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#sam wilson x reader
cosmicloki · 3 months ago
𝐌𝐘 𝐆𝐈𝐑𝐋 | 𝐛𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲 𝐛𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐞𝐬
Tumblr media
summary: john walker is flirting with you in front of bucky and he won't take it pairing: bucky barnes x female!reader word count: 2k warnings: john walker (yes, he is a warning), jealous!bucky, some angst, fluff.
english is not my mother tongue, so please forgive me if there is a grammatical error. hope you like it!
Tumblr media
You snorted as you dropped between Bucky and Sam, your gaze on everything but the big jerk dressed as Steve sitting across from you. And by the time the vehicle started to move, you knew that you had regretted getting into it in the first place.
"You know we just saved your asses, right?" John Walker, the clown himself, questioned, shooting you an almost mocking look.
"We had everything under control." You replied dryly, finally joining your gaze with his blue one, crossing your arms over your chest. You frowned when you saw how he blatantly moved his eyes from your face to your chest and vice versa, and Bucky could see it too as he immediately tensed sitting next to you.
"And if 'having everything under control' means getting your butt kicked out, of course, you had everything under control." John joked, but seeing that none of the three invited passengers smiled at his words, he sighed. "We're on the same team, guys, c'mon. I don't know why you act like you hate us."
"We're not on the same team, man." Sam was quick to reply, as calm as ever. You found it incredible that he could maintain his composure even in such stressful situations.
"And we do hate you." Bucky added, you nodded at his words.
"My point is, we could work well on the same side." John leaned in, resting his elbows on his knees and by the time his eyes landed on you, you knew some disgusting statement was coming. "And we could use an avenger of your caliber, sweetheart." You raised an eyebrow at the nickname. "You have a hell of potential, but I can see you don't work well with these two. Maybe you're on the wrong team."
John smiled widely when he saw a smile rise on your lips as well and when you approached him, he approached as well.
"Uh, I wouldn't recommend doing that." Sam muttered under his breath seeing John's closeness to you.
"I'm going to give you two seconds to retract all the bullshit you just said if you don't want a broken nose." You said in a low tone against his ear still with that dark smile on your lips and Bucky smiled totally satisfied at Walker's expression, who looked truly terrified for a couple of seconds.
Your lover's vibranium hand rested gently on your thigh, trying to calm you down, which worked almost automatically. He knew how much the subject of the shield and Steve affected you, even as much as him.
The fake Captain America cleared his throat, straightening his body to sit well. "Look, I'm not trying to replace anyone, okay?"
"Oh, so is that why you're dressed exactly as Steve Rogers?" Sam answered wryly, raising his eyebrows at him.
"I'm not Steve Rogers, I'm Captain America."
Sam, Bucky and you laughed, the three of you looking at Walker in disbelief.
"You know that carrying that shield around doesn't make you Captain America, right?" You questioned in a cold tone.
Bucky, still with his hand on your thigh, dedicated himself to gaze intently with narrowed eyes at who, until now, had easily proven worthy of being his potential enemy. He quick noticed how John Walker's disgusting eyes traveled over your body, sometimes stopping at cuts that had ripped open your suit from the previous fight.
And God he wanted to break his therapist's rule number two so badly.
John Walker finally glanced at Sam, pointing at the super soldier with a movement of his fingers. "He always stares like that?"
"You get used to it." Sam replied calmly and proceeded to shrug. "And man, you've been flirting with his girl in front of his eyes all this time, do it a little while longer and I assure you it will be more than a stare."
"I confirm that." Bucky agreed with a darkly ironic look, giving Walker an even darker smile, almost looking like psycho.
John sighed for almost the tenth time in the hour, looking truly defeated. "If you guys joined us, this would be a lot easier for everyone." His blue eyes traveled over the hate-filled faces of the trio of passengers in front of him. "I know it's a complicated subject, but with Falcon, Diamondback, and the Winter Soldier we could― "
You quickly interrupted him in a warning tone, your eyebrows furrowing with anger. "Don't call him that."
"Easy, Walker." Sam spoke at the same time as you did, also looking a little more tense with the name brought into the conversation, gesturing with his hand and pointing at Walker with his index finger warningly.
The aforementioned blinked a few times and then dropped his shoulders, exhaling a great breath of air. His blue eyes fell back on you before he spoke. "I'm trying, sweetheart, I really am― "
"Don't call her that." Bucky snapped this time, annoyed, but John completely ignored him, continuing to look at you in a way that really disgusted you and your lover alike, even Sam got uncomfortable with it, frowning at him.
