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Tumblr media
din djarin x f! reader summary: din finds out it’s your birthday. notes: pure fluff, maybe a little suggestive at the end word count: 1.9k
Tumblr media
“Where’re we off to this time, Mando?” you asked as he returned to the Razor Crest, a tracking puck in hand. The Child squealed upon his arrival, wiggling in your arms and reaching for his father. You chuckled softly and handed him off to Mando.
“Naboo,” he replied, holding the Child on his hip. “The quarry’s stolen from some powerful people.” The puck projected an image of a slight woman, hair long and lank, and her eyes sunken in. “Darmari Gilvale.”
“Let’s head off then!” Mando nodded and you two made your way to the cockpit. He strapped the kid into his seat behind the two of you, and you settled into the co-pilot seat.
The stars whirled past you as you flew through the galaxy. Luckily, Naboo wasn’t terribly far — no need for hyperdrive. As you cruised along, Mando asked, “Are you excited to go back?”
You can’t believe he remembered. You had mentioned it in passing that you lived in Naboo for a while before you had made your way to Tatooine, where Mando had met you while you worked with Peli. “Yeah,” you replied, smiling at him. “It’ll be great to feel a planet with moisture.”
You heard him let out a breathy laugh through the vocoder and you felt your cheeks heat a little. You weren’t really sure when you had started falling for Mando. You hadn’t even seen his face, for Maker’s sake, but it didn’t matter. You knew who he was — reliable, sturdy, and kind, something few people in the universe really were. You knew how you felt, but unfortunately, you never knew what he was thinking or what to make of moments that seemed like they held some meaning. Little, lingering touches, when he looked at you from behind his helmet for a moment longer.
You landed in Naboo rather quickly, stopping in one of the open, grassy fields just outside the city you had once lived in. As you exited the ship, the Child in your arms, you sucked in a greedy breath of air. Naboo always smelled so fresh and clean, perpetually breezy and temperate, a nice contrast from arid Tatooine.
On every planet you stopped in, you liked to stretch your legs before Mando had you go back inside so you and the Child would be safe while he went after a quarry. “How long do you think it’ll take?” you asked.
“Not long,” he answered. “Said she headed into the forests here, so it shouldn’t be too difficult. I’ll probably be back before sundown.”
“Stay safe, Mando.” He nodded and went to head off into the forest ahead of him when you both heard a loud rumble. Mando glanced back at you, and you stared down at the kid. How could someone so tiny produce that big a sound?
“Someone’s hungry,” you said and Mando nodded. “Let’s go into the city, get a quick bite to eat, and then you can hunt the quarry.” With another nod, the three of you turned in the other direction and made your way to the city.
The city was just as you remembered, lively and bustling. You pointed right and said, “There’s a nice cantina there that serves good bone broth.”
“Sounds perfect,” Mando said, taking the lead this time. The cantina was buzzing with conversation, patrons chatting over drinks and warm meals. There was a lull when you all stepped inside, customers turning to gawk at the Mandalorian. As you settled into a table, people seemed to lose interest as they resumed whatever they were doing beforehand. You lifted the Child from his pram, situating him between you and Mando. You pet the top of the Child’s head as he stood on the seat, straining to see over the tabletop.
You heard someone call your name, and you grinned when you saw Celgra approaching you, hands on her hips. “As I live and breathe,” she said, beaming at you. “Haven’t seen or heard from you since you took off for Tatooine!”
“Sorry, things have been a little hectic.”
She waved you off. “I get it, don’t worry.” Celgra noticed Mando and the Child and she raised an eyebrow at you, half-questioning, half-suggestive. “Who’re these fine folk? Your husband and kid?”
“No, no!” you replied quickly, glancing at Mando who was staring straight at you. “No, this Mando and that’s the Child — they’ve been my traveling companion.”
“I see,” Celgra said. “It’s nice to meet you.”
Mando just nodded and she turned her attention to the Child. He smiled and cooed at her, and she said, “Well, aren’t you just the cutest thing? Need a highchair for him?”
“Actually,” you said, “that would be great.”
“Let me first take your orders and then I’ll get to it.”
You ordered one of their salads and Mando got some bone broth for the Child. “Nothing for you?” Celgra asked Mando and he shook his head.
“Can we also get some broth to go?”
“Of course!” Celgra chirped, “I’ll be back with that highchair.”
She turned to leave and then she seemed to remember something, adding, “I almost forgot — happy birthday!”
You laughed a little, “Can’t believe you remember that.”
“Mind like a steel trap,” she said with a wink and she went off to go get your orders and the chair.
Mando turned to you. “You didn’t tell me it was your birthday.”
“It’s not important,” you said. “Seriously, I haven’t celebrated it in forever.” It was true. When you left Naboo and went to Tatooine, you never brought up your birthday to Peli. You weren’t lying when you said it wasn’t super important to you — it was just a marker of time, like any other day.
Still, Mando seemed almost… guilty that he didn’t say anything. “If I’d known…”
“Mando.” You reached across the table and placed your hand over his. His helmet followed the gesture. “I’m totally okay. Really.”
He didn’t seem quite convinced, but he dropped the subject for now as Celgra returned with the highchair. You strapped the Child into it, and he seemed satisfied now being able to see the whole cantina.
“Happy birthday,” Mando said, and your heart fluttered a little.
You offered him a soft smile. “Thanks, Mando.”
Celgra came back shortly after with your orders, handing you a baggie with a container of broth in it. You and the Child finished your food, and your little group made your way back to the Crest. “Stay safe,” you told Mando again as you started to head into the Crest.
“I’ll do my best,” he said and you startled a little. He never really replied to your request, only giving you nods. You watched him turn and head towards the forest, trying and failing to not admire the broad expanse of his back or the self-assured swagger to his walk.
The Child giggled in your arms, staring up at you as if he knew what you were thinking, and you gave him a playful frown. “Hush.”
Tumblr media
Evening had arrived, and there was still no sign of the Mandalorian. As you and the Child munched on some rations stored in the ship, the take-out bone broth you had gotten Mando sitting untouched in his seat, you glanced anxiously out of the Crest’s front window. He said he’d be back by sundown; your detour into the city’s cantina hadn’t been long, so where was he?
Another fifteen minutes went by and you were pacing the cockpit, chewing on your lip and rambling to the Child, who — from the furrow of his little brow — seemed equally concerned. “He’s totally fine, right?” you asked. “He said it would be an easy job, so maybe he just got lost?” The Child gave you a slow blink and you sighed, “You’re right that doesn’t seem very Mando-like, does it?” You looked out the window again, the sky hued in indigo and fading sunset orange. “Dank farrik.”
The whoosh of the door to the Crest sounded and you glanced at the Child. It could be Mando, or it could be some intruder. It wouldn’t be the first time some had tried to ambush you here. Grabbing your blaster, you crept out of the cockpit and into the hull. Taking careful, deliberate steps, you made your way towards the door.
Relief flooded you as you saw Mando dragging the unconscious quarry behind him, hauling her towards the carbonite freezer. He stuffed her in, freezing her in the block. There was something in his other hand that you couldn’t make out.
He finally turned to see you, looking at the blaster in your hand. “Were you going to shoot me with that?” he asked, sounding mildly amused.
“Didn’t know who was coming into the ship.”
He nodded and you took a deep breath. “Where were you?” you asked, finally letting your frustration and worry out. “I— we were so worried about you! You said that this wasn’t going to go beyond sundown and yet here we are, and it’s evening! Kriff, Mando, what hap—”
He lifted up the unidentified object in his hand, and replied quietly, “I went back into the city.”
You gawked at him. “With the quarry?”
He snorted, “No, left her knocked out and tied to a tree at the edge of the forest.”
You blinked at him and decided to ask, “Why’d you go back?”
He motioned for you to step into the cockpit, where the Child had managed to pull himself up into Mando’s pilot seat, trying to break open the container of bone broth. “Hey,” you chided, picking him up despite his squirming and wiggling, “that’s for your dad, bud.”
“You got that for me?”
You nodded. “Since you can’t take off your helmet, I just thought…”
You wondered if he was smiling at you when he said, “Thank you. I appreciate that.” Then, he handed you the bag. “It’s for you.”
You tilted your head curiously, opening up the bag to find two small boxes. You took out the bigger of the two parcels and opened it, staring down at the small cake that had ‘Happy Birthday’ written out in icing on it. “Mando,” you said softly, “you didn’t have to.”
“I know. I wanted to.” He motioned to the small box. “That’s for your birthday too.”
“Mando…” You opened it up, gaping at the opalescent pendant winking back at you. You looked at him. “This is… this is so thoughtful.” You weighed the necklace in your hand and stood, placing the cake on your seat behind you.
You drew the necklace up to your throat, and then Mando said, “Let me.” He took it gently from you and moved behind you. His fingers, gloveless, brushed against your nape and you shivered involuntarily. When had he taken them off? You had seen Mando’s hands bare only once before, and you were never quite able to shake the image of them — big and square, long tapered fingers, golden skin. They were strong and reliable, just like your Mando.
You gulped as he secured the delicate clasp, feeling the cool press of the pendant against your clavicle. He didn’t move as you slowly turned to face him, staring up at his helmet. “Mando…” you breathed out.
“Din,” he said softly. “My name is Din.”
“Din.” You savored the single syllable on your tongue.
He rested the forehead of his helmet against your own and murmured out, “Briikase gote'tuur, cyar’ika.”
Tumblr media
Translations: Briikase gote'tuur — happy birthday Cyar’ika — darling, sweetheart
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The Mandalorian and The Corellian
chapter four: something
Tumblr media
pairing: din djarin x corellian!reader
words: 3k
series masterlist
You awoke before Din, eyes trained on his every feature in an effort to memorize it before he covered his face once more. He snored softly as he slept, his face turned towards you, the child cuddled up under his chin.
This was the man that drove you to absolute rage. This was the man that drove you to absolute desire. Those facts existed simultaneously, unable to be separated. No matter how hard you tried to lean to one side, the other couldn’t be ignored.
You wanted to reach out and touch him, kiss him, love him, but something prevented you from doing it. Perhaps it was your stubbornness—you weren’t going to be the first to cave. Or, it could be the gnawing at the back of your mind with the knowledge that in just a few days, he’d disappear from your life forever. Either way, you found yourself choosing to climb out of the bed without caving into your desires, stumbling lazy to the fresher to carry out your morning routine.
It only took a few minutes of your clanking around in the fresher to stir Din awake. His eyes quickly opened, a slow inhale of breath through his nose helping to wake his brain up a bit. He sat up, Grogu finding a new position as he remained sleeping.
Din’s brows laced together as he looked at your side of the bed empty, disappointed that he didn’t get the chance to see what you looked like sleeping beside him. Reaching up to rub the sleep out of his eyes, he jolted onto his feet as he remembered he was helmetless, having forgotten about it completely. He was mid panic when you stepped out, white cotton underwear on and a cropped white tank top. His nerves seemed to dwindle away as he fixed his eyes on yours, trying his best to keep them from traveling lower.
“Good morning,” he blurted out abruptly, the words spoken through a husky voice and almost unintelligible. He stood frozen in place as you walked over to the crate in front of your bed, watching you pulling out a fresh flight suit for the day.
“Morning,” you chuckled at his statuesque state, eyes raking over his body with a half smirk while you tugged your jumpsuit on. “Sleep okay?”
“Yes…almost as well as the kid.” He finally gained control of his body and gestured to the snoring child in the middle of your bed. You nodded, a smirk on your face as your eyes caught a sneaky glance of his bulge hidden in his tight black briefs. “I was, uh, I was thinking I could show you a bit of the space station. It’s a unique place. I haven’t seen anything like it in my travels.”
“Sure. Why not?” You shrugged, only half hearing him over the throbbing between your legs. You needed to do something about this burning lust that kept building with each passing moment in his barely-dressed presence.
Your feet moved forward on their own accord, Din’s body frozen again as you stopped right in front of him. You weren’t quite sure what you were going to do, or if you were going to do anything at all, but as you were contemplating your next move, your eyes focused in on the scars covering his arms. His breathing stopped for a few seconds as your fingertips reached to trace over the healed wounds on his bicep, your touch featherlight as you studied the golden skin.
“How’d you get these?” Your voice was hardly above a whisper as your eyes followed your fingertips, his skin soft and warm beneath your touch. Din’s eyes turned from your fingers to your face, heart racing as he watched you absentmindedly swipe your bottom lip with the tip of your tongue. He swallowed thickly as he began to wonder whether you could hear the pounding in his chest like he could.
“I-I don’t remember,” his voice was shaky, drawing your eyes to his. “Had them for so long.”
The air between you felt thick, both sets of eyes silently confessing how desperately you craved one another. Din started to lean in, so subtle that you questioned if it even happened, but was interrupted by gurgled coos coming from the bed.
Both of you took sharp inhales as you stepped away from each other, Din clearing his throat as he quickly changed into his flightsuit and armor, remaining helmetless while he picked up the kid and took him to the fresher to finish getting ready for the day.
Meanwhile, you began heating up some rations for breakfast, figuring that it would be more simple to eat here in the privacy of your ship given Din’s oath. The oath he broke for you.
You tried not to think too much of it. After all, even Omera had gotten to see him in such a raw state. Perhaps he just wasn’t very uptight about it anymore, though his obvious nerves the night previous seemed to prove that theory wrong. No, the only logical conclusion to be made was that for whatever reason, he trusted you with his identity.
A sigh left your lips as you questioned how much trust you held for him. You trusted that he wouldn’t hurt you, sure, but did you trust him to protect you? That you weren’t so sure of.
He wasn’t your protector the one time it counted, and had Vero not been there to save the day, you’d be dead. Your stomach that once burned with desire flipped with resentment again, the constant back and forth between emotions making you catch a nasty case of motion sickness.
Why did he let you go? Why didn’t he bother to follow you? Why was he so late in checking on you?
Omera. That was the answer to all three questions. He was with Omera. The girl he was consumed by all because of her kind, feminine nature that contrasted curiously with his.
Though you weren’t an insecure girl by any means, you were self aware enough to know that you were neither soft nor feminine in nature. Both you and Din were well aware of that fact. And given Din’s apparent soft spot for equally soft women, you were never going to be the girl he wanted—at least for the long haul. Sure, he might be into you in a physical, primal desire sort of way, but a relationship with the Mandalorian was an unrealistic daydream that would simply never happen—unless you suddenly changed everything about yourself overnight.
“There’s a marketplace in the city,” his voice nearly made you jump as he entered the room again, Grogu stumbling behind him, following his fathers footsteps carefully. “You can find anything there from anywhere. It could be your crash course in the galaxy since we’re going to be landing in Corellia tomorrow.”
“Tomorrow? That was…fast.” You suddenly felt the need to distance yourself from him a bit. The clock was winding down and all you were doing was winding yourself up. It would be better to cut it off now, to end it before it began—that way no one got hurt. Or, got hurt any more than you already were. “Um, I actually noticed I have a bit of a leak in my cooling systems. So…I think I’m going to stay here and fix it before we head off planet.”
“Well, I can stay to help. I’m very familiar with the mechanics of—“
“No…I, uh, prefer to work alone.” You interrupted him, giving him a pursed smile that screamed “please just let me push you away”. Din sighed, his jaw ticking in frustration as he stared at you, studying your eyes as though they would betray you and speak your actual truth. But you were too good at this. They showed him nothing.
“Right.” He chuckled and nodded, looking away from you and walking over to his helmet, fitting it onto his head with his back turned to you. Another lapse in judgement, it seemed.
You winced at his coldness, hating yourself for your coping mechanisms for the very first time in your life. Up until now, these tactics—the distancing of your heart and soul in order to protect it—worked. For better or worse, they worked. And now, they didn’t.
Now, you felt as though your body was rejecting it, stomach turning sick and blood boiling inside your veins every time you pushed him away. But no matter how badly you wanted to speak up and tell him all about this inner conflict, you couldn’t force yourself to speak. Instead, you watched as Din walked out of the ship with his child in tow, not another word spoken between the two of you.
After hours of tinkering away at nothing and successfully avoiding Din’s memory, he arrived back at the hangar, one hand holding the child, the other carrying a bag. You tried not to turn your head and look at him as you finished tidying up the ship, his footsteps heavy as they stepped up the ramp.
“Y/N,” his voice came as a surprise to you, expecting him to still be brooding over your coldness from earlier. You turned your head and looked him up and down—he still looked tense. Din squeezed his gloved fist and sighed, setting Grogu down on the bed. You watched as he walked over to the hatch, closing the door of the ramp and locking it.
“Are you about to murder me, Mando?” You asked, half-joking.
Din turned back to you and lifted his helmet off of his head, making your lips part at the sight of his handsome yet stern face as he stomped his way closer to you. You were about to crack another sarcastic comment when he reached to hold both sides of your face, his lips crashing against yours so hard that it made you stumble backwards. You held onto his wrists as you tried not to fall from the force of his sudden affections, a moan of sheer surprise falling from your lips and straight into his mouth.
After so many days of pure and absolute tension, he was finally doing what you seemed to be incapable of—he was doing something about it.
Your breath was stolen from the sheer neediness of his touch, his mouth tasting exactly the way you assumed it would. It was natural, and so distinctly him. You could smell the leather of his gloves as they cradled your face, the toothpaste on his tongue from earlier in the morning. He completely filled your senses and you began to feel drunk on him, drunk in a way that spochka never quite got you.
Your eyes closed as he worked against you, tongue swiping over your lips until you opened up and allowed him a taste. He groaned into the kiss as you swiped your tongue against his, walking you backwards until your back hit the durasteel behind you.
All too soon, he broke away, his eyes slowly opening as though he was afraid to take in your reaction to his sudden affections. But when he did finally look at you, all he saw was flushed cheeks and a wicked grin. Din shivered at the sight and stepped back from you as though he was intimidated—and truthfully, he was.
“I’m sorry…I shouldn’t have done that.” Your eyes narrowed on him as he quickly turned around and walked to his helmet, tugging it on so that you couldn’t see the sheer panic and nerves all over his face.
He was in deep with you, so deep that it scared him. So deep that a stranger could see his desire even with the helmet on. Scooping the child up, he walked to the hatch, opening it before half-turning to you. “We should head out.”
You couldn’t believe what was happening. One moment he was pressing you against the wall and leaving you breathless like no man had ever done before, and the next he was rushing off and not even able to look you in the eyes.
Did he really not enjoy himself that much? You began to wonder if it was possible for one person to feel electrified by someone’s touch while the other felt disgusted—the thought was quickly forced out of your mind by sheer willpower.
“I’m here to take you to Corellia. I should just do that. None of…none of this.” That was all you got as an explanation, his form soon disappearing from the ship to get into his own.
You had no time to cry over anything, the sound of Din’s N-1 starting up forcing you to shove the hurt down deep. You swallowed the lump in your throat and told the ache in your chest to fuck off while you climbed the ladder up to the cockpit.
You had tears welling in your eyes as you started the ship up, sniffling as you flicked each necessary switch and turned on the comms. Using the back of your hand, you wiped away the evidence of your feelings for him. Clearing your swollen and aching throat, you took a deep breath before speaking. “Checking comms.”
Din closed his eyes in pure and absolute guilt as he heard the strain in your voice, his head spinning with self-berating questions about why he acted the way he did.
Truthfully, he panicked. It was a rare thing for him—to become so overwhelmed with emotion that he couldn’t think straight. All he knew in that moment was that he felt electrified with desire for a woman whom he was going to have to say goodbye to the next day. It didn’t seem fair to either of you for him to take things further when it was all going to end so soon.
