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#ahsoka tano
cranity · 2 days ago
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My piece for @untoldstoriescwzine! Anakin following Ahsoka as she finds her second kyber crystal for her second saber
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jenniferbrincho · 2 days ago
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Ladies day out
Drew this a while ago for @untoldstoriescwzine :)
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kurrpip · a day ago
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I drew some of my favorite star wars characters from the animated series! I stuck to those who originated from the series, so sorry Plo Koon, Maul and others, but you don’t qualify.
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autumnchild22 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
“Fulcrum Leader, this is Fulcrum One, over.”
“Fulcrum One, this is Fulcrum Leader, I read you loud and clear.”
“Watch your nose, Fulcrum Two, you’re coming in too tight. Ease back on your throttle.”
Watched Dunkirk for the first time this week, shocked I’ve never sat down to watch it before. Entire time I was swapping the pilots on screen out for Ahsoka and Barriss (because I’m a menace to society) so here. Have Ahsoka (with the world on her shoulders), and her growing squad. (the rando is Collins (Dunkrik), because I thought... why not? Try and stop me.)
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symeona · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
[image description: it's a drawing of Ahsoka Tano from season seven of The Clone Wars. She's kneeling on one knee and she's looking off to the side, presumably glaring at Darth Maul. Her lightsabers are held over her head in a way that frames her. End of i.d]
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gffa · a day ago
not sure what's happening in this hell fandom but here's a pallet cleanser
Tumblr media
I kept this in my inbox for several days because I wanted to hoard it to myself, but now that I'm calmer again, I want to share it with everyone because everyone should see this precious baby that will make your day better.
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huntingrays · 3 days ago
welcome to today’s installment of “who has the braincell?”
obi-wan: he has the braincell unless he’s with anakin and ahsoka. in that case, ahsoka has the braincell and she only uses it to think “women pretty”
anakin: has never had the braincell in his life
ahsoka: sometimes has the braincell but doesn’t often use it
cody: almost always has the braincell unless his being a gay mess
fox: has the braincell but doesn’t want it
rex: lost his braincell after becoming anakin’s captain
wolffe: gave his braincell to plo
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kckenobi · a day ago
On Gravity and Broken Things
fic for Untold Stories: a Clone Wars Zine by @kckenobi and art by @cynderiaopus
She did remember, now, what she’d learned as a youngling, staring up at hologram stars in the Jedi Temple—how even as galaxies grew further and further apart, gravity held together the masses most near to one another.
Ahsoka pulled herself up onto the hood of the speeder and sat back against the windshield. And as she stared up at stars that felt just as elusive as those holograms long ago, she found herself wishing for this: that Anakin would look up too.
Obi-Wan, Anakin, Ahsoka, and an unfathomable infinity.
Keep reading
@untoldstoriescwzine leftovers on sale now!
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wankenobae · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You're a good soldier, Rex
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star-wars-forever · 10 hours ago
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Ahsoka and The Bendu
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urfaveisunfuckable · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
ahsoka tano from star wars: rebels is unfuckable!
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babyhowzer · 2 days ago
I want to give Rex as many children as he wants. Seeing what kind of big bro was he to Ahsoka he def would be a perfect daddy
*:・゚✧ 𝗱𝗮𝗱!𝗿𝗲𝘅 𝗵𝗰𝘀
pairing: dad!captain rex x f!reader
warnings: MDNI, brief mention of breeding kink, talk of pregnancy, wholesome dad!rex, wholesome vode and their niece, fluffiest hcs ever, no explicit sexual content!!
a/n: you know i’m just a girl with a bad case of baby fever 🥺 i 10000% agree with you, nonni, i had to go for fluff for this one—hope that’s okay!! <3 feel free to share any other soft thoughts about dad!rex that you want to see my take on <3
- but seriously, this man causes the baby fever in me to elevate even higher than it usually is (if that’s even possible); he’s so gentle and caring behind all that ‘captain’ business, something that we’ve seen with both his little sis and brothers <3
- i wouldn’t be surprised if one day he’d just reveal his MASSIVE breeding kink. you can’t tell me that rex hasn’t thought about having a family of his own after being knocked down a few pegs at cut and suu’s place.
