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Stripped Down to the Bone
Pairing: The Mandalorian (Din Djarin) x Fem!Reader
Words: 12,267
Warnings: Brief description of violence. Loss of a hand. Some angst. Lots of fluff and descriptive smut. Dirty talk (including some degradation). Choking. Hair pulling. Spanking. Fingering. Squirting. Over-stimulation. Penetrative, unprotected sex (wrap the shlong before you king kong people). Fluffy after-care because Mando may be a kinky bastard but he is a giant teddy bear at heart. Love confessions. [Do let me know if I forgot something.]
Summary: “As you watch Mando drag the unconscious body, along with the severed hand, into the carbon-freezer, you can’t help but dwell on that second thought a little bit longer. Mando doesn’t once look away from you as he finally puts the man into the freezer and slams it shut. He doesn’t bother turning his attention elsewhere as he sheathes the Saber down into the handle and pushes it back into his belt. He doesn’t care for how menacing he looks as he steps towards you and eyes your shaking form.”
A/N: I couldn’t get over this fic I wrote a while back so I wanted to approach it from a different perspective. What if reader doesn’t get hurt and Din can’t keep to himself anymore? It’s been a while since I wrote for our favorite bounty hunter (because the inspiration has been difficult) but as you can see, I’m feeling things and they thankfully manifested in a fic that was originally supposed to be much filthiest but the fluff got in the way so it came out less angsty and dirty than I thought. Let me know how I’m doing in the comments please :)  You can add yourself to the taglist here. (This is not beta’d so I do apologize for any mistakes)
Tumblr media
In all your time with the Mandalorian, you never thought he would ever reach the point where he would allow his anger to get the best of him. You couldn’t say anything though, afraid he’d misunderstand and, in his fury, tell you to find someone else to work for. It was irritating to know that even if he were to speak untruthful but hurtful words to you, you would forgive him and make up some excuse so you wouldn’t let it get to you. He never told you much about the string of events that lead to him taking you on, but you recall the brief hints Greef Karga chose to reveal to you months ago and you realize that maybe, just maybe, they were starting to catch up to him. Up until now, Mando was quite pleasant to work with. Not once did he step over the line with you, even when you knew you deserved some harsh words for the dumb mistakes you made. 
But things were different now. The smallest inconvenience leads him to lose his self-control, which, most of the time, came in the shape of a loud curse or an extremely annoyed Mando leaving the ship and strutting into the wilderness of whatever planet you are on. You never brought it up to him after he calmed down and returned to the ship, and you weren’t about to start doing that now. There was some sort of a mutual understanding consisting of Mando nodding his apology and you smiling at him before you worked on whatever it was that needed fixing. It wasn’t ideal, but you weren’t in the position to tell him that he can confide in you. 
He had lost his foundling. He was placed in a position he never asked for. And most importantly, he was your boss. 
Yeah, you were definitely not in the place to say anything. 
Ironically, just as you are repeating the last words over and over again, a loud crashing sound from outside the ship breaks you out of your haze. You’re not sure at first if you should go check it out or not, but then you hear another voice swearing and shooting at Mando, and you realize that it would probably be best if you ran to make sure that he was alright. As soon as you slide down the ladder, you dive behind a large crate to avoid getting shot at. Waiting a few seconds until you are sure you aren’t going to be caught in the crossfire, you peek your head from the side and look down to see what is happening. 
What you find shouldn’t be surprising to you but you’re shocked nonetheless because even when he wasn’t paying complete attention to his surroundings, it was still difficult to get the upper hand on Mando. Just like the past few hunts, Mando was trying his best to bring in the bounty alive and breathing. And just like every time, he ended up losing his control on the situation which led to the bounty fighting for his life by attempting to shoot his way out. 
It’s an unnecessary inconvenience that you know will leave an extremely furious and annoyed bounty hunter in your vicinity for the next few days. 
As much as you want to not get involved, you know that the longer it takes to gain control of the bounty, the worse it will be once he is shackled and frozen. Without thinking twice of how Mando will react to your actions, you take a deep breath and stand from behind the crate, swearing to yourself when you look to the side and see Mando’s helmet tilt your way. 
Pfassk, he was going to be pissed. 
You don’t waste the few seconds of surprise on the bounty’s features, and as he turns the blaster your way to shoot you, you shut your eyes and hope that Mando uses the idiot’s distraction to hit him. Thinking that you’re about to hear a blaster go off, you wince in fear and expect the worst. But you reluctantly open your eyes as soon as you hear a familiar loud, vibrating sound echo through the air. You gulp nervously when you look down the ramp and see Mando approaching the bounty with the Darksaber in his hand. He easily evades the blaster shots, and even blocks a few of them with the dangerous weapon. Before you can tell him that the price on this bounty’s head was higher if he were to be brought in alive, Mando slices the thief’s hand and headbutts him hard enough that he falls to the ground in pain. 
The display of power should scare you. It should send you running to the hills with the goal of never returning again. It should make you wish you weren’t ever caught up with someone like the Guild’s best. 
But none of that crosses through your mind. 
The only thing your sick, and rather twisted, brain can think of is how dominant and attractive Mando looked as he easily disarmed the bounty, how much you wanted to be controlled by him. The following thought isn’t any better.
As you watch Mando drag the unconscious body, along with the severed hand, into the carbon-freezer, you can’t help but dwell on that second thought a little bit longer. Mando doesn’t once look away from you as he finally puts the man into the freezer and slams it shut. He doesn’t bother turning his attention elsewhere as he sheathes the Saber down into the handle and pushes it back into his belt. He doesn’t care for how menacing he looks as he steps towards you and eyes your shaking form.
“Don’t ever do that again.” His voice should instill fear into your soul, but as he makes his way up to the cockpit, you continue to humor the spiraling emotions in your mind’s eye.
Why is that making me so wet?
You don’t get to stand there in silence for too long though because as the ship comes to life, you realize that Mando expected you to shut the ramp before he takes off. You snap out of your haze and run towards the control panel ahead of you, quickly pushing in the correct combination of numbers and sighing in relief when the ramp returns to its shut position. As the ship ascends outside of the planet’s air, you try to think of an explanation to tell Mando about your obviously-reckless actions. Before you can even come up with one good response, Mando puts the ship into hyperspace, making you fall backward and slam into the crate behind you. You silently swear at his intentions before you get up and wobble to your room. 
You rub the back of your head as you shut the door behind you and make your way to the refresher. As soon as you’re in there, you part your hair to make sure that there wasn’t any blood from the fall. You’re relieved when there isn’t any and curse Mando for being so childish. 
“I was only trying to help,” you pout at the reflection staring back at you before turning on the hot water. As you wipe at your face and neck, an image of Mando manhandling the bounty flashes through your mind and makes you flinch in shock. You groan irritatingly when it occurs to you that the rest of the night was probably going to consist of you trying to think of anything but the bounty hunter pushing you down beneath him and having his way with you. You curse quietly as you dry your face and move back to your room. The silence moving across the ship lets you know that Mando probably wasn’t going to leave the cockpit any time soon so you strip out of your clothes and into your nightgown. 
And just as you expected, as you move around the room to get ready for a night of self-care and relaxation, you continue to picture Mando touching every inch of your skin. You’re not sure if he’s the type that likes to leave a mark or two, or if he’s a gentle lover. Taking the events of the day into consideration, you realize that he might be the former.
Although, it would be nice to feel his lips leave a trail of soft kisses down your spine. 
“If only…”
You whisper to yourself as you grab the pitcher of water to bring it to your bedside only to laugh humorlessly when you notice that it’s as dry as a Tatooine day. As positive as you were that Mando wouldn’t leave the pilot’s seat for the next few hours, you really were going to try and avoid walking out of your room until you absolutely had to. It takes you a few minutes to think of the pros and cons of potentially running into him but the need for water outweighs your “fear” of Mando. Mustering up some courage, you put on a long, warm coat before walking out of your room. Standing in the middle of the hall for a few seconds, you listen intently for any sounds that might be coming from the main area. When you don’t hear anything but the consistently quiet sound of space, you sigh in relief and tiptoe towards the kitchen area. 
As you fill up the pitcher with cool water, your mind takes a turn once more and conjures up the filthiest images possible. A shiver runs down your spine when you recall Mando’s dangerously rough voice as he warned you before he went to the cockpit. Maker, would he sound like that when he’s fucking you senseless? Or would he fill the air with delicious moans and grunts as he thrust his cock into your wet mouth? The prospect of having either of those things puts you in a daze and it isn’t until you feel a cold sensation run down your arm that you shake from your reverie and look down at the pitcher. 
“Kriffing hell,” you swear as you shut the water off and put the pitcher aside to clean up the mess you made. When you’ve completely dried the puddle on the floor, you turn around to discard the towel but freeze when you look up and see Mando standing still right in front of you. 
Without his helmet.
 Unlike before, when your heart skipped a beat just from studying him as he easily moved the bounty around, the muscle in your chest threatens to leap out of your ribcage now for a whole different reason. You stand there, speechless and terrified of what may occur within the next few moments. In your time aboard this ship, not once did you think you would ever run into this specific issue. He was terribly careful with where he went and you were always sure to make as much noise as possible when you were moving around so he would hear you coming. 
But here you were, unable to look away from the face you’ve wondered about ever since you met him. Even though you know you should shut your eyes and tell him that this was all an accident, that you had a shit memory and probably wouldn’t remember anything particular about his features, you can’t bring yourself to turn away from him. And just like earlier, when you only had one thought running through your mind, you’re back on that train again, except this time, you’re not thinking of how attractive he is, or how much he’s turning you on. 
No, you’re thinking about something much more important, more unfortunate the longer you dwell on it.
Maker, those eyes will be haunting my dreams every night.
“M-Mando?” He must misunderstand your hesitation for fear because his frown deepens as he removes all the weapons from his person and sets them down on one of the tables. You watch his every move, not because you think he might hurt you, but because he wasn’t wearing his gloves and you wanted to commit every inch of his skin to memory.
When he looks at you again, you gulp nervously and stare at him in silence. 
“I’m not going to hurt you.” Somehow, the whisper is as loud as a terrified bantha and it’s your turn to furrow your eyebrows at him in confusion. You wish you could tell him that you would enjoy it immensely if he did hurt you but you push those twisted wishes down for his sake.
“I never thought you would.” Even though you don’t mean for the response to come out defensive, it is slightly more aggressive than you mean. You watch as his shoulders relax at your truthful response before he approaches you. Mando never once turns his attention elsewhere and you remain immobile to avoid making him think that you were, in fact, afraid of him. Even though you feel a little claustrophobic from how close he is, you don’t dare breathe a word, choosing to give him all the control so he feels comfortable with you. 
“Mesh’la, why would you do something so reckless?” You’re not sure what he’s calling you but you don’t bother asking him, knowing that it was the wrong detail to dwell on in his question. It takes you a few extra seconds to reply to him because you’re busy roaming your eyes across his features. Maker, it was a shame that he wore a helmet. Deep down, you knew that it didn’t matter if he was handsome or not because even with that barrier, you still found him interesting. But it really bothered you to know now that all of that was hiding beneath a mask. Up until now, you had to rely on the slightest tilt of the helmet and his body language to figure out what he was feeling. But now that he wasn’t wearing it, you find it rather difficult to look anywhere else but his face. He was so expressive and if you didn’t know any better, you would have asked him if he was crying. His eyes weren’t completely red, but there were unshed tears covering his pretty brown orbs, tears that you knew would kill you if they rolled down his cheeks. As your attention moves across his skin, you feel bad for wanting to lean up and kiss his aquiline nose, but when you finally reach the edge of his features and notice how soft and rosey his lips look, you can’t help but wish he was claiming your skin with them instead of asking you why you put your life in danger. 
You blink out of your dazed mind when you notice that you never answered his question.
Damn him and that pretty little pout.
“I- I was only trying to help. I’m sorry.” Even though you would rather not apologize for aiding in the hunt, you figure it was probably the best thing to do now to avoid any unnecessary argument.
“You could have gotten hurt.” Mando is a man of few words but you hated how short his replies were in that moment because it made it more difficult to figure out what he was trying to tell you. 
“Why would I have gotten hurt when you were there? I trust you Mando, with my life.” It’s almost as if you declared something unnatural and unexpected to him because as soon as your revelation registers in his mind, Mando’s frown grows and he steps away from you. You don’t have any time to react because as always, Mando’s anger makes itself known in an instant. He’s pacing back and forth in front of you, eyes aimed to the ground and refusing to acknowledge that you were still there. You take a step toward him but he moves away from you, holding out his hand to make you stop and not grow any closer to him. 
“Mando I-”
“I could have lost you, I don’t know what I would have done if anything happened to you. I can’t lose you, not you. I already lost everything I ever cared for, you- you don’t understand what would happen to me if- if you were hurt.” You’re not sure if he’s talking to you or at you, but you can’t find it in yourself to care because his confessions finally explain why he was so harsh with you earlier. Mando doesn’t stop once, his feet ringing across the silent space and making you more nervous than ever. You can tell that he’s trying to reconcile what he’s feeling with the unexpected events with the bounty and when his anger increases, you take a deep breath and try to approach him again. 
Mando shakes his head and turns away from you, stopping his anxious movement just as he looks to the ground in defeat. You can tell that he’s still tense from his clenched fists and the way his shoulders refuse to rest. 
As cautiously as possible, you make your way to him and slowly reach for his arms. He flinches at your touch but doesn’t budge and you sigh in relief when he doesn’t try to move away from you or deny you. The two of you stand in an uncomfortable silence for longer than necessary but unlike Mando, who doesn’t want to open his mouth again out of fear of saying something offensive, you hold your tongue until you come up with something that won’t cause him to react negatively. 
Nothing comes to mind right away. It’s difficult to negotiate with him when he’s like this. 
Then you look down at his gloveless hands and a strange idea briefly crosses your mind. You want to smack yourself for thinking of something like this in such a moment, but when you notice the sheer amount of pent up energy that he’s managing to keep under control across his form, you realize that this line of reasoning, while inappropriate, would probably be the perfect remedy to him. 
“Use me.” You can’t bring yourself to say those words louder and you curse yourself for not being able to grow enough confidence and raise your voice because as expected, Mando doesn’t react. As a matter of fact, he somehow becomes more still than before, and unlike a few seconds ago when you could still hear his violent breathing, you can’t hear a single peep out of him now. Thinking that he probably didn’t hear you, you grasp onto his shoulders even tighter than before and swallow the lump in your throat nervously to prepare for suggesting to him again. 
“What did you just say?” His question nearly makes you jump out of your skin, but you don’t try to explain yourself, and instead tug on his clothes to get his attention. You never worried before from Mando’s elongated silence but now that he wasn’t even acknowledging you, you felt your face heat up with embarrassment. 
“Use me…you’re frustrated, and you have a lot of pent-up energy, and the bounty clearly didn’t help with- well, it just made things worse. So use me, take out all your frustrations on me.” You can tell he’s having a difficult time breathing, perhaps more so than you, but you don’t let him go. In fact, you keep your hold on him as you slowly turn around until you’re standing face to face. You notice the second he shut his eyes so he isn’t looking at you, and you’re not sure if you should feel offended by the minute action or if you should feel bad for him. 
“I can take it.” You whisper one last time as you move your hand up his arms until they’re resting on his shoulders. He still refuses to look at you, and you hope with all of your heart that he doesn’t get offended by what you are about to do. Slowly, you massage his tense muscles as you continue your journey to his neck, and when you finally touch his skin, you find it much hotter than you anticipated. Fuck, did he always run hot or was the prospect of being intimate with each other affecting him as much as it was affecting you? You furrow your eyebrows for a second before you remember to relax your facial expressions so he doesn’t misunderstand if his eyes flutter open again. You study him carefully, and watch in fascination as his body comes to live with shivers the longer you keep your palm on his skin. When the moment stretches longer than your liking, you gulp down the anxiety bubbling up in your throat as you stretch your fingers until your whole hand rests on his cheeks. 
In an instant, Mando’s face tilts to the side and you almost break when you see him trying to nuzzle into both of your palms simultaneously. 
“You don’t know what you’re asking.” His voice breaks as he lets his words swim in the air between the two of you, and even though he is much quieter than before, you find the tone of his voice much more intense, deeper even. More fearful perhaps?
“I do. Mando…believe me, I do.” You take a step into his space and lick your lower lip when you notice his features begin to relax beneath your touch. You thank the stars his eyes are closed because you are sure you would not be able to look at him this closely if his darkened orbs were studying you as well. On queue, his eyes open and you have to push down the gasp threatening to make its way past your lips when you see a few specs of gold peppering across his brown eyes. He’s staring at you in a way that makes you feel as if you were the most admired planet in this galaxy and even though you want to tell him, then and there, that you don’t deserve to be adored this much, you bask in the warmth his attention offers you. 
“If you know what I want to- what I wish I can do to you, you’d never look at me again. You’d leave me.” He breaks the silence, and bites into his lower lip when he notices the way you’re studying the brief nervous tick. There is something you want to say to him, it’s right there at the tip of your tongue, but you forget what you want to say to him when you see him wet his chapped lips. Gradually shifting your attention across his face, you meditate for a second on his nose before you finally focus on his eyes again. Even though you’ve already established that it’s rather difficult to keep contact with them, you know for a fact that you need him to look at you when you reveal your next words. He had to know, he needed to know that you weren’t lying to him. 
You wanted him to know, for your own sanity. 
“Take what you want Mando, I’m yours.”
It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that the effect your confession is having on him doesn’t come in the form of a dramatic response. You are taken aback, however, by the way his body jolts ahead into your space before it ceases to move once more. It was almost as if he wanted to crush you in his arms but remembered that he can’t do so quite yet. At least he thought he couldn’t. 
“I don’t want to lose you.” The exclamation tugs at your heart and you realize then that Mando was even more difficult to convince when he was vulnerable. 
“You won’t.” You smile at him, and hope that he recognizes the truth behind your words. He says nothing in return and you begin to lose hope that he would ever understand how much you adore him, how much you’re willing to give up to make him happy. 
“Tell me, tell me what you want.” You rub just below his eyes with your thumbs when you notice a few tears escape his beautiful eyes. The action doesn’t go unnoticed by Mando, and you sigh in relief when his shoulders relax and he slips his arms around your back to pull you closer to him. 
“You. I only want you mesh’la. I want all of you.” You lean up as he breathes those final words against your forehead and before you let that crippling sense of doubt run through your mind again, you shut your eyes and surrender to him. Just as you’re about to taste his lips, those lips that you never thought you’d ever touch, let alone see, Mando stops and pulls away from you. Thinking that you did something wrong, you open your eyes and pout at him, ready to apologize for stepping over any boundary he wasn’t ready to allow you to cross just yet. 
“I- I can’t let you kiss me,” he says to you and you have to force yourself to not openly cry at the seriousness behind his words. You try to pull away from him but his arms tighten around you, making you look at him with nothing but confusion. You’re about to ask him what you’re allowed to do when he bumps your nose with his own and smiles at you.
“Not without hearing you say my name.” For some reason, his declaration feels more intimate than everything the two of you said so far. As much as you want him to tell you his name, you shake your head and ignore the way he frowns at you. 
“You…you don’t have to tell me.” You want him to know that you don’t mind it if he still keeps this last bit of him untouched. He already revealed his face to you, and the last thing you wanted him to think is that you were greedy for more. As much as you want to scream his name as he fucked you and used your body for his own pleasure, you knew that this may be too difficult for him. He couldn’t take it back, just as you wouldn’t be able to forget his face.  
“I want to, I want to hear you say my name sweet girl…I want to hear you moan it as I kiss every inch of you, as I explore your body with my hands and my lips, as I- as I feel you welcome me in your cunt…as I fuck you the way I’ve wanted to for so long. I want to hear you scream my name mesh’la, because I don’t think I’ll be able to live another day if you don’t know me, all of me.” You can feel his hands shaking around your waist, and you’re not sure if it’s because he’s nervous or because he’s still trying to have some semblance of control. You find that the thought of both excites you, to know that you were making him this anxious and needy for you was almost as addicting as the warmth of his lips as they left a trail of molten lava across your cheeks. 
“T-then tell me your name, let me make you feel good. I just want to make you feel good, want to give you everything you want.” You twist your hands into the fabric of his shirt in an attempt to ground yourself until he takes you to his bed, but the hard muscles of his shoulders send a shiver down your spine, a reminder that he was capable of inflicting so much damage on your body but that he would only take this as far as you were willing. 
“My name, sweet girl, is Din Djarin. And I want to hear you say it as I mark every inch of your body.” 
The hoarse command forces a gasp out of you, and before you can sound out his name, Din is claiming your mouth in a heated kiss, one that you were sure you wouldn’t forget any time soon. He twists his fingers into your hair, tugging on the loose strands until you stop fighting for control over the kiss. Your knees buckle in weakness at the display of dominance and Din takes advantage of your momentary distraction by pushing you back until you slam against the walls of the ship. You grunt in pleasure when you feel him let go of your neck and trail his hands down your body, all the while slipping his tongue into your mouth and tasting every inch of you. You’re already dizzy from the sheer strength and neediness Din is entrusting you with, and before you know it, he’s leaning down in an attempt to carry you against the wall. 
Your nightgown quickly becomes a hindrance to Din’s plan and he breaks the kiss with a growl, not caring for how aggressive he must look to you as he kneels in front of you, takes hold of the bottom of the camisole, and rips it down the middle until it exposes your thighs to him. Your eyes widen in shock at his actions, but relax when Din looks up to gauge your reaction. You don’t want him to misunderstand your surprise for fear and so you turn to the side to avoid his hungry gaze, hoping he can see through your embarrassed response and recognize just how turned you are from the way he was touching you. 
Din doesn’t waste another moment as he slips his hands beneath the camisole and slides them up your thighs to your ass. You reluctantly turn to him again and bite into your lip when he stands up abruptly and takes you with him. The sudden jerk of your body forces you to throw your arms around his neck for support, and Din smirks to himself as he urges you to wrap your legs around his waist as well. 
“Fuck mesh’la, you have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do this.” Din whispers as he drags one hand across the exposed flesh of your thigh, looking down for a moment to see the faint angry marks his nails left on your skin. You’re practically shaking in his arms, partially because you’re afraid he’ll drop you but mostly because of how unhinged he seems to be now that you were letting him do whatever he wanted with you. 
“D-Din,” your voice barely comes out louder than a whisper but it’s all Din needs to hear to push you harder against the wall. You nuzzle into his neck when you feel his hard cock push against your wet core through his pants, and before you can beg him to just take you, he pulls away far enough to look at you, smiling wickedly at you as he rolls his hips once more and forces a moan from your lips. You throw your head back as he continues to thrust in between your thighs, and Din lunges forward to sink his teeth into your neck as he continues his movements and marks you. 
“Oh maker Din- I…Din, you’re-” The words die in your throat when you feel Din’s other hand palm the fabric of your panties and slip underneath them. Your breath gets caught harshly in your throat when you focus on just how hot his hand feels as it squeezes your ass, and you wonder if his cock would feel just as excruciatingly warm as it filled your cunt.
“Kriffing hell, I thought my name would sound beautiful on your lips baby. But, ah fuck, didn’t think it would sound this filthy as well. Go on sweetheart, keep calling for me…beg me to pleasure you…beg.” His voice is strained and you can’t help but reach for his hair and tug on it as he licks down your throat until he reaches the top of your breasts. You want to give him what he wants, you want nothing more than to beg for him to drag you to his room and fuck you senslsess, but the more he leaves his mark on your skin, the less sense your mind can make of what’s happening, and you find it difficult to do what he wants, let alone think over the command in your hazy mind. 
“I said, beg.” Din growls the command into your ear, and you arch your back into him when he wraps the top of your panties around his fingers and pulls on it until it rips. Your cunt clenches around nothing as the sound of the fabric ripping fills the quiet air, and your throat constricts further when Din crumples the flimsy material of your undergarment before shoving it against his nose and taking a long whiff of your scent. 
“Fuck…the smell of you is addicting. I could drown in your scent, sweet girl…could fuck your pretty little cunt and have you gushing on my mouth all night long and I’d want more.” Your legs try to close as his words register in your mind, and Din senses your body’s reaction to him before you do, his eyes shifting from your panties to your legs and back up to your face in a matter of seconds, almost as if he was daring you to push him away. Your lips part to form a response, anything that can make him put you out of your misery, but then Din shoves your panties into the pocket of his pants and slowly drags his hand across your thigh until he has a firm grasp of your ass once more. Both of his palms spread across the expanse of your backside, and you watch as the smile on his handsome features widens further right before he places your feet down on the floor again. 