And yet, even through the logic, he still wanted you. He figured that once he finally did something about his mounting feelings, they’d sort of go away. That was the usual case for all his previous short-lived affairs of passion. But his heart ached even harder now that he’d given into temptation, constricting in his chest as though to punish him for cutting things off right as they began to get good.
“Are your comms working, Mando?” Din hated that you were back to using the same nickname that everybody else used—because you were far from being like everybody else to him.
He breathed in deeply before replying to you, needing the air to cleanse away the heavy thoughts weighing him down.
“Yes…sorry. Comms are up.” He found his voice, tongue swiping over his bottom lip without thinking and tasting the sweetness of your lip balm.
“Taking off.” Your voice interrupted Din’s flashback of his lips working against yours, a deep sigh coming from his lips as he watched your ship lift off out of the hangar, his ship following shortly behind.
Perhaps he could stall your arrival a bit, to give the two of you time to at least come to terms with your parting. He didn’t know how he would do it or where the two of you would land for the night, but he did know that he couldn’t watch you walk away without making peace with the situation.
“I was—I was wondering if you’d…if perhaps you’d like to take a detour.” He spoke up after a few hours of painful silence, shocked that he found himself missing the blaring of your music.
You sat up in your seat, having been curled up with a book since you put the Razor Crest on auto-pilot. Your brows furrowed at his proposition, still unsure that you even wanted to speak to him at all. But there was something about Din that drew you in like a magnet, even when you hated the guy—especially when you hated the guy.
“A detour?” You asked, trying to hide any trace of hopefulness with indifference.
“Have you ever been to Coruscant?” Din’s fingers nervously tapped against the yoke as he held it tight. A few beats of silence began to make his head spin with feelings of rejection, the fear that things had gone too sour to salvage taking up all the space in his mind. As he opened his mouth to withdraw his proposition, you cut him off.
“I wouldn’t mind a detour.” You chuckled at the hot and cold nature of your relationship with the Mandalorian, amused that no matter how hot or how cold things became, he always peaked your interest. “One last hoorah for the two of us, I guess.”
He chuckled and smiled inside his helmet, all the anxiety from just moments before now completely washed away. The way that Din’s peace rested on your acceptance or rejection would be embarrassing if he cared enough about it, but he was too busy fighting off the frenzy of butterflies in his stomach at the thought of sharing one last night with you.
“Yeah…one last hoorah.”
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Chapter Two: Never Fuck With A Mandalorian | Series: Lesson Learned
Pairing: The Mandalorian x Reader
AO3 Crosspost: https://archiveofourown.org/works/40653303
Rating: Explicit, readers are advised to read the warnings below before proceeding.
Series Warnings (in no particular order): Porn with Plot, Dark!Din Djarin, Implied/Referenced Sexual Assault, Extremely Dubious Consent, Hate Sex, Master/Slave Relationship, Knife Play (Minor Cuts/Blood), BDSM, Rough Sex, Genuine Fear, Sexual Coercion, Power Play, Degradation, Face Slapping, Spanking, Choking, Gagging, Enemies to Lovers, Possessive Behavior, Spit, Forced Orgasms, Hair Pulling, Multiple Orgasms, Threats of Violence, References to Death/Suicide, Stockholm Syndrome, Emotional Manipulation, Book of Boba Fett Spoilers
Chapter Summary: The Mandalorian is going to kill you the moment he finds you. You have truly dug your grave this time. Not only have you robbed him of his essentials, you've stolen his ship! What compels you to go against him? Are you looking to piss him off more? Well, when he finds his ship abandoned and you're nowhere to be found, the Mandalorian makes it his mission to find out what happened to his pretty little thief.
Word Count: 11.3k+
Tumblr media
***This is the sequel/second installment to Never Sleep With A Thief so please read that before reading this chapter!****
A/N: Please read through ALL of the specific warnings for this chapter before proceeding: implied/reference sexual assault, graphic depictions of violence, physical injury (bruises/cuts), stockholm syndrome, emotional manipulation, hurt/comfort. 
It is not my responsibility if you decide to consume content you are ill-prepared for when I have thoroughly laid out all the warnings in advance that you've chosen to ignore. This story involves a master/slave relationship, it's going to get dicey and controversial, so if that's not your cup of tea, please don't read! But if you're here for the chaos then buckle up, it's a bumpy ride ~
How did this happen? You can't remember much. Your head is still throbbing from getting knocked out. When you finally wake up from your rather forceful sleep, you're chained up against a wall.
Only this time, you aren't in Lord Fett's dungeon in Mos Espa. You're somewhere else entirely. How did you get here?
And who has you captive?
Did the Mandalorian find you? You would've remembered if he did. Plus, what reason would he have to knock you out? He would've just killed you on the spot.
That's what you're expecting when you see him again, but that's not what happens.
The next time you see the Mandalorian, it's after a week of being held in this cell by a group of bandits that have beef with him. You learned that the hard way. They taunted you, thinking you were affiliated with him somehow. You had to explain to them that you simply stole his shit. You weren't with him per say, at least not willingly.
Did they believe you? The bruises on your body answer that question. They beat you nearly half to death everyday, asking for the Mandalorian's whereabouts. How the fuck would you know? All you could tell them was that he was definitely looking for his ship, which they had parked outside their little hideout.
Big fucking mistake on their part.
The Mandalorian had a tracking device stored on the ship and he had found it abandoned outside. You assumed this because you heard the blaster rounds echoing through the underground cavern and you knew that blaster.
It is him.
You didn't know if you felt relieved or scared shitless. Maybe he would just leave you here to rot. You deserved it after running away from him, though it made sense for you to.
You wanted your freedom and nothing was going to change that. He could continually fuck you into submission but you'd still run every chance you got. He should understand that. You aren't his, even if you're his slave and he's your Master.
So, why did he react the way he did when he finally got to you? You're still trying to wrap your head around it…
You watch as he kicks down the metal door that is holding you imprisoned in this cell. Your whole body starts to shake. It's the nerves, preparing you for imminent death. He's going to kill you.
You know this when he pulls out the DarkSaber, showing you the black blade that you had seen just a little over a week ago. The Mandalorian shifts his helmet down to look at you cowering on the floor, chained up and badly beaten. You put your hands up, as if to shield yourself from what you know will be a killing blow.
But, death never comes.
Instead, the Mandalorian kneels in front of you until he's eye level with you and then in a bone-chilling tone, he asks, "who did this to you?"
You're so shocked that you aren't dead that the words spill out of your mouth all jumbled up, "I-I don't know. Been here a week. Saw lots of people. Maybe all of them? There were a lot of them…"
"Did they fuck you?" He's even angrier when he asks that.
You can't find the right words to say in response, mainly because you don't remember. There were moments where you were blacked out so it's possible.
"Not while I was aware or awake." You decided to answer with that.
"But they did." He grips the DarkSaber tighter. "They fucking touched my property. I'm going to kill all of them."
Then, with a single swipe of his blade, the Mandalorian breaks the chains that are binding you to the wall. You're still cuffed at the ankles and the wrists, but you aren't bound to this room anymore.
You managed not to scream this time.
"Listen to me, thief." His voice takes hold of all your attention. "The only reason you aren't dead right now is because I'm more pissed off at these fucking bandits for trying to fuck with me. So, don't think you're off the hook and don't you dare fucking run away again or I won't be so nice next time. Stay put or else."
You genuinely believe his threats now so you nod.
"Say it properly." He demands and you stiffen up.
"Yes, Master." You sit up with your back against the wall. "I'll stay right here and wait for you to return."
"Good girl." The Mandalorian gets up from his kneel. He holds the DarkSaber like he's ready to go on quite the killing spree.
And, he does.
When he finally returns for you, the Mandalorian walks you through the carnage. He left no one alive. Every single bandit was dead. There's massive amounts of overkill. Blood and guts were splattered everywhere. He needed to prove a point.
No one touches what belongs to him.
When you both get back to the ship, he makes you sit on his lap, since that's the only way you both will fit in that tiny pilot compartment. He has his arm wrapped around your waist, holding you against him, and it's strangely comforting. You expected it to be forceful but he hasn't done any harm to you just yet. He's been rather gentle, though you don't know if it's on purpose or not. He might not even realize he's being kind.
The Mandalorian doesn't take you back to Tatooine. Instead, he takes you to a planet with lush forests and rivers.
"Where are we?" You lift your head up to look at him.
"Ossus." You're surprised he answered you.
"It's beautiful here." You stare in awe. "I've never seen such a place before."
"What do you mean?" From his tone, he must think your choice of words is odd.
You explain yourself, "before I found myself on Tatooine, I lived on Arvala-7. Deserts are all I've ever known. I've never seen so much water before…"
You try to hold in your amazement because it feels childish to get excited over something so small, but you can't help but smile at the sight of the sparkly surface of the lake the Mandalorian is parking beside.
When he helps you out of the ship, you stop for a moment to admire the lake. There's so much water here. You wonder if you could drink it. It's so inviting.
"You like shiny things." He says and you turn to him, seeing him carrying a silver collar of some sort. "This is for you."
Ah, you get it now. You thought he was referring to the water but he's talking about what you can only assume is a captive device made for slaves. Of course, he isn't going to let you easily get away again.
You close your eyes as he clasps the thin metal collar around your neck. Then, when you open them once again, you see a chain made of pure electricity connecting from your collar to the cuff on his wrist.
"We're linked now." He tugs his arm towards his chest and your neck yanks forward to follow it, crashing you against his chest. He grabs a steady hold of you then says, "You can't run from me ever again, my pretty little thief. Unless you like being electrocuted."
With his mild threat, the electricity fizzles out and the link disappears soon after. You assume he can turn it on and off at will. It must track you if you try to run and send sparks through you if he wants it to.
You're really stuck now…
The Mandalorian pulls out the DarkSaber then and instructs, "stay still. You know what happens if you don't."
You nod and put your wrists out. In a single motion, he cuts through your restraints, freeing you from them. You shudder at the sight of him dragging the DarkSaber back upwards, so close to your face.
"One wrong move and I might slice you in half." His voice is as menacing as ever as he puts the blade away. "Now, follow me."
You obey as he leads you towards the lake and you see a cave on the coast. The Mandalorian has a thing for caves, doesn't he? He could just build a house, but caves work.
You assume he's taking you there but he stops a few feet before it and turns back to you. Then, he pulls out the pocket knife you're all too familiar with.
"We can do this the easy way or the hard way." His helmet shifts up and down. "Either you strip on your own or I cut you out of those disgusting clothes."
They are pretty gross, considering you've been wearing them for a week. The bloodstains are rather unpleasant to look at. Though, you fear the sight of your body will be even more so…
You choose to strip anyway. It's better than adding to your injuries by letting him have at it with a knife. You start slowly with your pants and decide to just pull your underwear down along with them. Then, you try not to wince as you lift your arms to take off your shirt.
The battered fabric lays on the dirt and you feel awfully cold. You're used to the warmth of the desert. It's very chilly here.
The Mandalorian doesn't say a word. He simply stares at you and you don't know what to do. You assume you shouldn't cover yourself up so you hold your arms to the side, letting him see you.
"What did they do to you?" You hear his words after you feel the sudden touch of his gloves at your waist. You flinch slightly, not expecting it. "Why are there so many bruises?"
"Ah, well, one of them was a big fan of the whip." You turn around, showing him the scars that must be setting on your back. "That leaves pretty big gashes."
"How dare they." He huffs out under his breath, the anger in his voice palpable. "You're mine. No one fucks with what's mine."
"That's why they did this." You don't know why you say that…
"What?" The Mandalorian's fury only increases. "Is that what they said?"
"The bandits were planning to ambush you whenever they saw your ship next. So, when I took off in it…they ambushed me instead. I guess you got lucky I stole your stuff."
You're glad you're facing away from him now. The pain is becoming more unbearable with every haunting memory. You've never been attacked like that before. It was brutal. They weren't merciful in the slightest. The only thing you're thankful for is that you can't remember if they assaulted you further than the bruises and open wounds on your skin.
"C-can I put on some clothes now?" You start shaking all of a sudden. It's so cold and you're so scared with all the trauma rushing back through you. "Please."
"Get in the lake first and wash up." His voice is oddly gentle and you hear his footsteps go in the other direction.
You don't dare to defy him so you hurry your way into the lake, which is thankfully warm. You sink into the water, submerging yourself. Then, you don't know what takes over you but you just cry. You sob beneath the water's surface until you need to breathe so you swim back up, struggling to inhale.
You feel so…disgusting and dirty.
The Mandalorian returns to the shore with a bar of soap, a towel and some clothes. You tell him "thank you" and wash up with the soap. It tingles against your wounds. It must have some kind of healing property because they don't hurt as badly anymore. You get as clean as you can before you walk out of the water to dry off and put on your clothes.
He watches you the entire time and you instinctively touch the collar around your neck. This is it. You're a slave now. There's no escaping, not unless you figure out how to get this thing off your neck…
You choke back another sob and you hide it by coughing. You feel terrible right now and you don't want to show your weakness to the Mandalorian but he reads you like a book.
"You haven't eaten, have you?" He's back at your side and his hand grazes your stomach. "They starved you, didn't they?"
"It's not that bad." You look away from him then, not wanting to be pitied. "I've starved a lot longer before."
"Why?" Is he really asking that?
"I'm a thief." You lay it out for him, in case he hadn't realized. "Sometimes, I don't get a big payday, which means a few days without rations so I can save up credits for overpriced water. It's nothing out of the ordinary."
"That shouldn't be normal." His words make you laugh.
"Maybe not for a Mandalorian." You say with a meek smile. "It must be nice to not worry about when your next meal will be."
Is it envy that's tainting your voice? It must be. You look down at your exposed arms, at all the cuts and bruises. If you had the fighting skills he did, maybe you could've saved yourself all this pain. If you never needed to steal, maybe you wouldn't be in this situation in the first place.
Life isn't fair, is it?
"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that." You wipe the tears that threaten to fall from your eyes. "I'll be better, Master. I'll behave so…just don't hurt me, please."
You wouldn't be able to handle any more pain. You might shatter completely.
"Let's go." He doesn't acknowledge your words and simply walks forward, having you follow behind him.
The Mandalorian leads you to the cave you had seen, only this one is much nicer than the one on Tatooine. It feels a lot more like a home. He actually has pillows on the bed this time and an actual bed frame.
The cave is sectioned off in parts: bedroom, kitchen, bathroom. There's even a refresher here, which makes you wonder why he had you bathe in the lake. He must enjoy putting you in compromising positions.
With the flip of a switch, small beads of light illuminate the space. It's almost pretty and you assume he made it that way for his kid. You see the little crib set up, but still no kid. You don't ask about it. You'd rather not piss him off if it brings up a bad memory.
"Go sit on the bed." The Mandalorian pushes you in that direction so you quickly go over and do as he says, taking a seat on the bed. You're fully clothed this time so you don't think he wants you to sit like you had before. Hopefully your assumption is right.
You watch as he rummages through a storage chest and pulls out a bottle with colored liquid in it. He brings it over to you, along with a large syringe.
"Make a fist and put out your arm."
You ball your hand up into a fist and lift your arm up towards him. He immediately pierces your skin with the needle. You bite your lip hard to stop yourself from whimpering as he injects you with something. Then, once he's done, he hands you the bottle.
"It'll take a moment, but the E-bacta shot should start working soon. Drink all of this before you sleep." He taps the cap. "It doesn't taste very good but it has all the nutrients you need for now. No complaining, just chug it."
Wait, what did he say? Did he really just– "Isn't an E-bacta shot worth a substantial amount of credits? Why would you waste one on me?"
"Did I say you could ask me questions?" He snaps back at you and you shut up right away. "That's what I thought. Do as you're told."
You nod and open the bottle up to start drinking it. It's fucking gross. It tastes like someone blended literally everything possible and stuff it into one drink. You try not to gag as you force it down. Thankfully, the pain in your body is subsiding so it's not like this is adding to any torture you're currently enduring.
By the time you finish your drink, the E-bacta shot has made you a bit woozy. You lay down on the bed then, your head spinning a little.
"Flip over." The Mandalorian is back by your side and he's holding something in his hands. It's another bottle of something. Is he going to make you drink that too?
You turn your back towards him like he asked and you feel him settle in bed behind you. It isn't until you feel his bare hand on your arm that you're fully aware of his presence.
"Tell me what they did to you." His voice is rough through the modulator.
Maybe this is your punishment for running away. Having to relive the last week. It would be quite the sadistic punishment, so you aren't surprised he's asking you this.
"When they found me, they thought I was hiding you so they beat me until I couldn't stay awake anymore. That's when it gets all blurry. It's hard to remember…" Your last sentence has an obvious double meaning.
"How did they touch you?" His hand softly brushes along your arm and you don't know why you don't mind the feeling.
"I don't remember. I can only guess because I woke up once and I felt pain…but I could be wrong. I'm not sure. I'm sorry." He must not like that you've been possibly tainted. You don't like the thought either, which is why you're grateful you can't recall it.
"You didn't do anything wrong. They shouldn't have fucked with you. Only I can. You're mine." The anger comes back out. "I should've left them to bleed with their organs hanging out. Chopping them up was a mercy they didn't deserve. I'll slaughter everyone they've ever been in contact with so they know never to touch you again."
You run your fingers along the collar around your neck. You are his now. You never realize how possessive he could be about what he considers his. That must be why he hated that you always stole from him. He doesn't like it when his stuff is taken.
"Nothing like that will ever happen to you again." He grabs your arm, as if to hold you as firmly as his words. "No one will ever hurt you again. I'm the one who owns you. No one else. Just me. Understood?"
"Yes, Master." You reply, trying not to shiver at his tight grip.
"Now, take off your pants and lay on your back." He commands and you don't fight it.
You're too tired to resist so you comply. Thankfully it's warm beneath the covers so being pantless isn't all too bad.
"Close your eyes." His tone is softer now and you listen without hesitation, squeezing your eyes shut.
You heard him open the bottle he had brought, pouring it out somewhere. Then, he sets it aside.
"Now, look at me."
Your eyes flutter open as you gasp at the feeling of his bare hand slipping between your legs, rubbing something slick up against you. It must be whatever was in that bottle.
"Does it hurt when I do this?" He runs his fingers upwards and your breath catches in your throat. The liquid on his fingertips makes you feel all tingly. Is it medicinal?
"No, it doesn't." You're being honest.
"What about when I do this?" His hand slides downwards and he thrusts a finger inside of you. Your whole body tenses up, not expecting the sudden sensation of being filled. "Does it hurt here?"
You shake your head. "It's not painful."
"What does it feel like?" He pulls his finger out so that he can slide two in this time, filling you up more. He curls them, finding that spot that makes you whimper. "Tell me it feels good."
"It feels good, Master." You tack on the last bit because you know he'll like it, which he does.
The Mandalorian continues to finger you at a slow, methodical pace as he tells you, "you're going to lay right here and let your Master take care of you. You're going to forget all about what happened to you and just focus on me. I should be the only person on your mind. Got it?"
"Yes, Master. I'll only think of you." That's not hard to do when he's coaxing you gently to an orgasm.
"You're not going to fight me this time. I want you to come. No holding back." He keeps rubbing up against that spot with the tips of his fingers and it's driving you closer to the edge. "That's it, keep going, I know you're right there. Come for me."
