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#Bucky Barnes
loveaffaire · 20 hours ago
Listen to me… dad’s friend!Bucky + reader
Bonus points if Steve is the father of the reader jensjsks
Almost Caught
Tumblr media
Pairing: Dad’s bestfriend!Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings/tags: mentions of sex, making out, slight hair pulling, pet names (doll), age gap (reader is 21 and Bucky is… 106), Steve cameo<3, reader calls Steve ‘daddy’ but in a normal father way, obviously🧍🏻‍♀️& credits to The Amazing Spider-Man for the cocoa scene (so TASM spoilers? lol)— 18+ (MINORS DNI)
Word Count: 1.3k
A/N: y’all wild, Steve is gonna beat the shit out of his old pal, Buck, if he ever found out🤠
🤍Written for my 1k sleepover🤍
Tumblr media
You were laying on your bed and scrolling through social media when you heard your window glass sliding up, your head shot up and there he was, Bucky.
“Fuck” Bucky whispered, almost breaking the vase on your study table as he practically crawled through your window and fell on the hard floor of your room.
You giggled, eyes quickly checking for the lock on your door and making sure it was locked.
“Bucky!” You gushed, getting off the bed and walking to where Bucky was still sitting on the floor, brushing his jeans off.
“You need to tell Steve that you need a bigger, wider window” he said, slightly pouting.
“And tell him what?” You rolled your eyes, “Dad, your best friend sneaks into my room every night and it’s tough for him to get through my small window, can we please get a wider window?”
He smiled, any sign of distress leaving his face when his eyes landed on your face, “shut up”
He stood up, his 6'0" figure hovering over you as he looked down at you with a glint in his blue eyes, “come here, give me a kiss”
You instantly stood on your tiptoes to reach his lips, your lips softly pressed to his as he pulled your body closer.
You were 13 years old when you were sent to a boarding school far away from school, your parents, Steve and Natasha were too busy being Captain America and Black Widow for the country to keep you around. You were safer in the boarding school, anyway.
When you returned 5 years later, now 18 years old, you only saw Bucky once on a weekend for an Avengers get-together and then you were off to college. Three years there and then you were back home, taking a gap year for various internship opportunities.
That’s when you bumped into Bucky. Even though he's been staying in the Avengers’ compound for years, he only ever hung out with your parents, Sam or spent most of his time reading. So when you had found him in the library one day, a conversation was sparked up and since then, you were inseparable.
He was always around you, you were always around him and one day, when he got you alone in the middle of the large bookshelves in the library, he had kissed you and you happily kissed him back.
The guilt ate away at Bucky for a good few weeks, the thought of doing this to Steve made Bucky feel disgusted with himself, but every time his eyes landed on you, he couldn’t help feeling like a lovesick little boy.
So here you stood, in your bedroom, 3 months later with Bucky holding you against him with his lips on yours. It was wrong but it just didn’t feel like it, sure you had to hide from everyone but that’s what made it even more exciting.
The innocent kiss turned into something a bit more steamy as he roughly pulled you up, easily picking you up by the back of your thighs and placing you on your study table. The second he pushed between your legs with a little force, a whimper left your mouth and just then, there was a knock on your door.
You froze when you heard your father’s voice, gripping Bucky’s henley in your hands with wide eyes but as soon as you came to your senses, you quickly pushed on his shoulders and reached for the door and Bucky quickly duked down behind the loveseat.
“Honey, do you want some cocoa, mom’s making some cocoa!”
You opened the door, just enough to stick your head out. Your breath was shaky, chest heaving up and down, “no, dad, I do not want cocoa, honestly I’m 21 years old”
You father looked at you confused but the frown on his face turned into a smirk as he said, “okay, I just thought I remember somebody saying last week that her fantasy was to live in a chocolate house”
You heard a soft snicker from inside your room and your eyebrows shot up, “well, that’s impractical” you shut the door but opened it again, “and fattening,” you shut the door again.
You turned back and saw Bucky with his chin resting on the top of the loveseat, “chocolate house?” he joked, tilting his head to the side.
