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#sebastian stan x you
navybrat817 · a day ago
This is alpha Bucky and I need him! 🥵
Nonnie, that is prime alpha!Bucky and I'm here for it. And apparently I'm not capable of actually writing full one-shots at the moment, but here's a taste of alpha!Bucky and alpha!Hal no one asked for. Sorry? Enjoy, lovelies! ❤️
Thanks to @book-dragon-13 for helping me hash out details for our alphas and what's to come. 💙
The Start of Something New
Pairing: Mechanic Alpha!Bucky Barnes x Omega!Reader x Carpenter Alpha!Hal Carter
Word Count: Almost 650
Warnings: Alpha Bucky and Hal (those are warnings), bit oh fluff, pinch of angst, no smut (not yet at least)
Please follow @navybrat817-sideblog for new fics and notifications. Not beta read and written on my phone, so any and all mistakes are my own. Please comment and reblog if you’re inclined! 18+ please!!! - Banners by the lovely @its-just-may and moodboard by yours truly.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Finding your new home was exciting and exhilarating, even if some of your loved ones worried at the thought of you being alone.
“Being an omega doesn’t make me helpless. If anything, I’m stronger because I’m allowed to be vulnerable.”
So when you moved into the small neighborhood, you weren’t intending to find your mates.
And you certainly didn’t expect your place to be right between their homes. 
Hal, the kind carpenter, introduced himself to you first when he offered to help move your things inside.
You took in his charming smile and tanned arms as you told him your name.
You were wary for a moment, but your instincts told you to trust him. He didn’t come on strong or aggressive like many other alphas you encountered. 
Something, however, told you not to mistake his kindness for weakness. 
And his scent both calmed your nerves and ignited a spark inside you. Oak, apple pie, and a hint of what reminded you of horses, as if you were running through a field.
Hal was so distracting that when he waved Bucky, the mechanic, over to help, you didn’t protest. 
The massive man was the quieter and more intense of the two as he joined his friend. You almost bared your neck, but managed not to.
When Bucky told you his name, you caught his scent, too. Bonfire, plums, and a hint of leather, like a jacket.
Their scents together should have been too strong… too much. But it blended into something you wanted to bottle and keep for your own.
They were trying to catch your scent, too. Your blockers made it difficult.
They called to you so strongly and you couldn’t help but wonder if they felt it, too.
“Living alone, omega?” Bucky asked quietly, snapping you out of your thoughts.
“I have a name. And yes,” you answered as you took the box from Hal’s hands.
They didn’t laugh as you raised your chin. If anything, they looked impressed.
“I almost pity the alpha who crosses you,” Hal said with a small smirk.
“Almost,” Bucky added with the briefest of smiles.
You bit your lip to bite back your whimper. The point of living alone was to be independent, not to be a simpering mess.
“If they mess with me, they don’t deserve your pity.”
You nearly preened when Hal’s bright laugh and Bucky’s low chuckle hit your ears, following you inside. You wanted to hear it again and again.
They were in sync as they worked together, at ease instead of fighting for dominance. That took a level of deep trust and respect. 
But the longer they stayed, the more their scents lingered. Except for one room.
“No!” you shouted before either could get into the room at the end of the hall. When they set the boxes by the door, heat flooded your cheeks. “It’s just…”
“You don’t want our scents in your bedroom?” Hal guessed, no judgement in his voice as you nodded.
“We understand, doll,” Bucky told you, but hurt flashed in his eyes as he went past you.
You almost reached out to stop him, not wanting to see that look in his eyes ever again. “I’m sorry,” you whispered as Hal began to walk away, too. 
“Hey, none of that. Your home. Your rules. I wouldn’t let strange alphas in my bedroom either,” he assured you, grinning when you smiled softly.
“Thanks,” you said, feeling a little better as he winked and caught up to his friend.
You sighed as you leaned against the wall, your thighs firmly pressed together. You were not going to let your body dictate your actions, no matter how perfect they seemed.
You didn't know them… but you wanted to.
How the hell would you survive living among these men?
Better yet… What the hell were you going to do when you had your next heat?
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chriscvans · a day ago
𝒕𝒘𝒐 𝒘𝒆𝒆𝒌𝒔 𝒂𝒑𝒂𝒓𝒕 ✧ 𝒃. 𝒃.
pairing: bucky barnes x f!reader
warnings: mild angst, brief mentions of sex, reader suffers from depression, happy ending :)
word count: 1,9k
a/n: i might be having a blue moment in my life rn 🙃
Tumblr media
two weeks.
two whole weeks after your last date and bucky has no sign of you. no texts, no calls, no nothing. it’s like you vanished from his life.
he told himself not to worry because first, you’re not exclusive, it was only your fourth date, and second, you’re both busy adults. dating is a lot different in this century. year. era. whatever. dating is different. disappearing for two weeks from someone’s life must be normal. kids do this all the time... right?
“no.” sam scoffs as he gathers dried leaves into a small pile to put them in a bag. “i mean, you’re going out with this girl for weeks now and she won’t text you back? if she ain’t ghostin’ ya, i don’t know what it is.”
“maybe i did something wrong...” bucky ponders as a silent cue for sam’s advice.
the louisianian chuckles and finally gives in to his friend’s silent request.
bucky might be over one hundred years old, but there’s so much he doesn’t know, and sam just wants his friend to succeed as any good friend would.
“okay,” he sighs and sits on the bench in the backyard where they are both cleaning for sarah. “how was the date?”
it’s hot, and only when they stop to talk do they feel the weather effects. the backyard isn’t that big, but it’s a lot of work, even for a super soldier.
“it was nice,” bucky begins as he stands before sam with a garden rake under his arm. “we went to this small japanese restaurant, had a nice talk…”
sam is not impressed. in fact, he’s bored.
“all y’all do is talk?” he genuinely asks, but bucky feels a tiny bit of judgment.
“what else would we do?”
it takes the sergeant three whole seconds to absorb sam’s choice of words. the new captain america is amused.
“uh... smush?”
“sex.” he finally explains. “have y’all...?”
he gestures for bucky to elaborate, but the former winter soldier just snorts, not just because of his friend’s indiscretion, but because the answer is no.
“first of all, i’m not telling you about my personal life, and second of all, it’s not about sex.”
“so y’all didn’t smush.”
“stop saying smush!” bucky grumbles.
sam laughs loudly at bucky’s uptightness and quickly lets it go. apparently bucky really likes you, and he’s worried, but he doesn’t want to appear too intrusive. it’s confusing because the social rules today are very different, almost the opposite to the ones from his time, so he doesn’t know how or when to operate.
“look, text her again just to check on her. if she doesn’t respond within a day or two, then she probably doesn’t want anything to do with you.” sam advises, speaking more sincerely now, and bucky nods.
Tumblr media
“i  had a lot of fun today.”
“so did i :)”
bucky reads and rereads the last messages exchanged between you and he tries to decipher some possible code between the little letters and between the spaces between the message balloons, but it seems that there is nothing there other than what is exposed. it’s so frustrating.
the next balloon is from him, the unread and unanswered message.
“hi, how are you? are you free tomorrow?”
remembering sam’s advice, bucky starts typing another message and expects you to reply until at least the next day.
“hello. how are you?”
soon after sending the text, bucky locks his phone and goes to take a shower, still hoping that when he comes back he will have a notification on his screen.
Tumblr media
two more days passed and no response. two days looking at his cell phone thinking that any notification was a text. you’re not even bothering to read them. sam must be right, you mustn’t be wanting to see him, and now he has to move on. it’s annoying because he was so sure you two were clicking. so many things in common, despite the nearly hundred-year difference in age, despite him being a hero. despite his friends being heroes. yet, the two of you are similar in what is imperative, and different where you can complement each other.
what went wrong?
that’s the question he’s been asking himself for days. bucky relives the times you spent together and tries to find any mistakes on his part but can’t really point any fingers. maybe that’s it, you’re too arrogant to think you’re wrong, he tells himself. had he gone slowly? should he have initiated something sexual? he tries not to think about these things, but it’s almost impossible, because he’s been pushed aside with no explanation and suddenly.
one thing is certain: there is no point in asking more questions, as these will not be answered. the whys, the hows, the wheres, the whens will all be ignored, and now by his own will.
he’s sorry, because he was really interested in you, but it is what it is, and it’s with that attitude that bucky heads to the coffee shop he took you to on your second date. it’s even a little busier than usual, but only one person catches his eye: you, sitting at the last table, the furthest and most reserved, having coffee.
you are not well.
bucky is simply drawn to you, whether he likes it or not. that’s why he asked you out in the first place. he catches himself walking towards your table and you don’t seem to notice his presence until he’s sitting right in front of you, and his face exudes concern and doubts. in fact, you seem to be far away from there, in another dimension. your gaze is so empty, which worries him greatly. a small gasp leaves your lips when you finally see him.
“hey,” he murmurs.
“bucky, i- hi.” you struggle to speak as your voice is low and weak. you clear your throat and try to collect yourself, but you’re still a mess. “hi, bucky.”
you look tired. exhausted. you have dark bags under your eyes, like you’re sleep deprived. you’re not as together as you were. he doesn’t think you’re ugly - absolutely not - but it feels as if the light in your eyes has shone away. your eyes don’t sparkle anymore, and something tells him this is not about him anymore, in fact, it never was in the first place.
“i... i’ve been texting you.”
“oh,” you fake a small smile and take another sip of your coffee. “my phone is broken and i haven’t really had the time to get a new one.” you lie.
if only he knew how shattered you really are. if he only knew how hard it’s been to even get out of bed. if he only knew coffee is the only thing you’re digesting because you can’t keep anything inside and you don’t want to sleep. if he only knew how many tears you’ve cried these past days.
“oh, i see.” bucky nods. “are you... okay?”
“yeah, i... yeah. yeah, i’m fine. just a little busy.” another fake smile on your lips.
why are you lying?
he notices your discomfort and watches you get up.
after the therapy sessions, bucky now feels the need to fix what is broken, and maybe it’s insensitive of him to want to fix you, and he’ll never admit it out loud, at least not to anyone other than his therapist, but he hates to see you like this. as much as you want to seem just tired, he’s seeing that it’s much more than that, and that’s what makes him so worried.
“sorry, i’m... i have to go.”
“i’ll see you around.” you say as you disappear in between the customers that come and go, but he doesn’t lose you out of his sight and follows you out of the coffee shop.
“y/n, wait!” he asks as he holds your arm, making you turn around to face him. “wait, what’s wrong?”
“nothing’s wrong, i’m just really busy.”
you both know you’re lying, but you can’t bring yourself to explain truthfully what’s happening, because you don’t know if he would understand, and you don’t want to be a burden. you can’t offer him what he deserves: someone who actually has their shit together.
“y/n, it’s me. you can trust me.” he insists.
by the look on his face you can tell he’s being genuine, and you do want to tell him everything, because you need to clear your mind and lighten your chest. you’ve imploded so many times just the past week, you have no idea how the hell you even left your house for a simple coffee today.
he sees your eyes getting watery and lips quivering. all he knows is that you’re deeply saddened by something, and all he can do at the moment is pull you into a hug.
in the middle of the sidewalk, with people walking around, coming and going, bucky hugs you tight, and you’ve never felt more seen.
Tumblr media
although you feel a lot better after sharing your thoughts and emotions, you do feel bad for ignoring him and making him feel like you didn’t want to see him anymore. you didn’t think he would be that interested in you. after four wonderful dates, is it cocky to think he likes you or are you just stating a fact?
it shouldn’t be so hard to accept that, despite our faults, there are people who will accept us and love us anyway. either because of them or in spite of them.
bucky took the liberty of dropping you off at home and making you some chamomile tea to calm you down. after a hot, relaxing shower, and a long, much-needed conversation, he is in your bed, waiting for you to sleep. he couldn’t help noticing the details in your house. the pictures, the photos, the decoration. your house is small, but it’s cozy, comfortable, and gorgeous, just like you.
you hear him talk about his own life, how he tries to deal with the difficulties of living in a completely different time, how much he misses his friends, and the loneliness he feels at times. he talks about sam, sarah, the boys and how he is adapting. you hear him chuckle about how confusing simple stuff can be for him, and how fascinating phones are.
his voice is soft and sweet, as if a sound has been made to describe honey. you gradually forget about being embarrassed by the situation you are in, and feel welcomed by him. he doesn’t make you feel guilty for being sad when he’s been through much worse, no. he makes you feel seen, heard and most importantly, he makes you feel understood and not alone.
“i tend to push people away when i’m not feeling myself, and i wish i could do differently, but i feel suffocated with my own thoughts, i can’t handle them well.” you confess. “but i don’t want to do that with you, not anymore.”
he smiles.
“i’m here for you for as long as you want me to be.”
your blinks are getting heavy, the chamomile tea has finally kicked in. your body starts to relax into the mattress and bucky presses a kiss on your forehead before you finally close your eyes to sleep.
your hand grips on his black shirt, maybe for fear of him leaving, you don’t want to be alone, but he won’t leave your side. he will be there when you wake up.
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bentobarnes · 2 days ago
pairings : sebastian stan x reader
word count : 920
request by anon (thank you!) : sebastian likes to tease you.
warnings : fluff
*feedback is appreciated. please reblog so it can reach more people♡
Tumblr media
You and Sebastian went public with your relationship a few months ago and since then, well, everything grew more stressful and exhausting but it was okay as long as you had him when you both got home.
Since you two officially announced your relationship all interviewers and producers wanted you and him to be paired together for everything.
It wasn’t easy with the two of you working on a movie together and constantly being pushed by interviewers about you as a couple, both in a real and fictional life.
But of course most of the time you could forget how stressful interviews can be with Sebastian next to you and a funny interviewer on the other side of the table.
“They are known for their roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but you also know them as one of the loveliest couples in Hollywood! Welcome Y/N Y/L and Sebastian Stan!” Jimmy Fallon announced.
You and Sebastian came from backstage holding hands and waving your free ones to the crowd cheering and clapping at your appearance.
You greeted Jimmy and found your seat on the couch next to Sebastian. During the interviews, Sebastian always loved to be in some kind of touch with you.
It didn’t matter if it would be a gentle squeeze of your hand, resting his hand on your tight or wrapping one arm around your back. You loved those small gestures too.
But knowing what a dork Sebastian is he always takes the best from the interviews making everyone laugh. As long as someone didn’t make a compliment completely ruining his confidence tone.
After answering a few questions about the new movie Jimmy moved to a more private theme. “So we all understood that you are together a few months ago but you never explained when did you realize it?”
“To be honest Jimmy I fell in love with her the moment I saw her on set for the first time.” Sebastian started making little cute gestures with his hands as he was explaining the story.
“And what about you Y/N?” Jimmy turned the question to you and both he and Sebastian looked at you with curiosity although Sebastian already knew the answer.
“Well, it actually took me quite a while to fall in love with him. He was such a dork and I wasn’t sure if he is just trying to make me laugh or humiliate me!” You giggle as the crowd did the same.
“That’s not true! Why are you lying!” Sebastian exclaimed knowing damn well what you told him in private when you started dating. “Yes, it is!” You protested softly smacking his chest.
“I think we are having a couple’s debate here!” Jimmy laughed followed by you and Sebastian and the cheering people.
After a few more questions the interview again turned to your movie this time with questions about behind the scenes.
“So we got this video of Y/N and Sebastian where they seem having a big argument but god knows why they both like bursting from laughing!” The video showed on the screen and you hid your face.
“Tell us what is happing in this video cause it got us all confused and we want to know!” Jimmy waved his hand around.
“The thing is Y/N has this tradition or a problem I don’t know, where every time before important scenes she drinks tons of coffee and becomes hyperactive!” Sebastian cleared the reason.
“She throws punches around in the fighting scenes and she doesn’t even understand it!” Sebastian giggled. “That video was taken after a fight scene where she punched me in the nose pretty hard!”
“I said I’m sorry!” You shouted only giving Sebastian more reasons to laugh. He loved you soo much and he thought you looked adorable being all frustrated over nothing.
After the interview was over you and Sebastian got in the car and headed home. When Sebastian stopped at a red light he started. “So you didn’t like me at first, huh?” He teased.
“Can’t we forget what I said! It’s the truth!” You protested once again and he chuckled. “I just love teasing you, babe! You look cute like this!” He gave up teasing and continued driving at the green light.
You were in front of your apartment, getting out of the car when he decided to tease a little bit more. “I still can’t get over that punch though.” He murmured under his nose but you heard him.
“Sebastian!” You shouted and turned to face him. “Okay! Okay!” He threw his hand in the air in defeat but a large smirk appeared on his face when you turned your back to him.
After you got home exhausted from a full day of work you plopped on the couch. Sebastian sat next to you taking your hand in his. “How about I order something for dinner and you pick a movie?”
“Deal.” You whispered against his lips before they attached together into a sweet loving kiss. When the food came you had already picked a movie and was positioned on the couch with a box of Chinese food.
Sebastian was cuddling you from behind while you were watching the movie until a blissful sleep washed over you halfway through it. Sebastian smiled at the sleeping figure nestled in his chest.
His nose was brushing your hair, your smell filling his nostrils. He couldn’t be happier. You felt like home and every little thing you did was his favorite. Including you punching his nose on accident.
tag list : @lovie-barnes , @bbl32 , @littlecanadianlani , @iguana-eyanna , @meetmyblondemuffins
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bonky-n-steeb · 9 hours ago
𝗯𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗸 𝗶𝗻𝘁𝗼 𝘆𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝗵𝗲𝗮𝗿𝘁
𝙨𝙩𝙖𝙡𝙠𝙚𝙧! 𝙗𝙪𝙘𝙠𝙮 𝙗𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙚𝙨 𝙭 𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙙𝙚𝙧
𝙨𝙪𝙢𝙢𝙖𝙧𝙮 || Your neighbour is not who he seems to be.
𝙬𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨 || yandere, stalking, very creepy behaviour, break ins, licking..?. MINORS DNI
This is a DARK story!
I hadn’t written something dark in a while so I decided to write this. I know I told y’all about the pirate Bucky fic which is coming real soon. But till then enjoy this!
This is during the time between tws and cw when Bucky is on a run. Also this is vaguely based on an urban legend I read on Reddit.
Tumblr media
Your smile.
It was all it took for him to fall in love with you.
He lived in flat 3A and you lived exactly across him in 3B. He had seen you for the first time on the day he had moved in. Your eyes were tired and your hair was out of place. You were definitely tired from working all day long, he deduced.
But then the moment you had seen him standing in the hallway, you had smiled at him. And at that instant, and every instant after that, you were the most beautiful person he had ever seen.
You had introduced yourself and asked if he was your new neighbour. He didn’t speak much, and he was wary of the people who did; but not you. Your voice was so soothing, he didn’t want you to stop.
He knew people were looking for him and he was being framed for the things he hadn’t done, or probably he had, he didn’t really remember much. And all he knew was that he had to be a step ahead of them.
He had changed many names and addresses and looks. But when giving his name, without hesitation he had replied, “James.” And from that day, your fate was permanently sealed.
On the second day, he tried to stop himself. Don’t James. Just don’t. He read the newspaper, he went to the market, mapped the surrounding area for exits and did all that he could to stop thinking about you.
But it was like a mad scientist and his equally crazy invention that no matter how much he tried, it wouldn’t just leave his mind. You were stuck in head, morning, afternoon, evening, midnight.
On the third day, he simply said fuck it and tailed you. With keen eyes, he observed every move you made. He had actually hoped that his infatuation would diminish after a day of getting to know you, but it only increased.
You were sweeter than the plums and radiant like the sun. Despite how clearly taxing your work was, you were always polite and helpful. You helped the old ladies in the market and asked him how his day was when you returned.
By the fifth day, he knew your entire life history by heart. Your parents. Your college major. Your job description. Your friends. Your favourite flower. Your route of walking home. Everything.
On the seventh day, he found himself standing in your house having a staring contest with your dog, Max. He was a sweet dog and he always greeted you at the door when you came home.
You dearly loved Max. And what you loved, Bucky loved too. There was a completely different exhilaration about being in your house. It was as if knowing you from the inside; it was very intimate for him.
From the book on your bedside table, to the pattern of your arrangement of shoes, Bucky noticed it all. He walked like a breeze in your house; silent and observant. As he walked through, he knew there wasn’t a chance he was ever giving up on you.
It was the twenty third day, and he sat deadly silent on a chair in your bedroom as you slept peacefully on the bed. Watching you sleep was very calming for him.
He had began this a long time back, but he didn’t mean any harm. The neighbourhood wasn’t really safe and break in’s were common. What if something happened to you?
He had made much progress with you. You still didn’t suspect a thing, and instead had invited him for a movie night with you last Sunday. He had thoroughly enjoyed watching you and you watched the movie.
But something disturbed your sleep as you closed your partially open mouth, furrowed your eyebrows and scratched your face. You must be dreaming.
Like a ghost, he silently got up from the chair and slipped below your bed. He very well knew that the ending of dreams usually brought along consciousness.
And as always, he was right. You slowly blinked your eyes open and changed your sides on the bed. You were still very sleepy and your vision was hazy but something felt different, as if someone else was there.
“Max, is that you?” Max had a habit of entering your room and strutting around. So you put your hand below to bed to pet your dog without really opening your eyes.
You felt him lick your palm and you patted his head with your eyes closed. “Good boy.” You were just too tired and drowsy to look down and you went back to sleep.
Bucky smirked to himself as he relished the taste of your skin on his tongue. He knew he needed to do something or else you would’ve woken up if you hadn’t got any response so he just licked your hand.
And you were just too sleepy to realise the difference between the short hair of your dog and long strands of Bucky’s hair when you patted his head. Luck is on my side tonight, he thought as went back to keeping a watch.
You stretched as you woke up in the morning. You really had a great sleep and an even better dream where you got some action with your mysterious neighbour, James.
Smiling to yourself, you walked up to the door and twisted the doorknob open with a signature click. When you heard the clicking of the lock, your blood ran cold, replacing all the joy you felt just moments ago.
The click indicated that the door was locked from the inside, so that meant…. Max couldn’t have possibly licked your palm at night. Then who?
The door was still locked that means someone had entered from… the window? You whipped your head around and saw the small chit neatly placed on your bedside drawer.
Running quickly, you took it in your hand to see a messy handwriting scribbled across. Breath left your lungs and you collapsed into the bed as your read the words,
‘dogs aren’t the only ones who lick’
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ascendance - 20
PAIRING: mob!bucky barnes x reader
WARNINGS: age gap (reader is 23, bucky is 37)
A/N: all i’m gonna say is … enjoy everyone xx
Tumblr media
She wanted to die. There was no other way to explain why she was so aparently defiant to a man who’d had people killed for less and he’d know. After all, he was always the one to do it. Maybe it was self sabotage, maybe she was this unhappy with her situation enough to consider having a mob boss kill her. She didn’t deserve that, she was gonna have a good life and soon him and all would this would be nothing but a small misplaced stitch in the fabric of her life. He wasn’t going to let her drown in this trauma, he wasn’t gonna let her get hurt, he wasn’t gonna let her become him.
     - You need to stop pushing him. - he directed his attention to her the moment the door shut. - You are going to get yourself killed.
     - I’m not gonna bow to him just because everyone says he’s a big man. 
     - He is not a big man, Y/N. He’s the man. If he wants you dead, he’ll have you killed before you can even notice you’re in danger. 
     - He didn’t kill anyone. He has other people do his dirty work, he has you ... he’s a coward.
     - You’re entitled to your opinion but you have to keep your mouth shut or you’ll end up dead, dove. 
She seemed to get lost in thought for a few seconds before a thought and question dawned in her mind. She was never the outspoken kid, she would normally not even socialise with people she didn’t know much yet whenever John called her sweetheart, it just strangled whatever breathe of life she was still clinging onto. 
    - Would you kill me?
He stopped frozen in his spot, the only thing moving being his eyebrow twitching. For the first time in a while she was afraid, afraid of him and what he could do to her. He looked so powerful even in worn out clothes and sleep ridden eyes. In another lifetime he could’ve been a king, looking so regal. However, she had struck a chord with him, something which had made him angry although he didn’t blantatly show it. He was always good at hiding his emotions yet he could not contain the bitter words that spilled from his lips. 
   - Are you that bored that fucking a killer turns on you? 
She was speechless as those words left his lips which normally caressed hers with such warmth; but there was no warmth anymore, no more care in them. His lips spew venom words and while she was now as equally angry as him, she had no idea how to act. Part of her wanted to hit him, to tell him he didn’t have the right to say that to her, while the other part wanted to cry out of heartbreak alone. She was confused and alone, being nothing but the target of his words. 
Bucky himself could not believe what he’d said and before he could even say anything, before he could put himself on his knees to beg for her forgiveness, he was out the door. It was mechanic, automatic, he didn’t want to do it, he just did it out of habit.It was safe. It was safe not to bee around her and say these things all over again. His mind was loud as he walked down the street, as he himself tried to understand why he’d even said that. He didn’t mean those things, he knew that’s not what she thought yet it seemed every time she tried to get closer, he’d push her away. Maybe it was for the best, for her not to be swallowed by his darkness yet how come he couldn’t push her away as much as he wanted? He wanted her by her side yet he didn’t want her by the soldier’s side, by the bad part of him. He continued on his walk even as the sun began to set down, ignoring his responsabilities and the fact he’d left her alone at home, mind munching on the mere idea of what he’d said to her. What was he even thinking about? He had to apologise, he had to go and tell her how sorry he was, tell her he didn’t meant it. How could he have meant it? She didn’t know, god, he’d never let her know just how much blood tainted his hands. He’d never let her know he woke up every night in panic, hallucinating blood dripping from his hands. She didn’t know and she would never know. 
His eyes quickly glanced at the small flower shop and the old lady which always stopped to chat to him about how much the online shops were destroying her business. The idea of buying her a dozen roses was tempting, yet with what he had with him, he’d be lucky enough to get her a single rose which was rather pathetic when she deserved a whole crop. He didn’t expect the flower to go and make her hate him less than she probably did. Yet, he hoped she would at least look at some beauty and find it within herself to at least look at him.
His steps were heavy as he took the staircase to his flat, pondering on what she’d say or if she even would say something. The answer to her question was something he didn’t even want to think about, the reason being his own mind did not belong to him. He didn’t want to kill her, he’d never kill her, he’d rather meet his own ending than killing her but other forces were at play. He was always at mercy and she, she was someone stepping to hold the hand of someone who was already dead. With those purging thoughts, he opened the door, expecting to see her preparing for whatever next chess move John had played on them only to see her already dressed. Y/N was beautiful, she had always been beautiful in her flowy dresses and fresh face but dressed like this, in a mermaid shape midnight blue dress, opera length white gloves and her wild hair carefully pinned into an updo style made her even more than beautiful. Y/N dressed like a high society woman was devastating, the type of devastating beauty that had men on their knees for a mere look. He guessed he never thought of her in that sense, as someone who’d so effortessly fit in the world he was born in. It was the type of devastation which had his sight blurred on anything else but her which explained why he didn’t notice Heathcliff was standing next to her and she was holding an ornate arrangement of flowers. Suddenly his lonely rose seemed pathetic and so did he. 
   -  I hope you don’t mind me entering your home, Mr. Barnes. - Heathcliff spoke which made him drop the flower onto the bin just by the door without any of them noticing it. - I didn’t know when you’d be back.
   - Well, I am back. 
