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#thor x reader

Marvel: Pregnant S/O

I’m really getting into marvel now, aren’t I? Last night I was thinking about Steve and how good he would be as a dad, and I came up with this. What has my life come to, honestly.



• he was shocked, but exited, all the same. After passing the initial shock, he was amazed

• for Steve, the idea of children was pretty strange because he’s never really thought about them until now

• but every day when you wake up he tears up just thinking about how amazing his kid will be

• once he went shopping without you and came home with a bag full of baby clothes, but they were all for boys. He was knew it was going to be a boy, he was sure of it

• but when you had your first sonogram, the doctor said it was a girl. Steve looked back at the screen showing your little girl and tears started to form in his eyes

• “steve I didn’t know you wanted a boy that bad?”

• “I don’t care what she is. As long as she’s ours”


• probably the most exited out of all of them

• he seriously could not be happier about the love of his life now with-child, his child

• he’d be on the edge a lot of the time because he was worried about hurting the baby, but he’d still let you have your freedom

• Loki would be really happy for you, and would surprisingly be pretty excited to be an uncle. He’d help out with your problems whenever Thor wasn’t home

• at night he would have his head next to your baby bump with his arms wrapped securely around your waist

• sometimes he’d just look at you or your bump and he would start to tear up


• he really couldn’t comprehend that he was going to be a father. But also on the inside, he was panicking

• it’s not like he wasn’t exited, believe me, he really was, but some way or another he felt unworthy of a child

• a baby is the most innocent and pure thing in the world and he felt like he couldn’t carry that weight on his shoulders

• it didn’t take long to convince him that he was going to be a spectacular father

• and he definitely will be

• he spoils you a lot during your pregnancy, and is (cannot stress this enough) the most protective. Some days he didn’t even want you out of bed

• when you and Loki told Thor that he was gonna be an uncle, he fell out of his chair

• it had been the first time he hugged Loki in a while. And it was an intense hug, Loki almost fell to the ground

• late at night, when he thought you were asleep, he’d talk to the baby

• “hello little one.. your mummy is asleep, so I’d better be quiet… I hope you like her, she’s an amazing woman. And, I know I’m not the best man. I’ll make a lot of mistakes, but I’ll love you and your mother until my last breath.”

• you were awake the whole time lol


• he would be stuck between the feelings of complete panic and pure bliss

• his protection instincts would kick in hard

• the only way I can describe it properly is that he has this unintentional yandere mode that he only shows when any danger is near

• whenever you walk into a room he can’t help but smile at you, daydreaming about all the things he would do with that miraculous life

• that sounded weird but I’m keeping it

• he’d always come to Steve for advice, even though he has absolutely no knowledge on how to raise a god damn child

• quite frankly I think Steve’s advice would be the worst thing for you and Bucky

• like Loki he would talk to the bump, a lot

• he doesn’t care if you’re awake or not, he just wants to have some form of contact with the baby, at least until it’s born


• when you told him he was completely over the moon

• he’s always wanted a large family, to have children of his own, so when he found out he was ecstatic

• he would always say that your kid will be the best at archery, win awards, etc

• at this point I’m a little worried about that possibly being all he cares about

• but no, of course it’s not, he just wants you and the baby to be happy

• also Clint would be fixated on planning for the baby. For example, baby proofing. Everything. Ye- yes, he basically baby proofed everything in the house

• which I honestly find cute as all hecc

• but for you it’s mostly just annoying

Peter P:

• he’s really scared about having a kid

• you’re both still in school, and with the weight of studies, raising a child AND having a super hero secret identity seemed like too much

• but despite his worries, he never once left your side

• throughout the pregnancy, he would try to hide how nervous he was. He’d always come in and check on you every 10 minutes

• it gets annoying, but you know he’s just trying to help

• he also likes to talk to your bump

• one night he stayed up and scribbled ideas for baby names, boys and girls

• when you woke up you saw him sprawled out on the bed, notebook open on his chest. When you picked it up and read through all the names you almost cried. Right then you knew that he truly cares

Peter Q:

• w o w

• when you told him you were pregnant, he felt a little uneasy, he didn’t think having a child wasn’t the best idea for the both of you

• but after a day or two of thinking about the possibilities, he was so aggressive with happiness he could barely hold it in

• on the inside, he’s still a little bit worried. He doesn’t want his baby to have the same childhood Peter had

• so he had decided that during those 9 months, he would do anything to help get this baby out healthy and happy

• he gave you foot rubs

• made you green tea

• held your hair back during morning sickness. He did. It. All.