You rolled your eyes as you opened the door and saw your father standing there with a frown on his face once again, “sorry dad”
“It’s okay I—”
“I can’t have um cocoa right now, I’m- I’m working, I’m doing this, I’m- I have cramps!”
“Yes, I feel pukey and emotional, I’ve been crying—”
“Alright that’s—”
“It’s gross, I can’t have cocoa,” you gulped.
“Good good” your father shook his head, looking at the wall behind you.
“It’s brutal, you don’t wanna know” you whispered, making a gagging expression.
“Got it, that’s- I got it” your father nodded, turning around, he threw a thumbs up in the air.
“Thanks, daddy” you yelled out, shutting your door and locking it.
You rested your forehead on the door and sighed. Bucky sneaked up behind you and softly grabbed you by the waist, he kissed your exposed skin on your shoulder, his lips were warm on your skin.
“He could have caught you,” you whispered, moving away from him.
Bucky grasped your wrist, pulling you back to him and you stumbled back on his hard chest, “but he didn’t”
He leaned in, attaching his lips to yours, he softly tugged on your hair and you whimpered. As your lips fell open, he was quick to sneak his tongue inside your mouth and you moaned against his lips.
“Bucky, wait” you pulled away, shaking your head at him, “you should leave because what if dad becomes like- I don’t know- suspicious”
“But I don’t want to leave” Bucky whined like a little kid as he tugged on the hem of your tank top.
“He’ll kill you if he finds you here” you rolled your eyes at him, falling back on the bed.
“Did you know back in our days, Steve opposed 117 nations to protect me?” Bucky smirked, “he’s not gonna hurt me”
He crawled on top of you, resting his hands on either side of your shoulders. You’ve heard about the incident that broke up the Avengers a million times, Tony and your dad never stopped joking about it at the get-togethers.
“Well, back in your days, you weren’t fucking his daughter” you smirked, your eyes squinting at him.
“I haven’t fucked you” he whispered, “yet”
“It’s only been 3 months, I’ll make you wait a little more” you said, your voice smug.
“Well, I’ve still been to places… your places” he said, his voice low and filled with lust, “do you remember that time I tasted you? My pretty doll tasted so good for me—”
You pulled yourself up on your elbows, pecking his lips and shushing him. Not wanting him to see you so flushed, you rolled over with him under you now and your lips landed on his neck, you were quick to leave a pretty lovebite on him.
As you continued your work on his neck, with his head thrown back and soft moans falling out of his lips, you felt his bulge pressing between your thighs. He gripped your hips and lifted himself off the bed, desperately trying to feel you against him.
“Okay” you huffed and sat on his lap, you teased him by pushing a little harder on his bulge, “that’s enough waiting”
He quickly nodded, “3 months is a lot of waiting, yeah” his voice was shaky, neck red from the heat creeping up to his face.
“You wanna fuck me?” you whispered, nudging your face closer to his as he sat up with you still on his lap.
“So badly, doll” he said, resting his hands on your waist.
“Get to it then” you softly giggled, getting off his lap and crawling up on the bed.
You rested your back against the headboard and you removed your cotton shorts, spreading your legs wide open for Bucky to see the dampened spot on your underwear. As he looked at your face twisting in pleasure when you softly brushed your fingers over your clothed cunt, he was sure he was going to devour you tonight. He was going to absolutely wreck you.
Tumblr media
I had to leave it at that, whatever happened after that was wild and they broke the bed so yeah🤠
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nix-akimbo · 6 hours ago
How excited I got just hearing Bucky’s voice is ridiculous. I can’t wait for this!
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bucksfucks · 16 hours ago
how would chubby bucky react to reader getting all needy at night and begging to cockwarm him
chubby!bucky???!! chubby!bucky!!!!! 😳 gimmie.
he’s so underrated, i love him. his tummy is soft and his arms are big and strong and you love that about him. so you probably cling to his arms when you sleep and he finds it the cutest thing ever!
and i think that chubby!bucky loves to shower before bed. he’s a night shower type of guy, yk? so he’s always warm and smells like lavender and bergamot and it puts you right to sleep as you cuddle up.
but bucky’s in your dreams and you’re rutting your hips against his leg and it’s enough to wake bucky up as he watches you and thinks you look so pretty and desperate.