   - I was worried. - she spoke in her melodic voice, way kinder than he’d expect it to be. - Will tried calling you but you didn’t answer.
   - I was busy. - his eyes were intent on her, strong enough to make her wonder if something was wrong. - Give me a minute to get dressed.
   - Bucky ... - she attempted to touch his hand as he passed by her, but he was set on not looking at the two of them and how they seemed to fit each other so effortlessly. 
She held onto the boquet of flowers, giving Heathcliff a polite smile before looking at the door again. She had been worried, pacing around the room like an idiot in her angry discussions about how he’d hurt her so badly and how dare he do such thing only to realise she wanted him to be back so they could discuss it. It wasn’t she expected to save him, only to talk to him, to be someone who he could share whatever he was thinking instead of bottling it up yet based on the recent interaction, it seemed as if he wasn’t interested in any of that. She would never truly be able to get close to him without being pushed away. The only time she could was when they got undressed and that time was always fleeting.
  - I hope I didn’t upset him.
  - It’s just Bucky. - she calmed Heathcliff’s nerves. - He doesn’t mean any harm really.
  - I hope so. - he smiled like a dashing model in the cover of a magazine. - Do you like your flowers? I didn’t know what to get you.
  - No, these are lovely really. - she moved towards the kitchen to place them in a jar. - You know, I’ve only been given flowers once before.
  - How come such a beautiful woman doesn’t get flowers every day? Is your lover lacking?
  - I’ve never been given flowers by a lover. Actually, I don’t know who gave them to me. - she leaned against the balcony. - They sent it to me after my very first performance, a single red rose with a black silk bow. It was beautiful. 
  - Very Phantom of that admirer. 
  - Phantom of the Opera is the reason I pursued singing, so I appreciate it.
  - I’d love to take you to the Palais Garnier one day, then. 
  - I don’t mean to sound rude but you barely know me. I could be a serial killer for all you know. 
  - Maybe so but being next to you makes me incredibly happy.
Those words should flatter her, they’d flatter anyone yet they merely broke her heart. The two barely knew each other, they’d spoken for a whole evening and he already longed to make her his while the one she actually cared for barely looked at her. It made her angry and sad at the same time, it made her want to break through that door and tell him off yet she couldn’t blame him for not loving her. You couldn’t force love on someone, you could only wish someone loved you back, Bucky did not love her back. Bucky was not the man she was supposed to end up with, he wasn’t her type, he was nobody’s type. He liked loneliness and Y/N was tired of her own solitude, of it being just her so maybe this was a good proposition. Maybe this man standing in front of her had enough will to make sure she could see the world again and he clearly adored her, maybe this was the man for her, so she smiled at him sweetly. A smile which was shy and blushing in all its enterity. A smile which inspired rage and sadness in Bucky as he came out of his bedroom. 
  - Should we go? - he sounded mean, he know he did. Intimidating even. 
  - Sure. - she said, moving away from the balcony to take the lead. 
He thought they looked sickengly sweet, a modern day version of Barbie and Ken which he couldn’t help but hate. They were almost as well paired as his sister and her husband and he knew all about how that wedding worked. sometimes. Yet, he also doubted she was anything like Rebecca. Rebecca wouldn’t allow herself to be made captive and he knew that and he paid the consequences for that. Y/N just adapted, like a wild flower blooming in the middle of the winter. He wondered if she was playing a long game, a game which he didn’t know. Maybe she was pairing herself up with someone who could take her away from him, who could provide for her yet he knew he was lying to himself. He wanted her to save all her loving for him and him alone. 
He moved to help her inside the car only to be interrupted by the young man accompanying him. God, he hated him. 
  - What? - she turned his head around in a smooth, fast way. - What do you want now?
  - I’m sorry, Mr. Barnes. I was just wondering if you’d allow Y/N to ride with me instead. Only for this evening. 
  - No. - he closed the door forcefully on her side. 
Y/N didn’t even have time to complain about his choice, instead looking at Heathcliff with eyes of pity before Bucky himself entered the car, equally closing the door on his side and signalling the driver to go as if the car was to explode if they remained there for more than a second. The ambience was heavy and silent, both of them looking out their respective windows yet Bucky was aware of everything, specially how Heathcliff’s cologne still loomed around. He hated it. 
  - He doesn’t love you. - he mumbled to himself. 
  - I don’t expect him too. - she replied, turning her head to face him with steel eyes. - You didn’t have to be rude. 
  - He just thinks you’re easy. 
  - Excuse me? - he didn’t mean it to sound the way it did. He should’ve said it in a different manner, try to explain himself differently but the words were already out of his mouth. - Fuck you, Bucky. You have no right telling me I’m easy when you run away to Dot every time things are different.
  - Don’t you ...
  - You’re a fucking coward. - she interrupted him, turning her head to her window again and he didn’t dare say anything next.
  - I am. - he concured with her. - Never said I wasn’t.
  - Good, we agree on something. 
The sound of the road and the traffic was the only thing both could hear now. They were silent. Her head leaned against the window, softly illuminated by moonlight and he could see the small tears which had rolled down her cheek. Bucky didn’t know what else to say or what to do, whatever he did was never right and whenever he tried to fix it, he ended up offending her. He knew he was lashing out and he had to excuse, so he just let her be in her mind, looking out the street. The sound of the night was soon replaced by the sound of other cars as they pulled in front of the opera. One of the chaffeurs opened the door for her, extending his hand so she could take it. He waited until she was almost out of the car, vowing to be silent and let her be but his guilt got the best of him.
  - Dove, I love you. - he blurted out, confusing both himself and her. She looked back at him, face softly surprised and mouth slightly opened as if she wanted to say something yet she was interrupted by Heathcliff taking her arm and helping her up the stairs.
Everything was slow once again, just like that first night when he had gotten shot yet it felt different. Her mouth was dry and she kept looking back, hoping he wasn’t there and she hallucinated it all but he was there, looking at her through the crowd. She didn’t know how to react, what to say. Maybe she should run down the stairs to him but before she came back to her own senses, she realised she was sat in her box, standing by Heathcliff.
  - I need to find Bucky. - she attempted to get up but John pushed her back onto her seat. She had been so lost in thought she hadn’t realised he was here. 
  - He’s not in our box, sweetheart. Sit down.
  - We’ll see him during interlude. - Heathcliff attempted to calm her but she couldn’t. 
The sounds that once had her excited didn’t couldn’t even bring her back to her own sense of peace. Her mind rushed and circled with the idea of those words, with the memory of his face. She had to find him and then she would decide what to do. Then she would decide what to say, what to tell him. She just had to find him. The length of the first act alone made her shiver with anxiety, she wanted to make things clear, she wanted to hear him. What did he mean by that? Was he merely pitying her or trying to make ammends. She didn’t know and against orders, she left the box in the middle of the act. She could hear her name being whispered out in a yelling manner but she didn’t care, she couldn’t hear it. The golden light and the red tones made the hall endless and she started running through it, ready to check any box before she was grabbed and pushed against the wall. She looked up through her lashes, John was standing there, nostrils flared. Angry. She forget her primary predicament. 
  - Let her go. - a voice that belonged to neither of them ringed out. She looked over John’s shoulder, Bucky was there and he was going to kill him. There was unbrittled and uncontained rage within him.
  - You’re calling the fucking shots, soldat? - he let go of her nevertheless, throwing her onto the floor before stalking over to him. Whatever rage was within Bucky flew onto his eyes as he realised what he’d done, who he’d messed with. He was still raging but now, now Y/N could see fear in his eyes. - I fucking save your ass and this is how you repay me? By forgetting who you belong to the moment someone fucks you? 
  - I think I’ve proved my loyalty enough times. 
  - I made your sister’s problem disappear but I could make it appear again. Is that what you want?
  - I ...
  - We are going. - he spoke to him in a menancing tone before looking back to Y/N who had gotten back up again. - And you are going home, sweetheart. I have given you way too many liberties. 
With a wave of his hand, a few of his men had already grabbed her by the arms as if she was a helpless doll. She wanted to apologise, to defend Bucky, she had to defend him yet she was powerless, merely being held against her will. They pushed her away from the corridor, hate brewing in her mind. Hate for her situation, for all she’d done her whole life to get here only to have it stolen, hate for John, for whatever this was. 
  - It’s Y/N. - she looked back, bitterly spewing the words before looking straight ahead.
The night had taken a turn she could have not expected and now she was afraid. She was afraid of Bucky being afraid, he was almost white pale at those words and she wondered what they even meant. However, being thrown back into the flat and having two men guarding it was making it impossible to exit. She leaned against the door, looking up to attempt not to start crying. She promised herself a long night ago she wouldn’t cry anymore, she promised she was going to play the game, play the high lady of the mob game yet she alway ended up being the damsel in distress. She let her head fall on her shoulder, looking at the bin by the door. It was filled with mostly receipt and other pocket litter yet it was the single black rose with a black silk bow that surprised her. She extended her hand to take it out, holding it against her chest which bubbled with too much emotion for her to hold out on crying again. So she cried the whole night until early morning when the slight movement of the door startled her back on her feet. 
She saw Bucky walk in and she wished she didn’t the moment she inspected her face. He had been beaten, badly. A purple eye, cuts on his lips and cheekbones were the first things she saw followed by scruffed hands and his glove back on. His white shirt was stained red and even his ear had a cut. It was her fault, she should’ve stayed put. She wanted to cry again but swallowed her cries, although her facade wasn’t very good. 
  - Do I look that bad? - he joked, hoping that would put her at ease but she only broke down crying again. He knew it was again based on her puffy eyes and the makeup running down her face. - Dove, c’mon, it’s fine. 
The single rose that had been hanging from her fingers fell on the floor as she was overcome by emotion again. She didn’t know what else to do, this was too much, too much. He was hurt and it was her fault. It was her fault and she couldn’t stop it.
  - Dove ... - Bucky moved to hold her despite every move causing him intense pain. - I hate to see you cry, dove. C’mon, I can’t be that ugly.
  - I’m sorry. -  she mumbled against his shirt but she couldn’t stop herself. She knew all she was saying was pure nonsense, nothing but the result - Don’t shut me out, please don’t shut me out.
  - I won’t. - he kissed the top of her hair. - I won’t, dove. 
  - I can’t do this anymore, I can’t see this ... I love you.
  - I love you too, dove. I do. 
He was going to get her out of this, even if it was the last thing he did.
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met4no1a · 2 days ago
MOB!barnes sitting casually at his table in one of many expensive clubs that he owns. not doing much, just observing whatever is happening on the dance floor. suddenly, you appear in front of him.
— can i help you, darling? — he asks.
— this guy has been harassing me all night.
and that’s when his knuckles turn white. james is not going to tolerate that kind of behaviour.
— which one?
the man shows up, looking at you like you’re a pray, and he’s a hunter. it makes you shiver. it makes you want to run to a bathroom stall to throw up.
— hey, girl. why don’t you sit with me? or on me, if that’s what you prefer.
— she’s good. — james says, his tone assertive.
— yeah? and what are you gonna do?
— why don’t we find out?
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bbgem329 · 22 hours ago
Just One Night—Chapter Nine
Tumblr media
Pairings—Sebastian Stan x F!Reader
You spend an unforgettable night with Sebastian Stan. One that would completely change your life. Three years later, Sebastian shows up at your doorstep to find that you both made more than just good memories that night.
MINORS DNI!! 18+++ Flulff!! Pining!Seb, Dad!Seb, mentions of sex but not actual smut.
December 20, 2020
Sebastian glanced at Theo in the rear view mirror. The tot was still sound asleep, all cute and snug in his car seat with his blankie tossed over his lap and his giraffe tucked under his arm.
It was impressive honestly, he’d passed out after they stopped for dinner around half past five—about five hours ago.
Beside his sleeping baby sat his mother, reading one of her cheesy romance novels with her glasses resting on the tip of her nose and a pair of bulky headphones over her ears. No doubt listening to some old Romanian tune or Ed Sheehan, she’d been hooked on him since (Y/N) introduced her to his music a few weeks ago.
Gerogeta’s presence always offered him a steady comfort, even more so now as he grew nervous at the prospects of meeting the rest of (Y/N)’s family. He was really happy to have her with him—to experience their first Christmas with Theo, (Y/N), and her family, together.
His eyes flicked back to the road. The sun had long ago set and a snow storm had rolled in, hindering his visibility of the snow covered road. Of course, he was used to the snow, but nothing could’ve prepared him for the winters in Michigan. His previous experience of driving in it has been slim to none and it only seemed to get worse the further they traveled north.
“I can take over if you want.” (Y/N) spoke up, drawing him from his thoughts. His nose scrunched at the idea. He was stubborn and a little too proud to admit that he couldn’t handle it.
He could.
He was perfectly capable of driving his family through the fricken tundra to a city he’d never been to before. He could transport them safely. And he would.
“It’s only gonna get worse from here. Just wait until we no longer have those nice city lights to guide us.” He could practically hear the smirk in her voice and he loathed it.
“I’m fine.” He grumbled, hands tightening around the wheel. He was sweating a little bit, anxiety rising steadily in his chest with every winding curve and downhill slope.
He spared a glance at her, eyes lingering a little longer than they should because good God, she was the prettiest thing he’d ever seen. Sitting in the seat next to him, wearing his old college hoodie, that was a good two sizes too big, a pair of thick gray leggings, and fleece socks.
Those (Y/H/C) locks were loose and still a little flat around the top from the winter hat she’d had on earlier. She had only whined a little bit this morning when she’d realized she couldn’t pull it back in braids. Not with those dark purple marks he’d spent all night possessively sucking and biting into her delicate skin.
She looked so little and soft with her knees pulled up to her chest, back against the door so she was angled to face him. All fresh faced and wearing a sly smirk .Her coat and boots had been long discarded on the floor beneath her feet after claiming the heated seats warmed her to the bone.
“Are you?” She chuckled, an eyebrow cocked playfully. She was giving him that look. He really couldn’t get anything past her. Not when it came to reading him anyways. “Cause the way your white knuckling the steering wheel says otherwise.”
The man huffed, giving her a bit of a side eye as he bit his lip to suppress a smile. “What? You doubting my driving abilities now?”
“Woah. Now,” She tossed her hand up defensively, “I never said that. I’m just saying Michigan winters aren’t friendly. Even I—a born and raised michiganer—get anxious driving through this shit.”
Sebastian chuckled at her admission, “I’m fine, baby.” One hand dropped from the wheel, blindly reaching to grasp her thigh and give it a firm squeeze. “Just keep guiding and directing me and I’ll make sure to get in there in one piece.”
She lifted his hand from her thigh, intertwining her smaller hand with his before lifting it to her lips to kiss his fingers. “I believe in you.” She whispered, dropping their hands back on her lap.
“How long do we have anyways?” He wondered, flicking his brights on. He really couldn’t see a damn thing but the road was empty, save for them, so he wasn’t too worried about staying in the lane.
When she told him they were going somewhere near a place called Traverse City, this was definitely not what he was picturing. But he should’ve figured it would be in the middle of nowhere, surrounded only by trees when she said they’d be staying at her family's cabin. The city boy in him heard the word ‘city’ and automatically pictured something akin to a much smaller version of Chicago.
“Twenty minutes.” She responded after a quick glance at her phone. “Not too much longer.” Her thumb brushed soothingly along the back of his head. It consoled him, eased the budding anxiety within his chest.
“So tell me again who’s all going to be there?” He sat up further in his seat, eyes squinting to read a sign further up along the side of the road. He thinks it said something about watching for deer.
“Just us and my parents.” She responded, reaching out to retrieve a chocolate kiss from where she had them stored in the center console. “And my grandparents, my aunts, uncles, and cousins will come for dinner on Christmas Eve.”
“Okay.” He nodded, more so to himself. She didn’t know why he was so nervous. That man was quite the charmer she had no doubt she’d win them over with one of his dazzling smiles. There was no doubt, knowing her parents, that they already raved about him. They were so fond of him. The rest of the family would be too.
“And your sister and her husband, they still can’t make it?”
(Y/N) sighed, shoulders sagging slightly as she shook her head. “No. Carson couldn’t get the time off.” This was the first Christmas she’d spend without her big sister, Katie. Of course she understood but to say she was bummed would be an understatement. She hadn’t seen the couple since they moved to Seattle last year. Carson was a fireman and that type of work didn’t stop for no one or nothing. They just hadn’t found the time to visit and with her work schedule and Theo, she couldn’t pull off a visit either.
“What does Katie do again?” Sebastian asked, drawing her from her thoughts. He knew how upset she was when her sister called last week to break the news. She’d spent the rest of the evening sulking over it.
“She’s an elementary school art teacher and Carson is a fireman.”
“Ah. That’s right.” With a little yank on the hand he held, he guided her across her seat until she was crammed against the center counsel. Slipping his hand from hers to instead wrap it over her shoulder. She leaned into him, head resting on his shoulder as he pecked the top of her head and ran his fingers soothingly down her arm. “I’m sorry they can’t make it. I know how bummed you are.”
“It’s okay.” She sighed, eyes fluttering closed as she relaxed further into his side. “I was just really excited for you to meet them. They’re amazing.”
“Maybe we can take a trip to Seattle, go visit them or something soon after my next project.” He offered, giving her shoulder a little squeeze.
“Mmm.” She hummed, “I’d love that.” She shifted, lifting her head to peck his lips before sliding back to her previous position in her seat.
Less than twenty minutes later, they were pulling down the long drive leading up to the well lit cottage. Sebastian was astonished by the size. It was a lot bigger than he’d expected it to be with big windows and a wrap-around porch.
“Wow.” Georgeta cooed, “It's just darling. Your parents own this?” Her accent always grew thicker when she was tired. (Y/N) thought it was the cutest thing.
“Yep.” She replied, popping the ‘p’. She was practically bouncing in her seat as Sebastian parked next to (Y/F/N)’s truck. “It’s been in the family for a few generations now. It’s had a bit of remodeling in the past few years though.”
“That’s amazing.” Sebastian piped up, leaning forward so he could get a better look. “It’s so… homey. I like it.”
“Wait until you see inside.” (Y/N) beamed, slipping her boots and coat back on. “The fireplace is so cool. The entire place is.”
Before he could respond she was hopping out of the car and barreling up the steps to meet her parents as they stepped outside to greet them. Sebastian took a moment to watch the way they embraced each other, heart warming at the joyful exchange. He knew how much she missed them when they were away and he was reminded once again of the sacrifices she made just so he could build a relationship with their son. Not only had he done that but he’d now built one with her too. He couldn’t imagine his life without either of them at this point.
“Ea este ea?” (Is she the one?)
Georgeta’s words startled him. He’d been so lost in his thoughts, he’d honestly forgotten she was even there. But the answer to her question was all too easy. He’d never been more sure of anything in his life. She was it for him.
“Da, mama. Ea rate.” (Yes, Mama. She is.)
“Good.” Was all she said before she too was exiting the car, scurrying to pull (Y/N)’s mother into a bone crushing hug.
Sebastian stepped out of the car after slipping on his jacket. He wanted to get Theo inside and to bed right away. The storm was beginning to pick up and the wind was nipping harshly at his exposed skin. Carefully, he unbuckled the sleeping toddler and scooped him from his seat. He didn’t stir as he wrapped the blanket tighter around his little body and tucked him tightly to his chest inside his jacket in attempts to shield him from the cold and blowing snow.
“You got him?” (Y/N) appeared behind him just as he had grabbed the end of Bucky’s leash and was coaxing him from the warm car. “You go ahead and get him inside, my dad and I will grab the bags.”
With a nod, he rushed up the steps, offering a quick ‘hello’ to (Y/F/N) before following (Y/M/N) and Georgeta inside.
Unfortunately he didn’t get too far into the house before Theo woke with a little cry, wriggling against his fathers chest in an attempt to steal some of Sebastian’s body heat.
“Hey.” He whispered, pressing kisses to his forehead and chubby cheeks, a hand running soothingly along his back. “It’s okay, bubs. Shhh.” Theo seemed to relax at his father’s voice, cries turning to tiny whimpers and sniffles. Much to Sebastian’s dismay, however, the two year old was now wide awake, blue eyes wide and alert as they took in the familiar setting.
(Y/N) and her father shuffled through the front door behind him, dragging in the three suitcases, a big tote filled with Bucky’s things and a few of Theo’s favorite toys, and two boxes packed with all the wrapped gifts.
“It’s freaking cold out there.” (Y/N) huffed, hastily rubbing her hands together to warm them. Her cheeks were rosy and numerous snowflakes had settled in her hair. Upon laying eyes on her, Theo perked up, making grabby hands for her, “Momma. Momma.” But before she could make her way to him, an unfamiliar face appeared in the threshold of the kitchen causing her to pause in her tracks.
“Surprise!!” The woman beamed, arms out wide and a large smile worn upon her face. By the pictures he’d seen and the distinct similarities, he knew this woman was none other than her sister.
“No freaking way!” (Y/N) cried out, tears welling up in her eyes as she barreled full force into Katie’s awaiting arms. “You little shit.” Although she had the biggest smile he’d ever seen, her voice cracked and the tears started steadily rolling down her cheeks.
When they pulled back from their heartfelt embrace, a tall man with sandy hair appeared behind them, a mischievous smirk across his lips. “Hey, kiddo. Long time, no-” (Y/N) slammed into him, sending him stumbling back into the wall. Fortunately he’d seen it coming, catching her before both of them ended up on their asses.
And this must be Carson.
“Screw you both! I was so upset you couldn’t come. You-” She spun around shooting a playful glare at Katie, “I expected this from, but you-” She jabbed her finger into Carson’s chest, trying hard to remain stoic and angry, “I expected better!”
They laughed feebly, shaking their heads at her dramatics. “We got ya good, didn’t we?” Katie grinned, wiggling her eyebrows at her little sister which only earned her a huff in response.
“Oh!!” Katie chimed up, now walking in his direction. “You must be Sebastian! I’ve heard so much about you. It’s so nice to finally meet you.” Now that she was closer, he could easily pick out features both sisters shared. The similarities were uncanny. She surprised him by pulling him into a side hug to which he returned without a second thought. “We’re so happy to have you join us for the holidays this year. It’s going to be such a great week. You better buckle up because you’re about to experience your first (Y/L/N) Christmas and it’s going to be a wild ride.”
He swore he would never get over how welcoming and kind this family was.
“It’s nice to meet you! Really happy to be here.” He breathed out, a nervous smile tugging at the corner of his lips. She gave his shoulder a pat and another big smile before turning her attention to Theo. He went eagerly into his aunt's arms, giggling as she showered his face with kisses and cooed over how big he’d grown.
(Y/N) slid up beside him, wrapping her arm around his waist and in turn he threw his own over her shoulder, leaning down to peck her lips. The smile she wore when she pulled away made his heart clench. He’d do just about anything to see her smile at him like that all the time. Her happiness was now his.
“Hello, I’m Carson.” The man greeted, offering him his hand, “I’m a big fan of your work. It’s really great to meet the man (Y/N) can’t seem to shut up about.”
“Carson.” She hissed, “Don’t embarrass me.”
“Hey, thanks! Sebastian.” He took his hand, giving it a firm shake after sparring a glance to the woman beside him, taking great pleasure in the blush that now coated the apples of her cheeks. “It’s really good to finally meet you too. Glad you could make it.”
Georgeta and (Y/M/N) joined the group still standing in the entryway, sharing a few more introductions, greetings, and hugs before (Y/N) was leading him through the house with their belongings in tow, and the promise to be back after giving him a tour.
Once they returned, Sebastian in complete awe of the place, they joined the rest in the living room. Sharing a glass of wine as they caught up by the fire. It wasn’t long before they called it a night, tuckered out from the day's travels. Theo ended up in their bed not even halfway through the night. The tot fussy and over tired.
But Sebastian didn’t mind. Not in the slightest.
He was more than content to hold both of them. The two people that just three months ago, had become the center of his entire life. They were what mattered now.
They were the only thing that mattered.
“Oh my gosh.” (Y/N) gasped, eyes alight with innocence and excitement as she dragged Sebastian to a booth filled entirely with custom sewn stockings and Santa hats. He swore he’d never seen so many different options.
Who would want a tiger print Santa hat?
“These are so sweet.” She ran her fingers over a few laid out on the table. He watched closely as her eyes zeroed in on a few red plaid stockings. She grabbed them, turning to present them to him with a radiant smile on her face. “Look at these, babe. Aren’t they so cute?”
He cocked his head, studying the fabric closely. Truthfully, he didn’t think they were anything special. It looked similar to ones he’d seen sold just about anywhere he went these days. Plaid was very in style. “Yeah, prinţesă.” He smiled, eyes trained solely on her, “it’s very cute.”
“Be serious.” She playfully rolled her eyes, biting down on her lip to suppress a smile. She was very much aware that he didn’t mean the stockings.
She turned back to the table as he wrapped his arms around her waist, plastering his front to her back. It made her head spin and distracted her from the matter at hand but she really couldn’t complain. Not when his larger body was warming her much smaller one so nicely.
He tucked his face into the crook of her neck, lips running lightly against the cool skin there. He breathed out a chuckle when she shivered at his ministrations. He wouldn’t ever get over how reactive and responsive she was to his touch.
“What if I got names embroidered on them?” He hummed in response, too distracted by the scent and feel of her. “Or maybe like ‘Ho Ho Ho.” She shook her head, “No. That sounds kinda weird. Someone might take it wrong.” That caused him to smile against her skin, fingers trailing up and down her sides in attempts to make her giggle and get her attention.
He was incorrigible. They hadn’t had much time alone since arriving at the cottage three days ago. Not that he didn’t enjoy spending time with everyone. (Y/N)’s family was amazing and he’d grown to see them as part of his own. He’d thoroughly enjoyed watching the goofy banter between (Y/N) and Katie and had found a friend in Carson.
But God, was he desperate to get her alone. He wanted to take his sweet, torturous time with her until the only word that fell from those sinful lips was his name.
He really couldn’t help himself when last weekend's events were replaying repeatedly in his mind. The way she looked beneath him, how she tasted on his tongue, or the way she sounded as he pushed into her for the very first time. It was engraved in his brain. Scorched into his memory like pyrography.
“Sebastian.” She whined, head lolling against his shoulder. Although she was protesting, the movement allowed his lips more space to explore.
“Names, baby.” He mumbled, hands coming to rest on the soft curve of her waist. “Our names would look great on them.”
Much to his reluctance, she wiggled out of his grip. “Knock it off. We’re in public.” She couldn’t help but giggle at his whine and childish pout. “Your team said we needed to go under the radar, if you continue you might draw some unwanted attention and blow our cover.”
He huffed, blue eyes rolling though he still wore a small smile and it spread as he watched her approach the elderly woman who ran the stocking booth. He joined her at the table, listening in as she discussed various prints and explained her vision. It was simply a stocking that would be hung up once a year for less than a month but she still expected and strived for perfection. It was one of her quirks. Something that made her so… her.
Just another thing to love about her.
Yeah… love. Because he did. Sebastian loved her. Call him crazy or claim it be too soon but when you know, you know.
He wasn’t unfamiliar with the feeling. The intense feeling of deep affection or a great interest and pleasure in something. He loved lots of people and lots of things. Whether it be his mother, a past lover, a food, or an object. But it was nothing like this.
