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#thor x reader

Thor cradled you against his chest, happy to keep you warm and comfortable while you sleep. 

He feels like a brute. Like an utter brute. And he hates himself just a little. He’d promised not to hurt you. That there wouldn’t be any pain. And you’d cried. 

Not a lot of tears. There were no hysterics. Just a few tears that he kissed away quickly.

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After a few months in Asgard, everything was finally back to normal in the kingdom. Thor was ready to go back to Jane and be on Midgard once more, that was until Heimdall stopped him stating this, “Be careful going back, you will find something very unpleasant” All Thor did was nod at the warning from the gatekeeper, ready to be reunited with his ‘love’ once more.

Finally landing on Midgard, he decided to surprise Jane with flowers from his surprise return. What he found when he arrived at her home completely broke him.

Jane had been cheating on Thor, every time he would leave for Asgard, she left for someone else. Only this time she had been caught by the one person she never thought would catch her

Immediately, Thor left, swinging mjolnir to the avengers tower only to be greeted by another surprise.

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Originally posted by lokitty-blog1

Summary: Falling for an ego maniac from another realm wasn’t the hard part. Having that ego manic from another realm’s baby was.

First in a part of eight response to the “9 Months” challenge by crackleviolet on Lunaescence Archives.

Rating/Warnings: T for sexual references, references to pregnancy, foul language, crude humor, and multiple references to being divorced from a horse

Chapter 8: Surprise!

In the end, you were right. You were always right. From the very beginning, you had known that you did not want to be pregnant, and here you were three days overdue and fit to burst, and you would do anything to not be pregnant anymore. Swollen, sore, and cranky, you could barely stand your own company. Blaming Loki for leaving as soon as breakfast was over wasn’t even possible anymore. All you could do was kiss his cheek goodbye and then waddle into the unused nursery. There was a rocking chair in there–a gift from your parents–into which you gratefully collapsed. At least you could spend a few quiet minutes in here, before your bladder decided to make itself known.

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I’m sorry I haven’t posted any new chapters and/or requests recently, but I kind of just drifted from them without even knowing

I think I just need a little more time before I feel ready to jump back in if that’s okay. Idk what’s going on w me right now, but once I’m out of it or have it figured out, I’ll be sure to start updating stories and requests again

Thank you for your patience!

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I ship you with Thor because he’s definitely also the type to prefer to stay at home despite always having to go out and do something. I feel you would be baking and hed give you attitude when you ask him to go grab something Bc you forgot an ingredient. It would be a lot of playful teasing and idk I think it would be SO cute!! And just thinking ab Thor in a little bakers apron is adorable . Your humor definitely mixes with his and he adores your sarcastic wit, it was actually that which pulled him in I feel like?? He would love spending as much time with you and really would be down for whatever you wanted. BUT YEAHH!! Thor!!

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Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Word Count: 2k

Warnings: Angsty, Sad but ends on a happy note

Requested: Yes, by many! Part 2 of this story!

Summary: In which, you finally realize what you need. 


Originally posted by ruinedchildhood


 That was all you knew when you turned down Tony Stark.

 It wasn’t like you didn’t have anyone. You had friends. You had your sister, Sarah whom you loved dearly. You had your mother and your father. You were loved and that was what mattered. But you never had any real friends. Not like Tony. 

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Request: Hi darling! Could you write a Thor x Asgardian!reader where he takes her to Earth for the first time to meet the Avengers?


Originally posted by littlemisssyreid

Pairing: Thor Odinson x Asgardian!Reader
Word Count: 638
Please don’t plagiarize my work!

This was honestly worst then meeting his parents.

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I am in need of someone’s advice and editing/proofing skills to help me with some chapters that I would like to release soon! Please let me know if you can help.

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Request- Yes @thollandx

Word Count- 2.7k

One party. You could so do that. One tiny party for your boyfriend. You are the Goddess of Magic. You could handle a small party.

Well apparently you can’t.