soon enough you’re awake. racing heartbeat and a seemingly insatiable need for him. more specifically, his cock. and bucky can see this. “buck, please. god i need you so bad, i’m so close but i need you to get me there.”
and he hums, voice low and raspy from the couple hours of sleep. “is my girl just in desperate need of my cock filling you up and stretchin’ you?” he cooes as you nod your head.
probably loves teasing you holding your face in his hands like “you want ‘side you, don’t you, dove?” ugh and he would end up fucking you nice and slow through the night 😩
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metalbuckaroo · 19 hours ago
First Kiss
SUMMARY// Bucky learns that you haven't been kissed before
WARNINGS// kissing, I'm pretty sure thats it but still 18+ only
AU// Roommate!Bucky x f!reader
NOTE// Based off of this ask from @cxddlyash
Tumblr media
"You're joking." Bucky chuckled from his spot beside you on your bed; his back pressed to the headboard.
The movie had been paused after you made a comment of how you wondered what kissing was really like. Bucky had never grabbed the remote so fast in the time you'd lived with him.
"Nope." You said simply.
Cold, metal fingers wrapped around your wrist gently, tugging you to sit up. "C'mere." He said, poking and prodding at you until you were sat facing him. "What?" You said, breathing a laugh.
"I wanna be your first kiss." He shrugged, a smirk plastered on his lips. "Buck, you're not serious." You sighed, rolling your eyes at him. "Oh, very."
Your face started to warm at the thought of how his plump lips would feel. Or how his light stubble would scratch at your skin.
"Stop thinking." He chuckled, the cool metal of his hand sending goosebumps down your spine when he held the back of your neck. "Just tell me yes or no."
Chewing on your bottom lip, you nodded; Bucky's right hand moving to press against the mattress to steady his weight as he leaned closer and nudged the tip of your nose with his.
Your breathing hitched when his lips brushed yours, heart threatening to beat out of your chest as he pressed a supple kiss to your bottom lip. Starting with brisk pecks before locking his lips to yours.
Metal fingers moved under your chin to tilt your head up, his tongue slipping into your mouth and pressing into yours. Both of you getting lost in the slow kiss as tongues pressed together and lips molded perfectly against each other.
You followed his rhythm, letting your hands lift to sit on his firm shoulders; only parting for a second of shared breaths before his lips were slotting back over yours.
"You're good at this." Bucky smiled into the kiss, catching your bottom lip between his teeth to tug it lightly. "Wanna keep going?"
TAGLIST: @likeahorribledream @cxddlyash @iwannabekilledtwice @bookstan0618 @glxwingrxse @yliumy @pineprincess @makbarnes @cupcakehinch @doasyoudesireandlive @magicwithinnightmares @preferredrealty @andy-is-gay @stucky-my-ship @marvel-3407 @maladaptivexxdaydreaming @i-l-y-3000 @avoxzy @impala1967666 @mollygetssherlockcoffee @supernaturalbaesduh @bubblegum-lipsss @bucky-hues @suchababie @an-adult-midget @pinkoctober99 @ju5tyna20 @hallecarey1 @jxlystan
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brittnicki · 3 hours ago
Bucky in a Clip from What if?.... 🥰🥰🥰
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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lesbian-deadpool · 16 hours ago
Bucky: Tony, can you help me? I’m trying to explain to Sam how a plane stays in the air.
Tony: Oh, certainly. That’s a combination of Bernoulli’s principle and Newton’s third law of motion.
Bucky: See?
Sam: Yeah, that’s the same as “It has something to do with wind.”
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zemosimp05 · 9 hours ago
Tony: Why is it always three of you when there anything inconvenient happens in any mission?
Y/N: Believe me Tony…I’ve been asking myself the same question from the day you teamed us up.
Bucky: It’s always hornhead’s constant yapping gets us in trouble.
Loki: oh shut up sour patch…it’s Y/N with their clumsy ass always get in trouble.
Y/N: HEY …I’m not clumsy. You two doesn’t know how to work as a team…not my fault.
Bucky: He talks too much…and he’s right…you’re clumsy…
Y/N: What the….