To be constantly tipping between the feeling of excitement and hope to fear of the unknown and vulnerability. In the past, he’d have booked it for the hills the moment her smile started making his heart beat quicken from where it rests in his chest. But he wouldn’t, couldn’t dare walk away. His mind hadn’t even considered it an option like it would’ve in the past.
He never planned for her. Never planned for either of them. But the best things always come unexpected it seems. He was experiencing that first hand now. And he wouldn’t change a thing. She was stuck with him now. He was hers—mind, body, and soul. Even if she didn’t know it yet.
He belonged to her. The sentiment would’ve scared him—had scared him for all of his life and in past relationships. But not with her. He was okay being vulnerable with her. He yearned for it. Needed it. Because unlike anyone, he could count on her not to let him down.
How could he when she let herself be just as, if not more, vulnerable with him?
Sebastian spent the rest of the evening watching her. All throughout dinner with Carson and Katie at the excessively decorated diner with great cheeseburgers and even better fries, he’d had to bite his tongue numerous times to keep those three words from slipping out when Carson got her laughing so hard that coke cola had come out her nose. She’d been so red in the face, out of embarrassment or from the struggle to breath, he wasn’t sure. But the light in those (Y/C/E) eyes and the smile she’d flashed him once she’d recovered had nearly caused him to blurt it out right then and there.
Or when she’d tried so, so hard to lace up her own ice skates. Claiming adamantly that as a strong, independent woman, she could and would lace them herself. How her face scrunched in concentration—pretty pink lip trapped between her teeth, eyebrows furrowed, and eyes squinted in failed attempts to focus. Then she’d let out a frustrated huff, arms flailing in defeat before silently lifting her foot in his direction. He’d happily sunk to his knees for her, a smug smirk on his lips as he tied each skate. He didn’t dare comment on it or tease her while doubling the knot, not wanting to wound her pride. She was so damn stubborn but it was at the top of that list. Just another reason he loved her.
But he didn’t manage to hold back for much longer. It finally came—spilling from his lips Iike literal word vomit. The catalyst for it all was while on the ice. She’d talked a big game before they’d even stepped out on the rink.
“I’ve watched a lot of ice hockey back in my day. Dads always been a big fan of the red wings so I’ve got this.” She’d said. “It can’t be that hard. If Katie can do it, I can. She’s clumsy as hell.”
One step on the ice and she fell flat on her ass. Like the trooper she was, she’d laughed it off. He was quick to help her up and she’d allowed him to fuss over her for a second by brushing the snow from her bum and double checking the tightness of her skates. They were fine, they both knew it too, he was just trying to make her feel better.
She wasn’t one easily deterred but much to his delight, she’d accepted his arm when offered, declaring it was just until she had the time to get used to it.
That wasn’t the case at all. She was terrible. The worst he’d ever seen, he’s almost certain.
“I think I’m getting it.” She beamed, skates shuffling against the ice. She’d barely move an inch with each glide (if he couldn’t even call it that). He was the reason they were even moving at all but he couldn’t complain. Not when her back was snug against his chest, his arms wrapped securely around her waist, and she was giggling and smiling like that. “Babe, am I doing good?”
“Yeah, baby.” He chuckled, dipping down to kiss her cheek. “You’re going great.”
Sebastian’s lips on her cheek served as a distraction and her skate caught on an uneven patch of ice. She tipped forcefully back into his chest causing him to lose his balance. He landed hard flat on his back, (Y/N)'s full weight on top of him.
He let out a guttural groan when the air finally returned to his lungs. He would definitely be feeling that for the next few days.
“Oh, no.” She scrambled to lift herself up on her knees, hovering above him as delicate hands went to the back of his head, “I’m so sorry, baby.” Her eyes scanned his face, tilting it side to side. For what reason? he wasn’t sure. “Are you alright? Oh my god.” She shook her head, “Maybe I’m not cutting out for this skating thing. You aren’t hurt, right?”
“I love you.”
She froze, eyes wide and lips parted in surprise—like a deer caught in headlights.
He chuckled, a lopsided grin tugging at the corner of his lips as he brought his hand up to tuck a curl behind her ear. She looked like a literal angel above him under the sparkling lights hung in the trees around the rink. All bundled in her coat and hat, her cheeks and the tip of her nose the color of cherries.
“I’m fine.” He whispered, eyes flickering between her eyes and lips. “And I love you.”
“You do?” She breathed out, eyes searching his bright blue ones.
“I do.” He stoned his features, not wanting her to doubt his sentiments for even a second. “I know we haven’t been together for that long but I’ve never been more sure about anything in my entire life.” He brushed his thumb along her cheek. “I am in love with you, (Y/N). You’re it for me.”
“I love you.” She whispered, wide eyes a little glossy and full of adoration. He didn’t get a chance to respond before her lips were on his. “I love you.” She repeated, louder this time, followed by a delighted giggle before she kissed him again, slower and softer this time. “I’m in love with you, Sebastian Stan. You’re it for me too.”
“Hey!” A familiar voice called from across the ice. “Are you gonna get up or continue to make out like a pair of horny teenagers because you’re blocking our path. We’re trying to race over here.”
“Fuck off, Carson.” (Y/N) hissed, not sparing her brother-in-law a glance as she flipped him the bird. There was a chorus of laughter on the other side of the rink but they didn’t mind.
They were together and in love.
Tag list: @shellbilee @white-wolf-buckaroo @runawayolives @missusbarnes-rogers-laufeyson
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sebystann · 6 hours ago
Inspiration: Arcade by Duncan Laurence
Summary: … Even though we was toxic I still loved you.  
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warning: 18+ only!! Light Smut and some Cursing. Super short!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Their relationship was questionable by everyone around them. The way they treated each other was cruel, and disgusting. But to them it was beautiful and a rush. Toxic is what it was.  
She loved the way his hands felt gripping her hips as she road out her orgasm. She loved the marks she’d leave on his back from digging her nails against his skin as he pounded in her. She loved the sounds of his groans and him cursing her name. She loved him, James Barnes—her Bucky.
But she hated how things would go after the blissful sex they’d just had. He’d clean himself up quickly and wouldn’t speak a word to her the whole time. She’d watch him slip his boxers and pants back on. He’d look over her with a sigh before walking out of her apartment without a word.  
He wasn’t hers, he would never be hers. He’d leave and go home to his girlfriend and their beautiful life. He’d cuddle up to her and He’d tell her he loved her. She’d have him to claim while she, the secret would continually fall into his luring promises of forever. A promise of forever that would never happen.  
Her hands slide up his chest to his neck wrapping around it squeezing lightly. He groans as she started riding him a little faster. She bit her bottom lip as he held her steady and slammed into her cunt hard.  
“Shit y/n”  
She feels his dick releasing into her. The warm feeling filling her up. With shaky legs she lefts herself from him. As usual he quickly cleaned himself up getting ready to bolt.
“Wait Bucky would you like to stay for a little? Maybe to talk or watch tv?” She asked slipping on a pair of shorts, her top half still bare. She stared up at him with pleading eyes.
“You know I can’t do that.” He runs his Vibranium hand down his face.
“Yes you can, Bucky all I’m asking is for you to treat me like a human being for once and not just some quick lay. We use to be so close.” She pleads.
“Dammit y/n don’t you get it-? That’s all you’ll ever be to me. This, us it wouldn’t work.” He pointed between the two of you.
“Fuck you- I don’t know why I keep doing this.” You pushed at his chest.
“Then just stop y/n.” He steps back trying to avoid your fist.
“I’ve tried believe me I fucking tried.”  
“Tell me y/n why do you keep doing this if it’s hurting you so much??” He asked.
“I guess I got addicted to a loosing game.” She quickly wiped away the tears that stained her rosy red cheeks.  
“I’m sorry but this can’t happen again.” He grabs his wallet and keys off her desk heading out her apartment door.
‘I’ve spent all of the love I saved
We were always a losing game’
A/N: Should I make this a mini-series??
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christycurlswrites · 2 days ago
This Can't Be Happening
Sebastian Stan x Reader
Summary: Sebastian and Reader are soulmates. But something is in the way of their happiness (I really suck at this summary)
Warnings: Adorable reader and seb, angst.
Please do not steal, plagarize or repost my work on any other site. Likes and reblogs make me happy.
Taglist is open for this story
I do not have a beta reader. All mistakes are my own.
Dividers by @whimsicalrogers
A/N: A new series. This was an idea brought up by a friend at my job and I ran with it. I don't want to give away too much right now beause it will ruin what I have planned for the second chapter. Hope everyone likes it.
Tumblr media
Chapter 1
Y/N took the seat nearest her as she walked into the dining room. She smoothed the tablecloth as she looked at the food in the center, mouth watering as her eyes scanned. She knew the seats next to her were taken.
“It looks amazing!” Emma squealed as she danced in her seat. Emma and Y/N had been friends for the last three years. She invited Y/N to this dinner party with a few of her friends Y/N had never met in an effort to get Y/N out to meet new people. She knew Y/N was tired. But, she argued, socializing could help.
“It does!” Y/N gave a wide smile. “Thanks for making me come out.”
“Told you!” Emma laughed as she pushed Y/N’s shoulder with her own. She looked as the hosts took their seats. “Time to eat!”
Y/N kept her hands in her lap and sat forward. She looked at all the food available. While her stomach made itself known she knew her body would protest if she overdid it.
“I can’t decide where to start either.” The man next to her whispered, his voice like velvet as he spoke.
“I know.” Y/N smiled. “Where are you thinking of starting?”
“Maybe a salad?”
“Seriously?” Y/N giggled. “All this food and you go for the salad first?” She turned to look at him, breath caught in her throat as she met blue eyes. Those same eyes had small crinkles around them as he laughed with her. Damn she could get lost in those eyes.
“What can I say?” The man held his hands out as he made a face. “I have to stay in shape.”
Trying not to smirk Y/N nodded her head. “I apologize. I didn’t mean to make fun of you for getting a salad first.” She looked at the salad- lettuce, tomatoes, dried cranberries and walnuts. “It does look really good.”
Piling some of it on his plate the man motioned to hers before he filled her plate as well. “Want any dressing?” “Balsamic and olive oil please.” She motioned to the bottles and thanked him when passed them to her.
“I’m Sebastian.” He gave a small wave as he stabbed his salad.
“Y/N.” She waved back.
Tumblr media
Pushing the salad plate away Y/N looked around again as she rubbed her hands together. “I’m thinking the lasagna.”
“Lasagna it is.” Sebastian agreed. He got the attention of the person sitting in front of the lasagna and had them pass it down. Looking at Y/N he asked “How much would you like?”
“A little bit. The mashed potatoes are calling my name.”
“I knew I liked you.” Sebastian chuckled as he plated her lasagna and took some for himself. He got the mashed potatoes and put a spoonful on her plate. He put another on when she asked for it. “More?” He asked.
“Don’t hold out on me.” Y/N laughed. “More potatoes!”
He put two more spoonfuls on her plate, eyeing the mound of potatoes as he served himself.
Forming a mountain with the potatoes Y/N sat back and looked at the mountain she had created.
“This means something.” Both of them burst into laughter as they said it at the same time. They laughed so loudly they had not realized the table staring at them. When they had calmed down Sebastian apologized for them.
Tumblr media
Y/N stood to her full height, hands on her lower back for support. This was the problem- anything she did caused an ache. If she sat too long she ached, if she stood she ached, ate too much she ached, ate too little she ached, trying a basic stretch her doctor had shown her ached.
“Is the pain bad?” Emma asked as she entered the bathroom. She looked at Y/N in the mirror, seeing the pain before Y/N put her mask back into place.
“A little. But nothing I can’t handle.” Y/N waved her off as she continued the gentle stretch. “Can we please talk about something else?”
Concern painted Emma’s face. But she knew better than to push. Y/N would shut down and want to leave. This was the first time in weeks Emma had seen Y/N laugh so much. “So, you and the man next to you seem to be hitting it off.”
“He’s cute.” Y/N agreed.
“Maybe he is your soulmate.”
Y/N grimaced. “Don’t do this Em.” She pleaded.
“Why not?” Emma challenged.
“I don’t want a soulmate.”
“You say that. But I know you do. Everyone wants a soulmate.”
“Not with everything happening right now.” She avoided Emma’s eyes as she spoke. “Not with what’s going to happen.” She turned and walked out the door leaving Emma’s reply to die on her lips.
Tumblr media
“Coffee?” Sebastian offered. He noticed Y/N's mood had changed when she came back from the bathroom. She didn’t joke as much nor offer any sarcastic comments. She laughed but it wasn’t as easy as it was before. As if she was keeping him at arm’s length. He wanted to ask what he had done. But he barely knew her. What could he say without sounding out of place?
“Yes please.” She gently pushed the cup towards him. Emma’s words swarmed in her head. Sebastian couldn’t be her soulmate. They have been mistakenly touching all night. No tattoos have appeared. Clearly Emma didn’t know what she was talking about.
“What are you thinking about?”
“What?” She broke out of her stupor with Sebastian’s question. Her anxiety was getting the better of her inside her brain. Did he know what she was thinking?
“For dessert.” he motioned to the table, now full of dessert dishes. He wanted to ask what had been bothering her.
Looking around Y/N motioned to the chocolate cake. “That please.” She gave her best smile as Sebastian cut a piece for her. She took a moment to look at him. He had been funny and sweet the whole night. She felt a pull to him. Shaking her head she pushed the thoughts away. Emma was getting into her head.
Tumblr media
Sebastian walked Y/N and Emma out, walking them to the car. “It was really nice to meet you.” He extended his hand to Emma. Turning to Y/N he felt a pit in his stomach. One he couldn’t explain. “I had a great time tonight.” He gave an uneasy smile. “Maybe we could hang out together again?” He pushed his hands into his pocket uneasily.
“Sure.” Y/N lied. She wanted to see Sebastian again. But she knew this was for the best. “We should try to get together.” She held out her hand. “Thank you for making tonight great for me.” She spoke with a warm tone.
“Yeah.” Sebastian chuckled. “Thanks for making tonight fun for me.” He took her hand in his.
Shock spread up their palms, engulfing their fingers and the back of their hands before settling on their wrists. Sebastian grunted as Y/N cried out. Her knees gave out and she fell forward. She was vaguely aware of arms holding her as she tried to get her breath back to normal. “Oh shit.” Emma whispered with wide eyes.
“Breathe.” Sebastian held her as she panted. “Take a deep breath for me.” He whispered as he rubbed her back. Warmth spread in his chest as he looked at his wrist. The tattoo now displayed today’s date.
Y/N took another moment. The dull throb on her wrist confirming what Emma had mentioned. It confirmed what the pull towards Sebastian was. It confirmed her biggest fear. Her soulmate was holding her. He was trying to calm her. The pit in her stomach would not let him. She pushed off of him, forcing herself to stand straight at the protest of her back. She forced a look at her wrist, eyes closing as she blew out a breath when she saw the date. Of course this would happen now. ‘Fuck you universe!’ Y/N’s mind yelled.
Sebastian wrinkled his brow. “Hey.” He walked forward with his arms outstretched, fingers itching to touch her. He froze as she took a step away, letting his hands fall at his sides. “What’s the matter?” He couldn’t understand why she looked upset.
Holding her hands out in front her Y/N sputtered. “This can’t be happening.”
Swallowing his hurt Sebastian asked. “What can’t be happening.”
“I’m sorry.” Y/N was looking for the right words. “But this..” She motioned between them. “This can’t happen.”
“Why?” Sebastian tried to hide the pain in his voice. Everyone knew about soulmates. This was the person you would spend your life with. The person who was made for you. A pure form of love. People have described feeling found, whole and complete once they found their soulmates. He had finally found his. And she was rejecting him.
“It’s not you.” Y/N felt tears begin to form in her eyes. She waved Emma away when she tried to walk up to comfort Y/N. “It’s me. It’s all me.” She pointed at her chest. “I can’t do this. And I’m so sorry.”
His heart was breaking as he watched her fight her tears. He desperately wanted to comfort her, wanting nothing more than to fix whatever was wrong. “What can I do to fix this?”
“I don’t think there is anything that can be done.” Emma cut in, keeping close to Y/N.
“There is nothing you can do.” Y/N felt the tears as they began to fall. “You don’t understand.”
“Please.” Sebastian begged as he took a small step forward. “Please help me to understand.”
“Sebastian…” His name came out as a whine from her throat. “I-I…”
“Whatever it is.” Sebastian tried. “Please tell me.”
Eyes filled with tears, Y/N raised them to meet his eyes. “I’m dying.”
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angrythingstarlight · 5 months ago
What A Peach
Summary: You decide to try out an interesting pair of legging and inadvertently cause Bucky to lose his mind. What can he say, the man loves a good peach. 
Tumblr media
Gif by @unearthlydust
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Warnings: Smut, 18+, Minors DNI, body worship, Bucky is an ass man (dont @ me either)
A/N: Written for @sagechanoafterdark (surprise) and beta’d by the wonderful @buckyownsmylife but all mistakes are my own. 
Do not copy, rewrite, translate or post my work anywhere. No permission given to copy, translate, rewrite or post any parts of my stories.  Likes, comments and reblogs are weclome. 
Check out my Masterlist and Taglist! Requests are closed 
Tumblr media
“I don’t know, are you sure this is going to work?” you ask, not even bothering to hide the skepticism in your voice. You’ve been watching the same series of clips for the past five minutes and you’re not convinced. “Nat, I’m sure most of these are staged anyway, plus I don’t look like half these women.” 
The alluring redhead snatches her phone out of your hand with a smirk. “Have you seen the way he looks at you?” She retorts, tapping her screen with a long manicured nail. “He’s going to love it.” She stares at you, daring you to disagree with her. 
You roll your eyes and go back to your cart, clicking out of it, you review the return policy again. What started off as a joke led to you studying your online shopping cart, wondering if you were really going to buy some leggings because of a TikTok trend. 
Nat holds her phone in front of your face, “tell me that’s not Bucky.” 
Watching the eager man on the screen, you have to admit that’s how he would act. And you like it. Picturing Bucky behaving that way has your stomach in knots from anticipation, he’s already insatiable and this would tip him over the edge. Nat sees your expression change and laughs knowingly, “remember to thank me when he blows your back out.” 
Tumblr media
Two days later. 
It’s been a lazy start to the day, neither of you doing much besides showering and lounging. You’re sitting on the couch with your feet on his lap. While he’s relaxed and enjoying his day off, you’ve been anxiously awaiting your package. Discreetly tracking it for the past hour and now it’s only two stops away. Glancing over the top of your phone, you look at Bucky, chewing on your bottom lip, wondering how he manages to look so good first thing in the morning. 
His blue eyes fixate on the tv, pink lips parted as he watches the Fellowship of the Ring for the second time this week. A three-day-old stubble on his angular cheeks, his hair mussed from sleep.
 Since you didn’t plan on going anywhere today, you’re in his teal Henley and panties while he has on your favorite pair of gray sweatpants. His dog tags resting on his broad chest, clanking softly as he leans forward, engrossed in the movie. 
One more stop. Oh, you’re excited. So close. You must have made a noise because he glances over at you, his lips turning up in a wide smile, “whatcha doing doll?” He asks. 
You hide your face behind your phone, mumbling “Nothing.” Damn his enhanced hearing.  
Bucky tilts his head, quirking a brow. “Nothing” he repeats, pausing the movie when you giggle. He grabs your ankle with his large hand, “tell me or else, doll.” His playful tone warning you he’s seconds away from tackling you.  
Before he can pull you towards him, the doorbell chimes. “I’ll get it.” You scramble off his lap, inadvertently kicking him in the stomach, making him oof.
“Sorry,” you say over your shoulder, running to the hallway. Flinging the door open, you grab the box from the delivery person with a “thanks” and close it behind you. Tucking the brown package under your arm, you spin on your heel, heading for the bedroom.
“Whoa, whoa, whoa, where are you going and what’s that?” Bucky inquires, leaning over the back of the couch, one arm dangling over the side, his amused blue eyes raking over you. 
 You really should have planned better, you don’t respond, trying to think of a way to get upstairs and change. If you hadn’t been wine drunk with Natasha, you would have thought to have it delivered tomorrow. He watches you shift your weight onto one foot with growing amusement and a tinge of suspicion.
 “Come here, doll,” he demands, gesturing with his vibranium finger. 
“Bucky, I-,” you break off, sprinting up the stairs. His huff of shocked laughter following you. “Finish your movie, Buck-,” you yell.
He spots your phone on the cushion; he chuckles to himself, thinking of how easy it would be to take a peek. Instead, Bucky settles back on the couch, propping his feet up on the coffee table. Leaving it untouched, knowing you’ll tell him your secret, eventually. 
You come back down a few minutes later and prop your feet back up on his lap. He gives you a questioning glance, but you only shrug innocently. “Alright, doll,” he says, studying you out of the corner of his eye with a low hum. 
The morning drags on for hours as you try to hide your excitement. Nervous energy rolling off you in waves. Bucky continues to observe you quietly, his interest piqued, he knows something has you riled up and he can’t deny how cute you are whenever you get like this. 
Around noon, after a few rounds of teasing you, trying to get to you give him a hint, he reluctantly leaves you to go work on your car after you not so subtly ask him when he’s going for the fifth time. He smiles at your giddy goodbye, almost laughing again when you practically shove him into the garage. 
With Bucky out of the way, you quickly find the leggings you hid in the closet and pull them out of the clear plastic wrapping. Unsure of what color to get, you opted for the dark gray pair with the honeycomb design and high waistband. 
They look a little smaller than you expected. Putting your legs in, you awkwardly hop on the carpeted floor as you struggle to pull them up. After a few near falls, you get the tight stretchy material over your hips. Smoothing your hands down your thighs, you’re surprised at how well they fit.
Holding up the back of his shirt, you marvel at how they curve around your ass, lifting and supporting you in a way that has you giving your reflection a double-take. Twisting from side to side, you can’t believe how you look from every angle. “Magic,” you mutter aloud, “Has to be magic.” 
You grab a handful of his shirt, tying it into a knot in the front so that it doesn’t hang over your butt. With one last look, you give in to the urge to smack your own ass before walking down to the kitchen. Opening the fridge, you grab a few things to make lunch and place them on the counter. Your plan is to show off the goods, make him lunch, and have an afternoon quickie. 
The sounds of him working travel through the closed door leading to the garage. You lean over the counter, practicing some poses you saw on the clips. Remembering one video, in particular, you arch your back and go up on your tiptoes. 
Taking a deep breath, you shout, “Bucky, lunch is almost ready.” 
The loud clanking stops, you hear his footsteps approach the door and you drop your gaze to the food. The door creaks open and your heart races. Moment of truth. You bite your lip, eyes scrunched shut as you wait for him. 
Bucky strolls in, wiping his hands off with an old gray towel, “I’m starving-…” his voice tapers off when he sees you. Fuck, he sees you. In one of his favorite positions, normally he would prefer you to be naked, but something looks a little different. 
His eyes drift down your back to your- oh. A million thoughts race through his rapidly malfunctioning brain. “God damn,” he breathes out after a full minute of gawking at you. 
“What the- how, damn doll,” he groans appreciatively, his blue eyes focused on your ass, “What the fuck, you look good. Shit, you’re always sexy but what did you to that ass,”
Your face burns from his praise, and you wiggle your hips. He lets out a low whistle followed by another round of praises. 
Bucky saunters over to you, whipping his phone out of his back pocket, “stay just like that,” he orders, you giggle in your hand when he takes several pictures, “damn,” he repeats with every snap. “I didn’t think you could get prettier, but damn. You know I can’t let you leave the house, right?.” 
When he gets closer, he tosses his phone on the counter and slaps your ass. Hard. Moaning vulgarly when it jiggles from the force of his hand and he does it over and over until you cry out softly he knows how much you love it when he gets like this. 
His head dips for a quick bite of your cheek, “I love these, doll, love your ass even more,” he points out, accentuating his words with another slap.
“Bucky” you yelp, feeling the sting ripple across your skin. 
He fondles your cheeks, “Don’t ‘Bucky me’ doll, not when you’re out here looking like a goddamn snack,” he mutters squeezing you, “where did you get these and how many did you buy?” 
Not waiting for your answer, he places his hands on your hips and spins you around until you’re facing him. His darkened blue eyes brimming with infatuation and yearning, “You’re beautiful, you know that?” 
“I love you,” He grasps your chin, “but now you have to pay for teasing me like this.” He reaches behind you, knocking everything off the counter, the food and containers tumbling to the floor. 
You cough out a shocked, “Bucky!”
“Forget the food, doll, I’m having you for lunch,” he smirks, placing his hands under your shirt, his thumbs circling your nipples until they harden under the rough pads of his fingers.
His lips slot over yours, a passionate, slow kiss, his tongue leisurely exploring your mouth until you melt into him, your hands in his hair, pulling him closer.
Deepening the kiss, he drops his hands between your thighs, pushing them apart, he tugs at the inner seams of your leggings. You jerk your head back at the sound of fabric ripping.
“Oh, no you don’t, “he mutters, capturing your mouth again before your protest can leave your lips. You quickly forget to be upset when his warm finger slides through your dripping folds, teasing your bud until you ache for more. 
He pulls away, grinning smugly at your whine. He can’t wait, god you’re always sexy, but something about you wrapped up in these leggings like a damn birthday gift out of wet dream has him almost feral with need. 
Bucky grips his shaft, freeing himself from his sweatpants, letting the material pool around his feet. You lean back, spreading your thighs. Your breath falters when his darkened eyes move up to your face. 
 “I can’t even think right now, doll,” he rasps out, his voice thick with need, hurriedly sliding his swollen head through your folds, drenching himself in your slick, “This is what you did to me,” he continues thrusting into you, quick and hard, stretching your velvety walls with each inch. 
You fall to your elbows, moaning when he bottoms out, the slight burn giving way to pleasure when he rolls his hips. Bucky stares down at you, his hands gripping your thighs, he stills inside of you.
 “Wait, no,” he says, pulling out of your warmth. He ignores your confused protest, pulling you down off the counter. 
He spins you, bending you over the smooth surface, his large hand pushing down on your back until your chest is flat on the surface, ass in the air, your head turned to the side as you pant. 
“That’s better.” He states, “much better.” 
 Lifting your hips, he slams back into your core, your warm, tight heat enveloping him with each rough thrust. Bucky concentrates on your ass bouncing as his pace builds. “I’m buying you one in every color,” he decides, unable to handle how good you look right now. “Every fucking color,” he declares. 
“Yes, Bucky,” you sob. The way he’s fucking you right now, you would have agreed to wear the damn things on your head if he asked. Your nails bite into the skin of your palm when he grinds his hips into you.
“Fuck you’re good,” he praises, “so good.” His stomach tensing whenever you clench down over him. You feel every ridge of him when he pulls out, layers of pleasure building with every stroke. Your hands scramble over the granite surface, trying to find something to hold on to, needing to ground yourself. 
“That’s it, doll,” he says over your moans, “take it.” Bucky leans over, angling deeper in your throbbing pussy, caging you under his large body as he pins your wrists down. You can’t move, the smooth counter pressing into your chest, his dog tags dangling over your back,
 “Oh, oh yes” you mewl, words slurring as you lose yourself in the sensations. 
 “You’re only wearing these inside this house,” he swears, dark and low, in your ear. His hips snapping into yours, kissing your neck, “Only. These.” Punctuating his words with two more deep thrusts that send you arching into him. 