• he was so painfully helpful that sometimes it was just irritating

• the others on the ship were also pretty helpful, all except for Rocket. The only thing he did remotely related to doing something for the baby was when he asked if he could touch your bump

• it was weird

• took him like 5 minutes to just put his paw on your stomach

Dr Strange:

• nervous boi

• but also really excited

• he was pretty foreign to the idea of having kids, but once he met you the thought crossed his mind occasionally

• he’d talk to you about all the things he wants to teach the kid, like magic, how to control your mind, etc.

• he won’t tell you but he’s secretly hoping for a girl

• behind his excitement, he’d also still be a little scared that he’d hurt you or the child. He was very cautious around you during the pregnancy

• but that didn’t stop him from doing anything in his power to help you


• he was so excited to have a kid with you

• bit then again, he doesn’t know how to be a father. He barely even had one so he wouldn’t be so sure on how to help

• but deep down he knew he could do it

• every time you needed help getting somewhere or a got a contraction, he’d speed over to you, no hesitation

• the first time the baby kicked, you were in bed and Pietro had a hand on your bump. He panicked and was like

• “I felt it kick, it’s really in there Y/N there’s a baby in you”

• he’d say really stupid stuff like that

• some nights you and Pietro would stay up really late and read parenting books with eachother and pick out all the different names that you like

• he’d rub your bump and and whisper promises of love to the baby, using sweet Russian nicknames


• you spent weeks picking out the sperm donor, thankfully it didn’t take long to get pregnant

• when you offered to bare the child for the two of you, Wanda was absolutely over the moon and couldn’t wait to meet it

• you painted your nursery together

• she wanted to do it so you wouldn’t have to, but it was fun doing it with eachother, choosing themes, colours, etc.

• she would absolutely tend to every one of your desires and weird cravings

• there was that one time you asked for pickles and ice cream, she had some too

• according to her it “wasn’t too bad”

• I headcannon that Wanda likes to sew, so I imagine you asleep and Wanda wide awake, working on more baby clothes

• she honestly cannot wait

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ok so i haven’t written in so long that i couldn’t even write a simple request BUT i’m gonna reblog some prompts and u guys can send some requests in! particularly loki, bucky, thor or steve!

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Relationship: Thor x reader 

Warnings: nothing but angst and fluff


Originally posted by newowl-whodis

Request: (anon) - Heyy can you write something for thor where you both get in a huge fight and he breaks your phone so now you are like really mad but next day he realises his mistake and brings you a new phone and apologises in a adorable way. please i am in need of some angst and fluff

Notes: Thank you so much for this request! This is my first ever request so I hope I did your wonderful idea justice. ^.^

Divider found on google, credits to original owner. 



Your friendship, if you could call it that, with the God of Thunder was a strange one. Ever since you set foot in the tower, he had taken a quick disliking to your presence. You were an ex hydra agent like Bucky, brainwashed for years and used to instil fear and destruction wherever your missions took you. 
They had found you on a routine mission to an ex base, you were still locked up, barely present and barely alive. Emaciated and fragile, but still so deadly.

Hydra had begun an off-shoot program developing their own brand of mutants. Although some would say your abilities were a blessing, you saw it as more of a curse. You had the power of electricity, able to conjure and control it, and because of this you could also control lightening, much like Thor. You often wondered if that was the reason Thor didn’t like you, you were similar so perhaps he saw you as a threat, perhaps he was no longer the strongest Avenger on the team? 

Every time you walked in a room with the God Of Thunder present, the once jovial and rambunctious man would turn cold, scoff and roll his eyes, sometimes he’d surprise everyone in the room by taking unneeded jabs at you, but you were smart, you could fire them back just as much as he could. And for that, he disliked you even more. 

Because of your past, you got on well with Bucky and Loki, which Thor did not like one bit. You’d often be found in the garage with Bucky as he worked on his bikes, or up in the library curled up next to Loki as you both read. You had bonded with Loki over your childhood trauma and shared past in villainy seeking redemption. He knew all too well what it was like to be controlled, misguided and manipulated, and to view yourself as a monster. 