You're not sure what he’s thinking, and don’t remove your hands from his shoulders even when he looks like he’s about to let you go. You watch his every move, hoping that he won’t leave you wanting for too long, and when his eyes roam down your heaving chest to where he’s exposed you to his hungry eyes, you tilt your heart to the side at the way he licks his lips like a predator. Following his line of sight, you silently curse and remove your hands to try and cover yourself when you notice how wet you are. But Din wouldn’t be the best hunter in the Guild if he didn’t have impeccable reflexes, and you whine his name when he reaches for both of your wrists and keeps them planted at your sides.
“Don’t even fucking think about hiding yourself from me. You said you’re mine.” His tone is somehow menacing and soft, and you think it might be because he wants to make sure that you were telling the truth. 
“I am.” His shoulders visibly relax are your whispered confession, and the grip he has on your wrists tightens even further before he brings both of your hands to your back and silently orders you to keep them there. 
“Then don’t hide from me what’s mine, cyar’ika.” He orders as he grabs your waist and massages it lightly, almost as if he wanted to calm you down before he attacked you again. Your breathing becomes erratic when you notice the way he’s eyeing your body, and as you’re about to ask him if he needs anything, Din brings his gaze back to you once more just as he rips the rest of your nightgown down the middle, further exposing you to his needy eyes. 
You want to cover your naked breasts but remember what he said moments ago and decide against it, choosing to avoid eye contact instead in hopes of mustering up some courage for when he asks you to. 
“I- I thought you were beautiful when you visited my dreams every night, but you’re so much more gorgeous than I thought…than I saw every time I touched myself and pretended it was your soft hands making me come.” You shouldn’t be surprised that Din is so vocal during such an intimate moment, but you struggle to wrap your head around the fact that the often quiet, reserved hunter had the filthiest desires spilling from his heart so shamelessly. 
“Be a good girl and beg me to touch you. I want to hear you sweetheart, want to hear you tell me how much you want me.” You want to laugh at the pleading words Din whines at you as he tries to have you beg for him, but as his hands roam up and down your legs, you suddenly feel weak and reach for his shoulders again to prevent yourself from falling against him. Din huffs in humor when he sees the effect he’s having on you, and wraps his arms around your back to keep you steady. 
“P-please Din, you’ve no idea how often I thought of this. I think of nothing else but you, all the kriffing time. I even- I touch myself every night to the thought of you, pretending it’s your lips making me feel so hot, your- your hands bruising me as you fucked me like you can’t get enough of me, as you- oh kriff, as you filled all my holes with your cum…but it’s never enough, never hard enough, never thick enough, never- ahhh, never good enough. I need you to make a mess of me Din, till I can’t remember anything but your touch…Please Din? Please take me. Fuck me till I can’t think of anything but you…you and nothing else, no one else. I- I’ll do anything you want I swear. I’ll be your good girl, I’ll take you in my mouth, my pussy…my ass if you want. Just don’t stop touching me because-”
You can pinpoint the moment Din lost whatever control he had left in his body because in the blink of an eye, he’s standing to his full height and reaching for your throat, not caring for how rough he’s being as he wraps his hand around your neck and pulls you into his chest. You fist your hands into his loose shirt as soon as you feel his mouth on your own, and the deeper he shoves his tongue past your lips, the tighter his hold on you grows until you can barely breathe. Between the breathtaking kiss and the way his fingers perfectly close around your throat, you grow lightheaded and decide to surrender yourself completely to him. It’s in this moment that Din finally has some mercy on you and breaks the kiss, never once removing his gaze from your pretty eyes as he waits for you to look into his dilated pupils. There’s something dangerous swimming in his barely brown orbs, and you shiver at the prospect of being at the mercy of such a fiery spirit 
“What will you say if you want me to stop?” He hisses at you, and it takes you a few seconds to realize what he’s asking. You furrow your eyebrows at the odd question, and Din slips his other hand around your back and lands a particularly rough slap to your ass to get your attention. You jump at the sudden impact but melt into his embrace further when he soothes it back and forth. 
“Say the word you’ll tell me if you want me to stop.” He commands again, and you tilt your head to the side in confusion before you respond to him. 
“But I- I won’t ever want you to stop!” 
“I don’t fucking care if that’s what you think…this- when I take you to my bed, I’ll pull you apart piece by piece, and I want to know what word you’ll say if you want me to put you back together again. You said you’d be a good girl for me, so go on. Be a good girl and listen to me.” You can feel slick rolling down your thighs at his words, and you feel ashamed at how wet such violent words are making you feel. 
But this is Din, and you knew you couldn’t be safer anywhere except in his arms. 
“Trask, I- I’ll say Trask if I want you to stop.” 
There’s recognition in his eyes, that you’re certain of, and the little smirk he graces you with is all you need to know that he may have had an inclination as to why you picked that specific word. 
“Now was that so hard?”
“Din, please.” You gasp when he smacks your ass again, this time a little harder than before, while his other hand tilts your neck far back until he can take a better look at you. 
“I think it’s time I give you a reward for being such a good girl for me…especially when I’ve barely touched you and you’re so…needy.” The anticipation of what he’s promised to do to you is driving you mad, and you shut your eyes when Din pushes you flush against the wall again and keeps his fingers wrapped around your throat. 
“Tell me sweet girl, which do you want first? My fingers…or my mouth?” He whispers as he kisses your cheek and leaves a trail of wet kisses down your throat to your shoulder. You’re dying to feel him where you’ve been aching for so long, but you get the sense that he may prolong this if you tell him you just want his cock now. 
“B-both…please Din, I want to feel both.” You hold onto him like your life depends on it, eyes fluttering open when you hear him chuckle above you as he nips at your clavicle. 
“What a filthy girl you are, baby, begging so sweetly when all I’ve done is kiss you.” Din teases you some more, loving the way your skin erupts in goosebumps the longer he stretches out what the two of you have been dying to feel for so many rotations. 
“Since you’ve been nothing but obedient so far, I’ll give you what you want. I’ll give you everything you want mesh’la…my fingers, my mouth, my cock. Everything your heart desires…all I want in return is to hear you pray my name.” Not bothering to waste another second, Din slips his other hand down your front, pinching your nipple in his journey and biting his lower lip when he sees the way you arch deliciously into his touches. He teases and caresses your breasts some more, loving the weight of them and how perfectly they fit in the palm of his hand. He can’t take his eyes off of how quickly they pebble as he tugs and flicks at them, and just when you’ve had enough of the aggressive touches, he leans down and flicks his tongue harshly across one, humming in approval when you moan his name the harder he sucked. 
You’re a moaning mess in a matter of seconds, unable to fathom how good it feels to have Din bite and pinch your sensitive peaks. It’s almost painful, probably is already, but you can’t find it in yourself to care, when he was worshiping you like you were the last jorgan fruit in the fucking universe.
“Hmm fuck cyare, you’re so pretty…and you’re all mine. Fucking mine.” He growls against your heated skin as his kisses turn into little bites, and you’re so busy focusing on his teeth expertly closing around your hardened nipples that you don’t take notice of the hand roaming down your body until it’s settled against your slit. 
“Din…your mouth feels so hot, like- like a fire burning me from inside.”
Your words urge him on, and as soon as you open your eyes to look down at him, Din lets go of your breast with a pop and swallows your moans. You can barely stand up and you realize the only thing keeping you still on your feet is Din’s hold on your throat and your cunt. 
Oh his other hand felt good. 
So good.
Din can barely hold himself back from shoving his cock in your pussy when he feels how wet and warm you are the more he slides his fingers across your slit. He’d think he’s been touching you for hours if he didn’t know that the two of you were intertwined for less than one. When he feels how engorged and hard your clit is as he flicks it a few times, he reluctantly lets go of your lips just to look into your eyes as he fills you with his fingers. 
“You’re such a dirty girl, aren’t you baby? So fucking wet and hot for me, and I haven’t properly gotten you ready for my cock.” 
“Oh Din, I- I need you.” Din knows that he will never get tired of hearing you plead for his touch, and he smiles down at you as he takes his fingers away and ignores the little whimper you throw at him at the loss of his touch. He doesn’t give you the chance to say anything else, spitting down on his hand as loudly as possible before he returns his fingers to your cunt once more. Except this time, he doesn’t bother being gentle and teasing. 
This time, his patience has finally run out, and he desperately wanted to feel you come on his fingers. 
“You know what to say if you want me to stop,” it’s the only warning you get before Din rubs at your wet lips a few times enough to spread your juices across his fingers. When he thinks you’re ready, he slowly slips in his middle and ring fingers until you can feel the palm of his hand flush against your skin. 
“Din-” Whatever you want to say dies in your throat as soon as Din begins to curl his fingers inside you. His fingers are much thicker and longer than your own, reaching parts of you that you only dreamed of ever touching. He starts out careful and soft, rubbing the spongy walls of your cunt with unrivaled expertise. When he begins to rub his palm against your clit, your knees buckle and you lose your balance completely. Din leans down and bites into the top of your breast, increasing the pressure around your throat as he begins to pick up the pace and thrusts his fingers deeper inside you. 
“Wrap your arms around me sweetheart,” he orders between kisses and you somehow do as he says in an instant, as if your body only obeyed Din and not your own mind. 
Had you not been praying every night to the maker to finally be at Din’s mercy, you would have felt an overload of sensations from the last few minutes alone. His lips were creating flames across your already heated skin, and his words were making you melt in his arms without a single care for anything else. Then there were his hands, the one around your throat reminding you of the sheer strength he possesses, of how quickly he can bend you to his will if he so wished, while the other claimed the deepest, most intimate parts of you without difficulty, as if it was made to pleasure your cunt and was finally undoing you the way it was always meant to. 
“I- I’m…Din-”
“I can feel your cunt clenching around me sweet girl. You’re so close, aren’t you? I know you are, I know you want to come. I want you to come too, baby. I want to see you come undone on my fingers, want to taste your wet pussy as you drench me. Go on love, let go for me. Let go and I’ll push you over the edge again. Let go and I’ll fuck you like the mesh’la cockwhore I know you are.” At those last words, you part your lips in a silent cry and brace yourself for what’s to come. Digging your nails into his skin, you barely manage to open your eyes and look at Din just as he begins to plunge his fingers in and out of you at an impossible pace. He’s hitting that special, wonderful spot inside you consistently, as if he’s known your body for eons, as if he’s already memorized what pleases you and wanted nothing more than to do it time and again.
“Come for me, now.” He breathes the command as he closes his lips around your nipple, the hand around your throat loosening just a bit to make it easier for you to breathe. In the end, it doesn’t make a difference how hard he’s grabbing at your throat because you forget how to breathe as soon as that knot unravels in the pit of your stomach and you crash into him. You can feel your cunt burning with desire for more and you don’t realize what’s making Din become so feral with his bites until you look down and vaguely see a pool of liquid forming beneath where the two of you are standing. 
“Hmmm fuck, you- you’re so fucking gorgeous…that’s it baby, keep coming for me. Keep drenching me, fucking mark me for yourself cyar’ika, make a mess of us. Make a mess of us some more, let me- let me look at you so I can remember how hard I’ve made you come.” He puts some space between the two of you, and you throw your head back in ecstasy as his hand doesn’t slow down and continues to move rapidly in and out of your pussy. Your legs are shaking and your screams are louder than you ever thought possible, but Din continues to ask you for more. 
And the more he calls you his sweet girl, the more you come on his fingers and wet his hands. It would have been embarrassing if it was anyone else, but seeing Din’s reaction to the mess you were making of his ship, even hearing the frantic growls he was breathing against your throat, makes you wish you could do more for him. 
“Fuck sweetheart, you weren’t lying when you said you wanted me this bad.” Din manages to say right before he kisses you again, and you try to remind yourself to ask him later why he enjoyed asking you questions and silencing you with a bruising kiss right after without receiving a response. For now though, you relished in the different touches that proved to you he wanted you just as much. From the bruising kiss to the growingly aggressive sensation his fingers were sending throughout your muscles, you knew it would be impossible to ever come again without feeling him against you. 
Din tilts his head to the side to deepen the kiss, making you reach for his hair and pull on it in an attempt to make him see stars as well. He chuckles against your lips, but pushes you harder against the wall the more you tug on his brown locks, and before you know it, his fingers are thrusting in and out of you harshly and without mercy. You fall apart again, unsure of whether this was your second orgasm or if it was just a continuation of the first. 
It doesn’t matter in the end because like before, Din nips and sucks on your tongue with desperation, silently letting you know that he really enjoyed how hard he was making you fall apart at his touch. Your thighs strain as Din pushes them apart with one of his legs to get better access to your cunt, and when he’s sure you can’t take it anymore, he leans down and angles his hand a bit lower, the action pushing his fingertips higher against your tightened walls and forcing another orgasm out of you. You break the kiss in an attempt to breathe but all that comes out is a string of curses along with Din’s name, and you don’t realize what you’re saying until Din begins to slow down but keeps his fingers warm inside your pussy. 
“You- you really want me to stop?” He’s out of breath when he asks, and you furrow your eyebrows at both the tone of his voice and the question, as if he was the one having a hard time breathing from coming so hard. You barely manage to look at him, whimpering his name like a silent prayer when you see the feral look in his eyes as he studies your features. 
“No- Din, please…don’t stop. T-take what you want….’m yours.” You’re not making much sense to your own ears but Din hears enough to know that you were still willing to give him every bit of you. When he’s sure you’ve had enough respite and filled your lungs with air, he lunges for your throat and bites into the jugular of your neck while wrapping his arm around your back to keep you upright. Just as you’re about to beg him to keep touching you, you feel him inch a third finger inside your cunt, splitting you open on his thick and long fingers like no other has before him. You don’t get the chance to say anything else as you feel him move his digits in and out of you at a slowly increasing pace. 
“I wanted to get you nice and ready for my cock cyar’ika, but you’re so kriffing tight on my fingers…so fucking tight and I’ve made you come twice already. Why don’t you give me another baby? Give me another so I can give you my cock. Come on my fingers like the good girl I know you are.” His words are all you need to fall apart another time, and you hold tightly onto his shirt as he lets you nuzzle into his neck while he pushes his fingers so deep inside you that you can’t feel anything but him. 
“Din…Din…oh maker Din I- I’m…”
“Claim me little cyar’ika, claim me like I claimed you.” You gush around him harder than before, squirting all over his thighs and arm until the two of you are standing in nothing but your essence. You’re embarrassed by how much of a mess you made of his ship, but you realize that Din might not care about that at the moment. As a matter of fact, it seemed that he enjoyed the mess you were making of him and the ship, and you file that information for later when you can tease him about it. 
For now, you give yourself to the sensation that is Din. 
His breath, his gaze, his touch. 
And hopefully his love. 
When it’s evident you can’t support yourself anymore, Din slows down to a stop but doesn't remove his fingers from you just yet. He studies you closely, eyes roaming the expanse of your glistening, shaking form in an attempt to commit every inch of you to memory. He can feel your muscles begging for respite and leans in to kiss your cheek just as he slips his wet fingers from your cunt. You shudder at the emptiness suddenly taking over you, and look into his eyes as he slides his hand up your body. He smiles at you as he takes his fingers into his mouth and hums lewdly at the taste of you. 
“I knew it, knew you’d taste so fucking good.” His voice echoes in your mind as you use him to support your overexerted body. 
The two of you stand in silence for a few minutes, sighing in relief at finally crossing the line you’ve been dancing around for months now. Din kisses everywhere he can reach, occasionally digging his teeth into your skin if only to hear you moan his name as you grab for him. When he notices that you’re able to stand better on your feet, he lets go of you and slips the ruined nightgown from your body. You shiver as the cold air hits your sweaty skin, but the warmth of Din overtakes you completely as he reaches down and carries you in his arms. You wrap your arms around his shoulders and nuzzle into his neck as he begins to move through the quiet hallways of his ship. You feel his hands digging harder into the meat of your thighs and back when you lick at his clavicle, and you can’t help but smile at the obvious effect you are having on him. 
He makes his way towards his room and a rush of nerves engulfs you when you realize that you never once came in here in all your time at his service. You knew better than to cross those boundaries he’s silently set for you all those months ago, and although you hoped for him to open up with you, you never thought he’d be so willing to get this far. 
Certainly not to the point of bringing you into his private quarters. 
“I can hear your thoughts sweet girl.” He teases as he enters his room and walks you to his bed, softly placing your nude form in between his sheets before standing up to rid himself of his own clothes. 
“Din, you- you’re too far.” You sigh at him as you grab for his sheets, and Din bites his lower lip to prevent himself from embarrassing you further. He wants to call you out on being such a needy girl for him, for being so obedient when he’s only just begun to show you how much he wants. 
And he desperately wants to tease you about the effect he had on you earlier today, when he ignited his Saber and ended the hunt within the blink of an eye. He noticed your body’s reactions to his violent movement, recognized the signs in the way your thighs clenched tightly when he strutted your way and ordered you never to act so recklessly again. He spent hours in the cockpit convincing himself that he shouldn’t take advantage of you, but the longer he spent on those little hitched breaths and the way you eyed him whenever he walked by to fix something, it occurred to him that he may not be taking advantage after all. 
Maybe you wanted him just as much as he wanted you. 
And maybe, just maybe, you wanted more than his touches. Maybe you wanted his heart. 
Maker, he wouldn’t know what to do with himself if you said those words to him. 
So he grows quiet and shoves his own dreams aside, knowing that he would rather have you this way than not having you at all. 
As he lowers his pants, he smirks down at you and winks when you turn away embarrassed at being caught shamelessly licking your lips at his physique. He wasn’t muscular necessarily, but you could tell his body was used to exertion and exercised the right muscles to help him accomplish his job. 
“The way you look at me mesh’la…fuck, makes me so fucking hard, makes me wish I can keep you in my bed all the time and fuck you whenever I please.” His hopes spill without a second thought, and he wants to apologize for presuming that you’d ever agree to such a thing, but then he notices the way you reach for his thighs and beg him to touch you with those wanton eyes of yours and he can’t help but tease you a bit more. 
“Hmm, you’d like that baby? You’d like it if I kept you in my arms every night, sunk my cock in that tight, wet cunt of yours till I filled you with my seed. Tell me sweet thing, you want me to make space for you here, so you don’t ever want to leave me?” He prays his desperation doesn’t come off too strongly for you, but the prayer is cut short when you nod frantically at him and whimper his name like he had the key to everything you’ve ever wanted. 
“Please Din, don’t keep me away from you anymore. I want you, all the kriffing time…want to kiss you and touch you and make you feel good. I want- no, I need you Din. Please? Don’t shut me out, I’ll do anything you want, just don’t- don’t…” Din’s smile falters briefly when he sees how unhinged you’ve become in your requests and he throws out whatever caution he still reserved for you, lunging forward and covering your body with his own in the blink of an eye. 
“Sweet girl, you want me this much?” The genuine curiosity in his voice catches you off guard because up until this point, you thought he could see through each and every desire your heart displayed for him.
“Yes Din, I- I always want you. It- having you touch me and kiss me won’t ever be enough…it won’t. I want to be with you every waking moment and- and every night. If you’ll have me…only if hmphh-” He cuts your revelations short with his lips, wrapping his arms around your tired form and making space for himself in between your thighs as he takes your breath away with his tongue. You bring him as flush to you as possible, not caring for how difficult you’re beginning to find it to breathe. All you knew was that you desperately wanted to have him, in every way possible. 
And as you feel his hips thrust against your heated core, you quickly cross your legs behind his back and move your own lower body against him for some more friction. His cock nestles perfectly against your slit and you cry out beneath him when you feel just how hot and heavy and thick he feels. 
Din breaks the kiss reluctantly, and he pulls away far enough to take a look at you as he finally gives the two of you what you’ve been craving for so long. 
“Mesh’la, I- I must have you. I’ve thought of this moment so often and I believed I would have more patience. But I can’t wait any longer, I need to have you…need to feel your walls stretch around my cock.” He lets go of you and slips his hand between your sweaty bodies, looking down at where the two of you are almost connected and touching your forehead with his in a silent request. 
“Din, I want you to fuck me hard…don’t hold back, I want to feel you with every breath I take.” You lean up and kiss his aquiline nose, breathing heavily against him when he drags the tip of his cock in between your wet lips. As he nudges your aching clit time and again, you feel your lungs almost collapse on themselves at the promise of what’s to come. 
Just when you’re about to plead for him again, Din slowly inches his cock into your pussy, shoulders shaking intensely as he feels your hot, tight walls swallowing him whole. He huffs against your cheeks several times in an attempt to hold himself back so he doesn’t hurt you, but you dig your nails into his back and urge him on, chest rising and falling rapidly as you feel him stretch your cunt around his dick. 
“Oh fuck, f-ffuck…you’re so kriffing tight ‘round me.” He barely manages to whisper as he pushes deeper into you, his heart threatening to leap out of his chest the harder your walls spasm around him. He can hear how wet you are, and he swears beneath his breath when he realizes that he may have not prepared you enough for him. But then you cross your ankles tightly and force him to bring his body even closer to you, allowing him to push those remaining inches in your pussy suddenly until there isn’t space between your forms. 
When you’re finally able to breathe again, you look at Din and gasp at seeing how focused he seems to be. All it takes is one look into his eyes to know what he’s been holding from you all this time and you lean over and nip at his chin as he moves off of you before slamming his cock inside you again. You throw your head back at the force of his movement, unable to fathom how it was still possible for him to hit every little bit of you that you didn’t know could bring you even closer to the edge again. 
“Sweet girl, you’re perfect. Fucking perfect,” Din nuzzles into your neck, and although he knows that he’s sweating hard and should probably give you some space so you can breathe, he can’t bring himself to remove his skin from your own, wanting to feel every bit of your body sliding against his own as he claimed your soul. 
“You have no idea how- pfassk, how long I’ve dreamt of this…I wanted you for so long baby, and now that you’re here, with my cock carving your tight cunt so sweetly so you can take me, I- I don’t think I’ll ever want to let you go. I won’t, never…never going to let you go.” His words light a different fire in your chest, and you open your eyes just a little to look at him as he confessed to you everything you wanted to hear from him. 
“I’m yours Din,” you cry for him as he slams down hard and deep into you, filling you with his cock perfectly until you can feel every ridge and ever protruding vein pass against your sensitive walls. You can feel that familiar burning sensation taking home in your stomach again, and although you want to beg him to make you come, you hold back from those words, not wanting to be selfish in your pleasure that you don’t let him chase his own. With each harsh and punishing thrust, you find yourself wishing you can feel him everywhere all at once. 
“Mine, fucking mine…won’t let you leave me. You’re mine baby, you hear that? You’re fucking mine.” He growls those words against your breasts, and you don’t realize you’re crying until he drags his fingers across your face to wipe the tears away before trailing his hand down your cheeks to your neck and closing his fingers around you. The force of his actions is all you need to push you over the edge, and you forget that you weren’t supposed to tell him those three words until he willingly said to you first. 
“I- I love you, oh maker…I love you Din. Please, come for me…come inside me, fill me with your seed. Make me yours!” You’re screaming your deepest and darkest secrets to him, not realizing that Din was filing those wonderful words in his heart to fill the gaping hole that was begging for attention ever since he hired you. 
“You mean that cyar’ika?” He asks in the heat of the moment, never once slowing down because if he was going to come, then he was going to wait until he was sure you felt the same way. 
A part of you doesn’t want to answer him, pretend that you never heard his question and that you didn’t just tell him what you promised you’d never say. But then you look down and see hope and something more fearful swimming in his eyes, and you can’t hold back anymore. 
“Yes, I- I do Din. I love you…so much.” 
Your words ring in his ears for a few moments, and he sighs in relief as he sinks down against you and pushes his cock one last time inside your aching cunt before he breathes those words back to you. 
“You’ve had my heart ever since I saw you cyare,” he may not have said those exact same words to you, but you knew in your heart that he meant them. When he kisses you again, it’s less frantic but just as desperate as the many other times he filled your mouth with his tongue. As he fills you with his cock, you feel a sense of relief wash over you at finally being with Din in all the ways you dreamt. 
He’s slow and steady now, and you think it might be because he now knew that you aren’t going anywhere, that every bit of your heart and soul never wanted to part from him again. It’s almost too intense for you, the delicious drag of his dick against your tight walls, but then he stills for a brief moment and you swear you can feel his cock twitching inside you, begging for a release. 
“Please Din, come for me. I want to feel you fill me with your cum mark every inch of me.” 
It’s all he needs to hear to pull out one last time and thrust back into you with as much force as he can muster up. You push your fingers into his hair and pull him towards your neck as you pray his name over and over again, the rush of heat filling your cunt making you burn with a warmth unlike anything you’ve ever felt before. He growls his release against your neck, biting down harshly as he empties himself inside you. The two of you are messy with each others’ fluids but neither of you care as Din sinks his weight on top of you and feels your pussy clench tightly around him, milking him dry until his cum leaks down your thighs. Your mixed release brings a smile to his face, and he licks the bruises he’s left behind so they don’t look too jarring the following day. 