You try to respond, but then he kicks your legs further apart, slapping your ass again. Sharp broken sobs spill out, pressure building hard and fast, when his thick digits find your clit. “You’re gonna cum for me right now,” he murmurs. 
Your addled brain only hears cum for me, stars exploding behind your eyelids as the coils snap. Your spasming walls clench down, his name ending in a strangled wail, dragging him back into your body because he feels too damn good to let go. 
“Good girl, there you go, that’s my girl,” Bucky kisses your back, your soft skin slick and salt-tinged on his lips, waiting for you to recover. When you release a shuddering breath, body limp and relaxed under him, he eases out of your slick cunt, trying to hold back a groan when the cool air hits his cock. Still heavy and hard. 
 “Now I wanna see how these leggings look when you ride me.” 
You blearily glance over your shoulder and he smirks down at you, his hand wrapped around his shaft. “Kitchen floor or couch?” You know by his tone, he really means which one first because he’s going to have you on both. 
You do thank Nat much, much later, when you’re finally able to form a semi-coherent sentence.
Tumblr media
 The very next day, you come home to find Bucky sitting on the couch with a pair of scissors in his hand, a large open box on the coffee table. 
“Hey doll,” he utters distractedly, not looking up as you walk into the room. You freeze when you round the couch, your bag slipping from your hand. Almost a dozen of those leggings, all different colors and patterns, piled up beside him, but it’s the pair on his lap that captures your attention.
Closing your eyes, you pinch the bridge of your nose, “Bucky.” 
“Hmm,” he hums in response, his tongue between his teeth as he carefully cuts out the crotch of the neon pink leggings.
“You’re not-” you huff. 
“Oh, I am.” Bucky’s eyes flicker over to you with a wicked gleam, “now you can’t complain about me ripping holes in your clothes.” 
Furrowing your brows, you sputter, “that’s not the point- Bucky, you can’t just-” 
“Like I said now you can’t complain.” He tosses the pair on the pile next to him and reaches for another set. “Oh, and I fixed your panties too.”
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buckyblues · 5 months ago
slow ‘n steady , bucky barnes
— (fem!reader x tfatws!bucky)
summary; You and Bucky have been dating for a month now, and having a discussion about his past leaves you more connected to each other.
warnings; smut, fluff, trauma, reader has a dirty mouth, oral (m receiving), cockwarming, kinda sub!bucky, body worship, porn WITH plot (sort of), bucky hasn’t had sex in a looooong time, teasing-ish, plenty of pet names, this couple is soft & goofy.
word count; 2,897
a/n; this started out as an old draft from when i first saw tfatws, then i edited it recently to get this final ooey-gooey fic. enjoy <3 - stellie
Tumblr media
Things were about as steady with your boyfriend as steady goes.
He was a private person, kept to himself for the most part. He wasn’t vulnerable or even pouty like some guys your friends had gone out with. James was a classic man, strong and quite old-fashioned. He brought you roses on your first date, which no one had ever done for you.
You met James while volunteering at rec-center bingo. He was there with an older man, looking unamused. It made you feel bad for him, which resulted in some very teenager-like flirting, because the stunningly handsome brunette obviously got a little flustered in your bold presence. You and James went out for dinner the following Monday.
A week after your first date, he couldn’t hold it back. Maybe telling his shrink about you was a mistake, because she had raised her eyebrow at him, silently saying, “have you told her yet?”
James didn’t want to ruin everything with the most beautiful person he had ever met. Not when it had just begun.
He told you that he wanted to go camping, and you couldn’t refuse his cerulean eyes. Instead of taking you out to the wilderness, you ended up in D.C. at the Smithsonian.
“That’s me,” he said, pointing to the pictures memorializing the Howling Commandos and Captain America’s best friend, Bucky Barnes.
Then it clicked. You weren’t dating James Barnes, the humble veteran and mechanic from Brooklyn, you were dating Bucky Barnes, the war hero turned assassin... now adjusting to life as a civilian.
“It’s okay if you wanna... I get it,” James looked down at his scuffed up boots. “I wouldn’t wanna date a 106 year-old freak either.”
You had heard the stories, mostly the bad ones, about the infamous Winter Soldier. It doesn’t matter now, that wasn’t really him.
“Hey, James... Bucky,” you reached up to cup his sharp jaw in your hands. “I still like you.”
He smiled ever-so-slightly, and you liked the way ‘Bucky’ felt sliding off your tongue. He was the most precious thing in the world.
The car ride back to Brooklyn was silent. You held his hand all the way home, thinking about all the horror he must’ve gone through. Part of you wanted to ask him about it, and the other part didn’t want to poke and prod too much. James — or Bucky — always wore gloves too. New York weather could be cruel, especially when it was hot, and Bucky still opted for a jacket and gloves. Peculiar.
After Bucky had dropped you home, you practically ran to your laptop. The Winter Soldier was a ghost story of sorts, so you had never seen what he looked like. You were never interested in that sort of thing either, you tended to avoid the news.
The internet is horrible. There’s Winter Soldier wikis and everything. Some of the ‘Winter Soldiers’ aren’t even Bucky. A crazy terrorist named Zemo tried to frame your boyfriend once and Steve Rogers went apeshit, you remember that being a top dinner-table discussion when you still lived at home.
The pictures you saw of the Winter Soldier was what frightened you the most. Your smiley, shy Bucky, with a striking metal arm and a machine gun. That same arm again at a different angle, covered in blood, holding a knife. He’s always wearing a face mask that covers his pretty, petal-pink lips. His hair is long, and that’s probably why no one ever recognized him in public.
You had to ask him about this eventually. Now you knew that Bucky had been shooting his way through fights since the forties, and on top of that, was put in a goddamn freezer. Maybe you’d give it a few weeks, let it set in that he’d told you, but now you were even more curious about James Buchanan Barnes.
“Buck...” three weeks later, you were stood outside his apartment door, fidgeting with his gloved fingers in your hand.
“Are you alright, doll?” He sounded worried.
You sighed, a somber expression painting your usually sparkling eyes. “I think we should skip going to the movies tonight.”
Bucky quirked an eyebrow, curling his fingers in your grip.
“I wanna ask you some things,” you said just above a whisper. “About your past.”
He froze, the way you would imagine someone would if you asked them to recall years of trauma when they were just planning on seeing a shitty romcom with their girlfriend. Bucky reached for the doorknob of his apartment. You had only ever been inside for a few minutes at a time, but you had a feeling you’d be getting comfortable.
“We can talk about it. I’m ready.”
Gentle nudges were much better than harsh shoves when it came to Bucky. With delicate encouragement, he had talked to you about some of the things he remembered from Hydra, or at least what he could tell you without breaking down. Sometimes you were worried you might cry, like when he talked about meeting Steve again.
Bucky nestled himself further into the couch when he talked about the forties, almost like he was searching for some sort of warmth. The warmth of old music and his family, maybe. You wouldn’t push him. He discussed more recent things like the Avengers, Wakanda, and his therapist, all of which were something to smile about.
He had said his piece for now, but there was something you weren’t letting off the hook just yet. Bucky may have assumed you knew about the metal arm, marked with a red star, but he’s never showed you his arm or even his bare hands. Hell, you’ve been attached at the hip for a month and he’s only given you a peck on the lips.
Go slow, don’t overwhelm him.
“I-“ you held back the urge to just take his jacket off yourself. “Can I see your arm?”
“So you do know about it?” Bucky turned his gaze away from you.
Your eyes started to well up. What could he be so ashamed of?
“Baby, please,” you coaxed him. “It’s okay.”
The sound of your voice melted him like butter in a microwave, and he reluctantly peeled off his leather jacket and gloves. Low and behold, a very flawlessly made vibranium arm was before you.
“It was made for me, in Wakanda,” he held out his vibranium hand to you and it made a low whirring noise. “The old one is... retired.”
You giggled and held Bucky’s cold hand in your warm one. It was an inviting coldness, something that you didn’t mind feeling. It was comforting, it was Bucky.
Before you could evaluate the impact of your curiosities, you lifted the sleeve of his black t-shirt to see where Bucky’s flesh connected to his prosthetic limb.
“No, don’t do that,” Bucky nearly shrieked the words out as he grabbed your side with his flesh hand.
“Why?” You had never seen his body in a vulnerable state, it was beginning to make you crazy.
He cleared his throat. “Don’t like how it looks.”
Damn Hydra. Tortured him and then wiped him clean for years, thinking he would actually forget it. Torture leaves scars, mental and physical.
“I love how you look,” you clutched his chin between your fingers. “Such a pretty boy, always thinkin’ about you, Bucky.”
“Really?” He already looked blissed-out.
“Yeah,” you straddled his lap, feeling like a confused virgin all over again. Bucky only hugged you if he was feeling frisky, this was definitely new territory.
That’s what happens when your boyfriend has lived two lifetimes, and he was an ice-cube for half of them.
Bucky looked up at you expectantly, waiting on your next move. You dove down into the column of his neck, leaving little kisses and bites there. He’s never let you be so intimate with him.
“James,” you tried not to sound too critical. “When was the last time you... were with someone?”
He tensed up, a blush instantly heating up his neck. Poor Bucky had a hard enough time just being a civilian, being a civilian with a partner had been out of the question in recent years, until you came along and wrecked his plans.
“Nevermind, don’t answer that,” you laughed.
Bucky brought both of his contrasting hands to your face, bringing it back up to his. His oceanic eyes had clouded over with a black-ink color of lust, and his creamy cheeks were tinted pink in the dim light.
“You keep missin’, doll,” he smirked. “Kiss me.”
His lips were magnets to yours as your fingers threaded through his neatly-trimmed hair. You immersed yourself in all things Bucky, because he smells like the woods and he’s warm and you could die happy kissing him like this. You’re so glad you missed that movie and decided to listen to him talk, because now you wish to be inseparable from him. You’ll leave featherlight kisses on each and every inch of that vibranium arm just to prove how much you want to stay.
“I’m gonna take this off now,” you inched the hem of his shirt up.
Anyone would have to squint in order to notice what Bucky hated, but from the way he winced, you knew exactly why he didn’t want that shirt off.
Messy scars littered the skin where man had previously met metal arm, right at his left shoulder. There were also countless battle wounds Bucky had endured over the years scattered across his body, but you made no fuss of it. He was just your Bucky.
You kissed the marred skin of his left shoulder, disregarding how much he despises it. He deserved everything, to be praised and loved on, so that’s what you would do. Every bullet wound and scratch you could see received the tender acknowledgment of your lips.
Bucky was almost sobbing above you as you neared his abdomen. You knew in your heart that he needed this, someone to touch him in a way that felt like a promise. He had been through so much and was still impossibly giving. You held his flesh hand in yours and squeezed it, like you were telling him that you were still there. You wondered how many times you had held the vibranium hand without knowing.
“So beautiful, Bucky. All mine,” you were on your knees for him, sliding your t-shirt off. “My baby boy.”
He smiled shyly at you, face going beet-red when he sees your chest in a nicely fitting black bra. The view couldn’t get any better, really.
Bucky groans when you pop the button of his faded jeans open, like someone had just punched him in the gut. He’s sensitive and trying to hold back, but you don’t mind. You shimmy his jeans all the way down his thick, gorgeous thighs. You’d love to take those for a spin, but now’s not the time. His leaking cock is waiting for you, at least now you know that, but you’re still debating how you want to play this.
“Buck,” you massage his thighs. “Has a girl ever sucked you off?”
“No,” he answered breathlessly.
“Alright, sarge,” you snapped the elastic of his waistband. “Tell me anytime if you wanna stop.”
Bucky whined again and pleaded for you to just do something, angling his hips up so you had easy access to take his boxers clean off.
“Such a good boy for me,” you discarded the useless fabric to the side of the couch.
He watched as you leaned your head closer to his erection. He was bigger than you had anticipated, but it’s not like you were complaining. You dragged your tongue all the way up his shaft, your ears eating up his dirty moans like sweet music. You took him in your mouth, lazily sucking his length, and pulling off with a pop.
“You moan like a fuckin’ pornstar, Buck,” you stared at him with hooded eyes.
“I haven’t felt this good in... years,” his chest was heaving. “Thank you.”
“Anytime, Sergeant Barnes,” you sank your lips back down on his cock, gagging on his impressive size.
Bucky grunted and writhed around, threatening to release in your mouth any moment. Tonight was all about him, but you had other plans about where he would be finishing.
“Doll, can’t hold it,” he squeezed your hand.
You pulled off and hushed him, soothing his anxiety. His face had a look of fear etched in his features, like he was about to disappoint you. God, you wouldn’t be disappointed, you would be proud that he could let go for you.
“Don’t worry, baby, not much longer.”
With jell-o for legs, you stood up, taking your jeans and underwear off. This was all so new for you and Bucky, but it felt like you had waited a lifetime for it. You didn’t want anyone else to touch you ever again, just him.
He grinned at you, with teeth. “You’re pretty.”
Bucky’s dark hair was disheveled and sweaty, his face was flushed, and his voice was low with what could only be arousal. You’ve never stood before anyone more captivating.
“You’re handsome,” you straddled him like you had earlier. “I’m so lucky, you’re incredible.”
He really is. Your Bucky. He’d go to hell and back for you, that’s just the guy that he is.
You wrapped your arms around his neck, pressing your forehead to his. He breathed out a “yes”, and you took his cock inside of you inch by inch.
“Jesus Christ,” you gasped as he bottomed out inside you.
“It’s just Bucky,” he answered your non-question in a choked laugh. “God, you’re so tight.”
“I’m gonna beat your ass later,” you sassed.
“Finish what you started.”
You looked down to where your body joined Bucky’s. It was supposed to be sinful according to everything you had ever been told, but it felt loving and exciting. Your entire body was lighting up, and if that’s sin, you’ll take hell.
Bucky kissed you feverishly, surprising you, but you didn’t mind in the slightest. You began grinding and bouncing on his cock, his thick length hitting every electric nerve inside of you just right. He mouthed at your pulse as you convulsed around him, but you weren’t close enough to finish. You snuck a hand between your folds and started to play with your clit, but the whirring of vibranium plates stopped you in your tracks. You can teach an old dog new tricks, Bucky Barnes included. He played your clit like a fiddle until you came around his cock, clenching down on him and moaning his name.
“You’re so good, Bucky,” you nipped at his earlobe while you still came down from your high. “Gonna cum for me?”
He whined almost hysterically, his release close.
“Let go, I’m right here,” you kissed his cheek to calm him and held his hand. “You’re safe.”
Bucky growled and then you knew he had let go. You felt all warm and fuzzy inside as he filled you up, and the way he held you close made you impossibly dizzy. Everything was so Bucky.
You kissed his forehead. “Let’s get you cleaned up.”
The bed in Bucky’s bedroom has been made for awhile now. He told you that when you still thought he was a veteran that had done tours in Iraq and slept better on the floor. It was an odd quirk to you, but even with the truth now revealed, you couldn’t judge him. He said in the shower that he wanted to sleep in bed tonight, or at least try.
You both got in, the sheets soft and silky. Bucky left all the lights in the kitchen and bathroom on, but again, you weren’t saying a word about it. He looked at you all sleepily, shirtless with his dog tags on, and you hesitantly grabbed the necklace to observe it.
“It’s awfully quiet,” you ran the pads of your fingers over the letters on the tags. “Is something wrong?”
Bucky murmured something. “Wanna be close.”
You pulled on the tags to bring him closer. “I see.”
His lips connect to yours in a very sloppy manner, drool everywhere from you both laying on your sides. You revel in the feeling of his tongue in your mouth, he tastes like his spearmint toothpaste. The body wash that he used in the shower smells like dish soap, but it’s intoxicating. It’s all so soothing and sensual that you want to burst.
“Closer,” you scratch down his bicep. “Bucky...”
You’re not even wearing any underwear to hide how soaking wet you are, just one of Bucky’s old t-shirts. You’re begging for it, your hand making its way down his washboard abs and to his boxers.
“Not again tonight,” he gave you a peck on the nose.
You shook your head. “It’s not like that.”
This is what happens when you date a 106 year-old man.
“What’s it like?” He asked curiously.
It was your turn to whine. “Just wanna be full.”
Bucky kicked off his boxers under the sheets, sheathing himself inside of your warm walls.
“Would it be a bad time to say I love you?” He grazed a finger over your cheekbone.
“You’re balls-deep inside me, but I love you too.”
Bucky let out a small laugh, and nothing could be more serene, just you and your boy.
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becca-e-barnes · 3 months ago
What if Bucky and the reader are in a relationship and he finds out he’s really into being a pleasure dom and wants to try it with the reader? 👀
Pleasure Dom Bucky, yes please 😩 you just know that mf would take such good care of you after a long stressful week. Honestly, this one took me a hot minute to write because I had to do some research for it lmao, I hope it’s okay!
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word count: 5.6k
Summary: You have a terribly long week at work so Bucky helps you relax
Warnings: Smut, unprotected sex (wrap it pls), PleasureDom!Bucky, sub reader, pet names, praise kink, degradation, size kink, breeding kink, multiple orgasms, forced orgasm, oral (f receiving), somnophilia (done with consent established previously), daddy kink, the dog tags make an appearance, mention of safe words, overstimulation, lil voyeurism (watching yourselves in a mirror), light humiliation
Minors, do not interact
What had started out as a week with very little in your calendar soon turned into an absolute killer. You weren’t quite sure how your time got filled up so quickly, wall to wall meetings scheduled into your diary, leaving you hardly any time to even breathe. The meetings themselves weren’t even the worst part, the worst was knowing that after your work day had officially ended, you had endless catching up to do for your other projects and then all the planning for the meetings the following day. Your sleep was limited, as was Bucky’s. He hated going to bed without you, tossing and turning in the sheets for hours until you eventually gave in and joined him. As the week went on you found yourself only getting more and more stressed. By Friday you were almost ready to lie in bed and not move all weekend, just hoping Monday wouldn’t bring more of the same torture.
When 5pm on Friday rolled around, Bucky was standing waiting at the door to your study, adamant that your laptop would be switched off and hidden from you all weekend, along with your work mobile. You huffed out a little tired laugh, rubbing your sleepy eyes as you surrendered your gadgets, not even wanting to put up a fight, just glad to see the back of such an awful week. Bucky had let you choose a takeout to order from, keen to get some real food in you before making sure you got a good long rest to combat those dark circles forming under your eyes. Within 20 minutes of finishing dinner, your sleepy eyes became too heavy to hold open. Bucky hated seeing you so worn out, scooping you up in his arms and carrying you to bed, thankful that you had changed into your pyjamas before the food had arrived so he wouldn’t have to disturb you too much. His heart melted at the sight of you clinging to his thin cotton pyjama top, craving the comfort his body afforded you even when you were sleeping.
But God, waking up the next morning, he was reminded of exactly how much comfort your body afforded him. Your hair was fanned out on the pillow gently, your face looking so relaxed compared to how it had been all week, long eyelashes casting shadows on your cheeks in the early morning sunlight. Your little snores were still deep but fuck, the sight of you in only his shirt and a thin pair of panties had him harder than he could’ve believed possible without being touched. Suddenly, the room felt stiflingly hot, his whole body itching to touch you, to make you forget all about that terrible week, fucking all thoughts from your head until you couldn’t think of anything never mind work. He put it down to the fact that he had hardly so much as kissed you goodnight all week, his body going into overdrive from the pent up longing and frustration.
He couldn’t help how he noticed everything about your body this morning, the way your nipples pebbled quickly when he slipped his cool metal hand under your shirt to gently grab at your breasts, doing his very best to contain his satisfaction at the way you tried to lean into his touch. He also didn’t miss how your body responded when he ran one flesh finger over your clothed core, a little groan falling from your parted lips when he added a little extra pressure to your clit. He loved how your body was just so intoxicating, always ready to take him. After a few more teasing glides across your core he pulled your panties to the side, finding your body was reacting to him nicely, wetness beginning to drip from your needy hole. Without thinking, he shuffled down the bed, his tongue poked out, lapping gently at the sweet nectar he had drew from your body. He was so hard now it almost hurt, noticing how even in your sleep, the wetness between your legs only grew. Tiny whimpers fell from your lips as he pressed a metal finger to your entrance, sliding in with ease, tongue lapping gently at your clit.
“So delicious toots, takin’ me so well.” He whispered, knowing you couldn’t hear him but still needing to tell you. Your hands grasped at the sheets, fingers gently bunching them, stirring from your sleep but not quite conscious yet. Your walls were fluttering around the single digit, your high not far away.
“Christ, Bucky.” You whined, eyelids flickering open, trying to adjust to the brightness of the room and make sense of the overwhelming sensations between your legs at the same time. “What are you doing?”
“Havin’ a little breakfast babydoll, jus’ let me take care of you. Wanna make you feel good all day, okay? You aren’t leavin’ this bed.” His voice was so low and seductive, lips latching back onto your clit and his finger curling inside you. You could only nod, whining as the pleasure became too much, keening against his face to ride your orgasm out against his tongue. “Tha’s it toots, gimme more. Good girl.” He encouraged, working his finger even faster, prolonging your high for as long as possible. God he got off on this, your needy moans nearly too much for him to handle. But no matter how much precum leaked from his swollen tip, no matter how badly he needed to cum, so long as you were getting off, his pleasure was only an afterthought to him.
“Well good morning to you too.” You huffed out a little laugh as his finger eventually slid out of you.
“Sorry baby, couldn’t resist.” He smirked, wiping his now glistening chin with the back of his flesh hand.
“No complaints here Buck, it was better waking up to that than an inbox full of emails.” You chuckled, stroking his hair lovingly.
“It had better be, if you’d rather have the emails I’d be offended.” He laughed softly stroking the inside of your thigh with his flesh thumb. “But if you talk about work anymore I’ll have to gag you.” His voice was light and teasing.
“Maybe some other time Buck.” You chuckled, running a hand gently through his messy bed head, your high ebbing pleasantly away as your feet hit the plush carpet of your bedroom.
“Ah ah ah toots, what did I tell you? You aren’t leavin’ this bed today. Gotta make you feel good til you can’t think of anything but me.” He reached out, grabbing your legs to pull you back onto the bed, lips latched onto the soft meat of your thighs, fingernails digging into your flesh gently as he kissed you, a fire burning fiercely behind his eyes once more. God he meant it. You really weren’t going to get a minute’s rest today.
“I was thinkin’ babydoll, how many meetings did you have yesterday?” He asked thoughtfully in between sloppy kisses to the sensitive skin of your thighs
“Eight honey, why?” You managed to choke out.
“Wanna give you that many orgasms.” He stated bluntly as if it was the most normal request in the world. You knew very often Bucky got as much pleasure from making you cum as he got from cumming himself but this suggestion was something else. His lips on your thighs felt amazing, the little dusting of stubble burning as his face drifted up the inside of your legs, his eyes never leaving yours
“There’s no way I can handle eight.” You whispered, losing yourself slightly to the pleasure of his mouth on your sensitive skin.
“Course you can little slut, that’s one down, only seven to go. That’ll keep you nice and busy won’t it? By the time I’m done, work will be the last thing on your mind.” He made it sound so easy, so lovely, like it was absolutely manageable, enjoyable even, but you knew better than to dream of gentle orgasms, soft touches and sweet kisses. You knew that when Bucky got into the mindset that everything he did was entirely for your pleasure, it was all about tearing you orgasms from your trembling body in the quickest succession possible, one barely ending before the next began. This was the first time he had ever suggested such an intense session. His kisses got sloppier, his wet mouth making you groan as it connected with you core once more, panties pushed to the side. Fuck, his tongue felt incredible, broad, firm strokes over the entire length of your dripping sex. You pressed your lips together to stifle your noises, your hands sinking into the soft, dark hair on Bucky’s head to pull his face closer to where you needed him most.
“If you’re holdin’ those pretty noises back toots, I’ll add another orgasm on as punishment.” He quipped, mouth creating a seal around your clit before sucking hard to pull the filthiest moan from you he had ever heard. He was in his element, hard and needy and damn near ready to hump the bed beneath him for some relief but determined to absolutely wreck you before he could even think of his own pleasure. Without saying much more, he slid two metal fingers into you, admiring how they slipped in with so little resistance.
“That’s it, oh God you take me so well. Know exactly what your body needs baby, need to be fucked like a whore don’t ya? Gonna make sure you can’t even think straight by the time I’m done with ya.” He was almost growling in between little kitten licks to your clit, fingers plunging in and out of you, rubbing your silky walls perfectly.
“Bucky, more, fuck.” You hissed out, grinding your hips against his hand. The vibrations from the little laugh he let out in response felt amazing.
“God doll, you’re not gonna be begging for more by the time I’m done with you. Gonna have you begging me to stop. But since you were a good girl this week, I’m sure I could play nice for now.” He laughed, lips and tongue crashing against your clit, fingers working faster and his eyes trained on your face as he tore another orgasm from your body. You groaned out, rutting against his face, your juices soaking his fingers and tongue as you rode out your high, panting and whimpering deliciously for him.
“Good girl honey, did so well. Want you to ride me now, yeah? Want that little body on top of me. You just gotta use me to make yourself feel good doll, don’t even worry bout makin’ me cum. Want as many of those pretty moans as you can give me before your legs give out.” His filthy plans had you whimpering, knowing that when your legs turned to jelly from too many orgasms, that didn’t mean you’d be stopping. It just meant he would take over. You did as he asked, hopping up onto your knees while Bucky undressed himself, giving his proud, hard cock a few lazy pumps watching you remove your pyjamas. You positioned yourself above him, his metal hand lined his cock up with your soaked, already abused hole. Sinking down onto his length tore groans from both of you, Bucky’s flesh hand gripping your waist to stop himself from pushing you the whole way down too quickly.
“Tightest fuckin’ pussy, you feel so good for daddy. God kitten, this pussy is so hungry isn’t it? Needs me, I can feel it. You need daddy’s cock to make you feel good? Gonna take such good care of you.” He was losing himself in the feeling of your silky walls gripping him, wetter than he could ever remember you being before. But god, you had six more orgasms ahead of you, how on Earth was he gonna make it if you got any wetter? The thick drag of his bare cock inside you was almost more than you could take as you pulled yourself back up his length again, sinking down quickly until he was entirely seated inside you.
“So so big daddy, I can’t.” You wailed, the sloppy sounds coming from your pussy fuelling you to keep going regardless.
“Yes you can angel, doin’ so well for daddy. So tight around me, can hardly move. Nothin’ feels as good as you do. Fuckin’ live to be buried in this little pussy, you know that?” His filthy pants had you rolling your hips faster against him, not really fucking him, more grinding your pelvis against his with his length fully seated inside you. It was such a different sensation to being fucked, it just made you feel endlessly full, the thickness of Bucky’s cock stuffing you, the head nestled deliciously against that sweet spot inside you. Every little grind of your hips had him nudging that spot inside you, making your eyes roll back and your head flop to the side. And Bucky was absolutely obsessed. He couldn’t find it in himself to tear his eyes away from you, not knowing whether he wanted to watch how your breasts jiggled as you moved, watch down at the mess you were making where your bodies were joined or watch the look of sheer pleasure on your face. He loved seeing you take what you needed from him, knowing that he was still in control but letting you use his body to satisfy yourself.
“So deep ‘nside you toots, bet you can feel me in here.” He pressed his metal hand to your lower tummy, the coolness making you gasp. Everything felt like it was too much but the grind alone wasn’t enough to tear your building orgasm from you and of course Bucky knew that.
