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#bucky barnes smut
sableseb · 2 days ago
oh i most DEFINETLY need c!bucky x reader making a sex tape
I need that too😩 thank you for this request, bestie✨
word count: 3.2k
warnings: smut, dirty talk, sex on film, finger sucking, slight spitting, squirting, fingering, slight masturbation f and m
tags: @bucky-soldat @thewritingdoll @meetmeatyourworst @sparksforkoo @fuckandfluff @buckydaddy @harrysthiccthighss @bemine-bucky @greeneyedblondie44 @stucky-my-ship
a/n: This contains slight feels because I couldn’t resist a sweet tone before the raunchiness and after.🙈
Tumblr media
Meeting Bucky in college is one of the highlights of your life. The moment you laid your eyes on him, you knew you were gone, lost in the sea of blue that sparkles with mischief. His smile, his laugh, his utter presence is enough to make you feel overwhelmingly infatuated. And he’s just as hooked on you as you are him. 
You give him a high that every drug he’s tried couldn’t compare to. You’re so kind, sweet, innocent. But, Bucky knows you better than anyone and he found out real quick that the doe eyed look, the sugar coated tone, the cute pinks and pastels that adorned your sinfully curved body weren’t the extent of you. 
You’re a vixen. Craving sex just as much as him. It started one night in your dorm, lazily watching a movie with wandering hands and soft touches. You two didn’t fuck, no, he made love to you. Cherishing the way your warm walls sucked him in, the way he felt your soft breath on his neck each time he filled you to the brim, brushing that sensitive spot inside you each time. Bucky poured every ounce of passion he has for you into those thrusts that night.
Each day you spend together, the closer you both become. Bucky’s your friend, your lover, your heart and you came to trust each other with anything and everything. The sex became more frequent and adventurous. He’s tied you up, slapped you, fucked you as if you were nothing but a doll for him to empty himself in. No matter if he’s rough and degrading, if he’s sweet and soft, you want every form of the pleasure only he can give you.
 When he comes to you with an old school camcorder in hand asking if you would make a tape with can you resist? The thought of being exposed to a lens for Bucky’s viewing pleasure has your core thrumming with anticipation. “Of course I will, Buck.”
You’re standing in the middle of the courtyard when he voices his idea to you. Students drift along around you, making their way to their next class not paying you two a bit of mind. He takes his lip between his teeth, trying to bite back a grin that’s trying to form. “Oh, baby. This will be so hot.” He groans, pulling you in by your waist. 
Bucky brings his mouth to your ear. His warm breath breaks across your skin as he whispers, “You’re gonna look so beautiful for the camera as I pound that tight cunt.”
Heat breaks out along your body as he says the crude words. You playfully shove his firm body away from you. “Bucky, we’re in public,” you smile.
“Hasn’t stopped us before, sweets.”
You scoff at him. He’s right. The amount of times he’s taken you in the library and in every janitor's closet he can find is embarrassingly high. You always fall victim to his touch, no matter when or where. “Get to class, Barnes. I’ll meet you at your dorm later tonight, okay?”
“Sounds perfect.”
With a quick kiss goodbye, you watch as he makes his way to the history building with the bulky camera in his hand. It’s hard to tell where he found that thing. He’s always had a knack for vintage items. It’s very fitting of him to want to incorporate something like that in the bedroom. And you can’t wait to try it out.
Night settles over the campus. The dim sidewalk lights illuminate your path as you sneak over to Bucky’s dorm. You always take the back entrance with the key your conniving boyfriend somehow got his hands on. Bucky has the key to your dorm as well, each of you taking turns during the week visiting one another.
As you make your way up the stairs to his floor, you can already feel arousal strumming through you. You’re excited to create something so debauched with him. You have a suspicion that Bucky doesn’t want this tape to be gentle and loving tonight. Which makes you all the more needy and wet at the prospect of being fucked.
Knocking on his door gently, you wait for his answer. You hear shuffling before the ugly wooden door swings open revealing a practically naked Bucky. He’s wearing nothing but tight black boxer briefs that cut off above his mid thigh. It’s moments like these that he leaves you utterly breathless. His lean body stares back at you, beckoning you to run your hands over the expanse of his abs, his chest. You just want to sink your teeth into those thighs. Wrap your mouth around that slight tint straining against the fabric.
“How many times have I told you not to knock? My place is your place.”
His voice brings you back from your wondering thoughts. “Buck, you know I don’t want to just barge in here unannounced.” You say, walking past him and into the small dorm. His smell envelopes you and settles so deep in you, you swear you can feel it in your bones. Warm notes of amber and a slightly citrus aroma is what makes Bucky, Bucky. You’ll never get enough of his scent. He’s compelling in every sense of the word.
His bed is bare. Nothing but a mattress sits on the wooden frame. You quickly see where all the blankets and pillows went. There, across the room, sits his comforter and throws on the floor, meticulously placed with care to look inviting. His pillows are propped up against the wall creating a little cove hidden in the low light of his lamp. A makeshift tripod compiled of books sits at the end of the comforter near his TV stand with the camcorder opened and ready sitting on top of his world history textbook.
You feel him slip his arms around your waist, pulling you into his warm body. Bucky dips his head down to your ear. “You can’t really do much in a twin bed. Figured if I was gonna make a sex tape with my beautiful girl...I’d need all the room I can get.” You lean into him, appreciating the thought. 
Bucky always plans ahead when it comes to you. He wants nothing but the best for you. He can’t wait to graduate college, get his degree and give you the life you deserve. A life where he gets to fuck you in a king sized bed instead of the stiff twin beds in your dorms and, in this case, the floor he desperately tried to make comfortable. 
“It looks lovely. Leagues better than these dumb beds.” You tell him as you turn in his grasp. Leaning in, you take his lips with your own, slowly moving in time with each other before he deepens it. The feel of his tongue against yours has your panties dampening. Each lick into your mouth has you chasing more of his taste.
You kick off your sneakers as he pulls your sweats down, not once breaking the kiss until he pulls away to get your tee over your head. Bucky’s chest seizes. You look heavenly with your naked breasts bared to him, with your white panties adorning a tiny pink bow accentuating your mound and hips and your little white ankle socks. 
Your beauty is something he only witnesses when he watches the rain, when he looks at a field of flowers, when he glances up at the night sky and sees the twinkling stars above. It causes him to pause and wonder how God created something so painfully intricate that makes his heart stop and makes all his thoughts cease to exist as fascination takes its place. 
You watch as Bucky takes you in with a slack jaw and a glaze in his eyes. Just barely above a whisper he chokes out, “You’re beautiful.”
He tells you millions of times how attractive you are and shows you his love just as many times. But, this. This seems heavier. Those two words have a weight of longing to them, a weight of pure awe and admiration. Your love for him just grew, something you thought would be impossible because Bucky Barnes is perfect in all aspects of life.
“I’m gonna fucking ruin you, my pretty girl.”
His words hold a sick promise as he leads you down to the floor on the bed of blankets. He props himself against the wall and beckons you to join him. You situate yourself between his firm thighs,  feeling the hardness of his dick against the small of your back. You lean into him as he pulls your hair to the side, giving him perfect access to latch onto your neck. 
“Take off your panties,” he whispers against your flesh. His mouth licks and sucks at every part of your heated skin he can get to.
You roll the sticky fabric down your legs as you eye the camera placed directly in front of the both of you. When you fully peel your underwear off, Bucky’s legs twine with yours, pulling you apart and spreading you open for the lens. “Spit on your cunt. Get her nice and wet for me.”
Oh God. His instructions cause you to clench around nothing. You bend your head down to spit towards your pussy, watching as the saliva slowly trails over your mound and down over your lips. Leaning back against him, Bucky emits a groan as you see his hand slide down your body, creating little goose bumps along the expanse of your skin before his fingers dip down to your core. You moan at the feel of his fingers rubbing slowly and purposely over your swollen clit.
With each twist of his wrist, you’re whimpering, chasing his movements with your hips. Heat takes you over, sparking at the base of your spine before inching its way towards your neck as his friction gets a little rougher. Suddenly, his fingers breach your opening, the middle and ring giving you a delicious stretch. Each drag against your walls has your thighs trembling from the sheer pleasure.
Bucky grasps your face with his free hand and angles your head to the camcorder. “Keep your eyes on the camera, baby. Want you to fall apart for it. Can you do that?”
A strangled, yes leaves your lips as you bask in the ecstasy he’s bringing you. His grip keeps you in place as he takes you apart. The thrusts of his fingers become harsher, more frantic as wetness spills from your drenched center, causing obscene noises to bounce off the walls.
You can’t run from his assault, he’s got you pinned against him fully, one hand buried in your pussy while the other holds a vice-like grip on your cheeks. His mouth continues to work over your neck, biting and sucking as he brings you closer and closer to your impending climax. You’ve never been so worked up and this orgasm is starting to feel vastly different than the others.
“Bucky,” you cry, “Bucky, stop. I can’t. It’s too much.”
“How are you gonna take my cock when you can’t even take my fingers? Just let go, baby.”
The pressure is building with each thrust of his hand. His pace gets rougher causing your chest to bounce violently and cries to escape your throat. You’re shaking, abdomen pulling taut as his fingers hit that spot inside you just right and that pressure releases, forcing your eyes to roll in the back of your head. 
Bucky watches in awe as you squirt for him, trembling in his hold as the clear liquid seeps from your abused cunt. “Oh, fuck. Look at that. My girl’s a squirter.” He says against your neck, but he knows you probably can’t understand anything he utters to you at the moment. 
He rubs his hand along the length of your drenched heat, soothing you from your intense high. Tremors wrack your body with each pass of his hand over your swollen bud. Your head rolls to the side on Bucky’s shoulder as he peppers kisses all along the side of your throat and face. 
He brings his wet digits to your mouth, rubbing them along your bottom lip before you open and take them between your lips. You lick and suck, tasting your juices on his soft skin. He fucks your mouth with his fingers, watching as you take them down your throat, gagging slightly. It causes his dick to twitch as he feels the sweet suction of your mouth.
He takes them out, already missing the feeling of your tongue dancing along the pads of his fingers. “You’ve been keeping that hidden from me?” He chuckles near your ear, causing a smile to break across your blissed out expression.
“I didn’t even know I could do that...those hands of yours work wonders.”
“Mmm. That they do. You got one more for me, pretty girl?”
Are you capable of cumming again? You honestly don't know. Every nerve feels shot, your head hazy with Bucky invading all of your senses. But, with him, you know you won’t last long when he buries himself inside you. He’s too good at sex, too good at making you feel whole and sated. You don't know if it’s him, or if it's you and how infatuated you are with him that makes him talented in the sheets. Whatever the case, cumming will always be in your foreseeable future. No matter if you think you can or not.
“Yes,” you breathe, “want to feel you in me.”
Bucky lays you down sideways, making sure you’re both angular to the lens before he discards his boxers. He's impossibly hard, an ache settles in the pit of his stomach as he takes in your body beneath his. Your cunt is puffy, thighs shining with your arousal, the blankets are soaked under your form. You’re gorgeous when you cum for him, submit to him and give him your pleasure.
You watch as he moves his hand languidly over his shaft, his tip red and leaking, veins straining against the soft skin. His mouth hangs agape as your hands move to grasp your breasts, pushing and pulling them together to give him a little show. Bucky groans as you continue to play with your full chest. He can’t take anymore of the foreplay, he needs you wrapped around him.
He taps your clit a few times with his swollen head, causing you to let out a squeal and shake with each light smack. It doesn’t take much to get his cock wet, no. Your pussy is practically crying, begging for him to give her that stretch she needs. 
Bucky lines himself up to your entrance. He takes his sweet time entering you, watching intently as you try to accommodate his length, basking in the huffs of frustration because you just need him to fill you to the hilt. You’re squeezing him so tight. He can’t believe how wet you are. He believes you enjoy this little camera idea a little too much. Filthy girl. His filthy girl.
“Buck...move. Please,” you pant.
With a slow roll of the hips, he’s pulling himself out before plunging back into you with a pointed thrust that sends you jolting back. “Fuck, just like that,” you tell him. He continues the gentle movements with the rough snaps of his hips that have you gasping and clinging on to him. You keen with each stroke, your hands make their way down towards his ass, gripping and shoving him deeper inside you.
Bucky pulls back to unhook your legs from his waist. He grabs the backs of your knees, folding your legs back slightly so he gets a good look at where you’re connected. Sitting on his knees, he starts a punishing pace. The angle he has you at, you can’t move away from his onslaught. His fucking you with vigor, his grunts filling the space around you.
“Such a pretty pussy. Always look so good stuffed with my cock, baby.”
Your toes start to curl, legs aching from his hold and from their suspension in the air. As he continues his erratic pace, your climax grows with each pointed thrust that hits a spot inside you only he can reach. Out of nowhere, he halts his movements and pulls out of you.
“Bucky,” you whine. You need him back inside you to dim the ever growing heat.
“Hold on, sweets. Don’t worry, you’ll have your cock and cum on it too.”
You eye him as he leans over to grab the camcorder. He’s holding it in his hands now, angling it to point at your mound. He slides in you once more, filling you up immediately, giving you that full feeling you so desperately need.
Leaning back on his knees, he tells you, “Ride my dick, baby. Fuck yourself.”
A moan escapes you. You do as he said. Using your heels as leverage, you start to move yourself up and down on his thick shaft as he sits perched on his knees and records the scene unfolding before his eyes. “Yeah, just like that. Want you to cum like this. Wanna feel those wet walls pulse.”
Your hand goes down to circle your clit much to Bucky’s pleasure. He loves watching you get yourself off, especially filled full with his leaking cock. Your arousal slides down to his heavy balls. This is torture, for him and you. But, he knows watching you fall apart while using him will be worth it and you know that this orgasm is going to tear through you.
It’s too erotic. Using him to get yourself off while he sits and watches through that square screen. It has you quickening your movements. You’re unhinged as you hump against him, swirling fingers aiding in bringing you to your peak. The coil is tightening with each buck of your hips, winding up until you're shaking. You pull taut as you sink down on him, filling yourself up as your orgasm courses through your body. Tears swell in your eyes as the intense high takes over.
Bucky can’t handle this anymore. The feel of your walls fluttering around him, like a constant heartbeat, almost makes him spill his seed into you right then. He tosses the camcorder to the side, not caring to capture anymore footage for the night. He braces his hands above your head and starts to rut into you fiercely, chasing his climax.
Now it’s you who let’s him use your body for his pleasure. You lay pliant underneath him as he buries his face into your neck, biting into you to muffle his cries of pleasure as you feel warmness fill up your sore, overworked pussy. You rub his damp back, letting him relax against you as he empties himself.
You hold him to you, enjoying the feel of his weight pinning you to the floor as you both try to catch your breaths. “You did so good for me,” Bucky whispers. He pushes your hair off your face before kissing your lips. It’s slow and sloppy, all tongue and no effort. He pulls out off you and watches as his cum leaks out of your center.
“I’ll never get tired of filling you up.” He groans as he moves to get you a cloth to clean you up.
You lay there and stare at the ceiling for a moment before he returns, pressing the warm hand towel against you, ridding you of his spend. It’s a shame really. You want to stay filled with him. He picks you up and carries you to the mattress. Placing you down on the less than comfortable twin bed, he goes to his closet again to retrieve a spare blanket.
“Luckily, I have plenty of covers. Mom made sure of that.”
You smile as he climbs in the small bed with you. He presses you against his chest as the fuzzy blanket covers your naked forms. Even without pillows and a sheet, you feel yourself drifting off in Bucky’s embrace. He’s your source of contentment. Your beacon. Your everything. You don’t ever want to leave his side. Not when he’s this warm.
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bucksfucks · 14 hours ago
nora babe i’m gonna need that roommate!bucky blurb asap. your giving bud so many ideas and wheewwww i can’t wait but i keep going back to roommate!bucky
— about time ; bucky barnes
Tumblr media
abstract: bucky finally offers to help you cum.
pairing: roommate!bucky x f!reader
word count: 1,051 words
warnings: roommate to lovers, unprotected sex, mild sexting, masturbation, use of toy, praise kink, lots of dirty talk, size kink, oral (f. receiving), soft dom bucky — 18+ ONLY • MINORS DNI
When you saw that your new roommate was going to be someone named James, you didn’t expect that to be a six foot five man with looks that could kill and a heart of gold.
And a metal arm.
No, you thought you’d get a guy who loved video games and computer science.
Not a man who worked out, shirtless, in the living room as you nursed your hangovers with coffee, orange juice, and greasy breakfast foods which he prepared for you.
You also didn’t expect to have so many goddamn wet dreams about him.
Waking up feeling rested and chipper only because of the orgasm that woke you up.
There were worse roommates.
And tonight was one of those nights. The nights where you couldn’t sleep, tossing and turning, restless and fucking horny.
Your vibrator would have to do.
You just hoped that Bucky was already asleep when the low buzzing started, slightly muffled by sheets and pillows as you closed your eyes and let your imagination drift.
Drift to him.
Wondering how he would fuck. How he would eat you out and the things he would say to you.
The faint vibrations then snapped you out of your near orgasm haze.
It was your phone, your screen lighting up as you grabbed it and nearly choked on your own saliva as you read the text.
The text from Bucky.
Use me instead, Sweets.
Was all it read.
This has to be some sick joke. A way of him messing with you. You were sure that he would poke fun at you in the morning.
Your phone buzzed again.
Don’t make me beg.
Oh God. Oh God oh God oh God.
Maybe you were asleep. You’d somehow figured out how to shift and you were just living in a simulation.
Don’t make me punish you either.
You audibly groaned at the last text. A shiver running down your spine and then there was a faint knock at your door.
“Come in,” your voice was hoarse, watching the door creak open and then Bucky stepped in.
Shirtless and wearing a pair of grey boxers.
That’s when you realized you were practically naked — only a large shirt covering you under the covers.
“I can’t have you usin’ that poor toy anymore, Sweets.” He smirks, shutting the door and leaning against it.
You gulp in anticipation, tossing the toy to the end of the bed and sitting up.
“Atta girl,” he chuckled. “Not gonna need that anymore.”
He took a cautious seat on the edge of your bed, cocking his head as he looked you up and down.
“S’that my shirt?” He asks, smirk tugging on the edge of his lips.
You shrug, “s’mine now.”
His eyebrows raise in amusement, licking and then tugging his bottom lip between his teeth.
“I think I want it back.” His voice was just above a whisper now, darkened eyes watching the gears turning in your head.
“Fine,” you whisper back before grabbing the fabric and tugging it up and over your head revealing the rest of you to Bucky.