As much as you disliked Thor for his unusual cold demeanour towards you, you still found him insanely attractive. You found yourself having sinful thoughts whenever he became angry, the way his jaw ticked, the way his large muscular arms showed off their protruding veins as his fists clenched, and the booming sound of his deep baritoned voice. You found yourself also having to nip said thoughts in the bud, you couldn’t have Thor knowing you liked him deep down, he wouldn’t recuperate the feelings and you didn’t want him to be able to hold another thing over your head. 


Notes: I’m gonna do this in a 3 part series, the next part will be the fight and the third will be the fluff. I wanted to put something out whilst I had it :-)

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Would anyone be interested in this like 7 deadly sins fic idea? like basically its going to be a x reader nd each sin would go with a character and basically my take on the sin? 

The characters I’m thinking would include Bucky, Sam, Steve, Tony, Natasha, Loki, Thor. Tbh I can’t promise the quality of these fics but I’ll try my best. Or If someone wants they can ask me nd I can tell/them what I was thinking about roughly nd they can also do their own version?

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Request: “Hey! Could you do headcanons or a fic for the avengers (I dont care who) with a reader who is really quiet and shy/smart at first but the once you get to know them they are a complete dumbass? Like 3 am random conversations, random energy bursts, blurting out stupid stuff, just crazy and funny in general.” 

A/N: Hello readers! I have never done a headcanon before so I thought I would try it out. Here are the Avengers’ reaction when you (a super quiet smart girl) gets a bit weird. Thank you for all of your support and patience! If you submit a request, I thank you a lot! I am going to try and write in my free time since I miss you all so much. Hope you enjoy! 


Steve would be laughing at your silly questions after you asked them. “Why is water wet?” “Are we even real?” or his favorite, “What did come first the egg or the chicken?”. He is very amused at your questions, but would let you ramble on about your reasoning about each one. The crazy moment he likes the most is when you are dancing crazily all of a sudden when you were bored with your calculations. You would go up to him and start dancing away making him laugh at how crazy you are. He likes that only a select few get to see this side of you. 


Originally posted by satedanfire


Tony was glad he could find someone as smart as you to talk through calculations with, but he hated how quiet you were. One night you both were in the lab trying to figure out a way to make his suit fly more effeciently. You both have been up for 20 hours plus. “What did you say were your calculations?” Tony asks you, but sees you are huddled into the hood of your hoodie with your arms tucked into your sweater. You were swaying your loose sleeves around like propellers making small helicopter noises. Tony just observes you for a moment until you made eye contact with him. “How come airplanes can fly but humans can physically fly? I mean I know the math for it, but why?” you ask putting your arms through your sleeves. He just laughed at your question but you kept on rambling excitedly. Tony was amused as you defended your question and your random jumping up and down as you got excited at answering points of your own question.


Originally posted by robertdowneyisbrilliant


Clint met you while you were physically defusing a bomb, but after a few meetings with you he got to know the crazier side to you. It was early in the morning, and Clint was coming to get you for a meeting with the rest of the team. He walked in to see you hanging off your bed with a pencil in your mouth as you were talking to yourself about something ridiculous that he couldn’t even understand. When you saw Clint, you fell off your bed head first before laughing so hard that you were crying. Clint was disturbed at first, but shook his head in amusement before leaving your room. 


Originally posted by july-rck


When Thor first met you, he had crack energy himself. He thought you were just as boring as the rest of the Avengers, but then he saw you randomly dancing in your room before jumping off your bed and onto the ground. When he walked in you stopped until he started singing horribly and joining you with terrible dancing. You both just started after the song was over, quite literally rolling on  the ground. 


Originally posted by bakmasenonlara


Bruce liked how you were as quiet as he was. He liked spending time with you. That is until he really go to know you. You were both reading in a quiet room until you started making popping noises with your mouth. “Look Bruce!” You started to make the popping noises louder making him look at you weirdly. “Sorry,” You quickly apologize before you both go back to reading. You suddenly sigh and put your book in your lap roughly. “You know what doesn’t make sense,” Bruce looks at you over his book with his eyebrows raised. “How can someone turn green when they are sick? I have never seen anyone actually turn green when they are sick.” Bruce just looked at you unamused as you keep going on about being green. 


