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#thor odinson x you
pies-writes-and-more2 years ago
Jealous (Strong) Steve
Word Count: 2,462
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Fem!Reader
Warnings: Nothing besides some swearing
EDIT: Thanks to LucyDelacourt on AO3 for requesting this jealous Steve over ThorxReader fic!
Tumblr media
Steve stared at the broken phone in his hands, already dreading the conversation he鈥檇 have to have with Tony about getting a replacement.
鈥淲hat, were you watching porn and didn鈥檛 want anyone else to see?鈥 Tony would smirk, to which Steve would roll his eyes.
鈥淚 just need a new phone, Stark. I鈥檓 not hiding something.鈥
鈥淵ou crushed it with your bare hands, Cap. My guess, you let your emotions get the best of you.鈥
And Tony would be right. Steve sighed as he leaned against the kitchen island, the crushed up phone lying in front of him.
"You know, when I first met you, I never would鈥檝e dreamed of seeing the day that Captain America loses his cool,鈥 Sam quipped, having just come in from the downstairs lounge. He gave his friend a smirk before searching the fridge for a beer.聽鈥淲ant one?鈥
鈥淲hat鈥檚 the point? Won鈥檛 do anything,鈥 Steve mumbled, sighed as he pushed his broken phone away slightly.聽
Sam shrugged and opened a can for himself, leaning his back against the island as he stood next to the first Avenger.聽鈥淵ou鈥檝e had a lot of these crazy emotional instances a lot lately huh?鈥
Steve just stared at the countertop, thinking about the past week. It had been terrible.
First it had been the punching bags down at the gym. Tony threw a fit because he鈥檇 have to order more and find someone to clean up the mess since Steve tore holes through every single one of them in one night.聽
Then, it was the plates from yesterday. Steve had been doing the dishes and while scrubbing one of them down, snapped it in two. Tony hadn鈥檛 been too happy about that either.
Next came his motorcycle handlebar, which he had snapped right off the bike. Of course, it had to have happened while he was riding it into the garage and ended up throwing him off balance and caused him to scrape up his shoulder and the side of the bike pretty bad. Thankfully, he had enhanced healing. The bike on the other hand, not so much.
Steve took a deep breath as he thought about all the instances, avoiding Sam鈥檚 eyes.聽鈥淗asn鈥檛 been my week.鈥 He commented, tensing his hands into fists and then relaxing them again as he attempted to control his anger.
鈥淚 have a solution for you,鈥 Sam offered.
鈥淪am, I鈥檓 not-鈥
鈥淭ell. Her. How. You. Feel.鈥 Sam clapped back, snickering as he saw just how annoyed Steve was getting with him.聽鈥淚 said it before, I鈥檓 saying it again. The girl鈥檚 got it bad for you. But you ain鈥檛 going to get anywhere with her if you sit around and sulk 24/7.鈥
Steve shook his head, standing up straight as he stared out the nearby window.聽鈥淲hat kind of girl would pick an old man over a Norse god?鈥
鈥淒emi-god,鈥 Sam pointed out to deaf ears as Steve thought about the common denominator in each of his anger outburst instances.
He had specifically gone to the gym to get rid of some of the anger and jealousy pumping in his veins. But even over the loud thumps of his fists against the punching bags, he could still hear the melodious sound of (Y/N)鈥檚 laugh and the grating sound of Thor鈥檚 loud boasting voice. It had drove him mad, thinking that (Y/N)鈥檚 smile wasn鈥檛 directed towards him. That Thor was the reason why she was so happy. Before he knew it, all the bags were torn apart, but his jealousy still wasn鈥檛 gone.
When he had been washing the dishes, he had made the mistake of glancing over at (Y/N) and Thor in the nearby sitting area. (Y/N) offered to show the god some new app on his phone and leaned over Thor to look at the screen. Steve couldn鈥檛 stand the thought of Thor being so close to her, being able to feel her skin on his, smell her shampoo. It made him snap. And the plates too. The crack was so loud, (Y/N) and Thor looked over and even asked him if he was okay. Steve stormed away before he had to give an answer.聽
His poor bike had gotten the worst of it. Steve had been coming into the garage from town on his bike and saw Thor helping (Y/N) out of her car. He couldn鈥檛 help but tighten his grip on the handlebars as he thought about how it鈥檚 such a gentleman-ly thing to do. How (Y/N) deserved a partner who would do all those kinds of cute cheesy things for her. It made it worse when he saw the blush on her cheeks. God she was so fucking beautiful- and the next thing he knew, he was groaning with pain on the ground, his bike whirring beside him.
Tonight had been going just fine. Steve figured if he just stopped thinking about it, he would stop overreacting. But then Tony and Pepper put some music on, (Y/N) started to sing along (and Steve died over hearing her voice), but then Thor got up and asked her to dance. That did it. Steve crushed his phone in his hands and didn鈥檛 even realize it till after he stormed out of the room and into the kitchen.
Steve closed his eyes, his jaw tightening slightly as he thought through each and every one of the scenarios. He could feel the jealousy and anger starting to pump through him again as if he was reliving each one.
鈥淩ed alert,鈥 Sam muttered quickly and Steve鈥檚 eyes shot wide open.
鈥淪tevie? Sam?鈥 (Y/N) called, coming up the stairs to the kitchen and peering in.聽鈥淵ou guys okay?鈥 she asked with a smile.
鈥淛ust getting some refills,鈥 Sam shot her a grin, grabbing some more beers and headed towards the stairs. He nudged Steve on the way, giving him a wink before disappearing.
鈥淪teve?鈥 (Y/N) repeated, seeing how agitated he looked.聽鈥淵ou alright?鈥
Steve glanced at her and was thrilled to see Thor wasn鈥檛 trailing behind her.聽鈥淵eah. Fine.鈥
鈥淵ou sure? I know you- oh my god, Steve, your phone!鈥 (Y/N) exclaimed, coming over and picking up the crushed piece of tech.聽鈥淒amn, you really are strong huh?鈥 She giggled, smiling up at him.聽鈥淲hat happened?鈥
Steve swallowed hard hearing her giggle. Seeing her smile. Fuck, he thought to himself, trying to think of a good excuse.聽鈥淛ust... not my week,鈥 he said slowly.
鈥淚鈥檒l say,鈥 (Y/N) agreed, leaning against the other side of the island so she was facing him.聽鈥淵ou鈥檝e been acting really weird.鈥
Steve dropped his gaze to the counter, biting down on his lip. (Y/N) watched for a moment before walking over to his side and touching his shoulder,聽鈥淐an I see it? Is it still bugging you?鈥 She asked, tugging at his shirt sleeve.
鈥淚鈥檓 fine-鈥 he started, pulling away slightly.
(Y/N) glared at him, sending a shiver down his spine. She had been worried sick when she had seen him fly off his motorcycle.聽鈥淚 told you those things were dangerous,鈥 she commented as he complied, pulling his sleeve up.
Steve grunted in response, letting her see the practically healed over scar.聽鈥淵ou know I heal fast, (Y/N), what鈥檚 the point of seeing it?鈥 He asked, feeling her eyes running down his arm.
鈥淚 just like to look at your arms.鈥 (Y/N) responded simply, a mischievous smirk on her face.聽
Steve鈥檚 eyes shot over, blinking in surprise as he wondered if he was hearing things, 鈥淪-Sorry?鈥
鈥淚. Like. To. Look. At. Your. Arms.鈥 (Y/N) repeated, emphasis on each word. She giggled as she sat up on the island, looking him in the eye.聽鈥淵ou going to tell me what鈥檚 up with you, Captain? It feels like you鈥檝e been avoiding me this week.鈥
Steve stammered as (Y/N) pulled on his shirt, tugging him closer to her.聽鈥淚-I don鈥檛 know what you mean. I told you, h-hasn鈥檛 been a good week for me.鈥
鈥淲hy?鈥 She pressed, tilting her head up at him.聽鈥淲ouldn鈥檛... have anything to do with me would it?鈥 She asked, batting her lashes innocently.
Dammit, Steve thought to himself. He was literally becoming jelly at the knees. His heart was racing so fast, he was sure he was going to have an asthma attack, which he hadn鈥檛 in years. He leaned against the counter to prop himself up, his hands on each side of her hips as he watched her eyes.聽鈥淲hy would it have anything to do with you, doll?鈥
(Y/N) smiled at the nickname, playing with the edge of his shirt.聽鈥淚 dunno, it just seems like I鈥檓 always around when you have anger issues. I thought maybe you weren鈥檛 enjoying having me around.鈥 She admitted.
鈥淣o, of course not!鈥 Steve shook his head quickly, touching her hand.聽鈥淚 love having you around-鈥 he hesitated, watching her eyes. Was she toying with him? Was she trying to get this confession out of him for a laugh?
(Y/N) giggled as she watched the supersoldier, this normally super calm and stoic character, falling apart in front of her,聽鈥淒id I do something to make you angry, Cap鈥檔?鈥 She asked softly, taking his hand and playing with his fingers.
Steve swallowed, watching her. Keep it down, now鈥檚 not the time, he was trying to tell himself, but he felt the words bubbling up his throat.聽鈥淚 can鈥檛 stand seeing you with him!鈥 He blurted out and immediately regretted it. (Y/N)鈥檚 face was surprised with his outburst. He pulled his hand away from her, stepping away from the island.聽
(Y/N) thought hard for a moment, a little unsure of what he meant.聽鈥淲ait, him who?鈥 She asked, confused.
