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wonderwomanfantasy · 3 years ago
people don’t really write for alpha’s ruts so here we are. 
Alpha!Todroki x Omega!reader
word count: 2,300 (about) 
Warnings: Smut so much smut, ABO stuff so on and so on
Summary: Todoroki had always been just a friend until you accidentally walk into the middle of his rut. 
Tumblr media
you shouldn't be here, you could see that now but you couldn't force yourself to leave. You had made plans with Todoroki to meet up, this was pretty common for the two of you and he had never canceled before he was always there early. But today not only was he not there before you, he wasn't there at all. You had waited for an hour calling and texting him to see where he was, be never responded or even looked at your messages.
You were beyond worried, since the day you had met Todoroki he had been something else. Sure you had met lots of alphas in your time but none of them came close to Todoroki. He acted as calm as any Beta but his scent was so unmistakably alpha. You had been drawn to him instantly and to your delight, he had been just as drawn to you.
No one believed that you two were just friends, an alpha and omega couldn't be just friends especially when both of them were unmated. You couldn't claim that there was nothing sexual about your feelings for Todoroki. He was always the Alpha you thought off during your heats and you may or may not own a few items scented by him.
You were terrified for him worried for a hundred different reasons each one worse than the last. You had practically sprinted to his apartment and now that you were outside the door you understood why he hadn't shown up. You could smell him through the door and the scent was enough to make your insides tighten and slick begins to pool in between your tights. You shouldn't be this close to an alpha during his rut, but you knocked on the door anyway.
Shoto didn't know why he opened the door when he heard the knock, he was in the middle of trying to get rid of his the ache he felt but the knock had compelled him out of bed and moved him to the front door. Then he smelled it, the sweet stench of you, it hit him like a bolt of lightning the perfect mix of fresh rain and clean linen so light and it was everywhere.  
It must be some trick from his hazy state, he wanted to see you so his mind warped your scent into existence. His fingers gripped the doorknob hard enough to turn his knuckles white. he wrenched the door open and saw it was you in the hallway you looked too good you were just in jeans and a Sweatshirt but you couldn't have been more perfect in his wildest fantasies.
He was naked and Fully erect you tried not to look directly at IT but it was hard not to. “what are you doing here?” he growled.
“you didn't show up- for the um and I got- I didn't know where you were, but I see now uh,” you stuttered out not sure if he understood anything you had just said.
“Shit I thought I told you.” he ran his fingers through his hair as he spoke. You could feel his eyes as they wandered over your clothed form.
“I should go,”  you said even though you didn't think you could move from that spot if you wanted to.
“no,” he shouted making you jump slightly.  His voice sounded despite and his eyes were pleading. You hesitated for a moment before entering his apartment. You didn't think that Todoroki's scent could get any more overwhelming but as soon as you crossed the threshold into his apartment the smell became strong enough to make you dizzy. “is that my sweatshirt?” Todoroki asked coming up behind you. It was his sweatshirt but his smell had faded from it so while it was baggy on you it wasn't any different from your others.
“yeah you gave it me after school remember?” you asked pulling at the hem slightly.  You would have to take it off soon it was so hot in the apartment. He wrapped his arms around your waist, pressing his nude body into your back and resting his head on your shoulder.
“I do. You were an idiot for not bringing a Jacket it was freezing outside,” his lips ghosted along your skin not quite landing anywhere but still close enough to make his presence known. Now it was way too hot you needed to take something off or you would die. You squirmed in his arms but his grip only tightened around you.
“Todroki let me go it's too hot I need to take it off.” you didn't know why he hadn't fucked you senseless the moment you walked in the door but you thought that he would be delighted at the fact that an omega was stripping in front of him.
“No, I like seeing you in my clothes,” he growled in your ear nipping lightly at your scent gland. Your scent flooded his senses sending his inner Alpha wild. He felt conflicted part of him wanted to spend the rest of his rut pinning you up against different parts of his house knotting you over and over until you couldn't walk but on the other hand he needed to know that you were comfortable and happy like he should feed you because he could remember the last time you had eaten. He needed to fuck you but more importantly, he needs to take care of his omega. Without letting go he moved the two of you to the couch.
He fell on top of you, the way his weight crushed you made the heat in your stomach burn hotter and the sent a fresh wave of slick to your core. Todoroki must have smelled the change because his kisses turned rough. He latched his mouth on to an open space on your neck sucking and running his hot tongue along the captured skin. The rest of his body was icy cold keeping you inside of the sweatshirt.
It felt nice his hands glued to your sides while he nipped and licked at the column of your throat, his hips gently thrusting upwards against yours. You moaned softly tilting your head to the side giving more skin up to his hungry mouth. He lurched back flying off of you and to the other end of the couch. The way he landed left his cock on full display, it was leaking precum and at the base, his knot was starting to form.  You whimpered at the lost of contact, it was clear now that his rut had sent you into an early heat and you needed him bad.
“do you want anything to drink?” he asked getting up off the couch.
“what?” you asked not sure if you had heard him right.
“something to drink sorry I didn't offer you sooner,” he found a pair of shorts on the floor and put them on even though they did little to hide his erection.
“no I'm okay,” you said your voice croaked a little. You had never seen an alpha in a rut but you didn't think that they would make out with an omega one second then be completely normal the next. “um Todoroki?” you asked as he disappeared into what must have been the kitchen.
“yeah? Did you change your mind about the drink?” he called back. Okay, you had his attention know how to phrase this delicately... 
“why didn't you fuck me just now?” you asked instantly regretting it. Who needs tact when you can just ask the most sought after alpha in the hero world why they didn't want to have sex with you. Okay then. It was silent as Todoroki walked from the kitchen back to you.
Shoto was losing his mind he was so divided. He did want to fuck you and the way you submitted so easily to him drove the alpha in him wild, but he couldn't bear the thought of pressuring you into anything just because he was in a rut. You were so innocent and pure but if you regretted anything he did to you afterward, he would die.
“do you want me to fuck you?” he purred watching you with the hungry eyes of a praetor who had cornered its prey.    
“since the day I met you,” you admitted just before he pounced. Scooping you up in his arms he blazed a path to his bedroom. He placed you down gently on to the bed his hands feverishly pawing in the button on your jeans.  Shoto beamed down at you pridefully once he managed to free the button and slide your jeans down revealing your legs to him. This was also the moment you remembered that you hadn't shaved, in weeks. Whatever amount of embarrassment you might have felt vanished when you saw the hungry lustful look Shoto gave you.
The next thing to go was your panties, these were much easier for him to yank down your legs. The look in his eyes only intensified when he saw your dripping sex. Shoto lowered his head at the same time moving your legs so they hooked over his shoulders. “look at this mess you made,” his voice was low and husky. “is all this for me little omega?” he asked his hot breath hitting your most sensitive parts.
“yes,” you breathed tangling your hand in his multicolored hair. He was slow and teasing at first.  He would swirl the tip of his burning hot tongue around your clit before went down giving your folds soft kitten licks. You pulled his hair in an attempt to get him to be rougher or to at the very least to get him to go faster. Shoto seemed to get the message and plunged his tongue into your entrance both of you moaning at the feeling. He rocked his tongue in and out of you at the same time he reached up finding your bundle of nerves and began playing with it expertly.
You held out for as long as you could, which turned out to only be a few minutes. You lost yourself in the waves of pleasure that crashed down on to you, screaming and clawing at Shoto's back not wanting him to move away. He, in turn, grunted lapping up the slick that flooded him taking all you had to offer. When he resurfaced you could see that the lower half of his face was wet with you, he captured your lips in a rough kiss letting you taste yourself on his lips.
“you taste so good I could eat you out all day long,” he growled
“later right now I need you to fuck me,” you begged you reached for the hem of your sweatshirt again trying to strip your upper half. But Shoto's hand shot out grabbing your wrist and stopping you.
“I told you I liked you in my clothes.” he attacked your neck with a passion dragging his teeth over your skin. You really weren't expecting him to thrust his length into at that moment, hell you didn't even know when he had taken his shorts off. It wasn't an unpleasant surprise but it was so sudden it left you breathless.
You could tell he was trying to be Gentle they stuttered way his hips met with yours how his teeth would only scrape your skin instead of actually biting down. “harder Alpha,” you moaned in his eat scratching down his bare back.
Hearing you call him Alpha caused something inside of him to snap. He slammed in you hard enough to make the bedrock and creek. “like this Omega?” he asked his hands moved up your chest roughly groping your breasts.
“Ah! So good,” you encouraged moving your hips to meet him at every thrust.
“who's making you feel this good?” he growled
“You! You are Shoto!” you cried a tight coil already starting to wind up in your stomach.
“that's right and I'm the only one who makes feel this good right?” he asked his hands moving from your chest to your head. He tangled your fingers in your hair yanking your head to the side so he could ravage a new space of flesh.
“yes! only you Shoto-” you kept talking but your word quickly dissolved into meaningless mumbles. The coil tightened you were right on the edge of your orgasm, you were so close and all you needed was that little push to send you spiraling.
“Cum for me (y/n) cum on your Alpha's cock,” Shoto whispered in your ear, he was close to his own release but he needed to feel you come undone around him, lucky for both of you calling himself your alpha was enough to push you into bliss. Shoto helped you ride out your high rocking his hips at a slower passe only allowing himself to reach his own climax until you had regained control of your senses so you could feel his orgasm they way he had felt yours.
He didn't knot you, there would be time for that latter. He also didn't let you leave his bed for his entire Rut. He switched from pampering you like a queen, at your beck and call doing any and everything you asked, and fucking you senseless. You left his apartment, knees wobbling and sweatshirt freshly scented.  
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nutella0mutt · a year ago
Tumblr media
If they had one dollar every time someone said it wasn’t possible, and to give it up, they'd be fucking billionaires.
Nobody thinks they'll work. It's unnatural, illogical, and against biology. Bakugou and Kirishima have one motto: fuck the haters.
➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ alpha ⤫ ɐɥdןɐ  ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳
Commission by the awesome @iacediai for my Alpha x Alpha story!
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ghost-ghost-baby · 2 years ago
Alpha!Yandere reactions
a/n: thank u so much for this request,,, omegaverse is my JAM
Request:  yandere alpha! baku, shoto, deku and dabi reacting to their s/o who's an omega and submits easily. what would be their reaction? 
Katsuki Bakugo
Katsuki would fucking love it, you didn’t question what he said, you’d just do it. It made keeping you safe so much easier.
From the moment he saw you he knew you were his
He’s not good with his feelings, so courting would be interesting
Expect random objects shoved at you
By an incredibly flushed and angry blond alpha
He’s determined to be the best alpha there is
And that means courting you off of your feet, obviously.
Once you accept he’d be head over heels
You aren’t going anywhere without him
He knows how badly omegas can be treated and how dangerous it can be for them, and there’s no way he’d let anything like that happen to you.
He’d make sure the bond mark was very prominent
Constantly covering you in his scent, it scares almost everyone else away, which is perfect.
As for the ones that aren’t put off?
Well, thank god you have Katsuki, right?
Would be hovering right outside the door when you’re nesting
Gives you any item of clothing you ask for
He doesn’t even complain, much.
“Here, take this.” Katsuki grumbled, shoving his jacket at you. You gave him a questioning look, it wasn’t cold.
“But it’s not cold?”
“Would you just take the fucking jacket, Y/n?” He growled, hands shoved in his pockets. You pouted slightly at his tone, shrugging the jacket on and going back to the book you’d been reading. Katsuki shifted closer, head resting on your shoulder.
“People were looking at you, alphas, you know how they get. And my scent is wearing off.” He mumbled, letting his arms wrap around your waist.
“But I have you to protect me Katsuki.” You chirped, closing your book to give him your full attention.
“Some people don’t get the point.” Taking that as an invitation, he pulled you into his lap, cheek pressing against yours.
“Besides, isn’t your heat comin’ up soon? I thought you’d want my jacket.”
Shoto Todoroki
He’d be quite pleased, he wants the relationship to go smoothly, after all, and you questioning his rather unusual demands wouldn’t be ideal, he might have to take you away from unsavory people… or something like that.
Would be the most traditional when it came to courting
He’d probably ask his mother about it
Or his sister
Just so he can make sure he does it right.
Would shower you in the most lavish gifts, all the food you wanted because he had to win you over.
When you’re bonded he always makes sure you’re covered in his scent
A couple of hickies aren’t unheard of, either.
He’s not the greatest when you’re nesting, he doesn’t exactly know what to do.
He still tries!! He’d leave blankets and pillows and food and water bottles outside your door.
It was spring, the birds were chirping, flowers blooming, and you were miserable. You just weren’t having a good day, you’d dropped your lunch, spilt coffee on one of Shoto’s sweaters, lost your homework, been scented by some creep, and now you were alone for lunch. You didn’t really have any friends, Shoto and you normally had lunch together, but he was a no show. That was probably best, you had ruined his sweater, and taking it off had decreased his scent, which in turn was getting you unwanted attention. You didn’t even have anything to do, your phone had died and you didn’t have any books on you. You were seriously debating ditching, if truth be told, but Shoto would freak, and you’d already seen enough of him angry and afraid. Another incident with him storming into your room with flames covering half of his body was the last thing you needed.
“What’ve I told you about biting your nails?” Shoto sat down besides you, graceful as ever.
“Sorry, ‘m just thinking.” You let yourself lean into him, nose crinkling when his scent invaded your senses.
“Sho… why do you smell like blood?” You tried to keep your tone light, ignoring the lingering scent of the alpha that had tried to scent you earlier that seemed to hover around him.
“I just had to take care of something dear, you don’t need to worry.” His tone was gentle, pulling you closer to kiss your temple. Pursuing the matter seemed pointless, that was his answer, and he wouldn’t budge so you merely nodded, going back to your previous thoughts of going back to your room.
“What’s wrong, Y/n?”
“Hmm? Oh it’s nothing serious.” Your head rested on his shoulder, and you felt his grip on you tighten.
“Y/n… don’t make me ask again.” You felt his hand heat up against your waist.
“It’s nothing, Sho. I’m just… having a really bad day, and I just… I just wanna go to my room.”
“Then let's go!” And then he was pulling you up, ignoring your protests as he dragged you back towards the dorm.
Izuku Midoriya
Okay, we all know this boy isn’t the most alphaish alpha
But still, he’d be overjoyed that you didn’t mind that, and that you still respected him and submitted to him.
He’d be a flustered mess trying to court you
He’d gift you with random trinkets, sometimes he’d attach little notes to them
When you accepted he just started bawling
His bond mark is the most prominent, and he even goes over it when he’s feeling particularly possessive
He’s the most possessive, so be expecting to be absolutely covered in hickies to show people you’re taken.
Izuku would even go as far as to scent you in public if he feels his scent is wearing off, or to prove a point
Since he doesn’t come off as the most alpha, he’s used to people trying to steal you away.
That being said, he can become the scariest motherfucker in less than a second if anyone tries to cross him
People that have tried anything with you tend to have accidents
But it couldn’t be linked to izuku, he’s such a sedate alpha.
He’d actually knit you blankets for you to nest with, made with only the softest wool
He’d prepare the room you decided to nest in beforehand, stocking it up with food and water for you.
Wouldn’t budge from outside the door until you let him in.
It’d been a long day, and you were finally, finally back in your room. Izuku had gone to take a shower, promising he wouldn’t be long, and you were trying to get a head start on your homework. You’d been falling behind in your classes, Izuku taking up most of your time since you’d bonded. You just… couldn’t say no to him, he’d look at you with those eyes, and start tearing up and you were gone. You were going to fail if this went on for much longer, truth be told. With that in mind, you tried to focus fully on your work.
It wasn’t long before Izuku was back, hair damp from the shower and dressed in loose sleep clothes. He wasted no time plopping down next to you, eyeing your work with obvious distaste. Your attention should be on him.
“Y/n, I’m back.” Izuku cooed, laying down next to you. When you only mumbled out a reply, something about needing to get this done, his annoyance spiked. The alpha sat back up, snarling quietly as he grabbed your work and tossed it off of the bed. Any complaints died when you saw how angry he was, green eyes brighter than usual and canines sharp.
“Izuku, baby, you know I’m gonna fail if I don’t get this done.” You kept your tone soft, fingers coming up to push his damp hair out of his face.
“I’ve barely seen you all day! Please Y/n I missed you.” Izuku whined, tears starting to glisten in his eyes.
“Of course babe, how could I say no to you.”
Of all of them he’d be the one to just kidnap you, rather than try to befriend you like the others.
When you don’t put up a fight he’d be over the moon, glad that you were being so submissive for him.
He wouldn’t be one for traditional courting, but he’d still gift you with things if you were being good
He’d place the bond mark on the back of your neck
Would burn you so people knew who you belonged to.
Other marks usually litter your skin as well
Get’s even more possessive when you’re nesting
Only lets you use material that’s yours or his
Snarls at anyone who even gets too close to the door, if he needs to use his quirk he will.
You bit your nails as you waited on the bed, the league had had a mission, and Dabi told you to stay right where you were. So you hadn’t moved from the bed, but the mission was taking longer than you’d expected, and worry was bubbling up in your chest. You were too worried to read, your mind just drifted back to Dabi, wondering if he was okay. The door to your room finally opened, revealing a, thankfully, uninjured Dabi.
“Hey dollface, you gonna greet me?” He asked, and that was all it took for you to launch yourself at him. He buried his face in your neck, breathing your scent in deeply and letting out a sigh.
“You stayed on the bed the whole time?” He pulled away to ask, blue eyes lighting up when you nodded.
“You’re such a good omega, Y/n. My good omega.”
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crewhonk · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader
Jealous/possesive Bucky comforts you, his (not yet) omega that is struggling with the results of a recent mission.
Warnings: language, dirty talk, smut, abo smut
Bucky wasn’t one to get jealous. Steve was his best friends and he spent most of his time on the team— training new recruits, leading missions ecetera. He spent a lot of time outside of the compound too, with Sharon. Sure, Sharon annoyed him— but it wasn’t because Steve loved her with his whole heart, it was because her energy set him off. 
Sam was a good friend too but he wasn’t someone who got jealous of. He would attend Sam’s therapy groups at the VA and go out of his way to meet people— Sam said it would do him good to network. He also had a life outside of the Avengers and he didn’t talk about it often so Bucky had no basis to be jealous of.
Natasha was gorgeous, and she was the definition of Black Widow. She would lure in man after man after woman after man and leave them hanging long after their night was over. It wasn’t something that bothered Bucky. Sure, they were best friends and they had a past together in his Winter Soldier days, but that wasn’t who he was now. He loved Natasha, yes. But as a best friend and a sister.
But you, oh god. You left the compound to spend time with Wanda and he was in the gym, burning off all the frustration that comes with that. You laughed at one of Tony’s jokes, and glasses broke in his hand, making blood pool in his palm and wash into the sink. Whenever you had been scented by Peter, another Omega, he held back his growls and snarls and shut himself in his room until the urge to absolutely ruin the kid had passed. God, you smelled so good to him, and there was nothing in the world he wouldn’t do to make you his. 
He woke up one night, to the screams of you down the hall. It had been another failed mission in Bali that had you crying and screaming and thrashing in your sheets. The smell of your distress seeped into the walls and woke him from a dead sleep— this was the worst one yet and your screams made him rip off his sheets and run to your door.
“Y/N? Y/N, Doll! Open the door, please!” He almost cried, hitting the side of his fist against the door and twisting the knob. Locked.
In response to his cries, a sound not unlike a desperate moan made him almost tear down the door in desperation to get to you. 
“Sweet Omega, please.” He says, resting his forehead against the door and shifting on his feet impatiently. There was the absence of screaming then, and then a tiny whimper that made Bucky’s instincts rear his head. He needed to get to his Omega. Now. 
“Little, ‘Mega please.” He said, trying the door again and finding that the knob twisted easily under his grasp. The metal of the doorknob had been molded to the shape of his fingerprints, and he didn’t have time to wince at it before the too-sweet smell of your distress his nose. It was similar to the smell of over-ripe oranges and lilies, and he almost gagged as he ran into the room, climbing not he bed, taking off his shirt and pulling you into his arms. 
All of his skin was available to your unconscious body, and it nuzzled into him. You nosed his scent gland, and the hair on your body stood up at the sound of his crooning. He crooned as if his entire life depended on it and in a way it did. 
You had followed him around like a lost puppy for the first year he moved into the compound. You refused to leave his side and refused to disappear when you saw the worst parts of him. You scented him and crooned to him as he had waves of anxiety crawl over him. You placed your full body weight on top of him when he no longer felt grounded and needed something to hold on to. You had always been there for him, and it was about damn time that he relayed his dues. 
“Y/N, baby girl. Wake up, you’re safe. You’re safe, my love.” He whispered, scratching the nape of your neck with his flesh hand. It traced down your neck, and dusted over your pulse point, your scent mark, your bonding mark. Over your shoulder and down to your elbow. It grabbed your wrist and pulled your hand to his mouth, kissing each of your knuckles and each of your fingertips. He kissed your palm and rested it over his own bonding point— neither of you had bonded each other yet— you hadn’t even slept together or gone on a first date, but there was an unspoken rule that you belonged to him, and he belonged to you and there was no other way it could be. 
You cried out as your eyes shot open and you shot forward, smacking your head into Bucky’s and crying out once more as the sharp pain rocketed through your system. Your racing heart gave way to the soft purring from Bucky’s bare chest and your eyes shot around the room for any sign of threat that you had dreamt so vividly of. 
When Bucky’s thick, cedar lemon scent flitted over your senses your eyes flickered over to where he was tracing the lines of your neck with the softest touch. His rumbling chest soothed the wild omega inside of you and you found yourself nuzzling his nose into the sweet spot under his jaw. Your scent found its way marking him and he almost moaned at the way your scents combined. 
“Buck?” Your voice was shaking and broken, and he only held your head closer to him. 
“I got you, Omega. I’m not going anywhere.” He said, his voice rumbling its way into your core in a way that had your heart racing in your chest. 
You kissed his scent gland then, an open-mouthed kiss that made his lower tummy stir in the best way. One kiss after another, you began to mark him as yours for everyone to see. Your teeth grazed his skin— not hard enough to break the skin, but hard enough that his cock stirred in the soft fabric of his sweatpants. 
“Doll, if you keep going, I won’t be able to stop.” He warned. When you moved to straddle him and guided his hands to your hips he knew your answer. He lunged forward, capturing your soft lips in his own rougher ones and swallowed the surprised gasp that left your lips. 
“You smell real nice, Princess. You gonna be good for me?” He mumbled, biting your neck and relishing in the way your raspy moan filled the air. 
“Yes Alpha, please.” You begged, baring your neck to him. He moaned at the action and rested his teeth against your throat as his hands skirted under your sleep shorts to tease the line of your underwear and graze the soft hair that covered you. 
“So wet for me already, ‘Mega mine.” He growled.
“Always for you, Bucky.” You replied, tangling your fingers in his hair and scratching his scalp. He moaned and pushed himself onto his knees, rolling you over onto your back and resting his weight on top of you. 
“Alpha please.” You sighed as he began kissing down your chest. Your sleep bra was loose, and it showed no resistance when his hands skirted under it to tease the soft flesh of your tits. You moaned loudly when one calloused hand and one metal hand pinched each of your nipples. You arched your back into him in order to get closer and with sharp nips and bites covered the skin under your boobs with small bite marks and bruises. 
“What d’you want, Omega?” 
“You. All of you everywhere.” Your voice was high pitched and desperate as you begged for him. 
“You want my mouth on you? Want me to taste that slick? Your sweet slick that’s just for me? My slick?” He growled as he thought of the way you so often smelled like Peter or Tony. 
“Your slick, Alpha. Always yours.” 
He crooned against the band of your shorts and you gasped as his teeth began to pull them down your legs, inch by inch. It must have not been an attractive angle for your double chin, but god the look in his eyes as he made eye contact with you made you almost cum on the spot. You looked so fucked out already that Bucky purred with pride, and his cock stirred more in his pants, urging to be free. 
Instead of just having you the way he wanted, he found himself taking his time with your whining shaking form. The smell of your sex filled the room as his lifted one of your legs over his shoulders. He kissed your ankle and trailed his lips up your calf to the inside of your knee where he bit down on another scent gland. You keened out and threw your head into the mattress, grasping at sheets to channel your frustration. He did the same to the other leg then, and hooked his arms around your thick, strong thighs, kissing the gland on the insides of your thighs before pressing his nose to the soft fabric of your underwear and inhaling. 
“You smell so good, Omega. I could eat you right up.” He hummed and licked a stripe up your clothed core. A small scream echoed in your throat and you clutched at his newly cropped hair, pulling him closer to you. Instead of pulling back and reprimanding you, he was just as desperate to have his mouth on you so he took his metal arm and tore your underwear from your body. They were ruined by the amount of slick pouring fro your core, and he wasn't too keep on pulling away from you. 
You moaned at the feeling of the underwear tearing from your hips and could have cried when Bucky dove into you, lapping at the slick coating your inner thighs, core, and clit. God, his tongue was like magic on you. His rough lips added another sensation on top of the sucking and his warm tongue and you thought you were going to actually explode when he entered one metal finger into your hole, pumping in time with each tiny kitten lick of your clit. 
“Bucky. Alpha, oh God.” You cried, tears leaking from your eyes and you ground your hips into his face. He half-heartedly held them down with his flesh arm, but he adored the way you were so physically desperate for him. He added another finger before pulling away and kissing your mound gently and smiling up at you. 
“This good, little Omega? Your alpha treating you good?” His voice rumbled around the room and the timbre of it made your nipples tighten in response. So that they didn’t get too sore as a result of his voice, your fingers came up and clutched your breasts, squeezing and playing. The sight had Bucky almost blowing his knot right then and there. 
“Fuck doll, you're gonna kill me.” He moaned as he sucked your juices into his mouth. He moaned at your taste on his lips and his nose brushed your clit with every solid lick of your labia, making you shake around him. 
“Alpha…” You moaned loudly. Your power to control electricity was active now, making the lights flicker and the radio turn in and out of focus. Each lick of your core made your fingertips spark, and he was sure each dry strand of hair on his head was sticking up with the static of the air. 
“What is it, Sweetheart?”
“I want—“
“Want what?” He asked, pinching your clit between his metal fingers and making you gasp loudly and desperately for air you found yourself suddenly short of. 
“Your knot. Gimme your knot, Buck. I need. Oh God, Bucky.” You almost sobbed as he sucked on you hard, almost coaxing your to the edge and pulling away just as he felt you fluttering around his metal digits. You cried at the loss of him and were soon silenced by his slick lips on yours. You tasted so good to yourself, and when you let out the most pornographic moan at the taste of the kiss, Bucky just barely was able to pull his cock free from his sweats and push himself in. 
“You’re so tight for me, Omega. You gonna take my thick knot like a good little girl? Gonna swell with my pups? Give me a pack of my own, huh?” He growled as he thrust sharply into you. He was so big, and you were so full and your nails tore the skin of his back as he pulled out almost all the way and pushed back in. The wet sounds of your pussy would have embarrassed you if it were anyone else, but the way Bucky moaned at the sound and rutted harder into you were erotic. It wasn’t long until he began to swell, and wore of praise became slurred together as his vision grew fuzzy. 
He pulled his glistening cock out of you, and before you could whimper at the loss he flipped you over and sat back on his heels, stroking himself as he watched your wrecked body shudder. 
“Omega.” His voice no longer held the warm tone that was so beautifully Bucky. This tone was sharp, and all alpha. You keened into the soft fabric of the duvet and you wiggled your hips while laying on your stomach. While Bucky stroked himself with his metal hand, his flesh hand coasted down your spine, tracing the dips of your spine before rotating and cupping your swollen, drenched sex. 
“Present for your Alpha.” He growled, pulling you up by your cunt to a kneeling position. You squealed at his manhandling of you and rested your chest onto the mattress, arching your back and pushing your hips towards Bucky, who moaned at your submission to him. His cock was aching now, and when you wiggled your ass anxiously he snarled and smacked your ass. The red handprint wasn’t even fully developed before he slammed into you and fell forward. His chest was pressed hard against your back and his mouth was on the back of your neck, pinning you down like you imagined the first Wolfsblood species mated. Breeded. 
His teeth ghosted over your bonding mark and he nipped it lightly, hard enough to scent you and mark you but not enough to actually bond you. You clenched tightly around him and he groaned, sinking his teeth into the meat of your shoulder and breaking the skin. You screamed in pleasure and pain, and let out a guttural moan when you heard him when he keened into your shoulder as he felt his knot begin to catch on you. 
“‘M close, Omega.” He groaned, relishing in the sounds his thighs made against yours. The skin slapping was so primal and it just urged him further and harder. 
“Me too, Alpha, me too.” You gasped. He was almost fully stuck in you and you were just so close. It wasn’t until his flesh hand snuck in underneath your body and circled around your clit that you fell into euphoric pleasure and saw stars. Your screams were muffled by the blanket underneath you, and you whimpered slightly when Bucky bit down harder on your shoulder as his knot exploded inside of you.
His hot cum painted your walls, and his heavy knot filled you in a way you never could have imagined— and god, had you imagined.
His hot tongue soothed the bite mark he made and he kissed the side of your neck sweetly, pulling you up with him as he rolled over, pulled the covers over both of you and adjusted the both of you so that you were both as comfortable as possible while knotted. His hands, gentle now, traced your sides and your thighs. He crooned against you to calm you down, and when you came down from your high, you hummed in response and buried yourself deeper into the covers. His cock was softening and it would be long until he would be able to disconnect from you. However, the warmth he provided for you, and the comfort he circled you with made you almost horribly sad at the idea of him leaving. 
You were his, and he was yours. 
“Stay.” You whispered, intertwining his fingers with yours. 
“Always, Omega. Always.”
“And Bucky?”
“Yes, my Sweet?”
“If you steal the blankets I’m going to put my cold feet on you.”
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plainbrunettelbl · a year ago
ABO (A) Katsuki Bakugo x (O) Reader I’ll kill the Bastard!
Word count: 1531
Warnings: A little bullying. Someone might have tied up said bully. 
Title: ABO (A) Katsuki Bakugo x (O) Reader I’ll kill the Bastard! 
Summary: You had been sent a courting letter and accept only to be stood up. 
(Gif not mine) 
Tumblr media
💥-You had just walked into class and noticed something laying on your desk. All of the other Omega girls gathered around it whispering and giggling. Although Momo was an Alpha she still participated in the fun.
💥-When you got closer you noticed it was a letter that had your name handwritten on it. You quickly realized what it was and blushed. When an Omega wanted to court an Alpha they usually asked for them to scent something.
💥-It was a traditional way of starting the courting process but it was well used. 
💥-When an Alpha wanted to court an Omega they would hand-make something as a gift for the Omega and if the Omega accepted then they would accept their request at courting.
💥-This Alpha went the more modern route and sent a handwritten letter asking to go on a date. They would also scent it to make sure the Omega knew who was being asked by.
💥-So when you walked up to your desk and batted away the curious girls you sat down and stared at the golden letter. Your name is written in black ink. Your heart dropped a little already telling by the handwriting and scent alone that a ruby eyed boy didn’t send it.
💥-You tentatively lift the paper to your nose and took a whiff. Oranges and smoke flooded your nose. It wasn’t an unpleasant smell but it definitely caused you to pause a bit.
💥-If you remembered correctly it belonged to an Alpha you bumped into at the library a while back. He had come down the aisle without looking and nearly knocked you over.
💥-Once he apologized he quickly went back to his laughing group of friends. You couldn’t say you remembered much about his appearance but he seemed nice enough to accept his request.
💥-It had nothing to do with you finally realizing a certain spiky blond had no interest in you and wanted to try and move on from outrageous dream of courting him.
💥-You might have given up too easily and didn’t even attempt to ask him to scent something of your but that was because you saw how he rejected other Omegas.
💥-Loudly and bluntly.
💥-No way were you gonna be embarrassed like that. You wouldn’t be able to face him again. Let alone share the same class with him. So when you lifted up the letter and broke the seal it was solidified that you accepted his request.
💥-Unknown to you lost in your own thoughts a certain blond Alpha was growling in his seat as soon as you touched the letter and smelled it. He didn’t recognize the scent but he sure as hell wanted to find the bastard and blow him to hell.
💥-As soon as he walked into the room and spotted the golden scrap paper his Alpha was scratching at him to tear it up and toss it out the window. No one but him would know since he was the first one in the room.
💥-He stopped himself though. If his Omega wanted to court someone else then he would have to grudgingly accept it.
💥-He shoved a beaded bracelet into his backpack with a menacing growl. A few heads turned but none of them questioning him. They all knew the Alpha had his eyes set on the newly courted Omega.
💥-Someone was gonna end up dead for sure.
💥-You had worn your best clothes but also tried to keep it casual. Nothing too eye-catching but if someone wanted to eye you they wouldn’t be disappointed. The letter said to wait outside a ramen shop.  
💥-You had taken the liberty to arrive early so you made a good impression. Ten minutes had passed the set time the Alpha was supposed to arrive but you just figured he was running a bit late.
💥-After thirty minutes and no Alpha to be found you were left standing there with teary eyes and a wobbling lip. You were so excited to be asked out you didn’t even think it could have been some sort of harsh prank.
💥-You knew the lower classes were jealous they didn’t get into the top class but to be so envious the prank a hopeful Omega was cruel. You had half a mind to run to Mr. Aizawa and report their cruelty.
💥-You knew the Alpha might have acted a little indifferent when it came to his students but he wouldn’t hesitate to give harsh punishments to those who mistreat his students.
💥-Just as you were about to head back to your dorm room and spend the night eating sweets and crying in front of a TV you heard a harsh voice from in front of you.
💥-You had been looking down at your shoes to hide your heartbroken face so you didn’t notice someone come up to you. You recognized that brash voice anywhere though.
💥-“Oi! What are you doing out here when it is getting dark? Your stupid Alpha left already or what?” His gruff voice broke through your circle of sadness.
💥-Your watery eyes lifted up to meet his sharp ruby ones. As soon as he realized you were on the verge of crying he let out a small purr to ease you. A growl threatened to follow it but he pushed it down and focused on calming you down.
💥-“What’s wrong? Did he not offer you dessert or something?” He wasn’t really good with crying Omegas. He tried to lighten the mood with a small joke to see if he could get you to smile.
💥-Your tears cleared up but your lip was still wobbling a bit. “No. He didn’t even show up for me to even look through the dessert menu.”  You sniffled.