He groaned, closing his eyes and dropping his head as he let out a “fuck.”
The tension was palpable and thick, your heart beating fast before your lips collided with his.
It was everything he needed before you were on your back and he was between your thighs.
“Tell me what you were thinkin’ ‘bout, Sweets,” he purrs, kissing each thigh before you feel him flatten his tongue against your core.
Your fingers tangle in his hair, tugging at the roots as you moan pathetically, “you.”
He moans against your cunt, sending sweet vibrations through your body as you try to compose your thoughts.
“Was thinkin’ of you,” you’re almost panting. “Like this.”
You knew you were feeding his ego, but he was too good at eating you out that you didn’t care. You’d get on your knees for him.
Bucky’s lips wrapped around your clit, sucking and flicking the sensitive bud before he added his fingers to the mix.
Two thick, sleek and cold finger curled knuckle deep inside of you as he watched the way you shuddered.
“I know you’re close,” he breathes. “Don’t hold back for me, Sweets. Give in, give and make a mess for me.”
If Bucky talked you through every orgasm from here on out you could die happy.
He wasn’t done yet, wiping his mouth before standing tall and dropping his pants to reveal himself.
“Bucky!” You whisper yelled as he raised an eyebrow. “Are you—“ you stopped yourself out of embarrassment.
Then he smirked, “‘m gonna fit, darling. Don’t worry, I warmed you up. Gonna slide right in, get settled nice ‘n deep, okay?”
He way he whispered the words only caused a new wave of arousal to run through you before he was lining himself with your entrance.
“Hey,” his voice was soft. “Eyes on me, Sweets. Just look at me.” He smiled before pushing in a leaving you feeling full and satisfied.
He was right. He had warmed you up and while it was slightly foreign and mildly uncomfortable, he had filled you up soon after.
Bucky’s thrusts were slow and deep, savouring the way you felt around him.
“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted this,” he groans.
Two strong forearms have you caged and locked in, but it’s exactly where you wanted to be now and forever.
“To have you under me like this, takin’ me like the good little girl that you are.” His pelvis bumps your oversensitive clit.
“It’s gotten really fuckin’ hard hidin’ my boners ‘round you too. Not with the way you have to reach up and grab practically everythin’,” he chuckles while fucking you.
“I always think ‘bout you…late at night with my hand jerkin’ myself off.” You’re clawing at his back, trying to get him closer to you.
“And now?” He looks down at you, “I get to see my pretty girl cum over my cock before stuffin’ you full.”
He snaps his hips, harsher and harsher before you’re crying in ecstasy and Bucky’s hips stutter and still inside of you.
The silence that fills the room next is comfortable, Bucky’s warm arms around you as he kisses your shoulders and face.
“About damn time.”
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chriscvans · a day ago
𝒅𝒂𝒕𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒃𝒖𝒄𝒌𝒚 𝒘𝒐𝒖𝒍𝒅 𝒊𝒏𝒄𝒍𝒖𝒅𝒆…
Tumblr media
okay, bucky is the ultimate Boyfriend Material.
he’s be the most romantic boyfriend ever omg!!
bucky is shy, introverted and such a nerd, bless him 😭
when you have trouble sleeping he reads for you, and it always works because he plays with your hair as he lulls you to sleep with his soothing voice.
lots of cuddling (he’s the little spoon 75% of the time).
tip of the nose kisses, cheek kisses, forehead kisses, hand kisses…
also, neck kisses, but those are reserved for intimate times ;)
bucky calls you “sweetheart” or a fun version of your name and you call him “buck” or “bucket” just to piss him off.
he learns new cooking recipes to do a fun date night every once in a while.
speaking of date nights, bucky always finds time to be with you. he loves to plan date nights; sometimes you both go to a nice restaurant, but he still likes to do date night at home, do the cooking and hang out with you.
bucky feels so comfortable around you. he doesn’t feel the need to hide any part of himself.
he’s the most gentle around you, like, he treats you like you’re made of glass (except when he’s fucking you).
you’re the only one capable of actually handling him. you ask him to be more patient and he’s all grumpy, but will do it just because you asked him to.
he’s so whipped oh my god 😩
sometimes he takes you to a bakery to have an early breakfast and it’s quiet but so wholesome and wonderful!
bucky is always touching you: if he’s not holding your hand, he has an arm around your shoulders or his pinky is interlocked with yours.
he introduces you to sam because he’s bucky’s closest thing to family, so it’s important that you and sam get along, which you do and bucky is super happy about it! <3
now, when it comes to sex, bucky loves to experiment with you.
of course, he asks what are your limits and you agree on a safeword just in case.
the sound of skin against skin, moans and grunts mix with the muffled atmosphere of the bathroom because of a hot shower. leaning on the glass wall, you feel bucky slip in and out of you with agility and virility. his metal arm holds your body in place, and his other hand circles your clit, eliciting moans of pure pleasure and approval and words of the lowest slang. “fuck- fucking hell-” he grunts as he keeps fucking you against the glass wall. “yes! i’m so close!” you gasp, leaning back on his shoulder. he speeds up the thrusts and you both come together for the second time that evening.
he loves to have his way with you and you love it. you love to see marks on your body, you wear them with pride. bucky wasn’t so thrilled when he saw them for the first time, but after lots of convincing, he kept it rough.
but like, he’s also super soft and sometimes the mood is for sensual lovemaking. he goes full romantic: candles, kisses, hand holding, eye contact and a bath afterwards.
he always goes soft after being rough. he washes your hair and rubs your back and waits for you to fall asleep.
he loves you and he’s so grateful that he’s finally found someone that accepts him for who he is 🥺
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alisonsfics · a day ago
summer days and sundresses
pairing: bucky barnes x reader
request: “maybe Bucky’s kryptonite are sundresses. He can’t control his reaction since he has feelings for the reader but never voiced them. It makes him act when he see’s others reactions and leads to pent up sexual tension sex because the both have been dancing around each other not admitting their feelings. SMUT and fluff please!” - @msunravelled
word count: 2.5k
warnings: smut, unprotected sex, fingering, handjob, swearing, semi-public sex, definite sundress kink, exhibitionism kinda, minors DNI
Tumblr media
“Morning, Buck.” Steve and Natasha chorused as Bucky walked into the kitchen. He gave them a sleepy smile before making a bowl of cereal.
He joined the both of them at the island. “So, you have any plans today?” Steve asked, looking towards Bucky. He shook his head, still barely awake. “Come on, Barnes. It’s our day off. You should go out and do something. Maybe you could finally ask out you-know-who.” Natasha said, smirking at Bucky.
Bucky instantly straightened up in his seat and glanced around the room to make sure you were nowhere to be seen. The pair couldn’t help but giggle at his wide-eyed expression.
“She could hear you.” Bucky hissed. Bucky wasn’t normally super paranoid or jumpy, everything was different with you. Everyone knew Bucky was head over heels for you, well everyone except you.
“Why don’t you ask her out? You’ve liked her for two years. I guarantee she likes you too, but she won’t be single forever.” Steve explained.
The only thing that scared Bucky more than confessing his feelings was seeing you with another man.
The chemistry between the two of you was undeniable. You both had come so close to finally confessing, but it never happened. The team had been rooting for you both to finally get together.
They noticed the giddy smiles on your faces when you were alone together. They noticed how your eyes always found each other from across the room. They noticed how you both danced around your feelings for two years.
Then, you walked in.
Bucky was fucking mesmerized. He froze in his seat as his eyes trailed over your floral sundress. “Good morning guys.” You said, with a kind smile.
“Wow,” Bucky mumbled under his breath. He noticed how his heart sped up as he laid eyes on you. The dress ended right below your ass and fit you perfectly.
“You look amazing. This dress is gorgeous. Wouldn’t you say so Barnes?” Natasha started with a genuine compliment, but was always acting as a wingwoman.
Bucky choked on his cup of coffee, and he felt his face become eight different shades of red. “What? Do you not like it?” You asked. You had picked the dress out specifically hoping Bucky would like it, and you were really worried that it had the opposite effect.
“No no no. It’s great, it really is.” He rambled, having to mentally remind himself to look at your eyes and nothing else.
Bucky was reminded of why he had never asked you out: you made Bucky nervous, really nervous.
All he wanted to do was tell you how pretty you were and kiss you. Every time he tried to ask you out, he would say the wrong thing. Two years of pining had really gotten to him. There was no pressure towards the beginning, but now he wanted it all to be perfect.
You and Bucky knew how to perfectly press each other’s buttons. No one knew whether or not you both did it on purpose.
“I’m going to go out with some friends. I’ll see you all later.” You said, smiling as you left the compound.
“What the fuck am I going to do?” Bucky muttered under his breath. He ran his fingers through his hair, tugging on the strands. The stool squeaked against the floor as Bucky forcefully stood off and marched towards his room.
“Have fun with your cold shower, Barnes.” Natasha joked, unable to keep the smirk off her face. Bucky’s response was simple: his middle finger flying up as he walked away.
Somehow everyday it got harder for Bucky to keep his feelings a secret. Sometimes that was because all he wanted to do was pull you into his arms and tell you how much you meant to him. Sometimes it was because he wanted to pin you against the wall and make you scream his name. At this moment, it was the latter.
After a very long shower, Bucky knew he needed a distraction.
He headed out the side doors of the compound and walked over to the outside gym, where there were various weights and training equipment.
When a car pulled up in the driveway, it naturally took Bucky’s attention. He quickly noticed you in the passenger seat, and then he noticed a guy in the drivers seat. He felt his fists clench at his side as he watched the man’s gaze.
This mystery guy was having a hard time not letting his eyes roll down your chest. Finally, after what felt like years to Bucky, you got out of the car and the mysterious man drove away.
You quickly noticed Bucky outside. He was the only one around and he was shirtless, so it’s no surprise he caught your attention.
“Hey, James.” You said, giggling as you walked up to him. Bucky groaned and tried to hide his smile. He placed down his weights and took a sip of his water. “I told you not to call me that.” He said, leaning back against the cold, concrete walls of the compound.
Bucky hated when everyone called him James, but something in him almost found it cute when you did it. He couldn’t let you or anyone else know that though.
He could hear his heartbeat in his ears as you walked closer to him. “That’s a really pretty dress.” Bucky said, surprised that he actually said it out loud.
You gave him a small appreciate smile. Neither of you knew what to say. Bucky’s mind raced as he tried to come up with something to say.
“So how was your date?” He asked, the words once again coming out of his mouth before he thought them through. He wanted to hit himself in the face. He knew it made him sound jealous, but it just slipped out.
He waited, anxiously, for your reaction. You just stood there with your eyebrows furrowed, until you finally realized what he meant. “That wasn’t a date, Bucky.” You assured him. He breathed a sigh of relief.
“Why do you seem so relieved that it wasn’t a date?” You asked, a small smirk forming on your face. For the first time, you were taking a step towards confessing your feelings, or getting Bucky to confess his.
Bucky's eyes went wide. Part of him thought he misheard you.
He couldn’t come up with a single coherent thought, so he stood there in silence.
It forced you to make the next move.
You took a few more steps towards him, so you were only inches apart. You placed your hands on each of his shoulders. You were reminded that he was shirtless, as the heat radiated off his chest. “Were you relieved that it wasn’t a date?” You asked, cocking your head to the side.
The close proximity gave Bucky the perfect view down the front of your dress. He forced himself to look into your eyes and tried to ignore how close you were to him. He shut his eyes for a second, trying to stop the effect your dress was having on him.
He couldn’t.
“You have no fucking idea.” He said, quickly before pulling you into a kiss. You kissed him back instantly, letting your hands caress his chest as his arms wrapped around your waist.
He loved the feeling of your body pressed up against his. It felt perfect.
He quickly spun you around and pinned you against the wall. He ran his hands up and down your sides, wanting to touch you everywhere. He’d dreamed about what it would be like to hold you. It was passing all his expectations.
Your mouths met in a quick and passionate kiss. The kiss was rushed. You both had wanted each other for too long.
His tongue grazed over your bottom lip. You whimpered as he tugged on your bottom lip with his teeth.
“This dress has been driving me crazy.” He mumbled against your lips. His hands slipped under your dress and he grasped at your ass. “I hoped you would like it.” You said, smirking.
You pulled away to gasp for air, resting your head against the building. He peppered kisses down your collarbone, stopping once he got to the top of your dress. He left wet kisses all over your chest.
You noticed how his eyes had darkened with lust. He quickly looked around, making sure the two of you were alone. “Hey, I have an idea.” He whispered, cupping your face. You could tell from his expression that it was going to be a naughty idea.
“I wanna take you right here, sweetheart.” He told you, placing kisses in the palm of your hand. You felt like your face was on fire. You quickly looked around the empty yard.
No one was around, but anyone could come outside at any moment.
“Are you turned on?” He asked, as you squirmed under his gaze. You felt even more embarrassed as he figured you out. “But it’s so risky,” you complained.
He pulled you into another quick kiss. “I know that excites you. I can see it in your eyes, sweetheart.” He said, cupping your ass through your dress.
“Fuck me, Barnes.” You said, simply. As soon as you gave him permission, his hands were up your dress. He cursed under his breath when he felt how wet you were.
It was sinful. He should have been ashamed by how turned on he was already. He couldn’t help it. He had been dreaming of this moment for years.
His hand slipped under your lace panties. “You alright there, James?” You teased, feeling his erection pressed against your leg.
“You’re fucking dripping.” He mumbled, a quiet moan falling from his lips. You continued to smirk. You moved your hand under your dress and guided his fingers through your folds. “You gonna finger fuck me or are you just teasing?” You questioned.
The question brought him back into reality, and he curled his fingers inside of you. You whimpered and leaned your head back against the wall. “Not so cocky now, huh?” He said, proceeding to push his fingers in and out of you.
You jutted your hips against his hand. “That’s what I thought.” He said, chuckling. You made no effort to hide the moans that effortlessly fell from your lips.
He pushed his thumb up against your clit and drew tight circles. You squealed. His hand clasped over your mouth, while applying more pressure to your clit. “Gotta stay quiet,” he told you. You nodded your head.
You bit down on your lip, trying to hold back your moans. “You look so fuckin’ sexy when you do that.” Bucky said, meeting your lips in a kiss. You could feel his very prominent erection, still pressed up against your thigh.
You palmed him through his gym shorts, which weren’t leaving much to the imagination. “Oh, baby. What are you doing?” He moaned out.
“We can both feel good, just keep going.” You told him. He nodded, returning his attention to you. He added another finger, causing you to gasp. You gripped his cock through his shorts.
He noticed that you were already pulsing around his fingers. “Are you close?” He mumbled, breathlessly. You nodded, biting down on your lip. He moved his fingers faster. You leaned your forehead against his shoulder, you were panting as you slipped your hand into his shorts.
You tried to focus on making him feel good, but all you could think about was how close you were. You wrapped your hand around his cock, earning a groan from him.
“I’m really…almost,” you moaned, squeezing your eyes shut. You came on his fingers, calling out his name. “There you go, sweetheart.” He said, coaxing you down from your orgasm.
He moved your hand out of his shorts. “I want you to finish too.” You told him. He shook his head. “Please just let me fuck you up against this wall.” His words came out as a beg.
You could tell how much he needed you. You pulled his cock out of his boxers, rubbing your thumb over his tip. He cursed under his breath, pushing his hips into your hand.
You heard a loud ripping sound, and then saw Bucky put your ripped panties in his pocket. “I need you.” He mumbled, lining himself up. You were almost drooling as you looked down at his cock.
He slowly pushed his tip into you, not wanting to hurt you. “Please go faster,” you begged him.
You were literally begging for his cock, and he couldn’t resist. His pushed himself inside of you, until he bottomed out. You mouth fell open as you tried to adjust to his size. “You feel so good around me.” He praised, pressing a kiss to your ear lobe.
He grabbed ahold of your hips before thrusting into you again. You held back a moan and tugged on his hair.
You grabbed his hands and moved them away from your hips. You moved his hands to the back of your thighs before grabbing his shoulders and jumping up.
He realized what you were doing and caught you. “Look at you so desperate to get fucked against this wall.” He teased, wrapping your legs around his waist.
He began effortlessly thrusting in and out of you. All you could do was moan as he fucked you into oblivion.
“You feel so good.” You mumbled, connecting Bucky’s lips in a kiss. His mouth muffled your moans, which was good because neither of you were trying to alert the rest of the compound to your current activity.
His lips slotted against yours. He softly bit down on your lip, earning another moan from you.
“Do you know how fucking wonderful this dress is? Is that why you wore it? Did you know I wouldn’t be able to resist you?” He whispered in your ear. His dirty words made you whimper.
When you didn’t respond, he attached his lips behind your ear. He softly sucked on the skin, surprised when you let out a loud moan. “Is that your sweet spot?” He asked, repeating the motion.
You buried your face in his neck, trying to muffle the sounds coming from you. “I love making you feel good.” He told you, speeding up his pace.
The sound of his wet thrusts were only turning you on more. “I’m gonna cum, sweetheart.” He mumbled, pressing a quick kiss to your lips. “Me too,” you mumbled.
You could feel his thrusts start getting sloppier. You pushed your hips forward to meet his. Bucky let out a low grunt as he came inside of you. His thrusts were messy as he pulled your lips into a kiss.
It wasn’t long before you were cumming. You both gasped for air, trying to recover. You wiped his hair away from his sweaty forehead.
“I am so fucking crazy about you.” He said, grabbing the back of your neck and kissing you. “I’m pretty crazy about you too.” You said, with a giant smile on your face.
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see through
**•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚  ˚*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚*
a/n: i dont have much to say other than that it's 1 am and i needed to get this out of my system. chapter 4 of play the game is underway, i promise. also, there will be a pov switch in this fic!
.・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。. = POV change!
wc: 4.1k words
[ neighbor!bucky barnes x fem!reader ]
**•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚  ˚*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚*
Every Friday night, without fail, you saw the light filter into your apartment.
Notice how you said night?
Yeah, it was almost two in the morning, by the way.
And why was there light coming through the chiffon curtains you had hanging on the rod above your window?
(Great choice on your part, by the way.)
Well, because of your neighbor.
You've seen him a few times, actually. Usually on the street outside your buildings, or just out and about. Never spoke to him, though. He was quiet, kept to himself. Didn't seem very friendly or willing to exchange a greeting if he ever saw you.
But you never took it personally. Maybe he was having a bad day. Every time you saw him.
But that's besides the point. The point right now is that you can see the lights blaring in your room. From the apartment across from yours.
