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I’ve been wracking my brain and can’t remember the name of the fic I’m thinking of so I thought I’d try here. (The first part of the series was complete, and the author just started a second part a couple months ago). It’s Alpha Nicole and Beta Waverly. Nicole is a bit of an ass in the beginning, but more so from her past experience with Shay having cheated on her. It’s angsty, and again a bit of out of character for Nicole, but I loved how WayHaught eventually found their way to each other.

I really don’t read ABO and I totally have not read this fic, but my best guess is you’re looking for the Purgatory community college series by Sharky456. The first fic in the series is Break up with him. I hope that’s the one you’re looking for. And if someone wants to correct me feel free.


Originally posted by xmind0vermatt3r

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The crisp, spring breeze wafted over the heavenly fragrance of an Omega. Hawks’ nose twitched as it invaded, seeming to ghost through every crevice, every material part, until it permeated his very soul. The scent of lavender and pine was overwhelming, weakening his cognitive functions. Some deeply-buried, primal urge commanded him to go forth, to find the source of such a delicious aroma. He couldn’t listen to the whispered voice chastising him, nor the pained twitch of his heart when he imagined taking this Omega by force. Their smell alone was a temptation too sweet to resist; he needed to mark them, to mate them. He didn’t stop to consider their appearance - if this was truly his Omega, as the scent appeared to claim, then perfection would breathe into them at every given moment. They couldn’t be any less than ethereal.

He abdicated a half-baked conversation with a member of the Paranormal Liberation Front, and took to the skies, searching…hunting. The Alpha inside him begged to hold this Omega, to cradle them, to perform…unspeakable acts on them. He couldn’t fight it. His head pounded, following the rhythm of his heart, but he continued to scour the city. The scent should have led him straight to the awaiting Omega, but it was muddling his senses far too much. Soon, he wasn’t even sure he would be able to fly, without falling.

Why had this tantalising smell enraptured him so, if it wasn’t even within arm’s reach?

It was powerful, inviting…but not the type produced by a heat. This Omega wasn’t desperate, they weren’t in need of sexual satisfaction…then, why did they smell so incredible?

Are they my fated mate? They have to be! I’ll find them…I’ll make them mine.

That same thought played in his mind a million times over. He couldn’t control his instincts. He wanted this Omega - his Alpha craved them. The introduction would have to be short, choppy, or better yet…bypass the entire thing, and dive straight into baby-making. He was still attempting to maintain a semblance of rational thought, but he knew that wouldn’t last. Once he found his little lost lamb, the hawk would pounce. There wouldn’t be any sugar-coating, for time would cease to exist; he and his cute Omega would lose themselves in ecstasy…they would breed. He wanted three, maybe four chicks. His Omega would be unable to refuse. Of course they would. The whole courting thing was doomed to fly out of the window. Who needed such trivial, tedious romancing, when he could just as easily breed and marry? They would bond, whether this Omega cared to or not. After all, in the current society, Alphas ruled. Hawks didn’t anywise liked this mantra, but now more than ever, it was bleeding into his reality.

He couldn’t stop it.

Not that he actually would. This was intoxicating, sovereign over all other scents…it was an Omega - his Omega, and he would be damned if he didn’t claim them. Right now.

The smoke-like trail, visible only by the carnal desire glossing over his eyes, seemed to be growing stronger, more intense. The aroma struck his heart now, with a new ferocity. He swiped his tongue across his bottom lip - he was closing in on his Omega. Maybe he would snatch them up off the ground and fly over some houses, while fucking them into oblivion? After all, the Red-Tailed Hawk (with whom he felt the most kinship) mates airborne. It didn’t cross his mind that they might be embarrassed by such a public display. They weren’t even in heat…he had established this, but still, he was desperate to breed. He neglected to consider you - the Omega he truly wanted, the one he yearned for, every waking moment.


