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Yes!! Thank you for the sweet request!

For some time now Wrecker has had strong feelings for you, one could say even stronger than the fighting strength he had, but he never really showed it and he certainly couldn’t tell you, he was too shy and busy worrying about if you wouldn’t return his feelings, fearing he wasn’t like other guys so maybe you wouldn’t like him.

Little did he know that you shared these same feelings, since the first time you met him you were in love, he always made you laugh, even when he didn’t mean too, and it was always incredible to see how far he went from his brothers and how big his heart was.

One day and after a lot of nudging support from his brothers he decides to finally ask you out and tell you how he feels.

–He paces around the room while awaiting your arrival, Hunter had contacted you and told you that there was a new mission briefing, as you would soon find out this was a lie.

“Hey, so what’s this mission about?” you ask walking into the room, seeing only Wrecker standing there. “Oh, uh where’s everyone else?”

Um, well you see Hunter kinda sorta–”
“Lied?” you said cutting him off.

Yeah, sorry,”
“It’s fine, so, why am I here?”

Uh, I um…I wanted to know if you’d maybe…uh...would want to go out –with me…for like some dinner?” he says in a much softer tone than he usually speaks in.

“You want to go on a date with me?” you ask, knowing the answer but just being surprised.

Yes,” he said with an excited look on his face.

Oh, I would love too!! I didn’t know you felt this way about me,” you said now being shy about your feelings.

Wait, you also like me?!” he almost shouts with excitement.

“Yes, ever since I met you I’ve…loved you.”

Really?! I always thought that no one would ever feel that way about me, everyone always says I’m too loud and that my size and strength is intimidating and would scare girls away…”

“Wrecker that’s what makes you unique, I don’t care what anyone else says or thinks, you’re a kind, protective wonderful man who always makes me laugh and smile,” you say with a smile so big it warms his heart.

“Thank you Y/N!” he said rushing over and giving you a hug that lifted you off the ground.

–Later that day you too decided to go on that date, it was a wonderful evening as you took him around the local restaurants letting him try something from each one. -The two of you sat together on a bench and watched the stars while you talked about life, the universe, and why you love each other.

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Tysm for this request, girls with muscles need more love <3
-hope you like this <3

You’d been asked by Commander Cody to help out with a new elite squad he had created, they were called the Bad Batch because of their special mutations, giving them all distinctive skills and appearances, on a recent mission they acquired a new member named Echo, he’d been rescued from the clutches of the Separatists where he had been held for a long time after being assumed dead at the Citadel.

They all really admired you and your skills, though sometimes they were shocked by your strength when you’d bunch clankers without even flinching, you wore armor similar to theirs, it hid most of your muscles which you had gained after years of training and fighting.

One day you all are stationed at a Republic outpost awaiting a new mission, during the downtime the boys join some members of the 41st Elite Corps in one of the training rooms. After finishing your report from the last mission you decide to head over there and join them.

-You take off your armor since it wasn’t needed for what you wanted to do, instead, opting for a pair of pants and your training bra.
Gaining some attention from the clones as you started walking through the halls, – reaching the training room you decide to head over to the punching bags, grabbing one from the nearby rack and hooking it to the chain hanging down from the ceiling.

As you’re wrapping your hands in preparation, some clones start to look in your direction, including the Bad Batch, despite working with you they could help but all be pleasantly surprised when you walked in, they hadn’t seen a woman with your build before, quietly admiring you as you began punching the bag with swift and clean moves, –your punches hitting it hard and making sounds loud enough to echo through the whole room.

Hey Wrecker you got some competition,” Crosshair says teasing his brother.
What? No way, she’s way better looking then Wrecker,” Echo chimes in, clearly to focused on your body to understand what Crosshair actually meant.

“I believe he meant her strength and muscles Echo, not her looks,” Hunter says laughing at his brother.
“Her muscles are part of the look,” Echo says with a smirk.
“He’s not wrong,” Tech adds as he sits down on the ground.