“Ned! Can’t you just keep him occupied for a couple more hours? The party is tomorrow and I swear to Od- God if he finds out before-”

“I will but you have to make up an excuse.” Ned rushed out before he continued on “I got to go. Don’t screw this up- he deserves this,” You thanked Ned for the trust that he put in you with a roll of your eyes.

You were currently working out a plan with May so that he would be busy until the party when someone else texted you other than May.


Peter- Hey can I swing by and talk to you?

Shit. You couldn’t do that- you had already had tons of balloons and decorations stacked in your house not to mention the other plans you had.

You- Sorry, I am hanging out with a friend. Can I talk to you tomorrow.

Peter- Of course.

You didn’t quite realize that he meant of course by ‘of course you were busy’ and not that he agreed for him to talk to you tomorrow.

After a couple of hours you were sure that you had everything set up to perfection- ever since coming to Midgard to do you godlessly things you always seemed to stick to Peter.

He was just an ordinary boy in the eyes of your father or your uncles- if they knew about him- but he was everything to you.

He didn’t even know that you were from an entirely different planet- he just thought that you were home schooled somewhere in a place called Idaho.

He showed you Queens as well as a lot of other things and he opened the world up to you and you wanted to show him how much that he means to you.

A knock rang out from the front of your house- your mom wasn’t going to be home because she was at the lab so you didn’t know who it was.

You looked over at yourself hair messed up from painting the banner for his birthday a bit of black paint smeared on your inner arm and forearm.

As we walked over to the door you started to wonder who it could be, your family was- interesting.

As Thor Odinson and Jane Foster as your parents you honestly never thought about what could walk through that door.

And at the moment you didn’t think you would be answering the door to your loving boyfriend who looked as though he was going to punch a whole through your door.

“P-Peter-” You stuttered out shoving the door so that he couldn’t see into the house and to your birthday decorations.

“We need to talk.” He motioned to go inside before you shut the door quickly behind you with a nervous look to him.

He knew you were hiding something.

“What’s in your house that you don’t want me to see. Or Who?”

“No one is in my house, just me- my mom is working.” You confessed truthfully as another look crossed his face.

“I thought that you were hanging out with a friend.”

He got you there, he really did get you- you stumbled to come up with an excuse but nothing showed up in your vocabulary.

It was like you were frozen. Not able to do anything other than watch your boyfriend come to false conclusions.

“I should have known.” He scoffed out running a hand through his hair a hurting look on his face.

“Peter- it’s not that. I swear-” Cheating. He thought that you were cheating on the love of your life. You don’t think that you could even think about doing that without throwing up.

“No- I’ve wanted to talk for the past couple of months and you are always disappearing. I should have known about girls like you.”

“Girls like me? What do you mean-” A stark bit of anger slid its way into the conversation.

“Beautiful, Popular. I should have known that you were lying when you said that you loved me. Did you enjoy seeing me fall for you even though you were just playing me behind my back?”

Father- Come to Avenger’s tower. There is a family matter that we need to attend to.

“Is he in there right now? Texting you. Asking why you are talking to your nerd boyfriend?” He had it all wrong and he should have known that.

“No, this is my father.” The truth squeezed its way out as looked as betrayal crossed his features.

You- Dad, I can’t right now.

“You absentee father is texting you. Really Y/n?” Tear started to leak from your eyes, you were caught in a lie- it wasn’t a good one and it would risk everything that you built for yourself.

“Were done.” Those to words shook you, he was breaking up with you. You couldn’t tell him who you were- it would put everything that you built to ruins.

“Peter!” You screamed out but it didn’t seem to help well he was already walking away at an almost inhuman speed.

Father- Your uncle is trying to take over Midgard again. He has the cube.

Your angry tears flooded down your face as you watched Peter leave you broken-hearted. You had to go- this was your civic duty as a Goddess on earth. And your couldn’t leave that behind you swore to it.


Slamming his door Peter Parker grounded his teeth his face red from the tears that he shed over his girl- ex girlfriend.