Should it even be possible for light to travel that far? I mean, we don't even live in the same building. You think to yourself as you watch the colors dance in the dark.
You debate getting up and yelling out your window to tell him to shut that shit off or to invest in some blackout curtains. You were tired of sacrificing your sleep every week.
But then you decided against it, because you quite frankly could not be bothered to get up from the warmth of your bed. You'd tough it out for the night, but the next time you saw him, you'd have a few words for him.
The next morning, it was almost ten when you woke up. You didn't have your shift at the coffee shop you worked at until three, so you took your time in making your way out of bed.
You noticed the curtains of your neighbor's apartment were still open, but you could see his figure moving across the room. He was clearly on the phone with someone, and he didn't look too happy. You wondered what could have him so angry at such an early time of the morning. He seemed like a person who could use someone to talk to, someone who he could vent to.
But before you let your thoughts get ahead of you, you turn away from the window, heading back into your kitchen to eat breakfast and get ready for the long day ahead of you.
"Hi, what can I get started for you today?" You ask as brightly as you can muster at the moment. You were halfway through your shift, another three hours until close.
"Uh, just a large black coffee." The gruff voice says, and it takes you a second until you look up and look closely.
It was him.
"O-okay, that'll be $3.27." You say, and he hands you a five dollar note before grumbling,
"Keep the change."
"Thanks, and your name?"
He gives you a look that's asking, 'what the fuck do you need my name for?'
"For the order." You try and salvage your dignity, because it feels like the stare shrunk you to a speck of dust.
That's all he all but growls before turning back to find a seat.
As your coworker takes over the cash register, you grab the biggest cup and fill it with his desired coffee.
You try to not think about it too much, but the anxiety you feel rising up inside you and just calling his name to give him his coffee feels absolutely ridiculous.
"Are you just gonna stare at the cup or give it to the customer?" The voice of your coworker, Jenna, rings in your ears and you look up at her, snapping out of the trance you were in.
"Sorry, I'm just a little out of it today, I guess."
"Everything alright?" She asks, and you nod.
"I'm fine, it's just... that's my neighbor." You nod your head towards where James is sat, in the corner by the window as he watches the raindrops run down the expanse of the glass.
"The one who doesn't let you sleep?"
"Yeah, but I don't think he'd take it too kindly if I tell him about that. He seems to have a lot on his own plate anyways," You explain, and she just nods.
"Well, that sucks, but you still need ta' give the guy his coffee." Jenna smiles and walks back to what she was doing before.
You gently slide out from your spot behind the counter and walk to his table.
"Here's your coffee, James. Enjoy, and- uh, let me know if you'd like anything else." You tell him while placing the steaming cup in front of him.
He murmurs a thank you that you barely catch, but you don't quite have the time to sit and wait for more of a reaction.
For the next several hours, James sits right where he was. He doesn't do anything in particular, either. He just watches outside, as the rain continues to pelt down on New York City, and as people come and go from where they were.
Eventually, about an hour left until close, you offer another cup of coffee.
"Do you want a refill? On the house." You ask gently, waiting to see if you'll get brushed off again.
"Uh... are you allowed to do stuff like that?" He asks, and you're a bit taken aback at the sudden concern.
"I don't think you should worry yourself too much, James. Free coffee's free coffee." You smile lightly, and grab the cup before filling it up without his confirmation. You could tell he wanted to say yes but didn't want to seem rude.
"You didn't have to..." He grumbles, and you simply shake your head.
"I know, but you've been here a while, and what kind of employee would I be if I let a customer sit here without any sustenance?" Your lips ply into a tiny smirk, trying to get him to loosen up a bit.
He seems so guarded, defensive. Like any moment, he's ready to run if need be, you inspect to yourself.
"You'd just be a regular employee, Y/N." He says, but the way he says your name makes a shiver run down your spine; and you can't tell if it's a good or bad one.
You unconsciously look down at your name tag, pinned to your black apron that's branded with the café's logo.
"Well, I felt like being nice. I hope you can deal." Your voice comes out short, but he knows you mean no harm.
As you walk back to the counter, you see a small smile playing on his lips, but he doesn't allow it to manifest on his face. You take that as a small victory for your last hour of work.
(bucky's pov).・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。.
The girl who works at this café is annoying.
But she's got a nice smile. And she's nice to me, Bucky thinks to himself.
He sips on the new coffee you'd just poured for him, without his consent, he thinks bitterly.
But it was a nice gesture.
Why can't you just take a nice gesture?
Because your brain's been scrambled eggs for 70 years. You don't know what to think about anything these days.
He watches you fiddle with the espresso maker, cleaning it with a rag, which you then dip into a bucket.
You look extremely familiar to him, but he can't exactly pin where he's seen you before.
Bucky closes his eyes for a moment, trying to recall where he'd seen you, but for a moment, he comes up with nothing.
Ever since he's been living back in the real world, he hasn't been outside too much.
He goes on the occasional walk, or goes to the tower to see Steve and Sam.
But other than that, he spends a lot of time in his Brooklyn apartment. He watches movies that Steve suggests, or he invites Steve and Sam over to have beer and watch TV with him.
He hates how lonely it gets, though.
Bucky wishes that he had someone.
Someone who could understand.
And don't get him wrong, he loves Sam and Steve. They fill in the gaps in his days, and they make them better.
Sometimes, thinking about having something to do that day is what makes it. He likes having something to do, something to plan for for when his friends come over.
But it feels like a teeny, tiny part of his life is missing. A person shaped-hole in his heart.
But Bucky doesn't spend too long thinking about it, or it'll send him into a spiral about failure and how he needs to 'push himself to get out there more.'
Or that's what his therapist says.
"Hey, we're about to close, and we usually throw the pastries out at the end of the day. Do you wanna take these home, by any chance?" Your voice rings in his ears, snapping him out of the impending slippery slope of his lack of love life.
He hesitates to answer for a second, looking at the brown paper bag pinched between your fingers.
Bucky can tell you were nervous when you spoke to him. He knew he made you uneasy, and it killed him inside.
He hated that. He just wanted to have a normal conversation with someone. But everyone seems to know who he is.
Who he was.
"Uh, what is it?" He croaks, unsure of what to say at your gesture.
"It's a few cookies and a chocolate croissant."
"Sure, I'll take 'em." Bucky simply answers, watching as you hand the bag over with a soft smile and watches you walk back.
You sweep up the floor and put up all the chairs, except for the one Bucky's sitting on. You leave his table alone, and bid farewell to your coworker who was scheduled to close with you.
Bucky doesn't know what drives him to do it, but he gets up after he sees you walk out the door, and follows you home.
Damn, if you like a girl, you usually ask for her number or somethin'. Not follow her home to make sure she's safe, you idiot. Bucky's inner voice speaks and sometimes, he wishes it would just shut up because he knows he has no game nowadays, but this is all he knows to do.
He realizes the way you're walking is familiar, and not at all of the way he was supposed to be going. That made him feel a little better, less like a creep. He's about half a block behind you, and when you turn onto the same street he lives on, he's really confused.
Did you know he was behind you? Are you trying to play a trick on him?
But before Bucky can speak up or say something, you walk right past his building, and into the one right next to it.
All of a sudden, images of you right on the street in front of your buildings flash through his head. He's seen you because you're his neighbor. Bucky's seen you right there, getting ready to start your run through the neighborhood, or probably on your way to work, now that he's seen where you work.
But he feels like there's somewhere else he's seen you; somewhere familiar.
He shakes his head, wondering why he's so caught up in you. He thought you were beautiful, but he feels a pull to you that he's never felt with anyone else before.
Bucky's hands move to unlock his door, sliding the key in and twisting the lock open.
He enters, staring at his dark apartment. It's moments like this, when he spends a long day alone, that he wishes there was someone.
Someone to come home to, to hug, to kiss, to share dinner with.
Some to fall asleep with at night. Someone to keep the terrors of the dark away.
But there was no one.
And then his mind thought back to you. Your hair, your face, your warm hands that touched his while you passed him the brown paper bag of treats.
Bucky wishes he was man enough to ask you out. Not even that, just to talk to you. Have a normal conversation, to get to know you.
But that wasn't in the cards for him anytime soon, he thinks.
For now, he focuses on taking things one at a time. And right now, all he wanted was a nice, warm shower and to get at least three hours of sleep tonight.
He's in his room, forgoing the lights for now, before he looks out his window.
For a moment, he believes his eyes are playing tricks on him.
There's absolutely no way that you are standing right there, right outside his window.
Well, in your own apartment, of course.
And there's absolutely no way in hell that Bucky is watching you undress right now.
As soon as you pull off your top, Bucky turns around before he could get more than a peek of your black lace bra, and he feels a burn in the pit of his stomach.
He can't tell if it's shame, guilt, or arousal.
(y/n's pov).・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。.
You couldn't stop thinking about James all day.
After yesterday, you wondered why you couldn't shake this feeling about him.
He'd made it quite clear that he's not a people person. Or maybe he just wasn't a you person.
But again, you tried to not take things too personally these days.
Sometimes, you wondered, though, as you looked through your bedroom window to his some nights.
You imagined what it would be like, watching one of those movies with him at night. Making dinner with him. Having coffee in the mornings before work, wondering what he did for a living.
You chastise yourself for your thoughts, thinking that you were crazy for these ideas you were coming up with out of nowhere.
As you pull off your clothes to get ready for bed, you feel the same emptiness fill your heart when your head hits the pillow, and another day has gone by where you're all alone.
The next day, your shift was at ten in the morning so you were up early.
You took your time in rolling out of bed. The warmth of your duvet was holding you down, and you couldn't help take a peek out your window.
You see that the room facing yours is finally housing a body in the bed. In all the time you'd been living across him, you've only seen him on the floor.
You feel a warm flutter at that. Whatever reason led him to actually sleep in the bed last night was, you hope you played a role in it.
You make your way to the café, and although walking in the rain wasn't ideal, you made it, somehow.
You clock in and head to the register, ready to take the millions of orders that come in through the day.
"Hi- oh! Welcome back. What can I get you?" Your tone of voice made it clear you were surprised, but was trying to not let it show.
"Uhm, just the same as yesterday, and... Can I get a chocolate croissant?" Bucky's gruff voice tells you.
You ring him up, wondering if you should say something about him being your neighbor. Although, he didn't seem too keen on looking you in the eye right now, and you wonder if you did something to make him uncomfortable yet again.
He seems to have this issue quite often.
Little do you know, this time, it isn't because of you or anything you did.
Well, nothing you did on purpose.
Nothing you were aware of at the time.
Anyways, you tell James to go take a seat and that you'd be right out with his order.
"Here you go, James," you place the plate and mug on the table, and this time, when you hear him say something, you turn around with furrowed brows.
"Sorry, I didn't catch what you said." You apologize, waiting for him to repeat himself.
"I- nevermind, it was stupid anyways. You probably have to get back to work." He mumbles while looking back down at his pastry.
"James, whatever it is, you can tell me." You offer with a kind smile. "I can come sit with you during my break, if you don't mind?" A hopeful smile crosses your face.
"Uh, I- yes, yeah, that would be nice." He struggles for a moment, but finally nods his head in confirmation along with his words.
"Alright, James. I get off in an hour for my break." You simply tell him with a soft grin, and you can practically feel his eyes burning into you as you walk away.
The blush creeping up your cheeks also stays there until the remainder of your shift.
As you plop in the chair across from James, you inspect him for a moment.
He was attractive, you'll admit.
Okay, he was more than attractive.
"So, James, where are you from?" You ask, your own cup of coffee in front of you on the table.
"Well, I'm Brooklyn born 'nd raised. Never was a time I didn't live here. You?" His lip twitches, looking out the window fondly.
"That's nice. I moved here when I was nine, so I guess I've been here a while. But no matter where I go, there's nowhere like home." You smile.
"There really isn't, huh? This place is irreplaceable." He gives you a crack of another smile, and you find yourself yearning for more from him. Just a tooth, something.
"Well, do you live around here?" You ask, deciding to play coy. You wanted to see what he'd say.
"Uh, yeah, actually. Over on DeKalb and Clinton." He clears his throat, the hint of a smile on his face melting right off.
"Huh, that's so funny. I live on those streets too." You grin, waiting to see his reaction.
"O-Oh really?" James doesn't really know what to say without giving away that he knows where you fucking live.
"Yeah, isn't that funny? Which building?" You're pressing, and you know he knows, but you're having your fun right now.
"T-the uhm... I live in the Washington." He's now making zero eye contact with you, and you're close to breaking.
"What a coincidence! I live in the Oakley!" You're in a fit of giggles when his face drops, you just can't help it anymore.
"James, can I tell you something?" You ask in a coquettish manner.
"Yeah, I suppose you'll tell me even if I say no." He gives a tight smile as a joke.
"I don't wanna sound like a creep, but I knew you lived in the Washington."
"Oh," James releases a breath of relief, "thank God. I knew you lived in the Oakley, but I didn't wanna sound like a stalker either." He says.
You laugh, sliding a hand on top of his resting on the table.
"Y'know, you do this really annoying thing where you leave your movies running on full brightness on your TV, and I can see it through my windows at night." You laugh at the incredulity of the situation.
"Oh... I never even thought of that. I'm sorry, Y/N." He looks genuinely remorseful, and now you feel bad for any bad thought you've had about the man that lives across from you.
"It's alright. No big deal." Your smile does a good job of convincing Bucky that you truly weren't bothered by his actions, but he still felt bad.
"Y'know, maybe I could make it up to you?" He asks, and you feel a blush moving up your chest. "Like, maybe over dinner?" His voice is timid, you can tell by the way he tilts his head down while speaking.
"James," you slide your hand into his this time, your smaller one resting in his large metal one. "I'd love to go out with you sometime."
Before he could react, you stood up from the chair.
"My break's over, but I get off at 3." You lean down and pull a pen from your apron, scribbling your number onto a napkin. "Here."
You walk away before he could say anything, but there's something about him this time that you notice.
He's blushing, too. And he's smiling. A bright, white, blinding smile.
You think of that smile throughout your whole shift, until you see he's still waiting for you when it's time to go.
"So, do you like Chinese or Italian better?" He asks with a crooked smile.
bonus scene:
six months later
You and Bucky are laid across your bed, the TV blaring a movie that neither of you are paying attention to. Your head is resting on his shoulder, leg thrown over both of his, and his hand running through your hair.
"You wanna know somethin' doll?" Bucky asks, and you feel his chest rumble under your head.
"Yeah, everything okay?" You ask while leaning up on your elbow to get a good look at him, trying to gauge his mood.
"Everything's okay, just remembered something." He laughs, his hand moving to hold your jaw in it. You shivered at the touch, but smiled fondly at the action.
"When I first saw you at the coffee shop, that first day when you gave the free coffee and pastries... I followed you home."
Your brows furrow and it's clear that you were confused as to why.
"I wanted to make sure you got home safe, and then it turned out that you lived right next to me. So I went up to my apartment and wondered what I'd done right in a past life to have you live right next to me, and then I saw you lived right across from me." His face was tipped upwards, like he was replaying that night in his head.
"You followed me home just to make sure I was safe?" You asked in disbelief that he did something so nice for you, when at the time you thought he hated you.
"Of course, sweetheart. It was dark out and there 're some real jerks out there, y'know." One corner of his mouth lifts up in a soft smirk. "Didn't want anything to happen to ya."
You lean down and press a kiss to the corner of his mouth, appreciating his gesture.
"I really thought you didn't like me back then, so this is a nice little secret you've been hiding from me." You giggle when he pulls you back in for a real kiss.
"Yeah, well, I don't think I could'a hated you if I tried, baby. You're too sweet. And at the time, I was still getting used to being out in the open without being a national security threat." You both laugh lightly, dropping your head down.
A moment passes where you bask in his words, letting them soak in. And then a thought hits you, and you can't help but become more curious. Now you need to know the answer.
"Hey, can I ask you something?"
"Sure, hon." Now Bucky's brows are pulled together, and you reach up and smooth out the wrinkle with your thumb.
"Did you ever... see me doing anything in here? Like, I usually keep the curtains open, and even if they're closed, they're pretty see-through..." You trail off, giving him time to craft his response.
You have a feeling you know the answer, considering how he turns red like a tomato in an instant as words leave your lips.
"I... there was this one time, but I swear, I wasn't trying to peep on you or anything, it was the same day I followed you and I just so happened to look into your window, and you were getting undressed, but I swear, I turned away as soon as I saw what you were doing, baby-" He was rambling, trying to save himself from sounding like a complete creep after all he's just told you.
"Did you like it?" You ask, innocently, but he knew what you were trying to do.
"I-I- You were getting undressed, sweetheart, of course I liked it... are you kidding me?" Bucky's grasping for the words, trying to make you understand.
"Well... we could always recreate it, but maybe in the same apartment this time?" You cock your head to the side, your doe eyes stirring a feeling in his abdomen.
"I think that's an excellent idea, honey." Bucky's hands grasp your waist as you slide on top of his lap. "After all, I am a hands on learner."
fin. i hope you enjoyed!
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touchstarvedirl · a day ago
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word Count: 1,750
Warning(s): Excessive of use of fuck in all its forms bc idk I think it’s my signature by now, Implied Smut, Profanity / Language
A/N: For that one anon, you know you are (bc I don’t lmfao). My other works if you like this one: Masterlist, Jealous sex with Bucky, Beefy!Bucky gets a little jealous
+ I know I’ve been leading ya’ll on in a few of my last posts but oh well you guys need a smut detox anyway!! + Do these count as drabbles guys?? Lemme know
Summary: Bucky lets his insecurities get to him when he sees one of Tony’s friends flirting with you, all he needs is a little reminder. 
+ My gifs never really correspond with the fic content I just like to look at Sebastian Stan 
Tumblr media
   Bucky is working on himself. 
   He’s a lot better than before, not such a short fuse, harder to anger, more understanding. But still, when it comes to you it takes very little to rile him up, and right now, he’s fucking riled up.
    He didn’t even want to be here, that’s first. But he is, dressed dapper and all because you had convinced him his attendance was important, that the other team members were counting on him, that this was a team effort, and that you’d accompany him as a plus one of course.
    He’s about two seconds from telling them they can go to hell. Them and all their participation points and teamwork bullshit. He’s Tony’s friend, which already puts him on Bucky’s bad side, but for the last half - hour he’s had to watch him flirt with you nonstop. Flashing his stupid, rich, playboy smile like it’s a black card, keeping you at the bar when you should be with Bucky. 
   “- isn’t that right, buddy?” Steve asks, clapping Bucky on the back. The attention at the small rounded table turns to Bucky briefly, spectators of Steve, who’d been listening to his lively stories and jokes. 
