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h-hey um.. Peter? I have ptsd from a previous relationship… it was pretty bad for me and it happened before I moved to the apartment, w-would it be ok if we discussed about me having some friends and being able to g-go out? I wanna be with you and only you b-but I get episodes when cooped up with no social interaction for to long
Tumblr media
Peter: Oh my darling… Of course you can! Of course, my poor darling! It’ll be okay my love, just please tell me… Who would ever hurt you, my dear? I’ll kill them for you.
Im sorry to hear that happened, but let it be known that we all love you and it’s cannon Peter understands the word No, and is more than capable of being reasoned with. He just asks for love and names in return…
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leoneliterary · 2 days ago
Hey Leone! Hope you're having a good day! How would the ROs react when they tried to physically assist a drunk!MC but the MC is way too drunk, doesn't recognize the RO and says "I have a boyfriend/girlfriend/partner"?
This is so funny to me! Might have to revisit this in snippet form because the chaos is so tempting. Okay here you go!
He is super frustrated and irritated because he wants to help you, but he also finds it endearing, which is why he indulges the back and forth to go on so long. "Let me take you home. I know you do because I am him! This display of loyalty is lovely, now please let me take you home!"
Is very focused on getting you home safe so she just goes with it but also takes the time to fish for your feelings on the sly. So she'll reassure you like, "Yes, don't worry, I'm taking you to her right now. Yes, and I know she loves you very much. you really like her?"
Very dramatic in his persuasion and stressed about the idea that you don't remember him. He'll take care of you, but prepare to hear his rendition of how you both fell in love the entire time he's doing it. "It's me! Aretas! How can you not recognize me? Do you not remember when we met or the first meal we shared? I'll start from the beginning! It was the middle of the month and the night was hot..."
She'll be very cautious at the idea of you having a partner that isn't her. But once she realizes that it is her, then she'll just settle in and enjoy how cute you are as you gush about her. "Her lips are soft? Hmm, elaborate. How soft?"
She is having the time of her life. She will definitely help you, but she won't pass up the opportunity to tease you. She will actively try to steal you from herself and fully commit to it. "Well then where is she? You should come home with me! I'll show you what you're missing."
He thinks it's humorous, and will also try to tease you, but his idea of a joke might not go over well with you while you're drunk and can't recognize him. "You have a lover? No you don't. He's dead. I'm your lover now."
For a moment she'll back off and probably panic a little bit because for a split moment she'll forget that's her. So she'll be like, "Oh—oh I'm so sorry, are they nearby or—" and then she'll think for a moment and go, "Wait, that's me!" Then she'll just pick you up and take you home.
Very embarrassed about the way you trying to describe him and keeps trying to stop you and reassure you that it's him. "I know because that is me. Air in my lungs, that is me! Don't— don't describe it, please it's me!"
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onab17 · 2 days ago
She was too shy to ask Ona for her shirt lmaoo
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chrvstenpress · a day ago
Wait wait acfc sold all their premium seats meaning the ones that cost 10s of thousands of dollars? 😳
Tumblr media
all of the ones on the right side under premium sold out in THREE days🥵
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booksfoxesandcoffee · 2 days ago
The part of hocus Pocus where the three kids unleash the witches but this time it’s Harringrove and max.
Sorry for taking so long to get this done. I hope you enjoy it!
"Why are we even doing this," Max hissed at Billy. Glaring, she crossed her arms, waiting for her step-brother to answer.
"Cause Harrington offered to show us, and it means you've got something over the nerd club," Billy huddled under his jacket and rolled his eyes at Max's attempt at a death glare.
"You just want to get into Steve's pants," Max accused, "don't act like you're trying to do me any favors, Billiam."
Before they could continue Steve returned triumphantly holding the key.
"Found it!" Steve called before moving up the steps to unlock the door.
The old museum was dark to the point the light from outside was hardly making a dent. It being dusty didn't help much either.
"Now where's the light switch," Steve half murmured fumbling around.
"I've got my lighter," the tiny flickering light revealed a creepy interior. The large cauldron and podium holding a leathery stitched together book drew their attention.
"That's the original cauldron and Winifred Sanders grimoire. Legend says that the cover is made from human skin and it's filled with all sorts of dark spells." Steve explained as Billy inspected the cauldron.
Billy was only half listening to Harrington, when he spotted a candle. Taking his lighter over he lit the wick as Max asked a question.
With a whoosh and bang, Billy was thrown backwards into Steve.
Max cried out in pain as she slammed into the cauldron as a great wind rushed around the cramped area.
Three heavy thuds ended the wind and a woman's voice spoke out, "The Black Candle has finally been lit by a virgin, sisters."