💥-You could have sworn you heard popping coming from somewhere but you ignored it. You focused on Bakugo’s purring to keep you from tearing up again. He had stiffened at your explanation.
💥-“I’ll kill that bastard! Well, it sucks for that asshole. He really missed out on seeing you all nice and dressed up.” He tried to take on a soft tone but it might have come out harsher than he wanted. He didn’t say the wrong thing and set you off.
💥-Your sadness was instantly replaced with happiness. Bakugo had complimented you! It was practically unheard of! Your own little purrs vibrated from your chest.
💥-“Thank you Bakugo! That made me feel a little better.” You smiled at him.
💥-“Of course I made you feel better! It’s what good Alpha’s do!” He didn’t know how to handle your purring so he did what he was good at. Answering you back in an overconfident tone.
💥-“Ya, you are a pretty good Alpha. I wish this one was a better one like you.” You sighed.
💥-“No one is better than me!” He boasted.
💥-You laughed and nodded along with him. “Well, I guess this day is over. I better start getting back to the dorms.” You made to leave.
💥-“Wait! Are you hungry? I was coming down here to get some spicy ramen. You could join me if you wanted.” He was suddenly bashful not looking you completely in the eye.
💥-He might not have sent a letter or offered you a handmade gift but the request was clear.
💥-“Yes! I would love to.” You chirped happily.
💥-“Good. I’ll even get you dessert.” He opened the door for you.
💥-He sure knew how to treat an Omega right.
💥-You had walked into class the next day with an orange and black beaded bracelet on your wrist. Bakugo had given it to you when you got back to the dorms last night.
💥-You wore it with pride and even showed it off to all the other girls the next day. Bakugo was nearly preening the whole day. Of course, you loved the bracelet that he made.
Extra bonus:
💥-“Why the fuck are these beads so small! It’s fucking pointless! Who the fuck can do this shit!” Bakugo sat on his bed trying to get a black bead through the clear thread.
💥-He was tempted to give up and get one of the girls with small hands to do it but then it wouldn’t be a courting gift. A courting gift has to be only made by the Alpha and no one else.
💥-So he suffered most of the night trying to get the beads to string together. He was a persistent Alpha. And a protective one. 
Extra extra bonus:
💥-Momo had helped to produce the handcuffs once she found out what had happened. As an Alpha herself she was disgusted at the one handcuffed to the fence.
💥-Her and Bakugo stood on the roof eyeing the restrained and pants-less Alpha. He wanted to do more but knew if he took it too far he would be expelled.
💥-Mr. Aizawa was walking outside of the building when he noticed someone tied to the roof fencing. He calmly kept walking and would wait a bit to report it. You had come to him last night about what happened and he could only guess who was dangling from the fence.
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cat-and-omegaverse · 2 years ago
nesting (with pictures)
I found some nice nesting stuff recently and decided to collect them from different blogs and put them all together, so here we are!
These all look like some comfortable places omegas and other dynamics would nest in! I'll update this occasionally with new additions! Feel free to add your own too!
My personal favorite:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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eggsyeagle · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I kinda love AU’s this time... um Dr. time?, And yes Omegaverse :D there are surgeons, hospital Director, some residents, and anesthesiologists etc but i’m too tired to write who’s what.
Pidge is pretty young but, she’s a genius after all, I’m still trying on anatomy, excuse the mistakes
Tumblr media
“Drama” sheith :D
Part two (X)
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pack-the-pack · 2 years ago
Some Random Alpha Headcanons
- Alphas showing up at work with hideous mismatching clothes or two different socks because their mate started to go into pre-heat and hogged all their good clothing. "No it has to be this oneee", they say as they steal just one sock right from their mate's foot before arranging it in their nest.
- Alphas showing up at odd times in their gym and not doing their regular routine. Their friends don't understand why that is. They find out later that it's because the Alpha is helping their smol mate to do their own training, because the smol bean wanted to be good at fighting too and the Alpha is scared to leave them alone with the more experienced and bigger Omegas because "what if the other Omegas are mean and they end up hurt?"
- Alphas showing up at work with glitter all over their hair or with their case filled with stickers because their Omega pup wanted to "make their stuff prettier".
- Alphas with fake bandages in their arms, because their Alpha pup wanted to prove they could best them in wrestling and they don't have the heart to tell their four year old son/daughter that their bites/tugs tickle more than anything.
- Alphas that spend hours in a store just petting rugs and covers, because their mate deserves only the best. And he doesn't care how much the other Omega elderly ladies giggle at them, they'll pet every single one of 'em if he has to until he finds the one.
- Alphas running from and refusing to, hold their new mate's small dog, because they fear they'll end up hurting it cause it's so tiny. The result is a really big Alpha running shitless of a tiny pomeranian. The dog doesn't mind, it thinks it's a game.
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plainbrunettelbl · a year ago
ABO (A) Dragon Bakugo Katsuki x (O) Reader Crimson Scales (Part One)
Word count: 2487
Warnings: Cursing. Attempted assault. Gutting of an animal. 
Title: ABO (A) Dragon Bakugo Katsuki x (O) Reader Crimson Scales (Part One)
Summary: A Knight in shining red scales saves you.
(Gif not mine) 
Tumblr media
💥-You had been on the outskirts of your village picking wildflower and berries to bring back to your den. You wanted to go farther into the wilderness but everyone knew not to step foot into the dragon forest.
💥-Anyone who was able to listen understood that those who went into the forest would likely meet a fiery death. There hasn’t been a dragon sighting in a while so you felt safe enough to visit the outskirts.
💥-You had heard stories of Omega princesses being abducted by dragons but didn’t give it a thought. You were just an Omega and no princess at that. Dragons had known to be attracted to two things.
💥-Omegas and jewels. Hence their obsession with Omega princesses.
💥-Anything shiny they would take back to their cave and hoard. Dragons were very particular about their hoard. They only let family and their mates around it. A thief was likely to catch sight of the glittering mass before he was incinerated.
💥-Dragons liked to be left alone in their cave dens so it was no wonder one hadn’t been sighted in a while. You knew the village men had been slowly heading into the forest to set hunting traps but nothing too serious yet.
💥-Just testing the waters to see if a hulking mass was lurking about ready to unleash their rage for the villagers trespassing. You felt confident in your wildflower picking so didn’t see the harm.
💥-No dragon was about to throw a fit over the missing flowers. Missing deer on the other hand... Let’s just say the deer wouldn’t be the only thing roasted that night. You hummed along as you did so.
💥-You heard a snap of a branch but didn’t turn towards it. Plenty of small critters skittering about. You only lifted your head when you caught the scent of multiple Alphas.
💥-They smelled disgusting to your Omega nose. Part of the reason why you have yet to take up a mate from the village. You have been of age but didn’t see any interest in the rough and rowdy Alphas that crowded the town.
💥-Not to say they weren't interested in you. You had a number of Alphas sending your courting gifts but had yet to accept one. You didn’t feel like being tied down to an Alpha that would want you to sit around by the fire sewing all day.
💥-You wanted adventure.
💥-You haven’t gotten the opportunity to do so yet but you dreamed of white beaches and sapphire seas. No Alpha here would even let their Omega venture to the nearby town.
💥-Your eyes caught sight of three Alphas looking at you from a few yards away.
💥-“Omega!” The middle one in the group called out. “I have a couple of berries at home if you would like to come by and pick those!” He howled in laughter. His friends followed suit.
💥-You scoffed and rolled your eyes but resumed your task. Alpha fools thinking they were the best thing this town had to offer. You thought them harmless until you heard whispering among them.
💥-You felt a prickle on your next as you felt their gazes change from one of laughter to hunger. You wasted no time hurling your basket in their direction before taking off into the forest.
💥-You would rather take your chances with a dragon then find out what they had planned. You heard them yell and give chase. Clearly enjoying the chase.
💥-“What about the dragons, Pete?” One shouted, still running for you.
💥-“Fuck the dragons! Haven’t seen one here in forever. Bastards are all gone.” One shouted.
💥-You had cleared a fair amount of distance but if you were close enough to hear them yelling then you weren't far enough. You heard the sound of rushing water before you run across the river.
💥-Without giving it a second thought you hopped him. It didn’t matter that the water was less than welcoming. The water went up to your thighs before getting higher the farther you went in.
💥-“Look! The pretty Omega wants to go for a swim. If you wanted your clothes off we could have helped you Omega!” One of them spotted you still in the treeline. Before you would trudge even farther into the water a low growl was heard.
💥-You snapped your eyes to the other side of the river. The side you were making your way to but suddenly had second thoughts when you saw a hulking mass waiting for you.
💥-He was in the tree line as well but the light filtered through the leaves casts a brilliant light on his crimson scales. Rubies came to mind while gazing at him. His head was as big as a wagon.
💥-His vermilion eyes catching your frightened ones before shifting to the startled Alphas. Clearly taken back that they came across a dragon. One looked like he was about to wet himself.
💥-He threw out another growl, louder than the last one.
💥-“The Omega wasn’t worth this much, Pete.” One shakily said.
💥-“Shut the fuck up, Frank.” The other glared.
💥-“Listen, how about if we leave you the Omega and we go on our merry way.” The middle guy offered with a crooked smile.  
💥-The offer seemed to anger the dragon even more. He lifted his head higher, smoke coming out of his nostrils. Before you could blink his mouth opened and he roared fire at them.
💥-You smelt their clothes catch fire before all three yelped and went fleeing back into the safety of the trees. You were left stuck in the middle of the river frozen in fear.
💥-You took a shaky step back. It was a mistake. Your foot slipped on a slick rock causing you to lose your balance and fall back. Your soaked clothes doing nothing to help you stay upright.
💥-You went falling back and felt a pinch before darkness overtook you.
💥-You heard a crackling of a fire before anything else. Embers spitting at each other. Next, you noticed the light flickering under your eyelids. You let out a soft moan at the pain in your head.
💥-It felt like someone was pounding a nail into it.
💥-“Calm down, Omega. You are fine.” A rough voice said. “Just a little head wound. Nothing I couldn’t fix up for you.” He continued.  
💥-You calmed at his rough but kind voice. You had yet to open your eyes. Your body still your own yet sent out a small chirp. An Omegas way of calling out to an Alpha when in distress or need of comfort.
💥-The Alpha answered back instantly. A loud purr leaving his lips before you felt his presence shift and move away for a second. You let out a small whine. Not wanting to be left alone.
💥-“Calm down, Omega. I was just getting you some tea for your pain.” He said, reaching out to touch your head.
💥-You hummed as his warm hands came in contact with your cheek. You felt slightly chilled even as you were surrounded by soft blankets. The fabric felt too soft to be regular cloth but your mind was still disoriented not quite all there yet.
💥-“Drink, Omega.” He rumbled, lifted a wooden cup to your mouth.
💥-You drank without hesitation. If he wanted to kill you he could have done so already. The drink was warmed and held a small about of sweetness. Honey. You hadn’t had honey in years!
💥-You let out a happy purr before gulping down the rest of the liquid.
💥-“Slowly, I don’t want to be cleaning your vomit off the floor of my den.” He sternly but softly chastised.    
💥-You wanted to pout but did as requested. Once you had a few more sip and he laid your head back down you slowly started to come to your senses. You finally opened your eyes.
💥-You were surrounded by rocks so you knew you were in a cave of sorts. The fire by your side, lighting the big cavern sparsely. You saw more shadows than light. You caught sight of the Alphas furs clothes before meeting his eyes.  
💥-Vermilion eyes staring back at you.
💥-Like the dragons!
💥-“Dragon!” You yelped and pulled away from him.
💥-He scoffed and rolled his eyes. “I swear, I save your life and the first thing you do is cower in fear.”
💥-You sat frozen, clutching a blanket to your chest before slightly relaxing. He had helped you in more ways than one and here you were insulting him. You had a right to be fearful of his kind but he hasn’t done anything that showed that you should be.
💥-He did try to burn a few Alphas but the had it coming.
💥-“You’re right. I’m sorry. I was just startled.” You shyly apologized. “Thank you for the tea. And nursing me back to health and all.”
💥-“You still have days till you recover so I wouldn’t thank me yet, Omega.” He grunted. He was upset that you got hurt even when he was trying to save you. Your sweet scent shouldn't be ridden with pain.  
💥-“I guess I do.” You nodded before wincing.
💥-“Lay back down I don’t need you passing out on me again. I’ll go hunt for some dinner.” He put a few more logs on the fire before heading out of the cave.
💥-He came back with a deer slung over his shoulders. You were used to seeing dead animals strung up at the meat market so you didn’t squirm at the sight of him skinning and gutting it as most would.
💥-“I usually eat them whole in my dragon form but since you are human that option is out of the question.” He explained. “I think I have some pans I can cook it on around here somewhere. If not I can just roast it.”
💥-“Anything cooked is good in my book.” You smiled, still in the nest of blankets he had set you in but now propped up.
💥-When he had carried you back in his human form he used his fire powers to dry your clothes. He didn’t want to have an angry Omega on his hands because he undressed them.
💥-Without a second thought, he softly laid you down on a bed of blankets he was hoarding for his future mate. He didn’t want to think about your frame looked perfect sitting among them.
💥-Like it was meant to be.
💥-He quickly shut out those thoughts and stood up to go look for some pans he might have taken. Dragons are known for their sticky fingers.
💥-You had spent the last few days in comfort. You had learned his name was Bakugo. He was a little growly but it did nothing to stop your growing affection for him.
💥-He had a hard exterior but you knew him to have a soft inside. He showed it in the way he kept checking on you throughout the day. His concern for you when you finally felt better enough to walk around.
💥-When you felt able enough to walk more than a few minutes you asked him if you could take a bath. He was eager to show you to the bathing pool he had carved out of his cave.
💥-He preened when you softly praised it. Clearly satisfied that it met your approval. His Alpha purring inside him. The pool was another thing he had made with his future mate in mind.
💥-The water came in and out so it was fresh and clean.
💥-You might have spent a few more minutes than you were supposed to splashing around. The water was warm and comforting. Once out he shyly dropped off some gowns that might have went missing from their previous owners.
💥-You laughed at his slightly embarrassed face. He couldn’t help his nature of taking things. It was what dragons did. Something deeply ingrained in him. You patted his shoulder before shooing him away to get dressed.
💥-But even though you sat in a silk gown and laid among soft pillows and blankets your mood was doleful. You had fully recovered and were well enough to make the journey back to your village.
💥-The only problem was that a certain growly Alpha wouldn’t be able to come with you. You both knew it was coming but ignored it. Bakugo had gone out to chop more firewood.
💥-It was more for you since he could see clearly in the dead of night.
💥-He had came in stacks of logs in hand. He knew what was coming the moment he saw your saddened face. He dropped the logs to the floor.
💥-“What’s wrong, Y/N?” He asked, already having an idea on what you were gonna say.
💥-“I should be able to go back to my village now.” You stated in a soft tone.
💥-He wanted to growl at the thought but held it back.
💥-“Yes, you are.” He agreed, barley able to grunt out the words.
💥-“What are you gonna do after I am gone?” You hesitantly asked, scared of his answer.
💥-“Since you been here I haven’t been able to take flight like I am used to. I was thinking about heading south and visiting a somewhat friend of mine.” His words burning in his mouth.
💥-His Dragon was excited about stretching its wings but the thought of coming back to his den and not seeing you curled up in your nest made him want to roar in grief.
💥-His Dragon already claimed you. To him you were his and he was yours.
💥-“South? Like were the beach is?” Your mood picking up slightly.
💥-“Ya. I tend to stay away from the shore because the sand on my scales is a bitch to get out but I love the feel gliding above water so I tend to stick more to the ocean.” He remarked.
💥-“That sounds amazing! I always wanted to go to the beach.” You smiled, imagining his red frame gliding across the blue water.
💥-Your thoughts catching up to you and your mood once again fell. You wouldn’t be able to witness the sparkling water or pink shells. You would be back in the village by then.
💥-You Omega was whining at the thought. That wasn’t home anymore. Home was were this ruby eyed Alpha was. You didn’t have many ties to the village so why would you want to go back.
💥-“Bakugo?” You peered up at him.
💥-His steady gaze already on you.
💥-“Yes?” He rumbled, his eyes raking over your face
💥-“You think I can come with you?” You got the words out before you talked yourself into holding them back.
💥-“I would like nothing more.” He purred, making his way towards you.
💥-You didn’t know what being a Dragon’s mate had in store for you but you accepted his embrace with a happy purr. Your home is right by his side.
I was in a fantasy mood. I hope you liked it. I really quite like this Dragon AU. What are your thoughts on it? I feel like there could be a part 2 for this but I don’t know what it would be about. 
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hobiorbit · 2 years ago
sugar sugar, honey honey (m.)
Tumblr media
pairing: min yoongi x reader, kim taehyung x reader, min yoongi x kim taehyung warnings: threesomes, dirty talk, abo dynamics, knotting, impregnation kink? summary: in which omega/omega relationships are looked down upon, and taehyung is happy to take care of both you and your boyfriend.
Two omegas are not supposed to love each other.
This kind of love goes against not only all biological norms, but societal norms as well. Omega-omega couples are looked down upon an disapproved of.
In spite of all of this, you did not care. And neither did your omegan boyfriend, Yoongi. Being in a relationship with another was hard, with the constant backlash you got, but you wouldn’t have it any other way
Even now, sitting next to your boyfriend in the lecture hall with alphas and betas alike sending you looks of discomfort of disgust, you felt happy. Happy from just being so close to him, feeling entirely safe.
“That’ll be all for today. Remember that your papers are due next Tuesday, everyone.” Your professor said suddenly, sitting down at his desk and paying no mind to the students now exiting the hall. You and Yoongi got up hastily, trying to leave the room as soon as you could to avoid trouble.
He shoved his laptop into his bag and grabbed your hand, weaving the both of you through multiple seats as you got closer to the door. You were about to walk out when a alpha behind you made a crude comment, his alpha friends giggling with him.
“If you ever need a heat partner, I’m here. Omegan dudes aren’t meant for fucking, they’re supposed to be fucked. Didn’t you know that, princess?” He said, his scent clouding your senses as your face morphed into disgust. Yoongi grunted in anger, and you knew he was getting ready to pick a fight.
“Let’s just go.” You whispered softly, leaning closer to him as he took a deep breath, calming down before nodding. He didn’t speak as you quickly walked away, and you knew that not only was Yoongi angry, but insecure as well.
When you finally got to the courtyard, you allowed yourself to breathe in the scent of nature. Immediately, you could feel relaxation seep through your veins. “Yoonie,” You sighed, pouting at him. His gaze was still hard, and you knew he was battling his emotions internally.
“What, sweetheart?” He asked you, trying to keep the usual calm and soft voice he used when talking to you, but you could hear the gruff undertone caused by his anger. Yoongi wasn’t like most omegas, and it was easy to see. His behavior easily reflected that of a beta or even an alpha, and sometimes you’d even forget about his status until his heat came around.
“Don’t listen to them…” You softly responded, clenching his hand in your usual genuine fashion. Your words made a soft smile appear on his lips as he turned to look at you, admiring every single one of your features.
He leaned down to press a soft kiss onto your lips, one that had you deflating and sighing into him. Yoongi never failed to take your breath away, and even though you weren’t a fan of the attention you got from the PDA, you still allowed him to do it every time.
“You’re so cute.” He told you as he detached himself from your lips, smirking at your shy face. Covering your face with your free hand, you allowed him to walk you in the direction of your apartment.
Little did you know, an infatuated alpha had watched your display, and he walked away wondering why his heart was beating so fast.
“Those knotheads have no idea how to treat an omega. I can fuck you better than they could ever dream of.” Yoongi whispered into the heat of your neck, licking over your scent gland and nibbling at it, causing you to keen and buck your hips up into him.
“Isn’t that right, baby? Your omega boyfriend makes you feel better than any alpha, right?” Yoongi asked you, lifting your shirt up your chest and pulling your bra down to tend to your nipples. You whimpered shyly, and nodded. He leaned down to nip at you, causing you to jolt in surprise.
“Answer with your words, Y/N.” Yoongi reprimanded you. “Yes Yoongi, you do it better. Always do.” You mewled, putting a hand over your mouth as he continued his assault on your nipples, lathering them with his tongue as your whole continued to become wet with slick, filling the room with the scent of your arousal. Yoongi loved it.
“Please, Yoonie,” You whined, showing him your neck as you writhed below him. Your words set a fire in the other omega’s stomach, filling him with the need to fill you up and take care of you.
He leaned down to scent at your neck. In these moments his omegan nature showed completely, the need for closeness and genuine love peeking out through his special actions. You moved your head upward, baring yourself to him as he scented you, kissing and licking at your neck.
“You’ve got it, baby.” Yoongi muttered when he thought you smelled enough like his soft scent of linen and cloves. You opened your thighs to him, exposing your heat, feeling far too gone to even feel a bit shy. Yoongi loved teasing you to that point, loved to see you unabashedly giving into the throes of pleasure he was willing to give to you.
Yoongi leaned down, flattening his tongue over your wet cunt and flicking the tip of his tongue over your clit. You keened, bucking your hips up into his touch as a way of begging for more. He smiled at you from your mound, almond eyes narrowing into slits as he continued his abrasive assault on your pussy. He tongued at you, never fully giving you what you wanted, enjoying the way you writhed around while trying to get as much pleasure he would lend you.
“Yoonie- please, oh god, fill me up.” You whined, tears flooding your eyes. Yoongi shushed you, taking a hand and sliding it down the side of your body in a gesture of comfort. Nonetheless, he got onto his knees, pulling down at his boxers, allowing his erection to spring free.
While his stature definitely was not very alpha like, Yoongi never failed to satisfy you. Never in your life had you found yourself wishing for something Yoongi didn’t have. Even in moments like these, where some people were convinced only an alpha could excel, Yoongi managed to take stereotypes and stomp on them.
He sheathed himself inside you quickly and harshly, knocking the air from from your lungs. Your mouth opened as short, quick moans left your lips, in time with Yoongi’s quick thrusts. On days he managed to tease you the most he tended to lose a bit of control, fucking you fast and hard.
You could never complain, managing to take it as sounds of pleasure fell from your lips, head tossed back as he continued his assault. Yoongi was grunting, bending over your body and mouthing at your neck as he fucked you.
“So fucking good for me. You’re so beautiful, I love you.” Yoongi moaned into your ear, bringing a hand down to rub at your clit as he tried to get you closer to your release. Your arms were wrapped around his shoulders, legs spread wide to accommodate the body in between them.
“I love you, Yoonie,” You whimpered into his ear, panting as you felt yourself reaching your high. You clenched around his cock erratically, whimpering as you came. Yoongi grunted in your ear, following along not too far behind you. When you’d both ridden out your highs, Yoongi rolled you over, pressing his face into your neck and wrapping his arms tightly around your body.
Even in your tired, sex induced haze, you pat your boyfriend’s head and ran your fingers through his hair. “Don’t listen to those alphas… You do everything they can do and more.” You whispered, knowing exactly what was on his mind. Yoongi nosed at your neck, drinking your scent in. “I know, sweetheart. Just wish I could protect you and myself the way some of them can. It’s okay, we make it work.” Yoongi assured you, closing his eyes as he allowed himself to bask in your presence, already on his way to sleep.
You didn’t bother saying anything else, knowing that even though you hated it, Yoongi was right. Other people’s opinions and societal stigmas were always going to plague your relationship- and that was alright. You loved Yoongi, and he loved you.
“Are you okay? You look pale.” Jungkook asked Taehyung. Taehyung looked at the other, effectively having forgotten his daydream. He nodded, thought Jungkook could tell Taehyung was thinking about something pretty concerning.
“Yeah, I’m fine.” Taehyung sighed, throwing his head back on his old, plush couch. Jungkook stared him down from his spot on their recliner, his unofficial-official claimed spot in their shared apartment. “You’re a horrible liar.” The younger stated. Taehyung rolled his eyes. “Yeah? And you’re noisy.” He rubuttled. Jungkook pouted.
“What’s so troubling to you that you can’t even tell your dear old roommate? I won’t judge.” Jungkook stated, shrugging his shoulders. Taehyung contemplated his words for a moment, before speaking slowly.
“What do you think about two omegas in a relationship?” Taehyung asked. The question seemed to catch the beta off guard, as his eyes widened and he coughed.
“I’m not one to judge other people’s preferences. I’m sure it’d be tough and all, considering everyone’s opinions on omegas. It’d probably just get worse if they were in a relationship together. Why?” Jungkook asked the alpha. Taehyung shrugged.
“I just… Saw two omegas kiss today. N-not that I was spying or anything! It just struck me as odd. I know omegan relationships existed, I’ve just never seen any.” taehyung explained, clasping his hands together.
Jungkook observed his friend, a sly smile on his face. “Is Taehyungie getting greedy, wanting two alphas? Leave some for the betas. It’s hard enough to score anyone as it is.” Jungkook complained, though his words were all in good fun. Taehyung scoffed at the younger’s notion. He’d barely seen you or Yoongi- there was no way he had a crush on either of you. Just wanted you guys to be safe, like any decent alpha.
“Whatever. I don’t even know their names, never even seen ‘em before. I just… thought about how hard it’d be to be in a relationship like that.” Taehyung said. Jungkook nodded in understanding. “Yeah, I’d be worried too. I hope they have an alpha friend or something- to keep an eye on them.” Jungkook states. Taehyung nodded absentmindedly, hoping the best for the two omegas he’d seen in passing.
“Hey, now that you brought it up, I think I know who you’re talking about. Well, at least one person. His name’s Min Yoongi, and he’s a junior I think. He’s an omega and he’s dating a girl in my grade- Her name’s Y/N, I think.” Jungkook said thoughtfully, gnawing on his bottom lip.
Taehyung’s eyes lit up at the aspect of receiving new information. “Really? How do you know them?” Taehyung asked, tilting his head to the side in confusion. Jungkook laughed shyly. “Saying I know either of them is a longshot. Yoongi is friends with Namjoon hyung. I’ve heard of Y/N cause she’s in my grade, but apparently she’s pretty shy so ‘s hard to get to know her.” Jungkook explained. Your shy face flashed through Taehyung’s mind, your wide eyes looking up at Yoongi after he’d stolen a kiss from you. Shy was definitely a word that could describe you.
Yoongi, however- if it weren’t for his scent, Taehyung would’ve mistaken him for a beta. Maybe even an alpha. But his softer omegan scent and pheromones were definitely his downfall, outing his status to anyone who could smell him. That didn’t make him any less threatening, that was for sure.
“It’s hard to believe that guy’s an omega. He’s scary.” Taehyung said matter of factly. Jungkook snorted. “Yeah, I guess you could say that. Namjoon hyung likes him, so he can’t be that bad. Probably just a bit standoffish or whatever, but nice when you get to know ‘im.” Jungkook thought aloud.
It was very rare that Yoongi didn’t make full recovery after being taunted by some alphas. It would usually take him a day- two at most. And yet here he was, a full week later, sulking over the offhanded comments alphas had made to you.
Of course, Yoongi didn’t mention it, but due to your nature you had no problems picking up on his discomfort.
It made you sad that no matter what you said or did, you couldn’t seem to get him to shake off whatever thoughts were clouding his head. Before, you were convinced that Yoongi knew he was all you could ever need. Now, you weren’t so sure. It hurt that you hadn’t made him secure in his position as your boyfriend.
As you walked to your lecture together, you held his hand extra tightly, and walked closer to him that usual. You could tell he was inhaling your scent diligently, something that didn’t come as a surprise. Yoongi had always used you as his little stress reliever, not that you ever minded. You took pride in the fact that just your scent alone could calm the other omega down.
You kept looking at him from the corner of your eye, peeking up to see his face, only to see his usual frown he tended to unknowingly wear in public. Some would say it made him quite unapproachable, and you just found it absolutely adorable, with his plush lips pouting outward- making you want to give him a kiss. Not that you would. Public affection had never been your thing.
So you two walked in silence as you occupied yourself with observing your school’s courtyard. Spring had finally began to throttle fully, and trees along with other plants had fully bloomed.
Your lecture hall had been unusually full considering the time you arrived. You and Yoongi tended to arrive the same time every day, wanting to get your usual seats. However, it seemed like multiple other people had the same idea- and as much as you were perturbed by it, your usual seats had been taken.
Not only that, but there weren’t any spots with two seats open for you and your boyfriend. You frowned at the sight in front of you, searching frantically for a place that you and Yoongi could sit down. Yoongi squeezed your hand, sensing your distress. He pointed at an open seat.
“Go sit there, baby. I’ll sit in the one behind you so I can keep an eye on you.” Yoongi murmured into your ear, not looking at your face because he knew you were pouting. He wasn’t happy with how the day unfolded either, but he figured this would be the best bet. You sighed but nodded, timidly gripping your shoulder straps and walking over to the seat.
On your right was a beta girl, seemingly nice enough. She hadn’t bothered to greet you but she’d sent you a smile in passing before turning to speak with her omegan friend.
On your right was something you were much more worried about. He was an alpha, no doubt, his scent of sandalwood almost stuffing your nose as if it were tangible. He had shaggy, ash blonde hair and wore a delicate, long earring accompanied with what looked to be a comfortable but fashionable outfit.
You sat down, looking over your shoulder at Yoongi only for him to nod at you. His seat seemed far less alarming. From the looks of it he sat between two betas, both of which who looked to be extremely kind. Turning back around, you accidentally locked eyes with the alpha beside you.
His gaze was not cold, but it was sharp. Not in a purposefully intimidating way, but in a way that made him seem like all of his attention was on you- like it had been for a while. It made your heart beat faster and for some reason you didn’t look away, almost frozen in place until he spoke to you, breaking you out of your trance.
“Hello. I haven’t seen you in here before. My name’s Taehyung.” He spoke easily. His voice was smooth and low, almost rumbling through your ears as you received every word. You mulled over each of the syllables he spoke in your head, almost encoding them delicately within your mind, having no intentions of forgetting the way he sounded.
“Hi… I uh, I usually don’t sit here, it’s just… Everyone seemed to get here a little earlier today, I guess,” You mumbled, laughing softly in embarrassment. You could feel your hands warming, a sign of how flustered you were becoming from the alpha beside you. Never had someone of his status had such an effect on you. You usually tended to stay away from alphas due to their somewhat genetically predisposed abrasive natures, something you couldn’t say you were too fond of.
“But it’s nice to meet you, um, Taehyung. I’m Y/N.” You spoke finally. Part of you wanted to mention Yoongi, behind you, but you felt it would’ve made the conversation awkward even though you could feel his gaze burning into you. It made you sweat.
Taehyung gave you a gentle, almost seductive smile. Everything about him seemed to be sensual. From the way he looked to the way he spoke to the way he moved, everything was slow and steady but so very encapsulating. If it weren’t for your professor signalling class was beginning, you might’ve tried to speak with him all day.
Throughout your lecture, Taehyung had given you small tips on how to write your notes, as well as drawing funny things and giving you small messages on the pad of sticky notes he’d brought along with them. You received his attention easily, allowing yourself small giggles here and there to show your appreciation for his actions.
Yoongi watched you from behind the entire time, the teacher’s words proving to be nothing but background noise for his feelings of jealousy and anger. Who was this alpha all over you? It was clear you’d never met before, and yet here he was, all over you, as if you didn’t already have a boyfriend.
Except, for all the alpha knew, you didn’t have a boyfriend. Just a close, omegan friend- because who in their right mind would automatically assume that an omega was taken by another omega? This only fuelled Yoongi’s feelings of inferiority that had been blooming ever since the week before.
What made things worse was how Yoongi could see you were clearly enjoying the alpha, paying no mind to his flirtatious or overly friendly nature. Either you didn’t notice it, or you took it in stride. Yoongi just hoped you were oblivious.
When class was finally over, Yoongi sighed a breath of relief. He weaved his way out of the table he was sitting at, avoiding the overly friendly beta that had been sitting next to him. Yoongi’s eyes were on you, travelling down and over to where you stood, still in the alpha’s clutches. Not that you really seemed to mind, you were listening to him intently.
“Are you ready?” Yoongi said, tone much colder than he intended. The alpha in front of you looked up in surprise, before an enthusiastic smile overtook his lips. “You must be Yoongi! Good to meet you, man.” Taehyung said thoughtfully, thrusting his hand out toward Yoongi for your boyfriend to shake. Yoongi stared at it for a moment before awkwardly taking it, shaking it slowly. You tried not to giggle at the other omega’s actions.
“Nice to meet you, uh…” Yoongi paused, waiting for Taehyung to tell him his name. Taehyung nodded and retracted his hand. “Taehyung. Y/N here was telling me all about you, you know. My friends and I are actually heading out to lunch after this, did you two want to come?” Yoongi’s eyes widened, wondering just how friendly this guy could get. Just about all the students had filtered out of the lecture hall now, leaving just your tiny group along with a couple other people.
Yoongi saw you begin to nod, but he decided he’d need a bit more information before going to lunch with an unknown alpha- who most likely had unknown alpha friends.
“Who’re your friends?” Yoongi inquired. Taehyung hummed, and if he was offended by Yoongi’s words he didn’t show it. “Ah, this guy named Namjoon, another guy named Hoseok, his friend Jin, my roommate Jungkook… And I think my friend Jimin might be able to make it too.” Taehyung said happily. Your eyes widened at the mention of Jungkook, a friendly beta in your year. You’d hardly ever talked to him but if you did, you were sure you would’ve been best of friends by now.
“I know Jungkook.” you piped up, looking to Yoongi more than anything, hoping that he would at least find solace in the fact that you wouldn’t be surrounded by complete strangers. Taehyung cocked his head to the side and smiled. “So you’re in the same grade as him! Kookie is great, he can just be a lot sometimes. Loves to annoy his hyungs.” Taehyung said, an appreciative smile on his face.
“I haven’t seen Namjoon in a while. I guess we can go.” Yoongi relented, hoping he wouldn’t regret this decision. How could he say no to you, when you were clearly excited to go? Your shy nature had definitely inhibited you in multiple ways, so whenever someone actually invited you out it was like a godsend. Yoongi refused to ruin that for you because he was jealous- and insecure.
Taehyung clapped his hands and bounced on his feet, clearly showing his excitement. “Really? Great! I’m sure my friends will love you guys. Do you just want to ride with me or did you plan on driving yourself? I can always text the address.” Taehyung said.
