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#ahsoka tano
thegreencarousel · a day ago
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A character lineup I threw up quickly for a job application XD Featuring the civilian covers for my Codywan SpyAU (tldr they are a Mr and Mr Smith), with the Barrisoka couple having failed their civilain cover class because they look lit and the Codywan couple blowing that class out of the water XD Omega is in this story because I like the look of her and I kind of want to draw her haha. In this AU Cody’s civilian cover is an administrative archivist while Obi-Wan is a librarian and when they saw each other they went oh wow he is boring I am in love the perfect cover for me XD Barriss is a med student while Ahsoka is a mech-eng student and these two do not blend in with the populace they look like two final fantasy cosplayers but it is also a very effective cover as well XD Anyway I haven’t slept since yesterday because I was really pushing my hand to finish this ;u;
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twilightofthe · 2 days ago
Padawan 1
Squashed her trauma like a bug deep inside her brain, joined the resistance movement as a spy IMMEDIATELY
Padawan 2
Drank his trauma and also squashed it, turned grifter and general freedisaster spirit
Padawan 3
From what I can see, probably processed his trauma the healthiest?  Worked odd jobs and tried his best to help others
Padawan 4
uhhhh Sith Inquisitor?  Oops????  Not ENTIRELY her fault, actively wields her trauma alongside her lightsaber
Padawan 5
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incorrectswquotes · 2 days ago
Ahsoka : What's a word that's a mix between 'sad' and 'mad'?
Obi-Wan: Disgruntled, miserable, desolated-
Anakin : Smad
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archer973 · a day ago
I am dying thinking about the potential relationship between Ahsoka and the Wolfpack
Like, Anakin (and Obi-Wan, let’s be real here) may be her master, but Plo Koon was (is) her (father) Finder, and right from the beginning we see how much they mean to each other. So yes, in the 501st and 212th she is Commander Ahsoka Tano, respected and loved by the men she serves with. But in the 104th...
A child can’t even sniffle around the clones without getting adopted, so just imagine what it would be like for the Wolfpack to hear their general call her Little Soka and comfort her and encourage her in a way that even this army of orphans can tell is paternal. And then they find out about how he found her, about the cage and the slaver, and it’s all over, she’s their little sister now and that is a threat
Of course they don’t say anything, because that would be improper and probably against regs, but just imagine it: standing around during a briefing and Ahsoka complains that its cold and suddenly Comet has draped a blanket around her without saying a damn word. Or they’re on campaign and Ahsoka is looking through the MREs wistfully for one with actual meat in it, some of us are carnivores you know and suddenly Sinker tosses her a stick of bantha jerky, then just keeps on walking.
It all comes to a head when Rex, concerned that his Commander hasn’t slept for the last 48 hours, finds her sacked out on Commander kriffing Wolffe’s shoulder, snoozing away while the unbothered Commander reads reports on his datapad, as if Rex wasn’t standing there about to have an aneurysm. 
“Why - ?” “She was tired.” “But...” And then Wolffe gives Rex A Look that makes him decide, you know what, he’s probably better off not knowing
(Ahsoka figured it out about a year into the war and takes ruthless advantage of it. Master Plo just watches indulgently as his Little Soka wheedles her big brothers into teaching her how to play sabacc and letting her take the new AT walker out for a spin.)
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schlorbe · a day ago
Tumblr media
ahsokas concept winter fit
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incorrectclonewars · a day ago
Anakin: I have changed all my passwords to "incorrect".
Ahsoka: Why?
Anakin: Because if I ever forget, it will remind me, "your password is incorrect".
Ahsoka: That is the most genius piece of idiocy I have ever heard.
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palprotein · 16 hours ago
Mace: what was the first thing Obi-Wan said when he woke up?
Anakin: he said ‘where am I, Ahsoka?’
Mace: and why did that upset you?