Neither of you dare to move an inch for a while, and it’s not until Din feels your chest barely rising and falling that he finally gets off and looks down at you. He finds a hazy smile widening on your features, and he can’t help but lean down and kiss you until the same smile appears on his own handsome face. 
The two of you continue to look into each other’s eyes until Din feels your cunt spasm around him all of a sudden. He hisses when your thighs attempt to close around his hips again, and before he can grow hard again, he slips out of you and falls to the side, bringing you into his chest without caring for the mess the two of you have made of his sheets. 
He looks down at you and raises a curious eyebrow when he notices the way you’re eyeing him already. 
“What is it?”
“Nothing, I just…I never thought you’d look this pretty underneath that helmet of yours.” You would have been too shy to say something so frank to him a few hours ago, but after everything he’s done, you think he might genuinely appreciate your honesty during such an intimate moment. 
“Pretty? Didn’t think you can call men pretty, mesh’la.” He wraps his arm around you to bring you even closer to him, and you laugh as you reach over and kiss his jaw, the scruff of his beard tickling you in the most enticing way. 
“Well, I just did. If you have any problems with that, take it up with my boss.” You nudge him with your nose, and giggle when he slips his hand down and lightly smacks your ass. 
“Oh yeah, I might just do that.” It’s Din’s turn to lean down and kiss your forehead, and you shut your eyes to relish in the softness he had no trouble displaying to you now that you were finally on the same page. 
“But be careful, he’s a little rough around the edges.” You hide in his chest when he narrows his eyes at you, but the gasps turn into giggles when he pushes you beneath him again and attacks you with more kisses and nips. 
“You- ahh, stop it, you didn’t let me finish.” You try to get out of his grasp but Din is much stronger than you, and he continues to assault you with more love bites until he sees you truly struggling to breathe in between laughs. 
“Tell me then.” His voice is hoarse, and if you didn’t know any better, you’d think he wanted to go again with you. 
“He’s a little rough around the edges,” you repeat again, slipping your hand from his grip so you can intertwine your fingers in between his and hold his attention. He furrows his eyebrows when he sees you bring his hand to your face and loosen the hold you have around it. You muster up the courage to look into his eyes once more as you turn his hand around and bring his palm to your mouth, laying the softest of kisses at the center of his skin before moving your lips down to his wrist and kissing it as well. Din’s breath hitches in his throat at the soft gesture and he bites into his lower lip when he sees just how genuine you are with him. 
“But he is the sweetest man I’ll ever know. And I’m beyond lucky that he loves me as much as I love him.” 
Din waits until you finish marking his skin with your heated kisses before he flips your smaller hand into his own and brings your knuckles to his lips. He shuts his eyes and caresses your fingers with his mouth, leaving a chaste kiss on the tip of each of your fingers before holding your knuckles to his bruised lips. 
“Believe me, cyare, he loves you more than you love him…more than you’ll ever know.” 
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the-little-ewok · 2 days ago
Quiet Poe Dameron X F!Reader Rating : 18+ / Explicit  Wordcount : 4850 (ish) Warnings : Oral M!receiving, oral F!receiving, PIV, unprotected sex, smut, total softness and fluff, teasing and banter, language, tiny smudge of angst if you squint, oh did I mention the smut?
Summary : You give Poe a going away present when he leaves for a mission and on his return, Poe is going to make sure he repays the favour ten fold. 
A/N : Shameless smut. Not gonna lie…. No regrets. 
Tumblr media
Poe grins at you, eyes bright with amusement as he swings the door closed behind him, shutting you both in the small room. 
"Sneaking off into supply closest? Well, it's been a while since we did this," he comments with a raised eyebrow. 
"If we use either of our rooms, we will be interrupted," you point out, thinking back to the last time you'd tried to have any time alone before the pilot left on another mission. There always seemed to be something, or someone, that needed his attention right at the worst possible moment. 
"So that's what you dragged me here for!" He exclaims in mock surprise.
"Drag? You followed like a little lost puppy," you tease, placing your palms on his shoulders and backing him up against the wall, pinning him there with your body. 
"Let's just say you looked like a very tempting treat for this little puppy." He takes your hips, pulling you close against him as he dips his head to kiss you. He wastes no time in teasing your lips open and sliding his tongue against yours. His tongue licks languidly into your mouth, caressing your own as his hands drag your body tight against his. Despite the fact he's the one pressed to the wall, you can't help but feel completely at his mercy as his kiss steals your breath. 
You have to stop him before he ruins your entire plan. But stars, he makes it so difficult to pull away from him, especially when his hands start creeping up your back, untucking your shirt as he kisses you.
When you finally part for breath, you take the moment to blink yourself out of your kiss dazed haze. When he leans in to kiss you again, you shake your head, running your hands down his chest.
"Wait a second. You haven't heard the reason I dragged you in here," you almost pant out breathlessly. Poe raises his eyebrow with a grin. 
"I thought it was so I could kiss you like that?"
You shake your head, sliding your hands a little lower in suggestion. 
"Not quite. Do you think you can be quiet while I give you your going away present, pretty boy?" You enjoy the flush that appears instantly on his cheeks at your words. Dropping your hands down to unbuckle his belt, you lick your lips, letting him know exactly what you intend his present to be. 
"Think I'll manag-" the rest is cut off by a low moan as you slip your hand into his pants, pressing your palm against his hardening cock.
You raise your eyebrows with an amused grin. 
"I think we just proved otherwise," you tease, starting to withdraw your hand. 
"I'll be quiet," he breathes, taking a gentle hold of your wrist to keep your hand where he wants it. "I promise."
"You sure you can be?" You grin. He gives a soft mhm in response, leaning forward to capture your lips. You smile against his mouth before you allow yourself to give in to his kiss, capturing his moan as your hand wraps around his cock. 
You pump him slowly as his tongue licks into your mouth once more, his hands sliding up under your shirt, toying with the waistline of your trousers. The temptation to allow him to touch you is almost too much, but you force yourself to pull away from his kiss, gently removing his hand from your wrist, and your hand from his pants.
Poe gives a frown, his mouth opening no doubt to ask you what's wrong before his eyes go wide, and he's suddenly lost for words as you get down on your knees, working his trousers down. 
"Quiet," you remind him, meeting his eyes as you lean forward and swirl your tongue around the tip of his cock. Poe chokes back the moan that attempts to break free, taking a deep, unsteady breath as you take him fully into your mouth. 
"Fuck. You don't make it e-easy," he stutters, quickly covering his mouth with his hand when you pull back, lightly grazing your teeth against his skin.
Wrapping your hand around the base of his cock, you work him over with your mouth and your hand, twisting your wrist and swirling your tongue in the way you know he loves. Poe does try his best to be quiet, but as he gets closer to his end, his volume creeps steadily higher. 
"Baby," he groans, threading his fingers through your hair as you pull back, pressing your tongue to the underside of his cock. When you take him further into your mouth again, he lets out a loud groan, and you tap his hip in warning, a reminder he's supposed to be quiet lest you both be caught. 
His hands leave your hair and the next moment he lets out a loud, but muffled moan. You lift your eyes to his, but he isn't looking at you, and the sight of him makes your pussy clench. His eyes are screwed shut, beads of sweat breaking out across his hairline, his scarf pulled up and clenched between his teeth, muffling the whimpers and moans he'd given up holding back. You can't help but moan around his cock at the sight and Poe's hips jerk in response, another whine muffled by his makeshift gag, his eyes snapping open to meet yours.
You hold his gaze as his hands tangle back in your hair, keeping the scarf between his teeth. Judging by the glazed look in his eyes, his stuttered breathing and trembling, the pilot won't last much longer.
You double down on your efforts, letting out another moan around his cock. You see rather than hear him bite a curse into his scarf as his climax hits, his legs almost buckling with the intensity of it as he cums on your tongue. 
You're grateful for the fact he has his mouth full because the noises he lets out, even with the makeshift gag, are loud enough that you are sure they can be heard outside the room. You half expect someone to start hammering on the door to ask what's going on. 
Thankfully, the corridor outside remains quiet, and the two of you undiscovered, as Poe comes down from his high. You sit back, allowing his cock to leave your mouth with a pop. You can't help but throw him a smug grin when you take in how absolutely wrecked he looks. 
"Shit," he groans, pulling down the scarf and letting his head slam back against the wall, his chest heaving in panted breaths. "That's some going away gift." 
You grin at him, making a show of licking your lips and earning a shaky "Maker," from the pilot before you help to redress him.
When you're done, he takes your hands and helps you to your feet, barely allowing you to get your balance before he spins you around, swapping your places and pressing you up against the wall.
As he dips his head to kiss you, both of you freeze at the echo of his name being called somewhere further up the corridor.  
"You need to go, flyboy," you sigh, running your fingers through his curls, desperately wishing for another few hours with him. 
"I will, when I'm done with you." Poe answers, pressing himself hard against you. "Not going to leave you unsatisfied after that. I bet you're soaking for me," he whispers in your ear. 
 Well, he certainly wasn't wrong. You can feel the dampness in your panties, especially when he slots his thigh firmly between yours as he kisses you. 
"You need to go," you whisper against his mouth, shoving his shoulders without any strength at all as he presses himself closer to you, his lips working their way across your jaw and down your neck. You can't help a soft moan as he gently bites down on your pulse point, his fingers slipping up under your shirt to skim at the bare flesh of your ribs. 
You might have let him continue if it wasn't for a second shout of his name almost directly outside the door, which pulls you back to your senses. As much as you wanted this, him, neither of you had the time. He had a job to do that came before any of your needs. 
"You need to leave." This time it comes out more firmly, and you push him away, holding him away from you with your palms pressed to his shoulders. "Please, Poe. The sooner you go, the sooner you can come home."
He regards you with a pained expression. It isn't the fact you're turning him down right now that hurts, you know, as usual, it's the fact he doesn't want to leave, that both of you know this may be the last time you ever look at each other. 
He steps forward to you again, and you allow it. You allow him to capture your lips in a fierce kiss — bruising and passionate. It says everything he doesn't dare to speak aloud. 
The kiss seems to go on forever, but all too soon he swallows hard, pulling away from your lips and leaning his forehead against yours as he wraps his arms around you and squeezes you tightly.
"Every day I'm away is one time I'm going to make you cum with my mouth," he promises, making you laugh and reach up to cup his face.
"I'll hold you to that," you smile, stroking your thumb across his cheek as he leans in to kiss you one final time before he steps back. You swallow hard as you give him a nod, and he reaches out to squeeze your hand tightly before he opens the door slowly, checking nobody is around before he slips out. 
There's no tearful goodbye, no desperate hugs or waving his ship off, no promises to come home safe or to keep in touch. Both of you are all too aware that those promises can be broken all too easily. All you have now is hope. Hope that you'll see each other again, at least one more time.  
It's some unreasonable hour of the night when the banging at your door pulls you from a fitful sleep.
"Ugh, stop 'm comin'," you grumble rolling out of bed as the knocking continues, loudly and insistently. You sleepily stumble over to the door and press your hand against the pannel. 
"I love you," Poe states the moment it slides open. It had become a tradition that the words you wouldn't allow yourselves to say during goodbyes were always the first you spoke when you saw each other again. 
"I love you too," you breathe, quickly looking him over. He's still in his flight suit, his hair damp and messy from his helmet, his eyes tired and sporting a bruise across his cheek that hadn't been there when he left. 
"I was going to see you in the morning, but…my feet sort of just brought me here." He pauses with a shrug and a lopsided smile.
"What happened?" You ask, lifting your hand to brush your fingers gently against the bruise on his face, instantly regretting it when he winces. "How bad does the rest of you look?"
"It's not so bad. I think the colours suit me, but I'll let you be the judge," 
"You should have gone to medical," you scold, pulling down the edge of his flight suit to inspect the edge of a bruise on his collarbone.
"It's just cuts and bruises. They have bigger things to deal with, I'm sure," he smiles reassuringly, pulling you into his arms to cuddle you close. "Besides, I have all the medicine I need right here."
He doesn't give you chance to scold him again before he slots his lips over yours. You shouldn't give in so easily, but the warmth of him back in your arms breaks any resolve, and you easily sink into his kiss. He lets out a moan against your mouth as your fingers find their way into his curls, tugging gently. His arms tighten around your waist, holding you close as he deepens the kiss, pressing his tongue against yours, seeking to taste every part of your mouth.
He grins when you finally pull apart, a little breathless, your heart beating wildly. 
"Now that's what I call a goodnight kiss." He lets out a happy sigh, leaning his forehead against yours. "I missed you." 
"I missed you too," you smile, pressing a soft kiss to his lips. "But you smell disgusting right now." 
Poe laughs and cuddles you harder. 
"You would too if you spent the past eight hours in a cockpit," He grins as you roll your eyes before he kisses your forehead gently. "Can I stay here tonight? My room’s always too quiet without your snoring,"
"I don't snore," you slap his arm lightly as he laughs. "And you hog all the covers."
"I do not," he scoffs, pulling away from you with an offended look. "Maybe I'll just go back to my own room after all."
Laughing, you take his hands and tug him into your room, shutting the door behind him. 
"Go shower. You're not getting in my bed like that," you giggle, pushing him in the direction of the fresher.
"Wouldn't dream of it, I'd never hear the end of your complaints," he dodges out of the way as you go to slap his arm again, laughing as he backs up towards the bathroom. "Don't wait up."
"Wouldn't dream of it, you'll be in there for hours," you grin, climbing back into bed as he watches you from the doorway.
"I'm glad to be home," he smiles softly before he disappears into the fresher.   
You're already half asleep by the time you hear him leave the fresher and clatter about the room. Sleepily, you open your eyes, blinking against the dim lighting from the window, trying to stay as asleep as possible. That is, until your eyes catch sight of him, bathed in the dim moonlight, his back to you as he folds up his clothes. 
Maker, he just has to make things difficult for you. 
"Poe, can you please put some clothes on? I'm only human," you groan, burying your head in the pillow, so you don't open your eyes to stare at his naked form again. It's too much to feel this level of desire weighed against the tiredness that makes your body ache. 
"I don't have anything to sleep in, so I guess you're just gonna have to deal with it." You can hear the grin in his voice as his footsteps near the bed, refusing to look at him. 
"I'm tired," you complain as the mattress dips with his weight. You fight to keep your eyes firmly shut as you feel his warm body settle next to yours under the covers.
"Go to sleep then," he answers easily. 
You open your eyes to glare at him, and Poe feigns an expression of innocence, raising his eyebrows. 
"Hey, don't give me that look. I'm not the one that can't keep their mind out of the gutter when seeing the naked form!"
"Oh, and you could?" You scoff with a raise of your own eyebrow.
"Try me," he dares stubbornly. You really should not play this game. You're tired, Poe is tired, both of you desperately need sleep, but the temptation to prove yourself right, and the desire to have your skin pressed against his, outweighs any exhaustion. 
You shrug in answer, sitting up and curling your fingers into the hem of your sleep shirt, keeping your eyes trained on his before pulling it up over your head, dropping it unceremoniously to the floor. You hear a hitch in his breath, and you can see the way his fingers twitch against the mattress. With a smirk, your shorts follow, allowing his gaze to roam the full expanse of your naked body.
He shifts slightly, his tongue darting out to lick his lips as he makes a show of settling down further into the bed, but his eyes never stop roaming your flesh.  
"Alright well, goodnight," he throws out casually, shutting his eyes.  
Grinning, you lay back down, knowing you've already won by the flush on his cheeks and the slight increase of speed in his breathing.
"Good night, P-" the rest of his name gets cut off in a squeal of laughter when he wraps his arms around you and pulls you on top of him. Giggling, you adjust yourself, straddling his hips as his arms keep your chest pinned to his. 
"I thought you were going to sleep?" You grin, feeling his evident arousal pressing up against your stomach.
"I was going to, but you, don't, play, fair," he grumbles, tickling your sides with each word, making you laugh and squirm. 
"How so? All I did was even the playing field," You giggle, leaning up on your arms to look down at him. He stares up at you, flushed and wide eyed. 
"Not true. I mean, look at you! Even with your clothes on, I want you all the time. How am I supposed to cope without them?" He breathes passionately, grinding his hips against yours. He smirks at the gasp you try to suppress, as heat prickles across your skin and arousal floods your body. "Bloody lucky I didn't jump you the second you opened the door." 
"Oh, so that's why you came here! And I thought you just missed me," you tease, trying to look offended. 
"No, no, not at all! I wanted to see you," he pauses and sighs softly, reaching up to cup your cheek, his entire demeanour softening. "I thought about you, you know? Every day, every second of every day."
You take his face in your hands, smoothing your thumbs over his cheekbones as you drink him in, your chest aching with affection. 
"I thought about you too. All the time." 
Wrapping his hand around the back of your neck, he pulls your lips to his, holding you against him. 
This time his kiss is more tender, filled with longing and love. There's no urgency as his lips part yours to deepen the kiss. This kiss isn't one of rough passion or lust, it isn't one of relief or longing, but one of connection, of reassurance and love. It leaves you breathless when he finally pulls away. 
Smiling and giddy with love, you sit up and allow yourself a moment to properly look at him, to take in the blues, purples and yellows that litter his body, along with red cuts barely healed crossing across already old scars. Your fingers trace the edges of one of the bruises as you frown.
"You need to be more careful."
"I'm alright," Poe reassures you in the soft way he always does when he comes back hurt. "I'll tell you about it tomorrow, but you should know I won… eventually." 
You roll your eyes at his goofy grin, but you're still unable to stop the soft giggle that bubbles up. He watches you quietly for a moment, his palms skimming up your thighs. 
"I should probably let you go back to sleep, shouldn't I?" He asks, hands creeping up over your hips to roam across your ribs, mapping out the curves of your body.  
"What if I'm not tired now?" You whisper, threading your fingers through his hair as you lean down to kiss him. He hums in thought, wrapping his arms around you. 
"Then I suppose I'll have to do something to help tire you out."
He flips you all too easily. One moment you're leaning over him, his hands caressing your back as you study him, and the next you're on your back, pressed into the mattress by his weight as he dips his head to press open mouthed kisses down your neck. 
"I have a promise to keep after all," he reminds you, pressing soft kisses down your chest and across your breast, flicking his tongue across your nipple, pulling a gasped moan from you. 
"That can wait. You need to rest." There's no conviction behind your words, and he knows it. Both of you know this only ends one way, and it isn't sleeping. 
"Can it?" Poe asks, kissing a trail down your ribs, pausing at your hip to suck on your skin, leaving a dark mark.
"No," you breathe honestly, the desperate fire of desire already blazing through your veins. You feel him smile against your skin before he shuffles further down the bed, his hands pressing your thighs apart, exposing you to his gaze.
"I've been thinking about this since I left." He places a soft kiss to the inside of your thigh, before he switches sides and kisses the other one. "Thinking about how you'll taste," another kiss to your skin higher up, causing your breath to hitch in anticipation, "the noises you'll make." 
He switches sides again, this time nipping your skin softly with his teeth, making you squirm, desperate for him to put his mouth to better use. 
"I've been thinking about all the ways I can make you cum."
"Poe," you whimper, half begging him to stop dragging this out, the anticipation becoming too much. If he carries on talking, you might cum without him ever having touched you in the way you're desperate for. 
He lets out a breathy laugh against your core which only makes you tremble more, and when he finally licks a hot stripe through your folds, you throw your head back with a loud moan. 
"Hmm, just as well I'm not asking you to keep quiet," he comments, more to himself than you, before he goes back to working you over with his tongue. 
You couldn't be quiet even if you tried. No amount of pleasure you could bring yourself ever seemed to come close to the expert way Poe used his mouth. His tongue alternates between flicks against your clit to pressing deep inside you, lapping up your arousal as though it was his favourite meal. His hands dig into the meat of your thighs, holding you open to his meticulous ministrations.  
You whimper, twisting your fingers in the sheets as he pins your hips to the bed, preventing you from lifting yourself into his mouth, holding you in place as his tongue relentlessly flicks and laps at your aching core. 
When he seals his lips over your clit, sucking hard, your body gives in to the overwhelming pleasure, your eyes rolling back almost painfully hard as your orgasm trembles through you. 
Poe groans against you, making aftershocks of pleasure shudder through you. He feathers soft kisses against your thighs, giving you a moment to come down from the high, before he suddenly slides two fingers easily into you with a wet squelch. 
"One down. Four more to go," he grins, dropping his mouth back to your still pulsing cunt.
Maker, you've lost count. He must be well beyond the promised five by now, and yet he shows no signs of letting up. He's dragged you over the edge so many times your orgasms are rolling into each other, barely having time to breathe before the next one hits.
"Poe, I c-can't-fuck, fuck, fuck!" You gasp in a hoarse voice, throat sore from the sounds he's dragged from you, as another orgasm rockets unexpectedly through you. 
"What was that?" He asks, grinning up at you as you stare down at him, your vision still fuzzy around the edges as you come down. "You can't? I think we just proved otherwise, baby." 
Smug bastard. If you had the energy you'd kick him, but it's impossible to move in this state. You make a mental note to get your own back when your limbs are cooperating again. 
You whimper as he drops his head to kiss the inside of your thigh, still trembling from the pleasure he's wrought from you over what feels like hours. 
You're almost thankful when he moves his lips up your leg to your hip, slowly pressing soft kisses across your body as he works his way up to capture your lips in a passionate kiss, allowing you to taste yourself on his tongue. 
"You want to go to sleep yet?" He asks, moving his mouth down across your cheek and nipping at your jaw, chuckling when you shudder at the brush of his fingers over your peaked nipple.
"No," you shake your head, still trying to catch your breath as his hands continue to slowly roam across your breasts. 
"Do you want me to fuck you?" 
Exactly what noise leaves your mouth you can't quite say. It's somewhere between a moan and a whimper, but whatever it is gets Poe to give you a smug smile. 
"That a yes?" He asks, grinding his hips against yours, allowing his cock to slide up against your wetness, drawing another moan from you. 
"Y-yes," you manage to stutter out, lifting your hips to meet his, desperate to feel him inside you despite the fact he's almost worn you out entirely. 
He doesn't tease you any longer and gives in to your plea, lining himself up at your entrance and slowly sinking in. You moan at the feel of him stretching your walls to accommodate him, slowly, inch by inch, feeling every drag of his cock as he stretches you out after his absence.  
When he's fully sheathed inside you, your walls fluttering around him, he pauses and kisses you, deeply and passionately. You tangle your hands in his hair, tugging gently and capturing his moan as your pussy clenches around him. 
He slowly withdraws his hips before pressing back into you, taking up a pace of slow, unhurried thrusts, his breath fanning out hot across your skin as he presses his body against yours, burying his head in your neck. 
The feel of him filling you is almost too much for your already over-stimulated body, and you tremble with a moan beneath him, your fingers gripping at his arms, the knot in your abdomen already tightening despite the fact you're sure you can't go again. Poe however has entirely different thoughts.
"You got one more in you, baby?" He whispers, pressing hot open mouthed kisses down your neck. 
Maker, even if you didn't the sinful way he whispers it sweetly in your ear would easily drag you back to the edge anyway. 
He hums in question when you don't answer, turning his head to press a kiss to your cheek as he rolls his hips deeper. You let out a strangled moan, your pussy fluttering around him as he presses against that blissful spot inside you. 
"I know you do. Let me have it," he groans, giving a little more force to his next thrust. "I need to feel you cum."
All too quickly, you can feel the threads holding you together starting to snap, giving in to the pure pleasure each thrust of his hips against yours brings. It's almost enough to throw you over, but not quite. Your body is exhausted, each nerve raw and sensitive. You can't quite reach the high he needs you too. 
Like the expert mind reader he seems to have become with you, he takes your hand and presses it down between your bodies, guiding your fingers down to your neglected clit. 
When your fingers start to work the sensitive nub with a soft whimper he lets go of your hand and instead moves it to your thigh, hitching it up over his hip and sinking deeper as he picks up the pace, his hips snapping against yours, filling the room with the sounds of flesh on flesh. 
The combination of his cock pressing deep inside you and your own fingers working against your clit gives you just what you need. His name leaves your lips in a stuttered whimper as another climax shudders through you, every muscle going temporarily stiff before you collapse beneath him, a melted puddle of flesh and bone, trembling and panting, thoroughly worn out. 
Poe bites out a curse and a broken moan as his hips stutter against yours, your climax triggering his own. He thrusts slow and deep inside you, emptying himself in hot, warm bursts before he collapses on your chest, breathing heavily. 
"Yeah, I missed you." He mumbles into your neck after a few long moments. You give a small, exhausted huff of laughter, running your fingers through his damp curls. 
"I'm not letting you leave again," you whisper, kissing his head. 
"I'm not going anywhere ever again," he confirms quietly, wrapping his arms around you to hold you tightly. 
