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#sam wilson x reader
y/n: *tearing up*
steve: hey what's wrong?
y/n: i can't have a parrot
steve: what?
y/n: i'm getting too old to have one
natasha: since when do you want a parrot?
y/n: i don't, but the idea of me not being able to have one makes me sad
sam: say what now?
y/n: parrots live to until 60 years, some of them until 75
y/n: if i take too long to have one, it'll live more than me
y/n: sure i could pass it to someone i trust but apparently they die of sadness without their owner
y/n: i don't want the parrot to die of sadness *cries*
steve, nat, sam: *confusion*
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jamalflanagan · 2 days ago
⛓kinktober 2021- overstimulation⛓
Tumblr media
—keep me runnin', leave it messy...
Characters: Sam Wilson x woc!reader
Summary: breaking daddy’s rules has consequences…
Word Count: 1.1k+
Warnings: language, pwp (we jumping right into the smut, what is plot lmao), overstimulation, toys (a vibrator is used), daddy kink (just the name is used), pet names (honey), unprotected sex (wrap those willies), multiple orgasms, squirting, mirror sex, crying, I think that’s it
A/N: DAY SEVENTEEN OF KINKTOBER! Yall already knew I wasn’t about to let kinktober go by without writing something for my baby Sam. Anyways, all mistakes and errors are my own. I wrote this on my phone and gave it a look over but knowing me I probably missed a few things. The divider is by @firefly-graphics
DO NOT repost or translate my work anywhere. Reblogs are always welcome, and let me know that you enjoy my fics.
Tumblr media
You’re panting, chest heaving, and body shining with a sheen of perspiration as you struggle to keep your legs open for the assault of the virbator against your clit. You’re crying from the sheer overwhelming nature of the pleasure that Sam is making you endure, and all because you fucked around and touched yourself without daddy’s permission. He’d warned you and it had been your choice not to heed the warning, now you were paying the price for your disobedience.
Sam has you sitting in front of the full length mirror in the bedroom, legs splayed apart and a vibrator pressing right against your swollen and overstimulated clit. You don’t even know how many times he’s made you cum so far, but you do know that it’s far from over unless you safe word.
“Look at you, my greedy girl just can’t stop herself from cumming can she?” Sam teases you, watching as you fall apart again. By now your juices are soaking the carpet under you, but you hardly care when your attention is stuck on the reflection of your body on display as it succumbs to the intense pleasure. Part of you regrets breaking the rules, but another part of you loves when Sam pushes your limits like this.
“Daddy please!” You cry out with a broken sob, legs trying to close again only for him to force them apart by hooking them over his. “I said I was sorry, please I promise–ah fuck!” Sam doesn’t buy your apology or the promises one bit and the vibrations land on your overstimulated bud yet again. You press back against him, trying to wiggle away but his body is solid behind you and the look you catch from him in the mirror says he’s very much enjoying this. You last only seconds before your body gives in and you’re cumming with a hoarse cry and trembling like a leaf against Sam.
“You know better than to go touchin daddy’s pussy without his permission, don’t you?” He questions and you nod, hips jerking when you feel his calloused fingers circling over your clit. You’d think his fingers were a mercy but in the state he’s worked you into it’s just another form of the sweetest sort of torture. Your hands move to grip against his thighs, needing something to keep yourself as grounded as you can despite Sam’s insistent fingers. “Yeah that’s what I thought, you knew better and you still decided to break daddy’s rules.” He tsks at you as if he’s disappointed and not entirely enjoying this. You can feel how much he’s enjoying this though, and when you grind your hips back against him he groans in your ear. If you weren’t so overwrought with pleasure you might have it in you to smirk at how easily you get to him.
Instead his fingers are pushing you over the edge again, and you feel like another orgasm might actually break you. Greedily and probably foolishly you want to find out. “Please, please I’m sorry. L-let me be your good girl again, please I’ll make you feel so good.” You beg him, in a desperate attempt to both get what you want and get back into his good graces. Sam smirks against your temple, fingers never stilling against your clit despite your broken sounds at the torturous pleasure. You can tell he’s thinking about it, and you hope he’ll give in and let you have what you both want.
