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mcytblrconfessions · a day ago
I go to school with purpled and we share the same fucking home room and I was sitting in my seat the first day back from thanksgiving break and someone asks what he did over break and he goes “ah I killed someone haha” and I just had to sit there
dave didnt you already post this one
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Okay but like I need to be fucked so stupid that I just smile, so cum drunk that when I'm slapped and named a whore or a slut, I take it as a compliment, getting more and more needy and desperate
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pizza_suplex pondering his pizza_orb
[ID: a painting of a wizard with a lengthy beard sitting at a table. The wizard’s face has been edited to be Patrick’s face. On the table in front of him is a glowing pizza in place of a crystal ball. /END ID]
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pintsizemama · 2 days ago
First Snow
Day 5
Welcome to the 2021 Christmas Writing Challenge! Big thank you to Steph (@toomanystoriessolittletime) for putting this together!!!
Summary: It’s Grogu’s first snow…and You and Din have a confession to make.
Pairings: Din Djarin x Reader, Din Djarin x You
Rating: Mature 18+ ONLY
Word Count: 1,392
Warnings: language, kissing, FLUFF, allusions to sex/getting pregnant…Let me know if I missed anything!
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
The temperature had dropped dramatically since you landed on the latest planet. You couldn’t even remember the name of it at this point. You had bounced around the galaxy so much the last several months, they all started to blur together.
“Patu?” A little voice behind you called. You turned and smiled at the adorable little green child who had stolen your heart. He waddled up next to you. You reached down and scooped him up.
“It’s getting cold out here, isn’t it, little guy?” You murmured, cuddling him in close. He burrowed into your chest, seeking your warmth. “You wanna go back in the ship?” He cooed in the way you had learned to recognize meant ‘no’. “Alright. We’ll stay out here just a bit longer. I’m getting sick of staring at the metal walls all day too, buddy. Believe me.” You set him back down on the ground and followed him for a bit. You stayed close to the ship. Din had been clear he didn’t want either of you to stray far.
You looked out on the horizon, hoping to catch a glimpse of him. He had been gone for a couple days, and you missed him. This latest bounty had been a pain in the ass. Din had chased him across three planets already. You hoped this would be the last. You followed the kid further, but made sure to keep the Razor Crest in your sights. Just then you felt something cold and wet hit your nose. You wrinkled it and brought your hand up. When you looked, there was nothing there. As you stared at your open hand several snowflakes landed on your palm.
You looked up to the sky in amazement. It was snowing! It had been so long since you’d seen snow. You had seen more than enough desert planets to last you a lifetime. Snow was less common in your travels.
“Aroo?” The kid chirped. You looked down to see him holding out his hand to catch the snow. He examined it closely and then put it in his mouth. He grinned up at you, clearly happy with the taste.
“Is this your first snow?” You asked him. He nodded slowly. You picked him up and hugged him close. “I’m glad I got to share one of your firsts with you.” The snowfall picked up, and soon there was enough for you both to play in. You built a small snow man and made snowballs to toss at each other. The kid cheated and used his special powers to lob them at you, but you didn’t mind.
You lost track of time, and also forgot to keep an eye on the ship. If you had been paying attention, you would have noticed a certain Mandalorian returning with his bounty.
Tumblr media
Din heard laughter. More specifically, your laughter. He loved that sound. Your laugh was light and beautiful and contagious. He smiled inside the helmet, excited to be back with you. You had been traveling with him for months. He was hesitant with you at first—he was with everyone. But somehow you had managed to slip beneath his armor and work your way into his heart. He quickly shoved the bounty into the carbonite chamber and made his way out to see what was making you laugh. He slowed to a stop when he took in the scene before him. You and the kid were laying in the snow waving your arms and legs bag and forth. You popped up and helped the kid get up. He approached quietly and heard you explaining what you had been doing to the kid.
“See?” You said, pointing to the figures in the snow. “It looks just like an angel now.” The kid cooed and then promptly shoved a handful of snow in his mouth. You laughed delightedly.
“You keep eating that snow and you’re gonna pee yourself,” you warned him.
“Having fun?” Din asked. You yelped and jumped in surprise.
“You’re back!” You exclaimed excitedly. “Did you get him?” Din nodded, and you beamed. “Well, we should celebrate!”
“I don’t think we need too—” before he could finish, a huge snowball plowed into his visor. “Meshla, did you just throw a snowball at me?” You bit your lip and shook your head.
“No,” you teased.
“Oh, you’re in for it!” Din called out as he gathered snow in his large hands. You squealed and grabbed the kid as you ran for cover. Din pummeled you both with snowballs, but you two managed to get a few hits in. You were breathless with laughter. You and the kid hid behind a small snow covered mound. Din had stopped his assault, but you knew it was only a temporary pause. You peaked cautiously over the mound. Din was nowhere in sight.
“Where’d he go?” You whispered to the kid. Just then Din crashed into you and knocked you on your back. He smooshed a pile of snow into your face. “Maker! Din! You scared the shit outta me!” You laughed as you spit snow out of your mouth. Din’s shoulders shook with mirth.
“You look cute covered in snow,” he chuckled. He picked up another handful and held it up playfully.