You looked to the floor sheepishly. “Neither Yoongi or I drive, so… We’d really appreciate it if you wanted to give us a ride.” You spoke, feeling yourself heat up about having to admit that you didn’t drive. It was scary!
“No problem at all! I’d love to drive you guys. We’re sorta meeting soon so… Wanna go?” Taehyung asked with wide eyes, jabbing his thumb over his shoulder to signal to the door. You and Yoongi nodded, you a bit more excitedly than the latter.
Yoongi had taken it upon himself to call shotgun on the way to the restaurant. You really didn’t have any problems with it, opting to lean back and stare out the window while you let Taehyung’s phenomenal taste in music flood your ears. In that moment, you decided life was good.
Taehyung ended parking at a local ramen shop, claiming they had the best food and service he’d ever received. You hardly registered his words, already excited for some good, warm food with your boyfriend and your new friend. Yoongi grabbed your hand as soon as you got out of the car, leading you into the restaurant behind Taehyung.
It seemed like his friends were already there, sitting at a large table in the corner with three open seats for the missing guests. You followed everyone older, sitting between Yoongi and a very smiley man. Only when you were given your menus did Yoongi let go of your hand.
“What’s your name, cutie? I’m Hoseok.” The smiley man, who you now identified as an alpha, said from next to you. You smiled shyly, eyes widening at the nickname he used for you. Yoongi sucked some air in through his teeth before looking around to see if anyone had caught his display of irritation. If they did, they didn’t show it.
“Nice to meet you, Hoseok… I’m Y/N and this is Yoongi.” You introduced yourself and Yoongi next to you, who leaned over to make eye contact with Hoseok. Hoseok hardly seemed threatened by Yoongi’s face, leaning forward to get closer to him, effectively coming in contact with you.
“Hi Yoongi, nice to meet ya!” Hoseok said, closing his eyes and giving Yoongi a wide smile. Yoongi nodded stiffly. “Ditto.” He nodded, turning toward Taehyung who was on his right, cringing at his friend’s behavior.
“Hoseok is a bit out of the lines, if you will. He means no harm, I promise. He just likes everyone.” Taehyung whispered to Yoongi, breath fanning across Yoongi’s lips due to how close the alpha was. He smelled like mint. The omega realized he didn’t mind if the alpha decided to get even closer, and when the realization hit him he leaned back. “It’s all good. It’s pretty obvious he doesn’t anything by it.” Yoongi said coolly.
Taehyung faltered for a moment, peeking at Yoongi’s lips before licking at his own and turning away. Yoongi felt appalled for a moment, letting his hand search for your thigh under the table for comfort.
You looked at him in curiosity. He refused to meet your gaze even though he knew you were looking.
The man across from you caught your gaze, smiling. Despite his somewhat omegan appearance- fluffy hair, puffy lips, kind eyes- he was by all means an alpha. You wondered just how many alpha friends Taehyung had. You knew Omegas were the least common group in society- but even then, it was rare to not know even a couple.
“Hi, Y/N. I’m Jimin. Taehyungie makes friends everywhere he goes, doesn’t he? So, what’s your major?” The man, Jimin, asked kindly. You laughed at his statement- wondering just how many times Taehyung had quickly made friends only to bring them into different outings he already had with the current group. Even though you barely knew him, it seemed very plausible.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you. I currently don’t have a decided major, mostly just floating around and testing the waters. I’m a fan of the arts, though! Space is cool too- Yoongi and I met Taehyung in our astronomy class.” You nodded your head to the omega beside you and the alpha beside him. Jimin tilted his head thoughtfully, sending a sly smile to Yoongi, who had been observing Taehyung’s side profile. Your boyfriend puffed his cheeks out in embarrassment and mild annoyance.
“Astrology, huh? You like it?” The beta beside Jimin- Jungkook, as you knew- asked both you and Yoongi. You gave a shrug and a smile. “It’s definitely interesting sometimes. Although, it does bring out some existential crises.” Jungkook laughed at your statement, nodding. “That’s exactly why I didn’t take the class!” He exclaimed. You nodded, leaning into Yoongi.
“It’s not so bad once you get over it. Becomes sorta normal.” Yoongi said, trying to put both of you at ease. He’d witnessed you have minor freak outs in class whenever your professor said something particularly alarming more than enough times.
“How’s music theory going, Yoongi?” A man with glasses on the other side of Jimin asked your boyfriend. You cocked your head to the side in confusion before piecing together that this must be Namjoon, the man Yoongi had known prior.
A deep sigh left the other omega’s lips at the reminder of his class. “I love it, I really do. It’s just a lot of work. A devastating amount.” Yoongi said, nodding along with his own words. Namjoon hummed. “I hear you. The information is great, everything else is a complete drag.” Namjoon said in agreement.
Yoongi was about to respond when the waitress came over, a pretty beta girl. Jungkook shied away from where she stood between he and Jimin, even though she hadn’t even glanced at him.
“I come bearing gifts!” She joked, signalling to the tray of food she’d brought along with her. She busied herself with setting down the multitude of bowls down in front of everyone, sweetly asking if anyone needed anything else before strutting away.
“Geeze, Jungkook, make yourself more obvious why don’t you.” The oldest, Jin, piped up after seeing Jungkook watch the waitress’ every step until she was out of sight. The younger flushed a rosy color, eyes darting to you in panic. You offered him a nice smile as a way to calm him down.
“Sh-shut up, hyung! Don’t embarrass me like that!” Jungkook said indignantly, bringing his mouth down to stuff it full of noddles as a way to avoid any more conversation. Jin laughed and shook his head, eating his own food.
“Thank you guys for coming with me. I know it was short notice and all, but I hope you had as much fun as I did.” Taehyung said warmly as all three of you walked back to his car. You smiled happily, as Yoongi nodded.
“I had a lot of fun. Thanks for inviting us out, Taehyung.” You said politely. “Likewise. I’m usually not a fan of last second stuff like that but… It was nice.” Yoongi admitted. You smiled, wanting to kiss his puffy cheeks. Usually, you didn’t go so long without some sort of affection, but due to your last minute lunch things didn’t advance as they usually did.
Taehyung turned back to you, smiling so widely his mouth took shape of a rectangle. “I’m glad to hear it! You know, I’d love to hang out again sometime. Maybe study for astronomy together, or just go out for lunch again. Only if you guys want to, though.” Taehyung said, scratching at the back of his neck.
You almost agreed immediately, but faltered, looking up at Yoongi. He bit his lip and stared down at you, before releasing air through his nostrils and nodding. “I don’t see why not.” Yoongi said nonchalantly. Taehyung clapped his hands, dropping himself into the driver’s seat of his car as he waited for the two of you to get in. He dug around in his pocket and thrust out his phone to you.
“Why don’t you put your number in then? You can do both, or one. Just so I can get ahold of you guys.” Taehyung offered. Yoongi caught how Taehyung hadn’t given his phone to him, despite him being the one sat in the front seat. You fiddled around with Taehyung’s phone for a second before unlocking it and inputting your number, your contact name identifiable by the cute emojis you’d put beside it. Then you worked on putting Yoongi’s in before setting it on the center console, not wanting to bother Taehyung while he was driving.
“All done.” You said cutely, fiddling with the hem of the skirt that laid against your legs. Yoongi smiled at your mannerisms, the image of your face enough to make him happy. Taehyung didn’t miss this, happy that he was able to see at least one genuine smile from Yoongi that day. He definitely did have a hard exterior, but he wasn’t bad at all. Just shy in a different way.
“Do you guys live on or off campus? Just so I know where to drop you off.” Taehyung piped up.
“We live in an apartment off campus.” Yoongi answered, rambling off your shared address as Taehyung tweaked his route accordingly. With the soft purr of Taehyung’s engine accompanied by the food in your stomach, you quickly found your eyelids getting heavy. Silently, you hoped you’d get home soon so you didn’t have to face the embarrassment of falling asleep in Taehyung’s car.
Unfortunately, hope isn’t necessarily enough sometimes. Because the next thing you knew, you were waking up in Taehyung’s arms as he carried you with ease while Yoongi led him to your apartment door.
Sensing your change in state, Taehyung looked down at you and smiled fondly.
“What’s up, sleepyhead?” He asked you cutely, causing Yoongi to look back at the scene with wide eyes. You were very obviously still trying to wake up, blinking the sleep away and yawning in Taehyung’s arms. “Hi.” You said in a cute, small voice as you rubbed at your eyes, causing Taehyung to coo at you. He couldn’t help it, you were absolutely adorable.
“Erm, thanks for carrying her. She can get super tired sometimes.” Yoongi broke the small moment the two of you were having, feeling negativity crawling up his spine. There was no doubt Taehyung could smell Yoongi’s change in scent, getting the idea. He followed after Yoongi into your shared apartment, taking in the space as Yoongi led him to the couch, where he sat you down.
The place was very obviously your own, even if he hadn’t known you for very long. From looks alone everything reflected both of your personalities, colors and decorations suiting to both of your tastes. Not only this, but both scents were thick and palpable, making Taehyung lick his lips. Surely, other alphas were jealous of your relationship- two no doubt sought after omegas taking each other into their arms. As empowering as it was, it also made Taehyung wonder if he’d ever get a chance to be with someone as cool as either of you.
“I’ll see you guys later. Text me, alright? I had a fun time today.” Taehyung smiled widely, making eye contact with both you and Yoongi before seeing himself out. Yoongi observed as you stared after the alpha, eyes glazed over as you lost yourself in your thoughts.
Yoongi felt as if a weight was lifted from his shoulders as he left. He’d experienced too many emotions and now he would sit and contemplate them, probably with you to see it and intervene.
Flopping onto the opposite, shorter couch, he stared at the ceiling while you stared at him. “How are you feeling?” You asked softly, yawning into the throw pillow you’d grabbed onto. His gaze shifted to yours, offering a small smile.
“Okay.” he said simply, causing you to raise your eyebrows in response- a silent way of saying you didn’t believe him. He huffed some laughter out of his nose in response. “I don’t think you’re being truthful.” You said softly, eyelashes touching the highest parts of your cheeks as your eyes fluttered open and shut.
Yoongi scoffed playfully. “Of course you don’t,” He paused. “I’m just thinking.” Yoongi sighed. “About what?” You countered almost immediately.
“About Taehyung.” Yoongi said, more resigned this time. You smiled. “Yeah, he’s nice isn’t he?” You said innocently, causing insecurity and jealousy to flare up in your boyfriend’s stomach. “More than nice.” He muttered, tearing his gaze away from you so he could glare at the ceiling instead of your pretty face.
You hummed in question. “What do you mean?” You asked, wanting him to explain. Usually, whenever Yoongi tended to have issues you were forced to pry everything out of him in order to get to the root of the problem. Very rarely did you ever go to far, Yoongi only yelling at you twice in his entire life over you trying to help him out. While it scared you and made you cry, he immediately comforted you and told you how sorry he was- that he’d tell you things, it was just a matter of time.
“He’s pretty much courting you right in front of me, you know. I know you probably didn’t notice, but he’s insanely interested in you. It’s sort of a dick move on his part.” Yoongi said simply, trying not to sound as affected as he really was. Your eyebrows creased together in worry and confusion.
“Yoonie, what’re you talking about? He’s just nice. I think he treated you and I pretty much the same… I think he just caught onto your annoyance and tried to back off a little, that’s all.” You offered, hoping Yoongi would reason with what you said. Sure, Taehyung was somewhat affectionate, but that seemed to just be his disposition. It didn’t seem like the way he treated you was out of the ordinary, especially when you saw him interact with his friends.
Yoongi bit at his lip, chewing it between his teeth as he tried to gather what he was going to say next. He felt himself getting worked up, now doubt about it- his chest was growing tight and his breathing was coming closer together.
“I don’t think so, Y/N. I think he’s interested in you. I hate to admit it, but the thought of that is kind of scary- knowing a perfectly capable and friendly alpha is dangled right in front of you, offering you everything that I can and more- I couldn’t even be mad if you chose him somewhere along the line.” Yoongi admitted, causing you to gasp in horror. Hurriedly, you scrambled over to him and kneeled on the ground beside him, interlocking your hands with his. His words did hurt you a bit, but this wasn’t about you.
“Yoonie, I need you to know that I like him as a friend- and that’s all. I’d never leave you for him, ever! Alpha or not, he’s not what I need. You are.” You told him with big eyes, searching his own.
“But he is what you need, Y/N. I always say that I can give you everything you need but it’s just not true. I can’t protect you like an alpha could, I can’t give you social comfort like an alpha could- for fuck’s sake, your heat’s coming up and it hurts so fucking bad that no matter how hard I try I can’t satisfy you the way you need to be.” Yoongi poured his heart out to you, eyes glistening with emotion as your own tears began to make their way down your cheeks. You shook your head at his words.
“Don’t say that about yourself…” You whined. “So what if you’re not an alpha? My heat, and other people’s opinions will not affect my feelings about you. A heat is only for a couple of days, and I’m going to love you for forever.” You said with finality, a hard gaze in your eyes. Yoongi felt his heart flutter and squeeze at your words, filling him with chills as he realized just how much he loved you.
“I love you so much, baby.” He said softly, leaning over to smooth your hair down and cover his lips with your own. You sighed, happy to finally get some affection from him after being out the entire day.
“I love you too, Yoonie… Don’t forget that.” You said, scooting backward before standing up. “As much as I’d love to get to sleep already, we have some homework to do. Come on, sleepyhead!” You giggled, eyes closing with a wide smile as you sauntered over to where you’d set your backpacks down.
Despite the unexcited groan that left his lips, he followed suit.
Yoongi thought his jealous phase was over after you’d declared your love for him. Everything was fine for the next couple of days, until both of you returned back to astronomy class and he realized that Taehyung had the potential to become a constant for the both of you.
And become a constant he did. Over the course of a couple of weeks he’d been over to your apartment multiple times, whether it was for having dinner, studying, or even just having a movie night. Taehyung would be there, and his favorite spot was in the middle of the two of you.
He was a nice guy. Yoongi had loosened up around him, concluding that maybe you were right about a couple things, and that he wasn’t out to steal you- at least not outright. As Yoongi became less hostile Taehyung talked to him more, and became equally as affectionate with him as he was with you. A nuzzle in the neck was not uncommon, despite the embarrassment yet shy appreciation both you and Yoongi would display in response.
However, tensions were running high currently, and that was because of what time it was. Your heat was coming up and fast, hormones and pheromones being produced in excess and having a noticeable effect on your scent.
Usually, you smelled heavenly. When your heat was coming up you smelled like heaven with a dash of sin, completely obscured by your innocence and confusing both Yoongi and anyone else around you.
“Yoonie,” You whimpered, digging into his side and wiggling your hips, basking yourself in his scent unabashedly even though Taehyung was right behind you. Yoongi couldn’t help but notice the way the other man’s gaze went to your ass before darting away. Your boyfriend couldn’t even be mad, with the way you were practically put on a platter for him.
“Sweetheart, calm down.” Yoongi told you quietly, slight alarm in his gaze at your behavior. Your heats had a tendency to be a bit irregular, never quite falling on the same day which left him floundering when they finally hit. It was obvious that this one would be a bit earlier than they usually were.
You pouted and whined quietly at his words, but settled for flopping on the couch in between them. Yoongi settled his hand on your thigh like he usually did, grabbing for the remote and starting the movie you’d chosen for them.
Somewhere along the progression of the film your head found its way onto Taehyung’s shoulder. He tried not to say anything or shake you off in fear of you getting the wrong message, but the alpha could feel Yoongi’s firey gaze on him, and it made him restless. And… Slightly turned on. The other omega could be mean and fiesty, a stark contrast to your happy innocence.
And even though you laying your head on his shoulder wasn’t that big of a deal, Taehyung thought about how he didn’t want it to end. Over the past couple of weeks he’d spent knowing the two of you, he found himself getting more and more enamored, wanting nothing more than to be an addition to your already loving relationship. To fill in the holes proposed by both of you being omegas, wanting to save you from the harsh backlash the two of you could get sometimes.
He’d witnessed it before, and every single time he shut it down without a thought about it. Whether it be omegas who were disgusted with the two of you for not conforming to societal norms to alphas saying you weren’t good enough to each other, or even betas being angry that omegas were taken by each other instead of by them.
And as Taehyung had continued to know both of you, he realized that all of these issues shared a common route of jealousy and entitlement. Omegas who were in relationships with alphas and betas felt like they were better than you for playing up to their societal role, betas looked down on you for not fitting into your own societal role, alphas felt like they were supposed to have you and both of you being in a relationship seemed to be a smack in the face.
Taehyung had vowed to himself that he wouldn’t display the same behaviors as everyone else. You two deserved more than that, deserved a friend who would treat you like equals. However, it became increasingly hard with his growing feelings toward the both of you, not that he’d admit it in a million years. Jungkook had figured it out quite easily, much to Taehyung’s chagrin.
“Why don’t you just ask them out?” Jungkook asked easily, sipping on a juice pouch he insisted they got at the store. Taehyung rolled his eyes in exasperation.
“You really don’t get it, Kookie. They’re in a happy and loving relationship, there’s no way I could try and come into that- they’re not actively looking for anyone else, so it’s not my place. Furthermore, Y/N’s told me Yoongi’s insecure, especially when it comes to alphas. I’m pretty sure I make him uncomfortable enough already even as a friend.” Taehyung sighed, pouting. He wasn’t stupid, he knew that even if Yoongi liked him, he was still uncomfortable with him. If only the male omega knew that Taehyung liked him just as much as he liked you.
“Maybe they’re not looking because the right alpha hasn’t come around yet. You’re aware of how badly they can get treated for their relationship, they’re probably not looking for anyone to add because of the backlash. But you’re different, hyung. You’re not in it to have a harem, or double the honeys. You like them for who they are and you want to protect them. What’s so wrong with that?” Jungkook countered, leaving Taehyung speechless for a second. The brat really was wise beyond his years sometimes, even if he was sometimes nauseating.
And as Taehyung tried to find a counterclaim, he realized he couldn’t. There wasn’t anything wrong with loving you and Yoongi, with wanting to protect the both of you with all he had. There’s nothing wrong with loving anyone.
Jungkook smirked at Taehyung’s expression. “Got you, didn’t I? You know I’m right-,” Taehyung gave him a stern glare. “- Anyway, you don’t have to listen to me. If you’re content sitting on the sidelines and being their friend, I’ve got no problems with it. But I know you want more, so why not try to get it? It’s your life, hyungie.” Jungkook said, punctuating the end of his speech with a long drink from his now empty juice box.
“God, I really do hate it when you’re right. I’ll think about it. We’re supposed to go out for lunch on Friday, so that give me a couple of days to clear my head.” Taehyung said aloud, mostly to himself than to Jungkook. The beta shot him a thumbs up before going to grab his shoes, claiming that due to Taehyung’s relationship troubles he’d be late to his afternoon class. What a brat.
Taehyung sighed and stared at his phone when he heard the door to his dorm shut, smiling when he saw your contact name. It was your name, adorned by a bunch of cute emojis you sent him on the daily. You really loved the sparkle and peach emoji, along with the plethora of pink hearts.
You’d asked if you were still on for lunch on Friday, claiming you were very excited for it. A smile etched it’s way onto the alpha’s face at the prospect of you being excited to see him, hurriedly responding that he wouldn’t miss it for the world.
And, honestly, he wouldn’t.
Friday had come faster than expected. Between you, Taehyung, and Yoongi, not much communication had happened ever since you’d asked if you were still on for lunch. Taehyung shrugged it off, assuming that both you and Yoongi had become busy with school and probably didn’t have the time to text back and forth like you usually did.
Not responding that Thursday wasn’t very out of character for either of you. Sometimes one or both of you would have the habit of procrastinating on school work, causing phones to be put away as you hit the books.
However, as Taehyung sent a text to your shared grouchat Friday morning, only to receive nothing in response, he began to get worried.
“Just go over and visit if you’re so worried.” Namjoon had told him, after Jungkook had said the same thing. Taehyung grimaced at the thought of showing up at your apartment uninvited, but he was worried and confused.
“Should I really do that, hyung? What if they don’t want to see me?” Taehyung asked, his insecurity on full display. Namjoon frowned, shaking his head. “Taehyung, if they didn’t want to see you I have no doubts that Yoongi probably would’ve said so. He’s just blunt like that,” Namjoon shrugged before continuing, “And if you’re worried, then check on them. They’ll tell you if something came up, because if it did they probably forgot.” Namjoon reasoned.
Taehyung knew the older male was right, but it didn’t stop the discomfort welling up in his chest. Surely, Yoongi would’ve communicated that he wasn’t up to hanging out, because he’d done it before. In the beginning it sort of hurt Taehyung’s feelings, but after you talked to him about how Yoongi could get anxious sometimes and it really had nothing to do with Taehyung himself, he’d calmed down.
“Ah, you’re right. I’ll head out, then.” Taehyung nodded, sending himself off with a smile and a wave goodbye as Namjoon murmured something about young love, which was entirely hypocritical considering their minimal age gap. Then again his entire friend group had the habit of calling Jungkook a kid, so Taehyung didn’t bother refuting the statement.
The drive over to your place was a rough one. Taehyung was too into his thoughts to even consider turning the music on, marinating in his own emotions causing his pheromones to no doubt go through the roof. No doubt would he catch attention if he rolled his window down, allowing his scent to permeate the streets.
Arriving at your building, Taehyung parked and headed inside, sending a polite smile to the lobby attendant who had grown fond of him over his several visits over. “I’m surprised to see you here!” She exclaimed, causing Taehyung’s eyes to widen in confusion before smiling and nodding. If he had more time, he probably would’ve asked her what she meant. But now it seemed trivial when he was this close to answers, to seeing if both of his omegas were okay.
If the attendant was bothered by his lack of response she didn’t show it, opting to shrug and return to the magazine she’d been reading before he entered. Taehyung headed down the hallway, stopping at your door and knocking a couple of times.
There was no answer. But Taehyung could practically smell you through the door, knowing the two of you hadn’t even left. He tried to qualm the annoyance festering inside of him, opting to think reasonably. He had a spare key, he could use it.
So he did. He opened the door and closed it behind him, only to get bombarded with your biologically changed scent. The world crashed onto him, making him well aware why you two hadn’t answered the phone, why you were so busy.
You had gone into heat, and the way Taehyung was salivating and breathing was proof enough. Before he got too overcome with your welcoming scent he reminded himself of his status not just to you, but to Yoongi. Even though every nerve in his body was telling him not to, he turned around to leave. If he didn’t he would’ve marched into that bedroom and satisfied you like you deserved, gave you his knot like he’s supposed to.
However, before he could even gather his bearings to leave, he heard your sweet, melodic voice keen from your slightly ajar bedroom door. “Alpha!” You whined, voice cute and high pitched, no doubt chasing the high Yoongi was driving you to.
Taehyung’s mouth went dry as his pupils dilated, overcome with a burning desire to take you. “Taehyung?” Yoongi yelled curiously, sounding tired. The poor omega probably hadn’t gotten a break ever since your heat broke out.
“Er- yeah, it’s me! I’m sorry you guys, I got worried when you didn’t answer after I asked about lunch. I’ll get out of your hair now.” Taehyung said hurriedly, each word feeling foreign as it fell out of his mouth. The last thing he wanted to do was make either of you uncomfortable and ruin the chance he didn’t have with you in the first place.
“No…” You whined out loud. “Taehyung and Yoonie stay.” You cried over the sounds of slapping skin, no doubt pistoning your hips back into Yoongi’s as you tried to get the heat symptoms to stop.
“Fuck.” Taehyung muttered, feeling all of the blood in his body run straight to his cock, which had steadily been getting harder ever since he stepped foot into the apartment. “Taehyung… Stay. If you want.” Yoongi said in his normal deep voice, with a hard edge to it. Taehyung’s feet stayed planted to the ground in surprise for a few seconds, before he practically ran to your bedroom, feet slipping off his feet along the way.
The sight the alpha was greeted with was one to behold. You were on your knees, shifting your body back into Yoongi’s as he held down the small of your back, fucking into you feverishly. Your face looked delectable, completely fucked out. Eyes half lidded and mouth open as whimpers and whines fell from it.
“She needs your help, Taehyung.” Yoongi said, slipping out of you as his cock softened, completely spent from taking care of you for so long. Your heat had hit earlier and harder than usual, something Yoongi wasn’t used to.
“Are you sure?” Taehyung asked, kneeling on the bed as you keened for him to get closer. He attempted to ignore you for a second, resting a hand on your sock clad calve and rubbing soothing circles onto it. Yoongi nodded, trust evident in his eyes. “Do you love Y/N?” Yoongi asked, breaking his gaze from Taehyung to look at you, smiling softly as he pet your hair. Taehyung stuttered.
“I- yes, I… I love you both.” Taehyung clarified, not missing the way Yoongi’s eyes widened in surprise before an embarrassed smile appeared on his lips. “We’ll talk about it after you put your knot to use. Breed my baby girl, Taehyung.” Yoongi whispered huskily, trapping Taehyung in a quick fiery kiss as he tore his belt off, then his pants. Taehyung all but growled into the kiss, turning away before pulling his cock out of his boxers, gripping your hips harshly and bending you so that your ass was up, pussy presented and waiting to be filled.
“Fuck, you’re so pretty, aren’t you princess. You need a knot, don’t you?” Taehyung asked, bending down to lick a stripe down your pussy, having new sounds tear from your lips as tears began to well in your eyes, stimulation becoming more needed.
“Taehyungie please!” You whined out loud, wiggling your hips so he’d just mount you. Taehyung couldn’t seem to make himself wait any longer either, stuffing his cock inside of you with one swift motion and thrusting hard. You all but screamed into the pillow, drool falling from your lips as you revelled in pleasure.
“My good girl. Taking a big alpha cock in her tiny pussy. You like being stretched? Quite naughty, don’t you think?” Yoongi asked hotly, leaning down to speak close to your ear as Taehyung continued his assault on you.
“Yeees~ I like it Yoonie.” You whimpered, turning your head to the side to look back at Taehyung with wide, crazed eyes. His eyes were almost pitch black now, hair sticking to his forehead as he drilled himself into you.
“Flip her over.” Yoongi said to the alpha, who growled at the command but followed it nonetheless. Yoongi smiled, happy that the other listened to him. You were completely exposed to both of their prying eyes now, breasts jiggling with every thrust delivered to your sopping core, swollen pink clit begging to be rubbed to completion.
“So fucking pretty, princess. Look at this tight little pussy swallowing me up like that’s its job. Gonna breed you so good, you’ll be leaking for weeks. You’ll look so pretty round.” Taehyung murmured, absolutely no filter to his words as the only things that were consuming his mind was to knot you.
Yoongi thought his first time seeing you and Taehyung intimate together would fill him with insecurity and envy. However, looking at you now, seeing how happy the two of you were- how despite his dirty words Taehyung caressed your sides, admiration in his eyes behind the raw lust.
Taehyung’s genuine words, although rushed by the situation, filled Yoongi with a sense of content. There was no worry about competing for you or Taehyung if he held affection for you both, and he could finally stop worrying about being casted away and instead being able to focus on you alone.
Speaking of you, you were in complete bliss. Taehyung’s knot had begun to swell, catching on the rim of your swollen pussy with every cant of his hips. Yoongi looked at where you two were connected, leaning to rub at your sensitive clit which had you jerking in pleasure. Taehyung grabbed your legs to keep you stable as Yoongi continued to rub circles into your button, praising the sounds you made before taking a nipple into his mouth. There was one thing on his mind, to get you coming on Taehyung’s knot.
“Fuck, I’m gonna cum.” Taehyung breathed heavily, thrusts getting even more aggressive as he continued to chase his high. Your voice was high pitched and loud, cries falling on deaf ears as both men continued to ravage you, and you couldn’t feel happier.
“Cum inside, Taehyungie… Fill me up, please!” You begged, gripping the sheets beside you harshly as your high approached at an alarming rate. With the combined power of Yoongi’s ministrations and Taehyung’s knot finally blowing inside you, you came hard, back arching off the bed in complete pleasure.
Yoongi hummed assurances in your ear as you came down, breathing heavy as drowsiness took over your body, the effects of your heat subsiding for the moment, thanks to Taehyung. You smiled in delirium, looking at both of the boys before pouting, a signal for a kiss. Yoongi leaned down immediately, covering your lips with his in a sweet kiss before pulling away, looking at Taehyung expectantly.
Taehyung bent down over you, making sure to stay close so his knot wouldn’t hurt you as it was lodged inside. He kissed you just as sweetly, slow and filled with love. When he pulled away he was smiling ear to ear, looking down at you in complete adoration.
“I love you, Taehyung… You too, Yoonie.” You smiled shyly, yawning right after the words left your mouth. Taehyung gave a playful scoff at your words. “Taehyung? What happened to Taehyungie?” He teased, causing you to shyly swat at his arm.
“Shush… Come on, let’s take a nap boys.” You said tiredly, grabbing at your blanket sleepily, which Yoongi draped over you as Taehyung maneuvered the two of you into a more comfortable position.
Even in a sex soiled bed, you were sure it was the best sleep you’d ever had. Surrounded with your loved ones, the harsh omega and loving alpha that encircled you in every happy feeling you could ever conjure.
Taehyung nuzzled his nose into your hair, breathing your scent in deeply to make up for all the times he had to stop before. You had no qualms, probably already asleep as your breathing became deep and steady, warmth radiating from your tired body. Yoongi had his arm slung around you and Taehyung, and Taehyung mimicked the position.
They looked at each other from over your sleeping form, sending each other genuine smiles as Taehyung winked cheekily at the other omega. “Don’t think you won’t get a turn too, Yoongi.” Taehyung joked quietly, causing Yoongi to quirk an eyebrow.
“You’re crazy if you think I’ll let you fuck me just because I’m an omega. Better start researching pegging, little boy.” Yoongi snorted, closing his eyes after his comment to join you in dreamland, unaware of the emotion he’s caused to well up inside the alpha. His cock twitched inside of you at the thought, and as he closed his eyes he realized that wouldn’t be so bad.
“Hyung, why are you looking up pegging on my computer? I didn’t know you were into that.” Jungkook called from his room, causing Taehyung to jump up from his bed in his own room to run into the one across the hall, jumping onto the bed and wrestling the younger aware from the computer.
“Mind your own business, jerk! Don’t knock it till you try it, right? Like it’s any of your business!” Taehyung said embarrassingly fast, faux annoyance coating his tone. Jungkook smiled, seemingly completely unbothered by being pinned down by the older.
“Whatever, hyung. Just didn’t know Yoongi hyung was into that.” Jungkook said, referencing Taehyung’s omegan boyfriend. Taehyung cocked an eyebrow.
“You didn’t know he was into that? Have you even met the guy? You’re dense, Kookie. Maybe it’s time you got laid instead of wondering what I’m up to.” Taehyung stuck his tongue out as he released the other, who just shrugged at his words.
“I can’t even refute that. Maybe if you didn’t take all the omegas I would’ve had a chance!” Jungkook yelled to his retreating roommate. Taehyung laughed and clapped his hands. “You would’ve have stood a chance, Kookie. Try calling Namjoon hyung.”
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kvover · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Alternate Universe - Prison
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luci-in-trenchcoats · 3 years ago
Long Time Running
Tumblr media
Request: Can you write something for the A/BO universe? Like Dean being this scary alpha and everyone tell the reader to stay away from him because he is trouble, but when they meet he is super nice, sweet and protective with her because she is his omega and she deserve only the best. He courts her before claiming her and when he does it's so sweet and caring. Just some fluffy smut.
Pairing: Alpha!Dean x Omega!reader
Word Count: 2,400ish
Warnings: language, smut, a/b/o dynamics
“Hey, Y/N. You coming over for girls night? Mike’s going out with the boys so the house is ours,” said Abby, stopping by your desk at the end of the day. “No Alphas allowed.”
“You whip that boy so hard,” you said, Abby laughing. “You do!”
“Some Alphas just want to be told what to do and who am I to deny my man that?” she teased. “Girls night. Eight. Bring wine.”
“You’ve never dated an Alpha?” asked Beth, two glasses in and the few girls over Abby’s starting to unwind from the work day. “Y/N, you’re Omega. A hot little Omega. I can’t believe an Alpha has never made a move.”
“Oh, plenty have made a move but my mate is not gonna be some drunk guy at a bar,” you said, sipping at your drink. 
“What about that cute Alpha that works at the law firm across the street from work? Sam Winchester. He’s plenty single,” said Maggie. “Big, broad shoulders...never mind. I want a piece of that.”
“I thought he turned you down,” said Abby.
“No, that was his brother, Dean. I turned him down. Stay away from that one. Super scary. Stereotypical Alpha. Sam’s all nice and approachable. Maybe I should try with Sam...” said Maggie, putting her chin in her hands.
“Wait. You met Alpha Alpha?” you asked, Maggie nodding her head.
“Yeah. He was all grabby and growly and I thought he was gonna go full primal right there. I pepper sprayed his ass,” she said.
“Stay away from Dean Winchester, got it.”
“Hi,” you said the next morning, spotting Sam in line at the coffee shop around the corner from work. He was with another man, definitely not dressed to go work in a law office but he gave you a friendly wave. “I work across the street from you with Maggie and she’s gonna kill me for saying this but she’s sort of totally into you but she’s a little shy so if you wouldn’t mind...” you said, nodding back at a table nearby, Maggie with her head in her hands.
“I know Maggie,” said Sam with a smile. “Let me grab my coffee and I’ll be sure to go and make sure she’s fully embarressed before I ask her out.”
“Thanks, Sam,” you said, turning back to Maggie with a thumbs up. A few minutes later Sam wandered over and did as promised, Maggie looking ready to murder you but smiling when Sam asked her to dinner and if she’d like to walk the block or so to work.
“You must be some kind of matchmaker,” said the other man that’d been with Sam, wandering over to you with a smirk. “Sammy hasn’t been on a date in ages. Lamest Alpha ever.”
“Oh come on. Good looking? Tall? A lawyer? A friendly Alpha? What doesn’t he have going for him,” you said, the man laughing as he held open the door for you. “Thanks.”
“You’re welcome. Are you new around here? I would have remembered a face like yours,” he said, a cocky smile on his face before it turned soft.
“Not super new but still getting up to speed on things around here,” you said. “I know you come here for good coffee at the very least.”
“Well that’s the important thing,” he said, taking a step in the direction you were headed. “This is going to sound super weird but are you seeing anyone?”