"I still think you should switch sides here, (Y/N)." You kept quiet, allowing him to keep talking. Maybe you wanted to hear him, maybe you were giving him a chance to say something that would clean up all the garbage he had been saying so far. "I mean, you are an avenger, the last one standing and a very good friend of Steve, you were his partner. The right thing to do now would be for you to be my partner, don't you think?"
You were going to answer something immediately, your trembling lips parting as you felt a strange sensation when hearing the words Steve and avenger in the same sentence, but Bucky, once again, interrupted the conversation, raising his head towards the driver with a clenched jaw. He had enough. You had enough.
"Stop the car!"
Walker rolled his eyes, watching as Bucky stood up as the car came to a stop and moved to the side of the road, his hand entwining with yours, gently pulling you to follow him, knowing full well that all you wanted was to get out of there as fast as possible, just by reading your body language. "You know what? I get it, alright?"
When the blue-eyed super-soldier was on the ground, he turned to look at you, offering his hand to help you down as well, but you turned to Walker, feeling a wave of fury shake your body. "No, you don't get it. You don't understand what this shield means to us, what Steve means to us. You never will, John."
Walker opened his mouth to reply, but you interrupted him with your eyebrows rising ironically. "Oh, I almost forgot."
What immediately came following your words was your fist impacting against his face so fast and hard that not even he saw it coming. He let out a great whine and brought his hand to his nose, feeling how the blood began to come out of the nostrils thanks to, probably, a fracture.
You didn't stop to watch the man whimper and cry down on his seat, as you hurried to get out of the vehicle taking Bucky's hand, who kept a wide smile full of pride on his lips, looking openly satisfied with the situation.
"That's my girl." He murmured against your forehead as his arms pulled you close to his body and placed a soft kiss on the crown of your head. "I'm sorry you had to listen to all that, doll."
Sam decided to stay with John and his partner for a couple of minutes, to, as his good heart requested, listen to what he had to say, perhaps waiting for an apology. While you and your lover were simply holding each other on the side of the road, already away from the car.
You kissed Bucky's clavicle before separating from him and raising your head to join your gaze with his beautiful blue eyes, which, in the contrast of daylight, shone like never before. His orbs automatically softened once they landed on you. "He's a dick, don't worry about him, love."
"But he really choose to flirt with you in front of me. How bold. Switch sides he said, right?" Bucky's hands rested on your waist, keeping you close to him, as if you were such an idiot to want to get away from the warmth and comfort that his body offered you. "You're not going to leave me, are you, doll?"
You could feel your heart squeeze inside your chest when you saw a hint of insecurity flash in the blue of his eyes. Suddenly, he looked like a little lost puppy.
"Oh, baby, no." You released with an exhale of air, as you stood on tiptoe to level a bit with his height and both of your hands were raised towards his cheeks, lowering his face to you, making him focus only on you. "I'll never leave you, James. You're all I have, all I need. Only you. Some fool with a shield won't be able to keep me away from you, Steve couldn't, and neither will this one." You gave him a short kiss, caressing his face with the greatest delicacy in the world. You raised your eyebrows before speaking again. "And hell, there is a big difference between them."
Bucky gave you a little smile, almost dazzling you at how beautiful he was when he smiled. But after a few seconds that warm smile turned sad and melancholic, just before wrapping his arms around you and pulling you closer to his body once more, in a strong hug, full of shared emotions.
"Never leave me, baby doll." He whispered against your ear, leaving a soft kiss on the side of your head.
"Never." You replied immediately, showing absolutely no doubt.
"You two finished?" Sam's voice brought you both back to reality. Bucky grunted, reluctantly pulling away his face from your neck. Your coworker was looking at you with a single raised eyebrow and when he saw how you finally separated from each other, he crossed his arms. "You know what the rule is, love birds."
"I hate you." The super soldier responded by shooting his co-worker a short, annoyed look.
Sam smirked. "No you don't."
The three of you started walking across the path back home, Bucky intertwining his flesh fingers with yours, keeping you close to him, as always.
"That punch back there was really necessary, though, (Y/N)?" The Falcon asked you, while he walked to your other side. An amused expression as he turned to you.
"It really was." You nodded your head with a big smile on your mouth, giggling shortly, making Sam laugh too with it.
But you and your best friend were surprised all of a sudden at hearing Bucky laughing next to you as well, both of you turning to look at him with raised eyebrows, totally stunned by his open display of emotion.