“No more!” You begged. “I surrender! Mercy! Mercy!” Din laughed.
“No mercy!” He teased.
“Tell daddy to play nice!” You called out to the kid. Din froze at your words. Your eyes widened when you realized what you had said. “Din, I—”
Faster than you’d ever seen him move before, Din dropped the snow and pushed his helmet up just enough to reveal two very plump, soft looking lips. He leaned down and crashed his mouth into yours. You moaned and kissed him back fervently. You had been dying to kiss him since the moment you met. His tongue pushed past your lips and licked deep into the hot cavern of your mouth. He settled himself between your thighs and you groaned when you felt him harden against you. You lost track of everything as he overwhelmed your senses.
“Aroo?” The kid cooed next to your head. Din pulled back and pulled his helmet back down. He stood quickly and helped you up.
“I’m sorry, cyar’ika,” he apologized. “I—I got carried away…it won’t happen again.” You placed your hand gently on his chest.
“It’s alright, Din,” you assured him. “I wanted it to happen…and I want it to happen again.”
“Yes,” you said. “I…well, I’ve had…feelings for you for a long time now. I was just too nervous to act on them.”
“Feelings?” He asked, tilting his helmet. You sighed.
“I love you, Din Djarin,” you whispered. Din’s fist clenched. It was the only reaction he had. You watched him, hoping he wouldn’t kick you off the Razor Crest.
“I love you, too,” he said gruffly.
“Really?” You gasped.
“Yes,” he replied. “I have for a while…but hearing you call me his dad”—he gestured to the kid who was currently shoving more snow into his mouth—“implying we’re a family…fuck, I just couldn’t control myself. It’s all I’ve ever wanted with you.”
“It’s what I want too,” you said with a teary smile. “We are a family.”
“I know,” he said. His hand cupped your face. “I want to make you mine…make you my riddur. Have more children with you.”
“Please,” you begged.
“After we drop off these bounties,” he told you, “we’ll say our vows.”
“Ok,” you said with a smile.
“But I plan on starting to try for those children tonight, cyare,” he said huskily.
“Oh, that works for me,” you whispered.
“Good,” Din responded. “Now let’s get this little gremlin back on the ship and to sleep as soon as possible. We have a lot of ‘trying’ to do tonight.” You laughed and scooped the kid up. He still had two hands full of snow, but he whined when he realized playtime was over.
“Don’t worry, little guy,” you cooed. “We’ll see snow again soon. I promise.” He nuzzled into you.
“You’re a great mom,” Din said. His hand came up to rest on your lower back.
“You’re a great dad,” you returned. Even though you couldn’t see his face, you knew he was smiling. You couldn’t wait to make this family official.
Day 6
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theviralwitch · 3 months ago
I like that “morning baby” kinda relationship. The no games, great communication, lots of kissing, lots of cuddling, lots of flirting, lots of being goofy kind of relationship. That makes you want to run 100 miles, read books, clean up your bad habits kind of love.
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happy one year anniversary of just saying it: I love you 💙💚
i finished this quick last night till 7am 🥱 so please ignore all the mistakes 😣 today almost feels like "destiel christmas" 🥰 let's celebrate this one of a kind love story..💙💚❤️❤️❤️🥺😍🥰😭
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thetrashchronicles · 8 months ago
One time I was hooking up with some guy and he would NOT stop farting, like at all, and he would laugh every time afterwards. Anyways I started acting all dom and he was into it like a typical twink and told him I wanted to tie him up so I did, but I shoved a butt plug in him so he would stop farting and then I left. Left and didn't turn back. Blocked him on everything and haven't talked to him since. Feels good to get this off my chest.
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mcytblrconfessions · 2 days ago
gnf is older than my dad and that sucks
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kinky-little-puppy-nz · 2 days ago
Okay, but I can't get the idea of public play out of my mind. Like, I wanna be on a crowded bus; all the seats are taken, but there is still standing room. Not long into the ride I feel someone's dick pressing up against my ass under my skirt, I can't turn around to see who it is or move away because the bus is practically full. Soon I start to feel the person's dick grow hard against my butt while slowly pressing against me harder. I look around the bus to see if anyone has noticed, though no one has. I try not to react as I feel the person's dick push into me. I try keep quiet and act as if I'm not being fucked on a bus by somone I don't know. I keep silent, even as I feel their load pumping into me, my legs shake and my mind melts as my own orgasm raked my body. It isn't long after when the stranger walks off the bus at their stop
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louisegluck · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Louise Glück, from “Confession.”
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Riot shouldn't delete chat logs if someone unfriends you. I say this because I deal with multiple people as a female player who get creepy to down right toxic with me. People who I'd like to call my friends, but over time show their true colors. I also feel Riot should put a report feature in the chat function for this very reason, but that's just me.
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jumpinguptothesky · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here is my very late work for the Levihan week DAY 2: Confession, organized by @levihanweek
I think I was thinking a little too big, and it took me forever to do this!
It tore my heart out to do this! Please, someone write the sequel where they see each other again before he leaves! please!
Thanks to @malunggaybe , @snudootchaikovsky and @callantry for taking a look at my English and making some changes! Ily guys !
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