You don't hold it in and let him guide you to an orgasm so shockingly powerful that you start to cry. Though, a part of you thinks you're crying because it feels so good to feel pleasure after a week of endless pain.
"It's okay, my pretty little thief. You're safe now. I've got you. No one else will ever touch you again. I'll kill them if they try."
In your daze, you barely register the words he's saying to you but they feel nice to hear. Maybe it's okay to lean on him for a bit. You don't want to run right now anyways. You're too exhausted to.
"One more time." He starts moving his fingers again. "I want you to come one more time and then we'll sleep."
You nod and your eyes slowly shut. You focus on the steady rhythm of his fingers. There's something…peaceful about this. You're letting it happen. You want to come. Even if it's the Mandalorian making you come.
For a moment, your hatred for him subsides and you admit to him with a shaky voice, "it hurt so much. I was so scared. I-I shouldn't have ran away. I'm sorry, I won't do it again so please don't hurt me like they did."
Your hands go up to shield your eyes as the tears fall down uncontrollably. You don't know why you told him that. It's the fear coursing through you. You're afraid that this pleasure you're feeling is only temporary, that he's padding the future pain he'll inflict on you with it. You're sure that's what he's doing…until he does something you're not prepared for at all.
The moment you feel his lips on your skin, the confusion breaks you away from your spiraling thoughts. You didn't even realize he had slipped under the covers. When did he take off the helmet?
Why did he take off the helmet?
The Mandalorian kisses your inner thighs and you don't know how to react. It feels so loving. Why is he…
"I won't hurt you like they did." His raw, normal voice reassures you as his arms wrap around your thighs, holding them open. "So, stop thinking about them. Focus on your Master and don't lift the covers. I'll have to kill you if you do, even if I don't want to."
"You don't want to kill me? But I-I stole your ship…" You can't trust him. You were certain he was going to kill you when he found you.
"You saved me from an ambush. I think we're even." He places small kisses along your skin with every word. "No more talking about it. You're mine now. You should only be thinking about me. Let me give you something else to think about."
That's when you feel his tongue drag upwards along your folds and you bite back a moan. Your hands grip the sheets tightly as he keeps this same motion, taking long draws of you with his tongue.
You drown in the feeling of his lips around your clit, licking and sucking it so precisely that you come without even realizing it at first. It's a complete surprise and it doesn't end there. He doesn't stop and you're confused by it.
"I thought you said only one more." You shouldn't talk back but you had to mention it.
"I changed my mind." He tells you strictly. "Now that I've had a taste, I'm going to stay right here for as long as I want so I don't care if you fall asleep. Just don't stop coming for your Master, alright?"
The Mandalorian acts as if you have any control over that. You may be exhausted but you jolt awake every time an orgasm shoots through your body. You don't know how long he stays between your legs. If his mouth isn't on you, then his fingers are inside of you, curling perfectly to make your whole body writhe. Sometimes, he does both and you come so hard that you can't help staying awake through it. He's bombarding you with pleasure and you should feel tired of it but you want more. This feels so much better than what had happened previously.
Your week of torture melts away from your mind as the Mandalorian fills your every thought.
"Do you like being mine?" He asks you as his fingers take over for a moment. "I'm doing this because your pleasure is mine to give. Doesn't it feel good to be owned by me, my pretty little thief?"
"Yes." You breathe out as another orgasm crashes through you. "I like being yours, Master."
"That's a very good girl." He smiles against your skin. "You're slowly learning your place. It's so much better to be obedient. It's so much better to be rewarded by your Master."
You don't remember what you said in response. You barely remember the interaction. All you know is that you slept for days.
The Mandalorian would wake you up every now and then to make you chug one of those disgusting nutritional drinks before laying you back in bed. Then, he would find his way between your legs and you would fall back asleep after you've came one too many times. How long did this cycle repeat? It's hard to tell time in a cave while you're in an orgasmic daze.
At a certain point, the Mandalorian started to sleep beside you and then soon enough, you were sleeping with him. You didn't need to be forced to a deep slumber with orgasms anymore. You fell asleep easily in his arms, on his chest, breathing in the familiar smell of beskar. He was warm and you were cold. It was hard to adapt to the wet climate when you were so used to the desert.
It rained a few times. You thought that was crazy to see. You've never seen so much rain before. You'd go out and let it shower over you every time a storm passes through. The Mandalorian doesn't like when you do it on your own because it's unsafe but he lets you if he's supervising.
It's raining today, though you have no desire to run out there. Why? Because…
It's been strange, the last few days. You've gotten a lot healthier. The bruises are completely gone and the cuts have healed up entirely. You're better now, which should be a good thing but the Mandalorian has been acting rather distant lately.
Not that you should care. He's your Master. It doesn't matter how he acts around you. You just do what he says when he says it.
Though, that's kind of hard to do when he barely tells you to do anything. In the last few days, he has only told you one command: stay. He has been taking trips out during the day, which is why he orders you to stay put and not try to escape again. You don't even attempt it and he knows that because you're always sitting around waiting for him to come back. There's not much else you can do…
The other odd thing is that he hasn't touched you in a while. The closest he gets is when you both sleep next to each other. He wraps his arms around you and you snuggle up against his chest. Neither of you say much, if at all. You just sleep together.
Again, it's not like you want the Mandalorian to touch you. You hate him. You have to remind yourself of the collar around your neck, binding you to him against your will. You can't want him. That's not even something that should cross your mind. But it does. Why? You have no idea. It's probably a residue feeling from all the pleasure he gave you during your recovery. Those soft kisses against your skin, the endless orgasms that lulled you into a dreamless deep sleep, his words of affirmation that repeat in your mind at the most random of times.
You're mine. You're safe here. No one will ever hurt you again. I'll protect you, my pretty little thief. You're such a good girl. My girl, all mine.
Are you his? You grip the collar around your neck, tugging at it as you think. Only, your mind stops the moment the collar breaks off your neck.
What the…
You stare at it in your hands and you notice then that the clasp in the front has been scuffed up somehow, to the point where it wore down the locking mechanism. The moment you pulled on it, it snapped.
"Beskar." You breathe out in the quiet air.
You have been sleeping with the Mandalorian, on his chest plate. You didn't even think about how the collar must have rubbed up against that tough metal more times than you could reasonably count while you were sleeping with him. He accidentally freed you. It probably didn't cross his mind that the collar would break under such wear and tear.
Fuck, what do you do? You look at the broken collar in your hand. If he comes back and sees that you've broken it, he'll think you're trying to escape. Well, of course you're trying to escape! You can't be a slave…but is the life of a thief any better?
It's shameful to admit but the Mandalorian has been taking care of you. Those nutritional drinks are nasty but they're filling and you don't ever feel hungry anymore. You have a nice bed to sleep on, which beats sleeping in the city streets or in random spots in the desert. You can shower regularly with the refresher. You…don't feel alone because he's always here. He always comes back to you, which is more than you can say about anyone else in your life.
Stop. You have to realize the Mandalorian doesn't actually care about you. This is just some form of sadism you can't quite understand. He's breaking you down by showing you what a good life with him could look like and you're falling for it. You're actually considering giving up freedom for imprisonment.
Get it together! You have to escape! But how?
You know nothing about Ossus and the Mandalorian has the N-1. You wouldn't be able to get far on foot. How would you even get off-planet without a ship?
It doesn't look like there's any signs of a city nearby either, so you can't get help that way. If you run now, there's no doubt in your mind that he'll find you and make you regret it…
You clutch the broken collar in your hand, thinking of what to do. The only way to escape is to wait for him to come back, fall asleep and then take the N-1 again. However, you've done that before so there's no way it'll be that easy this time around. He probably doesn't put the keys in an easy to reach place. He might even keep it locked up now. You could hotwire the ship, but that would be noisy and you could risk fucking up it and that definitely would not go well.
What can you do? You're running low on options…
You could kill him before he kills you. That's definitely an option. If he's dead, then you wouldn't have to worry about him finding you. That way, you could keep your nice memories of him intact–why are you thinking like that? Are you that scared of him hurting you like those bandits did?
Yes. You are. You want to trust him. You want to believe that he won't hurt you, that he won't kill you but if you escape, there's no telling what he'll do to you when he finds you.
You can't decide what the best option is so you opt to put back on the collar, carefully securing the clasp. You know you'll be able to break it off again once you need to, but for now, you'll keep it on.
You're only staying with the Mandalorian until you find a window to escape. That's what you keep telling yourself. That's what you have to tell yourself because…you can't stay. You can't.
A cushy prison is still a prison. You can't get comfortable, even if you have this terrible desire to.
It's close to when the Mandalorian usually returns so you get ready for bed. You lay there, waiting for him, wanting to fall asleep in his arms and forget for a moment about escaping. But, he never comes back…
Another day passes and he doesn't return. The rain outside is pouring buckets of water out of the sky. Is this a heavy storm? There's what you assume must be thunder and lightning decorating the sky. Is he…stuck in this storm?
Is the Mandalorian okay?
Why are you worried about him? You shouldn't care about him. He's a grown man with armor. He's fine…right?
The storm doesn't let up for a whole week. The Mandalorian never returns. Did he forget about you? That's a possibility you never thought of. Maybe he found someone new to obsess over. That shouldn't matter to you. You should be grateful that he's not being possessive of you anymore. You should be…but why aren't you?
You're lonely. Is that what this feeling is? After weeks of recovery and sleeping next to him, you got so used to the idea that he'd always be around that you never even thought that he would be the one to leave you. I'm never letting you go, he said.
Liar. Why are you acting spiteful right now? Are you going to throw a tantrum like a child? You want to, but you won't. You don't care about him. You hate him.
You hate the Mandalorian so much that–that the moment you see him again, you burst into tears.
"Sorry, I got stuck dealing with a bounty off-world and then the storm made it impossible to enter the atmosphere safely without damaging the N-1 so that's why I was–"
It happens too quickly for you to even process your own actions. You run up to the Mandalorian and you hug him. You hug him so tightly and you just start bawling your fucking eyes out. You start rambling about how scared you were that he was going to leave you all alone here in the middle of nowhere, how worried you were that he was hurt somewhere and needed help, how much you missed sleeping next to him because the bed is so cold without him. You let out all the emotions you were hiding inside of yourself over the past week into his arms, the feelings you were afraid of admitting to yourself.
"Don't leave me, please." You hang onto him like he might fly away again if you let go.
"Why didn't you leave me?" His question surprises you.
"What do you mean?" You look up at him and he cups your face in his hand, wiping away the tears that are dripping down your face.
Then, his other hand goes to the collar around your neck and breaks it off. "It fell off in your sleep two weeks ago. I put it back on you but I assumed you would realize eventually that it was broken and escape again. I was waiting for you to run. I knew you would, I just didn't know when."
Wait, was that why he was acting so weird? "Is that why the only thing you told me to do was stay?"
"I didn't think you'd actually listen. I guess I was wrong about you." He pats your head gently as he says, "you're a good girl. Now, where do you want me to take you?"
You blink, not understanding what he's saying. "Where to take me?"
"I found the chainmail shirt, which is why it took me so long to get back. You didn't steal it. You were telling the truth, so consider your debt to me paid for." What is he talking about– "There's no need for you to serve me anymore. You can get back to your life now. Just tell me where to drop you off."
"I'm…free?" You stare at him in disbelief.
"You have been since the collar broke off. I wouldn't have gone looking for you." He speaks as if he's telling the truth.
Would he have really let you go?
"Why?" You can't help but ask.
"Because there would be no point. No amount of convincing would get you to stay if you wanted to go. You would just keep trying to escape and…" He trails off for a moment with a sigh and then goes, "it would be better for me to not get used to you being here. It's better in the long run to let you go."
Now, you're crying for a whole other reason. You're free now. The Mandalorian isn't your Master anymore. You don't have to be with him. You can go back to your life as a thief, back to the freedom you thought you desired.
So, why are you hesitating?
Tell him to take you back to Tatooine, or better yet, have him take you to Naboo. There's plenty of people to steal from there. It's a beautiful planet from what you've heard, with a bustling capital city.
All you have to do is tell the Mandalorian where to take you.
Just tell him. Do it. Stop stalling. Stop thinking about how much you'll miss him. Stop wondering what would happen if you chose to stay. Stop. Stop.
"I don't know what to do." You cry out. "I should leave. I have my freedom back, but why don't I want to go anymore?"
"What are you saying right now?" He's taken back by your words and you have the very same reaction.
"I was so scared that I lost you, that you found someone else, that you left me all alone." You bury your face in his chest, your tears dripping down the beskar. "I-I don't want to go. I want to stay with you."
"Say that again." He demands, like he's so shocked you said it in the first place.
"I want to stay with you." You repeat yourself.
"Do you mean that?" He wants to know for certain. "Because if you do, you're never leaving my side. I won't ever let you go again. This is your final chance to escape and I promise I won't go looking for you. But, if you don't go now, then no matter what happens, you will always be mine. Do you understand? Tell me what you want. Do you want to be free or do you want to be mine?"
Do you want to go back to a life where you have to fend for yourself or do you want to create a life with the Mandalorian now that you're free?
The choice is simple, which is why it's so easy for you to say, "I want to be yours."
"Then lift my helmet off."
Your eyes widen. "Your helmet?"
"The moment you see my face, you're bound to me for life. I can't ever let you go if you know what I look like. So, if you want to be mine, then make your move."
The Mandalorian gets down on one knee in front of you so that you can easily lift off his helmet if you choose to. In a weird way, it's almost like a proposal. Maybe this is a type of proposal in Mandalorian culture. You wouldn't know, but it feels like it.
Last chance to back out…but you don't take it. Instead, your hands move to the rim of his helmet, feeling the beskar against your fingertips. Then, in one fluid motion, you pull the helmet off his head and you see the man beneath. He has soft brown curls, stubble that you've felt before against your inner thighs and a pair of lips you want to kiss.
Your heart skips a beat when he stands up and looks down at you with his brown eyes to say, "my name is Din Djarin and now you're all mine, my pretty little thief."
"Din Djarin." You repeat his name back to him.
"I like the way you say my name." Din is so soft with his tone and his touch, caressing your cheek with his hand. "Now, if it's alright with you, I want to shower and get to bed. Would you like to join me?"
"You mean…"
"I want you to see all of me, not just my face." He says with a smile and you actually get to see him smile.
It's beautiful.
"Okay." You nod and he puts his hand out in front of you.
You take his hand and he guides you to the refresher. There, Din pulls off all his armor plates, no longer needing to weigh himself down with them. Once he's in just his clothes, he pulls you towards him, his bare hands slipping beneath the fabric of your shirt.
"Can I undress you while you undress me?" He smirks and you can't help but reach up and graze his jaw with your hand.
You're actually seeing him now. All of him.
You're too shy to answer verbally so you nod and he accepts that, lifting his arms up so you can pull his shirt off, revealing the chest you've laid on before.
"Are you going to keep staring?" He teases you as he tugs on your shirt so you allow him to take it off of you. "I guess I've got quite the view now too."
You playfully shove him and he laughs in response. So, that's what he looks like when he laughs. Din is a very handsome man.
"Come here." He cups your face with his hands and pulls you in close to his face. "I've always wanted to kiss you. Can I?"
"Yes." You smile, your desire to kiss him seeping through as you lean up to meet his lips.
The kisses start off soft and slow but they ramp up as he deepens them with his tongue, stealing your breath away. All the while, his hands go down to your pants and tug them off of you so you do the same to his. With your lips never parting from his, he drags you into the refresher and turns on the shower.
"I want to fuck you so badly, I would do it right here if you let me." There's an undeniable need in his voice.
"Maybe later?" You suggest and he growls in response.
"Hopefully you can still stand later." He presses you up against the wall, letting you feel his hard cock rubbing between your thighs. "Fuck, I could slip right in."
"We have a bed, Din. Let's wash up and use it thoroughly." You chuckle at his eagerness.
"Fine." He doesn't seem very happy about the compromise but he settles for scrubbing himself down as efficiently as he can before turning off the refresher.
"Din, I still have to–"
He doesn't let you finish your sentence as he picks you up into his arms and carries you out of the refresher. He quickly grabs a few towels and tosses them on the bed before tossing you on top of them. Then, he says, "you're clean enough. I can't wait."
You don't realize what he intends to do until he kneels down at the edge of the bed and drags your legs over his shoulders, holding them firmly in his arms.
"You're going to get nice and wet for me so I can fuck you all night, okay?" His hot breath tickles you with every word. "I need you to come a lot for me."
"Okay." You nod then ask, "can I put my hand in your hair?"
"Only if you tug on it when I do something that feels especially good." He instructs and you listen, slipping your hand into his wet hair.
Din wastes no time and just dives right in with his tongue. You almost forgot how it felt to have him between your legs like this. You almost forgot how good he is at making you come with only a few flicks of his tongue. You're practically tugging at his hair every few seconds because now that you can see him, the visual drives you over the edge all too quickly.
"That's a good girl. I love the way you taste when you come. Fuck, this is incredible." There's such an aggression in his tone right now but you don't mind it. "Do you like it when I make you come?"
"I do, Din." You tell him.
"Will you call me Master? I've gotten used to it." He asks and you nod. "Good, now let your Master make you come again."
Din takes a moment to tease your folds with his rough fingers before thrusting them inside of you. You whimper at the feeling of being filled because you want more than just his fingers but you have to be patient.
You come again quickly once he adds his tongue into the mix and he doesn't stop until you've came once more from the dual stimulation. Your throat is already dry from moaning so much. You aren't holding back at all. You want Din to know exactly how he makes you feel.
"Perfect." He says as he pulls his fingers out of you. "Are you ready for my cock?
"Yes, Master." Your words make him smile so happily.
Din adjusts you so that you're both on the bed and he's on top of you, letting you have a full view of his body hovering over you. You run your hands along his arms and his shoulders, in awe that you're touching his bare skin right now. You can't believe you're actually looking at him.
The way he holds you right now is so different than he had before. He presses a gentle kiss against your lips before trailing his lips down your body. You feel them against every inch of your skin.
"You're so beautiful." Din traces along one of the scars the bandits had given you that didn't heal up so well. "I hate that they did this to you."
"It's okay." You tell him so he doesn't worry. "I don't even think about what happened anymore. I just think about you."
He kisses that scar and says, "you really learned well. What a good girl you've become. I'm proud of you."
"I promise I won't trouble you again." You open your arms, wanting him to hug him. "So, will you hold me as a reward?"
"I'll hold you like you're my most prized possession." Din leans in, guiding his cock to your entrance. "Let me show you what it means to be mine."
His lips crash against yours as he thrusts himself inside of you, filling you up inch by inch. You wrap your arms around his neck, burying your hands in his hair, kissing him back with the same amount of passion he's giving you. You don't understand it, but this feels better than any sex you've ever had. There's a kind of intimacy you can't explain.
Or, you don't want to admit…
You want Din, which is why this feels so good. Your desire to be held by him after you thought he had left you forever is consuming you completely and you're letting it. It's okay to be his. You want to be his.
"I like being yours." You breathe against his lips as he finds a pace that makes you gasp every time he hits a spot so deep inside of you. "I don't want to be anywhere else but here."
"That's right. There's no better place to be than right here with me." He lifts your legs up a bit, changing the angle, making your eyes roll back with every thrust. "Doesn't it feel good to be fucked by your Master?"
"Yes." This reminds you of the last time. He has said this to you before.