“Do you think you deserve that? Think you’ve learned your lesson?” He questions and you sob out a yes, daddy please! I promise I did! You aren’t sure if he really believes it or if he’s simply had enough of holding himself back because he says nothing and just repositions your exhausted body into hands and knees so you both can watch your face when he sinks into you from behind. Your mouth falls open in a wordless cry, tears threatening to fall at how intense the stretch of him inside you feels after well over an hour of him making you cum over and over again. It leaves you shaking and mindless you stare at your reflection with glazed over eyes. When you whine at his first thrust Sam just shushes you with a quiet “I know honey, I know, but you can take it.”
And then he makes you take every slow, deep, earth shattering thrust until you feel a new type of pressure building every time his cock hits that soft spongy spot of sensitive nerves inside you. It’s no surprise to either of you when cum again and your squirt gushes down your thighs. It’s no less overwhelming though, and you barely keep yourself propped up by your trembling arms when it washes over you. “Fuck, that’s it. Make a mess on daddy’s cock.” Sam praises, still thrusting into you and it’s like he has your body on a hair trigger now because you cum again for him with another gush. You sob in pleasure, arms giving out and your upper body collapsing to the carpeted floor while Sam’s strong hands frame your hips and keeps them dragging back against his cock to make sure every thrust hits you deep. He watches your face loving that fucked out expression of yours and how it twists up in painful pleasure when his thrusts start to pick up in speed and he begins to drive into you harder.
You’re so far gone that you can’t even process when one climax ends and the next one begins. All you know is that Sam is reminding you just how much control he has over your body. Even when you think you can’t give him another one you do. “Please, daddy…please I–“ it’s all slurred together and you aren’t even sure the words you’re saying are words. Sam has mercy though, and he can see how you’re barely hanging onto consciousness now and he doesn’t hold back his own release, using your body to chase his high and fill you. You sigh at the feeling, body twitching and too sensitive now that it’s all sis and done and lessons have been learned.
Slowly he pulls himself out of you, cooing at you when he hears the sound of discomfort that you give. You know he has to if he’s going to take care of you after, but you’re so tired that all you want is sleep so your body can recover. “It’s okay, honey. We’re done,” he promises and you nod tiredly while he carefully gathers you into his arms. There’s another whine of protest but it’s quieted by his lips pressing softly against the crown of your head. “I know you wanna sleep, but you gotta let me take care of you first.”
It’s all a blur after that, but you know he settles you into a hot bath, dries you off, makes you eat and drink, and then he’s got you bundled up against his side for the night while you cling to him in your sleep.
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Preach of Ethics
Tumblr media
Preach of Ethics
Story Rating: Explicit, 18+ only
Kink: Double Penetration - a wide-ranging term that collectively refers to inserting two body parts or objects into a person for sexual pleasure
Warnings: Dubcon (but you get into it), pain kink, a bit of an aphrodisiac thing, rough sex, biting, blood, outdoor sex, shark anatomy that is semi accurate, there are many benefits to being a marine biologist
Relationships: Mermaid!Sam Wilson x Fem!Reader
Word Count: 2337
A/N: Mermaid - a mythical sea creature with the head and trunk of a person and the tail of a fish, conventionally depicted as beautiful… but make it sharks. Is this coherent? Who's to say?
This work has Adult Content. By clicking “Keep Reading” you have agreed that you are over the age of 18 and are willing to view such content. My work is not to be copied or translated onto any other platform. I have discontinued my taglist - follow @slothspaghettilibrary to be notified of when I post new fics
Tumblr media
The clear blue sky, and even bluer waters, looked promising, like the depths of the ocean would be kind to you and the team today. The early morning sun was slowly rising into the sky and ready to tackle the day just like you were. This trip had been the most successful one yet, tagging and cataloguing the migrating sharks through this area as they began their search for mates this season.
But there was one you were desperate to track, a beast of a fish who you'd only caught a glimpse of on the first day almost two weeks ago. The research team made jokes about it being your white whale, that there was no way you spotted a great white in these waters. You swore up and down you had though, and today was your last day to prove it.
You gave a mock salute to your assistant as you popped your regulator in your mouth. A rush of air, the gentle smack of your body falling into the ocean was the last thing you heard. You found position and reoriented yourself. There were a few mako and lemon sharks floating around, sporting the same orange tracking tag that you had stowed in the retractable spear at your waist. A few other divers on the team fell into the water.