Originally posted by geislun

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compliments |t.o.|

Request: Hi! May I request a Thor x reader please? where the reader sucks at receiving compliments so when a literal king starts to flirt with her she becomes a mess? (and I feel like Thor would definitely use that kind of pick-up lines that he heard Tony say, so, they are lame and funny)

Taglist: @quxxnxfhxll

Warning/s: Swearing

Word Count: 1201

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Oh, what am I supposed to do without you

Loki x daughter!reader

Summary: Loki thought he was in a good place. He was married, happy and having a child. He should’ve known the universe wasn’t that kind.

A/N: God I’m so sorry about this one lol. Not much of the reader but I will be  making a second part. I hope yall like this one though. Inspiration came from “Mr, Loverman” and this fic.

Master list


Originally posted by shakespearewasbi


The silence was rattling. It creeped into the room, slowly,menacingly. Threatening to make him go mad. It wrapped around his body like a familiar friend. Making it hard for him to breath as it suffocated him. He knew they were staring at him. Trying to figure out what he would do next, whether he would break or not. Truthfully he didn’t know what he would do. For now he just starred as well. Not at them, of course not. He stared at the one thing that mattered. His reason for waking up and living. The one person in this entire universe who gave his world color. He reached out to touch her. Touch the hands that were always so warm against his cold skin. Hands that held his firm and sure as she pulled him along behind her, a smile on her beautiful face. Hands that were now cold and limp, the radicant glow she had been known for gone dark. The colors she brought to his world dimmed to dull, gre, muted hues. Then a sound broke through the silence. two sounds actually. One a wail of new life, a baby taking her first breaths, and another. A wail of a man who has lost everything. A wail of agony and pain.

As the healers bustled around him, Loki had only one thought in his head. 

“What am I supposed to do without you”

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meant every word

thor x reader

summary: the team is on a vacation in the Bahamas, and Thor can’t sleep one night. the reader and Thor have a crush on each other, but have never acted on it btw.

warnings: swearing, a bit of angst, fluff

word count: 1,311


Originally posted by thosekidswhohuntmonsters

“What are you doing here?”

“I couldn’t sleep.” His voice is loud and booming in the empty hallway. Glancing at the clock, she opens the door wider to let him in. 3am. He’s still wearing the same clothes he wore to dinner, but y/n notices the top buttons of his shirt are undone now. Sighting, she lets Thor lay on her bed, while she rummages through her suitcase to find some kind of pants to cover her bare legs.

“It’s fine, really.” He says unbothered, sitting up and looking at her through tired eyes. Mumbling something underneath her breath, she disappears into the bathroom. “I don’t mind.” He teases, but y/n ignores him, coming out dressed in shorts and a hoodie.

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Pairing: Thor x stark!reader

Plot: The reader is Tony’s daughter and Thor’s girlfriend. Tony and Thor keep butting heads when it comes to you because thor told him that when you guys get married that you will be permanently living in Asgard so he could rule with you by his side.

authors note: this is an old fic I wrote back in 2017. I deleted my old account because I was going through a difficult time and needed to step away but I’m back and want to start writing again.


Originally posted by bishopl

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Originally posted by tvimagines221b

Chapter 4: Brothers

Summary: The boys show just how much you mean to them.

Notes: There will be mentions of attempted murder of the Reader and their unborn child. No one is harmed in this chapter, just a reveal of a thwarted murder plot! Feel free to skip this chapter.

When chapter 5 is written, I will have a link at the top as well as the normal link at the bottom in case you wish to skip this chapter.

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Bruce Banner x daughter! reader

A/n: okay so in this fic is set during ragnarok but instead of Bruce being gone for 2 years he’s gone 4 years, Asgard doesn’t get destroyed and Thanos exists but doesn’t show up. Oh and Civil war kinda happens just doesn’t end the same.

Summary:  You were never really close to your dad, you knew he loved you, but he was always too scared to show it because of the Hulk. But then he went missing and you were left all alone.



Originally posted by fakefanofmarvel


Growing up with Bruce Banner as your dad went about how you’d expect. He loved you, but he did it from a distance. He never forgot your birthday or Christmas, but he never took the time to actually sit down and celebrate with you. Just a quick “ happy birthday” and a materialistic present left on your nightstand. He never went to any of your concerts or plays, deeming them too “stressful” for him. But your pretty sure it just reminds him of your mother.