Loki: And you talk nothing at all grumpy….so me and Y/N always had to figure out things as you’re so bad at communicating.
Tony: Ok…tha-
Bucky: I hate both of you.
Y/N: Oh yeah? The feelings are mutual. I hope you two die in next mission.
Loki: Oh…okay at least there will be people mourning over me in my funereal…who you got? No one.
Y/N: How dare you say that….
Bucky: I would celebrate actually…if he dies…
Loki: Don’t worry grumpy I’ll make sure you die with me….
Y/N: Omg just put me in another team already…
Bucky: Yeah so that others could get into trouble for your clumsiness…
Tony: OKAY THATS ENOUGH… I’m splitting the team up.
Loki , Bucky, Y/N: *simultaneously* NO…
Tony: what you mean by no?
Y/N: ….
Loki : …
Bucky: ….
Y/N: I need These two dumbasses in my team.
Tony: But you just sa-
Loki: We don’t know how to function else without getting in each other’s nerves.
Bucky: I don’t wanna agree with him but he’s right…
Tony: *rolling his eyes as he’s disappointed as hell*
Tumblr media
✨This is my chaotic dream team ✨ here have some more chaos ✨and yes that’s a lil bit HP x Avenger crossover.✨
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allthatyoulove · 20 hours ago
A Heavy Feeling
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes / Female Reader
Summary: A fight with Bucky leaves you feeling alone.
Includes: angst angst angst, tiny fluff towards end, mentions of not eating
Words: 2k
A/N: A little angsty drabble I’ve had sitting in my drafts. I put female reader but it’s pretty general :) Please check out my prompt list! You can request as many prompts as you’d like! Hope you enjoy the story! Feel free to leave any feedback and please let me know of any warnings or errors I missed, thanks for stopping by :)
These last few days have probably been some of the worst in my life.
My life thus far has been far from easy, but it’s hard to remember a time where I felt as low as I do now.
I sit at the dining table, using my fork to mess with the food on my plate. Silverware clinks against plates, conversations are lively. Warm lighting fills the room, the huge window allowing a glimpse at the night sky. Everyone is eating and talking, laughing and smiling.
Everyone except Bucky and I.
They know why, which is probably why they were quick to put space between us as we all sat down for dinner. I was the last to come to the table, everyone stopping mid-conversation to look at me with pity. I sat down, and haven’t spoken a word to anyone since. They had eventually ignored the heavy tension tethered between Bucky and I, deciding that constant talking would prevent the chance of an awkward silence crashing over the entire table.
I had told them I could eat in my room, that I didn’t want to make dinner weird for everyone else. They insisted I come. I couldn’t ask Bucky to not come to dinner either, especially when I knew how much he liked sitting down with everyone, taking an hour or two to enjoy the company of who had become his family. No matter how mad I was at him, I could never ask him to give that up.
So that led me here, sitting at the edge of the table, messing with my food. Bucky was sitting across from me, to the very left edge of the table. The farthest seat from mine. Being so far from him was probably worse than sitting right next to him. I only glanced at him a few times, which I was proud of myself for. He was in his black leather jacket, with a black shirt and pants. Everyone had gone out just before dinner, but I didn’t feel up to it.
Seeing Bucky come through the door with a smile on his face made my heart tighten with pain, before I became disgusted with myself on how selfish the reaction was.
He sat at the table now, not talking with anyone. His arms were folded, and he hadn’t touched his food either. Everytime I looked at him he was focused on the same part of the table, zoned out. His brows were dropped, his lips in a soft frown. His eyes were filled with sadness, almost a puppy look. I could feel his eyes shift from the table to me every so often, trying my hardest not to meet his eyes.
We had only been sitting down for around 5 minutes, and I felt like I was suffocating. That’s all I’ve felt these past couple of days.
I’d asked him for space, said I needed to think things through. He respected that and listened, hesitantly. He didn’t go out with everyone as much, staying in his room save for the times Steve dragged him out. I was better at turning down the attempts of them trying to get me to go out. I had barely left my room.
I knew he was hurting, I could see it in his eyes and in the way he carried himself. I wondered if he was hurting as much as I was. I couldn’t sleep at night, couldn’t leave my bed. Couldn’t think without him next to me. Couldn’t think with him next to me.