“No,” you said, sniffing the air, noticing that it wasn’t Sam’s scent you were smelling anymore. It was similar but this one was both earthy and sweet smelling, like curling up in a cozy blanket. Yet it was almost too similar, a family relation somewhere in there for sure.
Somehow you’d ended up walking with scary Alpha Dean Winchester.
“Thanks a lot Maggie,” you muttered under your breath, Dean cocking his head.
“What was that?” he asked with a smile.
“Nothing,” you said. “I have to head to work so...”
“Would you like to go on a date tonight?” he asked, his voice so light and happy you scrunched up your face. “Or another night if you have plans?”
“No thank you,” you said, Dean’s smile wiped clean off his face. 
“I apologize,” he said, turning and walking away in the other direction. While your head said good ridance, your gut couldn’t help but churn when you saw him leave with his head hanging.
You saw Dean a few more times at the coffee shop over the next few days with Sam, Dean always polite and saying hello but something was off with him. He was sad or upset. You knew it had something to do with you turning him down but the feeling in your gut acted up every time you saw him, yelling at you to do something.
“Hey Dean?” you asked one day, skipping your coffee and catching his arm, Sam spinning back around.
“I’ll catch up,” said Dean, waving Sam off. “Do you need something?”
“I...why did you ask me out?” you asked, Dean swallowing hard.
“I had to. It’s how you start,” he said. 
“Start what?” you asked.
“The formal courting process. I mean, unless you really want me to go ask your father for permission to date you but I think you’re a big enough girl to make that decision for yourself. You declined so there’s no courting,” said Dean.
“I thought you were some asshole,” you said.
“I can be,” he said, biting his bottom lip. “I try not to be one though.”
“Maggie said you were handsy and let the animal side win out one night,” you said, Dean squinting his eyes.
“I don’t touch women without permission. She must have mistaken me for someone else,” he said.
“You’re not a scary Alpha then?” you asked, Dean glancing up, nodding his head as he recalled something.
“Oh. She was the girl outside 4th street bar. Some Alpha was eyeing her in a not so friendly way. I told her to leave but she wouldn’t listen to me so I may have pushed her to get her going. I got a face full of spray and then a pissed Alpha trying to beat the crap out of me a minute later. Not a fun night,” he said.
“You’re saying you helped her?” you asked.
“I’m sorry she thought otherwise. I felt like someone should have been watching her back before something bad happened. I didn’t try to do anything,” said Dean.
“I know, not sure how, but I know,” you said, your stomach finally calming for the first time in days. “Can I get a redo on that date?”
“As the Alpha, I’m supposed to ask you,” said Dean with a smile.
“Twenty first century dude,” you said.
“Well, no matter what the year, I want this to be very clear to you which is why, despite a whole lot of me saying this is stupid and who cares, I’d like to do this the right way,” said Dean.
“Is this an Alpha thing?” you asked, crossing your arms.
“The courting process was meant to ensure an Omega found a mate they were happy with. Truthfully, it used to be a lot about lineage and packs and Omega’s not really having much of a say in it. But I think it’s all your say and if you say no four months from now, I respect that and leave you alone,” said Dean.
“You’re the Alpha though,” you said.
“And you’re the one in charge,” he said. “Understand?”
Well, you were certainly starting to understand Abby and Mike’s relationship a whole lot better for sure.
“I sound like some old timer, don’t I? I knew I should have just kept my mouth shut,” he said with a wince when you didn’t respond.
“I’m not sure I’ve ever met an Alpha as sweet as you. You want to make sure I’m comfortable around you,” you said, Dean nodding. “I’m free tonight if you want to grab a bite.”
“I think that can be arranged.”
Three Months Later
“Dean,” you growled, straddling his torso in the backseat of Baby, his hair strewn up from running your hands through it over and over. “We’re having sex tonight and that’s final.”
“Y/N, I want it. I fucking want it so bad but it’s too soon,” he said, stroking his thumb over your cheek.
“You told me you’ve had plenty of sex but you’re making me wait? Why?” you asked, Dean shrugging until you slapped at his chest. “Truth. Now.”
“I won’t be able to stop,” he said.
“Stop what?” you asked, leaning back, adjusting the buttons on your shirt as Dean sat up.
“I’ll claim you and then you’re stuck with me,” said Dean, taking a deep gulp.
“And...” you said, Dean shaking his head.
“And we can’t ever undo that bond. You’ll be bound to me. Forever. I’ll be so much more protective of you than I am even now. I’ll get on your nerves. We’ll fight because you’ll do things that scare me. I’ll have ruts and I’ll want it hard and fast and I won’t be able to control that part of me that says to be gentle and soft. If I claim you, you’ll be mine. I can’t do that yet. You need to think this through,” he said. 
“Dean, we both know we were goners from the second we met,” you said, grabbing him by his shirt collar, pulling his face right in front of yours. “I don’t have to think about it. I need it, just like you.”
“You really want this?” asked Dean, swatting your hand away, a hand on the small of you back pressing you to his chest. “You want me to break all the rules and just take you right now?”
“Baby, you did this all old school for me, so I knew I had a choice and what kind of Alpha you are,” you said, brushing your lips against his. “Well, you’re mine. Now make me yours.”
Dean’s green eyes, always a pretty shade of green no matter how the light was hitting them, went almost black, a flip switching in him he never dared go near.
“Get in the house,” he said, pushing open the back door, pulling you with him, hand shakily wrapping around your wrist as he walked you up to your door. Dean barely closed the door behind him before his hands were under your legs, hiking you up around his waist, carrying you into your bedroom. He set you down gently, a huge rush of his scent hitting you. 
“Shit,” you said, laying back on the bed, spreading your legs, body breaking out in a thin layer of sweat. 
“Are you presenting?” he half teased, half curious. He ripped off his shirt, hot heat simmering in your core.
“Get in me,” you said, not moving a muscle, Dean leaning over the edge of the bed to stare at you. 
“Are you positive you want this?” asked Dean, ghosting his finger over the hem of your shirt.
“Please, Dean,” you whined, Dean bending down, kissing you gently, moving his fingers, pushing your shirt up.
You’d heard that when Alpha’s claimed, it was rough. It was some of the fastest sex they ever had, just in there long enough to knot, bite and soothe away the pain. They couldn’t help it, pure animal instinct took over in both partners and the act was over in a few minutes tops.
Half an hour later though and Dean was still lazily thrusting in you, his knot tugging against you, trying unsuccessfully to slip back out. The boy was so damn soft, nothing rough or hard about him at all despite the look in his eyes and the sounds he made. Deep grunts and growls, snarls even as he breathed in your scent, nibbling kitten bites at your neck, barely enough to give a hickey let alone break the skin.
He was going to kill you before he even claimed you if he kept this up.
“Dean, please,” you breathed out. “Please, please, please. I’m so close.”
He shushed you, scraping his teeth over your skin, clamping down with more force.
“Alpha,” you moaned, Dean changing the angle of his hips, your orgasm coming out of nowhere, Dean biting down into your flesh. Everything was so lax, body floating and feeling the sweet rush of your high, Dean grunting while he lapped over your neck, an echo of pain in the back of your mind you couldn’t bother to concentrate on.
Dean thrust a few more times before he stilled, rolling to his side, resting your head on his arm.
“Omega,” he said, brushing a piece of hair from your face with a smile. 
“Alpha,” you whispered, Dean chuckling as you reached a hand up to your neck, Dean pulling it away. “Barely hurts. You did it deep enough, didn’t you?”
“Definitely. Instinct took over,” said Dean, running his thumb near the mark, leaning his head down to yours. “I heard it hurts a lot. I wanted you to feel so good it didn’t bother you.”
“Mission accomplished,” you said, Dean’s body relaxing. “Do you feel fuzzy?”
“Yeah,” he said quietly, closing his eyes. “I like it.”
“I know. I can feel it,” you said, pressing a hand against his chest. “You’re so happy.”
“You picked me,” he said. “I’m the luckiest man alive, sweetheart.”
“You’re such a good Alpha, Dean. I’m the one that got lucky.”
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plainbrunettelbl · 11 months ago
ABO HC How (A) Todoroki, (A) Bakugo, and (A) Hawks would react to finding the (O) Reader held hostage:
Word count: 3199
Warnings: Cursing, violence, mentions of blood, and assault.   
Title: ABO HC How (A) Todoroki, (A) Bakugo, and (A) Hawks would react to finding the (O) Reader held hostage:
Summary: Your Alpha walks in on you being tied to a chair and he is not happy. 
You had been a well-kept secret from the public. No one knew that your famous Pro Hero Alpha was courting an Omega or even in a long-standing relationship. Your Alpha was too paranoid about your safety to let any of the news outlets find out about your existence.  
You supposed it would have been beneficial for the public to know now that you were in this situation. Surely if the villains knew they would come across an Omega, resting in their nest, they wouldn't have tried to rob the Pro Hero’s house. 
You put up quite the fight once you smelled unfamiliar Alphas near your nest. One hard knock to your head had you subdued. You didn’t dwell over your quick loss considering one Alpha was nursing his swollen balls. 
You got in one good kick before the painful hit fell on your head. 
Now here you sat, tied to a chair, while the robbers argued with each other and what they should do now.
Tumblr media
🧊🔥-“I told you we should have checked the place out before we robbed it! I would have never tried to rob the place if I had known a freaking Omega was here!” The brunette Alpha growled, glaring at his blond friend. 
🧊🔥-“What’s the big deal? So what if the little icy-hot freak has a girlfriend? We will be out of here before he even comes home.” The blond scoffs, shoving expensive silverware and china into his black bag. 
🧊🔥-“You should know how Alpha’s get around their Omegas! He is gonna hunt us down! I don’t want a Pro Hero on my ass.” The brunette seethed, glaring at the goose egg on your head. “Especially since you decided to hit the poor thing! We will be lucky if he doesn’t skin us alive!”
🧊🔥-“The bitch hit me in the balls! Of course, I thumped her one on the head, serves the Omega slut right!” The blonde huffed, sick of hearing his partner complain instead of ransacking the place. 
🧊🔥-“Mmh.” You mumbled, your eyes blinking open to a fuzzy view. 
🧊🔥-“Fucking shit! They’re waking up! I’m not dealing with a weepy Omega.” The brunette cursed, going into Shoto’s office to avoid the whole situation altogether. 
🧊🔥-“Well, if it isn’t Miss nut-cracker.” The blond chuckled darkly, walking over to your tied up frame.
🧊🔥-You didn’t back down and just glared at the dumb fool. 
🧊🔥-“Aren’t too smart, are you? What type of shitty criminal robs a Pro Hero? Dumb ones, that’s what.” You spit, narrowing your blurry eyes at him. 
🧊🔥-No doubt you would need to go to the doctor after this whole ordeal. Not like you would have a choice. You were sure even if they didn’t lay a hand on you that Shoto would have insisted on one. 
🧊🔥-“You dumb little bitch!” The blond lifted his ring covered hand to hit you again. You tried not to flinch as it came down to strike you. 
🧊🔥-The brunette stood in the office doorway, his bag filled with expensive clocks and other expensive desk items. 
🧊🔥-“I got everything in the office. Did you...” The brunette didn’t get to finish his sentence. 
🧊🔥-The front door was busted open. Shoto had smelled two Alphas on the other side of the door and he was not pleased. He was even less pleased when the door slammed open to reveal his battered Omega tied to a chair. 
🧊🔥-His mismatched eyes turned dark. The temperature in the room both dropped and elevated at the same time. His tired body was instantly filled with murderous intent. 
🧊🔥-A loud growl shook the room. 
🧊🔥-How DARE they lay a hand on their Omega! His vision tinted red and his fangs dropped. 
🧊🔥-“This will only take a minute, Y/N. I’ll take out this trash.” He calmly said, his tone was so cold you felt yourself shiver even knowing his silent rage wasn’t directed at you.
🧊🔥-“Yes, Alpha.” You responded, making sure voice quivered a little. You may have been glaring right back at the intruders before he came but you wanted them to suffer so you played the scared Omega role. 
🧊🔥-They lost your sympathy as soon as they pulled you from your nest. 
🧊🔥-The robbers, who were frozen in fear by the intimidating Alpha’s entrance, shuffled into action. 
🧊🔥-The brunette was quick to give his partner up. “He hit her, not me!” He said, before running down the hall, looking for a way to escape. 
🧊🔥-“You fucking asshole!” The blonde shouted, trying to run out of the room as well. 
🧊🔥-He didn’t get far, ice trapped his feet and his lower body soon followed. Shoto made sure to form it in a way that sharp icicles tore at his skin if he so much as moved half an inch. 
🧊🔥-He wanted to shoot an icicle into his leg for good measure but he didn’t feel like cleaning up blood off his floor. He wished to burn the skin off his bone but you had forbidden him from using fire in the house. 
🧊🔥-He had accidentally caught one of your favorite blankets on fire and was banned for life. 
🧊🔥-“We didn’t know she was here! If we had known we wouldn’t have come!” The blond groveled, panicked at the feral look in Shoto’s eyes. 
🧊🔥-“You could have left after you saw my Omega was here, but you stayed and decided to hit her too. You should be lucky I didn’t just kill you on the spot.” He growled, cutting the blond’s cheek just a bit with an ice shard. 
🧊🔥-The blond just whimpered and passed out. Shoto was quick to hunt down the other and give him the same treatment. He had made it out of the house so he was pleased to release his burning anger out on him. 
🧊🔥-Once they were out of the way, Shoto ran to your side and burning away the binds holding you down. 
🧊🔥-“Are you okay, my Dove?” His voice was soft, his cold hand going up to your head and trying to soothe the aching bump. 
🧊🔥-“Yes, I’m just a little dizzy. Everything’s a little fuzzy right now.” You leaned into his gentle touch. 
🧊🔥-“I’ll call someone to deal with those two. Let’s get you to the hospital, my Dove.” He hurriedly lifted you and carried you to his car. He treated you like glass when he sat you down in the passenger seat. 
🧊🔥-You leaned your head against the cold window as he dashed around to the driver’s side. Your head hurt too much to look out the window so you kept your eyes closed. 
🧊🔥-Your Alpha made sure you didn’t accidentally slip asleep. 
🧊🔥-You let out a small whine when a thought crossed your mind. 
🧊🔥-“Alpha my nest is gonna smell like them.” You sniffed, opening your teary eyes to look at him. 
🧊🔥-Shoto’s hands went white on the wheel, his face contorted into a snarl. He couldn’t wait to visit them again at the station. He had friends there that wouldn’t hesitate to turn a blind eye. 
🧊🔥-His anger instantly simmered when his eyes met your glassy ones. 
🧊🔥-“Don’t worry, Little Dove. I’ll buy you more. We can even go shopping at that blanket store you like so much.” He assured, taking one hand off the wheel and clasping it in yours. 
🧊🔥-Your eyes lit up. “Really! It’s kinda expensive though, I don’t need new ones. I am sure we can find some nice second-hand ones.” You squeezed his hand, bring it up to your lips to place a kiss on it. 
🧊🔥-Your exhausted brain choosing to ignore the specks of blood on his hand. 
🧊🔥-“My Dove, what have I said about me spending money on you?” He gently reprimanded, his eyes still soft. 
🧊🔥-“Accept it and say thank you.” You repeated without delay. 
🧊🔥-“Exactly, I won’t hear any more about it.” He ended the discussion, his eyes focusing back on the road while his hand remained in your grasp. 
🧊🔥-If your head wasn’t killing you, you would have been bouncing in your seat. “I can’t wait! They are coming out with some pretty fall blankets soon! Oooh! We have to get some cute Halloween ones too!” 
🧊🔥-“Anything you want.”
Tumblr media
💥-“Why did you have to hit them!? Ground Zero is gonna come after us now!” The brunette cried, desperately holding ice to your head in hopes that the bump on it would go away. 
💥-“Shut up! Get back to robbing the damn place instead of taking care of the freaking Omega.” The blond hissed, throwing a plate at the panicked Alpha. 
💥-You sat back in the chair not knowing how to process the situation. You knew dating a Pro Hero was dangerous but you thought villains would be your main concern, not petty burglars. 
💥-“If you leave now and don’t take anything, I’ll tell him I tripped and fell.” You wouldn’t, but they didn’t know that. 
💥-“See! Let’s just leave. We can go rob some other place.” The brunette pleaded, already trying to untie you. 
💥-The Omega in you wanted to feel bad for the whining Alpha but then you remembered he messed up your nest when he dragged you out of it. You Omega was fuming. 
💥-I just got the nest just right! She huffed, pacing around in your head.  
💥-She didn’t seem threatened by the Alphas in the room. She knew her Alpha was coming home any minute and he would take care of them. 
💥-You, on the other hand, was slightly panicking now that the situation sunk in. Katsuki was gonna rip them to shreds. You Omega was already smugly licking her paws at the image, while you shuddered at the thought. 
💥-“You should go. I don’t want to be mopping up your blood all night.” You urged, looking anxiously at the door. 
💥-“See! We need to go!” The brunette cried, trying to tug his friend towards the door. 
💥-“Shut up! We can leave once we get everything valuable.” The blonde growled, shoving off his partner. 
💥-The jiggle of keys at the door made everyone in the room stop and hold their breath. The doorknob turned and the door was pushed open. You looked at the chair you were tied to, the robbers, and back at the door. 
💥-There was no way to play off the situational. I don’t want to be mopping up blood. You whined, praying your Alpha wasn’t going to go too berserk.  
💥-“Hey, Spit-fire! I got us, your favorite curry you were wanting. I made sure to get it extra spicy.” He walked in carrying a bag of takeout. 
💥-He paused in the doorway once he got a whiff of unfamiliar Alphas in the house. His ruby eyes viewed the scene before him. He growled at the sight of the two Alphas. 
💥-From your point of view, his eyes didn’t look red anymore with how big his pupils dilated at the presence of Alphas near his Omega. His hand instantly dropped the food to the floor. 
💥-The sound of the bag hitting the floor heightened the tension. 
💥-His fangs instantly dropped when his nose picked up a faint coppery smell, his eyes zeroed in on the small trail of blood on your head. The growl that ripped through his chest shook the room. 
💥-“Alpha, please, no blood in the house.” You pleaded, shifting against the ties holding you in place. 
💥-“No promises, Omega.” His voice was so dark that you didn’t even recognize it. 
💥-“The brunette didn’t hit me. He even tried to ice it. Go easy on him.” You said, knowing his control was waning. 
💥-The veins on his neck looked ready to pop, his arms straining to hold themselves still and not plummet the Alphas standing before him. He eyed the patio door that was pushed open, most likely where they entered in from. 
💥-That would solve the blood problem. 
💥-He grinned viciously, “How about we take this outside?”
💥-He rushed the two Alphas, grabbing them by the backs of their necks and throwing them out of the house and over the balcony. He laughed darkly as he followed them, jumping from the balcony. 
💥-You wiggled free from your restraints and made your way to the front door, you picked up the takeout bag and brought it to the kitchen. 
💥-“Suki will be hungry after beating those two up.” You hummed, making him a plate and then making yourself one. 
💥-“Is the water too hot?” His voice was raspy from all the yelling he did earlier. 
💥-You sat with your back leaning against his chest in the bathtub. The warm water and the heat of your Alpha calmed your stressed body. Being tied to a chair was as comfortable as it looked. 
💥-“It’s fine, Alpha.” You hummed, delicately washing his bruised and bloody hands. 
💥-“I’m sorry, I wasn’t here sooner Omega.” You smelled a hint of sadness in his scent. 
💥-“Don’t worry, Alpha. I knew you were coming. I wasn’t scared one bit.” You reassured, bringing his hand up and planting delicate kisses on it. 
💥-“My strong Omega,” he purred, nuzzling his nose into your hair. He flinched when he picked up the faint smell of another Alpha. He snapped up the bottle of shampoo and poured half the bottle on your head. 
💥-“Got to get this disgusting scent off you, Omega.” He growled, gently scrubbing your scalp. 
💥-“Alpha! That shampoo is fifty bucks!” You gasped, picking up the half-empty bottle. 
💥-“I’ll buy you another one.” He assured, rinsing of the soapy suds and giving your head another sniff. 
💥-“Much better.” He hummed, pulling you tighter against his chest. 
Tumblr media
🍗-“You shouldn’t be here.” You whimpered, trying to curl in on yourself, the ties preventing you from doing so. 
🍗-“Why the fuck did you have to hit them? You know I can’t handle weeping Omegas, my Alpha hates it.” The brunette growled, trying to awkwardly pat your arm. 
🍗-You winced away from his touch, another Alphas touch was too repulsive. You felt your skin crawl as his fingers grazed your arm. The thump on your head making you more nauseous than you already were. 
🍗-“So what if your Alpha is a pussy. Unlike you mine enjoys their cries.” The blond smiled at the tears dripping down your face. “The bitch deserved it anyways.”  
🍗-“Whatever.” The brunette scoffed, rolling his eyes and going back to robbing the place. 
🍗-“You guy’s really shouldn’t be here...” You tried to warm them but you were too late. The door creaked open, your heart warming and racing at the sound. You knew it would be a bloodbath once Kei realized what was going on. 
🍗-“Baby bird! I hope you are already in comfortable clothes, I’m ready to cuddle in our nest.” His soothing voice causing you to relax in the chair. 
🍗-“Alpha.” You cried, your head still throbbing. 
🍗-The silence was enough to tell you he spotted the two Alphas in the room. 
🍗-“Omega.” He growled, his eyes bleeding red, the sight of blood trailing down your head sent him into a frenzy. 
🍗-His wings puffed out, the room suddenly flooded with crimson feathers. You felt two feathers sailing your way and cutting the bonds holding you. You swiped them up in your grip and clutched them to your chest. 
🍗-The soft texture of them calming you down some. 
🍗-A feral roar sounded throughout the room. You ignored the harsh thumps coming from behind you, the sound of one of the robber’s heads getting bashed into your kitchen counter made you wince. 
🍗-You wanted to get up and get away from everything but your body was in shock and it wouldn’t let you do anything but clutch the crimson feathers to your chest. Your other hand was rested on your stomach. 
🍗-You tried to warn them. Nothing was more dangerous than someone harming a pregnant Alphas mate. You were still pretty early along so they might not have been able to smell it in your scent. 
🍗-You Alpha was sure able to, the instant he got a small whiff of it he was chirping happily against your stomach. You had a hard time getting out of his ruby wings that day. 
🍗-“You DARE harm my mate and chick!” You felt the pure rage behind his words. 
🍗-The blond was already passed out on the floor, his front teeth knocked out. The brunette was about to pass out with him, your Alpha choking him with his shirt. He made sure to use his feather to cut up his arms and face. 
🍗-His wings behind him puffing up and flapping angrily.
🍗-“Didn’t know...” The brunette slurred, his head bashed in as much as his friend’s head. 
🍗-If they wanted to hit his Omega on the head then he was all too pleased to return the favor. The brunette finally succumbed to his injures and blood loss, he went slack in Kei’s hands. 
🍗-Kei dropped him to the grown without care. 
🍗-“Pathetic.” He hissed.  
🍗-His head snapped up in your direction once he heard your tiny sniffles. He was at your side in an instant. 
🍗-“Oh, baby bird.” He cooed, lifting you from the chair and wrapping his arms and wings around you. 
🍗-“Alpha, I told them to leave.” You whined, snuggling into his chest. 
🍗-“I know, baby bird.” He soothed, breathing in your scent, checking on the baby chick in your belly. They seemed well. He was still gonna fly you to the hospital. He made his way to the balcony outside and spread his wings, without a second thought he jumped. 
🍗-“Don’t worry, Omega. I already ordered some new blankets. They should be here by tomorrow. I hope you don’t mind the guest bedroom for now.” He hummed, he was curled around your balled up form. 
🍗-You didn’t even build the nest surrounding you, Kei delicately dropped you down on the bed and instantly began building the nest. He would angrily chirp if you so much as lifted a finger.   
🍗-Everything was fine with you and the pup, or chick as Kei liked to call them. As soon as you arrived home Kei refused to leave your side or let you out of his sight. 
🍗-You were not to roll over on your side without his permission. 
🍗-“Thank you, Alpha.” You thanked, nuzzling your head into one of his soft wings. 
🍗-“I also called a security company, they will be here to set up a new system tomorrow.” He informed, nuzzling into your hair. 
🍗-One of his hands was tangled in your hair and the other was snugly cupping your stomach. 
🍗-“No more Alphas in the house.” You sniffled, shaking your head. 
🍗-“Of course, baby bird. I told them, beta’s only.” He reassured, kissing your head. 
🍗-“I love you, Alpha.” You whispered, almost lulled to sleep. 
🍗-“I love you, too baby bird.”  
First HC I have done in a while, also the first time writing for Hawks! What did you think of him? I hope you enjoyed it! Please be sure to leave a comment and like! I really enjoy hearing your reactions. 💕
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smileysuh · 4 months ago
Claim : Alpha!Johnny
Tumblr media
⇢ Synopsis: When a pack offers up you, an omega, to Johnny as a show of ‘good faith’, he knows he needs to get you out of there. The tricky part is introducing you to his all alpha pack and making it clear that he doesn’t have a claim on you and that you’re free to choose any mate you’d like. As your first heat living with Johnny looms, tensions rise. 
⇢ Pairing: alpha werewolf!Johnny x omega!reader ⇢ Genre: smut, slow burn, crack.  ⇢ Warnings: a/b/o au, abo class systems, power dynamic focus, mentions of werewolf men being creepy to omegas, arranged ‘union’, sugar daddy Johnny, fingering, oral (f receiving), sex, overstimulation, mentions of oncoming heat, mentions of masterbation, general shenanigans, size kink, big dick Johnny, virgin!reader, etc... ⇢ Word Count: 18.4k ⇢ Tropes/AU’s: werewolf au, a/b/o au, alpha nct, 
a/b/o NCT masterlist can be found HERE
Tumblr media
Your bed is cold but you can't find the energy to do anything about it. All you can do is stare at your ceiling, words repeating over and over in your mind: today’s the day.
You’re leaving one world of confinement to enter another. However, instead of a pack knocking you down and reminding you over and over again of your inferiority as an omega, you’ll have an alpha mate doing it. And the largest alpha in his pack no less.
Your pack had said they chose him because of his size. Strong babies, strong lines they’d insisted, as if it would have anything to do with them. You doubt you’ll see any of them again seeing as your new ‘mate’ lives in the heart of the downtown of your city, whereas your pack prefers the space of a manor house on the far outskirts. Besides, do you ever really want to see your pack again?
Today at noon, as a show of good faith and unity, your pack will all but gift you to an alpha who you’ve never even met. An alpha from a pack of alphas. 
You don't even know what that entails and you don’t want to think about what it might mean in terms of your heat. Some packs adopt a more polyamorous lifestyle, throwing omegas around like a joint at a bonfire, is this what you can expect for your life?
Burying your face in your pillows, you fear the worst.
Tumblr media
The first thing you notice as you’re escorted outside by the alpha of your pack is the three cars pulled up to the manor. They’re not the type of cars your pack would own, which are mostly SUV’s, black, more for practicality than anything.
The cars you’re looking at are anything but practical. They’re flashy, exuberant- an excessive show of wealth. Bright coloured too. All luxury cars, although you can’t name the brands off the top of your head. One car is yellow with black stripes, one is red, and the last one all black. The alphas in front of you are city alphas. And on top of that, they’re a complete anomaly. 
You watch in shock as the three alphas all form a line at the bottom of the steps to the manor. Shoulder to shoulder, they look united. 
Next to you, your own alpha stiffens at the mere presence of them. He’s older than the younger alphas at your doorsteps, but the power that radiates off of them is obvious even to you. 
Alphas. Stronger united.
Who would have thought it possible.
You finally pull your gaze from the cars, allowing your eyes to land on the three alphas who will become your pack the moment you leave this place. 
Your eyes are naturally drawn to the massive one standing in the middle of the three, but you force yourself to inspect the other two first. 
They appear to be younger than the big alpha, and they’re looking at you unabashedly. 
Mischievous brown eyes glint at you, a sliced brow and a smirk that throws you off. 
A soft smile greets you from the other alpha and you decide you prefer him, even if he does seem to be jittery, bouncing on the balls of his feet.
With a deep breath, you finally assess the middle alpha. The big one. Your alpha.
Like the other two, he’s in a suit, but his just fits different. The way the black jacket hugs his broad shoulders, which show strength, makes the omega inside of you purr with delight. His face is handsome, and your eyes meet. He flashes a smirk, winking at you, and you’re taken aback by the handsomeness of his face. 
Next to you, your alpha’s mate touches your arm. She’s softer, and you do like her. She’s been through this before, an arranged mating. When it had been announced that this would be taking place, she’d talked with you for a long time about expectation and how to make things ‘work’ with an alpha if it’s a relationship lacking love. 
Now is the part where you walk down the steps and start your new life, the touch on your arm is your reminder to move. You hesitate a moment longer, which earns you a growl from the alpha next to you. 
Swallowing thickly, you lift your chin to appear confident, beginning your descent down the steps of the manor. With each step, you become more and more overwhelmed by  the unfamiliar smell of the new pack, made all the more pungent by the presence of not one but three alphas.
You falter a little when the big alpha moves out of the line, but relax when you realize it’s just so he can open the passenger side door of his car for you. You can’t help but feel a little bit happy that he has the black car, the other two are a bit much for you. 
Standing like sentinels, the two alphas your ‘mate’ has brought with him watch you walk past them to the car. You nod your head slightly at the alpha there and he nods back, closing the door behind you and locking you into your fate.
Only once you’re tucked away do the sentinels break free of their watch. Eyebrow slit goes for the yellow car, and soft boy takes the red one. A moment later, your alpha gets into his seat.
You face forward, holding your breath, trying not to let his scent be too overwhelming. 
You’re not used to the smell of other alphas, and it’s throwing you off. Your skin is clammy, heart racing in your chest from anxiety and you’re nearly shivering. 
The man next to you says nothing as the cars all rev to life. Red leads, your car follows, and you guess yellow takes the rear. The road to the gates of the manor house feels extremely long, and when your fleet of luxury cars passes through them, you finally let out a breath. 
It feels good to have escaped your pack, even if it’s just to be scooped up by another. 
The moment you’re through the gates, you hear an engine rev again, and then the yellow sports car goes whipping past you. The red car matches the new speed, but with the yellow having a head start, mischief boy takes the lead.
You wait for your own alpha to accelerate but he doesn’t, and soon the other two cars are out of view down the road. 
You gnaw at your lip, hands fidgeting in your lap. The silence is no fun at all, but you’d be stupid to question your alpha this early. No, you’ve been taught to be a good omega. To be quiet. To be submissive. 
A few minutes go by in silence, and then the car starts to slow, coming to a stop on the side of the road.
You brace yourself for whatever is to come. For whatever is about to happen.
“How do you feel?”
You’re taken aback by his voice and his words. Your mind short circuits trying to deal with both at once, and it takes you a moment to recollect yourself. “Good.”
“Liar.” the man scoffs, half turned in his seat to look at you.
You mirror his motion, having been taught to react accordingly to alpha body language. 
“How do you really feel.” he clarifies, then his voice goes low, “don’t make me force a response from you,” his smile appears again, “because I will.” he winks at you for the second time and you’re shaken by his behaviour and demeanour. He’s all over the place, which makes him hard to read.  
“I’m feeling...” you look around, taking in the trees outside and the open road which will take you to, you assume, yet another confined place, “not good?”
“So like, bad.” he clarifies, “that’s definitely a feeling.” he nods to himself for a moment, “try another one.”
He nods again, “another good word. Let’s see if I can clear anything up for you.” a pause, “first, I’m Johnny, it’s great to meet you, and you are…?”
“Y/N.” you respond. 
He does the most curious thing next, holding a hand out for you.
Your alpha wants to shake your hand? 
He looks at your confused face and then down at his hand, “you know what,” he puts his hand down, “obviously there’s a disconnect here. So I’m going to tell you the story the way I see it, and after, you can let me know what you think, how does that sound?”
You nod.
Johnny looks at you a moment longer, opening his mouth then shutting it. He sighs, “so your old pack.” it’s odd to hear him call them your old pack when he’s had you all of what? Five minutes? “The alpha reached out about offering up an omega, and my first instinct was to decline, immediately.” Another odd thing, for an alpha to decline an omega, almost unheard of. “But then i thought, if I don’t ‘take her as a mate’,” Johnny air quotes, “they’ll gift her off to some other alpha who could be a douchebag. So I figured the best thing would be to accept, to get you out of your pack situation and bring you to a place where you’re not going to be forced to mate with just any alpha you’re offered up to. In fact, if you want to not mate at all, that’s fine too, I'll take care of you now, I promise.”
You can barely register his words. It all comes too fast. Blinking at the alpha in front of you, you’re dumbstruck. 
He gives you ample time to say something in response, and then nods, “yeah, a lot to take in. I can only imagine. Looks like you had a pretty shit time back at that fucking manor house huh?” he starts the car again, “no worries, you’re safe now. I’ll take you home and get you settled, we can talk when you’re ready.”
Tumblr media
Taeyong owns the building the pack lives in, and each alpha has their own apartment that was layered throughout the structure depending on preference when it had been constructed only a year ago. 
Taeyong’s place is on the top floor (which is shared with Doyoung, Johnny and Kun), and many pack meetings take place either in his dining room, or the private room at Johnny’s club. The whole pack is ingrained in real estate, and Johnny enjoys having his own little party central anytime he feels the need for some entertainment. 
Having reached the apartment building well after Haechan and Mark, Johnny spared you the interaction with them. The two men are actually some of Johnny’s closest friends, and he trusts them, but he knows it could overwhelm you to suddenly be around so many new alphas after being used to just one your whole life. 
The elevator ride is quiet and Johnny doesn’t mind. He understands that this is an adjustment for you, that you’re weary of him. He allows you to flatten yourself near the wall of the lift to get away from him, and he faces forward even as he feels your eyes on him.
You smell pretty, most omegas do, so Johnny breathes deeply. He enjoys the scent all the way up to the top floor of the apartment building, where he, Taeyong, Doyoung and Kun live. They’re generally considered to be four of the top alphas within the pack- well, Haechan would argue otherwise. 
But more importantly, their floor is quiet. Johnny’s pretty sure he’s heard of some of the younger alphas being troublemakers down on the lower levels, (something about a fire at Mark’s place and a lack of any sheets at Jungwoo’s) but none of their childish behaviour can touch him, or you, up here. 
