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Mineta is tiny and overprotective so he sleeps in the crib with his pup(s)

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Mineta gives birth to his and Shoujis pup and shes HUGE, as Shouji comes and sees Mineta holding her and the first thing his mate does is look him dead in the eyes, holding a pup thats almost the size of the omega, and he simply says-

“You did this to me.”

He barely lets Shouji hold her bc “hes the one who had to push an entire middle schooler out of his body, he gets all the holding and love for awhile”

(Shouji does eventually get to hold her though, Mineta isn’t completely heartless)

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oof strawberry anon, right in my feels 🥺🥺 I love how it turns into softness and movies bc that’s what he deserves 😌❤ Todo definitely needs a lot of reassurance bc that matter definitely still fucks with him, like he feels so useless as an Omega, fearing bf will go eventually, but bby noooo he loves you oof 🥺🥺😭💟

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Commissioned by @safire19

She asked me to draw an upcoming scene for her Dinluke Fic, so here’s a moment from shortly after Vader tortured Din to incentivize Luke to use the Force.

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Omegaverse Perfumes

Perfumes are definitely used by everyone! They aren’t as strong as natural scents so they can’t really hide it. I think of them as an addition to natural scent. 💗


They definitely like perfumes, especially ones with strong smells like woods, sage, smoky aroma, etc. Alphas with more sweet scents can be obsessed with using lots of perfume to balance it out. It doesn’t mask their own scent but others can tell they are wearing a nice perfume


As Betas have the faintest scents, they will be the ones literally showering in perfumes so they can kind of match Alpha or Omega natural scents. It is very common for feminine Betas to go for super sweet perfume scents to kind of emulate Omega scent. Everyone knows it’s a perfume but it smells nice. Same goes for Betas who wish to appear more masculine - they go for Alpha scents.


Omegas have the strongest sense of smell. They are extremely picky of the perfumes they wear. The perfume has to linger to their natural scent but never overpower it. Omegas usually go for lighter, sweet, flowery aromas to go with their natural scents.

P.S.The dynamics can perfectly distinguish between natural and perfume. However, the perfume industry is booming as everyone loves smelling good scents around them, especially since they have heightened sense of smell 🌸

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Omegaverse Reproductive Systems

I have been getting a lot of requests regarding the physical differences between the sexes in omegaverse. I have given a lot of thought and consideration to that issues. I came to the conclusion that:

My AU:

• Males have penises and can impregnate

• Females have wombs and can get pregnant

This applies equally to Alphas, Betas, and Omegas

Other AUs: I am also aware that many AUs portray both male and female Alphas as having a male reproductive system and both male and female Omegas as having a female reproductive system. If that is the way you prefer it, by all means please feel free to read my hc and fics that way. I usually leave such details blank and focus on more general issues, so readers can choose how to interpret the story, anyway.

My reasoning: The main reason I don’t feel like sticking to that pattern is because I find it too heteronormative. Alphas are basically the men of society, since both males and females can impregnate. Omegas are the women, since they are the ones getting pregnant, regardless of their sex. I want to make it more flexible…

Omega doesn’t have to equal a mother and Alpha - a father

I prefer giving Alpha women the choice to be females, if they choose to. And Omega males, the choice to be males. Of course, they can choose not to adhere to their biology and Alpha females can choose to act more like males and Omega males can choose to be the mother figure.

When you have the Alphas on top of the chain function entirely as men, that doesn’t do much for female empowerment. So I like to think that Alpha females have the female reproductive organs.

Trans people: I also receive many questions regarding trans people and how they fit into this. I fee like they will fit into society just like they do in the real world. They would be Alphas, Betas, Omegas that identify with the opposite sex from the one they were assigned at birth. My point is they will function normally.

(I am not trans myself so I don’t feel like it is appropriate for me to go into much detail)

P.S. I hope this answers some questions about my AU. At the end of the day, you can choose to read my blog in any way you desire, as these details are not central to my hc and fics.