“What’s wrong?” Ned came over to his broken friend who seemed as though he was dying.

“She is cheating on me. She has to be.”

“What? No she’s not. This is Y/n that we are talking about. She loves you so much, Peter. Please tell me that you didn’t do anything irrational.”

“I broke up with her.” Peter quietly choaked out still believing the worst as he sunk his head into his hands.

“Peter. You just ruined your life.” Ned yelled at him.

“How can you believe her over me? I thought you had my back, Ned.” Ned grabbed out his phone before pulling out the conversation with you.

His eyes scanned over the text as his heart broke all over again. She was texting Ned.

Y/n- I just found out that I can’t hold a paintbrush to save my life. Remember to keep Peter busy today.

Shit, I just spilled paint all over the carpeting.

Ned- Y/N! How do you do that?

Y/n- I am trying to do something nice for my boyfriend so hush, Ned!

I just called May, you guys are going to do something tomorrow and don’t ruin it. Please. Peter needs a break.

Ned- I know that, Y/n. And you don’t screw up either this is going to be important for him. I’ll go to him to go to like Lego land. He loves that.

Or get him a light-saber! We could watch all of the star wars movies at my house!

Are you still doing the Iron Man theme he is a slut for Iron Man.

And Nachos. Get him Nachos too and he will love you forever.

Y/n- My boyfriend is a slut for a 45 year old man. Okay.

Just found out that I am bad at writing on cakes with icing.

Ned, I miss my boyfriend so much. Can’t I just see him really quick, I miss cuddle times.

How do you work a fire extinguisher. My curtains are on fire!

We’re good now.

Ned- why are you in charge of the party?

And no! You wait until the party then you can have all of the ‘cuddle time’ that you want.

The party. They were planning a birthday party for him.

“You better fix this. Now, Peter.” Ned yelled at the boy who looked shocked at the phone. He had just broken up with the love of his life for no reason what so ever.

He ran over to the door getting your number on his phone and dialing it over and over again but you didn’t answer.

His phone buzzed and he immediately grabbed it hoping that it was you but his heart dropped at what he saw.

Mr. Stark- Come to the tower now kid. Bring your suit. Loki’s going bat shit and trying to take over the world again.


“You guys stand back. This isn’t your fight.” Thor Odinson commanded to the Avengers as he watched his brother try to take over New York Square, shooting bursts of light every so often.

“The Hell it isn’t. What are you going to do it yourself?”

“Just evacuate the people. We will take care of the rest.” Before anyone could question the God he roared into action slamming his hammer in the direction of his brother in which he barely ducked.

Slam after slam Thor hit after his brother only to get caught of guard not really feeling as though he should electrocute his brother.

Sending a bolt of lightning towards his brother he barely made it to the ground before catching a a side of the building sending a crack into a side of a main building.

You crept towards the side of the building seeing two people rushing others through the boundaries- Iron Man and Spider-Man. You didn’t know that Peter was the Spider Man but he knew who you were as you were wearing civilian clothes.

As soon as he saw you he sprung forward trying to get you out of the area but Iron Man yanked him back keeping him from going anywhere near Loki.

“You don’t want to do this, Loki!” You commanded to him as they watched your father coming to your side 2 gods next to each other.

“But I do, Y/n darling.” Reaching into your pocket you grabbed a small pocket knife and cut your palm Peter bounded forward only to get stopped by Tony.

“Peter, I think that she is the back-up. Friday get Peter out of here.” Peter looked at Tony about to tell him off when he was jerked to the ground- to the safety of a building, you slammed your palm into the ground.

It was euphoric as you felt your asgardian battle gear took over your form another person materializing next to you and behind you. Sif.

Lightning struck to your outreached hand your blade appearing in front of you, a blade forged by your own father.

Loki did what he did best he created illusions and one by one you sent strikes of electricity and of your own powers through them to determine whom was real and whom was fake.

Your father was doing something similar as you narrowed in on the staff that your uncle was holding.