It was a long day, both in and out of the water. Dark clouds moved in from the south, headed towards land. The team tried to convince you to come back aboard, but stubbornness got the best of you.
“What’s a little rain?” You shouted, “Not like I’m gonna melt.”
You dove back under, swimming deeper despite how dark it had gotten. It wasn’t really safe to be diving alone like this, but the gulf was safe enough. The sharks were more interested in each other at this time of year than they were anything else. You pulled your camera from your belt when you saw a pair of lemon sharks circling each other. The smaller male whipped and latched on to the female’s pectoral fin. You snapped a picture of the rare sight, ready to snap another when you feel a tug on your distance line.
When you surfaced, the boat was gone. You spun in circles, waves getting chopper by the second as the brewing storm picked up. They wouldn't leave you. Something had to be seriously wrong.
You shouted and shouted, rolling on to your back into a rescue position to save energy. When you remembered your flare gun strapped to your thigh, it was too late. Something grabbed hold of your flipper and you were dragged under. Your lungs burned as salt water filled them, your insides burning under the pressure and lack of air. Whatever grabbed you moved fast, not deterred by your thrashing and kicking for a moment as it raced through the ocean.
Just as you lost consciousness, your body was flung into the air. Your back slammed on to a craggy, sandy beach hard enough to dislodge the water trapped in your lungs. You coughed and spluttered, tried to roll over even, but something kept you trapped on your back. With every clean breath of air you tried to take in, your lungs angrily rejected it and forced more water from your body. You weren’t even sure that was even possible, but every breath was laboured, harsh, and aching to the bone.
A hand rubbed your chest, ripped the front of your wetsuit right down the center to sooth the heated skin underneath.
“O-Jesus!” You flailed, eyes bugging out at the man leaning over you. “Fuck, get fucking off.”
“Woah, woah, calm down. Is this your first time?”
“First time, what? Being kidnapped?”
“Oh,” the guy smiled, a set of sharp teeth making your insides flip. “You wanna play it like that? Okay, okay, I am Sam. My favourite fish is red snapper. This is like my fifth time so I like to think I know what I’m doing.”
You gaped at him, sudden lack of air causing you to cough again. You had to get out of here, wherever here was, you were going to run like hell and get back in the water if you had to. Your elbows dug into the sand and you shoved. With all your might, you pushed, but your legs were trapped under something. Sam just kept smiling, nodding, winking at you as you struggled. It was only when you looked at what was pinning your legs to the wet sand did you see it.
The tail, huge and shimmering like the wet sand, covered your lower body. Scars covered parts of the caudal fin, up all the way to the dorsal fin that merged...
“What the fuuu-”
Your eyes moved back to Sam, getting caught up in the way the greyish brown sharkskin met hard flesh, only to turn into flaps at his sides. Gills, the man had gills and a tail and-
“Holy shit.”
Before you could stop yourself, you poked at webbing under his arms. It was thin, very elastic, designed to increase swim speeds while allowing full range of motion. His arms, and the rest of him, felt cool. Clearly, to help him regulate body temperature under the water. Sam was a merman… and a shark one at that. This was the scientific discovery of a lifetime of the millennium.
“Not gonna lie, this is kinda killing the mood.” He grabbed your hand, pinning above your head. “You just have to lay here, let me get my groove thing on, and then we can move on with our lives.”
Sam kissed you, his lips smashing against yours with more force than you expected. Teeth teased the seam of your lips, pain bubbling up to the surface of your skin only to be licked away with a sweep of his tongue. Where the fuck did he learn to kiss like this? Why were you pulling him closer with the hand he hadn’t pinned down? Your fingers dug into the back of his neck to keep him in place, to keep his lips working over yours.
This was absolutely a dehydration fantasy and not happening in real life. The thought surfaced for a moment, suddenly calming the strange guilt you felt lapping at your stomach, trying to get you to feel bad for the sudden rush of arousal you felt from rolling your hips up to meet his body. If this is a dream, your mind's last ditch effort to make your last moments painless, well, you were going to fully enjoy it.
“Damn,” you broke off the kiss, gulping down air. “You’re-”
“Amazing, a love machine, I know,” he smirked, dark eyes shimmering with mirth and hunger. “We good now?”