Glancing down with passion swimming in his eyes, he saw you. How had he failed to recognise you, a flirty and vivacious resident of Deika City, solely by scent? He knew it anywhere! Was this his mind’s way of teasing him? You weren’t the typical, meek Omega, by any stretch of the imagination. If honesty spread its wings around him, then he would reluctantly admit that he was drowning in love for you. He worshipped the very ground beneath your feet, he would probably grovel and beg if only you implored him. It was spellbinding, how he was wrapped around your finger. Though, perhaps the most bizarre part was your complete ignorance. It would take an actual conversation to realise the extent of his affections.

No, he hadn’t spoken to you once. He simply…observed. It was, quite obviously, to ensure your safety, especially with the League now occupying the city. You couldn’t be stolen from him. He wouldn’t allow it. He was your destined partner - you would be foolish not to reach that conclusion alone.

You couldn’t be so blind to fate.

Despite his lust haze, he remained at a distance. This was his big opportunity…but anxiety was alighting in his system. He needed a minute to cool down. This was you, for gods’ sake, not just some random, ambrosial Omega. If he introduced himself now, so aroused and craving the soft flesh of your neck, you’d probably slap him. You were feisty, and he loved it. His feet touched the ground, but something inside him bade him to hide. The gentle smile gracing your features as a child approached you, tugged on his heartstrings. It was a sight to behold, and he felt blessed. So, incredibly blessed. The child, such a timid, little thing, held two withering flowers in his palm - a daisy and a crocus. He spoke, but Hawks wasn’t listening. He was watching. You placed warm hands atop the flowers, instructing the boy to close his eyes and count.

The colours, the life…they returned to the flowers.

You earned a hug, and Hawks almost lost himself entirely. You were masterful with children. When you conceived for him, you would be the most devoted mother. The way you cherished such fragile creatures as if they were your own…he wanted to breed you immediately. You weren’t doing anything to deflate his libido. If he attacked you now, the fault would lie with you. He would make you understand this. You wouldn’t ever tempt him, seduce him, so naughtily again.

The child dashed off, leaving you on your lonesome.


A sudden gust of wind lifted your hair, and you giggled. This strange Alpha wasn’t aware that his pheromones were being carried on the air, was he? You remembered him fondly - his out-of-control urges never managed to conquer him. You respected that. It was refreshing. It was…funny, having the Number Two Hero chasing after you. In your peripheral, you watched him stalk closer. He smelled wildly needy, like he was holding in his arousal to the breaking point. That…wasn’t healthy. It was adorable, yes, since most Alphas would pounce on sight. The scent crept into your heart. This abstinence…it was really hurting him, huh?

At least you weren’t alone. Your Omega, your entire being…it ached for him. Your pace slowed as he called out, trying to veil his whiny voice with that almost-permanent, playful façade. It didn’t appeal to you quite as much as his raw emotions would, but it was still him, and it was sexy.

“Hey, what’s such a pretty bird doing out here, all alone? An Omega, at that? It could be dangerous, y'know?” His concern was genuine, but that tone…

Batting your eyelashes at him, you replied, “But I’m not alone? I have a big, strong Alpha with me.”

He nearly choked; it took all his willpower not to fuck you right then and there. “Oh yeah? Anyone I should be worried about?”

“Hmm…nope!” You giggled, absentmindedly walking backwards.

She’s up against a wall…with no way out. Is she inviting me? Can I really take her? Right here?

He shuffled ever-closer, determination rising within - not even the air would present an obstacle soon. He would close the gap, even if it was his dying act. This setting was so intimate. Maybe…just maybe…Lady Luck would side with him today. His hand slapped the wall beside your head.

As he leaned into your body, you stroked his hair, whispering, “Don’t you know it’s rude to wear headphones when talking to someone?”

His hungry eyes darted to your lips. “I don’t, so why don’t you teach me?”

“Make me.”

Oh, he most certainly planned to.