“Komme” You muttered in Norse the staff coming you you immediately but it was redirected as he sent a force towards him.

Barely having a moment to duck you bared to the ground Sif sending her shield ricocheting away the blast. Again and again he sent it after you as you absorbed the blows with your blade before sending another blast causing him to fall over giving him a moment of weakness.

Sif gave the last blow her shield to his side as you grabbed the staff. It felt cool in your hands as it rested. Your father coming over to you as though to check if you were okay his hands wrapping around your waist to hug you softly.

“I missed you, dad.”

“I am that great you know, I was only in Asgard for a week.” You rolled your eyes trying not to think about the whole Peter situation and cry about it with your mom later.

Your dad was going to kill Peter if he ever found out that you were even dating. As you pulled away you saw the harsh gaze of your mentor on Asgard. The Iron man and Spiderling were coming closer to you- close enough to hear your conversation.

“Lady Sif…”

“Not a word, Princess. Thor Odinson, I thought that you were making sure that your daughter wasn’t getting into any trouble on Midgard.”

“Well its not my fault that my uncle is a narcissistic backstabbing little wanker.” Loki made a sound from his mussel. “Not another word uncle otherwise I am going to hit you with a God bolt.”

“What can I say, she is like her father.”

“Dad- I want to go back with you.” He looked over in conformation as you softly said it and he could tell that there was something on your mind.

“Wait here. Metal Man, Man of Spiders come here.” You watched as the males came closer to you and Sif, Loki made a move to escape and within one moment you struck him with a bolt rendering him unconscious.

“Y/n!” You gave Sif a sly look as shifted out the staff and your sword still in your hands.

“I will take this, thank you very much.” You glared at your god mother as she plucked the sword from your grasp.

“Who are you?” The Iron Man asked you his face thing off as you saw a sly smile on your face that you didn’t know why was there.


“Thordottir. She goes by Foster on your planet. Jane thought it would be a better idea than Thordottir, she already has enough attention on her from having my godly good looks.”

“I’m a god too remember, Father? And I’m more powerful than you.” He scoffed at your audacity before pushing you behind him jokingly.

“Princess, might I remind you that he can send you to the Jotunheim for the next hundred years. As for the Princeling here, we will seek him to Asgardian justice.”

“How many other Asgardian people live on earth, I’m just wondering.”

“In one moment none. My daughter, Sif, Loki, and I will be returning to Asgard.” Even if it was just a day you wanted to go. Peter wouldn’t want to see you anyway no matter what you said to him.

“What?” A deep almost fake voice said from the spider suit as you looked over to it.

“Do I know you?” You questioned as though feeling some sort of familiarity with it, like you knew who it was but you couldn’t put your finger on it. But when he tugged his mask off it all came into place. “Peter?”

“Wait, how do you guys know each other?” Your father asked as you stuttered out the truth without thinking using the language your father taught you.

“We are- were courting.” You guys were done with he had made that clear but- he was spider-man. That didn’t seem like it was coming at all.

“Courting? Are you joking? No, you are only 210 years old. What? Hold on. With the spiderling. Is he the reason you want to go back to Asgard?” Before your father could say anything else you grabbed onto Peter’s arm and teleported back to your house.

It was almost a reflex for you, to teleport without a second thought, but it certainly wasn’t for Peter. The look on his face showed that.

“Sorry, my father can get a bit overprotective when it comes to me. I totally understand if you want to go-” Before you could do anything the male stepped next to you holding you to him. On habit you changed out of your gear and into your regular Asgardian silks.

“I was stupid. I’m so so sorry, Y/n. Please take me back.”

“I should have told you and not snuck behind your back but then again we were both keeping secrets from each other.” You came up with an idea as you stepped away from him- he looked scared almost as you looked onto him in his suit.

“Hello, I’m Y/n Thordottir. I am Asgardian.” A silly grin went back on your boyfriends face as he noticed what you were doing.

“I’m Peter Parker, I’m from earth. And I’m spider-man. Would you do me the honor of courting me?” You laughed at the language that he used on you as stepped closer to him wrapping your arms around his neck.