“Oh yeah,” you grinned.
Sam ripped your wetsuit in two. Bulging, slick muscles glistened under the overcast sky. God, what would he look like basking in the sun, under the shimmering clear blue waters? Your fantasy was really ticking a lot of boxes right now. He grabbed your hips, pushed you down under him more until you felt your thighs get caught on his pectoral fins and spread you open.
Suddenly you were in first year marine biology class again, listening to stupid boys giggle about having two dicks. It wasn’t something you’d even thought about until right now. Sharks so rarely were seen mating, and just because your fantasy merman boyfriend was shark-like didn’t mean he would have... You yelped when you felt them move.
“Just relax, pup, it’s your first time. I’ll be gentle.” Sam kissed you again, soft and fast.
You didn’t have time to think. One moment you were looking up at Sam, the next you were awash in pain. The smell of the blood hit you hard in the gut. You couldn’t move your neck, your shoulder, pinned down by the weight of his teeth piercing your skin. Tears sprung to your eyes, the pain burst through every nerve.
“Fuck, Sam,” you cried.
He moaned against you, slurping and vibrating your skin like that would stop pain pulsing through you. You tried to grab onto him, get a hold of him to get him to let go but your hand wouldn’t stop shaking. Was this what shock was like? Were you going into shock?
His body rolled forwards, his cocks smoothly gliding across your pussy aided by the water washing over you both. One of them caught your slit, plunging forward at the next roll of his hips. Sam kept a slow and steady pace, fucking into you easily with one cock stretching you just right. You groaned, his second cock teased your clit with every thrust.
It was all getting confusing. This was your dream. Why were you in so much pain yet feeling like your head was swimming in a pool of arousal? Every stroke of Sam’s slick cock had your pussy clutching, your hips bucking up despite how it hurt your shoulder. You wanted the pain to stop, but you wanted to be fucked first.
“Sam, Sam,” you moaned as his thrusts picked up, your change in tone and own movement spurring him on. “More, fuck, gimme more.”
You felt him groan more than you heard him, your skin coming alight under his harsh grip. His free hand moved between your bodies, slipping down your stomach until his thumb replaced his cock to tease your clit. He moved his finger fast, in tight circles, until you were panting and whining for him. You needed more. The pain had drifted off until all you could focus on was arousal pulsing through your cunt. Your toes dug into the sand as you arched into his hand, pussy milking the hard cock still inside you.
The teeth in your shoulder shifted, and for a moment, you thought he’d let you go. But Sam bit down harder, tearing at the skin until you screamed. It felt like another wave was crashing over your senses, sending you into a whirlwind you had no control over. Sam’s thumb moving away from your clit was nearly as shocking as his teeth. The rush of sensation roaring through you was making your chest tighten again. Like you were drowning, but with every breath you took, all you could smell of was blood and sex and salt water.
“Please,” you pleaded with him, begged him to let you go.
He didn’t understand that. Sam mumbled something against your aching flesh, felt his tongue lap at the skin it could reach, but he didn’t let go. Your head fell back into the sand as you were overcome with a buzzing sensation, pain replaced with only the rhythmic thrusts, a slow grind of wet hips opening you up and up and up until it was dragging you down again. Sam’s fingers swiped through the mess between you, where his cock was still fucking you.
The pressure, a stretch of your legs further spread up and out, had you whimpering. Your fingers clawed at Sam’s back as he moved, pushing his cocks into your spent pussy. It was deliciously painful, overwhelming and making your breath come out in choked pants. All you could see were broad shoulders and grey sky, and your mind was barely comprehending that. Every thought that swam through your mind was caught in the tempest of arousal over taking you.
You wailed when he bottomed out, when his hips connected with yours completely again. Sam moaned as well, a shiver coursing down his spine that you felt deep inside you. Your hips bucked once, trying to adjust to the feeling of being stuffed to the brim, and then it was a race. Slow and gentle Sam was gone, a primal need replacing what little care he had. His hips snapped into yours, never pulling too far out but pushing in deeper with each thrust. He fucked into you like he was going to die if he didn’t, like he was the one dreaming and you were his fantasy girlfriend.