“Tell me what you need, tell me and I’ll give it to you.” Bucky whispered softly, lips dusting chaste kisses on your shoulders, flesh arm wrapped up your back, helping you move against him.
“Fingers daddy, on my clit.” You pleaded, eyes squeezed shut and your mouth hanging open slightly.
“Magic word toots?” He teased with a little laugh, flesh fingers dancing over your clit torturously.
“Metal ones daddy, please.” Your whine would have been mortifying under any other circumstances but right now, you didn’t care. Bucky raised an eyebrow at your little request, secretly thrilled that you got so much pleasure from his metal digits.
“Filthy girl.” He whispered, replacing his flesh hand with his metal one, rubbing between your bodies in harsh circles. The cool fingers felt even better, the ridges in the unrelenting metal only added to the sensations threatening to consume your body. It didn’t take long for you to feel yourself tightening, Bucky’s movements never even faltering as you hit your peak.
“That’s it, cum for me, good girl, hump Daddy’s big cock. Know how much you need this, know you love daddy fillin’ you up.” His eyes were completely trained on your face, loving how it screwed up in response to the words he mumbled in the quiet, early morning air. Your gasps didn’t stop as your high started to subside, mainly because his fingers didn’t stop. You tried your best to pull away, becoming far too sensitive very quickly but Bucky’s flesh hand on your hip held you in place.
“Want another one out of you before I let you move.” He whispered, fingers only speeding up against your overstimulated bundle of nerves.
“Can’t take it daddy, it’s too much!” You sobbed, face buried into the crook of his neck as your body twitched around him, another peak fast approaching. You knew you could’ve said your safe word if you needed to but deep down you knew you could handle it.
“I know you want it angel, c’mon, stop holdin’ back.” He growled, rubbing you even faster, dragging you screaming into yet another orgasm. You couldn’t help but bite down on his flesh shoulder as you came, your body shuddering, wet nectar dripping out of you and down over his balls.
“Oh fuck, soakin’ me, you know that? Pussy is drippin’ everywhere. Such a wet little slut for daddy, aren’t ya cupcake? Such a good girl.” Bucky’s praise only made your walls flutter even more, pulling a growl from his throat. Before you even got a chance to register what was going on, Bucky had you flipped over, ass in the air, face down on the bed with his cock still inside you.
“Can’t wait anymore toots, need this.” He grunted, fucking into you recklessly. You could’ve screamed from the overstimulation, body trembling, walls still trying to milk Bucky’s thick cock. Again, your last orgasm didn’t even get a chance to ebb away before you were being worked towards another one. Your back arched into the bed of its own accord, letting Bucky fuck deeper into you. Your whimpers mingled with Bucky’s grunts, sounds of skin slapping on skin filling the house.
“Pussy’s still clenchin’ me so tight, you’ve no idea how good you make me feel. Body’s always so ready for me.” Bucky was almost growling, his own need almost entirely taking over, eager to cum so he could get back to focusing on giving you as much pleasure as you could handle.
“Thank daddy for fuckin’ you. Thank me for givin’ you my cock raw like this.” He groaned, fingers drifting between your thighs to play with your swollen bud once more.
God, this was humiliating and you were loving every single second.
“Thank you daddy! Love your cock so much, think about nothing else. Love how you fuck me, love how big it feels, love your cum, just need more daddy please.” Your words were only broken by little gasps, Bucky fucking into you harder than you even thought possible.
“Tha’s it, God yes, takin’ me like a good girl, my best girl. Little pussy so hungry for daddy’s cum. That never changes, does it honey? Should just keep you plugged and full of me all the time. Only thing that could keep your needy cunt happy, isn’t it? Just a little cum whore. Gonna give you a load now baby, okay? Keep that little face pressed to the bed and ass up, want it all drippin’ as deep ‘nside you as it can get. Don’t want a single drop spillin’.” Sometimes you wonder where Bucky possibly learned to talk so dirty but right now you didn’t care, teetering on the brink of a fifth orgasm as you lowered yourself the way he wanted, his cock nudging your cervix in this new position.
“So deep daddy,” you whimpered, muffled slightly by the thick duvet as he pounded into you. His fingers rolling perfectly against your clit was enough to tear you apart, your body shaking, fingers squeezing the sheets as you rode out the electric feeling shooting the whole way through your body. That was all it took to drag Bucky over the edge too, not able to hold back with how your walls were tightening around him, milking every drop of cum into your body.
“So tight toots, can’t even move.” He groaned, stilling his movements to stay pressed right at the deepest point inside you. The warm feeling of his cum exploding into you was almost more than you could handle, knowing every drop had to stay there to keep Bucky happy. His fingers didn’t stop moving against your clit though, tearing as many aftershocks from your over worked body as you could muster.
“Bet there’s so much cum in you now.” He whispered proudly, kissing down your spine despite the thin sheen of sweat, slowly pulling out and humming appreciatively when there wasn’t even the slightest indication of the mess he had made inside you. You felt absolutely boneless, knowing you were over the half way mark but still nowhere near finished yet.
“Three left honey, how ya feeling?” He cooed softly, taking a second to stroke your hair and dote on you. His cock hadn’t softened at all but it rarely ever did after only cumming once during such an intense session.
“Feel good Buck, sensitive.” You whispered, flopping onto the bed with your eyes closed, sucking in deep breaths to steady yourself.
“Think you can take some more for me?” He asked quietly, placing tiny kisses to your shoulders and neck. You could do nothing but hum contentedly, letting him give you as much affection as he wanted.
“Need you to use your words sweetheart. Didn’t make you, dumb already, did I?” He chuckled, making you open your eyes to see that dashing smile
“Want more daddy, I can take it.” You nodded gently, noticing how his smile only widened at your eagerness.
“I’m so in love with you, ya know that?” He beamed, giving you a gentle kiss that was all teeth and tight lips, his smile still so evident on his face. “Won’t mind though if you need to stop. Want you to enjoy this babydoll.”
“No Buck, I can keep going. But we can cuddle afterwards, yeah?” You asked, placing a little tired kiss to his knuckles of his flesh hand.
“Oh honey, when we’re done here, we can do whatever you like. This weekend’s about you, jus’ wanna make you feel good.” He agreed, heart aching at the sight of you looking so beautifully fucked out and still asking him for more.
“Thank you daddy.” You smiled lazily, knowing it would get him right back in the mood to fuck you relentlessly through the final three.
Bucky groaned hearing the title fall from your lips again when he was least expecting it, cock bobbing deliciously in agreement.
“Fuck princess, you’re gonna be the death of me you know that?” He laughed, metal hand falling to grip his aching cock. “Jus’ you lie there angel, lemme do the work this time.” You sure weren’t going to argue, pressing your head back on the soft pillows as Bucky positioned you how he wanted you, slotting neatly between your spread thighs. Despite how kinky Bucky was, missionary was still one of his all time favourite positions. It was simple, comfortable, uncomplicated and he loved being able to see your face contort as he takes you apart, not to mention the perfect bounce of your tits when he slams into you. Bucky lined up with your soaked pussy, taking the time to make sure none of his seed from the last round had spilled from your core. Once he was satisfied that it was only your own juices that were coating your thighs, he pressed in, revelling in the gasp you let out.
“So warm and wet babydoll.” He hissed, head thrown back as he set a decent pace, thrusting in and out with his metal hand pressed to your lower tummy. “Swear I can feel myself in here, just so deep ‘nside you, aren’t I?” You couldn’t really believe how your body was still craving him, still needing more even though you were so fucked out already. You couldn’t even find it in yourself to reply, almost every coherent thought having been fucked from your head. The soft clinking of metal had you opening your eyes. But when did you close them? You had no idea, and far less did you care upon seeing Bucky hovering on top of you, his dog tags swinging in front of your face. Somewhere deep inside your brain you registered that he must’ve pulled them from the nightstand when your eyes had been shut but there was something about them that just made the sex that little bit better. He knew how much you loved them too, smirking down at you as he continued his leisurely thrusts.
“Like what you see?” His voice was deep and seductive, close to only being a low rumble. His abs rippled with every push into your tight heat, little grunts slipping past his lips occasionally, a light flush on his cheeks from arousal. What was there to not like about Bucky Barnes? You could only nod, trying to press your hips closer to his pelvis, wanting to pull him deeper than even should have been possible.
“God, you can’t get enough can you? My cock that addictive honey?” He teased, flesh fingers toying with your clit. You cried out quietly at the feeling, not understanding how you could possibly still need more. Pushing yourself up on your elbows, you reached up, taking those jingling dog tags in your mouth, lips wrapping neatly around the chain. Bucky thought once more that he might cum then and there, just at the sight of your little pretty mouth enveloping his tags, the metallic taste covering your tongue.
“Need your slutty mouth filled too baby? Should’ve said somethin’, coulda had my fingers ‘nstead. But maybe you couldn’t tell me? Can’t get any words out now, can you? Daddy’s cock knocked all thoughts out of that little head, hm? That’s okay angel, daddy doesn’t need you to think, jus’ need you to cum. Think you can do that for me?” Your legs were shaking but you nodded you head regardless. As Bucky had been talking, he had dialled everything up a notch, fucking you faster, rubbing you in tighter circles, everything just felt incredible, your orgasm so close once more.
“Ah, daddy, please.” You pleaded, absolutely no idea what you were even pleading for anymore other than release. Bucky chuckled lowly from somewhere deep in his chest before giving you what you had begged for, pressing a little harder on your clit, rubbing in the same tights circles, dragging you through a painfully intense orgasm. Your teeth bit down on the hard metal in your mouth, trying to stifle the screams and whines that fell from you as every single vein in your body throbbed, desire washing through you violently. Bucky was completely and utterly obsessed with you, coaching you through your high with the same filthy grunts and promises that you had learned to expect from him.
As your high subsided, Bucky didn’t slow, if anything he just fucked you faster, not chasing his own release yet but loving how you looked like you had been fucked absolutely senseless, eyes rolling back, head crooked to the side, fingernails digging into his flesh, dog tags still in your mouth.
“You’re a fuckin’ picture like this doll, so beautiful for me. Can’t believe you’re all mine.” His thrusts had your tits bouncing back and forth, jiggling even more as you squirmed, trying to move away from him given how painfully overstimulated you were becoming. You screamed and yelled as his fingers picked up speed, slipping around from the insane amount of slick that had dripped from your hole.
“Come on little whore, cum for daddy, give it to me. Silly little slut can’t do anything but cum, can you? So fuckin’ good at it, no thoughts left in that pretty head of yours, daddy fucked them all out didn’t he? Love seein’ you like this, greedy pussy takin’ everything I give it. You’re an angel, you know that? My angel. Body’s always so ready for me.” Bucky’s voice was deep, strangled and needy, working you as fast as he could. Your legs couldn’t hold still as he pounded you, metal hand still pressing on your tummy so you could feel his cock even deeper inside you. It was all too fucking much, that ball of need inside you exploding once more making you scream, thrashing around under his huge body. Your rhythmic squeezing had him groaning, screwing his face up, unable to hide how good it felt.
“Last one princess, you ready?” Bucky asked softly, pulling out to give you a second. Christ, you looked wrecked but in the best way possible. His dog tags slipped from your mouth, spit trailing down your chin that you wiped away with the back of your hand.
“You sure you can take another? Need a colour toots.” Bucky probed gently, stroking your cheek lovingly, pushing your hair away from your sweaty face.
“Green daddy, just one more. I can take it.” You nodded weakly, fawning over the little gentle kiss Bucky pressed to your forehead.
“That’s my good girl.” He soothed. “I’ll make it quick, promise.” With that he hopped off the bed. You couldn’t really find it in yourself to care about why he had got up, taking the time to catch your breath and steady yourself but when he came back empty handed, you couldn’t help but be a little confused.
“Gonna move you toots,” he hummed quietly, shifting you onto your hands and knees at the side of the bed and that’s when you realised what he had been doing. Bucky had pulled one of the wardrobe doors open, specifically the door with the full length mirror, leaving it at an angle so you could see yourself from where you sat on the bed.
“Want you to watch yourself, see how pretty you look when you cum for me.” He groaned, harder than he could ever remember being in his life before. You whimpered even just at the thought, letting him slip inside you then pull your back flush to his chest. His whole body felt like it was surrounding you, probably because it was. His firm chest felt so comforting against you, both of his arms supporting your bare frame, casing you in against him. He pulled your hair out of the way, making sure he was able to kiss your neck and shoulders before beginning to piston his hips, fucking into you at a punishing pace. You were so glad he was holding you up, knowing if he took his arms away, you would be left to crumple onto the sheets. Your moans were so lewd you surprised yourself at how keen you were to just keep taking his cock. You knew you would feel empty without him inside you after such a long session but the emptiness might even be a blessing after this insane amount of stimulation.
“Look at yourself baby, you just came seven times for me and you’re still keen to go again. Still gonna give me ‘nother one. Cause you’re the best girl, aren’t you? So so good for daddy. Jus’ lettin’ me take and take from your body. You feel that mess sweetheart? You’re fuckin’ soaked right down to your knees, toots. All my cum from earlier drippin’ out of you. Don’t worry, got ‘nother nice big load to fill you with. Gotta give my best girl what she needs.” You hadn’t even noticed the sticky wetness between your thighs, the change in position letting it all seep out of you. You whined, high and needy as his fingers ghosted through the wetness, landing on your clit. His movements were smooth and methodical, rubbing you at the exact pace he knew you liked. He didn’t want to drag this out any more and he wasn’t even sure that he could last any longer.
“Cum for me babydoll, one last time. That’s it, good girl, hump daddy’s fingers. Excellent baby, doin’ so well for me, ‘m so proud of you, you know that? So so proud.” You felt your body clench harder than you had even thought possible, a strangled cry being torn from Bucky’s throat, his seed spilling so deep inside you.
“Ah, holy shit, can’t stop cummin’.” He panted against your neck, your head flung back onto his shoulder as the most intense high of your life took over. Your whole body was alight with pleasure and yet everything still felt so intimate in this position. Your bodies just felt connected in a way that you couldn’t even describe. Maybe you were just delirious with pleasure but it didn’t even really matter, chants of Bucky’s name falling from your lips like a prayer. Your pussy throbbed, aching and abused but not relenting in the slightest, if anything it only clenched harder around Bucky, milking every single drop of cum from him.
You practically collapsed onto the bed together, chests heaving, both spent and sweaty from the most exhausting morning of you life.
“Christ.” You whispered with a little content laugh, words not even connecting in your brain to form a coherent sentence.
“I agree.” Bucky laughed softly, pulling you practically on top of him, needing to feel you close and take care of you. “How ya feelin’?” He asked quietly, kissing your forehead and playing with your hair, being as delicate with you as possible.
“ ‘m good.” You hummed, giving him a little nod, taking in all the adoration he was offering.
“How bout a little nap, hm? You’re exhausted sweet pea. Then I’ll make us some lunch, yeah?” Bucky suggested, losing his mind when you snuggled yourself even closer to his body. You could only nod and give him a little smile, his fingers carding through your hair ever so gently. The hammering in Bucky’s chest was returning to a more natural thud, comforting you even more, your eyes closing of their own accord.
“My best girl.” He whispered, pressing more gentle kisses to your fragile body, little compliments and praises breaking the silence, lulling you into the best sleep of your life.
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ambrosiase · 4 months ago
˜*°•.°•. 𝐧𝐨𝐛𝐨𝐝𝐲 𝐝𝐨𝐞𝐬 𝐢𝐭 𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐝𝐨
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eighteen plus only — by choosing to ‘keep reading’, you are agreeing that you are eighteen years old and over. do not interact with this story if you are a minor.
pairings: divorced dilf!bucky x fem!reader
warnings: age-gap (bucky is late thirties, and reader is early/mid twenties) smut, dirty talk, daddy kink (nothing excessive), dacryphilia, spit kink. masturbation (m & f) unprotected sex, cumplay. this is just really filthy, tbh.
word count: 7.8k
summary: the hot dad next door finds your onlyfans.. oops?
notes: looooook, this just wouldn’t leave my mind okay?! i hope y’all enjoy this as much as i did while writing it. dilf!bucky literally owns me, and my god, the things i’d let him do to me lmao. anyways, have fun with this smut bc my next few fics are all angsty messes hehe
Life in Eastview was peaceful.
Some would say that every day was familiar. Bucky preferred to call it mundane.
White-picket fenced townhouses lined the quiet streets, filled with families and elderly couples who had been there for years. It wasn’t the kind of town that was welcoming to newcomers, especially perky twenty-something year olds with a smile that could make even the dismal Dr. Banner blush.
Bucky had just dropped his boys off at his ex-wife’s new house when he’d saw the moving van, curious as to who was moving in next door to him. Needing the distraction, he thought he’d go and introduce himself to his new neighbour, and see if they needed any help. He never would’ve suspected a young thing like you, to answer the door for him.
“Hiya”, the first thing that he noticed was your smile. Kind, and inviting, like you’d been waiting for him to show up on your doorstep as though you were waiting for an old lover to return. They were warm, like the sun that reflected in them as you wore a pink sundress on the spring day.
“James Barnes”, he doesn’t knows why he tells you this instead of his preferred nickname, “Your new neighbour”.
Bucky clasps his calloused hand in yours, enjoying the way your softness felt against his skin. Your winsome smile answered him, along with a reply of your name, “It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Barnes”.
Oh, that was why.
His pants stirred at the innocent look in your eyes, and Bucky almost felt ashamed for the desire that travelled through his veins, almost. “Need some help unloadin’ any boxes?”, offering a charming smile as the two of you stand in the doorway.
“Oh!”, your eyes cast downward as you chew on your bottom lip, a look of contemplation on your face as your brows furrow, “I’m sure you must have better things to do”.
He doesn’t miss the way your eyes catch his bare ring finger, “Wouldn’t have come over if I did, sweetheart”.
Your eyes dart up to meet his at the dulcet endearment, “If you’re sure, it might take a while”.
Bucky’s resounding smile has you fiddling with your fingers, “I’ve got all night for you, sweetheart”.
From that first meeting, the two of you had become close. Well, as close as Bucky would allow. You didn’t need someone as damaged as him around, atleast that was what he was trying to convince himself.
But that didn’t stop him from admiring you, not when you were so perfect for him. The way you were patient with his kids, or joining in on Pepper’s bake sales, and even helping Sam to paint his pool house — you were a gem. And Bucky felt like a thief anytime he was stealing your time away from people your own age.
At first it hadn’t bothered him, spending time with you. If he were being honest, it made him feel young, gave him another purpose for the monotonous life he’d found himself waking up in. It helped him to realise that he wasn’t just a blemished divorcee, or a father of three. But that he was still, Bucky. Something that had been lost on him for the past few years.
It’s a blazing summer afternoon, everyone gathered in his backyard for an early birthday celebration. And though Bucky considered himself lucky to have the people who were important to him here, the only person he cared about, was currently too focused on his sister’s elaborate story-telling.
With a defeated sigh, he turns back to the grill, flipping burgers as his mind replays the image of you, in your pretty little sundress, chasing the kids around the backyard as you distract them from annoying their parents.
“You know, you could’ve hired a caterer”, he hears the nasally voice of one of his neighbours, Dolores — or ‘Dot’, as she kept reminding him.
Bucky shrugs, barely glancing at her through his sunglasses, “I prefer to do the cookin’ myself, doesn’t taste the same when you’ve got someone else doin’ it for ya”.
“Oh, but I know just the person! You know Pietro’s sister, Wanda?”, at Bucky’s nod she continues, “She runs her own now, it goes in part with their new restaurant they just opened up in town”.
“Wanda’s a good chef”, he says with a smile as he reminisces, “She did Georgie’s cake last year”.
Dolores hums before she looks at him with a bashful smile, a hand placed on his forearm as her voice lowers, “Why don’t we go sometime, together?”.
“Look at you, cookin’ up a storm”, Bucky praises whatever deity above as you appear beside him like an angel that’s answered his prayers.
Dolores looks offended by your intrusion on their conversation, not that Bucky could care. He lowers his sunglasses as he takes you in, “Got your favourite on, sweetheart”.
“I can see that, I’m a lucky girl”, you grin at him, wide and toothy, and it makes his heart swell in three sizes as you do.
“Sorry, but we were actually just having a conversation”, the older woman intrudes, and Bucky has to keep himself from rolling his eyes.
Dolores had been a thorn in his side since moving into the neighbourhood, attaching herself to him like a withered rose that was begging for something to quench its thirst. In other words, she couldn’t take no for an answer.
You’re none the wiser as you simply reply, “Oh really? About what?”.
Bucky answers, “‘Boutta new restaurant that's opened up in town”.
“Wanda’s?”, you beam at them, “I’ve been dying to go!”.
He grins, “Want me to take ya, sweetheart?”.
And neither of you take notice as Dolores storms away, muttering under her breath about what a harlot, you were.
“If I’d ever be so lucky, Mr. Barnes”, and there’s something suggestive in the way your eyes glimmer more than the sunlight glistening off your skin.
“Think I’d be the lucky one, sweetheart”, he knows he shouldn’t be this outright flirtatious with you, but the way you’re biting your lip as you gaze at him through your lashes, has him thinking with another head.
You giggle at this suggestion, rolling your eyes playfully as you nudge him, “Oh!”, your eyes widen slightly as though you remember something, “I have somethin’ for ya’”.
“Oh yeah? And what’s that?”, he’s curious, leaning into you as he shields you away from the rest of the party.
You’re voice is sweet as you reply, “Freshly baked cookies, with a sprinkling of that coconut sugar you love so much”.
“Sweetheart, ya’know you didn’t need to do that”, but Bucky feels himself warm at the thought of you baking for him.
“It’s your birthday!”, you squeal at his pointed look, adding, “Or, consider it as a thank you for fixing my sink the other night”.
“You know you don’t gotta thank me for that”, he reminds you, before biting back a grin as he says, “But I’ll never say no to treats”.
“Hey, sugar!”, you hear Sam’s voice call out for you, “Ya gonna come be my partner?”.
“I’ll be there soon, Sam!”, you respond to the other man before turning to look at Bucky, “You gonna join us, Sir?”.
He licks his lips, catching the way your eyes focus in on his mouth, “I prefer to watch, sweetheart”.
You lean into him, pressing your body gently against his as you smile, “Well, I’ll make sure to put on a good show for you”.
Rationality seems to have left his mind as he watches you bounce away, taking up to Sam’s side as you join him, along with Steve, and Natasha to play a game. He spends the rest of the party observing you, watching the way you interact with the others. Your demeanour was open, pleasant — you made an effort to have a conversation with everyone, even entertaining the kids whenever they seemed to get a bit to rowdy.
Bucky couldn’t get over how perfect you were.
By the time most of the neighbourhood had dispersed from his backyard, Bucky lounged around with Sam, and Steve before noticing you inside the kitchen, scrubbing over the dishes. He lets the guys know he’ll be back, and makes his way in towards you.
“Ya’know, you really don’t gotta do that, sweetheart”, his voice is low in an attempt not to startle you, walking over to stand beside you, and trying to convince himself that he didn’t feel something stir inside of him at the look of you being so... domestic, in his home. As though you belonged there.
Shrugging, you look at him from the side as you say, “It’s your birthday, you shouldn’t have to clean up”.
Bucky shakes his head, “And you’re my guest, so neither should you”.
“I guess we’re at an impasse then, huh?”, you sigh, but the look on your face is nothing short of playful.
“You wash, I’ll dry?”, he offers.
Nodding, you accept, “Sounds like a good deal to me, Sir”.
The two of you spend the next ten minutes in a comfortable silence as you hum along to some new pop song, Bucky’s not quite sure what it is. “Thanks for helpin’ sweetheart”, he says as he places the last dish in the cabinet.
“You don’t need to thank me”, you smile at him brightly but at his hard gaze you sheepishly add, “But you’re welcome. I’m always happy to help you out, you know that, don’t you Mr. Barnes?”.
“You’re too sweet, pretty girl”, and oh, Bucky doesn’t miss the way your iris’ dilate at the term.
It’s quiet for a moment as he watches you try to think of something to say, before your eyes widen in realisation, “I almost forgot!”. You move away from him, going over to where your book bag lies on the counter top.
Homemade chocolate chip cookies are brought over to him, “Sweetheart, I’ve gotta watch my figure, can’t keep eatin’ all these treats”.
“Oh, please. You’re handsome, Mr. Barnes”, you say it with a roll of your eyes, as if it’s the most obvious fact you’d ever said, “No matter your size”.
“You’re definitely too sweet for me”, he drawls, as he watches you unwrap the cookies, picking one and bringing it over to him.
You hold out the still warm cookie with your fingers, the chocolate chips melting on your fingers. Bucky leans forward, tongue darting out to wet his lips as he maintains eye contact with you, holding in a smirk at the way your breath catches. Bucky bites into the treat, mouth watering as the flavour hits his tastebuds. He savours the sweetness on his tongue, but he can’t help himself and think of how much sweeter he’d know you be.
He pulls away as he swallows down the cookie, enjoying the way your eyes follow the line of his throat as he does so. Half of it still sits between your fingers, and you look at him expectedly. His nod answers your question.
You fingers meet your lips as you bite down on the rest of the cookie, eyes mischievous as your tongue pokes out to lick off the remaining chocolate before you put them into your mouth. One by one, gently nibbling and sucking at the remainder left behind there. Bucky thinks he might combust right there as you gaze at him with hooded lids.
“Yo, Buck!”, Steve’s voice is coming from just outside the kitchen door, “You got any more beer?”.
The two of you step back from each other as footsteps draw closer, watching as Steve enters the room.
None the wiser, the blonde waits for an answer, “Yeah, Rogers. Out the back in the cooler, should be a carton or two still out there”.
“Sweet! Thanks, man”, and then he was stumbling away as quickly as he came.
Bucky watches you watch him, bottom lip pulled between your teeth before you’re telling him, “Can I use your bathroom?”.
He manages a nod, “Upstairs, first door on your right”.
Your smile doesn’t reach your eyes, “Thanks, Mr. Barnes”.
Once your out of his sight, Bucky’s letting out a breath he hadn’t even realised he was holding in, “What the fuck am I doing?”.
Turns out, Bucky would be asking himself that question quite a bit as the days passed.
It was like you had taken over his every thought, from the moment that he woke up, to the second he fell asleep — Bucky was thinking of you, in every possible way he could. It wasn’t like him, to be lusting over a college student who’d barely lived their life, but he was slowly coming to terms with the fact that it wasn’t just lust. Bucky was falling for you, and he wasn’t quite sure what to do with himself once he realised.
So, rather than deal with it and admit his feelings, Bucky did the next best thing — he turned to porn.
Except, nothing on the regular websites seemed to catch his eye. None of them looked like — you shouldn’t be thinking of her that way, he berates himself.
But he needed to do something to release the pent-up tension he was feeling, and what better way to do that, than to finally explore that site, Stark’s always raving on about it.
Loading the website, onlyfans glowing at the top of the screen, he enters his name and a password before beginning to scroll. Honestly? Bucky doesn’t know what he’s searching for. Definitely not some pretty girl with eyes as kind as yours, or a smile to match.
Which is why his eyes almost bug out of his head when he finds exactly that, and realises that the girl, was you.
Recognition fires up in the pit of his belly, he reads the time of the latest video that was posted, only two hours ago. But at that time you would’ve only just gotten home from — oh, fuck.