✨ Please don’t cancel me again ✨

I wish you all a wonderful week! 💗

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Xbox Game Pass: Weitere Highlights im Januar

Xbox Game Pass: Weitere Highlights im Januar

Xbox Game Pass: Weitere Highlights im Januar
Im Rahmen der Game Awards im Dezember zahlreiche neue Spiele angekündigt, deren Erscheinungsdatum täglich näher rückt – und es stoßen stetig weitere Titel hinzu. Wenn das mal kein Grund zur Freude ist! Finde in diesem Artikel heraus, was Dich schon bald erwartet.
Bald im Xbox Game Pass:

21. Januar – Control (PC)
21. Januar – Desperados III (Android,…


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Hello! Please don’t shy away! 💗

In my AU, couples are primarily monogamous. They can only have one mate. Consequently, Omegas can only be claimed by one Alpha or have a bond with one Beta/Omega at the time.

This is absolutely not the norm and many other AUs have multiple mates and partners.

Here is some more information on the subject:

Claim Mark Headcanons

Can there be more than one claim mark?

A/B/O Bonds - Strongest to Weakest

Hope that helps! 😊

Enjoy your week!

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A Word on Omega Scent Changes

No, they won’t lose their natural scent. 🌸

However, their scent will slightly change to reflect that emotion. With trauma/stress/fear, the Omega’s scent would become more bitter or spicy to reflect that something is not right.

Once they calm down, their scent will come back to normal.

This mechanism enables others, especially friends and mates, to be able to tell when their Omega friend/mate isn’t feeling well or when they are truly scared.

This change in Omega scents kicks off a strong reaction from Alphas who would naturally want to protect the Omega in distress.

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Omegaverse Wolf Transformations

Hello! A warm welcome to the omegaverse world from me! 😊

Wolf transformation definitely depends on the AU. Imagine a spectrum. I have seen AUs with the dynamics being close to real people and others where they are literal werewolves. It depends on the writer.

In my AU, the dynamics can go feral when they are super angry or feel threatened. Imagine feral expressions, claws, super strength, teeth, glowing eyes, howling, etc. However, only some have the ability to actually shapeshift. Being able to transform into a wolf/werewolf symbolizes supreme control over your inner wolf. Of course, Alphas would have a lot more agressive and dominant feral expression than Betas and Omegas. That includes more physical strength, bigger claws, sharper teeth, etc. Betas follow and Omegas come last.

I definitely envision my AU as having that werewolf resemblance but not too extreme. Since omegaverse comes from wolf nature and has all the aspects - heats/ruts, packs, dynamics, scents, mating, etc - I feel like that needs to be honored when creating the AU. Plus, I am a sucker for wolf romance fiction and just have to have that element in (even if I don’t always bring it up in my headcanons).

Hope that helps! Enjoy exploring omegaverse and have fun! 💗

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Thank you so much! 💗🌸

I don’t have a public A/B/O account on Pinterest as of now.

But if you are interested in seeing one, I will definitely make one!!!

Please let me know 😊 I would love to!

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Hello! 💖

I normally do general omegaverse headcanons and character x reader from the POV of the reader. I haven’t done any character x character fics yet.

However, if you have an idea, let me know and if I am familiar with the characters and the fandom I might try my best to create one for you. 😊

Enjoy your day!

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Omegaverse Royalties

Alpha/Omega Arranged Royal Marriage Headcanons

• Arranged marriages are very common between royal Alphas and Omegas

• Usually, they are used to form an alliance or unify regions/kingdoms

• Beta arranged marriages exist, too. However, are not as common

• The arranged marriages are traditionally created by the parents

• They take the time to pick a suitable partner for their child in a politically appropriate manner

• By tradition the Alpha child of an Alpha king/Queen regent will be set up with a royal Omega

• The match making process can be quite complex and involve many aspect - traits of the future mate, political advantages, attractiveness, fertility, etc

• Royal families with attractive Omega princesses and princes are more likely to secure a marriage to another powerful family

• An Alpha King/Queen regent with an Omega child and no Alpha heirs would most definitely find them an Alpha mate who would take over the kingdom/region in the future

• Balls are organized nized to let young royal Alphas and Omegas meet each other

• Once the match has been created, there is still a courting process

• Even though the parents of the future couple have decided to marry their children, an appropriate courting process is expected to ensure that the Alpha and the Omega actually enjoy each other’s company

• The future mates would likely get to know each other before the marriage

• Heirs are traditionally expected in the future by both families

• The Alpha is expected to take the role of a leader and the Omega of a consort and partner

• The family of the Omega can choose to reject the request if they deem the Alpha rude or inappropriate