When you reach his home, Johnny opens the door for you, offering a small smile as you step past him and into the space. 
“Should I give you a tour or do you want to explore on your own?” Johnny asks, setting his keys down and loosening his tie. He enjoys a good suit, but he gets tired of wearing one pretty fast. It had been necessary to look good when he met your family, it had been expected at least, and Johnny is more than happy to finally be in the comfort of his own home.
When you don’t answer, Johnny nods, “okay. I’m going to go change, then I have to head over to Taeyong’s. Mark should have brought your suitcase up and put it in the spare room, which I guess is  your room now. You’re free to anything in the fridge, and if you don’t like what I have, you can order food with an app-” he considers you for a moment, “you have a phone right?”
You shake your head. Your last pack hadn’t allowed you to have one, another omega restriction.
“Ok, well i’ll fix that.” Johnny takes his suit jacket off, putting it on a chair and reaching into his back pocket to procure his own cell, “this is mine,” Johnny shows you, “I’m not sure how long I’ll be gone, so you can have it while I’m away. The passcode is 1234, i know, i’m a genius right,” he sneaks a glance at you and is satisfied to see you crack a smile at him, “if you need to contact me, call Mark, can you remember that?”
Johnny  watches you nod. He wishes you would be more verbal but he guesses that will come with time. 
“I’ll be right next door,” he says, “but, i’ll be with my pack so you probably don’t want to meet them just yet.” another pause, “You know what, I’m also going to leave you with some money,” he pulls out his wallet next, fishing out a few twenty dollar bills, “you can pay for food you order with this, but my apps also have my card attached to them.”
Johnny wonders if he’s rambling. He wonders if you’re even fully processing the information. It must be a lot for you, and he wonders if maybe it’s best for you to just relax. He opens his mouth to tell you as much, to say ‘maybe you should just go sleep’, but he knows that his suggestion might sound like a command. And he doesn’t want to assert himself as your alpha barking orders. 
He’s your protector right now, not your alpha. 
Johnny nods at the silence. He wants to stay with you and make sure you’re okay, wants to show you to your room and ask if you like it, but something tells him it’s best to just leave you to get used to the place on your own.
Johnny’s used to living alone, so he doesn’t even bother to close the door to his room as he heads in, buttons of his shirt already half undone. The white dress shirt falls to the floor of his walk-in closet when he enters it, heading over to grab a hoodie and some sweats from the comfort section of his vast collection of clothes. 
When Johnny exits his room, he finds that you’re no longer standing by the door. He smells you inside the guest room as he passes by, but he doesn’t look inside, another conscious decision to give you space. 
When he reaches his front door, he pauses before grabbing the handle. The alpha inside of him is saying ‘Don't you dare leave this room. Don’t you dare leave her.’
Good thing Johnny has a handle on his primal self, pushing the thoughts back. 
Outside of his apartment, Johnny runs into Doyoung stepping out of his own home to go to Taeyong’s. The stoic alpha looks Johnny up and down, nose crinkling. Johnny assumes he’s seeing if he can smell omega, but a frown shows that Doyoung has come up empty handed.
‘Good.’ Johnny’s alpha side purrs, oddly territorial of your scent already. Johnny dismisses the possessive connotations, deciding that he’s simply happy that the scent blocking doors they had installed are working to some degree at least. 
Most omega scent isn’t strong enough to linger on an alpha unless the omega is in heat, however the location one lives becomes pleasantly perfumed by them. And Johnny can’t have alphas coming and drooling at his door every day when they’re bored and need something to fuel a good self love quickie, because he’s pretty sure some of the younger alphas wouldn’t be against the idea.
“Is she in there?” Doyoung asks.
Johnny nods, locking the door behind him.
“Aren’t you worried she’ll leave while we’re at the meeting?”
A shrug, “if she leaves then she leaves, i don’t own her. But i don’t think she’ll do anything rash.”
“What makes you so sure?” Doyoung studies his older friend as they walk the few meters to Taeyong’s door, knocking. 
Johnny shrugs, “it seems like she was pretty constricted at her last pack’s manor house, the city is way too dangerous for her to be out alone in it. I don’t think she’ll put herself in that position.”
Doyoung nods and they both listen in on whats happening behind Taeyong’s door. Johnny can hear the words ‘knot’ and ‘condom’ and laughs to himself that Taeil seems to be stuck teaching someone about the birds and the bees. 
The door opens, revealing a happy looking Mark. The young Canadian alpha ushers them into the massive apartment which is full of their pack. 
“Johnny’s here!” Haechan’s voice rings over the chatter, and suddenly eyes are all turning towards the new men in the room, who make up the final members of the pack, signalling the meeting can begin.
“I’m here too.” Doyoung glares at Haechan, who continues to ignore him, instead handing Johnny a beer.
“Is she here?” 
“Can we meet her?”
“Why did you take Mark and Haechan to get her and not me?” 
“Does she smell good?”
“What’s she look like?”
“Is she nice?”
A flurry of questions hits the Chicago native and he simply laughs, going and taking a seat at the massive dining table where Taeyong is situated at the head. Johnny takes the chair next to him, fulfilling the position as right hand man.
“Did it go okay?” Taeyong asks.
Johnny nods, suspecting Mark and Haechan already gave a run down of the day to the pack. “She’s just getting used to the apartment.”
“I think she should have someone there guarding her to make sure she doesn’t leave.” Doyoung quips, sitting down opposite Johnny.
“She’s not a prisoner.” Johnny sighs.
“But she’s an omega, she might do something stupid like run without knowing it’s a bad idea. She doesn’t have an alpha to stop her from making the wrong decisions right now.” Doyoung argues back.
“You’re right, she has twenty three of us sitting in the room next door.” 
“Twenty two.” Doyoung states.
Eyes look around the room for something missing. 
“Who did the count when we got here?” Ten asks in confusion. They’ve gotten used to counting out all twenty three people before every meeting.
“Renjun did.” Mark answers, throwing his friend under the bus and making everyone look to one of the smaller members of the pack.
“No I didn’t,” Renjun defends himself, “i said ‘it looks like almost everyone is here’ and then Haechan said ‘everyone except Johnny’ and we all just went with it.”
“So who are we missing?” Taeyong groans and looks around.
“Lucas!” Kun’s voice fills the room and everyone realizes that of course Lucas is missing. Other than Johnny, he’s one of the bigger members, and it’s a shock no one realized that the resident happy virus puppy was missing. 
The door to the apartment opens and Lucas saunters in with a grin, “me!?”
It’s obvious he’s only caught the tail end of this, his name. He has no idea what the pack is talking about. No idea that they’d all just forgotten of his existence.
“Lucas!” Hendery runs over to his friend.
“Sorry I’m late,” The big alpha says, heading into the kitchen to grab a snack because he prioritizes food above all else, “something weird was happening down in the lobby.”
“Something weird?” Taeyong sighs. First Lucas interrupted the meeting, and is now going off topic, but Taeyong feels like this is something that should be addressed.
“Yeah, there was this girl and she kinda smelt like Johnny-”
Taeyong jumps to his feet, and the smirk Doyoung flashes at Johnny says ‘I told you so’.
“Did you talk to her, did she leave?” Taeyong asks, questions coming out in rapid fire.
Lucas shakes her head, “she was just kind of standing there and looking outside.”
Johnny stands up slowly, sighing, “I’ll go get her.” 
Tumblr media
People walk by outside, unaware of your watchful eyes, hidden by the glass doors of the apartment building. 
Johnny’s hoodie is heavy on your shoulders, masking your omega scent with the smell of an alpha. It’s your werewolf invisibility cloak, protection… or is it? The alpha who had walked in earlier had given you a strange look, and you’d felt your heart leap in fear. You’d been glad for his headphones or he would have definitely heard your racing pulse and known something was up. Is this hoodie really enough? Will you be safe outside?
You’re pretty sure your window of opportunity is coming to a close. The longer you stay standing here, the less likely you’ll be able to escape. 
But the world out there is scary. Two more people walk by, and you wonder what they are. Alphas? Betas? Threats? 
Definitely threats.
In your pocket is the money Johnny gave you, and the cell phone. 
Something isn’t sitting right. 
Escape has always been on your mind. You’ve never come this close before.
But maybe that’s because you no longer are in a situation you need escaping from.
Gnawing on your lip, you take one last look outside. A deep breath in and out. You turn and head back to the elevator. 
You don’t have to wait long, as soon the doors are opening to reveal your alpha.
Your alpha.
You pause at the thought, looking up at the man who had only come into your life a short time ago. He looks back at you, there’s no judgement in his eyes. There’s no anger at having just caught you in the lobby of his building. You watch him take in the hoodie adorning your body. 
“Smart.” he says, breaking the quiet,  “you smell just like me.” 
Johnny steps to the side so he’s no longer in the center of the elevator, giving you a spot to join him.
You step into the enclosed space, fiddling with the long sleeves of the hoodie as Johnny hits the button for the top floor. When the elevator begins to move, you finally find your voice, swallowing thickly before saying, “I’m sorry.”
“There’s nothing to be sorry for.” his response is immediate and he turns to look down at you. You avoid his eyes, fixing your gaze on the floor. “But if you want to go outside, it would be nice for you to have someone to go with, just to make sure you’re safe.”
What he says makes sense. An unclaimed omega would get eaten alive in the world outside alone. Your manor house had always enforced protection, restricting you, never letting you go out and experience life amongst other people. The enforced protection hadn’t felt much like protection.
This does. 
“Would you like to see the city sometime?” Johnny asks softly.
You nod, continuing to play with the fabric of the hoodie. 
“I’m a decent guide,” Johnny says thoughtfully, “but maybe you’ll want to go with Doyoung or Taeyong, they know more about the city than I do because they’re from around here.”
The names register in your brain. You’d been given a rundown on Johnny’s pack when he’d agreed to take you in. Taeyong is the ‘alpha alpha’, and if you remember correctly, Doyoung is a top dog too. You believe there’s one or two more people at the top, other than Johnny of course, someone named Kun and the other is- you can’t quite remember his name, but you remember he’s from Japan. 
You reach Johnny’s floor and you follow the tall man as he lets you into his apartment for the second time today. “Do you like your room?” Johnny asks when you immediately head towards it.
“It’s nice.” you respond, remembering your manners, “thank you,” you close the door softly behind you and head over to the bed, collapsing onto the mattress. 
Your pocket buzzes and you remember that you have the alpha’s phone. What was the passcode again? Right, 1234, he’s a genius, you remember. 
The new message is from “Tyong” and it reads: “is everything okay?”
You ignore the text, instead looking at the previous conversation between your alpha and this ‘Tyong’, who you assume may be Taeyong. It looks like they’d have a lengthy exchange this morning, before Johnny had come to pick you up from your manor house. 
Tyong: who are you taking with you?
Johnny: Mark and Haechan, they’re not very intimidating
Tyong: don’t let Haechan hear you say that
Tyong: do you still think this is a good idea?
Johnny: yes. We can’t just do nothing
Tyong: i can’t believe some packs are still like this, just giving us an omega to strengthen our ‘friendship’. 
Johnny: honestly, after this, maybe we shouldn’t deal with that pack anymore
Tyong: agreed. Have you left yet?
Johnny: no but soon
Tyong: once you bring her back, what’s your plan?
Johnny: show her the guest room then come to the meeting. 
Tyong: I mean what’s your plan on introducing her to the pack?  
Johnny: well, just because i’m the one going and getting her doesn’t mean she’s mine. She gets to choose when she meets everyone.
Tyong: hmmm. I think she should meet Doyoung, Kun, Yuta and I, just so she sees that she has more than just you as an option 
Johnny: right. Ten said that Kun was talking about omegas the other day, maybe he’ll be interested
Tyong: Kun’s a really nice guy
Johnny: probably one of the better ones of us for sure
Tyong: what if she doesn’t like any of us?
Johnny: then she doesn’t like any of us and I have an omega roommate who we protect and make clear is part of our pack and isn’t to be fucked with.
Tyong: I hope you know what you’re doing Johnny
Johnny: i never do but that’s okay. I'm sure this will work out. 
Tyong: that makes one of us
Another new message pops up from Tyong that reads: “we’re coming over soon” and your heart lurches in your chest. 
You put Johnny’s phone back in your pocket, feeling a little guilty for snooping, but much more secure now that you’ve read the conversation between Johnny and his pack mate. Hearing Johnny tell you that you’d be free to make your own choices was one thing, you’d considered the fact that he could be lying to you, but this is proof. His text messages show that Johnny is being sincere with you in every way, and you can’t help the way your heart squeezes in your chest at this discovery.
Adjusting the hoodie on your body, you head to your door, peaking out. You can hear Johnny in the kitchen, and you can smell food. You really don’t want the alphas who are coming over to disrupt the sacred space of your room, knowing that the scent they’d leave in their wake would be too much for you to handle near your bed. So instead, you step out of your new room, closing the door behind you, and head to join Johnny in the kitchen common space to await the arrival of more alphas.
You trust Johnny now. You hadn’t been sure before, but now that your anxieties have been appeased by the text messages, your omega side has free reign to naturally fall in line under the instruction of your new alpha. Johnny thinks it’s a good idea to meet his pack, so you will. Or, at least, you’ll meet the four alphas heading over who make up the inner workings of the pack.
“Someone texted you.” you say, causing your alpha to look at you from the stove. There’s no doubt he heard you come into the kitchen, but he didn't acknowledge you. You’re not sure how you feel about that yet, whether you want his eyes on you or not. Both give you mixed feelings.
You approach the tall man, holding out his phone and allowing him to accept it from you. Johnny’s eyes scan the screen and he looks up at you, “are you alright with having visitors?”
You nod. Wrapping your arms around yourself sends a puff of air up the neck of your hoodie, and Johnny’s smell hits you straight on, disorienting you for a moment and making your face scrunch up. 
Johnny laughs heartily at you, and you guess that he could smell it too, “i’m a little surprised you’re still wearing that.” he says, turning off the stove and retrieving mugs from the cupboard, “i’ve always heard omegas don’t like a new alpha scent right away.”
“Who said I like it?” the words leave your lips before you can stop them and they shock both you and Johnny, who turns and looks at you with his jaw dropped, faking harm.
“Ouch.” he says, then laughs, “you have a mean side to you, huh?”
You gnaw at your lip. Not a mean side per se, a defiant one. A stubborn part of you that wants to question alphas, after all, your last one hadn’t been much of a leader, not to you anyways. Respect is earned- except with omegas, it’s always deemed to be a given. You may have a naturally submissive temperament, especially when you’re near alphas, but at heart, you’re still a girl who doesn’t want to be controlled. 
“Alphas sometimes go crazy when they smell omega.” you say quietly.
Johnny nods, “so that’s the propaganda they’ve been feeding you at your old pack.”
“There’s some truth to it.” Johnny continues, “some less controlled alphas go a little crazy for omega scent, but only when you’re in heat. When you’re not, you’re completely safe, especially here.” 
You feel your skin warm at the mention of your heat. It’s odd to think about that time of the month now that you’re with him and not your old pack. At your old home, the week was spent on suppressants and locked away, which, to be fair, wasn’t too far from the normal scheme of things. 
“When you do have a heat,” Johnny’s soothing voice continues to explain as he serves food into mugs, “you can have suppressants, in which case, staying here the whole week would be safe. But we also have hotels just for heats, so i can get you a room and you can go stay there the whole week doing whatever you want, suppressants or not.” 
Johnny turns and approaches you, holding a mug that is now filled with ramen. His brown eyes match the softness of his smile as he holds one out to you. 
The information is a lot to take in. You’d been raised to fear alphas, to submit. Raised to think that your future alpha would be an asshole, like the one you had been used to. 
Every moment you spend with Johnny, you realize that more and more of what you thought was true, isn’t. 
This alpha isn't an asshole. 
He’s respectful and kind. He exudes the kind of warmth that is evident everywhere, from the pretty glint in his cheerful brown eyes, to the way he moves, fluidly but warily, conscious of his space and proximity to you. He’s treating you like a precious little china doll, and you’d expected your whole life to be sadistically broken by any alpha you ended up with. 
You open your mouth to say something, but there’s a knock on the door and your mouth shuts, eyes whipping towards the sound. 
“So jumpy.” Johnny says to himself as he goes to open the door.
You move backwards without thinking about it, getting as far into the room as you can so there can be as much space between you and the new alphas as possible. Even after Johnny telling you they’re harmless, old habits die hard, and you still think being distanced from the alphas is a good idea.
The first man who enters is much smaller than Johnny, with big beautiful eyes that lock on you the moment he's in the space. He’s lithe, moving fluidly as he heads into the kitchen, still assessing you as he makes way for the others to enter behind him.
Next comes a stoic man with a handsome, if not stern, face. His hair is dark, and his arms are crossed over his chest as he goes to lean against the kitchen counter near the first man. He also watches you, but his eyes dart all over, unlike the first man who’s gaze stays fairly fixed on your face.
Third is a blonde alpha, and he is wearing a big smile. He’s the first to actually speak to you, heading towards you instead of into the kitchen like the other two, and the final man who joins them, arms crossing over his chest.
The smiley alpha holds out a hand, bending slightly so that he appears smaller, “hi, I’m Kun!” he greets you, not coming all the way towards you, but stopping half way. You look at his extended hand, much like Johnny’s hand only a few hours ago.
This time, you’re going to shake it. 
Taking a breath for courage, you step forward, reaching and shaking the man’s hand softly. His skin is warm, and his smile widens at the contact, “it’s very good to meet you.” 
“She’s a little quiet.” Johnny says when you don’t respond right away, giving you all but a free pass to be as silent as you’d like. 
Kun takes a seat in the living room near you, and you head back to be near the windows, still weary of the three alphas who have yet to do anything but be intimidating in the open concept kitchen.
Johnny, surprisingly, heads over to where you are. He positions himself about a meter away, “you like the ramen?” he asks you, taking a bite of his own from the mug he holds in his hands. 
You nod, following suit and lifting a scoop of noodles to your lips. 
Your alpha is a decent chef, you’ll give him that. 
“Are you guys going to introduce yourselves?” Johnny says next, looking up at the men who haven't said anything yet. 
The one with the big eyes is the first to react, adjusting his stance, “I’m Taeyong.” 
“Yuta.” the final man to have entered the apartment finishes the introductions. 
You’re surprised that it’s the smallest of all five who’s the ‘alpha alpha’, but you suppose there’s something different about his eyes, other than the sheer size of them. His gaze is strong, and you can see strength and intelligence in his face. The stubborn set of his sharp jaw makes you think maybe there’s some merit to not pissing him off.
But then again, you’re unlikely to try to piss any of these men off any time soon.
“How are you liking the city?” Kun’s voice draws your attention again, and you find yourself once again looking at the man with a welcoming smile. 
You look at Johnny and he swallows his food, picking up on the fact that you’d like him to answer for you, “she hasn’t seen much of it yet.” he reminds them, “we talked about maybe doing a tour with me or one of you.”
Your hand instinctively reaches for Johnny’s shirt, and you grab the fabric near his waist, tugging gently to get his attention. Your alpha shuffles closer to you immediately, until his arm is nearly touching yours, and he looks down at you. Your eyes search his and you attempt to convey your feelings non verbally. 
After a moment Johnny nods, “actually, I’ll show her around the city.”
He’s very good at picking up your cues. If this is the group of guys who you can choose from to be a guide for the city, you don’t want them. Well, Kun seems nice, but you feel protected by Johnny.
His body is warm, you can feel the heat radiating off of him as he stands next to you, and it’s comforting. You realize that you’re already becoming acclimated to his smell, him standing close to you doesn’t give you a whiff of power as it had when you’d first met him, at least, not the type of power that would make you cower away immediately. No, Johnny’s scent is a good one, and you’re already starting to associate it with the feeling of safety.
“Was she still in the lobby when you went down?” the voice belongs to the stoic man, Doyoung, and you know before you look at him. His eyes aren't even on you, he’s looking at Johnny, pretending as if you’re not even in the room. 
“Yeah,” Johnny says after a bite of ramen, “she wasn’t going to leave, she just wanted to see if she could, right?” his hip buts your slightly, and the motion is a little shocking, causing your body to jolt from the sudden connection.
You’re quick to nod.
“See? She’s not going anywhere.” Johnny assures the other man, “and as i said before, she’s not a prisoner, it’s just better if she goes out with one of us so that she doesn't get hurt, we talked about this already.”
“And you talked about options?” Taeyong asks.
“I told her she’s not mine, you know you’re not mine right?” Johnny looks down at you again and you’re quick to nod. “Yeah, she knows.”
“You’re part of our pack now.” Kun’s soft voice says, “i know you’re only meeting us right now, but there are twenty three of us in total. The younger ones don’t have much experience with omega’s, only with other alphas. They can be kind of rough sometimes which is why we thought it best if you meet us first.”
“She’ll be fine,” Johnny assures them, “she has a mean side.” 
His voice is teasing, and you can’t help but look up at him in shock that he’d say something like that, your jaw dropping, “i do not!” you protest.
“There it is,” your alpha chuckles, brown eyes shining as he smiles broadly, “see, she stands up to alphas just fine, if anyone does anything out of line, she’ll let them know.”
Standing up to alphas. Having a mean side. Talking back to a six foot man who all but accepted you as a gift only a few hours ago-
You never would have even dreamed of doing these things this morning. 
As you look around the room at the men who now make up the inner circle of your new pack, you realize that a whole world can be flipped upside down in an instant, and that this new upside down land is way better than the old world you were used to before.
Tumblr media
“He likes her for sure.” Yuta says when he reaches Mark’s room, joining the impromptu gaming night that had somehow been concocted at the meeting earlier. 
“Johnny?” Jungwoo asks, cheeks stuffed with bread from the sandwich he’s eating. His eyes are big and thoughtful. He doesn’t care so much about the new omega, but he does care about his friend.
The other men in the room however, are more interested in the other side of the story, the ‘you’ side. 
“She’s hot, right?” Haechan asks, having only gotten a short glimpse of you in the morning, but it had been enough.
“She’s cute.” Yuta answers, walking over to sit on the couch between his younger friend and the Canadian holding the other gaming controller, “but, like i said, Johnny likes her.”
“So? She could not like him.” Haechan points out, eyes focused on the screen as he works hard to kill Mark. This is one of his favourite pastimes.
“She was wearing his hoodie and wouldn’t come near any of us but stood next to him the whole time.” Yuta responds, picking up a remote, “and they’re living together.”
“You can be platonically friends with an omega and take care of her without falling for her.” Mark says, somewhat naively.
Yuta just laughs, one day they’ll understand. One day Johnny will understand too. But until then, Yuta is content to just watch the mayhem with a smile on his face, “sure they can Mark,” he says softly, “sure they can.”
Tumblr media
The air feels nice on your skin, but it’s full of smells that you’ve never had to deal without in the openness of the country where your manor house is situated. Here, everything is gritty and intense, a flurry of scents that make you press yourself closer to the tall alpha next to you the moment you’re outside of his apartment building.
“You okay?” Johnny asks.
You nod, “it’s just-”
“Loud? Smelly? Dirty?” he throws words at you and, unfortunately, all of them stick.
“It’s like that at first, but you’ll get used to it. I’ll show you the lights down by the clubs.” he says, “the sun’s setting now, so soon all the neons will be glowing. I think you’ll like it.”
All the neons. He makes it sound so wonderful.
Someone sneezes down the street, and the loud noise makes you jump, latching onto Johnny’s arm. You’re still in his black hoodie, and your alpha is in a matching one, the fabric big and bunching when you attach to his side. You’re all but drowning in the sleeves, but having more of your skin covered feels safe. Johnny had even put your hood up for you when you’d exited the elevator, and the fabric covering your head and neck definitely makes things feel more protected. 
Your eyes take in everything about the new city space you’ve found yourself in. Johnny’s legs are much longer than yours, and you think he’s purposefully walking slow to allow you to look around. He doesn’t say anything, but the quiet is nice, it frees up your ears to enjoy the city sounds: A siren wailing down the block, getting quieter as it races to save lives, a pedestrian light dings green and lets out a noise to make people aware of it. 
Suddenly, Johnny stops in his tracks, causing you to come to a halt too since your arm is still laced with his. You turn to follow his gaze and realize you’re in front of a phone store. “What time is it?” Johnny says to himself. The arm you’re holding onto is his right one, and the hand that had been in his pocket now comes out, causing you to let go of him so he can look down at the watch on his wrist, “hey, they’re still open!” 
His hand falls back to his side again, and instead of waiting for you to grab onto him, Johnny takes your hand himself, pulling you with him into the store. 
There’s a man at the counter and he smiles when you come in, “hello! What can I help you with today?”
Johnny seems to know what he wants, heading straight up to the man and saying, “the newest Iphone, and i already have an account here so we’ll just give her the same plan I have.”
You’re taken aback by how strong he sounds, looking down at the poor beta worker who scrambles to do what the alpha wants.
“The phone comes in a few different colours-” the worker says.
“Y/N,” your name sounds interesting on your lips, and you look up at your alpha, “what colour would you like?”
You point at your selection and Johnny nods, “that one.” he says, although it was already quite obvious to you all that you’d chosen. You like the added command though, the words coming from the alpha, not you. 
Giving orders- well, you’ve never really tried to give orders before. 
You’ve never really been asked for your opinion on things, and you watch greedily as the worker removes the new beautiful phone from its box to set up the SIM card. 
Within ten minutes, you’re on the streets again and you have a new phone. It’s secured in your pocket, although your hand keeps finding its way back to check to be sure it’s there. The third time you do this, Johnny says, “are you worried you’re going to lose it?”
You nod.
“Then I guess we have to buy you a purse to put it in.” 
Soon you find yourself in a store. You and Johnny are the only ones there, as things are closing soon, but that just means you have the full attention of the women working there. “We need a purse.” Johnny says to the lady, “no budget, whatever she wants, and I’m going to look around a bit.”
Your heart leaps at his words and Johnny flashes you a smile before heading over to look at some jackets. He’s only a few meters away, leaving you with the store clerk, but it feels odd not to have him right there next to you. 
“Purses are over here.” The lady shows you to the section with bags, and she asks you questions about colours and styles. By the time you’ve picked out the one you want and headed to the till, Johnny has showed up holding a few jackets.
“Try this on.” he says, holding out a denim jacket, “denim over a hoodie is a good look.”
You accept the jacket and slide it over top of yours. Johnny looks you up and down and nods, “it’s nice.” he can tell you don’t believe him and rolls his eyes at you, sighing, “you don’t believe me?” his hand reaches for yours and then he pulls you to a mirror so you can see yourself, settling you in front of him. 
His hands are only your waist but you barely even notice, eyes fixed on yourself in the mirror. He was right about the denim over the hoodie, it does look good. You look good. And you’re wearing clothes your old pack would have never let you wear.
They’d always had you dolled up in feminine things. 
Not only are you wearing Johnny’s hoodie but you also have a pair of his sweatpants. When he’d looked into your room to find only dresses in your suitcase, he’d told you there was no way you were going out in the city in a dress, not only because it would be cold, but because it would be testing the waters with other alphas, and he didn’t want you to feel unsafe because of it, even if he was certain no one would challenge you with him at your side. 
“We need to get you a full denim look.” Johnny concludes, looking you up and down one more time. You’re pretty sure he’s sizing you, because the denim jacket fits well, even over the hoodie. It seems Johnny has some experience with clothes, which is surprising, but in a good way.
“The store is closing soon,” Johnny says, once again checking his watch, “there are a few staple outfits we need to get you, i’ll grab those, but anything you want, just grab it. We’ll buy it and if it doesn't fit, I'll bring whatever you don’t want back tomorrow.” 
This is how you end up walking through the downtown, one arm looped with Johnny’s and the other hand holding shopping bags. Johnny also carries a few, and as the lights of the city begin to flicker to life as the light fades, the excitement of neons makes your heart pick up speed in anticipation.
It’s been a while since you ate ramen, and when your tummy growls, your alpha hears it. “Hungry?” he asks. You nod. “Do you know what you’d like to eat? There’s a good Chinese place down the street, or a Thai restaurant a ten minute walk from here, I have it on good authority that it’s authentic.”
“That sounds good.” 
Clinging to Johnny’s side, you can almost forget about your fear of others. Besides, anyone who passes you on the street doesn't even pay you a second glance. All they probably smell is two alphas. You think you might get used to wearing his clothes any time you’re out of the safety of the apartment building. 
“You know,” Johnny says as you enter the restaurant, the alpha holding the door open for you, “I keep thinking you’re going to say something about how you’re feeling.”
You think ‘how are you feeling’ must be his favourite phrase in the world given the number of time’s he’s used it on you. Unlike this morning, where your response had been ‘not good’, you now say “not bad.” 
Johnny laughs immediately, and you think he must see what you’ve just done. “You’re funny. Not bad.” he chuckles to himself as the hostess shows you to a table in the back, “we’re really going to have to work on you using your words better huh?”
You shrug as you take your seat, facing the beautiful alpha who’s grinning at you still. He shakes his head, running a hand through his dark locks, “what did you think about the others?”
You shrug.
Johnny sighs, his broad chest expanding and then collapsing with the motion. You watch a muscle jump by his sharp jaw, a teeth clench, annoyance you think. Then your alpha leans forward, looking at you intently with eyes that burn red around the iris, contrasting the usual lovely chocolate colour. “What did you think of the others?”
“Doyoung seemed mean.” you respond immediately, swallowing thickly as your omega side betrays your inner thoughts. You hadn’t meant to be so blunt, after all, you just dissed Johnny’s friend- but he’d played dirty by exerting some of his alpha power over you, so you think maybe he deserves the harsh truth about who he hangs out with.
Instead of looking upset, Johnny simply laughs, his eyes returning to their pretty hue. “You’re right about that. He had to be there because he helps make decisions, but you probably won't have to see much of him after today. He’ll avoid you, I promise.” a pause, he studies your face, “how about Yuta?”
“The ones in the kitchen all seemed not to like me very much.” you respond, looking down at your menu, hoping this will be the end of the conversation.
“But Kun’s nice right?” Johnny asks, and when you look at him over your menu, you see that he’s smirking. Is he… he’s acting as if he’s  a girl who wants to talk about who you think is cute. You’ve had a few conversations like these, however your options had always been so limited, and you’d been stuck to watch your beta friend go follow her sexual instincts why yours had been hobbled and you’d been segregated when you became of mating age.
Does your alpha want you to like Kun?
Your brows furrow, your mind racing a million miles a minute as you try to figure out what Johnny’s angle could possibly be on broaching this subject with you.
“Come on, share your thoughts.” Johnny says when you don’t immediately respond.
“I just- you’re very confusing.” you tell him, eyes looking down at your menu then back up at the alpha, who is still leaning in, watching you with those gorgeous eyes of his- it’s too much distraction. You can’t concentrate like this. 
“I am?” he laughs, “how so?”
“You said i don’t have to find a mate if i don’t want to, and now you’re trying to- I don’t know, you want me to like Kun?” 
“I’m just trying to get you to warm up to me, honestly,” Johnny shrugs, then the mischievous smirk of his appears again, “but, i mean, Kun is cute right?”
You groan, lifting up your menu and using it as a barrier to hide behind. 
Johnny’s laugh rings loudly in your ears, but, to your surprise, he leaves the topic. Instead he sits back in his seat, lifting up his own menu- only to set it back down. You eye him, amused by his behaviour, which you’re starting to see has a tendency to be somewhat erratic. Your expression must be judgemental enough to merit an explanation because Johnny says, “I've tried everything on the menu so I don't need it.”
He must come here a lot, you realize. You gnaw on your lip, finally verbalizing your assessment.
“I do come here a lot,” Johnny nods, “Ten and I find ourselves here on nights when we can't sleep.”
“You’ll meet him. He’s in the pack. He’s from Thailand and he’s a great guy.” 
You think it would be nice to meet Johnny’s friends. You have a feeling that the men who showed up at the apartment today, while in the main circle, are not, in fact, Johnny’s closest pack mates. 
You’re curious to see how alpha pack brothers interact, even if the idea of being around more and more alphas still strikes something like fear in your heart every time it comes up. 
You need to unlearn everything you thought you knew about alphas, and as you watch the petty man pull a baseball cap out of one of your shopping bags and plop it onto his head backwards, you realize that there’s no one you’d rather have show you that alphas can be something other than crazy, dom, assholes. 
Tumblr media
Johnny’s skin is flushed a pretty pink colour from the shower, and he assesses the way he looks in the mirror as he brushes his teeth. There’s a mark down by his hip bone that his eyes focus on, he’d been hoping the slice wasn’t deep enough to scar, but he supposes when you get accidentally stabbed by a drunk Canadian at a barbecue you might as well come out of it with a souvenir to go with the story. 
Letting out a breath, Johnny bends over the sink to spit. His large hands are flat on the white marble countertop, and Johnny likes the coolness the surface provides. He straightens again, running a hand through his wet hair, which loosens some stray droplets of water and prompts them to slide onto his broad shoulders. 
Even as he does this, his ears are focused on the sound of your breathing. It’s faint, after all, you’re across the apartment in the safety of your own room, behind a closed door. You went to sleep a little while after you got back from the restaurant and Johnny doesn’t blame you, you had a long day. 
It’s kind of odd to have another person in his space, another heart to listen to. Yours is steady, restful, and Johnny’s happy about that. After listening to your pulse pick up at all times today, scared at the smallest of things, he’s glad your body is getting some time to recuperate. 
The floor is cool against his bare feet as Johnny saunters into his bedroom. He swings his arms, stretching the muscles of his back then his shoulders. Standing next to his bed, the big alpha closes his eyes and simply enjoys the feeling of motion, of releasing tension that had built up during the day in his trouble spots.
Today had been more work for him than he’d care to admit.
He’d been worried about making a good impression on you, and Johnny is not the kind of person to worry about the opinions of others. 
Johnny thinks about Kun, who had been nothing but charming in the brief interaction with you. He knows Kun is a nice guy, and Kun, better than anyone, could take care of an omega. Kun can cook, he’s sweet, he’s even-tempered, he likes kids- Johnny sighs. He can’t make this decision for you, but he can’t help but feel responsible, and Kun truly seems like the best bet out of the bunch. Johnny would know.
But something else is nagging at Johnny. The alpha inside of him raises its hackles at the mere notion of giving up his omega to someone else. There’s a darkness blooming in Johnny’s chest the more he thinks about you and Kun, and finally the taste gets so bad in Johnny’s mouth at the idea that he has to shake his head and force himself to be distracted.