   “Yeah, it was wild. I thought we’d never get out of there.” Bucky offers, hoping it’ll satiate the table’s desire to see him socialize. It does, or they want to get back to ogling Steve so they laugh and turn their attention back to the wild adventures of Captain America. Bucky takes a sip from his drink.
   Bucky watches from across the spacious ballroom floor, as your suitor leans back into his barstool draping his arm across the back of yours, flashing that fucking smile at you again. He’s confident and flirtatious, it’s in the way he signals the bartender over, the way he looks at you when you look away, the smug look that crosses his face when you laugh.
    Bucky wants to think that you’re just being polite. He knows that you probably are, because that’s you. At these events, you’re the better half of him, filling in for his introversion by putting yourself out there on his behalf so that at the end of the night the talk is less ‘that Bucky character is so odd’ and more ‘Y/N, his girlfriend is such a sweetheart’. 
   He doesn’t want to, wishes he could write it off as soon as the thought even comes to mind but you look like you’re having fun. What if you’re enjoying the attention? What if you’re starting to see the appeal of a smooth millionaire compared to your worse for wear boyfriend? He’s nowhere near perfect, and sometimes it’s hard to convince himself that he’s worth it - worth anything. If he lets shit like this get to him, pretty boys in way more expensive suits, he’d start questioning every guy that looks at you for more than two seconds, and you don’t deserve that.
   It’s nothing like you, he can’t even imagine it, but it’s burgeoning on the back of his mind. Every second that passes makes him angrier, sadder, more confused, and then he sees him lean in, The room stops as he watches him lean over, and whisper in your ear, with a smirk.
   It makes him sick to his stomach, makes his skin crawl, and makes him feel a bit murderous. He stays there for what seems like forever to Bucky, but in reality is nothing more than 5 seconds and when he finally backs away, out of your space where he should’ve always been, you’re… smiling?
   Snickering, bringing your hand to your mouth to hide your smile. It makes him explode and he makes the glass in his hand explode. Squeezing too hard, completely out of his mind in anger, he crushes the glass in his flesh hand making what little drink left spill and the shards of the glass that didn’t fall embed themselves in his palm.
   The commotion makes heads turn, all attention on Bucky. He’s used to staring but it’s your stare, wide and concerned from across the room that makes him feel under a microscope.
“I’m fine, mind your damn business, all of you.” Bucky murmurs before briskly rushing out of the room.
   Right after Bucky disappears you question Steve about what happened, and turn up right outside of his car, where Bucky’s been stewing miserably, with a first aid kit to treat any cuts.
   You knock on the passengers’ side window, making Bucky sit up from his reclined position to roll down the window. “What’s up?” he offers, parading as nonchalant, with his heart beating wildly in his chest.
   “What’s up?” You mock. Let me in!”
   “I’m fine, it was just a little accident, you don’t have to worry about me. I know you’re busy.”
   You squint in the dark to see Bucky’s hands, crimson red dripping all down his fingers. ‘FINE? Bucky, you’re bleeding! Open the freaking door.”
   He sighs lowly, before unlocking the door and reaching over to close the door. Before your butt can even fully hit the seat, you’re taking his hand over the console as softly as you can.
   “Jesus baby, look at you.” He watches you as you examine the damage. Your brows furrowed in concentration, turning his hand oh so gently.
   “There are only a few pieces, I can get them if you let me. Just let me, okay?” You ask, without waiting for an answer. The next few minutes are quiet, you working diligently picking out the shards of glass, disinfecting, and wrapping his hand while Bucky watches in awe trying to work through and simultaneously ignore the flurry of thoughts in his head. 
   Finishing wrapping, you bring his hand to your lips and kiss him there softly. “You scared me.”
   “Hm, didn’t think you’d have time to be worried about me.” He lets the snarky comment slip and shuts his eyes tightly when he realizes what he’s done.
   “What’s that supposed to mean?”
   “Nothin’, that was stupid.”
   “No, what’s that supposed to mean James?” You push.
   He winced slightly at the formal name - calling. “Your little boyfriend back there, isn’t he gonna be missing you?”
   You let go of his hand and turn to him in your seat. “Excuse me?”
   “You heard me.” He hates that he’s acting this way, but he can’t get himself to stop because now he’s thinking about all the things golden boy has that he doesn’t and it makes his chest start to ache.
   “Is that why you broke that glass? Is that what that thing was before when you wouldn’t open the door?”
   Bucky pretends he doesn’t hear you, starts to fiddle around to look occupied. The air freshener hanging from the mirror, readjusting himself in the chair, ghosting his fingers over the stick shift.
   ‘I’m talking to you. Is tha-”
   “It doesn’t matter. I don’t wanna talk about this shit.”
   “Apparently you do. You bring up Jackson as if we-”
   “Jackson.” Bucky laughs crudely. “Of course...” Even his name was perfect.
“What is your problem?” You question wildly confused at your boyfriends behavior. He was fine the last time you spoke, and not much had happened since you separated.
   “My problem? It’s-” Bucky stops when he realizes he’s searching for words that he can’t say. It’s you, and Jackson but it’s mostly him. But he can’t map where it’s actually you and Jackson and where it’s him, and his insecurities turning in on themselves. “It’s nothing, I’m just in a mood.” He dismisses.
   You take a deep breath. “Can you talk to me, please?” You take his dressed hand over the console again, stroking lightly as to calm him. “This isn’t just a mood.” You add, knowingly.
   As the softness of your voice settles and he feels the tingly feeling of you caressing his fingers, he calms down and when he looks over at you patiently waiting for him to speak he realizes how much of a dick he is.
   You couldn’t cheat on him if you wanted to, your soul was too pure, and for some reason you were in love with his dumbass.
“That Jackson guy, he’s been flirting with you all night.”
“Flirting? He was not flirting with me, I promise you that.”
“He was. I watched him. Flashing that goddamn smile at you and - and you, giggling at all his stupid little rich jokes.”
You snort, “Rich jokes? Jackson?”
“Why do you keep saying his name like that?” Bucky snatches his hand away from you.
“Like what? How am I saying it?”
“Nothing, said I didn’t want to about this.”
“Jackson is married, Buck. He’s not rich and he wasn’t flirting with me.”
“He’s Tony’s friend. That says enough.”
“He’s one of Tony’s interns. We met a while ago at a concert and kind of had the night of our lives and it was funny crossing paths again. He and his husband just got back from their honeymoon.”
   You stifle your smirk, “Yes baby, his husband. High school sweethearts so they decided to tie the knot since Jackson has pretty much a secured job when he’s finished with the internship.”
   His husband. Bucky flexes his hand hoping he’ll feel a sting of pain to distract himself. He had a fucking husband and you guys are just old friends, just as Bucky suspected. Just like he should’ve known.
   “Do you want to talk for real now?” You ask, putting your hand under your chin, with your elbow on the console.
   “No it’s stupid now. I just - it’s dumb forget it.”
   “It’s not stupid. Nothing you feel is ever stupid.”
   “I don’t like seeing him and you together. The way he touched you, the way he talked to you, fucking looked at you. I don’t like it. I’ll never like it, when it’s not me.”
You pull a Bucky forward by the lapel on his suit jacket. “Am I yours?”
   Bucky’s eyes search yours, his eyes flittering down to your lips, the ones he fantasizes about, says things that drive him off the edge he constantly stands at with you. “I’m talking to you, am I?”
   “You know you are.” His hand wraps around your back. 
   “Do you know it?” You whisper against his ear, the tickle of your breath making his jeans tighten. 
   “Just needed a reminder, doll.”
    “Maybe I need one too.”
    His large hand is pressing harder into your back. “Don’t tempt me.”
    “Don’t make me beg.”
   “… Get your ass in that backseat.”
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randominagines · 2 days ago
Y/n: Will you be away for long?
Bucky: No, doll. I have three missions this month but they are quite simple. I'll be home as soon as possible.
Y/n: You have too many missions. *you sit on his lap and hug him*
Bucky: And you have too many clothes on.
Y/n: *you smirk and take your shirt off*
Bucky: What are you doing? *smiles while staring at you*
Tumblr media
Y/n: Making things easier for you, unless you have to leave now.
Bucky: I'm not going to see you for weeks, Sam can definitely wait. *crushes his lips on yours*
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stuckybarton · 2 days ago
What Has Been, What Can Never Be Masterlist (coming soon)
Tumblr media
Summary: Steve Rogers had returned to the past, hoping to move on from the chaos of the future. Leaving the woman that had loved him as someone more than just the persona of Captain America and his best friend that has always been with him until the end of the line.
But as he had come to settle in this new life back in his own time, regret was somehow coming to follow. When he decides to return to the present, things have changed and you, the woman that had always promised to be there for him was now happy with his best friend as the two of you moved on with your lives without Steve Rogers in it.
Characters: Bucky Barnes x Witch!Reader; Ex!Steve Rogers x Witch!Reader; Steve Rogers x Peggy Carter. Sam Wilson. Helmut Zemo. Sharon Carter.
Series Warnings: Post-Endgame. Post-TFAWS. Angst. Smut. No Closure to a Breakup. Profanities. Talks about Death, PTSD, Anxiety, Alcohol Consumption. Other specific warning to be added per chapters.
A/N: Shout out to @secretsthathauntus for giving me this idea. Hope to be able to make justice to this one. Thank you so much~
Spotify Playlist
Tumblr media
For The Ones That We Lost
For The Ones That We Gained
For The Ones That Has Regrets
For The Ones That Never Recovered
For The Ones That Finally Moved On
For The Ones That We Cherish
For The Ones That Come to Realize
For The Ones That Never Lives
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xbuchananbarnes · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
⌖ Chain the Devil ⌖
Tumblr media
❝ 'Aren't you afraid of my darkness, my dear?' Hades asked with mischief in his eyes.
'No,' Persephone replied, 'You haven't even seen mine yet.' ❞
— kfg.
Tumblr media
Summary: Mob boss, James Barnes, finally meets his most trusted hit(wo)man, and quickly learns that even the Devil himself believes in love at first sight. Their jobs and a few ghosts from their past might make it harder for them to get their happily ever after, but if they can’t move Heaven, they will raise Hell.
Word Count: TBD.
Warnings; MOB AU. 18+ only. Swearing (because it’s me), teasing, Bucky Barnes is a total flirt, implied smut, smut (choking kink, praise kink, slight voyeurism), angst, fluff, mentions of depression and PTSD, violence, mob/gun talk inaccuracy, poorly edited. Each chapter will have its own warnings.
» Read it on AO3 here!
» The moodboard and the name of this series came from my stargirl, Maria (@bvckysmoon) and they’re the inspiration for this story alongside this post by my wife, Leah (@babiiface95). Thank you, I love you both. Dividers by the always amazing Daisy (@firefly-graphics).
⌖ playlist ⌖
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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classylo · 2 days ago
the bodyguard | part 3
pairings: bodyguard!bucky barnes x chief of staff!female reader
summary: part 3 | the date | you’re still trying to adjust to your life with a bodyguard along with going on a dinner date with your ex, your life really couldn’t be any more confusing. 
warnings: angsty, fluffy, reader x james starting to get a bit more...friendly, mentions of ex, dinner with ex, John Walker is the ex, ex is a bit of a douchebag, slow-build up with your bodyguard 
Tumblr media
As usual, you close your eyes for sleep, and boom, just like that it’s already the next morning.
You wake up and make your first coffee. You get dressed and scroll through the news. This is your usual morning.
Every morning. 6 days a week.
But you loved it. Every morning you practically jumped out of bed. This was your dream job.
You were so enthralled with the news and your upcoming schedule for the day you almost forgot you had a bodyguard standing outside.
Ugh. You silently groan to yourself.
As you get ready you take a little longer with your hair and makeup than usual. You try to tell yourself it’s because of the dinner with your ex tonight but you know both your hair and makeup will be ruined by then.
You are making yourself look nice for... James.
“Stop.” You whisper to yourself in the mirror.
You cannot seriously think this guy is hot. Or that anything will happen. You don’t even KNOW the guy. Jesus. You roll your eyes at yourself in the mirror and proceed out the door. You are shocked when you open it.
“Good morning,” James says with a smile. He hands you your coffee.
“Uh… Hi.” You say as you take it.
You stare at the coffee and then back at him. You take a sip and it’s perfect. It’s your order. Exactly. You stand back and stare at him half amazed and half amused.
“Is it right?” He asks.
“Yeah. Thank you.” You smile.
He smiles and nods his head. You two begin walking down the hallway and you catch yourself smiling.
Oh, this is not good.
Work is busy as usual and before you know it, it’s the end of the day. Your last meeting runs over and you realize you are late for dinner. You swing the door open and James smiles once he sees you, this, in turn, makes you smile.
“Ready?” He asks.
“Unfortunately. Let’s hope this is quick.”
This makes James chuckle.
Once you get to the restaurant. You are practically running through the door with James quickly behind you.
Once inside the restaurant, you see Walker seated by the windows. You walk over and turn to see James is a seated few tables behind you.
“Does he follow you everywhere?” Walker asks as he stands to greet you with a kiss on the cheek.
“Well, that’s the point of a bodyguard hm?” You say with an eyebrow raise as you sit and pick up the menu.
You both order food and drinks. You seem to be enjoying yourself until your ex brings the conversation back to James.
“They couldn’t have sent you an uglier one?” He asks and you can’t help but laugh.
“Jealous, Johnny?” You smirk.
“No. I hope to god your standards are higher than a bodyguard.” He retorts.
This comment annoys you so you decide to fight back.
“Well. I dated you for 4 years.”
He looks up at you and narrows his gaze.
“Move in with me. You will be safe there.”
You snort as you place your drink down and give a dramatic eye roll.
“Walker --“ you begin and he cuts you off.
“I’m serious, move back in. You will be safer there than in your apartment.”
“I like my apartment. It comes with a bodyguard.” You smirk.
Walker is unamused.
“Baby — can we please. Can you please just come back. I fucked up and I’m sorry. It’s been two years and neither of us has moved on. I want to be with you. I want to marry you and have kids with you and-“
“Walker, I swear to god if you are now going to add a house and a dog to your list of demands.” You stop him.
“Y/N, please. We’ve practically been together for 6 years. I love you.” He sighs and attempts to grab your hand.
You pull away. You were so over this conversation between the two of you.
He’s been trying to have it for the past year and will not accept you are not ready. You did not want kids or a family yet. You were in the prime of your career. You do not have time to play loving wife and caring mom.
You’re also not even together anymore, which seems to be something he keeps forgetting. You down your drink and signal for the check.
“Walker, I’m done with this conversation. We are not together anymore. We haven’t been together in years. It’s not going to happen.” You say and he sits back annoyed.
“Well if I do recall correctly a few nights ago…”
You narrow your gaze at him, and he knows to shut up.
Yes, you technically have been broken up for two years but he was right. Neither of you had moved on and well, you enjoyed sleeping with him. Work can be stressful and he’s the only guy you’ve ever been with.
So what you spend a few nights with him every now and then...
Once they deliver the check you slap enough cash down to pay for both of your meals.
“I’m going to keep trying until you agree to have this conversation with me. Like an adult.” He says as you both stand up.
“Well keep trying, Walker. I have other things to worry about.” You pat him on his shoulder.
“I love you.” He pleads as he grabs your arm before you take off.
You turn and look him in the eyes. You want to give into him. It would be so easy. You almost lean in and kiss him but you pull yourself away.
You quickly make your way outside and James is quick to follow you. You feel tears in your eyes and are annoyed. You want to move on, but you just can’t. Walker knows you better than anyone and you fear no one can get to know you and love you the way your life is now. You're too much for anyone to ever love, you think to yourself.
Which are words Walker often said to you whenever you two would fight.
James notices you wipe a tear away but doesn’t say anything as he opens the door for you.
“Can I sit up front? Like a normal person. I hate the feeling of you driving me around like you’re my chauffeur.” You mumble.
Too much of your surprise he doesn’t object. He closes the door and walks you around to the passenger side. He opens the door for you once more.
“Thanks.” You mumble and climb inside.
You two drive back to your apartment and the three or four drinks from dinner have gone to your head. You lean your head back and look at James.
“Are you married?” You ask and he doesn’t answer for a few seconds.
“No. Divorced.” He eventually says.
You laugh.
“Of course. What did you do? Cheat?”
“No ma — no. She didn’t have much patience for me and my job.” He responds.
You can tell by his facial expressions it’s more than that but you don’t push.
“I’m sorry — I didn’t mean to —“ you begin and he shrugs his shoulders.
“It’s fine.” He responds.
“It’s just my ex…he fucked me over. So I have a bias against men lately.” You admit and James chuckles.
You sit there in silence a little longer until James finally speaks.
“So why did you two break up?” He asks.
You stare at him again. You’re amazed he asked such a question. When you first met him you thought he would be quiet. But last night and tonight he seems interested in you. This was quite the bold move.
“It’s... it’s a long story.” You sigh.
“We have time.” He says glancing at you pulling one hand from the wheel and laying it between you both on the console.
His response and action make you smirk. You ramble your thoughts of where you want to begin.
You eventually give him the sweet and short synopsis of your relationship with your ex.
You two met in law school. You had similar interests in working for the government so you moved to DC together after graduation. That's when you met the then Governor of Massachusetts. He asked you and Walker to both come and work for him but Walker denied. Once he ran for president though, Walker of course joined the campaign team. The President and Walker were very close. You all were very close.
“And well... the night of the election, Walker asked me to marry him.”
James stops the car as you two have reached your apartment building. He turns to look at you while you finish your story, his hand remaining on the center console, you glance down and notice his arm just a few inches from yours.
“And?” He says.
“And well... moments before the President had asked me to be his chief of staff over Walker. So, when I told him the news that kinda caused some issues between us…he — he threw the ring box across the room and stormed out. He then broke up with me over text while he flew home that night.” You sigh as you glance down at the floorboard.
There was a pause of silence between the two of you. You were getting ready to get out of the car when James finally spoke.
“So, let me get this straight…he was jealous that you were smarter than him and the more competent one for the job and broke up with you?”
His tone takes you back. You’re shocked by his response.
“It was more than that...” you trail off.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to overstep.” He says as he unbuckles his seatbelt.
“It’s alright.” You respond.
You throw your head back and remember your ex, the same ex who stormed out on you the night of the election, wanting you to move back in with him and start a family.
You laugh.
James looks at you confused.
“Is everything okay?” He asks and you continue to laugh.
“I left so abruptly because he has been trying to get me to move back in with him. To start a family. Kids.” You laugh.