The seafoam green walls are familiar to him, too familiar. The marble tiling a dead giveaway for where you are, and it makes his cock swell in his jeans as he realises that you, were touching yourself, in his fucking bathroom. And from looking at the pretty yellow sundress you had on, you’d taken it earlier today.
He watches intently as you lift up the sundress teasingly, a lithe smile in place and Bucky groans, you weren’t wearing any fucking panties.
Your fingers trail over your thighs as you relax on the ottoman, his ottoman. And Bucky thinks he might explode as you open yourself up for anyone to see, the wetness glistening as you run your finger through your slit. Your breaths are shallow, chest slightly heaving as your play with your arousal, lip bitten as you try to contain your moans.
Bucky takes his cock out from him pants, wrapping a hand around himself as soon as he’s free, choking on his own spit as he watches you. “Daddy”, it falls from your lips wantonly as you rub your swollen clit, “Fuck!”.
“Shit”, he groans, using the precum oozing from his tip to lubricate himself, shuddering at how sensitive he was. Bucky couldn’t remember the last time he’d touched himself like this. He was used to just doing it as a stress reliever, but right now? It was for his pleasure. And Bucky was close already as he watched a finger enter your soaking hole.
“Feel so good”, you cry out, hand flying over your mouth as you try to cover your sounds, “Just want you to touch me, please”.
God, Bucky had never heard anything as beautiful as the whines that left your throat as you touched yourself. He wondered what you were thinking of. Couldn’t help but hope that you were thinking of him.
His release finds him much sooner than expected, but how couldn’t it? Especially when you looked so pretty cumming all over your fingers, a cry of “Daddy”, leaving your lips as you do.
As Bucky looks down at his spent cock, release coating his lower stomach, he can’t help but look at the video as you come down from your high. Giggling as you wave goodbye to the camera, a cheeky kiss blown to it before the screen goes back, and Bucky’s left staring at his reflection.
He wanted you. He needed you.
And Bucky was going to have you.
After finding your videos, he had spent the following days watching them all, paying tips where he needed to, and enjoying the persona you gave to your audience. You were nothing like the sweet girl he thought you were.
Constant moans of Daddy, and the way you begged to be treated like the dumb fucking slut you were, had his head spinning. And every time he saw you each morning he left to go to work, his pants tightened at the sight of your innocent smile and small wave of your hand as you wish him a good day.
Enough was enough, he’d decided.
He made sure the boys were at their mother’s house, it was a Friday night and he had finally worked up the courage to ask you to dinner. Only, when he knocked on your door, he’d come to find that you already had plans.
“I’m sorry, Mr. Barnes!”, you insisted, “If I’d known you wanted to go to Wanda’s tonight, I wouldn’t have accepted Johnny’s invite”.
“Storm?”, he questions as he wrinkles his nose, “You’re going out with Johnny Storm?”.
You don’t think you’d ever seen him so annoyed, at least not with you. “Um, yeah”, you mumble, shame seeming to burn as you watch the judgement pass over his features, “He’s been asking me out for a while... and I guess I’d just had enough of waiting for- I mean, I just thought maybe if he was being so persistent then maybe I should just give him a chance, ya’know?”.
No, he didn’t know.
“Right. Well, enjoy yourself tonight”, Bucky grumbles as he tucks his hands into his pockets, “Hope you kids have a good night”, and then he’s turning around to leave as frustration floods him at the fact that you’re going out with someone, that isn’t him.
“Wait!”, you call out of him, following him down the steps, “Do you think it’s not a good idea?”.
Bucky asks you, “What’s not a good idea?”.
“Going on a date with Johnny”, you tell him, “Do you think it’s not a good idea?”.
He doesn’t know what you’re getting at, why you’re asking him, “I think you should do whatever you want. Not like you’ve got any otha’ commitment, right?”.
“Right...”, you reply but it looks like there’s more you want to say, only getting cut short from the sound of a car horn. “That’s Johnny”, you advise, as if he couldn’t tell by the obnoxiously loud music playing out from the car windows.
“Real charmer”, Bucky scoffs, “‘M sure he’ll be everything you could ever want”.
You shrug, coy as you say, “Maybe. Or maybe I’m just tired or waitin’ for some ol’ guy who obviously doesn’t know what he wants”.
And oh, Bucky has an inkling he knows who this ‘some ol’ guy’, is but... there’s no way it’s him, right?
“Yo, sweetcheeks!”, Johnny’s voice cuts through your tension, “Ya ready to head off?”.
“Sure, Johnny! Be right there”, you wave him off before turning to Bucky, “Guess I’ll see you later then, Mr. Barnes”.
Bucky nods, turning on his heel and walking back to his house, barely missing the disappointed look on your face as you watch him leave without so much as a goodbye.
He spends the rest of his night, drinking a glass of whiskey and watching whatever terrible Netflix movie was trending in an attempt to not think about how you were probably giggling at whatever dumb joke Johnny was whispering into your ear.
It wasn’t until the next morning, that he realised you mustn’t have come home and he feels his stomach drop. Your car was still in the driveway, but he hadn’t heard a call pull up last night, which could only mean one thing — you’d spent the night with Johnny.
It’s the only thought that floats around in his head all day, at least until, a knock at his door finally pulls him away from it.
Opening the front door, the bright sight of you made his senses go into overdrive. You looked fresh, happy as a smile stretches across your lips as you ask him, “Hiya Mr. Barnes, you wouldn’t happen to have any milk would ya?”.
“Milk?”, he repeats, confusion laced in his tone.
“Yeah, I didn’t have any time to pick up some from the store, thought I’d come over and ask ya”, you’re still smiling at him, standing in his doorway as you wait for him to let you inside.
Bucky steps aside, “Sure, sweetheart. I’ve got some milk that you can use”.
“You’re the best! Thanks, Mr. Barnes”, and as you make your way inside, he noticed the short sundress fluttering at your thighs as you bounce towards his kitchen.
You knew where everything was stashed by now, and you definitely made yourself at home as you helped yourself to his fridge. Bucky stands to the side of the counter, watching silently as you bend over slowly, sundress rising high enough for him to notice the swell of your ass at it hangs out in front of him like a snack — god, did you ever wear panties?
Bucky holds back his groan, and when you look over your shoulder at him, a mischievous glint in your eyes as you say, “I can’t find the milk, Sir” and then you’re leaning over further, and he swears he can see wetness glistening against your folds, “Oops, nevermind”.
He decides right there and then — fuck it.
“How was your date?”, his arms are crossed over his chest, delighting in the way you huff silently at the fact he hasn’t made any move toward you, yet.
You shrug as you place the carton on the bench, “It was fine. Johnny’s a nice guy”.
Bucky watches in the way you walk backwards as he begins to stalk toward you, backing you up against the closed fridge, “Is he what you want?”.
“I don’t know what I want”, it’s a simple answer, and Bucky wants to smack the cheeky smirk off your face.
He tuts, teeth kissing his tongue as he tell you, “We both know that’s a lie”.
“What?”, the tilt of your head could be an indication of innocence, too bad he knows you so well now.
Bucky’s voice is low as it reaches your ears, “Don’t play dumb with me, sweetheart”. His body presses into yours, feeling himself grow harder at the feeling of your supple figure mold to fit his, “I think you know what you want”.
“Mr. Barnes”, your eyes are wild as they stare into his cerulean orbs, palms flat against the cool fridge behind you that does nothing for your heated skin.
“I think the entire fucking internet knows what you want, pretty girl”, and he feels pride swell in his chest as recognition lights up your eyes. “And here I thought I knew you”, his chuckle against your ear sends a thrill down your spine, “But I never could have guessed that my sweet, little neighbour was really just a dirty, little slut”.
“Mr. Barnes!”, you squeal the title this time, eyebrows furrowed as you pretend that you aren’t clenching your thighs together.
“S’that all you know how to say?”, his teeth gently pull at the edge of your ear, “C’mon sweetheart, you know what my name is. Said it so prettily in those videos you made”.
Your breathing is ragged as his cologne fills your senses, the scent of neroli, and amber so strong, you can almost taste it on your tongue as he demands, “Say it. I know it’s right there on the tip of your tongue”.
“Daddy”, the title is said as a whimper, your hands coming up to fist themselves in his flannel shirt, bringing a leg up to wrap around his waist, “Please”.
Bucky groans at the sight of you, so pliant, and submissive that he doesn’t know what he wants to do to you first — seems like you’ll make that decision for him.
Cherry chapstick meet his lips as you pull him into a passionate kiss, months of pining, and incorrigible flirting had all lead to this moment. Bucky couldn’t get enough of you — it was all consuming, the way you whimpered into his mouth and held him closer by his neck. You were insatiable, tasting the older man on your tongue, and you knew you were already addicted.
Bucky kissed you like he was chasing his last breath, unforgiving in the way he bit your bottom lip, teasing your tongue with his as he savoured the feeling. He didn’t think he’d ever have his fill, not when he’d finally gotten a taste of you.
“Sweetheart”, he breaks the kiss, hiding back a smirk at the way your lips follow after him. It’s takes you a second to realise he’d pulled away, and immediately, doubt began to creep in. Bucky was quick to kiss away the worry, holding you close as he asks, “Are you sure you wanna do this?”.
“Please”, you beg, eyes wide as they blink up at him, “I want you”.
“Yeah, pretty girl?”, he groans against your mouth, “What do you want me to do, huh?”.
You weren’t shy as you begged him to fuck you, how you wanted him to own you — control you.
“Mm, I’m not so sure sweetheart”, he teases, his fingers trailing up your bare thighs, “See, you’ve been so bad, walking around without any panties on, bending over for me to see”.
“Wanted you, to finally make a move”, you whine at him, grinding yourself against him as best as you could.
Bucky chuckles at your desperation, “Well, now if you were a good girl, you would’ve just come to me, and asked for what you wanted”.
“I am good!”, you sass at him, arms crossing over your chest as your attitude oozes from your tone.
He’s quick to grab your wrists, bringing them up next to your head as he holds them there, “Cut the attitude”. Bucky leans in the nip at your jaw, “Y’know what I think?”.
“What?”, it’s breathy as he leaves kisses along your neck, biting and sucking as he travels south, meeting the valley of your breasts before coming back.
Voice in your ear, he tells you, “I think that if you want to be a good girl, then you’d get on your fucking knees, and take my cock down that cute throat of yours”.
Bucky barely finishes the sentence before your falling to your knees in front of him, hands making quick work of his belt, barely getting his jeans halfway down his thighs before your hot mouth is licking over his boxer briefs — kissing, and fondling your tongue over the hardness that’s hidden behind the fabric.
Breathing deeply, Bucky reaches his hand out so that his palm cradles your cheek, motioning you to look up at him, “C’mon pretty girl, wanna see you choke on my cock”.
Your thighs are clenching together, eyes dazed at the show of dominance as the older man peers over you. Reaching for the top of his underwear, you slowly pull them down, mouth watering as you watch his thick, cut erect member slap against his stomach. You whimper at the sight — precum leaking from the swollen head, a pulsing vein running along the underside as it waits for your mouth.
Leaning forward, you lick a fat stripe from the bottom of his cock up to the tip, delighting in the groan that falls from Bucky’s throat as his hand reaches out to grab the back of your neck. Looking up at him through your lashes, your eyes meet his dark pupils, shivering from the lust that reflects. You lick at the slit, stomach clenching as the musky taste of him meets your taste buds. Gently, you open your mouth wide enough to slip the head between your lips, alternating between kitten licks, and sucking before you lean back.
Collecting your saliva in your mouth, you slowly let it dribble from your mouth and onto his cock, before bringing your mouth back down and taking him as far as you can, “Fuuuuuck, sweetheart”.
The sight of you taking him has Bucky ready to risk everything he possibly could. “Such a hot fucking mouth”, his voice is deeper, more husky the further he loses himself to the sensation of your skilled tongue, “You’re such a good girl for me”.
Your head bobs along his length, hands coming up to reach what you can’t before you take your mouth off him completely, instead, nestling down towards his balls — gently nibbling, and suckling at the heavy sac as your hands work in tandem with your leftover spit, and his precum.
“Fuckin’ christ, sweetheart”, his ears are tinted pink at the squelching sounds that fill the room. You were working his cock like you were getting paid for it, and Bucky had never considered himself so lucky.
It takes one more lick of your tongue against the underside of his cock before he’s bringing you off him, leaning down so that he can swallow your protest down his throat as his lips meet yours in a messy kiss — growling at the taste of him still settled there, “C’mere”.
You’re pushed against a timber counter, one leg wrapped around his waist as you pull him in closer to you, begging for his touch as you feel the wetness pooling between your legs. “Please”, you whine against his lips, “I need you”.
“Yeah, sweetheart? You do, don’t you?”, he’s grinning from ear to ear, pleasure completely overtaking him as he grabs onto your soft hips, grinding his cock against your thigh, “C’mon, come with me”.
And then, he’s taking you up the stairs and into his bedroom — you barely have time to take it all in before he’s throwing you onto the bed. The show of masculinity has you giggling, and Bucky can’t help but smile adoringly as he stands at the foot of the bed.
It takes you a moment to realise he was still watching you, gaze dark and eyes hooded as he did. “Whatcha waitin’ for, Mr?”, and the sarcastic retort died on Bucky’s tongue as he watched you slowly take that damned sundress off your body, tossing it onto the floor before you were leaning back on your elbows — spreading your thighs and giving him a show.
Glistening folds greeted his sight, you were so fucking wet — your clit was swollen, and puffy. Just begging for attention, “Fuck, sweetheart”, he thinks he can see your hole twitch around nothing as you sink into the mattress.
His heated gaze roams your figure, all soft curves and pretty marks that painted your skin like the most divine art he’d ever laid his eyes upon.
There’s a mischevious glint in your eyes, and Bucky watches as one of your hands come to rest on your thigh, trailing slowly toward your mound as you watch him swallow in anticipation.
A moan falls from your lips as your fingers spread your folds, middle finger slipping in between them as it collects some of your arousal. “Daddy”, it’s choked out as you rub your wetness around your cunt, before circling your sensitive nub, “Please”.
Bucky’s mind seems to catch up to him, and he chuckles, “You’re so fuckin’ desperate, aren’t ya, pretty girl?”. As soon as he hears your agreement, the older man is tugging his shirt off and throwing it to meet your forgotten dress.
He’s on you then, like a man who was starved of touch. Your hand is ripped away from your cunt, and you fall back onto the bed completely as Bucky hovers over you, holding your hands down on either side of your head.
“Tell me what you want”, he demands, nose rubbing along your cheek as his breath fans against your ear, “Use your words, sweetheart”.
Your face moves to the side so that you’re in each others sights, “Touch me, please”.
Bucky smiles like a predator that’s caught it’s prey, “Where?”, his fingers trail down your neck, and then in between your breasts before pinching a nipple, an action that has you crying against him as you push your body up to meet his.
As you shake your head, Bucky wonders, “Lower?”, and the condescending tone to his voice has you shuddering.
The way you moan as his fingers find your cunt has him believing of a siren’s call, “Ahh, there it is, sweetheart”. Your hands grip onto his shoulders, and Bucky can’t help but turn his head to place a kiss to the first place he see’s skin.
“Oh my god, please!”, it’s futile, and part of you knows that — knows that he’ll savour having you like this.
Bucky feels your desire as his fingers play you like his favourite instrument, pulling at all the right strings to make you sing for him. And as he feels the wetness collate on his fingers, dripping down onto the bedsheets, he knows he needs to taste you.
Crawling down the bed, he finds home between your thighs, and his cock strains against his stomach as he wastes no time diving into your cunt, lapping at your juices — he was right, you were sweeter than any treat he’d ever had in his mouth.
“Fuck!”, you squeal as his tongue latches onto your clit, “Daddy!”.
He wants to ruin you — tear you apart with his hands, and put you back together with his mouth.
His tongue delves into you, and his fingers meet your entrance. Bucky teases the twitching hole before he’s sinking two fingers into you, he knows you can take it — the memory of you doing it to yourself on his phone flashing through his mind.
“Yes!”, you’re keening at the feeling of his tongue, and fingers working you open, “Just like that!”.
Bucky pumps his fingers in and out of you at a steady pace, being careful as his tongue gently sucks at your clit before massaging it. His eyes look up at the sight of you before him — and fuck, if you weren’t the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen.
He can feel your walls fluttering around him, and the telltale sign of the noises leaving your throat are getting higher in pitch — he knows you’re close. And he can’t wait to taste you.
“C’mon, sweetheart”, he groans against your cunt, “Know you wanna cum, so go ahead, want you to make a mess all ova’ my face”.
You’re hands find solace in his hair, using it as leverage to grind up against his mouth, crying as he ravages your pussy. “M’ gonna cum! Oh my god, please!”, you’re begging, tears welling up in your eyes as you feel the pressure reaching its peak in your core.
“Let go, c’mon”, he instructs you, “Be my good, little fucking slut and cum for me”.
“James!”, there’s a ringing in your ears as pleasure overtakes your body, black and white spots flashing behind your eyelids as you hold Bucky against your cunt. Your walls clench around his fingers as you ride out your orgasm.
It takes him a moment to realise what you’ve called him — and god fucking damn, if he didn’t fall in love with the way you said his name. The remnants of your orgasm can still be tasted on his tongue as he pulls away from your trembling form. He moves back up your body, nudging your legs open as they try to close so that he can situate himself there.
Bucky coos at you, his heart feeling full at the sight of tears drying on your cheeks, “Did so well for me, sweetheart”. He presses gentle kisses on your cheeks as your chest heaves, “My good girl, hm?”.
Your eyes open, shining brightly as you realise what he’s just said — you move your head up so that your mouth meets his, licking his lips so your tongues can comfort the other.
“Love the way you say my name, pretty girl”, he admits after the two of you separate.
You smile coyly at him, “James”, you breathe out, giggling at the way a grin breaks out across his face before teasing, “James, James, James!”.
He grinds his cock in between the two of you, hips stuttering as your wetness coats him, and he relishes in the whimper that falls from you as the energy between the two of you changes. “Not so smart when I’ve got my cock out, huh, sweetheart?”, he breathes, “What happened to daddy, huh? And here you were doing so well”.
“‘M sorry, daddy!”, your eyes grow big, pleading, and you looked so innocent that he couldn’t help but want to ruin you.
“That so, sweetheart?”, he nips at your bottom lip with his teeth, “Gonna show me how sorry you are?”.
“Yes!”, you promise him, “I will, I promise!”.
Bucky reaches down to grip his length, guiding it towards your soaping hole, “I know you will, sweetheart”. And your back arches as he slowly pushes into you, “You’re gonna take my cock, like a good girl, and then, you’re gonna make a mess for me, hm?”.
Your hands grip onto his forearms, nails digging into flesh as he bottoms out, “So big!”.
Pride swells in his chest at the way you already looked so fucked out — god, he’d commit it to memory. When he knows your comfortable around him, mewling for him to fuck you, he pulls his cock out almost to the tip, before sliding back in.
There was something so ethereal in the way you looked beneath him. Bucky didn’t know what heaven would be like, but with you under him right now? He’s sure he must be there.
“Fuuuck, takin’ me so well, sweetheart”, he growls as he thrusts up into your cunt, “Can feel you squeezin’ yourself ‘round me”.
Your eyes connect, and Bucky stutters for a moment at the admiration that was in your gaze. Maybe you felt just as deeply for him, as he did for you.
Bucky doesn’t have a long time to keep that thought, so he locks it away for now and focuses back on the way your legs have wrapped around his waist, interlocked behind his back as you beg for him to go deeper, harder, “Make me feel it, daddy”, you’d said and Bucky was more than gracious to comply.
He was pounding into with total abandonment, gripping onto your hips as he slammed his cock into your cunt in a vicious motion. The tears were back, falling down your cheeks as your mind clouded over with pleasure.
You met his powerful thrusts, basking in the way that the older man groaned every time you clenched around his length. Bucky was big when you’d taken him down your throat, but it was nothing compared to how he felt inside of you.
“Sweetheart”, his voice was husky, almost gravelly when he addressed you, “Takin’ me so well”.
“Fuck, Mr. Barnes!”, oh the way that falls from your mouth has him fucking into you even dirtier, and from the scream that leaves your mouth, he knows you knew what you were doing.
His grip around your thighs is brutal, using them to hold you close while he pistoled his hips. He could feel you squeezing him harder, more frequent as your moans grew louder with each thrust. “You gonna cum for me, pretty girl?”, he teases, “Gonna cream my cock?”.
“Yes! God, yes! Please”, you sobbed as you felt the coil tighten in your core, “‘M gonna cum! Oh my - fuck, I’m gonna cum for you!”.
“Go on, pretty girl”, he leans down to press a filthy kiss to your lips, “Fuckin’ milk my cock”.
As soon as you have his permission, your nails are digging in harder to his skin as you cry out his name, your orgasm washing over you in waves as he continues to fuck you through it.
“Shit”, he huffs out as he feels your juices leak down his length, “Such a fuckin’ good girl, so fuckin’ perfect for me”.
Bucky feels his own orgasm threatening to push him to the edge, but he knows he can bring you to one more. Your body shakes as you come down from your high, legs untangling from around him as you fall back into the bed.
You reach up to pull him down into another passionate kiss, savouring the way he tastes before he’s pulling away, looking down at you as he takes in you in. “So beautiful, my pretty girl”, he praises as he leaves kisses along your jawline.
“James”, you’re breathless, still buzzing from the orgasm as he continues to pump in, and out of you. You gently push his shoulders back, and he gets the message as he takes himself out of you, pulling you over him as his back hits the mattress.
As you straddle his waist, you grabbed his still hard member, guiding it toward your entrance. “Don’t tease, sweetheart”, he growls as you run his angry tip along your slit.
“Sorry, daddy”, you say with a small smirk so he knows you aren’t, but before he can retort — you’re sinking down onto his cock. Once he’s sheathed inside, your hands fall to his chest, using him as leverage as you start to ride him.
If Bucky thought you were heaven below him, then you were a fucking goddess above him.
Your movements were fluid, eyes focused solely on his as you sought to bring him to release. Bucky’s hands latched onto your hips as you rode him, “Ridin’ my cock so well, sweetheart”.
You take your time, enjoying the way he feels so deep inside of you like this, his cock kissing your cervix as you roll your hips. But it only takes one particularly hard hit against that spongy part inside of you until you’re riding him like your life depends on it. “James! So deep, fuck! You’re so deep inside of me”, you cry, bottom lip between your teeth as you chase the pleasure building.
“Yeah? Feel me in your guts, pretty girl?”, Bucky grins, “You’re takin’ me so well, ‘m so lucky”.
His words have you feeling warm, Bucky made you feel so special — he always looked out for you, always made sure you were okay, and now was your chance to repay him for all that he’d done for you. “Just wanna make you feel good, daddy. Just you”, and Bucky doesn’t know what he did to deserve you.
The desperation between the two of you begins to build, desire coursing through your veins as it slowly overtakes all of your senses once more. You knew you weren’t going to last long, but you were determined to make Bucky cum. Clenching down on his cock, you start bouncing on him faster, more reckless and the howl that comes from Bucky’s throat has your ego swelling.
“Please, James”, you look down at him, “Want you to cum — need you to cum. Wanna feel it inside of me, please!”.
The way you beg so prettily has Bucky seeing stars. And by the way his hands squeeze your hips, you know he’s about to ruin you. “Fuckin’ take it”, he growls as he plants his feet on the bed, fucking up into you harshly as the pleasure overwhelms him, “Gonna fuck my cum in this pretty cunt, make sure you know who it belongs to”.
“Yes! Fuck, belongs to you, James! It’s all yours!”, you squeal as you hold on as best as you can, meeting his thrusts where you could.
Bucky feels his balls tighten, “‘M gonna cum, fuuuuck, sweetheart, tell me you’re mine — tell me you want me to fill you up”.
You were more than willing to agree, “I’m yours, James! All yours, I promise!”, you cry out at a particularly intense thrust, “Show me, I’m yours! Cum in me, please! I want you to fill me up, make me know I’m yours!”.
Your hand reaches down to your clit, rubbing erratically as you feel your third orgasm approach, “Oh my fucking god, I’m gonna cum!”.
“That’s it pretty girl, fuckin’ cum for me!”, Bucky grunts, “Right fuckin’ now — cum for me”.
The two of you lose yourselves completely. Your release coats his cock, running down onto the bedsheets as Bucky’s cum paints your walls before he fucks it into you. You’ve never felt so full, so complete. And Bucky doesn’t know if he’s ever felt this sated in his life.
As the two of you come down, you fall into Bucky’s chest, catching your breath as his hands run up and down your back softly, rubbing circles as he soothes you through the aftermath.
Once the two of you are ready, you slowly pull yourself off of Bucky’s cock. And if you weren’t so blissed out, you might’ve felt shame from the way his cum falls from your used hole, running down your thighs as you sit on your knees.
Not being able to help yourself, you reach down, using your fingers to collect some of his seed before bringing it to your mouth — swirling your fingers and moaning at the taste of your mixed juices as it hits your tongue.
Bucky feels his cock twitch at the sight of you so debauched, fuck, he might just be in love with you.
You giggle at the bewildered expression on his features before you fall down next to him, feeling utter contentment as Bucky brings you in to lay on his chest.
“Fuck, pretty girl”, his arms squeezes you gently as he feels you draw on his chest, “That was incredible”.
“‘M glad you finally picked up my hints, wasn’t sure how much longer it was gonna take ya”, you tease him, looking up through your lashes as you notice the smile on his face.
He chuckles, “The no panties was definitely a nice touch”.
There’s a comfortable silence shared before you feel Bucky’s fingers traces along your cheek, holding onto your chin softly as he guides you to his mouth. He doesn’t think he’ll ever grow tired of kissing you.
“I really like you, ya know?”, he whispers against your lips, “I think you’re gonna be someone real special to me”.
And there’s something that blooms in your chest at his confession — a promise for something more. 
You seal it with a kiss.
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skyeisawizard · 5 months ago
Drunk, Y/N buys a load of magnets and sticks them to her boyfriends metal arm while he sleeps
Fluff! This is fluffy as fuck and i can’t believe someone hasn’t written this already (is they have send it my way pls I wanna read it)
Thank you for 400 in such a short space of time! It really means the world to me
Send in requests, come flirt a little ;)
Tumblr media
“Fuck,” she hissed as she stumbled into the apartment. The bag full of magnets was nearly splitting at the bottom, the horn of the unicorn magnet poking through the plastic.
It was the dumbest idea ever. So dumb it was almost brilliant.
Girls night had taken a little bit of a wild turn when Y/N and her friends moved past the corner shop. One of them stopped and the others followed suit, looking at all of the pretty things inside. Once Y/N saw the fridge magnets, she knew what she needed to do.
Fifty dollars. Fifty fucking dollars went towards buying those magnets. It hardly seemed worth it and Y/N knew she’d regret it when she was sober. Or once her boyfriend realised what she was doing.
Their cat was snoozing away on the sofa as Y/N crept past. She toed off her shoes and threw them in the box in a not so quiet manner. “Shush,” she whispered to the still sleeping cat. “He doesn’t sleep very well! We can’t be loud.” The only problem was her whisper and how it was so much louder than she intended. “I gotta get me some water!”
The bag in her hands swung from side to side as she struggled into the kitchen. It smacked against the counter several times, definitely waking Bucky up, but drunk Y/N was too tired to notice.