鈥淭hor,鈥 Steve sighed, running a hand through his normally perfect hair.聽鈥淚 know I鈥檓 not a god of Thunder or anything, doll, I know I don鈥檛 exactly stand as competition, but it鈥檚 hard not to be jealous.鈥
(Y/N) raised an eyebrow. The serum definitely didn鈥檛 enhance his brain, that鈥檚 for sure. 鈥淪teve, are you telling me you鈥檙e jealous? Of Thor?鈥
Steve nodded slowly,聽鈥淚 know, I鈥檓 dumb,鈥 he huffed staring at the ground.聽鈥淏old of me to assume I鈥檇 have any chance with a gal like you.鈥
(Y/N) watched him with wide eyes. Did this man not see himself every time he was in the mirror? Did he not know that people literally fell at his feet? Begged for some sort of attention from him? Did he not know that his heart of gold was literally the biggest turn on for her?聽鈥淪teve-鈥 she started, trying to somehow make a sentence that would explain how she felt.
鈥淚t鈥檚 fine, (Y/N). I don鈥檛 need a pity explanation. I just can鈥檛 handle my anger around you and him,鈥 Steve commented quietly. His heart was sinking. He knew this wasn鈥檛 going to work.
鈥淪teve-鈥 She started again, earnestly trying to grab his gaze.
鈥淚 just couldn鈥檛 help but fall for you!鈥 Steve was explaining, caught in this wind of admitting his feelings. He was on a roll and his mouth just wouldn鈥檛 shut up.聽鈥淓very time you look at me, I feel like I lose all serum in my body and I鈥檓 going to pass out any minute. Every time you laugh, I can literally feel my heart trying to escape out of my chest. Is that even possible?! I-鈥
Before he could go on and on and on, like the dramatic shit he is, (Y/N) jumped off the counter, grabbed his shirt collar and pulled him down to kiss her. Their lips crashed together and Steve made a muffled surprised sound that made her smile. She giggled as she felt him kiss her eagerly, pulling her waist so her body was pressed up against his.
鈥淵ou good now?鈥 (Y/N) asked, looking up at him with a raised brow.
鈥淢m, not yet,鈥 he muttered, reaching up to pull her chin in again, kissing her deeply.聽鈥淔uck,鈥 Steve groaned, his stomach doing flips.
鈥淐aptain!鈥 (Y/N) burst into laughter, slapping his chest gently.聽鈥淲atch your language!鈥
鈥淚 can鈥檛 help myself,鈥 he smiled bashfully, looking at this gorgeous girl in front of him. His eyes widened as he realized what just happened, blinking in surprise,聽鈥淲-Wait, but Thor-鈥
鈥淭hor鈥檚 my best friend, you dummy. He knows I鈥檝e been head over heels in love with you since I first met you.鈥 (Y/N) smiled, watching as the realization dawns on Steve鈥檚 face.聽
She鈥檚 in love with me?聽Steve鈥檚 mind was going crazy.聽鈥淏ut... you two are always laughing together...鈥 he grumbled, biting down on his inner cheek.
鈥淗e鈥檚 an idiot, it鈥檚 hard not to laugh with him,鈥 (Y/N) shrugged.
鈥淎nd you鈥檙e always helping him with things...鈥
鈥淚鈥檇 help you too if you weren鈥檛 so damn stubborn about doing things on your own!鈥
鈥...What about in the garage? You were blushing when he helped you out of the car?鈥
(Y/N) raised an eyebrow, not even going to question how he had seen that,聽鈥淵ou really聽want to know?鈥 Steve nodded innocently and (Y/N) sighed.聽鈥淭hor was teasing me about what it鈥檇 be like to date you. He insisted you鈥檇 be a perfect gentleman because you鈥檙e from the聽鈥榦lden days鈥, how you鈥檇 help me out of the car, make sure to open doors for me,鈥 (Y/N) explained, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him down a little closer as she talked.
He was going to hyperventilate for sure. He swallowed hard as he tried to grasp his thoughts, trying to figure out what to say next.
鈥淵ou going to stand there all gobsmacked? Or are you going to ask me out, Cap鈥檔?鈥 She teased, her lips dancing along his slightly.
Steve blinked, stammering over his words as he attempted to string a sentence together,聽鈥淲-Would you go out with me, (Y/N)?鈥 He babbled, groaning internally at how high and nervous his voice was.
鈥淗mmm,鈥 (Y/N) smirked, teasing him as she pretending like she had to think about it.聽鈥淜iss me once more, just so I鈥檓 sure.鈥
Steve laughed nervously at how bold this girl was, staring at those lips he was hungry for,聽鈥淒oll, if it works out, it鈥檒l be more than just once more.鈥 He whispered as he lifted her up and kissed her, wrapping her legs around his waist.聽
鈥淭hank fuck!鈥 Tony鈥檚 voice made the two of them jump, blinking in shock as they looked over to find their whole group of friends in the doorway.聽鈥淣ow that you two have finally admitted your disgusting feelings to each other, Steve can stop breaking all my shit!鈥
鈥淵eah about that,鈥 Steve blushed, glancing at the broken phone on the island.
鈥淕oddammit, Rogers!鈥 Tony groaned loudly, staring at the piece of broken tech.
Steve grinned widely as he tightened his grip on (Y/N)鈥檚 waist and rushed past the group to his room, the two of them giggling like a bunch of teenagers.
Masterlist Taglist (let me know if you鈥檇 like to be added :) ) @kaytizzle鈥 @steverogersxreader (Not my gif! Creds to the original creator!)聽
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thorscock-y2 years ago
First time favors
Anonymous said: Can you write one where Thor's girlfriend just lost her virginity and she wants him to eat her out but she's kind shy to ask? And he assures her he really want to? All well smut
Warnings: Basically just smut, a little drop of angst, oral receiving聽(female), NSFW images, 18+,聽
Author鈥檚 Note: So I decided I鈥檓 gonna do a taglist but that鈥檚 only if people want to be apart of it so comment or message me if you want to be tagged in future writings!聽
Disclaimer: No gifs belong to me, rightful credit to owners.聽
Tumblr media
Standing in the middle of your bathroom, you stared at your reflection contemplating on what to do. Should you ask your boyfriend for this favor or should you not? All day you read articles, freshened up, even brought a new pair of panties for this special occasion but still couldn鈥檛 go through with it. You wanted Thor to eat you out, no scratch that you needed him to.聽
Last night for the first time you and Thor had had sex. Being a virgin and having your virginity being taken away by a God was amazing, there actually weren鈥檛 words in the world to describe how great it was.聽
Yes you were a bit sore since he was so large,nevertheless the exultant feeling never left you. In fact it had you craving for more. Not only were you a virgin of sex but you were a virgin of oral sex as well. Thor was your first everything, you just weren鈥檛 one to throw away your body to a piece of shit who would use you and Thor was the complete opposite of a piece of shit. Gentle and kind yet at the same time a rough dominant man in the sheets.聽
So here you are waiting for him to arrive home from his lunch in with Loki. From what Thor had told you, they鈥檙e not the best brothers in the world but they were slowly progressing to building a relationship.聽
Hearing the front door close, you know he鈥檚 here so with shaky legs you walk out of the bathroom to your shared bedroom.聽
鈥淭hor honey, is that you?鈥 You ask and then mentally face palm yourself. Who else has a key to the apartment you share together other than the landlord?聽
鈥淵es, love.鈥 He walks into the bedroom, taking off his jacket.聽鈥淟unch with Loki went well, though he is a bit tiresome still, the bonding is growing.鈥澛
You smile, fiddling with your fingers.聽鈥淕ood, that鈥檚 good to hear.鈥 You say.聽
He walks over to you, wrapping his large hands around your waist. He places a kiss on your forehead.聽
鈥淲hat would you like to do today?鈥澛
鈥淭oday? Right um, um,鈥 You chuckle, looking down, avoiding his eyes. You had prepared this question over and over again in your head but here you are struggling to pull it out of your mouth.聽
鈥淵ou seem nervous. Are you alright?鈥 He puts one hand on your cheek, cupping it, the other still planted on your waist.聽
鈥淣o, yeah, I鈥檓 fine, I just uh, I just wanted to talk to you about something.鈥 Looking up into his blue orbs you try to give off a look of confidence as if inside you鈥檙e stomach isn鈥檛 forming knots like crazy.聽
鈥淲ell what is it, darling?鈥 He ask, concern evident in his words .聽
You decide to get on with it, feeling like a fool just standing here like a nervous teenage girl. You were nervous about having your first time but you were even more nervous about this which is insane. It鈥檚 just that his whole face would be down there, a part of your body which is very private to you.聽
鈥淚, I, w-want you to eat me out.鈥 You feel as if the words are rushed out of your mouth. So rushed that he might want you to repeat them. But no. Thor heard every word clearly.