"Do you still hate me?" Din suddenly asks a new question, slowing his pace to an abrupt stop. It pulls an involuntary whine from your lips. You don't want him to stop.
"No. I never hated you." You confess. "I should've but I couldn't."
"Why's that?" His cock throbs inside of you and you just want him to start fucking you again. You're desperate.
"Because I want you to be my Master. I like being owned. I want to be your pretty little thief." You say the words you think he wants to hear and there's a shiver that runs through you when you realize how true the words are for you.
"You really are all mine." Din has a smile on his face that you can't quite decipher because he finally starts moving again and you can only focus on the tension coiling inside of you that's begging to burst out. "Do you want to come, my pretty little thief?"
"Yes. Please make me come, Master." You need to, you can't hold it in anymore.
That's when he pounds into you relentlessly and you come almost instantly. Your nails dig into his back as he keeps fucking you through your orgasm, getting rougher as he does. You like it though. It makes you come over and over again.
There's a harshness to his movements that causes you to completely submit to him, your body allowing him full control of your pleasure. Din takes the time to learn exactly how to give you the kind of orgasms that you feel all over your skin. You writhe beneath him and you catch him smiling every time you do.
"I own you." He tells you like he did before. "You're all mine."
You nod in agreement, which only makes him happier. He drowns you in how it feels to be his. He gives you so much pleasure that you can't think of anything else but him. You enjoy the way he fills you up, the way he spills inside of you over and over again.
After a night of nonstop pleasure, you fall asleep so comfortably in his arms once you've both cleaned up and had a round in the refresher. Everything feels right in the universe now that he's back beside you like this. Laying on his bare chest fills you with an indescribable amount of joy.
As untraditional as your relationship started, you're growing to like Din a lot. You've practically forgotten about everything else you've been through with him. Your mind is just fully focused on how wonderful it was to be held by him. You almost regret stealing from him in the first place.
There's one thing you do regret and it's catching up to you quickly. You regret ever believing this wasn't all an elaborate trick…
You knew you should've trusted your gut. You knew you should've never let your guard down. You knew that this had to be some kind of scheme and you fucking fell for it.
Because, when you finally wake up after sleeping so peacefully, you feel it. A metal collar clamped around your neck. There's no locking mechanism like before. It's completely smooth all around.
When did he…why did he…
"Ah, you're awake." Din's voice grabs your attention and you turn towards him. He's laying beside you in bed with a smug expression on his face.
"Why am I wearing this?" You ask him out of confusion. "I thought I was free?"
A laugh so menacing leaves his lips as he says, "who said you were free?"
"I thought…"
"I gave you a choice, my pretty little thief." He reminds you of what he had asked. "Either you're free or you're mine. Don't tell me you forgot which you picked."
A rage suddenly fills every fiber of your being as you exclaim, "you tricked me!"
"I didn't trick you." He smirks, his face contrasting with his words. "Though, if you chose to leave, I wouldn't have actually let you go so this was definitely the better choice."
"So, you lied?" You touch the collar around your neck, not believing that it's real. "You were never going to let me go…"
"That is what it means to be mine." He tells you, his hand brushing against yours as he feels the metal around your neck. "I thought you liked shiny things. You should see the way the beskar looks."
"Beskar…" The word trails off your lips.
If the collar around your neck is made of beskar, then…
"Aww, look at that face." He taunts you, his hand grabbing a hold of your neck, yanking you towards him. "Someone's figuring it out."
"Why would you do this to me?" You fight back the tears.
You don't understand. Why would he hold you so lovingly if he was just going to hold you captive again? What was the point of being gentle with you if this is who he truly is?
Then, he explains in such a demeaning tone of voice, "because there's nothing better to steal from a thief than her precious little heart."
No. No. That's not true. That's not–
Din pulls out a little device from under your pillow and pushes the button. You then hear yourself saying the words, "I like being yours. I never hated you. I want you to be my Master. I like being owned. I want to be your pretty little thief."
"Are you going to pretend you never utter these words? It took me quite some time to splice them all together like this. Your moans took up most of the recording–"
"I hate you!" You scream at him, unable to hold it in.
"No, you don't." He tries to get under your skin with his words. "You knew you should've hated me but you couldn't. You're just so in love with me."
"I don't love you." You would never dare to say such words to a man like him.
"You can keep pretending, but I know the truth. You're mine. I'm all you think about. I'm what your body craves. I'm the person your heart desires most. Face the facts, I stole everything from you, thief. I truly am your Master now."
This can't be happening. This can't be happening! You–you couldn't have given him all of you.
No, he doesn't own you. You aren't his. You don't want him. You hate him.
You fucking hate him.
"I won't stop fighting you." You put on your most determined face. "I'll never stop hating you."
"It's cute when you lie to yourself." Din shifts you onto your back in one swift movement, getting on top of you. "But we both know the truth. The moment I bury myself between your legs, you're going to give in. You can't help it. It feels too good being mine, doesn't it?"
"No." You shove at him, trying to get him off of you but he's showing his true strength right now. He's not the slightest bit affected by your attempts to move him away from you. "Let me go!"
"You don't mean that." He shakes his head at you. "You want to stay. You told me so."
"I didn't tell you anything. I told…" You bite your lip, trying to stop the sadness from flooding out but it does anyways, "I told the version of you that was kind to me. The one who took care of me when I was hurt. The you that helped me sleep and held me close. He wouldn't hurt me like this."
"I am him. Don't get it twisted. There's no other me. I was kind to you for a reason and now you know why. It was all a game."
You refuse to believe his words. "If you're one in the same, then why would you ever want to be kind to me? Why would you want to hold me while we slept together? Why would you want to comfort me and make me forget my pain? You claim to have done all this because you hate me but what's the real truth?"
You don't know where the urge comes from but you lift your hand up and caress his cheek, brushing your fingertips along his jaw. He blinks at you, like he's confused that you're touching him right now.
Using that confusion, you ask him, "do you love me, Din Djarin?"
"Are you fucking joking?" He scoffs at you. "I'm not the one in love. You are."
"You're lying." You pull him towards you, your lips so close to his as you breathe out, "you won't admit it but you made love to me last night. You won't let me go because you're in love with me. You want me to be yours because I've stolen your heart, haven't I? That's why you're so driven to even the odds. I've taken everything from you first."
You should've seen the slap coming. It connects with your face in a matter of moments and you cry out from the sudden pain.
"Shut up or I'll make you be quiet." He's furious, which can only mean that there's some truth in your claims.
"Now I understand why you put a new collar on me." You ignore his threat to let your thoughts out into the air, "you're afraid of losing me so you have to hold me captive."
Before you can let out another word, Din has both hands over your throat, pressing you into the mattress at full force. He's going to strangle you. Good.
"Kill me." You demand through a strained voice. "Kill your pretty little thief that you claim to hate so much."
There's a rage building in his eyes and you meet them without an ounce of fear in yours. Two can play this game. If he wants to steal your heart, you're going to steal his right back. You both can dance the devil's tango until one of you is dead.
That's how this ends.
You refuse to submit to him. You'll never make that mistake again. Din will have to kill you before you'll ever say you love him.
You'd rather die than love him.
"You want me to kill you?" He laughs as he chokes you. "Oh, I'll kill you. Just not now. No, I'm going to wait until I break you down and make you fall so deeply in love with me and then I'm going to rip out your heart and crush it in front of you."
You laugh, even though it's only making it harder to breathe. He lets go of your neck just enough for you to reply, "I'm going to kill you first because you're going to admit you love me way before I ever even think of loving you."
"You talk big for a girl being held down by the throat." He tries to intimidate you but you don't falter.
"You talk big for a man who wants to fuck me into this mattress." You challenge his desires and he glares at you menacingly.
"I think you're talking about yourself." One of his hands moves from your throat down your body until it finds its way between your legs, spreading your folds apart with his fingers. "You're dripping wet. You should be more honest with yourself. You want me to fuck you until you can't think straight, don't you?"
That's when you know you've got him because you simply smile and say, "yes, Master. I want you to fuck me."
You're toying with him and he knows. Din's furious with you and you can't get enough of it. If you're going to be held prisoner by him, then you might as well trap him too.
Everything from here on out will be a game of cat and mouse. You'll trick him as much as he tricks you. You'll get him to confess his love for you and then you'll kill him.
All you can hope for is that your feelings don't fuck this whole thing up. You cannot fall for him. You cannot let your guard down ever again. You cannot give into him.
Not even when he says, "I'm going to fuck you exactly the way you want me to, until you're whimpering and begging for more. Begging for the pleasure only I can give you."
As Din thrusts his cock inside you without warning, you scream, "I hate you!"
"Not for long." He smiles, watching as you grab a hold of the sheets to brace yourself for what's to come. "You can't hate me when you're getting fucked out of your mind."
He's right about that. It's so hard to think about anything when your body is quivering all over from his precise strokes. You can't hold it in and you burst under the pressure.
"Look at you, coming all over my cock." His thumb presses up against your clit, forcing another orgasm out of you from the sudden stimulation. "Aww, did you come again? It's so cute when you pretend you don't love the feeling of my cock pounding inside of you."
"Fuck you." You say through gritted teeth, another orgasm building way too soon.
"Oh, don't worry. We're going to fuck a lot. You're not getting a break until you beg for one." He sounds awfully serious.
That's because he is…
There's no breaks for you. After he finishes all over your body, marking you with his release, Din replaces his cock with his fingers. He makes you come like that until he's hard again and then the cycle repeats. He takes as long of a break as he needs to rebuild his stamina, but he keeps you on the edge the entire time. You try to fight it but after a few too many attempts to hit him where it hurts, he ties you down to the bed and fucks you like that. You have to resort to other ways of defying him.
"What a bad girl. So unappreciative of the pleasure her Master gives her." He scolds you and you shiver in response, his words causing goosebumps to rise on your skin. "Do you want a break? All you have to do is beg."
You spit on his face when he's close to you which is enough of a reply for him. He wipes it off with his fingers and then shoves them into your mouth. You bite down on them and that just makes him spit on your face in retaliation.
His free hand smacks your cheek. "Open your fucking mouth."
You bite down harder in response so he grabs a hold of your throat instead, making you gasp, which allows him to release his fingers from your grip.
"You've got a weak bite." He shows you the meek little teeth marks.
"I would be happy to bite harder on something else." You say with a provocative grin.
"I won't let you bite it, but you sure will swallow."
You struggle against your wrist restraints as Din kneels over you, stroking his cock above your face. He spits to wet his cock but you know he's missing on purpose to spit on your face indirectly. You press your lips together so he can't get it into your mouth but he doesn't like that very much. His free hand goes to hold your mouth open. Your jaw hurts terribly from the way he's gripping you.
"Are you in pain?" He asks as if he gives a shit. "It would be so much easier if you just kept that pretty mouth open for me."
You don't know what to do. It does hurt but you don't want to give in over some pain. He'll think you're easy to break and use it to his advantage.
So, you suffer through it as he continues to stroke his cock until he finishes into your mouth. You gag a little which forces you to swallow it, just like he said you would. You're exhausted from all of this. You want to take a break but you don't dare tell him that.
He knows though. "Why are you so adamant on being defiant? Just ask to take a break and I'll give you one. I'm a good Master."
"If you're such a good Master, why don't you just give me a break?" You let out with a tired huff.
"Okay." He says that single word so nonchalantly.
"What?" You're so shocked that you think you heard incorrectly.
"I said, okay. I'll give you a break. Come on." He cuts you out of the fabric he used to tie you to the bed frame.
Your arms drop down, all flimsy from having been held up for so long. You can't move. You're too physically weak. That's why Din lifts you into his arms and carries you over to the refresher, helping you wash up. You're confused the entire time because he's gentle. He puts your clothes on for you and tucks you back into bed before going to grab you one of those nutritional drinks you're starting to like. The flavor isn't all that bad after you get used to it.
You sip it slowly as you watch Din get dressed in comfortable sleepwear. Is he going to sleep with you? Why is this so…reminiscent of before? You shake the thought away. You can't think like that.
That Din doesn't exist, the one that was kind to you and held you close and made you feel safe.
The Din that spits in your face, fucks you until you see stars and wants you to fall in love with him before he kills you, that's the real Din.
So why…why do you start to cry when he gets into bed and pulls you into his warm arms? Why do you sob into his familiar chest, wishing this was the real him? Why do you want his comfort even when you hate him so much?
"I hate you." You mumble into his shirt as he rubs your back.
"I know." He says quietly. "You should."
Din presses a kiss onto the top of your head and you don't know how to react when he acts so sweet. Is it real? It can't be. It's just a trick. He's just trying to get you to fall in love with him…
"Break." You say that word like you had once before and he nods.
"Yes, we're taking a break." He holds you securely in his arms, keeping you close to him. You feel the rise and fall of his chest as he breathes out, "So, go to sleep, my pretty little thief. You're safe now that I'm here."
You don't know what that means but you're too tired to try to process it. You just bury yourself into his chest and cry yourself to sleep, seeking the comfort you so desperately crave from him.
Lesson learned: never fuck with a Mandalorian.
Anyways, this is cooking up to be quite the series! I've always been a fan of enemies to lovers trope, especially when it's much darker so it's been fun writing such a villainous Din ~ I have no idea what's in store for these two. I definitely think this is going to be an interesting tug of war with their hearts and I'm looking forward to writing more whenever the urge arises so be sure to like/follow if you want to read more ♡ 
You're not ready for this break to end because you know when it does, he's going to break you…and you need to kill him before he does.
A/N: You asked and I certainly delivered quite the sequel! Who else was screaming for the reader to leave because I was like girlie, run! Though, Din would have never let you get away…
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mewhenimsad · 2 days ago
Yan!Din Djarin HC (2)
Tumblr media
Part 1
Part 3
Part 4
Warnings: Smut, breeding kink, pregnancy kink, Stockholm Syndrome, kidnapping
a/n: Could be read separately, no need to go to the first part. Very heavy on the breeding and pregnancy kink 🤧. My bad. Requests are currently open! 😊
He’s been conditioning you. He revels in the way your thighs clench together whenever his hands wander over your body.
At first, he lets you isolate yourself. But as the fifth month of pregnancy arrived, he couldn’t help it. You would often hear him pleasuring himself, murmuring about how you looked so beautiful carrying his child. How you would look so pretty all cock-dumb and fucked out over his bed sheets.
You would try to sleep after, but you couldn’t help but think of the way wetness dampened your underwear and how a part of you thinks back on how he fucked you back in your home. Before you realized his plan to take you.
You would usually stare half awake at the panels above you. Shifting uncomfortably against the small bunk that only seems to get smaller as your bump grows.
One day while he was making you some portions, he stated how he had enough credits. You blinked up at him in confusion and he sighs wistfully. As he sat down on the blankets and pillows he set up on the floor as a makeshift area you and the kid could sit in, he reaches for your hand.
You let him pull you up against him. He’s strong enough so that could do it without your assistance anyway. He pulls his helmet off with a hiss and motions for you to pick up your plate of food.
“We’ll be home in no time.” He says. You look back at him in confusion and he just smiles and caresses your cheek. His hands skim over your tunic and stop on the swell of your belly, lightly tracing it up and down with the tips of his fingers.
Chills run down your spine and goosebumps start to rise. He holds you against himself for a couple of minutes, urging you to continue eating. Breathing in the scent of your hair and lightly caressing your bump. His hands move further down and caresses over your mound, you shiver. A shot of pleasure goes up your spine. He continues to ‘accidentally’ rub against you in between his praises of how well of a mother you’ve been.
Your clit was throbbing by the time you were done with the portions, telling him that you weren’t hungry. That prompted him to ask you to feed him spoonfuls in return. He didn’t want to put anything to waste. It felt very intimate, especially with the way he loudly chewed next to your ear and groaned as if he was eating gourmet cuisine, almost mimicking the sounds he was made when he last had you in your bedroom back in your home planet.
The baby cried, you were grateful for the respite, especially as he was starting to graze over your inner thighs. You excuse yourself to the restroom and curse yourself. It was the hormones, it had to be. You wouldn’t be this affected by his gentle touches otherwise.
He’s been doing the same technique for a little over a month. Grazing over your ass as he walked by. Accidentally cupping your breasts and lightly squeezing as he mewled over your bump. Having you sit over his erection whenever you ate.
You hate the way your body now responds to a simple touch on the shoulder and jumps to imagining him thrusting into you against the side of the hull.
It got worse when you were finally “home”. He was able to find a small house in a planet you didn’t know the name of. He didn’t allow you to even step outside the door. He said it was too dangerous. You questioned him, considering you were a long way from other people. He never answered. Instead just holding you close to him and reassuring you that it was safer for you and the baby.
Grogu was off to school, taken by his father almost every day, you thought. How come he wasn’t fussing constantly over him.
The one positive from being stuck ‘home’ was that he was barely there. He would often go away to earn credits working odd jobs and leave you with the promise that soon (if you complied instead of ignoring all of his advances at becoming a family) you too would accompany him one day. He didn’t like the idea of keeping you as if you were a nanny to his children.
Because you were currently pregnant and you didn’t reciprocate his kisses and touches, he thought it was best to keep you where you were. You had enough time alone to think about ways to escape, but with your growing condition the thought was dissipating quickly. You felt tired, nauseous, heavy. Your feet were swollen and even thinking of the months to come made you dread even thinking of being alone. In some sick way the bastard has debilitated you in this form.
That didn’t stop him from praising you though. He likes to watch as you started to waddle around, chasing after his son, now yours, and playing with him. Pride is all he feels when he sees the kid patting your stomach in question and you softly explain to him how there was a tiny human growing in there.
“The villagers have been asking for you.” He says one night, as you pull your hair up in front of a mirror he bought you on his recent trip to the markets.
You hum absentmindedly, looking at anywhere but the reflection as he steps closer behind, wrapping his arms around you. “Is that so?”, you question sarcastically. He ignores your tone.
“Mhm.” He slumps over you, putting his head on top of yours. His eyes lower to your stomach and his brows furrowed.
Skimming past your second trimester you outgrew all of your old clothes including those of the man behind you. You feel embarrassed as you try to tug the tunic as far down as it can go. A sliver of your skin still showing.
You feel tears well and blur your vision and try to look away from his now worried eyes. Your hands move to cover your face but he stops them quickly, asking you what was wrong.
“My clothes don’t fit.”, you whine. You think of how stupid you must sound. The way you could be thinking of many other worse things that he’s done to you, for example kidnapping you, and you think to complain about this.
“I’m so big. I'm just so -ugh.”, you exasperated weakly. His grip tightens on your hands reassuringly and he plopped a kiss to the side of your head.
He’s always liked his women with some meat on their bones. He liked the thought that your body was changing because of him. Seeing you now, insinuate that you're not the most beautiful creation the maker has ever made, made his eyes twitch in irritation. Not at you, of course, but the way women are viewed.
In his culture women are respected as if they were goddesses. They are the foundations of their kind. Seeing you now look at yourself in disdain made him feel like a failure. He failed to take care of you as a spouse should.
He kisses up your neck and you freeze. His hands wander downward, under your pants and underwear. His hand was so large that you could see it straining the seams of your pajamas.
“You’re beautiful.”, he says as he flicks his wrist to palm over your mound, grinding it against you. You gasp as he continues, watching over you through the mirror as you twitch and lean your back further into his chest.
You sigh shakily as he inserts a thick figure inside of you. Then another as your eyes close shut tightly. He brings you to climax easily. Your legs threaten to collapse but he catches you.