• The family of the Alpha can also choose to break the engagement for political or personal reasons

• The weddings are very luxurious and extravagant as are all royal weddings

• Omegas typically wear gowns and Alphas wear suits

• After the wedding is over, a mating process would follow where the Alpha claims the Omega

• The mating process is private and follows the marriage consummation tradition

• Traditional wedding ceremonies vary depending on the culture and place

• In the end, they all symbolize the same element - a union between powerful families that has occurred through the marriage of their children

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Omega 1950s Headcanons

• Omegan life in the 1950s was incredibly different from life today in 2021

• The life of Omegas in the 1950s depends largely on which culture/country we are exploring

• In some places depending on the political regime, Omegas would be in the workforce as workers as early as the 1930s

• Omegas were able to vote in most countries; however, they were not as involved in politics as today

• Legally, depending on the region, some could be somewhat independent. The majority needed Alpha guardians to open bank accounts and would transfer property to their Alpha mates

• In Western culture, during the 1950s, Omegas were primarily housewives/househusbands and homemakers

• There were expections. Omegas working in medicine, nursing, education would have had more serious careers than most

• Were they expected to leave their job as a nurse/teacher once they got mated? Probably yes…

• Omegas in the workforce were also underpaid compared to Betas, especially Alphas

• In the 1950s, Alphas were appointed to leader and powerful positions, while Betas filled in the lower ranks

• Omegas were expected to be homemakers and raise their children. Femininity was highly valued

• The 1950s were very traditional and conservative

• Couples would have many children

• Traditional dynamic couples were encouraged. Alphas with Omegas and Betas with other Betas

• Omegas would mainly take care of their house, raise their children, and indulge in homemaking hobbies, such as baking, sewing, cooking, etc.

• Omegas were definitely not financially or socially independent like today; however, it was not all bad

• Credit has to be given to some good aspects

• Omegas were less stressed in school/workplace and had more time for self-care and leisure activities

• I am also inclined not to believe the notion that all Omegas were violently oppressed and that all Alphas were abusive

• It can be argued that Alphas weren’t oppressing their mates, that was just their culture for the time being. As society evolved and Omegas entered the workforce and political lives, most Alphas were on board and very supportive

• Norms and cultural expectations change

• This societal structure was the norm for many years and many Omegas actually enjoyed it

• Lucky for all Omegas, today we can choose if we want to be homemakers, have a career, or balance both

• The 1950s are over

• Today Omegas are not solely housewives/househusbands and mostly all have careers and bring in incomes. There is no wage gap

• Omegas don’t have to choose between children and a career. They can have both 💖

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Omegaverse Pre Society Headcanons

• Pre-society omegaverse looked very different from modern society

• Society was largely organized into packs (sort of like tribes) instead of cities and countries

• Packs had a stricter hierarchy and were larger than today

• A pack might contain a few Alphas with their Omega mates and many Beta couples. One Alpha always being the Alpha of the Alphas and leading the pack

• This sort of pack intertwining was created to ensure that packs are stronger and survive against other packs in the wild. More Alphas and more members in general equal strength

• Arranged marriages between packs in order to create a pact/alliance/non-violence treaty were common

• For examples, a weaker pack would look to mate their unmated Omega with an Alpha leader or even an Alpha member of a stronger pack in order to unite the two into one pack

• Equally strong packs that tend to be rivals might choose to marry one of their Omegas to one of the other pack’s Alpha to create a non-violence agreement, but without combing the packs

• Pre-society was definitely a struggle for survival

• Military training

• Modern medicine hasn’t been developed yet and mortality rates were higher, especially during childbirth

• Life expectancy was lower and since battles were common many Alphas would die pretty young

• Diseases and infections were largely untreated

• There were no actual laws so it was up to a pack to decide how to treat its members

• As the weakest dynamic, Omegas were at the bottom of the chain so it was up to their own packs to protect them and take care of them

• A strong pack can be identified by having lots of Omegas. It has ultimately created the safe space for the flourish meant of the most gentle dynamic, which means the pack has its house in order

• As a pack lost its prime Alpha (and consequently their Omega mate) it would be considered as dying. Therefore, the remainder of the pack would seek ways to join another

• In successful packs, as the head Alpha grew older, they would pass on their title to their Alpha children

