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carlyraejepsans · a day ago
ur headcanons are so accurate to the point where i feel like u must have a spreadsheet of every single line of dialogue so that you can meticulously craft these posts
Tumblr media
huh. i wonder why
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fluffomatic · 2 days ago
I think Hunter needs to feel the sensations of tickling feathers, I don't know.... Maybe on his neck and ears
Tumblr media
He can BARELY handle it! Gus is having a fun time messing with his new brother lol
(My art don't repost but please reblog)
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sweetxtartxbabyy · 2 days ago
Love the colour of your bra on your skin, 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Tumblr media
Thank you 💖
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world-of-cherry-blossoms · 12 hours ago
What's your favorite character to see cosplayed?
I'm an old school nostalgic street fighter gamer and I started in the FF series on FF VII so Chun Li and Tifa Lockhart are probably my top ones.
Tumblr media
Model: Reika Saiki
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Model: Potato Godzilla
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whumpwillow · 2 days ago
Hero recently captured Villain and is in charge of overseeing their custody, but then they have to leave the country for an extended period of time for whatever reason, so they ask their other hero friend to be in charge of Villain’s custody while they’re gone. A month later, they return, and they find the formerly arrogant prick of a villain has become a terrified, begging, obedient mess. They’ve been beaten within an inch of their life, their is back covered in whip scars and there’s a nasty electricity burn around their neck.
oooooooooooo the betrayal
but yes tasty tasty whump with the whip scars, beatings, begging, and electric burns
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raisin-shell · a day ago
Just realized something the bayverse version are only iteration of the turtles that they wear pants, even outside of disguises. They don’t have a cloaca. They have an external penis and testicles. O_O
Yes nonnie…. I believe you to be correct. These versions of the boys are anatomically correct having penises and testicles outside their bodies. However what they may look like remains a total mystery. Are they more man like or more turtle like. The world may never know and that’s a shame. I think I remember reading an article where the production team were stating the reasons they wear pants is so the viewer is not concentrating so much on what they see or don’t see. If you look at the models for these fine specimens, their plastron seems to go a bit lower than what you’d expect. So our theory might not be entirely correct either. WE JUST DONT KNOW.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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hotsforharlow · a day ago
Can I pls get a masterlist???????????
Hi, here you go :) I'll try and update it on a monthly basis x
Masterlist of AU'S :
Love of a fan Frat Boy Jack Sugar Daddy Stripper Love Childhood Lover On Set Love
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sasukefortnite · 2 days ago
Fortnite sasuke i am kissing you sweetly
Tumblr media
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majormeilani · 2 days ago
Empress being a mechanic please it makes since to my brain
Tumblr media
so true bestie. i think she used to work at the rumbi factory before her crime life. she probably knows how to fix one and the machinery too lol.
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werepires · 9 months ago
Hi, I hope you don't mind my quick question. I mostly absorbed Supernatural via osmosis and there is one thing that bugs me. There are lots of fics where Cas angsts over Dean not knowing his true form, but why can't he simply draw it? Does he canonicaly suck at it? Thank you for your time.
I’ve been thinking about this ask for 2 days now and “Cas sucks at drawing” is the best take I’ve seen in ages he’ll try to be romantic and gift Dean an artistic rendition of his true face only for it to turn out like this:
Tumblr media
Dean looks at it, goes “dude you’ve got so many boobs”, and then has to sleep on the couch for a week
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spielzeugkaiser · 8 days ago
Just saw your (fantastic amazing) The Batman art and I was wondering what your thoughts were on the 'give battinson DILF superman (and a robin)' take
My love for Clark Kent is always there, he's my all time favourite superhero, but it lies very dormant, but since you asked- ... I could see a DILF superman who looks at that bruce and goes "I can fix him" but you know who I really want??