Dread made Billy hold still. There wasn't something right about these women just appearing.
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fantasticangelrebel · 2 days ago
Happy birthday Evie!!!!!!!!
For the ask game, please could I get 💋 for Alec Lightwood, and 👀 for Stiles Stilinski please?
Thank you!!! ❤️
And of course 😌
(💋) - Alec Lightwood
Okay, I’ll be talking about book!Alec (but my opinion is kinda similar for both of them). So, Alec is my absolute favorite character and I love him with all my heart. I wasn’t sure I was going to love him after some of his first scenes in City of Bones, but I turned out to be very very wrong. He is such an interesting and complex character with so many layers that we see get peeled off little by little (mostly with the help of my second favorite character 👀). I also loved Alec’s duality, like he could be killing demons like the epic badass he is, then be this awkward, shy, blushing mess ☺️ And to be honest, I have absolutely no clue which side of him I prefer. Both, I guess 😅 Then we have his character development, which is just *chefs kiss*. I love how he didn’t really change, but instead started to show his true (beautiful) colors. The ones that were hidden underneath this facade of shame and guilt and responsibility and self-hatred. I love how Magnus helped him open up, respect himself more, be proud and comfortable with who he is and not be afraid of showing it to the world. Also, another thing I adore about Alec, is his family side. Like he is so freaking protective and loving and caring toward Jace and Izzy, later even towards Clary, I love it. And the way he’s so sweet and romantic towards Magnus is beautiful. How he always supports him and protects him and knows exactly what to say even though he’s “not good with words”. Also, I can’t not mention dad!Alec. Like how cute is that?? 🥺 When we’re on the topic of family, it’s also worth mentioning how he’d always put himself in the line of fire without a second thought whenever someone he cares about is in danger. He would and he did. That and how ruthless and merciless he gets as well (*cough* Meliorn and that dude that hurt Rafe *cough*), like my man’s out of control (in the best possible way). I could go on and on about all the things I love about Alec, I really could, but I’m gonna leave this as it is (otherwise, this would’ve ended up being waaay longer than necessary 😬). But I think my opinion is more than clear from what I’ve said. Just for the sake of, well, being fair, I’ll just add a few things I don’t like about him (spoiler alert: there aren’t many 😂): so I didn’t like how jealous he got of Magnus’ past lovers and how he sort of slut shamed him, even though I can understand his viewpoint. I also didn’t like how he treated Clary and Simon in the beginning nor how he trusted Camille. But that was mostly earlier TMI Alec. Now, I really cannot think of a single thing I could possibly dislike about him. My man’s pretty much perfect. He’s sweet, kind, loving, protective, devoted, intimidating (to whoever he needs to be 😌), supportive, stands up for the people who can’t do it themselves, he’s badass, epic, sassy, funny… I could go on forever, I’m so sorry 😅 So basically, there you go 😌😁 He owns my heart and I’m really glad he’s my first ask 😊
(👀) - Stiles Stilinski
I have a bunch, but here are some of my favs:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Thank you for the ask and I hope you didn’t fall asleep while reading the first answer 🤭😅
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snarky-badger · 2 days ago
So apparently, there was a removed scene in Age of Ultron where Ultron "showers" under molten vibranium, and it was removed because it was too "risqué". Like... what?!? We could've had a risqué Ultron scene?!? I'm gonna be thinking about this for hours... (Also, sorry if you got this message twice. Tumblr's being weird. ~A♠️
Now worries! Thanks for making sure this got to me! (Tumblr sometimes eats the asks that get sent to me. And notifications....)
YES! I am aware of this! WE WERE ROBBED! ROBBED I SAY! We could have had Ultron covered in dripping molten metal but nooooooo, Joss Whedon took that from us!
The only bit of it that exists is this clip from one of the original trailers:
Tumblr media
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the-bloody-sadist · 2 days ago
Do you have a price sheet anyway 🥺 so I can dream one day..
Awww <3
Yes, let me try and estimate here for ya!
Face: $100-200
Midbody: $150-250
Full-body pose: $350-400
Prices greatly vary depending on the specifics of what you'd actually want in the art. I sometimes don't charge any extra when there are two people in the picture, for instance, especially with the full-body pose. Couple art counts as one for me.
