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I can’t stop laughing at the fact that the supernatural writer literally put queer things in episodes for a little laugh and ended up fully making the most beautiful love story in television history, they really said “let’s use the line “the moment he layed a hand on you in hell he was lost” and then pretend it’s straight” and deliberately make dean Cain and make cas Colette and then have the AUDACITY to say “just dudes being bros tho. And then made deal literally ask Billie to LET HIM DIE because cas died, and then in the very next episode when cas is back he is overly happy the whole episode. They really said “let’s make cas say “I’m not going to let you or anyone hurt the people I love, not again” to Donatello even though dean is the only person he has hurt” and THEN SAID “let’s make dean say “we’ve lostEVERYTHING, and now you’re going to bring HIM back” and then say it was PLATONIC?!?!? Cas is dean’s EVERYTHING!!!! And then they say he doesn’t love him back?!?! How did they manage to do that on ACCIDENT?!?!

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AITA for wanting to stop paying my wife’s “business partner” and yelling at her? - tooshyforthis - Good Girls (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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hi! can someone recommend me destiel fanfics on ao3? complete works please 🥺

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almost 2 months since the finale and… and when I think about it, when I think about him… I tear up and I can’t breathe and I can’t… I can’t… It was so bad.


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dean be like we accept the love we think we deserve 💘💘 brb going to lash out or get severely depressed because I think I don’t have it.

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I know he Is Forced To because of Queerbaiting but I feel less sorry for Dean about thinking his love is unrequited because Cas had to put up with Dean being like “you’re my brother” at him while being unversed in humanity so less Repression Assholes. I simply think Dean is too stupid for his own good because he cannot accept happiness or having what he wants. Cas on the other hand is just really bad at understanding Dean. Which is understandable despite the fact he rebuilt Dean’s body.

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the thing about Dean Winchester is literally everything about him is barbed to push away what he truly wants. if he could just crack open like a geode and let people help him see he’s always had everything he needs. he doesn’t need to use his fight response to handle these big fears. he just needs to face himself.

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U don’t know heaven till ur watching supernatural while scrolling thru spn posts on Tumblr.

U can’t tell me I’m wrong.

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Supernatural really called dean a bottom in season one by having him do the leg thing as he slept, huh.

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anyways if dean not bi and closeted why make every alternate version of him significantly fruitier riddle me that

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i feel like one thing that isn’t mentioned often enough is the fact that john and mary winchester were set up by the cupids

like i’m sure there are diverging opinions on whether or not the cupid thing feels uncomfortable or not, but for me, it really feels wrong that the cupid from season 5 literally says something along the lines of “they couldn’t stand each other” before they were set up as the perfect match

it feels so wrong for obvious reasons, but also in the context of john’s monstrous parenting of dean in particular

like this man met a woman he couldn’t stand and he had to be manipulated on a fundamental level to marry and the continues to not stand their first-born child and i just

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Like I literally cannot see an explanation for point of no return besides Dean using innuendo to mock Cas because he knew it would hurt him the most.

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point of no return is literally Dean splitting and saying the most horrible things he can to his loved ones while depressed and suicidal while every laced hurtful thing he says to Cas is quite literally innuendo. Dean was mocking Cas for having feelings for him/what was building between them without realising it and knew that would hurt most. And it worked, as Cas was the only one who retaliated like Dean wanted him to. Telling Cas to kill him.

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The reason John was in Dean’s Heaven was because Dean went on to Jack about how he loved his dad while bonding with him.

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Just your nightly reminder, while you’re laying in bed tonight getting all sleepy, pray to Jack to remind cas to break John Winchester’s kneecaps.💖

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