Tumblr media
Give me the Clark that landed on Bruce Wayne's cruise ship, got confused with him and decided to go "oh fuck" and "welp" and "guess I'm Bruce Wayne now". (And who later accidentally gets high)
I want soft!jock Clark but with an edge. I want him to be hopeful, kind, and incredibly messy. I want him to be angry. I want him to stand in for the immigrants and the poor and all the people who are excluded from society. Clark with survivors guilt and searching for his identitiy. Exploring that! But I also want him to be in the big city and living and eating like a ninja turtle. I love me a Clark that is very Kansas sometimes - he does say y'all. Give me a Clark who can be a sneaky fucker and who is FIRST AND FOREMOST a really good journalist. Who does investigative pieces which rip shady wealthy CEOs to shreds (and a Bruce who goes like 'superman? Hm. WAIT IT'S CLARK FUCKING KENT??!')
But I also want, no, I NEED my Clark to get cats out of trees and help old little ladies over the streets and just. BE GOOD. Giving people hope. Giving Bruce hope too.
(That's a different comic but THAT. That is the superman I want to see)
Tumblr media
Also make him a bit, a teensy tiny bit off sometimes. A bit unhinged. Does not blink for hours. Sometimes looks at your bones. Hears things you can't, like a spooked horse. Do you know he doesn't see ghosts?? You don't. Look at this boy:
Tumblr media
Smol child. Creepy baby. love him. (I HAVE A LOT FEELINGS AND THOUGHTS ABOUT CLARK KENT. He is such a interesting character and sadly often written quite one-dimensionally. But he isn't!)
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carlyraejepsans · 2 days ago
Oh on the topic of Asgore actually, I feel that one of the most overlooked relationships in the entire game is Undyne and Asgore. You can tell that Undyne has a lot of respect and love for the big guy. When you go to Undynes house and have tea with her she talks about how she met Asgore and him training her, I feel that she sees him as not only a mentor but a father figure as well. Another thing is the fact that she has a ton of golden flower tea at her house as well as a piano that she plays, two things that I also think came from Asgores influence. When Asgore dies in a neutral run It breaks her, it’s implied that she mourns him greatly. Not to mention how she takes over as police chief for Asgore after he was fired in deltarune.
no yeah i am constantly, 24/7 thinking about asgore raising undyne to be the greatest, most loving (and beloved) hero to the underground. that's his DAUGHTER for all i care
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fluffomatic · 19 hours ago
I know nothing about owl house 😂 but here are some father & son ideas for drawings, whatever fits tbh xD 1. A is baking and has their hands kneading in a bowl of dough, B comes up from behind and tickles them while their hands are stuck. 2. B comes home and they’re freezing cold from the rain. A cheers them up with a warm drink by the fire and snuggly tickles, maybe a story or something x3 💕 and 3. Some kind of training, B gets stuck, tangled in something, foot caught, A can’t help but tickle
Tumblr media
Felt like 3 would work the most for them! 1 didn't sound like something either of em would do and the problem with the second one is in Owl House the rain is boiling hot sooooo 😬 But! Hunter is a child soldier (obligatory "Fuck You Belos" here) and I like the idea of Darius training him and the poor kid gets trapped in Darius' abomination goop. He would absolutely take advantage of that!
(My art don't repost but please reblog)
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sweetxtartxbabyy · a day ago
Sneak to the bathroom and give us a panties and bra checks. 😈😉
I picked this out special today.
Tumblr media
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world-of-cherry-blossoms · 13 hours ago
Thank you so much for your posts i love nikumikyo so much she is so perfect 🥰
Thank you for your kind words! I agree she's in my top 10!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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whumpwillow · 2 days ago
(Not a prompt) Some villain whump/angst: the villain who always works alone is called by their rival hero to help the hero team with something. While villain is meeting with the team they notice how the hero is so kind & caring to their teammates, compared to how they’re always angry or dismissive at villain, & their heart aches suddenly.
ooooooooooo how angsty!! love it love it (the touch starvation, the yearning, the desire for affection and belonging...listen to me...)