The rest of the night he praised your body, your caring personality. Often mentioning how you would be such a caring mother to your next child and children.
You were barely awake and on the verge of passing out. You felt as if you’ve exerted yourself trying to keep up with his burning touches. You don’t think you’ve ever been cared for as much as you have being with him.
“Tomorrow we’re going into town to get you some clothes.” He presses himself against your back maneuvering a pillow under your body which lays on its side.
He finally presses a light kiss to your lips as he pushes a strand of hair from your face. He smiles as he sees you respond back weakly.
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wrathkitty · 2 days ago
Short Debts Make Long Friends - Chapter Eight!
Tumblr media
“I got us coffee! I mean – uh, caf? I went to the cantina. Fun fact, they serve breakfast! And I didn’t have to pay for it!” You are so hopped up on caffeine that you’re talking a mile a minute, “I told ’em I forgot my wallet and was staying with a trigger-happy Mandalorian who’s not a morning person. She even threw in these things!”
You dig around in your bookbag and proudly present him with two foil-wrapped packages that you are fervently praying are breakfast burritos.
Mando is staring at you, still holding his cup in one hand like a three-week dead lark. 
“Your hair,” he says, audibly baffled. “It’s…curly.” 
This is an understatement. Your hair is fiercely curly. Not the stuck-a-finger-in-a-socket variety like Peli’s, but long ringlets and waves that most days have a mind of their own. Meeting Mando had coincided with one of the rare occasions you braved the flatiron, and your hair was braided when you fell asleep the night before. Now it was in its usual state of chaos, falling loose past your shoulders and ending just short of your waist. 
“Surprise,” you answer, understanding his bewilderment. “Sometimes I wear it straight.”
He has yet to look away, as if he’s still confused.
Short Debts Make Long Friends, Chapter Eight
Short Debts Make Long Friends - Stories of Mando and Reader. Or, an overeducated, underpaid millennial finally gets to go on her first adventure.
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deadhumourist · a day ago
Mistletoe and Beskar - Part 3
Tumblr media
Pairing: Modern!Din Djarin X F!Reader. Mechanic AU
Rating: Explicit (one mention)
A/N: Thank you to @just-here-for-the-moment for looking this over and being amazing ❤️
Summary: This part is from Din and Kraelia's perspective. Was everything as it seemed that night?
Author Masterlist | Taglist
Part 2
Weak sunlight streamed into the large French windows. The embers in the opulent fireplace had died during the night and the room was cold enough to see little curls of breath escaping your lips. You were blissfully lost in the recesses of sleep and completely soft in Din's arms. You had promptly rolled into them a few hours ago and nestled yourself against him like a flightless baby bird seeking warmth. He ran hot, offering comfortable shelter whether he wanted to or not.
His eyes rested on the slow rise and fall of your chest, At the steady heartbeat he could see in the hollow of your throat. It was languidly extended over his arm, which had completely lost feeling by this time but he wasn’t going to wake you. 
The previous night trickled into his sleep-muddled brain like thick syrup. When you knocked against his knuckles right before Greef came over….it took him a minute. He didn’t recognise the prompt. When he looked down at your face, you were looking up at him expectantly.  Your eyes barely concealed a kind of innocence and hopefulness that he didn’t have time to fully unpack at that moment but he understood what you were thinking. He took your hand and squeezed.
I’m so sorry. 
Later in the room…he hadn’t expected you to take his breath away when you emerged from the bathroom. You caught him in an unguarded moment and he had reeled.
He had been talking to Grogu. Hearing his son’s voice always made his heart bloom and open. He missed hugging the little boy, pressing his forehead to his son’s in their own secret language. Grogu was staying with his aunt for the week but it felt like so much longer. His little clan of two was split and the phone call only served to open that sliver of vulnerability until it was a yawning chasm and he was scrambling away from the edge.
You did look beautiful - so soft and feminine and he had to brace himself. Not his. He was here because he had relented to Greef. When your hand curled gently around his bicep he felt the small weight of it anchor him when it felt like he would drift away. 
The ride in the elevator seemingly took forever. He wanted to say something to claw back an ounce of normalcy but he didn't have a single thought in his head to do it with. 
Down in the ballroom, Kraelia had snaked her way through the crowd and zeroed in on him with a precision that he almost admired, had he not been the target.
She batted her doe-like eyelashes at him; extensions, he noted. As his eyes drifted down to her mouth, he remembered all the dirty things she would whisper to him, the screams that she flung to the ceiling when his cock was punching up into her, making her clench and shake above him.
The crass jokes that made him laugh despite himself. 
She never used to bother with artifice in the time they spent together but since they parted, every time he saw her, there was more. Like a canvas that couldn’t be left alone after the artwork was complete. Just a dab more. Just a little layering here. Patching up invisible holes with paint that would soak through the canvas and disguise nothing.  
“You’re a sight for sore eyes, baby. You never call.” she drawled. 
It wasn’t a question; it was an accusation. One that hung in the air and that Din had no intention of pulling down into an apology. This was exactly what he was trying to avoid. She was a few glasses of liquor in and intent on opening old wounds to bleed over him.
“We’re not together. I have my boy that I need to take care of.”
She huffed mirthlessly.
“Yeah it’s Daddy Din now, isn’t it. How cute. Enjoying the boring domestic life with your boring domestic chores? Your money and freedom could have gotten you anything and all you did with it was…settle.”
She was struggling to keep her face neutral, spitting the last word out like it disgusted her. Unintended, angry tears started forming at the corners of her eyes and she took a deep gulp of her wine to steady her voice.
“You just leave destruction in your wake, you asshole. I wish we'd never met.”
Din regarded her quietly. She filled the vacuum with her anger.
“I want to let go, but you keep fucking….invading my mind, like you live there and it drives me crazy. It makes me so…..angry…because you’re so un-fucking-deserving.”
The anger pushed up into her like bile, burning everything in its wake. It was too much and not enough all at once, as if no words could ever express how deeply angry and hurt she was.
‘I know.” he intoned softly. 
She looked up at him blearily, expecting a terse reprimand. Every time they found one another after the breakup, it was like waves crashing angrily against rocks - a destructive, sharp peak that eventually just drifted back into the wide expanse of the sea like nothing had happened.
It was no use. None of this was any use but if she didn’t lance the wound every once in a while, she would die of the infection.
“Kiss me. You owe me that much…fucking coward.”
This would be the last time she sought him out. She would kiss him and pour all of the love she still carried for him into it. She had to forget after this.
She took a deep breath, a slow exhale and brought her hands up to rest on his chest.
He took a deep breath. If he had to exorcise himself out of her this way, so be it. He knew what he had done and the crime didn’t fit the punishment. It was worse. No matter how vicious the diatribe, words just caught flight and died in the air. It couldn’t do the damage she wanted them to, with the best will in the world. He would stand here and take every barb she threw, knowing that it was necessary. 
Out of the corner of his eye he saw movement, and as he lifted his head, he clocked you making your way over. You were wearing a sweet smirk, the deep green skirt clinging to your hips as you confidently sashayed over.
His eyes met yours, but his heart started an uncomfortable gallop in his chest, metering the anxiousness out against his sternum. You looked like a goddess coming to strike the last victorious blow to an enemy that was already on their knees before her. 
You couldn't possibly know what you were walking into. When he proposed this in the auto shop he couldn't have predicted how this would blow up and now he was panicking. You were actually coming here to save him, stubborn and headstrong and…wrong. He didn't need to be saved.
But he couldn’t extract himself out of Kraelia’s grip and he couldn’t stop you either.
You hadn’t asked for any of this.
You brushed Kraelia aside and he could only make out “love” as the blood rushing was the only sound in his ears. He felt like the room was closing in on itself.
Then you reached up and kissed him and it all went dark.
His mouth followed a longing his body had been dying to sate but behind his eyelids he thrashed around for something to ground him. He desperately pulled you to him, as if pressing you into him would erase the feeling of inadequacy that he carried with him like a shadow. As if your brightness could blow out his recesses and show him the way. 
When you finally pulled away, he found Kraelia had disappeared. He looked down at you, dark eyes boring into yours. His hand gently lifted your chin to him.
He mentally chastised you. 
What did you do? 
Comments and reblogs are appreciated! ❤️
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dinsverdika · 11 hours ago
Heartbeat (one shot)
Pairing: Din Djarin/Reader
Tags (as posted on AO3): fluff, pre-relationship, romantic tension, a bit of flirting, cuddling, reader is a bit of a goofball, this takes place before Grogu, Reader's gender not specified.
Word count: 1,896
Notes: this one shot is a few weeks old and belongs to a series of Din/Reader one shots. There are only three instalments in this series so far. I may post the second one on here since it's only one chapter long some time soon. Oh, and like specified in the tags on AO3, there's no proper reason as to why Reader is travelling with Din (so far at least) I just wanted to write fluff at the time.
Writing prompt: 20. "Can you feel my heartbeat?" (from: @/creativepromptsforwriting)
“Can you feel my heartbeat?”
You frowned at Din’s question. You were cuddling in his cot in the Razor Crest, you were lying on top of him with your head resting on his chest while one of his arms was wrapped around the small of your back and the hand from his other arm was stroking your back. You had been lying down together for almost an hour now, the conversation having died down several minutes ago. None of you felt the need to fill the quietness with words as it felt comfortable to the both of you. But you had to admit that Din’s question had caught you off-guard.
“Well, I can’t at the moment as you’ve got your chest plate on but I can still hear it even under the thick layer of beskar,” you replied.
Din hummed as if to reply and said nothing else. You were still a bit confused but didn’t push him to say more. It wasn’t the first time Din had asked a random question out of the blue, you actually liked how he, most of the time, blurted them out as if they were not meant to escape his lips.
The quietness between you two was still comfortable but you could hear Din thinking from under his helmet, you started drawing random shapes on his chest plate with your finger, waiting for him to find his words.
“I like feeling your heartbeat,” he finally said after a while.
“Do you?” you simply asked.
“I do.”
“Wait… Is that why you like putting your fingers on the pulse point in my neck?!”
You pushed yourself on your hands and stared at him through the visor of his helmet. You didn’t need to see his face to know that he was avoiding your gaze right now, flustered by your question.
“Yes,” he replied quietly, “is that weird?”
“I mean,” you started to say, pondering the question, “I wouldn’t say it’s weird because I’ve known you for quite some time now and I’m accustomed to your mannerisms. Remember when you did it in the cantina back on Nevarro?”
You chuckled at the memory, remembering the way Greef Karga looked at you after Din had removed his fingers from your neck. You had shrugged at his silent question as Din was turning back his attention to him.
You were now sitting upright on his waist with your arms crossed over your chest, “I find it funny the way you just press two fingers there as if to check if I’m still breathing. It feels really… medical.”
“Is there a less medical way to do it?”
He had rendered you speechless again. There was another way to do it but it was more intimate. You zoned out as memories of past lovers kissing that sensitive spot in your neck flooded your brain. Din cleared his throat and it snapped you back to the present.
“There is,” you hesitantly replied, “but that would imply many things especially if you were to do it in a cantina. And I believe it’s against your creed too.”
“How so?” Din asked. He was now fully invested in the conversation, he sat back up and scooted back until his back reached the wall which was the further away in the cot. He tapped the space in between his legs and you quickly sat between them. You smiled as he wrapped his arms around you.
“I could give you an example on another pulse point on your body if you want as I know your neck is off-limits.”
Din and you might have known each other for a while but he was still hesitant on removing his armour or, more importantly, his helmet around you. Ever so loyal to his creed. “This is The Way,” he had said to you many times. But you had never taken it personally, you respected his choices.
You had seen Din’s bare hands though, many times. You didn’t think that there was somebody else in the galaxy who had seen his hands as much as you had. It seemed it was the pieces of clothing he was the least insecure about removing around you.
The first time Din had removed his gloves in front of you was when you had been complaining all day about the back pain you were suffering from because of the uncomfortable and criminally thin mattress of his cot.
“You could use me as a mattress, you know,” had said Din, his warm hands running along your shoulders until they had met in between them. He pressed his thumbs on the space between your shoulder blades and dragged them up until they had reached the hairline on the back of your neck. You had closed your eyes at the sensation, already feeling your muscles easing up under his ministrations.
Lying on top of him had not been the issue at the time, you weren’t strangers to the concept of cuddling. Huddling for warmth had become crucial for your survival when, one time, the heating system of the ship had broken down when you had landed on a planet whose temperatures had been the lowest you had ever experienced and you had experienced Hoth’s freezing weather. Ever since that incident, you and Din indulged yourselves with cuddling whenever you felt like it.
But you were starting to get insecure with how much you were in his space, the little voice inside your head telling you that he may start hating you if you didn’t let him have his own space. Hence why you had suggested sleeping in turns when he had asked -no, demanded- you to use his cot to sleep as he didn’t want you to sleep in the cockpit anymore.
“I don’t think my sleeping body would notice the lack of privacy,” he joked and you snorted. Din was now focused on a knot on the left side of your back, “I wouldn’t mind anyway. I appreciate your company.”
Your eyes flew open at his words and you quickly turned around to face him, Din tilted his helmet at your sudden change of mood.
“I was starting to think that you may hate me,” you admitted, looking down at the floor.
“Why would I hate you?” he asked, sounding dumbfounded that you were thinking such a thing. You had rarely seen him looking this confused.
“Well, you’ve always been a bit of a lone wolf from what I’ve gathered, you keep to yourself and keep your interactions with others short. Having someone all up in your stuff must have been quite the change for you,” you exhaled, you had confessed your growing insecurity in one breath.
Din had put his hands on his hips, processing what you had just said to him. You held your breath, you had felt a bit vulnerable watching the Mandalorian in full armour, minus the gloves, standing in front of you while you had made yourself bare of your feelings a few seconds ago.
“It’s true that it was strange at first, having someone around and I had to change my routine around that but I wouldn’t say it made me hate you,” explained Din, taking a step towards you, “I actually think I’d feel weird not having you here now.”
The dread that had been blooming within you for the past few days quickly disappeared at his words and you lunged yourself at him. You would’ve managed to tackle him into a hug if this man hadn’t had quick reflexes.
“Maker, I’m so glad you feel that way,” you exclaimed happily, “I was almost making myself sick, thinking I was overstaying my welcome.”
Din laughed, “If anything, I should be the one worrying about making you sick of me. I know I can be broody at times.”
You joined him in his laughter, relieved that things were now clearer between the two of you.
“Do you mind taking one glove off?” you asked, turning your head to look at him through the visor. Din wordlessly took his left glove off and presented his naked hand to you. You giggled as you took it in your hands, “I’m sure you are aware that your inner wrist is also a pulsing point. I’ve seen many medics searching for someone’s pulse by pressing their fingers there,” you explained as you mimicked your words.
Din nodded, watching intently your movements over your shoulder.
“Your pulse at this spot isn’t as strong as the one in your neck but that’s not an issue right now. Do you want me to explain how I’m gonna feel your pulse next or do you want me to surprise you?”
“Surprise me,” replied Din, closing his eyes as to not spoil himself of whatever you had planned.
“Okay,” you breathed out. You quickly put your lips on his wrist before your nerves got the best of you. You felt Din tensing behind you and you were about to pull away from his wrist but the body you were pressed against relaxed as Din exhaled deeply.
Feeling your lips on his wrist was not what he had been expecting in the slightest but he was not disappointed by your little surprise. He, now, understood why you said that it would imply a lot of things if people saw. Kissing someone on the neck was definitely a sign of closeness between two people. He might not have had a lot of experience in that department of life but he was not completely clueless. He couldn’t shake off the giddy feeling bubbling up in his chest at the idea that people might think of the two of you as an item.
“Damn it,” you said, putting Din out of his reverie. A frown had appeared on your face as you stared at his wrist.
“What’s wrong?” he asked.
“I was trying to count your heartbeat per minute but I lost count,” you pouted. Din couldn’t help but laugh at how defeated your voice had sounded.
“75,” Din said, matter of factly.
“Your heart beats around 75 times per minute which is the average for an adult human being so, in this case, a good thing,” he explained.
“Well, I’m glad you’ve got my heartbeat per minute rate ingrained in that little tin can head of yours,” you said sarcastically but with no real malice behind your words.
Din chuckled and wrapped his arms around you again, pulling you close to him, “you can say that you felt my heartbeat now.”
“I can, I felt your heartbeat,” you retorted, “we should have a race and see whose heart beats the fastest.”
“This isn’t supposed to be a race, cyare,” he laughed.
You blushed at the pet name, he didn’t use it often but he had told you what it meant when you had asked. The butterflies in your stomach sprung free anytime he used it with you. You called out his name and Din hummed in response, “I like moments like this with you.”
“I do, too,” he replied.
You stayed together in the cot for quite a while after that, the two of you enjoying each other’s company. You both knew that you will have to get out of your little cocoon sooner or later but maybe, just for a while longer, you could imagine living like this for the rest of eternity.
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moon-sang · 23 hours ago
ᴄᴀᴜɢʜᴛ ~ 𝐃𝐢𝐧 𝐃𝐣𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐧 𝐱 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
Tumblr media
(Gif does NOT belong to me)
REQUEST: Anon requested; Angst + comfort. reader self harms or has suicidal tendencies because she/he thinks they’re useless around the ship or “isn’t good enough”. Reader locks themselves in the fresher and mando catches them self harming.
SUMMARY: It’s clear to you that the reason Din is going out more is to avoid you. And so you cope badly, using some of your old techniques that aren’t exactly the healthiest.
WARNINGS: Soft!Din, Dom!Din if you squint, SELF HARM (not explicit but it does show what reader is doing), Gender-neutral reader, ANGST, mature language ,pls tell me if I miss anything!
~ I’m not responsible for what you consume, I have given you warnings it is not my fault if you do not read them, you have been warned that this DOES contain self-harm, if that’s not your cup of tea then pls leave, otherwise pls enjoy this short request. 
It was your fault. It had to be. Why else would Din be going out more than he needed to? You upset him and now he can’t even stay on his own kriffing ship without seeing you. Your knees buckle and you slide down the Crest wall until your on the floor. Tears prickled the edges of your eyes as you sat there sobbing to yourself. 
You didn’t know how to deal with the feelings bubbling up inside of you. You could always go back, just this once, to what you used to do almost everyday before Din-no. You’ve been so good, why would you start that again? Screw it, you NEED to. As the sobs grew heavier you bring your nails to your arm. You start with a few gentle scratches, just gliding the rim of your nails gently across the skin on your arm. But that soon ended when your mind screamed this was your fault at you, you were never good at coping with your feelings. Absent-mindedly You begin to dig your nails deeper into your skin as your hand dragged down. You deserved each and every sting that came from the action. When you felt your nails didn’t do the job you moved onto your pocket knife. You positioned the sharp object so it hovered mere inches over your arm. Just as you were about to push it down and slice into your shoulder the hatch opens. Out of pure shock you throw the knife to the side, the scattering noise echoing through the Crest. Your arms are immediately shoved behind you, a desperate attempt to hide the newly formed cuts from Din. 