Covering your face with both hands you shake your head.聽
鈥淚 understand if it鈥檚 just a bit much, I mean after last night......鈥 You began rambling on about it when he shut you up by placing his lips against yours roughly and passionately. Surprised you kiss back, putting your hands on his chest. He cups your face and moves your bodies toward the bed.聽
You fall with a plop, Thor crawling in between your legs. He looks down at you, hunger in his eyes.聽
鈥淚 would love to eat you out, anything for my princess.鈥澛
He leans down, littering your neck with kisses and you sigh in contentment. You realize there was nothing to worry about, from what it seems like Thor really wants this. The way he鈥檚 gripping you to him in such away and the assault on your neck proves he鈥檚 been wanting for a while to taste your juices.聽
Gripping the bottom of your shirt he pulls it over your head and you lean up a bit so he can take it off easier. Since you had planned this, your bra is the type to open from the front so he easily snaps it off. His mouth surrounds your hardened nipple, sucking on it, the other hand massage your unattended breast.聽
Though this felt good, you were dying to just have his mouth on your pussy. You鈥檙e not the only one. Thor is eager as well so he gives your breast the same attention before leading kisses all the way down to the hem of your shorts. He yanks them off, then throws them somewhere in the room.聽
He smirks at the wet patch showing through your baby blue lace panties. You were soaking through your panties and his mouth hadn鈥檛 even touched you yet. Glancing at you briefly, he dips his head down in between your legs. The feeling of his beard in between your legs sends a chill down your spine. He licks up your clothed pussy and you moan from the slightest touch, your heart palpitating.聽
鈥淟et me know if you want me to stop.鈥 He whispered softly against your heat. Unable to form words you nodded, swallowing hard.聽
The mere sweet taste of you has his cock twitching with excitement. Instead of teasing you, he slides your panties off of your body then without a moment dives in your pussy. Your body jolts at his cool tongue licks over your sensitive nub. He growls and spreads your legs further, continuing to suck on your clit.聽
Gripping the pillow beneath your head, soft moans push past your lips as the unfamiliar feeling of the tingles in your body happen. Thor鈥檚 mouth feels heavenly on you.聽
Gripping your hips, he yanks your body roughly to his mouth so he can taste all of you, not wanting to miss a drop. His hands grip your hips tightly, as his tongue licked hard and long stripes on your pussy.聽
Wanting to touch him in some way you lifted up your hand but then again didn鈥檛 know where to touch him. When he looked up at you, he noticed this and reaches his hand up to grab yours. He laid it on top of his head and grabbed your other hand, intertwining your fingers. Through it all of this he鈥檚 leaving kitten licks over your sensitive clit.聽
Not sure what to do with your hand on his head you keep it there but when he licks teasingly over your entrance you tug on his hair throwing your head back into the pillows, breathless moans still following.
He groans into your pussy then is eating you. Eating you like a man who hasn鈥檛 ate in years. Your chest was rising and falling quickly, the obscene sounds of his mouth against you; loud, wet and naughty. And since this is your first time experiencing this, your orgasm approaches quickly and your coming all over his lips with a shout.聽
But Thor doesn鈥檛 let you go. He throws your legs over his shoulders then is devouring your delicious taste. Both hands fly down to his hair tugging hard on the blond locks while he drinks up every ounce you have to produce.聽
And for the second time, you let go violently. Surely this time you know for sure you have no more left in you. Applying one more kiss to your swollen lips, he lifts his head up from between your legs, his bearded chin and lips dripping with your come.聽
He comes up to your face then kisses you softly and slowly which throws you off since he鈥檚 always the type to be rough with you, somewhat. You grab his face, feeling the wetness on his cheeks. You moan softly in his mouth as his tongue slips into your mouth and the two of you makeout for a few seconds. You can even taste yourself on his lips.聽
Pulling away he leans his forehead against yours, looking into your eyes.聽
鈥淢mm, you taste so good, love.鈥 He says, huskily.聽
You鈥檙e unsure of what to say.聽鈥淭hank you?鈥 You reply, a slight blush creeping onto your cheeks.聽
Chuckling, he pecks your cheek then looks back down at you.聽
鈥淗ow was it? Did you like it?鈥
Shyly, you nod.聽鈥淚 just can鈥檛 wait for you to do it again.鈥澛
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shreddedparchment2 years ago
To Be Seen Masterpost
Tumblr media
Synopsis: Rejected once again, you vow never to fall for anyone ever again. As you cry, you find your sorrow interrupted by the God of Thunder who offers you kind words and a much needed drink. Can you resist his soft voice and sweet words or will you fall once more, head over heels and expose your already scarred heart to the pain of love?
1. 馃拹To Be Seen
2. 馃挌Seen Too Late
3. 馃挃Seen Through Fear
4. 馃懇鈥嶐煈een As Mommy
5. 馃挄Seen With Sorrow
6. 馃泚Seen At Last
7. 馃Finally Seeing Him
8. 馃枻Epilogue 馃憫 Bonus: 380 Years Seen
To Be Seen OTP Challenge
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holylulusworlda year ago
Blue eyes of Thunder
Tumblr media
Summary: You and Thor are at other鈥檚 throat since day one. Can you release the tension?
Pairing: Alpha!Thor x Omega!Reader, Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark, Wanda Maximoff, Sam Wilson, Steve Rogers
Warnings: angst, arguments, fighting, ABO, smut, unprotected sex, semi public sex (gym), knotting, claiming, slightly breeding kink, mating, unintended voyeurism, nakedness
聽The fic takes place after Thor: Ragnarok. Mjolnir did not get destroyed, tho.
鈥淎re you fucking kidding me!鈥 You yell as Thor destroyed your brand-new car with his hammer. You just arrived to help Tony with the training for the Avengers and now your new car is ruined.
鈥淪orry, doll.鈥 Thor rumbles and you glare at him.
鈥淚鈥檓 not your doll, you idiot. Look what you鈥檝e done. It was brand-new. I don鈥檛 think my insurance will pay a buck for 鈥榓n Asgardian just threw his huge hammer at my car鈥.鈥 You yell and the blonde giant simply shrugs.
You try to tame your temper, but the moment Thor starts grinning you lose it. Using your telekinesis, you slam him against the nearby tree.
鈥淣ot funny, doll.鈥 He rumbles ready to attack you.
鈥淵ou started the war, Asgardian. Live with it.鈥
鈥淪hit, what happened to your new car?鈥 Tony gasps.
鈥淎sk Mr. 鈥業 throw my hammer at everything鈥 over there.鈥 You grunt.
鈥淚鈥檒l pay the repair, Y/N.鈥
鈥淩epair, Tony. There鈥檚 nothing left to get repaired. It鈥檚 destroyed Stark. I knew it would be a mistake to come here. Charles wanted me to help you rebuild your team, but this is鈥nacceptable. He didn鈥檛 even apologize.鈥
鈥淒on鈥檛 give up him right away. He鈥檚 a damn strong fighter, only his temper is taking a toll on him from time to time.鈥 Tony says glancing at you. 鈥淗e lost his home and all. Give him a chance鈥e even lost his hair.鈥 Tony whispers the last sentence and you grin at Thor.
鈥淚 got no time to waste with guys like Thor. They all believe a woman can鈥檛 train them.鈥
鈥淵ou even tamed Wolverine鈥ive Thor a chance.鈥
鈥淥ne chance. He will get one.鈥 You state pointing a finger toward your destroyed car. 鈥淥ne and I鈥檓 gone.鈥
鈥淚 can鈥檛 believe you did it again!鈥 You yell as Thor just destroy your phone by breaking it in two halves.
鈥淥ops鈥︹ The tall Avenger chuckles and you glare up at him. Your hands are balled into fists as your body is suddenly surrounded by blue flames.
鈥淔uck? What鈥檚 that?鈥 Bucky asks watching the 鈥榝lames鈥 turn blood red.
鈥淚 think we should leave鈥ight now.鈥 Wanda stammers. 鈥淚 can sense her powers and I鈥檓 pretty sure she will smash Thor into the wall or worse.鈥
鈥淢aybe we should call Stevie or Stark?鈥 The super-soldier suggests but Wanda shakes her head. 鈥淵/N is beyond mad. Thor destroyed her car, her favorite purse鈥he dress last month and now her new phone. She鈥檚 ready to explode and I don鈥檛 want to be around if she does鈥︹ Wands says grabbing Bucky鈥檚 hand to lead him out of the gym.
鈥淲hat鈥檚 your problem, my dove?鈥 Thor asks the grin still plastered all over his face. Your eyes show pure anger and he can see the flames turn into sky blue before they fade.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e not worth it, Asgardian. You know what鈥uck you! Fuck you lost everything鈥鈥檓 done. I won鈥檛 waste my time with a guy not knowing how to handle anything鈥ot even his hair.鈥 You chuckle and now it鈥檚 Thor鈥檚 turn to get mad.
His eyes flash blue, you can see he wants to use his powers, so you form a shield with your own to protect you, but he uses the distraction to storm toward you to press you into the wall. One strong hand wrapped around your throat he glares at you.
鈥淗ow dare you to talk about my home鈥y Asgard鈥r my hair.鈥 Thor yells and you can see not only anger in his features.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e hurting me, Thor.鈥 You choke out and he releases you in a blink. Coughing you shake your head. 鈥淭his has to end. I can鈥檛 work with you as you are not willing鈥鈥檒l tell Tony to find someone else. I鈥檝e got nothing left you can destroy, except my body and I鈥檓 not willing to let you kill me.鈥
Thor鈥檚 eyes darken and a smirk appears on his face. Before you can react he pins you against the wall. One thick thigh pressed between your legs he nuzzles his face into your neck. 鈥淚鈥檇 like to destroy your body little Midgardian. But I want to destroy it with pleasure.鈥 Thor rasps and you can鈥檛 help it but shiver at his promise.