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mewtwoandme · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Frosted blueberry and half baked cookie X3
Pig is curious about Blu's vitiligo patches
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jschqtt · 28 days ago
Sorry for literally request spamming you mama but- Wilbur and reader go to sneegs wedding and they’re getting ready and Wilbur sees them in formal wear for the first time. Thanks so much!! - 🍵
ofc! this is so cute :,)
Tumblr media
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cw: none
wilbur sees reader in formal wear for the first time
when you found out you and wilbur were invited to sneeg’s wedding, you immediately had to find something formal to wear
you’d gone to a few thrift stores trying to find something cheap, but you didn’t have much luck
after looking at a few expensive stores, you found the perfect outfit
it was the night of the wedding, so you’d gone to the bathroom to get ready
wilbur was already dressed in his suit, so he was just waiting on you to finish up
you’d finished up in the bathroom, and when you walked out, you poked wilbur on the shoulder
the look on his face was absolutely priceless
“oh— oh my god.”
he smiled, his face flushing a light red
“you look so stunning. i don’t think i’ve ever seen you so dressed up, love.”
he got up, peppering kisses on your face
“let’s go then? you look absolutely fantastic.”
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everlastingstucky · 18 days ago
Hi! Idk what is considered midnight over where you are but it’s currently midnight and officially Thursday soo.. I’m sending in my request for that before I forget. For thirsty Thursday would you do a natasha romanoff x f!reader with just them playing pool(or some call it billiards idk why 🥴) + reader being tipsy and thirsty for nat then smash it with nat possessively fuckin her over the pool table. If you’re feeling it, add some fluff in there, if not then I’m ok with it being just smut.
Hi bb girl! You can submit your asks at any time, not just Thursdays ♥️ And is this my first ever Nat fic? YES. I'm nervous, bb. Nervous but excited!!!
Tumblr media
𝐏𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 — Natasha Romanoff x F!Reader
𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 — coarse language, shameless and sexplicit smut, fingering, dirty talk, possessive!Nat, tiny bit of fluff towards the end
𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐂𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭 — 1190
Tumblr media
It was a quiet night. The entire team stayed up on the rare night off, drinking, chatting, eating an obscene amount of snacks as they trash talked their way through the others’ TV show suggestions. 
When everyone else was too tired and began retiring to their rooms, you and Natasha went downstairs into the game room for a round of pool. 
“Jesus, that skirt is short.” Natasha mumbled, the words not going unheard despite her low volume. She leaned back to get a good view of your scantily clad backside as you leaned over the table to shoot, clumsily — but hey, she wasn’t complaining. 
“What?” You exclaimed, lightheaded from all the alcohol, laughing when the mild surprise caused you to miss your shot. Well, it was more like you were terrible at pool and really had no idea how to play. You straightened, tossing a sultry glance over your shoulder and wiggling your ass a little. “You don’t like it?” 
Natasha gave you a sly smile. “I fuckin’ hate it, babe.” 
“Yikes,” you said half-heartedly, knowing she was just being a sarcastic bitch. “If only there were something you could do about it?” 
Months of tension had lead to this moment. From the second you joined the team, it was intense eye contact made across rooms, thinly veiled innuendos over the comms, making everyone around you squirm with discomfort with Wanda being the only one amused by your antics. 
One time, Bucky walked into the kitchen to see you biting into a peach while Natasha stared heatedly in your direction. He rolled his eyes and proceeded to walk right out. 
Nat took the cue stick out of your hand and tossed it aside, never breaking eye contact. She closed the distance between you with a step, her soft body pressing against yours, pushing you into the table. She gathered your hair and swept it over your other shoulder, revealing the curve of your delicate neck to her piercing green gaze. 
Your body responded even without you telling it to, your back arched and your hips ground into hers involuntarily. 
Natasha’s lips came down hard on your neck, in a bruising strength that made your knees go weak. You nearly collapsed against the table, but you felt her thin but strong arms coming up to support you, pulling your hips hard so that her pelvis was flush against the curve of your ass. 
“Nat—” You sighed breathily, your cunt pulsing under your skirt as she sucked harder on your neck. Oh god, was this really happening? 
“Get rid of the skirt, gorgeous.” Her distinctively deep voice was thick with desire and left no room for argument. You quickly hooked your thumbs under the waistband and yanked it down, shimmying your hips until it pooled around your feet on the floor. Natasha looked down and contemplated the sight of your bright red underwear. “Hm.” 