[Word Count: 1407]

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Request: Inspired by unbeta’d, how about reader is one of the fellow Hunter, she’s beta so no one in hunting community wants to work with her. She’s forced to work with Sam & Dean, who also treat her different, like really insulting, taunting her, making fun of her, teasing. One day a witch curses Dean making him a beta permanently. He blames reader for that but eventually realizes his mistake. They make up then. Super angsty tho 

Pairing: Alpha!Dean x Beta!Reader, Alpha!Sam, Beta!Dean x Beta!Reader

Warnings: angst, Sam and Dean being douches, sad reader, mentions of sex, ABO


Always the same game. You find a case that needs more than one hunter, but no one offers his or her help.

Your last resort was Garth, the kind Alpha was the only one who ever helped you with a cases, well till he got bitten but a werewolf. Now he has got a family and he suggested two of his friends shall help you.

You hate it. Hate the way the smaller Alpha looks at you as if you are a fly on his steak or a weak little kid telling him you want take out a nest of vamps. You can see it in his eyes, he doesn’t like you and your presentation a bit.

Good thing you insisted on meeting up with them on neutral ground or they would have started to taunt you shamelessly. In public, they need to get their shit together.

At least you hope so…

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Congrats to 8k. Can I have an Alpha!Dean but he's possessed by Michael and scents an Omega. I thought of: "I never scent something that heavenly." or "You're divine."



Originally posted by hunenka

8000 Followers Drabble Prompts

Prompt: “I never scent something that heavenly.” or “You’re divine.”

Warnings: angst, ABO, scenting, kidnapping

Pairing: Michael!Dean x Reader

Word count: 515


He looks odd, and smell even odder. His clothes seem to be out of another century and you are not sure why he came to your side.

He just stands next to you, head cocked he looks at you - confusion written all over his face.

“Why do you smell so odd? I don’t think I like it.” The Alpha scrunches up his nose, still unsure how to react to your closeness as his words come out as a low purr.

Offended you whine, stepping away from the tall Alpha. He doesn’t seem to recognize he caused distress until he steps closer to you and he can sense sadness.

“Why do you want to cry?” His nose buries into your hair and you shriek, stumbling backward.

Before you can fall to the ground you find yourself in the Alpha’s arms and his expression changes from confused to curious.

“I don’t know what it is, but you’re divine to me.”

Nervously giggling you look up at the Alpha who still didn’t let go of you.

“I don’t think you meant divine. Rather plain. You should go for the girls over there.” Pointing toward a group of Omega’s who eyed the tall Alpha since he entered the bar you give him a sly smile.

“No.” His posture changes.

Your words seem to make him angry. Prepared for an outburst or even violence you gasp as he scoops you into his arms to press his face into your neck.

“I never scent something that heavenly.”

“You can’t just pick me up and do things like that. The bartender is close to calling the cops. Let me back down.”

“I can’t. I want you…” Purrs leave the Alpha’s lips and you wonder why he seems to be unsure what to do with you. “I don’t know how to handle what I feel. Do I feel…no…it’s more like…”

“Instinct?” He’s pressing his noses into your hair, inhaling your scent deeply.

“You act as if you never have been with an Omega before. You are way too old to not know about how to act around an Omega.”

“I am not from here…” As if his words would explain everything the Alpha walks toward the exit. “I’ll take you with me until I know what to do with you.”

“What?” Now you push against his chest, call for help but the next moment you lie on a comfortable bed with silky sheets. “You can’t just kidnap me!”

“Not kidnap…keep you safe. My vessel yearns for you. I can feel his animalistic side wants to mate with you.”

“Vessel? What are you…” Shrieking you must watch the man’s eyes flash blue and then wings fill the room. “Angel…you are an angel?”

Whimpering you look up at the man as he steps closer to slide his hand over your cheek.

“So soft and warm. I want to feel what Dean felt.”

“Dean…” The name rolls off your tongue and you feel a warm feeling pool in your belly as you look at the angel but the Alpha inside him looks back at you.