鈥淎s if you could handle me. I bet you can鈥檛 even make a woman cum without using your hammer.鈥 You tease and his lips silence your words.
Strong tongue invading your mouth Thor let his hands wander all over your body. Gasps leave your lips as he presses the thigh between your legs against your aching core.
Your hands fist his short hair as you slide your tongue with his. Clothed pussy rubbing against his thigh you lean against the wall to let him devour your mouth.
His hands make quick work of your shorts and shirt, ripping the fabric into pieces. Protests get swallowed by his hot mouth on yours as his hands shred your panties and bra too. Completely bare you let Thor spin you around to press his hard body against yours.
Exposed and at his mercy, you moan as he slides his tongue along your neck.
鈥淭hor鈥︹ You gasp, it鈥檚 more a whimper than a word.
鈥淚 can smell you, so delicious. Like a warm rain in Asgard and the fire of a battle. I will destroy this body and built it up. You鈥檙e mine now, my dove.鈥 Thor whispers in your ear as he grinds his hard crotch against your ass.
One hand placed on your hip he tilts his head to leave love bites along your shoulder. Your eyes roll back as you feel him snaking his left hand between your thighs to feel your wetness. Growls leave the Asgardians lips, he鈥檚 more than pleased with your arousal.
The sound of his fly coming down catches your attention and just now you snap out of your trance. You can鈥檛 have sex with Thor鈥his would be鈥nsane. Your mind is screaming but you let him slide his thick cock through your folds.
He feels amazing, bigger than any cock you have ever taken so you spread your legs wider, moaning, inviting him but he hesitates. His hand still at your hip Thor stares at your vulnerable, naked form.
鈥淚 can鈥檛鈥his wouldn鈥檛 be right. I have to take you to a bed to make you mine.鈥 Thor rumbles and you look over your shoulder to glare at him.
鈥淚f you don鈥檛 give me your pitiful cock right now I鈥檒l leave the gym and jump any guy鈥檚 bones. I don鈥檛 care who鈥檚 I鈥檒l take.鈥 You warn and Thor鈥檚 eyes flash blue. Holding back his anger he slides into you with one forceful thrust. A cry escapes your lips as you feel him ruin you for any other guy.
鈥淵ou feel so good鈥o good around me little Midgardian. Going to fill you with my seed. Going to make you round with my pups.鈥 Thor rumbles.
You want to protest, tell him to not knock you up but the first drag of his cock let you forget all rational thoughts. Pussy almost clinging to him, surrounding Thor with your wet warmth you try to keep yourself upright as he pounds you into oblivion.
鈥淥h鈥od鈥︹ You cry and sob as he picks up the pace. He must be a god for sure as his pace never falters, his thrusts hit your sweet spot with every long stroke, and he doesn鈥檛 even sweat as he plunges into you without mercy.
鈥淵es, I鈥檓 a god and you are my queen from now on. Take me, take all of me.鈥 Thor rumbles and you dig your nails into the wall. Cries echo through the gym as he holds your thighs in a bruising grip.
Large hands moving you up and down his thick length Thor groans behind you. Just now his cock starts twitching and you feel his teeth sinking into your neck as you climax around him. Knot popping open he buries his shaft one last time into you as deep as possible.
鈥淢ine鈥ou鈥檙e finally mine.鈥 Thor purrs and you let him move his arms around your body as you start trembling in his embrace.
鈥淵ours, Alpha.鈥 You whimper feeling his knot connecting you while your bond forms.
Thor is still holding you in his arms, nipping and licking at his claiming mark as his knot slowly fades. Your body is still on fire with hormones and endorphins, so you slump into his arms as he carefully slides out of you.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e so beautiful, my mate鈥y dove. My love鈥︹ He whispers and you want to respond but then the door of the gym opens and Steve enters the room, along with Sam.
鈥淚 think we better leave, Steve鈥amn鈥hor鈥n the gym?鈥 Sam mutters covering his eyes with his hand. Steve is awkwardly staring at the ceiling as Thor strips his shirt off to cover your modesty.
鈥淚 had to claim her, make her mine. Now leave me and my mate alone. I need to breed her.鈥 Thor exclaims and you chuckle as Steve and Sam almost run out of the room.
鈥淵ou want to breed me again?鈥 You ask as your Alpha picks you up. 鈥淚 will always breed you but now I鈥檓 going to bring you to my chamber to have a warm bath and then I鈥檒l make sure my mate has everything she needs.鈥
鈥淔or someone fucking me in a gym you are pretty romantic.鈥 You smirk at Thor as he looks at you in his arms. 鈥淚鈥檓 all you want, my Omega. I knew you are the one as I asked Tony to bring you here.鈥
鈥淭hat was your idea?鈥
鈥淚 saw you with this other man. He looked at you like he wants you and I knew I must make you mine. All the accidents were a test to make you fight back. I like my women feisty鈥 wanted a feisty mate.鈥 Thor chuckles and you slap his chest.
鈥淵ou could鈥檝e just teased me instead of destroying my stuff.鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry my dove, next time I鈥檓 going to tease you.鈥 Thor rumbles as he carries you toward his room. Steve and Sam watch you with flushed faces and you hide your own into Thor鈥檚 chest.
鈥淣ext time we will do it in your room鈥︹ You whisper.
鈥淎ll you want my Omega鈥ou will get all you want鈥︹
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sserpente2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A/N: Request from anon. I received this prompt during Christmas season and decided to keep it. I had so much fun writing it, so鈥 enjoy, my lovelies! ;-)
Words: 3406 Warnings: shameless smut
Tony was grumpy, to say the least. It was Valentine鈥檚 Day and with his fianc茅 Pepper Potts miles away on a different continent to do press work for him, there was no one around to spoil with expensive jewellery, thousands of roses and countless boxes of chocolate. And whenever Tony was grumpy, someone else would suffer for it.
Usually, it was his snarky comments that put the rest of the Avengers in a bad mood as well, be it during meetings or shared meals. This time, however, the billionaire was a ticking time bomb. You all knew that staying away from him and letting him noodle around in his lab until he had cooled off again was the best thing to do鈥攑rovoking him any further never went well.
Unfortunately though, Loki did not know that鈥攐r much rather, he did not want to believe it. He was a god, after all. Tony Stark was by no means entitled to intimidate or threaten him with his stupid remarks.
Tony and Natasha were in the vast living area in the Avengers compound, about to pour themselves a drink when Loki entered, seemingly displeased that he would not have the black leather couch to himself to read in peace.
Stark was still cross with him, of course, and Thor was no help. Apart from you, he was about the only one who treated the God of Mischief nicely, more or less.
It was thus no surprise he heard the two of them whispering together when he approached, glaring them both down with slight annoyance. Not soon after, they were joined by Clint and Thor.
鈥淭here you are! I was about to drink the whole bottle myself鈥 again.鈥 Tony announced with a shrug.
Loki rolled his eyes. He should have stayed in his bedroom.
鈥淏rother, why don鈥檛 you have a drink with us? It鈥檚 Valentine鈥檚 Day!鈥 Stark flinched when he mentioned the holiday, eyeing something in his hand which Loki could not see from the corner of his eye. The God of Thunder was playing right into Tony鈥檚 cards. It was about time somebody pranked Loki in return for all the mischief he had caused around the compound already鈥攂esides, he didn鈥檛 exactly like the Trickster.
Meanwhile, Loki sighed. Alcohol鈥 well, it did do its job and helped numbing his stupid anxiety for a while. There was no reason to decline. He could always come back for more at night when the others were sleeping.
Quickly, he nodded in approval and watched Tony fill five glasses with his most expensive whiskey and add two ice cubes each. What he did not see, however, was that the last one, however, he spiked with a liquid blue substance. A few drops usually sufficed for a man to get him to perform more reliably, with Loki, however, he wasn鈥檛 quite sure. He was a god, after all鈥攏ot from this world. So, without thinking, he poured the entire contents of the small glass bottle into his drink.
鈥淏ottom鈥檚 up, Reindeer Games!鈥 He yelled, fighting back a wicked smirk as he handed out the drinks and made sure that Loki received the one he had spiked with liquid Viagra. Oh, this was going to be so much fun, even if he wouldn鈥檛 witness himself the agony Loki would be going through in but a few hours.
He almost choked on his drink when the God of Mischief downed the whiskey in one go without clinking his glass with the others, then rolled his eyes once more and left. He really couldn鈥檛 wait to see how groggy, spent and utterly unsatisfied Loki would be tomorrow morning. He should tell FRIDAY to get the cameras ready.
Loki gasped, shifting uncomfortably on his bed. He had been reading the same chapter over and over for the past hour and had still not picked up its content. Something was horribly off. He felt like he was on fire, burning from the inside out and the heat, consuming and demanding, crept right towards his crotch.
His manhood twitched, hungry for attention and satisfaction as he felt himself growing so incredibly hard his loins were aching by the time he stood from the bed, moaning to himself. Granted, it had been a while since he had attended to his sexual needs but why did his J枚tun body decide now, for Heaven鈥檚 sake, to ask for such carnal relief? Now that there was no royal concubine near that he could lure into his chambers for pleasure?