Instead, Johnny puts his attention on his breathing. He closes his eyes, breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth. 
As he’s about to get into bed, the steady, pleasant sound of your heart, begins to increase, drawing the alphas attention. His eyes shift to his open door, and a moment later he’s standing by it, motionless as he listens. 
There’s a small sound, and Johnny takes off towards your bedroom, the noise too whimpery and painful for his liking. He stops in front of your bedroom door, hands flexing at his sides as he decides what to do. 
Another small sound, your heart races quicker- then a gasp, a ruffling of sheets. You’re awake, and suddenly Johnny feels odd for being at your door. He can’t just stand here quietly, and if you notice he’s there without him first saying something, you might think he’s some creep who’s been listening to you sleep.
His knuckles rap against the door, and your gasps go quiet, “are you okay?” Johnny asks, his voice coming out way lower than expected. He shakes his head to get a handle on himself, closing his eyes to pretend they’re not red with worry. 
At first there’s no response, and Johnny cranes his ears. There’s another sound of fabric on fabric, a pillow moving, maybe. 
“I’m okay.”
“Did you have a nightmare?” his next question comes immediately. 
“Do you want to talk about it?”
“Goodnight Johnny.” more movement, then a sigh. Your heart rate has gone down. You’re not sleeping yet, and Johnny thinks maybe standing next to your door until you pass out is a bad idea. 
He’s not satisfied with this interaction. Or, at least, his alpha side is not. It’s still telling him to bust through the door and make sure you’re okay. To see with his own two eyes that you’re not hurt or in pain.
Johnny takes a deep breath, but since he’s outside your door, this just makes your scent burn down his throat, his mouth watering at the sweetness. 
Forming a fist, the Chicago native forces himself to stop breathing. This helps a little, and after a moment he has the strength to pull himself away from your door and head back to his own bedroom. 
By the time he’s under his own covers, your heart rate tells him you’ve fallen back asleep. 
Johnny wonders if you’ll dream of him the way he knows he’s going to dream about you.
Tumblr media
You find a note on the fridge when you wake up, and a text message on your phone. It seems your alpha is being very thorough in making sure you know exactly where he is and that he didn’t ditch you. 
Waking up to no sound of a heavy, alpha, heartbeat, had been disconcerting at first. But having the apartment to yourself, for most of the day- it excites you.
You spend much of the morning exploring the apartment, looking in every cupboard and reading the back of every book he owns. You avoid his bedroom, in fact, you close the door to it. You find that too much of his smell comes out, and it’s distracting to always have that heavy scent. 
Johnny smells like the forest, all woody and strong, with spikes of smokiness- you assume a few of his friends might be smokers. It’s a wonderful smell, it’s just a lot to take in, especially since your omega side feels the need to nest in this new space. 
Soon, you become bored, and your eyes find the clock. Johnny’s text said he’d be home with lunch. You think you must have woken up right after he left. You calculate how long you have to wait until he’s home and then sit on the couch, turning on the tv, this will help pass the time you think.
It doesn’t. 
You find yourself looking at the clock every five minutes, and at around noon, when you hear the sound of someone's feet come to a stop outside the apartment door, you leap up in excitement. You take a step forward, as if you’re going to go to greet him, but decide against it, stopping and waiting instead. 
A moment later, the door opens to reveal Johnny. He looks a little disheveled, hair windswept, long brown duster covering an all black outfit. In one hand he has some shopping bags, and in the other, what looks to be Chinese takeout. 
You could get used to this.
His eyes land on you and he breaks into a smile, “hungry?” he holds up the hand with takeout.
You nod and head over to join Johnny in the kitchen, where he’s sat things down on the counter. You go for the other bags, curious as to what's in them, and Johnny tugs them away before you can pry, “hey,” he laughs, “nosey.”
You smile at the name.
“Bet you’re hoping i have a present for you in one of these, huh?” he teases, grin widening, “fine, take a look.” he pushes the bags back towards you and you eagerly open the first one, peaking inside.
“Do you like it?” he asks.
You pull the beautiful jacket out of the bag, marvelling at it. The look on your face must be enough to show how you’re feeling because Johnny smiles, busying himself with unpacking the food. “Try it on.” he suggests, turning his back to you to grab plates. 
You’re dressed in the new lounging clothes you’d bought yesterday, some soft sweatpants and a little tshirt. The jacket is a very different style; sophisticated, classy- but you put it on anyways. 
When Johnny turns to look at you again, his eyes scan you up and then down, and he breaks into a grin again. You think his cheeks must hurt from smiling so much. “That looks great!” he tells you, “but maybe,” he pushes one of the shopping bags forward, “you should try this on underneath instead.”
You grab the bag and dart off towards your room, not bothering to check inside the bag first because you know it will be a cute outfit. Once in the privacy of your own space, you strip of your clothes and pull out the ones you’ll be trying. It’s a pair of nice black jeans, and a black turtleneck. The sizing is perfect and you’re reminded that Johnny has an eye for these things it seems. 
Assessing yourself in the mirror, you think you look cute. It’s interesting to have all your skin covered, all the way up to your neck. But it feels safe, unlike the flimsy dresses your pack had forced you to wear. No, your legs are covered, as are your arms, and the jacket is heavy, which oddly enough, provides some comfort. 
You go to join Johnny in the kitchen again, and when he looks up at you, this time, his jaw drops. Then he lets out a whistle, his beautiful smile returning, “damn, someone call 911 cuz this girl is on fire!”
You can’t help the way your skin heats up at his words, even if he is overdoing it a little. It feels nice to be praised like this, to have kind, affirming words from your alpha. You realize a moment later that you and Johnny are now in somewhat matching outfits; the all black with a super aesthetic jacket on top.
“This is a staple look.” Johnny says, “you always have to have one full black outfit to pair with a cool jacket.” 
Food is all ready to be served now, so you remove your jacket and place it on the back of a chair at the island in the kitchen. Then you go to join Johnny, and he hands you a plate. “Does any of this look good to you?” he asks, wanting to be sure he actually ordered something you’ll like. 
Johnny gives you a sideways glance and smiles to himself.
“What?” you ask.
“What?!” you raise your voice a little, challenging the man next to you-
“It’s just,” Johnny shrugs as he scoops some Chow Mein onto his plate with chopsticks, “you actually said ‘yeah’ instead of just shrugging or nodding.”
You pause, considering his words. He’s right. You’re warming up to him, you admit it, but it’s odd to think that he’s conscious of your slight changed behaviour. What else does he notice?
You stay quiet as you move to sit at the dining table. You wait patiently for Johnny to come join you before you pick up your utensils. Old habits die hard. However, today, instead of waiting for him to take the first bite, as you’d been trained to do at your old pack, you tentatively shovel some noodles into your mouth.
Johnny doesn’t even look up at you, busy focusing on trying to get a piece of beef with the veggie he wants to try. 
Eating with Johnny in a comfortable silence, there’s no power dynamics to speak of. It’s simply two souls replenishing their energy stores together. 
This, you could also get used to.
Tumblr media
“How is she doing?” Mark asks when Johnny shows up to his apartment without you, yet again. 
It’s been a week since you showed up now, and every day, Johnny says he’s going to encourage you to come with him to meet a few more of the pack members, but every day he shows up alone. 
“She’s okay, still getting used to things.” Johnny answers, throwing his jacket over the back of Mark’s couch to join him. Johnny’s been over a lot recently, giving you space to get used to the apartment without the constant presence of an alpha. He knows you’re as aware of him at all times as he is of you when you’re both in the shared space. 
“How are you doing though?” Haechan’s voice comes from the kitchen where he’s standing and munching on a bag of chips.
“I’m fine.” Johnny laughs, “why?”
Mark and Haechan exchange a look, a wordless communication that Johnny can’t figure out, and he speaks multiple languages. He can’t have them talking shit about him with their eyes while he’s in the same room and not know what they’re saying. “What?” he asks again, “come on, don’t make me force it out of you.”
“We just-” Mark sighs, unable to find the words.
“A few of the guys have been saying you’re keeping her all to yourself.” Haechan says bluntly.
“We get it if she doesn’t want to meet us though-” Mark is quick to add, “we just- we wish you’d just tell us you like her and make a claim. Having things be up in the air with whether or not she’s staying with you, or going to see Kun, or- it’s just- it’s confusing.”
“It’s only confusing because you guys keep treating her like she’s just an omega and not a person with feelings and opinions.” Johnny’s voice is harder than he would have liked, but he’s a little frustrated that his younger friends don’t seem to be understanding this. He supposes it’s only natural, since they don’t have experience with omegas and only know what society has taught them; that omegas are for breeding and belonging to their alphas.
They’ll meet you and then they’ll understand. He’s sure of it. 
“I’m not going to make a claim on her.” Johnny continues, “she can do what she wants. You guys just have to start thinking of her as a member of the pack, because she is.”
“She’s just a member of the pack” Haechan repeats Johnny’s words, “except once a month she’s going to smell like candy and make all of us go crazy.” Haechan crosses his arms over his chest, not happy with being talked down to by the older alpha in the room. 
This is where problems start to arise and Johnny can see that this situation is a disaster waiting to happen. Alphas challenging other alphas- in the same pack no less- things could get dicey fast.
But Johnny can’t help himself. Haechan can’t challenge him over this. Who is he to know better than Johnny does? 
Johnny stands up, squaring his shoulders as he faces his younger friend.
Mark jumps to his feet a moment later, scrambling over the couch so he can hold Haechan off in case things go south. If one of them is going to start throwing hands, it’s not Johnny. 
“And when that happens, and she goes into heat, i’ll deal with it.” Johnny’s fist clenches and then unclenches at his side, he lets out a breath, calming himself down as he says “Haechan, you may have a primal side of you screaming to give into urges when you’re around omegas, but you’re still a man with morals. You’ll just have to learn to control yourself and respect her for who she is, not just because a specific alpha has a ‘claim’ on her. If you can’t do that, well, I guess you are no better than the alphas who go mad dog crazy over omega heat scent.” 
Tumblr media
The air of the apartment feels odd against your bare skin after going a week wearing hoodies and sweatpants, but you can’t deal with all the fabric anymore, your skin increasing temperature in preparation from a coming heat. 
You feel your anxiety rising with the warmth, and you itch at the skin of your bare leg, exposed by a pair of sleeping shorts that you’re not sure is a good idea to wear around the apartment. Then you remind yourself, this is Johnny you live with, not someone else who’s going to take one look at you and go psycho.
Johnny isn’t home. He spends much of the afternoons away, which is a blessing and a curse you suppose. It’s nice to be alone and not hyper aware of an alpha in your midst, but you’re also just more at ease when Johnny is around, oddly enough. It feels counterintuitive because Johnny makes your heart race, but not out of fear. Even though looking at Johnny seems to bring out your primal omega side, your pulse always relaxes after a while of being in his presence and acclimatizing to him.
Watching a movie with Johnny every night seems to be the highlight of your day. You enjoy the way that the silence is comfortable with him, and you enjoy every time he breaks it to give you a fun fact about a film or throw out an opinion.
The sound of someone at the apartment door draws your attention from your warm skin, and your eyes dart to the door. You’ve spent the entire afternoon working up the courage to have a discussion with Johnny about your heat, and now that he’s nearly home, you’re suddenly second guessing everything.
The door opens and Johnny stops at the threshold, eyes locking with yours. He cocks his head at you, and you realize you must look kind of odd simply standing in the middle of the living room. 
Johnny’s eyes don’t look you up and down, in fact, they stay curiously fixed to your own, as if he’s making a conscious effort- the thought delights you. Does he want to look at your legs or your arms? Does he like the show of more skin?
“Are you okay?” Johnny steps into the apartment and slowly closes the door behind him, staying where he is and still watching you.
“Yes, are you?”
“Yes.” his eyes narrow a little and he looks around the room, as if he’s searching for something. “Something's off.” he says finally, “let’s try this again,” his eyes return to yours, however this time, they’re red, “tell me what’s going on.”
The omega inside of you caves, your arms wrapping around your body to protect yourself. You don’t like it very much when he exerts his power over you, but at the same time, it releases you from all the anxiety you had been feeling on broaching the subject yourself. Maybe sometimes giving into Johnny is a good idea, it seems like he only whips out his aggression when it’s beneficial for you, and you know you have to get this off your chest. 
“My heat is coming soon.”
Johnny stands completely still for a few moments, simply looking at you. “That's why it smells a little funny in here.” he says finally.
You gape at him is he making fun of your scent at a moment like this?!
“Funny in a good way!” he’s quick to assure you, moving away from the front door and into the kitchen. You’re happy he has his back to you when he says “i like the way you smell” because heat ripples across your skin in response, your breath catching in your throat as you watch him fill a glass of water with ice. “Do you know if you want suppressants, or how you want to deal with this?”
“I think the hotel sounds like a good idea.”
“Do you know when your heat actually starts?” he’s still not even looking at you, and it makes it easier for you to answer these questions for whatever reason.
“Maybe on Monday?” 
It’s Friday now, this gives you two days, give or take. It can be hard to tell when heats are coming, and sometimes, during particularly intense ones, the effects start a little bit before the actual heat and linger afterwards for a day or two as well. 
You’ve also heard about pack synching of heat and ruts, another variable that could throw off your schedule.
“When would you like to go to the hotel?” another direct question.
You flounder with your answer. You’d assumed he would simply take charge of the situation and tell you when you’d be leaving. Now that you have a choice- well, when do you want to go?
The idea of being away from Johnny for a whole week- the idea of being alone- you don’t like it. You don’t want to go until you absolutely have to. You study Johnny, he seems to be fine with your pre-scent. If he had an issue and needed you to leave earlier, he would say so, right?
“Sunday night maybe?”
“You want to stay here tonight and tomorrow?” Johnny finally looks at you, shock evident on his face. 
“Yeah, hmm.” Johnny repeats, then lifts the glass of ice water to his lips. He sighs as if deep in thought then turns to face the sink, filling his cup again. “Are you sure it’s a good idea to stay here up until your heat? Before I have a rut,” your skin flushes again at the mention of his own ‘time of the month’, and you’re extremely happy his back is to you, “things always get more, uh, intense for me.” 
Intense. He’s saying he gets horny before his ruts, and to be fair, you understand the feeling. You have to admit, you’ve been feeling those effects as well. Last night, as you lay in bed to sleep, you’d considered relieving some of your tension- only to remember that if you did, Johnny would be able to hear and smell it.
Neither of you have done anything sexual in the apartment this entire week, of that you are certain. If Johnny had, you also would be able to smell it in the air. You study the alpha who has once again turned to look at you. How long do you expect to live together without being able to relieve your tensions in the solo safety of your rooms? Nothing is private when you’re part of a pack, and you have to accept that Johnny is your pack now.
“Things get… intense for me too.” you admit, going over to the windows to let in some fresh air and cool your skin, which is getting increasingly hotter as this conversation continues. “But, i- it feels safer here-”
“Hotels are safe.” Johnny points out.
You shake your head, “i'm used to having my heat in my own room, I'm used to being at home.” you stop, assessing your own words. Home. 
This is your home.
It truly is.
And the omega inside of you already has your happy little bed nest, a jumble of quilts and pillows which make you feel very comfortable. Suddenly, you don’t want to go to a hotel at all. You want to stay here.
With Johnny.
“You’re right.” you say finally, heading off towards your room without looking back, “book any day and i’ll go.” 
Tumblr media
“The shit I do for you.” Yuta groans when Johnny comes out of his bathroom, hair still wet from his shower. The gust of steamy air is tinged with the scent of Johnny, and Yuta scrunches his nose, “close the door and turn on the fan.”
Johnny chuckles, kicking the door shut behind him, “i tried to cover it with the smell of body wash.” he says.
“Yeah, well,” Yuta sighs, “it didn't work. I can’t believe you haven't jacked off in a week, I think I would die.”
“You wouldn’t die, you’d just have massive blue balls.” Johnny pulls on the hoodie he brought with him, adjusting it over his sweatpants then running a hand through his wet locks, “it’s not the worst thing.”
“What made you finally break?” Yuta hadn’t bothered to ask when Johnny had shown up at his door and said ‘i need to masterbate or i might kill someone’, he’d simply opened the door wider and went back to the tv. Now, he’s curious to hear the story. After all, Johnny is known for his control, and this looks like a break in that control, if Yuta is any judge. 
“Y/N’s heat starts on Monday.”
“Oh shit.” Yuta stifles a laugh. He feels somewhat bad that he’s laughing at his friends' distress, but to be fair, out of all the problems a young alpha could have; ‘my omega is going into heat’ isn't very high on Yuta’s list of ‘problems’ per se, more like ‘blessings’, but that's another conversation that he doubts Johnny needs right now.
“Yeah. The apartment smells like her.”
“Damn, is it good?”
“Really good.” a groan, and Johnny tosses his hand over his eyes, sinking into the couch, “i couldn’t even look at her. And her temperature is rising so she’s wearing these little shorts-”
Yuta smirks at Johnny’s story, listening intently to the plights of his alpha friend. He’s happy his friend is acknowledging his attraction finally.
“Did something happen between you two?” Yuta asks, hoping that maybe there will be details of a cheeky kiss, or something that would have made Johnny come barging down here at midnight. 
“I think we had an argument about when she’d be going to the hotel. She wants to stay at my place until right before it starts, but she already smells so good-” Johnny sighs again, “she stormed off to her room and i waited until she went to sleep to come down here. I’ve been trying not to breathe too hard for hours.” 
“Why didn’t you come down earlier?” 
“I couldn’t leave her. She doesn’t like it when I leave, it feels less safe. It’s so close to her heat- i don’t think it would be a good idea.”
“So let me get this straight. Your omega is in pre heat and she smells like a fucking snack, and because she’s sensitive right now you have to be with her the whole time, and you can’t touch her or kiss her or anything because you won’t admit you want her as your mate.”
Johnny grabs a pillow and pushes his face into it, collapsing off the couch and onto the floor face first. “She gets to choose her mate not me.” he groans loudly.
“You keep saying that to everyone but at the same time it looks like your omega is an indecisive little shit-”
A growl tears from Johnny and the man on the floor is suddenly sitting up abruptly, eyes glowing red, teeth showing, “don’t call her that.”
“You’re totally in love with her man.” Yuta laughs, relaxing into his couch, “but like I was saying. She’s indecisive. I know you’re all about omega alpha equality and allowing her to make her own choices, but she’s an omega, it’s against her nature to make decisions like this, just as it’s in your nature to choose for her and just claim her... don’t you think?”
Johnny studies his friend for a moment and then lets out a frustrated sigh for the umpteenth time, flopping back onto the floor, “i don’t know.”
“You’re her alpha so i’m guessing you gave her the heat options, hotel, suppressants,” Yuta counts on his fingers, and then looks up at Johnny, cocking a brow, “but did you offer the good old fashioned ‘how about I fuck the shit out of you’ route?”
Johnny had not.
Yuta’s laughs, “Wow, that's a dick move.”
“No it’s not!” Johnny insists, “you can’t just offer that-”
Yuta interrupts by asking, “Johnny you like math?”
“But you understand math.”
Johnny rolls his eyes. 
“In her last pack, her alpha made a hundred percent of the decisions right?” Yuta asks, earning a nod from the man who’s still laying on his floor, “and you want things here to be more fifty fifty, so you’re only doing fifty percent, but how do you expect this poor girl to go from making no decisions, zero, to being at fifty percent? It makes no sense Johnny.” 
“When did you become so smart?” Johnny asks suspiciously.
“The moment that omega showed up and turned you stupid.” Yuta answers, standing and heading into the kitchen to grab a beer, “if the chance comes up, you move towards her, lets say eighty percent of the way, and if she closes that twenty percent to kiss you back, then you know it’s still her choice and that she wants you too.”
“Do you really think she might like me?”
Yuta sighs, not only has Johnny’s omega made him dumb, but blind too.
“This is what happens when you haven't cum in a week,” Yuta says, “now get out, and if this shit continues and you don’t make a move, you can’t come here looking for a place to masterbate when you’re horny again.” 
Tumblr media
You’re still asleep when Johnny gets home from Yuta’s place, and the large alpha moves quietly through the apartment. As usual, he keeps his door open so he can hear if you need him. You’ve been here a week, and already you’ve had scary dreams wake you up more than half of the nights. 
Johnny’s becoming used to going to your room to check on you, even if it’s a supportive role in a quiet sense. He knows you can see his shadow outside your door, and that you can hear his heart at all times, giving you a decent idea of where he is inside the apartment at any given moment. Usually you don’t say anything to him, but sometimes you’ll whisper ‘i’m fine, go back to sleep’. Johnny always goes back to his room when you say this, but he doesn't sleep until after you’ve already gone back to dreamland.
As he gets ready for bed, the soft beat of your heart sounds like percussion, Johnny’s very own instrumental music. He enjoys it best when the tempo is slow, comfortable. The alpha feels more at ease now that he’s had some release, definitely more in control of himself. But when the music suddenly crescendos, accompanied by new vocals; a gasp, Johnny is rushing from his room, the notion of relaxed countenance gone. 
When he reaches your door, he realizes that, while elevated, your heart rate doesn’t suggest wakefulness. The protective alpha leans towards the door, and that's when two things hit him. First, your scent is much stronger tonight than it was even a few hours earlier, seeping under the door and tantalizing him. Second, a new sound joins the music of your racing heart, but this time it’s not a gasp, it’s a moan.
Realization floods Johnny’s body.
You’re having a wet dream.
Johnny’s mouth feels dry, and embarrassment floods his system. He shouldn’t be listening to this, shouldn’t be smelling this- but on top of that, he feels bad that your own body is betraying you. 
He’s had his fair share of wet dreams, and he knows that they’re uncontrollable. He knows how much you work to cover your skin around him normally, and keep a respectful distance- if you woke up and found out he was witnessing this, you’d be-
“Alpha-” a moan that makes Johnny’s mind stop racing momentarily, only to pick back up and go faster, his heart matching the feverish speed. 
Who are you dreaming about? Are you dreaming about him? Johnny groans when another wave of your smell hits him, the sound slipping out before he can stop it. Johnny’s fingers scrape against your door only to form a fist, he’s determined to pull himself away, to go back to his room and pretend none of this ever happened-
Sheets move abruptly, and Johnny recognizes the sound as you sitting up in bed. He’s noticed that you often wake from a heart racing dream with a start, and your heart rate confirms your wakefulness a moment later. 
Johnny’s skin feels frozen, and he’s paralyzed at your door. 
“Johnny?” his name breaks the quiet.
Usually Johnny would be quick to respond, but when he opens his mouth, nothing comes out. He lets out a breath but this only makes things worse because when he inhales, all he can smell is you. 
You haven't spoken since you stormed off after talking about your heat with him, and Johnny worries you might still be upset at him. The whole situation had been confusing, but you’d conceded to him-
Johnny wonders if Yuta is a genius. Had this whole thing been as simple as you wanting him to command things? This whole time he’d been desperately trying to let you know that you’re the one in the driver’s seat, but had he not realized you’d never wanted to be there in the first place? 
Johnny’s alpha roars to life in his chest at the notion, pushing at the young man to be released after being painfully restricted for so long. Johnny takes a deep breath, and he lets go of all the things holding him back.
“Can i come in?” okay, well, maybe he’s not ready to fully give into the alpha inside who wants to kick the door down, but this is still a good thing. Johnny can hear the racing of your heart, the way it jumps after his words, and instinctively, he wants to smooth things over.
Always indecisive, you don’t respond to his question, and Johnny gives you ample time. He takes another deep breath, then he turns the door knob and pushes the door open, only to be hit by your pleasant smell again. 
You’re sitting up in bed, as he’d assumed you would be. Your hair is a little tousled from rolling around, and Johnny enjoys the way you look, but not as much as he enjoys the sight of his shirt adorning your body. It’s a simple t, one of the ones he keeps in his gym bag in the entryway closet. He’d wondered where it went two days ago when he’d gone to put it on after a work out only to find it missing, but he’d explained it away as being his own fault. Yet, here’s the shirt.
You blink at him like a deer in headlights, and the predator inside of Johnny naturally wants to pounce, but he settles for stepping into the room instead, “so that’s where my shirt went.” he says, voice a low growl, nowhere near the tone he had been planning to use. 
“It smelt like you.” you respond, wrapping your arms around yourself as if to get closer to the scent. The way you’re looking at him makes Johnny realize that you are deep in submissive omega mindset. It could be that you’re half asleep and naturally more relaxed right now, more open, or it could be your oncoming heat. It could be the fact that you just had a wet dream and are still feeling it’s effects- 
Johnny realizes there are too many variables at play for him to tell if this is a good idea or not, but his alpha side pushes him closer towards you, lungs filling will air tainted in your pretty smell-
“You gasped in your sleep, I was worried.” 
Even in the dimness of the room, he can tell that you’re probably flushed with heat, as your heart rate rises as well. 
He’s almost at your bed now, and Johnny is aware that standing there feels somewhat awkward. But at the same time, looking down at you, huddled up in the center of the bed in his t-shirt, and are you wearing shorts? Or-
Johnny licks his lips as he realizes you’d only worn panties under the shirt.
If he doesn’t turn around this instant-
“Johnny?” your voice is soft, and it clears all the thoughts from the alpha’s head, his mind going blank as his eyes take in your face. You’re not moving, not trying to stop him from getting closer.
Another step, then another. He swallows thickly and sits down on the bed, angling his body towards you. This close, he can smell you even better, and it makes his heart race. “When we talked about options for your heat,” he listens to the way your pulse jumps, it seems this whole thing is having a similar effect on you as it is him, which is a good sign he thinks, “I said you could have suppressants or go to the hotel, but I didn’t offer to help you myself. And I’m sorry about that. It was my responsibility to offer-”
You shake your head, “Johnny-”
“It was my responsibility.” he says more firmly, which makes you close your mouth. “As an alpha,” his eyes dart down to your lips then back up, “as your alpha.”
The words hang in the air for a moment, registering, and then everything happens at once. You’re not sure if you leap at him and he catches you in a kiss, or if you meet half way- or maybe- are his lips on yours first? Regardless, you close the space between your bodies.
You half crawl up on the bed towards him, and Johnny’s hands grab you, pulling you to straddle his lap with ease. Fingers dig into your hips and you grab at his face, kissing him feverishly.
His lips taste like toothpaste, and his woodsy scent enwraps you in a comfortable safety that both excites you and reminds you that you can be slow with this, that you can enjoy yourself, that you’re not going to be hurt. 
You let out a little squeak when Johnny falls back into your bed, pulling you down on top of him. He grins against your lips, securing a hand behind your head so the kiss can deepen. 
His frame is so massive underneath you, and even with your weight on his chest, you know it doesn't bother him. 
You’ve never been in a situation like this before, having been sheltered your whole life. But your body seems to know what to do instinctually, hips rolling to create friction on your core. The motion makes you remember you’re only in panties, pussy fluttering with delight as you drag it across something hard-
Johnny rolls you suddenly, and your eyes open, looking up in shock at the man who’s now the one pressing you into the bed. He fits so well between your legs, and he holds himself off of you slightly, meeting your gaze. He’s breathing hard, like you, and his lips are slightly swollen already- had you been kissing him that hard?
“Were you dreaming about me earlier?” he asks.
Your heart catches in your chest, embarrassment flooding through you again. You want to hide your face, but there’s nowhere to go while pinned under your alpha, who’s watching you with a big smile.
“You know the answer.” you say, adjusting your hold on his hips and beginning to play with his hair.
“What was I doing in the dream baby?”
Your heart flutters at the pet name, the first one he’s given you, and it prompts you to kiss him again. He gives in to your lips his tongue swiping across your teeth delightfully- but then he pulls away, “was I touching you in the dream?”
A small moan leaves your lip at his words, a whimper really, your lower lip trembling as you nod.
Johnny chuckles lowly, leaning in and letting his lips ghost over your neck, which you instinctively expose for him, turning your head to the side. The skin there is sensitive, and your breath catches. 
Lips press against your pulse point and you dig your nails into Johnny’s shoulders, hips pushing up against his.
“If you don’t learn to use your words,” his nose brushes by your jaw then his teeth gently tug at your ear lobe, “we’ll just have to stay like this.”
You groan in frustration, “please?”
Now it’s your alphas turn to let out a noise of pleasure, “was i touching you here?” a hand slides around your throat. Barely any pressure is applied but it still makes your heart race in your ribcage.
His fingers tease down, circling your pebbled nipple poking up through the fabric of the shirt you’d stolen from his gym bag. You’re happy you hadn’t worn a bra to bed.
“Here?” he presses more kisses to your neck and the stimulus from it makes you gasp, sensitive everywhere. 
A whimper, then, “lower.”
Johnny smiles against your neck, shaking his head slightly. He thinks you’re adorable. His hand begins it’s decent lower-
His body goes rigid as he realizes, “baby girl,” a kiss to your neck, he doesn’t want to make a big deal out of it, “is this your first time?”
Now it’s your turn to bury your face in his neck, but not for kissing, for hiding, and Johnny knows he’s hit the nail on the head. He hadn’t even given this much thought, but he supposes it makes sense you’re a virgin, after all, once an omega is claimed by an alpha that’s that. Most alpha's claim their omegas the first chance they get, Johnny’s heard, and you’re unclaimed because you grew up secluded. Of course this is your first time. 
“It’s okay,” Johnny coos, “i’ll take care of you, I promise.”
You don’t release your hold on him, your face still buried in his neck, and Johnny doesn’t mind. He allows you to cling to him, hugging him, while he simply holds you.
You’re not sure how much time passes in his embrace, but his warmth calms your racing mind, which feels counterintuitive because you’re so close to heat and your skin is inherently warmer than usual. When you finally pull away from his neck, Johnny does the same so he can meet your eyes.
You press a kiss to his lips, a quick one, studying his reaction, then you kiss him again, deeper this time. You’re ready for this. You want this. 
Your legs tighten around his waist again, forcing more pressure against your core, which makes you whimper against his lips. Johnny’s hand is on your waist, but it moves up again, giving attention to your breasts. The feeling is wonderful, his thumb brushing the sensitive bud and making you whine again, hips pushing up-
“Can i take this off of you?” he asks between kisses, tugging at the shirt that's keeping him from fully touching you. 
“Yes.” the word feels slightly foreign, but you know he wants verbal responses, and you’ll do your best to comply, especially if he’s making you feel this good as a reward. 
He has to take his lips off yours to do this, adjusting so he can sit up better. His fingers tug the fabric up slowly, exposing more and more skin. You lift your arms to allow him to pull it off completely, and then he covers your body with his own again, lips returning to yours.
It’s a new feeling to have your bare breasts pressed against his chest, and the fabric of his shirt feels odd against your sensitive nipples. You tug at the material, and Johnny smiles into your kiss. He doesn’t immediately give in, instead he lets you tug at the fabric at his shoulders for a little while, until you’re whimpering for him, and only then does he sit up again to join you in being bare from the waist up.
You watch, bottom lip caught between your teeth, as Johnny straightens and reaches behind his head to get a grip on the scruff of his shirt, pulling it up and over, tossing it away. His muscles move beautifully under pretty skin, and your mouth nearly waters at his physique. This is what he’s been hiding under hoodies and excessive jackets?
You reach towards Johnny, wanting him back in your arms, and he complies, smashing his lips to yours again. His hand feels massive on your waist, sliding up until his thumb brushes under your breast.
“Johnny-” you push your chest up against his, eager for more, eager for him to give you everything, to take care of you, as he promised he would.
His large hand cups your boob, massaging the flesh and making pleasure surge through you, heading right to your core. His thumb moves over your nipple and you gasp into his kiss, hips moving up, looking for friction, of their own accord. 
Johnny’s kisses move to your jaw, and he noses your face to the side to gain access to your neck, peppering the skin there next. His descent continues, dark hair tickling your collar bone slightly before his lips wrap around your nipple. 
The sensation is foreign but it sends shivers of delight through your body. You thread your fingers through Johnny’s soft hair to ground yourself as his teeth graze you, bringing more pleasure.
You can smell yourself at this point, that’s how insanely wet you are just from a bit of kissing and grinding. 
“Johnny, please.” you whimper. 
Immediately, the alpha continues to kiss down your body. It seems that all you need to do is say please and he’ll give you what you want. The thought makes you smile to yourself only to gasp when Johnny’s lip reach the band of your panties. 
He’s laying on the bed between your legs now, which are open to accommodate his broad shoulders. He adjusts your thighs, skipping over where you need him to worship the skin of your thighs. His fingers kneed the flesh there, lips pressing kisses as he places your legs over his shoulders. 
You’re a little confused by the word, but a moment later it becomes clear what he means. Your panties tear in two places and are ripped from your body, exposing your core to the coolness of your room.
Johnny groans deeply, breathing in your smell and making your skin flush with embarrassment, “so good.” he says, voice nearly a growl, “you’ll let me make you feel good?”
“Yes, please.”
His mouth dives into your pussy and you scrabble to grab his hair, shocked by the new and sudden feeling. His tongue laps at your entrance, pressing flat, not poking in, just tasting, just teasing-
His nose bumps your clit and your legs shake on either side of his head, another sound of pleasure leaving your lips. You allow yourself to relax a little into the bed, putting your head down and closing your eyes, which amplifies the sensations. 
His tongue dips a little more into your, another new sensation that sends delightful tingles across your skin. Then his mouth moves up, lips wrapping around your clit.
Your back arches off the bed, fingers pulling at Johnny’s hair, “Johnny-”
There’s a tension in your stomach, and you’ve had orgasms by yourself before, so you know what it is. But this feels a bit different, it feels more intense, which is no surprise. Small sounds are leaving your lips as he continues to switch between flicking at your clit with his tongue and sucking lewdly.
“I’m gonna-” you don’t even finish your sentence, orgasm slamming into you, the chord in your tummy snapping as waves of pleasure wrack your body. All you can do it hold onto Johnny’s hair while he continues his assault on your entrance, every flick and slurp creating more and more intensity until your legs are shivering on either side of his head and you’re nearly crying from stimulation.
When Johnny pulls away from your core, you don’t even open your eyes to look at him, simply letting go of his hair and allowing him to leave. You lay there, trying to regain some semblance of composure while Johnny’s breath fan over your pussy, “I’m going to have to stretch you out.” he says, pressing a kiss to your inner thigh, “you ready?”