“I would love that, Peter Parker.” 

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Shower Sex


Square Filled: Shower Sex

A/N: My first Marvel Bingo y’all! Writing this gave me all sorts of fuzzy feels which I’m not used to. Also my first official smut! Feedback’s welcome as always. :))

Pairing: Thor Odinson x F! Reader

Tags Open! Send me an ask if you wish to be tagged in future Thor Bingo fics. 

Warnings: NSFW, 18+ only, SMUT, loads of domestic fluff.

Word count: 855

Written for: @thorbingo​ 

Faint snores reached Thor’s ears as he closed the bedroom door behind him and found you dozed off on the wing chair by the window. You had your arms around yourself as if still cradling your baby to your chest.

The sight made him smile as he made his way over to your sleeping form.

Piercing screams of your four month old had woken you up at 5 in the morning; you’d fed her, sang her to sleep but it had had the opposite effect. Hazel was wide awake, chewing on her fingers, while you had fallen into a deep slumber.

Careful not to wake you, Thor picked her up and carried her to the nursery and got her to sleep. He didn’t have the heart to wake you, late nights were a regular these days and you hardly got any rest. But that chair wasn’t exactly comfortable for napping.

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*Thor x Reader

*Summary: Thor decides to volunteer as coach for your daughter’s soccer team. He’s a huge hit with the kids.

*Warnings: None, I think. Let me know if I missed anything.

*A/N: Okay so I saw a post about Thor coaching a little girls’ sports team and this was born. Featuring Assistant Coach Peter Parker and Good Uncle Loki. Also I used to play soccer when I was little and the only thing I really remember is orange slices at half time.

My Ko-Fi if you want to support my writing

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Y/N, wearing an apron and towel over their shoulder: Steve!

Natasha, also wearing an apron: Honey, you’re home!

Steve: What-?

Thor, wiping down the kitchen counter: Honey, I cleaned the house for you!

Tony, opening the oven: I made dinner, sweetheart!

Clint: We missed you!

Bruce: Welcome home!

Steve: Guys, please…

Steve: This is IKEA. We’re going to get kicked out.

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Crowned - Dark!Thor x Blacksmith!Reader {One Shot}


Gif credit:ptersparkers

Summary: And they said romance was dead…


Warnings: voyeurism, hints of dub-con

A/N: Finally I write something short! Maybe one day I’ll show enough restraint to write a drabble. First time writing for Thor, it’s in Asgard and I tried to stick to their more archaic style of speech. As always, feedback is welcome and reblogs are appreciated!


Long days in the smithy kept you away from your love. You were gone before they woke up and they were asleep when you went to bed. Hours on end, melting down ores, reforming elements to cast works of art in weaponry. It was lonely. You wished you had more time to be with the one that made your heart sing but you loved them for being a true romantic.

Of late Ufhild would leave little notes on your window. You would leave it open for fresh air and find messages of how they admired you from a distance. 

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Morning Showers (A Cowboy Thor Snapshot)


Synopsis: You and Thor enjoy a morning shower together.

Words: 2269 or roundabouts

Rating/Warnings: M for mature, SMUT.  Filthy by my standards?  All below the cut.

About: Firstly, don’t @ me.  Man, I Feel Like A Woman! and Breathe are two of the best.  Secondly, I want to thank @spacelabrathor​ for giving me the go-ahead on Cowboy Thor.  Thirdly, I want to thank @peachyteabuck​ for giving me this specific idea.  I wanted to inspire myself to get writing on the actual Cowboy Thor story, I Need A Hero, and thought this might do the trick.  Went from 0 to 100 real quick, my first time writing smut so be kind.  And fourthly, thank you to all the countless people ( @helahades​ I’m looking at you) that have been so supportive and so hype about this story.  Hope this little snapshot does it for you until the full thing comes out!

