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#Star Wars
soclonely · 3 minutes ago
The Toothpick.
Cad Bane. 
Are you Crosshair’s real father? 
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the-scratching-raven · 6 minutes ago
I need more teenage Boba Fett art in my life ASAP
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spicymayo1983 · 12 minutes ago
Hiya. This is chapter 14. The time has finally arrived and you've gone into labor.
As you go through a long labor in the hospital you and Poe reflect on your relationship and how life will change once the baby is here.
Warnings, childbirth, some language, this is mainly a fluff chapter but I'll still add the under 18 warning because the previous chapters are too sexy. Lol.
Tumblr media
Your screams jolted Poe right out of a sound sleep.
It was 4 AM, as usual you were awakened by pressure and the intense urge to pee.
The baby absolutely loved to curl up and snooze right on your bladder for whatever reason.
He was just a baby and he already had to make things weird, you thought with a chuckle.
Things don't feel quite right after you relieve yourself.
It was the morning after sex with your husband and you assumed the discomfort was from taking him in too deep.
Your water has broken, all over the bathroom floor. The pain is the worst you've ever felt, Poe heard your anguished screams and ran into the bathroom.
"The baby is coming!" You shriek as the pain has you practically doubled over. "We need to go, now".
Once at the hospital you are admitted into the maternity ward. You're in active labor but you've refused pain medication.
You want to deliver your child as naturally as possible..
To distract you from the pain you and Poe talk, mainly you reflect on your long relationship.
You had gone from childhood best friends, to teenage lovers to married couple having a baby in your 30's.
You are resting in bed, on your side, breathing in and out while you time your contractions.
Poe was holding your hand, rubbing your back and offering you kisses and words of encouragement.
You can see the excitement and fear in his dark eyes. Part of him is excited that his son will be here but the other part of him hates to see you suffer through the pain of labor.
But you're a strong woman, and you're handling labor surprisingly well.
"I don't know how you can tolerate this". Poe tells you as he leans over and kisses you softly. "You're amazing".
"I would be thrilled just to have this baby out of me". You tell him with a soft smile. "The little guy has worn out his welcome".
"Remember when we were both 4 and our mothers introduced us to each other?" Poe tells you with a laugh. "Because I sure do".
"Ugh, you were such a little dork". You tease with a hearty laugh. "How can I forget?"
Yavin 4, 30+ years earlier
The Bey-Dameron farm and the Lanith-Erris farms were next door to each other.
When you were both 4 your mother's arranged a meeting and play date with you and Poe.
Poe was such a beautiful little child, with large, dark eyes and a messy mop of out of control, curly hair on his head.
But he was extremely shy around you at first. In fact as soon as Poe laid his eyes on you for the first time he ran off and hid in a nearby outbuilding.
It took a couple more play dates before he actually began to talk to you. But eventually the ice broke and the two of you became fast friends.
Present day
"I guess it was love at first sight?" Poe said with a slight laugh and a shrug of his shoulders.
"You were so adorable, though". You tell him with a laugh as you wince through the pain. "I can only hope our son is half as cute as you were".
"Hey remember when we were 7 and you wanted to know if boys were different than girls?" He continued, blushing a little. "You pulled your dress up and panties down and I took my pants off, and well, our moms caught us?"
"I'm still slightly dead inside from that". You tell him, your laugh becoming heartier. "Ugh, so mortifying!"
"I kept warning you that boys were different but you wouldn't listen". Poe continued, still laughing. "You didn't believe me so I showed you".
"To this day I'm still wondering why, at 7, you weren't wearing any underwear". You tease, giggling hysterically.
"I was planning on showing you that day and figured it would be easier without any added steps". He explained, still laughing.
"You didn't have to scream and run away when I lifted my dress up". You tease.
"Well, you just said gross and covered your eyes". Poe said with a slight laugh. "So my response was more innocent".
"Oh shut up, you have the nerve to talk about innocence when you were commando at 7". You continue, as you feel your contractions get more intense and closer together.
"I'll never forget our first kiss". Poe continued, leaning down and kissing you softly.
Yavin 4, 25 years ago
You've known each other since you were 4 and had become best friends. You were both 12, and you had noticed the sweet little boy next door was maturing into a handsome teen.
It was a time in your life when you were becoming interested in boys. You had recently gotten your first period and felt like an adult.