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Prompt 18:

Harry and Louis after a meeting in the forest realize that they are soul mates. A forbidden love can only lead to an inevitable war.


Louis is an omega promised to the alpha of his pack. Harry (alpha) is the leader of the strongest pack in the entire United Kingdom.

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Summary: On an endless mission to take out people for Hydra the assets scent’s you, the one thing he never thought he’ll be able to find – his true mate.

Pairing: (Alpha!)Winter Soldier x Omega!Reader, OFC’s

Warnings: ABO, ABO dynamics, angst, brainwashed Bucky, scared reader, scenting, comforting, protective Winter Soldier, fighting, characters death, violence, blood, bad use of Russian language, implied attempted sexual assault (not Bucky; nothing happens - rather a threat)

A/N: Bucky can’t speak correctly in the beginning due to drugs they gave him to make him more compliant and suppress his Alpha instinct. This is non-canon compatible. Takes place after ‘CA: TWS’. For my story, they captured Bucky again, but he had clear moments and hid it from his tormentors.


This day is nothing special. It’s like any other day in your life. You get up, shower, have breakfast and get ready to go to your little shop downtown.

To others your life may seem boring – but you love it exactly that way. Staying to yourself most of the time, spending your free time finding new and exotic flowers for your shop you live your dream.

All the other Omega’s you know yearn for a mate, want nothing more than pups and to get claimed but you like to live in your little bubble. A free spirit, free Omega – free will.

“Nice day, Y/N. Sun is warming.” Your elder neighbor and fellow shop owner chuckles as you give him a warm smile. “Did you get the orchid for my wife?”

“I got it, Chester. I can bring it over during lunch break. Have a great day and many customers!” Giggling you wave at your neighbor, unbeknown that a pair of blue eyes watch your every step. 

“What do you get for it, Sweetie?” Chester asks and you shake your head, smiling at the elder man. 

“Nothing, Chester. It’s a gift for your wife. I ordered too many daisies. I will bring you a bouquet too. Later.”

Waving at Chester, not telling him you know his shop is in trouble and that he can pay you the orchid or flowers for his wife’s birthday you enter your shop.

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How about doing an omegaverse with seulrene where joohyun gives her alpha who is in an rut a lap dance and from there you know...

Keep in mind i have never written omegaverse before but i’ll try my best!!

Joohyun smirked when the scent of Seulgi’s strong pheromones hit her. She was straddling her alpha, and gently swatting her hands away every time Seulgi tried to touch her. 

Seulgi tried her very best to remain calm, but it was difficult with the way Joohyun was grinding on her. Joohyun untied her hair, letting it flow freely over her shoulders before unbuttoning her shirt, teasing Seulgi with each patch of skin she uncovered. She heard the alpha let out a low growl, and the sound made her own blood boil. Indeed, while it may have been Seulgi who was in a rut, it didn’t mean that Joohyun herself wasn’t needy.

Once her shirt was off, Joohyun continued swaying to the rhythm of the music. She was now almost bare, her panties being the only piece of clothing she still wore. Seulgi, however, was in her work attire, her slacks and button-up shirt still in place.

-Hyun, stop teasing me…

Joohyun smirked again, nibbling on Seulgi’s ear, hearing her gasp.

-Is my strong alpha begging for me already?

Seulgi smiled at the tone of her wife’s voice. Joohyun had always been bossy, and Seulgi loved it. 

Although, sometimes, Seulgi just had to tease her by disobeying.

Joohyun yelped when Seulgi’s hands gripped her hips, lifting her up to press her back against the mattress, her legs automatically wrapping around Seulgi’s waist.


-Who’s close to begging now, Hyun?

The couple smiled at each other, eyes warm with lust and love as they kissed deeply, hands all over the other, scents mixing.