I set my fork down, sighing to myself as the group was heavily engaged in conversation. I became alert of every action I made, feeling Bucky’s eyes on me once more. I gulped in anticipation, not thinking before drifting my eyes to his.
Our eyes met, my own filling with tears. His eyebrows pulled together, his own eyes filling with emotion. His mouth opened to say something, before I abruptly stood up, picking up my plate and taking it with me to my room. I could hear the conversations pause, confused sentences being muttered before another door shut, a few doors down from mine. Bucky’s. He must’ve left right after I did.
They eventually continued talking, but I stopped listening. I tossed my plate on a table, almost breaking it. I paced across my room, back and forth. I let the tears fall freely down my cheek, bringing a hand up to my mouth to be quiet. I sat down on the floor, holding my face in my hands. Not a single thought went through my head, but I couldn’t stop crying.
A few minutes passed before I had no more tears to shed, quiet and dry sobs leaving my mouth occasionally. I calmed down, using the breathing exercises Bucky had taught me. I almost started crying again at the thought, but I had nothing left in me.
I sat on the floor, sniffling and breathing deep breaths. Staring at the ground, no particular thought staying for more than a second.
My head shot up as a soft knock came to my door. A single knock, nothing more. Almost a tap.
I didn’t need to ask who it was, I knew. I held my breath, staring at the door. He said nothing. I crawled over to the door, holding my ear to the thin wood. I could hear the thumping of his heart, feeling it against the door. He must’ve been sitting against it- on the floor as well. His shaky breaths went through the wood.
I sighed, sitting with my back right where he was on the other side. I set my head on it, producing a tiny thump sound. The same sound came from the other side a second later.
My hand went up to my mouth again, sobs threatening to break from my throat. It was so painful, knowing he was sitting with me on the other side of the door. Not being able to touch him. The sound of his heartbeat comforted the pain slightly. I breathed in and out, in and out. Trying to calm down. I lost track of how long I was sitting there, scared he would leave first. I decided I couldn’t handle it if he did.
I didn’t try to listen to what he did on the other side of the door as I suddenly stood up, striding over to my bed and throwing myself under the covers. I didn’t come back out.
My eyes shot open, sitting up. The moonlight shone through the window the size of my wall, illuminating the covers. I had fallen asleep.
My head had found its way out of the covers, as they now sat loosely below my ribs. I rubbed my eyes with one hand, running it through my hair. I sighed as I looked around the room, yawning. I spotted my plate still sitting on the table. I got up, grabbing it and walking over to my door. I slowly opened it, cringing as it creaked. I peeked out, looking both ways down the hall. It was almost pitch black, save for the window that was providing light sitting at the end of the hallway. The coast was clear.
I closed my door slightly, walking to the kitchen. The dining table was clear and cleaned, leaving no trace of dinner earlier.
I put the food into a container, writing my name on it before shoving it into the fridge for later.
I turned around, walking back to my room. I slowly opened the door, hearing something. I paused, waiting. I didn’t hear anything. Was it my creaking door? I went to start to open it again when I heard it.
My entire body froze for a split second before I strode straight to his room. I knew that sound, and I knew what it meant.
I cracked his door open, peeking in.
Bucky was laying in the middle of his bed, the sheets below his waist. He was shirtless, his vibranium arm wrapped over a pillow. The image pulled on my heart strings, tying it into a knot as he twitched, his other arm moving at his side.
I walked over to the side of the bed, putting my hands on it to hold myself up as I leaned over him.
“Bucky.” I whispered. His face turned just barely, still asleep. Still in his nightmare.
It had been so long since he had one, I forgot what to do. I reached a hand up, setting it on his metal bicep and shaking it lightly.
I was halfway through his name when he turned around, pulling me into the bed with him and flipping me on my back. I gasped as he put his forearm against my neck, applying pressure. His eyes had snapped open, frantic and scared. Violent.
My arms pulled at his arm, shooting him pleading eyes as I struggled to breath. A few seconds passed before he let out a sharp breath, slumping as he seemingly came back to his body. His eyes shot open even wider, instantly taking his arm off of my neck. I gasped for air, breathing hard and fast. His eyes shot between mine, confusion and sadness and regret painted over them.