Poe had mild acne and just a tiny amount of stubble on his face. His voice had recently changed too.
After spending the day climbing trees and hiking with him the two of you take a break in a small clearing next to a large tree.
It was a flawless Spring day, not too much wind and the temperature felt just right.
You were both on your backs, relaxing and looking at the clouds drift by together.
Poe had his arms wrapped around you affectionately, you were cuddling.
"I don't know what I'd do without you, y/n". He told you, whispering softly into your ear.
The two of you snuggle closer, Poe surprises you by kissing you softly on the lips.
You giggle softly and kiss him back.
Present day
"That was adorable". You tell him, closing your eyes from pain. "It was the perfect first kiss".
"I had feelings for you and just went for it". Poe explained, smiling softly. "And here we are today, preparing to welcome our son into the world".
"I knew that day that I was going to spend the rest of my life with you". You tell him, your eyes meeting his. "It was meant to be all along".
You were getting exhausted physically. Your labor still wasn't progressing as quickly as you'd hope it would.
You manage to somehow fall asleep, Poe is seated next to you and dozes off too.
When you are awakened by the doctor and nurse you're fully dilated and ready to go.
It's very early in the morning and you are half asleep when you start pushing.
Five big pushes later and you're done. Your beautiful baby boy is born.
You're proud that you did it with no medication.
He's only a few moments old but it's clear whom he resembles more. He had dark hair and his father's beautiful eyes.
He looked like a tiny doll with perfect little features, you were obviously biased but he was gorgeous.
The nurses in the room were all gushing over him too.
He has a loud, robust cry too. It's clear that he's a warrior too.
You're in tears as you cradle your newborn in your arms, swaddled in a soft blue blanket.
He's little, just over 6lbs and 20 inches long, but he's extremely healthy.
"Isn't he so handsome?" Poe says with a light laugh as he cradles his newborn son in his arms for the first time. "Only ten minutes old and already breaking hearts".
"You're only saying that because he looks just like you". You tease with a smile as you close your eyes from exhaustion.
"What are we going to name this little guy?" Poe asks as he kisses him on the head.
"Boe". You reply, smiling softly. "Boe and Poe, isn't that adorable?"
"I love it". He replies, smiling. "Watch out galaxy, Boe and Poe are here".
End of chapter 14
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fadcdhqpromo · 13 minutes ago
Tumblr media
memories are faded or missing, but not forever... 
for some people they feel like they have been in sydney their whole life or a few years, they feel like this place is their home and have no problems living here. sure they can’t leave, but for some reason, they never really wanted to. however, there are other people out there who have recently arrived who are upsetting the status quo of the city, people who know this isn’t their home because they have all their memories unlike some. when they were brought to sydney, something went wrong and they were able to keep their memories.
everyday, new people are arriving who still have their memories intact, and they are causing the population of the city to slowly regain their memories. some try to still live in blissful arrogance, not wanting to disrupt the happy life they have made in the town. but the longer they push away their returning memories, the faster the memories are coming back. and now while quite a lot of people have their memories back, there are still a bit of people who only have a faded memory of their past life. and everyday new people regain their memories or arrive with a fully intact memory and those with abilities are starting to see their abilities return.
and the peaceful city that has been in harmony for years, is no longer the peaceful place it once was. there is more conflict than ever in the city and some people are trying to help keep the peace, while others just want to raise hell. all that people are sure of is that the city will never be the place it was, and no one knows how they got here, how to leave, or who is behind this. welcome to sydney.
summary: fadcdhq is a multifandom rp that takes place in sydney, australia in a different universe than where all the characters and fandoms came from. the city is filled with only people who are from fandoms since the world is a blank world. so people remember where they come from, while others don’t or only have some memories of the place they use to call home. though, there is something that they all share, none of them can leave the limits of the city and they can only go so far into the ocean before they can’t go any further. and no one knows why that is the case or who has done it.
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teletraan-meets-jarvis · 20 minutes ago
Happy Bad Batch day folks!! ❤️ I wonder how Mr Filoni is going to torture our emotions this week 😭😂
Tumblr media
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lilhawkeye3 · 20 minutes ago
2. Kiss on the forehead • from this prompt list
Clone Trooper Glitch • prompt masterlist
For @maiseey who deserves a smol kith on the forehead too 💕
He watches over the others with a solemn sincerity from the side of the encampment. It’s the dead of night after an intense battle, and the rest of the battalion is scattered around the cold ground, curled around their cots, weapons, armor and each other.