The moment Din sees you hide your arms from him he knows something is up. What could you possibly be hiding from him? He tilts his head, waiting. for you to show him what you’re hiding. But you don’t. Instead you just get up and start blabbering how you needed to go to the fresher. “Show me your arms.”  Din orders just as you were about to disappear into the refresher. “W-What?” You stutter. “Your arms... show them to me.” he commands. “I-I just want to have a-a sh-ower first.” You stumble, trying to get away from the situation as quickly as possible. He knew exactly what you were doing. Whatever it was you were hiding, you really didn’t want to show him... you were trying to escape the tense situation. Din sighs. “Either you show me your arms or I will force you to.” He almost darkly says. Your hands begin shaking and you can feel tears reform. “Show me your arms mesh’la, you know I’m not going to hurt you.” he reassures, approaching you slowly. “N-no!” you say, voice shaky. “Ok.” he gently replies. And out of nowhere his hand his yanking your arms out from behind your back, it makes you hiss as his hand gripped a scratch. “Din! No!” You yell. 
When he first saw the scratches... he was... confused and angry. Did someone hurt you? The scratches didn’t look like knife wounds, more like nail wounds. The irritated lines on your arms were thin and only a few had blood seeping out of them. Then it hit him. You did this to yourself. No one else was on the ship to do it to you... and the kid was asleep.. not that he would hurt you. After inspecting your arm Din looks up to you, making direct eye contact. “Why?” Were the only words he could get out. You can’t even reply when you’re bursting out into tears. Although surprised Din pulls you into his arms and rubs your back in soothing circular motions. Heavy sobs wracked your entire body, Din held you through it all, keeping you close to his chest. You nuzzle your head into the crook of his neck trying to get impossibly closer to him. 
After a few minutes the sobs turned into small hiccups and sniffles. “Cyare?” Din whispers in your ear, the modulator barely picking it up. “M-mhm” you mumble out. “Please tell me why you did this.” He gently says whilst running his hands through your h/c hair. “I-I-I t-thought you didn’t w-ant to s-ee me t-that’s why you w-went o-ut for lo-nger than u-usual.” You admit, starting to sob slightly again. Din’s arm tighten slightly around your form. “Mesh’la I...I would ..never not want to see you.” He whispers. “I...I’m out more because.....” He takes a breath. “Because I love you... and I was scared..to admit that, but I’m saying it... I’m in love with you.” 
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221bshrlocked · 7 hours ago
Carry Me To Safety (10)
Series Masterlist
Pairing: Din Djarin x Fem!Reader
Words: 10635 (it wasn’t supposed to be this long but my hands slipped)
Warnings: Lactation Kink. Touch-starved characters. Some sweet degrading dirty talk. Lots of fluids. Oral Sex (male receiving). Breast fucking (you should have seen this coming). Penetrative, Unprotected Sex. The Helmet Stays On. Breeding Kink!
A/N: Nothing better than some spaceship sex to close this series. I got a little sappy midway through so let’s pretend this isn’t a cliche ending. Let me know how I’m doing in the comments please and thank you. Add yourself to the taglists here.
Read Previous Part Here
Tumblr media
A streak of sunlight breaks through the small window of the room, forcing you to rub your eyes as they slowly flutter open. You look around the room lazily, smiling when you see the floating pod still closed. You move to get up so you can check on the kid when an arm crawls around your front and brings you closer to a warm, hard chest. The intimate touch spreads across your skin and you’re about to turn in Din’s arms when you realize that the cloth isn’t around your eyes any longer. 
“Kriff- Din wait…I dropped the blindfold.” You push him away and throw the covers over your head so you don’t accidentally get a peek at Din. You tap your hands around to try and find the blindfold, only to feel Din uncover you and pull you into his embrace. 
“Relax mesh’la, I took it off.” Had you not recognized the distorted voice through the vocoder, you would have continued to argue with Din about how dangerous it is to take off the blindfold when you’re asleep. You reluctantly turn around and barely manage to hold back from gasping at the sight of Din. He was a marvel, and you weren’t sure why he looked more rugged and attractive with nothing but the helmet. You take a few seconds to study him, eyes roaming his chest and down to where the sheets covered him. 
“See something you like?” You can hear Din’s smile from beneath the beskar helmet and you look away instantly to hide the embarrassed look on your face. Din reaches out and takes hold of your chin, turning it towards him until you are staring at the darkened visor. 
“Din.” You grasp his wrist and squeeze it tightly when you feel his thumb trace your lips. You part them as Din slowly pushes his thumb into your mouth, moving closer to him when he pushes his finger down against your tongue. An idea crosses your mind and without a second thought, you bite down on Din’s thumb teasingly, rolling your tongue on the skin trapped between your teeth until you could hear Din growl beneath his mask. 
“Fuck, you want me this much sweet thing? Haven’t I fucked you enough last night?” Din sits up and pulls you into his lap, chuckling when you slowly rub your wet slit against his hardening cock. 
“You- you have. But I just- I want you so much Din, all the time. I want to- touch you and kiss you and- and…” The way he roams his hands across your body distracts you, and you dig your nails into his chest when you feel his cock twitch against your inner thigh.
“And what?” 
“And I want to show how much I want to be here, with you…with the kid. I don’t want to leave either of you, ever.” These aren’t the words you want to tell him, but looking at him now, feeling his skin slide against your own as you whispered your devotion to him, you don’t have the heart to tell him that you love him, that you’ve loved him ever since he rescued you. 
“It’s a good thing I’m not planning on letting you go cyare.” Din wraps his arms around your back and pulls you towards him until you rest your forehead against his beskar helmet. 
“You mean that Din?” The question barely comes out as a whisper and you rub your cheek against the cold beskar to cool your heated flesh. 
“I’d fight the whole galaxy for you…my lovely little star.” You’re taken aback by the earnestness of his response, and your heart flutters at Din’s dedication to you. Before you can say anything though, you hear the child’s pod open, forcing you to slide off of Din and bring the sheets up to your neck to hide from the little gremlin. Din clears his throat and grabs his clothes, quickly sliding into them before heading to the kid and carrying him out. You smile when you see his little hands motion towards you, and you giggle when you see Din shake his head as he sets the kid down on your lap. 
“Maybe I should go.” Din breaks the silence when he sees his foundling grabbing at the edge of the sheet around your chest to pull it down. 
“I think he needs you mesh’la.” You catch on to what he’s telling you indirectly and shrug your shoulders to let him know that you’re comfortable with him around, even while feeding his child.
“You can stay, I don’t mind.” 
“It’s not that, I just- ner kar'ta, I’m already so fucking hard right now. Watching you feed him won’t help me.” His voice is somehow huskier than before and you can’t hold back from smiling at him when you see his visor tilt down as soon as the kid uncovers you.
“Fuck, I- I’ll just go and get you some food. Then we can leave to- uhh,” you can tell that your nudity is distracting him, and if it wasn’t so endearing, you would have teased him about it. Nodding in agreement, you wait until he leaves before you settle the child in your arms and hold out one breast for him. 
“He’s too sweet on me, don’t you think?” You kiss his forehead when he murmurs incoherently and stares into your eyes. You can’t help but giggle at the way he’s looking at you, the laughter only increasing when he joins in and smiles at you. 
“Not one thought behind those eyes, is there?” 
It’s an hour later when Din finally returns, and even though he doesn’t have to, he knocks on the door and waits for a response before walking in. His visor is tilted to the floor as he shuts the door behind him, and sets the food down on the table. Din refuses to turn around and look at you, afraid that he would catch you in a compromising position again. His thoughts are interrupted when he feels your arms wrap around his front. 
“I’ve missed you.” You whisper to him as you rest your cheek on his back and it takes every ounce of control in Din’s tense body to not turn around and push you down against the table. He remembers how quickly you melted in his arms hours ago and he clenches his fists tightly when he recalls how sweetly you begged for him to have his way with you. 
“I’ve missed you too mesh’la.” Din unclasps your hands so he could turn around and face you. The smile you’re giving him sets his lungs on fire and he leans down to rest the top of his helmet against your forehead. He feels your hands slide down his chest and although he wants to humor you for another moment, a little gurgle stops him from reaching down and carrying you to the bed. 
“Has he been good?” Din breaks the moment and reaches down to carry the child, smiling to himself when he notices the calm and sleepy veil falling over him now that he was sated. 
“He’s as…enthusiastic as his father, that’s for sure.” Din is thankful he’s wearing his helmet because he’s sure he would have been blushing a few shades darker at your comment. He avoids meeting your gaze, afraid that he might choke on his breath if he saw your teasing smile looking back at him.
“I-is he now?”
“Yes, it’s quite endearing actually.” You elbow Din jokingly and giggle when he huffs in irritation and takes a seat. The three of you sit in silence as you eat, and even though you can’t see his eyes, you get the sense that Din keeps on glancing at you every once in a while. When you’re done and packed, you put the child in his pod and kiss him one last time before shutting it. 
“So what are we doing today?” You ask excitedly as you grab your things and follow behind Din. He says nothing until the two of you leave the cheap inn, and it’s only when you catch sight of his friends that he finally responds. 
“Oh, I- I thought we’re staying for a while.” You reach out and pull him back by his wrist. Din sighs heavily before he turns around and faces you. He’s still refusing to shift his visor to look at you and you get the sense that something might have happened after your morning chat. 
“Change in plans. We’re leaving now.” Din doesn’t give you a chance to say anything else as he makes his way to the ship, leaving you as confused and worried as when you first boarded the Crest. You smile at Karga and Dune, waving your goodbyes to them as you push the pod ahead of you. As you make your way up the ramp, you can’t help but feel nervous at Din’s sudden shift. You wonder briefly if you said something he didn’t particularly like, but as you go through every possible word you whispered to him in the morning, nothing comes to mind as offensive. 
You set aside your things and make your way to the cockpit, knowing that you won’t be able to rest until you clear things up with Din. Taking in a deep breath, you put on a brave mask and hope that your Mandalorian wouldn’t make things too difficult. A part of you expects him to offer you curt responses again, maybe even get a little irritated if you questioned his mood too many times. You prepare yourself for every possible reaction that might face you as soon as you enter. 
What you don’t expect, however, is for Din to tug you by your shirt and push you against the wall as soon as you enter the cockpit. You’re shocked by the violent yet soft touches, but you don’t question him. Instead, you wrap your arms around him to the best of your ability, and relax in his embrace as he tightens his hold around you. 
“I took my frustrations out on you. I shouldn’t have done that, it was- I can explain.” His voice wavers and you furrow your eyebrows at the vague words literally being growled at you. You don’t know what he’s referring to, and you’re afraid to ask and force him to pull away. Against your better judgment, you remain quiet and rest your cheek against the beskar armor, silently telling him that you aren’t planning on going anywhere. 
“You don’t have to explain, I’m sure things haven’t been easy with me around and-” Din cuts you off, and you gasp lightly when you feel his hands grip your waist before they pull you impossibly closer to him. 
“It’s not you. Maker, it could never be you. It’s- you’re going to think I’m…dank farrik.” You can tell he’s having a difficult time justifying his behavior, and as comforting as it is to know that he didn’t want you to misunderstand, you felt a little sad that he thought you wouldn’t be understanding with whatever he was dealing with.
“Din, whatever it is, you have to know that I would never tease you about it. Have- have I done something wrong?” Din pulls away enough to look at you
“No, but I have. I- I’ve been jealous, and it sounds pathetic but- but I am. I’m jealous of how kind you are, how- how friendly you were with Karga and Dune. I’m jealous of how easy it was for you to talk to them last night but got uncomfortable when we were alone. But worst of all, I’ve- maker, I’m jealous of my own foundling, of how natural you are with him when he…when-” 
Your confused expression relaxes as soon as his words settle in the silence. It clicks then what he’s trying to tell you, what was roaming through his mind in the morning today after the child woke up. You want to laugh, not at him, but at the odd situation you find yourself in. He was jealous of the kid because while you felt a natural instinct towards him, you were extremely shy with Din. You’d assumed he would understand why you’re nervous around him, why you were so cautious whenever the two of you were alone. You thought he’d see that you were only trying to not offend him by accident with how badly you wanted him, but he didn’t see that. He only saw you being careful, or not as open with him as you were with the others. 
And then there was the issue with the child. You’d only just figured out how to make him relax yesterday. It was an instinct of sorts, one that carried to the early hours of this morning. But you remember all the things Din whispered to you last night and you realize that, to some degree, he also needed this part of you. It was understandable, the man went decades without a soft, loving touch. It made sense. All this time, you thought he was trying to make you comfortable with him but it was more than that. He truly wanted you, all of you, and with the way he’s touching you now, it seems that he wanted you all the time.
Your quiet meditation must have lasted too long for Din because he lets go of you and slips his hand underneath your chin to tilt your head towards him. 
“Say something.” 
His confessions, along with the revelations your mind was dealing with, seemingly distracted you too much because instead of telling him that you understand what he’s trying to say, that there was no shame in what he wanted, that he had every right to touch you as he pleased and you wouldn’t ever turn him down, you ask a simple question, one that you hoped he would answer honestly. 
“How can I help?” 
“Sweet thing, I tell you that I’m being unfair to you for no plausible reason, and you ask me how you can help me?” There is a hint of humor in his voice but you can tell his muscles are as tense as ever, perhaps preparing for whatever he thought you’d say to him in return. 
“Yes! Tell me how I can help you. Tell me how to show you that you’re the only one that matters to me right now. Tell me what I can do to show you that I- I care for you. Tell me what to do Din, so you can see how much I…love you.” Had you not been giving him your undivided attention, you would have thought your own revelation meant nothing to him. But you are studying him, and you notice the way his entire body relaxes against you when he finally registers your words. You expect him to say nothing, but you hope that he returns the affection in some way so you know that you aren’t the only one giving away the most precious piece of yourself. 
“You love me?” It’s not what you thought he’d say and you want to shake your head at him but you remember quickly that he probably lived most of his life without hearing such a sentiment. 
“I do.” 
“You mean that?”
“With all my heart.” 
You part your lips as Din traces a line from your neck to your jaw, unable to quiet the moan that escapes your throat when he rests his thumb on top of your mouth. You shut your eyes for a moment to collect your bearings, and as soon as you open them, you lay a soft kiss on his skin. Din gulps at the small gesture, and before he can get carried away, he slips his hand to your cheek and caresses it lightly. You nuzzle into his hand, hoping that he could see the undying truth behind your eyes. 
“Close your eyes, for me.” You barely hear the hoarse command but obey him without a second’s thought. Not a moment later, you hear Din slowly taking off his helmet, and before you can question him, you feel his lips move against your own in an unhurried touch. Clenching your eyes as tightly as possible out of fear of accidentally looking at him, you quickly melt into the embrace when he becomes more wanton. The hold you have on his cowl tightens as he shoves you harder against the wall and traps between it and his solid body. When you part your lips and gasp at the frenzied manner in which he claims your mouth, you’re met with a low growl that sends a shiver down your spine.  Din is relentless in his quest, his tongue roughly dancing around your own until you’re unable to think of anything but the strong muscle as it steals your breath away. 
You’re not sure how long you remain entangled with Din but as soon as he breaks the kiss and pulls away, you groan in irritation at the sudden loss of heat surrounding you. Somehow, your brain manages to keep your eyes shut tightly, and it isn’t until Din rests the cool beskar of his helmet on your heated skin that you finally realize he’s worn his helmet again. 
“Mesh’la, can you wait for me i-in my cot?” He’s hesitant in his request but your frantic nodding eases his nerves and he reluctantly lets go of you and steps away. When you don’t move from your spot, Din steps towards you again and takes you in his arms for a brief moment. You melt into him immediately but he urges you once more to make your way to the space below. 
“I’ll be there in a moment, I promise.” You take a look at him one last time before you turn around and descend to the hull of the ship. A few minutes pass as you stand in the quiet, enclosed space and it’s only when the engines come to life that you remember what he asked of you. Your eyes shift to the floating pod and even though you’re afraid the sound may wake him up, you open the hatch to make sure that the kid is still asleep. Watching his little chest rise and fall slowly, you smile down at him and lock the pod once more. Without thinking much about what you’re doing, you push the pod into Din’s cot and quickly grab the covers and the make-shift bed from the small space. As you lay them down on the floor, you hope to the maker that this is what Din had in mind because it was going to be awkward if he only wanted to talk and not lay with you. A rather violent shift in the air lets you know that you’re gone into hyperspace and when you hear soft steps come down the ladder, you fix yourself and stand to the side. 
As soon as you turn around, you see Din standing still and tilting his helmet to the side, as if he’s taking in the scene in front of him. When he says nothing, you take a deep breath and try to explain why you brought out the sheets and pushed the kid in the now-empty cot, Din strides towards you and takes you in his arms. You can’t help but chuckle as he twirls you around slowly before setting you down. 
“Someone’s a little eager.”
“I just thought that…we tend to get carried away and that so-called room of yours won’t be large enough for what you- what we have in mind.”
“Yeah? Maybe I wanted to feel every inch of you on me sweet thing. Maybe I wanted to make sure you can see how fucking desperate I am for you…maybe, I wanted to- to fuck you so hard you couldn’t move away from me.” There is a hint of danger laced in the desires he’s throwing at you, and you shiver with pride at the thought of being the reason behind his lack of control.
“I- I get that and believe me, I want all- fuck, all of those things, but you- you’re really big Din…like really big. I can barely breathe in there.” You can tell your words are affecting him from the way he nudges a thigh in between your legs and rolls his hips into you. Like earlier, Din walks you backwards until you’re stuck between him and the wall, and you take advantage of the position in an instant, moving your hips back and forth against his thigh to relieve the pressure building up in your stomach. 
“You weren’t complaining about it last night, cyar'ika.” He’s smiling behind his helmet, that you’re sure of, and you return the expression as you slowly bring your hand down his chest, cutting off whatever else he was going to say by cupping him through his pants. Din groans deeply as he seeks out the palm of your hand and even though you want to tease him more, you decide against it and give him what he wants. 
“I’m not complaining about it now either…I’m just- just bringing it to your attention.” You squeeze the bulge straining against his pants harder as you use his thigh to get off, and if you didn’t know any better, you’d think that Din was enjoying this moment more than he wanted to. Both of you were fully clothed, and yet you were more turned on more than ever. 
“Mesh’la…” Din moans as you lean down and grab his cock through his pants, not caring for the pain shooting down your arm from the awkward position he had you in. 
“Does that feel good?” You don’t know why you feel the need to ask him such a question but the hiss you get in return as you feel him growing harder underneath your touch sets your lungs on fire. You’re reminded again of everything he’s done last night, of how desperate he was when he kissed every inch of you as he fucked you senseless, and it’s only when the hold he has on your waist becomes painful that you realize what you wanted, what you needed to do. You’re about to beg him to fuck you when he beats you to it and forces you to stop what you’re doing.
“You- you know it does…but I want more. I need to feel you, now. We can do slow later, and believe me, I’ll take it real slow with you sweet thing. As slow as you want. But right now, I want to feel this cunt take my cock. Want to feel you cum around me, and beg me to keep fucking you till you can’t think of anything else but me. Let me fuck you, little star, please.” The tone of his voice as he pleads with you forces all coherent thought to cease, and you suddenly feel tongue-tied when he leans down and rests the top of his helmet against your forehead. It occurs to you then that there may have been a meaning behind the gesture, but you get the sense that this might not be the best time to ask him about it. No, you wanted him. Now. 
“W-where’s the blindfold?” You can see the second he registers your silent consent and you expect him to take it out from his pocket or something so he could finally fuck you the way you wanted him to. But instead, he lets go of you and turns you around before you can complain about the loss of him. 
“No, no blindfolds. I’m going to fuck you just like this, so I can look at you as you fall apart at my touch.” You’re about to turn around to complain when you hear the familiar hiss of the helmet unlocking. Instinct tells you to shut your eyes immediately but before you do, you feel a rough hand turn your head and push on your cheek until you feel the cool metal of the wall against your face. 