Part of it was because he was always so busy with work, solving equations or whatever. But the other reason was because he didn’t trust himself around you. Or rather he doesn’t trust the Hulk around you. There were multiple times when you came into contact with him. And every time you were fine, as the Hulk never once tried to hurt you, but your dad didn’t want to take that chance. So he distanced himself.

Now raising a child is the literal opposite of a stress free environment, but some how he always seemed to manage. But the threat of a Hulk related accident was always looming over the two of you. Causing you both to walk on eggshells around each other for as long as you can remember. But then he joined the Avengers. That’s when life seemed to turn around for the better. The Hulk could come out and play, you had a place to stay, and you didn’t have to worry about setting your dad off every five seconds. Life was good.

Until he went missing.

Now, usually of your dad would leave you alone for a couple of days because of work or he tried looking for a cure, but you always knew when he’d come back. But this time was different. He went missing trying to save Sokovia from Ultron.

You were twelve when your dad went missing. And your sixteen now. It’s been four years since you last seen your father.

Since Sokovia, you have been staying at the Tower with the rest of the Avengers. At first you were devastated, feeling abandoned and mourning the losss of your father. Natasha tried to comfort you, but you weren’t really fond of her. You didn’t trust her from the moment you met her, and if you were being honest ; you hated that she was able to get so close to your father. Wanda had her own things going on, so she didn’t really have time to deal with your problems. And you didn’t really know Maria all that well. The only woman you truly got along with was Pepper. She was really the one who helped you through that rough patch. And because you were so close to Pepper, you formed a bond with Tony. At first it was merely saying hi in the hallway, but then it progressed to watching him make his suits and listening to music.

After a while you really started warming up to the team, Steve helped you with your history, Clint tried to get you into archery, you helped Thor with Midgardian customs, Wanda with adjustments. You were still weary about Natasha. But everything was really coming together. Even when it got a little shaky (the accords) everything seemed to work out okay. Bucky and Sam joined the team and you got along fine with them, Bucky joined you and Thor to catch up with the stuff he missed.

Even you grew as a person. You went from that shy twelve year old to this outspoken,sarcastic sixteen year old. You got more into performing and music than science and physics but the whole team had your back. It was an inside joke among them that Bruce banners daughter was the exact opposite of him.

Even though everything was okay in your life, you still really missed your dad. You still had hope that one day you’ll wake up and he would be there in the lab, helping Tony solve world hunger or whatever they do.

You eventually had that reunion with your dad, just not the way you expected it to be.

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hey y'all! so I know I’m not super popular, I don’t have a lot of followers and I definitely don’t get a lot of asks or requests, but I wanted to try and do a blurb night! I’m always taking requests but I guess just a little encouragement from me for you guys lol

  • I write x readers for DC characters, mostly batfam and mcu characters! you can check out my masterlist here if you like. I’m also willing to write ships (I’m all about steggy, stucky, timkon, jaykyle, jayroy, joyfire, dickbabs, birdflash, etc. just ask n I’ll probably write for it as long as its not gross!) or things with no pairing! 
  • please feel free to send in requests for pretty much anything! fluff, angst, aus, nsfw (I will probably not do anything super detailed or porny if that makes sense, or maybe not at all, it just depends on where I’m at kinda, and I won’t write nsfw for Damian or any characters his age, I know they’re adults in a lot of story lines now but I’m just not about it :))
  • give me…
    • tropes
    • songs
    • dialogue prompts
    • your own idea
    • any prompts/aus/tropes you’ve seen around the internet
    • literally whatever you want

just send me an ask with a request!

even if you don’t send a request in, it would mean the world to me if you reblogged this so that I could get a little inspiration flowing! :))

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Okay, I tried to make this as non-descriptive as possible when it comes to talking about the abuse. I hope it brings someone some comfort. 

TW: Mentions of Past Sexual Abuse. 

You knew that you should be happy. Well, maybe not happy, but you shouldn’t be feeling as … numb as you were. You were still alive. Hela had not managed to kill you, and Thor was back. Thor, the man who had protected and taken care of you for so long was within arm’s reach once again. The thought alone should have brought a smile to your face, but it was too late for that. 