Strings of words were forced from your lips between moans and cries of pleasure. Sam grunted in response, forcing his hips to move faster, pound into your stretched cunt as hard as he could. Every time you clenched around him, you could feel the cocks, two distinct muscles moving inside you in tandem and forcing you higher up some kind of wave that was reaching its crest faster than it should have.
"Sam, Sam, I'm gonna-"
He screamed into your shoulder when your pussy gushed around his cocks. You felt them swell inside you as you fluttered, squeezing his cocks until you felt him cum. Filling you up, pushing in deeper, if that was even possible, as you flopped into the sand.
A groan, free and loud, no longer muffled by the meat of your shoulder.
"Damn, best fuck-," you groaned trying to pull away but finding yourself still pinned.
"I wouldn't, pup," Sam winced. "You really haven't ever done this?"
"Sam, I've had sex."
"Really, cause you should know we are still gonna be here for at least five minutes."
"Nah, nah, I'm gonna wake up or die."
"Uuuuhhh," he looked down at you, tongue darting out to clean up his bottom lip. "First, that sounds rude, like I am not good at mating where I am definitely crushing it right now. See?" He moved his hand and pressed firmly on your stomach.
"Oh fuck," you groaned at the immense pressure.
"Uh huh, filled right up to the brim and smelling so fucking ripe. Definitely gonna be pregnant."
"Second, we are definitely here at this moment. I can feel your pussy, I can smell us, and," he finally unpinned your hand and placed it on his chest, him doing the same, "we are alive."
You stared at Sam, stared at the beautiful and definitely real mermaid… merman on top of you, inside of you, and sighed.
"Shit, this is a huge preach of ethics."
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yelenalovegood · 3 days ago
two falcons |s.w. & b.b.|
halloween special masterlist
summary : surprising sam and bucky with a falcon costume to embarrass them on halloween.
pairing : sam wilson x f!reader x bucky barnes
warnings : none
word count : 750+
a/n : this can be platonic or a poly relationship if you squint
The day you went to Spirit Halloween was absolutely hilarious. You snuck out of your shared apartment with Sam and Bucky, telling them you’re going to run some errands and bring back coffee. Those ‘errands’ you had to tend to, getting a falcon costume. 
You considered getting a super cool cosplay suit, but it’d be better to see his face when you walk out and show him the ill-fitting cheap costume. You all agreed to be cowboys for Halloween, so you’d all go and find those pieces together. You did feel a little bad that you forced them to dress up in matching costumes, just for you to embarrass them without wearing yours. Though you did not dwell on those thoughts for long because the look on Sam’s face will be priceless.
But you somehow stuffed the falcon costume into the glovebox of your car and walked back into the apartment. As you headed in you held three coffees balanced in a grouped cup holder, and a face that showed no signs of funny secrets.
They thanked you, grabbed the cups, and took large sips. Sam hands you a plate from the cabinet because he made breakfast. French toast and scrambled eggs, his specialty. 
Once your plate is all set and you’re sitting at the table, you start to eat. Bucky is reading the newspaper like some old man across from you. He says he likes to do the sudoku, but really that’s his favorite place to get local news. 
Sam went back to his room to get dressed, but he came back quickly. He pulled his shirt over his head as he asked what today’s plans are. You gave him the rundown for what stores you guys have to go to for the cowboy costumes and what time they’d have to be back for training.
And so you guys went on your way. Filing into Sam’s car as he drove to the mall. Throughout the few hours at the mall, you convinced them to get smoothies, which was much easier than you initially thought it was going to be. 
You walked past the food court, which had fake bats pinned to the walls between stalls. That’s when you spotted the smoothie stand.
“Oh look, let’s get smoothies,” you stopped walking.
“We just finished our coffees,” Bucky said, slightly exasperated. 
“You just finished your coffee. Mine was gone before we walked into the mall,” you pointed out.
Sam was next to speak, “I’m down for a smoothie.”
And with that, you walked to the stand and found they had a new Halloween menu, which of course, you had to get something off of.
After receiving a dark purple smoothie, you guys had one more stop, cowboy hats. 
Picking out what hats each of you wanted was proven to be the most difficult part of the whole day. But eventually, you all figured it out and headed back to the apartment.
Just one more week until Halloween. One more week until you get to embarrass the living hell out of Sam. One week until the funniest night of your life.
