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michaelsworddean · 2 days ago
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please consider this
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castielcommunism · 2 days ago
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literally what is all this then
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kenobians · 16 hours ago
dean fell fast, fell hard, and fell FIRST. and by god he was so embarrassed about it but what’s a guy to do when literal heaven sends you the man of your dreams? i just KNOW he spent that first night after meeting cas in the barn absolutely breathless - back at bobby’s laid out on a dilapidated couch for the night and trying so hard not to put his own hand over the tender, tingling mark on his shoulder…just to see how they compare. sometime in the hazy hour between two and three in the morning, he gives in and finds out the handprint is notably larger than his own. it’s still hot out despite how late in september it is, but dean can’t suppress the shiver that goes through him. the angel - castiel - still has him off-kilter, but he can’t stop himself from imagining what it would be like to feel those hands on him again - what it might be like to be touched with care and intent by a creature so powerful even demons flee before it.
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suncaptor · 16 hours ago
It's literally like if Sam had shot Azazel and killed his father in one go then neither his father nor his brother would go to hell.
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mvdeanw · 2 days ago
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Dean SPN // 1x01 - Pilot
Dean ( Jensen ) love club: @jillmariej @deanwanddamons @deanwinchesterswitch @brilovesdeanwinchester @septembersghost @waywardbaby @siospins @damndeanwinchester @tintentrinkerin @spnfangirl1314 @shawnie74 @kwistowee @queenofallerdalehall @charred-angelwings @girlshunttoo @adoptdontshoppets @ddriverpicksthemusic @milo-winchester-4ever @wickedinspirations @quicklymybasement @jensensgotyoudean@lequisha @deansraspberrypie @thoughts-and-funnies
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since I have a cold (which is mostly over now), Cas has to go through this too °^° but don't worry, he's in good hands..🥰💙💚❤️
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michaelsworddean · a day ago
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look at him
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monalisssasandmadhatters · 21 hours ago
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well. supernatural thesis statement right there. 
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narcissisticmf · a day ago
"Like the archangel who aspired to omnipotence, I am chained in an eternal hell."
– Mary Shelley, Frankenstein
Tumblr media
1998 | dean winchester x fem!reader
part ii
description: seven years later and y/n still lives and works with bobby. dean pays her a visit and asks her to help him get sam and find john, since he hadn't been home in a long while.
trigger warnings: mentions of trauma, mentions of anxiety/depression, etc. read at your own risk.
word count: 1.8k
October 31, 2005
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
The white sheets were entangled between your legs as you shifted in your sleep gently. You breathed slowly through your nose as your mind flashed with images of your father. Blurry images. You let out a soft grunt and unintentionally tossed the sheets and covers off your body. You felt cold immediately, a rush of goosebumps formed all over your upper body. A hot sweat produced against the back of your neck as you continued to see the oppressing images of your father, crying in agony as his flesh bubbled from the blazing flames.
You took in a sharp breath and awoken, as if you had been underwater for too long and needed air to fill your lungs. You felt your body soaked in a hot sweat, despite the air being cold. Your lips ran dry as you breathed through your mouth, trying to ease your mind due to the nightmare.
Noticing the blankets were tossed off, you blinked slowly and knelt over to reach for them, placing them back onto your mattress. You breathed out once again, trying to ease the nervous feeling that built up within the pit of your stomach.
The door to your bedroom was cracked open, revealing Bobby who looked at you with his brows furrowed. "Doing okay, girl?" He had a mug of coffee in his hand as he opened the door more to reveal himself fully.
"Yeah, I'm fine," You rubbed your eyes with your palms.
"Mkay.." Bobby breathed out, not wanting to push too hard. "Breakfast is downstairs, get dressed within an hour, we've got a lot of work to do in the yard today." He walked off down the hall, disappearing from your view.
You took your hands from your eyes and revealed a breath, hoping that the day ahead would be free from any stresses. Slipping off the edge of the mattress, you led yourself out of your room, the carpet slithering between your toes as you walked to the door. Once you made it into the hallway, your feet pressed against the cold wooden floor and walked towards the stairs and lead yourself down into the living room. Past the living room, you were in the kitchen and saw scrabbled eggs and bacon upon the stove.