Unfortunately I'm no Instagram-commissioned artist with nice low prices and apparently lots of time on their hands. I'm a detailed and perfectionistic worker as well as a professional artist, so my prices reflect that! I also offer unlimited tweaks and changes until you're as happy with your commissioned piece as I am, because a work isn't done in my eyes until my client is spinning in happy circles. :D
I hope that helps you out, anon! I like this free advertisement you're allowing me to make for my art xD
There's an easier way to get a little influencing hand into what I do and don't draw more of, though, if you hop on my Patreon! Just fyi. I'll do polls and requests there in the future, sometime, when I have a reasonable amount of support to be catering to a crowd! <3 But there are extra goodies on there already, and exclusives I continue to post there. :)
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neoheros · 2 days ago
how did you make your header?
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zannolin · 18 hours ago
no cap, the only reason I'm not completely numb from cyan's third place is Tubbo's win
god ikr thats the only reason im coping
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insomniziam · 4 hours ago
they couldn't be more obvious they're so predictable it's funny. now she's got the ring again? she's not been in london for a while now and when she went to texas she didn't wear it until yesterday. liam proposed over the phone?
Lmao nonnie, you've explained my thoughts exactly!
You want to know something else, nonnie?
Tumblr media
Her mother wore that ring all the way back in 2018 💀💀
Do they seriously want us to believe that Liam proposed to her again with a ring that has been in the family for years before she started 'dating' Liam, even though Liam supposedly bought her a 4 million dollar ring:
Tumblr media
Not only that, but Maya wasn't wearing the ring in London when she was with Liam:
Tumblr media
(there's so much I could say about this photo, but I'll refrain)
She wasn't wearing the ring when she returned home for Texas, either:
Tumblr media
But the minute she's at a high end event - still in Texas mind you - that ring is front and centre in every photo 🤣
Tumblr media
I'm guessing she's trying to replace Liam (who I am almost positive is definitely not in Texas) with the ring when he isn't available to get that attention that she clearly craves 💀
So, is the official narrative seriously that Liam proposed to her (again) with a ring he didn't buy her (even though the papers claim he did) over the phone?
How is that at all romantic 🤣🤣
This stunt just keeps getting sadder and sadder 😬
Have a good day nonnie!
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Hey Peter.. can I pleeease have some hugs kisses and cuddles..? I had a bad day at work and it would make me feel so happy and loved.. 👉👈🥺💞 -🐥anon
Tumblr media
Peter: you can have everything! My love is yours!!
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leoneliterary · 18 hours ago
What would be the ro's reaction to mc calling them a name of endearment in public purposely?
I just imagine for this ask, the MC pulling out the most corny, over the top, cutesy name, and it's making me laugh. Like, "Oh honey cakes!"
Anyway, here you go!
Watch him transform into the most embarrassed and irritated man on the planet. No matter what he's doing or who he's talking to, you will completely take him off course. And he'll begin to make a fuss about it. "I—I what? No, I don't answer to that! We are in public!"
She's scandalized and loves it. She can't believe you would say it in front of everyone and loves that now there is no confusing that you're hers and she is yours. She's like, "In front of everyone? You're so bad, I can't believe you!" While smiling widely the whole time.
No matter the time, place, or where he is, he will respond to whatever term of endearment or pet name you call him. You could interrupt a meeting with his advisors and call him the most ridiculous pet name and he'll be like, "Yes, my love?" "What do you need, my heart?"
If you get to the point where you both have terms of endearment for each other, then you can use them all you want in private and she'll melt, but please not in public. She'll still acknowledge you but she'll be like, "Not in front of company, calm yourself. Heavens, how embarrassing!"
You may have said it in public, but her response will probably result into it turning into private. She will be ridiculously obnoxious with, taking time to point out what you called her. "You hear that? Yeah that's right, I'm [insert term of endearment] and that is my little treasure chest! That's my little jingle jangle coin purse, so don't go getting any ideas!"
Unfazed. "Yes? What do you need?" You might as well have just called his name, and honestly, if you've given him a term of endearment, then it pretty much is his name as far as he's concerned. He's the type that if you use it a lot and then suddenly just start calling him his name again, he'll think you're upset with him.
She disintegrates. The idea that you don't care that other people know you're together and would broadcast it that way has her soaring, but all she can do is just go red in the face and try to respond. So basically, "Huh, yeah—that's me! I'm that! Did—did you need me to do something? I love you?"
On the inside he's doing backflips and several worship dances, but on the outside he's serene. He is too happy to be embarrassed and he really doesn't care what anyone thinks. Call him a term of endearment and he will forget that whoever he's talking to exists. "Yes, air in my lungs? Did you call me?"
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fish-fucker-soot · 2 days ago
I’m also making one of @ghostly-tart s Revivebur and ghostbur pieces into pop art for my computer lab class. I just had to choose the only one that said “gay gay homosexual gay” at the side.