Both of you know that's a lie, but neither of you admit it. You choose not to concentrate on the lie. Instead, you take the quiet moment wrapped up in each other, you pretend, and you hope.
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dokoni-mo · a day ago
Koi No Yokan || Darth Vader x GN! Reader (Chapter Four)
Tumblr media
summary: you are invited back home with him.
word count: 3693
warnings: cursing, emotional distress, fear tactics, allusions to unhealthy parent-child relationships, mentions of canon-typical violence, palpatine being palpatine, slight fluff
chapters tune // youtube version
a/n: hello all welcome back to chapter four!! this is actually my 1000th post so YAYYY FOR THAT!! as always, taglist is open for anyone and everyone!! enjoy!!! also i hope everyone enjoyed watching stranger things today!
Although it had been a few days since he returned to the Executor, you still had yet to see your fiancé for more than a brief second. And you absolutely hated it.
You knew he was a busy man. You had accepted this weeks ago. But that was also when you got to see him more often. It was a rare period for Lord Vader in that he didn't have any off-world assignments given to him by his master. Whether this was because of your arrival to the Empirical craft, or rather just because there was no assignments to be had, you didn't know. And more so, you didn't care. You appreciated having so much time to spend with the sith lord. You made an effort to do so as much as possible.
But that period seemed to have come to a grinding halt. He was far more occupied than he had been before. To the point where he couldn't even spare a fleeting moment for you.
It made you sad.
You missed him before while he was away on his last assignment, but now? It seemed as if that feeling were amplified by a factor of ten. Perhaps it was because this time, you knew he was just so out of your grasp. He was present, but not in reach. Commander Spade was good company when he was around to guard you, but you missed him. You missed your fiancé.
And there was absolutely nothing that you could do about it.
That was probably the thing that made you feel the worst. You weren't able to control his schedule, as much as you wanted to. Perhaps you were a bit selfish for that. You knew that he had a lot of people to manage; people as well as things. If it were up to you, you would be spending nearly the entire day with him. In conjunction, that would also mean that he would need to neglect his duties to do so. Maybe that was selfish of you to think. You found it hard to feel bad about it, though. You missed your fiancé that much.
And that was probably the most normal thing about you and his relationship.
In the time that he was gone, you had taken more walks around the Executor than you could count. Although the spacecraft was very vast and expansive, it got boring rather quickly. There was only so many times that you could walk down the same drab, grey walls without it becoming old. And became old it did. So although you were excruciatingly bored, you consigned yourself to your room, wrapped up in your blankets with your holopad in front of you. The device was projecting a news briefing in front your tired, lazy eyes, your cheek pressed into your palm as you absent-mindedly watched the reporters drone on about some political bullshit. It made you sigh through your nose as you rubbed your eyes with your thumb, pointer, and middle finger.
God fucking damn was the Empire boring. And he had to deal with this every day? Granted, he did have a job, but what about when he wasn't working that job? What did he do when he was all alone at night, alone in his quarters? He was a trooper for enduring this for so long, if he was just as painfully sick of it all as you were. And hell, you hadn't even been there that terribly long of a time; only about three months.
How the hell did he do it?
Before you had time to process that question to fruition, you heard a faint, soft beeping upon the nightstand in your quarters. You turned off your holopad once you heard the noise, trying your best to deduce what it was. Unable to figure it out based off sound alone, you turned your head to the source, looking over your shoulder as you pushed your torso off of the bed. Your lips gently parted as you found the source of the beeps; coming from a device that you had long since forgotten about during your long stay on the Executor.
Your holoprojector. Given to you by your parents before you left.
Pushing the bundle of blankets off of your person, you swung your legs over to the opposite end of the bed, letting them dangle off of the edge as you sat up straight. You stared for a moment as the device as it continued to beep and buzz for your attention. A small frown forming on your face, you refused to give in to it just yet. You weren't sure if you wanted to answer or not. You knew who was on the other end.
While it did turn out that you did like your fiancé, you still found it hard to forgive them for what they had done. What if it didn't turn out in your favor? What if when you went to make your deal with Vader, he just grabbed your hand and plunged his saber right into your chest like it was nothing? He was fully capable of doing that, and if they claimed anything different, they were wrong. They knew the danger of it all, yet chose to give you away anyway.
It was only luck that you were alive to see their call now.
But, at the same time, you couldn't help but feel bad. What if they were truly worried about you? Even if it was too little too late (since you could have very well been dead long ago), at least they did still want to check in on you, right? At least they were trying, right?
You let out a long sigh through your nose as you reached for the device, holding it in your palm as you tried to comb through you scruffy hair with the other hand.
You hoped that you wouldn't regret this.
Pressing the button on the side of the holoprojector to accept the transmission, you tried to put on your best smile as you saw the glowing, blue images of your mother and father. Unsurprisingly, they didn't look as if they had changed much. You did notice how their outfits weren't as extravagant as they had previously been, but you predicted as such before. You knew that they would try and fit in with the Empire as best as they could, while also trying to maintain their own sense of flair. They seemed happy to see you, but even more happy that you had even picked up in the first place. Whether this was because they were worried that you were dead, or because they didn't think you would answer? You didn't know. And you didn't care. They got what they wanted, now it was time to just try and make this quick.
"(Y/N)!" your father exclaimed, a slight laugh in his voice, "It's about time we get a hold of you!"
"How have you been, dear?" your mother asked, chiming in, "Is the Empire treating you well?"
"Ohh," you begun to say, placing your holoprojector on your nightstand so you didn't have to hold it as long, "Yeah, they're treating me fine. It's really boring here, but I haven't died. So, that's a plus."
Your father tried to give you a laugh, even though he knew you were being serious.
"And what of your fiancé?" your mother continued, "How is he? And how are you finding him?"
You took a brief pause to collect your thoughts. You remembered back to all the times that he had come to visit you, as well as the times you went to visit him. Even as stoic and unexpressive he was, he never failed to make you laugh at least once, even if he wasn't trying to. You felt open around him. You noticed the way you smiled at him, and how much you loved the feeling of those gloves on your skin. You weren't stupid.
"It took a little convincing," you said, "but I think I got through to him. I like his company, and he seems to like mine, so... I actually really like him. He's... interesting."
Your father let out a loud, hearty laugh, making you reach over to the holoprojector to turn down the volume, "See? I told you it would work out, (Y/N)!"
You rolled your eyes with a small smile, "Yeah, yeah, well, it still wasn't a good idea to begin with. It could've gone a lot differently. Vader's nice to me, but not many other people, and it helps that I'm his fiancé."
"And how are you feeling now going forward? With the wedding?" your mother asked, making you let out a long breath through your nose.
"A lot better, that's for sure." You said, "Do we even have a date for it yet? He hasn't said anything about it, or the Emperor."
"That's actually why we've contacted you, dear." Your mother explained, "We wanted to invite both you and Lord Vader here back home to discuss the terms of your union. Just things like venue, guests, the date; things like that. And the more political things of course."
You pulled your gaze away from the projections of your parents for a breif moment, crossing your arms over your chest as you shifted in your seat, "I mean... It would be nice to go home, but he's really busy right now, and-"
"It will only be for a short while," your mother interjected, lifting a hand, "A few days at maximum. We've been in contact with His Excellency as well, and he is in agreement that it would be a wise course of action to proceed with the wedding."
You let out another long, drawn-out breath through your nose as you hugged your arms tighter to your chest as your gaze fell away to the side. As much as you did want some time away from the Empire, you also didn't want to bother him. You missed him greatly, you really did, but you didn't want him to be burdened by any of this. You knew he must be stressed already with all the things that had been pushed on his plate recently, if it was enough from hindering him from spending time with you. And you didn't want to be the one that gave him too much.
But yet, maybe this would be good for him. Perhaps a break away from all of the hustle-and bustle of the Empire would be good for him. Hell, even you knew your home planet was beautiful. It was a known tourist and vacation-leisure destination for many wealthy individuals. Maybe going back home for a few days would be like a vacation for him. The thought of that made you wonder the last time he ever had a vacation. Rather, if there even was a last time.
You felt torn. You could see your fiancé reacting in either scenario, and it make you unsettled. No matter how hard you tried to piece together his most-likely reaction to this all, you couldn't. It made you a little frustrated. Perhaps more than a little. Mostly because your parents were never the type to take no for an answer when it came to grandiosity such as this. You knew they wanted at least a passible answer, then and now.
Even still, you weren't going to just answer for him. Although it would likely mean that you would disappoint your parents, you weren't going to put any words in his mouth. This union as your parents put it was between both you and him, not just you trying to appease your parents. And you had promised him that you would honor that.
You shook on it. And you never broke a promise like that.
Reaching down once again to the holoprojector on your tableside, you flashed your parents the best smile you could muster before switching the device off and ending the transmission.
"I'll ask him, okay?" you said, "Keep the channel open. I'll tell you guys what he says."
As more and more days passed by where he wasn't able to see you, Lord Vader could feel himself growing more frustrated and impatient. More so than usual, that was. Moreso, the sith was disappointed in himself. Before he had departed for his last assignment, he made a promise to you that he would return as soon as possible. While he did return so to speak, he didn't return where neither he nor you wanted him to be.
By your side.
Instead, it was seemingly the moment that Lord Vader returned to the Executor, he was bombarded by task after task. Some of which even he found ridiculous that he had to deal with. He never knew he would be needed in so many trivial matters before, yet here he was. Tending to every problem like he was some sort of housemaid. It made him pissed.
And pissed he was.
Everyone in that meeting room could sense just how displeased the dark lord was, even without the aid of sensing it through the force. Lord Vader's entire person dripped with agitation as he sat at the head of the long, dark-grey, marble table, his strong arms crossed over his broad chest. The officers that sat in the other chairs were nearly sweating in their uniforms, trying to act as natural as possible as they listened to the leading officer drone on about god knows what. Lord Vader could tell that their attention was elsewhere, but made no effort to scold them or threaten them back into compliance. In fact, he found it hard to blame them. Since his mind was on other matters as well.
Vader missed you. He really, really missed you. And even though he knew you were just around the corner at the other end of the Executor waiting for him, he still missed you. Letting his thoughts stray, the sith found himself remembering what Commander Spade had said to him a few days prior in that Empirical base. The trooper had told him to cherish you. Because you were worth the extra mile that you so graciously gave to the dark lord. Even when you didn't have to. Although Spade wasn't in a position to give Lord Vader order's, the trooper was right. You didn't see that very often in the Galaxy now-adays. Hell, the last time Vader had seen it himself was years ago, in his old life. In her.
The two of you had been very similar in that regard. And perhaps that's the reason why when he looked at you, and saw that gorgeous smile of yours...
He felt the same way as he did back then around her.
Before the dark lord had any more time to ponder you and the past, he could sense a presence drawing closer behind him. Turning his mask slightly to the side, Lord Vader was greeted with the familiar sight of Commander Spade, the trooper's blaster held tightly to his chest. Spade had not been permitted to enter the room unless absolutely necessary, so the sith's interest was piqued. This interest was carried out as Spade leaned down close to the dark lord, trying his best to keep his voice low through the speaker in his white helmet as he spoke to Lord Vader.
"My lord," Spade muttered out, trying still to remain quiet, "I'm sorry about the intrusion, but your fiancé is outside. Looking for you."
Lord Vader felt his shoulders stiffen beneath his armor. You were outside? Had you missed him that much to go and seek him out like this? If that were the case, he felt a little bad.
"This briefing seems it shall be concluding soon." The dark lord said in response, trying his best to remain as quiet as he could through his voice modulator, "Tell (Y/N) to wait. I will be done shortly."
"It sounds like it's kinda important, my lord." Spade muttered his response, "(Y/N) is a bit... worked up."
The dark lord could feel how his shoulders stiffened underneath his armor. You were worked up? Vader didn't want you to be upset. But what could you have been upset about? Just that he hasn't been around you in a while? It didn't matter to him. You were in need, and he was the one that had what you were looking for. And who was he to deny you peace of mind?
The sith gave the Commander a nod to see him off. Once spade had went to fetch you from outside, Lord Vader rose from his seated position, placing his hands upon his belt. The room went deathly quiet as everyone's gaze shifted over to the sith, fear most prevalent in their curious eyes. The officer who was speaking slowly mumbled quieter and quieter as he looked at Lord Vader, leaving the room in utter silence, aide from the echo of the sith's respirator.
"We are done here." the dark lord spoke, the baritone in his voice sharp and firm, "Leave. All of you."
The other men in the room made no attempt to move. Instead, they all settled with giving each other nervous glances at one another, each one more scared to move than the last. Eventually, the officer who was speaking decided to chime in, his voice quivering as he did so.
"Um, sir, b-but I..." he mumbled out, "I wasn't finished..."
Without another word, the dark lord simply tilted his head to the side at the young officer's words. As he did so, he repositioned his hands on his belt, making sure that the fabric of his cape moved to the side to flash the metal of the saber that hung near his hip. Without Lord Vader needing to say a word, the officer as well as the others in the room quickly got the hint. All of them shuffling awkwardly at once, they collected their things and left the room one by one, not daring to say another word as they left.
It took a moment for everyone to leave the room, and Lord Vader found himself pleased when the last man exited the room, leaving the sith to himself. The sound of his respirator was much louder than it was before, ricocheting off the walls much easier without the bodies of other men in the way. The dark lord stood there in front of the door as he waited for you to come in, finding himself feeling rather concerned about it all. Vader didn't want to see you upset. He didn't intend to make you upset, yet he felt guilty that he potentially had. Yes, even though it wasn't his fault that he got so swamped with so many tasks, he couldn't help but feel a twinge of regret to making you go to such lengths to see him. He knew that you didn't like to cause such a scene. And for you to cause one because of whatever this was?
He knew it had to be important. He only hoped that he was capable of helping you through it.
After a brief moment of solitude for the sith lord had elapsed, the doors to the meeting room swished open, disappearing into the walls of its frame. In the middle of the two doors was you, a look of worry and concern on your face. The dark lord could feel a twinge of regret bubble deep inside of him as his mask pointed down to you. His breath hitched in his respirator as he saw that look in your eyes. He wasn't used to seeing you in such a way. Normally, when you were around him, you were happy. You always had a smile.
Was this his doing? It was, wasn't it?
He had to fix this. No matter what.
"(Y/N)," he rumbled to you, "I apologize that you had to resort to such measures to have my company. I did not intend-"
Before the dark lord could finish, he was cut off rather abruptly. Without warning, you had done a light jog over to him, the doors behind you closing without your presence nearby. Your arms had extended outwards, and you crashed yourself into the sith's large, taunt chest. The sudden impact made him take a small step backward as you leaned your weight into him, your arms wrapping around his torso and back. Your head was rested right overtop of the panel of buttons on his stomach, and your hands were balling at the fabric of his cape behind him. Your arms squeezed tightly around him as his hands hovered above your smaller frame, unsure where to rest themselves as he was trapped in your embrace.
"I missed you." You muttered out to him, your head nuzzled against the bottom of his shoulder armor, "I missed you so much."
The dark lord found himself frozen as he looked down at the top of your head. It had been a long, long time since anyone had touched him in such a matter. Since anyone had hugged him. He should've hated it. If he were to stick to the script that he had been forcibly given, he should have pushed you off and killed you right then and there for daring to do such a thing. At the very least, he should act like he was disgusted by your actions.
But yet, he found that he couldn't. He didn't want to do anything of the sort.
It was a pleasant surprise, but Lord Vader found himself... enjoying your embrace. Your smaller body was warm, enough to where he could feel it through all the layers he wore. Despite being so much physically weaker to him, your arms around him clutched onto his person like grim death. He wasn't sure that even the usage of the force could have pried you off of him. And the way you had spoken to him. He heard that tone in your voice, how exasperated you were to see him; how relieved you were. These facts all culminated together to tell the dark lord two very important things:
That you in fact had missed him, and that you cared.
It had been a long time since Lord Vader had been embraced in such a way. And even longer since someone cared for him like that.
It was an old feeling he rather enjoyed.
Slowly, and without much in the realm of confidence, the sith's arms lowered themselves onto you. One was draped across your back, while the other found it's home snaked around your waist. Vader even went as far as to squeeze onto you back, pulling you somewhat closer to his chest. After a brief moment of contemplation, the sith even decided to rest his armored head over top your own, careful not to put the full weight of it on you to spare you of being crushed.
He found it relaxing to hold you in such a way. Vader felt as if while he was holding you there, in the emptiness of that room, that nothing could ever bother him again. Having his fiancé close to him felt right. Natural, even. And because of that, Lord Vader was...
"I missed you as well, (Y/N)." he responded to you, a touch later than what he would have hoped for. After a moment longer of holding you close to him, the dark lord was reminded of why you had come here in the first place. Slowly, he pulled away from you, and you did the same, looking up at the lenses of his mask. You had a small smile on your face now, but Vader could still see how troubled you were in your eyes. The sith lifted up his hands and placed them on your shoulders, the size of his palms nearly swallowing each joint. Your hands came to settle upon his chest, your fingers gently tapping at the edge of the metal on his panel of buttons.
"I'm sorry I had to come here like this." you said, "I just didn't know when I'd see you next, and I'm sorry if I cut off anything important, and-"
"There is no need for all this worrying, (Y/N)." Vader explained to you, cutting you off before you could babble on some more, "This meeting was nothing of grave importance. It was nothing I could not adjourn for your sake."
Vader could feel how you relaxed against his touch at his words, your little smile widening as the worry escaped your gaze.
"Now," he continued, removing his hands to place them on his belt, "Do you wish to tell me what is troubling you?"
You let out a sigh as you crossed your arms over your chest, "It's just... My mom and dad. They contacted me today."
"Is that so?"
"Yeah, well, just hold on, there's more than that. But before I say anything, please know that I'm not trying to give you more trouble, I just wanted to come here and-"
"Right... Right, I'm sorry. It's just..." you trailed off, "My mom and dad. They contacted me asking if we wanted to go visit them on my home planet. They wanna discuss the proceedings with our, erm... our wedding. That and other boring politics stuff. And I just wanted to ask you before I made a decision. I know you got a lot on your plate right now. I can tell them no if you want me to, it's no big deal."
Vader stared down at you for a good, long few seconds. You never really talked about your family life. Nor tried to pry too much into his eventual union with you. So that's why this was so important to you. It was two very touchy subjects for you, and you wanted comfort in his words. Which, in all honesty surprised the dark lord. He knew you were more than capable of handling all this on your own. If you didn't want to, you wouldn't have come to him for this.
But you did. For both his sake, and yours. Like a good fiancé would.
Clever, clever little you.
Vader also figured it was about time to discuss proceedings with the wedding. It had been a few months now, and he assumed his master and your parents thought that was adequate time for the two of you to get to know one another. It was time to move along. And the dark lord found himself not dreading that notion anywhere near than how he used to. In fact, he found that idea quite pleasant.
He... liked you. And he wouldn't mind having you by his side for the rest of his life.
"That sounds like a wise course of action." He eventually responded to you, watching as how your lips parted in pleasant surprise.
"Really?" you asked, "You don't have to if you don't want to, I can tell them to wait. I understand if you're too busy, or like, not ready."
"No." He responded, "There need not be anything of the sort. I will take time away to deal with these more important matters."
The sith saw how you smiled at his words. He felt proud of himself that he was able to do such a thing.
After going back to tell your parents the news, things were set into motion rather quickly. Before you really even got a chance to mentally prepare yourself, a shuttle-ship from your home planet was sent to the Empire to retrieve you and your fiancé. You spent the afternoon trying to freshen yourself up for the voyage, as well as pack your things for the time away. Your parents said that the trip would be a week at maximum, so you prepared your bags accordingly. To have an extra set of hands to aid you on the journey, your fiancé assigned Commander Spade to help you with your things. He was able to lift the bags with ease, a testament to his strength.
Soon after all of your bags were in the cargo-bay of the ship, Vader had arrived on the scene. A flurry of troopers and officers followed in his wake, and you found it rather comical how they all tried to buy his attention before they wouldn't be able to reach him. A few officers had even come by to ask you a few questions as well, and you could tell they were surprised that you weren't as stuck-up as him. You wondered when was the last time they had someone talk to them as an equal, and not just a co-worker or higher-rank.
Once all the necessary precautions were out of the way, you were allowed to board the shuttle with your fiancé, flashing him a small smile when he entered alongside you. The doors shut behind the two of you once you were inside, and the both of you found a seat on the lush, silky seats from inside the craft. It was a stark difference from any Empirical craft, and you could tell that your fiancé was pleased by this as he looked around in his seat next to you.
Soon enough, the windows outside showed you that the shuttle had exited the Executor, and had quickly jumped into hyperspace. The sudden jump made your stomach turn slightly and had your head feeling slightly lighter than normal as your raised your hand to it, clutching a palm to the crown of your skull. The sith lord next to you took note of your actions, his mask pointing down to you whist his arms were folded across his broad chest.
"Are you alright?" He asked you, armored head tilting slightly to the side.
You gave him a soft smile as you looked up into the lenses of his mask, "Yeah, I'm fine. Just not used to this much space-travel."
Vader let out a rumble from behind his respirator at your words, turning his attention back to the streaks of blue hyperspace outside the windows, "I see."
You said nothing in response as you gave your head a few more rubs, afterwards dropping your hands into your lap. In the silence between the two of you, you found yourself fidgeting with your fingers absent-mindedly. This was the first time you had been alone with him in such a way; without the lingering threat of someone else interrupting the two of you suddenly. You weren't sure why, but you felt how those butterflies danced inside of your stomach. Was it because you were alone with a man? A man who so happened that you were destined to be wed to? Someone who, admittedly, you rather... liked?
You weren't sure. Hell, you weren't sure if he was even feeling the same way as you. Looking for answers, you looked up at the side of his mask again. But, of course, you didn't find any. You felt a bit silly trying to find expression in something that never changed, but you couldn't help it. You were nervous.
A good type of nervous, however.
Vader had never really been terribly open about his feelings with you before. While he did try to say what was on his mind around you, you could tell that he had been holding back. You could tell that it wasn't necessarily because he didn't trust you now-adays (although that might have been the case early on in the relationship), it was mostly because he didn't know when to say them. Perhaps he was afraid of that lingering threat of someone overhearing him. Or perhaps it was because he was afraid to be so vulnerable. Sure, it's out of character for someone like him to be so forward about emotions. But, you just knew. You knew there was more to it.
Perhaps this was your time to try and get to the bottom of it. If he was willing, of course.
Before you spoke again, you returned your gaze down to your fidgeting hands, wondering if he could sense how nervous you were next to him in the deep, vapid expanse of hyperspace.
"You didn't have to do this, yknow." You said, "I would've understood if you weren't ready. If you, like, needed more time or something."
Out of the corner of your eye, you could see how his mask pointed down at your smaller frame again, making you look back up at him as your fingers continued to fidget absent-mindedly.
"It has been a good while since we first met, (Y/N)." he responded, more matter-of-factly than what you would've liked.
"I know, but..." you said, "That's not really what I mean. I mean, I just want you to be sure about all of this. About getting married, about getting married to me. There's always a way out, yknow. And if you had said the word, I would've helped you find it. I don't want you to do this just because you're obligated, Vader. I care about you. And I want you to be happy. And if the only way to do that is without me, then so be it."
Staring into those dark, black lenses of his mask, he didn't need facial expressions for you to tell how taken aback he was. You could see it in the way he sat up even straighter, the expanse of his shoulders widening as he took in a breath. Had you said too much to him? You hoped that wasn't the case. You were just telling him the truth. Had you said something he didn't want to hear?
"You are..." he rumbled out, his voice a touch softer than usual, "You are far too kind, (Y/N)."
You breathed out a smile to him, lifting up your hand to do a little wave motion, "Please, I'm just telling you the truth. I don't want you to suffer, Vee. That's not what we agreed to."
His head tilted slowly to the side, "...Vee?"
"Yeah!" you giggled, "It's your nickname! That's what engaged people do, right? Give each other nicknames? Well, that's the one I picked for you! Do you not like it?"
Without another word in response, Vader stared ahead at you, the sound of his respirator echoing off the walls of the tiny shuttle. Watching as how your lips parted in surprise, the dark lord slowly but surely reached his hand down. He let his mechanical digits methodically find their home intertwined with yours upon your lap, your smaller hand melding together with his. You had been watching his actions in slight awe, but once his hand was wrapped inside yours, you looked back up at him, your brow raised in surprise at his actions.
Was this his way of reaching out to you? Of being vulnerable to you? It seemed as if he was waiting for this for so, so long. Perhaps even longer than you had known him.
You felt a sadness pang its way through your mind.
How long had it been since anyone had seen this side of him?
And how much longer had it been since he allowed this side to show?
"(Y/N)," he said to you, squeezing your hand close to his, "You... You remind me of a great many people that I had once known."
You raised your brow again, gently rubbing soft, reassuring circles in the back of his gloved hand, "Oh?"