I stared at him as I caught my breath, waiting as his mouth stayed open- trying to find words.
He closed his mouth, backing away and sitting on the edge of the bed. I stayed in my spot for a second, cautious. I was unsure of what to do until I heard a sob escape him. I instantly sat up, my hand going to his shoulder. I tried to pull him to face me, but he remained facing the wall. His head was in his hands, his shoulders starting to shake as he cried. I walked on my knees, my chest against his back as I wrapped my arms around his waist.
I laid my head against his back, listening to the sound of his heart and breathing deeply- hoping he would soon follow. He continued shaking as I soothingly ran my fingers across his stomach, patient. Waiting.
“I thought they had stopped.” He let out, his voice cracking.
“I know. I know, baby.” I said, holding him tighter.
A few minutes passed as he gradually stopped shaking, occasionally twitching as he copied my breathing. He picked his head from his hands, as I raised my own from his back. I moved my body so I could look at him from the side. His eyes were puffy, his nose and cheeks red and tear stained. I brought one of my hands to his face, bringing it to meet mine and rub his cheek with my thumb. He stared at me, at my lips. I wiped the tears from his face, looking at him with love. He returned it, looking at me as if it was the first time.
“I’m so sorry.” He said, his voice rough and filled with regret. I shook my head, rejecting his apology with the motion. He opened his mouth to speak again when I brought his face to mine, our lips meeting.
My eyebrows scrunched together as I pushed my lips into his. He didn’t hesitate in kissing me back, his hands coming up to hold my face, to bring me closer. His lips perfectly molded into mine, the salty taste of his tears mixing between our tongues. Our noses bumped into each other repeatedly as we messily tried to both apologize and profess our undying love into the kiss.
I slowly pulled away after a few minutes, resting my forehead against his as I caught my breath. We looked at each other’s lips, chests heaving as my thumb rubbed his cheek. His hand drawing circles on my back. I broke out into a smile, him following me. I fell on my side back onto the bed, bringing him with me.
We laid across from each other, an inch apart. I brought my fingers down to his lips, pulling his lip and hearing it fall back with a pop. I looked at all of his features, knowing them by memory but still wanting them forever seared into my brain. I missed him.
Being in his room with the moon casting light over us, wrapped in his arms, I felt so happy. After days of nothing but a hole where my heart was, I felt complete. I was home.
We had a lot to talk about, but it could wait. I wanted to enjoy this moment.
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harrysgoldenline · 17 hours ago
Can I request a fluffy bucky x tall reader where the reader is shy/introvert and doesn't really get bucky's flirting until bucky kisses her and tells her he wants her to be his.
You walked alongside Wanda and Natasha as you all walked into the compounds movie room, carrying different blankets and pillows as you all began setting up the room as the boys started gathering the snacks. Making sure each chair and couch each had some of their own blankets and pillows, trying to make the room as comfy as possible before starting the movie.
Once each space was covered, the girls began taking their seats, Wanda sitting in the loveseat and saving a spot for Vision before you and Nat sat on one of the long couches, curing their feet up and each grabbing a blanket, hearing the voices of the boys getting louder the closer they grew closer to the movie room.
Nat smirks at you after hearing the soft sound of a certain super solider and pops up, moving to your other side and sitting on a nearby recliner, “ask Bucky to sit with you” Nat whispers, quickly looking over her shoulder to see if they have entered the room yet.
“What? Are you insane?” You laugh out, face turning red and feeling your heart race at the idea, “no way-“
“Snacks have arrived!” Sam laughed boisterously, Steve and Bucky letting out chuckles behind him as they all carry in a variety of different drinks and snacks.
Wanda pops up, grabbing some snacks from Vision before leading him back to their spot, a smile growing on her face as he pressed a quick kiss on her cheek, both of them cuddling up under the blanket together. Meanwhile, everyone else got up and grabbed some various snacks and drinks before returning to their spots as Peter presses play on the movie.
"Can I sit here?" You hear a voice ask, quickly looking up from your spot on the couch and nodding as you see Bucky standing in front of you, offering you a soft smile, before sitting down next you.
