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#sebastian stan x female reader
youlightmeupfinn · 19 hours ago
Morning Surprise 》 Sebastian Stan x Reader (18+)
Tumblr media
request: Sebastian Stan Prompt 10. “Merry Christmas! Let me suck your dick.”
a/n: this one... oooof. i would gladly wake this man up on Christmas morning with some tongue action... WHEW!
summary: It's Christmas morning! And what better way to wake up your sweet Sebastian than with some... mouth action?
warnings: smut; oral m!receiving
Prompt #10 smut: “Merry Christmas! Let me suck your dick.”
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You woke up giggling to yourself and felt the warmth of the room wrap itself around you. Your eyes glanced over to see the window completely frosted over in yours and Sebastian’s bedroom. New York had finally gotten its round of snow and you were excited.
Not to mention, today was Christmas.
You and Sebastian had plans for later on with your family, but it was tradition for you two to spend the morning together. You smiled as your eyes maneuvered to the side of the bed where he laid. Sebastian was on his back, the covers pulled up to cover his chest, his hand rested on your leg.
Licking your lips, you had the most wonderful idea. Although you had physical presents set aside for Seb, you wanted to start the morning off with a little excitement. Sneaking your body underneath the blankets, your body came into contact with his warm exterior. He was in nothing but his boxers, you adorning his shirt and underwear.
Resting yourself on your knees in the space between his thighs, you planted your hands on either side of the mattress, your head moving low. Before you started your journey, you pulled the scrunchie off of your wrist and tied your hair up. Sebastian remained quiet beneath you, his body not stirring.
However, when you pressed warm kisses against his chest, he hummed. His eyes stayed closed as you worked your way down, the palm of your hand moving to rest against his abdomen. You smirked to yourself, your hands coming into contact with his clothed cock. Rubbing your hand across it, the friction felt was enough to make Sebastian stir finally.
Kissing his hips, you gently began to push the boxers down his legs.
“Baby?” Sebastian’s sleepy voice called out. He felt when his length came into contact with the warm air underneath the covers, his eyes fully opening. He lifted the blankets to see you inches away. Taking him into your hand, Seb released a sudden moan that made your insides ignite.
You grinned, rubbing your hand up and down his shaft. He was quickly aroused, the defining moment being when he grew harder in your hand. You swiped your thumb over the tip and licked your lips seductively, a whimper falling from Sebastian’s lips.
“Kitten, the things you do…” He moaned breathlessly. You giggled quietly.
“Merry Christmas! Let me suck your dick.” You exclaimed happily, Sebastian busting out laughing. He watched as your mouth came into contact with his length, your hand wrapping around the bottom. As you came down, you sucked along his shaft, earning a heavy groan of approval.
Your tongue swirled around his reddened tip, Sebastian breathing hard at the head of the bed. As you milked him in your hand, you added pressure with your tongue which caused him to shake beneath you.
“Shit, kitten,” Sebastian moaned. You sucked harder, your hand working against his shaft. You added kitten licks back to his tip before another powerful run of your tongue against his head. Sebastian’s head tipped back against the pillows, the muscles of his throat exposed. You moaned around him.
“You taste so good, Seb…” You whined. His hips started to thrust upwards into your mouth. You grinned and reached below to gently hold his testicles, adding another layer of pleasure. Sebastian started to crumble beneath you, his raspy moans filling the air of your bedroom. The snow continued to fall outside, adding to the element of comfort.
Bobbing your head, you gently used your teeth around his length, causing a hard groan to fall from his mouth.
“Baby, I’m so close,” He announced. You giggled at his reaction.
“Then what are you waiting for? Cum. It’s a part of your Christmas gift.” You winked before diving back in. One more swirl around his head was all it took for Sebastian to completely unwind. The hot thick liquid shot into the back of your throat, his delicious sounds causing the ocean to form in between your thighs.
As he finished, you licked up every ounce of him and swallowed, moaning at the taste which made his eyes widen.
“What a wonderful way to start the day…” You smirked, climbing onto his chest.
Sebastian’s eyes were wide as he stared at you, shaking his head.
“Please tell me there’s more…” He said giddily.
You winked, kissing his neck.
“Start taking my clothes off and there will be…” You whispered into his ear.
Sebastian wasted no time in peeling your shirt and underwear away from your body, soon diving headfirst into the pool of euphoria with you.
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kiwisomething · 21 hours ago
Big Boy
Summary: Sebastian catches you talking with a boy at another table while he’s hanging out with some of his buddies and girlfriend.
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Sister!Reader, Florian Munteanu x Reader
Warning: Google translate.
Tumblr media
“Isn’t that your sister, man?” Anthony pointed out.
Sebastian looked and narrowed his eyes. Sure enough, you’re all dolled up seated next to this massive guy on a couch. He has his hand on your thigh and he’s talking in your ear. Your arm is wrapped around his bicep. He’s got you smiley.
“Oh shit, that guy is huge,” Chris said.
“I think if the three of us take him on we have a chance,” Anthony said.
“I’m pretty sure that is the guy from the second Creed movie,” Don said.
While they discussed their possible plan of action to get Little Stan to safety, your older brother snapped a photo of you and this Creed actor together and sent it to you. He texted you; his hand seems a little to close.
Your phone buzzed from the low table in front of you. You reached forward and grabbed it. You flipped it over seeing 2 new messages from 🦞🦞🦞 and you unlocked your phone.
“Oh my god,” you said.
You immediately moved Florian’s hand to your knee. You get another text saying that’s still too close. You officially pushed off your boyfriend’s hand.
“Ce s-a întâmplat?” Florian asked. What’s wrong?
You looked around frantically and finally caught your brother across the restaurant with Anthony beside him and Chris across from.
“Este fratele meu Sebastian,” you said pointing him out. It’s my brother.
“Fratele tau?” Florian said. Your brother?
“Da,” you said. “He’s here.” Yes
“We can go say hi,” he said with a smirk on his face.
“No, they’ll eat you alive,” you said looking at him.
“Really? I’ll be eaten alive,” he said.
“You might be a former heavyweight but those assholes sitting with him will eat you alive,” you said.
“No, they won’t,” Florian said.
“They’re talking about how they’re gonna beat you up,” your brother said.
Florian chuckled. You happily got up and hugged Sebastian. Florian stood up as well making the boys back at the table gasp. Sebastian is surprised by the height.
“This is Florian, my boyfriend,” you introduced. “Florian, this is my brother Sebastian.”
“Pleasure to meet you,” Sebastian said sticking out his hand. “I’ve heard nothing about you.”
Florian shook his hand and said, “I’ve heard very little about you but I’m sure we can fix it.”
“Yeah,” Sebastian said. “I’m here in LA this week.”
“I’m free tomorrow. We can do lunch,” Florian said.
“Sounds like a plan,” Sebastian said.
“Am I invited?” You asked.
“No,” they both said.
“You assholes,” you said.
“You’ll be fine, Dragoste,” Florian said.
“Wait, you’re Romanian?” Sebastian asked.
“And German,” he said.
“Uh, Ich kenne einen großartigen Ort zum Mittagessen, zu dem wir gehen können,”your brother said. I know a great place for lunch that we can go to.
Florian’s face lit up and said, “Ich werde deine Nummer von ihr bekommen.” I will get your number from her.
“Can we talk English or Romanian?” you asked.
“Not everything is about you and we were having a nice conversation,” your brother sassed. “You also could’ve learned German.”
“I was a baby when we went to Germany,” you said.
“Should’ve tried harder,” Florian said shaking his head.
“I don’t like either of you,” you said.
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buckyhoney · a month ago
𝐜𝐥𝐨𝐬𝐞 𝐞𝐧𝐨𝐮𝐠𝐡
Tumblr media
𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞: needy bucky & cockwarming, here is a little something- not really sure how i feel about this one ://
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: bucky barnes x reader
𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠𝐬/𝐟𝐞𝐞𝐝𝐛𝐚𝐜𝐤/𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞𝐬 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐠𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐥𝐲 𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝 & 𝐡𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐥𝐲 𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐚𝐠𝐞𝐝! 𝐡𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫, 𝐃𝐎 𝐍𝐎𝐓 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭/𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐥 𝐀𝐍𝐘 𝐨𝐟 𝐦𝐲 𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐬!
𝟏𝟖+ 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: 18+, language, unprotected sex, cockwarming
It was well past midnight, but Bucky's tossing and turning have kept you up. He'd pull your waist towards his torso, grabbing at your thighs, or practically laying on top of you- but for whatever reason, he couldn't get close enough.
Bucky was having one of those nights that no position was comfortable. He grunted and groaned as he finally opened his eyes in defeat.
"Love..." Tapping you on the shoulder, he whispered.
He hated to wake you up, but he knew you'd know what to do. Luckily for you, it was the weekend, and you didn't have to be up for work in the morning. Moaning into the pillow, just about to fall asleep, you turn around- facing him.
"Yes?" Opening your eyes and looking at him, you knew what he was about to say.
"Can't sleep..." The quiet voice was shy and almost embarrassed.
Reaching over to read the time on your phone, you huffed, shimming out of your underwear. The only way of getting as close as you could be, was for him to be inside you.
"Take these off." Motioning towards his briefs.
Confused, Bucky removes his underwear. Half asleep, you reach before the blanket, stroking his cock. A low groan escapes him, still unaware of how this would help him fall asleep.
"What are you doing?" He moans as his cock becomes fully hard.
"It'll help." Scooting over, you put your leg over him, allowing you room to slip inside him.
Bucky whines, bucking his hips upward- causing your walls to clench around him in pleasure. You place your hand on his hip, stopping any further movements.
"Don't move," You moan, adjusting yourself on top of him.
As you settle yourself, you nuzzle into his chest. Bucky's heart rate steadies, and his body relaxes. Bucky understands the idea and wraps his arm around you, finally close enough to you.
Every once in a while, one of you would move a little too much- causing a frustrated moan. Bucky loved knowing you're as close as you could be, the intimacy of just being together like this.
"Better?" You mumble into his chest, falling asleep again.
Bucky nods, finally able to drift to sleep.
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skyeisawizard · 7 months ago
Drunk, Y/N buys a load of magnets and sticks them to her boyfriends metal arm while he sleeps
Fluff! This is fluffy as fuck and i can’t believe someone hasn’t written this already (is they have send it my way pls I wanna read it)
Thank you for 400 in such a short space of time! It really means the world to me
Send in requests, come flirt a little ;)
Tumblr media
“Fuck,” she hissed as she stumbled into the apartment. The bag full of magnets was nearly splitting at the bottom, the horn of the unicorn magnet poking through the plastic.
It was the dumbest idea ever. So dumb it was almost brilliant.
Girls night had taken a little bit of a wild turn when Y/N and her friends moved past the corner shop. One of them stopped and the others followed suit, looking at all of the pretty things inside. Once Y/N saw the fridge magnets, she knew what she needed to do.
Fifty dollars. Fifty fucking dollars went towards buying those magnets. It hardly seemed worth it and Y/N knew she’d regret it when she was sober. Or once her boyfriend realised what she was doing.
Their cat was snoozing away on the sofa as Y/N crept past. She toed off her shoes and threw them in the box in a not so quiet manner. “Shush,” she whispered to the still sleeping cat. “He doesn’t sleep very well! We can’t be loud.” The only problem was her whisper and how it was so much louder than she intended. “I gotta get me some water!”
The bag in her hands swung from side to side as she struggled into the kitchen. It smacked against the counter several times, definitely waking Bucky up, but drunk Y/N was too tired to notice.
She pulled a glass from the cupboard, nearly dropping it in the process, and filled it with water.
Only when a heavy click filled the air did she sober up a little. Only a little. She turned slowly, holding the glass against her chest and sloshing it down her dress in the process. “Bucky?” She called into the darkness of their apartment.
He came out of the hallway, holding his gun in his metal hand. Only once he saw it was Y/N did he put it down by his side. He opened his arms wide and marched towards her. “I was wondering when you were going to get home,” he said and helped her put down her glass. Bucky kissed the top of her head and eyed the bag in her hand suspiciously. “Do you wanna tell me what you bought tonight?”
Y/N pressed her finger to her lips and shook her head. “Nuh-uh, Buck. It’s a secret!”
He shook his head, his freshly cut hair falling into his eyes. “Alright, doll. Whatever you say.” Taking her hand, he led her into the bedroom and helped her to get ready for bed. He let her throw the bag under her bed, promising not to “tell Bucky”, whatever that meant, and helped her into an old shirt of his and pyjama shorts.
Bucky pulled back the covers and Y/N dove under. As soon as her head hit the pillow, she was out. Bucky climbed in after her, wrapped his flesh arm around her waist as pulled her in close.”
It was almost five in the morning and the sky was already bathed in a soft orange glow. Slightly more sober than the night before, Y/N remembered her mission. She reached under the bed and opened the bag. The material rustled under fingertips and she kept her eyes on Bucky, praying he stayed sleeping.
When her fingers connected with the first magnet and Bucky still hadn’t stirred, she knew her plan was a success.
Rolling back towards him, she snuggled against his side and threw her arm over his waist, reaching for his metal one. It wasn’t uncommon for them to sleep in this position and Bucky’s unconscious mind thought nothing of it.
As soon as the first magnet, a rainbow magnet, attached to his arm, Bucky’s eyes flew open. Instantly he looked at the figure to his side, checking her over for anything wrong. But her chest was rising and falling in a steady rhythm, her eyes squeezed shut. Bucky looked at the door and saw nothing. Brushing it off, he fell back to sleep.
Y/N waited a few more minutes to reach into the bag. She picked up three at a time, a sad cloud, a donkey in front of a gate and the unicorn one.
One by one she began attaching them to Bucky’s arm. Her giggles were uncontrollable as she placed the sad cloud beside the rainbow. Her body shook, finally waking Bucky up.
At first he was concerned. It had taken him a while to get used to sleeping in a bed but once he was, he slept like a log. His eyes moved to his girlfriend and his worry dropped.
There she was, cheeks red, water spilling from her eyes and her hand slapped over her mouth. The unicorn magnet was still in her lap, her fingers clasped around it. “Doll, it’s so early,” Bucky grumbled and looked up at her through his lashes. His head was still against the pillow, his fingers reaching around for her. “What’s the matter?”
“Bucky!” She suddenly whined and crawled over to sit on his chest. “You’re ruining all of my fun.” Pouting, she placed the unicorn magnet on his arm and crossed her own over her chest. “All I wanted to do was make your arm look like the fridge but you just had to wake up.”
Bucky’s thumb brushed over her bottom lip. “Did you and your friends buy a bunch of magnets when you were out?”
“I’m not telling you unless you let me decorate your arm.”
There was no way out of this one. Eventually Bucky was going to cave. He would’ve given her the whole damn moon if she had asked for it. Compared to that, covering his arm in magnets wasn’t going to do any harm. He nodded his head and Y/N instantly jumped off the bed. She grabbed the bag and moved back to sit on his chest.
Before starting with the magnets, Y/N leaned forward, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek. “I love you bucky,” she whispered and kissed him again.
He grumbled out a response, something along the lines of “love you too,” and Y/N began placing magnets up by his shoulder, starting with a turtle wearing sunglasses.
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afriendlyblackhottie · a month ago
Tumblr media
(A/N: just a little something ☺️)
Bucky kissed the side of your head as he climbed on top of you
Tired as fuck, but still wanting to be close
Work had been annoying as hell and all he could think about was getting home to you.
Had a taste for you but when he walked through the door the house was quiet and still
Fuck it was kinda late
He peeked into the bedroom seeing you laying on your side the tv still on. You must have fallen asleep waiting up for him.
Bucky chuckled and went over to kiss your cheek
After a quick shower he was ready to climb in with you but fuck he still wanted his taste
He started climbing on top of you. Grabbing your ass and ready to roll you over.
“Mmm,” you breathed as you squirmed
He chuckled, leaning down to kiss the side of your head. “Baby,” he whispered with his lips against you, “gotta wake up for me.”
“Yeah it’s me, Baby,” he whispered.
You tilted your head up and with your eyes still closed puckered your lip.
He chuckled before leaning down to meet them with his. Fucking finally.
Your mouths moved together as you reached up to grab his hair
You pulled away to smile at him. “How was work?”
“It was work. Mostly did paperwork. But, you know what I’ve been thinking about all day?”
You yawned as you did this little wiggle nudging his cock with the side of your ass. “No what?”
“You,” he whispered leaning down to kiss your next and grinning into your skin as he beard you sigh wistfully
“Mhm,” he hummed into you as he put his hand between your thighs.
Hand slowly tracing up until he was at your panties as you moved so he was more on top of you. Putting your hand owns in his hair.
His thumb rubbed your clit through your panties
You let out a whine as your hips jolted up. “James,” you mewled.
“That’s it, Baby. Been thinking about eating your pussy all day.”
“Yeah?” You asked as you moaned.
“Yeah,” he whispered.
You let out another moan as he pushed your panties to the side.
“You want that?” He asked.
“Fuck, yeah.”
He licked his chops as he finally got to see it. Ready to dive the fuck in.
You tugged at his hair as he went down on you.
Now wide awake and ready for him.
Moaning for him and grabbing at his hair as he feasted
He’d been dead serious about it. Had been fucking craving it
“Fuck, James,” you cried out as you moaned for him
But he just wasn’t done yet
He pushed his cock into you as soon as he could. Watching the way you inhaled sharply as you took him
Legs around his waist as his head lay beside yours on the same pillow as he rocked into you
Fucking you with strong thrusts as your pussy took every single inch of him
“You’re gonna make me fucking cum,” you whined again and all it did was making him wanna go harder. Fuck you would be at this all night
“That’s my girl. Pussy so good. Couldn’t stop thinkin’ about it.”
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idy-ll-ique · a month ago
adorable little baby
pairing: single dad!ceo!bucky barnes x babysitter!f!reader
genre: SMUT. SMUT. SMUT. oh and fluff a tiny bit
warnings: read above :D (also kinda dom/sub so be warned)
requested: nope
word count: ~3.1k
summary: y/n is the 24/7 nanny for bucky barnes' 18 month old daughter, winnie. but when bucky finds out she is going on a date with someone she met at the park, he confesses his feelings for her to her in the only way he knows how and knows is right. y/n, of course, loves it since she likes him as well, only agreeing to the date because she thinks she has no chance with bucky. oh well.
author's note: hiya peeps! ok so the last time i posted smut i got a very good reaction (thanks 👀) so here's one more smutty fic!!!! enjoy!!
"Winnie, come on, baby…" Y/N sighed as the baby she was watching wailed at the top of her lungs. She picked the baby up from the crib and she quieted instantly, small sniffles still escaping her. But when Y/N tried putting Winnie down again, she cried. Y/N thought for a minute before taking the child to her room.
She put her in some better clothes and got her ready for an outing. Winnie stopped crying when she realized what was going on, excitedly clapping and giggling. Y/N smiled to herself and put Winnie in her pram, stepping out of the lavish mansion. She figured Winnie was simply bored at home, so she decided to take her to the nearby garden.
Winnie was the 18 month old daughter of the biggest name in town, CEO James Buchanan Barnes. Bucky, as he went by, owned a very renowned company and was adored by many. He was a single dad, unfortunately, and with his busy schedule he had no time to look after his daughter. So he had hired a 24/7 nanny— Y/N. It had been a year since she started working for the man.
He was nice. Very handsome; he looked the broody type but was quite sweet, funny and charming. She liked working for him, and she loved his daughter, Winnie, too. He'd named her after his own mother.
As Y/N and Winnie reached the park, the baby girl started squealing with joy and laughing, which made Y/N's heart soar. Y/N really loved working with kids. "Do you like it here?" she crooned, picking the baby up. Winnie giggled and babbled. "Look, so many pretty flowers!" Y/N kept Winnie back in the pram.
They walked down the jogging trail as Y/N pointed all the pretty flowers to Winnie, who seemed excited to see all the colours and greenery. A while later, they found an empty bench and Y/N sat down, taking a sip from the water bottle she had brought along. But all of a sudden, someone sat next to her. She glanced next to her and saw a man wiping sweat off his forehead.
The man, sensing her stare, glanced at her with a small smile. Y/N smiled back. "Blake," he blurted out, "My name is Blake." Y/N laughed. "Y/N," she replied amusedly and he grinned. "Your baby is quite adorable, what's her name?" He waved at Winnie. Y/N smiled at the baby, holding her hand out.