Sitting beside a window of this grand ship, watching the destruction of your planet, you couldn’t help but replay your last memories there. 

The knife you hadn’t gone without for weeks finally came in handy as you had stabbed him in the gut, watching him bleed out at your feet until Heimdall had grabbed you and ushered you away. You had expected to feel some sort of satisfaction, a sense of peace that he would never be able to hurt you again. Instead you felt … nothing. 

So lost in your own thoughts, you didn’t even hear him call your name as he approached. You couldn’t take your eyes off of the destruction in front of you. It was only when he placed his hand on your shoulder that you flinched away from him, scrambling closer towards the window. 

“I apologize,” Thor said, holding his hands up in the universal sign that he meant no harm. “I didn’t mean to frighten you.” 

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Author’s Note: Hi :) Remember me? I’ve missed you guys, and Tumblr altogether. I felt absolutely guilty about not writing, but the writer’s block was strong on this one guys. And while I’ve had lots of ideas for stories I couldn’t quite put them onto paper…or screen. Anyway, wanted to try something new. So this one is about a Thor! I dedicate this one to you @swaggysposts​ since I know you love Chris Hemsworth. Its pretty short, but still, tell me what you think, my love! 

Summary: Avenger reader has a crush on the god of thunder.

Warnings: some lite smutty language and fluff. 

Word Count: 4.7k

Song: Girls and Boys In Love by The Rumble Strips 


Originally posted by thehumming6ird

“I’m sorry? Did I hear that right? You said you can what?” Mr. Stark asked, without a doubt forgetting that there were stranger things in the world. 

Clearing my voice, and speaking a bit louder I say, “I can read minds, sir.”

“That’s what I thought you said.” Stark voiced out loud placing a sleek pair of sunglasses on his face. He was still pretty skeptical of my claims, but another part of him was very anxious. Or would the word be embarrassed? Mortified? Yes that was definitely the perfect description.

Whatever the feeling was, I knew the cause was because he knew that if what I was saying was true, he would have to start groveling because of the dirty thoughts that raced through his mind when we first introduced ourselves.  

‘Forgive me for looking Pepper, but this girl has the ass of a professional volleyball player’ was what he thought as he opened the door for me on the way in.

“I can’t hear what you’re thinking though, because It only works through touch.” I lie, as I watch his worry fade away. I needed this job, and I couldn’t be disqualified because of harmless thoughts that we could all be guilty of sometimes. Besides it wasn’t Tony’s fault: these jeans did do wonders for my bottom. 

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You paused the video on your phone and peered closer at it, frowning. Somewhere, you were pretty sure, you had the exact shade of purple lipstick. 

Or a dupe that was close enough to make the look work. At least as long as no one looked too close. 

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Hello everyone! I decided to create this list of writing prompts for those of you that would like some regular prompts, so here it is. For any that are similar/the same as other people’s prompts, I’m sorry and I didn’t intentionally mean to steal these. 

Feel free to send in a ask/make a comment with a number(s) and a character! Characters are listed below! Please specific whether your requesting off the nsfw prompt list, if not then I’ll assume you mean this list!