Pog and also LMAO
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svgurl410 · a day ago
Favorite clois romantic scenes of all time in any media
Thanks for the ask! This time, I definitely read it twice to make sure I got it right lol Most of my Clois memories are pretty influenced by Smallvillle, which isn't a surprise and they had *so* many excellent moments as a couple, but I'll try to think of others.
1. 10.04 "Homecoming"- the exchange of "I love you's". It was all so perfect. The banter, the actual "I love you's", Clark floating ... what a dream come true.
2. 10.07 "Harvest"- the whole you're the one and you always will be? Giving her the book? The two of them having sex for the first time? I'm weak. Also, be a bigger sap, Clark Kent, I dare you.
3. Clark and Lois's first kiss in Man of Steel and Clark telling her that how important her belief in him was.
4. Superman visiting Lois and them flying together in the first Superman movie. I'm just soft for those scenes
5. I never watched Batman vs Superman but I do love that moment where Clark tells Lois that this is his world and *she* is his world. Perfect.
Bonus: The Pandora scene where Clark is all "I died when you left", the proposal in Icarus, Clark and Lois in the Fortress in Superman 2, and Clark and Lois reuniting in the ZS Justice League
I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch but that always happens!
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chiara-mastroianni · 16 hours ago
If Laura is so GREAT the show needs to stop teasing us with Cory and Bradley because this is the angst I live for ! It’s tortureeeee
loool Ikr??!! ALL THE PINING AND THE ANGST. Make up your mind, TMS, because this love triangle will be the death of me. But of course it is like this, because this season has been all over the place. The moment you think you have a character figured out, they throw another curve ball and it changes your whole perception.
And this has been especially bad with Bradley and her relationship with Laura. As I've said before, I don't trust Laura - her conversation with Chip last episode, when she mentioned Maggie, only reassured me she has her own secret agenda. Despite that, and despite their incredibly cringy start, I think Bradley and Laura had some good scenes these last two episodes, that showed us they are/can be happy together. (Although some already pointed how Laura could've dealt better with Bradley's feelings after coming out, but it was a stressful situation for her too imo). How real Bradley feelings are or is she just using Laura to escape her loneliness, *I* don't know, because it has been surprisingly hard to read Bradley this season. I wouldn't be surprised either way. Still, they could be good together.
Having said all that...they certainly don't have the development (and chemistry) that Bradley and Cory have, lol. They have a relationship that was built, first, on friendship - and a healthy and necessary dose of flirting and sexual tension. They went through a lot together and they both care about each other. Yes, Cory did something bad last episode, he broke Bradley's trust in a way that deeply hurt her, but it's not something unforgivable (imo). I think they could come back from it. Maybe not as a couple (yet), but for sure as even stronger friends. He clearly loves her and will always be there for her. It's also interesting that the episode not only ended with them, but with a scene where Cory is the one that managed to offer some comfort to Bradley, that knew the right thing to say to make her feel better.... So, yeah, I have no idea what they are doing to us but... not all hope is lost?
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t-lostinworlds · 21 hours ago
Personally declared mutuals appreciation day 💐 Which mutuals on your dash would you like to get to know more closely?
oh gosh i’m sleepy rn so i’ll prolly forget some people but:
@quethekillerqueen @celestialholland @veryholland @cumholland @softholand @vintageharriers @lauras-collection are all sweet and lovely and provide the best content on the dash and i would love to get to know them more but i’m a turtle who likes to hide and can’t hold conversations so i’m sending you this instead:
Tumblr media
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crxstalcas · 2 months ago
Hi, I hope you don't mind my quick question. I mostly absorbed Supernatural via osmosis and there is one thing that bugs me. There are lots of fics where Cas angsts over Dean not knowing his true form, but why can't he simply draw it? Does he canonicaly suck at it? Thank you for your time.
I’ve been thinking about this ask for 2 days now and “Cas sucks at drawing” is the best take I’ve seen in ages he’ll try to be romantic and gift Dean an artistic rendition of his true face only for it to turn out like this:
Tumblr media
Dean looks at it, goes “dude you’ve got so many boobs”, and then has to sleep on the couch for a week
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jokerblogs · 3 months ago
Joker isn't a fucking queer! that's fuckin fanart you idiot!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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neoheros · 2 days ago
i don’t think ive ever seen any of your posts flop… you always get the 1k notes and i just want to know how you do that
i honestly don’t know ?? i allow myself like 5 reblogs to boost my post every now and then since it sometimes gets buried under the dash so that helps !!
i am still so freaking appalled that i get it tbh but i’ve been on this app for a long time now so that does help too ,,, i am overwhelmingly grateful for it i cannot even begin ,, but i swear, if anything helps, it is reblogs !!
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