• If none are present, they would pass the leadership to other Alpha families inside the pack

• If there are no other Alphas, the pack would have to make an alliance and join another Alpha’s pack to ensure survival

• Betas were the most common dynamic and made about 80-90% of the packs. They were the pilars for pack survival long-term

• Beta females were close to Omegas in status and were expected to be the parents, gatherers, homemakers of the pack

• Most medics were Betas

• Soldiers were Alphas and Betas; never Omegas

• Many packs were nomadic and moved around in camps, especially during wartime

• Times were barbaric and brutal in a sense. The strongest packs survived while the weakest died off

• As time passed, kingdoms and then nations began to formally form

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Beta Sex Headcanons

• Beta sex life is very similar to normal human interactions

• Male Betas don’t have knots and female Betas don’t produce slick, even though they do self-lubricate

• Betas DO have CYCLES

• Betas have ruts/heats. Females have heats and males have ruts

• They can be described as periods of 4-6 days of increased sexual libido every 3-4 months

• Female Betas, like female Omegas, have periods (completely omitting periods in omegaverse is unnatural and makes no sense biologically)

• However, Beta heats/ruts aren’t nearly as painful and uncontrollable as Alpha ruts and Omega heats

• They are something of a light version of them. Betas still experience some discomfort and slight pain if they do not act on their sexual impulses

• As per usual, fertility is increased during these times

• Betas can be both dominant and submissive, largely depending on their personalities

• It is a misconception that Betas aren’t as sexual as Alphas and Omegas. That is simply not true. Betas just aren’t as vocal about their sexual lives as Alphas and Omegas

• Betas have the same sexual impulses and do love to indulge in sexual activities. They just don’t have the rational-thought-blocking mechanisms, present in the other two dynamics

• Betas are normal in every sexual aspect

• They enjoy the same sex positions as the other dynamics

• Betas also use protection during intercourse if they aren’t planning on having a child

• Betas can have sex with other Betas, Alphas, or Omegas

• Betas are generally less equipped to take Alpha knots and might experience greater pain/discomfort than Omegas

• Some Omegas might prefer to sleep with Betas if they are not fans of the knot idea

• Male Betas are not small in size down there at all, maybe just compared to Alphas

• The stereotypes are that female Betas kind of emulate Omega behavior and are more submissive in the bedroom, while male Betas act like Alphas and are more dominant

• That is not always the case

• Some Betas love to switch depending on their mood and partner

• When you take out the wild heats/ruts and the knots, Beta sex life is similar to Alpha/Omega sex activities

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No More Suppressants: Omega Living with an Alpha Crush Roommate Headcanons

• For whatever reason, the Alpha and the Omega have decided that it is a good idea to be roommates and share a place

• The Alpha definitely knows that they are living with an Omega. Keeping that a secret from an Alpha roommate is almost impossible

• Since the Omega is on suppressants, they don’t have to worry about awkward situations during the Omega’s heats

When the Alpha is on their rut, the Omega might have to find another place for a few days

• The two have liked each other for some time now but neither would act on their feelings

• Maybe partly because they want to defy expectations, imposed on them by their friends and family

• Once the two move in together, basically everyone is telling them how they will fall in love and mate eventually

• The two are so determined to remain just friends that they pretend there’s nothing between them

• The Omega’s suppressants are definitely helping the situation. No sweet Omega scent to tempt the Alpha

• Despite the fact that the Omega is on strong suppressants and has no heat or scent, the Alpha still finds them attractive and has a crush on them

• For whatever reason, at one point the Omega isn’t able to get access to those suppressants anymore

• As soon as the Omega is off suppressants, years of suppressed heats come crashing down

• The Omega is in excruciating pain and having the gorgeous Alpha they like so much in the same house as they definitely isn’t helping

• The Alpha’s scent is everywhere and is literally killing the Omega to the point where they will literally beg the Alpha roommate to take them out of their pain

• Needless to say, the Alpha is tempted by the sweet Omega scent that now is filling the entire house

• The Alpha might as wel be tempted by the Devil himself

• The Alpha is in love with the Omega and there is nothing they want more than to just bend over the Omega and fuck them for 7 days straight through their heat

• But the Alpha knows that Omegas can’t give consent during heats and it is too late now to confess feelings

• Engaging in a sexual act now feels like taking advantage of the Omega and the Alpha doesn’t wish to do that

• The only thing the Alpha would hate more than letting the Omega suffer is the Omega thinking they raped them and losing all respect

• Their relationship status would now have to wait until the heat is over

• The Alpha tries to help as much as possible through non-sexual acts like feeding the Omega, giving them cold baths, providing water and painkillers, etc

Would non-sexual acts be enough to relieve years of suppressed heats?