“What? You don’t like my panties, either?” 
“For what I’m about to do to you? Any article of clothing is offensive.” 
“You telling me to get naked?” 
“You telling me you don’t want to?” Natasha pressed her pouty lips to the shell of your ear. “Because that’s okay too.” 
Fuck, she had you eating out of the palm of her hand. You whimpered a little when her hands trailed down your sides, smoothing over your hips in a teasing motion. 
“Can I take ‘em off, baby?” She dipped her hands under the waistband, her fingers rubbing large circles over your hipbones, but waiting for your approval before she moved further. 
“Yes, yes, just do it!” You panted under her touch, your heart pounding when you realized that you’d probably obey her in anything, let her do anything to your willing and pliant body with just a word of that sexy, demanding voice. 
She pushed them down your thighs, her chin resting on your shoulder as you threw your head back in pleasure and impatience. The front panel of your panties stuck to your sticky wet folds as she peeled them off you, lowering them just enough to expose you to her. 
“Tell me you want this, Y/N.” 
“I want it,” you moaned, your voice betraying your longing. You let out a long exhale as she slowly slipped two of her fingers inside you, scissoring them apart and stretching you open. “Oh, fuck, Nat!” 
“That’s it, baby. Take it. Take it.” She whispered against your neck as she thrust her fingers in and out of you, the wet sloshing of your cunt embarrassingly loud but you couldn’t bring yourself to care. She curled her fingers inside you, pressing firmly against the front wall of your pulsating cunt. 
You reached around to grab at her ass, so desperate to touch her like she was touching you. Her free hand slid up your navel, past your rib cage, and up to cup one of your tits. She pinched your nipple harshly through your shirt, smirking against your skin when you groaned deep and loud. 
“You know, I’m kind of possessive.” She said as she moved her fingers faster inside you. “Stevie boy was looking at your legs all night. He looks like a choir boy, but I bet that pretty little blond head of his was filled with all sorts of dirty thoughts about you.” 
Your back arched and she squeezed your breast harder, your breaths coming out in hard bursts, uncontrollable high-pitched ‘ah, ah, ah’ sounds as her fingers reached deeper and deeper, finding that spongy spot inside you that had your legs shaking underneath you. 
“Did you wear that skirt to tempt him? To tempt me? Or to tempt us both? Because here’s a newsflash. I don’t fuckin’ share, sweetheart.” 
“Nat! I’m coming!” 
“You’re mine,” she breathed, kissing down the column of your neck. “Say it and you can come.” 
“Yours…!” You shouted, and as she brought you closer to orgasm, the pinching on your nipple intensified. You were left breathless, the pain twisting into a new kind of pleasure until she suddenly pressed her thumb to your sensitive clit. “Oh, fuck!” 
Your climax hit you with the force of a freight train, starting with an intense throbbing deep inside your cunt and pulsing to your clit, washing over your body in waves. Natasha kept her fingers still inside you, her own breath coming out in short pants as your walls squeezed down around her. You whimpered when she slowly pulled her hand free, groaning at the wet sounds your pussy made, all sloppy and messy in her wake. 
“God damn.” You breathed, turning your head so you could see her face. She stared at you for a few seconds, before moving forward to press her lips against yours. When she pulled away, you asked, “Did you mean it? That I’m yours?” 
“…Yes.” Normally, your black widow was so confident. Now, her voice was barely above a whisper. “Did you?” 
“Yes,” you turned around so you could cup her cheeks in your hands and kiss her again, shuddering when her tongue swiped over your lower lip. “I don’t want anyone else but you.” 
“Then you have me.” 
Tumblr media
Notes: Um, mommy?! 😍😵‍💫 I want Nat to cage me between her arms and finger bang me until I'm a weepy mess, pleeeeease.
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cheesy-cryptid · a month ago
First off, LOVE the triplets!!!! Second, was there ever a moment where one of the original Madrigal triplets looked at Bruno's kids then went 'Oh my god, they're us'?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
All of them. All the time 😂
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