Winnie grabbed her fingers with her tiny ones, trying to bring Y/N's hand to her mouth. "She's not my baby, I'm only a nanny. This is Mr Barnes' daughter. Surely you know him?" The man's eyes went wide. "James Barnes? Wow," he breathed out and Y/N giggled. "She was being very fussy at home so I decided to bring her here. I love this park."
"So do I. The greenery really puts you in a good mood, doesn't it?"
"Don't I agree."
He got up all of a sudden, taking out his phone. "By any chance…?" he questioned hopefully and Y/N smiled at him. He seemed like a good man, so she gave him her number. "I'll be sure to call you," he nodded, waved at her and Winnie and left. Y/N turned to face Winnie, who clapped her hands and giggled.
"Thanks for getting me a date," Y/N snorted, getting up. She decided to take Winnie home, since they'd been out for a long time. Only, upon reaching home, Y/N got a surprise.
As she opened the main door, Bucky looked up from where he was seated on the couch. "Oh, thank God!" he groaned, running over to them. He picked baby Winnie up, giving her a kiss on the cheek. Y/N realised her mistake; she should've at least left a note. Though it wasn't her fault, she didn't know Bucky was going to be home so early.
"You're home early," she smiled, keeping the pram away, "Sorry, didn't leave a message." Bucky waved in dismissal. "It's fine, I'm just glad you're both safe. Where did you take her?"
"The garden nearby, she was being very fussy at home so I thought a change of scenery might improve her mood. Which it apparently did." Bucky laughed at the last sentence. "It sure did. What did you see at the park, sweetheart?" he cooed at the baby, sitting down with her on his lap. Y/N went around the room, tidying up when her phone rang.
She picked up the call, smiling when she recognized the voice on the other side. "Blake, hi, how are you? Yes, this is Y/N, I didn't give you a fake number." Bucky silently watched as she chatted with Blake, his paranoia getting the best of him. Who was this guy? Y/N's boyfriend?
As far as he remembered, Y/N did not have a boyfriend. So who was Blake? A date, perhaps? That made Bucky incredibly upset. Bucky… Bucky liked Y/N. Yes, she was just the babysitter of his child but he couldn't help it, he fell for her. She was around his age and plus, Winnie liked her a lot. Y/N was a brilliant woman, who wouldn't fall for her?
It had been a few months since he realized his feelings about her, but he didn't have the guts to tell her. What if she said no? What if she left the job, never came back? "Who was that?" Bucky nonchalantly asked when Y/N ended the call. "Oh, just this guy I met at the park. He thought Winnie was my kid, how crazy is that?" Y/N laughed, in high spirits.
Bucky frowned. A guy she met at the park? So he was a potential date. I have to tell her now. He cleared his throat and looked down at Winnie, whose eyes were droopy as she fought sleep. "Oh, I think she's sleepy, it's her nap time," Bucky chuckled, passing Winnie over to Y/N. As Y/N walked towards Winnie's room, Bucky stopped her.
"Listen, I, uh— can we talk after you put her to bed?"
Y/N nodded. "As you'd like, sir." Then she went away. But while putting Winnie to bed, Y/N's thoughts raced. What did Bucky want to say to her? Was he disappointed that she'd taken Winnie out without prior permission? What if he fired her?
When she was sure Winnie was fast asleep, Y/N left her room and went to Bucky’s office, knocking once before going in. There, she saw him sitting on the couch, a bottle of wine and two glasses in front of him on the teapoy. “Am I in trouble?” she joked, shuffling her feet. “What— oh, no no, not at all! Come sit.”
She sat in front of him, watching as he filled both glasses with wine and handed one to her. The silence stretched on between them as they both stared at each other. “So,” Y/N cleared her throat, “What happened?” Bucky sighed, looking down at his lap for a moment before looking up at her again. “This is… very frivolous—” She cocked her head to the side, confused.
“You can tell me, I won’t judge.” Bucky bit his lip before asking, “So, um, let’s begin with the phone call. What was his name, Blake?” Y/N was super confused but she nodded along. “Well, uh, I’m assuming he asked you out on a date…?” Her eyes narrowed. “Yes,” she replied slowly, “He did.” Bucky awkwardly cleared his throat, pulling at his tie. Why was this so difficult for him to admit?
“I just— oh my God. Look, before you start making plans with him I just wanted to tell you that I like you. A lot. I have liked you for a few months and yes— I’m very much aware I’m sounding like a teenager right now but it is your right to know. I can’t keep it from you. Now I understand if you don’t feel the same-”
Y/N had stopped listening the moment he told her he liked her. Is he being serious right now? The reason why it surprised her so much was the fact that yes, she had a crush on him too. Who wouldn’t? He was handsome, he was successful, he was charming and was… just awesome in general.
But, thinking that he’d never go for her, she had contained her feelings only to get the biggest shock of her life right now. “Y/N? Darling, say something, you’re scaring me.” She snapped out of her thoughts and looked at Bucky. His face was screaming nervousness.
“I— I never thought you’d see me in that light too.”
“Too? What do you mean, too?” Flustered, Y/N looked down at her lap. “I like you too,” she confessed, “I’ve had a crush on you for like, forever. I just never expected you to feel the same.” Bucky’s jaw dropped. “You mean I could’ve asked you out months ago and you’d have said yes?” She laughed at his behaviour, a smile blooming on her face.
“Yeah, basically.” Bucky laughed along too, running both his hands through his hair. “Man, I’m the world’s biggest idiot.” All of a sudden, he grabbed the back of her head and smushed their lips together. Y/N, without hesitation, kissed him back, wrapping her arms around his neck. A few minutes later, they pulled away.
Y/N gave him a broad grin, only to be taken by surprise yet again as Bucky’s lips travelled lower, kissing along her jaw and neck. “I’ve wanted you for so long, can’t wait any longer.” A soft mewl left Y/N’s lips as he kissed a particularly sensitive spot; that made him smirk against her skin. “Bucky,” she sighed blissfully.
“Yes, doll, I’m right here,” he chuckled, pulling away for a moment only to take off her t-shirt. He stared at her body in awe, smiling when Y/N’s hands eagerly reached for his shirt. He first loosened his tie and then took off his shirt, attacking her lips with his own as his hands grabbed both her wrists. Then, he made quick work of his tie and her wrists.
“Oh, God,” Y/N gasped when he abruptly tore her bra straight down the middle, exposing her to him fully. The two halves off her bra slid down her arms until they bunched at her tied wrists. “You are so divine,” Bucky sighed, leaving a trail of kisses down the valley of her breasts. His lips then touched a nipple, and Y/N’s breath caught in her throat.
He licked and sucked on it, his hand fondling with her other breast. Y/N wiggled desperately in his arms, rocking her hips forward. Bucky, noticing the movement, laughed. “Desperate, aren’t you, baby?” he asked in a low, baritone voice, his hand leaving her breast to rest on her thigh. “You’re the one who started it!” she fired back.
Bucky raised an eyebrow. “Keep talking like that and I’ll find some good use for that mouth of yours.” Y/N pouted at him, because he wasn’t touching her where she wanted him most. Her panties were completely drenched, to the point where it was starting to get uncomfortable sitting in them.
“I see how it is,” Bucky smirked seeing her expression, “On your knees, baby.” He kicked the teapoy away, making room for her. Y/N’s jaw dropped. “Didn’t you hear me, sweetie?” Bucky mocked, grabbing her jaw, “On your knees before I force you.” Her heartbeat quickened at his tone. “Yes, sir.”
“Sir? I like that,” Bucky hummed as she got on her knees between his spread legs, “If I hear the word Bucky one more time you’re getting punished, you hear me?” She nodded demurely. “Good girl.” Then his hands went to his pants, taking his sweet time. When he was finally exposed to her, Y/N swore she almost drooled.
It was… quite impressive. Heck, it was the biggest one she’d ever seen. “Are you just going to stare at it, doll? It’s all yours, you know.” Taking in a deep breath, Y/N leaned forward and gave the head a tentative lick; Bucky’s breath caught in his throat as his hand flew to the back of her head, pulling her close. “Don’t tease me.”
“Yes, sir,” she whispered and opened her mouth, taking in what she could. Her tongue swirled around his cock, making him lose his mind. “Fuck,” he cursed as she started bobbing her head up and down. His other hand reached for her head as well, pulling her in further. Y/N gagged when the tip of his cock touched the back of her throat; she pulled away, coughing with drool running down her chin.
Bucky smirked at the sight in front of him. Her hands tied, her hair a mess, tears in the corner of her eyes, drool on her chin— she looked utterly ruined but they hadn’t even gotten to the best part yet. “Look at you,” he crooned, “So fucking gorgeous. Come up here, sweetheart.” She stood up on shaky legs, plopping down next to him.
He made quick work of her jeans, chuckling when he got a look at her panties. “Like a waterfall in there,” he commented, “And I didn’t even touch you. Something tells me you’ve dreamed about this.” Y/N’s cheeks heated up and she looked away, crossing her legs. But Bucky grabbed her thighs and pushed them apart, shaking his head. “Don’t worry,” he assured her, “I’ve dreamed of it too.”
“Bucky,” Y/N whined when his large hands rubbed her thighs. He raised an eyebrow at her. “What did I tell you, my cupcake?” he drawled and Y/N blinked hazily at him, her mind melting to mush. “Sir,” she whispered and Bucky smiled. “Good girl. I’ll let it slide. Now, let me take care of you, you poor, needy thing.”
With that he knelt in front of her, his hands travelling higher until they rested just below her dripping core, his thumbs separating the lips. “Look at you, I was right about the waterfall statement,” he chuckled. Y/N’s eyes rolled to the back of her head when two of his fingers travelled up and down her lips, spreading the wetness around.
Her eyes snapped open when she felt his mouth on her clit, biting and sucking. “F-Fuck,” she stammered, wiggling desperately, trying to get the tie to loosen. Bucky grabbed her hips, stilling her actions. “Let me enjoy my meal,” he growled, “I’ve starved myself for way too long.” Then he dived in like there was no tomorrow.
Y/N's hips snapped up, rocking against his face desperate for release. When she felt his fingers entering her core, Y/N let out a loud moan. “S-Sir, I’m so close,” she whimpered and Bucky smirked. “Go right ahead, cupcake. Won’t be the only time you cum.” His words gave her a boost and she came all over his fingers, convulsing.
Her body sagged against the backrest of the couch. Bucky pulled his fingers out of her and licked them, relishing in the taste. “Sweet just like a cupcake,” he told her, standing up before adjusting her on the couch. He got on top of her, not wasting a moment before sliding home. Both of them groaned loudly at the feeling.
Y/N had never felt so full before, so complete and— and safe. She knew Bucky would be extra careful with her. Bucky, meanwhile, simply stared at the bulge that formed on Y/N’s abdomen, blinking in awe. “Are you seeing this, my love?” he whispered, resting his hand on the bulge, “Look at you, stuffed full of my cock.”
His lewd words made Y/N whimper and she turned towards the backrest. Bucky gently turned her face, pressing soft kisses to her eyelids, her nose and finally her lips. “When I’m done with you, you won’t be seeing stars— you’ll be seeing galaxies.” And she gasped when he started rocking his hips back and forth.
He sped up in seconds, surprising Y/N with his stamina. She’d never felt this good with anyone. “Ungh, sir, please,” she pleaded pathetically, starting to wiggle again. “Please what, sweetheart? You’re doing so well.” He pushed aside the locks of sweaty hair clinging to her forehead.
“C-C-Can’t.” Bucky gently kissed her forehead. “Most definitely can. I’m almost there.” Her eyes went out of focus as she blinked hazily again. Bucky was right; he was making her see galaxies. Small whimpers escaped past her lips here and there as her body completely gave up, moving like a rag doll against Bucky’s powerful thrusts.
“Tired already?” he teased, cupping her face, “Here I was, thinking I can go up to round 4 with you.” Y/N mumbled unintelligibly, her eyes closed. Soon, Bucky reached his breaking point; the way her walls clenched around his cock made a knot form in his belly, which only tightened until it couldn’t anymore.
“Mmh, I’m so close,” he groaned, pressing his lips to Y/N’s neck. She whimpered again, her hips bucking up. That’s when Bucky lost it; he swiftly pulled out of her just as the knot broke and spilled his release on her stomach and chest in thick ropes of white. “Ah, fuck,” he snarled when Y/N came too, convulsing and writhing in his arms.
For a moment Bucky simply sat there, admiring the sight in front of him. Y/N was well and truly spent, her eyes closed as she relaxed back on the couch. When she didn’t open her eyes, Bucky noticed how steady her heartbeat had gotten and chuckled quietly. He’d fucked her asleep.
Gently untying her hands, he cleaned her up with her t-shirt, put on his boxers and carried her to his room. He lay her down on the bed and turned the air conditioner on, cleaning himself before also getting into bed with her.
When she felt someone snuggling into her side, Y/N partially woke up and sighed in bliss, shifting closer to Bucky before promptly falling asleep again. Bucky chuckled at that, pressing a soft kiss to her head. “Sweet dreams, my angel.”
a/n: *screams in aro-ace* thanks for reading, leave a like if you enjoyed!
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sstan-hoe · a month ago
𝑆𝑞𝑢𝑖𝑟𝑡𝑖𝑛𝑔 — 𝑆𝑒𝑏𝑎𝑠𝑡𝑖𝑎𝑛 𝑆𝑡𝑎𝑛
𝑃𝑎𝑖𝑟𝑖𝑛𝑔 — Sebastian Stan x Fem!reader
𝑊𝑎𝑟𝑛𝑖𝑛𝑔𝑠 — SMUT, squirting, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it)
𝑊𝑜𝑟𝑑 — I gotta say I tried to go for a short but hot fic yk, reblog and comment! *not my gif
Tumblr media
„Seb! Stop, oh god!“ Sebastian draw hard circles over your clit, a shit eating grin painting his face. Sebastian had tried for the last two months to squirt and right now he was the closest he’d ever been.
You had nothing against it, it even was your idea but right now you had a weird feeling in your belly which you’d never felt before.
Sebastian said it had to be like this and that you were about to squirt. The feeling hurt a bit however it was quickly covered with pleasure as relief came over you.
Your boyfriend grinned at you as you overlaid his face with your juice. “You fucking bastard.” You breathed out as you fell back into the pillows. “Bastard? I just made you squirt and come!” He laughed at you.
When you brought up the idea of him making you squirt you didn’t know it was going to be like that. The first few tries were unsuccessful, so Sebastian had the glorious idea to do it when you had to be which was actually cheating as you said.
“You ready for another?” He asked wiggling his eyebrows with a seductive smirk. “Sorry, but I don’t have to pee again which means you can’t cheat, and we know how the last few times went…” You trailed off as your eyes moved to the sheets.
Sebastian took that offensive and suddenly you were grabbed by your ankles pulled down further on the bed.
Surprised a gasp fell from your lips at his actions.
He grasps you hips and shoves himself deep inside, not giving you any chance to adjust to his size like he did so often. Sebastian pulls back and shoves back in hard enough to move you several inches up the sheets.
Sebastian never before thrusted so hard and maybe that was the reason you had never squirted sooner.
The feeling you have felt not too long ago was building up again like a thread that was threatened to be cut with a scissor. A snap, a cut, the right angle to the right spot was all it took for you waters to break once more.
You man couldn’t be any happier as he grinned from ear to ear proud of himself that he made you cum and squirt without ‘cheating’.
“Tell me I cheater once more I dare you to.” He whispered as his thrusts slowed down. “And get that outcome again?” You cocked a brow at him receiving a chuckle from him.
“You know I haven’t come yet today…” He lowly trailed of.
Your eyes widened in shock. “I’m not gonna make you squirt.” You said with raised hands. Sebastian shook his head in response. “No draga that’s not what I meant.”
𝑇𝑎𝑔𝑠 —
@adventurer1789 @niiight-dreamerrrr @slut-for-bucky-barnes @thehuntresswolf @til-my-feet-are-wet @tomhoelland01 @kaiparker-avengerssmut @cyeh1123 @emmygrey21 @mrsbarnesinmyimagination @originalpeacetriumph @disappointmentofthefam @excellentbecca @learning-howto-be-myselfx3 @buckyxxrogers @anythingandeverything97 @buckysbabydolldude @poetic-heart @iambeeee @browneyedgirl365 @satzukim @jeeperky @everything-burns-down @ideasihadbutdontlike @liz-owl @honeyyxashes @mxltifaves @maybe-a-bi-witch @bluemoonyumi @buckysbae @sunflowerfive @lewisjada03 @g00dnight-h03 @queenofthepouges @harrysthiccthighss @lovesfandoms @melissad1974 @nameless-ken @znylxcevans @iwannabekilledtwice @thats-a-little-fruity @hallecarey1 @bluemoonyumi @multixfandomwriter @bunnyrecs @wednesdayaddamsmood @idfkgabby @miniaturesuitcasevoidstudent @yourssincerelytae @ambrosia-bloom
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starshipsofstarlord · a month ago
Deter The Hatred
Summary: your agent had put together a publicity stunt to make it appear as though you and the well known Sebastian Stan are dating, though you really aren’t. The two of you are constantly at each other’s throats until enough is enough.
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader
Warnings: 18+ minors dni, smut, unprotected sex, brief choking, vaginal penetration, blowjob, thigh riding, teasing, swearing, brief angst
Word Count: 2665
Masterlist Link
Tumblr media
Pretending to be in love was a hoax, though you had been paid quite the sum of compensation to be in a public relationship, one that dragged attention towards both you and the other star involved in the arrangement. It baffled you; he didn't need any more eyes on him than there already were, though his agency would disagree. As you scrolled through Instagram, you bellowed out a humoured laugh as you saw people adjourning hate towards you for being in a relation with such a man. Damn, they must have thought that you had really low standards, if only the public knew that you'd never realistically go for a guy like him.
There was no arguing whether he was attractive or not, of course you had eyes, but the personality that he held deformed that entire conception, if only his rooters could see what you could, they'd surely be wondering how such a great actor was not such a great man. A frown settled over his face as he sat across to you, listening to the amused laughter that bounced out from your lips, confused by the reaction, wanting to know what you were looking at, however you continued to scroll and ignore his expression.
"You look nice today." He forced out the compliment, hating you equally as much, but finding it optimal to do so, it wasn't quite a lie from his part but your physical form was much better than the one inside. It was noticeable how he kept glancing down at your legs which were exposed in your sun dress, it was summer which made the attire acceptable, and you looked astounding as he would have said if your intrigue was appealed onto him.
"I know Sebastian. I don't need a man's validation, even if he is my boyfriend on my appearance, not to mention that it wasn't even asked for." It irritated him that you still refused to cast your gaze over to him, it was as though he had to fight for your attention and that involved much more effort than it was worth. You continued to scroll upon the screen, a smile on your face to make it appear to any paparazzi near by that you were pleased to be seated with the actor. A grunt fell from the brunette's lips as he suffered the consequences of your vile ignorance, to think that if this relationship was real it would be the epitome of a sinking ship.
Every time you were with him you felt as though you were drowning, forced to deal with the inclination to be held down in a public tie to one man, and this one no less. Without looking you went to grasp your glass of water, no doubt by accident spilling it all over the skirt of your dress, causing you to audibly groan and the man across from you to concur a line down through the middle of his face; by god you were truly an embarrassment. You thought for a moment that he was about to leave you sitting all your lonesome when he stood, but instead of proceeding to do that, he helped you up and wrapped his jacket around your waist, concealing the spillage that tormented the fabric.
"Let's go back to mine, there you can change into something dry." To say that you were too tired to argue was spot on, not to mention that was something that both your agents would gun at you for if the press had evidence for it, and so you accepted his hand, allowing him to lead you onto the route back to his apartment. You'd been there before for some online meetings and to join with him prior to any events you had to attend together, but you'd never taken much notice of the clutter or the joker picture that sat by his sink.
You still didn't think much of it as you stood in the middle of the living room, tugging at the damp material as you awaited for Sebastian to return, and when he did there was a shirt in his hand. It disgusted you to think how cute fans would think you were if they saw an image of your wearing his clothing, though you accepted the plain grey top anyways, turning around to prompt your fake partner to help you with getting out of the yellow dress. He brushed your hair to the side, making a sigh fall past your lips as the air con soothed your skin, another relieving from you as his hand brushed over your shoulders to reach the zip.