“Don’t you dare close your eyes, I want to watch you come undone.” Din growls into your ear as he violently shoves your pants down your legs. You gulp nervously when you feel him move frantically behind you and as you try to reach around to touch any part of him, the hand on your cheek pushes you further into the wall in warning. 
“Keep your hands on the wall, sweet thing.” Din orders as he leans over and lays a soft kiss on the back of your neck, the gesture making you feel dizzy and marvel at how different it was from his touch. You vaguely hear the sound of fabric being pushed down and brace yourself for what’s to come. Even though your eyes are still open, the haze falling over you prevents you from seeing anything past your line of sight. You’re not tempted to turn your head further but when you catch sight of his hand, you have to remind yourself that you couldn’t break his trust. For a moment, you want to ask him if you’re allowed to see his skin but before you can even word the question, you feel two fingers tap on your mouth. 
Looking down, you’re met with a large hand seeking entrance to your mouth and you can’t help but study it closely as it remains in front of you. It’s quite pathetic how you find his hand so mesmerizing but this was the closest you’d ever come to taking a proper look at him so you allow yourself to memorize every vein and every crease present on his deft fingers. The moment is interrupted, however, when Din bites into your shoulder to grab your attention. 
“I said, spit. Or do you want me to make it hurt?” The dangerous promise of his words makes you clench around nothing and as much as you want to nod in return and beg him to fuck you fast and hard, you obey him and move your tongue around until enough spit formed in your mouth. When Din parts your lips, you do as he says and spit on his fingers, not bothering to say anything as he takes his hand away and presumably rubs the tip of his cock. The hand on your cheek softens a bit but it doesn’t move an inch, and you pray to the maker that he can finally put you out of your misery and claim you again. 
You snap back to reality just as Din slips his hand in between your thighs and rubs your slit. He stops for a second and you’re afraid he’s changed his mind, but a low chuckle makes you realize he was probably surprised at how wet you already were when he’s barely touched you. 
“Good girl, good fucking girl. So wet for me, so ready to take my cock. Let me hear you sweet thing, let me hear you beg for me.” The way he moans in your ears makes you shudder and you try your best to tell him how much you want to feel him inside you but all that comes out is a string of pleas and quiet sobs. 
“Please, Din- please….fuck, please!” You hope he doesn’t expect a coherent response from you because you’re sure you can’t make any sense of the storm raging in your mind right now. Thankfully, the desperation swimming in your voice is good enough for him because you feel the head of his cock push past your wet slit into your pussy. You forget how to breathe for a moment when Din thrusts harshly into your cunt and bottoms out. It doesn’t make any sense but he somehow feels much bigger than yesterday, perhaps a little harder even. A sigh of relief fills the silence of the air and you relish the cold metal of the wall as it soothes the heat growing underneath your skin. 
It’s strange how different this feels from yesterday. And yet it was more comforting now than before. You guess that it might be because of the familiar space you’re in. It wasn’t some random inn that Din was claiming you in, it was his space, the space he willingly opened up to you when he saved you from the underground ring. It feels like a lifetime ago when it’s only actually been days, and you smile as you commit this moment to memory. 
“You were paying more attention with the blindfold sweet thing, focus on me now. Focus on me,” Din cooes in your ear and kisses your neck softly when you relax against him. The hand he has on your cheek moves away and you panic for a second when you don’t feel it anymore. It was a safety-net of sorts, one that you thought you wouldn’t be able to fight against if you tried to look at him. But now that he let go, you can’t help but panic a little at the potential threat to his Creed. Din must notice the shift in your body language because his hands roam your skin softly until they land on top of both of your own. You can feel every muscle in his body against you, and the anxiety that began to fill your chest slowly evaporates when Din rests his forehead against your cheek. It’s an intimate gesture filled with nothing but trust and relief, and you push back against him to try and touch more of his skin. The beskar on his chest calms you down and you whisper his name like a prayer as he begins to roll his hips into you.
“You’re so…fucking…warm,” Din barely breathes out the words as he continues to slide his length deep into your heat, the strained tone of his voice making you clench around him tighter and push back against him. His thrusts are calculated, consistently hitting the most sensitive part of you with each roll of his hips. You shut your eyes and moan for him, urging him to get rougher with you. But your pleas do the opposite, and Din stops altogether, biting into your neck when he feels you flutter around him. You’re shaking in his arms, unable to do anything to make him give you what you need. When you open your eyes and take notice of his hand, you arch your back and close your fingers around his own thick ones. He must like what you’re doing because he groans and swears your name as he begins to snap his hips a little harder than before. 
“Din, Din…please, fuck me harder. I want you to- to fuck me like you own me. Fuck me like you want. Please Din just-” 
“The mouth you have,” he cuts you off and lets go of your hands, not giving you a chance to say anything as he slides his palms down your body until he has a firm grasp on your waist. Without warning, Din kicks one of your legs to widen your stance and when he’s satisfied, he holds onto you tightly and sets a rough pace, one that has you seeing stars in a matter of seconds. You can barely breathe as you feel his cock fill you up deliciously, and the harder he goes, the deeper you feel him everywhere inside you. You recall the night before and almost laugh at how naive you were. The man was holding back hours ago, and you had a feeling that he was probably restraining himself now as well. Something about being the reason Din going feral lights a fire in your stomach and you reach back to try and hold onto his wrists for some semblance of control. 
Din fucks into you harder when he feels your nails dig into his skin and without thinking, he lets go of your hips and grabs your wrists hrshly before crossing them behind your back and using the hold he has on you to drive his cock into your cunt. You fall against the wall again and hope that he doesn’t let go, afraid that your knees would give out if you weren’t being pushed against the ship’s cold metal. 
“Look at you, so fucking pretty…taking my cock like a good girl. Is this what y-you wanted cyare?” Din says as he continues his assault on your pussy, and you wish with all you heart that you could look down and see where the two of you are joined, but you can’t. You thank the heavens that you left the pod in the cot because you were sure the sound of your ass slapping against Din’s thighs would have surely woken him up. At least he couldn’t get out from inside. 
“Y-yes, Din…nghhh yes pl-please, more…please.”
“Fuck- fuck, you’ve gone all cockdumb for me haven’t you sweet girl? I’ve fucked you so hard you can’t even speak. I’d ask you h-how…shit, how you feel but your tight cunt and those beautiful fucking sounds you’re making are telling me enough. That’s it sweetheart, so good- so fucking good.” You want to tease him back for everything he’s moaning in your ears but you can’t find the strength to say anything other than his name. The force of his punishing thrusts and the harsh grasp he has on your wrists are enough to drive away any coherent thought. You bite into your lower lip to suppress the screams begging to ring in the small space of the ship but quickly realize that Din didn’t like you hiding your sounds from him. 
“Don’t you fucking dare, I want to hear what I do to you sweet thing. I want you to lose your voice screaming for me, begging me to let you cum. Go on, little star, let me hear what I do to you.” 
You’re not sure what throws you over the edge, if it’s Din’s rough pace as he fucked into you, or the way he growled those filthy words as he used you to pleasure himself. It occurs to you that it doesn’t matter how he’s managed to make you come so quickly because the tight coil that’s been springing in your lower stomach untangles in a matter of seconds and before you know what’s happening, your knees buckle and you feel your body turn into hot liquid as sheer bliss wash over you like a waterfall. You’re thankful that Din is holding you because you’re sure the short fall to the ground would have still hurt. It’s difficult to breathe for a minute, and by the time you get back to reality, you realize that Din had loosened the hold he had on your wrists and wrapped his arms around you to keep you standing in between him and the wall. Your throat is dry and you try to gulp a few times but to no use. As your chest rises and falls slowly again, you vaguely hear Din whispering sweet, calming words in your ears. Not wanting to accidentally turn around and look at him, you remove your hands from your sides and lay them across his arms, finding the touch of his hands instantly soothing to you. Din is kissing across your neck sweetly while he rubs across your stomach and it’s only when you try to get control of your legs again that you realize your feet are wet. 
“Oh, I- I’m so sorry.” Your eyes shift down and widen when you see evidence of your release shining on the floor of the Crest. You’re about to apologize again when you feel Din’s hand softly land on top of your eyes and before you can ask him what he’s doing, you feel his lips slide against your own in a chaste kiss. It’s much different than the way he’s been fucking you so far but you don’t complain. As you part your lips and surrender to Din, you feel his other hand rise across your stomach and cup one of your breasts. You flinch when he tugs down the band covering your chest and regret the reflex immediately when Din breaks the kiss and removes his hand. 
“Is this okay?” It’s difficult to respond to him when you’ve only been screaming his name not a moment ago, but you force your mind to think of something so he doesn’t misunderstand your sensitivity for rejection and leave you. 
“Please Din…I need you.” It’s not what you wanted to say but it is the only thing that came to mind and it must be enough for him because he leans down and kisses you again as he slips his fingers underneath the chest band and teasingly flicks your nipple. The harder he tweaks your oversensitive peak, the quicker you melt into his arms and at a particular pinch, you part your lips and sigh heavily, allowing him to push his tongue past your lips and explore your mouth. As much as you love the excited touches, you’re reminded of how empty you feel when his cock nudges your inner thigh and his hips begin to move against you. 
“Din, I want to feel you inside me again. Please, fuck me. Fill me up again, it- it hurts when you’re not inside me.” You can feel the effect your words are having on Din as his fingers loosen a little and twitch nervously across your skin. He stops for a second, and you silently pray that he doesn’t make you wait for too long. As you brace yourself for whatever he was about to do, you suddenly feel the cold air of the ship slide against your damp skin. You’re about to ask him why he’s not touching you anymore when Din’s hand grabs the back of your neck and pushes you against the wall.
“Don’t turn around.” Din spits out and waits for your confirmation before he lets go of your neck and begins to undress. You can tell he’s losing control from how frantic he sounds behind you as he takes off the beskar armor. Not knowing what else to do, you reach for the hem of your shirt and pull it off as you step out of your pants. You’re slow in your movement, afraid that Din might think you’re trying to get a peek at him as he’s distracted. Looking down at the chest band loosely wrapped around your breasts, you shiver in anticipation at the prospect of feeling Din’s mouth on the quickly dampening skin. There are wet spots all over the fabric and you wonder how it was possible for you to leak through the material this much when you’ve finished feeding the kid not two hours ago. As you grab the edge of the band, you realize that Din stopped moving behind you.  You want to turn around to see if something is wrong but you remember what he said and remain facing the wall. 
Had you not already memorized Din’s touch, you would have flinched when you felt his grip tighten around your arm as he turned you around. On instinct, you shut your eyes and drop your hands to the side, wanting him to know that he was in complete control of the movement. 
“Little star,” the modulated sound of his voice calms the anxiety growing in your mind and your eyes flutter open slowly out of caution. The second you realize that he’s wearing nothing but the helmet, shock widens your curious orbs at seeing just how broad and dangerous he looks without his armor. If you thought he was big before, you’re unable to comprehend how more intimidating he is with nothing but the helmet keeping his Creed intact. You don’t get a chance to admire his physique for too long because Din takes two steps towards you and instantly unravels the band from around your tits. 
“The way you look at me makes me want to mark every fucking inch of you.” He confesses as he tugs at the fabric keeping you from his gaze and you don’t try to help him, knowing that he might find your aid more of an inconvenience than help. You slide your hands up his forearms to his shoulders, mouth watering at seeing all of the scars and the muscles that made him one of the most dangerous bounty hunters in the Guild.
“You’re so kriffing beautiful ner kar'ta, it- it’s unbearable.” His words warm your heart and you barely manage to hold back from shedding a few tears when you let them settle in your mind. You want to tell him that you think he’s pretty as well, that you’ve never seen someone as kind and sweet and attractive as him, but all that comes out is a string of pleas in between his name. 
“Please, Din.”
“I’ll give you everything you want, sweet thing. I’ll give you my cock and my fingers and my mouth. I swear it. But right now, I want you to get on your knees.” Din says as he lets go of you and rests his hands on your shoulders. You do as he says in an instant, wanting to show him how willing and obedient you are, how good you want to be for him. You slide your hands down his hips until they’re grabbing his thick thighs, and as soon as you look up at him, you gasp lightly at how much bigger he appears now that you weren’t on the same level as him. 
“You want me to fuck you sweetheart?” You nod enthusiastically at him, earning you a teasing chuckle and an intimate caress on your cheek. 
“Then be a good girl and let me fuck your mouth.” Your eyes widen in surprise for a second before you part your lips and lean towards his achingly hard cock. Looking away from his visor, you can’t help but admire how thick he is, and you clench your thighs when you see the protruding veins across his cock begging to be licked. You can feel your cunt flutter around nothing as you take in how beautiful he is, and you almost reach for him to touch the pre-cum leaking from the tip of his dick but you remember quickly that Din didn’t give you permission to touch him so you keep your hands where they are. 
“Look at me mesh’la, I want to watch you as you take my cock down your throat.” Din says roughly and waits for you to finally raise your head towards him before he takes the last step and slowly slides his cock in your mouth. He lets out a long moan, one that was very much close to making you cumw without his touch. You feel proud at being the cause behind his pleasure and you relax your throat as much as possible to try and take all of him in your mouth. As you move towards the base of his dick, Din throws his head back and clenches his fists tightly to hold back from pushing on your head. You can tell he’s afraid of hurting you, so you dig your nails into his thighs and force him to thrust into your hot mouth a little further. His head snaps back down at you and he swears in Mando’a when he sees the way you’re looking at him, as if you were daring him to get rougher with you. 
“Fuck- fuck…you’re- you look so pretty like this cyar’ika, mouth full of my cock. You did this to me sweetheart, you made me this kriffing hard. Every time you- you look at me, or say my name…or even- fuck, even touch me, I get hard. Just the thought of you, sweet thing…makes me go mad for you. I- oh fuck…that’s it, take my cock baby, take it like the good little star you are. So fucking good for me.” He’s a mumbling mess, and you’d smile at him if you can but now that the crown of his head was hitting the back of your throat, you can do nothing but blink innocently at him as you try to swallow around his length. As soon as your throat closes around him and relaxes again, Din loses all control he’s tried to keep with you so far and grabs your hair, not caring for how he might hurt you as he pulls it back and gives you a second to breathe before he pushes back in. Your grasp on his thighs sets him on edge, and he sets a pace you know will give you a sore throat for the next week. But you don’t try to pause his thrusts, never once looking away from the darkened visor out of fear of making him stop. You half-expected him to keep talking, to tell you how perfect you are, how good you’re being for him, but it seems that he’s lost all coherent thought as you, only murmuring your name along with a few expletives with each thrust. He’s hissing and growling like an animal, and your eyes begin to water from how much it hurts, how good his cock feels as it consistently reaches the deepest part of your throat. 
So far gone in pleasure, you don’t take notice of the way your body is reacting to Din’s ministrations until he stops and pulls his cock out. Afraid that he was going to move away, you chase after him and manage to get the head of his dick in between your lips. When he doesn’t move again, you furrow your eyebrows while you suck on the bulbous tip, hoping that the movement of your tongue on his slit might make him change his mind and continue to fuck your mouth. But then Din pulls off completely and lets go of you, his visor tilting down further until you notice that he’s no longer looking at you. You try to speak but realize quickly that your throat couldn’t form any words at the moment.
“Fuck…you’re leaking for me and I haven’t even touched you. Look at you, what a fucking mess you made of yourself sweet thing. You’re this turned on baby, this turned on from sucking my cock? I fuck your mouth and your cockdumb mind makes you leak your milk for me?” His words finally register and you look down at where he’s staring, eyes widening in horror when you see how much milk was streaming down your body and wetting your skin. You look back up at him again, not knowing what you should say or ask of him. 
Din senses the war storming in your mind because he leans down and reaches for your tits, not uttering a single word as he pinches and rolls his thumb around your nipples. You cry out and throw your head back in pleasure when the familiar strain travels through your chest until more milk comes out. 
“I said, look at me.” Din tugs your nipples between his index and middle finger, the aggressive touch forcing you to follow him so you’re not in too much pain. You reluctantly look into his visor again, the tears that were once forming in your eyes now falling down freely against your cheeks. His hold on you eases a bit but you shake your head at him, wanting him to know that you were enjoying this as much as him. 
“Pretty little thing you are…you don’t know what this does to me mesh’la. Seeing your cunt and your tits drench me as I pleasure you…fuck, I can’t get enough of you.” His sweet words are nothing like the harsh touches he delivers to your sensitive peaks, and you reach for his wrists to ground yourself so you don’t fall unconscious from how good it feels. Din says nothing else, content with watching your breasts as they spilled milk everywhere and wet his hands and your stomach. At a particular pinch, your milk spews out and rolls down his visor, the action making him growl your name before he repeats the motion to get you to drench him. 
“Din- do you…want to fuck them?” You don’t know what drives you to ask him such a question, and like earlier, Din ceases all movements as the words you barely managed to whisper sink in. He takes one look at you before his helmet tilts down to study your breasts and the way they seem to fit perfectly in the palms of his hands. 
“You sure sweetheart?”
“Please Din, let me make you feel good.” Your answer is immediate and you smile at him in hopes of showing him how much you want him. Din doesn’t waste another second as he stands to his full height and steps towards you. He slides his hand across your tits to collect some milk before he slowly wets his cock with the white liquid. You would have been shocked at how filthy he is but you’re too mesmerized by how his cock throbs when he rubs your milk up and down the painfully reddened skin. You lick your lips but quickly remember what you’re meant to do so as he teases his dick with your juices, you cup the bottom of your breasts and push them together to right around the crown of his dick. 
Din hisses at the warmth and softness of your still dampened skin and without wasting another moment, he lets go of his cock and slowly slides it in between your leaking tits. You groan, not sure out of pain or pleasure, as his thrusts become harder, and you don’t once remove your eyes from his visor, afraid he’d stop like before and warn you again. His dick slips easily between your tits and you wait until he’s set a consistent pace before you reach for your nipples and pinch them until milks oozes out and wets both of your skins.
“Oh fuck- you…you’re so filthy sweetheart, wetting me with your milk and letting me fuck your tits like this. Who knew cyar’ika, who- knew that you’re nothing but filthy little girl, begging me to claim you like this? You want my cock this much baby? You want my cock so bad you don’t care where I fuck you with it? Maybe I’ll…kriffing hell, keep squeezing those tits for me sweetheart, keep drenching me with your milk…I want you to mark me with your juices mesh’la…and maybe I’ll fuck your ass too. ‘ve already claimed your mouth and cunt and those gorgeous, full breasts. If you keep being a good girl, I’ll fuck your ass too, cum- cum so deep inside you until you’re begging me to give you my seed again.” You unintentionally squeeze your nipples harder at the last comment and Din notices the small reaction because he quickens his pace and continues to fuck your breasts until the tip of his cock slides out from the top of your heated skin. You bite into your cheek to push down what you want to tell him, afraid that he might react differently and push you away. As much as you want to tell him that you’d rather have him fill your cunt with his seed and breed you until you’re carrying his child, you hold back and keep pushing your breasts together to pleasure him. 
When you can no longer stand the force of his thrusts, you slowly relax the hold you have on your aching chest and blink at him desperately. Din takes notice of the shift in your demeanor because he slows down his assault and slips his cock from between your breasts. You gulp nervously as you watch him grab the base of his cock and slide it across your wet tits, softly nudging your nipples to wet his tip with the milk still escaping your stiff peaks. 