"I had a wife once..." he explained, "Long ago. You have her same spirit. And my brother...You have his bravery. You have my sister's determination. And my mother's selflessness."
Feeling your lips part again at his words, the baritone in his voice making your heart beat all the more faster. In your peripheral, you saw him lift up his other large, gloved hand. Slowly, the apendage made its way down to you, and his fingers gently brushed the few strands of your hair that were astray upon your head, moving them to the side so that he had a better look at your face.
"They have all long since died, or have left me in some regard or another. But it is for these same reasons," Vader continued, "That I am sure about these proceedings."
It would have been impossible for you to hide the way you smiled up at the sith lord, so you allowed yourself to show no restraint whatsoever. Your smile was warm, homey, even. Your cheeks were heated beneath the dark lord's touch, finding yourself leaning into it with a tilt of your head. Fingers daft, you squeezed his hand closer to yours, paying no mind to the metal underneath that you felt.
This is what you have waited for. That you had been so patient for.
He was finally allowing himself to open up to you. And maker above, how breathtaking he was.
You could get quite used to seeing him like this, you reckoned.
"And it's for that very reason," you responded, keeping your voice hushed so that only he would be able to hear, "That I promise you that I will never ever leave your side, Vee. For as long as we're in this together."
You could feel how the sith tensed beneath your words.
You wondered how long he had waited for that very thing.
That someone promised to not leave him.
And for him to believe them when they said so.
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embrassemoi · 2 days ago
can I request the "perhaps I don't say it enough but I'm always here to talk" prompt with obi wan?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Riddled with grief and regret after the events of Order 66, Obi-Wan loses himself in memories.
Pairing: Obi-Wan Kenobi x F!Reader
Contents: angst, hurt/very little comfort, literally just pain, poor Obi-Wan is a mess, no kenobi spoilers, 800+ words
Notes: I hope you liked this! It turned out way longer than intended but I couldn’t help it lol
Tumblr media
There was a flash, a rigid wave vibrating through the Force that jolted her awake, sending her mind reeling with disorder. The sensation amplified as deafening reverberations of mental barriers shot up like slamming doors. 
The air was still, particles of dust spinning in the moonlight streaming through the cracks of the walls. Instinctively, she reached over, grasping at the now empty space beside her before standing – only to stagger back at the gnawing grief spilling out from Obi-Wan’s Force signature. 
The once familiar blue hue to his aura darkened, spiking with piercing acidities that shot through their bond. 
And Maker, it hurt. 
Gritting her teeth, blinking away the onslaught of tears, dizziness threatened to send her back tumbling as she searched throughout the sandstone cave for him. 
Each time she reached for a handhold, needles managed to stab at her skin, but she kept on, hauling herself around the cave before taking a moment to catch her breath. 
She could see him now, a little way down the corridor. Obi-Wan perched himself on a large ledge overlooking the desert. At first glance, he seemed at ease, almost as though he were in deep meditation, except his head was in his hands, fingers brutal in their grasp. 
His signature had never been intemperate, yet this was different. Felt different than the other times. And it took all the decades of training she knew not to wail at the torrential current of utter despair managing to override the control of his thoughts. 
This wasn’t just Obi-Wan. No. She felt it, caught glimpses of it as if they were her own thoughts. 
The charred body, golden eyes, slaughtered younglings, shouts of horror, of hate, of pleading. Padmé. The twins. Of Anakin Skywalker. 
She distantly wondered how many nights – how many months he had spent like this: huddled out on that ledge, letting his thoughts slowly consume him to avoid disturbing her. 
But not even the strongest of Jedi like Obi-Wan could shut out infinite sadness. 
For a moment she said nothing, desperately trying to shake off the distorted ringing of Padmé’s screams until choking out, “Obi?” 
His shoulders trembled and if he registered her voice, he didn’t let on. 
“Obi-Wan,” she said louder this time, walking over and tentatively placing a hand on his shoulder to not startle him. But she felt him pull taut, signature reeling in so quickly – nearly violently – with enough force to shove her back, leaving her stunned. 
“S-orry darling. I – I didn’t mean to wake you,” he rasped out quickly, syllables broken. “Let’s go back to sleep.” 
She fixed him a look, silent as her throat burned with the ache to scream as he stood. Each move was measured to conceal his face in the dark and wordlessly pulled them into their bedroom and down on the mattress. 
Obi-Wan pulled her against his chest, hugging her tightly to himself. The fact he didn’t allow her to see his face was deliberate. 
Before she even attempted to speak, he said, “It’s nothing to worry about.” 
There it was again. The betrayal in his signature, his tone. The utter negligence in the Force surrounding them. 
She cast her gaze around the warm cave and out to the desert as if answered laid in the shadows.  
But there was nothing. It was empty. 
But wasn’t it always? That was what Tatooine was: an endless dune, blistering heat, void of kindness and brimming with exile. Perhaps nobody sane was meant to settle there. 
And yet the core of Anakin still resided there, in the heart of Tatooine. The source of all their pain settled beneath their feet. 
Time, he had insisted for nearly a year, was what he needed to heal. And she gave it. Yet his refusal to speak of it had done nothing but destroy him further. 
“I…” she paused, hearing the tremor in her voice as she smoothed a hand over his chest. “Perhaps I don’t say it enough but I’m always here to talk.” 
A beat. 
“You don’t have to do this alone.” 
When he didn’t answer, she let him be, letting the feeling of his poorly concealed agony radiate off him. Her eyes shut, allowing her Force signature to brush against his mental barriers, flexing the energy shields in a gentle caress. 
Then, unexpectedly, a soft tickle at the edge of her mind, easily ignorable, grasped onto her aura. And when she looked up at him to confirm, he was already staring back. 
The skin around his ceruleum eyes was red from rubbing at it with the stiff fabric of his tunic – swollen with irremediable sorrow. A small wounded noise sounded from the back of his throat. 
The collapse of his shields was slow, letting her breach the surface of thoughts and memories before pushing them into her mind. 
Her arms snaked around Obi-Wan, holding the fractured pieces of him together. 
A sudden inhale turned into short, stuttering sobs and half-whispers as the culmination of bottled emotions poured out from him. 
“I failed him. I sentenced him to a fate worse than death.” 
Tumblr media
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lex-the-flex · 2 days ago
Psss what about Luke and reader stuck in small place and very close to each other 👀
Tumblr media
“Alright R2, you know the drill. We’ll be back shortly and stay close to the ship.” Luke advises, just as he kneels down to his faithful droid. 
Checking R2 one last time, you carefully place your helmet on top of the neatly folded X-Wing pilot suit in the ship’s tiny cargo shelf. Jumping down from the ladder, the soles of your boots squished on the soft terrain carved from sandstone, dried up pieces of coral, and broken shells. 
Pillio’s landscape never fails to amaze you. You were introduced to all different kinds of life and the vast box of secrets that uncolonized planets were holding. And it was all thanks to Luke. 
Joining Luke at the edge of a cliff overlooking the endless caves and pools, he stood tall, enjoying the sun and tied his sash in a quick knot around his waist. Looking your way, a gentle smile crossed his lips as you adjusted the lightsaber of your hip. 
“So, where too?” You asked, crossing your arms. 
Pointing through a field of tide pools, the tiny entrance of a cave becomes visible over Luke’s index finger. 
“There’s a cave system beyond the tide pools. It’ll take us to the Emperor’s Observatory.” He explains. 
“I can feel it. Something’s down there.” You shudder, feeling a strain of cold shudders crawls its way up your back. 
Pulling your arms closer to your chest, Luke takes your shoulders in his hands. Trying his best to warm you, the sun finishes the job. Heading through the vast tide pools, you follow Luke’s lead to the cave entrance while balancing on the edge of a tiny rock wall, avoiding harm to the beautiful ecosystems at your feet.
Treading lightly in the cave, you both quickly hit a dead end. Agreeing to split up for just a moment, you manage to find a second cavern, hidden by a few boulders.
“See anything?” Luke asks from the ground.
Peeking through the large boulders, the way ahead looks clear with some bioluminescent plants giving off their light on the other side.
“Yeah, it looks clear. We might be able to squeeze through the bottom boulder if we go slow.” You answer, motioning to the small hole on the wall.
“Okay. I’ll go first. Stay here.” Luke advises. 
Crawling through the place in the wall, Luke briefly stands on the other side, getting his bearings. 
“What’s over there?” You call through your cupped hands, hoping he’ll hear you. 
“Um, there’s not much to see. I’m not sure we can use our lightsabers, the walls are so tight.” Luke warns, squatting down to pull you through. 
“Alright. Well it’s better than nothing.” You respond, crouching to the ground. 
“Gimme your hand, then we’ll figure out--” 
Suddenly, emerging from the limestone and sandstone mixed walls, a few dozens of Scritters break free from their nests behind you. Their bright yellow eyes glow in the cave’s darkness, like the chemical sticks you left in the X-Wing. Igniting your lightsaber, the green blade illuminates the damp stone walls, as you block the fluttering wings. 
“Y/N, no! Don’t hurt them, they’re just trying to defend their homes!” Luke shouts through the wall. 
Quickly turning off your lightsaber, you literally throw yourself through the spot underneath the boulder. Grabbing your hand, Luke pulls you in one motion. Scrambling to your feet, Luke holds you in his arms as the two of you hesitantly inch away from the miniscule entrance. 
Turning back to the tunnel, you realize Luke was right. 
“I told you the walls were sealed. I’m not sure if this is the right way.” He says. 
“It’s better than nothing. But I want to see where this goes.” You reply. 
Taking point, the two of you shuffle in between the walls until you reach a tiny clearing. Entering the clearing, the “room” was big enough by the width of both your arms put together, and beneath a fresh layer of dry stone was a circular wheel. Gripping your hands on the wheel, the outline of a door cracked through the dripping walls. 
Barely turning the door handle, the rusted wheel broke off and crumbled in your hands. 
“Dammit. It broke.” You mumble to yourself. 
Gazing back at Luke, you can’t help but notice that he hasn’t been paying attention. 
“It’s here.” He whispers in the dark. 
“What’s here?” You ask, guiding his face towards your own. 
“The Observatory. I think it’s right above us.” Luke replies, quickly scanning the outline of the door you freshly created. 
Amidst the cavern’s silence, the unexpected thump of the insects clicking fills the tunnel’s entrance and the loud rush of water flows towards you and Luke in a flurry. The water quickly ascends to your waists and Luke thinks quickly by taking out his lightsaber. 
As quickly as it came, the water instantly stops at your chests, and Luke begins to cut through the limestone ceiling. 
“Hurry, Luke.” You say, placing a hand on his shoulder. 
Opening the ceiling, pieces of rubble drop in the water below, forcing Luke to wrap himself around you. Making sure you don’t get hit, his grip closes around your back, keeping you safe. 
Letting go, you gaze at his lips, as they’re inches from yours. 
“You okay?” He whispers. 
“Y-yeah. Can we get out of here?” You ask. 
Nodding in agreement, Luke climbs through the ceiling before pulling you up. With his hand in yours, the two of you readjust your bearings before realizing where you are: before the Emperor’s Observatory. 
a/n: I really went off didn’t I? 
luke skywalker taglist: 
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kaizsche · 2 days ago
i've dug two graves for us, my dear.
PAIRING: obi-wan x reader
summary: “You will learn to love me just as you have loved Anakin Skywalker.” He breathes, a promise dressed in the trappings of a threat.
Tumblr media
He gave you the illusion of choice. 
Anakin– Darth Vader chose to let you go. He knew he had the upper hand, he’s playing with you. Vader wants you to come willingly to him, narrowing each possible success of escape with the power vested in him as the Emperor’s apprentice. 
“I’m not letting you do this!” Obi-Wan bristles, robes unkempt and sunken eyes pleading. “This is what he wants! We’re playing his game! Can’t you see it?”
continue reading ao3
Tumblr media
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not-the-droid · a day ago
hii! Can I send in a request of a morning/waking up with din? If can be fluffy/spicy or anything you want 😌 thank you!!
Waking Up With Din Djarin
Word count: 523 (it's a shorty but a sweety)
Warnings: pure fluff, din not wearing his helmet
Thank you so much for the request! This is a bit of a shorter work but I think it's cute and fluffy and sweet. Please forgive any grammar or spelling issues I missed. Hope you enjoy :)
Tumblr media
The gentle drag of her nails against his forearm caused Din to stir awake. He blinked harshly, allowing his vision to adjust to the darkness.
He could make out her silhouette under the thin sheets which rustled ever so slightly as she continued to let her nails travel up and down his arm, which he had tossed over her waist in sleep.
A content sigh escaped her as he pressed his lips to the back of her neck, pulling her even closer than they already were in the cramped sleeping area of the Razors Crest.
“Morning.” (Y/N) said, wrapping her fingers around his as his lips trailed down the side of her neck.
Din whispered a low ‘morning’ before pressing a warm kiss to her shoulder.
As much as he wanted to stay there forever, pressing his lips to every inch of her he could reach, he had work to do.
(Y/N) watched as he rose from the bed, slipping into his armor and helmet before turning in her direction.
“I'll be back soon,” Din stated, his voice sounding so different under the modulator but still so him. “Watch the kid for me.”
She sighed, tossing off the sheets to dress herself. (Y/N) looked over at a small makeshift hammock, watching with a smile as the Child stirred but didn't wake. “Like a hawk.”
Din sighed as she wrapped her arms around his waist from behind. If she could see his face, she’d probably laugh at the wide grin he wore.
“You don't have to worry. I've hunted far more dangerous bounty before.” He said as he turned to face her.
(Y/N) crossed her arms. “And you always come back needing medical care.”
He scoffed. “Well, it's a good thing I have you then isn't it?”
She laughed, then moved to look out the window. The sky was still dark and starless, not a rising sun in sight quite yet. “Can you just stay a bit longer? Just until the sun starts to rise?”
Din cocked his head. “And do what?”
“Just lay with me for a few more minutes.” (Y/N) said, tossing herself down onto the small nook where the bed resided.
He couldn't help but chuckle at the way her arms reached out to him, beaconing him to lay beside her.
Obeying, he laid beside her, studying her face as she leaned her head against the cool metal covering his arm. Her fingers moved to remove his helmet, placing it gently between them.
“You're handsome.” She said after a moment.
Din rested his gloved hand against her cheek, her body subconsciously leaning into his touch. “You're beautiful.”
(Y/N) placed her hand over his, closing her eyes as if to drift back to sleep.
A loud babbling caused her eyes to shoot open, Din sat up straight with a jolt. The Child stood at the foot of the bed, his wide eyes looking back and forth between the two of them.
Din sighed, leaving to bed to scoop the Child into his arms.
(Y/N) smiled, content with the extra morning alone time she had gotten.
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just-dreaming-marvel · 2 days ago
The Bond Between Us MASTERLIST
Tumblr media
Qui-Gon Jinn discovers you and your twin brother, Anakin Skywalker, on Tatooine after being stranded there during a mission. He senses excellent power in the Force in you and Anakin. The Jedi Order takes a chance on the two of you, not without strict guidelines. A bond is slowly made between two Jedi, pushing the boundaries of the ancient Order.
This is the story of power, war, friendship, order, and love.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I no longer do tag lists, just follow and interact and be patient.
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maes-flowers · 2 days ago
For them, for us [5] (Obi-wan Kenobi x Reader)
Tumblr media
Summary: Following the Kenobi series, two former Jedi masters Obi-wan Kenobi and Y/n Marilla are grieving the lost of Anakin, Padme, and the jedi purge. After pledging to watch over Luke Skywalker and spending ten years in exile and making a life together, what will happen when the mistakes they made in their past come back as a new threat?
Warnings: Violence, injuries, signs of PTSD (dissociation), flashbacks (shut up I have a problem), light fluff??, idk I think all the serious warnings are out of the way.
Authors Note: We’re getting closer to the end!! not that close tbh I plan to make a chapter or two more before its over and since each chapter is about 20 pages.... lets just see there will be more of Y/n and Obi-wan! but if you are liking the series so far and want to be on the taglist please comment down below!
Prologue - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4
“You're a great Warrior, Anakin, but your need to prove yourself is your undoing.” 
You had been training with Anakin and Obi-wan at his request to learn more about fighting other force users outside the familiar techniques of his master and you happily obliged. Anakin and you were similar in many ways; stubborn and lacking some emotional stability but fierce and loyal almost to a fault. Anakin kept you on your toes, the padawan unpredictable to the point it created a vortex of adrenaline and joy to engage in a duel with.
The Coruscanti sun was high in the bright blue sky as a light breeze blew in through the open training area as Obi-wan stood across from Anakin, holding his young apprentice's lightsaber after successfully disarming him.
“Until you overcome that,” Obi-wan said, deactivating the lightsaber and handing it back to Anakin. “A padawan you will still be.”
You saw Anakin's face fall at his words, although you know Obi-wan's words rang true, Anakin has been training very hard and it seemed Obi-wan could not bring himself to praise the younger boy even though it's very clear he is seeking it.
Obi-wan smiled as Anakin patted his shoulder as they walked up to you,  leaning against the wall with a content face as Obi-wan came up to you.
“Care for some tea, Y/n?” Obi-wan offred and you shook your head.
“Not today Obi-wan,” you declined politely. “But I would like to steal your padawan for a moment, if you don't mind.” Obi-wan and Anakin shared a look before you chuckled.
“I just want to give Anakin a few tips, nothing serious I promise.”
“Ah, I see.” Obi-wan nodded, ever so full of poise. “That is fine with me, I will see you both later I assume?”
You and Anakin nodded and Obi-wan shot Anakin a look that screamed ‘Behave’ before he left the room, you turned to Anakin and waved him over.
“What tips did you want to give me, Master Y/n?” Anakin asked, not hiding the dread on his face as he prepared for another lecture.
“Besides the fact your ponytail is coming loose? Nothing.” you said, placing your hands on the taller boy's shoulder and turning him around. Taking out the stretched out tie holding the grown out honey brown locks, finger combing the slight tangles in his hair before retying his hair back.
“Much better.” you hummed. “These ties are absolutely vile, I’ll give you some of the ones I made the next time I see you.”
“I'm sorry Master, I'm confused.” Anakin said, turning back to face you. “You have no tips for me?”
You clicked your tongue as you crossed your arms.
“I was finding Obi-wan’s tough love act a tad annoying today, so I wanted to pull you aside and tell you how good you're doing. Against Obi-wan's belief I don't think giving you a little praise for your hard work will overfeed your ego.” you teased lightly, enjoying  the slight tinge of pink bloom across his face.
You grinned at his slight embarrassment and patted his bicep.
“You are doing very well Anakin, you're much farther in your training than I was when I was your age in fact I was having almost weekly meetings with the council.”
That fact caught Anakin's attention, his brow rising  in interest ever so slightly.
“How come?”
“It took me a long time to control my emotions, I was impulsive and reacted with my heart instead of my brain more often than not and the council did not approve of me for a long time.” you shrugged.
You still did most of those things even as a master but not to the point it caught the attention of the council like it did when you were younger. 
“What i'm trying to say Ani, is that i'm very proud of you and the man you are becoming and no matter how much Obi-wan acts like he doesnt think the same it is in vain because he is also very proud of you.” you smiled at Anakin's face of doubt. “Trust me, what do you think we discuss over our daily tea breaks?”
“Perhaps the very obvious feelings you have for each other?” Anakin teased and you scoffed when it was your turn to blush and ignore the statement
“You're on your way to becoming a wonderful Jedi, perhaps the best of us.” you said, patting a gentle hand on his young cheek.
“I- Thank you master.” Anakin stuttered out.
“No problem, shall we go watch Obi-wan's face when he finds out I stole the rest of his tea this morning?”
Anakin grinned widely.
You woke up from your dream to a hand on your face and the soft call of your name. you blinked tiredly as your eyes adjusted to the light around the ship and saw Obi-wan crouched in front of you. His knuckles grazed gently across your face as your brain woke up.
“Hey, are we back on Jabiim?” you asked, voice groggy as you sat up.
“We’re landing right now,” he said.
On cue the ship clanked loudly on the ground as it landed, jostling you a little bit as you stood up. You saw Leia standing behind Obi-wan, she hasn't left his side much since they first got on the ship, she looked up at you and waved.
“You look like you fell out of a tree.” she observed. 
You frowned and looked at Obi-wan, his lips quirked up just slightly as he reached up and smoothed out your hair that had fallen out of your braid. 
“Is that better, Princess?” you grumbled.
“Yes it is.”
You heard the hatch to the ship open and the three of you followed Roken out, you could hear the hushed whispers of the others outside.
“We got her.” Roken announced as Obi-wan led Leia down the ramp,  you followed suit as the crowd let out relieved sighs, happy to know the empire didn't find out about their plans. Tala went straight to Ned-B and Sully went to her friends, but you recognized a peculiar face in the large crowd.
“Haja!” you exclaimed as he walked up to your small group.
“Haja, what are you doing here?” Obi-wan asked.
Haja shrugged.
“I had nowhere else to go, right after I saw you, I got into a fight with that scary inquisitor lady and now I'm wanted by the empire.” he smiled slyly. “But now, I know what it feels like being a real jedi.”
“Not as fun as you thought, huh?” you said.
“No” Haja frowned. “It's not easy, the place has a good business opportunity though.”
You rolled your eyes and shoved him away gently.
“Don't you dare!” you called after him as he walked away.
Obi-wan urged Leia to go play with the other kids while the two of you went to speak to Roken, maneuvering around multiple people before you found Roken.
“Roken,” Obi-wan called out. “That transport, we need to get back to Alderaan.”
“Once we get all these people out of here I'll do whatever you want, they've been waiting for months. We used an old trade route to get them out but the windows are closing, we only have a few hours.”
You looked around, parents comforting their scared children, friends helping each other pack frantically, people helping the older people with anything they needed. You weren't the only people desperate to get home, to somewhere safe.
“Of course Roken.” you said. “We’ll do anything we can to help.”
 As Roken went to help others you wandered around the small hectic base. Helping the occasional child shove one more item they insisted they needed into their small pack filled to the brim and helping Tala load the transport with food and medical supplies. The anxious shuffling from everyone's feet made the dust from the ground rise up, creating the slightest haze in the air made an annoying itch appear in the back of your throat.  
When you found Obi-wan standing in front of the wall of carvings you hovered behind him slightly, watching him read the hopeful messages from formors Jedi and survivors from the last few years.
“Seeing those makes me feel a little less alone.” you said softly, coming to his side.
Obi-wan looked over at you before he turned back to the wall, his piercing blue eyes scanning over the carvings as if they held a secret in them.
“The light will fade, but it's never forgotten.” he muttered to himself and you would never say it outloud but the words reminded you of him. The light in his eyes had faded drastically since everything had happened, you didn't blame him for that and you still loved him dearly but you would never forget the man he was.
You were sure he thought the same about you as well.
A loud rumble above you pulled you from your thoughts, looking up you saw the doors that allowed the transport to come in and out close.
“Oh no,” you said with dread.
You and Obi-wan ran back to everyone else, people now scrambling around frantically more than before.
“What's happening?” Obi-wan asked.
“The controls aren't responding.” Sully said panicked.
“And an imperial destroyer just arrived in orbit above us.” Roken added.
“She must've tracked us.” Tala said and you shook your head.
“It's not her, it's Vader.” you swallowed.
“He wants us to surrender.” 
“If we surrender, he'll kill us all.” Sully said.
“No, he’ll attack next. He hasn't the patience for a seige.” Obi-wan corrected.
“How do you know?” Roken asked.
You and Obi-wan shared a worried look.
Because Anakin Skywalker never practiced patience during a single day of his Jedi career and you were sure that trait did not burn away with him when he became a sith. That was the only thing that was predictable about him in battle.
Obi-wan watched you and Anakin now, slowly circling each other like a lion watching its prey around the rounded shape of the room. You kept yourself relaxed, keeping a calm stride in front of the younger boy but kept your lightsaber ready. While Anakin was practically vibrating with energy, his legs twitching as if they were warming up to attack or run.
For Anakin it was always an attack.
“There's your first mistake, Anakin.” you pointed out. “Your presentation.”
Anakin raised a brow as he continued to sidestep.
“What about it?”
“Anxious and defensive, even before anyone strikes and even when you always strike first.”
“I do not.” 
You could hear Obi-wan's faint snort behind you.
“You do, you hate anticipation.” you said. “The first hit can tell you a lot about a person and their instincts,  how they attack and how they handle themselves; The first strike provides a small advantage but if you wait and then strip those advantages? Better odds at winning.”
“Do you truly believe a real enemy will wait to attack? Come on Master Y/n even that is foolish thinking.” Anakin replied.
“It's not hesitation as much as it's calculation, as a former fool I can confidently say fools rush in and the wise wait.”
You stopped walking, and dropped your guarded stance, your lightsaber coming to your side now, and you saw that twitch in his leg again and you sighed.
