe MC would fuck him.
A few hours later MC got a text on his DDD. He saw it was from Lucifer.
Lucifer: I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I was wondering...
MC: Say it
Lucifer: I want you so bad
MC: say what you want
There was a knock at MC’s door. It was Lucifer. He was looking at MC at needy eyes.
“I need you, I need you to fuck me” He said in a whispered. MC pulled him in the room closing the door.
“Come on.” MC pulled Lucifer on the bed. “Were you thinking of me all day?” MC undressed Lucifer. He took off Lucifer’s pants slowly making Lucifer more needy.
“Yes. I want you to pound into me” Lucifer was speaking shamelessly. MC took off his pants and rubbed himself. MC kisses Lucifer. He moved to Lucifer’s neck and placed a light kiss. He made his way to Lucifer’s tip kissing it lightly. Lucifer let out a soft moan.
MC moved down to Lucifer’s ass. MC slowly licked around his ass. Then shoved his finger slowly. Lucifer arched his back moaning softly. MC added another finger and started to move his fingers in and out and opening them. Once MC felt he was stretched enough MC replaced his fingers with his dick.
“Come on let me hear you.” MC started to go slowly. Lucifer groaned at the agonizingly slow pace.
“Can you go faster” Lucifer whined. “Please... I’ve wanted this all day” Lucifer continued to whine. MC smiled and started to pick up the pace with Lucifer. He moaned louder as he gets overwhelmed with pleasure. Lucifer was already tightening around MC’s hard dick.
“I’m going too-“ MC quickly pulled out and began to suck Lucifer the sudden sensation had Lucifer cumming in MC’s mouth.
“Delicious but now you have to taste mine” MC started to pound into Lucifer’s throat quickly after a few minutes Lucifer felt MC’s warm cum down his throat.
“Perfect” MC smiled. “Maybe next time i’ll just fuck you then and there” Lucifer turned bright red.
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x4gay · 19 hours ago
Can I request a male reader x dia and barb? Reader is top the others are bottom. Like dia asks the reader to come over because they have to "talk about the exc program" and the reader ends up fucking dia and barb walks in (he doesn't know what's going on) and the reader fucks him too.
YES yes this right here. Who ever you are we are now married.
Also if any of y’all are interested in role playing as any of the brothers look at my old post and message me!
Diavolo x Barbatos x M!mc
smut ahead
“Welcome MC” Diavolo greeted MC into his office. Diavolo closed the door as MC went to sit down.
“So as you know I wanted to talk to you about the exchange pro-“ Diavolo was interrupted.
“Cut the shit Diavolo, be a good boy and tell me why you want me here” Mc smirked as Diavolo’s reaction quickly changed. He parted his lips and blushed a bit. MC walked over to Diavolo. They got close to him. Their lips almost touching.
“Come on, be a good boy.” MC shoved his fingers down Diavolo’s throat.
“MC... I want you to-“ MC shoved his fingers back in Diavolo’s throat. This caused him to gag.
“What’s that I couldn’t hear you” MC smirked. He started to rub Diavolo’s hard erection.
“I want you to fuck me, treat me like a fuck doll. All I want is your dick.” Diavolo moaned.
“I just might. Open” MC shoved his dick in Diavolo’s mouth. Diavolo spent no time sucking. He made sure to taste every inch. As good as it felt MC wanted to fuck Diavolo. He started pounding into Diavolo’s mouth and shoved his entire length in the back of his throat. MC pulled out and looked at Diavolo’s spit covered face.
“You’re being such a good little whore.” MC took off his clothes and kissed Diavolo deeply. MC sat back and jacked himself off.
“Undress for me.” MC ordered. Diavolo spent no time getting undressed. He stood there blushing a bit him being fully exposed.
“Come here” MC had Diavolo sit on his lap. MC placed his dick in Diavolo’s tight asshole. A loud moan escaped from his lips. Diavolo’s ass was being stretched by MC’s huge dick. MC decided to start pounding into Diavolo’s ass. His moans echoed the room. MC left hickies up and down his neck.