"My girl is the most badass of all." The super-soldier said after a few seconds of laughing softly, unable to erase the huge smile of pride plastered on his pretty face. A soft kiss was placed on your forehead, as he brought you closer to him. “My girl.” 
Sam rolled his eyes at you. "No PDA in front of me, guys. You know te rule, c’mon.”
"Shut up, Sam." You declared this time with a smile, while you put Bucky's flesh arm around your shoulders to be even closer to him, passing your arm around his waist, immediately feeling his natural warmth delightfully invade you. 
"I love you, doll." He murmured against the side of your head, his warm breath crashing against your skin.
"I love you too." You mumbled back, leaning your head against his chest.
"That's it, I'm flying."
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disappointmentofthefam · 2 months ago
ok so when were yall gonna tell me that pacing around the room while listening to a song and aggressively acting out scenarios with fictional people is a mental illness??????
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ritesofreverie · 25 days ago
☁️ maybe some of your favorite fics your mutuals have written
congrats on 2k btw 🤍
just a heads up that this is a long list lol, and thank you 💕
**majority of these blogs & their works are eighteen plus and over, please abide by their rules
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there’s so many more but there were the ones i could think of off the top of my head <3
💛🌼 join the sleepover 🌼💛
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call-me-fanvergent · 3 months ago
literally the ending made me so soft 🥺
just look how happy sam and bucky are with sarah and her sons 💕
Tumblr media
they look like one big happy family 🥺😭❤️
Tumblr media
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Walking on Dangerous Territory
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Avenger! Reader 
Summary: John Walker never knows how to keep his mouth shut, especially when it comes to you and Bucky’s had enough of it.
Warnings: angst/fluff, violence, cursing 
A/N: Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve written a fic about Bucky (that isn’t a request), so that’s where this came from. Wanted to show one of my favorite men some love. I hope you all enjoy and as always, feedback is appreciated :) 
Tumblr media
Walking along the dirt road, you’re situated in between Bucky and Sam. 
Sam continues to stare at you and Bucky, his eyes burning holes through the side of your faces. Frustrated, you abruptly stop walking and place your hands on your hips. “Is there something wrong, Sam?” 
Sam chuckles. The man really has the nerve to laugh in your face as you’re seconds from destroying everything around you. 
“Is something funny?” Your voice is low, anger evident in your tone. Bucky reaches forward to grip your arm, holding you back from doing something you’d regret. 
Sam continues to laugh. “I just can’t believe two super soldiers got their ass kicked by a little girl.” 
Ripping your arm out of Bucky’s hold, you stomp forward. “Okay, first of all-” 
Bucky wraps his arm around your waist, pulling you flush against the front of his body. “What Y/N is trying to say is we were up against five other super soldiers, one of those being that little girl. So yeah, we got our asses kicked. We were outnumbered.”
“And,” you speak up. “From what I recall, you also experienced a beating, so I don’t know why you’re calling us out.” 
Sam walks forward and pats his hand onto your shoulder. “Just picking on you, Y/N. You know I love seeing that temper of yours coming out.” 
Pushing his hand away, you storm off, out of Bucky’s hold. “I hate you!” 
“No, you don’t! You love me!” Sam yells. 
Continuing to walk ahead, you flip him off. Sam and Bucky laugh behind you, the sound of Bucky’s voice calming you down. You may have some unresolved feelings for him, as in you love him, but would never dare to speak on it. Sam knows and even though you’ve never explicitly said anything to him, he can see right through you. Thankfully, he’s kept your feelings a secret and you’re more than grateful for that. 
The sound of an engine makes you turn around. A jeep comes to a stop in front of you, with Walker and Lemar sitting in the bed. 
Sighing, you ignore them and continue walking. The last thing you need is to be surrounded by those two. You might end up punching Walker right in his face. 
“Where you going, Y/N?” Walker calls out, his smug voice pissing you off even more. 
“Far away from you!” You yell back, desperate to get out of this situation. 
He doesn’t answer for a few seconds, but when he does, you scoff. “You don’t want a ride back, beautiful? It beats walking!” 
Whipping around, you’re about to answer, but Bucky beats you to it. “I’d back off if I were you, Walker.” 
Bucky’s tone takes you by surprise... and causes goosebumps to erupt over your skin. Why is he being so protective? Whatever the reason, it’s enough to capture your mind with some unnecessary thoughts. 
“Just get in!” Lemar yells, wanting to defuse the tension before it gets out of hand. 