Every single word you just said went in one ear and out the other.
Right on cue Anakin came at you, arms raised with his lightsaber above his head so he can swing down at you. Stepping under his arms, you appeared behind him, your legs moving quickly to do a back kick, your foot planting right into the center of his spine and making him stumble.
“Right there!” you exclaimed, bringing your leg down as Anakin turned back to you. “You aimed high, struck quickly and at my head. Now I know your advantage is in your upper body strength. While you know none of mine!” you activated your lightsaber and blocked Anakin's attempt at a sudden attack. Your lightsabers crackled excitedly as you shoved him back. He reacted quickly and swung out his blade in a wide arc, using the force to elevate your jump. You leapt over his blade, your feet pounded loudly on the ground when you landed.
“Anakin, you're not listening!” You scolded him.
Obi-wan turned to the worried crowd, his shoulders straightened as the familiar look of the confidant negotiator; calm, eloquent, and steadfast. A glimpse of the younger Obi-wan you knew years ago shining through for a moment.
“Everyone,” Obi-wan spoke loudly, grabbing the attention of the others. “Everyone, I understand you're scared. The empire will attack soon. they're stronger than us, better equipped, better trained. If we try to fight them we will not survive.”
Okay, you could've been wrong about the old Obi-wan shining through, his attempt at a speech making you grow more uneasy than before.
“But we do not need to fight them. We just need to hold them off long enough to get you all out.”
Obi-wan turned to Roken.
“Roken, how much time do you need to override the doors?”
“Three, four hours.”
“You have one.” Obi-wan asserted. “And block every other remote access.” Obi-turned his attention back to the crowd.
“Everyone else, we're gonna lock down every other entrance in this facility. If we defend our position together…Then by the time they get inside, we’ll be gone.”
Roken clapped his hands together once.
“You heard him. let's move it people!”
You went to help the others seal the doors around the facility for the next hour, using the singing heat from your lightsaber to weld the metal to the doors. When you were welding the last piece to one of the main access points a large shot slammed against it, the force of it denting the mental slightly as you stumbled back. 
You ran to Obi-wan, Tala, and Roken.
“It's a heavy gun, they're trying to blast through the outside door.”
“Roken, we need those doors open.” Tala said as Roken tapped on his datapad. The gears above you strained loudly as it tried to separate but ultimately groaned to a stop.
“That was underwhelming.” Haja groaned.
“Wonderful input Haja!” you exclaimed sarcastically at Haja who pointed at the vents.
“Has anyone gone into the vents to see what was going on?”
“No, last I checked were a bunch of fully grown adults who wouldn't even be able to fit halfway if we wanted to!” 
“I'm going to need a ladder!” Leia said, walking confidently up to Roken.
“It's not playtime right now, Princess.” He dismissed and you were about to interject when Obi-wan beat you to the punch.
“Do as she asks.” Obi-wan said.
Roken looked at Obi-wan with a mixture between shock and annoyance.
“You trust me? I trust her.” 
You smirked at that and looked over at Roken.
“You heard the man, get her a ladder!”
You kneeled down in front of Leia while she pulled the gloves Obi-wan got her out of her pocket. Reaching up you dusted a smudge of dirt on her face and held her face between your hands.
“Be careful, Leia.” 
“Y/n.” Obi-wan said, catching your attention. Looking over your shoulder he showed you the blinking hologram notification. Frowning, you left Leia and went to Obi-wan who told Haja to watch Leia before the two of you ran off the listen to the message in private.
“...If I don't hear from you soon I will head to Tatooine, Owen will need help with the boy. I pray you're safe Obi-wan and Y/n, all three of you.”
The hologram faded leaving you in silence as you stood by the bacta tank, Obi-wan finding comfort in his nervous habit of stroking his beard while you picked at the skin around your nails. You felt bad about leaving Bail in the dark while you were trying to get his daughter home, but it was too much effort to send constant holograms out while you're being hunted by the empire and now the possibility of Luke being hunted after left you with an unpleasant taste in your mouth.
“Is everything all right?” Tala asked, walking up to the two of you. Obi-wan gave her an uneasy smile.
“It will be.” he tried to say with confidence but the nervous demeanor of him crossing his arms and looking at the ground told a different story.
“You know, I was following orders on Gareal. The empire had said it was a round up of people not paying their taxes for the cause…They lied.” Tala said bitterly. “There were four families, all force sensitive. We gathered them up-I didn't know who they were. I didn't know what the inquisitors would do.”
“Tala-” you tried to comfort.
“Fourteen people died that day, six of them children. I couldn't do anything to help them so now I do this.” Tala reached for her holster and pulled the blaster out, inside of it you can see tiny dashes on the lining, white and short in a long line. “One for everyone I get through.”
You looked at her with sadness, but also with understanding. Tala understood the pain of watching innocent children die, unable to do anything except stand by and watch in horror as people don't get to live another day while you get to go to bed at night.
“You were right, Ben, some things you can't forget but you can fight and make them better.” Tala said with such earnestness it comforted you. Maybe it was possible to move on from this.
You stepped forward and pulled her in a tight hug, your arms squeezing her tightly and rocked her back and forth slightly. Tala was stiff in your arms, her body acting unnatural as if she hasn't received a hug from a human in a long time. 
The hug ended when Roken ran in
“Were In trouble!”
You ran back to the main area, explosions making crumbles of rock fall from the ceiling, landing in your hair as you looked around. Men, women, and even children were armed with blasters and rifles, some even holding ballistic shields in front of the smaller children as another explosion shook the ground again.
“I don't know how long it's going to hold, do we have a plan B here?” Roken said, loading up his rifle.
“We’re going to have to slow them down.” Obi-wan said. “Tell the inquisitor I want to talk.”
“No.” You said sternly. “Tell her we want to talk.” you gave Obi-wan a look that said loud and clear not to fight you on this. He nodded, remembering your deal.
Together, as a team.
“We’ll buy as much time as we can.” Obi-wan told Roken.
You and Obi-wan walked out to the outside door, unsure if the third sister was standing on the other side of the metal or not. Leaning forward you pressed your ear against it, trying to listen for anyone on the other side.
“If this is you stalling for time, it won't work.” the third sister said quietly. “Lord Vader will have you at any cost.”
You moved quickly, trying to secretly work your way into her mind with the force. Searching for anything that can give you a hand at a negotiation or even a distraction, but her walls were tall, almost unreachable as you digged around.
“You mean, Anakin.” Obi-wan corrected. “You knew who Vader was, how did you know that?”
The only response he received was silence.
“Vader would have kept that hidden, and you're too young to have known him.”
Even as you put all your focus looking into the third sister's mind, you could feel a faint wave of realization roll off from Obi-wan's returning force signature.
“Unless….Unless you were there.”
“I doesn't matter where I was-”
“The night of Order 66, you were a youngling.” Obi-wan exclaimed. “That's how you know, you saw him.”
“Stop.” she muttered.
“Anakin killed the others.”
“Stop.” she repeated.
“He killed the other younglings but somehow you survived-”
“Enough!.” she shouted, desperation slipping through.
There, that single second of emotion slipped through giving you enough time to grasp onto one thing.
Reva, that was her name.
“We thought he was there to help us.” Reva began. “I tried to help them but I couldn't, I was too weak. I played dead until he left and hid with the bodies, felt them go cold…they were the only family I knew.” she shuddered. “And he slaughtered them.”
“You're not serving him, are you?” Obi-wan asked. “You're hunting him, let us help you.”
“Why would I ever trust you?” she spat
“Because we want the same thing.”
“Do we, Obi-wan?” he asked. “Do you really want Anakin dead?”
No, he didn't. Even though Anakin had turned into the very thing you had all devoted your lives to destroy; Murderers, traitors, the sith. Despite it all, you knew Obi-wan still loved him. He loved the child he basically raised, his little brother.
And so help the Maker you did too.
“Where were you? While he was killing my friends?” Reva asked desperately. “Why didn't you stop him? He was your Padawan!”
“Because he wasn't there.” you snapped. “He wasn't there, Reva. But I was.”
“How do you know my name?” she asked wearily.
“You’d be surprised how weak the mind becomes when you let emotions take over, Reva.” you whispered, knowing the truth of your statement all too well. “He was on a mission on Utapau and I was supposed to go with him but the Jedi council had to take care of  Palpatine so I was tasked to stay at the temple with the younglings and help teach and watch over them. I sensed Anakin there and I thought he was waiting for the council to come back like Mace Windu had instructed him so I ignored his presence, then Order 66 happened and I tried saving as many kids as possible but I was outmanned.” You took a shuddering breath. “So If you're going to blame anyone, blame me for not doing more that night not Obi-wan.”
You pressed your hand onto the metal, and stepped closer.
“Listen to us, Reva. Let us help you.”
“I don't need your help.” she spoke dangerously low, enunciating each word. “I. Don't. Need. Anyone.” 
“You won't stop him alone.” Obi-wan replied.
“You have no idea what I've done alone.”
A red lightsaber crackled loudly as it came through the metal, you had just enough time to yank Obi-wan back but not without the red blade grazing your thigh. You let out a pained shout and stumbled back, your hand hovering over the new hole created in your pants that showed angry red and already blistering skin.
Obi-wan pulled you behind him once the metal you helped welded to the door not to long ago fall to the ground as Reva cut a large hole out. The doors open to reveal a very pissed off Reva and a battalion of stormtroopers. Obi-wan reacted fast, swiftly force pushing her back far enough she was in the middle of the dirt area outside, the blaster shots rang out immediately after that ignoring the burn on your leg you pulled out your lightsaber and deflected a couple shots.
“Fall back to second position!” you shouted over the noise.
You and Obi-wan focused on defense, using most of your focus to deflect blaster shots and pushing back on the stormtroopers who invaded the small room, while the others behind you focused on taking out as many troopers as possible. 
The imperial forces were far much stronger than your little band of rebels, the more they swarmed, the more people dropped dead, and the further they pushed you back.
“GO! GO! GO!” you shouted with Tala, directing the others to retreat as safely as possible.
“No mercy! Seal them in!” Reva yelled.
You watched Obi-wan come to help a woman who fell beside you as you moved in front of them, deflecting blaster shots left and right until he was able to drag her back to safety. Ned-B was at the front, his large metal form providing a makeshift shield as he provided additional defense by shooting stormtroopers you and Tala couldn't hit.
The scream of pain Tala let out pulled you from the focus you had, her body thumping on the ground.
“Tala!” You and Obi-wan shouted.
“Wipe them out!” Reva commanded.
You limped back as Revas’s forces pushed harder than before, not allowing you to go to aid Tala. The only thing you and Obi-wan were able to do was frantically fight off the troopers as Ned-B hit the ground in front of Tala.
“Come on, Tala!” You shouted. “Hold on just a little bit longer!”
You stabbed a trooper in the chest, kicking your injured leg up and slamming your foot in their chest. They stumbled backward into another trooper as Obi-wan shoved his lightsaber through both of them. When you looked at Tala again you didn't realize how far the two of you were shoved back.
Tala looked at the both of you, eyes teary and wide with fear as she raised her arm. She raised her arm and you took notice of the thermal detonator in her grip.
“Go!” she shouted as she raised her other arm, holding a blaster.
“No!” You screamed as she shot her blaster, the shot hitting the control panel perfectly.
As the doors began to close she smiled sadly at the both of you, a few tears falling from her eyes.
“May the force be with you.”
Before you couldn't even respond or act, the door closed, and a loud explosion followed soon after.
“Tala!?” you shouted. Gimping over to the doors, you dropped your lightsaber and wedged your fingers in the small crack of the doors. Grunting as you tried to pull them apart, but to no avail the doors didn’t budge.
“Dank farnik!” you cursed slamming your hands on the metal as your frustration grew. You felt an arm go under your arms, a supportive makeshift crutch as you were pulled back from the doors where your friend laid just behind.
“The doors are closing, come on.” Obi-wan said, force pulling your saber off the ground as he guided the both of you to where the others were. Once the both of you made it on the other side you both slumped against the wall, desperately trying to catch your breaths from your heaving chest.
“Please tell me we're close.” Roken asked Haja.
“Leia, you close?” Haja called up at the vent.
“Working on it!” the littles girl's voice piped.
Obi-wan looking around, a crestfallen look burrowed into the fineline features of his face. You knew that looked far too well.
“What's wrong, what is it?” Roken pestred.
“It's over.” Obi-wan breathed out and you both turned to Roken.
“We’re going back.” Obi-wan said, but Roken shoved him back.
“You can't quit! I fought for too long, you can't just throw that away!” Roken yelled. “It won't make a difference, they want all of us.”
“Vader wants the both of us.” You interjected firmly.
“If you surrender, she died for nothing!” he spat. “He’ll keep coming.”
“That's why we have to stop him!”
Haja stepped forward concerned.
“You're going to fight him?”
“He expects us to surrender, he knows we’ll do anything we can to protect these people.” Obi-wan said, pointing to the crowd.
“You'll be on your own.”
“No,” Obi-wan said walking up to Haja, pulling out his blaster, lightsaber, and holoprojector Bail gave him. “I have her,” he said, referring to you. “Look out for Leia, will you?”
You tossed Haja your lightsaber as well.
“Haja, you protect that little girl's life like it was your own.” you demanded.
Roken looked at the two of you in disbelief.
“Want to tell me how you guys are going to fight without a weapon.”
“There are other ways to fight.” Obi-wan stated.
Once the doors opened in front of you, you and Obi-wan raised your hands in surrender and walked out slowly as two stormtroopers seized the both of you. Each grabbing your wrists and pinning them behind your backs as they shoved you forward. You gritted your teeth as the air hit the severe burn just right on the singed skin. 
As the two stormtroopers guided you to Reva, you kept sharing glances with Obi-wan. Providing each other with a silent comfort from the unknown that awaits outside.
When the outside doors opened, you squinted at the brightness compared to the dark caves from inside. When your eyes adjusted to the light you saw Reva pacing back and forth axiosuly, but stopped when she saw the two of you emerge. The stormtroopers pointed their blasters at you as you were led right in front of Reva, her eyes lit up dangerously as she raised her arms like she was summoning something.
“Inform Lord Vader, The Kenobi’s are ours.” she said smugly. She gave the troopers a single nod and both you and Obi-wan were shoved to the ground on your knees. The uneven ground digging uncomfortably into your knees as you looked up at Reva with a glare and a hard reset jaw.
“He's on his way.” Reva said. “You're going to die soon.”
“You're not bringing him to us.” you whispered.
“We’re bringing him to you.” Obi-wan finished slowly. “This isn't over yet.”
Revas small smile dropped as she leaned down in front of Obi-wan, her dark brown eyes boring into Obi-wans.
“There are families back there. Children. Are you going to let him do it again? What did he do to you?” Obi-wan asked.
“We could end this, Reva. together.” You pleaded. “Don’t let him take another child's life.”
Reva shuffled on her feet and looked away, her eyes avoiding the both of you.
“What makes you think he won't see it coming”
“Because all he’ll see is me.” Obi-wan said.
Which was the truth, although Anakin had his eyes set on you, especially after your fight with him on Mapuzo but most of his rage was directed at Obi-wan and the fact he was the reason Anakin was now derformed and disabled due to their battle on Mustafar. He wanted revenge so badly you could almost taste his anger for Obi-wan whenever he was near.
Reva did not respond, just simply walking away back to her original place by the stormtroopers and turned. He raised her arm and gestured to the both of you and you felt gloved hands grab your wrist again and yank you off the ground. You casted Reva one last look before you walked back into the caves.
As soon as the doors closed, you shoved your weight back as far as you could, making the stormtrooper stumble back into the wall.  The force from your movement made the grip around the now tender leather friction burns around your wrist loose end grabbing the blaster on their hip and you shot him in the head.
Obi-wan seemed to have half the same idea as you, right when you looked over at him the stormtrooper holding him was now on the ground with the smoke from a blaster shot seeping from the hole in it's chest. 
When you smacked the control panel to the landing pad open and saw the dust red hushed sky above as you and Obi-wan ran in, you almost shouted in glee. Roken spotted you and nodded.
“Everythings all set!”
You looked to your left and saw Leia coming down the letter, you dragged Obi-wan with you and kneeled on the ground clumpys, avoiding putting more weight than usual on your bad leg.
“Leia!” Obi-wan exclaimed.
She turned around and smiled at the two of you and jumped into both of your arms, both of you and Obi-wan's arms wrapping around her and meeting on the center of her back.
“Well done!” You beamed, pulling away slightly.
Leia's eyes looked around for a moment before they landed back on Obi-wan.
“Where's Tala?”
The proud smile on your face fell as you focused on the ground, you chewed on the side of your cheek.
“I'm sorry sweet girl, she didn't make it.” you whispered. 
Obi-wan picked Leia up, and then helped her up from the ground.
“Come on, we have to get to the transport.”
You sensed him before you even saw him enter as you watched closely through the tiny slits on the small ship sitting behind the main transport. The menacing wave of anger and pain washing over you like a bucket of ice water through the force. When Obi-wan told you the plan to hide behind the mainship while Anakin came through seemed almost foolish, hiding in plain sight from a revenge seeking sith lord? 
 you trusted Obi-wan's judgment completely.
The sound of the main transport taking off stalled loudly, as Anakin walked in. His hand strained as he forced down the approximately 200,000 ton ship down back to the ground. Your jaw drops slightly as the sound of metal ripping apart from the ship.
“Now!” Obi-wan commanded.
The ship everyone was on shot up in the making hold on to Leia tightly as you took off, not having enough room for everyone to buckle in had created a small wave of people stumbling clumsy.
You guided Leia over to where Obi-wan was and sat on the arm of his chair so Leia could sit comfortably. Your gaze went to the burn on your thigh and you winced at the now greenish substance oozing from the blisters already formed.
Just once, you wanted to do the skill your master tried so hard to teach you. Now that she was gone you wanted to make her proud.
Your hands hovered over the wound and you took a calming breath, closing your eyes. Focusing on the force around you, you guided it to the wound and held it there. Slowly you could feel it trickle over you, the skin mending together and forming a protective scab over it. 
You panted at the amount of focus it drained from you before you slumped over from exhaustion and used the last of your energy to place a firm hand on Obi-wan's shoulder so you didn't fall on him. How Stass managed to do this almost daily will forever be a mystery because you felt like you were going to pass out.
“Y/n?” Obi-wan asked worriedly and you tilted your head at the noise as he dragged you in his lap, your body laying limp in his arms as you chuckled weakly.
“Baby? Whats wrong?” Obi-wan asked frantically, you were so exhausted and drained from barely healing a lousy burn it didn't even process how similar you looked to Padme the night she died. Shaky breaths, a slight smile, and barely able to keep your eyes open.
But Obi-wan did.
“I did it. My thigh, muscles heal. tired” you slurred heavily. “Tell Stass I did it.”
You passed out before you heard Obi-wan curse in relief and press his forehead against yours, holding you close.
The twinge in your hip was the first thing you noticed when you woke up, the second was Obi-wan's warm hand cradling your head against your chest.
‘Oh yeah’ you thought clearly as you opened your eyes, reamebing why you were curled up like this in the first place.
“Our hyperdrive is down, and they're right behind us.” Roken familiar voice spoke quietly.
You turned your head at that but Obi-wan's hand suddenly gripped you hard enough  you winced. Looking up at Obi-wan in confusion, you frowned at his scared face and placed your hand on his heart and could feel the his heart skip a beat.
“Obi-wan, what's wrong?” you questioned, your mind was too fuzzy with sleep and the strenuous work you just put your mind through you could feel a faint wave of fear, anger, and something savage.
That last emotion wasn't Obi-wan’s.
You and Obi-wan looked at Leia who stared back with the same amount of fear in the two of you held.
“Are you okay Obi-wan?” Roken asked.
Obi-wan seemed to come back to the present slightly, his tone distracted but he glanced at Roken and nodded.
“Yes, Thank you Roken.”
He gave you a worried look but relented and left you alone, you glanced at Leia and gave her a comforting smile.
“We’re okay, I promise. Go see if anyone needs help with anything and I'll meet up with you in a moment.”
Leia nodded and hopped off her seat and went to a small group of children. You turned back to Obi-wan who still had his hand gripping you tightly.
“Obi-wan,” you placed a hand on his chin and made him look you in the eyes. “Come back to me.” 
This wasn't the first time he had dissociated like this with you, long nights in the caves he would wake up from a nightmare and his mind would shut down, a natural response to the unfair amount of trauma he had experienced.
You took deep breaths and guided him through it, your hand rubbing up and down his shoulder to help ground him. Eventually he checked back in and looked at you, his grip finally easing up.
“Whatever we just felt, we’ll figure it out.” you promised. “We always do.”
He nodded silently.
“Now can you let me go? As much as I love you holding me I feel like my hip is going to break in this position.” you chuckled.
Obi-wan raised his arms and you uncurled yourself out of his lap and stood up, shaking the leg that fell asleep gently. As you stretched out your neck and back you felt Obi-wan's warm calloused hand graze the apex of your thigh, where the much improved burn was.
“I didn't think it was going to work if i'm being honest, quite unfair that I finally managed to force heal with Stass isn't here to see it.” you said bittersweetly, sitting next to Obi-wan now.
“She would be proud.” He patted your knee as you gave a weak chuckle.
“I hope so.”
An explosion shook the ship slightly, the dim lights above you flickering before returning to normal before you could relax again a second explosion came. Roken came around the corner and pointed at Sully.
“Hyperdrive almost ready, move all power to rear shields.”
That comment made you furrow your brow in concern, if hyperdrive was almost ready it would be more work to change power gears to focus on the rear shields than to leave it until it was done. Obi-wan gave you a look and it seemed he was thinking the same thing as you.
“We’ll head to Tessen and get you out from there.” Roken said.
Standing up you headed over to Roken, arms crossed over your chest as you looked at him already knowing the answer to your question.
“We’re not gonna make it to Tessen, are we?”
“Motivators shot, power couplings are bad. I'm working on it but that shield isn't going to last forever.”
“How much time do you need?” Obi-wan asked.
Another explosion rattled the ship and the three of you looked at the roof as the lights flickered out again.
“More than we have.” Roken sighed before he went to help one of the men in control. You ran an anxious hand through your hair and looked up at Obi-wan.
“You thinking what I'm thinking?” you asked and Obi-wan sighed before nodding.
“Yeah, I am.” he looked at Leia, who was comforting a mother and child with Lola. “How do you think she’ll take it?”
Resting your chin on your hand you snorted.
“Maker, I'm not sure.”
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mandalhoerian · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PAIRING: Darth Vader / Anakin Skywalker x Reader
NOTES: female!reader, mandalorian!reader, inquisitor!reader
TAGS: dark themes, mystery, angst, violence, politics, smut if you manage to convince me
SUMMARY: You have become the young war hero Anakin Skywalker's right hand in his pursuit to reunite the galaxy in Emperor Palpatine's reign. It's the rumored aftermath of the war between dark and light, but you are a Mandalorian, Jedi and Sith don't mean anything to you, in fact, they are the same existence that led to the destruction of your planet a millennia ago. Their war is something you don't care to know about, you're aware you won't understand anyway, there is a lot you're told to keep your nose out of as just a soldier to obey commands.
One of those things is the distinction between Darth Vader and Anakin Skywalker; you weren't told why they must be addressed as two separate beings. Who he is really and who he appears as to the HoloNet confuse you endlessly when they are the same in your mind: both look at you in secret mourning. 
You can't afford to find out why.
this story is very much canon divergent. vader is suitless and has survived mustafar with his arm and legs chopped off. his romance wasn’t with padmé and she isn’t integral to his story as anakin skywalker. you’ll eventually find out
this is a darth vader story, it’s going to go there. expect some toxicity
you, reader, as a character are not passive. you have goals and motivations and you are a person with agency. you are a !! dark side !! mandalorian AND inquisitor, so expect HORRIBLE HORRIBLE stuff that *you* also do. ur not uwu lmao ur very much diabolical. this is the “fix him? nah i’ll join him and make him worse” the electric boogaloo. ur intrusive thoughts have won
Tumblr media
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princessxkenobi · a day ago
Tumblr media
JUNE 2022 (part one)
fandoms featured on this list; star wars, kenobi, the mandalorian, rogue one, & triple frontier 💫
thank you to the amazing fic writers for sharing some wonderful stories with all of us ! & to the kind readers for their support. 💙
please assume that all works & the blogs they belong to are 18+ only
mature adult content will be marked with a double asterisk **
be sure to check all warnings & tags before reading, feel free to skip if something isn't for you
& of course, enjoy responsibly
all the love xo A ☕
Tumblr media
please send me things to read ! favorite fics or something you've written that you're proud of ! 💌
find more monthly fic recs over on my masterlist, July 2022 coming soon ! ✨
please let me know if you would like to be removed
✨ new authors & characters added for the first time !
