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#Star Wars

Warnings: A touch o’ smut, some unprotected sexy-times, shopping, domesticity, lots of fluff! 

Author’s notes: They’re finally ready to head out to see if they can find a way to not only figure out what’s going on, but stop any further hurt coming from it. What does the future hold for our lovely pair? Oh, we’ll find out in the coming chapters! 



This list of what you need to gather is short: Supplies. Credits. Your own gear and body armor. Aside from that you’re not going to need much else. 

While you’re no space-faring adventuress you’ve spent enough time travelling to know how life aboard a ship goes, with limited space and a significant amount of downtime. Normally you’d be thinking of what to bring to occupy yourself, but now you’re looking forward to spending that time with your Mando— with Paz.

If this evening is any indication you’re going to be more than pleasantly occupied. 

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Ahsoka Tano x Platonic!Reader, angst
prompt: “all I wanted was a happy ending.”


Ahsoka was quiet beside you, something you had found to be characteristic of all Jedi. There was always something plaguing their mind, disrupting their sleep, and playing in their mind again and again, like a record scratch. 

You didn’t need to be a Jedi to sense the heaviness in her heart, you could see it in the way she curled her shoulders inward, her hands uncharacteristically still in her lap. If you noticed the absence of her padawan braid and double lightsabers, you didn’t mention it and instead let the silence stretch between you, the usually comfortable action charged with and emotion you couldn’t put your finger on.

You and Ahsoka had known each other for a long time. With her Master’s frequent visits with Senator Amidala and your presence in the Senate, learning the place where you would one day make bold decisions, it was almost unavoidable. You two had met and immediately bonded over being placed in an arena meant for those older and wiser than you, but prevailing anyway. If anyone were to ask who who the strongest person you knew was, you would say Ahsoka Tano, without hesitation.

So to see her framed for murder and treason, begging for her life before being suddenly found innocent and absolved of all guilt as she watched her friend be charged with the crime?

It was a whirlwind of events that you knew were going to linger in her heart and leave her mouth with a bitter taste. 

Where would she go, from here? She wouldn’t stay here with you. It was too close to everything she used to be and everyone she once had. This was just the first stop on the long road before her.

It was goodbye to the girl who had once been.

“(Y/n), I—”

“You don’t have to explain yourself to me.” 

She looked at you gratefully, but sadness creeped into her gaze. She sighed and looked out at the room you were sitting in, clean but cluttered - full of souvenirs from other planets and senatorial gifts that had no real use other than filling the area. How different your lives were. How safe she felt, hidden in the shuffle

“The Jedi aren’t supposed to have attachments,” she started, her words thoughtful with nostalgia and regret, “but you were one of mine.”

You smiled warmly. “Along with Lux Bonteri, I presume?” 

She made a soft sound that had the echo of laughter and knocked your knees with her own playfully. “You’re terrible,” she teased.

You were smiling, but as the quiet closed in, the sombre mood drifted back toward you, turning your warmth to ice. You considered your friend for a long moment before speaking, unsure of whether or not you wanted an answer. “Are you going to be okay?”

She seemed so fragile, in that moment. For a moment, you had forgotten all the war she had seen, all the deaths that happened there, in her strong, still childish arms.

“All I wanted was a happy ending,” she muttered, her voice wavering as her conviction was lost to tears.

You wrapped your arms around her and Ahsoka cried into your shoulder, each sob that wracked her body strong enough to bring entire armies to their knees. She clung to you, desperate for something solid to fall back on when she slipped.

“I’ll always be here for you, Ahsoka,” you murmured, your cheek resting against her montrals. “And you’ll find your happy ending somewhere out there. I know it.”

And if you closed your eyes, you truly believed it.

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Dral “joined” Death Watch around the time he was 15. He more or less had no choice. (Just a heads up but no they didn’t steal him, recruit him as child or took him from his parents away)

He is now 22 years old and saw his fair share of fights but I’d say nothing too major until the whole Mandalor stuff kicked in

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This week’s theme: references to the classic video games, KotOR I and II!

I can’t fathom the purpose of most of these KotOR references, but I’m almost certain that this one, at least, was completely unintentional. Captain Shan, the holographic imperial shown here almost entirely obscured by a textbox, has the same last name as KotOR I Jedi prodigy Bastila Shan.

There are actually multiple characters with the last name Shan in “Legends” – many of them descendants from Bastila herself – but this milquetoast, moneygrubbing failure is the only remaining canonical Shan. Do your great-great-great-great grandmother proud, buster.

“Lando,” issue 2. Marvel. August 12, 2015. Writer: Charles Soule. Penciller: Alex Maleev. Letterer: Joe Caramagna. Colorist: Paul Mounts.

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