She pulled a glass from the cupboard, nearly dropping it in the process, and filled it with water.
Only when a heavy click filled the air did she sober up a little. Only a little. She turned slowly, holding the glass against her chest and sloshing it down her dress in the process. “Bucky?” She called into the darkness of their apartment.
He came out of the hallway, holding his gun in his metal hand. Only once he saw it was Y/N did he put it down by his side. He opened his arms wide and marched towards her. “I was wondering when you were going to get home,” he said and helped her put down her glass. Bucky kissed the top of her head and eyed the bag in her hand suspiciously. “Do you wanna tell me what you bought tonight?”
Y/N pressed her finger to her lips and shook her head. “Nuh-uh, Buck. It’s a secret!”
He shook his head, his freshly cut hair falling into his eyes. “Alright, doll. Whatever you say.” Taking her hand, he led her into the bedroom and helped her to get ready for bed. He let her throw the bag under her bed, promising not to “tell Bucky”, whatever that meant, and helped her into an old shirt of his and pyjama shorts.
Bucky pulled back the covers and Y/N dove under. As soon as her head hit the pillow, she was out. Bucky climbed in after her, wrapped his flesh arm around her waist as pulled her in close.”
It was almost five in the morning and the sky was already bathed in a soft orange glow. Slightly more sober than the night before, Y/N remembered her mission. She reached under the bed and opened the bag. The material rustled under fingertips and she kept her eyes on Bucky, praying he stayed sleeping.
When her fingers connected with the first magnet and Bucky still hadn’t stirred, she knew her plan was a success.
Rolling back towards him, she snuggled against his side and threw her arm over his waist, reaching for his metal one. It wasn’t uncommon for them to sleep in this position and Bucky’s unconscious mind thought nothing of it.
As soon as the first magnet, a rainbow magnet, attached to his arm, Bucky’s eyes flew open. Instantly he looked at the figure to his side, checking her over for anything wrong. But her chest was rising and falling in a steady rhythm, her eyes squeezed shut. Bucky looked at the door and saw nothing. Brushing it off, he fell back to sleep.
Y/N waited a few more minutes to reach into the bag. She picked up three at a time, a sad cloud, a donkey in front of a gate and the unicorn one.
One by one she began attaching them to Bucky’s arm. Her giggles were uncontrollable as she placed the sad cloud beside the rainbow. Her body shook, finally waking Bucky up.
At first he was concerned. It had taken him a while to get used to sleeping in a bed but once he was, he slept like a log. His eyes moved to his girlfriend and his worry dropped.
There she was, cheeks red, water spilling from her eyes and her hand slapped over her mouth. The unicorn magnet was still in her lap, her fingers clasped around it. “Doll, it’s so early,” Bucky grumbled and looked up at her through his lashes. His head was still against the pillow, his fingers reaching around for her. “What’s the matter?”
“Bucky!” She suddenly whined and crawled over to sit on his chest. “You’re ruining all of my fun.” Pouting, she placed the unicorn magnet on his arm and crossed her own over her chest. “All I wanted to do was make your arm look like the fridge but you just had to wake up.”
Bucky’s thumb brushed over her bottom lip. “Did you and your friends buy a bunch of magnets when you were out?”
“I’m not telling you unless you let me decorate your arm.”
There was no way out of this one. Eventually Bucky was going to cave. He would’ve given her the whole damn moon if she had asked for it. Compared to that, covering his arm in magnets wasn’t going to do any harm. He nodded his head and Y/N instantly jumped off the bed. She grabbed the bag and moved back to sit on his chest.
Before starting with the magnets, Y/N leaned forward, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek. “I love you bucky,” she whispered and kissed him again.
He grumbled out a response, something along the lines of “love you too,” and Y/N began placing magnets up by his shoulder, starting with a turtle wearing sunglasses.
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sweeterthanthis · 2 months ago
Tell me this isn't daddy watching you flirt with someone who isn't him 😏
Tumblr media
Pairing: Stepdad!Bucky Barnes x 18+F!Reader
Word Count: 1.5k
Warnings:  SMUT, fingering, teasing, jealousy, possessiveness, infidelity, stepdad trope/daddy kink, talk of cockwarming, dubcon if you squint but not really. 18+
All my works are 18+. If you click the read more tab, you are agreeing that you are 18 or over, have read the warnings and take responsibility for your own media consumption. I do not consent to having my work translated or posted anywhere else.
Tumblr media
Bucky always arrives a little early to pick you up on a Friday afternoon. He likes to watch you interact with your friends, likes to observe you and watch your face light up when you spot him from across the parking lot.
He parks up, dark shades covering his curious eyes as he spies you walking around the corner of the building. His cock stirs in his trousers at the sight of your bare legs, watches you struggle with your overnight bag as you try to sling it over your shoulder.
He's about to exit the car - fingers lingering on the door handle - when he tightens his fist, the sight of you throwing doe eyed looks at the guy running toward you making him huff in annoyance.
Bucky watches, envious and unjustly enraged, as the guy holds his hand out - his fingernails biting into the palm of his hand as he watches you slip your cellphone into the little punk's grasp.
Bucky knows he's a hypocrite, but he doesn't care. As far as he's concerned, you belong to him. Your body, your mind - and dare he think it, your heart. He twists the car key in the mechanism, the engine rumbling to life loudly and your head instantly snapping up to find the source of the noise.
He watches as you snatch your phone out of your companion's hands, smirking at your attempts to make the encounter look as innocent as possible. He can't help but let out a chuckle when you pick up your pace; jogging across the parking lot, the hem of your skirt riding up with each bounce of your feet against the concrete.
Bucky grips the steering wheel tightly as you pull open the passenger side door, throwing your bag in the back seat and slipping into the plush, leather seat beside him.
He says nothing as he pulls out of the parking lot, a part of him revelling in your blatant discomfort. You already know he saw you, and you already know what kind of conclusions he's drawn from it. It doesn't matter what you say to try and convince him otherwise.
"Good week, princess?" He asks, taking a left turn and pulling up to a red light - shuffling in his seat to look over at you. "You got somethin' to tell me? Gonna start dating two guys now? I already felt sorry for Parker, but this guy, too?"
"No," you mutter, anger bubbling in your veins as you inwardly curse his vile hypocrisy, "but even if I did, you're one to talk." You had moments like this. Moments when you just can't bring yourself to sit pretty and apologise for the very thing he's doing so shamelessly.
"Careful," he warns, pulling away as the light turns green, accelerating harshly while you blow out a breath to continue.
"You gonna fuck her tonight?" You spit, kicking off your shoes and stretching your legs out in front of you, feet propped up on the dash purely because you know how much it pisses him off. "Are you? You gonna make me listen to it like I have to every fucking weekend?"
Bucky says nothing. He knows you're right. Knows he has absolutely zero standing to tell you what to do or who to date. That doesn't matter when his mind is screaming violence and his heart is hammering in his chest. He inhales a deep breath through his nose to try and steady himself, but you continue to poke at him.
"You're an asshole, you know that? I fucking hate you," you seethe, folding your arms across your chest and keeping your gaze fixed on the windscreen. "You come into my life, marry my Mom even though it's fucking obvious that you don't love her. If you loved her, you wouldn't be screwing her daughter every chance you get. You don't control me, you don't get to tell me how to behave."
You pretend not to panic when he pulls into a quiet side street, his demeanour calm and calculating as he shuts off the engine and puts the car in park.
Bucky looks to you, wrapping an arm around the passenger headrest and leaning in close enough that his warm breath fans your already burning cheek. "Someone's feelin' brave today, hmm?"
"I'm sick of being treated like a fucking whore," you tell him, sucking your bottom lip between your teeth before it has the chance to quiver and give you away. "I'm tired of being stuck in this shitty situation, tired of only getting the fucking scraps, and exhausted at having to watch you fake it with her."
"Who says I'm faking it?" He asks, his tone laced with that trademark arrogance that made you fall so hard in the first place. He regrets it as soon as it falls from his lips, but he can't let you know that. Has to keep up this ridiculous facade that you're just a hole for him to fuck when he needs a pretty young thing to entertain him. "Green's not a good look on you, princess. Oughta try being a little more grateful, coming all the way out here to pick you up. Could just leave you to take the bus."
"You only come out here to get your dick wet. Don't try to pretend that you're doing anyone a favour but yourself."
You're furious. You hate the way you let your emotions get the better of you, how you allow your jealousy to rip you apart inside, how you lack the strength to resist him and break off your affair. It's never going to end how you want it to.
"You think I have to drive all the way out here to get my dick wet?" He taunts you, his palm grazing the top of your bare thigh, snaking up below the hem of your skirt as you try to pull it down and cover yourself. "I don't even have to drive five minutes out of our fuckin' street to get some pussy if I want it."
His hand reaches further, fist nudging your thighs apart just enough for him to cup your cunt in the palm of his hand and squeeze it just a little, “could fuck any one’a those desperate, suburban housewives if I wanted. That why you get so jealous, princess? Thinkin’ I’m gonna get bored of this hot, little cunt and move onto the next one?” 
His words make your gut ache, because you know he’s right. You’re terrified that one day he’ll wake up and find a new toy to play with. You hate yourself for grinding yourself down against his hand, hate the slick that squelches against it as you seek that delicious friction you’ve been craving all week. 
“Please,” you whimper, reaching to grip his thick thigh, trying to steady yourself as you tremble beneath his touch. 
“S’that what’s got you so worked up? You just need to get fucked? Need daddy’s cock to make it better?” He coos, keeping up the charade that he could give two fucks about your feelings. Bucky can’t let you know that he could never get bored - will never find a sweeter pussy than yours. “C’mon, princess. Cat got your tongue now?” 
“Daddy, please,” you whisper, batting your lashes at him and doing your very best to entice him into giving you what you want. He smirks, tapping your cunt with his fingers and pulling them out from between your thighs. Your lips part as you start to speak, but his glistening digits slip between them before you get the chance to finish the first syllable. 
“You think I’m gonna give you what you want after that fuckin’ performance back there. Not to mention that mouth,” he tuts, shoving his fingers further down your throat and pulling a gagging sound from your mouth. “Here’s what you’re gonna do. You’re gonna suck those fingers clean, and then you’re gonna keep daddy’s cock warm with that mouth. All the way home.” 
“Mmmph,” you mumble, but with a mouth full of his fingers you can’t get a word out. He pulls them free of your mouth, leaning in to capture your lips in a heated kiss that sets your skin on fire. 
You’ll never get sick of those lips. The way he kisses you, so soft and so passionate. His kisses were the only clue you needed. The only reassurance you ever had to cling on to that you meant more to him than he cared to admit. 
His tongue slips between your lips, dancing with yours as you cling to the collar of his jacket - arching your body into his as his leans over the centre console, kissing you with fervor and desire. 
He pulls away, his forehead resting against yours as he catches his breath. “You’re gonna keep it warm for me,” he rasps, “because I missed it alright? I missed that mouth. I missed those pretty tits, missed that little pussy.” 
You think he’s going to tell you that he missed you. It’s right there on the tip of his tongue. He doesn’t, of course. But the intensity of his stare dizzies you slightly, knocking you off kilter completely when he brushes his thumb against your jawline. 
“Gonna wrap those soft lips around my dick and remind me how fuckin’ good it feels,” he purrs, nuzzling his nose against the soft spot behind your ear, “and then later, when it’s all quiet, m’gonna remind you why you belong to me.” 
Tumblr media
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celestialbarnes · 6 months ago
love me harder | b.b
pairing: bucky barnes x reader
summary: you and bucky have been flirting and screwing around for months now, after seeing him getting frisky with someone else, you decide to do the same and bucky’s just about had enough.
word count: 3.2k
warnings: nsfw, literal flith, unprotected sex, rough sex, cocky bucky, jealous bucky, reader being touch starved
a/n: hello! my first nsfw fic is up! honestly, i am such a simp for bucky, so yes here goes, i hope you all enjoy it!
masterlist in bio (links hate me now) | requests open!
thank you for reading!
Tumblr media
“(Y/N) you ready?” Natasha asked as you took one last look at yourself in the mirror before deciding to put on the red lipstick that you had gotten a few weeks ago, the colour complimenting your dress of the same shade perfectly.
“Coming!” you replied as you quickly smoothed out your dress, slipping on your heels as you headed out your room, your door closing behind you with a soft click.
“Damn, someone’s gonna get laid tonight”. The redhead adds and you shrug, “That’s what this dress is for Nat”. the two of you laughed as you headed towards the lift, the doors to it sliding open. Tony being Tony had decided to hold a party for Bucky’s birthday, well you were pretty sure his exact words were, “Barnes’s a hundred and four, that’s worth celebrating,” though you were more convinced that it was just another way for the billionaire to have a party, after all, what’s Tony without a party.
The music was already pounding through the speakers as soon as you and Natasha walked in, it was so loud you swore the walls were shaking alone with the floor that looked like it was going to break anytime soon with the throngs of half-drunk people that were on it.
“Nice to see you two finally came”. Tony says as soon as you settled on the bar stool.
“Was I supposed to say no?” you retort playfully as he snorts, bringing his glass of whiskey to his lips.
“Like you would, you’re here for the birthday boy,” He adds.
“Nope, I’m here because there’s an open bar and I don’t get drunk enough.”
“That wasn’t what you said last week when capsicle caught you both banging like rabbits in the quinjet”.
“We didn’t bang like-“
“What?!? You and Barnes are fucking?” Natasha cuts in, clearly shocked at the newfound information that Tony had ever so kindly provided.
Thank god for Tony Stark.
“Shut up” you were answered with Tony’s laughter and a reply of “use protection” before the billionaire walks off, joining Pepper at the table.
“You didn’t tell me you and Bucky screwed” Natasha pipes up as she easily finishes her martini, raising her hand for another.
“It was a onetime thing Nat” you said in exasperation, shooting your friend a glare when she wriggles her eyebrows suggestively.
“How’s he in bed?”
“Nat, I swear to god-“
“Beer can or carrot stick?”
“Okay, fine. How many times?”. You groan and before you could let out a string of colourful vocabulary, Natasha was gone, a knowing smirk on her face as she heads towards Sharon, who was seated with Wanda, and when you saw the giant grins on their faces, you knew that your secret wasn’t exactly one anymore.
You raised your hands asking for shots, shit, it was a terrible mistake to have allowed a certain blue eyes soldier to get into your pants. The two of you had been flirting for god knows how many months, at first it was simple, a little too many pick-up lines, nicknames and  jokes, then as time passed, fleeting touches followed suite and so did the knowing glances, the way the two of you eyed each other during meetings, the tension only grew.
And before you knew it, he had crashed his lips unto yours when it was just the two of you in the jet, the brunette making up an excuse of having to go through report protocol with you, waiting for the rest of the team to leave before he had you pinned up against the wall, lips pressed on yours and his hands wandering your frame, tugging at the leather suit that clung to your frame.
“You want this don’t you princess?” he had growled in your ear as he lifts you up, your legs wrapping around his well-built waist as he plunges balls deep into you, you couldn’t come up with any reply, moans of pleasure falling from your lips as he thrust into you, his mouth leaving hot, open kisses on your neck and shoulders, your skin burning up as you dug your nails into his shoulder, his groans doing nothing but egg you on as you moved in sync.
You were so close to coming undone when the door opened and the poor Captain had walked in, wanting to add on to the mission’s report only to have the scene of Bucky, his pants half way down his legs as he practically pounds into your dripping cunt, your tits bouncing and your face contorted in pleasure as you hung on for the ride.
Needless to say, Steve was scarred, you had scrambled to put on your suit with Bucky chuckling in the background as he watched you try to come up with an excuse for your, well, state.
And from that day on, you swore every damn time you walked into the kitchen or training room, Steve could not look you in the eye. Hell, that added on with the smirk that Bucky had plastered on his face was enough to make your face burn up in embarrassment as you tried your best to get him out of your mind, which was pretty much next to impossible seeing how you were so often in your bed, hand in your pants as your fingers rub circles on your clit, moaning his name like a mantra as your head replayed what happened, and all you could think of after that was how it would feel to have Bucky balls deep in your cunt again.
Talk about missing someone too much.
Word had spread and before you knew it, a few people on the team already knew with Sam shooting you a knowing smirk when you saw him a few days after the events had played out and Tony being Tony was curious about the giggles, decided to go find out exactly what happened. You would have never thought that the very same men that wiped out HYDRA would be seated on leather couches with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills playing while they giggled like some high school girls, and Wilson just had to make things worse.
“Hey (Y/N), like the angle of the dangle?” your eyes had widened in shock, and you had gone speechless, just like that Tony found out through FRIDAY who had said something along the lines of “vigorous activities happening in the jet,”.
And yet, the eye fucking never stopped, if anything it got better, with the both of you looking as if there was nothing more than just to bang on the couch, the counter or wherever the hell you both were at that moment, you didn’t believe it to be anything serious, just some casual no strings attached sex.
You were deprived, touch starved, and the fact that Bucky had left you without helping you cum had got your, well, panties in a knot and no matter how many times you had your back arched as your pussy throbbed thanks to your trusty fingers, it just couldn’t compare to that of Bucky’s cock stretching your wet, dripping pussy.
You sighed, finishing your shot, your eyes scanning the crowded room, the lights flashing as you tried to make out the shadowy figures, and when your sight caught on just the man you were looking for, you were not that elated that he was at the pool table, some blonde chick in front of him, fake smile on her face as she slapped his chest playfully, and you didn’t miss the way Bucky had chuckled, leaning down to help her shoot her shot, you didn’t miss how she had her skirt hiked up to the point where you were convince she wasn’t wearing anything, a smile on her face as she presses herself against the front of his pants. 
You watched as Bucky simply smirked, leaning closer, and you had to thank the alcohol that flooded your system that you didn’t just go up to him right there, you watched as Bucky’s eyes found yours, a hint of the devil swimming in his irises as the smirk he had plastered on his face simply grew bigger, almost as if he wanted you to stare. 
Great, just great.
You were about to raise your hand to ask for another round, when the bartender slid a glass of whiskey towards you.
“I didn’t order this,”
“Courtesy of the gent behind you” was all he said before he went about his business, completely ignoring your protests.
You frowned slightly, you were pretty sure that you had easily rejected every man’s attempt to hit on you tonight, shooting them sarcastic remarks when they tried flirting and chuckling when you saw the shocked look they had on their faces, nevertheless you picked up the glass of alcohol, turning back to see the man that your friendly bartender had mentioned and there he was.
The dim setting did nothing to hide the fact that he had a jawline that looked as if it could cut through glass, a handsome smirk plastered on his face as he walked over.
“So, I’m gonna assume that you’re the guy that got me the drink” you asked, despite the flashing disco lights, you could make out his features, he had blue irises that seemed to bore into your very soul and the button down he wore barely did his biceps the justice they deserved, it was unbuttoned at the top and as much as you didn’t want to admit, he looked good and you found yourself being pulled towards him.
“And if I was?” He asked smoothly, a grin on his face as he lifted the beer bottle to his lips taking a huge swig, his eyes still fixed on you.
“I don’t know, why don’t you tell me?” You shot back, sarcasm lacing your voice as you bought the glass of whiskey to your lips.
” Feisty, aren’t you?” He continued and you looked towards him, a suave smile on his face as he downed the rest of his drink. You had to admit he was handsome with baby blues that you couldn’t get enough of, blue eyes that just reminded you of a certain someone that you wanted to get out of your head.
You bite your lip, looking over your shoulder to see Bucky and the blonde at a pool table, the hands that had been digging into your waist was now around her slim waist as he leaned down, whispering something in her ear making the latter blush and you wanted to throw up watching her practically grind against him not even bothering to hide the fact that she wanted something a lot more than a game of pool.
Turning back to the stranger, you shot him a sultry smile. “You dance?”. He nodded, smirk forming on his face as he watched you down your whiskey, the alcohol burning your throat. You knew that you desperately needed liquid courage to even bring yourself to the dance floor not to mention dancing with a stranger.
You took his extended hand, your heels clicking as you allowed him to lead to the floor, the alcohol that clouded your mind made you pull him close to you, his hands on your waist, and for just a while, your mind was free of a certain super soldier, maybe you would get laid tonight after all, it wasn’t Bucky but it would suffice but at least you’ll get railed and perhaps, whatever game that you and the soldier played would come to an end.
Tumblr media
“Damn, isn’t that (Y/N)?” Bucky’s head shot up at the mention of your name, looking in the direction of where Sam was pointing to, his jaw clenching as he watched the scene unfold before him.
You were dancing with some guy who had his hands on your waist and if Bucky were being honest, those hands were far too fucking low for his liking, you were grinding against the asshole, your body flush against his and he watched as the man leaned down whispering something in your ear, whatever it was , Bucky was pretty fucking sure it had something to do with the both of you screwing by the looks of how the bastard’s hands sliding under your dress, which was far from innocent, the fabric was a sinful red, a colour that he had once said looked good on you, and hell, he was damn right, because the way it clung to your skin, amplifying all of your curves was good enough to drive any man mad with desire.
Bucky’s eyes narrowed as you circled your arm around the stranger’s neck, pulling him down towards you, your lips barely inches from his, his hand clenched around the pool stick as your eyes met his cerulean ones, taunting him with a smirk that formed on your pretty face as you pulled the stranger down closer, your eyes fluttering shut as you crashed your lips onto the man’s.
“That’s it” Bucky growled, throwing the pool stick down as he stormed over to the dance floor, leaving the blonde behind as he took big steps over to where you stood as you gyrated against the man.
“This is going to be fun” Sam joked, taking a swig of his beer as he leaned back into the chair, Steve laughed, leaned back and against the pool table as he watched the scene unfold before him.
“What the fuck is going on?” You looked up to see a fuming Bucky, his irises filled with rage as he stared at the stranger. He was angry alright, seeing you gyrate against this ass was more than enough to set him off and right now he wanted nothing more than to land a punch on the guy’s face.
“Hey Bucky, this is-“
“I don’t fucking care who he is (Y/N)” Bucky growled, shooting the man daggers and if looks could kill, your “friend” would be a pile of ash right now, not that you cared.
“What Bucky? You get to feel up some stripper and I’m not allowed to have my own fun?” You retorted, venom lacing your voice, as you looked towards him, at this point you were pretty sure half the room had their eyes on the scene that was playing out, ignoring the whistles from Sam and Tony.
“Yeah man, what she said.” Before he could continue, Bucky’s fist came in contact with the stranger’s face, causing him to stumble back, pressing his hand to his now swollen nose.
“What the hell’s wrong with you?!” You exclaimed, Bucky grabbed your wrist, pulling you out of the dance floor, both of you ignoring the wolf whistles as he drags you towards the bathroom, pushing you in as he locks the door behind him with a click.
“What the fuck is your problem?” You hissed pulling your wrist away from him.
“Dammit, (Y/n), you’re the fuckin’ problem”. Bucky shot back, running his fingers through his hair.
“I can’t get you out of my fuckin’ head”.
“That’s not my pro-“. Before you could finish your sentence however, Bucky crashes his lips onto yours, barely even giving you time to process what he had just done before he backed you up against the counter.
You barely struggled as you find yourself caving into his advances, your eyes fluttering shut as you returned the kiss, your arms wrapping around his neck, pulling him close as you deepened the kiss, your lips moving against his as you both fought for dominance, Bucky smirking when he won.
You were lifted from the ground and placed on the marble countertop, Bucky’s lip quaking in a snarl as you rolled your hips against his growing erection. You grinned, tugging his bottom lip between your teeth, relishing in his breathlessness over your actions. Heat pools in between your legs as you interlock your fingers in his locks, moaning when you felt his hard on pressing against your thigh.
“Tell me to stop” he mumbles between each kiss, his hand sliding down to your covered cunt, easily finding your bundle of nerves making you let out a whimper as he rubs teasing circles on your clit.
“Stop talking and show me what you got James”. Bucky’s growl was vicious as he hooks his fingers into the band of your panties, tearing them down your legs, throwing them away carelessly. He shimmies out of his jeans, the denim pooling at his ankles as he pumps himself in his hand before teasing his tip at your entrance.
You whimper, bucking your hips, desperate to feel him to push into you. Bucky chuckled lowly, only to continue teasing your dripping cunt.
“You’re so eager love, thought about me fucking you,haven’t you?” Bucky asked, slowly pressing his cockhead against your fold making you bite you struggled to hold back a loud moan.
“Tell me you didn’t and you’re a fuckin’ liar Barnes”. You retorted, fighting the urge to buck your hips knowing full well that all he would do was to make you wait longer instead of taking you like you want him to.
“Trust me Princess, I thought about it”. Bucky growls, thrusting into you hard, making you cry out, your fingers gripping the edge of the counter. “Thought about how wet and tight you would feel ‘round my cock,”
Bucky pounds into you mercilessly, his fingers digging into your hips as you held on for the ride, a string of curses falling from your lips as he thrust into your heat, your walls clenching as his tip brushes against your spot making you whimper as you dig your nails into his back.
“Thought about you plenty doll,”
Bucky was slick with your arousal and the sound of skin slapping against skin was pornographic. You wrap your legs around his waist, taking him in deeper into you, moaning as you felt him stretch you out ever so deliciously.
“You feel so fuckin’ good,” Bucky groans into your shoulder as he mouths against the curve of your neck, the feeling of your walls choking around his cock was damn near enough to push him to the edge of his release, his hips snapping as his thrusts become erratic.
“F-fuck Bucky, I’m going to cum” you whimper, your ankles digging into his back and your nails, his shoulder as Bucky hissed.
“That’s it princess, cum for me. Atta girl”. Bucky soothes as your walls clench around his thick length, pulsating around his cock as you come undone, diving headfirst into euphoria, the coil in your stomach coming undone with Bucky following not long after you, a low groan erupting from his chest, his cock throbbing as he spills his seed into you, both of you breathless.
Bucky pulls out of you, white stickiness trailing down your inner thighs as he helps you down from the countertop.
“Thanks for the birthday gift” Bucky teases as scrunches up the familiar red laced panties, stuffing it into his jean pocket.
“You’re getting me new ones Barnes,” You retort, and he chuckles.
“That depends,”
“How many you’ll let me destroy”. Bucky replies, giving your ass a tight squeeze.
The door opened, and you made a mental note to thank Tony when you saw a paper taped to the door that read “out of service”.
Tumblr media
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starshipsofstarlord · 5 months ago
Close, Suspiciously So
Pairing | Bucky Barnes x reader
Summary | Falcon gains an interest in to as to why the reader and Bucky are spending so much time together after missions.
Warnings | the reader enjoying annoying Zemo and vice versa, swearing, hints at previous smut, threats
Requested ✖️
Quick link to my masterlist, if you’re interested in reading more of my crap 😬
Tumblr media
Without much care for the expense, you dived upon Zemo’s couch, that was within his secret hideout, closing your eyes, and laying upon the comfortable furniture. The Baron simply scoffed at your behaviour, whereas, Bucky concealed his amusement, to Sam’s dismay.
Since the Falcon had called for your help, along with Bucky’s, the two of you had gotten close, always tailing each other on missions to ensure that the other did not get hurt, and there being no snide remarks emitting from the once winter soldier in your presence.
He was an utmost gentleman, and that was when Sam Wilson realised, the old man was trying to court you, as was done with more respect and less bluntness back in his war zone days. The man could see the adoration resonating in the eyes of the other, and he went to open his mouth, until Bucky turned abruptly towards the kitchen, Zemo trailing back over to Sam and you.