- the idea of having a little family of his own, his own babies that look at him as if he hung all the stars that glitter the skies above them? like actual babies that hold his dna, that look like him; whether than be his nose or his eyes, he helped create that bundle of joy that he calls his child!!
- just picture post-war rex, no order 66 or any of that sad shit :(( just a man whose efforts helped win the war and kept the galaxy safe. so, of course it’s only fair the man can finally go public with you, showing you off and just cheering you on every opportunity he gets—and you, of course, are there with his gift (pssst da gift is da coochie)
- no surprise when you’re waddling around with a miniature captain growing inside you, constantly kicking just like his fricking dad and leaving you restless, waking you on many occasions.
- for example, one time when rex had a long night at work (permanent position at the GAR but more to do with admin for now!!) and finds you awake at an awfully late time.
- “hey, what’s wrong? s’everything okay, sweetpea?”
- “your baby can’t seem to settle—just like their bu, huh?”
- and then he walks over, kneeling by the side of the bed so he’s level with your bump and has a hand rubbing where he can see the familiar, monster-like imprint of the baby’s foot as they kick.
- “babybug, i know you’re excited and you can’t help but want to say hello whenever you get the chance to, but you have to let your mama here sleep. we’re both so excited to meet you, so don’t you worry—there’ll be plenty of time to say hello soon.”
- but you’re not surprised once the baby starts amping up the kicking, the movement hitting rex’s palm as if they’re greeting their dad, recognising his voice and excited that he’d finally come back home.
- “easy, little one, time to settle down, okay? bu’s right here, ad’ika, and so is mama—now, how about we both let her sleep and in the morning you can say hi again to us? that sound like an okay deal for you?”
- and as if it were magic, the baby finally settles, the kicking coming to a stop as if soothed by rex’s voice and presence, and you let out a sigh of relief at it.
- once the baby arrives? she’s the love of his life!!! his own little princess!! (maybe joint spot between the both of you)
- constantly holding her and trying to do everything he can so that you can rest. wants to make recovery as easy and as comfortable as possible for you that he sometimes even forgets the feeding involves the milk from your breasts.
- “rex, baby, you know i have to feed our little babybug; hand her over,”
- “you just relax, cyare, i can deal—”
- “last time i checked, your boobs don’t produce food for our little one, and i haven’t pumped yet,”
- heartbroken that his boobies don’t have any milk and he has to hand her over </3 but is over it as soon as you give him the green light. gently holds her on his lap and burps her, praising her for being so good 🥺
- “there’s the little burp i wanted to hear; good job, ad’ika; think you might even beat ba’vodu fives with how good that burp was, huh?”
- wait wait wait—when he takes her in to work on his day off to show his vode their niece?? these war-torn men, hardened by the destruction they’d been victim to just falling to their knees at how precious their niece is? like, literally TEARING UP at how much they already love her?
- all of them basically fighting over her, wanting to hold her and cuddle her, read her bedtime stories and sing her lullabies that they’d been taught from when they were just little like her.
- “hey, it’s my turn to hold her, echo!”
- “no it’s not, you held her for basically the whole day yesterday!”
- but they needn’t worry as soon enough, you’re expecting your second child!! yeah, rex doesn’t chill for one second when it comes to expanding his family (but is totally respectful if you want to wait a bit longer!)
- and ba’vodu ahsoka? you know she’s entertaining her niece with all the silly force games that she’d constantly get told off for when she was just a youngling (anakin also joins in and on more than one occasion, rex falls victim to building blocks falling from the sky)
- anyways, dad!rex supremacy <3
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swbumblebee · a day ago
Obi-Wan Kenobi sat back in his chair with a satisfied sigh, stretching his arms above his head with a pleasant crack.
He looked at his “done” pile of pads. It was an awfully nice pile.
He sat for a moment in the silence, realising he couldn’t remember the last time he was able to just be alone with his thoughts.
There were two very familiar force presences making their way towards him.
“MASTER! There you are!”