Gasping once more, he gave his cock a gentle squeeze, learning fairly quickly that whatever he was experiencing was most certainly not a normal erection. Much rather it felt like his arousal had been forced on him, like his own body had turned against him, manipulated by鈥 Stark.
Loki tensed up. He must have put something in his drink. Cursing in Old Norse, he flung his book onto the bed and groaned. He should have known better. His malicious smile had been treacherous and he, for once, had been too na茂ve to act on it. What harm could an arrogant mortal being do to a god of royal blood, after all? He would have his revenge but for now, in his current state鈥攁 large bulge lurking in his leather trousers鈥攖here was no way he would let any of the Avengers catch sight of him.
He was unfamiliar with whatever Stark had spiked his drink with, his seidr was therefore rather useless until he could identify what had poisoned his body and whether it was permanent. Something told him, however, that if he simply jerked off and brought himself relief with his hand, his problem would not be solved.
Loki hated to admit it but he needed help鈥攁nd there was only one person in the compound in line for the task.
You frowned when somebody knocked on your door. If this was Clint or Natasha asking you to get ready for another mission, you would positively throw the lamp on your nightstand at them. It was Valentine鈥檚 Day and you had all right to pout in bed, eat popcorn and chocolate and watch cheesy movies all day long.
You certainly didn鈥檛 expect Loki of all people to spoil your plans though. You got along fairly well, had shared quite a few late night conversations about life, his past and your future, yet most of the time the God of Mischief behaved rather restrained and never initiated any kind of socialism.
His jaw was working fiercely as he looked down at you with a dark glare. You smelled trouble.
鈥淚 need your help.鈥
Raising an eyebrow, you felt the corners of your mouth twitch. 鈥淵es, I am fine, Loki, thank you for asking. Don鈥檛 worry, I wasn鈥檛 busy at all.鈥 You said sarcastically.
The God of Mischief only rolled his eyes before he entered your bedroom and shut the door behind him so forcefully you flinched, sending a wave of worry through your body.
鈥淥kay, what happened?鈥 You continued a little softer. 鈥淎re you alright?鈥
鈥淐learly I am not.鈥 He snapped back, pointing at his crotch. When you looked down, your eyes widened. Jesus Christ, he was hard. For a moment, you were utterly confused. Obviously, Loki was aroused, you just could not figure out why he would ask you for help.
鈥淪tark spiked my drink,鈥 he explained to enlighten you. 鈥淗e put something in it and now鈥︹ Helplessly, he lifted his hands and dropped them again.
Oh. Holy shit鈥 it didn鈥檛 take you long to put one and one together. The only logical explanation was that Stark had secretly poured liquid Viagra into Loki鈥檚 whiskey and he was now desperately dealing with the consequences. What you still couldn鈥檛 understand, however, was why he would march into your room with a giant bulge in his trousers.
The urge to burst out laughing grew with every second you looked at his pained expression. Being this hard without any form of relief working him towards orgasm felt unpleasant to say the least, yet the irony of the situation was hilarious. Loki, the God of Mischief, tricked into taking Viagra by Tony Stark.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e a healer, do something about this鈥 condition of mine.鈥
鈥淒octor. We call them doctors here on Earth and I am not. I mean, not yet. I had to pause my studies to help save the world, remember?鈥
鈥淲hatever,鈥 Loki hissed. 鈥淚 need your help.鈥
Sighing, you gulped to stop yourself from grinning, attempting to remain serious.
鈥淥kay, so it appears Tony has鈥 spiked your drink with Viagra, also known as sildenafil citrate. It鈥檚 a very common pharmaceutical used to treat erectile dysfunction. That鈥檚 why it does what it鈥 well, does.鈥
Loki narrowed his eyes at you, shock written all over his face. 鈥淲ell, how do I stop it?鈥
鈥淯m鈥 you can鈥檛, really. All we can do is wait for it to go away. Viagra is not harmful to your body, not if dosed correctly. I can imagine Tony exaggerated but your anatomy is much different from ours. I鈥檓 sure you will be fine.鈥
鈥淗ow long does it last?鈥 Loki asked with a dark voice.
鈥淚t can last up to five hours. If I am correct and Tony overdosed鈥︹ Then he might even stay hard after experiencing an orgasm. Why on Earth did the thought of this get you all hot and bothered? You had to admit it was rather sexy and arousing to see the God of Mischief stand before you with an impressive erection, desperate for someone to help him to some relief.
鈥淚 am not going to put up with this agony for five hours. There has to be something you can do about it.鈥
鈥淣othing that I know of, Loki.鈥 At least, nothing that would be ethically and morally correct for a prospective doctor. But the excited glistening in your eyes gave you away. Loki took a step closer. You had a feeling he knew exactly what was going through your mind.
鈥淵ou are a doctor, no?鈥
鈥淧rospective d-doctor鈥︹
鈥淪o I hereby ask for a treatment. Have you not sworn to help people out of their predicaments when you committed yourself to your medical studies?鈥
Swallowing thickly, you noticed your heartbeat speeding up.
鈥淵-yes but鈥斺
鈥淪o help me then.鈥 His voice was hoarse and devastated when he spoke, his body so close to yours you could feel his cool breath on your lips. You could tell his desire for pleasure was growing鈥攁nd even though you were not opposed by the idea of him freeing his hard member from those tight leather trousers and stroke himself before your eyes, eventually, you agreed.
鈥淔ine. Let me鈥 take a look.鈥
Pleased with your answer, Loki nodded. It seemed like time was passing in slow motion when he undid the buttons of his trousers and pulled out his aching cock. It twitched under your scrutinising gaze, sending waves of heat and wetness straight to your own private body parts.
Stop. You had to remain professional. Clearing your throat, you knelt down in front of him, placing your palms on his strong thighs for support. Tony had definitely exaggerated with the dose. You could tell that Loki was in pain and while you did not understand why he didn鈥檛 just jerk off in his own bedroom to take away at least some of the pressure in his sack, the desire to touch him grew with every passing second.
So you simply did. What was there to deny? You wanted him. Gently at first, you let the tips of your fingers slide over his warm shaft, feeling the velvety skin and tracing the bluish vein until Loki involuntarily bucked his hips to meet your touch.
There was a tempting drop of precum glistening at the tip, inviting you to lick it off and suck him into your mouth. In fact鈥 in fact you might actually be able to help him, screw a doctor鈥檚 principals and morals.
Licking your lips in joyful anticipation, you leaned forward and wrapped your lips around his cock, your tongue teasing his slit. A moan escaped your lips when you tasted his hard flesh.
鈥淲hat鈥 in Valhalla鈥 are you doing?鈥 He panted, eyes widened with shock.
With a silent smack, you withdrew, gazing up at him with innocent eyes. You understood the irony of the situation, of course. He had wanted mortals to kneel before him鈥攁nd now you did, worshipping his cock because you were greedy and perhaps even delusional.
鈥淚 am helping you鈥︹ You choked out only a moment before you busied yourself with his aching length once more, licking over it with relish and causing him to grunt and throw his head back in pure bliss.
Now this was certainly an interesting turn of events but who were you to judge? This was so much better than watching cheesy movies and eating heart-shaped chocolate.
Soon, you were bopping your head in frenzy, taking in as much of him as you could while your hands attended to his balls to caress them gently, your other hand taking care of what your throat wouldn鈥檛 cover. Saliva was dripping down your chin, your delicious moans only fuelling his arousal as the sweet sounds echoed through the room and the vibrations teased his cock even further.
His weak attempt not to thrust wildly into your lovely mouth failed rapidly, hips bucking uncontrollably in a steady but frantic rhythm all the while his hands came up to hold your head in place for his pleasure.
鈥淣orns, I am going to鈥︹ His last words were interrupted by an animalistic growl as he came, spilling his seed down your throat. Eagerly, you swallowed all he gave you, suckling on the tip until he was completely empty.
Several seconds passed after you had released him, your lips swollen and pink. Licking over them to devour the remnants of his seed, you only noticed when you shifted on the floor that you had soaked your panties.
Loki looked you directly in the eye. He was hungry. Hungry for more.
鈥淕et on the bed,鈥 he growled darkly, blue eyes fixed on you like a predator. He was still hard. How much Viagra had Tony given him? Usually, an erection disappeared again after climax鈥攙ery apparently, however, like you had even suspected, this did not seem to be the case for Loki.
Swallowing hard, you remembered your own words. Up to five hours鈥
Actually, you had no idea what made you obey him. Was it his commanding tone, the stern and aroused expression on his face or your own need for relief and pleasure? In the end, it didn鈥檛 matter, not really.
You squeaked when Loki climbed on top of you so fast you had barely time to blink. Greedily, he began to tug at your clothes, staring at them as if there were made of living insects. Clearly, they were in the way. So they had to go.
Without much effort, the God of Mischief simply ripped the fabric off your body, making you whine in response. Those were your favourite pyjamas. Right now, however, you couldn鈥檛 care less. Much more important was the outrageously handsome god hovering above you like a hungry wolf, ready to devour its prey鈥攁nd that he did.
His blue eyes roamed over your now naked body hungrily, devouring each and every curve with his gaze. One of his large hands came up to fondle your breasts, exploring your mounts passionately all the while his other hand travelled down over your stomach, leaving a trail of goose bumps to sneak between your legs.