It’s a mournful peace. Glitch can tell not all of his brothers are asleep, despite how well they pretend to each other and themselves.
It’s part of why he’s thankful for his watch post. He doesn’t have to force himself to fake it. Instead, he’s able to harness all his swirling emotions into his work here in the moment: keeping his family safe.
He wouldn’t be able to sleep anyways, if he was there among them. The pulsing presence of his vode’s lives around him would have kept him up the whole night. He would’ve been consumed with counting each and every one of them, remembering the ones that were missing.
The shiny standing at his side hasn’t stopped fidgeting since he came in to relieve the previous trooper’s shift.
(Glitch wonders when he stopped thinking of himself as a shiny and began to apply the term to other vode.)
“You’re Glitch, right?” The shiny speaks up right when Glitch is about to snap and finally ask him to stop moving.
Glitch side-eyes him through his HUD. “Yeah?”
The shiny shifts from one foot to the other. “They say you… well, that you can feel the Force.”
Glitch nods once, slowly. “I can.”
“Do… do you think our vode return to the Force? Like the Jedi say?” The shiny’s voice shakes lightly.
He heaves a long and quiet sigh. Sometimes he wonders the same thing: whether him and all the other clones could have that bit of hope to cling to, that all their fallen brothers still exist in some form in the galaxy and that the same awaits them at their own end. The difference is that none of them are expect to know the answer to that philosophical query… except for Glitch.
“I think so,” he answers, quiet and reverent. It’s the truth— Glitch really does believe the Force will welcome them, just as he knows the Jedi have said. “The Force is in all of us. Even now, I can feel the whole battalion. Like over there,” he gestured to a cluster of three troopers, all laying on their sides. “Trapper still isn’t asleep, so he moved to lay between his batchmates to try and relax. It’s helping— he’ll probably doze off in a few minutes. Or,” he smirked under his helmet, “I can tell how talking to me has calmed your breathing and lightened your stress.”
The shiny’s laugh is sheepish but bright as he steps forward, clasps Glitch’s forearm and pulls him in to tap their helmeted heads together. The keldabe kiss serves as a short but genuine show of his vod’s gratitude, one Glitch is equally grateful for. The simple action grounds him and leaves him with a clear mind when they move back to their watch positions.
The night doesn’t seem quite so dark and lonely anymore.
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justalittlecloud · 22 minutes ago
BerryTime 🍓 ( Dad!Maul and baby tomato 🍅)
Tumblr media
Sweet little tomato offers a strawberry 🍓
@fallenrepublick @patchiefrog @apocalypticwafflekitten
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soclonely · 23 minutes ago
Do you ever see your favorite clone trooper and just...
“Screeeeeeeeee” arm flap
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s1st3r · 32 minutes ago
Ok so ive been working thru ur shipping asks but there’re a couple of tricky ones that i think i’ll sit on for a bit.
So if u still havent had urs answered dont fear!! I have them and am thinking very hardly about it.
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lapisdragon01 · 32 minutes ago
When Crosshair gets sick in between missions, Tech is there to help him.
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degreeinsimping · 35 minutes ago
i really recommend giving the song "Be Alright" by Dean Lewis a listen to! especially the slowed version,,, idk why but I get crosshair vibes 🥺
Firstly, thank you for the song suggestion Anon!! I adore song suggestions! <3 But, I actually already know and love that song (slowed version included)!!
It also lowkey gives me Crosshair vibes as well!! I could totally see an angsty asf Crosshair x reader fic based on the song (possible future fic? 👀)
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lovey-dovey-and-sad · 36 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Inking wip that changes everyone’s face. How could that be? It’s totally not because most of them have deep set eyes that I completely ignored. Nah must be something else and I’ll continue to draw high eyebrows lolll
This is based on snapdragonpop007’s work on ao3 btw
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katelynnwrites · 44 minutes ago
less than an hour to goooo
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echojedis · 48 minutes ago
omega’s theme is so good wtf 
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orderkyloren · 48 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Доброе утро, орденцы! 😊 #starwars #daisyridley ➰ Источник ВК
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