You felt like your body was on fire and it was a struggle to focus on the movie when you were sitting inches apart from him and you wanted nothing more then to just simply move your head slightly to the side, lay your head on his shoulder and take in the intoxicating scent of his cologne.
Suddenly, you felt his shoulder nudge yours, causing you to look up at him quickly giving him a confused look and he let out a soft chuckle, "sorry, what?" you asked, cheeks turning slightly pink.
Your face only grew redder as he scooted closer, an arm coming up around the back of the couch and he leaned in closer, "have you seen this before? I know it's only like 10 minutes in but I'm lost." he softly chuckled in your ear, pulling back and meeting your eyes and you found yourself getting lost in them all over again.
You simply shake your head, a soft giggle leaving your lips as you looked back to the screen and then back at him, "I don't really know what's happening either." you replied, giggling slightly.
You hope you kept your facial expression under control when you felt him pull at your shoulder, body coming closer to his as he replied, "glad I'm not the only one that's lost... maybe we can watch it over again sometime?"
Before you could reply, you both were suddenly hit with a pillow, causing your friends around you all to laugh as Sam sent you both a glare, "You two don't know what's happening because your too busy flirting! Pay attention!"
For the rest of the movie, Bucky had his arm resting around your shoulder, yours touching him just slightly from when he pulled you a bit closer to him, repeating the movement whenever he commented on something in the movie, making sure to talk quieter to try to avoid another pillow being hurdled your way.
Now, you were all gathered in the living room, sitting in a circle as you were all chatting together, sharing funny stories from the last mission that some of them went on.
"I'll be right back," You spoke to the group, "I'm going to go get another drink, anybody want anything?"
After a couple more requests, Nat decides to join you and you both make your way to the kitchen, grabbing drinks for yourselves and preparing some for you and your friends.
"You and Bucky looked cozy." Nat began, giving you a teasing glare, "I don't see why you don't ask him out, y/n, you clearly are into each other!"
"You're insane." You laugh in reply, shaking your head, "All he did was sit next to me! You and Thor were talking during the movie too but I don't think you two were flirting."
"Well, we also don't look at each other with heart eyes."
"Okay, now I know you're insane." you reply, laughing again and looking at your friend, "there's no way that he could ever like me back, we're just friends, Nat."
"I don't know, you're the only one other than Steve and Sam that he really talks to! Everyone else just gets the grumpy stare!" She explains, crossing her arms over chest as she tries to convince you, "and he gets you coffee all the time and he always wants to sit by you! All you have to do is make a move!"
"I-I don't know..." you shrugged, "it's just, why me? There's no way I could just walk right up to him and do something... I get way too nervous and I just feel like-"
A sudden knock on the wall causes you both to look over at the sound, seeing Bucky standing there, giving Natasha a nod as she looks over at him and then his eyes met yours, giving you a smile, "just wanted to see you if you two needed any help."
"Oh, we were-"
"Perfect!" Natasha interrupts you, looking at the two of you with a smile before grabbing a couple drinks and already heading out the door, "You wanna help y/n put together the last of the snacks? Thank you!"
The next thing you knew, it was just you and Bucky standing there in the kitchen together and he was standing next to you at the counter. You stood together in silence, preparing another snack platter and getting some drinks on a try to take out to everyone.
"y/n?" Bucky suddenly asked and you could still see his hands moving a few more moments before turning towards you and wiping them clean on a nearby towel and throwing it back on the counter, "I was wondering, I remember you talking to me about that new little antique store and I was thinking maybe would go and stop at the coffee shop nearby? Make a day of it?"
"Y-Yeah!" you squeaked, looking over at him quickly before shyly looking back down at your hands, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear before looking back at him, grabbing the now prepared snack trays, "is that what you guys were talking about out there?"
Bucky sighs, looking up at the ceiling before back at you, grabbing the tray from your hands and setting it down on the counter, making a bit of a mess as he moves quickly standing in front of you, one arm on each side as he boxes you in.
His eyes met yours intensely, his eyes trying hard to analyze your face as he furrowed his eyebrows as you stood frozen, standing against the counter as he stood in front of you.