You stepped out of your room, with many calls from Sam and Buck to hurry up. And so you walked towards the kitchen where they were, and you stood their head up and hands on your hips. It was more Captain American than Falcon, but it got the point across.
Bucky muttered, “oh god,” as Sam’s jaw dropped in horror. 
“What is this?” he said agitatedly. Grabbing at the poor material, visibly wounded.
“I think I look good,” you respond, tugging away from his hands.
“Not as good as me,” eliciting an audible laugh from Bucky. He seemed to be equally amused as you were.  Sam turned around quickly with a pointed finger, “No, this is not funny, sir.”
It was your turn to laugh, unable to stay composed any longer.
“If you wanted to be me, I could have given you my suit,” Sam’s arms crossed over his chest. “I could get it right now, but I’m not going out into the world if you’re gonna be dressed like that.” he gave you a disgusted look from your head to your toes and back up again.
“Well, that’s just no fun,” you pouted. This time it was your turn to cross your arms. “And if we don’t get moving, we are gonna be late.” Walking over to Bucky, you wrapped your left arm into his and pulled him to the door. His hand not connected to you was rubbing up and down his face in amusement and disbelief.
As you opened the door, Bucky turned back to Sam and called out, “You heard the lady, we’re gonna be late.” Sam followed through jokingly grumpy with his head hung in defeat.
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dreaminrubies · a day ago
Kinktober Prompt #18: Pet play
Pairing(s): Helmut Zemo x fem!reader, Sam Wilson x fem!reader, and Bucky Barnes x fem!reader
Sam slipped his fingers under the skimpy black panties as he stroked your clit before two fingers entered you. You mewled happily around Bucky’s metal fingers in your mouth, a little bit of saliva dribbling down them. You wiggled against Sam’s thigh to make the plug shift inside of you to get some extra stimulation. Bucky flicked the gold Z around your collar and smirked.
“Zemo trained a very good kitty,” he praised before he removed his fingers and unzipped his pants. Sam shifted you forward so you could take Bucky’s cock in your mouth while he buried his own fingers inside of you.
Your black furry ears bumped against Bucky’s stomach as you deep throated him while Sam fingered you.
Helmut wandered into the room, sipping his morning tea in his robe simply watching the scene that unfolded in front of him. Bucky spurted into your mouth as you came all over Sam’s fingers, shaking happily as he patted your ass. The black panties were cut out in the back, making nice accommodations for your tail plug. Plus, they looked really cute. Zemo was all about the aesthetic sometimes.
“She’s amazing, Z,” Bucky panted.
“Oh I know,” he smirked as he gave a little snap of his fingers. You crawled out of Sam’s lap and rubbed yourself against Zemo’s legs, purring happily. He reached down to pat the top of your head. “Are you being a good kitten for our guests?” he cooed at you as he rubbed under your chin.
You let out a deep purr as you nuzzled his hand. “Come, little kitty, let daddy give you some treats,” he said as he stroked a hand down your back, letting his fingers move over your tail. You slinked after him into his office, where he filled an elegant china saucer with some cream for you. You lowered yourself down a bit, ass lifted in the air as you lapped it up, your lips curving into a little smirk.
“I know that look. You know what happens to naughty kittens,” he warned.
You gave a twitch of your tail before you finished the cream then moved closer to his feet as he fed you little bites of the cranberry orange scones he had made. He wiped the crumbs from the corner of your mouth once you were finished, making sure you were neat and presentable. You nuzzled his thigh before you gently sank your teeth into him. He groaned softly as he gripped your hair and yanked your head back.
Your eyes sparkled mischievously as you arranged your tail to curl around your thighs. Helmut pulled open a desk drawer with his other hand and took out the riding crop, tracing it over your cheek then down the curve of your neck before he tapped your covered nipple with it.
“It seems my kitten needs to be reminded of how to behave,” he growled.
Tag List: @anteroom-of-death @scuttle-buttle @lovie-barnes @mybisexualheartbeatsforzemo
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empyreanwritings · 3 days ago
Can I request a Sam x mermaid!reader drabble? I don't have any great ideas for plot but nothing too spooky. Otherwise, go wild Steffi!