Barbatos came in the room. Diavolo tried to cover his face but MC just pounded harder into him.
“I’m sorry now isn’t a good time...” Barbatos was about to open the door.
“Don’t you want some too?” MC groaned as he continued to fuck Diavolo’s ass.
“I-“ Barbatos stood here.
“Help me please your lord and I’ll reward you too” MC smirked. Barbatos walked right over and got on his knees.
“Suck his dick” MC ordered Barbatos. Barbatos didn’t hesitate he started to lick Diavolo’s thick shaft. Barbatos began teasing his tip. Diavolo was uncontrollably moaning. He no longer cared the pleasure was too good. After a while MC got an idea.
“Let’s pleasure your little butler.” MC pulled out of Diavolo pushing him to get up.
“Go ahead and kiss him” MC rubbed himself as the two began to kiss. He went down and undressed Barbatos. He began rubbing both dicks making sure there’s to go as quickly as possible.
The two moaned in each other’s mouth. Barbatos’ cock grew harder and harder. MC bent over Barbatos. Diavolo sat down and watched as MC fucked Barbatos. Barbatos moans were now filling the room. MC continued to pound into Barbatos until he was about to cum.
“Go fuck your prince” MC smiled. Barbatos wobbled to Diavolo and laid him down. He shoved his dick in Diavolo causing both of them to moan. The sensation of Diavolo’s tight ass and Barbatos rubbing Diavolo they both came on each other. MC began rubbing himself and eventually came on both of the demons. He smiled at the both of them panting and out of breath.
“Is that what you needy demons wanted? Look at you too just covered in cum.” MC laughed.
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boxbusiness · a day ago
Tumblr media
Aight this background is a bummer. What’s happenin’
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daydreamer749 · a day ago
Tumblr media
So after finishing season one, here is my tier list of the obey me cast. I would say this pretty much is based on how my personality would mesh with them as I feel I would react to the events of the story very differently from the MC in the game.
However, people who know me on here know that I tend to love the dark blue haired characters the most. I do like them as characters but I don’t ‘love’ them like Tokiya, Kai and the rest of my other blue haired men that I love. Something tells me they would not take that news very well huh? lol
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xlxxifer · a day ago
Can you pass them the aux?
I have this joke where before i put on a song I’m all like “bro, this song goes hard. This song is gas” then the song is classical
Tumblr media
You tryna get lit and he’s putting on Mozart’s 2nd symphony
Not to mention that the volume would be on 3
This man has exquisite music taste
Mammon will not disappoint if you pass him the aux
I’m sorry but I don’t wanna listen to Gurenge at 7pm
He’ll just play the Ruri Hana theme song on repeat until you take the aux from him
Satan has the music taste of a edgy 7th grader so take that as you will
Tryna drive and Satan plays Cancer
Asmo always knows all the latest songs
He’s also a city girls fan so👀
Nobody wants to hear your workout playlist
Beel probably has a mixtape that he wants to sell you 24/7
Surprisingly, he also has good taste in music
Probably a Pierce the Veil fan or sum hey Arrow
Lord Diavolo
Anyone who reads books trying to learn about today’s youth had bad taste in music
Barbatos’ lame ass is gonna tell you to focus on driving
“Music is a distraction!”
He listens to the ahs intro on repeat and I support it
I feel like Simeon is a clairo fan so absolutely
If you pass Luke the aux he’ll play a church hymn
Or kids bop
Tumblr media
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dawnthefox24 · a day ago
*Mc Levi asmo and Mammon playing little nightmares *
MC: oh come on it isn't scary right Levi?
Levi: well I mean..
Mammon: don't say anything !!
Asmo: awww are you scared ?
*5 hours in after dying and getting jump scared when they finally beat the game *
Mc:*trying not shake in fear *see not scary....but I'll need cuddles in my room and watch memes m
Mammon Levi and asmo:*shaking from fear * ONLY TO PORTECT YOU FROM NIGHTMARES !