Looking at Sam and Bucky, you sigh when Sam shrugs his shoulders, gesturing for the three of you to hop on. 
Bucky gets in before you, extending his hand for you to grab as you jump up. You didn’t need the help, but you appreciate the thought. 
When you sit down, you’re snuggled tightly in between Sam and Bucky, the bench being too short to comfortably accommodate the three of you. 
Walker grins at you and it makes you want to punch his face even more. “So, Y/N, it seemed like you needed a little help back there.” 
Bucky growls next to you. “Y/N can handle themselves. They don’t need help, especially not from you.” 
“And, why’s that?” Walker presses. “They have their big guard dog to look after them?” 
Bucky jumps forward and you immediately stand up, pushing on his chest to hold him back. “It’s okay,” you whisper as you look into his eyes. “He’s just a dick. Don’t let him get to you.” 
Bucky lets out a deep breath before slowly sitting back down. You sigh out in relief, not really wanting to deal with another brawl on a moving car. 
But, Walker just doesn’t seem to know when to stop. “I’m just saying that if you do need a partner, I’m always here. In more ways than one.” 
Bucky bucks up again and you hold him down with a hand on his arm. 
“Don’t you have a wife?” Sam asks, his voice accusatory. “I wonder how she’d feel to know you’re constantly hitting on Y/N.” 
Walker looks away, his face red with embarrassment. 
Bucky takes this moment to speak up. “The next time you so much as look at Y/N the wrong way, I won’t hold back.”
“Ah,” Walker responds. “So, you are the guard dog.” 
In two seconds, Bucky is on him, punching him square in the face. It happens so fast, you don’t have the time to grab him beforehand. 
“Bucky!” You yell, wrapping your arms around his waist to pull him backwards. 
Walker spits to the side before wiping the blood that’s spewing from his nose. His eyes narrow at Bucky, shooting imaginary daggers at him. “This isn’t over.” 
As the Jeep comes to a stop, Bucky jumps out before turning around to help you down. “Looking forward to the next meeting, John!” 
Sam snickers at his response before jumping out himself. “Thanks for the ride! You should get some tissues for that nose!” 
Stepping back into your safehouse, you place your stuff down before looking at Bucky. “Look, I know Walker’s a jerk, alright? But, we can’t just go around punching everyone who says something we don’t like!” 
Bucky chuckles, his laugh dark. “Something we don’t like? The man is harassing you and I’m not going to just sit around and let him do it!” 
Sam looks between the two of you, shock written all over his face at the sudden outburst. “I’m just going to go to bed.” 
“Good!” Bucky yells over to him. 
“See you in the morning!” You yell at the same time. 
“Uh-huh,” Sam says, slowly nodding his head and quickly leaving the room. 
Once he’s gone, you and Bucky compete in a staring contest, serious expressions plastered on your faces. 
You cross your arms over your chest. “Wanna explain what’s wrong?” 
Bucky mimics you. “I already did.” 
You scoff. “Okay, and I get that, but you’ve never actually punched him before! You usually just say some harsh words back and then move on!” 
“Yeah, well he deserved it and I don’t regret doing it, if that’s what you want me to say.” 
Sighing, you decide to just agree with him. This conversation was going nowhere and fast. “Thank you for standing up for me. Next time though, could you hold back on the punches?” 
Bucky laughs again, the sound sending chills down your spine. “He’s lucky I didn’t kill him.” 
“O-kay. And, here we are. Back at square one.” 
“What do you want me to say to you, Y/N? That I’m sorry for doing it? Because I’m not. I’m not going to just sit there and let some asshole say shit like that to you!” 
“You know I can handle myself!” You’re starting to get pissed. You know he means well, but you can fight your own battles. 
“I know you can, but I’m sick of fucking Walker and his numerous crude attempts to get in your pants!” 
You walk away, heading into the kitchen to grab a bottle of water. All of this yelling is making your head hurt. 
Bucky follows you, close at your heels. “I don’t even understand why you’re so mad. It’s like you don’t want me to stand up for you!” 
“It’s not that! I just don’t want you punching people for no reason!” 
“I had every damn reason to punch him! How many times do I have to explain it?!” 
“Okay, Buck. Okay.” You walk past him, heading towards your room. “I’m going to bed.” 
Bucky grabs your arm before you can walk any further. “Hey… I’m sorry, doll. I don’t want to fight with you.” 
Turning around, you stare into his warm, blue eyes. He looks tired, strained from the beating all of you took today. 
“It’s okay. I know you mean well and I appreciate it. I really do… I just don’t want to see you get hurt.” 