You moan loudly. Of course he has to stretch you out and prepare you. You bet his cock is giant like the rest of him. Another wave of tingles washes over your body at the notion.
Johnny’s finger slides into you easily, and you gasp at how much longer it is than your own. “So wet.” another kiss to your thigh, “so pretty.”
your skin flushes in embarrassment at the compliment, eyes opening to look down at the man between your legs. “No, you.”
Johnny just laughs, shaking his head and looking down at your core again, a second finger slides into you and makes you gasp. He scissors them a little then pumps them in and out, you can hear your slick with each movement. His fingers crook up inside of you, which feels amazing, you had no idea fingers could make you feel this good- but then you think maybe it’s not ‘fingers’, it’s the fact that this is Johnny.
His pace picks up as you get used to having two digits inside of you, and as you begin to let out more moans, signalling your orgasm is approaching again, Johnny brings his tongue back down to your clit.
Instead of reaching for Johnny’s hair, you grab the bedsheets, bundling the fabric in your fists. It feels as if you could lift off the bed and float away without an anchor, mind becoming fuzzy as Johnny helps your ascent to cloud 9. 
Soon, another orgasm crashes into you, waves of pleasure lulling your body as Johnny continues to work you through it. You feel safe with him, like you can simply enjoy the feelings, the euphoria, that he’s giving you. 
Every good thing must come to an end, and when you finally are released from the delightful spasms of your orgasm, you instinctively reach for Johnny. 
“I have to go get condoms.” a kiss is pressed to your inner thigh, “i’ll be right back.”
You open your eyes to watch Johnny head to the door. His shoulders are so broad, and his waist much smaller, sweatpants hanging low on his hips- then he’s out of sight and you’re disappointed. 
Condoms. You’d forgotten about those. This is why he’s the alpha and you’re the one being taken care of, you think to yourself pleasantly. You enjoy it this way.
He’s back a moment later, stopping at the foot of the bed and looking at you, the condom packet in his hand. “You still want this?”
You open your legs as a response. 
Johnny chuckles to himself and pushes his pants down, releasing a cock that’s exactly as big as you thought it would be. He rolls the condom on and joins you on the bed, letting you wrap your legs around his waist, but he doesn’t immediately press into you. Instead he kisses you, his fingers returning to your entrance. 
He collects the wetness there, spreading it over your entrance and then his own cock. “If this hurts-”
You kiss him to shut him up, he has no idea how much you can handle. You’re stronger than he thinks. You can take it, after all the things you’ve gone through and overcome so far, this will be the easiest you think.
His cock presses against your entrance, the head pushing in and making you groan. Johnny peppers your face in kisses, sliding in a little more. He takes his time, giving little test thrusts which help coat him in your slick until one thrust has him sheathed fully inside of you, causing you to gasp into each other's mouths as you kiss, your fingers pulling at his pretty hair.
“You’re so big-” you whimper, body still trying to adjust even though it feels like he’s splitting you in half. The pain is there, but so is the pleasure, and the melding of the two contrasting feelings is interesting, pleasure coming out as the dominant feeling the moment Johnny begins to move. 
Your noises tell Johnny that it feels good, that he can go faster, that he can finally lose control and ravage you after trying to go slow for so long. 
He lets out a sound that goes straight to your core, a deep sound that brings forth your own primal side. A whimper leaves your lips and you move your kisses to his neck, licking the skin there.
“Claim me.” 
His fingers dig into your hips and he groans, “fuck, don’t say things like that-”
“Claim me.” you say, harder this time.
“Claim me.” you scrape your nails down his back.
“Claim me first.” he responds, voice breaking a little at the words. 
Omega’s can’t claim alphas. That’s not how this works and you both know that. But you immediately understand his words, placing your mouth on a particular spot of skin on his pretty neck and sucking. Your teeth nip at the flesh and your tongue darts out to sooth it as you suckle at him, marking his neck with a little hickey that will be gone by morning anyways due to his healing abilities.
It feels immensely intimate to be doing this, imprinting a mark like this on your alpha while he fucks you into your mattress. 
Satisfied with what you’ve done, you move away from his neck to inspect your work. “Now claim me.” you tell him, exposing your throat yet again. 
“Cum first.” he shoves his hand between your bodies, fingers finding your clit.
You’re still sensitive, so the motion sends jolts tingling through you, increasing the pressure in the pit of your stomach. You let out a whine, eyes closing as you simply take what he’s giving you. Each thrust feels amazing, his cock filling you completely, only to leave you empty, and repeat- you think this must be what heaven feels like.
You’re so close-
You open your eyes and look up at Johnny, bringing his lips to yours again, “cum with me?” you ask fervently against his mouth, playing with the hair on the nape of his neck. 
Johnny smiles against your lips, a yes, you’re sure of it. His pace gets quicker and each thrust makes you practically squeak in pleasure, pitch getting higher as you  get closer and closer-
That’s all it takes for Johnny to snap, his mouth moving to your neck. The moment his teeth sink into your flesh, marking you, claiming you as his, you explode on his cock, pussy clamping down for everything you're worth and dragging him over the edge with you.
You claw at his shoulders, noises of pleasure leaving your lips as his hips carry you through your orgasms, his lips returning to yours a moment later. There’s a slight metallic taste now, but only slight, and it’s mostly hidden by the spearmint flavour of Johnny’s toothpaste, which you’re thankful for.
Tongues clash, moans are exchanged, and nothing else in the entire world matters. 
When Johnny’s hips stop moving, after you’ve both finished, he stays inside of you for a moment, pulling away from your lips to look at you. Your noses touch, and he gently rubs them together, affectionately, making you giggle. 
“Hi.” you say back immediately.
“How do you feel?”
You laugh a little at the question, transported back to the first interaction with him. In his car, having just escaped the life you knew, everything was different. You hadn’t known what to say, hadn’t known if you could tell the truth to the alpha.
But now you know he only wants the truth from you, he truly wants to know how you're feeling. And the answer is easy, “i feel happy.”
And it’s the truth. 
Tumblr media
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luci-in-trenchcoats · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Summary: The reader is more than unhappy when her free thinking father arranges her to be wed to an Alpha in exchange for sanctuary for their large pack. Her new Alpha though is everything she didn’t expect and she soon discovers, her new husband needs her help...
Pairing: Alpha!Dean x Omega!reader
Square: Marriage of Convenience
Word Count: 13,500ish
Warnings: Mature (language, arranged marriage, mild violence/referenced past violence)
A/N: Written for @spnabobingo . This one is a bit different for me in terms of ABO. For this universe, Omegas have some rights limited and are treated like objects by some Alphas (although there are some Omegas that are raised with more rights)...
“Dad, I-” you tried one last time, your father scowling at you in the room that’d been prepared for you. “Please don’t do this.”
“He is a well-off Alpha. His family has much influence in the government. His family will take care of ours for many years to come in exchange for this,” he said.
“I haven’t even met the guy and you’re sending me off to be married to him. What is wrong with you? Where’s the man that raised me no different because I was Omega, that told me he was proud of me for being smart and strong and independent? After all these years, I’m suddenly a baby making machine for some rich guy?” you snapped.
“The family will provide sanctuary for ours, Y/N. Our entire pack will have rights. You are helping how many people?” he said. You shut your eyes and fisted your hands in the bottom of your dress. “Perhaps the boy will be kind.”
“Why was I chosen? They are older Omegas, more experienced ones,” you said.
“I don’t know. They chose you though. There is no calling this off, Y/N,” he said.
“You never even asked me,” you said.
“Because I know you eventually would have said yes. It’s easier and faster to let you be angry with me then to let you ultimately decided that you’re saving our pack. There are many pups ready to be born soon. They’ll never know anything different than independence. You will have done that. I hope you hold onto that,” he said.
“Today’s the last day I’ll ever see you, isn’t it,” you said.
“I doubt your Alpha will allow contact. Be a good Omega, Y/N. But don’t lose yourself,” he said.
“Good. Yeah right.”
You were doing your best not to reach behind you and rip the collar off your neck. As long as it was there at least your new Alpha hadn’t claimed you yet.
You sighed as you heard a knock at the door. You walked with your father outside and down a hall, entering a room with only a few people. There was a man and woman off to the side, a tall younger man close by. She was Omega, the men Alphas. The young one gave off a surprised scent. It was possibly his first marriage ceremony he’d witnessed. In your pack they’d always been happy things, never so clinical like this was.
You smelled leather and wood and coffee and vanilla in the air, something sweetly dark and light all at once. It was incredibly pleasant and you’d have enjoyed it on a normal day. Your head turned to find a rigid Alpha standing at the altar. He was tall, not as tall as the other young Alpa, but he was strong too, hair a pretty brown color. You took a deep breath and stepped up beside him, turning your head. He glanced your direction, a handsome and hardset face meeting yours.
Some Alphas didn’t want eye contact, didn’t allow it your father had taught you. You simply stared back at him, making sure he knew he wasn’t getting some compliant little thing.
His green eyes turned away, facing forward again.
“Shall we begin?” asked the man to the side. Your new Alpha nodded and you did the same.
At least he didn’t talk a lot.
You sat in silence in the passenger seat of a vehicle, your new Alpha, Dean Winchester, driving for quite a while. The ceremony was completed quickly and you were officially claimed in the books. Dean would perform the actual claiming when you arrived at his home as was tradition. You tried not to think about that, instead enjoying the beautiful drive to wherever it was he lived. It was far out, no neighbors surely. You weren’t sure what he did for a living. It was possible he had no job at all if his family was really that wealthy to provide sanctuary for your large pack.
You drove through the last of some woods, an open field appearing with a large house, a mansion really, settled in the middle. He turned down a road and went through a gate, driving along a short driveway until he parked in front of a large garage and slid out of his seat. You swallowed and got out, Dean not saying anything as he walked towards the front door. You followed after, Dean not seeming to acknowledge you were there all that much.
Great. He was one of those. Well, you’d take being ignored over the alternative you supposed.
You stepped inside and the front door shut behind you, your head turning to spot him walk in front of you.
“Please take off your shoes. We don’t wear them in the house,” he said.
“Yes. Alpha,” you said, more than a little bitter. Dean only stared though as he watched you kick them off, instead ignoring the tone in your voice. He blinked a moment and headed down the main hall. You followed him again, finding a large open kitchen and family room in the back of the house.
There were three people chatting in the kitchen, all of them going quiet when Dean walked in. They hopped up from their seats and walked over in front of the island, smiles on their faces.
“This is Abby. She is the chef for the house. She will make anything you ask of her or make sure there is any food you would like here,” said Dean when he stood behind her, walking behind a man now, all three of them smelling like Betas to you. “This is Peter. He ensures the home stays clean and grounds are kept up. If you make a mess, you are expected to clean up after yourself though. Finally, this is Sally. She assists Peter and Abby and myself with odds and ends. If you need something, I would reach out to her. The staff arrive typically around eight am and leave around six. They do not work on the weekend. Do you understand?” he asked. You nodded, Dean walking past them and back towards the main hall, the three Betas raising eyebrows.
You followed Dean as he showed you the rooms of the house and eventually upstairs, Dean pushing open a door to a large bedroom.
“You may use this room for whatever you wish,” he said, walking down a long hallway and to the end, opening a pair of double doors. “This is my room.”
“Yes Alpha,” you said. You walked inside, Dean walking around you, a finger tracing over your collar.
“Do you like your collar?” he asked.
“I guess,” you said. He nodded.
“Claimed Omegas are to be kept collared until they are properly claimed,” he said.
“Is that a question?” you asked. He almost smiled, a quick twitch of his lip giving him away.
“When the staff leave everyday, you are permitted to not wear it unless there are guests over,” he said. You raised an eyebrow, Dean staring at you. “If it’s only the two of us, I believe it’ll be fine to go without.”
“You don’t want to show off your mark to others?” you asked.
“What mark? I’m not going to claim you Omega,” he said.
“We were married so your large pack could be given sanctuary and I could be given an Omega. As far as I’m concerned, we both fulfilled the roles we were given,” he said.
“You’re my Alpha though,” you said.
“On the books. I don’t agree with this scenario. The Betas here are used to my candor. This is a safe place for you. Live your life as you lived it before. If you go out, you will wear your collar for safety and appearance reasons but that room down the hall is yours. I will never enter it without permission,” he said. “I ask you give me the same courtesy.”
“Alright,” you said. “I...I suppose I’m confused is all.”
“My parents felt I needed an Omega. I will be thirty next year and it didn’t look good. You are in your twenties with a large pack. I felt this would be an okay arrangement,” he said.
“You picked me because I have a large pack?” you asked.
“Yes. Well my father did but I agreed. You are also...your father called you a troublemaker. I liked that. One trouble maker to another,” he said.
“You won’t…” you said.
“I will never so much as touch you without permission. The best medical resources are available to assist you through heats and if you ever desire pups of your own, we can work through that. For now, as you are still quite stressed, I say we have a quiet rest of the evening. I will ask Abby to prepare something and then send the staff home early if that is okay,” he said.
“Okay,” you said. “Okay.”
You took off your collar at the kitchen island, Dean sitting in a pair of sweatpants on the counter, eating a bowl of mac and cheese. You carefully watched him as you ate slowly, Dean blinking at you a few times.
“You are allowed to wear what you want, Y/N. Sally will help you get any clothes you wish,” he said. “You may change out of that dress at any time. I have no real rules for you here.”
“This...this isn’t how I thought my wedding night would go,” you said.
“Mine either,” he said, sipping on his beer.
“You can never have an Omega now you know,” you said.
“I would take a friend over an Omega,” he said, giving you a nod. “Hopefully we can be friends. Or else the next few decades are going to be very long.”
“I suppose we could try that. As long as you keep your word,” you said.
“You don’t have to worry about that.”
The Next Day
You scratched your neck as you walked into the kitchen, yawning and going to the fridge. You pulled out some eggs, screaming when Abby was suddenly right there.
“Sorry, Omega Y/N. I didn’t mean to startle you,” she said.
“No it was my fault,” you said, setting the eggs down on the counter.
“Would you like me to make you breakfast?” she asked. “Dean has already eaten.”
“I can make it,” you said.
“May I please make you breakfast? Dean often eats cereal and I never get to make-“
“If you really want to. I was just going to make scrambled eggs,” you said. She quickly took the eggs and started rummaging around the kitchen while you got out of the way.
You found a seat at the counter, watching her cook as Peter and Sally came in, both uttering good mornings to you.
“How are you settling in, Omega Y/N?” asked Sally. “Do you need anything?”
“Okay. Maybe some clothes. I didn’t bring much with me,” you said.
“We can go out this afternoon. Although you would probably do best to remember your collar in public,” she said. You shot a hand to your neck, staring at them when another door opened and a greasy looking Dean entered the kitchen.
“Pete, where’d you put the…” he trailed off, looking at you. “Really? The literal one and only rule I had.”
“Can we please stop calling her Omega Y/N. It’s so old fashioned,” said Abby as she rolled her eyes.
“I don’t really think the poor girl should have to wear the collar at home, do you, Dean?” asked Peter.
“I’m sorry. I can…” you said as you stood up, heading for the hall.
“Hey,” said Dean, freezing you in your tracks. “Y/N.”
You turned around, finding a softer face then you anticipated.
“These three you can trust. I only said what I did about the collar so you get used to wearing it in case guests are here. These guys know what’s actually going on. Maybe if the collar is too much we all just make sure we know when other people are around,” he said.
“Does this mean we can not be so formal?” asked Peter.
“Yes, Pete. We can not be so formal in front of Y/N,” said Dean.
“And all other house rules still apply, Abby,” he said, turning to you. “Not that I have many. Just when certain people come to visit which isn’t very often. There’s an expected degree of decorum for certain visitors. Otherwise, act however you want to.”
“You kind of live in this big house by yourself and pretend that the outside world doesn’t exist, don’t you?” you said.
“Pretty much,” he said. “Pete, my performance motor oil?”
“Bottom cabinet,” he said.
“Thank you,” said Dean as he headed out.
“I don’t get that guy,” you said, Abby back to cooking, Peter and Sally sharing a smile. “What?”
“Dean’s a good guy. He could have chosen any Omega he wanted, one he loved. Instead he chose you because it helped the most number of people,” said Sally.
“It’s not great here but-“ you said.
“Oh, sweetie. You don’t know how wrong you are. This is going to be the greatest place on earth for you.”
Two Days Later
“Are you still watching that?” asked Dean after dinner, sitting down on the couch with a bowl of ice cream. You’d been glued to the TV all day, watching the new referendums coming down in regards to Omegas. There’d be a vote on putting them into law in a few months but it seemed like the strict rules had a chance of actually passing.
“Where’s my old pack?” you asked.
“Canada,” he said with his mouth full. “This is depressing. Let’s watch something else.”
“You knew this was coming, didn’t you,” you said. Dean set his bowl down and flickered his eyes over to yours. “You knew.”
“I suspected. My family suspected. It’s why the marriage came together in like, two days. Getting people out will be harder now so we did what we could,” said Dean.
“You should have told people,” you said.
“Told them what? That Omegas were possibly getting all their rights taken away? That ones of age went on a list and were rattled off like cattle? People would have rioted,” he said. “It’s not law yet.”
“That would have been their choice,” you said.
“I am not the bad guy. Don’t forget that, Y/N. My family is still working this thing. There is finesse involved with it you don’t seem to understand,” he said.
“But your family only helped my pack out for-“
“Oh don’t be so naive. The world ain’t that black and white. I would have let you go with them if I could have. But we would have lost credibility to help other Omegas if people found out what we were up to so once again, stop looking at me like I’m some scum Alpha that took you off the street,” he said. You slumped back against the cushions and tossed the remote over to him, Dean turning on a baseball game. “Tomorrow you wear the collar all day.”
“Fuck you,” you said.
“What do you think will happen to you when some business associates come here with my father and see my new Omega wife unclaimed? You’ll be rounded up and given to the nearest Alpha,” he said. “You wear it so you’re protected, got it?”
“Fine. You don't own me though. I ain’t acting like some little puppy dog that follows you around either,” you said.
“Never said I wanted you to, sweetheart.”
“What?” you asked, pulling open your bedroom door the next day, Dean standing there in a dress shirt, tie and slacks. He handed you a white bag and you frowned, rolling your eyes. “Let me guess, you want me to wear whatever this is.”
“Something presentable as well. Government officials will be visiting this morning,” he said as he left you. You growled and snatched the bag, grumbling as you went to your closet. You plucked off a blue business dress Sally had recommended and threw it on, throwing your hair up in a bun. Sighing, you went to the bag and pulled out the white collar. It was far fancier than the simple black leather one you’d worn before.
You slipped it on and scowled in the mirror, twitching your eye.
“Dear,” you heard Dean say from the open bedroom doorway, eyes meeting yours in the  reflection. “Do try to not look like you’re ready to commit murder if you can help it.”
“You try wearing one of these things,” you grumbled.
“I have,” he said. You spun around, Dean smiling from where he leaned in the doorway. “I was mistakenly identified as Omega when I presented. For like only a day but god did it suck. That’s when my family changed, when they realized what life would be like for me if I’d actually been that way.”
“How do they mistake an Alpha for Omega?”
“Oh, there were political games being played. I was only just presenting. Easily identifiable Alpha features weren’t yet family once was very traditional. Male Omegas look a certain way,” he said. “I almost ended up as one.”
“So you almost got fixed like a dog because of politics?”
“Yup. My mother threw a fit that night when we returned home after the error was discovered but even when she realized what my father was willing to do earlier on that day, she snapped at him. I always knew she was a strong Omega. But that doesn’t matter how old the pup gets I suppose. An Omega that has their pup threatened is the scariest thing in this world,” he said.
“Is today another political game?” you asked.
“You’ll discover we have to play quite a few of them, unfortunately,” he said. “But while I ask you wear a collar and show some civility, I would like if you do act...yourself.”
“So you want to pretend you claimed a sassy Omega?” you asked.
“I want to show that a sassy Omega is a good thing. Baby steps, Y/N,” he said.
“Be careful what you wish for. Alpha.”
“Ah, it was about time you settled down and got yourself an Omega there, Dean,” said an old man you instantly disliked when you got downstairs. You smiled though, Dean introducing the three men along with Dean’s father to you.
“Choosing to keep her collared at home? Always a smart choice,” said another old man, Grumpy Face you’d decided to call him. You were pretty sure his real name was Hendricks.
“Oh, well, Dean is a smartie,” you said, grabbing hold of Dean’s arm.
“She speaks freely?” one asked and you bit your bottom lip to stop yourself from going too far.
“Of course, Reginald. This house has always been far too quiet. The conversation has been welcome,” said Dean.
“Surely you know in the long run that can’t be good for the poor thing,” said Carter, aka the one you hated the most, following Dean down the hall and headed for the back patio. You would have gone but John grabbed your wrist, Dean nodding when you two stayed back.
“Winchester’s have a knack for choosing strong Omegas apparently,” he said, taking his hand off you when you were alone. “Settle down. They are set in their ways. Dean will convince them eventually but only with your help.”
“My help. Oh yes. He needs my help,” you said.
“Yes. He does. We all do. I know you didn’t choose this. But you can do something good from a poor situation,” he said.
“Did you contact my dad?” you asked.
“Dean saw you in the city one day. You were getting coffee. He believed you were...cute. There was some incident between you and an Alpha over a spilled drink and you never backed down for a second apparently. He quite liked that,” he said.
“And you found a way to give your son what he wanted,” you said.
“No. That was circumstantial. The fact you were part of the largest free thinking pack in the state was the selling point for me. Dean was quite angry when I told him what my plan was. The boy did want to marry out of love, not this. But he was willing to sacrifice that to help well over a hundred strangers. If you ever doubt what kind of man he is, remember that,” he said.
“I don't understand what I’m meant to do though,” you said.
“Be yourself. Go pretend that you’re claimed but that is all. Show them that an Omega is stronger than they know,” he said.
“You do all this simply because your son was almost Omega? He said you guys were a very traditional family,” he said.
“We were. Then we realized what we almost did to Dean. What I almost did to him. I almost took something from him. His mother went off on me and I thought of all I took from her as well. We are all equal in this pack. You have as much say in it as I do.”
“You know the referendums are barbaric,” you said.
“They are not yet law. Those three men out there are keys votes. Dean invited them today to talk and he wants you to be part of the conversation,” he said.
“No pressure or anything,” you said.
“You’ll be fine.”
You were lazily poking at the remnants of lunch, one of the old men, Carter, staring at you.
“Yes, Mr. Carter?”
“That is a beautiful collar,” he said.
“I suppose. I like yours too,” you said.
“I’m not wearing a collar, Omega.”
“My mistake. I see you wearing that tie and my little Omega brain goes someone left your leash on you,” you said, giving him a smile. Dean bit down a smile as you picked up your lemonade, John smirking as Mr. Carter cleared his throat.
“If you were my Omega, I’d have you muted,” said Carter.
“If I were your Omega, I’d off myself,” you said.
“You should look into sending your Omega to one of the training schools, Dean,” he said. “The mouth on this one is trouble.”
“Oh, Y/N was raised without the social conventions you’re used to, Mr. Carter. She’s quite fun in that regard,” said Dean.
“John. You’re pack leader. You should perhaps look into getting her into the Folly Academy,” said Carter.
“Dean is her Alpha, not I. Besides, the Folly Academy is an unkind place. Not fit for a Winchester as Y/N now is,” said John.
“You’re...quite right. A Winchester should never set foot in those halls,” he said.
“What’s it like not having a spine?” you asked, giving him a small smile.
“Control your Omega, Dean,” said Carter.
“Do I threaten you?” you smiled. “I’m collared and half your size. How tiny is that knot of yours if little ole me intimidates you.”
You weren’t expecting a slap in the face. You also weren’t expecting Dean to grab your arm when you picked up your fork, ready to stab anything belonging to Mr. Carter.
“Did you touch my Omega without permission?” asked Dean darkly.
“She was out of line,” he said.
“As her Alpha, I will punish her for any indiscretion, not you. We Alphas claimed the Omegas as there was the belief that they needed to be controlled, that they couldn’t control themselves. I see the Omega is the one at this table who has not raised her voice or attacked someone else, Mr. Carter,” said Dean. He released his grip on you. “Go. Have Peter tend to your cheek and wait for me in my room. I do not wish you near these Alphas any more today.”
You left and found Peter in the kitchen, following him up to your room.
“That looks like it hurts,” he said, dabbing a cotton ball of alcohol over the small cut.
“I’ve been hurt worse wrestling with other kids. Surprised the old goot didn’t have a heart attack and keel over from letting his heart rate get so high,” you said. Peter laughed and pressed an ice pack to your cheek. “Thanks.”
“I’ve cleaned up more than my fair share of bumps and bruises. Dean and his brother Sam often wrestle, even in adulthood. Playfully of course,” he said.
“Dean’s not actually going to punish me, right?”
“No, no. Part of the show. I would still wait in his room for him though,” he said. You reached up to the collar but he shook his head. “Not yet. Remember, it is for your protection when there are outsiders here.”
You nodded and left him, retreating to Dean’s room.
It was very beautiful inside but quite plain, like someone else had picked everything out for him and Dean didn’t actually use the space all that often. You sat on the edge of the bed, looking around until you lay back and stared at the ceiling.
Fifteen minutes later you heard the door open and Dean enter, the top button of his shirt undone and tie loose.
“Fucking assholes,” he mumbled, undoing his shirt, almost forgetting like you were there as he headed around a corner and you saw clothes flying in a closet. He sighed as he returned in a band tee and jeans, walking in front of you when you sat up. “Let me see your cheek.”
You moved the pack away, Dean nodding.
“It’ll heal fast. I’m sorry he did that. I wasn’t expecting him to get physical,” he said.
“I could have reined it in a little,” you said.
“Nah,” he said, laying back against the bed. “Nice crack about the tie. Even got dad with that one.”
“What’s the Folly Academy?” you asked. “I’ve never heard of it.”
“It’s a place rich people send Omegas to be taught things. Cooking. Cleaning. Being good in bed. Whatever the owner wants. An Omega goes in and a shell of a person comes out,” he said, turning his head up at you. “Carter was pissed when he left but Reginald and Hendricks actually liked you. They don’t care for Carter either.”
“Do you need all three votes?” you asked.
“Reginald is a shoo in. He has a secret Omega daughter no one knows of, lives in the sanctuary now. Hendricks is on the line but I believe a dinner with just us three this week will fix that. Carter was always a long shot. Maybe with time but I meant what I said. I don’t want you around an Alpha like that, even if you can kick his ass,” he said.
“Alright. Winchester,” you said. “If I find out you’re conning me and actually got a thing against Omegas though, I will tear you limb from limb.”
“I’d expect nothing less,” he said quietly. “If you could help me prove that I’m not the bad guy, I’d appreciate it.”
“May I take off my collar now, Alpha?” you teased.
“You may,” he said with a smile. “Change into some clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. I do need your help with something for a few minutes if you don’t mind.”
“Which way?” you asked, leaning over an engine, hand shoved so far down you couldn’t see a thing.
“Left,” said Dean underneath the car. You started and he chuckled. “Sorry. My left, not your left.”
“How do you do this by yourself?” you asked, finally feeling the thing go, pulling out a small square looking thing.
“A lot of tools and bruised knuckles,” he said, climbing out from under the car and taking it from you. “Thanks.”
“So you’re like a mechanic when you’re not busy being rich?” you asked. He chuckled, taking the part into the bench he had in the garage.
“I, Omega, just really enjoy working on cars. It’s fun. Plus I got a skill if shit ever hit the fan,” he said.
“Why do you live out here by yourself?” you asked.
“I can be myself here. No pretending,” he said.
“Pretend what?” you asked. He sighed and wiped his hands off. “Like how you pretend you don’t find me attractive.”
“Dad,” he grumbled to himself, turning to you. “Sure. I like the way you look. I like the way a lot of women look. I saw you months and months ago, Y/N, before this stuff came up. I just remembered how you’d acted with that Alpha and I knew you’d be tough enough to play your part in this.”
“What exactly is my part?” you asked.
“The independent Omega wife. It could be worse,” he said.
“It could. I still feel like I didn’t get a choice,” you said. He went further back in the garage and opened a cabinet, pulling out a black backpack and holding it up. “Yes…”
“It’s a go bag. You need to run, Hell I annoy you too much one morning, you’re always allowed to take this bag and leave. You can take it right now and leave if you want. I’ll even help you get up to Canada,” he said.
“But I need to stay, don’t I,” you said.
“I’m sorry if I made you feel like you have to. You can go if that’s what you want. You’ll be under a different name but you’ll be out of this mess,” he said.
“You’d actually do that for me, wouldn’t you,” you said.
“I give you my word that if you ever decide to leave, I drop everything and help you do it. Maybe if we can stop the law, get some fresh minds in the government, maybe things could be normal and you can go be with your pack then. If things go south and the law goes through, we’ll get you back with your pack. I promise,” he said.
“You’re my pack now,” you said.
“Y/N,” he said with a smile. “We signed a piece of paper. You don’t belong to me, Omega. You never will.”
“I…” you said, Dean waving the bag in front of you.
“Alright,” he said, setting the bag back in the cabinet. “It’s there if you change your mind.”
“Thank you for helping my pack,” you said.
“Thank you for helping mine,” he said.
“If you thought I was cute back at that coffee shop, why didn’t you say anything?”
“Because there was no need to antagonize you further that day,” he said. “As I suspect you would have felt I was. Let’s forget that happened and we can go from here, okay?”
“So...what do you do on a normal day around here?”
“This for the most part. Sometimes I have lazy days but I’m normally out here in the garage,” he said. “I’m all set. You don’t have to hang out anymore if you don’t want. There’s a pool and the land is large to run around on if you like. Do what you want. I won’t bother you.”
“Okay. I’ll uh, go take another look around then.”
“Dinner was delicious, Abby,” you said as she was heading out for the day.
“I’m just glad to have someone in the house that doesn’t want a bacon cheeseburger for dinner every night,” she said.
“That actually sounds really good,” you said.
“Maybe I’ll make you one if Dean isn’t around,” she said.
“Did someone say bacon?” asked Dean, poking his head out of his office.
“I want to make burritos tomorrow,” she said.
“With bacon,” said Dean.
“I’m so sorry you have to live with him,” she teased. “Goodnight.”
“Night, Abby. Drive safe,” said Dean, locking up after her. “So. I realize I should have asked before as this is very, very important. Your thoughts on bacon?”
“Good. A little crispy but not too much,” you said.
“You want to live life on the wild side tonight, Omega?” he asked with a smirk.
“Uh, sure?”
“No way am I eating that,” you said, Dean humming as he took a bite in the kitchen. “Dean! That’s gross!”
“Um, excuse me but cheese covered bacon is amazing,” he said, waving a piece in front of you. “Come on. I dare you.”
“I dare you? What are we? At summer camp?” you asked, taking the bacon from him. “I eat this and I dare you to eat something healthy for breakfast tomorrow.”
“Deal. Now eat up,” he said, leaning back in his seat with a satisfied smirk. You closed your eyes and took a small bite, opening your eyes. “Good ain’t it?”
“That’s the best thing I’ve ever eaten in my life,” you said.
“Told ya,” he said. “I mean it’s like a gajillion calories but who cares.”
“Well Alpha, let’s try and not block all your arteries by the time you hit 35, hm?” you teased, taking another bite.
“But I’m a big strong, Alpha. I need things like meat and more meat,” he chuckled. “I know. My baby bro is big on health stuff. He keeps yelling at me.”
“Was he the tall one at the ceremony?”
“Yeah, that was Sammy. Sweetest Alpha you’ll ever meet. He wanted to say hi but he was nervous of making you afraid,” he said.
“He can like, come over and hang out if he wants,” you said.
“Is there anyone you would like to invite over? Your friends are allowed here,” he said.
“I don’t really...all my friends and family are gone now,” you said.
“You can still go, up to the Sanctuary if you want,” he said.
“If I stay I might be able to help other Omegas though, right?” you asked.
“Possibly, possibly not. The last thing I want is an unhappy Omega in this house,” he said.
“You were raised by your mom more than your dad if I had to guess,” you said.
“I was. But like you said earlier, you didn’t have a choice about this marriage. Now you do,” he said.
“Because an unhappy Omega won’t live in this house,” he said again. “Sleep on it, if you want to stay or not.”
“You’re...not what I thought you’d be,” you said.
“If I ever am, feel free to kick my ass, Omega.”
“Good morning,” you said, Dean eating an omelet on the back patio.
“You know, this isn’t as horrible as I thought it’d be,” he said, taking another bite of the dish.
“Egg whites are good for you,” you said, taking a banana off his plate. You peeled it and took a bite, Dean quietly eating beside you. “I thought it over.”
“Yes?” he asked. You took another bite, staring out at the yard.
“If I ever say I want to leave, you drop everything and take me that second, understand?”
“I understand.”
“Good,” you said, eating some more. “I want to know what I’m walking into next time with guys like Carter. You and your family treats me as a partner in all this.”
“We can easily do that,” he said.
“Alright,” you said. “That’s that I suppose.”
“You’re staying?”
“If there’s a chance to help, I’ll help,” you said. Dean smiled, looking at the table. “Were you expecting a different answer?”
“No. Happy you’re not seeing me as the villain anymore is all,” he said.
“You mentioned you wanted your own Omega,” you said. “If you found one to your liking, would you claim her?”
“If I found an Omega I loved and she loved me back, I would ask to bond with her,” he said. “Isn’t that how it was done in your pack?”
“Yes. Our Omegas don’t wear collars though and any mated Alpha is marked in return as show of their equality,” you said. “They-“
Dean stood up and scratched his ear, frowning at himself.
“Are you okay?”
“I did not realize the day. I will require privacy sometimes. I will see you tomorrow, Y/N,” he said before he took off towards the house.
“Peter,” you said at dinner that night. “Where did Dean run off to?”
“I do not know. Somewhere in the basement I suspect. Dean forgot what today was I’m sure with all that’s been going on,” he said. You raised an eyebrow and he smiled. “He normally doesn’t like any staff to come in on his monthly me day. He forgot this month he scheduled it for today it seemed.”
“Alright,” you said. You chit chatted idly until the staff was gone for the day. Dean didn’t seem like the keep an Omega locked away type and if he had a rut, the timing didn’t make sense. You’d never been in the basement but there was an open set of stairs down.