You watched the man walk along the shore from your spot in the water. Whenever his gaze flicked over to the horizon, you ducked your head under the water to avoid being seen. Your people had strict rules about interacting with humans: you didn't. It was too risky. Too high of a chance they'd want to test on you for their human sciences.
But you couldn't convince yourself to swim away. You wanted to watch the man who moved here just a few short months ago.
A beach front home with a dock and a boat he always worked on. Every morning you'd hear his music playing, hear him sing along and tinker around his boat. It was fascinating. You wanted to know more about him.
The man turned to face the ocean and stuffed his hands in his pockets. There was a smile on his face that made your chest tight for some reason. The feeling distracted you from dipping your head back under the water before he could catch a look at you.
"You know, if you're going to keep watching me, you should probably be stealthier about it," he teased.
You looked over your shoulder, hoping he was talking to someone else, which only made him chuckle.
"It's okay. You can swim closer."
It wasn't okay. You knew what your family would say if they caught you so close to the shore. But still, you made your way to the end of his dock and waited for him to walk over at meet you. He was just as beautiful up close, and it was obvious he felt the same way about you.
"I'm Sam." He reached down and held out his hand. You stared at his hand, unsure what he wanted you to do with it. Instead of grabbing it, you simply told him your name and smiled.
"It's nice to meet you. Maybe we can spend the rest of the day getting to know each other?"
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victoria-is-my-name · 18 hours ago
Title: Get Away Driver
Synopsis: Set in 2014 after the first encounter with the Winter Soldier, Sam, Steve and injured Natasha sat in the van awaiting for help.
Relationship: Maria Hill × GN!Reader, Natasha Romanoff × GN!Reader, Steve Rogers × GN!Reader, Sam Wilson × GN!Reader
(All friends)
Trigger warning: Mention of bleeding out
Let me know if I missed anything
Hope you enjoy, feel free to leave feedback, recommendations etc!
"We need to get a doctor here. If we don't put pressure on that wound, she's going to bleed out in the truck-" , Sam said but earned a electric baton waved in front of him as a response. Within a minute the one with the electric baton agent shocked the other agent unconscious that fell onto the truck floor while the agent took of the black helmet to reveal Agent Hill.
"Argh, that thing was squeezing my brain. Who's this guy?" , Maria asked Steve who was staring at Maria same as Natasha and Sam. Several minutes later, they've escaped through a hole cut into the floor of the van and walked towards another van parked in an alley way.
As they all got in the backseat, Steve spoke up "If we're all in the back of the van, who's driving?" , asking Maria. And on queue, the partition of the van opened to reveal a hand passing them a med-kit. "What's up guys?" , you said while greeting them with a smile.
Earning you a chuckle from Sam, with Steve shaking his head with a fond smile beside a smiling semi-out-of-it Natasha. "Well, it's good to see you guys again but under unfortunate circumstances." , you spoke while driving towards the safe house. As you reached the large safe house guided them towards the entrance and dismissing the man running towards all of you.
All of you walked into a medical room, you pushed away the plastic curtain to reveal a recovering Nick Fury.
"About damn time." , said the eye-patched man.
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kaiparker-avengerssmut · 4 hours ago
Making a Mess pt.5 (final part)
Pairings | Sam Wilson x reader, Tony Stark x reader, Avengers x reader
Warnings | smut, coke eating, titty-fucking, vaginal sex, use of safe ward, exhibitionism
Word count | 552
Summary | you can barely take anymore
Tumblr media
Hands still strung up above your head by Loki's clanking chains, your body shook its way through another wave of arousal.
Tony kissed your body, his facial hair scratching deliciously and leaving a red burn in its wake.
"Can I fuck these pretty tits, baby?" The man mumbled against your mouth and you could feel your eyes roll back into your head at the thought.
Tony chuckled at your answering moan and situated himself over your chest, so that the swollen, red tip of his cock peaked through the valley of your breasts.
"Fuck!" You cried out as Sam ran the tip of his own cock through your folds, your legs jerking as he brushed your clit. He let out a deep chuckled and sheathed himself into you.
It was a booming wave of pleasure that consumed you, your pussy so sensitive it almost hurt.
"Eyes on me, come on." Tony demanded and your eyes flitted to him, his hands grasping your breasts. "That's it, sweetheart."
Your eyes fluttered as Sam started to move. Tony began fo thrust himself, his lubed-up cock slipping between your boobs.