The crowd of clones gathered around whispered to each other, but you were still blissfully unaware, punching away at the bag in front of you. –After a good while of punching the chain of the bag snapped and it flew across the room crashing on the floor as it slid into the wall.  All the clones including the Bad Batch quickly looked away as you turned your head to see if anyone noticed what you did.
You saw them all quickly turn their heads away, pretending to ignore you, but you knew they all just saw what you did, quickly you walk over lifting the bag off the ground carrying it with ease back over to the rack, gently setting it down before grabbing your towel and heading out of the room. Too embarrassed to stay there.

Instead, you head to the mess hall ready to eat something, you get some grub and sit down by yourself in a corner of the room, there weren’t many clones around but you still rather sit by yourself.
–After a little while, you notice one of the groups of clones walking in wasn’t just some more regs but the Bad Batch, they grabbed some grub and headed your way. Kriff, you thought, hoping that they wouldn’t have noticed you.

Echo sits down right across from you with Hunter and Tech on either side of him as Crosshair and Wrecker sit down next to you.
-Wrecker jabs you with his elbow as he begins to talk, “Hey you really showed that punch bag who’s boss,” he laughed before taking a bite of his food.
His genuine pleasure with the fact that you punched that thing across the room made you feel a bit better about yourself.

After a few minutes of silence Echo speaks up.

“So, umm, you’ve got a lot more muscle than your armor shows,” he says awkwardly, making you chuckle.
“Must have taken a lot of work to get to that level,” Hunter says taking a drink.
“Yup, not something you get overnight,” you said looking down at the muscle on your arms.

“Tech couldn’t even get that in a lifetime,” Crosshair jokes earning a displeased look from Tech, who knew that he was probably right.

“With enough time any of you could get it,” you say pinching Crosshairs arm as he glared at you.

“It really complements the rest of your body nicely,” Echo says with a smile.
“Thank you,” you say smiling back at him.

“I think the phrase you were looking for was, it suits you,” Tech says smirking at his brother.
“Either one works,” Hunter says shaking his head before looking at you with an apologetic expression.

“I appreciate the compliments, really, I do,” you say looking at Echo and Tech.

They continue eating and you all talk about different types of training, your body, and how you got to where you were now. You promised Echo you’d help him get his strength back up too, but that you weren’t gonna go easy on him, earning a mortified expression from him and laughter from his brothers

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I’m not sure what gender you wanted the reader to be so I kept it gender-neutral, hope that’s okay <3
Also, umm would not recommend anyone read this if they’re sad, but since you did say near death, don’t worry no one dies,
I mean unless you want them too, I left the ending kinda open to interpretation… <.< 

You’re on a mission in the outer rim with the Bad Batch, a group of unique clones you had been asked to work with, during your time with them you grew closer to the one named Tech, always eager to hear what knew about all the places you traveled too, – you had done many dangerous missions before, but somehow this one felt different.

You’re pinned down by a platoon of droids, attempting to call them for help but your signal is being jammed.
Come in, can anyone hear me, I need assistance now!” you yell into your com, hoping that someone would hear, but you knew it was a lost cause…
They’re not too far away from your location, grouping up after Hunter called them all back.

“Has anyone heard from Y/N, they were supposed to check it some time ago,” Hunter asks his brothers.
“The signal is being jammed,” Crosshair answers after attempting to reach you.
“Based on the last location that was pinged to me, they shouldn’t be too far away,” Tech says pointing in the direction of your last know location.
What are we waiting for let’s go!!!” Wrecker shouts running off in that direction.

Wrecker, wait we don’t know the situation yet, we need a plan–” he attempts to call out to his brother who was ignoring him as he rushed away.
“We should probably go after him,” Crosshair says.

They all chase after their brother, finding him before they get to your last location, sadly it wasn’t your current location and things were getting worse by the minute. You’d been hit in the side of the arm, nothing bad but it wasn’t exactly helpful in your current situation.
You backed further away from the main group of droids, running off in an unknown direction to try and escape them, unaware of the danger ahead.
They continue to follow you chasing you down as you neared a clearing, kriff, it wasn’t just a clearing with no cover, but it was a dead-end with a sea below the nearby edge. As you turn around you see the droids closing in, but wait, you see some figures that weren’t droids headed your way, finally!