James continues to stare at you, he’s not sure how many drinks you had but he knows this isn’t your usual put-together self.
“Fucking kids. God. No. I mean who would want-“ your eyes widen and you look over.
“Oh god you have kids, don’t you.”
He chuckles and nods his head.
“Yeah. Two.” For some reason, you smile at his admission.
“Two? You have two kids?” You say shocked.
“Yes. Rebecca and Steve,” He smiles. It’s a very genuine-proud-dad type of smile.
You love it.
“I don’t have anything against kids. I like kids. I just — not right now. Not yet. I’m too young.” You explain and he nods his head to assure you he’s not offended by your remark.
“Sorry, I’m so talkative.” You blurt out as James attempts to ask you a question. He chuckles to himself and asks once more.
“How old are you, if I may?” James asks as he turns to open his door. You look at him and smirk.
“Shouldn’t you know that information, James?” You ask. You realize you called him by his first name versus his last.
It felt so natural, you enjoyed the feeling of his name leaving your lips. You noticed it took him by surprise as well, but he didn’t seem to mind.
“Yeah. I do. I just wanted you to say it.” He smirks and gets out.
As you two walk up to your apartment you continue pestering James.
“So I’m young right? Impressive right? For me to be chief of staff and a woman and so young?” The drinks are really making you seem like an idiot, but you don’t care. 
You want him to admit how impressive you are. You want him to be impressed by you.
You stumble up the steps and James grabs ahold of you and steadies you.
“Woah, Woah hold on, I’ve got you.” He wraps his hand around your waist to steady you and your breath hitches in your throat. This is enough to somewhat bring you out of your intoxicated state.
“Are you alright?” He asks, it’s a whisper, as he holds you close to him, closer than you’ve ever been.
“Mhm.” You quickly respond before you pull from his embrace and race up the steps.
You unlock the door and let him sweep through the place. You’re leaning against the wall trying to erase all thoughts of his touch from your mind until he comes back out.
“All good.” He says into his earpiece. He pulls away and looks at you. He gives you a sympathy pout as he can tell you’re unwell.
He reaches his hand out and motions for you to grab it, you do, of course. He then reaches behind you and places his other hand on the small of your back as he leads you inside and sits you down on the couch.
“Do you want some water?” He asks.
“No. No. I’m fine. Sit down.” You respond as you kick off your shoes.
“I can’t, I’m on the clock.”
This response forces you to roll your eyes.
“Boo.” You say and he laughs.
He turns to leave and you stop him.
“You still need to answer my question.”
He stops and turns around.
“Why does it matter what I think?”
This answer intrigued you. You stand up and walk toward James.
“Why wouldn’t it matter what you think?” You respond.
He smiles as you stumble a little bit on your words.
“Yes, Y/N. I think it’s impressive you’re 30 years old and the chief of staff to the President of the United States.”
The sound of your name so nonchalantly coming out of his mouth made your heart skip. It sounded so much better with his subtle Brooklyn accent.
“Do you have a picture of your kids?”
He nods and immediately pulls out his phone. His background is him and his two kids.
“Wow, they are so beautiful.” You admit.
As you continue to look at the picture, you realize you’re staring at James more than the kids. He seems so carefree and happy.
That smile. You’d like to see that smile you think to yourself.
You glance back up at him and he is watching you intently.
“Thank you.” He says as he puts his phone back in his pocket.
You both stand there for a few seconds and you eventually pull away.
“Well... um. See you in the morning.” You say and he nods his head.
You walk him to the door and as he turns to walk down the hallway you blurt out,
“Goodnight, James.”
He turns back around and slyly smiles,
“Goodnight, Y/N.”
a/n: oooOOOOO!! things heating UP!! hope you enjoyed <3 
part 4
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metalbuckaroo · 13 hours ago
How about dbf bucky catching you masturbating? Like you don't know he is there in the house and you thought your dad was out, so you're just in your room, fucking frustrated and trying to release some of that frustrations by getting yourself off, but it's just not working out bcz of the stress and you're even more frustrated. He hears your whimpers and at first he's worried but as he moves closer, he releases what they really are and he's like oh fuck me. And there's always been a lot of tension between you two and then he hears a moan of his name so he just goes and leans by the door with a smirk on face waiting for you to notice and when you finally do, you're all on fire, cheeks flushing and heat radiating bcz oh shit he just caught you moaning his name and you just stop and he's like "oh gorgeous, don't stop on my account."
Avhshdhdjk idk what to do with thisssss
Summary// "Do you want me?"
Warnings// Filth, barely any plot, just filth, oral (f receiving, brief mutual masturbation, light praise kink, light hair pulling kink, cursing, age gap (reader mid 20s bucky mid 30s)
AU// dbf!bucky x f!reader
Note// I didn't expect this to get as long as it did 🥴🥴
Tumblr media
Bucky called out for your dad when he walked in the front door, toeing his boots off. Both cars still parked in the driveway, but no answer when he walked in.
He could hear faint noises coming from upstairs, focusing his hearing on the quiet whimpers and whines before creeping up the stairs. "You alright up here?" He said, not getting an answer again as he rounded the banister. Eyes meeting with something he didn't quite expect.
Bucky's mouth went dry, stopping in his tracks at the sight of you laid back against your pillows with your hand between your thighs.
He started to back away unnoticed, the next sound that left your lips bringing him to the realization his feelings weren't one sided. That he wasn't the only who felt the tension every time hugs lasted a little too long, or lips knocked closer together than normal for a cheek kiss.
"Buck-" the whimper of his name was cut off by a desperate whine as he leaned against the door frame, his cock stirring in his jeans.
You nearly jumped out of the bed when you noticed the brunette in your doorway. Arms folded against his thick chest, sleeves of his sweatshirt straining at the seams around the corded muscles of his right and sleek metal of his left.
"Bucky- I-" you stammered, cheeks burning as his denim blues watched your every move. A sly smirk playing on his lips. "Oh, no, sugar. Keep going. You moaning my name is the sweetest sound I've ever heard."
Bucky's voice was low, laced with lust as he took another step further into the room.
You swallowed thickly, watching him with wide eyes as he moved to stand at the end of your bed. Eyes raking down your exposed form as he leaned down to press his hands into the mattress on either side of your hips.
"Do you want me?" Those four words had your heart beating erratically, blood rushing in your ears making it hard to believe he'd even said them. "W-what?" You mustered out, pressing your thighs together tightly.
"I said- do you want me." He repeated, getting a quick nod in response. "Show me, fuck your fingers." He smirked. "It's not working." You huffed, Bucky shaking his head at you as he wedged his hand between your thighs. Parting them to look at your glistening folds. "Keep trying, sweets."
The bed dipped under his weight when he kneeled on the edge, moving to sit on his heels between your knees. The fabric of his jeans stretching around his thick thighs. "Go on, nothing to be shy about."
Your hand slipped back down between your legs, hesitating to ease two fingers back into your heat as Bucky watched intently. His bottom lip disappearing behind his teeth as his right hand caressed and kneaded the inside of your thigh. His left going to prod at his belt.
Bucky noticed how you chewed your bottom lip as he tugged at the leather and fastening of his jeans and the way your free hand fisted the sheet under you. Your breath stuttering when his pants and briefs had been shoved down, metallic hand wrapping around his thick shaft.
"Fuck," you breathed out, eyes staying trained on the reddened tip that leaked precum as you rocked your hips against your hand.
Fisting over himself, Bucky watched the work your fingers did. Your thighs tensing and relaxing, bottom lip bit harshly between your bottom teeth as you let out a frustrated whine.
"Keep going, sugar. Look so fuckin' gorgeous." His gruff voice sent a shiver down your spine, adding to the overwhelming ache in your core as your hand reached to tug the hem of his shirt. "Take it off." You murmured, a cocky smirk tugging his lips as he reached back to pull his sweatshirt off. Dropping it to the floor beside your bed.
You were starting to get more frustrated. The pressure in your abdomen ready to be set off, but your own fingers unable to do the job. "Buck-" you huffed out, looking at him with pleading eyes that he easily gave into.
"I've got you, sweet girl. Just relax." Bucky assured, standing from the bed long enough to kick his jeans and briefs off before settling on his front between your legs. Lifting them to rest on his shoulders.
Your fingers fiddled with the sheet under you, waiting for him to do something as he peppered kisses to the insides of your thighs. "This is so fucked up." You said with a dry laugh. "Hm, feels good though." Bucky quipped, grazing his teeth to the supple flesh he'd just sucked a mark into.
You went to agree, the words dying off in your throat when his tongue plunged into your cunt. A gasped out moan passing your lips as the muscle stroked your walls.
Bucky's eyes fluttered shut, groaning against your folds and gripping your hips to hold you closer. His mouth lifting to lock his lips around your clit. Massaging the bud with languid licks. "Fuck- fuck, Bucky." You panted, your back already starting to arch from the mattress.
He licked his lips as he lifted his head, the tightening dying off as you groaned in frustrations. "Taste s'good, sweets. Just like candy." He chuckled, moving up your body as he pressed wet kisses to your skin in spots.
"You're horrible." You exhaled, resting a hand over your eyes for a moment. "Want you to cum on my cock." He mumbled, nipping your lips with his until you moved your hand. Your heart beat picking up again, as you looked into his darkened blues. Irises a dark ring around his blown pupils.
Sitting back on his heels again, Bucky tapped his tip against your sensitive bud, groaning when your thighs twitched slightly. "Don't tease me, James." You sighed, feeling the swollen head slip through your folds, catching on your entrance.
"M'not teasing, baby. Promise." He said softly, letting out a deep moan as he watched the way you stretched around him when he eased in. A mixture of a moan and sigh passing your lips.
"Fucking tight-" he grunted, leaning on his forearms as his hips rolled into yours. "Faster." You whined, lifting your legs higher on his waist.
Bucky's pace picked up the moment you said it, thrusts becoming harder and quicker as your fingers laced in the back of his short hair. Moans and pants shamelessly falling from your mouth as you gave his hair a harsh tug. A shudder rolling down his back, going straight to the building pressure at his base.
His head tipped back in a groan before he breathed out a delighted laugh. Bionic hand moving to squeeze your hair in his fingers, head dipping down to nip the skin of your jaw. "Keep doing shit like that and I won't last long, darling."
Bucky sat straighter again, hands going to your hips to lift them higher. The new angle letting him fuck into the sweet spot deepest in your cunt, your hands reaching out for anything to hold onto. Finding his wrists as your head tipped back against the pillows.
"Oh, God, Bucky-" you nearly sobbed, the tightening in your lower belly cresting higher and higher with every drive into your cunt. The rougher pace fogging your mind as your fingers curled into metal and flesh wrists.
"Make a mess on my cock, sweet girl. Squeezin' me s'fucking tight, goddamn." Bucky groaned, his grip on you bruising as you mewled.
Your orgasm hit you hard and fast. Harder than any you had experienced before as your vision blanked for a moment, his name mixed with a string of curses a broken chant rolling off of your tongue as warmth flooded your veins.
"S'good, sucha' good girl." He panted, pushing in once more before his spend coated your walls. Muscles of his abdomen and thighs tensing as a guttural moan pulled from his throat.
You whimpered softly at the empty feeling when he pulled out, Bucky's heavy body laying next to you with a cocky grin plastered on his face.
You closed your eyes for a moment, trying to figure out through the haziness in your head if you had dreamt the whole thing. The sturdy metal of his left hand on your shaky thigh reminding you that it was all reality. "That was perfect, sugar." He hummed, thumb brushing back and forth.
"Would definitely do it again." You exhaled. "Agreed." Bucky said, groaning lightly as he rolled to prop himself up on his elbow. "What's your dad's car still doing out front?"
You blinked your eyes open and turned your head to look at him. "Mine's broke down. He got called into work so I took him- time is it?"
You grabbed Bucky's wrist, turning it to look at his watch. "Oh, shit- I gotta go pick him up." You cursed, forgetting about the wobble of your legs until you stood from the bed.
"You okay?" Bucky teased, sitting on the edge as he pulled his shirt back on. "Yeah, I'm good. You can't-"
"I'm not telling your dad." He chuckled, stealing the words you were going to say. "Good, good. I just don't want him freaking out so soon after I come back from college." You muttered, pulling a pair of jeans on.
"I'm not worried about keeping a secret. Just hope I get another taste of your sweet pussy." Bucky grinned, his pants still undone as he walked closer to you. "I think that can be managed." You smiled, heat creeping up your neck as two cool metal fingers pressed under your chin. "Good."
His lips slotted over yours in a slow kiss, savoring the moment briefly before pulling away. "I'll fix your car for ya, free of charge." He offered, pushing his sleeves up. "Really?"
"Yeah, just come over later."
💙 💙 💙 💙 💙 💙
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noceurous · 22 hours ago
𝐚𝐬 𝐥𝐨𝐧𝐠 𝐚𝐬 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐡𝐚𝐯𝐞 𝐦𝐞
Tumblr media
summary: your boyfriend was always there for you even though it was not from the start, as long as you’ve had him.
warnings: fluff (in extreme amount), not that much angst, smuut, grinding, oral, face riding, unprotected sex, drunk state (no drinking though) —not sure if this makes it dubcon—, mentions of masturbation for both parties, some voyeurism, creampie, size kink, usage of pet name. (kitten, angel, baby, dollface), chubby!bucky, bucky is also retired if that makes sense, a bit body insecure bucky, engagement, minors dni | 18+
a/n: i just wanted that can makes us smile, hope to see some feedbacks (reblogs/comments)
You were almost going to fall down when you opened the door, but two strong hands held you before you could make it to the floor. You didn’t even remember putting the key in the keyhole, so the door must be surprisingly opened.
“Wow! You are stable as a fish in a vodka bottle.” He sighed as he tried to make you stand on your feet. He helped you to make your way onto the couch, getting your bag from your hands and taking off your heels.
“Did you enjoy your party at least?” You shook your head, trying not to vomit on the beautiful rug you bought on sale.
“‘missed ya.” You said those words without vomiting. Eyes still closed, because if you opened them you knew you would vomit.
“Yeah, you’ve sent me at least twenty texts about missing me, and what you were going to do with me when you get back. After that it was just a combination of random letters.” You chuckled yourself as your fingers rubbed your temples.
“I’ve made you some coffee, you need to at least sober up a bit. Don’t fall asleep before I get back.” You nodded, shaking your hands and signalling him that he needs to be quick.
You tried to sit up, abruptly. Before falling back again. You’ve heard your boyfriend’s gentle chuckle as he put his hand on your back to support you. “Here you go. It’s not too hot, I know you don’t like it like that.”
“What would I do without you?” You mumbled as you raised the mug to your lips.
“Well, considering we were roommates before we started dating. You would still be on the debt and have the chance to lose your place.” You chuckled to him.
“Yeah, and who would watch me masturbate? Long time before deciding to join.” You blurted it out, the start of your relationship.
“You knew I watched you.” He said, his cheeks getting the colour of soft pink. This detail of your relationship was not something he was proud of.
“Sure did. I put on several shows just for you.” You said as you gave him the mug back. “My one and only fan.” You winked at him, and he shook his head.
He softly smiled, leant in to kiss your temple. “Yeah, I’m just glad you didn’t give my old body a heart attack.” He said as he helped you to raise yourself. “Let’s get you in something more comfortable.”
“Are you going to let me wear something from you? You never do.” You giggled when you tripped on your own foot. He held you again before you fall. Holding your shoulders as he walked you towards your room.
“It’s because you own every top I have, kitten.” He said as he opened a drawer from your comforter. Shaking the red Henley in his hand. “Such as this one.” He said while walking over to you.
He raised his hands in the air, making you copy his gesture. “Let’s take this top off, it’s a bit tight for you to sleep in.” He explained as he took off your top, and helped you wear his Henley. “That’s a good girl. Now I’m going to take off your pants, alright?”
You nodded, staying still as he unzips the zipper and pulls it down from your legs. “Hold on to me honey. You’re not great with balance.” You did as he said, holding on to his shoulder as he took it off one leg at a time.
“Time for your bra?”
“Now you’re a pro of taking it off. You’ve been struggling at the first times, remember.” You added as he dipped his hands inside from your shirt. You giggled when the cold metal made contact with your skin.
“I don’t like this, it prevents the easy access.” He shrugged as he tossed the material off from your body to the ground.
“You always have access when you want to touch me. Like rightnow. ” You slurred the last part. Slumbering on your bed, and soon Bucky followed you.
“I know, I wouldn’t control myself, you’re my addiction.”
“So if I asked you to just kiss me, would you do it? Even though I’m drunk as fuck.”
He opened his mouth to say something, but all his thoughts stopped when he saw you making puppy eyes. He groaned as he leant down to kiss you.
Unlike him, a retired super soldier, you could be fast when he gets lost in the kiss. So in mere seconds you were straddling him, hands going to the back of his back.
“I missed you, you didn’t come to the party. You need to make up for it.” You cut him short, grinding on his semi hard cock.
“You know I don’t like the big parties. Also it was one of your girls only party, who are not my biggest fans.”
“Like their partners are so perfect.”
“They think I don’t deserve you.”
“Since when you care about what other people think. If you do care that much, I think I’m the luckiest gal in the world since I have you right here between my legs.” You both laughed at your joke. His flesh hand snaked behind your back and pulling you in for a soft kiss on the lips.
“I love you, but you’re not lucky as me. You’re gorgeous.”
“You’re drunk.” You said, rolling your eyes as you gave him one more kiss.
“I didn’t drink, you on the other hand, drank for the both of us.” He chuckled, placing his hands on the both sides of your face. His metal thumb brushing along your cheekbone.
“So I did. What the hell, I made it home. I made it to you. And I love you so much that I couldn’t stop myself from thinking all the thing I want you do to me, when I get back.”
“Yeah, you even sent me some links too.”
“Did you watch them?”
“Of course. You know I like it when you send me those, my angel is not innocent after all.” His hand went your waist, holding you while you were softly grinding yourself to him. “I also like seeing you on top.” He admitted, raising his hips a bit more to feel you better. You moaned at the feeling. Smiling when you realised that he turned you into a bitch in heat. You were always needy of him.
You started grinding your hips a bit faster. Pressing yourself on his now hard cock. He placed his other hand on your hips, gently holding you, because how could he deny you when you needed him that badly. “Shit! Bucky you feel so good.” You let it out under your breath.
“I want you to fuck me, please! Please!” Your hands went to his pyjama buttons, taking out his cock and you clumsily slide your underwear to the side. You needed to feel him. You gave his cock few strokes before sitting on it.