At his presence, you groaned, feeling his judgemental and high ranking eyes glaring predominantly at you, clearly wishing to sit on the space that you were occupying. Though, you made no movement to move, and instead, kicked your shoes off.
Sighing, Zemo rolled his irises around in the pools of his white, finally giving in to sharing thus another luxury with you and your darned companions. “There are bedrooms upstairs, you may take one y/n.”
At that, you smirked, moving upright to stand, making it clear that it had been your plan all along. “Thank you so much Helmet, is it to the left?” He nodded, wishing to get his hands rid of your presence, that was keen to trail away.
“She used to be a con artist before she joined the team, it’s clear she still carries some of the attributes.” Sam mumbled out into the air, watching as Zemo squinted honourably towards him.
“You tell me that as though I did not do my research before I became invested in stopping all superheroes, her included.” He simply sipped his tea, twiddling with the foil of a Turkish delight as he sat down, pleased that he now could.
“Was that an threat towards her to me?” It was no surprise, they all knew not to trust this man, he had done enough damage when he was free the last time, and now, it would be strange to suspect any different from him.
“No, simply a statement for now. I’d not have included her if your Labrador of a super soldier was in this room, but to my luck, James is not.” Another sip of his drink became audible in the air, as Sam turned around.
He was right, Bucky was no longer within the walls of the room, and his eyes began to flicker. They’d have seen him exit if he decided to leave, perhaps but he had been an assassins for a long time, so who knew, and there was no sign that the front door had been opened, no cold air was blowing inside.
But, he could have went upstairs, and gone to another bedroom. Who was he kidding, he’d be in the same room, it all made sense! And all along, he had been right, there had been something to suspect.
Though, the investigative part needed to know that he was right, and so, he, with the shadow of Zemo that he was defiant with not leaving behind, for he could run, the pair walked quietly up the steps.
Zemo pointed to the door whence they had reached the landing, and Sam, with a strained face, opened the door quickly, only for you and Bucky to jump away from each other.
Your hands fell reluctantly from Bucky’s shoulders, and he himself licked his lips, trying to rid the evidence of your lipstick from his mouth. But it was to no avail working, the pair of you had been caught out, and surely, the two of you would never hear the end of this.
“I knew it!” Sam bellowed, pleased that he had been right to have his suspicions all along. Bucky rolled his eyes at Sam, zipping up his fly that no one else but you, had realised had been undone. But the action drew attention to the feature, and it soon dawned on Sam that the pair of you must have just finished something before Sam had barged in. “Y’all are gross!”
“And you seem to be rather oblivious Samuel. It was clear that these two came up here to fuck, and I am surprised that you are only just discovering this now. Some would think you were asleep on jet, when the pair suddenly decided that they both needed to use the bathroom, or when I was beating up the dance floor in Madripoor, that you were incidentally left all by your lonesome as the two of them disappeared into the crowd.”
He took another sip of his tea that he had carried up here, and you crossed your arms, whilst Bucky scowled murderously towards the two men that had intervened where they shouldn’t have.
“The fact that you pay that close detail to us is weird.” You stated, your nostrils flaring as you stared at the Sokovian. “Do you not have anything better to do?” You retorted, causing Zemo to put his cup down on its adjoining plate that was held in his spare hand before he responded.
“Not really, no. Whilst you have taken me hostage, it is either watch the drama that is ongoing in your little group, or think about the mission ahead. And as much as I would like to kill Karli-“
“No.” Sam scolded him, frowning at the man, who only rolled his shoulders back before continuing, being strictly against taking a girls life, he allowed him to speak more, no matter how irritating the rest would be.”
“However, it has been clear to me from the very beginning what the two of you have been doing, and whilst this oaf has not accepted it, it was far too easy to put the pieces together. It’s like you never told him about that time that you used your con skills to make Sam get food whilst you were going against the accords, and Steve was occupied with bringing the team together, and you had some of your own fun in the front seat, where he had been sat.”
Sam’s eyes widened, and so did Bucky’s. “I’m going to kill you!” They both said simultaneously, Sam’s aimed at Bucky whilst Bucky’s words were prompted towards zemo.
“Seriously, you’re creepy dude!” You whisper shouted as you held Bucky back, Zemo smirking in reply.
“I hear things, and I’d say for a con woman, you speak far too much to your lover, and the walls here are only thin.” And with that, he picked his mug up once more, after having already spilt the tea.
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waitimcomingtoo · 4 months ago
Bagels and Bites
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader
Synopsis: Sebastian likes to flirt with you in interviews
Tumblr media
It all started when you met him on The Late Late Show.
“How are you all feeling tonight?” James asked you and Sebastian Stan as you sat on the guest couch.
“I’m excited.” You beamed as Sebastian rested his arm on the couch behind you.
“So am I. We should probably talk about this later,” Sebastian smiled directly at you, “but we’ve been wanting to meet each other for a long time.”
“Have you?” James chuckled.
“No.” You laughed and playfully hit Sebastian in the chest. “We had one interaction on Twitter and he thinks there’s something between us.”
“It was a very flirty interaction.” Sebastian clarified. “There were sparks flying all over those tweets.”
“So this is your first time actually meeting?” James asked. “Even though you’re in the marvel movies together?”
“It’s weird. I haven’t met half the cast.” You shrugged. “I’ll meet everyone else once the press tour starts but so far I’ve only met the people I’ve filmed with. Just Chris, and Chris, and um, oh yeah. Chris.”
You looked down and smiled to yourself when you heard Sebastian laughing at your joke. Even though you’d never met him, you’d always liked him. It was a well known secret on the Internet that you were his celebrity crush, since he was so inclined on bringing it up in almost every interview of his. Being face to face for the first time now, you were feeling a little intoxicated from his charm. Well, his charm and the white wine you’d been sipping on.
“I hope they stop putting me with Mackie and start putting me with Y/n once this press tour starts.” Sebastian said after taking a sip of his wine. “I love him but I can’t keep babysitting him at 8 in the morning. I’d like to wake up to someone who looks a little more like this one.”
“I know what you mean.” You agreed. “He would show up to set every morning all ready to go and I’m like dude, give me a few hours for my personality to arrive.”
“I was so mad that he got to film with you and I didn’t.” Sebastian shook his head. “We finally get cast in a movie together and we’re never in the same scene.”
“Well,” you put your hand on his knee and patted it, “we’re meeting now. Lucky you.”
“Yeah.” He smirked at you. “Lucky me.”
“Now, Sebastian.” James reminded you both that he was there. “I heard a rumor that you have a little crush on Y/n.”
“Well, I try not to pay attention to rumors.” Sebastian waved his hand. “But that ones pretty accurate.”
“Oh my God.” You put your hand over your heart, which was about to beat out of your chest, and laughed.
“It’s true. I’ve been meaning to tell you this for a while, but I feel like I’ve seen you all my life. And here you are in person and you look so great.” Sebastian said through a shy smile. You laughed in shock at his compliment and looked down at your lap.
“You’re fully going for it.” James laughed at how bold Sebastian was being.
“You’re not being a very good wingman.” You teased James as you took a long sip of your drink. The more alcohol you had in you, the easier it would be to flirt with the incredible attractive man next to you.
“I was never known for that.” James agreed. “But I heard your brother is a pretty good one, isn’t he?”
“Oh My God.” You groaned, knowing exactly what James was referring to. “He’s not.”
“What happened?” Sebastian wondered, never taking his eyes off you.
“I took my brother to the Oscars with me last year and we happened to be sitting next to Jake Gyllenhaal.” You explained. “And the whole night, he’s telling Jake about how I used to be in love with him when I was a kid. If there weren’t a bunch of cameras around us, I would’ve rung his neck.”
“So I’m assuming you and Jake aren’t the next celebrity power couple?” James teased.
“We are not.” You shook your head. “I can confidently say that I was still single.”
“I was just gonna and say, there’s still hope for us.” Sebastian gestured between the two of you. You opened your mouth in shock before biting down on your tongue. You playfully hit Sebastian again, signally that you were just as interested as he was.
“You’re really going for it.” James pointed out. “I must say, wow.”
“Why not?” Sebastian grinned. “This is the time.”
“You are pretty cute, I just wanna say.” You flirted back for the hell of it. Sebastian laughed in surprise before covering his face with his hands. You laughed as well as he hunched over to hide his face.
“He’s actually gone red now!” James pointed at him. “He was so sure of himself and now he’s all red.”
“Leave him alone.” You pouted as you rubbed Sebastians back. Sebastian sat back up and rubbed his face with his hands.
“Yeah.” Sebastian said assertively as he wrapped an arm around you. “Leave me alone. I’m trying to flirt here.”
“How would you ask her on a date, then?” James asked. “Since you’re so in love with her.”
“Like this.” Sebastian said as he turned to you “Ce faci?”
“Would you bite me in the neck?” You asked, catching him completely off guard. He took his arm away and laughed in shock at your words.
“Oh my God.” He chuckled as he looked around in embarrassment. Suddenly, he turned back to you and cupped one side of your face, tilting your neck slightly with his hand. He bit down on your exposed neck, making the audience erupt in a series of laughter and gasps. You giggled when you felt his scruff tickling your neck and made no effort to push him off.
“He actually did it.” James looked at the audience to see if they were seeing what he was.
“She asked me to.” Sebastian rolled his eyes playfully. His arm was still around you and neither of you wanted it off.
“It was a hypothetical but I guess I know my answer.” You shrugged as you leaned back on the couch.
“Why would you ask him that?” James wondered.
“Like a vampire.” You explained. “Aren’t vampires from Romania?”
“That’s Transylvania.” Sebastian smiled fondly at you.
“Oh.” You realized. “I still liked it.”
“I’ll do it again later.” Sebastian shrugged, making your hide your face in embarrassment.
“Promise?” You said suddenly as you put your hand back on his knee. It was Sebastians turn to be baffled as he put his free hand on tops of yours.
“Darling.” He choked out, too stunned to form a full sentence.
“This has been an intense experience.” James fans himself with his cards. “What will the two of you do after the show?”
“I’ll probably go home, order a pizza, and pass out while watching all of Sebastian’s episodes of Once Upon a Time.” You joked.
“I was going to do the exact same thing.” Sebastian nodded. “Right after I got a job as a pizza delivery boy so I can go to Y/n’s house.”
“Or you could just come over.” You shrugged, making Sebastian blush.
“I like that idea too.” Sebastian replied.
“I’m trying to imagine what the poor pizza delivery boy is gonna see when he arrives at Y/n’s house later.” James grimaced, making the audience laugh.
“I know, right? They open the door and this is what the get.” Sebastian gestured to you. “It’s you. How lucky they are.”
You leaned into him as you laughed, the alcohol making you feel bolder than usual. You’d never be this flirty with a man you’d just met, but he made it too easy.
The rest of the interview continued in a similar fashion, with you and Sebastian unapologetically flirting with each other every chance you got. By the end of the interview, you were so close that your knees were touching. When it came time to say goodbye, you felt an unexpected pane of sadness.
“Well, thank you both for coming on the show tonight.” James smiled. “I hope I’ll be invited to the wedding.”
“You will. And I wanted to thank you. For this.” Sebastian said as he slipped his fingers through yours and held up your hands. You beamed and squeezed his hand, fully tipsy now the the interview was over.
After thanking James and drinking another glass of wine, you drunkenly pulled Sebastian off the couch.
“Come in the photo booth with me.” You giggled as you tugged him by the hand towards the booth.
“Okay.” He grinned as he climbed inside. He pulled you into his lap and pressed the button before wrapping his arms around your waist. The pictures began to snap away and you posed for all of them. For the first, you just held each other close and smiled. For the second, he leaned up to kiss your cheek. And for the third, he took another bite of your neck.
“That tickles.” You giggled as the camera flashed.
“Good.” He smirked against your skin before pressing a kiss there.
“Stick your tongue out.” You told him, and he obliged. You licked his tongue as the fourth picture was taken, capturing the drunken moment. The fifth flash went off right as Sebastian connected your lips to his. You continued to kiss him, tasting the alcohol on his lips and tongue.
“Oh my God.” You pulled away suddenly. “I have to pee.”
You got off his lap and ran to the restroom, leaving him alone in the photo booth.
The next time you saw Sebastian, neither of you brought the kiss up. Whether you thought the other was too drunk to remember or you were simply too embarrassed to bring it up, it was not mentioned.
The flirting, however, the flirting continued.
“What would you like to see for your characters in the next movies?” The journalist asked you and Sebastian as you sat together in a press junket.
“For our characters specifically, I’d like to see some graphic love making.” Sebastian said seriously. “I think that that’s something the movies have been lacking.”
“Oh my God.” You laughed and shook your head. “Me too, actually. I think it would be really in character and important to the plot.”
“How would that benefit the plot?” The journalist asked.
“It’s simple. I would just change my name to “the plot” and bam.” Sebastian clapped his hands. “I’m benefited.”
“He’s such a flirt.” You said as you rested your elbow on his shoulder. “Can you believe him?”
“I can’t.” The journalist chuckled.
“You know what I’d like to see? Some method acting. Why can’t you be as quiet as Bucky?” You teased Sebastian as you flicked his ear.
“How would I tell you how pretty you are if I wasn’t speaking?” He flirted back.
“This is what I have to put up with.” You shook your head as looked at the camera. “What about you? What do you want to see from our characters?”
“I would like to see Bucky do the knife trick some more.” The journalist answered you.
“What knife trick?” You wondered.
“It’s the thing he does when he flips his knife around and stabs people.” Sebastian explained as he moved his hand in a circle. “It took me forever to learn.”
“Wait, I wanna see it.” You smiled excitedly and turned to him.
“No, no.” He wagged his finger at you. “I’m not doing the knife trick.”
“Please?” You pouted. “For me?”
“All right, all right.” Sebastian broke into a grin. “I’m only doing this because you asked nicely.”
The journalist handed him a pen and he easily flipped it around and caught it before making a stabbing motion. You let out a gasp and stared at him in shock for a long time.
“What’s wrong?” He asked you.
“I wanna to fuck you, that’s what’s wrong.” You replied. “Can you do it again?”
Sebastian laughed at your joke as his face heated up. He knew that was just the way you two liked to tease each other, but it didn’t mean it didn’t make him smile.
“I’ll do it again.” He nodded as picked the pen back up. “Anything for you.”
On a day where the interviews ended early, you spent the night in Sebastians hotel room, getting drunk on his balcony.
“What about you?” Sebastian asked as he took a sip of his beer. “What was your best kissing scene? I know you’ve kissed some pretty great actors. Might be hard to pick.”
“It’s not. I hate kissing actors.” You grimaced. “It’s not even kissing. It’s just like, limp lips on limp lips. There’s no passion when it’s for a scene. I hate it.”
“Maybe you’re just kissing the wrong actors.” Sebastian shrugged playfully as he gazed at you.
“I don’t think so.” You shook your head. “I’ve never felt anything when kissing another actor. You can’t tell me you do.”
“I do.” He shrugged again. “Its not much, but I wouldn’t say it’s nothing.”
“What? How?” You wondered. “If you kissed me right now, you wouldn’t feel anything. I guarantee it.”
“I think I would.” Sebastian disagreed.
“All right.” You turned your chair a little to face him. “Prove me wrong.”
Sebastian tweaked an eyebrow up before leaning in to kiss you. You kissed him back for a few seconds before pulling away. You looked past him for a minute as you mulled the moment over in your head.
“What’s the matter?” He asked quietly.
“I was incorrect.” You chuckled a little. “I guess I did feel something.”
“I told you you would.” He said smugly. “I knew you’d feel something.”
“How’d you know?” You whined as he basked in the glory of being right.
“Because I felt something the last time we kissed.” He said simply. “And I knew you did too.”
“I didn’t realize you remembered that.” You smirked before talking a sip from his beer.
“Course I do.” He replied. “I think about that night all the time. It was the start of a beautiful, sexually frustrating friendship.”
“Oh, I’m sexually frustrating?” You laughed. “Try being your friend. It’s hard to look at you, really.”
“That’s not how I feel about you.” He smiled a little. “I really, really like looking at you.”
“I like you too.” You smiled back.
“That’s not what I said.” He teased. You dropped your jaw and stole his beer again, taking a long sip as you held eye contact.
“It’s what you meant.” You stuck your tongue out at him. You sat in comfortable silence for a minute, listening to the chirps of the crickets as a warm breeze wafted through the air.
“The press tour is ending soon.” You said quietly as you adverted your eyes. “Tomorrow’s the premier. Then, it’s all over.”
“I know.” He said softly. You looked at him and gave him a sad smile, to which he returned.
“We won’t get to see each other every day anymore.” You pointed out.
“Then we better make tomorrow count.” He said simply. He knew what you were implying, that there was no point in starting something when you’d both been going home soon, but he didn’t want to think about that. He just wanted to enjoy his last few days with you.
“Yeah.” You smiled sadly and looked away again. “We better.”
The following night at the premier, you felt an overwhelming sadness knowing that it was all ending. You loved the weeks you’d spent goofing off with Sebastian, even if it never led to a real relationship. It still meant something to you, and you hoped it meant something to him.
To counteract your sadness, you sat with Chris Evans at the bar and let him distract you. After spending a minute with him, you were feeling drunk and ready to find Sebastian. You spotted him on the red carpet, fixed your dress, and went up to him.
“Hi.” You giggled as you wrapped your arms around his torso. You smiled up at him as he wrapped an arm around you, taking an usually loud whiff of his cologne.
“Hey.” He chuckled as he patted your back. “How are you doing?”
“I’m good.” You said as you swayed a little. “Question, is there alcohol in a Shirley Temple? Because I feel like I’ve had alcohol.”
“There is.” He laughed again and steadied you. “Did you know that?”
“Nope.” You sniffed him again. “You smell good.”
“Oh no.” He smiled as your behavior. “How many did you have?”
“I was having a contest with Evans to see who could drink more. I had like 5.” You bragged as you almost fell over.
“Oh dear.” He quickly caught you. “You’re staying with me tonight. I don’t trust drunk you.”
“No, it’s okay. You don’t have to babysit me.” You waved your hand and tried to walk away. You instantly stumbled and neatly fell, but Sebastian wrapped his arms around you and caught you.
“I think I do.” He chuckled as you put you on your feet. “Come on. You’re sticking with me.”
The next morning, you woke up with a throbbing headache. Not feeling the strength to sit up, you opened a single eye and looked around. You were definitely not in your own room, but you recognized who’s room you were in.
“Good morning.” Sebastians voice was usually loud, making you wince.
“Oh God.” You groaned as you sat up. You groggily opened your eyes as Sebastian handed you a cup of coffee.
“Here.” He smiled shyly. “How’s the head?”
“The head is in pain.” You groaned. “So is the rest of the body.”
“Here. Drink this.” He held out a glass of water and some Advil. “And take these.”
“Thanks.” You smiled sheepishly as you accepted his offerings.
“Did you at least win the drinking contest?” He asked as he took a seat on the bed. You took a long sip of water and swallowed the pills before answering his questions.
“I did.” You nodded. “But at what cost?”
“You’ll start to feel better once you get some food in you.” Sebastian said as he rubbed your shoulder. You put your hand over his and stared at him, feeling the guilt set in.
“I’m sorry I got drunk.” You mumbled. “I didn’t mean to ruin the last night.”
“You didn’t ruin anything.” Sebastian shook his head. “Trust me, we still had fun. I’m not sure how much you remember though.”
“I remember sitting with you at the premier.” You recalled. “And eating many, many bagels.”
“Yeah, we stopped at a bakery.” He chuckled. “You ate a dozen. I watched it all.”
“Oh God.” You covered your face with your hands. “That’s not how I wanted to spend our last night together.”
“How did you want to spend it together?” He asked quietly.
“Probably in a way that still ended with me waking up in your bed.” You joked like you usually did. “But I could do without the part where you watched me eat 12 bagels.”
“What do you mean?” He grinned. “That was the best part.”
“How’d I end up in your bed anyway?” You asked before taking another sip of coffee.
“You threw your key card at a seagull who was eyeing your bagel.” He explained. “You couldn’t get into your room so I let your crash in mine.”
You looked around the room and saw his pull out couch was topped with pillows and sheets, evidence of him sleeping there.
“Did you sleep on the pull out?” You pointed to it in disbelief.
“Of course I did.” He shrugged.
“Such a gentleman.” You scrunched your nose at him before finishing the coffee.
“Basic human decency is not exactly being a gentleman.” He pointed out.
“Maybe not.” You agreed. “But you still are one. You prove that to me everyday.”
“That must be why you like me so much.” He teased.
“Must be.” You dished it right back. Sebastians smile fell suddenly as he got a serious look on his face.
“I think you and I need to have a talk.” He said softly.
“Oh God.” You feared. “Did I puke on you last night?”
“No.” He chuckled. “It’s not about last night.”
“Then what’s it about?”
“As much as I love flirting with you, and I do, I think you should know it’s not just a joke to me.” He began. “And I wanted to know if it was just a joke to you or if-“
“It’s not.” You said a little too quickly, which made him smile. “I...I like you. A lot, actually. One might even call it love.”
Upon hearing this, Sebastian leaned forward to kiss you. You held a hand to stop him and gave him an apologetic look.
“I wouldn’t.” You grimaced. “My morning breath is-“
“-something I could get used to.” He cut you off before going in for the kiss. You immediately kissed him back, pulling him by his shirt to have him closer. He climbed over you as you tangled your fingers in the hair at the nape of his neck.
“I don’t care if its our last day.” He mumbled against your lips. “I want to do this for real. I wanna be with you.”
You kissed him back to tell him you felt the same way, not trusting yourself to say something smooth in the heat of the moment.
“Wait.” You pushed him back suddenly and held him away from you.
“Whats wrong?” He asked as he hovered over you.
“Can we get bagels after this?” You asked seriously before breaking into a smile.
“I seriously can’t stand you.” He said before leaning down to kiss you again. “You’re lucky I love you because I don’t like you at all.”
“12 wasn’t enough.” You giggled between kisses. “I need more. I crave them. I crave the yeast.”
Sebastian stopped kissing you for a moment and looked at you with a fond expression. You stared back at him as a content smile tugged at your lips. The flirting had finally lead to something more and neither of you could be happier.
“You know, you might actually be more annoying than Mackie.” He teased you before leaning down to kiss your neck.
“Shut up.” You laughed. “Shut up and bite me in the neck.”
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angrythingstarlight · a month ago
How would chubby bucky react to reader passing out during sex
Tumblr media
Pairing: Chubby Baker Bucky x reader
Warnings: Smut, no minors, overstimulation, passing out on Bucky's big ole c*ck.
A/n: Written on my phone. Drabble length? Do not copy, translate or repost my drabbles. I love comments and reblogs.
Bucky has you prone on the bed, the sheets twisted in your hands as you wailed his name into the pillow. His heavy, thick body driving yours deeper into the bed with each short frantic thrust. He can't get enough of your tight pussy, whispering in your ear how good you feel and how much he loves you.
Insurmountable pleasure clawing through your belly, you feel so good, so incredibly good that you have to scream, your hands curling tighter around the sheets. "Bucky, please, fuck don't stop, don't stop," you chant as your eyes scrunch shut. "Please don't."
He's so deep in you, his large cock splitting you in two.
He keeps hitting that rough, spongy patch inside you and it sends a jolt of pure pleasure through you with each stroke, god its like you’re being struck by lightning. You want to move away; you need a reprieve because you’re getting woozy, nearly drooling on your pillow as more sensations spark through you. Even as your pussy pulls him back in, clamping down around his thick length, you try to pull yourself away, mumbling, “too good, I can’t, can’t Bucky.”
“I know it’s good Peach, it’s good for me too, fuck you’re so tight, I just gotta-“ Bucky pushes more of his weight on top of you, pinning you down as he pounds into you, the dull wet sounds of skin slapping overtaking your muffled cries.
You can’t breathe, it’s too good, the way he’s ripping you apart. Leaving pleasure in his wake as he destroys your pussy, a deep thrust sends a needy mewl up your throat, the coil spiraling so tight it’s painful. You feel his sweat-slicked hand push under your belly and your eyes widen as you realize he’s moving towards your throbbing clit. God no, no no, you can’t take that, it’s too much, its-
“Fuck, ‘m close, cum for me, need you to cum first peach.” His fingers strum your swollen bundle of nerves and you shatter, seconds feel like hours, your entire body is on fire, your limbs locking up, your belly tensing, constricting as pure, unadulterated pleasure courses through you. You feel yourself gush around his cock, your walls pulsating erratically.
There’s a strange keening noise buzzing in your ears and you want to look around to see what’s making that sound. But your head feels too heavy. Oh, that’s me, you think, laughing softly as you collapse on the bed. Warm darkness cocoons you and you give in to it, relaxing as your body basks in a sweet euphoria.
“Peach?” Bucky pauses mid-stroke. His heart hammers in his chest as he gazes down at your limp body. Your walls fluttering around him, milking his cock even as he pulls out. He winces as he leaves your warm, tight heat. Oh shit. Oh shit. What did he do?
“Peach,” he says, his brows furrowing, he hovers over you, gently stroking the side of your face. “Are you okay? Talk to me, baby.”
For a second he thinks he’s killed you with his cock. Panic roiling in his chest as he tries to remember the steps for CPR. He knew he should have paid attention in that class. How’s he going to explain this, his worried thoughts muddled in his head while he gently shakes your shoulder. “C’mon Peach, please.”
Then you give him a drunken crooked smile with your eyes closed, your hand raising listlessly, weakly patting his chest. “M good,” you sigh, your words slurring together. “Don’t stop, ‘m ready Bucky.”
Bucky rears back, holding your hand to his warm chest, muttering a thank god to the ceiling. Cool relief shivers down his back and he flops down beside you, the bed dipping down. “Peach, you scared me, don’t do it again”
You brokenly chuckle, “you fucked me until my legs went numb, do it again.”
Your playful retort has him shaking his head. Bucky peppers kisses along your forehead, waiting as you slowly come out of your orgasmic haze. “There’s my girl,” he grins when you open your eyes.
Pushing yourself up on your elbows, you take a deep breath in, still feeling lightheaded as you try to move. You wiggle your hips a little, gasping as a slight tremor of pleasure bursts inside you. A deep ache drums in your cunt and you know you’re going to feel him all weekend. Matter of fact, you should probably make sure you feel him with every step you take.
Titling your head to the side, you bite your lip. “Hey Bucky,” you smirk, tapping his chest with your fingers. Bucky narrows his eyes at you, suspicion blooming in his stormy blue eyes. “You didn’t finish,” you say, glancing down at his cock.
“Peach...” His voice trails off as your hand slides down his soft, chubby belly to his hard cock. “We should wait, um fuck-“
You squeeze his throbbing shaft, his hips rutting into your hand. “Bucky, remember how you’re always telling me that if I suffocate you with my thighs when I’m sitting on your face, that’s your business.”
He grunts your name, his chest heaving as you twist your palm over his swollen red tip. “Well, Bucky if I pass out because you're fucking me that damn good, that’s my business.”
“Now are you going to treat me like the good girl I am or do I have to beg?” The clear challenge in your voice makes him chuckle.
“Oh, peach you know I always take care of you. “ Bucky lifts his head up, his eyes darkening with each slow blink. I’ll fuck you until you see stars if that’s what you want.”
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