Seb pulled it down, causing the material to pool around your feet, his eyes remained fixated on every mole and scar that adorned your body, and before he knew it his hands were coiling around your hips, pulling you back against him. "I don't know why we pretend to hate each other, we both know we don't." His breath fanned across your ear as he decided to go for it and tug on the lobe with his teeth, riveting a hiss out from your mouth, as your hand reached back and fumbled to the lower section of his trousers, rousing a smirk onto your lips as a curse fornicated out from him.
"The only thing I like about you Stan is the sex appeal - period." You squeezed his cock again, feeling him harden in his jeans, moaning out when his hand splintered across your ass, the sound ending in an amused laugh. "If you call that rough that is pathetic. Just. Like. You." To deter any further insults from spilling out of you, his free hand wrapped around your throat as he threw you forwards and onto his couch. He wasted no time in crawling atop of you, his knees either side of your legs as he ogled fiercely down at you, his hand returning to your throat.
"You want rough you little brat, huh? Well maybe you should appreciate what you get from your boyfriend." He growled, claiming your mouth with his own as his tongue slithered against your own, discovering each mould of flesh that pieced the inside of your mouth together as his hips ground down, encouraging you to rut up against the bulge that was straining in the denim that occupied his thighs. To taunt him diabolically further you bit down on his bottom lip, retracting a feral groan out from the marvel occupant.
"Just fuck me Seb, or I'm sure I can find someone who can do it quicker." You dared, removing your bra leaving you in nothing more than your underwear that Sebastian snapped off. He thought you talked too much, he was gonna turn you into a sweet little thing that would stand by his side in front of cameras and when the two of you were occupied in the bedroom you would be obedient, and he'd ensure that you learned from your dauntless mistakes. He stripped himself of his shirt, licking his lips dryly as he glimpsed at your breasts that had hardened peaks.
They were beautiful and he could not resist from lowering his head down to take the left one into his mouth, suckling on the nub as your chest heaved from the intimacy. Your legs wrapped around his waist, your foot pawing at his ass to diverge him away, and sneak your hands to the button of his trousers, saying without words what you wanted. It wasn't your goal to say it again, nor beg, and Sebastian knew that if he got too cocky or dominant that you would simply leave, having no hardships of finding someone else to hook up with.
"You are desperate." He stated, struggling out of his trousers as he plucked at the band of his boxer shorts pulling those down too until his leaking cock was stiffly erected up and resting on the inside of his thigh. "You on birth control?" He enquired as he nipped at your jawline, swiping his cock head through your folds, dancing the tip sensually around your alert clit. Rolling your eyes you answered with a courteous 'yes' as you wanted to waste no more time on the formalities and just get railed. This tension had been brewing between the pair of you for so long that it felt like the end of an era as he slid into your slick channel, but you didn't mind as your walls tightened around his average girth, flexing the muscles to give the pair of you more pleasure before you had even really began.
"Shit you're so wet darling. Anybody'd think you spilt water all over your pussy instead of your pretty dress." The man huffed as moved backwards so that he could create a pattern of thrusting forwards. His pace was surprisingly slow, making the entire interaction one of passion rather than a hate fuck as you'd always expected it to be, but you weren't complaining nor were you going to as his thumb rubbed circles on your clit, enforcing your eyes to roll back in your head as you had trouble focusing on anything else but the feeling.
A rise of the holy orgasmic state began to churn in your stomach, until Sebastian all of a sudden stopped, flipping you over onto your stomach as he fumbled behind you, inserting himself once more into your cunt, endorsing moans to reach out from both of your throats. He stayed still though which irritated you strongly, and so as he knelt there, you started to bounce back on his cock, encouraging the actor to start groping at your ass, spreading the cheeks as he watched you fuck yourself aggressively on him. Your arm was futile upon the cushions of the sofa, using them to balance yourself to continue your actions.
With your spare hand you reached down and began to pluck at your rosey bud, until you allowed yourself to orgasm vastly around Sebastian and leave him still feeling full in his satchels. But to his relief you turned around and pushed him so that he was sat, sliding between his legs with your hands on his thighs as you leant down to lick firmly up his cock as your eyes remained on his face. A laugh of amusement fell past your lips as Seb threw his head back, leaning his hand down to run through your hair, tugging softly on the strands.
With both hands you placed one at the base of his cock and the other around the tip as you began to jerk him, swiping your tongue over his sack as you innocently blinked at him. You took one into your mouth as the speed of your hands increased, still being careful as you didn’t want to chafe his foreskin, though the part in your mouth tightened as he released moans, stating absentmindedly from pleasure that he was going to cum. And you let him, aiming his slit towards your mouth that slanted open as he filled it with ribbon after ribbon with his seed.
Through hazy lids Seb watched, enraptured by the sight of you so willingly swallowing his cum. In the industry he had heard about your skill set from other celebrities that had a chance to spend a night with you but never had he thought that it would be this mind blowing. Their words truly did not do justice to the toll that you had taken on him, he was sure that there wasn’t any one in the world who could suck his cock better than you. You suckled the tip into your mouth, making Sebastian hiss from overstimulation, however he allowed you to clean up his cock as you peppered feather light kisses down his shaft, licking his veins lightly as you passed down.
“Oh my fucking god.” His hand covered his eyes as he recovered, only to remove it to find that you had settled next to him, still in all your glory of nudity. “That was so fucking good angel, I always knew those lips were good for something other than running your mouth at me.” His hand reached out to stroke the curve of your breast, to which you hummed gently, shuffling closer so that you and your bare core were straddling his thigh. Softly you began to move back and forth on the muscled joint, the hairs that exhibited from the skin burning your pussy just right.
“We all have our talents.” You smirked, grasping onto his shoulders as to give yourself more leverage to fuck yourself on his thigh. Seb grasped your hips, speeding up the pace that you had set yourself as he nibbled onto your collarbone, one of your hands abandoning a shoulder to curl in his locks and pull at the roots. “Shit. Gonna cum babe.” He allowed you to do so, grinning at the word that had abandoned your mouth which had amazed him just as much as how beautiful you looked when you were nearing your peak.
Warmth spread on his leg as your juices pooled on the surface, you shifted yourself a few more times to ride out your orgasm, until you were almost in a position where you were collapsed upon him. “You realised that you called me babe right?” Seb snickered, not amusing you in the slightest, you went to pull away but he held you close, his pupils meeting directly with your own which made your heart race and fixate on the fact that you hardly ever let anyone this close mentally. “Well, babe, how about I take you out for a date tomorrow evening? I’d very much like to.” He admitted it, though you hardly seemed convinced.
“Can you stop trying to appease the public and our agents for one minute? We’re not dating, remember? This is all a hoax to promote our newest projects and create something for the media to get off to, and that’s what we just did, get off with each other. That’s it, so stop trying to piss me off with your lovesick act, because spoiler, it’s not fucking working.” You slapped his arms from around you, going to pick up your dress but it still remained soaked so you went for the next best thing; his shirt that had been abandoned on the ground beside it.
You chucked it on as you faced a sad looking Sebastian with your arms defiantly folded over your chest. “I was on about a real date y/n.” He sighed, pulling a cushion to cover his lap as he had began to feel slightly insecure given the situation. “Me and you, not this persona that we put on around each other. I want to get to know you better and have more mind blowing sex with you, you’re maddening to me. There’s so much mystery to you and I want to be the only one that know the answers to all the questions that your fans have, I want to sit with you in public when there aren’t cameras on us, I want to give my agent the finger for using us as pawns for promotion. So what do you say y/l/n?”
His rant was inherently quite sweet with consideration to the circumstances, you tested your weight between both legs as you thought of how instantaneously you had turned him down. Perhaps it’s because this constant snapping at each other was a flaw to your mental health and you were tired overall, not to mention of it. You didn’t want to pretend to hate him and vice versa because you both knew that wasn’t really the truth. You were just two people who those outside of the spotlight put on pedestals and had all these expectations of. That wasn’t the image of whom you wanted to be, and so this time you weren’t rash nor reluctant to deny or accept; you gave him a straightforward answer, a chance.
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balenciagabucky · 6 months ago
𝐞𝐱𝐜𝐮𝐬𝐞 𝐦𝐞,𝐩𝐫𝐨𝐟𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐨𝐫
pairing || professor!bucky x fem!reader
summary || for the whole semester james paid attention to his student for all the wrong reasons but on the last day, is he finally over it?
word count || 4,181
warnings || age gap ((reader is 20, bucky is 35)), blowjob, pussy eating, pussy fingering, fucking in a classroom, fucking your professor, talks of divorce, test taking, exams, male masturbation, natasha and bucky relationship, reader is dating steve so like cheating, riding, breeding
authors note || this is for @sunstalgia’s challenge! also since i finished another semster of college last week and you guys enjoyed my last professor!bucky fic, why not write another! MINORS DO NOT INTERACT. DO NOT STEAL MY CONTENT and remember to REBLOG.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Life was going pretty well for Y/N. She was attending a good university and had a very handsome boyfriend. Well, she thought he was a boyfriend. They went out and slept together, but it was more of a casual relationship. She had some feelings for him but didn't love him. But damn if he wasn't fantastic in bed. Her classes were relatively easy this semester, and she thought she had it pretty good.
She steps into the lecture hall where her history class would be starting soon. She found a seat and pulled out her notebook and a blue gel pen. Between sips of coffee she slowly wrote "History" in large block letters at the top of her paper. She was expecting the class to be a bore as she doodled absentmindedly. Then her professor walked in.
He was drop dead gorgeous, but there was something about him that instantly captured her attention. Her pen ceased tracing block letters and lay motionless on her paper while her eyes followed her new teacher while he unpacked his briefcase.
"OK class, it's 9:20 and we're starting. This is History 110. The syllabus is coming around—please take one and pass it on. I will be taking attendance in a moment."
"OK class, it's 9:20 and we're starting. This is History 110. The syllabus is coming around—please take one and pass it on. I will be taking attendance in a moment."
He quickly called out names, looking up to pair names with faces as he went along. He called her name, and she felt her heart pounding in her chest. She didn't immediately answer so he again called her name. "H-here, professor." He glanced up from his paper and quickly eyed her before going back to attendance.
What is wrong with me? She thought. He's got to be a good fifteen years older than me. She shoved the thought of him out of her mind and tried, unsuccessfully at first, to concentrate on his lecture. After a few minutes she finally ceased to notice his baby face, perfectly framed by small reading glasses. She was able to ignore what had to be washboard abs under his polo shirt, and God knows what he has in his pants, and concentrate on the lecture.
After lecture she rushed off to her next class, still thinking about him. She had never felt such excitement before. She spent the evening studying and catching up on homework, and the next day she worked and went shopping, finally meeting up with Steve for dinner and a movie. She had been seeing Steve for a few months now and enjoyed his company. They had fun together and the sex was good. Throughout the night and during their lovemaking, however, she noticed that didn't give her butterflies like her history professor. During the movie she wasn't fantasizing about getting Steve into bed, she was fantasizing about what lay underneath her history professor's perfectly pressed khakis. For this she felt guilty.
The next day she arrived in class rather early and, after dropping her backpack into a chair. From the front of the classroom James her professor, had been unable to ignore her. He had walked in without her noticing and tried not to let her see that he was devouring her with his eyes. As soon as she turned towards him, he went back to unpacking his briefcase and lecture notes, hoping she hadn't seen him. He was incredibly embarrassed to notice that he had developed quite the bulge in his pants, so he quickly sat behind his desk at the front of the room and pretended to be reading the text as the rest of the class filed in. He couldn't believe it. He had been teaching for five years and had never, ever been attracted to a student before. He had thought that previous students were attractive, for sure, but he had never had an immediate erection just from watching a woman brush her hair. Even when he had met his wife, he didn't feel this way. In fact, their sex life had always left something to be desired, especially lately. They rarely spoke any more, except for the obligatory salutations and occasional "I love you," although he wasn't so sure he even felt that way about her anymore (or that she still felt that way about him.)
He shook his head to try to clear it and, confident that his erection had subsided, stood up and proceeded to give a lecture on an ancient battle.
Over the next few weeks, he noticed her in class every day. It was like he had radar for her. He could walk into a full lecture hall and immediately spot her, even though she changed seats every lecture. There were several days that he had to spend much of class behind the desk or the podium.
After a few days, she noticed that the professor's eyes always seemed to find her, even in a hall filled with almost 200 students. Their eyes met if only for a brief second, but every time she felt a bolt of electricity jolt through her. Quite often she would find herself concentrating not on the pictures of old white guys being projected onto the board, but instead on what it would be like to feel his cock in her. Luckily, she was an intelligent girl because this distraction would have been enough to cause other students to fail the class.
James strolled into lecture one day, hoping to catch a glimpse of his "favorite" student, only to discover that she was not there. Indeed, she was home ill that day. He discovered an email from her in his inbox after class, explaining her absence:
Dear Professor,
I will not be in class today. I am not feeling well. I will turn in the assignment tomorrow during your office hours.
His heart skipped a beat. He would actually get to talk to her, in person, instead of just admiring her from the front of the lecture hall. Hold it, James. He thought.This girl is your student and you're married, not to mention that you can lose your job...he stopped himself. What a fool he felt like. It was highly unlikely that she was even interested in him in that way. She was young, beautiful. Still, he couldn't help but feel that she was often waiting for him to lock her in a quick visual seduction every lecture. He forced himself to stop fantasizing and replied:
Tomorrow sounds good to me. I'll be here during my normal office hours. See you then.
It wasn't until after he sent it that he realized he had signed his name, James, and not the professional "Dr. Barnes" that he always used when addressing students. Oh well, too late now. he thought.
The next day, as he was grading the previous day's assignments, he heard a knock on the door. Too absorbed in his work to remember that she was scheduled to come in he replied, "Enter," without looking up from his papers.
"Excuse me, professor?" She was taller than he had anticipated. She had hips that he wanted so desperately to grasp. She had gorgeous hair and lips that begged to be kissed. He had to cross his legs and place a book on his lap, all the while telling himself you are married, James. She's your student, James. You could get fired, James. She's out of your league, James.
"Sorry to interrupt, I emailed you yesterday..."
"Yes, I got it," He replied. He was trying to sound as emotionless as possible so she wouldn't get the wrong impression.
"Oh, OK, good. I have the assignment right here. I'm so sorry I couldn't turn it in during class yesterday."
"Don't worry about it, you were ill, it happens." He could feel himself opening up to her. He wanted to start a conversation, to learn more about her. "Are you feeling better, I hope?" he asked. He wanted to smack himself for starting up this interaction.
"Oh, yes, much better, thank you," she replied. She could feel her stomach doing flip-flops as she talked with him. They continued to chat briefly about the assignment and the weather, and about whether or not the football team would finally win a game this season. After a few jabs at the losing team and a few chuckles, James dismissed her to continue grading papers.
He was smitten. Not only was she beautiful but she was also funny, articulate and very intelligent. Her smile, which came so easily, lit up his office more than any cheap fluorescent lightbulb could. He was in a very good mood for the rest of the day as he replayed their conversation, over and over, in his head. When he arrived home, he was still walking on air. That is, until he realized that his wife was sitting at the dining room table with a very annoyed look on her face.
"Where have you been, James?" she asked. "You were supposed to be home an hour ago. We were supposed to go to Sam and Sarah’s for dinner, don't you remember?"
"Oh, I'm sorry, I completely forgot," replied James, who had legitimately forgotten about their plans.
"God, you're such a flake! You never take this stuff seriously. These are our friends; do you even care about that!?"
"Natalia, I'm sorry, I just forgot."
"I know, I'm just sick of you always 'forgetting' everything that is important to me. Is it ever going to end, or are you just going to flake out on the rest of our marriage?"
"What are you talking about?" asked James, now getting annoyed with his wife's constant nagging.
"I'm talking about us, are you giving up on us?"
"I... I don't know how to answer that, Nat. I wasn't aware that I was giving up on anything." Although there were many times he wanted to walk out, he stayed out of duty or honor or some such bullshit. Truthfully, he hated being stuck in this loveless, sexless marriage. He's wanted out for a while, but he doesn't dare tell Natasha this.
"Whatever. I'm over it. I'm going to my sister's." And with that, she was gone. She had already packed a suitcase. James wondered if she had even told him about this dinner party previously, or if she had just made it up as an excuse to yell at him, turn it all on him, so she could walk out with peace of mind. Whatever the reason, he was not exactly sad to see her go.
He spent the evening watching TV, trying to find something to take his mind off of his pathetic and failing marriage. As he watched old True Blood reruns his mind drifted to his student. So young, so beautiful, so intelligent. He could feel his manhood begin to swell as he thought of her beautiful curves, gorgeous breasts, kissable lips... He slowly unbuttoned his pants and began to stroke his rock-hard penis. It only took him a moment before he was on the verge of an earth-shattering orgasm. "Oh God, yes. Oh God, oh fuck...." he yelled as he came, spurting forth an endless stream of hot cum onto his bare chest. He had never cum that hard before. He cleaned himself up and headed up to bed, still thinking of his favorite pupil. He knew it would never happen, but that surely wouldn't stop him from fantasizing about her every night for the next several months.
Throughout the semester he enjoyed her presence at nearly every one of his lectures. Sometimes he swore she wasn't paying any attention to what he was saying, not bothering to take notes or to remove her gaze from him. He also could swear that, on several occasions, he caught her staring at his crotch. They had not spoken again since that first conversation, and he kept hoping that she would need help on a subject and have to come to his office again. Indeed, she had also pondered "playing dumb" just to talk to him alone once more but was unsure of herself. She saw his wedding band and had convinced herself that everything was in her head, that he looked at all the other students as much as he looked at her, and that she was just being silly. He's way out of your league she thought during the last lecture before the final exam. If he were interested in you at all he would have let you know by now. Forget about him, he's married for Christ's sake. Yet, she couldn't forget about him. He was in her head every time she was fucking her boyfriend, every time she made herself cum. Sometimes he was all she could think about. She was ready for the semester to end if only, so she didn't have to stare at her unattainable crush any longer.
The day of the final exam finally rolled around and she was gifted in all things History related, knew she would do quite well.
"There are 200 multiple choice and four essay questions. You have two and a half hours. Your grades will be posted on my office door by the end of the day tomorrow and you may gather your graded essays before 6pm. You may begin... now."
James was both sad and relieved that this would be his last day teaching this class. He hated having to look at someone so beautiful and sexy every day knowing that he would never be able to cup those perfect breasts, lick those nipples, enter that warm wet cave... he just wanted to move on with his life. His wife had filed for divorce, and he would soon be selling the house and starting over. He was ready to move on. Still, he happily fantasized about her for the next couple hours as she sat there, concentrating on her exam. He knew she would do well—she always did. He thought about bending her over the desk right there, pulling her hair as he fucked her doggy-style as a reward for her high grade. He smiled at this thought as his cock strained against his pants.
As she walked towards him, he felt his heart skip a beat. Her gorgeous hair flowed behind her, and her hips gently swayed as she glided down the steps to the front of the lecture hall. She turned in her scan sheet and blue book at the end of the desk, then turned to James and handed him the exam booklet. His mouth went dry as he reached for it, brushing her fingertips lightly as he took it from her. Their eyes locked briefly as their fingers touch and the energy that flowed between them was undeniable. They both breathed in sharply and stayed, fingers touching, for a brief second. Finally, she let go of the booklet and quickly exited the classroom.
The next day he was still reliving that moment as he sat in his office, grading the last of the final exam essays. He got to her's – perfect, as always. He was hoping to see her one last time today, when she would inevitably come to view her final grade. As students filed by, gathering their graded essays and exam scores, he was disappointed with her absence. As six o'clock rolled around he sighed and began packing up his things. He slung his messenger bag over his shoulder and pulled his door shut. He fished for the key and was in the process of locking his office door when she came gliding around the corner.
"Professor, wait!" she yelled as she jogged down the long hallway. As usual, his stomach began doing backflips as she approached. She slowed her pace and stopped, slightly winded, in front of his door. "I'm sorry, professor, but can I have my essay grades? I'd like to know how I did." She was close enough to him that he could smell her freshly washed hair and see her hard nipples protruding from inside her tight t-shirt. He felt an erection rising so he quickly moved his bag in front of him.
"Uhm, sure, let me open this back up..." he stammered, trying to cover the tent in his pants. She stood, heart beating fast not because of the jog up the hallway but rather from being in the presence of this man, a man she had been fantasizing about daily for going on four months. As he struggled with the key he said, "You did quite well, you know. One of the highest scores in the class."