“Fuck!” He moaned when he felt your slit around his cock. You were so wet that it was a miracle he didn’t slide inside you yet.
“You see what you do to me? You’ve made me all wet and needy. I didn’t even took my underwear off.” You mumbled. “I need you inside me, Bucky. Please, I need it so bad.”
He leant over you, standing on his elbows to kiss you. You both moaned into the kiss, when you aligned his cock with your entrance as his hands found and ripped your underwear.
You whimpered on his parted lips when he was seated inside of you. You threw your head back with the pleasure, as he placed open mouthed kisses along your neck. Teeth nibbling and biting around the sensitive spot of yours.
“Use me, I want you to fuck yourself on my cock.” He said, thrusting his hips inside of you. You took it as a sign to move. You both were moaning, hands can’t decide to where to hold on.
“You feel so good Bucky! I found heaven!” You said, hands going his large tshirt, trying to take it off. He tried to stop you, afraid.
Even though you’ve caught many glimpses of each other while you were naked, he was still hesitant about showing you his body.
“Please! Let me see you.” You whispered, kissing his rosy cheeks. “I love you Bucky. You’re the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen.” You mumbled. Slowly taking off his top, smiling when your hands found his chest.
Your fingers played with his chest hair. Before you could say anything he slammed his lips on yours again, making you wrap your arms around his neck. “My beautiful girl.” He whispered on your lips. Pulling you close to him. His hands went to your butt, harshly squeezing it.
You moaned on his lips. As he placed a slap on your butt. “Naughty girl. You couldn’t spend three hours without my cock filling you!” You nodded, feeling proud of your hunger.
“Fuck! You’re so big!” You mumbled, feeling your walls clench around him tighter as the sweet pleasure inside of you was building.
“Yeah?” He asked, hands inside your his Henley. Playing with your erected nipples, taking one of it between his warm lips.
“I’m gonna cum. Can I cum? Please?”
“Cum all around me kitten.” He leant on your other nipple, sucking on the soft flesh when your orgasm hit you.
You came all around his cock, your body feeling tired since the caffeine of the coffee left your body.
He pulled out, slowly with a pop sound. “You’re always hard to last long when you’re drunk.” He chuckled as he kissed along your body, lifting his shirt to place kisses on your stomach.
“Sit on my face, kitten.” You smiled, doing as he wanted. You felt yourself getting wet when you felt his stubble brushing along your clit.
He licked a thick strap along your slit. Making you cry again. He moaned when he felt your taste around his tongue. He lazily draw circles around your entrance before going back to suck your swollen clit. “Mmhm! Bucky!” You moaned, hand going to his long hair.
“I love your taste, kitten. I can spend hours if I have to, but you...” He said as he licked his metal finger before shoving it inside of you. You yelped under him. “will come for me.” He rutted his hips on the sheets, diving back to suck on your clit as he slowly fingered you.
He pulled out his fingers, licking and sucking them clean before he got on his knees again. “Mmhm Bucky.” You giggle, seeing his cock almost turned into purple, that was your effect on him.
You knew you were close to cumming, you always loved how good he was with his tongue. The pressure on your belly was increasing at each stroke of his tongue. You were uncontrollably moving your hips on his tongue. “I—I” You mumbled, couldn’t stop your moaning.
“I know kitten, go on.” You came down. Chest panting rapidly. You threw yourself next to him, he climbed on top of you. Peppering kisses starting from your thighs to your collarbones.
He aligned his cock to your tired entrance. Rubbing it in circles. “My good kitten.” He explained as he pushed into you again. You could almost hear him move between your slick walls.
He started slowly moving inside of you, raising your knee to your chest. “Baby you feel so good.” You gasped when he hit your sweet spot with the new angle.
“Yes!” He moaned when he bottomed out, hands holding yours. He placed them above your head before he fastened. He was going fast and rough, your walls pulsating around him. “Fuck! So good! That’s my good kitten, taking me in!”
The sex was filthy and messy but you didn’t care. You didn’t care the fact that half of your clothes were still on you, you didn’t care you forgot to shave. You didn’t care your make up was still on your face.
You didn’t care any of it, all you cared about was your boyfriend between your legs.
He leant down, biting down your shoulder to trying to control himself. It was a hard for him considering how much of a mess he turned you into.
“I love you.” You whispered on his lips. “I’m in love with you Bucky Barnes.” You added before kissing him again, leaning your forehead on his.
“Fuck!” His hips stuttered inside of you, he was close on the edge. You telling him that you loved him still did the trick.
His fingers went to your clit. He pinched and swirled the little bulb, making you cry under him. “Bucky!”
“Come for me, kitten. One more, you can do it.” He said, caressing your cheek.
“Bucky cum inside me, please?”
“Yeah, you’d like don’t you? Want me to fill you to the brim?” He stayed inside of you for one second, pulling the top so he could kiss your breasts. Sucking and biting your swollen nipples from his early attack. “You’d like me to get you stuffed, right? You don’t need to say it, ‘can feel how you squeeze me.”
“Yes! I want all of that! Please Bucky, fill me up, please.” You wrapped your other leg around his waist. “Please, I want to feel all of you.”
“Fuck!” He said as he emptied all of him inside of you. Pulling out with a hiss.
You smiled when you wrapped your arm around his torso. “Thank you, Bucky.” You plated a kiss on his exposed chest. He chuckled, petting your head.
“Are you thanking me for fucking you?”
“I swear there is not one single day which you don’t surprise me.” He said as he fixed his boxers, moving towards the bathroom. “Stay awake for a few minutes, kitten.”
Before you could ask him why, he came back with a box of make up removal tissues. “Told ya these were handy.” He said as he sat down, cleaning your make up. “‘Shouldn’t sleep with that.”
You could feel your tears building up. Smiling at the care he showed you. “You’re an angel Bucky Barnes.” You murmured as you wrapped your arms around his big torso, kissing his chest.
“I’m just trying to be worthy of the hottest, nicest person I’ve ever met.” He admitted, kissing your temple. “Now get some sleep, tomorrow would be a long day.”
“Ugh!” You turned around in the bed. The light going right through your eyes, because you both forgot to close them.
Your arm reached out where your boyfriend was supposed to be, but instead you found lukewarm sheets. You huffed when you raised your head, smiling at the scent of toasted bread reaching at your room.
You lazily got out from bed, smiling at the familiar ache between your legs and the light breeze coming from not wearing any underwear. You made it to your kitchen, smiling at the sight of your boyfriend cooking, not wearing any t-shirt but just his boxers. You loved that sight.
You wrapped your arms around his naked torso, placing a kiss on his shoulder. “mornin’” You mumbled to his skin, feeling his body shake with his chuckle.
“How are you?” He asked, his voice had a little bit worry.
“A bit tired. Not the end of the world, yet.”
He smiled at your answer, turning around your arms and kissing your cheek. “‘m glad. Why don’t you get to the table, I’m almost finished here.”
You nodded, hearing your phone buzz. You switched your direction and headed towards the noise. “Bucky, have you seen my phone?”
“Nope! Could be in your purse though.” You nodded, checking the coat rack where your purse was hung. When you reached to check your phone you noticed it was Sam calling you.
“Hey! What’s up?” You murmured.
“Hey dollface! Just wanted to check up on you, Bucky didn’t answer my texts.”
“Oh he’s in the kitchen making breakfast.”
“Oh! Really so it’s like you said yes, I’ve told him there was nothing to worry about—“
“Hey baby, who’s calling?” Bucky walked towards you and you mouthed the word Sam. You saw the worry in his face as he walked towards you, but you stopped him by raising your hand in the air. Taking a step back.
“Yes to what? I was really drunk last night, don’t remember anything about him asking me something.”
“It was uhm— if you’d like to come to visit me and Sarah in Louisiana, since it’s been so long from the last time you’ve seen us.”
“Oh, uhm sure, I’ll talk with Sarah and the details. ‘ll see you later.”
“What did he say?”
“He mumbled something about Louisiana. I guess we’re heading there.” You said after putting your phone back in your purse.
“Oh, yeah. Y—You’ve been working a lot, a—and I thought that you deserved a little br—break.” You noticed the small bulge in the pocket if his jacket.
“What’s this?”
“Nothing.” You frowned again, hand dipping inside the pocket to find a small box.
“B—bucky? What’s this?”
“It’s—“ He walked over you, getting on his one knee, gently taking the box from your hands.
“I know how you feel about marriage, but I wanted you to also know how I feel about us—this relationship. You’ve made it possible for me to see a different side of me I haven’t seen in decades. I want to have you, by my side as long as you have me.”
“Ask me.” You managed to say it without breaking into tears, voice still cracked but he was in no position better.
He chuckled, opening the box to show you the elegant ring with a small emerald that was in the shape of a heart. “Will you marry me, kitten?”
“Yes!” You said as you threw yourself all over him. Connecting your lips with his. “Yes! I’ll of course marry you! Yes!” You said between kisses.
“I wanted to do this in a better setting, not in my boxers and not you only wearing my Henley and panties. I didn’t want to do it in a situation that you’re drunk too but—“ He tried to explain as he put the ring. Kissing your lips.
“ain’t no better time than present right?” He chuckled, tears falling down on his cheeks as he kissed you again.
You wrapped your arms around his neck, giving him a longing messy kiss. You didn’t care that he was sitting under you, only in his boxers. You didn’t care that you didn’t even wear panties during your proposal.
You started grinding on him slowly, as he took of your Henley and threw it across the room. Pulling you down to his lips, kissing you again as you took off his boxers.
You didn’t care your first sex as an engaged couple happened on your cold floor, and it was messy and rushed.
You didn’t care about any of it, as long as you have had him.
And you’ve had him.
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Bucky Barnes | Series | Pride and Privacy
PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Nurse!Reader
Warnings: 18+. Smut, fluff.
Plot: It's becoming a little hard to distinguish angry frustration from sexual frustration and both are feeling both.
Words: 6,000
Tumblr media
“Anything new, James?”
“Have another social event planned.”
“Good. Are you excited?”
“Now, why would I be excited?” Bucky furrows his eyebrows in confusion at his therapist’s question.
“Because it’s fun.”
“I’ll know when I get there.” Bucky huffs and crosses his arms.
“Remember, drop the pride and enjoy life for once.”
“Now how can I possibly enjoy life when you keep nagging me?”
“I’m enjoying life, because I can nag you.”
“I can tell, doc.” Bucky rolls his eyes, but a smile cracks through his façade.
For Raynor, this is the first time she has seen Bucky genuinely smile and she wonders if you have anything to do with it. But deciding not to push her luck, she stops herself from asking about the dubious relationship he has with his roommate, afraid it will scare him off.
“Go to the party and enjoy yourself.”
“Is that your prescription? Can’t you just give me anti-depressants like the other therapists do?”
“With that serum running through your veins, I’ll have to give you a constant flow of anti-depressants via an intra-venous drip. Besides, the reason you’re not happy is because you’re stubborn and proud. Anti-depressants won’t cure that.”
“A party will?”
“Not with that attitude, it won’t.” Bucky rolls his eyes some more and stares out of the window when Raynor speaks again. “Your cure is already here, James.”
This week had you on edge. You kind of expected Bucky to barge into your room and make you finish the job a week ago, but what he actually did was worse. He just turned and left to his room after you closed the door in his face. Undoubtedly to finish himself off.
Part of you was disappointed that the needy, dominant Bucky you had briefly seen a flash of hadn’t taken over. On top of that, you severely underestimated how much your little payback mission would affect you.
As you were splayed out on your bed, your thigh muscles were aching and sticky with your own slick. Your pussy was throbbing demandingly, pulsating around nothing. You felt incredibly empty and your hands were tingling restlessly.
Squirming on top of your sheets, blood rushed to your cheeks when you realised it was only noon and you promised to watch a movie with Bucky. You couldn’t possibly sit with him in your current state, so to cool yourself down, you slide your hand into your panties and proceed to relieve yourself of your pulsing ache. The thought of Bucky doing the same thing two doors away from you caused you to edge to your orgasm quickly, but simultaneously frustrated you to the fucking bone.
Your flushed faces met when both of you opened your bedroom doors at the same time, eyes locking in on each other. Bucky’s skin is glowing and he’s wearing a pair of short sweatpants with a loose black t-shirt, his bulge evidently gone. The thought of what he just did made you suck in a harsh breath and swallow hard. What both of you did behind your bedroom doors was hanging in the air, the confession tangling with the silent, thick air between you.
Bucky swallowed hard at the sight of you. Your cheeks tinted with heat and your hair slightly messy, undeniably from squirming over the cotton of your sheets. Your lips were puffy and your skin was oozing your scent, a scent that had Bucky go insane. It took all his willpower not to drag you back to his bed.
Silently migrating towards the sofa, you started the movie you picked before the execution of your evil, little plan. Neither of you paid attention the entire two hours of the picture. If only you could have read each other’s minds, swirling with filthy thoughts and desires whilst sitting next to each other silently with your shoulders touching and the occasional twitch of his metal pinkie against your outer thigh.
All of this aroused Bucky inordinately. Never did he have to control himself so much. And it wasn’t like you didn’t want him either, your attraction towards each other was very prominent. Which made it even harder to keep your hands to yourselves.
So why neither of you give in to your desires, both of you have no idea.
“I’ll give you a call.”
You smile at your date and press a kiss to his cheek before turning and walking out of the café. After your little one night stand, he felt he owed you a proper date because contrary to your expectations, he felt there was something there. He showed up to your work to pick you up for a short coffee date and you couldn’t refuse. It was lovely and you found yourself giving him another chance, despite of what Bucky had said to you.
So with your mood lifted and happy flutters in your chest, you make your way back to your apartment. It’s already dark outside when you reach the front door of the building, the streets emptying as everyone heads home to eat. Grinning from ear to ear, you step into your tiny home and spot Bucky hanging on the sofa with Sam.
Your eyes connect with Bucky’s, his eyes dark and broody as always, and your happy flutter turns into …guilt? Feeling like Bucky is gazing straight through your soul, you divert your eyes to your mutual friend and give him a beaming smile.
“Sam! Good to see you!” You exclaim and drop your bag to the ground, taking off your coat and hanging it up. You kick off your shoes to make yourself at home.
“You too, little lady!” He cheers back to you, raising his beer in the air to your arrival.
Bucky peers at you over his shoulder, beer in one hand and the other arm draped over the back of the couch, looking cool as ever. “Thought you finished two hours ago?” He asks suspiciously.
You shrug and walk over, taking a seat in one of the large armchairs and purposely avoiding the empty spots next to Bucky. A smirk settles over your lips at his question and you give him a mischievous grin, your eyes connecting with his when you answer.
“Went on a date after work. With that guy. You know the one.”
A flash of something crosses his stormy eyes, but it is replaced by curiosity before you can identify it. He gives an unimpressed smile, cocking his head at you. “How was it?”
Your smugness falters slightly at his professional response and you turn your sight to Sam, who is listening intently and obviously wants to know the answer to Bucky’s question as well.
“It was really nice. He’s going to call me soon to take me to dinner.” You grin, your excitement genuine at the announcement.
After everything that has happened, you reasoned with yourself that Bucky’s effect on you would lead you nowhere. He is your roommate and is just in it to drive you up the wall -or to fuck you against it if circumstances would allow it.
The man you are currently dating is genuinely interested in you and it feels good to have someone actually admit to wanting to put effort into their relationship with you. It is obvious that your relationship with Bucky is unstable and unpredictable at the moment. You don’t mind a bit of a challenge, but your common sense makes you choose for the safer option, despite your vagina screaming at you in protest.
“You staying for dinner?” You ask Sam and he shakes his head.
“Nah... I actually have a date myself. I should go get ready.” He grins proudly and you grin widely at him as he downs his beer and gets up. He presses a kiss to your head and salutes Bucky casually before making way to the door and grabbing his jacket.
“Have fun, Sam! Let’s us know how it goes.” You wink at him and he chuckles, making his way out the door. “Oh! And wrap it!” You yell before he shuts the door behind him, earning you a loud laugh from the hallway.
When you turn your head back to your roommate, you find him already looking at you with his usual intense stare. You roll your eyes and get up from your seat, “What?”
Bucky shakes his head with a smile, “Nothing.” He gets up from the couch as well and walks over to the kitchen, “What do you want to eat?”
Walking over to the bathroom to take a shower and wash your day off, you hum in thought “Anything is fine.”
After dinner, both you and Bucky are hanging on the couch again to watch a TV show that you had gotten him addicted to. It’s quiet. So was dinner. Basically the entire week it had been quiet between you and Bucky. The communication between you two was minimal and there seemed to be a slight edge of resentment lining every interaction.
You can’t help but feel like there’s a certain hostility between the two of you. Of course there is, because you are currently even and neither of you got a happy ending. The incident in the bathroom has gotten you nowhere. To be completely honest, you had partly done it because you wanted to break him. You were tired of feeling like a helpless little girl every time Bucky flirted with you and you wanted him to know that you’re not some shy girl that doesn’t know how sex works.
The little favour you did him in the bathroom finally evoked the reaction that you wanted, but you should have known better. Of course a trained assassin has the skills and patience to keep his composure and not give you any insight whatsoever as to what you do to him. It frustrated you immensely. You desperately want to have an effect on the man that has you dripping wet with just his words.
The sound of a text ringing through your phone pulls you from your thoughts and catches Bucky’s attention from the TV.
Thinking about you…(08:53pm)
A grin appears on your face at the text from your date and you unlock your phone before starting to type a response.
(08:54pm) About what exactly?
Your body. (08:56pm)
(08:57pm) What about it?
Fucking miss it. (08:59pm)
You roll your eyes at his short replies and try to lure some more words from him, the idea of sending dirty texts while Bucky is sitting next to you turning you on more than your date’s pathetic excuse for sexting. When he starts getting more descriptive, you pull your legs up to your chest and eagerly text him back, chewing your lip as you wait impatiently for a response, only for him to disappoint yet again.
Bucky rolls his eyes and clenches his jaw tightly, returning his attention back to the TV. He knows what you are doing, you’re not exactly subtle. But the fact that you seem to enjoy it and that you’re so fucking eager makes him constrict his hands into fists. And when you let out a sigh, he loses his restraint.
“That hot, huh?” Bucky asks without his eyes leaving the screen and you don’t seem notice the bitter tone hiding in his words.
Your head shoots up from your phone and you frown at your moody roommate. There’s two things you can do. Be honest and tell him you sighed at the man’s futile attempts to get you all hot and bothered. Or… you could tell him that you’re thinking of heading out tonight to have sex with your little date.
Of course, Satan wins.
