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#thor ragnarok
Loki: I don't get along with my brother.
Grandmaster: Hmm. Have you tried banishing him from existence over a series of very competitive table tennis and chess matches?
Loki: I... I can do that?
Grandmaster: Depends on how good you are at table tennis but if you're better than Sparkles then I don't see why not.
Thor: *still stuck in the chair* I can hear you, you know!
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here is my gumroad store with some products about marvel stuff:

a beautiful couple having a passional meeting and hulk pack, inspired in a scene from hulk 2003! <3

hope you enjoy so much the content ~ twitter: bigthortita.

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Get Help

Young Wolf: Come on, you love it!

Crow: I hate it.

Young Wolf: It’s great, it works everytime!

Crow: It’s humiliating…

Young Wolf: Do you have a better plan?

Crow: No.

Young Wolf: We’re doing it!

Crow: We are not doing ‘Get Help’…

*A few moments later*

Young Wolf: *drags Crow fake dying* GET HELP, PLEASE, MY FRIEND IS DYING!!!! GET HELP!! *Throws Crow at enemies* HELP HIM!!!

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I believe, from what I’ve read, the Canon answer is that the reason we don’t see Korg or Valkyrie in the beginning of Endgame is that Thor sent them off on a smaller escape ship/ships on the large one they were on with as many people as they could take which was a very reduced number of Asgardians.

They eventually made it back to Earth and began New Asgard, obviously very depleted on people as they lost lots of them to Thanos in the fight and then probably more during the snap.

I tried looking for the article that I read that said this but can’t seem to find it.

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