Can the Alpha control themself throughout the entire heat?

If they are true mates, how didn’t the suppressants malfunction earlier?

• The Omega is trying to confess their love through the worst of their heat

• The Alpha believes that truly; however, they choose not to act upon it and talk about it after the heat

• Needles to say, the two will confess their love and get together after they talk things through after the heat is over

• The Omega has enormous respect and is very grateful that the Alpha chose to wait and didn’t take advantage of them

• The experience brings them closer together

• You know they are spending next heat together ;)

• The Omega couldn’t be happier to be off the drugs and finally free to explore their Omega nature

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Alpha Father Meeting Omega Daughter’s Alpha Headcanons

• I certainly hope that the Omega daughter introduced her Alpha boyfriend to her family before they mated

• Otherwise, the Alpha dad would be extremely angry that his little girl didn’t get his approval/didn’t even introduce her Alpha before bonding

• If an Omega is a huge daddy’s girl, she will definitely introduce the Alpha beforehand

• The Alpha dad is extremely on edge and overprotective of his little Omega daughter, not just when meeting her boyfriend but throughout her whole life

• She may be old enough to find a mate now but she will ALWAYS be his little girl

• The dad feels jealous and anxious. What if he doesn’t like the Alpha? What if he isn’t good enough for his daughter?

• As an Alpha himself, the father knows all downsides of the Alpha nature and truly worries for his Omega daughter

• On another note, he is also a bit jealous. Up til now, he was the head Alpha in his daughter’s life and now another Alpha is taking his place

• He is selfish of his daughter in a way

• The daughter would of course ensure her dad over and over again that just because she might find a mate some day, that doesn’t mean her dad will ever lose his status in her life

• He will always be her Alpha dad and she will be his little girl

• The Alpha dad puts aside all emotions and tries to remain cool and level-headed

• The pressing matter currently is to find out if the Alpha is good enough for his daughter

Mind you that the Alpha boyfriend is probably terrified of meeting his Omega’s Alpha father

• When the Omega introduces the two Alphas, the dad runs a literal background check and a full psychological evaluation within minutes of the conversation

• He asks all the right questions, getting to know the guy and what his intentions are with his daughter

• The Alpha dad keeps a cool front and acts friendly as social etiquette requires

• Much for the benefit of his daughter. He wouldn’t want to cause a scene in front of her

• However, you can bet that he will find a way to be alone with the Alpha boyfriend and have a serious talk with him

• Especially if he feels like things between the two are serious and might lead to a bond

• The Alpha dad might or might not threaten the boyfriend a bit here and there to get him to behave and treat his girl right

• The dad makes it clear that if he hurts his little girl, he will literally kill him

• The father is an Alpha after all and will defend his family

• For an Alpha, letting their Omega child into the hands of another Alpha is one of the most painful and nerve-wrecking stages of life

• On a lighter note, there are two general reaction

• The father either completely hates the boyfriend after the meeting and warns his daughter against dating him

• If the dad is strict enough, he might even forbid the couple from meeting

• The second reaction would be that the Alpha dad is kinda okay with the new mate (which translates to he will definitely love him in the future)

• The Alpha dad would never admit to liking the guy right away, he will just tolerate him. Which tells the Omega daughter that it is a positive reaction

• In the future, if all is well, the dad and the boyfriend might develop a sort of a friendship and find common interests

• As long as the Alpha boyfriend respects his daughter and treats her well, the dad would be happy

• Obviously the daughter keeps her relationship with her dad even when she is mated. That’s not even a question

• The Alpha dad will always watch over his girl - when first meeting her boyfriend, to 5 years into a relationship, 20 years with 2 kids, and so on

• If the Alpha mate ever fails the Omega, she will always have her dad to back her up

• For now, if his little girl is happy, he is happy as well

• But damn it hurts to see your little girl leave the nest

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