"You—you remember my scores?" She managed to inquire.
"Yes, you are a very talented girl, Y/N," he replied, finally pushing his office door open. She quickly checked her final grade on the door as she walked through, leaving the professor in the hallway. What do I do? Should I follow her in, invite her to sit down? "Y/N, why don't you, uh, have a seat while I find your essays?" said James. Still trying to hide his monster erection he opened a filing cabinet and began to shuffle through various papers until he got to her essays. She had chosen to stand, now moved next to him by the filing cabinets. She peeked over his shoulder at her grades and her hair fell lightly on his shoulder. Oh God, this can't be happening. Or can it? Is she doing this on purpose, or does she really not know how attracted I am to her? Oh, fuck it. He turned towards her and firmly placed a hand between her shoulder blades and another in the small of her back. He drew her to him and pressed her up against his throbbing erection. He paused as he admired her perfect lips (and now very wide eyes) before he kissed her, passionately. She kissed back momentarily, then pulled away. Oh shit... I've made a mistake...
She walked to the door. He was sure she was going to walk out, and he was horrified. To his surprise she grabbed the doorknob and quickly shut the door. She twisted the lock and stood there for a moment, her heart racing. He could see that she was breathing quickly, and her face was flushed. He made no more attempt to hide his swollen member from her as it pushed against his zipper. He felt alive as intangible electricity seemed to fill the room. They stood there, facing each other, She backed up against the door and James in front of the filing cabinet. After a moment he took a step forward. This is it...She thought This is really it...
He stopped just inches from her. Slowly he reached out and ran his finger up her arm to her shoulder. Y/N, still breathing hard, could hardly contain herself. James was having a hard time not simply ripping her clothes off. No, he wanted to do this right. He wanted to please her in every way he knew how. His other arm made its way around her waist as he pulled her to him. She felt his rock-hard member pushing against her groin and it turned her on even more. Their eyes met, then their lips. They passionately kissed as he moved his hands up and down her body. He moved his hands underneath her shirt and skillfully unhooked her bra. He moved his hands to her breasts and gently rubbed a nipple between his finger and his thumb. She began to moan, pressed up against the door. Slowly he pulled her shirt over her head and slid off her bra.
"God, Y/N, you're so gorgeous. You're perfect..." he took a nipple into his mouth and flicked his tongue. She moaned louder.
"Dr.Barnes..." she managed to utter breathlessly. "Are you sure... oh God..."
He released her nipple, straightened and met her gaze. "I have never been surer." He moved her to his desk where he slowly pulled off her belt while admiring her figure. As he worked to remove her jeans, she quickly unbuttoned his shirt, sliding it off effortlessly. She pulled his t-shirt over his head as she leaned her back. She felt as though she were about to explode. Slowly he slid off her pants, exposing a lacy black thong. With skilled fingers he slid the thong to the side and began to lick her. He flicked her clit with his tongue, and she moaned. Each moan turned him on more and more. Carefully inserting a finger, he hit her g-spot while licking and sucking on her pussy. Before long she was on the verge of an orgasm.
"Holy- oh... my... ahh... oh, yes!" she screamed as she came with James’ face and finger buried in her perfectly manicured pussy. Her body writhed as a powerful orgasm coursed through her. He absolutely delighted in this, working hard to keep her orgasm going. Confident that the last waves of her orgasm had subsided he slid off her panties and dropped them to the floor. She was completely nude and lying on her professor's desk, breathed heavily as she tried to recover.
"Do you know how beautiful you are?" he asked her. "I have been watching you since the first day of class. Did you know that got hard just watching you brush your hair that first day?" He was beginning to unzip his pants. She continued to try to catch her breath. "You are so smart and so sexy... I've been dreaming about fucking you for an entire semester..." She smiled.
She sat up at the edge of James’ desk. "Here, let me help you," she announced, stepping onto the floor. She knelt down and slowly pulled his pants down. The large bulge in his boxer briefs was throbbing in time with his rapid heartbeat as she began to rub it seductively. Slowly she slid his underwear down to his ankles; his erection bobbed up and down, waiting for her wet mouth and skilled hands. She ran her hands up and down his muscular legs and admired his toned body before grasping the shaft of his penis with her hand. Her tongue slowly circled the tip of his penis as she teased him and stroked his shaft. She took more and more of his large, hard cock into her mouth until she was deepthroating all of his manhood. As he watched his cock disappear into her mouth he moaned with pleasure.
"Y/N, oh.... oh yeah... oh God yes...." he muttered as he watched his cock reappear and again disappear between her lips. He had never had a blowjob this amazing. He was about to lose it. "Oh god Y/N, gonna fuck you, oh god, gonna fuck you hard!"
She was recognizing that she how had all the power, smiled as she stood up and pushed James into his chair. He fell back, flabbergasted that such a wild animal could reside in such a sweet girl. He smiled, thinking wow, I've really underestimated this girl. She straddled James’ rock-hard cock. There she paused for a moment, purely to torture poor James who was about ready to explode. "You'd better not cum right away," she warned, "I expect you to fuck me every which way before you do." Smiling, she parted the lips of her vagina and placed the tip of his penis at the entrance to her pussy. Again, she paused, but he couldn't take it anymore. Feeling her juices dripping onto his cock he thrust upward, burying himself deep in her hot, wet cave. "Fuck, oh my god!” she screamed as the entirety of his manhood thrust up into her. She could feel every bit of him inside of her, filling her completely. A delighted James began to move in and out of her pussy, slowly at first. Soon he was pounding her so hard she had to cling to the back of the chair to keep from falling off. She moaned as she neared another orgasm. "Oh James, I'm going to cum again..." She felt her muscles begin to contract.
Without missing a thrust, he picked her up and placed her onto the desk. He gently laid her down on her back and, placing her legs against his chest and shoulders, began to thrust fast and hard while rubbing her clit with one hand and a nipple with the other. "Y/N I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum so hard into your pussy. “Shit, fuck!!" She felt his hot cum begin to shoot deep into her and it put her over the edge. She screamed as another orgasm rocked her body. They came together for what seemed like forever before an exhausted James collapsed forward onto her. He lay with his head on her breasts, breathing hard. She ran her hands through his hair, which was damp with sweat. His cock still lay buried in her pussy, surrounded by a mixture of her juices and his cum. She could still feel him throbbing inside her. She was deliriously happy. Gently he removed his cock, dripping juices onto his desk, and leaned forward to kiss his new lover. "Y/N" he whispered, “My beautiful Y/N...”
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celestialbarnes · 8 months ago
scripted | s.s
pairing: sebastian stan x reader
requested: hi, can you write a nsfw fic where you help sebastian with his movie lines, there’s a sex scene and things get really heated? thank you!
word count: 3.5k
warnings: nsfw, this is filthy, masturbation, unprotected sex, rough sex,
a/n: hello! so i’m back with another nsfw fic, with seb this time! i hope you enjoy it and please let me know how it is, i really would love to hear your feedback!
masterlist (in bio because links really hate me now) | requests open!
thank you for reading!
Tumblr media
Come on (Y/N), you have to help me out” Sebastian pleaded as you made your way out of the kitchen with your bowl of freshly made caramel popcorn, popping one into your mouth as you plopped down onto the couch.
“I’m not even an actor Sebastian, I’ll probably screw things up for you” you replied, moving forward to pick up the remote control when Sebastian snatched it from your grasp, handing you the script instead, desperation filling his cerulean eyes as he pleaded with you to help him.
“No, you won’t” Sebastian protested, digging his hand into your bowl of sugary goodness, despite your “hey”, smug grin on his face as he shovelled them into his mouth.
It wasn’t that you were a horrible roommate, or that you didn’t want to help your best friend, but he had asked you to help him practice his lines for his upcoming romance movie, and you were pretty damn sure that the script had sappy love lines and just about everything you had always spent an unhealthy amount daydreaming about Sebastian saying them to you.
You had a crush, well, it’s more like you have loved him, Sebastian was your childhood best friend whom you had met in school and since then, you two had been inseparable.
You had feelings for him that you knew if you ever uttered about, would easily ruin ten good years of friendship and that was the last thing that you wanted to do.
You had tried dating other men, went out on stupid blind dates that your girlfriends had set up for you again and again, for you to only end up comparing them with Sebastian, so it was safe to say nothing had ever worked out.
You had spent the last half of your school life watching Sebastian date different girls, sure he still hung out with you, both of lunching together and movie nights was still just about the two of you, but it didn’t change the fact that he loved someone else.
“I can’t Sebastian, couldn’t you ask Chris, or I don’t know, Anthony?!” You protested and your best friend had a look of utter shock painted on his face to which you simply shrugged.
“You are kidding me love, you want me to kiss Anthony?”
“You didn’t tell me there was a kiss scene!” You said, suddenly retracting your hand from the script.
“I missed that out” Sebastian replied sheepishly, chuckling when you shot him a glare.
“Please? Look I’ll-“
“A month’s worth of coffee”.
“Anything for you darling” Sebastian replied, his voice low and smooth as silk.
“And you do the dishes for an entire week” you added with a smug smile to which he frowned, pouting as you raised an eyebrow, waiting for an answer.
“Done deal,” he replied, you cheered inwardly, gleeful smile plastered on your face as you took the script, flipping it open and reading through the lines that your character, “Renee” had to say, your eyes growing so wide, you almost thought they would pop out of their sockets as you flipped to the next page.
“Sebastian!” You exclaimed, showing him the script to which he chuckled lightly, a boyish smirk pained on his handsome face.
“I forgot about that, but we can practice if you want” he joked, obviously enjoying the way that you stood there, shock written all over your face as you looked at the script.
The words “sex scene” stained the paper, and suddenly, you did not know what was worse, the fact that you needed to hear Sebastian say all the god damn things that you had wanted him to for god knows how long or the fact that you were going to have to get through a sex scene with him.
What fresh hell have you gotten yourself into?
“Not having second thoughts, are you?” Sebastian asked and you bite down on your lip, contemplating on whether you should pass on this.
It was the only time you’d get to hear him say that he loved you more than friend, that he saw you as something more than that, and that he actually does reciprocate your feelings for him, despite all of it just being a part of a stupid script, you would give anything to hear him say it even if it is just once.
“No, I-I am good with it,” you replied with a smile, your eyes refusing to meet his, instead you kept them glued to the script, reading through each line, and wondering how deep of a hole have you dug yourself into, a hole that was too late to get out of now apparently.
It was about ten minutes in when Sebastian broke the silence, “You ready?”. He had asked and you nodded, getting off your seat and watching as he easily pulled off his shirt.
“What are you doing?”.
“I’m supposed to do this scene shirtless,” Sebastian said, all too casually.
You groaned internally, trying to tear your roaming eyes away from his chest, the shirts that he always wore barely did his biceps any justice, he had six pec abs that you honestly didn’t know he possessed.
It has been quite a while since you last saw him shirtless and the last time you vaguely remembered going speechless when he stepped out of the bathroom with nothing but a flimsy white towel wrapped around his waist, and the bulge at the front it made your cheeks heat up as you tried your best to keep your thoughts out of the gutter.
But that was rendered impossible because that night, you had your hand in between your legs, your fingers rubbing circles around your swollen clit as your pussy throbbed at the thought of your best friend fucking you into oblivion.
This however was worse, the way his sweatpants hung so low on his hips left just about nothing to the imagination, and it took everything in you to not stare, well, ogle was probably the correct word.
This day just kept getting better and better didn’t it?
“Take a photo, it’ll last you a hell lot longer” Sebastian teased, not missing the blush that made its way to your cheeks as you rolled your eyes playfully.
“You wish” you retorted with a grin as he wriggled his eyebrows suggestively with a smirk on his face, almost as if he knew exactly what you were thinking of.
“Alright so I’ll start first” Sebastian said, and you mumbled a quick “alright” flipping to the start of the script, finding the beginning of the conversation.
“There’s nothing going on between Jane and I baby”, Sebastian glanced at you, urging you to continue.
“Yeah right, you were at that fucking hotel with her Alan, stop lying dammit!”
“I am not baby, I swear”. The way that nickname rolled off his tongue made your heart race in your chest, your stomach doing flips as your mind begged you to focus on the script, you wanted to get this script done before your cover was blown, and the last thing you wanted was for your best friend to know you were busy screwing him in your head.
Sebastian glared down at his script, god, he just couldn’t focus, not with you standing before him, clad in nothing but one of your Nirvana band shirts and shorts that were way too short, the flimsy fabric showing off the curve of your perfectly round ass that he had to almost literally tear his eyes away from each time you walked past him, your hips swaying in a way where he almost thought you were doing it on purpose, just to tease him along, and shit, the way your pert nipples pressed against the material of that shirt made him imagine how it would be like to bury his head in between your breasts, to hear you moan his name as he thrust into you as he watched those tits bounce.
A scene he had imagined in his head one too many times at two in the morning when he had a hand grasped around his cock, your name falling from his lips as he found his release, his member throbbing as strings and strings of cum spewed from it.
Nevertheless, Sebastian shook off the obscene thoughts as he tried to keep his gaze on his script.
“I’m tired of seeing you with her Alan, I can’t do this”. You uttered, your head spinning with the memories of the times you had to see one man you that occupied the entirety of your heart in another girl’s arms, his hand wrapped comfortably around her waist, big smiles on their faces as you watched, often forcing a big smile whenever Sebastian said hi.
It was almost as if you could feel heart breaking over and over again as you begged yourself to get over him, and every time you said you would, you ended up staining your pillows with tears that had been spilled over your best friend.
You quickly shook it off, reminding yourself that this, this was all scripted, nothing was real and you sure as hell didn’t want to screw this up for Sebastian, after all, filming would start in a month.
“I’m not, I’m with you, baby believe me”. Sebastian added, and you shook your head.
“You’re lying Seb- Alan” you said, quickly covering up your mistake, trying to ignore Sebastian’s gaze that was fixated on you, dammit, you hated yourself for agreeing to this.
All of the hidden feelings that you had buried under layers and layers of forced smiles and bad blind dates were rising to the surface, your heart was practically thundering in your chest and butterflies were fluttering in your stomach, as Sebastian leaned forwards, his hand making its way to your waist as he pulled you closer to him, your breath hitched as he leaned in, your eyes meeting his blue ones, the very ones that could have you do practically anything for him, his lips barely inches from yours, and a part of you wished that you would close the gap in between the both of you.
“Then kiss me and find out how honest I am” he said softly, your palms were sweating as you allowed him to move closer, his hand easily wrapping around the back of your neck and you let yourself give in to Sebastian, his lips ever so gently grazing yours.
They were softer than they look, and you were about to pull away when Sebastian closed the gap between the both of you, reeling you back in, his lips capturing yours in a feverish kiss, your eyes fluttering shut as you relished in the feeling of your lips moving in sync with his.
He tasted of fresh mint and a hint of strawberries, a distinct reminder of what you had for breakfast. You wrapped your arms around him, deepening the kiss as your tongues intertwined with each other, you moaned softly as he backs you into the edge of the dining table, when you try pull away, Sebastian doesn’t allow it, leaning in as he eagerly chases your mouth.
Sebastian easily hoists you up, setting you on top of the table, your legs instinctively wrapping around his waist as his hands rest on your thighs. You gently sink your teeth into his bottom lip, nipping and suckling at it as you feel his hard on press against your covered cunt.
Sebastian pulls away from the kiss, and in one swift motion, your shirt was off, carelessly discarded on the floor, your chest heaves, your heart hammering in your chest, making no effort to cover yourself as Sebastian groaned at the sight of your breasts, his eyes darting from yours to your lips, to your tits again. The corner of your lips turned up into a smirk, “You know how to treat these?”
Sebastian smiles, humming as he nodded. “Don’t think I’m that rusty darling”, the nickname sending chills down your spine as he dips his head down, pressing a kiss in between your valley of breast, his hand cupping your mound as he glides his tongue against your nipple.
A soft whimper escapes your lips as his thumb and index finger cages your left nipple, rolling it as he sucks the right one into his mouth, your fingers intertwined in his locks as his mouth move upwards, staining your skin with purple bruises as he did, making his way down south as heat pooled at your core, your pussy throbbing in anticipation.
Whimpers fell from your lips as you arched your back, Sebastian peppers butterfly kisses down your torso, his eyes were blown wide with lust and desire as he hooks his fingers into the waist band of your shorts, you flattened your palms against the table, lifting your hips as you helped him out, biting your lip as he simply drops them onto the floor.
You spread your legs, planting your heels on the edge of the table, biting your lip as Sebastian’s jaw goes slack, his breath hitching in his throat.
“Like what you see?”.
“You bet I do princess” Sebastian growls as he moves down, easily hooking your legs over his shoulders, pressing kisses unto your inner thighs, smirking against your skin as your hips buck, wanting to feel his tongue on where you needed it most.
“Aren’t you eager darling?” Sebastian teased.
“Shut up”.
“Oh, princess when I get started, you won’t be able to”. Sebastian adds as he presses his fingers against your pussy, rubbing circles on your clit as you lean back, stifling your moan.
Sebastian groaned loudly at the sight of your arousal dripping, replacing his digits with his tongue as he buries his face into your cunt, licking a thick stripe from your slit to your sensitive bundle of nerves, smirking when your efforts to keep mum fail as you cry out, almost howling when his hot tongue lapped at your folds, drawing circles on your clit as he did, sucking on your sensitive bud.
Sebastian moved his head from side to side, in every possible angle just so that he could taste every single inch of you, you let out a whimper, biting down on your bottom lip so hard that you were sure that you drew blood, your fingers knotting in his hair, gripping it tight as you pull him closer to you, feeling Sebastian grin as he used his thumbs to separate your folds, baring you to him completely.
The cold air that blasted from the air conditioning combined with his tongue caressing your clit was euphoric, your back arching, whining when Sebastian’s hands press down on your thighs, spreading your legs wider, taking advantage of your vulnerability as he sucked at your labia, his fingers pressing against your opening making you moan in utter pleasure as he slid a finger in, followed by another, stretching your walls as his digits scissored you.
Almost immediately, Sebastian finds your spot, smirking as he curls his fingers in a ‘come hither’ motion, the pads of his digits pressing against your sweet spot as he pumps in and out of you, not making any move to stop until you cry out, the coil in your stomach tightening as you came hard.
Your walls tightened around his fingers, spasming as Sebastian presses his tongue against your clit, his gaze fixated on you as he watched you come undone, his mouth sending you headfirst into euphoria, your body caving in as you came, your legs trembling as you steadied yourself, still seeing stars, your pussy still throbbing as you climaxed, your juices flowing as Sebastian drank it all down, licking his fingers clean, smiling as he kisses a path from your hips back up to your lips, cooling your burning skin as he captures your lips with his, grinning when you moaned as you tasted yourself on his tongue.
“I need you,” you mumbled against his lips, still sedated from your orgasm as you moved your hand down, palming Sebastian through his sweatpants, he was rock hard and your pussy was practically dripping and at this point, you wanted nothing more than to feel his cock buried balls deep in you.
Sebastian didn’t need to be told twice, growling as he held you tight, pulling you closer to him, your body arching into his touch, your fingers hooking into his sweatpants, pulling the flimsy material down, his cock springing out, rock hard and standing tall, its tip swollen, pre cum leaking from it.
“Someone’s eager”. You teased, imitating Sebastian who simply grunted in response, groaning as you wrap your hand around his thick length, using his pre cum as lubrication as you gave him a few pumps, feeling him twitch as you did.
You bit your lip as he pulls you towards him, his cock pressing against your inner thigh as you leaned back, allowing Sebastian to pepper kisses down your neck, sucking at the soft skin as presses his frame against you, a soft whimper escaping your lips as you pull him close.
“I want you so bad Sebastian,” you beg as you wrap your legs around his waist, a smirk making its way to his face as he teased you, running his cock up and down your slit ever so teasingly, watching as you buck your hips, wanting to feel more of him.
“You thought about me fuckin’ your tight pussy before, haven’t you?” He asked, slowly pushing his cockhead past your folds, making you whimper.
“And you don’t?” You shot back, your eyes meeting his lust filled ones as he chuckled, leaning in as he nipped at your ear, his warm breath tickling your cheek.
“I think about it plenty darling”.