You whimpered when Loki鈥檚 fingers parted your heated flesh and gave your clit a teasing stroke before wandering down to your slit to make sure you were wet enough for his intrusion. Oh and you were positively dripping for him.
The God of Mischief smirked as he withdrew his hand. Effortlessly, he snatched your wrists and pinned them down above your head all the while forcing himself between your legs, his hard cock grazing your folds. With but one firm thrust, he buried himself inside you to the hilt, moaning out loud in the process.
You could only gasp in response. Obviously, with his girth and length, you had not expected any man to be a patch on him, yet when he filled you so fully, deliciously鈥 you felt your eyes rolling to the back of your head as you arched your back, urging him on to fuck you. And with the amount of Viagra cursing through his body鈥 who was he to deny you anyway?
Loki chuckled hoarsely, making you shiver in joyful anticipation. Picking up a quick pace, he began to ram his hard meat into you, over and over until you were ready to burst from all the pleasure. Oh damn鈥 he had officially ruined you for any other man to come after him.
With every single thrust, Loki appeared to hit all of your hidden pleasure spots鈥攑leasure spots you didn鈥檛 even know existed. And now, they carried you right towards an earth-shattering orgasm that threatened to take away all of your senses.
Rutting into you relentlessly, he lowered his head to wrap his lips around one of your hardened nipples, nibbling and sucking on them until his name burst from your own lips like a prayer. Your hips came up to meet his thrusts, encouraging him to go even deeper and faster which he happily obliged.
鈥淵ou鈥 need鈥 to鈥 cum鈥 for鈥 me.鈥 He panted. 鈥淣ow鈥 Norns鈥 CUM, NOW!鈥
You felt your walls contracting around him the moment he shot ropes of his seed inside of you, coating the inside of your pussy with his essence. Your orgasm rippled through you like liquid fire, pumping pleasure through your body so intensely you desperately gasped for air. You could feel Loki twitch and pulse inside of you as he released himself, his cum seeping out of you when he pulled out and collapsed on the bed next to you after allowing you both to ride out your orgasms.
Both of you had expected he would not soften as of yet. His erection still stood, proudly, waiting for him to go on and take as much pleasure as was needed to help him make use of all the Viagra in his body.
So he pulled you on top of him, earning him another squeal from you. Your frantic giggling, for you were still high on your climax, stopped the moment he made you sit down on his length to fill you once more.
Only moments after you were bouncing up and down on him for all he was worth, your nails digging into his pale chest.
By the time he was done with you, you both were a sweating and panting mess. Your hair stuck to your moist skin, your cheeks were reddened and your limbs shaking, the bed and your thighs wet with your slick juices.
Seven and a half hours. Seven and a half hours had passed until his aching erection had finally gone away and he could rest, spent and utterly satisfied.
You had begged him for breaks, asked him to slow down. In return, you had brought him pleasure with your hands and mouth to soothe his undying arousal and then, after one last shared orgasm, Loki鈥檚 lips came crashing down on yours, his tongue fighting for dominance which you granted him all but willingly. He kissed you so ferociously you knew that not only you had lost control over your body with him but also control over your heart.
You had fallen asleep in his arms fast. Keeping up with a god was exhausting, to say the least. Loki had forced you into countless of orgasms, almost making you lose your mind to him. Well, you were not going to complain.
Loki grinned to himself as he stroked your head lightly with an almost loving gaze. He had set his eyes on you ever since he had arrived at the Avengers compound, one of the very few bearable mortals to be around with. He had to admit, however, he had not known how much he had desired you until you had knelt before him to inspect his rock-hard member.
It mattered not. Now, you were his. If only Stark knew he had actually done him a favour in the end鈥
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charnelhousea month ago
You ever think about how one of the things Thor is the god of is fertility??? I think about that every goddamn day
Tumblr media
Warnings: Thor x F!Reader. Smut. Breeding Kink. Thor being a feral little shit. Over-stimulation.
A/N: I think about Thor being a fertility god at least three times a day. Four times on Sunday. Pretend this gif says KEEP OUT, PETER because that's how i presume thor is living on the Benatar and like this gif really doesn't fit the tone of this filthy smut but who cares we live in the free world BABEY.
You play it like a game. Thor can sense when you鈥檙e ovulating - his nose attuned to the subtle shift in your scent.
The first time it happened you had been shocked. He鈥檇 sniffed at your hair - nipping your breast and shoulder as he rutted against the side of your body.
鈥淔uck,鈥 he growled. 鈥淵ou smell like birth.鈥
You had jerked away from him - fixing him with an offended look. 鈥淓xcuse me?鈥
He swallowed thickly - his fingers already between your legs - curling into you as he felt for something soft. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e - you鈥檙e quite fertile right now, sweet one.鈥
Thor appeared half-mad - his skin ruddy and flushed with blood. His lids heavy while his eyes gleaming moon-bright beneath his lashes. One dark as the far reaches of the ocean- pooling into something desperate and ready to strike with the undertow. The other golden as hot copper or stormed-over wheat.
鈥淎re you alright?鈥 you murmured - brushing your palm over his cheek - catching the sweat that had begun to drip from his brow. He nuzzled into your palm - nearly purring.
鈥淚鈥檓 not only the God of Thunder, my love,鈥 he reminded as he sealed his heavy frame flush against you - almost burying you into the mattress. His thumb found your clit - teasing you until you swelled with juice - making you arch into him.
Oh - you had forgotten. The fertility thing.
鈥淐an I fuck you?鈥 he pleaded as he climbed between your legs - grinding his clothed cock into your sheets. 鈥淐an we pretend?鈥
鈥淧retend what?鈥 you whispered - parting your lips for his tongue - screwing your fingers into his loose t-shirt.
鈥淧retend to breed you.鈥
It happens every time you鈥檙e ovulating. Thor goes near-feral, practically loses all sense, as he fucks you and eats you until you can鈥檛 walk.
鈥淲e have to go, Thor,鈥 you gasp - your knees strangling his ears. You yank at his soft flaxen hair - wet with sweat and other things.
鈥淣o we don鈥檛,鈥 he tuts as he latches onto your taut bundle of nerves and suckles - urging his fingers between your folds as you buck into the firm press of his mouth. He suctions his lips in such a way that it wedges pleasure through your system - scattering your nerves and cells until they pulse and build and burst beneath your flamed skin.
God of Pussy Eating would be his more apt title.
鈥淭he - the - fuck - shit - the Guardians,鈥 you stammer as he adds a third finger - stretching you open while you flood and stream and drown the onslaught of his face against your slit.
鈥淔uck the Guardians,鈥 he grunts - the words slightly muffled into your mound - his nose practically dragging over your clit. His breath is feverish - sharp and rough as he blows air over your aching sex. He doesn鈥檛 shock you - doesn鈥檛 drift sparks of lightning across your body. He only does that when he鈥檚 in a rush to get you off.
鈥淭hor,鈥 you whimper and he tugs a fold into his mouth - biting weakly just to shut you up.
鈥淣ot leaving until I fill this tight cunt up with my seed, you brat.鈥
Jesus. You need to be off the ship - helping Rocket map out the latest planet you鈥檝e touched down on. The Benatar had landed half an hour ago.
鈥淏aby,鈥 you warn. 鈥淧eter will come looking for us.鈥
He sighs - removing his fingers with a rather lewd squelching noise. He sits back on his haunches - his broad chest damp with your slick. He鈥檇 made you spurt into his mouth - overstimulating you until you had sobbed and slapped him across the head.
You鈥檇 liked it though.
鈥淔ine,鈥 he growls - his expression almost boyishly put out - shaded in the remnants of his brother鈥檚 influence. 鈥淚鈥檓 still fucking you.鈥
His hands wrap around your thighs - spreading them apart as he leans over you. He braces his forearm beside your head - his other hand lining his cock up - smearing the head against the soaked mess of your sex.
He lowers himself - rubbing his cheek against your own - rasping his beard across your jaw. He captures your mouth in an insistent kiss before he grits: I鈥檓 going to fuck our child into you, my girl. Get you so full and heavy with it.
You moan - going boneless - gripping his tapered waist - thumb sweeping over the swell and flex of the muscles in his abdomen. He shoves into you with one long stroke - the spear of him overwhelming as your walls expand to accommodate his girth.
He draws himself nearly all the way out before he plunges back inside - his massive cock nearly splitting you in two. His pace is fast and hard - his fingers fisting the iron bar of your headboard as the mattress creaks and squeals. He grabs a fistful of your ass - hitching your thighs up higher over his hips - snapping into you with such deliberate precision that each thrust has him ramming up against the bowl of your womb.
鈥淔uck,鈥 he snarls. 鈥淚 smell how ready you are for it.鈥
He drops his head - his long hair tracing over your face - tickling you. You follow his gaze and nearly bite your tongue in half at the sight. Beneath the shadows of his form - there is the glossy rod of his cock punching into the spasming clutch of your weeping pussy. The hairs at his groin glimmer with your essence - the shamelessness of the image twists your gut. You flutter around him - your heart lurching in your throat.