Anakin: my name is ‘Anakin’
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royalhandmaidens · 3 days ago
Can you do Ahsoka for the fashion thing next?? These are all so beautiful!
i feel like she’d really rock some denim + a hijab style that shows off some earrings!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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phoenixyfriend · 19 hours ago
If you're still doing the first sentence thingy; "So what are we supposed to do now, steal a planet?"
let’s do that thing the cool kids are doing
Leave the first sentence of a fic in my askbox and i will write the next five.
Ahsoka means it as a joke, and she will insist on that until the end of time if it means that Obi-Wan stops giving her that look, because... well.
Anakin's eyes light up. "Yes. Yes, that's exactly--YES, absolutely, we're going to steal a planet."
"We are not," Obi-Wan immediately protests, whipping around to stare Anakin down.
"Oh, come on, Obi-Wan, you have to admit that it worked last time!"
"...last time, sir?" Cody quietly asks, and he sounds very disappointed in all of them.
Obi-Wan pinches the bridge of his nose and visibly--at least to Ahsoka--tries not to groan in frustration.
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multifandomnonsense · a day ago
Ahsoka: *hacks into Anakin’s data pad*
Rex: Wait, how’d you do that?
Ahsoka: his user name and password is Padme
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obi wan, walking into the 501 barracks on the night of september 21st because he can hear vague, loud music from outside and he’s curious:
anakin: BA-DEE-YA
anakin and ahsoka, in a horribly sung harmony: BA-DEE-YA
fives and echo, in an even worse harmony: BA-DEE-YA
*tup pauses the music and his dancing*
obi-wan: have you guys been listening to this song on loop for the past three hours
cody, hiding behind fives:
all of the 501st:
all of the 212th:
anakin: may- maybe
obi-wan: because it’s the 21st night of september
ahsoka, a smile spreading across her face: *nods vigorously*
obi-wan: huh, i see
obi-wan: *presses play with the force* BA-DU BA-DU
everyone, in the worst harmony of all: BA-DU BA-DU BA-DU BA-DU BA-DU-DA YEAH
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smallandangry24 · a day ago
Why Cody Doesn’t Hate Wolffe But Would Kick Him Down a Flight of Stairs
Cody Headcanons Part 2
His scar might be cooler. Like he knows his is cooler than Wolffe’s, but he wants everyone else to be sure. Not that it’s a competition.
Sibling rivalry. These two are closer in age, rank, and batch so you KNOW there was some making-eye-contact-across-a-debriefing-room-I’m-gonna-kick-your-shebs action going on there
Looked at Obi Wan once
Might have him beat for 1st place in scariest commander brood
Wolffe was sent to rescue Rex, Obi Wan, and the rest of the disaster lineage on Kadavo while Cody was flipping out on some Star destroyer.
Cannot for the love of Ashla figure out what type of conditioner he uses (it’s gonna be so bad when someone finally tells him it’s 3-in-1)
Drinks A LOT of caf, which wouldn’t be a problem, except he drinks it all before Cody, Lord of the Insomniacs can get there.
His Di’Kut of a general doesn’t keep dropping his kriffing light saber
Was disrespectful to R2
Tumblr media
The infamous emblem argument of 21BBY ☀️ 🐺
Implied that he could beat Cody in a sword fight.
Why Wolffe Hates Cody
doesnt. Completely oblivious. Literally has no idea there’s even a “rivalry,” as much as it can be called that when it’s one-sided.
This post was requested by @yavielin-feanarien ! I really enjoyed working in this post so thank you!
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drunkenmantis · a day ago
Tumblr media
A quick Ahsoka Tano practice during work break #starwars
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ahsokryze · 2 days ago
prompt 15 for obi wan and ahsoka if its no trouble?
of course! thanks for the prompt // from these prompts
15 - humming / singing them to sleep
After successfully lighting the fire (which took many attempts), Ahsoka returns to sit by her fever-addled Grandmaster’s side, running a gentle hand through his sweaty auburn locks.
“An’kin?” Obi-Wan slurs, shifting over in his sleeping bag to blink dazedly up at Ahsoka. Ahsoka rests her palm over his forehead—still too hot.