Guys over here, I could use some help!” you shout as loud as you can waving at them.

There!” Tech yells to his brothers pointing at you.
They were up on a small hill not too far away from the area you were, as quickly as they could they started running to your location, but there was too much fire coming at them, reluctantly they took cover, ducking behind some nearby rocks and fallen trees.

“At this rate, the droids will reach them before we do!” Tech says, clearly worried for your safety.
“Sorry Tech but we don’t have much of a choice right now,” Hunter replies trying to shoot at the rows of droids now marching towards them.
We have to try!” Tech yells.
Tech, I know you’re worried for Y/N’s safety but right now I need you focused so we all make it out of here in enough pieces to save them.”
Reluctantly Tech agrees and continues blasting the droids, looking for any possibility of rescuing you.

What are they doing?! I NEED HELP!” you say to yourself, knowing full well they couldn’t hear you.
More and more droids approached you, forcing you closer to the edge of the cliff, Tech looking on in horror as your figured disappear behind a large group of droids.
Y/N!!” he yells unaware that you were still standing there blasting the droids.
Suddenly you got a blaster shot to the gut, knocking you off your balance as the grenade you threw exploded, destroying enough droids so Tech could see you again, just enough so that he could see you stumble back from your injury and fall off the edge…this time to horrified to even say anything.

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This is such a cute concept, it’s something different for me but was a lot of fun to write. I didn’t specify the language she sings in, that way you can pick what you want <3 Hope you like it <3

You’d been working with the Bad Batch for some time now, you got to know them pretty well but they still didn’t know much about you, to no fault of their own, you were just too scared to join in on their conversations, resorting to just listening or answering with short replies if asked anything.

“So Y/N anything new to tell us today?” Crosshair pokes you, his usual attempt to pry any information from you.
 "Uhh, no…“ you say glancing back at your datapad.
"Really nothing?” he jokes.
 "Crosshair stop bugging her,“ Hunter scoffs at him.

"It’s okay Hunter,” you say looking up at him from your datapad.
 "I was just teasing her, she’s barely talked since she started working with us.“
"Well have you ever considered you aren’t the most interesting person to talk too?” Tech says walking in.
-You couldn’t help but let out a small laugh.

At least we know she’s got a sense of humor,” Crosshair says jokingly rolling his eyes at you.
Sorry,” you mumble.
“You’re fine,” Hunter replies dropping a datapad next to you.
 "Hey, where’d you all go,“ you all hear Wrecker shout as he finally finds his brothers and you.
"This ship isn’t that big Wrecker,” Crosshair replies.
“Sometimes it is,” Wrecker huffs.

You wonder what they’re all doing here now, to shy to ask why though.
Suddenly Hunter drops a datapad down next to you before talking.

“We’re headed to a planet where we can pick up some supplies, check over the list, and add anything you need, we’ll be landing in a few standard hours. -You and Tech will search for medical and electronic supplies, I’ll be searching for some rations and grub while Crosshair and Wrecker get the rest of the items. If anyone finds something they need or want feel free to get it.”

“That datapad contains all listed items and it’s all sectioned off for each group,” Tech said proudly pointing it out to you on the small screen.
 "Thank you,“ say reviewing all the items. –You added a few items and foods to the list, making sure you had enough credits to pay for things you didn’t want to make them pay for, even though they always insisted.


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Echo remembers, sometimes. And sometimes he wishes he didn’t.

a/n: @lordimperius gave me this idea and i just had to run with it.


It’s not anyone’s fault that his mind comes and goes, nothing anybody could have prepared him for. And if he didn’t have his squadmates to cover for him when the glitches come, they would have done away with him long ago. The Grand Army of the Republic, the genesis of his existence, would not have spared the credits to have someone pick apart his brain to find the severed threads between here and now and somewhere else, a place he does not know— or worse, there and then. Now, there is no grand army. No republic. And no reason for him to expect that anyone will ever learn how to stitch his mind together again before death comes back to finish what it started.

Such was the bitter truth he’d had to eat, and in the wake of the order it turned to ash in his mouth.

