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#answered asks

I’m gonna list pet peeves cause I really don’t can’t hold grudges when people annoy me

It annoys me when people don’t close doors all the way/on their way out of rooms, and it annoys me when people say “irregardless” and “could of” instead of “could’ve” and when people say etc like eck-cetera (it’s ET CETERA) and it annoys me when people stand behind me when I’m writing or drawing cause it makes me uncomfortable

Thanks for the ask :P

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She would gladly do so and the villains that she’ll be working for will fake her background and contacts, it fits her character. 

But she’ll end up getting caught within the first week because of her ego and her underestimating the school.

UA has a very strict policy on bullying with active, working security cameras that monitor the school 24/7. Not to mention that all the teachers are completely competent (even the laid-back Plagg) and will do a thorough investigation of any bully/cheating cases. 

Lila also picked the wrong teacher to try to con into thinking that Marinette, of all people, would ever cheat on a test. Ms Mendeleiev was suspicious of Lila on day one (She’s technically suspicious of everyone tbh, but Lila was setting off more alarm bells in her head than usual) and has already prepared anti-cheating measures at the beginning of the school (to which Lila walked blindly into, figuratively speaking). 

So Lila is expelled after the security cameras that Ms Mendeleiev set up in her class proved that she stole and planted the (fake) test answer sheets in Marinette’s bag. 

However the villains have a back-up plan and already have a perfect spy inside UA, so perfect that the spy doesn’t even know they’re the spy.

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i have so many jokes about white people i could make right now and it’s taking everything in me to not do that

<laurance voice> so i an supposed to slam the door in the woman’s face yeah?

<garroth voice, head in hands> i hate it here

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I just realized I am a terrible person because I haven’t answered this yet!

At the time I was feeling down and didn’t really have a lot of oomph about my progress and didn’t want to be a downer. (Too late.)

But I did - and still do - appreciate that you took the time to send this. It helped a lot and gave me a wee bit of pep to maybe get off my butt.

I’ve hit a serious lull this year, an unexpected one at that, and have increasingly stressed myself out for not producing as much content as I did year one of writing. I don’t think I’ve even matched year two at this point lol.

But. I’ve finished a fic tease that’s going up this year. I’ve almost got my Mitchsen oneshot done. And I have it in my head to really try and finish Gears before the end of the year. It’s been long enough and really there’s only 2 chapters so what’s my problem. (I can’t write smut anymore is my problem, I’m broken.)

Then hopefully I can start the year fresh and work on my rewrite of PP2 with other oneshots or things mixed in.

I love Gears, so much more than I thought I would when I started it. It makes me happy when other people do too, since it’s a Staubrey story and gets less love than the others. They deserve their happy ending and who knows. Maybe I’ll get around to writing the sequel that lurks in the back of my mind, takes place a year or so later and would put the 4 of them together like they’re insisting is endgame.

Thank you again for reaching out, it does mean the world. I hope you and yours are safe in the chaos that is life.

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Yeah well, that’s up to the people who join the discord and who are actually willing to prioritize that. I personally don’t know any top!stans who wish to bring up my concerns to other top!stans take much of an effort to keep each other in line or try to open discussions themselves.

I genuinely hope it happens, it’s a little insulting that people consider the very patient and civil approach many such as myself have taken to not be accepting and calm enough, but that’s my frustration speaking. So please, prove me wrong. I’m begging you to because I really really want to see it and I don’t eant my worst worries confirmed that it’s going to be some cesspool of enabling and toxicity. I really genuinely hope it doesn’t become an awful echo chamber like many people worry. Please please prove to me that you guys can have differing opinions and have civil constructive conversations and this isn’t just a way to shut out people deemed toxic due to not having the same opinions or priorities in fandom.

Like, just promise me you’ll speak out if you feel there’s something that could be prejudiced or reinforcing some harmful tropes. Have discussions with each other, be willing to have critical conversations about the things you love without feeling like doing so means you’re somehow an anti. It’s okay to love something and be critical. Everyone who’s been part of this discourse ultimately loves this movie and these characters. I know everyone can do better so please do so. I hope those who are telling me now that there will be calmer discussions and discourse within the discord due to commonality will actually do what they claim they will. I really do. Thank you for stoppin by and sharing your thoughts!

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16. Which concepts do you love?

Girl/Boy Crush, Cute (sometimes), Sexy. Idk there aren’t many that I just abs

17. Which concepts do you hate?

Again, there aren’t many. Mainly anything with cowboy themes, but also things that are just cringey and ridiculous

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One can get some things wrong about their favorite, while being on point with regard to other aspects of the character. These scenarios are not mutually exclusive. Furthermore, not all of GFFA’s posts include Obikin.

For example…

I ignore the ones that feature or mention Obikin, since the ship is obviously non-canon. Obi-Wan was a father-figure to Anakin. The Jedi master, however, viewed him as a brother, full stop.

Also, Obikin gives off rancid vibes, given the fact Obi-Wan raised Anakin from the age of nine. Shipping them together involves turning Obi-Wan into a father who sees his child in a sexual light, tying his character to those predators, and thereby twisting a platonic, parent-child relationship into something inherently abusive.


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