“Mm, gotta get up now.  ‘s 5:45.  Gotta feed the chickens or they’ll riot.”  Your voice is muffled as you speak into Thor’s shoulder.  There have been quite a few things you’ve learned about him since that first kiss.  Like how he loves to give hugs from behind whenever the two of you are in the kitchen.  Or how he loves romanticizing the little things like having a good cup of coffee.  Or how he absolutely loves being the little spoon.  He loves being the big spoon too but he always gives a quiet hum of contentment whenever the two of you lay how you are now: him on his side, you right against his back.  Your legs are tangled; one arm is slung over his waist and the other is tucked up to his shoulder blades, your face resting somewhere near his neck.

“Fivemoreminutes,” he rumbles back and somehow the sound of his voice reverberating back to you sends chills from your head to your toes.  You wiggle your legs and then finally untangle them, trying to ignore how the wood floor is cold under your feet as you sit at the edge of the bed, rubbing the sleep from your eyes.  The sun peeks through the curtains fluttering in the early morning breeze creating a warm invitation to start your day.  Already the roosters are crowing outside and you can hear distant animal noises coming from the pasture.  It paints such a wonderful picture.  You feel like you’re the subject of some well-loved sketch, one not done by any famous artist but one that sits on a mantle and is passed down through families.  A picture that to most would look so normal but to you feels like you’re living for the first time.

“Okay, you take your five more minutes.  I for one, need to take a shower.”  You let the words hang in the air.  They are sort of an invitation.  But Thor continues to sleep, slow even breaths emanating from his chest.  Oh, well.  You flip on the switch in the bathroom and hook your phone up to the Bluetooth speaker there.  A small upgrade you had made fairly quickly was putting speakers in almost every room of the house.  You needed your music.

Today’s lineup starts with a song that could get anyone on the dance floor.  You think you remember the singer’s name being Shania Twain.  The music subscription you use has been suggesting a whole lot more country music as of late and you absolutely do not mind.  You brush your hair out as the water warms up; it sends out great puffs of steam that completely cloud out your reflection in the mirror.  You sing quietly along with the music.

Let’s go girls, come on!  I’m going out tonight, I’m feelin’ alright.  Gonna let it all hang out.

As soon as you step over the edge of the tub into the warm water, you feel instantly more awake.  The steady stream over your head, shoulders, and back is invigorating.  A list forms in your head as you lather the shampoo in your hair of the things the two of you need to get done today.  The thoughts lining up in your brain are completely different than the words tumbling out of your mouth.

“Oh, oh, oh, I want to be free yeah, to feel the way I feel.  Man! I feel like a woman!”  You’re so caught up in the moment that you don’t hear Thor enter the bathroom, don’t hear his sweatpants hit the floor next to your pajama shorts and tank top.  It isn’t until you hear the deep timbre of his voice join in on the lyrics that you realize he’s in the same room.  You clap a hand over your mouth to stop yourself from giggling.  There is something so cute about the juxtaposition of this cowboy, this man singing along with the song.   A huge grin forms itself on your face as you part the shower curtain enough to look out at him.  He’s standing at the sink stark naked brushing his teeth.  You let your eyes wander over every part of him unashamedly. 

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Originally posted by lokitty-blog1

Summary: Falling for an ego maniac from another realm wasn’t the hard part. Having that ego manic from another realm’s baby was.

First in a part of eight response to the “9 Months” challenge by crackleviolet on Lunaescence Archives.

Rating/Warnings: T for sexual references, references to pregnancy, foul language, crude humor, and multiple references to being divorced from a horse

Chapter 3: How You Told Him

From the very outset, you had not really expected your relationship with Natasha to congeal into anything like warmth. She managed to circumvent these expectations every so often: there were the weekly coffee dates where Natasha feigned interest in your mundane job and mundane life, the time you were sick in bed while Loki and Thor were visiting home and she took care of you, and the fact that she never insisted on you and Loki going on double dates with her and Clint. Maybe, you thought, you did like her. She was the most normal member of the team, barring Clint. Maybe the two of you could be friends.

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