✨ some authors are mentioned more than once throughout the list, check to see if your works are there !
Tumblr media
✨ Anakin Skywalker
Never Forgotten (ch.1) by @otter-anon665 (anakin, vader) (f!reader)
Anakin Skywalker Masterlist by @anakinlove (gn!reader) (f!reader) (check individual ratings)
✨ Armitage Hux
Drapetomania (series) by @mylifeisactuallyamess (f!reader) **
prompt – baby fever by @mylifeisactuallyamess (f!reader) ** (cw: babies, children)
prompt – imagining intimate scenarios by @mylifeisactuallyamess (f!reader) **
✨ Din Djarin
A State of Mind by @rexxdjarin (f!reader) ** (cw: daddy kink)
Just Tell Me by @againstacecilia (gn!reader) 
Perfect - Week One by @autumnleaves1991-blog (f!reader) (paz vizsla x ofc) 
Say It Again (No More Wasted Time) by @againstacecilia (modern au) (f!reader) 
Shut Up And Kiss Me by @floraandfrost (petite!afab!reader) ** (cw: size difference kink)
Silk (series) by @juletheghoul (mob au) (sex worker!f!reader) ** 
Take A Bath by @green-socks (gn!reader) **
Vacation Rules - Ice Cream by @the-blind-assassin-12 (f!reader) 
When You Hold Me by @redahlia-writes 
Winning Stakes fic collab by @absurdthirst & @storiesofthefandomlovers (f!reader) **
You Got Me Flowers? by @writingforcurrentobsessions  
✨ Fennec Shand
The Target by @clydesducktape (f!reader) 
✨ Finn
Stardust by @andormeddows (gn!reader)
✨ Luke Skywalker
What the Temple Taught Us (series) by @dragonlqrd (grogu) (jedi!f!reader) **
✨ Obi Wan Kenobi
A Welcomed Distraction by @grippingbeskar (f!reader) **
Confessions by @foreverwriting (f!reader)
Haze on the Water by @obiknights (highlander!jedi!obi) (f!reader) 
Infinite Sadness I & II by @milleneumfulcrum (kenobi) (cw: ptsd)
The Language of Flowers (series) by @huffle-pissed (medieval au) (knight!obi)
Liability by @kckenobi (obi wan kenobi & quinlan vos) (cw: grief, alcohol) 
The Last Time He Sees Her by @kckenobi (obi wan kenobi & princess leia) 
Made In The A.M. (series) by @strwrs , @kittfisto (ao3) (gn!reader) 
Mind Over Matter (series) by @kckenobi (obi wan kenobi & anakin skywalker) 
Stranded (series) by @penfullofwordsaheadfullofstories (castaway au) (afab!oc) (cw: age gap, grief, trauma) 
Summer Vacation by @obiknights (f!reader) (cw: age gap, children)
Suppose by @laters-gators **
Where It Wasn’t by @221bshrlocked (kenobi) (massage au) (f!reader) **
prompt – domestic fluff & beard tickles (part one) by @forever-rogue (kenobi) (f!reader)
prompt – starting a family with obi wan (part two) by @forever-rogue (kenobi) (f!reader) (cw: pregnancy)
soft headcanons – younglings by @ithebookhoarder  
✨ Poe Dameron
Back by @roanniom **
Green Green Dress by @disabledameron (f!reader) **
It’s Always Belonged To You by @im-poe-dameron (f!reader) **
Playground Confessions by @andromeda-dear (gn!reader)
Poe Dameron Masterlist by @mariesackler (gn!reader) (f!reader) (check individual ratings) 
Pull Me Tight And Close Your Eyes by @dailyreverie (gn!reader) 
Ten, Eleven, Twelve by @foxilayde (f!reader) **
prompt – red string of fate by @ohheyitsokay (soulmate au)
✨ Misc. Star Wars Characters
Star Wars Masterlist by @celestial-alignment (obidala, dinluke) (check individual ratings)
Star Wars Masterlist by @poeticandors (star wars & rogue one) (check individual ratings)
✨ Bodhi Rook 
How Generous the Stars by @uwingdispatch (everyone lives au) (disabled!gn!reader)
✨ Benny Miller
Words Unsaid by @autumnleaves1991-blog (f!reader) (cw: blood, injury)
✨ Frankie Morales 
Anything For You (Learning Curves) by @ezrasbirdie (plus size!f!reader) **
Frankie…Frankie From Across the Street Frankie Morales by @icanbeyourjedi (f!reader) ** (cw: ptsd)
The Hottest Day of the Year by @toomanystoriessolittletime (plus size!f!reader) **
Through the Window fic collab by @absurdthirst & @storiesofthefandomlovers (f!reader) **
Old Mistakes, New Beginnings by @autumnleaves1991-blog (f!reader) **
✨ Will ‘Ironhead’ Miller
Little Wife by @frannyzooey (pioneer!will) (f!reader) **
The Tip Jar (series) by @cowboystokes (black!f!reader) **
prompts – soulmate au, “knowing your soulmate when you touch” & “tattoos blossom where you touch your soulmate for the first time” by @ohheyitsokay 
✨ Santiago ‘Pope’ Garcia
Burn (pt.1) by @arsonhotchner (gn!reader) (cw: canon typical violence)
✨ Triple Frontier Guys
TF Pack Blurbs by @clydesducktape (a/b/o au) (reverse harem) **
TF Pack Blurbs (Heat) by @clydesducktape (a/b/o au) (reverse harem) **
Tumblr media
** stay tuned for part two, fic recs for moon knight, pedro pascal characters, & misc./multi fandom 📖
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Tumblr media
Inspired by: Infectious - @myevilmouse​
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luxcuriousao3 · a day ago
Clonebang Snippet (Rex/Reader)
As some of you may know, I’m working on a series of fics I’ve affectionately dubbed my “clonebang series,” the first of which involves (AFAB, she/her pronouns) Reader being fucked by Rex, Cody, Echo, Kix, Waxer, and Boil in a delicious (and very consensual) gangbang scenario straight from my fantasies lol. I’m posting a snippet of it below for you to enjoy. The snippet involves Rex/Reader. No other characters are mentioned, so feel free to imagine it’s just them lol.
Warnings: explicit sexual content (duh), very mild daddy kink (Rex calls himself Daddy, that’s it), dom/sub undertones, very mild s/m
You see a flicker of a smile before the smoldering look returns, and he leans into your palm just a little, tipping his head back so your hand slides slowly down his face. As your thumb drags over his lips, he opens his mouth and sucks the digit into the warm, wet heat of it, swirling his tongue around the tip of your finger.
You gasp, surprised, and Rex smirks down at you, letting your thumb pop out of his mouth. He catches your hand with one of his own as it falls, then leans in close, his bare, muscular chest pressing against yours as his breath ghosts over your ear.
He nibbles on your earlobe, dragging a lewd moan from you, and chuckles, deep and husky.
“How about you let me do that to your clit, Princess?” He asks.
“Please, Rex, please,” you beg, tears gathering in your eyes from how badly you need him.
Rex nips at your earlobe again, this time just skirting the edge of painful, and you whimper.
“Ah ah ah, sweetheart. What do you call me?”
“S-sir! Sir, please, pleasepleaseplease—“
“Good girl,” Rex whispers, and you can hear the smirk in his voice.
With that, he stops fucking into you and pulls out, and you whine, loud and long, feeling miserably empty.
“Shhhh sweetheart, Daddy’s got you,” Rex murmurs, kneeling between your thighs. “Let me take care of you now.”
You nod, desperate, and Rex smacks your cunt again, making your legs jump and eyes blow wide.
“Say it,” he orders. “Use that pretty little mouth of yours and tell me what you want.”
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valkyrhys · a day ago
Tumblr media
reylo • explicit • 2.5k • ao3
Everything about Ben is big. His hands, his shoulders, his smile, his heart. There is so much of him, and Rey is desperate for all of it.
The first time she had felt his cock—not even seen it— she had gone a little lightheaded. But not with fear— with excitement. Feeling the hard length of his cock against her thigh as they were tangled up on the ratty couch in her tiny apartment, she thought, Yes. She thought, I want everything he can give me. She thought, With him I will no longer be empty.
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infernalodie · 22 hours ago
𝐆𝐨𝐨𝐝 𝐄𝐧𝐨𝐮𝐠𝐡 (𝐩𝐭.𝟏) || 𝐀𝐡𝐬𝐨𝐤𝐚 𝐓𝐚𝐧𝐨
“𝘚𝘭𝘦𝘦𝘱𝘭𝘦𝘴𝘴 𝘯𝘪𝘨𝘩𝘵𝘴 𝘠𝘰𝘶 𝘥𝘰𝘯’𝘵 𝘶𝘯𝘥𝘦𝘳𝘴𝘵𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘩𝘰𝘸 𝘮𝘶𝘤𝘩 𝘐’𝘷𝘦 𝘴𝘢𝘤𝘳𝘪𝘧𝘪𝘤𝘦𝘥 𝘠𝘰𝘶 𝘮𝘢𝘥𝘦 𝘮𝘦 𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘬 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘵 𝘐 𝘸𝘢𝘴 𝘨𝘰𝘰𝘥 𝘦𝘯𝘰𝘶𝘨𝘩 𝘎𝘰𝘰𝘥 𝘦𝘯𝘰𝘶𝘨𝘩 𝘧𝘰𝘳 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘐’𝘭𝘭 𝘯𝘦𝘷𝘦𝘳 𝘧𝘦𝘦𝘭 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘴𝘢𝘮𝘦 𝘢𝘨𝘢𝘪𝘯“
Inspo: Noak Hellsing - Good Enough
Pairing: Ahsoka Tano x Sith!Male!reader
Summary: All those years of love lost in ash, Ahsoka thought you to be dead from your sacrifice. But with a well-placed ambush on Mustafar, she is the farthest from right.
Tumblr media
Warnings: Angst and slight gore
Part Two
Words 2350
“How close are we to the distress signal, Rex?” Ahsoka asked, glancing at the Stormtrooper, who stood beside her.
He opened his holo map and scanned it for a moment. “Two minutes out to be exact, sir.”
Ahsoka hummed, hand grasping one of the safety handles above her as she stepped closer to the edge of the ship. Looking outwards on the lava-covered planet that could only resemble something close to hell. The hot fumes from the lava covering almost every surface of Mustafar invaded Ahsoka’s pores. Her eyes were glossy with tears from the steam that continued to fill the air. The LAAT flew low, hoping to spot whoever had set off the distress signal.
It’d appeared out of nowhere with both Obi-Wan and Anakin being just as confused as her. But the code in the coordinates led them here with the two other Jedi on a separate transport ship. From what was seen on the scans, there were battle droids near the distress signal. Which explained why they came heavily armed with as many troops as they did.
“Approaching the location,” Obi-Wan announced over the comms. “Prepare for heavy resistance-!”
He was cut off by the sudden jolt of his ship, as well as Ahsoka’s. “What was that?” Rex questioned, another jolt of the ship suddenly beginning to move to the side.
“I don’t know,” she muttered, feeling a strong pull from below. “Do you feel that Anakin?” She asked, glancing across the way to see his ship growing closer as well.
“It’s a Sith. How did they hide their presence?”
His question wasn’t able to be answered as their ships suddenly were sent flying away from one another, spinning out of control. “Mayday! Mayday, we’re going down! Everyone has to jump!” The Pilot yelled as Ahsoka glanced at Rex, giving a nod before leaping out.
The fall wasn’t as graceful as Ahsoka would like to admit. Hitting the ground and rolled on the harsh black rocks with a groan. Many other Stormtroopers jumping as well. Some are either injured or sore from the fall. But they weren’t given a chance to rest any longer as the sudden sound of blasters going off got their attention. Attack droids, Droidacas, and even a few AT-STs beginning to fire at them.
But in the middle, the centre of all those troops stood indeed a Sith. The heat rays made the hooded figure’s body shimmer with each step taken. Except, Ahsoka was focused on the immense power the sith held. Almost as strong as something being thrown right into her chest.
Her face twisted in confusion as she watched the hooded figure order some of the Droids around them towards the other ship that had crashed. She could see Anakin and Obi-Wan help defend some of the injured Stormtroopers from Droid that were closing in on their position.
Shaking herself from the heavy force that emitted from the Sith and her worry about the two other Jedi Masters, Ahsoka turned to the higher-ranking Stormtrooper. “Rex, create a defensive perimeter near the LAAT! Protect those injured and call for reinforcements!” She called out, standing to her feet and turning on her lightsabre. Quickly beginning to deflect the blaster rounds back towards the enemy. Seeing the Sith finally turn on their’s and begin to move away from the troops, a silent order to the girl to do the same.
“And what about you, sir?” Rex yelled, seeing Ahsoka begin to step away, still deflecting blasts as she kept her eye on the Sith.
“I’ll be back soon.”
The life force was strong and Ahsoka only felt smaller and smaller with each step she took toward the Sith user. She wouldn’t lie, her fight with Maul was stressful, but she never once felt this type of feeling. This genuine and unadulterated rage seemed to cut through the air and invade her mind. It was familiar. Like an old scent from years ago, it was so hard to shake that it was burned into your subconscious forever.
But right now, she couldn’t pinpoint it directly. No matter how hard she tried, the Sith continued to block her from their mind. And with the addition of the heat and the fact that the pure strength she could feel from the Sith, she couldn’t concentrate.
“Who are you?” Ahsoka questioned.
The Sith dragged the edge of the scalding blade across the crisped surface. Its gentle hum wavered as the sound of the heat cut into the rock. With each step that is taken, the cutting grew louder and sharper as Ahsoka gripped tighter around her lightsabre.
“Don’t you remember, Ahsoka?” They asked, voice distorted by the old mask they wore under the hood. “The day I was taken by Asajj. It was the more fear I had ever felt in my life.”
Ahsoka frowned, about to speak until she felt a tight grasp around her throat. Her body was lifted in the air as she suddenly was pulled towards the Sith user until she stopped short. Her face stopped right in front of theirs, able to see the red eyes vividly through the visor.
“Tell me you remember, Snips.”
Her eyes went wide, only Anakin called her that and one other person. But there was no way it could be, Y/n. She’d seen him die. She’d seen him be killed by Asajj all those years ago when she was just a young Padawan. He was the first man to believe in her when she first became Anakin’s Padawan and was also the first she befriended and grew a bigger liking to before he was killed.
But you couldn’t have survived. Not two lightsabre’s in the chest. No one could survive that.
“I sense your confusion, Padawan. Perhaps you need physical encouragement.” Ahsoka choked on open-air until she felt her body be propelled back into a large rock. The sheer for her body made with the rock created a large crack in the surface as she hit the ground with a thud.
She coughed, groaning with her eyes flickering up to you, Y/n. There was no mistaking that it was you now. Now, she could look through the smoke and see the clearing. Once an open field on Naboo, a beautiful and prosperous place she once called home when on Coruscant. Seeking the warm comfort of another in ways that the Jedi Council would deem wrong.
But now, you were the literal lava on Mustafar. This planet embodied what she could see in front of her. And seeing you shed the cloak, revealing the single shirt beneath and your arms burned from years of torturous training. Shedding the helmet, she was greeted by your shaven head with one half-burned and the other cut up from Count Dooku’s torture of when you were first captured. Your eyes had to be the most that had changed since the last time Ahsoka saw you.
They held so much love and happiness for the others around you. You were endlessly carefree with your fellow troops and even the Jedi as well. Everything about you could be seen in your eyes, but now they were a thick fog. A bright red glow to them that resembled a firewall keeping everyone outside out.
“Fear leads to anger,” you began, eyes growing darker with each second. “Anger leads to hate and hate leads to power. Do you know what I went through because of you?”
“Y/n-” Ahsoka tried, feeling her emotions from years of anguish beginning to rise to the surface. But you were determined to finally release your wrath on your old lover.
“I rotted in a cage for 15 years because of your insubordination!” Tossing your lightsabre, it spun through the air and Ahsoka quickly rolled out of the way, grabbing hers and getting to her feet. Yours coming back like a boomerang as you marched towards her. “Was I never good enough for you to be saved? Did you ever love me?!”
“I wasn’t able to do anything!” She exclaimed, blocking one of your attacks as she continued to back away. Parrying your attacks and always feeling her limbs move independently under your command. Every time she tried to swing, you would flick your finger, causing her footing to screw up. But she couldn’t stop her gaze from flickering up to those once beautiful eyes that she dreamt about in her sleep and woke up to.
Swinging her sabre, you blocked it and leaned in close. Face glowing in the light of the two sabres screaming in contact. “All this time, I believed you would save me and I would be fine.”
Ahsoka grunted upon your extra weight being placed in your lightsabre. “But now I know you and the Jedi all lie.” Breaking the guard, you watched Ahsoka stumble back as you advanced.
“I did everything I could, Y/n.” She continued to deflect and block your slashes, feeling your anger grow each second. “I loved you and I tried everything to find you.”
“You tried to find me?” You exclaimed, using the force and pulling one of her legs out from underneath her. Causing her to fall onto her back as she lifted her sabre, blocking your initial attack.
“I was cut and burned because of you! And what. Did. You. Do?!” Each word was emphasized with one heavy swing of your sabre against hers. The scalding of both heats meeting one another filled the air as Ahsoka felt her strength begin to deplete. Unable to keep up with your strength as you continued to attack down at her. “Nothing!”
With one final hit, you broke her guard and lifted her into the air. “I waited years for you to save me. I waited for your arms to hold me and for you to tell me everything was going to be fine.” Bringing her closer, Ahsoka’s tear-stained eyes stayed focused on yours. “But now I know it was a lie. Every little thing we had, was purely a lie and I hate for it.”
Sending her flying across the ground as you stood tall, unfazed by what you were doing. There was no compassion left inside you after everything she did. The hate you felt was directed towards not only her, but the two Jedi Masters continuing to fight for their lives. They were there when you “died”, but they never searched for your body. Their lack of care was shown after the first year of endless torture performed by Asajj. With the rare appearance of Duuku who helped train you in the Dark Side.
As you stood over Ahsoka, you lifted your arm. Sabre humming methodically as you inhaled deeply. Bringing your arm down, your eyes shot open with a gasp. Flickering down to your chest and seeing a large gash. The edges of the wound were a burning orange as the flesh sizzled with the inner wound was the inner workings of your body slightly exposed.
Choking on your breaths, you fell to your knees, your sabre shutting off as you looked up to see Ahsoka. Her face was stained with tears as she shut off her own sabre. Lips trembling as she stepped closer and crouched down in front of you. You inhaled short and heavy breaths, each coming out stuttered as the pain of the wound finally began to settle in.
But your mind drifted when you felt Ahsoka’s hand softly cup your cheek. Your crimson eyes flickered up to hers to find them brimming with tears. “I’m sorry,” She whispered. “I’m sorry I wasn’t there when you needed me, Y/n.” Inhaling deeply and bowing her head for a moment, she looked back up at you with a shaky breath. “I’m sorry for everything I have caused you.”
A sudden sound in the sky got her attention, turning to see a Star Destroyer having already made it through the Stratosphere. Announcing the reinforcements finally having arrived. Looking back at you, Ahsoka found your eyes still staring at her.
“You are the reason Darth Galen was born.”
Ahsoka felt her eyes grow wide as she stood to her feet, backing away as she watched you force pull your helmet towards you. A small groan slipped from your lips as you tiredly slipped it over your head. A hissing sound was heard faintly as you sighed distortedly. “Darth Galen is all that remains.”
She bit her bottom lip, stepping back when you shakily got to your feet. Nearly tumbling to the ground the heavy weight of your torso. It hurt her seeing you like this. Hearing that the man she once knew was now replaced with a fouler and inhumane being. She had missed you desperately and had been willing to do anything to get you back. But this was not what she had wanted.
Letting out a sob, Ahsoka shook her head. “Then my love is truly dead.” You stumbled towards her, growling as you activated your lightsabre. Her face scrunched up in sorrow, turning her head away as she forced pushed you. Heard a loud crash as she finally turned to see your body lying within a pile of rubble, rocks over top of your body with your helmet visor still able to be seen.
With pursed lips, tears streaming down her cheeks, she picked up your lightsabre. Shaking her head as reinforcements were finally landing and helping the injured troops get onto LAATs. But her head turned back to yours, able to still see your chest gently rising and falling. “Goodbye, Darth Galen.”
She began to walk away, a LAAT landing with Rex standing at the edge waiting to help her up.
But she stopped upon hearing your yell. “Tano!” It shook the ground as you continued to be pinned under the rocks. “Face me! Kill me!”
With a heavy heart, Ahsoka ignored you, getting onto the ship and watching you as the shuttle lifted off the ground. Unable to shake away the pain felt and only able to hear your desperate yell in the distance as she flew away.
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defaulttwig · 13 hours ago
In Another Life
Anakin Skywalker x f!reader
Summary: You formed a crush on Anakin Skywalker, the Chosen One, but never act on it due to the Jedi Code. To balance this, you entertain yourself with little fantasies of what could be.
Word Count: 1.5k
A/N: @peteyprecious616 I told you it would happen LOL
Tumblr media
You've kept a terrible secret with you for years now.
 And you would continue to keep it.
 Until the day you die.
 It was unbecoming of you. To desire something as strongly as this was not the Jedi way. You traveled a one-way road down the path to attachment to a man who barely knew you existed. Still, it never stopped you. Neither the guilt nor the shame of your tip-toeing on the line, a hair away from crossing the Jedi Code, could stop you from entertaining thoughts that filled your stomach with butterflies.
 You had always wanted to look into his blue eyes. Those deep, all-encompassing eyes that gave away every ounce of emotion on his person, and he carried emotions for all to see. To have them look at you in a way you'd never been looked at before. Selfish, idealistic, a dreamer who called herself a Jedi. You had the potential to push yourself to a higher understanding of the Force, to connect to it and pass that knowledge onto others, but you were stuck on fantasies about the Chosen One. About what you could be to him.
 Always from afar, you watched him. Never had you actually interacted with him apart from small talk. Still, it was more than enough to fill the deep sense of longing in your heart. A young crush to keep you afloat, distract you from the Clone Wars, and lift your spirits. Thinking about someone, about him, in such a way, gave you a high that the Jedi never stood for. You grew attached to someone who barely remembered your name.
 You always fantasized about him.
 The fantasies were all the same. No real beginning. A blurred end. Just, something to distract you. 
 It goes a little something like this.
 In the distance, you spot his tall stature adorning dark robes. Just at the edge of a garden path, the tips of his boots kissing at a pool of water. Ripples spread out from his spot as he shifts and barely brushes the water.  
 His back is turned to you and he watches the fish move through the pond. The fish are calm, reflecting how you believe he feels inside. After all, he is the Chosen One. You’re drawn to his stillness, taking in his appearance from his robes to his shoulder-length hair. Not even in your fantasies would you think about running your fingers through it. He seems almost untouchable.
 He looks up, then, at your approach, but doesn't turn. Instead, he looks up at the blue skies, admiring the serene clouds with a smile. You would stand next to him here and find yourself staring at his side profile. From any angle, he looks amazing. You doubt he was anything but perfect.
 The Chosen One. You hold him to a high degree, much like many others, but how could you not? He is a hero, constantly striving for the victory of the Republic, to put an end to the Separatists' agenda. Anakin is powerful, beautiful, smart, capable…you could go on. 
 He doesn't move when you join his side. Looks at you out of the corner of his eye and chuckles to himself. You find it hard to imagine his laugh, only ever hearing the sound carried across the room. His laughs were brief and rare, depending on his company. You like to imagine it sounds like honey, dripping with warmth and passion and all the qualities of a handsome hero.
 "You have something in your hair," he says. 
 Of course, you do. In your fantasy, you always have something in your hair, to give him an excuse to brush his fingers through it and bring him closer. Which he does, turning partway to you and reaching up. Goosebumps, you can imagine, run up your back from his warm touch. Or cold, if he uses his prosthetic hand. 
 It did not matter, as long as he was close.
 He retracts his hand, letting whatever it was fall away. "Got it."
 Your heart beats fast and loud. His face is lit with a captivating smile. You’ve only dreamt of seeing his smile up close and directed at you, rather than from stolen glances from afar. His hand remains in the air and he just dares to tuck some loose strands behind your ear. The brush of his fingers against your cheek sends goosebumps down your arms. You can't help your own smile as he meets your eyes.
 "That's better."
 You want to tell him you love him. Always dream of telling him here, in this perfect moment. The words catch in your throat though. You choke on them, only able to smile. To laugh and turn away, offer some quip to divert the tension.
 As much as you want him to know, you know better than to break the code. This is more than enough, in your dreams. To stand beside him. To wish for more, long to hear him say the words to make you the happiest girl in the whole galaxy. You settle for his friendship.