Echo’s memories are sunken with potholes, and some edges of ones he’s lost are chewed raw with the overwhelming hunger of wanting them back. The ones he finds himself unwilling to seek come to him of their own volition, moments of visceral terror and helplessness that grow like tumors on his nightmares. Or, on days like today, they sidle up quietly to sit on his chest and remind him of everything he’s lost.

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Wrecker x Mando Femme OC

The Naked Truth

(18 +) explicit

So this is a gratuitous smut snippet of a Wrecker centered Bad Batch story, post Order 66. But of course, I’m writing the juicy parts first lol. I wanted to post because who knows if I’ll finish it, and tumblr needs some Wrecker smut! So, following is unprotected sex, a difficult first coupling, ample fondling, and one surprisingly gentle guy, which is still pretty rough since he’s built like a draft horse…. and hung like one… 😳

Quick synopsis:

(OH please pardon my lazy editing, I forgot to go spell check my Mando'a, so I kriffed up a few things 🤨)

The crew have been hiring themselves out to make $$ to fuel the Maurauder, buy supplies, etc. They take a job as armed support for a Mandalorian cell on a rather obscure outer rim planet, who have been clashing with the local crime syndicate. He meets Kessa-Lan, a stoic female warrior with a knack for explosives and an excellent rifleman. Of course our big goofy boy is smitten instantly, but her voice! Its all husky and full of pepper (think like Demi Moore) and he is going to die from loving it. But.. she refuses to take her helmet or armor off in his presence, but not because of strict code; Kessa was injured badly several years ago when her village was attacked by several of the crime family’s enforcers. The burns resulted in the loss of her right arm, and her neck, shoulder, and face on the right side are terribly scarred. She has no ear on that side, and half her face is covered by cybernetic skin, with a replacement eye as well. She grows her hair in to thick braids, woven with beads and mementos, so that the locks can hide some of the disfigurement. She is ashamed and afraid that he wouldn’t be so enamored if he saw her properly. So some stuff happens… pew pew, boom, pew, etc,etc. Wrecker ends up captured by the crime syndicate’s local cell, with a few of Kessa’s Vode, and he recognizes their sigil as the group who destroyed Kessa’s village and harmed her so terribly. He manages to trick them into bringing him to a meeting hall alone, so they don’t use the others as human shields to keep him in check. He taunts the leader in to a one on one fight (they think he’s heavily sedated) and when they’ve uncuffed him, he visits some terrible hell on the three odd dozen elites, but suffers serious injuries in the process. The Bad Batch finds him and rushes off planet to an old friend with a bacta tank and the medical skills to save him. Upon returning, the Batch proceeds to obliterate the criminals and Wrecker seeks out his love interest, hoping she is at least a little bit happy to see him.

       OOOOO Here’s the good stuff OOOOO

Wrecker Circled her silently, looking her up and down with a quiet intensity. A few times he stilled, and she felt the calloused pads of his fingers ghost over a scar or a patch of freckles. Stopping behind her, his hands came to rest on her shoulders, thumbs caressing for a moment before they slid to her wrists and gently lifted her arms to the air. She felt him shift, no doubt examining them as he had done the rest of her, running his fingers along the lengths, assessing the differences between the one, flesh and bone, and the other, cold cybernetics. 

“Beautiful.” He whispered so low she could barely make out the word.


"Beautiful, Mesh'la.” He reached for her wrists again, raising her arms higher and positioning them around his neck, “You’re a dream come to life." 

She leaned against him as his lips brushed her undamaged shoulder, nibbling a gentle path towards her neck. 

Retracing the path along her arms, he splayed his fingers wide and his great hands smoothed along her sides and over her hips, climbing up over her abdomen and ribs in slow circuits. When his lips reached her cheek, she turned her face, catching them with her own, and he wrapped his arms tightly around her torso, pulling her as flush against him as he could manage. He sighed into her mouth, kissing and licking at her softly. 