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stardust414 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Obey me MC/LI portrait request slots for May are open! Please DM me with reference photos or at least a description of your MC and LI of choice-or for more info 😄 I’m going to try to do at least four by the end of June-but remember-I’m slow, and work likes to throw curveballs-so they will get done but it might take awhile. This is also open to ALL MCs-I just don’t really have any other samples yet other than f!mc that I’ve done this for.
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endeenderman · a day ago
Tumblr media
"ObeyMe!" Human Pet AU.
Warnings: mentions of feasting on human meat, some sexual mentions, torture and blood.
~Prologue/what you need to know~
This universe is different from the original ObeyMe! story, let's just say that there was never an exchange program or the whole unite the three realms thing, in this world humans are considered lower life force from demon and angels (and other creatures as well), those with low wealth were killed and their meat was sold to many markets in the Devildom, some humans where kept alive and sold as "pets" so some demons, they could either be adopted or bought, if a human was scene without it's owner than it would stay at the human "shelter" and if no one came to pick it up it would be killed within a weeks time, some humans where more valuable than others, those who came from a rich or famous bloodline made a good fortune when being sold and many wanted to breed their humans so they could sell their "pups", some where bought as companions, others as toys, for those lucky enough to get bought by a "nice" individual had a better life waiting for them in comparison to those for weren't. Some of the people that could afford a was the King of the Demons and the seven Lords of Hell, or those who stole them from their original owners only to be sold at a much higher price.
~House Of Lamentation~
The Prince of Hell had gotten a human for him as a troublesome...honestly he already had Cerberus and his six brothers he didn't need someone else to take care off!, if you haven't figured it out yet that human it you, welcome to the house of lamentation!, Lucifer has already provided you a black leather collar enjoy~, honestly not the best owner, works all day and you get stuck either in his room or in his office, heavy training!, you need to be trained asap!, if your behavior is good you might get rewarded with a few headpats, doesn't like you talking to you unless he gives you permission too, has bought you a small bed in his room for you to sleep on, surprising lets his brothers "play" with you.
We are getting a pet!?, hell ya!!!, honestly super excited about it, I mean have you seen how much good human breeds make in the market!?, Lucifer what kind of breed are they!?, gets moody when he gets told he can't sell you or breed you, his the type to call you to him only to push you away once you get close, okay so he can't sell you buuut no-one said anything about renting you am I right!?, teaches you a few tricks because hey! maybe you can do a street attraction idk...kind of gets attached to you though, yeah he aren't giving you away now not for ONE second!, Mammon please stop holding them like that they can't breath...
Already has Henry 2.0 he doesn't want another one, but then again he can dress you up like his game and anime characters!!! Gets very jealous if you're paying attention to anyone else but him, Levi they are not only yours remember?, learn how to share!, yeah right...doesn't let them in his room without a leash because he doesn't want them near his gaming set or figurines, tried taking you swimming once with him and almost drowned you...yeah we are not doing that again...
One of the few that is actually happy without a valued reason, buys you a LOT of toys to play with!, he wanted a cat but...hey its better than nothing I guess?...likes when you put your head on his lap when he read so he can pat your head, but only when he is in a good mood, if his in a bad mood then you will get to be his stress relief toy, lets just hope he doesn't injure you too bad, will heal you with spells once his calmed down and give you soft pets and wipe away any tears to make you more comfortable around him, might read to you to make you feel better.
He is thrilled!, so many clothes and accessories he can get for you!!!, takes lots if pictures with you, you get to accompany him to many playdates, it's good for you to interact with your own species once in a while but...they might be waiting for something more from you...he trains you to become his toy to play with, lots of tricks, his brothers find it disgusting for him to be sleeping with their pet but who cares!!!, his darling pet needs his affection and guidance!!!, many pretty collars and bows!!!