His groan was like music to your ears, and soon you found pleasure consuming you. Your eyes rolled back into your head and your lips parted.
"Fuck, she so damn right. Squeezing the shit outta me." Sam grunted, his nimble fingers pressed painfully into your hips as he rocked back and forth.
Tony seemed to be getting closer, his cock already pulsing as if it was going to blow.
"Make me cum. Make me cum and we'll make you come again." Tony growled. At this point, you hardly knew if you could come again, or if you even wanted to come again.
"Good girl." Sam purred as Tony came, his spend coating your chest in a layer of sticky white.
"Good girl indeed." Tony muttered as he calmed down, his fingers trailing through the puddle on your chest. He collected a glob before bringing it to your lips, which you slurped up happily.
Sam reached for your clit, the seb nod his thumb made contact you were overcome with blinding light. You came again, one final time begotten you screamed out,
Instant, Sam had pulled out of you and Tony had dismounted. Steve was at your side and breaking your wrists out of the chains and Bucky was hurrying away to get you a bar of chocolate from their stash for this very occasion and grabbing a warm cloth to clean you off with.
"Hey, doll. You okay?" Steve mumbled softly. Your eyes were glassy, but you nodded. Steve smiled wide and ran a soothing hand over your abdomen as Bucky started to clean you up. "What happened?"
"Too much," you hiccuped, "couldn't take any more." You whispered and Steve nodded. "M'feeling good though." You added with a shy smile.
"Yeah?" Steve cooed.
"Yeah." You confirmed. "Can we do it again sometime?" You piped up with and Steve and and Bucky shared a chuckle.
"Of course, sweetheart. Of course."
Tumblr media
Other Marvel Characters One-shots, Drabbles and Headconnons |@buckysgirl101 @quxxnxfhxll @anakinsslag @marvelhoesworld @macylawz @zaphdekota @thegirlwiththeimpala @ohmy-fandoms @prettysbliss @samira_mcd @xxxtwilightaxelxxx @dpaccione @multihoee @natasha-danvers @supraveng @cap-n-ce @sebbyxlover @jeremyrennermakesmesmile @veronicapaula @ravenmoore14 @frickin-bats @itstaylorcale @dannjulie @chasethemoon @stardust-galaxies
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y/n: that was so horrible. what am i gonna do? he's never gonna speak to me again. i'm so embarrassed.
steve: it's not a big deal. i've seen bucky's stuff, like, a million times.
sam: you have? i mean... how?
steve: we grew up together. locker rooms, swimming pools, penis fights... it just happens.
sam: why haven't i seen it?
steve: why do you want to see it?
sam: he's my best friend.
steve: again, why do you want to see it?
sam: what if bucky gets into an accident? what if he's horribly disfigured, and i have to identify him, and all that remains are his private parts? and i'm standing there and i'm saying, "sorry, officer, i can't help you, because no, i haven't seen his penis." and then boom, he's buried in an unmarked grave.
y/n: how did this conversantion ended up like this?
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truebelieversworld · a month ago
To my late night scrollers, the ones that are just like me, looking for comfort and love, acceptance and a way to escape.
We all have the thing that helps us, for many of us on this site it's fanfiction. Whether it be hurt/comfort, noncon, a/b/o, friends to lovers or even the one bed trope, everyone has the fics that help us through, with the characters we dream about that make us feel loved, appreciated, wanted.
They're here, waiting for you, ready to see what adventures they're in for tonight. Ready to be your comfort, your friend, your shoulder to cry on. What will you two do tonight? They're so excited, maybe they're waiting with bated breath, ready to meet you all over again, to fall for you again, ready to relive that favorite story, you're happiest moments.
They're there, arms open, smile wide, ready for you. You're their favorite character, their favorite part of the day.
I hope you're scrolling tonight goes well, that you get what you need. I hope that tomorrow is better then today and that at some point, you wake up and don't need the comfort as much, that it's not a need anymore.
From the girl on Tumblr who wishes she could give every single one of you the love and comfort you deserve. Remember, your comfort character believes in you, and so do I.
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disappointmentofthefam · 4 months ago
ok so when were yall gonna tell me that pacing around the room while listening to a song and aggressively acting out scenarios with fictional people is a mental illness??????
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