For a moment Kessa was able to appreciate that no matter how brutally strong this behemoth may be, he had an inherently gentle heart. She had half expected to be flung down and ravaged by Wrecker the moment she bared her skin to him, as eagerly as he had flirted with her and as hungry as his eyes always were. She certainly hadn’t expected this sensual caressing as he savored her in his arms. Despite the tautness of every muscle she could feel against her back, and the slight tremor in his hands, he held himself quiet and steady.

He broke away from her, turning his gaze back down her body, thoroughly enjoying the view. He slumped backwards, leaning against the crude table, hands full of her breasts as he arched her against him, and she hissed as he toyed with the dark peaks of her nipples. He experimented for a few moments, weighing her in his hands, varying the force of his grasp, rolling and pinching at the buds until he found just the right movement to make her whimper.

"That’s right Sugar, sing for me so I know what you like….” he growled low in her ear, his voice growing impossibly deeper. One of his massive paws had crept to the juncture of her thighs, and he traced the crease thoughtfully. “Spread your legs, Dala. I want to touch you”. 

She obliged, wiggling her hips as she did so, feeling his hard member ride up against the small of her back. Wrecker hummed in appreciation, as his fingers crept into her warmth and, finding her slick and eager for him, dove right in. Seeking out the bundle of nerves at the front, he stroked with two fingers, trapping the delicate flesh and sending marvelous tingling sensations through her belly. 

“Remember… my tongue was here before…” he whispered, “.. but you hid the rest of you then, all tucked away in that armor and that helmet… killed me to have to listen to you through a moderator.” The two fingers flexed and curled, and then plunged inside her, and she clamped around them with a ragged moan, her jaw dropping open from the sudden intrusion. “ Kriffing hell! That’s nice!” he gasped into her neck.

He thrust into her eagerly, dragging his thumb across her clit each time, spurred along by Kessa’s mewls and cries. 

“Fuck! That voice ad'ika! Just listening t'ya could finish me!” He scraped his teeth along her jaw, and she could feel him trembling against her, his breath warm and moist at her ear. “So many times, all I could think was what you’ll sound like when you take my cock.”

She squirmed, rocking her hips and riding his hand. “Ah.. Wrecker! I want you inside me cy'aire, please!”

“Not yet, doll. Ladies first, then we’ll see what happens.” He couldn’t ignore the burst of sensation brought on by her plea, begging for him to stuff himself between her thighs, and he couldn’t help but to roll his hips against her, finding small satisfaction in rutting against her lower back.

“So tight, love. I’m giving you another…” he ground out hoarsely, before adding a third thick finger to her besh, groaning in satisfaction as she arched against him with a sob. “I’m so ‘fraid I’ll hurt you." 

He felt her relax after a few thrusts, her slick running down the back of his hand. Her sounds were growing more frantic, and she was moving against him with purpose… "Are you there Sugar? Give it to me doll, come for me…let it go…” he pleaded gently.

She pulled his hand roughly to her breast, and he massaged and plucked at her roughly, causing Kessa to yelp and tighten around his knuckles. He stroked her only a few more times before she stiffened and shuddered, giving a broken cry. Wrecker watched in awe as the climax washed over her features, feeling her body contract around his fingers, her nails scraping at his shoulders. He could have wept at the sight, her lashes fanned over her dark cheek… the slight chatter of her teeth as her head lolled against his shoulder.. She drew out such profound feelings in him, his beautiful, pepper voiced, warrior goddess… that is if he wasn’t so insanely desperate to pound her 'til her bones rattled.

Chest heaving, Kessa made to move away and he withdrew carefully. She turned and plastered herself against his chest, beaming up at him, one soul-less cybernetic eye blazing red, the other an explosion of green and gold and brown, a swirl of starlit colors as stunning as the glowing gas nebulae he had seen in his travels. 

 "Now!“ She gasped, breathless still, "I want you on top of me!”

“Hmmmm.. mesh'la I don’t dare.”

Her eyes widened in confusion.

“Kess'ika, there isn’t a soft surface anywhere in here; I’d beat you to hell darlin. I know my strength and I know how stupid I’m gonna get." 

He rose from where he leaned against the rough work table, considering it carefully.