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sorry in advance for the heavy subject but... angst... richie wakes up one night and the first thing he notices is that eddie isn’t next to him. the second thing he notices is the sound of someone crying, so he peeks in the bathroom like “baby? whats wr- ... oh, eddie, oh god” and eddie is sitting propped up by the bath and theres blood on the floor between his legs. he looks up at richie with tears in his eyes and sobs “richie - i- i’m so sorry, i did everything i was supposed to -

- - and i- i didn’t mean to i’m so sorry i’m so-“ and richie drops to the floor and pulls him into a hug and rubs his back as he whispers “it’s okay, honey, calm down for me. it’s okay, i love you. i love you” and eddie starts babbling “i got through with lee and will and the twins okay i don’t know whats wrong with me this time i’m so -“ and richie cuts him off like “baby, stop apologizing. let me clean you up and we’ll talk in the morning”

Oh god we’ve come full circle with the miscarriage HCs 🥺 This is literally heartbreaking. I cannot imagine how painful it must be to be pregnant with a child you want so badly and have something like that happen

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Would Eddie let other people see Lee? I think it would depend on who and when like if it’s Richie yeah he’s dad so all the time but I don’t think for a couple weeks the losers and then maybe a month or so later he would let other people see her (babies r supposed to be isolated with only the parents for a bit) and also Richie might be a bit protective of the both of them ngl

I feel like the protectiveness wouldn’t extend to the losers though, they’re family. Stan at the very least would definitely be able to come see the baby after she’s born

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I could see Eddie being nervous about having pups at first and being scared often waking Richie up at odd hours crying and Richie trying to comfort him a bit but also feeling odd like y tf am I getting emotional for this but in the end it’s worth it

Having a baby is probably terrifying tbh so I respect Eddie’s feelings

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ok but when richie DOES finally get on board with having another kid he’s so into it and excited cuz now he knows how good it is so him and eddie are just always going at it and anticipating it richie is all over eddie and while they’re trying he’s just “oh that’s it Bambi I’m gonna fill you up. Come on my little prince, are you going to give me another little god? Yeah that’s right I’m gonna come deep inside you and then your going to give me a baby, your god commands it”

Tbh this is what makes me the most feral about the a.b.o au, like I’m writing this section of that prompt fill rn (which, side note, sorry it’s taking me so long. My life has been…. crazy lately. Not that any of you are surprised by this) and I fucking. Love the idea that Eddie would go from like freaked out to enthusiastically wanting more kids and getting off on the idea of Richie getting him pregnant. Begging for it even, because it’s a privilege. “Please, God, please, let me give you another baby, fill me up, make me pregnant.” Maximum boner

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(Cult au/ abo)Richie has domesticated wolves so I could imagine them getting very clingy to Eddie as well because he’s always with Richie but one day Eddie doesn’t come to pet them and say good morning so they start sniffing around their room to find Eddie and Richie chuckles and lets the two in the room before they jump on the bed to wake a very pregnant and tired Eddie up after that they keep him and the baby company by staying near Eddie

What better to protect your pregnant spouse than domesticated wolves truly

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Eddie lowkey being excited to get pregnant is so funny like every morning he looks in the mirror for any change what so ever indicating he’s pregnant and Richie always comes in and hugs him saying “it’ll happen soon Bambi” until Eddie notices a little curve of his stomach and fucking tackles Richie to go get a test

I feel like this is pretty highkey excited

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Eddie would probably not leave his nest after just having Lee Richie I feel would be surprised for someone who broke his bed rest rule again and again to not want to walk around a bit but it’s literally his instinct to nest with his baby and it’s makes Richie laugh when he’s cuddled up in the dark with blankets with Lee

Would he let other people in to see her?