“Then why don’t you prove it?” You retort and that was all it took for Sebastian to slam into you hard, making you cry out as his thick length stretched your walls out so deliciously, pulling out slowly, leaving nothing but the head of his cock inside, making you moan as you pussy begged for his cock to stretch you out once more.
“Oh trust me I will princess,” Sebastian growled as he thrust back into you, making you grip the edge of the table, groaning as your walls clamped hard around him.
“You’re so fuckin’ tight”. He grunted, his hands gripping your hips tightly as you rolled them against him, your bottom lip struggling under the pressure of your teeth as he positioned one of your legs up and over his shoulder, his cock sliding in deeper into you.
“Thought about all the pretty little sounds you would make when I fuck you”, he growled, making you whimper due to immense pleasure as his shaft throbbed inside of you, cries falling from your lips as he thrust into you mercilessly, practically pounding you into the table as your nails dug into his shoulders.
You couldn’t give a damn about the bruises that Sebastian would leave on your hips as you hung on for the ride, feeling him brush up against your spot as your head fell back, a loud moan escaping your lip when he leaned in, his lips brushing against your skin before he bit down on the flesh of your neck, god, it was heavenly.
“ffuck Sebastian, I’m gonna cum” you whimper, your walls clenching around his cock tightly.
“That’s it princess, just let go, cum for me”. Sebastian urged, his hand snaking in between your sweaty bodies, his fingers rubbing fast circles on your clit, fuelling you as you sank deeper into pleasure, plummeting to your end.
“Fuck, fuck, Sebastian” you cry out as he rammed into you, his actions sending you into a state of nirvana as your walls clamp down around his cock, palpating as you cum, your eyes screwing shut and your toes curling as your orgasm rippled through you.
The obscene sounds echoing off the walls was simply obscene, but nothing sounded better to you and Sebastian, the feeling of your pussy throbbing sending him off the edge as he followed suit, grunting, a string of swears spilling from his lips as he empties himself inside of you, his cock pulsating as he coats your inner walls with his seed.
Sebastian pulls out of you slowly, gently letting your leg down as white stickiness trails down your inner thigh, your body still convulsing as he holds you close, both of you coming down from your highs.
“I’m guessing that we nailed the script?” Sebastian jokes as he presses a soft kiss to your forehead.
“I think we did,” you reply chuckling, your eyes fluttering shut as Sebastian leans in, his lips meeting yours gently in a passionate kiss, his arms pulling you close as he rubs soothing circles on your back.
“I wouldn’t mind more practice though,” Sebastian mumbles against your lips making you giggle.
“We eat on that!” You broke the kiss, eyes widening when Anthony stood at the door of the apartment slack jawed, clearly not expecting to see his two friends butt naked in the living room.
“What’s happening?” Chris’s voice sounded from the hall outside, and you swore you would never forget the priceless look that was painted all over his face.
Right, the both of you had forgotten that they were coming over for dinner.
“We were practicing the script!”
“Yeah, I’m not eating on that ever,”
Tumblr media
tags are open! feel free to fill in the taglist form (link in bio) / drop me an ask to be tagged!
a/n: so that’s the end of this fic! i really hope you liked it and if you did, let me know! your feedback really means the world to me, thank you!
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— 𝐬𝐮𝐠𝐚𝐫 𝐜𝐨𝐨𝐤𝐢𝐞𝐬, 𝐬.𝐬
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* word count; 961 *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
[sebastian stan x fem!reader]
warnings; SMUT! MINORS DNI, +18, DD/LG relationship, degradation kink, smacking, unprotected sex, daddy kink, if uncomfortable please don’t read. press keep reading for smut :)
Tumblr media
daddy!seb is definitely soft!seb, i seriously can’t imagine him trying to be rough without reassuring his baby is safe or just making sure he’s making you feel good
sebastian is 100% selfless and always at your mercy
which definitely causes you to drown in guilt when you even consider being a brat, after everything treating you like a princess and buying you what your heart desires.
but when you began to feel neglected after a dreading day of playing under your light pink blanket with your winter soldier plushie, you decided it was time to bring out the big guns.
you hopped off the king-sized bed and wandered around, nibbling at your bottom lip as you gazed out the giant window, admiring the pretty, glistening moon for just a second til you remembered your mission.
“...yeah- no, i can’t be at the awards, i’m not even in california.” his stern voice made you giddy but you took a deep breath as you waltzed into his offices, watching his face light up as your presences greeted him, blowing you an air-kiss as he continued to talk on the phone, most likely to his manager.
you tapped your manicured nails together inpatientely as you leaned back and forth on the ball of your heels, to the tip of your toes, sighing in frustration in attempts of catching his attention.
“because i’m still in new york with my girl.”
your heart fluttered as a flaming blush crawled onto your soft cheeks, but you stood your ground and stomped over to him with a pout, straddling his thighs.
“n-no, probably next week, i’m not sure,” he became distracted when your— his t-shirt rode up your bare-lotioned thighs and revealed your white, innocent-like panties, causing him to gulp and brush his thumb against the fabric.
“daddy..” you dragged out the name as you began to slowly grind your core against his croth, smiling at the way he cleared his throat and adjusted himself in his comfortable chair, instantly covering the speakers of his phone with his free hand.
“why don’t you wait for daddy in the kitchen, baby, i brought some ingredients for some sugar cookies-” you cut him off as you whimpered when his cock began to harden and poke through his jeans, grazing over your clothed clit and his eyes widened, muting the call,
“i want you now, my princess parts hurt, please, daddy, touch me,” you whined, wrapping your arms around his neck and gazed at him with your puppy eyes.
“k-kitten-” “mr. stan?” he nearly jumped at the sound of his manager, forgetting she was still on the call and he fumbled to press the un-mute button.
“y-yeah, still here, just make sure we have the limo ready on friday,” his eyes widened as you shimmed your panties off and pressed your fingers to your clit, rubbing it raw as you let out an exagerrated moan, causing sebastian to agilely squeeze his hand around your throat, nearly fuming at your little smirk.
“feel how wet i am, daddy,” you manage to choke out, shoving your fingers past his pink lips and smearing your slick against his tongue, surprising both of you at your behavior.
“sebastian, we can get the limo but i’ll have to make a quick call, can you hold?”
he didn’t have a chance to reply as you scrambled to unbuckle his pants and pull out his thick cock, slapping away his hand and gripping at his shoulders, keeping him in a trance as your shut your eyes tight and began to sink on his cock, feeling dizzy at the heavenly stretch, the tip of his cock reaching every single part in your deep cunt
“daddy, oh my god, please,” you cried softly, hiding your face in the crook of his neck as his jaw clenched, gripping your thigh as if ceising you from bouncing on his member.
“if you move a fucking inch, i’ll spend the whole night smacking that pussy with my belt till you squirt.” his growl made you unvoluntarily moan, feeling compelled to go against his orders, wanting his exact punishment.
“okay, mr. stan, the limo will be available, what suit will you be purchasing?” as soon as you heard his manager’s voice, you rose and slammed yourself down on his cock, fucking yourself as your clit continued to slap against his pelvis, causing him to grit his teeth and throw his head back, dismissing the phone-call for a second.
“the b-blue one, i’ll call you back!” he quickly pressed the red button and pulled you off his cock, placing you on his desk as he rammed himself inside, cracking a slap to your cheek as you sobbed out, internally ecstatic you got what you wanted.
“yeah, you wanted daddy to fuck you like a whore, couldn’t wait for his cock to rip you open, you just wanted your pussy filled with cum.” he grunted, rutting his hips, focusing on how his cock easily slipped in and out of your velvety walls, hypnotized by the way his cock glimmered with your juices.
“yesyesyes!” you gripped at his long, chocolate hair as he moaned, you knew exactly how to drive him insane, bringing him to his release hastly
“daddy, i’m cumming-” your cunt clenched around his cock, squeezing him as your body subconciously begged for him to cum inside, and he granted that wish, panting as he shot ribbons of hot load.
“what- what came over you, kitten?” he brushed away the [h/c] hair that began to stick to your sweaty neck and you smiled weaky, latching onto him like a koala as you had no intentions of him pulling out.
“i just missed you, daddy, wanna make cookies with you.” you pouted your bottom lip and he pecked at it, it almost hurt how badly he was in love with you.
“let’s go make them, baby, but don’t think i’ll forget your punishment.”
[a/n; oh to be punished by daddy seb ]
sebastian stan taglist !🌱
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Tumblr media
key: ☆ (features smut and/or is smut), ❀ (fluff), ✤ (angst)
“I always look at a girl’s shoes. And if they’re wearing heels, I wonder how she would look if she was just wearing those.“
Tumblr media
The Exchange ☆ ❀ ✤ summary: You and Sebastian Stan were once a power couple that dominated headlines. After a messy breakup, you two became the worst of enemies. However, to engage popularity, you two are brought together yet again for a publicity stunt. Hollywood’s Hottest Back Together. It’s a tale of fame, fortune, and money all the while trying your hardest to force back those feelings you once had for your lover. Can you make it through six months of fake dating your once real boyfriend? pairing: Sebastian Stan x Model!Reader
Caught in the Middle ☆ ❀ ✤ summary: Madelyn Pine, known by friends and family as Maddie is the daughter of Robert Downey Jr., and the best friend of Chris Evans, but chose to create a name for herself rather than live in the shadows of her father, becoming an artist. Tattooed, edgy, and overall dangerous exterior, Maddie is not the type of woman you want to play with. However, after a party game that leaves her confused upon reeling from a recent breakup and suddenly caught in the middle of two of the hottest men, Tom Hiddleston and Sebastian Stan, her life is turned crazy. The two men are vying for her attention, one taking her to London while the other whisks her away to Romania. Struggling to decide, she finds herself in love with both of them and has to choose one. But how can she... when she wants both? pairing: Sebastian Stan x OFC, Tom Hiddleston x OFC
Tumblr media
Dating Sebastian Stan Would Include
During Your Pregnancy
Tumblr media
Comfort ✤ summary: You walk in on your boyfriend cheating. In complete distraught, you run to the only person you can think of. Sebastian.
Too Late (part 2 to Comfort) ✤ ❀ summary: Your ex suddenly makes a comeback, but Sebastian is quick to protect you, putting him in his place.
Stan? No, I Think Downey ❀ summary: You're the daughter of RDJ, but married to Sebastian Stan. You and Seb welcome your first child; RDJ's first grandchild to which he and Seb have a cute argument.
Biggest Fan ❀ summary: You're an actress, currently at one of your premieres. Sebastian is featured in the film but has a massive crush on you.
Reveal ❀ summary: Sebastian reveals in an interview that's not single anymore.
You're Mine ❀ summary: You and Sebastian are roommates and the best of friends. Seb brings home a woman one night, only for her to come face-to-face with you the next morning... while you're eating cereal, only wearing underwear and Seb's t-shirt.
Stargazers ❀ summary: You convince Sebastian to stargaze with you at 3 AM.
Shut Up & Kiss Me ❀ summary: All Sebastian is doing... Is rambling to you about a speeding ticket. You suddenly give him a command.
Late ❀ summary: Sebastian walks in on you lying on the floor in your bathroom, sulking. When he asks what's wrong, you tell him that you're late.
Too Far ✤ ❀ summary: Seb and Tom Holland love picking fun at you and you always enjoyed it. But this particular day? It was too much.
Finally ❀ summary: After struggling to get pregnant after a couple of years of being married, you honestly think that you and Seb having a baby would never happen.
Thank You ❀ summary: You have the worst anxiety attack before going on the Jimmy Fallon show to promote the new film you're in, Spiderman: No Way Home. Thankfully, Seb's there to help.
Distance ❀ summary: You come down with COVID and Seb has to figure out ways to take care of you, while maintaining distance.
House Tour ❀ summary: Fans had been asking for a while to give a house tour. The punchline was, it was Seb's house. And you moved in. To which fans quickly pick up on.
Pleasure ☆ summary: Sebastian is eager to get you home for the night and pleasure you.
Long Time Coming ❀ summary: Sebastian tells Jimmy Fallon how you two got together.
Dinner Plans ☆ summary: Deciding to cook dinner for Seb since he spent all day with interviews, he comes home, only to have you as dinner.
Arrival ❀ summary: You and Sebastian finally welcome your precious bundle of joy.
Sweetness ❀ summary: You walk in on your and Seb's daughter having a tickle fight, which makes you ponder her.
Take Care of You ❀ summary: You catch the flu and Seb takes care of you.
Anniversary ❀ summary: It's your and Seb's first year wedding anniversary. You thought he wouldn't make it.
Distraction ☆ summary: You just wanted a nice movie night on the couch with your boyfriend, but of course he has other intentions.
Don't Shut Me Out ✤ summary: After a scene between you and Sebastian that features triggers of your past, you break.
It's My Job ❀ summary: When mother nature strikes, Sebastian knows just what to do.
Second Thought ❀ summary: Just married, you and Sebastian contemplated the idea of children. Until you attended a house party.
Happy New Year ❀ summary: To start 2022 off right, Sebastian decides it's time to take the next step.
Sweet Treats ❀ summary: A trip to the grocery store with Sebastian, Sawyer, and Amelia showcases just how much of a kid their father is.
Short Skirt ☆ ❀ summary: When Sebastian sees the length of your skirt, the decision is made. Dinner with friends is going to have to wait.
First Time For Everything ☆ ❀ summary: You and Sebastian have been dating for 6 months and finally decide, you're ready to have sex.
Elevators ❀ summary: Already running late to dinner with Anthony and Chris, the wait time is suddenly expanded when you and Sebastian get stuck in an elevator.
Mistakes ✤ summary: Sebastian knows something's wrong, but he doesn't expect it to be you dropping the words 'I'm pregnant' on him, which leads him to a bad reaction.
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time-for-a-lullaby · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sebastian Stan x Actress!Reader  
Summary: You go out with the Avengers cast, celebrating that you wrapped up your last day on set. Some guy tries to hit on you and gets annoyed with you when his 'compliments' weren't well received. Seb comes over to intervene, which ends in a fight and you catering to his wounds in the bathroom where mutual feelings are confessed. 
Warnings: alcohol, blood, fighting, language.
A/N: This is my first time writing for Sebastian.. hopefully, I did okay?? As always, feedback is greatly appreciated :). I found a prompt online and thought it'd be fun to write. That's bolded for ya!
Tumblr media
You leaned against the bar, absentmindedly tapping Downey's credit card against the wood while you waited for a bartender. He'd passed it along to you, telling you to open a tab for the cast. You turned, watching Sebastian walk through the door, immediately finding you through the crowd. 
He walked over to you, throwing an arm around your shoulder, "Drinks on you??" 
You showed him the front of the card, "Drinks on Downey." You reached up, running your fingers through his hair short, "I almost forgot you were wearing a wig."
"I mean, I can throw it back on if you'd like.." 
You smiled, turning away from him as a bartender approached, "I like short-haired Seb." With your back turned towards him, you'd missed how miserably he failed to hide a grin. You placed an order for everyone, leaving the tab open. "i can't believe this is it." 
He tilted his head, "Hmm?" 
"I got killed off, Seb. This is it for me, I'm done. My contract is over." 
He grabbed a beer from the counter, holding it up to yours and tapping them together gently, "It was fun while it lasted. See ya never." 
"Ha-ha." You rolled your eyes, grabbing the rest of the drinks and walking back over to your table. 
You handed out the drinks, taking a seat next to Hemsworth and Sebastian, "Who's giving the toast?" Your 'after wrap party tradition' was to come to this bar and someone, typically Downey, gave a toast to commemorate the end of filming. 
Downey glanced around, "Not me. I've done plenty."
Don gestured toward you, "This is your last movie, kid." 
"Uhh--" you scrunched your face and shook your head, "I'm not one for speeches." 
"Ah, bullshit, come on. Let's hear it." Seb chimed in, winking. He knew you hated giving speeches. 
You cleared your throat, "Okay, well... Without getting too emotional, I've been a part of this franchise for 6 years, 5 movies, and it's been an amazing ride. I've made some amazing friends along the way, I mean, more like family to be completely honest. I'm so sad that my time in the MCU has run its course, but I wouldn't have ended it any other way. So here's to Thanos for stabbing me through the chest, I'll miss you guys." 
Everyone cheered, clinking their glasses together. You took a swig of your beer and smiled at Seb, "Why are you looking at me like that?" 
He shook his head, "I can't believe you're not gonna be in the next movie. It's gonna be weird without you." 
"Hey you can't get rid of me that easily," you elbowed his ribs gently, "I'll be annoying you for the rest of your life, Stan. What are best friends for?" 
You pretended not to notice the change in his expression when you said 'best friend'. 
"Okay, I'm going to get some shots, who's in?" you asked, standing up. You counted the hands raised, then walked over to the bar and placed an order for 10 tequila shots. 
"Hi-- uh, do I know you?" 
You turned your head, looking over to see a man you didn't recognize. "No, I don't think so." you smiled gently, turning away again. 
"I think I do.. You look super familiar." 
"Mmm. Sorry, I don't think we know each other," you replied, secretly hoping he would just go away. You got approached in public all the time and right now, you just wanted to enjoy a drink with your friends. 
"That's Downey's tab right?" the bartender asked, leaning over the bar. 
"Yeah, thanks." 
The man gasped, "Wait, I know you. You're Y/F/N. Y/F/N Y/L/N. The Marvel movies, right?"
You smiled at him, "Yeah, I am. It's nice to meet you." 
He stood there, flabbergasted for a moment, "Wow this is amazing, I mean, you're so much hotter in person." 
"I don't think that's a compliment.." you laughed, gathering the tequila shots in front of you as the bartender passed them over.
He shook his head, taking a step closer to you, "No, it totally is. I just mean, that suit, your ass is amazing." 
You picked up the shots, and shot him an annoyed look, "Have a good night." 
"Aren't you gonna say thanks or something?" He asked, grabbing your arm and making a few shots slip out of your hand, the glass shattering on the floor. 
"Dude, what the fuck?" You turned back, setting the rest of the shots on the bar again. "In what world is it okay to grab someone like that? Jesus." You apologized profusely to the bartender as they walked around to clean up the mess, shaking the spilled tequila from your hands. 
"I mean, I complimented you and you were just gonna walk away?"
You scoffed, "Yeah, I was, asshole. Telling me that I'm 'hotter in person' and that my ass is amazing isn't going to get me to pay attention to you." 
Before he could rebuttal, Sebastian walked over, his brows furrowed, "Problem?" 
"No, it's fine, Seb." 
The man scoffed, "What a bitch." 
You rolled your eyes, turning towards the bar to grab the shots. 
"The fuck did you just say?" Seb boomed, grabbing his shoulder and turning him back around.
The guy shoved Seb's hand off of him, "Don't fucking touch me. Your girlfriend's a bitch. I said what I said." 
"Seb, stop. I said it's fine." You tried to grab his arm but were too late. Next thing you know, his fist connected with that assholes jaw, sending him to the floor. "Sebastian!" You yelled, walking towards him. You were pulled back by Hemsworth, as Downey, Jeremy, and Mark worked to pull Sebastian and this man apart. "Chris, let me go! Sebastian Stan, knock it off right now!" You yelled, trying to make your way over to him. 
Seb stood up, brushing everyone off of him and holding his hands up in surrender, "Alright, alright, I'm done." He wiped at the blood on his cheek. 
Mark and Downey walked the man outside, Downey pulling out his wallet on the way out. Right then, Evans walked through the door, confusion spreading across his face when his eyes landed on Sebastian. 
"What happened to him?" 
You glared at him, your jaw clenched. "He's an idiot." 
Chris nodded, "I didn't realize that idiocy caused people to just start spontaneously bleeding...?" 
"Mmm, it's a new phenomenon." you huffed, your eyes still glaring at Seb. You shook your head, looking over at the bartender, "First-aid kit?" 
Once she handed it to you, you walked over to Seb, shoving his arm to turn him around, "Bathroom, now." You shoved his back a couple of more times to get him moving. 
"Y/N, I'm fine." 
You rolled your eyes, "Go. Now."
He opened the door to the bathroom, holding it for you as you walked in. 
You hopped up on the counter, gesturing for him to come closer. "God, you're a fucking idiot, Sebastian Stan. What the fuck is wrong with you?!" He stood in between your legs as you patted the open wound on his cheek with a damp paper towel. 
He smirked, "An idiot that you love." 
You smacked his shoulder, "It's not funny. You could've gotten arrested. You're lucky Downey was paying him off." you shook your head, "Besides, I can handle myself. I don't need you picking a fight with every sleazeball that hits on me in a bar.”