"But this’ll do, I’ll break this instead!” He shoved it back hard against the wall with a soft chuckle and turned to reach for her. She came to him eagerly, and he scooped her up, grinding her against  him a few times with a satisfied groan, and he deposited her on the surface. 

“You’re ready for me?” He asked, drawing himself close between her legs.

“Um-hmm. Wrecker, take this off.” She demanded gently, tugging at the skin tight black shirt he wore. He obligingly peeled it upwards and felt her hands on his skin before it cleared his shoulders. Flinging the garment away he admired the look on Kessa’s face as she explored his chest and abdomen. 

“These look terrible.” She whispered, her fingers ghosting over the newly healed blaster wounds. 

He gently butted his head against hers. “They’re worth it if it means you sleep better at night.” He grinned as he kissed her; she framed his face with her hands, deepening the kiss, and when he opened for her, Kessa’s tongue brushed over his, making him see stars. 

He jerked his trousers down his thighs and pressed her backwards upon the bench. Wrecker grasped her knees, spreading her wide before him and rolled himself against her, gliding his rigid cock through her wetness for good measure. She pushed up on her elbows, watching him thoroughly wet himself, before fisting his member and aligning himself with her opening.

Seven hells, he was big, well proportionally correct anyway for a man the size of a mountain, and she realized his purpose in using his fingers first… it would have been difficult without some preparation. He pushed against her, gritting his teeth with strain. Her jaw fell slack as he stretched her, his rounded head easing its way in. 

“Is this alright cy'aire?” He hissed. “Hurts?”

He paused, shaking against her as he struggled with his overtaxed libido. 

“Yes, love, I’m alright,” she held his gaze, wanting him to see clearly that she wasn’t lying for his benefit. She groped for his hands where they held her hips tightly, clinging to them for stability. He continued to push in to her, pausing to withdraw and return to claim another inch of her space. Her muscles burned as she took him, but it wasn’t unbearable and each gentle motion felt better than the last. 

“Give me all of you, Wrecker. I’m ready,” She gasped. 

He watched her for a moment, sweat beading on his forehead from the tension, and then flexed his ass and plunged forward, landing flush against her thighs and she wailed under him.

“Fuck! Kessa, I’m sorry! I’ll stop…" 

"No! Wrecker don’t you dare!” She dug her nails into his wrists. “Just hold still a moment.” She drew a deep breath willing her protesting muscles to relax, as he gently kneaded her hips.

“Kessa, we don’t have to do this, love…”

“I’m ok cy'aire. It’s just.. it’s been a long, long time, and you're… well… you!” She gave a tug at both arms. 

“Again, just start slowly, I was made for this, you know.”

“To be mated by a bantha??”

She burst out laughing, and his eyes rolled back in his head from the contractions it caused around his cock. 

“Jengo’s bones woman! Kriffing HELL that feels amazing!”

“You said before you liked my voice enough to get off on it,” She quipped, a coy look settling on her face.

“No doubt.”

He stooped and kissed her hungrily, before bracing his palms on the table and tentatively moved his hips against her. Gradually he withdrew and then returned, filling her to bursting. She felt him drag against the most deliciously sensitive places, and each one sent hot electricity up her spine. Catching his honey brown eyes, she nodded and he quickened his movements, breathing raggedly from the sensations. 

“Kessa… ” he uttered her name again and again, like a prayer. “ Oh… Kessa… Gods… you feel so good, woman.. I can't…  I can’t believe .. you let me … touch you like this!” Wrecker gasped, punctuating his words with sharp thrusts. “Wanted you for so damn long. Want you for myself… keep you…  My woman..”

“You’d better ruin every other cock for me then” she replied, the words turning in to breathy moans. 

With a sound somewhere between a groan and a snarl, he roughly gathered her up in his arms, his kiss pressing her into the table, his thighs slamming forward harshly against the wooden edges - and they were vaguely aware of the sound of something breaking. She mewled into his mouth, clawing at his back and neck, desperate to pull him closer than he already was. 