“Hi Master Obi-Wan”
Failing miserably to look long-suffering he couldn’t stop a smile from immediately taking over his face as Anakin and Ahsoka barged quite rudely into his office.
“Hello there, and how are my Padawans this fine afternoon?”
“Not your Padawan anymore – you going to eat that?”
“Fine thanks Master”
“Make yourself comfortable Ahsoka dear, Anakin – put that down!”
Ahh he’d missed the chaos.
Anakin perched on the corner of his desk whilst Ahsoka settled on the other chair in the small office.
“So, Obi-Wan. We were bored and I wanted to teach Snips that game we used to play”
“Hmm? Which game?”
Anakin looked insulted at his lack of mind-reading abilities.
(“That’s not how the force works!” how many times Padawan?)
“You know, that game where you name all the planets in the senate and there’s those cards and things.” He gestured into the air searching for the name “I wanna teach it to Snips but I can’t remember the name or find the rules on the holonet.”
Obi-Wan stared at him, casting his mind back before it dawned.
He looked awkwardly between the two young Jedi in his office.
“…You know that’s not a real game?”
Anakin stared at him, confused.
“What? Sure it is, we used to play all the time”
Obi-Wan cleared his throat, unable to stop his eyebrows raising in surprise at his naïve friend.
“Yes I know but I…made it up. To help you learn about the senate” he clarified, awkwardly.
There was a silent moment, broken by Ahsoka’s amused giggle from the chair. Anakin was looking more and more scandalised by the second. His face going through a rather amusing sequence of emotions
“What?? Teaching? That's…I was learning?” It was vaguely disheartening how surprised his former student was. “What about that other one? With the counters and the hyperlane routes?” he asked, outraged.
“Well...yes?” Obi-Wan felt the bizarre need to defend himself against accusations of clandestine teaching. “I needed to teach you and you didn't like lessons!”
“I can’t believe it!” The Master was starting to feel a bit sorry for his former student. Clearly torn between bewilderment and betrayal. “That whole time you were teaching me?!” the young man cried.
Obi-Wan took a moment to appreciate the bizarreness of the conversation.
“Well yes…when I was your teacher I was…teaching you” he confirmed slowly. “Rather wish we’d worked on your critical thinking a little more though” he said to Ahsoka with a wink as Anakin stood up and began pacing.
“Anakin I’m-“
“What else did you make up to “teach” me?” he demanded, disgusted.
Obi-Wan weighted it over for a second before confessing.
“…that song about the sabre forms? That’s not a real song.” He admitted.
Ahsoka giggled again.
Anakin looked at him with wide incredulous eyes.
“I can’t believe this! That whole time I thought we were having fun you were teaching me?”
Choosing not to be insulted by the distain his friend placed on the noblest profession, the Jedi Master gave a fond sigh.
“Anakin, teaching you was the joy of my life. As I’m sure, teaching Ahsoka has been yours.” He said, enjoying the fond look the two of them exchanged and the swell of happiness in the Force. “And I’m terribly sorry but yes, for the time you were my apprentice, I was in fact, teaching you. Please accept my sincere apologies.” He said flatly.
His former apprentice narrowed his eyes, searching for sarcasm. Finding none, he cleared his throat.
“Yeah well…just don’t talk to me for a while OK?” he said sulkily, gently brushing his elbow against his Master’s shoulder as he headed into the kitchen.
There was a moment of silence, Obi-Wan winked at Ahsoka conspiratorially counting down on his fingers until…
“What tea do you want old man?” came the grumble from the kitchen.
They smiled at each other.
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Sabine: Do you think it's enough?
Ahsoka looking at the cache of weapons Sabine brought: If we need more than this, we're doing something very wrong.
Sabine: Or something very right.
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incorrectclonewars · 2 days ago
Quinlan Vos: If you had to choose between Maul and all the money I have in my wallet, which would you choose?
Ahsoka: That depends, how much money are we talking about?
Maul: Lady Tano!
Quinlan Vos: 63 cents.
Ahsoka: I'll take the money.
Maul: AHSOKA!!!
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