“Yes, actually.” You answer, feigning annoyance.
But Bucky isn’t having it and snatches the phone from you. Letting out a squeal, you dive over to him and reach for your phone, only for him to shove you back to the other side of the sofa with force. With an ‘oomph’ pressured from your chest, you land against the arm rest and watch him get up and walk through the living room, carefully reading through your texts.
His face is illuminated by the phone screen and you hold your breath as you accept the awkward fate of Bucky reading your dirty texts. What you don’t expect however, is him throwing his head back in a boom of laughter.
“Is this man serious?!” He laughs and shakes his head, locking the phone and throwing it over to you as it bounces onto the padding. You are seriously getting annoyed at his little arrogant streak and you grab your phone, peaking down to find one more text in your notification bar.
I’ll make you cum so nice (09:13pm)
Refraining from visibly cringing at the empty promise, you look down at your lap with a blush on your cheeks. Bucky has caught you red-handed trying to pretend that this man was getting you hot.
Bucky notices and his amused attitude slips away from him. How can you not see that you deserve someone that fucks you raw the way you beg for with your eyes? It makes his blood boil. Especially because someone made you believe that you have to settle for this, maybe even that this is out of your league. The thought makes Bucky want to smash up the place.
“Jesus… I get that I’m a little older than the guy, but surely he’s old enough to know what to say to turn a woman on, right? Even if he’s too fucking stupid to follow through with it.” Bucky grumbles, visibly annoyed. You finally look up, throwing your phone to the other side of the couch and heaving a deep, disappointed sigh.
“Can we just watch TV again?” You ask, avoiding Bucky’s gaze like the plague.
Studying your face and seeing your disappointment, Bucky decides to sit down again, a little closer to you this time. After five minutes of silence, he turns to you again.
“You deserve better than him, you know.”
“It’s just sex. Just shut up about it.” You hiss at him and cross your arms as you sit back, not even bothering to take in the meaning of his words. Eyebrows raising in surprise at your attitude, Bucky rolls his eyes at you.
“So touchy…”
You grit your teeth at his words, every nerve in your body on fire now. All your frustrations, sexual and furious, channel towards Bucky and you snap your head in his direction. Eyes narrowing in on him, you take in his arrogant expression. Upon seeing your glare on him, he turns to you, smirking at the look on your face.
“What is it, darling?” He asks sweetly, his voice leaking mockery.
“You can stop with the arrogance, Buck. It’s unattractive.” You calmly tell him, managing to keep your fury at bay a little longer.
“Is it? Your boyfriend seems to think it makes him attractive.” Bucky fires back, his need to push your buttons again growing once more. He is addicted to getting under your soft skin.
An idea pops into your head and before you can stop yourself, you give Bucky an innocent smile, “Jealous?”
Bucky smiles at that. Not fazed at all, not an ounce of anger in his posture when he hears your words. Staying silent, you wait for him to respond. No longer able to deny your need for him to admit that he cares even just a little, you gather your patience and watch that devilish smile on his face.
“Of a man that can only make empty promises? No. When I promise to make a woman come, I follow through.” He answers coolly, sitting up as you stare at each other. It’s like there’s a thin string sprung with tension from your mouth tied to his and you’re trying to fire back and forth without the string snapping, waiting for who makes the string give way first.
“No promises made then?” You spit at him, your eyes still narrowed.
The string frays a little more and Bucky heaves a heavy sigh, his breath shaking slightly as he clearly tries to restrain himself. His tongue runs over his top teeth as he thinks through all of his options. The air is thick as you wait for him to retaliate.
Then the string snaps and Bucky stands to his feet and turns to your frame on the couch.
“You want me to make a promise, darling?” He seethes and leans down and over you as you back away into the frame of the couch. His hands sink into the padding on each side of you, his face inches away from yours as his bulky figure blocks your view from anything but him. “Because I can promise you -I can fucking promise you that if you let me, I’ll make you come so many times you’ll be crying for me to stop.”
Your breath hitches in your throat and your throbbing pulse immediately drops down between your legs, hammering against your panties. Bucky leans in further and your eyes close when his lips touch the shell of your ear, his breath fanning over your skin.
“-and that’s without using my cock.”
When he backs up slightly, your eyes connect, his forehead an inch away from dropping to yours like you know he likes to do. The faint glow of light coming from the kitchen shows you that the blue in his eyes has almost completely vanished, his pupils reflecting his hunger.
You’re not exactly sure why you don’t just nod your head to get what you so desperately want. Perhaps you need to be sure that if he’s going to do this, you want him to want it. You’re done trying to constantly prove each other a point only to leave the other one hanging. But one thing is for sure, what you’re about to say isn’t the way to get that…
“You talk too much.” You scoff and you roll your eyes, not showing him any sign that the proximity combined with his words are wrecking you.
Bucky smiles at that and you curse inwardly at your inability to expect this response from him. Everything about Bucky oozes dominance, his current smile included. Which is why it surprises you that he sinks down to his knees, your eyes moving down while staying connected to his.
“You’re right, princess. Let me put my mouth to better use and I’ll show you not to roll your eyes at me unless I make you.” He speaks lowly and before you can protest, he pushes your thighs apart with force, wrapping his arms around your thighs and pulling you forward harshly.
You let out a gasp as he pulls you under, your hands flying to his as he buries himself between your legs. This time, you manage to tame your inner brat and suck in a breath as you wait for his next move.
A smirk tugs at his mouth at the small victory, his eyes moving down to his next destination when he moves his lips towards the soft flesh of your thighs. Letting out a content sigh, you sink your teeth into your bottom lip and tighten your grip on his hands.
Bucky’s mouth slowly moves upwards, nibbling and sucking at your hot skin. Your breathing gets more and more shallow in anticipation and you can’t take your eyes off the brunette between your legs. His grip on your thighs tightens as Bucky tries to keep his own impatience at bay. Your arousal soaks through your panties and Bucky’s eyes almost roll back at the realisation, thanking any and every God that all you’re wearing are panties with long sweater.
He gives you one more tug towards his face and his warm mouth encloses around your pussy through the fabric. The heat against you makes you shudder and one of your hands flies to his soft hair, starting to rake your finger through his locks. Finally, you get what you have been craving.
The feeling of his mouth through the fabric of your panties is frustrating, giving you enough to make your thighs tremble but not nearly enough to satisfy you. You barely notice his hands stroking up the outside of your thighs and hooking around the fabric of your soaked panties.
It’s like your body is trained to obey him, because Bucky almost scoffs at how easily you follow his silent commands and let him take off your underwear. Stuffing your panties into his pocket, he wraps his arms back around your thighs and pulls you closer again.
“Move away again and I’ll make you regret it.”
You open your mouth to make a snide remark, but an unstoppable moan drifts from your lips when Bucky’s mouth attaches itself to your aching core. The wet sound of his mouth moving over you and the sensation of his tongue sliding through your folds makes your head drop back in ecstasy, letting out a content sigh at the relief.
Both your hands are buried in his hair now and you whimper softly at his actions. His fingers are digging in your flesh as he laps at you eagerly. His grip on you is unfaltering and he leaves you no space to move, locked firmly in his hold. Your wetness, your heat, your sounds… it drives Bucky insane. The taste of you makes him wonder why the fuck he hasn’t gone on his knees for you before.
He prods his tongue into you and you actually clench around the muscle, causing a deep groan to rumble through Bucky’s chest. He knows exactly what he’s doing and he is taking his sweet, sweet time. Bucky’s soft, praising hums make you tug his hair as he licks and sucks at you perfectly.
Your high is approaching quickly and when your moans raise in pitch, he buries his face further into you, his mouth closing around your clit and sucking harshly and repeatedly as wet sounds make his mouth water. Back arching and fingers tugging at his hair, you moan and whimper helplessly.
“So good, Bucky. Fuck. So good.” You gasp and his eyes open to look up at you.
Bucky had no idea he was craving the sight of you from between your legs this much. Your chest rising and falling quickly, your face flushed, your deliciously soft lips puffing out air as he works you closer and closer to your high.
“Wanna come. B-Bucky… Please let me come.” You beg when your eyes connect with his for the first time since he started feasting on you.
Bucky smiles and nods against you, not wanting to take his mouth off you for a second and wanting you to come just as badly as you do. Your breaths hiccup in your chest and every whimper floats into a broken moan. Your jaw falls slack and your stomach tightens before you allow your high to crash over you.
All of your muscles contracting and trembling at the tension, Bucky licks and sucks you through the best orgasm you have ever had. Your body writhes and shocks against his mouth as he doesn’t cease his murderous skills.
Your palms press against his head, trying to move him away from your sensitive core, but Bucky lifts your right leg over his shoulder, his hands sliding under your ass and pushing you upwards to his mouth harder. He’s not even close to done with you.
Your hands fly to the cushions to retreat and pull away, but Bucky is a hundred times stronger than you and you might as well not have moved, because you’re stuck in your position. You sputter and gasp, trying to explain to him that another orgasm won’t happen, because it’s simply not possible. But when Bucky’s thick finger pushes into you, curling up and making your entire body jerk upward, you swallow your words.
Slowly sliding in another finger and stretching you delightfully, Bucky removes his mouth from you to get a better look at you. The calloused pads of his fingers drag against your walls and you mewl at him as your body weakens.
“Good girl.” He coos, “You’re going to give me another.”
You nod powerlessly, almost desperately. At this very moment, all you want to do is please Bucky and for him to continue praising you as another gush of your slick drips onto his hand. Bucky has to keep himself from gawking at you breathlessly and the way your body responds to him so well.
You start squirming, the approach of your second orgasm giving you a lot of mixed signals. You think you might die and your body wants to flee from him, but at the same time you need this. You’re so close. So fucking close.
Bucky faintly notices some buzzing next to him and he watches your phone light up. When he recognises the name on the screen as your date who’s calling you, an evil plan brews in his brain. Without giving it much more thought, he answers the call and puts it on speaker, turning off the sound but keeping the microphone on.
You can’t breathe out anymore. You keep gasping for air, your whimpers broken and incomplete. Another orgasm crashes on you like a drowning tsunami and you sink into the soft couch weakly, waves of pleasure making your body twitch. Curling his finger over and over, Bucky helps you through your high, making it last as long as possible.
Bucky’s own arousal is clear through his jeans, but knowing your little date has just heard you come because of another man makes him almost come undone himself. He can’t help but feel like the most powerful man when he ends the call and focuses back on your current ruined state.
“Dirty girl.” He chuckles menacingly as he removes his fingers and spreads them, showing your slick before licking his hand clean and humming at the taste. “But so fucking good. Such a good fucking girl. Jesus…”
You keen at his praises, your eyes fluttering as you try to make your ears stop ringing. His hands, cold and warm, stroke lovingly over your thighs as he peers up at you.
“You alright?”
Nodding your head, you finally feel yourself return back to earth. Your entire body is buzzing with pleasure and satisfaction, your bones feeling like rubber.
“Good.” Is all you hear before being flipped over, your knees touching the floor as you’re bent over the cushions you were just laying on. Bucky lies down on the floor beneath you, his hands on your ass as he pulls you down onto his face again.
You immediately buck up at the feeling, whining at the feeling. Unfortunately, your legs are way too weak to fight Bucky’s hold and he pulls you down, giving you no other choice but to rest your weight on his face. He flattens his tongue against you and you sigh at the feeling.
“B-Bucky! It’s too much… I- I c-can’t…” You stutter tiredly, your nails digging into the seat of the sofa.
“You can take it.” Is all he tells you before continuing his torture on your pussy. You’re gushing for him now, surely soaking him and possibly drowning him. But the arousal together with you moaning his name drives him to keep going and to never stop.
A third orgasm hits and you barely notice it because it just seems endless now. Knowing you’re getting overwhelmed and weak after another orgasm, he grabs your hips and drags your body over his lips, helping you chase your fourth orgasm. Tears are brimming in your eyes and you’re a whining, blabbering mess with your face buried into the cushions. Gasping for his mercy, Bucky pushes his finger into you again, just adding pressure against your entrance and sucking at you relentlessly.
“Bucky, Bucky, Bucky-” You chant, not sure what it is you want from him, but his name being the only thing you can think of. An earth-shattering, completely overwhelming climax electrifies your body and you scream as you bury your face into the cushion, your teeth sinking into the fabric. Your eyes roll back into your head and your thighs shake relentlessly around Bucky’s head.
You shake and quiver over him as he rides you through your high for the fourth time. Your paralysis seems to last a lifetime and you let out sobs of pleasure, your vision blanking completely. You sink down, your limbs completely giving out as you give up fighting Bucky. There’s not an ounce of physical or mental strength left in you.
Showing you mercy, Bucky finally climbs from under you and kneels behind you, attaching your back to his chest by pulling you up by your hair. His breath fans over your skin and his arm slips around your stomach to keep you upright.
“You gushed all over my face, darling.” He murmurs, his low voice rasping in your ear. “Just like I wanted. You did so well. So good for me.” He breathes and presses soft kisses to your flushed skin.
You shudder at the sudden chill, a thin layer of sweat drying on your skin. Bucky turns you around and sits you on the couch, still kneeling between your legs. His palms slide up and down your thighs as he tries to lure you back from your haze.
“Come back to me baby.” He calls out quietly and your eyes flutter open. Glazed over and lids hanging over them, your eyes connect with Bucky’s and he gives you a sympathetic smile. You smile at him lazily.
His heart constricts at the sound of your voice calling out his name and he pulls you closer, his hands sliding around you, under your shirt and up your back. He strokes your back tenderly, massaging your muscles with his palms, and leans in to press a kiss to your forehead. He whispers your name and you sink into him at his affection.
Picking you up and wrapping you around his torso, Bucky carries you to his room, tucking you in before climbing in himself after undressing. Every few minutes, your body still shudders with after waves of your pleasure. He tangles his legs with yours and pulls you into his chest tightly.
And for the first time in days, Bucky’s mood fades and he relaxes.
“Bucky! What the fuck?!”
He shoots up from the bed, forcing his tired eyes to open and figure out where your voice comes from. When he sees you standing in the door opening of his bedroom, he frowns. He doesn’t remember you slipping out of bed.
Bucky barely gets to process his slow morning thoughts when your phone is launched at his chest and he complains at the pain from the device hitting him. He wants to ask you why you came in so angrily. He was sure that you would be in a good mood after last night’s events. But when his eyes drop to your screen and he notices some very distressed messages from a very angry man, it clicks and he remembers the little ‘phone call’ get got.
Pressing his fist to his mouth, Bucky actively tries to stop laughter from bubbling up. His shoulders shake and his eyes shine with humour when they connect with your furious ones. He watches you cross your arms, looking at him and clearly waiting for an explanation.
“What do you want me to say? Huh?” He asks and his amusement gets replaced by slight annoyance. “I’m not sorry, if that’s what you’re thinking.”
“I can’t believe you.” You breathe, exasperated by his actions and response.
Bucky shrugs indifferently and looks you up and down. You look good. Still wearing your long sweater, the sight of your thighs poking from underneath the hem makes his mouth water. Your hair is messy, but in an adorable way and Bucky wants to hug you and bury his nose into it.
You notice him staring and give him a stern look, but the mischievous glint sparkling in his puffy eyes makes your melt and you can’t manage to stop your own smile from breaking through.
“How do you feel?” Bucky asks to change the subject, eyes still on yours as he copies your smile.
“Good.” You admit with a shy smile, a soft blush creeping to the apples of your cheeks, “Really good.”
Your quiet voice makes Bucky’s heart flutter and he sits back against the headboard, raising his hand at you and making a ‘come hither’ motion at you. You lick your lips, the silent command igniting the throbbing between your still weakened legs once again.
Slowly climbing over the bed, Bucky’s grabby hands move you over his lap until you’re straddling him. His hands slide under your sweater and up and down your back. He’s warm and soft, his perfect lips puffy from sleep and his eyes glistening contently.
“You look pretty.” Bucky murmurs and you’re shocked at the confession. You don’t remember ever getting a compliment this genuine from him and it makes your stomach churn. A deep blush rises to your cheeks again and you tangle your hands into his soft hair, scratching his scalp lovingly.
You don’t want this to stop.
You don’t want to leave his bed and go back to being roommates who aren’t supposed to sleep with each other. Trying to actively shake away the thought, you bury your face in Bucky’s neck. Soft lips press kisses up and down your neck, making goosebumps appear on your skin. His comforting hands stroking your back and his lips on your skin make you want to melt into him and you close your eyes, sighing contently.
“I have a party next week. Please come.” Bucky breathes and you groan softly, your hands slipping under his shirt to warm them up.
“Can’t we just stay here for eternity?”
A deep chuckle rumbles through Bucky’s chest and your body warms at the sound.
“Yes, you’re right.” Bucky concludes. He’d do anything you asked of him. “But Sam might murder me.”
“Good. That means I don’t have to.” You mock him and get pulled from his neck by his large hand tangling in your hair again.
“Now why would you want to murder me?” He asks, feigning offense with a smile tugging at his lips.
“Want a list?” You arch an eyebrow at him and let out a soft giggle. Bucky shakes his head in amusement and pulls you closer, his lips connecting with yours.
Your shoulders sink as you weaken at the kiss. Two fingers hooking into the chain of his dog tags, you respond to his kiss with yearning and sigh against his lips. You have only kissed Bucky once and it’s like you forgot how magical it was. Granted, this kiss is much different from your first, but never had you experienced a kiss quite like the ones with him.
Bucky pulls you closer against him and hums into your mouth, wanting to swallow you whole by how soft you are. You’re all heavy and soft on top of him, your body sinking into his perfectly. It makes him realise that he never wants to not touch you.
So pushing away the inevitable confrontation of reality, you both stay like that for as long as possible.
“She’s not the right person to have as your go-to, James.”
“Why not?”
“Because you’re dangerously close to catching feelings for her.”
“I’m not.”
“What makes you so sure?”
“Because she isn’t special.”
Dr. Raynor stays quiet as she studies her patient, thinking over his words as she taps a pen on her notebook. She wonders if he really doesn’t notice that he is constantly contradicting himself. Barnes is a smart man, but everyone has a blind spot. Bucky resists the urge to fidget under her stare and waits impatiently for her to speak up.
“Is she like the other women you slept with?”
“I didn’t sleep with her…” Bucky thinks for a second before shrugging “But yeah. I just know her a little better.”
“And she feels the same way?”
“Good. Next session, you’re bringing her along.”
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A World Away
Living away from Bucky was hard. Y/N is gonna show us just how hard it is
(AKA: I’m homesick and crying in my bed and I just want someone like Bucky)
Tumblr media
Day One
“Buck? You there old man?”