鈥淒o you hear it?鈥 Of course, you do. How could you not? The room echoes with the slap of his skin against yours - the liquid suck of your pussy swallowing him to the hilt over and over again. He drags his fingertips over your thigh before he nudges them against the hardened peak of your clit. 鈥淕ods - your lovely cunt is soaking me.鈥
You can feel yourself leak into the sheets - another spurt of your slick as Thor angles himself downward and pounds you into the shrieking springs of the mattress. The iron railing of the headboard creaks above you as Thor bends it nearly in half.
He pants into your ear - his tongue hot against your skin as he slides it down the pulsing vein in your throat: Let me fill you up, little one. Let me mark you in me.
He brings you off again as you bite your nails into the muscles of his shoulders. He rolls his hips into your pelvis - his pace beginning to lose momentum. He pushes your knees back as far as he can - peeling you open as your pussy parts around the length of him. You鈥檙e on display - bare and stretched and wet and Thor鈥檚 eyes drift over your face - seeking the pleasure that has made your eyes fall half-mast. He wants to know that you鈥檙e sated - that he has ruined you as he always intends. Every night or morning or hour that he beds you - he wants it to be good.
鈥淎re you ready?鈥 he urges as he begins to grind himself as far as he possibly can - his hips slotted between your legs - his hands pinning your knees apart as he rocks into you. 鈥淎h - darling - you鈥檙e so fucking tight for me.鈥
You feel him lose himself - you feel the spit of his cock in your core. He trembles above you - bearing his weight as his eyes draw over you with a gentle, blissed-out expression. The ferocity of before long gone - buried somewhere inside him where the primal parts of his god lie. His chest heaves from exertion - his pelvis jerking up against you as his cock hits the end of his release. He is so utterly handsome that it steals your breath - that you find yourself cupping his cheek as he pumps the last threads of his seed into your womb. He noses into your palm - sweet as a lamb - as prey - his lips twitching into a devastating smile.
鈥淲ould you like to do it for real one day?鈥 he murmurs, pressing a kiss to your heart line. You nod - hitching your ankles over his ass to force him a little deeper.
鈥淵es,鈥 you reply - voice torn and thin from over-use. 鈥淥ne day, I鈥檒l let you knock me up with little electricity babies.鈥
He laughs - leaning down to part his lips over yours - tongue hungry as he slides his joy into your mouth. 鈥淭hey would be warriors, my love. Ruthless as you, I wager.鈥
鈥淢y condolences to the universe.鈥
He laughs again - running his knuckles over your cheekbone. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e a wild thing.鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檙e the one who just kept me in bed for three hours.鈥
You鈥檙e so fucking sore - chafed and throbbing. It鈥檚 a good pain - a divine pain to be honest - but you can鈥檛 help but whine as Thor gingerly eases the heft of his softening cock out of you.
He scoops you into his arms - rolling to the side so you鈥檙e stretched out on top of him. Everything is very sticky and fleshy and the air is tangy with sex.
Thor opens his mouth to speak before a knock interrupts him.
The voice through the steel door is slightly strained. 鈥淯m - not to be intrusive, but we need both of you outside.鈥
鈥淧eter!鈥 You sink into Thor鈥檚 chest - pushing your face into the molten skin above his thumping heart. 鈥淗ow long have you been standing out there?鈥
鈥淚 think around the time Thor said he was going to fuck a child into you.鈥
鈥淥h gross.鈥 You bristle as you try to scramble off of Thor to get dressed. 鈥淵ou should have said something!鈥
He binds his arms tighter around your waist - keeping you glued to him. You whirl around, smacking his stomach. When you peer up at him, he just looks smug.
鈥淵ou definitely knew he was out there,鈥 you accuse.
Thor shrugs. 鈥淣ot my fault that he decided to creep around and listen to our love-making.鈥
鈥淚 heard that,鈥 Peter shouts through the door.
鈥淔uck off!鈥 you both return in unison.
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lokidokimaginesa year ago
Y/n: *eating candy*
Loki: *reaches out his hand to take one*
Y/n: I wouldn鈥檛 do that if I were you...
Loki: *frowns* What? Why not?
Y/n: These are some of the sourest candies Earth has to offer...
Y/n: *grins* I鈥檓 not sure you could handle it.
Loki: *looks you dead in the eye* Is that a CHALLENGE?
Loki: *rips the package out of your hands*
Y/n: Wait, you shouldn鈥檛 eat too many-
Loki: I鈥檒l eat as many as I choose, thank you very much.
Loki: *shoves 10 into his mouth*
Y/n: ...
Loki: ...
Y/n: ...
Loki: *coughs them all out* You call this FOOD? Nothing so VILE has ever touched my tongue before-
Loki: *spots Thor walking past the open doorway*
Loki, running after him: THOR, YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS CANDY, IT鈥橲 DELICIOUS!
Loki: *shoves the bag of candy into Thor鈥檚 hands* Eat as many as you want.
Thor: *eats half the pack in one go* Not bad...
Loki: *slowly backing away* H-how?
Thor: You want the bag back?
Loki: No...it鈥檚 y/n鈥檚...
Thor, walking past Loki: *enters the room you鈥檙e sitting in*
Y/n: *sees the depleted candy bag*
Y/n, staring in awe: How many did you EAT??
Thor: I鈥檓 not really sure to be honest.
Y/n: And you actually LIKED it?
Thor: Oh no, it was disgusting... but Loki said they were delicious and I didn鈥檛 want to hurt his feelings.
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writefasttalkevenfaster2 years ago
Imagine you and Thor reuniting during the final battle of聽 Endgame
Tumblr media
Heart in his throat, Thor searched the troves of people who appeared in time for the final battle, and saw familiar faces 鈥 Wizard, Valkyrie, Tree 鈥 but there was one in particular he hadn鈥檛 spotted, and his heart dropped. Were you not there? Had the snap somehow not worked? Had he managed to fail you a second time?聽
鈥淭hor!鈥 he heard the rabbit call him, shaking him from his reverie, 鈥渓ooking for someone?鈥 he pointed, and his heart leaped when he saw you, battle armor and all, riding on a pegasus now beside Valkyrie, huge grin on your face. You swooped down, vaulting off your stead and into his arms. He caught you, huge arms wrapping around your waist, as he spun you, pressing a kiss to your forehead.聽
If he wasn鈥檛 holding you at that moment, hurting from his wounds, he would think this were just a figment of his wildest dreams, created from his guilt, 鈥淚 thought I had failed you again. I鈥檓 sorry. I am so sorry, Y/N.鈥澛
鈥淭hor, you never failed me,鈥 you pulled back, wiping away the tears trailing down his cheeks, 鈥渋t just took us a bit longer to find our way back to each other.鈥澛
鈥淚 missed you,鈥 he pressed a kiss to your lips this time, 鈥渋t has been too long.鈥 鈥淚鈥檒l say. Rocking the long hair again?鈥 you quirked your lips up.聽
鈥淭hat, admittedly, isn鈥檛 the only thing has changed about my appearance,鈥 his eyes trailed down to his belly, and you could see him watching your expression with hesitant eyes.聽
鈥淵ou鈥檙e still as handsome as the day I met you, Thor,鈥
鈥淗ey lovebirds,鈥 Rocket interrupted, side by side with Groot now, 鈥渄on鈥檛 we have more important things to deal with?鈥 gesturing to Thanos鈥檚 army, with the purple faced leader standing front and center.聽
Thor lowered you, as you pulled your weapon from its sheath, mounting your stead once again, as Thor readied his hammer, and the two of you gave each other a nod.聽
鈥淭his time-鈥 you pointed to Thanos鈥檚 head.聽
Thor grinned, eyes now glowing, electricity surging through his body, 鈥-we aim for the head.鈥
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holylulusworlda year ago
Tumblr media
Summary: The God of Thunder himself lays claim on you.聽
Pairing: Thor x Reader, Sif, Loki Laufeyson, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson
Warnings: a hint of angst, outdoor sex, smut, unprotected sex, sex in the rain, mud, language, voyeurism
Kinktober Special: Outdoor Sex
Kinktober Specials
You can hear his deep rumble, his laughter from afar. Now and then you glance at your friend, your ally and it pains.
Thor invited Steve, Sam and you to finally see Asgard and you gladly agreed but now you wish you would鈥檝e stayed home instead of being forced to see Thor surrounded by beautiful women.
Sif is looking at you with pity. She knows the feeling of unrequited love all too well and squeezes your shoulder tightly.
鈥淒on鈥檛 be sad. Don鈥檛 let him break your heart.鈥 She whispers as you look at Thor smiling at another beautiful woman, taking her hand to lead her away from the crowd to dance with her. His hands are all over her body and you blink a few tears away. Trying to hide the hurting.
鈥淭hor is a god, a king. I know my place, Sif. I鈥檓 glad he is my friend and ally. I will talk to the others for a while. Thanks for everything.鈥 The Asgardian warrior watches you leaving the ballroom to walk out of the castle and have a look at the garden.
All the flowers seem to glow in the dim light, their scent is overwhelming and you barely realize it started to rain. Busy drinking the sight in you squeal as lightning strikes right next to you.
鈥淔uck!鈥 You curse turning around to rush toward the castle only to bump into a firm chest. 鈥淲hy did you leave the party without telling me so?鈥 Thor rumbles and you can see a hint of anger in his stormy blue eyes.