“You’ve been so good for me, sweet thing, and I think it’s time for your reward. On your knees, little star.” Din nods at the makeshift cot you prepared for the two of you and you say nothing as you make your way to the soft covers and get on your hands and knees for him. You turn around to get a good look at him and moan his name when he gets down on his knees behind you and roams his hand across your back to soothe you. You nudge your ass against his cock to try and get him to give you what you want but a quick slap makes you squeal and stop what you were doing. 
“Don’t act out now sweet thing, you’ve been good so far. I told you I’ll fuck you like you want, like this cunt deserves…” His warning is playful at best, and you smile at him as you bite into your wrist to force yourself to be a little patient. You don’t know what he’s doing, if he’s genuinely enjoying the way you look right now for him or if he’s purposely stretching this out to tease you a bit. You’re about to plead with him again when Din pushes your thighs apart to make room for himself behind you. As you take a peak at him, you moan against your hand when you see him take hold of his cock and rub it along your wet lips. He’s staring at your ass as he teases your entrance, only sparing you a glance when he nudges your clit with the crown of his dick and sees you shut your eyes in ecstasy. 
“You’re so ready for me, so wet and hot and fucking sweet.” Din breathes through the vocoder, not bothering to look down to where the two of you are about to be joined as he squeezes your ass until your skin stings with pain. You rest your head on the floor and focus on how warm and hard he feels against you, the sob you’ve been trying to suppress breaking the silent room and urging Din to finally take you. When you can’t take it anymore, you cry his name and reach back to touch him, hoping that he has mercy on you and gives you what you need.
“Din I need you, please I just- want your cock. I want to feel you in me, want you to fuck me…claim me, ruin me…please I- oh…ohhhh,” Din cuts you off with a sharp snap of his hips, and you almost slide to the front from the force of his thrust but he doesn’t let you and reaches down for your hair. You’re pulled up aggressively when Din tugs on your hair until your head rests against his shoulder, and before you can reach back to grab his helmet, Din grips your wrists tightly and pulls them down. Your lips are parted in a silent scream as you feel his cock slide deliciously across your walls, the immediate rough pace not giving you a chance to say anything else. Din wraps one arm around your stomach while the other settles on one of your breasts. You shut your eyes and surrender to him, laying your hands on top of his own for support. 
“Is this what you wanted sweetheart?” He hisses through the vocoder and you nod at him even though you know you haven’t listened to anything he was saying. Like earlier, the only sounds filling the room are your heavy breathing, Din’s grunts as he drives his cock deep into your pussy and touches the most sensitive part of you, and his thighs as they slapped against your ass. You try to tell him that you will never feel as good as he makes you feel right now but all that comes out is a string of moans and whines. You think that he chuckles at your submissiveness for a moment but you don’t really know what’s happening around you anymore. All you know is that you don’t want to feel anything else but his cock as it fills you up over and over again. 
A slight pinch to one nipple snaps you out of your haze and you cry out in pain and pleasure when you feel droplets of milk roll down your breasts. As much as you want to look down to see where his hands are touching you, you don’t bother and instead turn your head to the side to lay a soft kiss on his helmet. Din halts his assault on you when he sees you kiss his visor, and when he notices you whine at the loss of movement, he starts grinding his hips against you until you’re sighing and praying his name again. He isn’t pulling out anymore, just driving his cock deeper into you as he rolls his hips and marks every crevice in your cunt. He swears in his mother tongue when a particular thrust pushes against the hand on your  navel and you start shaking all of a sudden just as you go limp in his arms. 
Your orgasm creeps on you suddenly and you don’t realize that you’re actually sobbing from its intensity until you hear Din vaguely tell you that he’s got you. Your walls flutter around him violently, pulling him in further and forcing him to drive deeper into you. Din doesn’t stop, and fucks you through your ecstasy, murmuring something about how he can feel you against his hand the harder he pushes down on your stomach. When he notices that you’re not paying him any attention, he replaces his hand with your own and pushes on it while he resumes thrusting harshly into you again. 
“Feel me, feel how deep my cock is fucking you, little star. Could feel you against my hand, your wet cunt is drenching me baby, begging me to fill it up with my seed. Tell me sweetheart, do you want me to cum in your pussy? You want me to breed you with my seed, cum so deep in you until it takes? Fuck- you’re like nothing I’ve ever felt mesh’la, the warmest fucking cunt I’ve ever fucked. Don’t want anyone else baby, just you. Just your perfect pussy and your gorgeous tits and that sweet fucking mouth of yours. Fucking tell me cyar’ika, tell me if you want this. I’m so hard for you I- I can’t hold back anymore. Let me fuck you full of my seed, let me- kriff…let me breed you, little star. Let me breed you till you give me my own ad’ika, my own little warrior. Please…fuck- please sweetheart, can I?” If you didn’t know any better, you’d think that Din was more fargone in pleasure than you, but he’d made you cum three, maybe four times by now? You’ve lost count at this point and it doesn’t matter anymore, not when he was saying those words to you, not when he was reading your mind and telling you he wanted the same exact thing. 
“Yes Din, give me…give me your seed. Cum in my pussy, fill me up till I give you a child…I’ll- I won’t go anywhere till your seed takes baby. I’ll stay right here and- oh maker, and beg you to keep fucking your cum in me till I bear your child. I won’t move Din, not until you’ve fucked me enough…filled me up enough…gave me your- your cum. Please Din, don’t stop. You’re so hard for me, I- I can feel your cock so deep inside me, ‘ve never felt this full before. Claim me…claim my womb Mandalorian, and give me your child.” You get the sense that Din hadn’t expected you to return the sentiment, or even voice your desires out loud to him, because in a matter of seconds, he’s pushing you down and covering you with his body. You push out your hands and grab the sheets around you, crying his name like a benediction as he holds your wrists in his palms and slams his cock in your cunt like an animal. 
Din says nothing else as he drives his dick into you over and over again, the wet slide of your walls pushing him closer to the edge faster than he thought possible. He’s hissing and groaning through the vocoder, sounds you knew should terrify you from how aggressive and feral they are but in reality do the opposite. You don’t bother meeting his thrusts, knowing that he’s too far gone to adjust his pace so he could meet you. A sudden need takes over you completely and before you realize what you’re saying, you whisper four words to him that make him come undone above you.
“I- I love you Din.” 
He growls his release, grinding his cock into your pussy as he shoots his seed deep in your womb. A rush of relief and warmth wash over you instantly and you shudder when you notice how full you feel, how much of his cum he’s fucked inside you. He’s twitching and throbbing against your walls, claiming every inch of you as the crown of his dick nudges your innermost crevices. Din breathes heavily above you, and even though he feels heavy as his body relaxes on top of yours, you don’t have the strength to ask him to move. You don’t want him to move, loving how protected and small he makes you feel as his hips roll softly against your ass cheeks. 
“I love you too mesh’la. I’ve- I’ve loved you from the first moment I saw you.” 
It’s the last thing you expect him to say, not because you doubted his feelings but because you didn’t think he was ready to voice his heart’s secrets just yet. As your eyes flutter open, you turn your head to the side so he can see the lazy smile you’re giving him, an expression that only grows wider the more he whispers his love and devotion to you. 
When he sees that you’re starting to struggle to breathe, he moves off of you and falls to the side. You wince in pain at the loss of him and Din chuckles as he watches you trying to roll towards him. He helps you and pulls you closer to him, waiting until you aren't moving any longer before grabbing the sheets and covering you with them. He looks down at you when you start peppering his chest with kisses, and starts massaging your back as you rest your head on top of his beating heart and shut your eyes. Within minutes, you’re snoring softly against him, the sounds making him wish he could take off his helmet and kiss you. As he studies your sleeping expression, he thinks back to that very first time he met you, how enamored he was with you, how you offered to give up your sight just so he doesn’t break his Creed. It occurs to him then that if you were ready, if you were sure that you didn’t want to be with anyone else but him, he might just ask you to marry him. He knew in his heart that there was no one else for him, no one but you. 
And he wanted to be one with you, when the two of you were together, and when you were apart. 
He wanted to share everything with you, his heart, his foundling, his kisses, and most of all, his face. 
And after what you’ve just confessed to him, he knew well that he wanted to raise warriors with you. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with you, raising his kids. 
He wanted to spend the rest of his life loving you.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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just like once our beloved Doja Cat said🤝🏻
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Series Masterlist: Lesson Learned
Pairing: The Mandalorian x Reader.
AO3 Crosspost: https://archiveofourown.org/works/40653303
Rating: Explicit, readers are advised to read the warnings below before proceeding.
Series Warnings (in no particular order): Porn with Plot, Dark!Din Djarin, Implied/Referenced Sexual Assault, Extremely Dubious Consent, Hate Sex, Master/Slave Relationship, Knife Play (Minor Cuts/Blood), BDSM, Rough Sex, Genuine Fear, Sexual Coercion, Power Play, Degradation, Face Slapping, Spanking, Choking, Gagging, Enemies to Lovers, Possessive Behavior, Spit, Forced Orgasms, Hair Pulling, Multiple Orgasms, Threats of Violence, References to Death/Suicide, Stockholm Syndrome, Emotional Manipulation, Book of Boba Fett Spoilers
Word Count (as of the last update on August 7th, 2022): 21.0k+
Lesson One: Never Sleep With A Thief
Chapter Summary: The Mandalorian is tired of your shit. You're nothing but a low-life thief, constantly plucking parts off his ship or stealing weapons off his body or credits from his pack. How do you keep running into him and why have you made him your target for this kind of persistent harassment? Well, your reign of terror ends now. When you're imprisoned in Mos Espa, it's finally time for the Mandalorian to get his revenge.
Lesson Two: Never Fuck With A Mandalorian
Chapter Summary: The Mandalorian is going to kill you the moment he finds you. You have truly dug your grave this time. What compels you to go against him? Are you looking to piss him off more? Well, when you're nowhere to be found, the Mandalorian makes it his mission to find out what happened to his pretty little thief.
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I am…. intrigued by your Yan!Din Djarin HCs. I’ve read them both a few times now.
🙈 tell me more
As you wish me lord🙏 👅 Thank you for the request! I’ve been thinking about this too much, clearly. 🤧
Tumblr media
So. I had the thought that he wants to show you off to other Mandos. Like not in an alpha, sigma male way, but in like wow this is my wife, praise her you fiends!
I think that once the first baby is born he takes a good old trip to the covert, or what remains of it. Other mandos are just like who’s this outsider and then they see you holding a bundle in your arms and they start to relax, a little.
Of course Mando goes straight to the armorer. You were left outside, after all non-mandos weren’t permitted inside the blacksmiths area. It was bad enough that you were there among the others, going inside where all of their precious weapons and armor was made was downright blasphemous.
Many approach you, you’ve learned to keep your scowl down as they ask about your relationship with Din. You respond with the least amount of information you can. You were starting to become uncomfortable, especially when many other Mandalorians started to walk up towards you and stare. They reminded you too much of Din.
You already had to deal with one of them, imagine dealing with a whole hoard. You slightly start to panic as they start to reach for your baby. You start to pull away and they back you into a corner. Poor Grogu gurgles in concern as others herd you.
They all back off once Din comes out of the room. They were like wild animals, you thought as he walked closer and they parted, allowing him a path towards you.
His hand caresses the head of the child in your arms. He lightly uncovers the blanket she was swaddled in, delicately pulling her hand which tightens around his pointer finger.
“She wants to see you.”, he says plainly, as if you weren’t being filled with anxiety at his words. The children were taken from you and into his arms, Din watched as you disappeared into the chamber.
You hated this. You would take being stuck with Din everyday rather than having to endure another second of this. She stalked around you, inspecting your form. You kept your eyes forward.
She let you leave with a nod to the door.
Once outside you catch sight of your baby in a crib. It was beautiful and there was a mud horn skull engraved on the side of the lacquered wood.
As you check over the crib to see your daughter sleeping, he slyly clasped a necklace over your neck. The pendant sat heavily between your breasts, being that of the engrained symbol on the side of the crib. He fiddles with it in between his finger.
“We are one, even when apart. We will raise warriors.”, he whispered to the side of your head. He finally feels at peace. Knowing that the a’lor has approved of you, allowing him to forge his clan insignia for you to wear and even offering to forge you armor herself.
He also may or may not have tattooed your initials on his chest, but that was for you to discover later on in a passionate night.
You kept to yourself the whole week you were there, not wanting more unwanted attention, and trying to keep your babies away from their prying eyes. They offered you time to indulge in each other, which you refused adamantly, you didn’t want him to put another baby in you. Especially since she was still so young, she basically depended on you for food and comfort. She wasn’t old enough to even start waning off of your breast.
Din was buzzing with anticipation. He has been since his daughter was born. He missed the days where he would make you laze around the comfort of home and let him take care of you. He missed watching as the swell of your belly grew. He missed the way your breasts would push up and plumpen with milk, so much so that he would suckle from you to relieve unwanted pressure.
He can’t do that now. Now you push him away feigning disgust at the prospect, saying that your breast was solely for nursing, but he knew how much you liked it. He often made you cum from his mouth on your swollen tits alone, especially during your last few months, when your milk was coming in. In reality he knew you were staving off for the inevitable.
Members of his covert often questioned him on when the next member to his clan was going to be added. He always responded with soon.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 4
Please feel free to request some more stuffs, I decided to expand my horizons to other fandoms like Marvel and DC cus I’m thinking thots too much and I might as well share with society! Also I might respond more on the weekends so sorry if I don’t get to you on weekdays.❤️
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Merry Go Round of Life 24
Find my masterlist and series masterlist
You guys. We’re so close to the end now. So close. I’m almost done actually writing this story. But this chapter should be fun, and we’re really getting into the meat of the action here. This chapter is shorter, but I will be posting weekly to get this story actually finally finished. 
Word count: 1.1k
Warnings: Swearing, injury from previous chapter, villian-esque grandstanding, some unhinged behavior and thinking from Bo Katan. 
In which there are distractions
Tumblr media
You woke slowly, groggy and uncomfortable. Your head ached and throbbed. It took you more than one try to open your eyes, and the immediate light made you hiss in pain. Something moved in front of you, blocking the worst of the light and giving you a bit of a reprieve. You blinked still-watering eyes open to see who you had to thank… and froze.
Bo-Katan Kryze, the Witch of the Waste herself, stood in front of you in full armor and helmet. 
You jerked and tried to go for her before you even realized what you were doing. But all you succeeded in doing was rattling the chair you were bound to, and hurting your wrists a little. 
She had tied you to a chair. You weren’t sure if you were incredulous, indignant, or just experiencing a brand new level of rage. Or possibly all three. 
“You–” you started, only for a gloved hand to clap over your mouth. 
“Be silent, or I will curse your tongue out of your mouth.” 
You glared, furious, nearly shaking with a potent combination of rage and fear. But you nodded once. 
The glove moved away from your mouth, and the Witch of the Waste looked down at you. “You have become much too troublesome,” she said, flat, dispassionate. “But you may yet serve one last purpose.” 
She turned away from you, walking a few steps away. Your eyes had adjusted enough to look around. You were in a cave. At least, you were pretty sure it was a cave. Rock stretched high above you for the ceiling, and the floor was sand. You wiggled your feet and felt no resistance, just more of that weird slippery give of the sand. The mouth of the cave was ahead of you, and the source of the intense sunlight. Even where you sat, you could feel the heat from outside, and it took very little time for you to become uncomfortable. 
“How are you not dying of heat in all that armor?” You hadn’t intended to ask, really. But between your own discomfort and Kryze’s apparent comfort with the silence, well… your tongue ran away from you. 
Hopefully that wouldn’t become literal.
Kryze paused and looked over her shoulder at you. You couldn’t read her as well as Djarin, couldn’t tell what she was thinking. You swallowed once, but didn’t say anything further. 
“You get used to the heat,” she answered finally, turning back to her workbench. “I have been out here for a long time.” 
“I have more questions.” You stared at her back. Her armor was very similar to Djarin’s, now that you had a closer chance to examine it. Just smaller, to fit her stature. And painted, of course. 
She snorted. “Very well. Ask.” 
"How does kidnapping me help you get the Darksaber?" 
She was silent for a few moments. And then she did something unexpected. She pulled off her helmet and turned to look at you, red hair somehow falling perfectly around her face. 
(If that wasn't some sort of magic at work, you'd eat your shoe.)
"You're more trouble than I initially thought," she said, standing casually with her helmet propped on her hip. "But you are a good distraction. Djarin will look for you, which will give my people time to get in position. Once they've had enough time, I'll go get the Darksaber." 
"And the King?" You swallowed. You rather liked the King. He had been gruffly kind, in his own way. And funny. 
"He is not the king," Kryze snarled, advancing on you quickly. For a moment you thought she'd strike you. Then she seemed to pull her temper back, fingers curling and stretching. "He's a remnant of a wizard who made a deal with a demon for children." She was silent for a moment. "I suppose you are actually too young to remember the skirmishes with the jetii that long ago. Fett's progenitor made that deal and ended up with hundreds of kids that grew unnaturally fast. I'm sure you've met more than just Fett." 
It took a moment for that to click. The tired blonde man you had helped in Kamino. The comment Fett had made about sort of having siblings. 
You made a mental note to find out more about that later, because that? That was just… you didn't even know. 
"What about Fett now, though?"
Kryze sniffed and strode away again, putting her helmet down on a workbench and looking out the cave entrance. "If he won't give up the Darksaber peacefully, then I will take it. By whatever means necessary." 
You swallowed hard, cold fear coursing through your veins. "And Djarin?"
"That depends if he continues to get in my way." Kryze shrugged. "I won't tolerate dissent." 
That was… all kinds of scary, really. "Why do you want the Darksaber so badly?" 
"It is my right!" She whirled on you again. "It was in my family - it is my line that has bled for that throne!" 
You swallowed hard. Okay. Note to self: the Witch was a little unhinged, and apparently willing to do anything for her goals. 
"I'm afraid I don't know the history of the throne." You admitted it quietly, watching her carefully. 
Her lip curled in a sneer. "I imagine your town doesn't get much communication with Mandalore." 
You shrugged, as best you could considering you were bound to a chair. 
She hissed through her teeth. "Something I will rectify. We will need a united front to defeat the jetii." 
Ooookay. You'd been ready to go, but this? This was even weirder, and so much worse. You really, really wanted to go now. 
"So when can I go?" You chewed on the inside of your lip, fingers twisting. You did not like this situation. At all. 
Kryze didn't look at you. "When I'm through with you." 
Ah yes. Nothing ominous about that, certainly. Definitely didn't make you anxious or anything. You checked the entrance of the cave, just in case. 
Still nothing. 
"I don't understand why this is so important to you," you blurted. For some reason, you thought maybe making her talk would get time to go faster, or would prolong your life. Something. It felt important, anyway. "Why do it this way? Why not talk to, err, Fett?" 
"Whoever holds the Darksaber is the ruler," Kryze told you, voice dark. "But I will issue challenge, and I will win." 
There was a lot to unpack there, and you felt woefully unprepared. 
But fortunately, you didn't have to be. Because two things happened at once. 
The first was the binding holding your wrists snapped, freeing your hands. 
The second was Djarin dropping down at the cave entrance, landing on his feet. He stood to his full height and, despite the distance and the helmet, looked straight at you. 
And your heart hammered in your chest.
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