"Yeah, yeah. What are best friends for?" He muttered.
You sighed, reaching over to the first aid kit, grabbing the Neosporin, and spreading it on the wound before placing a small bandaid over it. You held out your hand, "gimme." He placed his hand in yours, knuckles bloodied. You shook your head again, "God, Seb. What were you thinking?" 
He winced when the alcohol hit his wound, "Do I get brownie points for saying 'defending your honor'?" 
"No." you deadpan, pressing the wipe against his wound again, "No brownie points were earned tonight." 
You smiled, patting the cut with a wet paper towel, "Don't want you thinking you can just punch whoever wrongs me to get on my good side." 
"Am I not on your good side?" he questioned, placing the bandaid in your outreached hand over the cut on his knuckle. 
You pushed him back, hopping off of the counter and closing the first aid kit, "Mmm, not anymore. Getting into a bar fight definitely takes you off of the good side."
"Come on, Y/N, he was being an asshole." 
You shook your head, "I know that, Sebastian. I can handle my own." 
"I don't like it when you call me Sebastian." 
Your breath caught in your throat at the teasing tone in his voice, "I don't care." You'd always found Seb attractive, but you never thought that he would feel the same. Every now and then you would catch him staring or catch his face fall when you talked about a date and thought that maybe, just maybe he had feelings for you, but he never said anything so you mainly chalked it up to being in your head. The way that he was looking at you right now made you think that maybe it wasn't in your head. 
"I can't just let people talk about you like that." 
You raised an eyebrow, "And why's that?"   
"Y/N, come on." 
Your stomach filled with butterflies as he took a step forward, swallowing the lump in your throat when his eyes flickered from yours to your lips. "Wha-- what are you-- what do you mean?" 
He took another step towards you, "Y/N.." He reached down, grabbing your hand. "You know why." 
"Seb.." you breathed out, looking up at him.
His arms snaked around your waist, pulling you closer, his eyes locked on yours. "I'm gonna kiss you now." 
You nodded, licking your lips, "Please do." 
He smirked, pressing his lips against yours. Your entire body tingled under his touch as his lips moved against yours, your hands reaching up and tangling in his hair. He pushed you back, his lips never leaving yours, and lifted you gently, placing you back on the counter. One hand slipped around to the small of your back, the other bunching up the fabric from your dress as he desperately tried to pull you closer. 
You separated quickly, burying your face in his chest when Evans walked through the unlocked door, "Oh, jeez, uh-- sorry." He snickered, walking back out. You heard him yell, "Finally!" as he made his way back to the group.
Seb reached up, cupping your chin and pecking your lips, "I have to agree with him on that one." 
You laughed and shook your head, "You're still an idiot."
Tumblr media
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skyeisawizard · 5 months ago
The Three Times They Think She’s Pregnant (and the one time she is)
The three times the avengers think she’s pregnant and the one time she is
Hehe I really liked this one, an AU where everybody is a live, DAD!BUCKY Universe :)
TW: Alcohol consumption, reader gets a negative test
Father To Be
Tumblr media
“You’re late,” Steve said the moment Bucky stepped into the gym. Bucky looked exhausted, he rubbed at his eyes and pushed his hair out of his face as he walked over to her. “Everything okay, Buck?” He asked, hand on his shoulder.
Bucky blinked slowly. “Yeah. Yeah, Y/N just woke up feeling a little sick, that’s all.” Everybody in the Gym stopped what they were doing to look at him. “I wanted to get her comfy and back into bed before I came here.”
“She’s sick?” Asked Natasha, stepping closer. “Like, throwing up?”
Bucky tied his dark hair in a bun. “Yeah, second morning in a row.”
Tony moved towards him next. He wasn’t in the gym to work out, had his tools beside him to supe up a wicked cook speaker system. “Have you thought about a pregnancy test?”
Bucky chuckled dryly. It was a sick joke to make, suggesting that Y/N was pregnant. Yeah, Bucky was desperate to be a father, but he wasn't even sure if it was possible with the serum in his veins. That, and Bucky was a monster, he didn't know he could bring a child into the world that had fucked him up so badly.
Bucky set about training harder than he ever had before. He punched the punching bags until they split and took Sam running afterwards. Bucky ran until his legs gave out. And then he kept walking until he made it to a drugstore.
Midday the drugstore was empty. Either everybody was at work or this was a really terrible drugstore.
When Bucky found the pregnancy tests, he considered calling Y/N. But she was sick, he assured himself. She was sick and needed all the rest she could get. Bucky pulled two boxes from the shelf, paid for them and went on his way back to the compound.
He woke her up with gentle touches and soft kisses. Y/N was feeling significantly better, wrapped her arms around him and held him close. "I missed you today, Buck," she whispered and kissed his cheek.
"Babycakes," he whispered, hand coming to rest on her stomach. "Tony said something to me today so I went to the drugstore an'... and I got you something." He placed the boxes on her bedside table.
Y/N picked one of them up. "Buck," she whispered, holding onto his arm. "You don't think..."
"It's a possibility sweet angel. I don't wanna get my hopes up but-"
"But now you can't stop thinking about it."
He smiled a small smiled and took her hand as she climbed out of the bed, the pregnancy tests in her hands. "I'll take two, bubbles. I don't want you to be disappointed."
He kissed her forehead and held her hand as she walked towards the bathroom. "As long as you never stop loving me, I'll never be disappointed."
He stayed with her as she peed on the stick. Bucky held her as they waited for the results. And, when they got the results (negative), she did another just to be sure. Y/N wasn't smiling as she and Bucky waited again, head against her shoulder. Bucky remained stoic as he rocked her gently.
When the timer on her phone went, Y/N stood up and looked at the test on the counter. "Negative," she sighed and threw herself forward, into Bucky's arms. "After this morning I was starting to hope."
"I know, sweetness. I know." They hadn't even been trying for a baby, but now Bucky couldn't get the thought out of his head. He wanted to have a child with this woman, that much he was sure of.
It wasn't often that the Avengers went out for drinks. If they wanted to party, they were going to do it in the Compound. Especially since Steve Rogers was dead to the wold and Sam Wilson had taken over as Captain America.
But it was Peters twenty first birthday and they wanted it to be special. The Avengers all took him to a bar to get drunk safely with them.
Nat bought the first round. He bought for everybody but Y/N, who opted for water instead.
And then on the second round (Steve's turn to buy) she got a sprite. The rest of the Avengers looked at each other and then looked at Bucky. He only shook his head and placed his hand on Y/N's thigh. (It took a lot for Bucky to get drink, he wasn't even sure he could anymore, being a super soldier at all. But he was at least a little bit tipsy, Y/N could tell that much by the way he was holding onto her).
When Y/N went up to get the third round, Bucky refused to let her go. She kissed his cheek, wiggled out of his grip and went out to the bar. Nat went with her.
She asked the bartender to water down one of the shots for Peter and got herself another sprite. "So," Nat started as the bartender made the drinks. "Why aren't you drinking tonight?"
Y/N pulled her keys from her pocket and give her a grim smile. "I'm driving the birthday boy home tonight."
“You’re not…”
“What, pregnant?” She asked and a pang of sadness shot through her. It had been a month since she and Bucky started trying for a baby. She took regular pregnancy tests and looked at several fertility blogs. Nothing yet, she hadn’t even been sick.
Nat saw the change in her face. She dropped the subject and helped her carry the drinks over to the table. So Y/N wasn’t pregnant. It wasn’t that big of a deal, so why did Natasha feel so disappointed. Truthfully, she was looking forward to being an aunt. Looking forward to babysitting, letting her unofficial niece or nephew stay up late and watch movies, getting takeout with the little one and hearing all of the school gossip.
By the end of the night Bucky was getting rather handsy. He was all over her, kissing her cheeks and her neck, fingers resting just under the hem of her shirt. Hickeys were on her neck when she pulled Peter out of his seat to drive him back home. She didn’t take him to his apartment, instead took him back to May’s place, where she knew there would be someone to look after him.
“Baby peach,” Bucky whined as she helped Peter out of the bar. “Don’t leave me here with these guys, please!” Her pulled her back into him and pressed his forehead to his shoulder. “No Peachy pie.”
Y/N kissed him and softly pushed him away. “I’ll see you back at the compound really soon, Baby buck,” she said and kissed him one last time before walking away with Peters arm over her shoulder.
Y/N was wearing loose fitting clothes. Shirts that clearly didn’t belong to her and leggings. Nothing tight fitting, nothing that showed off her figure. The rest of the Avengers had their suspicions, but they didn’t bring it up, especially not to Bucky.
The doors to their room weren’t exactly soundproof. They could hear what was going on, hear the bed hitting the wall each night, hear the cries and moans and whines. It didn’t exactly make for easy sleeping.
What made matters worse was when they were all watching a movie, something they didn’t often get to do all together. Someone was either on a mission or they were living locally but not in the tower. Y/N and Bucky had selfishly stretched themselves out across the sofa. His hand was moving across the ring on her finger, head on her stomach, occasionally kissing it.
Tony was at his wits end. “Okay,” he called, pausing the movie. There was an uproar of protests, but he quickly silenced them, turning his attention to Bucky and Y/N “Are you pregnant?” He asked, one of his eyebrows flipping up. “Are you having a baby or are the both of you messing with us?”
Y/N looked at each of the Avengers. “Okay,” she said, tapping Bucky’s shoulder so he’d let her sit up. “We’re not expecting a baby, but we are trying for one. Bucky and I are trying to start a family,” she confessed, unable to hide her grin.
There was another uproar, but this one was filled with joy. “We’re gonna have a baby!” Tony shouted, pulling Y/N up to jump up and down with him. “Let’s get you drunk while we still can.”
But Bucky placed his hand on Y/N’s hip. “Actually, we should probably go,” he said, standing up and pulling her into him. “Should probably go and make a baby,” he said, smiling wide as he rested his head on her shoulder.
The other Avengers groaned, but they were happy for them.
The test was positive. It was actually positive! For the first time in a month, they had a chance at success. That morning Y/N noticed how utterly late her period was, hadn’t come at all in fact.
But the first positive wasn’t a guarantee, she knew this. Bucky was still asleep, she let him rest for a little while longer. Keeping quiet, holding back tears. When the second test came back positive, she screamed, waking up Bucky and Sam (who had spent the night in the room next door instead of going back to his place).
Bucky was instantly awake, gun in his hand as he burst his way into the bathroom. Y/N was crying, full on sobbing as she clutched the two positive tests. “Angel face, are you okay?” He asked quickly, checking for any bad guys hiding behind the shower curtain.
Y/N grabbed her husband and wiped away her tears. She said nothing, just showed him the positive tests. Bucky couldn’t find it in himself to react. His hands came up slowly to take the test from her. “Is this what I think it is?” He asked slowly, carefully.
“Bucky boo, we’re having a baby.”
“We’re having a baby? We’re really having a baby?”
“We’re having a baby!”
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azaleavi · 6 months ago
Summary: Y/N wants to spend a quiet morning together, but Sebastian has other plans
Word count: 2.5k
Warning(s): making out, mentions of sex, sexual tension(?), nakedness
Author’s note: I am actually so proud of this one so please give it some love.
Feedback is always appreciated and don't forget to reblog and like if you liked it and want to see more. Thank you!
Tumblr media
The body next to you moving shook you awake from your sleep. Mind still a little hazy you turned your head towards the movement to see Sebastian still asleep, naked from last night's activities. The morning sun gave his skin a breathtaking glow, making him even more handsome than he usually was. He stirred in his sleep as the sun shined in his eyes, blanket now only covering his lower half. You would love to watch the show, but he needed his rest so you stood up, still naked and closed the curtains just enough that the sun didn’t shine on him. A quiet moan was heard behind you so you turned around to see his eyes slightly open. He was lying on his chest, the blanket still only covering him from his lower back. You wished you could take a picture of him right now, he was so beautiful just laying there.
“Come back to bed baby“ he held his hand out for you, still half asleep he turned around so he was on his back. You walked back to him, grabbing his hand he pulled you on top of him. You head resting in his neck, he ran his hands up and down on your back. Your legs on either side of his hips, you pulled away to look him in the eye. They were closed as he was already halfway to dreamland again. You rested your weight on your elbows, running your hands through his hair, helping him fall back asleep. You rolled down off of him when you felt his breath even, but as soon as he didn’t feel your body heat he turned to you and grabbed your waist with his right hand. You froze in your place, not wanting to wake him up by moving around. He nuzzled his face into your neck, still asleep. Your heart melted at him wanting to be close to you even in his sleep. You resumed running your hands through his hair as he moved his arm up, along your side and it stopped when he rested his palm against your cheek. You put your right hand on his, enjoying the moment. You gasped when he suddenly moved his head, not asleep anymore. He pulled you even closer to himself, his body now flush against you. You could feel every part of him as you turned your head to the side, looking at him. His eyes were open, his face so close to yours that your noses were touching. Smiles on both of your faces he leaned forward to give you a peck on the lips. You closed your eyes, letting him give you all the affection he wanted. Sebastian lifted his head from the pillows and angled it so he could get better access to your mouth. He kissed you deeper, his tongue entering your mouth. You sighed at the feeling, the memories from last night coming back.
“Go back to sleep Seb” you whispered when he broke away from you and lay back down on the pillows. His answer was only a groan as he hid his face in your neck. “I’ll get breakfast ready” trying to stand up you removed his hand from your face, but he didn’t let you escape his hold. “Baby you have to let me go” you laughed at his lazy fight, sitting up.
“But I don’t want to” he whined, still holding onto your hand. You leaned over him, pressing your lips to his in a long kiss. While he was distracted you pulled your hand away and quickly stood up. He pouted at you but then his eyes slipped down your naked form and a smirk formed on his lips.
“My eyes are up here, mister” you joked, turning away from him to find something to wear. The only thing that you could see was his shirt on the ground so you walked over to it and bent down to pick it up. A whistle following your actions made you sigh as you turned around and put the shirt on, the front still open. You narrowed your eyes at him jokingly.
“I’m just enjoying the show“ he defended himself as he had his hands behind his head, that smirk not leaving his lips. He was half sitting half laying down, his abs on full display for you to marvel at. He wasn’t the only one enjoying things.
“Well, show’s over.” you closed the shirt and buttoned it up, leaving the top few buttons open.
“Depends on your definition” he teased, eyes running over your whole body, which was barely covered by the fabric as it was more seethrough than you originally thought. Walking over to the wardrobe you rolled your eyes at him and pulled out a pair of panties stepping into it and pulling it up your legs. Still feeling his eyes on you, your turned around.
“Do you need more or am I allowed to leave?” you teased, hands on your hips.
“Give me a kiss and then you can leave” he puckered his lips, waiting for you. Walking over to him you let out a laugh, shaking your head.
“One kiss?” you sat down on the edge, knowing well that if you climbed into the bed with him you would never leave this room.
“Just one” he answered and fully sat up. You turned your body towards his as he grabbed your chin and pulled your face to his. You let out a moan when he bit your lower lip which gave him the opportunity to slip his tongue into your mouth. You started to lose yourself in the kiss as he grabbed your hips and lifted you into his lap, your legs on either side of him. The blanket, that was covering him, got discarded somewhere along the way, without you noticing.
“Sebastian” the warning you tried to get out turned into a moan, when you felt his nakedness under you. He continued kissing you, his hands everywhere on your body. His lips moved down to your neck, kissing every part of it. Throwing your head back to give him more space you gripped his hair on the back of his head. His hands went to the first button on the shirt you were wearing and he started to undo it. He was already at the last one when you caught his hand and pulled away from him. He tried to follow your lips by leaning forward, but at your resistance he groaned and circled his arms around your waist to pull you forward, back to him. The shirt fell off your left shoulder so he pressed a few kisses there, trying to get you to stay in bed with him. You grabbed his chin, giggling, and brought his face up to yours. He pulled you closer by your waist, the movement making you whimper, the only barrier between your bodies being the thin fabric of your panties.
“I thought you said one kiss” you mumbled into his lips, hands going back to his hair. He was growing it out and you loved it, especially because you had something to hold onto when he was between you legs.
“It was one long kiss” he claimed with a smile on his face. “Besides, I didn’t hear you complaining a few seconds ago” he teased. You rolled your eyes and tried to push him away by his shoulders, but he didn’t let you. Instead he pushed you onto the bed, landing on top of you, his body between your legs. You squealed at the sudden movement, the noise being cut short by his lips as he kissed you fervently. You held his hips between your legs, locking him in by crossing your ankles behind him. 
“Seb I-” your sentence was drowned out by a gasp as he bit down on your neck.
“What was that baby?” he teased, lips barely leaving your neck to speak, pressing kisses on you between every word. You couldn’t get the words you wanted to get out, him laying on you being way too distracting. You grabbed his shoulder and used all your strength to flip him over. Now with you being on top, sitting on him, you could think a little clearer. 
“I said” you leaned down to him “that I need to go.” you got off of him, but he managed to catch your hand again. “Seb seriously, I’m starving now” you laughed and pulled your hands away, which he finally let go.
“I’m hungry too” he defended himself.
“But let me guess. You are not hungry for some scrambled eggs” you turned back to him, already knowing his answer.
“Well, I was thinking more along the lines of a sausage and a cream pie” he smirked.
“You are not funny, Sebastian” you snorted, trying to hide your grin. 
“Why are you laughing then?” he tilted his head to the side, a smile still present on his face.
“I just thought about something funny” you tried, but he obviously didn’t believe you.
“Hmm, sure you did” he grabbed the blanket and draped it over himself.
“Okay, I’m really leaving this room now” opening the door, you walked out.
“You want some help?” he shouted after you. You shouted back that you didn’t and took out some eggs from the fridge. Scrambled eggs it is.
You were almost done with breakfast when two hands grabbed your waist from behind and pulled you backwards. Sebastian placed his chin on your shoulder, looking at what you were doing.
“I could have brought it to bed for you” you turned your head to press a kiss to his cheek then went back to watching the eggs. He let go of you and walked to the cupboard to take out two plates, wearing only his underwear.
“And miss out on watching you?” he feigned offense “No, thank you” placing the plates on the table he walked back to you to resume standing behind you with his arms around your waist as you stirred the eggs. He squeezed you closer to him and pecked the skin under your ear, making you shudder. He noticed your reaction and started to playfully nip at the skin. You let out a small squeal, trying to get away from him. He turned you around in his grip and turned the stove off.
“Hey, they are not don-” you couldn’t finish your sentence as he grabbed the back of your thighs and lifted you up, making you yelp. Grabbing onto his shoulders you let him carry you a few feet and place you on the countertop. He stood between your legs, hands next to your thighs, caging you in. You looked at him expectantly eyebrows raised, his face a few inches from yours. “I thought I escaped your advances when I left the bedroom” you mused.
“I think I can take you on every surface of this house, not just in the bed.” his voice a few octaves lower in your ear you gasped, straightening your spine. Your heart skipped a beat when his lips met yours, heat spreading in your stomach. Your fingers going from his shoulder into his hair and lightly pulling on the strands caused him to moan into your kiss. You felt proud of yourself for finally making him let out a noise of pleasure this morning. His right hand firmly grabbed your left thigh with just enough force to make you squirm under him. He was still taller than you, even with you sitting on a higher surface. He moved from your lips to your neck, biting and sucking a red patch onto your skin, but it wasn’t enough for him as he started to unbutton your - his - shirt on you, that you had just managed to button up after you came out of the bedroom. His lips followed his hands as he went lower and lower. You let him take it off of you, taking pity on him for trying for the second time in a few hours, leaving you in only your panties. He threw the fabric somewhere, neither of you caring about it as he attached his lips to yours once again. His hands traveled up your now bare back, the touch leaving goosebumps in it’s path. Your hands moving to his cheeks you pulled away from him to catch your breath, both of you panting. He grabbed your waist and pulled you to the edge of the counter, your hips meeting. Both of you moaning at the feeling, your hands moved to the nape of his neck, your lips kissing along his cheek and down his neck. You nipped at his skin, making him sigh.
He just grabbed your panties and was about to pull it down when a phone ringing broke you out of your haze. You rolled your eyes as he groaned and leaned his head against your shoulder. You could hardly hold back your laughter at his struggle.