“No, Master.” Ahsoka lifts her hand from his forehead and returns to gently carding her fingers through his hair, not missing the way Obi-Wan lets out a soft whine as he tries to follow her touch. “It’s me—Ahsoka.”
“Yeah, Master.”
Obi-Wan seems to acknowledge that, before a fever-borne shiver racks through his body. He closes his eyes with a murmur.
“’s cold.”
Taking hold of the green fabric of Obi-Wan’s current cocoon, Ahsoka lifts the edge of the sleeping bag over his shoulders, tucking him in nice and warm. Obi-Wan seems to appreciate the gesture, letting out a soft breath and a low hum.
“Just rest now, Master.” Ahsoka says, as her hand returns to Obi-Wan’s hair, letting him relax with each gentle stroke.
Ahsoka looks over to the fire, watching as burning embers float into the air. Some burn out and float to the ground, while others seem to join the stars; a collection of hope, bringing light to the darkness of the night. A gentle breeze can be heard, bristling through the leaves of nearby trees, standing tall against the starry horizon. Soon, a sudden gust picks up, and Ahsoka feels Obi-Wan shudder beneath her.
“Shhh…it’s okay,” Ahsoka soothes, as Obi-Wan lets out a small whimper, blinking up at her with fever-glazed eyes. “Just go to sleep, Master. Anakin will be here soon.”
Ahsoka lays down on top of her sleeping bag, readjusting her position to lie beside her Grandmaster. She returns her gaze to the clear night sky above, her hand returning to its place in Obi-Wan’s hair.
As her gentle caressing resumes in his tresses, Ahsoka finds herself thinking back to a time closer to the start of the war; a sick Padawan and a caring Grandmaster. A caring Grandmaster who sung the feverish Padawan to sleep, while they waited for the Padawan’s Master to return to them. An almost identical situation to the one Ahsoka finds herself in now.
Only now, the Grandmaster and Padawan’s roles are reversed. And it is Ahsoka’s turn to care for her Grandmaster as he had once cared for her.
Taking a breath, Ahsoka lets the words of a familiar lullaby roll off of her tongue and into the crisp night air. Returning the kind act that Obi-Wan had not so long ago carried out for her.
Soon, she can feel the slow rise and fall of Obi-Wan’s breaths beside her, steadying with the soothing mellow of her softly sung words.
Even after she looks over to see that her feverish Grandmaster has fallen fast asleep, Ahsoka continues to hum the gentle melody; her only audience the stars, as her voice coalesces with the nighttime breeze.
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incorrectclonewars · a day ago
Maul: I got us matching friendship bracelets, and you say I don't care about our our relationship.
Ahsoka: ...
Ahsoka: These are handcuffs.
Maul: Ya cause we're partners in crime!
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gameraboy2 · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Ahsoka and Vader by Uzuri Art
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phoenixyfriend · 21 hours ago
first sentence of a fic: In Ahsoka’s defense, Anakin’s rules about what was allowed and what wasn’t were pretty much resigned to “don’t set that on fire.”
let’s do that thing the cool kids are doing Leave the first sentence of a fic in my askbox and i will write the next five.
"You're not keeping them."
Ahsoka clings tighter to the tooka, looking up at Obi-Wan with the biggest, shiniest eyes she can manage. She's a togruta, so her eyes are bigger than a human's, which means her tooka eyes are better than the actual tooka in her arms. "But I love him."
"Commander Cody, please back me up here."
"Anakin would let me," Ahsoka interrupts before Cody can say anything.
"If you get to keep the tooka, the troopers will also want pets. One tooka won't damage productivity, but we are a warship in deep space, and this war regularly loses entire cruisers." Cody tilts his head. His tone isn't unkind, exactly, but it's not soft, either. "You leave the tooka behind in your room to keep it safe, the ship goes down, and what happens to the tooka?"
Logic. Awful.
"We'll take it back to the temple as a creche pet," Obi-Wan assures her. "And you can visit when you've got classes."
They were the worst.
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