 As you look at him, your throat tightens and you blink. You want so badly to say it. Your stomach twists and you fight off a tremble, swallowing dryly. If you look at him any longer, your emotions might betray you.
 You won’t. You would never have it in you to tell him.
 Even in your dreams, you're held back from what you truly want.
 If you dreamed a little harder, maybe you could say it then.
 In another life, maybe he could love you.
 Tears pooled around the rim of your eyes. A shaky hand grasped your stomach. Crumpling your tunic, you weakly clutched the hole to preserve some form of life. You stumbled back, tripping over yourself. Crashing onto your back, you looked up with slightly blurred vision.
 Hood drawn over his face, there was no mistaking the man before you. Blue light cast aside the shadow, revealing the face of Anakin Skywalker. Through your teary gaze, you caught the color of his irises. What once held a blue so pure now oozed an angry yellow. Brows drawn in what you could only hazard as frustration, he stared in silence, unmoving in his towering form over you. Only the dull thrum of his lightsaber resounded from him. When your eyes darted to it, his grip tightened.
 He first walked up to you and you ignored all the warning sounds from beyond the room you meditated. Ignored them, put all your attention on Anakin and let them fade to the background, muffled by your selfish desire.
 You didn't have to strain your ears to catch the sounds down the halls. Now, your focus and emotions were strewn about, taking in everything like a deep breath of fresh air. It burned. In all the other rooms, blaster fire from stormtroopers followed by screams. Voices of frantic Jedi pleading to leave the younglings unharmed. Voices silenced by the blaster fire.
 If you reached out through the Force, you would find their light snuffed out. Even the tiny energies of the younglings diminished from existence.
 Tears spilled down the sides of your face.
 The sheer pain in your abdomen tore you from the force, from reaching out to your companions. Brought down your all but impenetrable mental shield. All thoughts were erased from your mind but one subject remained. The one in front of you, Anakin Skywalker.
 How could he do this? He was supposed to be the best of you. He was the hero.
 You looked up into the eyes of the man you secretly loved. As hard as you tried to build back your walls, you felt him through the force sparing no corner of your mind. It was too late. He read you like an open book.
 His bright, yellow eyes, in all their unfamiliarity, looked elsewhere. They carried an emotion you couldn't describe. Not that you were in the right mind to. This wasn't what you wanted. For all that you wanted, you could never bring yourself to his level. Your heart burned with a heartache neither of you deserved.
 Now, two people knew your secret.
 He turned away from you. Voice small, he muttered in a tone that should’ve carried more guilt for a murder, "I'm sorry."
 Your last memory of Anakin would be him walking away. You could hardly hold your gaze to his retreating figure, watching his dark boots. 
 Your face twisted, gasping silently on your tears.
 You were dying alone.
 You loved Anakin Skywalker. You would die loving someone like him. The man who bloodied a sacred temple.
 The one you would hold onto until your dying breath, that you took to your grave.
 The invisible hold on your throat tightened. Fingers desperately pulling the skin around your stomach wound, you hoped that closing it would afford for a more peaceful death. It stung. Your heart weighed heavy and your tears dried your mouth. You inhaled and exhaled weakly, gaze dropping from dark boots.
 One person knew your secret.
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myaimistrue · 2 days ago
bright as ever
Obi-Wan wakes to the sound of sand shifting under someone’s feet.
read my first non-supernatural fic in actual years under the cut or on ao3 here!
Obi-Wan wakes to the sound of sand shifting under someone’s feet.
Tatooine is a quiet planet. Most evenings, Obi-Wan falls asleep to a silence unlike any he’s ever known, to the impossible hush of the desert. Only the faintest sounds of wind carry over the dunes. So it’s easy to hear any disturbance—to hear footsteps.
He slips out of his bed. The floor is cool under his feet.
Perhaps he should wonder why he doesn’t reach out in the Force. Perhaps he should be more on guard. Perhaps he should even be frightened. Yet all that seems to matter, regardless of his own safety, regardless of the danger, is for Obi-Wan to know the source of the sound. To know who is out there.
Outside, the sky is a deep, beautiful indigo, starless and ancient. But there’s nothing. No footsteps in the sand. No sound. 
“Anakin?” He says. The name tastes like ash in his mouth.
The Force slams into him all at once, sunburst and flame and a heart-rending shout. A hand touches his shoulder. 
In the early dawn light, Obi-Wan closes his eyes.
Meditation isn’t difficult when one lives so far from society. There are no distractions, nothing but the in, out, in, out of his breathing; it’s the easiest meditation has ever felt for him. Master Yoda would be proud of how quickly he reaches serenity. 
Life is simple, here. He works, he watches over Luke, he cares for himself and his home. He does what he can. It’s uncomplicated. Plain, as a Jedi’s life should be.
Lonely, something in him whispers. It’s lonely.
Obi-Wan is standing in the sand.
It’s late. The air is much cooler than usual; a chill runs through him, barefoot and in his sleep clothes. Unthinking, he extends a hand to summon his lightsaber. Nothing comes. Briefly, he’s alarmed, and then it comes back to him. He’s no longer a Jedi. His saber withers away somewhere beneath the sand.
Someone is watching him. 
“Anakin?” It’s as though he hasn’t said it in years. Is that possible, he wonders? How could he not say his name? How could that be possible?
There’s no response.
“Don’t hide from me,” he says. He knows now, can feel it suddenly vibrating through the Force, that Anakin is here. Somewhere, just out of his line of sight. Somewhere close by. 
A whisper: How could you?
Obi-Wan wakes up.
The cantina is usually not a place Obi-Wan spends his time. If he finds himself in town, he’s simply visiting the market to stock up—rarely has he ever had the time or desire to get a drink. But the dreams he’s been having are troubling. He knows alcohol can’t solve the problem, but he also knows that affording himself the luxury of a few drinks won’t make it worse.
It’s a quiet night. Obi-Wan finds a spot at the end of the bar where he can remain in the shadows; with his hood pulled up, it may be a little more cautious than strictly necessary, but he won’t risk being recognized.
He orders a drink. A few barstools down, a man watches him do so. Obi-Wan shifts subtly in his seat to turn his face away. 
“Hello,” the man says. He’s drinking something bright orange, and judging by the slur of his words, he’s clearly had quite a few.
“Hello,” Obi-Wan says. The bartender sets his drink down in front of him, and he takes a long sip. He feels the familiar burn down to the tips of his toes. At one point, he was someone who enjoyed a good drink, who had favorites and preferences and opinions about it. He hasn’t been that person in a long time.
“What are you drinking?” The man asks. He’s projecting drunken lust so intense that Obi-Wan feels it hanging over them like sweet-smelling smoke. “I can buy your next one.”
The man is handsome. He has a strong nose and lovely eyes, and for the briefest of moments, Obi-Wan imagines himself agreeing. Flushed skin against his, open mouths and sliding tongues. 
“Thank you,” Obi-Wan says, “But I’m going home after this one.”
The man is polite about it and doesn’t push any further. But Obi-Wan suddenly feels exposed, like the risk he’s taken with himself is far too great. That man could be an agent of the Empire. That man might try to get to know him.
Obi-Wan finishes the rest of his drink quickly and leaves without a backward glance.
Later, warm with the buzz of alcohol and the comfort of his own bed, Obi-Wan is still thinking about it. The man had smiled so much like Anakin had: an edge of arrogance, a flash of teeth, a wild brightness.
It’s been so long since he’s seen it. The thought occurs to Obi-Wan, and it’s sickening. He focuses all of his energy on piecing together all the small details of Anakin’s face, trying to sharpen every part of him blurred by time. The freckle near his eye. The distinct turn of his mouth when he was displeased. Obi-Wan falls asleep that way.
He’s sitting on the edge of a cliff. His feet dangle in the open air, and in the darkness, Obi-Wan can barely see the bottom of the canyon.
He wants to look over his shoulder. He’s fairly certain that someone is standing behind him; Obi-Wan can feel him shift, can sense the slightest movement in the sand.
“Why won’t you let me see you?” he asks.
The wind picks up.
Luke and Leia turned three only a few days ago. It’s difficult to imagine it could’ve been that long since everything happened, but as Obi-Wan watches Luke toddle around in the sand, he’s faced with proof. Three years since his world ripped apart at the seams. 
Beru scoops Luke up, and the child laughs, a wild sound that makes Obi-Wan smile. Not for the first time, and certainly not for the last, he wonders what it would’ve been like, if he hadn’t surrendered Luke to his aunt and uncle. If he had taken Luke himself, to some isolated planet on the edge of everything and raised him as his own. Told him stories of his parents. Kept him safe, without this terrible distance. But that could never be.
He wonders about Leia, too. He knows Bail and Breha are looking after her—there is no one he would trust more—but it’s hard to not know anything about her. He wonders if she’s as talkative and curious as Luke has grown to be, or if she’s a more reserved child. He wonders what she looks like. If perhaps she favors Padme as Luke favors Anakin. He wonders if he’ll ever get the chance to meet her.
Beru has taken Luke back inside, presumably to wash up for dinner. Tentatively, he reaches out, and Luke’s contentedness, his childlike happiness, is palpable. The feeling of it is as though Obi-Wan is running his fingers through a warm bath. This is what he was looking for, when he came here today. Being able to reassure himself that Luke is safe and cared for—it’s a comfort Obi-Wan doesn’t take for granted.
He lingers, but knows when it’s time to return home. The suns begin to set.
How could you? It’s screaming out around him, the sand beneath Obi-Wan’s feet whipping wildly with anger. How could you do this to me?
“You left me no choice,” he says. “I never wanted to hurt you.”
You destroyed me!
Obi-Wan falls to his knees. The voice is growing louder and louder, raw and brutal in its rage. “I’m sorry,” he cries out. “I’m so sorry.”
I trusted you like no other, the voice howls. Obi-Wan presses hands against his ears, desperate to block out the sound. I loved you. And you tore me apart!
Flame bursts forth from the sand. The fire roars around him, growing closer and closer. It wants to consume him.
The Force flares wildly, an anguish so profound that Obi-Wan doubles over.
I’m lost, the voice whispers. You lost me.
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just-dreaming-marvel · a day ago
The Bond Between Us ~ 1
Tumblr media
Word Count: 3,000ish
Summary: Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and his mission group get stranded on Tatoonie. There he meets two strong children in the Force.
Notes: Please read the post linked here! Also, remember that this is just the beginning of the story. This will be an Obi-Wan x Fem!Reader story, but patience.
Tumblr media
There was something thick in the air when you woke that morning. It wasn’t physical, you couldn’t see it, but you could feel it. Something was coming, and you could feel that it was going to change everything. It stayed with you as your brother went to work and you helped your mother with her slave chores.
“Y/N,” your mother, Shmi, called from the hovel doorway. “Time to come inside, there’s a sandstorm coming.”
“I’ll be right in!” You responded.
As you finished cleaning up, you gasped. Someone was coming closer, and they were powerful. A power you have only ever felt in Anakin. You looked up to see Anakin leading a group toward you. You quickly ran inside, ignoring your mother’s questions about what’s wrong. 
“Mom! Mom!” Anakin shouted as he entered the hovel with the group that was following him. “I’m home.”
“Dissen cozy,” the strange looking one with the long, floppy ears stated.
Shmi exited her work area only to be startled by the room full of people. You watched from behind a wall.
“Oh, my!” Shmi exclaimed. “Ani, what’s this?”
“These are my friends, mom,” Anakin answered. “This is Padme,” he pointed to the young woman, “and… gee, I don’t know any of your names.”
“I’m Qui-Gon Jinn,” the older man responded. You could tell that he was the one you seemed to be sensing. “And this is Jar Jar Binks.” 
Qui-Gon pointed to the strange creature. A droid beeped from beside them, having gone unnoticed by you until then. As you stared at the droid, Qui-Gon noticed you. He could immediately sense something strong within you, easier than he had with Anakin.
“And our droid, R2D2,” Padme added. 
“I’m building a droid,” Anakin stated excitedly. “You wanna see?”
“Anakin,” Shmi called for her son’s attention. “Why are they here?”
“Your son was kind enough to offer us shelter,” Qui-Gon responded, finally turning his focus back to the others.
“Come on!” Anakin said as he took Padme’s hand. “Let me show you 3PO!”
Anakin pulled Padme passed Y/N and into another room. R2 followed. Qui-Gon digged into a his utility belt and pulled out five small capsules, handing them over to Shmi.
“I have enough food for a meal,” Qui-Gon told her.
“Oh, thank you,” Shmi said. “Thank you so much. I’m sorry if I was abrupt. I’ll never get used to Anakin’s surprises.”
“He’s a very special boy.”
You watched as your mother looked at Qui-Gon as if he had discovered some sort of secret.
“Yes,” she said softly. “I know.”
Qui-Gon’s eyes found yours. You watched cautiously as he took a few steps towards you and then crouched down.
“Hello,” he greeted. “I am Qui-Gon Jinn. What’s your name?”
“Y/N,” you whispered.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Y/N.” He smiled. He could sense your Force signature studying his, even though he was sure that you had absolutely no idea that you were doing that.
“What are you doing here?”
“Your brother was kind enough to offer us shelter from the sandstorm.”
You shook your head. “That’s not what I mean.” You stepped out from behind the wall and scowled at the man in front of you. “What are you doing here on Tatoonie?”
“Y/N!” Shmi scolded. “That is no way to talk to a guest. Go get cleaned up.”
“Sorry,” you mumbled. You turned away and went to go clean up.
“I’m sorry about that,” Shmi apologized to Qui-Gon.
He straightened up and faced Shmi. “It is not a problem,” he said. “Are Y/N and Anakin twins?”
“Yes,” Shmi nodded.
“She seems just as special as him.”
The wind howled outside as the group gathered around the makeshift table in the hovel. Jar Jar slurped his soup loudly, earning annoyed looks from the group. Shmi and Anakin were answering questions as you ate quietly, taking it all in.
“All slaves have transmitters place inside their bodies somewhere,” Shmi explained.
“I’ve been working on a scanner to try and locate them,” Anakin told them, “but no luck.”
“Any attempt to escape—“
“And they blow you up! Poof!”
Jar Jar looked horrified. “How wude.”
“I can’t believe there is still slavery in the galaxy,” Padme stated. “The republic’s anti-slavery laws—“
“The republic doesn’t exist out here,” Shmi responded. “We must survive on our own.”
An awkward silence filled the room. You could feel Qui-Gon’s eyes on you, studying you. He was getting more and more interesting in you and your brother the longer he was with you both, but you were especially intriguing. Earlier, your Force signature had been strong, exploring his own. But the moment Shmi had scolded you earlier, the barriers in your mind shot up and he had yet to feel you since.
“How you ever seen a podrace?” Anakin asked, breaking the awkward silence.
Padme shook her head no, noticing the concern from Shmi about the question. You watched as Jar Jar snatched some food from a bowl at the opposite end of the table with his tongue. You cringed while Qui-Gon gave him a dirty look.
“They have podracing on Malastare,” Qui-Gon responded. “Very fast, very dangerous.”
“I’m the only human who can do it,” Anakin stated. Shmi shot her son a look. “Mom, what? I’m not bragging. It’s true. Watto says he’s never heard of a human doing it.”
“You must have Jedi reflexes if you race pods.”
Anakin smiled, proud of that compliment. Jar Jar attempted to grab another piece of food with his tongue, only for his tongue to quickly get caught between Qui-Gon’s thumb and forefinger.
“Don’t do that again,” Qui-Gon ordered.
Qui-Gon let Jar Jar’s tongue go. It snapped back into Jar Jar with a dramatic fashion. You laughed quietly, earning a smile from Qui-Gon.
“I—I was wondering something,” Anakin said.
“What?” Qui-Gon questioned.
“Well, ahh—you’re a Jedi Knight, aren’t you?”
“What makes you think that?”
“I saw your laser sword. Only Jedi carry that kind of weapon.”
Qui-Gon leaned back with a slow growing smile. “Perhaps I killed a Jedi and stole it from him.” Your brows furrowed as you sensed he was lying.
“I don’t think so. No one can kill a Jedi Knight.”
“I wish that were so…” You could sense a brief sadness radiating off of Qui-Gon.
“I had a dream I was a Jedi. I came back here and freed all the slaves. Have you come to free us?”
“No, I’m afraid not…”
“I think you have.”
“If you are not here to free us, then why are you here?” You finally spoke up, repeating your question from earlier.
Qui-Gon looked at you as he thought for a moment. “I can see there’s no fooling either of you,” Qui-Gon responded. He leaned forward. “You mustn’t let anyone know about us. We’re on our way to Coruscant, the central system in the Republic, on a very important mission, and it must be kept secret.”
“Coruscant,” Anakin repeated, “wow… how did you end up here in the Outer Rim?”
“Our ship was damaged, and we’re stranded here until we can repair it,” Padme explained.
“I can’t help! I can fix anything!”
“I believe you can,” Qui-Gon said, “but our first job is to acquire the parts we need—“
“Wit no-nutten mulga to trade,” Jar Jar added. You cringed, hating the way this create spoke.
“These junk dealers must have a weakness of some kind,” Padme said.
“Gambling,” Shmi replied. “Everything here revolves around betting on those awful races.”
“Podracing… greed can be a powerful ally,” Qui-Gon said, “if it’s used properly.”
“I’ve built a racer!” Anakin said excitedly. “It’s the fastest ever. There’s a big reach tomorrow, on Boonta Eve. You could enter my pod. It’s all but finished.”
“Anakin, settle down,” Shmi directed. “Watto won’t let you—“
“Watto doesn’t know I’ve built it.” Anakin turned to Qui-Gon. “You could make him think it’s your’s, and you could get him to let me pilot it for you.”
Your heart clenched. You and your mother both hated when Anakin raced. You never knew if he would survive. Qui-Gon glanced your way, sensing your worry.
“I don’t want you to race, Ani,” Shmi said. “It’s awful. I die every time Watto makes you do it.”
“But mom, I love it. And they need help… they’re in trouble. The prize money would more than pay for the parts they need.”
“Wesa ina pity bad goo,” Jar Jar agreed.
“Your mother’s right,” Qui-Gon says. “Is there anyone friendly to the Republic who might be able to help us?”
“Not in this system,” you responded as Shmi shook her head.
“We have to help them, mom,” Anakin pled. “You said that the biggest problem in the universe is no one helps each other.”
“Anakin, stop.” You glared at your brother. You could feel how scared your mother was about all of this.
“I’m sure Qui-Gon doesn’t want to put Anakin in danger,” Padme said. “We will find another way.”
“No,” Shmi sighed, “Ani’s right. There is no other way… I may not like it, but he can help you. He was meant to help you.”
“Is that a yes?” Anakin questioned. Shmi nodded in response. “That is a yes!”
Looking down, you focused on your food. You hated that Anakin was going to risk his life for these people. You knew that he was just trying to be kind. But the thickness around you had stayed with you all day and you were worried that Ani doing this was just make it all worse. 
Qui-Gon watched as you silently stewed in your feelings. The walls protecting your Force signature had slowly dropped and he was able to sense you. You and Anakin were both clearly strong, but in different ways. The Jedi knew that this mission needed to be rushed, but he was interested in learning more about you and your twin.
The sandstorm had passed by the time morning had arrived. You ignored the guests in the hovel as you got ready and set out to help your neighbors clean up the mess made by the storm. The guests and Anakin started their day by going to Watto to see if he would let Anakin race. When they arrived back, they didn’t have to tell you that Anakin was allowed to race. The feelings radiating off the guests and the smile on Anakin’s face said it all.
Qui-Gon found a spot near the hovel as the others followed Anakin to his podracer. You were sweeping the sand off the stairs of the different hovels, listening into Qui-Gon as he spoke into a comm link.
“What if this plan fails, Master?” The person on the other end of the comm link question. His voice immediately calmed you. It was strange, how such a small snippet of the man’s voice sent a wave of peace over you. “We could be stuck here for a long time.”
“A ship without power supply will not get us anywhere,” Qui-Gon stated. “And, there is something about these twins…” 
Qui-Gon met your eye briefly, causing you to quickly focus back on your work, still listening in. Shmi joined Qui-Gon outside. 
“You should be proud of your son,” Qui-Gon complimented. “He gives without any thought of reward.”
“He knows nothing of greed,” Shmi responded. “He has…”
“He has special powers… both of them do.”
“He can see things before they happen. That’s why he appears to have such quick reflexes. Y/N can feel emotions and sense changes around her. Those are Jedi traits.”
“They deserve better than a slave’s life.”
“The Force is unusually strong with them both, that much is clear. Who was their father?”
“There was no father, that I know of… I carried them, I gave birth to them… I can’t explain what happened… can you help them?”
“I’m afraid not. Had they been born in the Republic, we would have identified them early, and they would have become Jedi, no doubt. But it’s too late for them now, their too old.”
Qui-Gon’s brows furrowed as he sensed a tinge of disappointment. He turned to see that you were glaring down at the steps that you had been absentmindedly sweeping. Closing his eyes, Qui-Gon focused on his own Force signature and pushed it out to you. Your shoulders sagged as you felt comfort dancing around you. You looked up at Qui-Gon to see him smiling at you. You gave him a slight nod before going back to your work. 
Qui-Gon headed over to the podracer to help. You stopped your cleaning and came to stand next to your mother. The two of you watched as the podracer’s engines roared to life, causing everyone to cheer. You looked at your home to see her smiling sadly.
Slipping your hand into hers, you asked, “what’s wrong, mom?”
She looked down at you with a fake smile, trying to get you to believe she was alright. You could see right through it. “It’s nothing, Y/N. I promise.”
Later that night, you found yourself on the back balcony of the hovel, staring at the stars above. Qui-Gon and Anakin joined you. Anakin sat on the balcony rail, staring up at the stars as well, as Qui-Gon began tending to one of Anakin’s cuts.
“Sit still, Ani,” Qui-Gon requested. “Let me clean this cut.”
“There are so many!” Anakin stated. “Do they all have a system of planets?”
“Most of them.”
“Has anyone been to them all?”
Qui-Gon laughed slightly. “Not likely.”
“I want to be the first one to see them all—ouch!”
You flinched as the brief pinch of pain that you could feel. The Jedi Master noticed out of the corner of his eye. Qui-Gon focused up and wiped a patch of blood off of Anakin’s arm. 
“There, good as new,” the Jedi told him.
“Ani, Y/N, bedtime!” Shmi yelled from inside the hovel.
You went to go inside when you noticed Qui-Gon scrape some of Anakin’s blood onto a comm link chip. You stepped closer.
“What are you doing?” You asked.
“Checking Ani’s blood for infections,” Qui-Gon responded. He grabbed another chip. “I can do the same for you.” 
Though you weren’t sure that you believed him about checking for infections, you reached your arm out and gave him your hand. Qui-Gon gently poked your finger with the chip, getting some blood. You could feel something trying to gain your trust. Looking into Qui-Gon’s eyes, you could tell it was him.
“Ani! Y/N!” Shmi yelled again. “I’m not going to tell you two again!”
Qui-Gon smiled. “Go on,” he encouraged. “Big day tomorrow. Goodnight.”
You and Anakin went inside and started getting ready for bed. Qui-Gon stayed outside. He slipped the chips into the comm link before calling his Padawan.
“Obi-Wan,” he called.
“Yes, Master,” Obi-Wan responded.
“Make an analysis of the blood samples I’m sending you.”
“Wait a minute…”
“I need a midi-chlorian count.”
“Alright. I’ve got it.”
“What are your readings?”
“Something must be wrong with the transmission.”
“Here’s a signal check.”
“Strange. The transmission seems to be in good order, but the readings are off the chart… both are over twenty thousand.”
“That’s it then.”
“Even Master Yoda doesn’t have a midi-chlorian count that high!”
“No Jedi has.”
“What does it mean?”
“I’m not sure.”
Qui-Gon hung up on his Padawan. Thinking, he glances around to see Shmi in the doorway watching him. Embarrassed, she went back inside while the Jedi pondered the situation.
“Anakin?” You called softly from your bed.
“Yes?” Your brother replied.
“Do you have to do this?”
“They need help and I’m the only one who is able to.”
“I understand that… it’s just… don’t you feel it?”
“Feel what?”
“That this is going to change everything.”
“Y/N,” Anakin propped himself up on his side, “I’ll be fine. Everyone will be fine. Trust me.”
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i was made for loving you, baby.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
SUMMARY: A collection of one-shots featuring Anakin Skywalker | Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi and sometimes a little bit of both from July Writing Challenge 2021
oh darling, it's alarming to think of us apart obi-wan x reader
the end of the world anakin skywalker x reader
ongoing ...
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fairydxll · 6 months ago
𝟏.𝟑𝐤 𝐜𝐞𝐥𝐞𝐛𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
thank you for 1.3k followers. i love all of you so so much. thank you for all the support, it means the world !! kinda copying cinta with this celebration ngl 😗
Tumblr media
harry potter recs
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