He moves closer, trapping you against the nearest wall. “Don’t worry about me, doll. I’d do anything for you. You’re my main concern.” 
“Not Sam?” You joke. 
He chuckles and this time, it’s sincere. “No, not Sam. I mean, I care about him, but it’s not like with you.” 
“And, what makes me so different?” 
Leaning forward, his arms rest against the wall, his face mere inches from yours. “You’re the one that’s captured my heart. Not him.” 
“Is Mr. Barnes implying that he has feelings for me?” You smile shyly, a contradiction to your confident words. 
“You’re damn right I do, doll.” He’s staring directly at your lips, not even bothering to be discreet. “Tell me you feel the same way, so I can kiss you already.” 
His eyes drill into yours and you bite your lip in response, your body heating up with desire. “Always have,” you whisper. 
His lips are on yours then, devouring you whole. You moan into the kiss and he takes that opportunity to slide his tongue inside your mouth. 
As he bites down on your lower lip, your arms slide around his neck, pulling him even closer. It’s addicting and you never want to-
A slow clap sounds next to you and the two of you jump apart. When you turn, you see Sam standing there, a huge grin on his face. “My, my, my. I thought the day would never come. Tinman and Y/N. What a sight!” 
Bucky groans, dragging his hand down his face. “Seriously? Can you get out of here please?” 
Sam laughs as he turns to head back into his room. “Make sure to send me an invitation for the wedding!” 
You look down at the ground and laugh, shaking your head. 
“He’s something, isn’t he?” 
Looking back up at Bucky, you nod your head. “Yeah… Yeah, he is.” 
Bucky puts out his hand, gesturing for you to take it and you do, letting him lead you to his bedroom. “So, when should it be?” 
“When should what be?” 
Bucky wiggles his eyebrows. “Our wedding.” 
You playfully slap your hand against his arm. “I can’t with you. Let’s just get to bed.” 
“Oh, I plan on taking you to bed, all right.” 
As soon as he says that, he’s picking you up, carrying you bridal style in his arms. You let out a shriek as he starts to run, entering his room and plopping you onto his bed. 
He gets on top of you, pining your arms above your head. “We’ve got a long night ahead of us, doll.”
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scarletxwinter · a year ago
Bucky: Okay Morgan, there are 206 bones in the body, but! I’m gonna teach you how to dislocate someone’s body in 230 ways—
Sam: Dude. She’s a kid.
Bucky: Oh yeah! You’re right.
*turns around for a few seconds before turning back with puppets over his hands*
Bucky, in somewhat a Kermit the frog’s voice: Hi kids! We’re going to show you how to dislocate someone’s body! Let’s start with the Clavicle region. Do you know where that is?
Sam: oh my god.
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luciilferss · a year ago
Tumblr media
→ Finally, I have managed to compose a list of my favourite fics and fic writers! It was a hard battle, comrades, but I can assure you that every person and fic on this list is of The Highest Quality. I would take these fics on dates. I would wine and dine these fics. I would tenderly hug every single one of these fics AND their writers. Some are on AO3, some are on Tumblr, every single one is amazing. And that’s on period, luv <3
→ every one of these is a reader insert, most (if not all) are fluff, smut or angst with a happy ending because i’m a soft-hearted weak-willed idiot
→ will be updated (hopefully) regularly! I’ll reblog every time I update it. now go have fun you crazy kids
♕ = smut  ✨= most recently added
Tumblr media
mais charmante — @sunmoonandbucky
i wished on the moon for you — @sunmoonandbucky
best friend’s fuck buddy — @sunmoonandbucky
Ingénue ♕ — @untilwefallinlove
rosemary’s corner — @sunmoonandbucky
Heart & Soul ♕ — @all1e23
Tenderly — @MoonShadows
just like honey — @luckystarcabs
fuck, shit, BITCH — @sunmoonandbucky
the recruit ♕ — @moonstruckbucky
Make Me Believe — @imhereforbvcky
Hero for Hire — @delicatelyherdreams
planes — @marvelsangel
cowgirls don’t cry — @sunmoonandbucky
spilled wine — @sunmoonandbucky
duck & cover — @whirlybirbs