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YG (omega) HS (alpha)


Yoongi couldn’t take it anymore. He was restraining himself all morning to not cry out in pain in any class, he just limited himself to making discreet moans…

Well, for Taehyung they weren’t that discreet. He knew right away what was wrong with Yoongi, he was in heat! Then he took a small vibrator from his backpack that he had used with Jungkook on one of his sex nights and wrote a note, then discreetly put it in Yoongi’s backpack. He knew he would go to the bathroom after class…

Yoongi ran with his things to the bathroom as soon as he played for the break. He closed the door and entered one of the booths.

His face was very red and his mouth was heaving with pain. The little omega was desperate. He had no option, he urgently had to call his father to bring him suppressors for heat, as shameful as it was for a 10th grade boy…

The cell phone was in the front pocket of the backpack, when he opened it he noticed that yes, there was the cell phone but also a small blue vibrator with a note attached. Yoongi took it and read the note

“I noticed that you are in a lot of pain because of heat and that you probably forgot to take the suppressors haha ​​but here you have a little gift from me (which Jungkook gave me) to help you a little. Yes, I already used it but it is a little small and I don’t like the little ones. Before you ask, yes, I cleaned it. Now it’s yours and I really hope it helps you…

I love you so much, kitty

TaeTae ”


Yoongi gave a silly but weak smile

-Thanks Taehyung…

Maybe Yoongi was through with another painful day. He pulled down his pants and boxers with a fluffy white kitten tail, along with a groan of pain.

His member and his pink entrance were throbbing with pain and desire. He looked again at the little vibrator in his hand and sighed, he had to at least calm the pain by the end of the afternoon.

Then, with pity and despair, he shoved the damn inside himself. He forced his mouth shut so as not to let out a cry that was so painful that the gesture was… Still in pain and with patience he connected the vibrator via Bluetooth with his cell phone and as painful as it was, it was also pleasurable. That vibrator was very good indeed, Taehyung left a pearl behind. He also began to masturbate in the hope of calming some more.

A few minutes passed and footsteps could be heard, then a faucet turned on and a whistle sounded throughout the bathroom. Yoongi frightened stopped masturbating and panting in the hope of whoever was inside, would leave. It was then that Yoongi unexpectedly increased the vibrator’s power by accident… and ended up moaning loudly.

As a result, the harmonious whistle stopped and became a voice that Yoongi could distinguish even from afar

-Who’s there? - it was Hoseok, the alpha Yoongi was in love with

Despair went to Yoongi’s head, Hoseok couldn’t see him like that. Again, something unexpected happens, Hoseok somehow opens the door to Yoongi’s cabin.

-Hi!!...- Hoseok looks at the omega from top to bottom and is surprised by the scene- my god sorry! I think I interrupted something

Yoongi was all embarrassed, with his face all flushed, his member not so hidden behind his hand and the cell phone with clearly an image of the vibrator and its power levels. He couldn’t say a word…

Just frighten the younger alpha Hoseok wanted to leave but was completely immobilized. The lavender scent of the little omega was very strong, it could make any alpha bend over him. Then Hoseok realized that it was a heat.

The omega was suffering, it was possible to see a small tear in the corner of Yoongi’s eye.

-Look, I noticed that you are in heat and I will help you- said the alpha closing the door- do you trust me?

-Y-yes- finally Yoongi says something. As much as he liked Hoseok he really needed help. He needed to have sex and put an end to the damn thing-… but first I need to get my vibrator out of me, give me a second …

-Okay little boy -Hoseok spoke very calmly so as not to rush Yoongi. Heat is very delicate, especially for Omegas like him.

After several groans of pain and grumbling from the small kitten hybrid, Hoseok pulls his member out of his pants, which has also been pulsing since the alpha smelled Yoongi.

-Do you prefer to be on my lap or standing? - Hoseok asked

-On the lap, I can’t stand up anymore … it hurts a lot! - Yoongi begged almost whimpering

-Ok then, you can come to my lap- Hoseok gestured for Yoongi to sit on his large bare thighs.

When he sat down, Yoongi noticed that the alpha’s legs were very soft and comfortable, let’s say the omega even felt safe sitting there.