There was a wet bar and movie theater room down there along with a set of doors down a hallway. One was a bathroom, one a large room for storage, one with a keypad and a do not disturb sign hanging on it.
“Well what do you got down here hidden away,” you said.
“None of your business,” he said right behind you. You froze, slowly turning to face at him. There was the scary Alpha face you knew he must have been hiding. “You may use the basement but you will stay away from this room, understand?”
“Suddenly I don’t trust you as much,” you said. He closed his eyes and stared over your head, opening them slowly.
“If I show you, will you never bring this up again?” he asked.
He sighed and moved past you, punching in a code you couldn’t see before pushing open the door. Inside was a bedroom and private bathroom, Dean’s gaze flickering back to yours.
“It is sound proof and obviously there are no windows. I sleep here on occasion,” he said.
“Okay,” you said, holding up your hands. You spun around to leave, catching sight of a pet bed and blanket in the corner. “I didn’t know you had a dog.”
“Leave. Now,” he said, pushing you out of the room.
After a slightly awkward dinner with Mr. Hendricks the next evening, he assured Dean that he wouldn’t vote for the new Omega law. Dean had pretended the whole basement incident hadn’t happened and you didn’t go down there anymore and let him have his space there to himself.
He was generally very sweet, sometimes flirty, sometimes quiet and almost sad. But he’d kept his word and things were on a friendship level only which you were grateful for. He was easy to talk to and while the situation wasn’t ideal, you never felt trapped there. It’d started to feel like your home too.
Until you woke up one morning a month later to a quiet house, Dean staring at you in the kitchen.
“There will be no staff today. I will be busy again,” he said.
“I’ll stay out of the basement then,” you said.
“It’s not what you think,” he said after a beat.
“Hey. I’m not here to judge. I didn’t see anybody else down there so you do what you want down there buddy,” you said.
“I will see you at breakfast tomorrow.”
Later that evening a storm rolled in. The power stayed on but the wind was really starting to whip around and a tornado warning had been issued. You sighed and went down to the basement just in case, watching a movie on the big screen.
When it finished you went to check up on the weather outside, even if the thunder was still booming overhead.
That’s when you heard a whining. You quietly went to Dean’s open door over in the basement, more whimpers escaping from inside of it. Not the good kind either.
“Dean?” you asked, knocking softly on the door. “You okay?”
You were surprised when the door was just slightly ajar like that.
“Can I come in?” you asked.
You heard something akin to a bark and poked your head in, a shaking beautiful light brown colored dog tucked away on the bed with a blanket around himself.
“Hey,” you said softly, bending down. The dog turned away and shook more when the thunder cracked. “Just a little noise, sweetheart. You’re okay.”
You knelt next to him and the dog curled into your side, tucking its face away.
“Okay. You’re okay,” you said, patting his head, shaking your head when you saw no food or water bowl for the poor thing. “Next time I see you Dean, I am reaming you out a new one.”
You woke up with a sore butt and something heavy on your leg. You yawned and blinked open your eyes, a very confused looking Dean staring up at yours he lifted his head.
“Dude,” you said, Dean sitting up and tucking the blanket around himself.
His very naked self.
“What are...why are you in here?” he snapped. “What did you see? Tell me.”
“Your dog was crying because of the storm,” you said, narrowing your eyes. “I get the feeling you don’t have a dog.”
“Forgot to shut the fucking door,” he mumbled, staring at you. “I...I can explain this.”
“Yeah. Why don’t you put on some pants and do that.”
Dean was fidgety on the couch after breakfast, asking the staff to stay away again for the day. You took a seat, Dean playing with the bottom of his sweats.
“You can’t tell anyone,” he said. “Ever.”
“I won’t,” you said. He nodded, pulling his hands away.
“So...there was a reason I accidentally tested positive as Omega back in the day. Someone had been...altering my body without anyone’s knowledge,” he said.
“More games?”
“Yeah. They intended to make me Omega,” he said. “You know. They got those medicines you can give your kids to help their odds of presenting a certain way. Someone was giving me Omega ones...cut with something extra.”
“Can you turn into a dog?”
“Cool? Did last night look cool?” he said.
“Are scared of storms?” you asked.
“Human Dean, no. The other’s why the room is soundproof,” he said.
“Poor puppy,” you said, Dean shooting daggers. “Sorry. You were just really scared last night is all.”
“It’s something I’ve lived with since I was seventeen. It’s just a thing I deal with one day a month,” he said.
“Surely if you can do that to a person, there’s a way to fix it,” you said.
“There is,” he said. “It’ll set my body back in balance all the doctor’s say. Right now I’m Alpha like I’m supposed to be. But there are Omega...traits within me...along with the whole dog thing.”
“Why would someone want to make you an Omega? And a dog?” you asked.
“You really don’t want to know the answer to that,” he said. “I try not to think about it. You shouldn’t either.”
“Does it hurt?”
“No. I simply feel the urge come on and have the staff stay away. I change out of my clothes and sit down, then I’m another way. When I wake up the next morning I’m me again. Wagging a tail is a lot of fun actually,” he said.
“ don’t have to stay hidden away when that happens. This is your home after all. I’m the guest,” you said.
“This is your home too, Y/N,” he said. “So...the whole dog thing doesn’t freak you out?”
“Oh that’s fucking weird, don’t get me wrong,” you said. “But you had no choice. Someone tried to hurt you. Plus you said you can fix it, right?”
“If my body got back in true balance, I’ll be fully Alpha as I should be,” he said.
“How does that happen?”
“A mate,” he said with a shrug. “But there are worse things than being a dog for a day a month.”
“Is there anything I can do to help?” you asked.
“Perhaps. The storm upset me more than I thought. My urge is still there slightly. I want to run the grounds for a few minutes if you think that won’t disturb you,” he said.
“No, go for it,” you said. He nodded and left, trotting through the kitchen on four legs a few minutes later. “Still freaky.”
He barked and wagged his tail, green eyes looking up at you.
“You understand me?”
He barked and put his snout in your hand, leading you to the back door and outside.
“Alright. Go run,” you said. He took off and started to sprint around the yard, long lunges and jumps accompanying him. You went out to the grass and watched him some more, Dean not acting quite like a dog. He looked like one and ran like one but he didn’t sniff the ground or go to the bathroom or do much of anything besides run around before he plopped down next to you. “Have fun?”
He barked, a smile in there, Dean barking again when you scratched his ear.
“Someone has a twisted sense of humor,” you said. He whined and pulled away, trotting back towards the house. “Dean, come on, it’s okay.”
He paused and sat down, letting you catch up and kneel down next to him.
“I meant to say, I’m sorry someone did this to you. You didn’t deserve that,” you said.
He let out a small bark and headed inside, back after a moment looking sweaty as he walked out in his sweats.
“You run really fast,” you said.
“Benefit of being a dog? That sucker loves to run whereas I do not,” he said.
“That’s how you get away with bacon cheeseburgers all the time, isn’t it,” you said.
“I’ll take my perks where I can get them,” he said. “Just...nobody outside my parents and Sam know about this.”
“Secret’s safe with me.”
“Hello Mr. Winchester,” said Peter a few days later. You whipped your head up from the study, a tall man walking inside. “Dean’s on the phone at the moment but should be done shortly.”
“Thanks, Pete,” said Sam, spotting you. “I think I’ll hang out in here for a while.”
Peter left Sam with you, Sam smiling when his eyes caught your bare neck.
“Sorry I haven’t been by yet to properly introduce myself,” he said.
“Dean says you’re a lawyer. I bet that keeps you busy,” you said.
“It does. My wife had our first pup not long before you and Dean were married though. I’ve been a stay at home dad lately,” he said.
“Oh. Just the one?” you asked.
“Winchester’s tend to have small litters,” he said, pulling out his phone and showing you the background, a three month old little girl appearing. “Her name’s Luna. Born during a full moon actually.”
“She’s cute,” you said.
“Yeah she is,” he said, tucking his phone away. “So...Dean says you know all about the family business now.”
“Yup,” you said.
“Good. You should come over sometime, meet Jess and the lil pup. They’re dying to meet you. I’d go insane if I had to live with Dean,” he said.
“Didn’t you live with him for like, years?” you joked.
“Yeah, Sammy. Best big brother ever right here,” said Dean, rounding the corner, ruffling Sam’s head. “Surprised Luna isn’t with you. You two are partners in crime from what Jess says.”
“They can use their bonding time too. I was know what time of year it is. Saturday night,” said Sam.
“Yes, I do. I’ll even babysit,” said Dean.
“Dean. Jess isn’t going. You guys go this year,” said Sam.
“It’s one night. We were fine with going when you were flying solo but the pup at home and the new wife and the vote corralling…” he said. Dean closed his eyes. “Have her wear a collar, no one knows the difference.”
“You want me to bring an unclaimed Omega to that party? Besides being against the rules, if anyone finds out, she’ll be owned like that,” said Dean.
“Who’s gonna find out?” said Sam.
“I’m like literally right here you two,” you said.
“It’s a party full of guys like Carter. No, Y/N,” said Dean. “We leave the girls at home, you and I go together this year.”
“Dad says you guys should go. Make sure things are still good with Hendricks and Reginald, try to get Jameson too if you can,” said Sam.
“I thought Jameson was already done,” said Dean.
“Her Omega recently passed. She’s all over the place right now,” said Sam. “Come on. Please?
“I don’t mind. As long as I don’t have to wear that collar too long,” you said.
“You’re really going to get pissed off at the next part then.”
“I think it goes without saying but-“
“I touch the leash, pretty sure that’ll be the last thing I ever do,” said Dean, smiling at you in the passenger seat.
“Good boy,” you said. “You really are starting to get to know me.”
“I am sorry for this party,” he said as he drove. “You’re going to see some mistreated Omegas tonight. Very few are allowed off a leash.”
“Yeah, I get it,” you said, glancing out the window. He stopped at a red light, pausing before a hand reached over to your neck. You watched him but he simply undid the clip attaching the leash to the collar. He grabbed it from your lap and tossed it in the backseat. “You just said-“
“Yeah well, we ain’t getting you any rights if we go in like that. Just be careful tonight,” he said.
“What do you think Omegas should have rights to?” you asked. He chuckled, raising an eyebrow at you.
“Y/N. If I had my way, things would go back to how they were hundreds of years ago, before the dynamic happened. Equality and all that. I think people understand enough about our physiology now that it doesn’t control us like it did back then. But what we got is broken. It takes time to fix all that,” he said. “But you and I, nothing about you is better or worse than me.”
“You honestly think that?”
“I know you don’t think you’re less than me. I don’t think I’m greater than you,” he said.
“...just really hate this fucking collar,” you said, looking out the window.
“Make sure the people you talk to tonight know it.”
“Mr. Carter,” you said, giving him a nod when you and Dean wandered around the ballroom. He did a double take at you, Dean smirking slightly as the two of you headed for the bar and grabbed some drinks.
Dean spun around when you got there, leaning over to you.
“Every Omega in here is watching you right now you know,” he said.
“You really meant what you said about us being equals?” you asked.
“I did,” he said, getting a glass of champagne, your head tilting at the bartender when you didn’t get one. “One for my wife as well, please.”
He set one down in front of you and moved down to the other end of the bar, giving you a snobby look.
“What do you have planned?” asked Dean quietly.
“Got my back if I cause too much trouble?” you asked.
“Duh. Just be careful. I don’t want anyone hurting you again,” he said.
“You’re my friend,” he said softly.
“I’ll try not to pick any fights,” you said, pecking him on the cheek when you saw you still had an audience. “Sweetie.”
He chuckled as you grabbed your glass and left the bar without him, heading through the crowd of people until you found Mr. Reginald.
“Nice to see you again,” you said, the onlookers seeing to give up their interest in you for a moment. At least some of them had.
“Mrs. Winchester,” he said with a smile.
“Is your wife here tonight?” you asked.
“No. She hates these things. I always come alone,” he said.
“I can understand why,” you said, glancing over to an Omega doing her best not to roll her eyes at her husband.
“The attire for Omegas at this event is normally traditional,” he said, looking you up and down.
“Traditions were meant to be broken,” you said, sipping on your champagne.
“Some yes, I would have to agree,” he said. “There is an art to subtly though.”
“Any suggestions on Carter?” you murmured.
“Go dance with him. Show him your softer side,” he said. “You do have one. I’ve known Dean for quite some time. His Omega would be nothing less than equal parts fierce and kind. Carter believes Omegas are animals. Show him you’re a lady.”
“Never been very good at being one of those,” you said, turning away for a moment, raising an eyebrow. “He seriously thinks we’re the animals?”
“Apparently,” he said. You took a deep breath and found Carter across the room, his hand in a leash, waving it about as he spoke to a woman on her own. You saw the Omega by his side, older, the woman in a beautiful gown that didn’t match the sullen face she had.
“Mr. Carter,” you said, giving both the women a smile. “Y/N Winchester.”
“Ah. You must be the elder Winchester’s new wife. Chloe Jameson,” said the woman to your right. You looked at the Omega, her gaze going to the floor. “I see the rumors of the newest Omega Winchester being a rebel are true.”
“No reason you can’t be a classy rebel,” you said.
“Very true,” said Jameson with a smile. “Carter, leave your Omega with me. I know this girl talk bores you.”
He handed over the leash and left without a word, Jameson leading the three of you over to a table.
“You know that leashes are required for Omegas at this party,” she said.
“Oh I don’t need a leash to know who I belong to. Or who he belongs to,” you said.
“Curious thing to say about your Alpha,” she said.
“Well you’re an Alpha. Your part of the deal is to protect and love and care for your Omega, yes? Sounds like an Alpha is as bound as an Omega,” you said.
“Watch the tone, Omega. I cared very much for my Lucas,” she said.
“I didn’t mean you specifically, Mrs. Jameson. It’s not common for the Alpha to take the Omega’s last name after all. I suspect you loved him very much,” you said.
“It’s different when it’s out of love,” she said quietly, glancing at the Omega with you. “This is Farrow Carter. Perfect example of what is expected of an Omega in some people’s eyes.”
“Hi Farrow,” you said. She didn’t say a word but gave you a small nod. “You can talk around me. It’s okay.”
“I’m sure her Alpha doesn’t allow her to speak and as she’s under my supervision, his rules go,” she said.
“That’s a person you’re talking about,” you snapped, her chin lifting up. “Farrow is a person, just like you and me.”
“Farrow. Be a dear here and explain to Y/N who exactly you belong to,” she said. Farrow swallowed and grabbed Jameson’s hand, a barely there flicker rubbing across her face. “In the eyes of some, she is Carter’s. In hers, she’s mine.”
“She’s clearly mistreated. You can’t-“
“Farrow is good at what you call, the long con. We met at Lucas’ memorial service. I did love him but Farrow...she is my true mate,” she said. “Alphas always know right away. It’s crazy what they’ll do for their true Omega. In Farrow’s case, she’s claimed by another but Carter is old and a younger Alpha challenging his claim would be easy enough to win. You know how it is with your true mate. They’re your one, no matter what,” she said.
“So I take it you’re not going to vote for that bill then?” you asked.
“No. I never was although many of my colleagues never knew that,” she said.
“How do I know Farrow actually consents to this relationship?” you asked.
“Chloe is mine because I asked her to be,” said Farrow. You tilted your head, Farrow smiling before she wiped it off her face.
“Like I said, Farrow makes her own decisions, at least when it comes to us. And she gets a kick out of sneaking behind Carter’s back. Convincing Carter to get on the Omega bandwagon will be difficult,” she said. “Not impossible, just difficult.”
“I’m not afraid of a challenge,” you said, giving them both a nod. “Farrow...just because you have an Alpha, doesn’t mean they own you.”
“She knows,” said Jameson. “Go on. Young Mr. Winchester didn’t bring you here to secure already secure votes now did he.”
“No. I suppose not. Here goes nothing,” you said as you stood up. You slowly made your way back across the room, finding Dean speaking with Carter and another man you recognized as Hawkings, the man behind the referendum. Dean looked uncomfortable, Hawkings hand on his shoulder, and he breathed a sigh of relief when he spotted you. “Hello gentlemen.”
“So the Omega wandering around on her own belongs to you, Dean? I shouldn’t be surprised,” said Hawkings. You nodded, giving the man as friendly a smile as you could bare.
“Mr. Carter, could we have a moment?” you asked. Dean opened his mouth but you shook your head. “Oh, I think Mr. Carter and I will be fine, dear. We won’t be gone long.”
You took hold of Mr. Carter’s hand and led him over towards the dance floor, Carter staring at you a moment before he took the lead.
“What’s this all about?” he asked.
“You seemed bored,” you said. “And Dean isn’t one for dancing.”
“He’s always been a quiet Alpha. I was surprised to see his little outburst at lunch a few months back,” he said.
“He was frightened you would harm me. I’m sure you can understand that having an Omega yourself,” you said, Carter spinning you around.
“My Omega is property, nothing more,” he said.
“I’m sorry,” you said.
“For what?”
“That you feel as though your Omega is property is all,” you said.
“You are property of Dean Winchester, Omega. You should remember that,” he said.
“No, I’m Dean Winchester’s Omega, his partner. He is my Alpha and my partner. That is what we are to one another,” you said, Carter missing a step. “I know you don’t agree with that but our relationship is good.”
“Omegas need to be controlled or else you’d throw yourself at any Alpha,” he said. “Case and point, you’re dancing with me right now.”
“Mr. Carter, you revolt me,” you said, Carter stilling. “I am dancing with you to help my Alpha get your vote against the referendums. It sickens me to be this close to you quite honestly. But my partner has asked me to assist him and I will assist him as best I can. Omegas don’t need control and they don’t need fear. They need Alphas that use their status to protect them, not hurt them. Unclaimed Omegas are not bad, Mr. Carter. Mated Omegas do not need to be kept under lock and key. All we would like is to be treated with respect. I don’t respect anyone that doesn’t return it to me, Alphas included. Honey attracts more flies than spice, Mr. Carter. Omegas are not sex crazed animals. They do not need an Alpha to do everything for them either. All they need is a partner, one that cares for them and one they can care for in return.”
“You’re talking about love,” he said.
“Fear and anger are powerful, Mr. Carter. In my experience, love is stronger. Love is the only thing stronger. Love will beat fear every time, even if it will take it’s time. There is nothing wrong with finding a mate you love. I simply wish you felt that way about your Omega. I can only imagine how much happier you’d be if you were in love,” you said, pausing as the song ended. “Thank you for the dance, Mr. Carter.”
“I still don’t like you, Omega. But I do respect you having the courage of an Alpha to speak freely like that to me,” he said.
“I have the courage of an Omega, sir,” you said. You nodded and turned to leave, Carter leaning down to your ear.
“Tell him you’ve got my vote. I was not always this way. I seem to have forgotten an Alpha’s true place in the world,” he said.
“It’s never too late, Mr. Carter,” you said. “Thank you.”
“You reek like Alpha mutt,” said Dean when you got in the car to head home.
“I hated that,” you said, scratching your collar as he started to drive. “Jameson, Carter and Dunlap are all locks against.”
“You got Carter?” he said. “How?”
“I spoke to him with less anger. He’s angry and lonely enough as is. I’m pretty sure we’ll be okay,” you said. “I was surprised to see Hawkings there.”
“Yeah,” said Dean, gripping the steering wheel.
“Want to talk about it?” you asked.
“Later, not now.”
“Dean,” you said, knocking on his bedroom door that night after you’d gotten home and changed. He was frowning when you pushed it open, sat in the middle of his bed and already wearing his pajamas. “You okay?”
“No,” he said, nodding for you to pull the door shut. You sat down on it across from him, noticing the light sheen of sweat on his forehead. “You know how...extreme stress can accelerate an Omega’s heats?”
“Wait, you get-”
“No, I don’t get heats. I mean, I just get the literally heat part of them sometimes. There’s medicine in my bathroom drawer if you wouldn’t mind grabbing it for me,” he said. You got up and found a bottle along with a glass of water, bringing it back to Dean. He looked better almost instantly, Dean unclenching his arms and leaning back against the bed as it kicked in. “Oh, thank you. So much better.”
“So I’m guessing you had some kind of extreme stress tonight that triggered that?” you asked.
“Yeah. Hawkings creeps me out but I’m sure you guessed that already,” he said as he sat up.
“Did he threaten you about the vote?” you asked.
“He knows the vote is going to fail and that’ll be a big setback for him. It’ll probably ruin him for good actually. He knows if I suddenly start acting like a big Alpha asshole though, it’ll help him win back votes,” he said. “You know, start treating my Omega wife like the rest of them. Show them I don’t actually care about you.”
“He threatened me?”
“I’m not going to do any of that, Y/N,” he said with a smile. “You’re my friend. I won’t ever hurt you. It’s my job to protect you after all.”
“You’re not really my Alpha, Dean,” you said, tucking your hair behind your ear. “Even if you are my husband.”
“Yeah but I like you. I know it was only a scratch but it bothered me when Carter hit you like that,” he said, offering you a half-smile. “I think it’s better if neither one of us leaves the house for a while, lay low until after the vote.”
“What’d he threaten to do to you?” you asked.
“Finish what he started when I was seventeen,” said Dean, tilting his head back and closing his eyes.
“Hawkings was the one that did that to you back then, wasn’t he,” you said, Dean nodding as he looked forward, glancing at his lap. “Why would he want to make you Omega? And a freaking dog?”
“My family has always been influential in the government. He and my father don’t get along. Hawkings wanted me to be Omega so he could claim me, own me. It’d give him total control over our family with that threat in the air. The dog thing came about because he owns some kind of genetic lab. On the books they help weed out bad genes but in reality they do super shady stuff like splicing DNA. The dog thing would be much slower to take effect completely but if he’d gotten what he wanted, it would have made me his Omega...his literal Omega bitch if you want to use that term,” he said.
You blinked a few times, Dean pursing his lip and staring at the bedspread.
“Hey,” you said, grabbing Dean’s chin and tilting his head up. “You’re not an Omega bitch. You’re Dean fucking Winchester, the best Alpha I’ve ever known. You’re what a real Alpha is, you got that? Hawkings ain’t going to get anywhere near you.”
“He thinks I’m mated so he should leave us alone for now. I think we should at least consider getting you to Canada before everything goes bad though. The vote is in a week. There’s time to get you up to your pack,” he said.
“You’re my pack,” you said. He closed his eyes and turned away, eyes meeting yours though when you turned his chin back. “So what if we’re not mated. You’re my friend. I’m not leaving you here to get forced Omega and to become that guy’s freaking dog and have him humiliate you. You gave up having a relationship out of love to do a good thing for my pack and I’m okay with being with a man like that. I’m more than okay with that. We’re in this together, okay?”
“I don’t know if I can protect you,” he said.
“Well we’ll figure it out. We lay low until the vote and then we deal with whatever happens afterwards.”
Two Weeks Later
The vote hadn’t passed thankfully and now there was a new referendum up to give Omega’s more rights. It seemed that whatever influence Hawkings had died out along with his vote.
Which left him with a lot of time to stew and get pissed at Dean.
“Dean,” you called when you stepped out of your room around dinner time. He’d been working in the garage longer than normal that day and hadn’t joined you for lunch. “Dean.”
You jogged downstairs, the staff seemingly gone for the day, a tupperware container still in the fridge for you to heat up.
“Dean,” you called again.
“Dean isn’t home,” said Peter, appearing from around the corner.
“Oh. Did Abby head home early? Dinner’s already in the fridge,” you said.
“Yes, she wasn’t feeling well so I sent her home after lunch. I attempted to prepare something for you and Dean. I hope it’s up to Abby’s standards,” he said.
“Oh you didn’t have to do that,” you said with a smile. “Thank you though. Do you have any idea where Dean went or when he’ll be back?”
“No. He was missing another part for the engine he’s restoring. I’m sure he’ll be back in a few hours,” he said.
“Alright. You can head home Peter, I don’t mind hanging out by myself,” you said.
“Sure thing Mrs. Winchester,” he said. “Would you like to see the Gardena’s I potted this morning for the front steps?”
“Sure. You always make up such beautiful plants,” you said, tilting your head a little as you followed him to the front door, finding it odd he was suddenly being formal. You slipped on your sneakers though, Peter opening and closing the drawer of the front table quickly when you were bent over, his hands around your neck, tying a collar on it.
One with a lock.
“What the-” you got out before he threw a hand over your mouth.
“Mrs. Winchester,” he said, staring for a long moment. You let him take his hand away and you followed him outside. “Hawkings has Dean downstairs. He broke in not long ago. He doesn’t know you’re unclaimed or here at the moment. I’m sorry for that but now he can’t get the collar off if he tries anything.”
“What do you mean he has Dean downstairs,” you growled.
“I mean, he is force feeding drugs to Dean. He’ll be Omega soon at the rate he’s doing it,” he said. “I suspect he’ll try to claim him after.”
“Did you call the police?” you asked.
“No,” he said.
“Why the fuck not?”
“You are not the only one with a family, Y/N,” he said with a scowl. “Retreat to your room, lock the door and call the police. Don’t go anywhere.”
“Go home, Peter,” you said. “Get your family someplace safe. I’ll deal with Hawkings.”
“They are in Dean’s room downstaris. I don’t know the code,” he said.
“5730. If you don’t hear from me, tell the police it,” you said, giving him a smile before you jogged back inside. You locked up after him and went to the stairs, dashing up them and into your room. You called the police and they gave you the same message about staying put Peter had but you knew Dean lived far out away from town. Help for Dean was at least thirty minutes away.
“Dammit,” you said. You grabbed a knife from the kitchen and went down to the basement, staring at the shut door at the end of the hallway. There was no way to be secretive about using the only entrance so you punched in the code and jumped straight back, knife up. All you saw was Dean passed out on the bed, a tube in his arm, and no other sign of anyone.
“Hello Omega,” said Hawkings from behind you, knocking the knife from your hand and grabbing you by the back of your neck. He tossed you into the room and kicked the knife into the hall, slamming the door shut behind him.
Dean groaned on the bed and blinked open an eye.
“Hey,” he said wearily.
“Save the reunion for later,” said Hawkings, stalking over to you. “Don’t be stupid, Omega. Think of this as your chance at freedom. The second he’s Omega, your bond is broken and you get a fresh start. I honestly don’t care about you. You can go. All I want is him.”
“I don’t really agree with that plan so I’m going to say pass,” you said. Hawkings grabbed your leg and yanked you closer to him, quickly on top of you and pinning you down. “Good luck claiming me, asshole.”
“Peter cares far more about his family than he does you, Omega,” he said, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a key. “Omegas are to be kept collared unless being claimed. At least he understands that. He may be Beta but at least he understands that.”
“You try and take this thing off of me, I’ll rip out your throat,” you said.
“It seems I’ll be taking home two Omegas today,” he said. He quickly undid the collar, Dean grunting as Hawkings titled your head back. “Where’s your mark?”
“Go fish,” you said.
“Where is your mark?” he growled.
“He didn’t mate me because I didn’t consent to a barbaric old ritual where I had no say. I’m not property and he knows that,” you shot back.
“Oh, he made a mistake,” he said.
You heard a snarl in the room, both your and Hawkings heads whipping up to see a growling dog suddenly on top of the bed, baring its teeth. It barked and hopped on top of Hawkings, growling on unsteady legs.
“Oh look. It’s my mutt,” said Hawkings. “You should really just let me shove that tube back in your arm, boy. You’re gonna be a whole mess of hormones if you stay all doggie like that.”
Dean growled and jumped in front of you, Hawkings smirking when Dean lunged forward but got yanked back on a leash around him.
“That is why Omegas are to be leashed,” he said.
“Dean,” you said, running a hand over the gasping dog’s head, finding the latch to the collar there. “Go get him.”
You undid it, Dean pouncing on top of Hawkings when he was free. He bit into something as you turned away, a few shouts and grunts and growls lasting until you turned back and Hawkings was out cold on the floor. Dean limped back into the room, looking very human all of a sudden as he dropped to the floor.
“Hey, hey,” you said, Dean groaning as he rolled to his back. “Dean. What’s wrong?”
“It’s trying to change,” he whimpered. “My body. It hurts.”
“Dean,” you said, Dean gasping for breath. “Oh fuck it.”
You got down on the ground and pulled his face to your neck, baring the skin to him.
“Do it. Now. It’s okay.”
Dean’s teeth tore through the flesh of your neck instantly, a strange pleasure pain stealing the air from your lungs.
You were supposed to be having sex when you were claimed. You were supposed to be getting knotted. You were supposed to be feeling the most incredible connection of your life forming.
All you managed to feel was yourself pass out a few seconds later.
“Hm?” you hummed, looking around the front hall you were laying on a stretcher in, Dean padding over with a blanket around his shoulders. “Dean?”
“Hey, sweetheart. Did you know apparently the reason we’re supposed to have sex when we bond is to help the bonding process not be too overwhelming? Hence why the cops found us both passed out,” he said. He stroked his hand over your hair, smiling as you shut your eyes. “Thank you for saving me.”
“Did they get him?”
“Mhm. The guys that had Peter’s family too. He feels horrible apparently for doing what Hawkings told him,” said Dean, helping you sit upright. You opened your eyes, Dean running a thumb over your cheek. “Thank you.”
You smiled, narrowing your eyes when you saw a bite mark on his neck.
“You claimed me too, Omega after you ripped that freaking collar off. That’s how your pack, our pack does it, hm? We claim one another?” he said.
“I don’t remember doing that,” you said, tasting the remnants of blood in your mouth. “Sorry.”
“Don’t be,” he said.
“So no more doggie super powers?” you asked.
“Just regular old boring Alpha Dean now,” he said with a smile, tracing his finger down to your arm. “You want to go to the hospital?”
“Do I have a choice?” you laughed.
“Nope. They want to check me out and make sure I’m okay too,” he said. “Come on Omega.”
Two Weeks Later
“Y/N, you seen my socket wrench?” asked Dean, wiping off his hands as he walked out to the back patio around lunch.
“You keep losing it in the bottom drawer of the tool box,” you said, sipping on your lemonade with a smile. He smiled when he saw your father sitting there eating a sandwich. “Dean, this is my dad.”
“Hello sir. Sorry, I thought you weren’t getting in until later tonight,” said Dean, trying to clean off his hands on his shirt.
“It’s fine, Dean. I got in a little early to spend some time with my girl. She’s had a busy few months.”
“That she has,” said Dean.
“She did neglect to say she was mated on the phone though,” he said.
“It was consensual,” you said with a smile.
“I find that hard to believe,” he said, staring back at Dean.
“Dad,” you said. “Dean’s my friend, my best friend. I claimed him too.”
“I still find it hard to believe,” he said. “To be honest, I thought you’d never let an Alpha claim you.”
“Yeah well...Dean’s not any regular Alpha. Case and point, look around at what happened with the law last week,” you said.
“More rights for Omegas,” he said with a nod. “I did a bad thing to you, Y/N. I’m sorry. I hoped this family was what they said they were and you’d be safe with them. I didn’t realize you’d make a whole lot more Omegas safe too.”
“Well you could have picked a worse Alpha for me,” you said, giving Dean a smile. “I’ll show you where the wrench is.”
“Thanks sweetheart,” he said. You hummed as you followed him inside and to the garage, digging through the drawer and pulling it for him. “So, I kind of knew that was there all along.”
“I figured as much,” you said, leaning up and pecking on kiss on his lips. “Alpha.”
“Making me all fuzzy there, Omega,” he said.
“Husband,” you teased, Dean shaking his head. “I know our parents are both in for dinner tonight but tomorrow do you want to go out on a date?”
“Mhm. I like dating you,” he said.
“Normally you do the dating and then the marriage part, not the other way around,” you said.
“We’re unconventional. Sue us,” he said, kissing the tip of your nose. “I’ll be done soon and then I’ll be in to hang out with you and your dad, m’kay?”
“Sounds good, Alpha,” you said. “Don’t take too long now.”
A/N: Read the follow up spin off here!
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Tumblr media
My (@nastybuckybarnes‘) Masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Geralt of Rivia Masterlist
Tumblr media
Erik ‘BabyDaddy’‘Killmonger’ Stevens
Tumblr media
CUJO (Drabble)
Pairing: Erik ‘Killmonger’ Stevens X Reader
Summary: Erik reveals a fear that you never would’ve guessed.
Warnings: Fluff, Language, ‘N-Word’, Animals
~*~ Loki Laufeyson
Tumblr media
Pairing: Loki X Fem!Reader
Summary: The God of Mischief and Lies seems to devote every moment of every day tormenting you, insulting your ability to become a warrior, until you prove him wrong.
Warnings: Fluff, Violence, Injuries, Asshole Loki, Language, Angst, Loki Feels, Minor Ragnarok spoilers (I think)
HOSTAGE (One Shot)
Pairing: Loki X Fem!Reader
Summary: When the Avengers capture Loki again, they use a newfound weapon to try and persuade him to spill his plans, not knowing that they’ve made the biggest mistake of their lives by trying to use you against your lover. The two of you are inseparable and you? You’re far crazier than he.
Warnings: Angst, Torture, Mean Avengers, Injuries, Violence, Fluff, Angry Loki
Dean Winchester
Tumblr media
Pairing: Dean Winchester X Female!Reader
Summary: A Wendigo hunt gone wrong causes you to get injured, which leads to Dean accidentally confessing his feelings for you.
Warnings: Lil’ Bit of Angst, Violence, Injuries, Embarrassment, Flashbacks, FLUFF, 
Pairing: Alpha!Dean X Omega!Fem!Reader
Summary: Running from a crazy Alpha in a rut sends you flying into the Winchester Brothers. When they take you in and give you a place to stay for the night, you discover you have bond with the eldest that you didn’t think you’d ever get to experience.
Warnings: A/b/o Dynamics, Angst, Fluff, Soulbond, Mentions of Abuse and Rape, Language, Lil bit of Violence, Dirty Talk, Smut: Unprotected Sex, Oral Sex (Female receiving), Forced Orgasm, Squirting, Breeding Kink, Knotting, Rough Sex, Fingering, Overstimulation, Claiming,
HIS FAULT (One Shot)
Pairing: Dean X Reader
Summary: A fight with Dean leads him to say a few things that he doesn’t mean, but by the time he realizes that, you’ve made up your mind. Why would anyone want to live in a world where the person they love hates them?
Warnings: MAJOR TRIGGER WARNING!! Suicide, Self-harm, addictions (Mentioned), angst, Language
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
that @cockismybusiness ‘s funky tropey abo au
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