So he cant eat them?...their a pet?...a companion?...oh there are like Cerberus?...Beel likes Cerberus so he won't eat you just's you away most of the time honestly, slowly because somewhat of a friend to you, once he gets to like you back he will often feed you treats without Lucifers knowing of course...Beel how many times do I have to tell you?!, don't feed the human every few seconds you are going to spoil them!!!, but they look so's okay its only one bite right?, yeah one bite wouldn't hurt!~
One word for you...stay away...if he happens to walk into a room with you in it he will burn holes into your skull from his intense stare, his dislike for humans includes you unfortunately and its not easy to get him to like you, after how many weeks of pushing you away, kicking you of hurting you in general, weather that was in the physical world or the dream world, one day he was having trouble sleeping as his favourite pillow was damaged and Lucifer had gotten it to repair it, he pulled you next to him and rested his arms around you nesting his face in your neck inhaling your sweet scent which made him sleep almost instantly, congrats you're his new favourite pillow, always wants you next to him when he sleeps, surprisingly he enjoys brushing your hair for some reason.
Might make a part 2!, tell me what you guys think! <3
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cxffin · a day ago
⚰️ 13 🪦
( - @ohbaby-obeyme )
🪦 — Lucifer
13 — Thigh Riding
Their foot pushed up beneath them, rising to their toes as they lifted the demon in their lap. His grip twisted their sleeves, pulling uselessly as he fell forward—landing unceremoniously against their chest as their thigh tensed between his own.
His breath was hot against their neck, reminding them just how breathlessly he been clinging to them only moments ago. Rivals in song alone, their duet for the Tale of the Seven Lords was intense—it forced the two to truly confront the space between them, laying it out bare as they sang alone in faux solitude.
Lucifer could never admit how heated he felt when they began to properly come into the role. Henry and the Lord of Corruption clashed on stage, and while Bas had never been his favorite person... They were beginning to grow on him. The bite of their words shifted from something forced into a much more natural cadence, the heat beneath their eyes spurring him on in his own role as their main antagonist for much of the musical.
They hauled him forward by the hips, bringing him down against their thigh in a way that shot pleasure through his veins. His grip loosened, slackening as they moved them to follow their own whim, gradually sliding from their shoulders and hitting the piano keys behind them. They made a jarring, monstrous sound—one that snapped his eyes back into focus. Bas, on the other hand, didn't seem to hear. Their motions did not falter, they never ceased dragging him along their thigh to give him something that felt so out of reach. His head was growing dizzy again the longer he laid against them. Bracing himself against the edge of the piano, Lucifer pushed himself up, coming face to face with the reason he felt so intoxicated.
Cobalt and navy covered them, it swam around their limbs and escaped past their lips to fill their lungs with his own sin. It glowed behind their eyes, radiated from their skin as they stared back. He wasn't sure how well they were seeing him—the sin coating their soul was one he had never seen take hold of one usually so patient. As if to answer, their hand came up from his hip, tangling in his hair to pull him down against their mouth. They weren't gentle, a fact he refused to admit he had ever entertained the thought of, and he felt as though he may be devoured.
"Tell me what your thinking, Luce."
He eyed them, only a breath away. Beneath the sapphire haze was still the familiar face of Bas—an image far more tempting than the sin creeping into his lungs. His own resolve began to ebb, to simmer and burn the longer they drew him in.
"Fine," they spoke in his absence. "I'll go first."
They brought him forward by the back of the head again, searing their lips against his own with a passion that consumed him from the inside out. His lungs flooded, gilding him in sapphire and washing him over with pride. When they finally let him go, let his pleasure drown him entirely, he nearly fell from their lap. If not for their hands on him, if not for the unrelenting grip their soul had on him, he would have crashed to the floor.
"I've wanted to do that for so long," they confided, a small grin spreading over their lips. "Every time we come in to practice... All I can think about is bending you over this piano bench."
The hammering of his heart against his eardrums muddled the rest of their words, momentarily saving him from descending a second time. His breath was ragged, body aching with an undeniable strain that seemed to rip him apart in every way possible.
Their hands smoothed over his back, grounding him to the feeling of reality while they worked out the pressure still straining his spine. Easy, gentle motions brought him back to life, restoring his mind to what it once was. The sapphire was beginning to dissipate. When he lifted his face, finally cast his gaze on the human again, he only found Bas. They offered a smile—apologetic and unsure but warm above all. Their hands continued up to his shoulders, easing him down against their chest as they carefully dug their thumbs into his skin, untangling every new knot their activities had just given him.
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