The Middle ♕ ⁠— @tropicalcap 
Apartment 8c ⁠— @samingtonwilson 
eternal fever ⁠— @romanticromanogers
Ingénue ♕ — @untilwefallinlove
don’t forget to subscribe — @sunmoonandbucky
Iron Curtains, Glass Walls ♕ — @capsized_heart
Necessary paradox ♕ — @buriednurbckyrd
Steve and you — @lodgedinmythoughts
yellow lights — @sunmoonandbucky
the recruit — @moonstruckbucky
snowed in — @moonstruckbucky
Slow Like Honey ♕ — @heli0s-writes
Another’s Arms ♕ — @tropicalcap
Sucker Punch ♕ — @astxrwar
The little spy — @buckysknifecollection
Not in the Storybooks — @lodgedinmythoughts
Far From You (Home) ♕ — @hey-marlie
The five times Peter almost kissed you and the one time he did — @barnes-heaven
An Indecent Proposal ♕ — @eratothemuse
Take My Jacket (Take My Whole Heart Too) — @duskholland
Araña Picante ⁠— @helahades 
she was home — @sunmoonandbucky
Sweet — @imhereforbvcky
Iron Curtains, Glass Walls ♕ — @capsized_heart
i see it, i like it, i want it, i got it ♕ — @caroldantops
Ingénue ♕ — @untilwefallinlove
Tension — @imhereforbvcky
Another’s Arms ♕ — @tropicalcap
hello kisses — @samingtonwilson
territory — @samingtonwilson
effective — @samingtonwilson
Team Re-Building — @imhereforbvcky
Dragon — @buckysknifecollection
debt-free ♕ — @FiveTail
changerooms — @milaonthemoon
Wide Awake — @imhereforbvcky
Hopesick ♕ — @astxrwar
clumsy ♕ — @wadedickpool
Press Coverage / Less Coverage — @astxrwar
billion dollar man ♕ — @angelicthor
Sir, Yes, Sir! ♕ — @allaboardthereadingrailroad
Troublemaker ♕ — @astxrwar
A Little Piece of Heaven ♕ — @allaboardthereadingrailroad
scales of justice weigh the consequence — @inspiresimagine 
It Ain’t Me ♕ — SophieRosina ✨
highway don’t care (but i do, i do) ♕ — @spacelabrathor
made your mark on me (a golden tattoo) ♕ — @spacelabrathor
A Queen Protects Her King ♕ — @DomesticatedTendencies
Lake Zurich ♕ — @imperatorkhaleesi  
all there’s left to do is run ⁠ ♕ — @spacelabrathor 
Le Dilemme ⁠ ♕ — @helahades 
Power and Magic ♕ — @Sidrisa
Frostbite ♕ — @maiden-of-asgard
Loki’s Happy Ending — @gingerwritess
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Garden of Lungs  — oweCrew 
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COMMON SENSE — delibell
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darling it’s better (down where it’s wetter) ♕ — @makoodles​
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Unpredictable ♕ — @present-mel​
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early mornings ♕ — @elysianseraph​
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Ready for Daddy ♕ — ittybittytidbits
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The Pizza Delivery Girl’s Survival Guide to Gotham City — @Morveren
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“the sky crushes us, the water sustains us.” — @prettylittlebrownskingyal
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Red Sun ⁠— @difficultheart 
Lust for Life ♕ — @astxrwar
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isn’t it a lovely night ⁠♕ — @theRoyalTail 
Ten Ways to Say “I Love You” ⁠— @DearSpencerReid 
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Niche Interests ♕ — @pumpkin-goob ✨
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bitter end — @whistlingwillows​ ✨
a joyful future — @winterscaptain​ ✨
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Logical Fallacy (Q, James Bond) — @The_Winter_Straw
My Graceless Heart (Lucifer, Supernatural) — @songofproserpine
Anchor Up To Me ♕ (Fíli, The Hobbit) — @QueenForADay
And the World Turned Upside-Down (Kíli, The Hobbit) — @kaeorin
All That Glitters ♕ (Mad Sweeney, American Gods) — @MB234 
Give Your Heart And Soul To Charity (Mad Sweeney, American Gods) ♕ ⁠— @MccoyKat 
A New Home  ♕ (bumblebee, transformers) — @pilotisms
closer than i’ve ever been ♕ (Thranduil, The Hobbit) — @theawfuledges
Untitled series ♕ (Kandomere, Bright) — @howtobangyourmonster
In The Ring ♕ (Harry Styles) ⁠— @majorharry 
Polished ♕ ⁠(Harry Styles) — @majorharry 
Children of Ares (John Wick + Santino D’Antonio, John Wick)  ⁠— @the-darklings 
Dance with the devil ⁠ ♕ (Hector (OC), John Wick) — @whistlingwillows​ 
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