鈥淚 thought you are busy, Thor. I didn鈥檛 want to disturb your dance or conversation with these women. I鈥檓 just one of your guests. Never thought you would even realize I鈥檓 gone.鈥 You shrug, rubbing your arms as the rain gets stronger and another lighting strikes next to you.
Looking up at Thor you can see he鈥檚 fighting his emotions, letting his anger out with thunder and lightning.
鈥淚 always recognize when you are gone, doll. I invited you to get used to Asgard. I brought you here for a reason, Midgardian! I have to show you whom you belong to, I guess. You are a feisty one, love it.鈥 Thor booms and you got no clue what he鈥檚 talking about as he grabs your upper arms to press you to his chest. 鈥淵ou are mine, dove. I will not allow you to leave the castle without my protection. I can鈥檛 risk one of my enemies steals you鈥︹ Thor鈥檚 voice goes lower now as his eyes shine and lightning strikes all around you.
鈥淚鈥檓 not鈥︹ Gasping you let Thor press his lips to yours, devouring your mouth with his tongue. Rough hands move along your back, fisting the fabric of your dress, ripping it off your body with one swift motion.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e mine, my queen. Tonight, I鈥檓 going to make you mine, completely. I wanted to wait till we are back at my room but a feisty one like you needs to get tamed in a thunderstorm by the God of Thunder right now.鈥 Thor鈥檚 voice goes straight to your core as he slips one hand between your thighs, pressing colossal fingers to your tender flesh.
鈥淭hor, we can鈥檛. Someone could see us.鈥 You squeal as he picks you up as you are a doll he can play with. Your legs wrap around his waist, hands paw at his shoulders while he carries you further behind the building to press you against the rough wall.
鈥淲e can and we will. Anyone can watch me claiming my bride.鈥 The Asgardian states ripping your panties apart. Not sheltering your bra, he rips the lace of your body, revealing every inch of skin to his eyes.
鈥淭hor鈥︹ Feeling his growing bulge against your soaked core you grind against him, closing your eyes as he wraps his lips around one nipple, suckling it.
Your fingers move through his short hair as he growls against your plush flesh, biting your nipple and you squeal.
Another thunder makes you press your body closer to Thor鈥檚. Rain is soaking both of you, but you don鈥檛 care. The way he grabs your body, the way he looks at you, waiting for your hands to open his pants let your pussy clench in need.
鈥淕oing to make you mine now. Lay a claim on your body, mark you up. No one else will look at you, Y/N.鈥 Thor exclaims.
You bite your lower lips when you watch him smirk before he places you on wobbling legs to get rid of his clothing. Your eyes roam his body. Chiseled torso, defined abs and a cock out of your world Thor grins at you before he picks you up, holding you against the wall once again.
One arm holds you tightly, hard chest pressed against yours Thor slips his hand between your legs, groaning at your wetness coating his fingers.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e so wet for me,鈥 He breathes heavily.
Moaning you wrap your legs around him, feeling the tip pressing against your pussy lips. 鈥淕oing to fill you so good, little Midgardian. I will destroy this cunt for any other man.鈥 Thor starts pressing into you, slow but you feel the pressure getting too much and he stops, tilting his head to nip at your lips as his thumb rubs slow circles around your clit, causing you to shudder under his touch.
Flushed you feel wetness coating his cock and Thor carefully inches further into you. With one harsh snap of his hips, he bottoms out.
A cry erupts from your lips, your hand鈥檚 paw at his shoulders but the Asgardian chuckles, letting more lightning hit the ground.
Warm rain pours onto your connected bodies, but you don鈥檛 care. All you can care about right now is the way Thor starts pumping into you while his arms are wrapped tightly around your back, not leaving space between your bodies.
Holding onto his broad shoulders for dear life you gasp as he starts moving faster, fucking deeper into you. He鈥檚 thick and long, reaching all the right places, rubbing against your g-spot with every hard stroke.
Thor smirks, burying his face into the crook of your neck before he pulls almost the whole way out to slam back into you. Now you cry out his name, your voice even louder than the thunder above you.
Not caring about anyone hearing your screams you chant Thor鈥檚 name like a prayer while he seems to fuck you straight into the wall. You are sure your back will have nasty scratches, but you don鈥檛 care.
Only his deep thrusts, causing you to make noises like never are important. He鈥檚 biting your neck now, leaving angry marks to make sure everyone knows you are his from now on.
Your hips move with Thor鈥檚 trying to find a rhythm but you can鈥檛 compare to his strength, speed or even the noises escaping his lips. Thor is all-consuming by now. His whole body surrounds you, drowns you into his skin and scent as you bite his shoulder, pulsing around his thick shaft.
鈥淢y dove. I鈥檓 going to fill you up now鈥︹ He growls and you feel his cum filling your womb, making your belly bulge. 鈥淗ow much do you have?鈥 Gasping you feel your mixed juice dripping out of your sensitive pussy.
鈥淵ou look so good in my arms.鈥 Thor groans giving you another thrust. 鈥淕ive me a minute and your god will make you scream once again鈥︹
鈥淲here is Y/N?鈥 Steve asks glancing around the room. 鈥淚 feel out of place.鈥
鈥淩elax, Steve. Thor said something about 鈥榤aking her my dove鈥. Got no clue what this shall mean鈥︹ Sam shrugs and Steve鈥檚 eyes widen.
鈥淚 promised Tony to look after his cousin. I can鈥檛 let the Asgardian touch her!鈥 Steve curses and Sam starts chuckling.
鈥淒ude! I don鈥檛 think you can stop a god from having fun with Y/N.鈥
鈥淚 have to鈥!鈥
On your knees, muddy, wet and gasping you dig your nails into the earth underneath you. Thor is gripping your waist tightly as he plunges into you, groaning at the sight of his cock disappearing in your slit.
鈥淪o good鈥︹ You cry out and Thor chuckles behind you. Thrusting deep, reaching all the spots making you sing he covers your body with his, pressing you into the mud.
Whole-body covered in mud now you lie underneath the tall Asgardian as he thrusts into you at a maddening pace. One hand fists your hair, causing you to curse his name.
鈥淐ome for me, dove. I want to see my dirty girl covered in Asgard鈥檚 earth. This is the way to make you one of us.鈥 Thor orders and you shiver underneath him, feeling his cock poking your cervix.
Your body is on fire. Coil already tightening again you try to match Thor鈥檚 movement but the way he presses you into the ground only allows you to take his long strokes and to cry out now and then.
鈥淐ome, now!鈥 His voice demanding now, almost angry Thor grabs your hips, lifting your ass slightly to bury his cock into you one last time, filling you up and a strangle cry leaves your lips before you go limp in his arms.
鈥淲hat the fuck!鈥 Steve curses watching Thor slipping into you once again, covering your body with his. Too lost in pleasure, too far gone you ignore Steve鈥檚 words as the God of Thunder let a lightning strike next to Steve.
鈥淟eave! She鈥檚 mine now. Too late, Midgardian. I laid claim on her hours ago. Y/N accepted my claim. Now go and let me mark her once again鈥︹
Whimpering you feel another high approach with every new pump of Thor鈥檚 cock. Steve鈥檚 eyes are widened in shock, but he can鈥檛 take his eyes off you. The way Thor drives into you, they way you scream in pleasure make his cock go stiff.
鈥淢y dove will you come for me one last time?鈥 Thor asks and you nod, coil already tightening you dig your nails deep into his back when your high ripples through your body.
鈥淚 can鈥檛 cum again鈥lease鈥︹ Exhausted you lie on the ground. Covered in mud and Thor鈥檚 cum you moan as he fills you one last time. 鈥淵ou took me so well, my queen鈥︹
Thor carefully slips out of you, growling at the sight of your limp body in his arms. Not caring about anything you let him pick you up, covering you in his red cape to carry you into the castle 鈥 while he鈥檚 still stark naked.
Sif is smirking as she watches Thor carrying you toward his chamber. Her plan went well. She only had to push you and her friend into the right direction.
鈥淪hall I call you the God of mischief now?鈥 Loki asks.
鈥淭hey had to admit their feelings, Loki. I had to play dirty to make them see they belong together. Now let me celebrate I made Thor happy.鈥
鈥淗mm鈥e could celebrate together.鈥 Sif鈥檚 eyes meet Loki鈥檚 as she starts laughing.
鈥淣ot in a thousand years, Loki鈥︹
Waking up in Thor鈥檚 arms you feel clean, he must鈥檝e washed your body after you passed out. A smile on your lips you feel his colossal hands roam your body.
鈥淢orning, my dove. How was our wedding night?鈥 Thor asks and your heart stops for a moment.
鈥淲ait鈥hat? Wedding night?鈥 Gasping you look at the ring at your finger, matching Thor鈥檚. 鈥淚 told you I laid claim on you. Mother confirmed our bond last night. You鈥檙e my dove now.鈥
鈥淗oly鈥︹ Your head falls against Thor鈥檚 chest and you take a deep breath, inhaling his scent.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e my husband now?鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 yours, and you are mine鈥orever. Last night the ritual started to make you鈥mmortal. We united and you are carrying a part of Asgard in you by now. Our earth accepted you, just like my family.鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 yours, you are mine.鈥 Kissing his chest, you hum against Thor鈥檚 skin. 鈥淚 like the idea鈥︹
鈥淚 love you my dove, now rest鈥︹
鈥淚 love you too鈥y king鈥︹
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