You smiled to yourself gently and prepared yourself a plate of breakfast. As you sat on the sofa chair, eating your food, you mind was at ease. Bobby was more of a father to you than Shawn was. Despite the lack of biology between you and Bobby, he practically raised you. You felt comfortable presenting Bobby with ideas about lore and monsters that the Winchesters encounter when they ask you and Bobby for some research if they fail to find any. With your father, Shawn, you felt scared and embarrassed to bring up ideas that seemed far-fetched.
Taking the last bite of turkey bacon, you took a swig of some black coffee and let it bitterly sting down your throat. You released a breath and pushed yourself out of your chair, placing the dishes into the sink. Your warm eyes gazed out the window over the sink, out at the salvage yard and watched as the sun's rays snuck through the glass of the windows, lightening the color of your irises.
Today was the beginning.
Beneath an old 1970 Ford Mustang, you took a wrench to tighten one of the loose pieces. Your body was covered in oil stains and sweat. Against your body, you wore an old grey shirt with a flannel over it; jeans against your legs and some sneakers at your feet. You laid against an old skateboard to be able to get in and out from under the car easily.
As you worked, you heard footsteps against the gravel coming closer to you. You legs stuck out from under the car, heels deep in the rocks. Without looking, you came to a conclusion that it was Bobby.
"Sway bar's busted on this one, Bobby. I'm almost done with it," You started to say as you lifted your head to gaze out from under the car. The shoes threw you off, only due to the fact that Bobby never wore clean black boots. "The hell.." You mumbled under your breath and rolled yourself out from under the car, tossing the wrench to the side.
Your eyes gazed up to see who stood before you looked like a shadow, due to the sun in your eyes. You took your hand to cover the light and made out Dean Winchester's face. You blinked a few times, in disbelief at his presence.
"Dean?" You muttered, releasing a soft breath.
"In the flesh, sweetheart," He smiled, charmingly. He held out a hand and you took it in your own as he helped you stand up. You smiled warmly and took your hand back down at your side after you were able to stand on your own.
You wasted no time and wrapped your arms around his torso, pulling him tightly against you. You hadn't seen Dean in an awfully long time, since he was always on hunts and working with John. The most time you got with him was speaking on the phone for ten minutes at a time.
You could feel Dean's chest bounce as he chuckled lightly, wrapping his arms around you tightly. His heartbeat was steady against your ear as your plump lips curved into a smile.
"What are you doing here, Deanie?" You pulled back, standing a fair distance from him.
He did the same and looked at you with a gentle gaze, his evergreen eyes glistened in response to the sunlight. "I would've called, but I thought this needed to be discussed in person," Dean offered. You nodded slowly and allowed him to continue as his lips parted. "Dad's been gone for a while and I wanted your and Sammy's help to go and find him."
"John comes and goes without a notice all the time, Dean. Are you sure it's something serious?" You furrowed your thick brow.
"Not for this long, Y/N.. I need your help and God knows how much convincing it's gonna take to get Sam to tag along," Dean's demeanor softened as he looked at you, stepping a bit closer. "I don't wanna do this without you," He asked gently.
You looked at him for a minute, pondering inside your head. "I'm outta practice Dean, I'll just slow you guys down," You released a soft breath.
"That's not true," Dean shook his head in disbelief, "You'll be fine."
You released a sigh and looked down at the gravel before glancing back up at Dean, "What about Bobby? He won't exactly be jumping for joy when I tell him that you want me to go help you find John."
"We'll figure it out.. Bobby'll come around," Dean offered you a soft smile, his dimples caving in. You couldn't fight back your own smile, his was contagious and it made you feel safe.
"Okay, fine," You released a soft breath, still fighting your smile.
"That's my girl," Dean smiled and held out his fist. You rolled your eyes as you knew he was waiting for the handshake you both created when you were six or maybe seven, you couldn't remember.
"You're a freak," You chuckled softly and bumped your knuckles with his as he smiled, both of you pulled your arms back and returned to clasp your hands together.
Your cheeks flushed with heat as did Dean's.