“Are you going to come on my cock, love?” He growled. She couldn’t do much more than whimper. “Come on mesh'la, scream for me. Wanna feel you!” He reared up, cradling her hips in an iron grip as he rammed into her, feral noises curling from deep within his chest. Kessa dug her nails against the table, watching his member disappear within her again and again, shining with her slick. She knew that she only ever wanted him. No other man should ever have her this way. 

“Wrecker… I love you cy'aire, only you.. I’m yours however you want me..” she cried as her tension built, her release looming. “Come inside me cy'aire, I want you to…” something shattered within her and her climax washed over her. The world turned upside-down and the stars exploded in her eyes, and she screamed, just like he’d asked..

Seeing Kessa coming undone beneath him, her hot tight muscles contracting around him proved his undoing. A hard thrust, and another, and the third had him surging into her, her cries ringing in his ears; a more beautiful sound he had never heard, and his own climax claimed him, drawing blackness across his eyes. 

He didn’t quite faint; he was still sailing on the ripples of the best orgasm he had ever had, and his vision slowly came to focus. Kessa was watching him with a look of immense satisfaction, like a proud loth-cat who had just eaten the proverbial song bird.. He was trembling still, with the occasional harsh shudder as she continued still to tighten and relax against his softening cock. 

He reached for her chin. “Kessa, did I hurt you sweetheart?”

“Yes.” She groaned. “It was amazing. Do it again.”

He wasn’t quite sure what to make of that, when she grabbed his neck and pulled him down for a wet kiss.

 "I meant what I said. Wrec.“

He grinned crookedly and kissed her back. "We need to find a proper bed darlin’. 


Pretty sure this pic is by Mollo101; whose Star Wars art is AMAZING!! Sorry so dark and melancholy, but there is a lack of Wrecker fanart out there!

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Imagine spending the night with Wrecker after a nightmare…

I just wrote this whole thing half asleep at 2:30 a.m so I probably don’t know how to words or grammar but I was sad and needed poorly written cuddles with this big sweet dork enjoy :)

“Hey Wreck?” Your bare feet padded across the cold metal floor as you made your way towards the soldier’s bed. With each draft of cold air that touched you, more goosebumps covered your delicate skin.

“Hm?” Wrecker’s voice was groggy as he rubbed at his tired eyes. When he opened them, he could just barely make out your figure thanks to the dim lights shining in from the hall. You watched a sleepy smile form on his lips. He was always so happy to see you, even in the middle of the night. “Hey, Tiny.”

“Could I sleep with you tonight?” Your voice was soft in the quiet room as you fidgeted with your hands nervously. You were still a bit shaken up after your last battle and the vivid dreams seemed to make sleeping practically impossible. “I had another nightmare…”

“You can sleep with me every night if you wanna.” Wrecker was quick to pull back the thin covers and slide over just enough to give you some space. You were happy to slip beneath the covers and cuddle up to the very large and very warm clone beside you. “Don’t have to ask…”

“Thank you,” you mumbled softly as a strong arm wrapped around your waist, his hand gently caressing your cold skin until your goosebumps went away. “I’m sorry for waking you up so late.”

You felt Wrecker press a kiss to your forehead before pulling you so close you were practically laying on top of him. “Don’t be sorry. I like sleeping with you.”

You smiled softly and pressed a sweet kiss on his lips before laying your head on his chest. “I love you so much, Wreck.”

“Love you more, Tiny.”

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ooohhhh you know who would kick some serious ass at WAP??

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  • longshot
  • boost
  • sinker
  • thorn (Himbo™️)
  • bly (c’mon, with an ass that thicc you gotta agree)
  • ponds (this is a controversial take but i’m serious)
  • wrecker (gotta do it to ‘em)

rex walks in on hardcase teaching jesse and fives and gives them the Captain’s Glare™️ -jj

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Okay, I actually haven’t thought too much about what happened to our good boys after Order 66 because I know it will be answered in the show so I don’t wanna write a bunch of fics and have them be off to what canonically happened.

Aside from that; I don’t think they actually executed it. Like they got the order, but they don’t have a Jedi. I think they might’ve been almost used to hunt down remaining Jedi but they’re a bunch of loose cannons so I’m not gonna hold my breath.

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