“Ten bucks says it’s yours” you dead-panned, Sebastian narrowing his eyes at you in response, making you chuckle. Pressing one last kiss to your lips he left to check the phone that was still blasting the ringtone. You slid down from the counter to find the shirt that was discarded on the floor a few feet away from you and went back to finally finish the breakfast you started. A few minutes later, when you were putting the food on the plates, Sebastian walked back out into the kitchen. “I guess it was your phone then” you mused
“Of course it was and I had half a mind telling them about how big of a cockblock they are” you snorted as he sat down in front of the plate you just finished pouring the food onto. As you turned to take back the pan to the stove he pulled you into his lap sideways.
“Seb!” you yelped, almost dropping the metal in your hands ”What’s with you this morning?” you chuckled. He was always affectionate with you, but never to this extent. It wasn't unwelcome by any means but you wanted to know why he was acting this way. He buried is face in your neck, pressing a few small kisses there.
"Nothing, I just love you" heat spread across your cheeks at his words and you put down the kitchen appliance, that was still in your hands, on the table. Turning in his lap so you were face to face you pulled him into a hug.
"I love you too" you whispered into his shoulder, your chest warm. You couldn't believe how you got so lucky to have this man in your life. He was everything you needed and more, and you would do anything for him. You felt, no, you knew that he was the one for you. "To the moon and back. You know that right?" you pulled away to come face to face with him, your eyes confirming your words as the love in them was undeniable.
"Of course sweetheart, me too" he rubbed your noses together, giving you an eskimo kiss "So how about that cream pie I talked about?" he smirked.
"Oh my god" you laughed throwing your head back and hitting his chest.
But after both of you finished your meals he did get what he wanted all morning.
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idy-ll-ique · 7 months ago
They Always Do.
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x F!Reader
Genre: Fluff, Angst
Warnings: insecurity
Requested: Nope
Summary: "you're not worried? he seems to be spending a lot of time with her..." "no" "why not?" "because i braced myself for this months ago. they leave, they always do. it's nothing new"
Author's Note: Hiya peeps! The first part of this fic is fluff, angst in the middle, fluff again at the end. Nothing too extreme, just a little one-shot. Enjoy!
"Sebastian, Y/N, so glad you made it!" Susan Downey smiled warmly at the couple. "Of course, we couldn't miss the 56th birthday of the one and only Iron Man," Sebastian chuckled, walking into the house with his girlfriend. He put his arm around Y/N, observing the place. "Guys! Hello!" they heard.
"Mr Downey," Y/N greeted politely, turning to smile at the birthday boy. "You must be the girlfriend," he grinned, pulling her into a bear hug. "Yep, that's me." Then he turned to Sebastian, frowning. "Why didn't you introduce her to everyone sooner?" Y/N laughed as Sebastian rubbed the back of his neck, shrugging.
"Don't ask me, she was the one too chicken to meet you!" Sebastian defended himself, narrowing his eyes at his girlfriend. She snorted as Robert let go of her, returning to Sebastian's side. "I guess that's on me," she sighed dramatically, making both men laugh. "Well, enjoy yourselves! Have a drink, have fun!"
With that, he walked away. Sebastian noticed a server holding up a tray of drinks and called him over. He handed a glass to Y/N and took one for himself, taking a sip. "Thanks for bringing me over, honey," Y/N smiled and he turned to her, scoffing. "You're my girlfriend! God knows they were dying to meet you," he laughed, giving her a kiss on the forehead.
With that they went around the place, talking to new people, old friends and making new acquaintances. Y/N had a lot of fun meeting Sebastian's co-stars, and especially loved Elizabeth Olsen. Y/N was a huge Marvel fan and one of her favorite works of the MCU was WandaVision. Y/N had fangirled a bit, not gonna lie.
Like that passed an hour. After her feet started hurting, Sebastian decided it was time for the woman to sit down, have a drink and chill out. "Okay doll, here's a glass of champagne, if you need anything at all, don't hesitate to call me, okay? I'm going there, with Chris and Anthony. I love you." She smiled when he gave her a quick kiss.
"I love you too, and don't worry, I'll find you easy. This place isn't that big."
"I heard that!"
Laughing at her antics, Sebastian gave his girlfriend one more loving kiss before prancing out of the room in search of his best friends, Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie. Y/N relaxed on the comfortable couch with a sigh, sipping on her drink. It all began a year ago, very cheesily, might I add.
Y/N was at her favourite coffee shop when he had walked in. Immediately, fans had him surrounded, but she didn't go over to him. She stayed seated, looking at him, wishing she could go over but she knew how stressful fan interactions were for celebrities. Sebastian had, unfortunately, caught her eye and she had turned beet red, burying her face in her laptop.
He had found her absolutely winsome and after the crowd around him had dissipated, he had wandered over to her table and introduced himself. She was flustered around him, which made him tingly inside. And he had blurted out, "Wanna meet here next Saturday at 7?" They kept their promise and that's how they started dating.
A year ago.
That was a healthy amount of time.
Y/N couldn't help but have her doubts. All her previous relationships were pathetic failures, where the guy usually got bored of her within 3 months. But now, she had braced herself for rejection (which she knew deep down wasn't coming but it pays to be careful). "Hey."
Startled, she turned to see a kinda young, kinda drunk woman sitting next to her, looking up at her with doe eyes. "Hi," Y/N smiled back politely. "You're— you're the woman!" She had started slurring her words, which made Y/N frown a bit. "I'm… what?" she blinked. "The girl! Who came over with Sebastian Stan, you're his girlfriend!" The woman laughed loudly.
A few heads turned towards them but quickly looked away when they realized that the girl was drunk. "Yep, that's me. Why?" Y/N was now amused. As they talked, she didn't notice Sebastian walking into the room. He had come back to ask Y/N something but had paused in his tracks when he saw her frowning at the young, drunk woman.
Then he inched closer, unabashedly eavesdropping on her conversation. "Yep, saw him spending a lot of time with Ms Lizzie Olsen. If he was mine, girl, I would take that man home and show him who truly belongs to him, if you know what I mean," the girl winked and a sad smile bloomed on Y/N's face. "They're good friends, of course they're gonna spend time together."
Sebastian smiled at her answer. He knew she was different, she didn't get easily jealous and he liked that, since it reduced the number of arguments they had by a lot. His jealousy? Well, that's a story for another time… "You don't mind? He seems to be spending a lot of time with her…" the drunk woman frowned at Y/N.
Well, she was drunk, she wouldn't remember this night anyway, so maybe… it would be good to get some things off her chest.
"Why not?"
"Because I braced myself for this months ago. They leave, they always do. It's nothing new," Y/N admitted, swirling the champagne that was swimming in her half-full glass. Sebastian's heart shattered into a million pieces at her words. Before the words were even completely out of her mouth, tears had started stinging in his eyes.
"Y/N?" Startled yet again, Y/N turned to see Sebastian smiling at her. "Seb! Hi, thought you were with your friends!" she grinned at him. "I— uh— something came up, we need to go," he spoke quietly, fidgeting with his hands. Y/N's brows furrowed but she got up, collecting her coat and her purse.
"Can we at least say Happy Birthday to Robert?"
"Yeah, yeah of course." Sebastian managed a weak smile when she gave him a kiss on the cheek, going off to find Robert and Susan. She told them something urgent came up and they allowed the couple to leave. "Seb, let's go!" He followed her out of the house, meekly trailing behind her, the words she said ringing in his ears.
They leave, they always do. It's nothing new.
How had this woman, practically a Goddess, had such bad experiences that she was forced to think that way? He was never going to leave her, having found the perfect woman at last. He got into the driver's seat of his car, and the car ride home was quiet. Y/N was getting anxious. What happened to him? Did something happen at the party?
Once they were home, Sebastian couldn't help himself. "S—" Y/N yelped when he crushed her to his body, hugging her tightly. He took both of them to their shared bedroom, sat down on the edge of the bed, pulled her on his lap and buried his face in her chest, breaking down. "Seb, honey, what's wrong?" Y/N cooed, getting insanely paranoid.
The crying didn't stop for 15 minutes. Y/N, in a futile attempt to get him to stop, was running a hand through his hair, whispering sweet nothings in his ear, holding him close. When he took in a shuddering breath, he pulled away and finally looked Y/N in her eyes. "Now are you going to tell me what happened?" she smiled gently.
He took her hand, pressing a kiss to her wrist. "I'm sorry," he croaked out and Y/N frowned. "Sorry for what?" He shook his head, burying his face back in his safe haven. Except, Y/N wasn't having any of that. She pulled him away and dropped a soft kiss to his forehead. "Tell me what happened."
He took in another shaky breath.
"I… I heard you."
"Heard me?" Y/N blinked. "Yes. You were… you were talking to that girl on the couch and she was— she was talking about how I seem to be spending a lot of time with Lizzie and you— you said you didn't mind but she kept on insisting and you said they leave. they always do. I'm not going to leave you, Y/N, I promise. You're one of the best things that has ever happened to me and I'm not letting you go."
"Seb," Y/N whispered, her own eyes now filled to the brim with tears. "Don't cry," he chuckled with a watery voice, wiping her tears off. "It's just— all my relationships before you… the guys were assholes. They always left 2-3 months in. I— I wasn't taking any chances with you, you know… plus, you're kind of a famous guy and you can get so many better women—"
He didn't want to hear it. Better than Y/N? Impossible. He pressed his lips to her, immediately deepening the kiss when she reciprocated. "I promise you, I cannot do any better than you." Y/N smiled shyly at his words and his heart filled with happiness. "Let's go to sleep."
Both of them tired from the crying, they got undressed without trying any funny business. Y/N put on her usual pair of shorts and one of Sebastian's huge t-shirts, getting into the bed where a boxer-clad Sebastian already lay. He pulled her into his arms and she rested her head on his chest, draping an arm around his taut abdomen.
"Yeah, you?"
"Yeah. Goodnight, doll, I love you."
"I love you too, Seb. Goodnight."
"...Never gonna leave you."
"Not a chance."
A/N: Thanks for reading! Leave a like if you liked it!
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ohdolans · 5 months ago
The Nanny - Masterlist
Tumblr media
You were hired as a nanny by Sebastian and his wife. You never thought that it would turn into you sleeping with your boss. But Sebastian is done living in a loveless marriage.
warning: 18+ situations, language | smut w/ a plot | sebastian stan x f!reader | tw: cheating
Concept Train: the story continues if you keep sending ‘em in.
Chapter One:
You’re the new nanny for the Stan family. The job is easy enough, but Sebastian can’t help his mind wandering to you, especially when you’re walking around in those short dresses. 
Chapter Two:
You come to the Stan home expecting to watch Madeline, but instead you find yourself having dinner with Sebastian. The tension continues to build between the two of you.
Chapter Three: 18+ smut (tw: cheating)
Sebastian can’t get that kiss out of his mind. So when he comes home and sees you all he feels is his need for you. 
Chapter Four: 18+ smut (tw: cheating)
It’s the next morning after your first time with Sebastian. 
Chapter Five:
Sebastian starts to place his divorce into motion, but even that has some consequences. 
Chapter Six
Sebastian comes to check on your after learning what Lysia has done. But will that truly change anything for you?
Chapter Seven: 18+
You agree to give you and Sebastian a chance, but you wanna go slow. Right?
Chapter Eight: 18+ 
Sebastian takes you on your couch, guess the two of you really don’t know what going slow means.
Chapter Nine
You and Sebastian finally head out on a date, but during that date, he tries to convince you to come back. But could being his nanny complicate things between you two?
Chapter Ten: 18+ 
Your back to nannying for Madeline, and for once in a long time, you feel happy. But it seems that you and Sebastian have a different version of “slow” for the two of you. Since you’re not able to get your fill of one another. 
Chapter Eleven
Two months have passed and all seems well till a small scare comes up. But even with that scare, you find yourself falling in love with Sebastian.
Chapter Twelve tw: violence
This seem to be getting better between you and Sebastian. But with a surprise visit from Lysia only bring worry back into the equation. 
Chapter Thirteen: 18+
You and Sebastian get into an argument after he sees you with a friend and assumes the worst. But make-up sex fixes everything, right?
Chapter Fourteen
The next morning the thoughts of everything comes back to you and causes you to question if being Sebastian is a good thing or if you’re just being used as a distraction for him. 
Chapter Fifteen
After a few days apart you come to a conclusion that not only breaks your heart but Sebastian’s as well. 
Chapter Sixteen
A few days have passed by you start to come to terms with what happened with you and Sebastian. But Sebastian can’t let things go as easily. 
Chapter Seventeen
A month has passed and you come to the conclusion that you want to work things out with Sebastian. But there seems to be a small bump in the road that might make that harder for the two of you. 
Chapter Eighteen
Claudia takes you out for a night of dancing with a few friends, but that last person you expected to see was Sebastian. But a little show on the dance floor seems to only feed into his jealousy. 
Chapter Nineteen
It’s been over a month since running into Sebastian while out with friends. And while you try and relax on your day off you get a unexpected visitor.
Chapter Twenty
A few days after you and Sebastian make up, you come over for dinner to spend a little time with Madeline. And you and Sebastian take a step forward in the right direction together. 
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starshipsofstarlord · 4 months ago
The Eyes Are Lined
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Summary: whilst on the last days of set of filming the show where he plays Tommy Lee, Sebastian is greeted with a surprise guest in his trailer, and he is certainly not going to be one to complain whence he’s gets a treat as sweet as you
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader
Warnings: 18+, smut, mentions of phone sex, oral sex (male + female receiving), unprotected sex, penetrative sex, p in v, degradation, spanking, daddy kink, teasing, fingering, pet names
Word Count: 4133
Masterlist Link
It fell from his lips as a relieved sigh, it had felt like forever since he had last seen you, and as he took in your form coiled in a baggy sweatshirt of his and hopefully nothing more, he was fast to close and lock the door behind himself. His tongue darted out to swipe the upon the underbite of his lip as he stepped slowly forwards in his adjourned flip flops, the wide shorts hanging off his legs. For this role he had very much diversified his appearance; lost weight, changed his hair, worn temporary tattoos - yet from the prowess that resonated through your eyes, nothing in the way of your attraction had changed.
“Sebba.” You greeted him with a wide smile, dismissing your phone that had been in your hand to the side of the couch, and crawling off the seat that you had taken up residence in. Instantly, your arms wrapped around his sleek torso, taking in the aroma of his deodorant that obliterated the senses through your nostrils. He pulled your face up with the grip of his heavy palm against your courteous cheek, as his breath fanned against the platter of your forehead.
“You’re here early, shooting doesn’t finish for another three days.” He stated, the grin that was tugging at his features clearly showing that he was anything but disappointed by your unspoken arrival. Tucking your arms to land around his waist like a belt that was enclosing him against you, you happily sighed, stroking your nose against the expanse of his bare chest that was beholden before you through the open curtains of his plain black hoodie. For a moment your eyes flickered down to the fake piercings that were strung like light fixtures from his nipples, watching as the silver metal beamed in contrast to the bulb that was fixed into the ceiling.
“I wanted to surprise you, it feels like forever since we were that close.” Was your confessing admission, as you pressed a warm kiss upon his revealed flesh, causing him to hum in acknowledgement of the amorous act. “Though I’m happy that god awful shadow is gone from your chin, if you want hair there then I suggest that you grow your beard back out.” You stroked your thumb over the crescent of his chin, running the pad through the indent as he inwardly cocked his brow, stiffening his jaw at your straight opinion.
“What’d you think of everything else? Be honest now darling.” He clicked his tongue, staring down at you with his smokily framed eyes, as you coiled back into your shoulders so that you could get a better overall viewpoint of him, as your hands descended to cupping the inward joints of his elbows. You balanced your weight on both of your feet, juggling between them to remain sturdy as you felt the mood in the trailer punctually shift, as though you were crossing through the mysterious channel that inhabited the Bermuda Triangle.
“Hmmm, well I’m rocking for the eyeliner, it really makes your eyes stand out more than they already do. And you know I’ve always been an absolute sucker for the longer hair, but I’m a sucker for you in general.” At that suggestive statement, you casted a sultry wink at him, hoping that he caught onto the act rather than thinking you had something entrapped in the perimeter of your eye. It was not dust that had clogged upon your pupil, instead it were lust, gripping onto the very image of him. It had been months, long ones at that since the pair of you had seen each other.
All the intimacy that your relationship confined in its long distance was dealt with over the phone, never once did the space that his work divulged the two of you apart make you feel lonely, he tried his utmost to ensure that you were comfortable even with miles for what seemed like an eternity separating you. The cellular contact that immersed your spare time furloughed for both late night calls that brought an innocent lovesick smile to resort upon the spectating image of your face that was reflected through the front camera of your phone, and sexual conducts that travelled across the countries that you were both in to bring you closer and alternatively higher together, in a blissful reunion that swamped your head with hyperactive hormones that followed after your mutual orgasms.
“Naughty.” He condoned you for your filthy innuendo, his hand cascading down the artwork of your body, and moving behind you, so that his fingertips were dancing upon the crown of your exempt ass cheek. “Guess all that time away has gotten you desperate for me, huh? Do you want to some sucking up to me? I’ve had a pretty hard day, and it would help me relieve a bunch of the stress that depends on these last few days. Not to mention I am so pent up from not seeing you all this time, it was practically torture honey bee, I’m not even sure how I survived.”
Dragging his head down to meet with your own, you pressed luscious and. Extended pecks onto his thin lips,having missed them covering every inch o your skin with the love that swelled in his chest and other places for you. “I don’t even know if you’ll last that long Bas, its been a certain while of you solely using your hand.” A giggle reaped from your throat as your hearing absorbed the gasp that slithered out of his mouth; he playfully pushed down upon the line of your shoulders, only enhancing your amusement by doing so. “So pushy.”
“That is right, and I will only get rougher with you the longer that it takes you to get down on your knees for me, so I would think logically. After all, after I completely wrap on this show, I’m going to have all the spare one in the world to put you in your little place and stop you from being a disobedient little brat.” It was a promise, he was threatening you in the most sexual way possible, and you’d be lying if you were to say that some aroused nectar hadn’t gathered in the passage that divided your highs down the middle. You gulped, intimacy written in every speck of your irises as you lowered yourself to be poised on your thighs, your face near the tent forming at his crotch.
The material of his shorts gathered with creases as his cock grew beneath the baggy subject that defined his legs that much more. A hand ravelled through your locks as you found yourself darting your tongue out to caress his legs, moving your muscle upwards as your hands teased the waistband of the barrier that prevented you from seeing all of him. “How much have you missed me baby, let daddy know.” Lightly, he begs to roll his hips forwards, pressing his erection teasingly against your face, and you were loving every second of it. His balls were pressing against your chin on every mimic forwards, and as you tried to speak, your voice was a tiny bit muffled by them.
“So much Sebby, I hated being apart from you.” You thought that would be a good enough answer, but as his fingers threaded further through your hair, a quiet yelp ejected from your throat as he strayed you head to be leant upwards so that you were gazing into his domineering eyes. That was when you realised that you must have made a mistake, but no matter what it was, it was much too late to take it back. Sexual fear paved through your gaze as you poured, wanting nothing to get back to your journey of duty which was to suck his cock, however, you could not continue if Sebastian had other things, such as whatever you had done so wrongly plaguing his mind.
“Bitch no cause why did you pronounce my name wrong? It begins with your favourite letter; a D, remember? And now I’m not even sure that you deserve my D. Right now I am not your Sebastian, what am I little girl?” He growled down at you, his toes rigidly curling in the open toed shoes that he were sporting, his hand remaining tangled in your hair.
“Daddy.” You tried not to sob out of dismissal, and instead expedited for apologising to refrain from angering him any further. “I’m so sorry daddy, I’ll do anything. Anything to make it up to you, please, I’ll never make that mistake again.” Unless it was not in this scenario of course, the pebbles of your tears brought a vivid richness and innocence upon your face, as though you were pooling diamonds out of the windows of your explicit soul. And I’m return, you were met with the gift of Seb shoving his shorts to be draped over his feet, his cock playing the curve of a sail as it stiffened more so at the air that hit it.
“Are you wearing anything underneath that sweatshirt baby?” He enquired as his right hand held his length in hand, enclosing his fist around the warm flesh that was beading with visible emotion at the tip. It was as though a pearl was balancing on the sector of his slit, teasing you as you dryly licked your lips, wanting nothing more than to ingest that into your body. To answer his question, your hands toyed with the bottom of his clothing article, pulling it up so that he could see your bare abdomen, of which was dressed in nothing more than your flawless skin.