There was very little light in Y/N’s bedroom, just enough to illuminate her face. She switched on the lamp beside her and, for a moment, the room was blinding.
“I’m here sweetness.” Bucky picked up his phone and squinted at the screen. He tapped it and frowned before putting on his glasses. “How’s everything going up there? Was the journey okay?”
Y/N propped her phone up and blinked slowly, clearly tired. “I’ve only unpacked my bathroom stuff so far. Baby Buck is on the window until I can make up the bed.” The bear in question was currently Y/N’s only source of comfort, but it was too early in the day to tell Bucky that.
“Wanna give me a room tour?” He asked with a grin.
Flipping the camera round, Y/N walked Bucky through every part of her room. She showed him the size, the desk she had neatly organised with all of her pens and paper and her laptop propped open. She showed him the pictures of them stuck up on the walls and the fairylights she had stuck up all around.
Y/N showed him the mess that was her room before showing him the en-suite bathroom. She showed him how organised the bathroom was before moving on to the communal kitchen.
“You’ve got a really nice set up there, sweetheart,” Bucky said, a smile on his face. “I’ll come down and visit you soon.”
She nodded and blinked slowly. “God, I don’t know when I’m ever gonna finish unpacking everything. I’ve got meetings about classes and I really need a nap but if I nap now I’ll never wake up.”
He gave her a small sympathetic smile. “How about I speak to you tonight after you’ve unpacked a little more? Give you some time to settle in?”
“That sounds amazing, Buck. I love you and I’ll miss you.”
“I love you and I’ll miss you too, sweetness.”
Day Two
Y/N had already had far too much to drink. The night was over, though, and she was back in her bathroom. She stared at herself in the mirror, hating what she was saying. But she didn’t hate herself; she hated where she was and who she had become in the two days she had been here.
Bucky was almost on the other side of the country, laying in his bed, missing his girl.
Picking up his phone, he went to call Y/N.
Y/N slowly climbed into bed. She had changed into her pyjamas and slowly climbed into her bed, her laptop in front of her to watch television before she fell asleep. Chocolate was on her covers, ready for her to eat.
As she opened her laptop and watched her sitcom, the tears fell. She couldn’t hold them back, her head hurt and her chest ached as she tried to keep herself under control. Her phone was open to message her mother.
Suddenly her phone started vibrating. Y/N quickly wiped her tears to get herself under control. She swiped her finger over the screen and held her phone up, smiling at her boyfriend. “How late is it where you are, baby?” She asked before Bucky had a chance to say anything.
He gave her a grin smile, able to see the tears running down her cheeks. “Have you been having fun, babycakes?” He asked, laying on his side.
Y/N nodded her head.
She shook her head.
Bucky tightened his smile. “Are you missing home sweetness?”
At that, Y/N burst into another round of tears. She pulled Baby Buck closer and cried into his soft belly. “I don’t know if I can do this anymore! I miss home, I hate being on my own. My roommates are great but, like, I wanna be back where I’m used to. I don’t feel like myself anymore and I want to feel like the person I was befor I left.” She sniffed. “My heart hurts and I’m too nervous to do anything. I want to stay in bed and never leave.”
“Oh Angel,” Bucky began. He wanted nothing more than to be with her, to hold her through everything she was feeling. “It’s gonna be tough at first, we all miss you a lot back here, but you gotta stick it out. I’ll be here for you through everything. Remember why you’re doing this, remember how excited you were to move out.”
She nodded and wiped away another round of tears. “Please come and visit me soon, Buck.”
“I’ll be there in two weeks, Angel.”
“I love you,” She squeaked.
“I love you too, so fucking much.”
That night she fell asleep while still on the phone with Bucky. He refused to let her go until he saw her happy in bed.
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spiritualchange · a day ago
Mother's Day w/ Stepson!Bucky
warning: 18+ minors dni, smut, somnophilia, college!bucky, age gap, mommy kink switch!bucky
pairing: stepson!bucky barnes x stepmom!reader
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gif is not mine
Tumblr media
Bucky held onto the tray of your breakfast walking up the stairs to your bedroom, knocking on the door before entering quietly. It took all of him not to drop the tray of food. You had been sleeping on your stomach, only in a silk pajama shirt, your bottom bare, with one leg propped up letting your pussy show.
Quietly, Bucky set down the tray making his way towards you, getting onto the bed quietly. His finger ghosted over your cunt, gathering spit in his mouth letting it dribble onto your cunt. His thumb ran against your folds, before rubbing your clit.
You softly moaned, adjusting before settling again. Bucky already has his mouth attached to your clit, licking rapidly. You moved around to the point his head was trapped between your thighs.
"Such a pretty pussy mommy." He whispered, placing one more kiss on your clit before pushing down his boxers, letting his cock spring. He ran his cock on your cunt, lightly tapping on your clit before he pushed in.
"Hmmm." You moaned/groaned, pushing your head off the pillow. Your eyes adjusted to the light before looking at Bucky.
"Bucky." You stared at him.
"Good morning mommy." He leaned down kissing you. You wrapped your arms around his neck, pushing his head down to your neck.
"You couldn't help but fuck mommy huh." You taunted him. "Your cock getting hard at me sleeping."
"Yes mommy." He moaned, letting you dominate him. "Wanted to make your day special."
"Oh baby." You smiled sweetly kissing his cheek. "You're gonna make my day so special if you continue. You want that, you want to make mommy happy."
"Yeah I do." He stuttered.
"You gotta mommy cum first." You wrapped your legs around his waist. "Make me cum and we can play all day."
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mxchellesworld · a day ago
Hi, can I please request Bucky to ITV baby fever and a breeding kink?
sorry if my brain is on stupid mode but i cant figure out what itv means lmao also we’re ignoring endgame logic because i said so
it all started after tony and pepper had gotten back with little morgan. the way you held the tiny girl in your arms, cooing at her sweetly had bucky swooning.
that night you were settling into bed together when you felt him grind up against your behind. large cock growing hard with each movement of his hips.
"buck-", he cut you off.
"let me put a baby in you hm," he said nose rubbing along the side of your neck.
you could feel the arousal starting to flood your pajama shorts. his hand moved to the front of your bottoms, sliding in once you gave a nod of permission.
a sigh left your lips as his cold fingers rubbed teasing circles against your aching bud.
quickly he got up from behind you, spreading your legs and holding onto the plushness of your thighs.
your head fell back in pleasure as he started grinding up against your core but a hand on your chin brought your sight back to him.
"i want you to watch me as i fill you up. can you do that for me doll?"
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punani · 2 days ago
Not chubby!Bucky out here eating out a plus size brown skin girl on the flour-dusted counter with a peach pie in the oven from when they went peach picking on the local farm 👀
you're still in that pretty, pastel pink dress that he's been itching to peel off of you since you nearly bounded down the steps out of excitement for morning fruit picking
you absolute adored the local farm, cultivating a relationship with the farmers to the point of knowing their families
alpha!chubby!bucky always purred approvingly at your kindness, pressing your body into the softness of his belly as he presses his nose to the crown of your head to inhale your scent briefly before whispering that you're too sweet for your own good
so, you're still clad in that same pretty dress, only you're a mess now
'a-alpha,' you croon, thighs trembling as he keeps you caged to his mouth
the smell of the peach pie in the oven is nothing compared to your syrupy, omega scent that has him wanting to succumb to the ravenous wolf he is
you can't bring yourself to feel remorse when you get flour in his hair, your hands covered in the white powder that ghosted over the counter your back was firmly pressed against
vaguely, you register the white handprints on your contrasting skin, but the feeling of bucky slipping two thick fingers into your leaking slit has you tensing your thighs and chirping in delight
'yes, peach? what can i do for ya?'
god, you always love when his drawl pokes out between his words from time to time, but you also can't stand it when it comes out during his time to tease you
he nips at the softness of your plush inner thighs, curling his fingers within your heat as you watch him proceed to run his tongue over your stretch marks and darkened spots
it only proves to make it more intense when he continues to open you up on his fingers, his tongue eventually finding the bundle of nerves that have you singing for him
'always taste so good f'me, peach. such a pretty omega–my omega.'
slutty sunday™
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sweetboitom · 20 hours ago
Bucky x little reader! Loves playing with his dogtags and loves wearing them, whenever he goes on a mission or something ( or just leaves to go to the store) she always gives them a kiss to keep him
this is so cute my god.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: fluff, kinda angst at the end, mentions of missions, mentions of cglre
Word Count: 490
Dog Tags
It started about a month after they had started seeing each other. You guys had met and immediately started a sort of caregiver relationship, where he took care of you and you took care of him, just a little differently. Which you both loved. It was hard for you both when he went on missions because you never knew if it would be a week, or a month, or even more. So one day Bucky thought of an idea, he wanted to give his baby his dog tags. So he was going to sit you down a day before he was supposed to leave. He didn't want to do something simple, he was going to take you to dinner and then back to your apartment and give you as much love as he could before he were to leave at 4:00 in the morning.
He texted you to be ready around 2:30 pm, he knew that way you would've had your nap, he didn't want a cranky baby today. Once he got to your apartment, he walked up the steps, flowers in hand, as well as a new stuffie he made at a build-a-bear. He knocked at your door, he smiled to himself once he heard your little pitter patter towards the door. You opened it all giddy and happy, ``Hiya mister!`` He quickly pulled you into a hug, ``Hi baby, I brought you a couple things. Now I know this Teddys uniform isn't exactly the same as daddy's was, but its close-`` ``Wait... why are your dog tags on the teddy? You never take those off``. He smiled down at you, ``Well, angel. Ive been thinking, I know how hard it is for you when im away and how much you miss me. So I figured, ill give you a teddy with a military uniform with my dog tags on him, so im extra close to you when I can't actually be close to you.`` Once he handed you the teddy, he immediately noticed the tears streaming down your face. You quickly sniffled and held the teddy close to you. ``I love him.. Thank you so much!``
It had been 2 weeks now, and Bucky was still gone. You cuddled your teddy every night, which you had named Sergeant Barnes. It was around 1 in the morning and you just couldn't sleep, so you decided to take the dog tags off your stuffie and put them on. Once they were on you grabbed them and held them close to your heart and just cried. You missed Bucky, a lot, and you had no clue when he'd be home. So for now all you had was your stuffie, the dying flowers he got you 2 weeks prior, and his dog tags. You eventually woke up, not remembering falling asleep, you grabbed his dog tags and kissed them good morning. The same way you did when Bucky was home.
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stuckybarton · 22 hours ago
What Has Been, What Can Never Be I
Tumblr media
Summary: Steve Rogers had returned to the past, hoping to move on from the chaos of the future. Leaving the woman that had loved him as someone more than just the persona of Captain America and his best friend that has always been with him until the end of the line. But as he had come to settle in this new life back in his own time, regret was somehow coming to follow. When he decides to return to the present, things have changed and you, the woman that had always promised to be there for him was now happy with his best friend as the two of you moved on with your lives without Steve Rogers in it. Characters: Bucky Barnes x Witch!Reader; Ex!Steve Rogers x Witch!Reader; Steve Rogers x Peggy Carter. Sam Wilson. Helmut Zemo. Sharon Carter. Words: 1,556 Warnings: None For this Chapter
MASTERLIST || Join the Taglist || Requests Are Open
Tumblr media
I: For The Ones That We Lost
Life has been different from what you had always thought it would be. But the sight of how your life had now become post-Steve Rogers was something to behold. You had always believed you would end up withering away in your own despair as Steve chose his past life over you. Choosing Peggy over you. But somehow here you were, a beaming smile on your lips as you helped Sarah with preparing food for everyone.
You had once lost your family at the hands of Tony Stark, vowed to kill him as retaliation, and eventually finding a family in the Avengers. A love you never thought you were still allowed to have, a family that you could somehow call as you own, as imperfect as it was.
"Are you heading back home?" Sarah had inquired.
With everything that had happened with the Flag Smashers, you had only thought it was best to get a few days off to rest--something you never really had been allowed to do since being dusted, to fighting Thanos, to everything else in between.
"Maybe." You shrugged, not really sure where Home was anymore.
With Tony long gone, as well as Nat and Steve, there wasn't really anyone you could come home to. Sokovia was no longer a home for you as much as it wasn't a home to Wanda.
You had remembered Zemo's offer in his castle and a small part of you wanted to take him up on that offer. Stay in your country for a while before you were back to work with Sam and Bucky if you were needed to be.
"Sam said you're looking for a place, ever thought about a place here? I know someone that can help you out with a place."
What you have never known of since the death of Tony Stark, was the trust fund he had place under your name as well as Wanda's, was it something he had always thought of to repay the sins of his past or was it just something he did after everything they've all been through. Being the father to you when you had lost your own. With the money, you wanted to start a new life, pursue higher education, or even just start a small little bakery or cafe like you had always dream of having with your family when they were still alive.
"I'll take you up on that offer, Sarah." You smiled at the older woman, appreciating all the hospitality she had given you and even Bucky since your arrival to their home. How easy she had treated you like a part of the family, unafraid of the powers that courses through your finger tips.
Maybe Louisiana is the place you could get your start. After everything you had lost, it was time for you to get back up on your feet and start rebuilding your life.
"Hope I'm not interrupting anything."
Turning to the owner of the voice, a smile rested on your lips at the sight of Bucky. Two cakes in his hands. A signature dessert he would bring whenever he comes to visit.
"Not much, James." You assured, letting go of the plates you were stacking to give the man a warm hug.
What many people don't know was their shared sentiments. They had lost so much in their life due to HYDRA's control, lost the freedom they once had, and lost someone that had always promised to be there when they need him the most. He had lost a best friend, and you had lost the only man you had ever loved.
It still hurts, you know as much, but for Bucky you know how much he was hurting more than you could even imagine. But slowly, the pain wasn't so painful like it used to be. They've got each other now, they got Sam, they got Sarah, and they got Sharon and even Zemo too (as much as Bucky would hate to admit it).
"How's the trip?" You inquired knowing how hard it was to travel all the way from Brooklyn to Louisiana.
"Got stopped by a couple of Metal Detectors in the airport." He points out and you broke into an carefree giggle.
A hand resting so freely on his vibranium arm. You had often teased him about it, how it's gonna be a problem he's gonna have to face on a daily basis especially when going to the airport.
"Please tell me you didn't scare the airport security." You teased.
"I did no such thing, Doll." He smirked hands resting on the small of your back. "But they did get the spooks when they saw the metal arm."
You nodded understanding, having been with him on one flight and seeing first-hand everything he had to go through and you tried your best to ease him fearing it would bring him back to a dark place.
"Let's get the show on the road, Love Birds." Sam's voice broke you two from your conversation and like being burned had you two pulling apart quicker.
The blush somehow found their way on both of your faces as the knowing look was shared between the Wilson Siblings.
"Can you help me with getting the plates and utensils out, Y/N?" Sarah finally offered knowing no one was going to save either of you from the awkward situation.
"Right." You had somehow found yourself taking all of the plates and utensil with you. You magic helping you out in the process.
"So you and Y/N?" Sam had inquired as soon as you and Sarah had left the kitchen leaving the two men to their own conversation.
"Sam." The warning tone was evident--but still ignored by the man.
The last thing Bucky would ever want is to take advantage of Steve's girl. But then again, you were no longer his girl. Peggy was his girl and you were just--someone he had left behind.
He could still remember the moment were you had talked to Steve's older self. A smile might had been on your lips, telling him how happy you were for him, for staying where he would be his happiest, but no one, not even Sam knew what you did after. The pained sobs that broke from your lips when you had thought no one was looking.
It was a pain Bucky was all too familiar with. He had known Steve would have stayed back in the past, but what he had never accounted for was keeping it a secret from you. Leaving you to hope and break your heart in the process.
"Take good care of her for me, Buck."
He had kept his promise to Steve. He had been there for you even when you didn't need his presence. Even when you had shoved him away time and time again in the earlier days of life after Steve, Stark, and Natasha.
You had lost three of the most important figures in your life, and he had wanted to make sure that he could be there for you, help in his own little way. Making you believe that there was still someone out there that cares for you. He cared, more than he would try to admit.
But then, things just evolved from his unspoken responsibility. He wasn't just taking care of you. He genuinely cared for you. One of the few peoples that had understood how he was still paying for the sins of his past. One that stood by him when everyone else turned their back on him.
His feelings were something he tried his best to hide. He wasn't better just yet. He wanted to be better before he could even think of whatever Sam was insinuating.
"You can scowl all you want but that definitely isn't just a friendly hug you two were in." Sam smirked patting him on the back before dragging him out of the porch.
"She's just a friend." Bucky muttered, hoping it was enough that even he could believe it.
"And I'm not Captain America." Sam snorts sitting him right down on the table--right in front of you, blush from whatever Sarah was telling you.
"What were you ladies talking about?" Sam had inquired knowing fully well it has something to do with Bucky and you.
"We were talking about a place I could buy." You intervened. "It's either here or Brooklyn." You continued.
It was enough for Sam to change the subject of whatever was going on between Bucky and you as he explain a few good places you could either rent or buy.
In the conversation, Bucky just couldn't help himself as he just looks at you. It took him a while to understand why the Punk had gone for you.
You were just a darling to be around. Rough around the edges--for a very good reason, but you just had this look in you. The doe eye that would make even the stone cold killer break even for just a second; it was him, he was the stone cold killer. You spoke your mind, but always placed everyone else's happiness before your own. You always downplay your abilities only for you to take down anyone you could ever come across with just a flick of your wrist.
Yeah. He might be in love--faster than he ever thought possible. 
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knightsofkenn · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Hi everyone!! With Kinktober right around the corner, I thought I’d release my list for the month. This is actually my first time ever writing for Kinktober, so I’m really excited and nervous ✨
Below you’ll find the characters, kinks, and dates for my Kinktober posts!! (p.s. - I’ll be writing for some new characters;))
Kylo Ren + Sex Toys | Oct. 1st
Charlie Barber + Nipple Play | Oct. 4th
Loki Laufeyson + Mirror Sex | Oct. 8th
Severus Snape + Praise Kink | Oct. 13th
Bucky Barnes + Edging | Oct. 15th
Poe Dameron + Breathplay | Oct. 17th
Din Djarin + Cumplay | Oct. 20th
Draco Malfoy + Humiliation | Oct. 22
Aaron Hotchner + Daddy Kink | Oct. 24th
Andy Barber + Innocence Kink | Oct. 27th
Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes + Threesome | Oct. 29th
Spencer Reid + Cockwarming | Oct. 31st
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