  1. “They’re good for each-other.” “You think so?” “They were destined to be together.”
  2. “That was so stupid.” “And also kinda cool, right?” “No.. just stupid.”
  3. “Shut up and hold me.”
  4. “I’m not leaving. Ever.” “What about when you die?” “Can’t I just be romantic for once?”
  5. “What if you leave?” “You’ll find your way back to me, I know you will.”
  6. “You got us into this mess!” “Well then you should get us out if I’m the one that got us here!”
  7. “I’ll take care of you.”
  8. “What’s that song you used to sing to me?” “(choose a song)” “Can you sing that song for me again?”
  9. “And the moral of this story?” “Not everything has a moral. I don’t have one either.”
  10. “You’re the reason I’m still here.”
  11. “I swear to god, I’ll beat you to death with my high heels, if you don’t shut the fuck up.”
  12. “What’s wrong? Are you hurt? What happened?”
  13. “Do me a favor and don’t start a war while I’m gone.”
  14. “I think (she/he/they/I) rubbed off on you.” “Is that really so bad?”
  15. “Don’t let go.”
  16. “You didn’t think you’d be able to get rid of me just yet did you?” “I wasn’t planning to.”
  17. “Because I fell for you, isn’t it obvious?”
  18. “Oh no, please, by all means… continue…”
  19. “I haven’t and could never get tired of you.”
  20. “There are a thousand different ways to tell someone you love them, and I intend to try every single one.”
  21. “Are you alright?” “I will be.”
  22. “If you don’t let her go right now, I swear I will break every bone in your body.”
  23. “No you don’t understand, I have to get back!”
  24. “I’m not your princess.”
  25. “You say you hate it but your red face is telling me otherwise.”
  26. “I don’t know if I want to yell at you or kiss you.”
  27. “Stop flirting with me, I’m not going to fall for it.”
  28. “Why does it sound like you’re saying goodbye?”
  29. “Tell me why I should stay.“ “Because I need you…I…I’m not good with this sort of stuff.” "That’s not enough.”
  30. “You’re in-love with somebody else…”
  31. “It wasn’t supposed to end this way. This isn’t the person I fell in-love with.”
  32. “Is that blood?” “…..No?”
  33. “You were the one who walked out, not me.”
  34. “I loved you.”
  35. “Are you really choosing (her/him/them) over me?”
  36. “Forget it, you’re a fucking asshole.”
  37. “Don’t you remember me?”
  38. “You have to let me go.“ "Don’t say that.”
  39. “Are you flirting with me?” “You finally noticed?”
  40. “It’s all in my head. This isn’t actually happening, you’re not real!” “Of course I’m real.”
  41. “Look me in the eyes and repeat what you just said… d-do you really mean it?”
  42. “Why are you letting (her/him/them/me) do this to you?” “Because I love (her/him/them/you).”
  43. “Why is it so hard for you to believe me?”
  44. “Holding everything in doesn’t help, you know, it just hurts you more.”
  45. “Are you hurt?” “No.” “Then why are there bruises all over your face?”
  46. “Wake up! Please don’t do this to me.”
  47. “I thought you said you wouldn’t fall in-love.” “I lied.”
  48. “(She’s/he’s/they’re) just a friend.” “We used to be friends to be ‘just friends’ too.”
  49. “You’re weak.” “You’re one to speak.”
  50. “People say I’m heartless.. but I guess they do have a point.”
  51. “I’m never silent.. I’m either drinking coffee or saying bad words.”
  52. “Another nightmare?”
  53. “We are stranded here together, so we may as well work together to get off this rock alive.”  
  54. “Get out of my head.” “I was never really in your head.”
  55. “(Was/Is) it worth it? Risking everything just for a chance.”
  56. “I’m not going to fight you.”
  57. “Can we please stop running? I think I’m dying.” "Well if we stop running, you will die!”
  58. “If I die, I’m haunting you first.”
  59. “Every time I think I’m close to finally figuring you out you end up surprising me.”
  60. "Why would you lie to me?” “It wasn’t my choice!”


Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader
Poe Dameron
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Kylo Ren
Han Solo
Luke Skywalker

Pietro Maximoff
Steve Rogers
Tony Stark
Clint Barton

Peter Maximoff
Kurt Wagner
Warren Worthington iii
Erik Lehnsherr
Logan Howlett
Wade Wilson
Hank McCoy
Alex Summers
Scott Summers

Kit Walker
Kyle Spencer
Jimmy Darling
Tate Langdon
James Patrick March

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Pairing: King!Thor x Reader          Word Count: 5,747

Warnings: angst, jealousy, anxiety, talks of pregnancy, conception troubles

A/N: I’m sorry this came so late and that it’s taking me time to get these out. I’m writing very slowly right now and I only have my brain to blame. I’m finding it so hard to focus right now and I’m not sure why. I’ve gotten away from my usual habit of writing when I wake up and before I go to sleep. Hopefully, I’ll get back to normal soon. I hope y’all like (hate?) this chapter! Things will start to get tough from here on out. I hope y’all will stick with me through it. xoxo


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i could stay right here and burn in it all day

A/N: let’s all pretend i didn’t set this at new years😅 this was an anon request. it’s fluffy thor smut. i know it’s short, but i hope you like it anyway!💕

psa: please don’t read unless you’re 18+

summary: thor wants to start the new year off the right way–with you



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This is a great idea! I will get on it right away for you, my dear. 😊😊

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