“No daddy, I’m not. Am I in more trouble for that?” You worried that you were, all that you had wanted to do was surprise him, and you felt yourself grow a little giddy as he slowly shook his head, and pull back the coat of his foreskin to flash off as much of his cock as possible. He was teasing you to the slyest of his abilities, he wanted to subject you into doing something against your better judgement, and you remained strong, no matter how much you wanted to coil your lips around the head of his member and take him as far as the hollow of your throat would naturally allow.
“No baby, imma let you off the hook for that because I haven’t seen you in so long and I know that pretty little cunt has missed me probably more than the rest of you, but don’t test me again angel, or on the plane home you’re gonna have to sit on a bag of ice.” A part of you wanted to smirk, to coyly piss him off to see if that perseverance were to be true, however if you knew Sebastian, and you knew him more than well, you wouldn’t put anything past him nor his motives. “Go on, I can see you practically drooling to take me in your mouth. Don’t tease or I’ll fuck your face; be a good girl would ya.”
You weren’t going to waste anymore time, for all that you aware, any one of the set assistants could take him away from you, and that possibility only fuelled your instincts further as you hovered your head away from his hand, that was now patting and gently playing with your locks instead of using them as a leash, and flickered your tongue out to swipe that sample of precum and swallow it without hesitation. Before your mind could comprehend it, your body had already taken the next steps forwards and started to swallow down his member, your lashes fluttering closed as you hummed, sending a rhythm through Sebastian’s body of which made him cuss.
He was looking through half lidded eyes, almost shutting them, though stopping from doing so when he noticed your hand creep down the smooth skin of your thigh, and pry at your own folds. He was going to reprimand you for being so confident that you weren’t going to get caught doing something that was so ludicrous, but he decided that he were to allow you to continue for a moment. If he made a scene after revelling in his own pleasure, then you would be more compliant with whichever punishment that he nailed you down with. The tips of your digits quivered around your lips, before sinking within your walls and the rest of your palm cupped your pussy.
It made more sense now you were moaning against him, for not only the taste of him that hung heavily on your tongue, but from the slip of power that you thought you had over him, even if it be cloaked in secrecy. As he thought more of that, he found himself starting to fume with an underlining of rage, his fists stiffened at his sides as he exhaled through a combination of the sensations rippling beneath his skin. It was a combination of brewing disappointment and foreseen arousal; his veins burned with both, turning his blood warm and drumming his brain with one thing - it were his birthright to make you submit before him.
And though you were positioned in front of him, cast to your knees as you worked on his hard cock with your heavenly mouth, your mind had slithered away from the laws that you were supposed to obey as you fingered yourself against and without his jurisdiction. To retain from speaking out just yet Seb put the pressure of his front teeth down upon his bottom lip, as he tuned his ears on the sounds of your mouth i taking his cock and slathering it with the natural lubricant of your saliva, and if he paid enough attention, the sound of your nimble fingers darting in and out of your entrance was echoed through the slick that was provided from your hormonal body, that coated your fingers and glistened underneath the lighting.
As he felt a spark approaching through the intermissions of his pleasured body, he found it to be best to direct you away, and exhibit distance despite having forgone with that flow for the time space that you hadn’t seen each other in. And thus he gently stepped back, allowing his cock to fall past your lips and a string of spit to be the only thing connecting you to it. It was an instinct for you to whine as you watched him take his cock back into his hand, giving himself a couple of easing tugs to cool himself down from his ruined orgasm.
And that was when all prevailed in realisation for you, that he continued to ogle at you from above as your index and middle fingers on your right hand remained inside of your cunt, and as your mind sparked some sense back into it, you instantly removed them despite the emptiness that attained within that area. Your eyes remained wide as you watched with caution as Seb took it upon himself to take a seat on the sofa that was below the blind strung window of his trailer, his hand temptingly patting his thick thighs as a means to convince you to move closer.
“Get up here you deviant minx.” It was not a sweet gesture that he were offering you, no, instead you were getting punished despite evading such a fate earlier on. Pushing yourself up from your knees, you went to lay yourself against him homely lap, however as you went to do so, he tugged at the sweatshirt that compiled a flush of heat against your addictive body, pulling it up a few inches to send you the message. Once you had completely removed the appeared and were dressed to the eye in nothing more than your naked flesh, that was when Sebastian allowed you to continue laying your stomach across his legs, as your own legs and breasts were draped either side of them.
His rough fingertips caressed the muscles of your back, making them twitch from rugged anticipation. They descended lower as he dug his knee into your ribs, enjoying the way that your breath hitched. “You know the rules angel, you don’t touch without permission, and yet you did. Do you have anything to say for yourself before I bruise this beautiful ass red and blue?” The worst thing was you could imagine how your cheeks would look all bruised up from the harsh strokes from his commanding hands; it had happened before and each and every time you’d tell yourself that it’d never happen again, that you’d avoid such intimate brutality because you’d behave.
But you both knew better than to trust those empty promises that wailed from your desperate throat as you were subjected to a pain that made your mind hazy and your throat parched. “No daddy, just that I’m sorry.” A yelp quickly followed after as he collided his hand down upon the fat of your behind, your entire body jolting as you shakily inhaled, knowing that in a few minutes that you’d get used to the pain and find it less surprising. The first strike was always the worst, and as another clapped down, followed by more and more, tears reigned the paving of your face as they spilt down your cheeks.
Your apology was simply a waver in the air, it did nothing other than tell him something that he’d heard a million times by this point. And when nothing added to the soreness of your bosom, you swore that you were in heaven, it continued to sting though as relief washed over your aura, and your lashes flickered through the fallen tears, slowly drying from the sobbing that they had commenced. “You took that well, okay.” Seb breathed, beginning to softly stroke your ass which made you whimper from the feather light pressure that digressed against the impact he had prohibited you to dwindle in. “I’m gonna reward you, think you can turn over baby?”
He slipped out from beneath you, allowing you to remain on your stomach for the moment until you had finally came up with your decision. You wriggled a little, stretching your toes as you hummed in reply and switched, despite the searing conundrum that resorted favour over your backside, onto the polar of your position, only to find your lover of whom was in control crawling towards you, the rings around his eyes looking sinful as he stared at your naked body as though you were his prey. His hands began to reel up your legs, coercing you into squirming against the cushioning that was managing to keep you at the same physical level as him, though the same couldn’t be said for the mental premise that rendered in interference of your relationship.
Hot air brushed upon your mound as he pressed a kiss to the hill that lead to the lake that was fawning at his close proximity, waves crashing and glistening to appeal to his ocean eyes. “Daddy, can you please do something?” A grunt differed from his throat as he inhaled the sea salt that subordinated his nose to the all natural scent, all before he nipped at the inside of your thigh before delving his face between the tightened proximity, sealing his mouth around your sensitive bud as he mumbled moans against your reactive flesh, earning himself a deeper invasion as you rutted your hips up to his face.
Sebastian Stan was a man of many talents; he could clearly mimic anyone that a script needed him to, but the one thing that he was truly magical at was using his mouth. It was a skill set that made you mercilessly comply to him, it was his superpower, which was indeed ironic considering that he played a hero in one of the world’s biggest franchises known to cinema. He raised his hands to grasp at your own as he trailed them into his strongly pigmented hair, giving you permission to ravel your hands through his straight hair, and feel the smooth sheen against the judge of your skin. You liked it, as you knew that you would.
Using his tongue, he pried at your entrance, sinking it within you as he began to shake his unruly head, extracting small screams from your throat as you became victim to his plentiful evidence of love. Your chest raised out in the air as your eyes rolled back, and a tweak pulled at your clit once more, and looking down, it revealed that it were your beloved tugging at the button with his teeth, as he gouged your reaction. When you reached your orgasm, he dived head first back into your emptying cavern, cleansing all that he had subdued from your body via his amazingly versed and performed sentiment.
“Taste so fucking good baby.” To prove his point, he clambered above you, slipping his lips against your own as he swabbed your tongue with his own, sharing your own juices so that you could feel them balance on your taste buds. His hand ran down your body as he pinched your hardened nipples, earning himself a withered and high pitched sigh from your mouth as he pulled away from the kiss. “Think you for another one in you angel? Daddy wants to fuck this sweet pussy, you okay with that?” A dazed nod gave him permission, though he grasped your jaw with his strong hand as he ensured that you stared back at him. “I need to hear you.”
“Yes, want your cock in me daddy. Always do.” A content smile used your mouth as it’s efficient puppet as he held onto his cock, and teased it around your folds, wetting his foreskin and other areas to make it more pleasurable for the both of you when he went to push in. And when he did, you felt like you had died and gone to heaven, it made you wonder how you ever survived going months without his touch, in any which way. Your hands held onto his hips as you steadied his weight, silently giving him the okay to start moving, and he did, he sunk within your cavernous walls, only to pull back and repeat the action. “Seb.” You breathed the shortened version of his name, the hot air leaving your mouth hitting his shoulder as he panted beside your face, his nose dragging up your cheek as you ran your hand down, cupping his balls and stroking them with the tender contact of your thumb.
For once under these circumstances, he did not shun you for saying his true name, instead he was too busy with the maddening rush that flew through his body as he fornicated with you. His pace increased, provoking the sound of flesh slapping upon flesh in the air as your thighs and hips clashed, amongst other parts. “Fuck sugar, ya close?” He asked you hurriedly, his forehead scrunching up as he felt immense pleasure as your cunt clenched around him, using his leverage to play with your clit once more. You ravenously nodded your head, dragging your nails over his body as you tried to jut your body up against his, chasing the approaching high which ultimately had you slumping against the cushions as he continued to pummel your body with his delivering thrusts.
“Shit.” He almost shouted, a soothing buzz ongoing in his body as he released his seed within you, you being able to feel every drop even after he pulled out and rolled to lay beside you, tugging you to be laying on his chest, neither of you caring for the cum that was escaping from your entrance that also happened to be the exit. “Why you laughing at me angel face?” Sebastian queried as he heard your cheeky sounds of amusement, a grin ruining the formation of his rocker disguise.
“You’re eyeliner’s all smudged.” You laughed, running the pad of your thumb beneath his eye and in the crows feet that dipped below, blending it further into his skin and giving it a grey hue to its ebony gradient. “You still look hot though.” You shrugged, nestling your head deeper into his chest, finally relieved that you and Sebastian were in the same place at the same time again.
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balenciagabucky · 5 months ago
⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚𝐫𝐚𝐢𝐬𝐞 𝐦𝐲 𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐬, 𝐩𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆
Tumblr media
pairing ☽˚⁀➷。professor!bucky x student!fem!reader
summary ☽˚⁀➷。mediocrity seemed to get you far
word count ☽˚⁀➷。 2,102
warnings ☽˚⁀➷。 skimpy outfit, bucky literally acting clueless, asking for your grades to be raised, male oral receiving, being fucked over a desk, praise, touching yourself, fingering, name calling
authors note ☽˚⁀➷。 PLEASE REBLOG MY TAGLIST IS ENDING ON JULY 10TH PLEASE FOLLOW @dulceslibrary AND TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS TO BE NOTIFIED WHEN I POST 18+ ONLY,, feedback is appreciated @romantizzity miss extra credit😵‍💫🤌🏽👩🏼‍🎓👨🏻‍🏫
You stood at the door, breathing in deeply to conceal your nerves. On the other side was the person you had been fantasizing about for months, and you were finally going to try your luck at winning him over. It was now or never - the academic year was going to end soon, and this was your last chance,
Looking down at your rather revealing tank top and a black skirt to make sure everything was perfect, you knocked at Professor Barnes’ door. Upon hearing a "Come in!" you entered.
James Barnes sat behind his desk, a stack of papers in front of him. Brown haired and bespectacled, he looked up at you and you felt like you were melting under his gaze. The feeling intensified as his eyes immediately fitted over your entire body, and who could blame him? You picked that shirt with every intention of removing them for him later, and you knew you looked tempting.
"Professor James," you greeted him smoothly. Sitting down on the chair in front of his desk, you continued, "I just wanted to talk to you about my grades."
He looked at you, almost in disbelief. A student had showed up at his office asking about her grades. It wasn't the first time this had happened, but he still managed to be surprised each time.
Best not to jump to conclusions, he thought, replying, "Alright, Y/N. Let's take a look at your last test score."
"Thank you." You mentally sighed in relief knowing your excuse had worked. Truth be told, you didn't give two shits about your grades - they were acceptable, and you were fine with that. But you could think of no other way to get what you wanted.
James quickly pulled out some sheets from his desk and looked through them. "You did fine, actually."
"But - I should have done better," you pressed further. "I really just want to get a better grade, that's all. Isn't there anything I can do?"
He watched as you leaned onto the desk, giving him an even better view of your cleavage. It was becoming difficult to focus on your face. "There's not much you can do for extra credit at this point, Y/N," he said, placing the papers back down. "I think you did quite well, in fact. It's really not a problem."
"There has to be something I can do." Your breasts pressed against the desk, and you looked at him desperately, into his big, big blue eyes, moving your hand across the table just a little too close to his. "I really just want to do better now, I need a higher score. Please."
"I'm not sure I understand what you're implying," he said, intending to get out of this as fast as he could. When was the last time someone had been so insistent, so forward? It confused him - usually students only resorted to this after they'd failed, coming in and begging him to let them pass. Not that he ever gave in to them. But he knew for a fact that had you really wanted a better grade, you could have earned it with less effort than trying to seduce your own professor.
Did you actually want this?
Right as the thought came to his mind, You decided you'd have to pull out all the stops. You stood, pushing the papers on his desk to one corner and sitting up on his desk, your legs dangling off the edge. "I think you understand, Professor Barnes," you murmured, looking down at him.
He was silent for a few moments, and you thought you finally had him in the palm of your hand.
"Your grades have been very consistent this entire year, and you seemed very satisfied with them - considering you made no attempt to improve. Why would you suddenly care so much?"
Fuck, you didn't think he'd be so difficult. Your surprise was evident in your face for a split second, but enough time for him to notice. "I... My parents are disappointed in me," you quickly fibbed. "I've been telling them I'd get better all year, and I tried - I really did, but I just can't, Professor, and now is my last chance or else they'll-"
You stopped rambling as Bucky stood up, his chair scraping against the floor. "I think we both know your parents are fine with your grades - just as much as you are." He looked at you sternly, and you felt your heart stop. "Tell me what you're really here for, Y/N"
You looked like a deer caught in headlights. "I-I don't know what you're talking about."
He placed a hand on your bare shoulder, grasping it tightly and leaning into your ear. "Tell me, Y/N." It sent a strange thrill through his veins, the feeling of having cornered you until you had no choice but to reveal the truth.
The feeling of his breath near your skin made butterflies erupt in your stomach, while also sending a chill down your spine, he knew you'd been found out. Lying at this point was futile. Your eyes darted from his face to the floor, unable to make eye contact. "I... I just," you stuttered, cheeks getting cold, "I just... I wanted to..."
"Wanted what?"
"I wanted you," you finally admitted, feeling almost ashamed of yourself.
James moved back, standing straight and looking down at you. The fact that you were so flustered and desperate just for him was incredibly arousing. Normally he'd never have sex with a student for raising a grade, but this was different. This was a horny slut who wanted him to fuck her. And you were so desperate for him, he knew you'd let him do anything to you.
He stepped away, allowing you a few seconds of relief from his probing gaze. You watched as he locked the door, and your heart skipped a beat. It was going to happen. Your dreams are finally going to come true.
Bucky stepped back towards you, stopping in front of you. "So, Y/N. What are you prepared to do for this grade?"
He felt his cock harden as you looked at him, eyes full of need. "I'll do anything, Professor."
A gorgeous girl in his office, prepared to do anything for him. He couldn't wait to get started. "For starters, I want that top off. Not that it's much use, anyway."
You didn't even hesitate, hands flying to your top and pulling it off, revealing your smooth skin underneath. Your ample breasts were almost in full view, only hidden by your lace red bra.
He took a few seconds to admire your breasts before moving closer and unhooking the small fabric. Your tits were now free, and just for him. He took his time in feeling them up, gently twisting your nipples with his fingers.
You were already a mess by the time he leaned down to suck at them. The feeling of his large hands grasping your breasts, fondling them, touching every inch was too much for you. You couldn't hold back your soft moans as you felt his lips, his tongue on your skin. Almost instinctively, your legs wrapped around his waist and pulled him in closer.
Feeling you so close to his crotch made him even harder, and he let his hands drift down to your skirt. But now was not the time for this. He wanted to use this opportunity as best as he could.
"Eager, aren't we? Remember, you're here to do as I say, not have your way, little slut."
"Yes, Professor," you quickly replied, feeling her most sensitive parts tingle at his harsh words. "Good." He moved away, unbuckling his belt. "Get down and open your mouth."
You got off the desk, immediately getting on your knees in front of him. You watched as he unzipped his pants, pulling down to reveal his hard dick. It was even bigger than you'd expected, and you felt herself wet at the thought of it in you. Opening your mouth, you began stroking his dick with one hand, and was about to place your mouth over it when-
"No, no," he said, almost gently. "Just stay still."
You stopped, wondering what you'd done wrong. Didn't he want a blowjob? But you obeyed, letting go of his dick and looking up at him expectantly.
Holding your head with his hands, he slid his dick into you, slowly at first. The sensation of your warm tongue was heavenly, but he wanted more - he wanted his entire length down your throat. Your eyes widened as he went further before beginning to thrust.
It took you a few thrusts to get used to his size. He was almost merciless, keeping you in place as he fucked your mouth, going all the way in as you made helpless sounds. It was difficult and it hurt, and that was what turned you on even more. Being used as a hole for his pleasure, to be what he wanted more than anything in this moment was exhilarating.
You slid a hand down your skirt and into your panties, touching yourself to the rhythm of his thrusts. The harder he went, the more you enjoyed it - enjoyed his taste, his rough hands on your head, how he handled you like a toy just for him. Your fingers moved faster as he did, and you felt herself about to come.
"Stop that," he commanded, panting slightly as he slowed down. He didn't want this to end before he'd taken you from behind, felt that tight pussy of yours. You reluctantly removed your hand, waiting for his next orders as he pulled out.
"Get up."
You quickly stood up, naked except for your skirt, your hair now a mess. Anticipating his next words, you faced the desk, impatient to finally feel him inside of you.
He wasted no time in bending you over, and you gasped at the cold, hard surface. He pulled your skirt up until it laid in a useless heap at your waist, displaying your round ass just for him.
"Not even panties? God, you're such a whore."
Your pussy was unbelievably wet, begging him to enter you. Grasping your ass with one firm hand, feeling your skin, he slid two fingers into you.
You moaned almost immediately, every touch electric to you. He slid another finger in, expertly moving them in and out, stroking every sensitive area you had. But you couldn't wait, you wanted more of him. "Professor, I - I need you, please," you begged,
"I never thought quiet y/n was secretly a slut," he said. He'd never been with anyone so desperate for him before, and he craved more of your pleas.
"I am, Professor, for you, I want you in me..."
He couldn't take it much longer himself, his dick throbbed with arousal and you looked so inviting with your legs and that round ass on his table, waiting for him. Pulling his fingers out, he positioned himself behind you, and grabbing your ass firmly, he thrusted into you.
You cried out at his size, and he groaned at how tight you were. Your wet walls pressing against his dick set his nerves on fire, and he quickly started to thrust into your soft pussy.
You moaned as you adjusted to his hard thrusts, his huge cock stretching your vagina. Your fingers gripped the edge of the desk tightly as you arched your back, feeling him slam into you with every thrust. It felt better than you'd ever dreamed. Months and months of secret longing and lust had led to this - you, bent over Professor Barnes’ desk as he fucked you hard. You could barely think anymore, only able to focus on his harsh thrusts.
Each movement sent Bucky closer to the edge, and he picked up the pace. He held you tight enough to leave marks on your skin, panting as he kept going. At this point he barely gave a thought to your, fucking you with only one goal in mind.
You came first, your body tensing and tightening around his dick as you cried out, every sensation heightened as your orgasm washed over your body. He followed a minute later, pulling out and coming onto your ass, panting heavily.
Bucky pulled up his pants, buckling his belt as you slowly stood up from the desk. He watched as you wobbled slightly, trying to gain your composure, exhausted after having the time of your life.
"Come back tomorrow and we can take a further look at your grades."
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