-Yoongi, this is going to hurt a lot but I’m going to penetrate, hold on there, okay?

-O..ok -Yoongi agreed and closed his eyes tightly, rested his head on Hoseok’s neck and hugged him tightly, he was a little afraid. It was a matter of seconds for Hoseok to penetrate the little boy…

-AAAAAHHH!!! - omega felt the biggest pain of his life while shivering hugging the alpha

-You are fine? - Hoseok wanted to check if the omega was okay, the way he shouted, he supposed it must have been quite a pain…

Yoongi gasped for a few seconds until he got used to the alpha member inside, with time the pain slowly subsided.

-Yes, I’m fine… I think you can start

Yoongi gave Hoseok permission to start the movements. The alpha chose to go lightly first, with light thrusts. The omega meowed and moaned slyly, apparently the pain was starting to disappear and Yoongi was feeling pleasure again.


Hoseok assumed that he could increase his movements and started to go harder, also masturbating Yoongi’s pink member.

The omega did not hesitate to moan a little louder, in fact, his penis was also his weak point and easily became a source of pleasure.

Suddenly, Yoongi felt a weak and warm bite on his neck, Hoseok wanted to mark it. The two looked at each other, Yoongi was confused and Hoseok feared he had done something he shouldn’t have done.

The omega smiles and unexpectedly kisses the alpha’s lips. If Hoseok was delirious with Yoongi’s lavender scent, imagine it with his lips.

Yoongi’s lips were like the eighth wonder of the world for the alpha, they tasted sweet, it felt like a mixture of candy flavors that are sold in theme parks

Yoongi was delighted with the explosion of sensations that Hoseok was awakening in himself with simple gestures. If they were in love before, then they could get married!

The omega began to roll his ass willingly on the alpha’s member, moaning like crazy and again, with great desire.

Kiss here, kiss there and madness all over their bodies.

-Ho-hoseok, I-I’m going to cum! - Yoongi warns, he was reaching his limit

-I‘m going to cum too aaah!! - Hoseok was just seconds away from cumming inside Yoongi

Suddenly, both reached a climax and a mixture of loud moans and gasps could be heard. They tied the knot. The alpha member’s head swelled and the omega’s entrance pinned him for a few seconds.

Hoseok removes his member from Yoongi with ease and sperm too. His abdomen was dirty with Yoongi’s sweet white sperm. Tasted a little bit of the fluid and almost died from love, everything in Yoongi was just perfect and sweet, even the sperm

Both get up and compose, returning to what they were long minutes ago…

-Thanks Hoseok, without you I could almost hear a beating from my father, thanks … I’m going- Yoongi thanked a little blush

Before he can leave that bathroom, Hoseok says:

-You’re welcome kitten… I was here thinking and… Do you want to come to my house after school? If you don’t mind, of course!

-Well, I think I have some free time after school… Okay, wait for you at the school entrance?

-No, I wait! Hahaha

Yoongi chuckles along with a gingival smile and they both leave that place

-Well, see you soon, bye


The two go on their way to the respective classrooms they should be at. Each with a smile on his face.

One for doing something with the one he least expected and loved, called Jung Hoseok

And another for finally being in love and helping a docile and helpless omega named Min Yoongi


Do you want part 2?

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Eddie’s always rendered speechless when he first gets to hold his babies after they’ve been all cleaned up and swaddled cus he can always tell which features are his and which are Richie’s, and his mind is just a constant loop of “Richie and I made that. He came inside me and my body MADE this whole other living being from our DNA”. It always strengthens his love for Richie in a way he didn’t even think was possible cus he gets to hold this tiny snuffling product of their love in his arms

“Richie’s nut grew into this tiny perfect little person”

No I’m jk this is extremely wholesome and I absolutely agree Eddie would be so enamored with the fact that they created a tiny person, and that’s why I think he’d just want to immediately get pregnant again and make more little products of their love

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