"No," Bobby crossed his arms over his chest as you stood with Dean in the living room. He was stood behind his desk as you and Dean's back faced the kitchen. Bobby rested his behind against the desk.
"Bobby, c'mon.. I need her help," Dean practically begged. You looked at Bobby, who felt like a father to you, and released a soft breath.
"You need help? Go get Sam. I'm not gonna put Y/N back into that lifestyle, she was able to get out for the most part!" Bobby rose his voice.
"Look, Bobby.. I know I got out, but my dad is dead because of whatever that thing was and if John's after it.. then maybe I should go and help out. It was only a matter of time before I'd get dragged back into it and I'm not complaining," You spoke in a relaxed manner as you glanced from Bobby to Dean.
Bobby took his hand and dragged it down along his face. He sighed softly and looked at you, then at Dean, then back to you. "If Shawn were here, he'd annihilate my ass," He whispered. Your lips formed into a grin as you looked at him. "Well, you better pack a bag, girl," He started, making you smile warmly, "But I need your word that you come back alive."
You nodded softly and disappeared up stairs to pack yourself a duffle bag of clothes, toiletries and other essentials for the road.
Stood at the back of the Impala, you tossed your bag into it, shrugging it off your shoulder. You shut it closed and turned your back to see Bobby and Dean heading from the house and towards the car. They met you at the car.
"Take care of yourself, girl," Bobby patted your shoulder.
You offered him a gentle smile and pulled him into a hug, allowing yourself to put in as much emotion as you could. You couldn't thank Bobby enough for taking you in when you had nowhere else to go. He was able to care for you even when he didn't have yo.
"I'll call every few nights and I'll be back hopefully soon," You pulled back and looked up to him, grinning warmly.
Bobby nodded softly and his thin lips formed into a grin.
"Let's hit the road, Y/N/N. Thanks again, Bobby," Dean patted his shoulder and sent you a soft smile. You nodded and smiled at Bobby one last time before climbing into the passenger side seat. Dean walked around the front and sat on the driver's side, starting the engine.
Your eyes locked with Bobby as Dean pulled out of the salvage yard. You waved to him as he returned the favor. You watched as he got smaller and smaller in the distance. Releasing a gentle sigh, Dean pulled into the road and looked at you with a warm gaze.
"You okay?" He asked, his voice raspy.
"Yeah, I'm good," You nodded, offering him a small smile. He glanced at you and then back at the road with flushed cheeks, along with a smile. Leaning over, you turned the radio on and, low and behold, the classic rock station flooded through the speakers of the 1967 Chevy Impala.
a/n: hi babies!! so here is part 2 of 1998! i wasn't going to continue it only because my motivation was in the literal toilet, BUT i had some sort of inspiration today and thought that i should give it a go and make it into a series! i hope you like it and i'm sorry this part is so short!! thank you for reading and as always treat people with kindness. — angelina.
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vfdinthewild · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
“‘Ah,’ said a voice from Dean's left, and he snapped his head around to see Hades striding towards him effortlessly, robes rippling strangely - more slowly than they should, as though the air itself were heavier.”
-from “Bittersweet Heart” by @whelvenwings on AO3, ch. 7
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suncaptor · a day ago
Tumblr media
you guys okay or?
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deanlovescasblog · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He is literally a small little man and he needs a small little kiss now
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fandomstookovermylife · 2 days ago
Supernatural coming up with villains after they defeat Lucifer, like the biggest biblical baddy there is:
*spins wheel* so god has *throws darts* and evil sister who is called *draws slip out of hat* the darkness but she has *receives carrier pigeon* a weird thing with Dean
perfect that’s a season
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witchycastiel · a day ago
just got called out for being deancoded because i was hit with the realization that cas is an angel like i forgot how old and powerful he is and im actually like. stop. that’s just my bestie wtf hello
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myaimistrue · a day ago
i like to see deancrit posts but i simply cannot engage. like there’s some good interesting posts out there about his behavior and the whole jack thing and i’m with you! agreed that was fucked up! he sucks! but i can’t go there. i truly can’t he’s my special boy and i can’t hold him accountable for any of that <3
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