"I like you. I really care about you and I want you to be mine, y/n. I want to spend time with you, just you, not with everybody else." He whispered, "I thought that I was making it clear but... if you don't feel the same way I completely understand and I'll give you space, but I just... I want you to be mine."
You stood slightly frozen, eyes widened as you looked into his eyes, "R-Really?" You whisper back, heart racing as you try to convince yourself that this is real, "you do? I-I... I like too, Bucky."
You watched as he had a huge smile grow on her face, head falling forward a bit and he pulled his right hand back, running it through his hair as he looked at you, a huge smile covering his face and he stepped closer to you, his face growing serious again.
"Can I... Can I kiss you?"
You nodded instantly, biting your bottom lip as your chest rose and fall rapidly in anticipation, "yes." you whispered out, "yes, please.
His right hand comes up to your face in an instant his eyes staring into yours before leaning forward, his lips slotting over yours and you instantly melt into his body. Kissing him back, your hands coming up and rest around his shoulders as his left hand meets your waist.
You both stood kissing under the yellow kitchen lights, the kiss soft yet passionate, the both of you dreaming of this moment for so long and yet somehow, it was better than either of you ever dreamed of.
Pulling back, your eyes meet and you both give each other shy smiles and you cover your hands with your face, trying to hide your blush from him and his hands come around your wrists, pulling them away and he looked down at you.
“You're so beautiful..." He whispered, leaning forward and pressing a long kiss on your forehead before pressing another on your lips, "so... how about that date tomorrow?"
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can’t stay away
a new 9k fic, i really struggled with this one and kept taking breaks, but i am so pleased with how it turned out and i’m hoping you love it just as much as i do!
prompt: bucky keeps wanting to come back to see you, though he’s severely allergic to flowers and you happen to be a florist
word count: 9,018
warnings: fluff in the beginning, smut towards the end that includes: choking, cockwarming, teasing, overstimulation, oral (f!receiving). however consent has been given! this is an 18+ fic, minors please DNI.
if you want to be added to my taglist, please fill this out!
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Tumblr media
You rolled over in your bed and looked over towards the clock on your nightstand. The sunlight shone through the curtains you hung up with you first moved in a few years ago and haven’t been bothered to replace even though they looked like they were hanging by a thread.
The clock read 8:38 AM. You sighed and rolled back on your back and looked up at the ceiling, closing your eyes and rubbing your face. The cool air from the ac nipped your skin, and pushed you to get up and out of bed to get dressed and ready for the day. You knew the second you pulled those covers over your head, you wouldn’t get out of bed. And you needed to open up the shop.
You lived above your inherited flower shop, it was pretty convenient to be right above your work because that meant you could never be late for work, like some people guessed. But that was wrong, sometimes you overslept when it was too cloudy outside and the sun was not coming through the curtains. That’s the only time you cursed at the weather.
Throwing your feet over the bed and felt the cool, hardwood flooring on your feet, sending a shiver up your spine. You stood up and walked to your dresser, pulling out a simple black t-shirt and some shorts, knowing it was supposed to be very hot today. You fixed your hair, brushed your teeth and started to brew your coffee.
It was a Saturday, so you knew you’d already be busy, and your usual customers came on Saturday mornings. It was a sweet elderly man who would grab while lilies for his wife to bring to her at the elderly home she resides in. He told you that she had suffered from dementia, she didn’t remember who he was, but he loved her so much he did anything he could to see her smile when he brought her her favorite flowers.
That was one of the many reasons why you continued to run the shop. You learned so much about the customers who came in, and every story touched your heart.
You put a lid on your coffee mug after adding in the oatmilk and some sugar free sweetener and walked downstairs, locking your door. You walked into the shop, the fresh smell of all the different arrangements of flowers hitting your nose, and you felt at peace. Before you inherited this shop from your grandmother, you had no interest whatsoever in being a florist. You admired the hard work that came with putting together bouquets but it never really interested you. But since getting the shop and being the only one to run it, you found a new profound love and an ever greater appreciation for florists. The precise skill it takes to make sure to trim the stems correctly, the eye and color coordination you have to have to have to put bouquets together for the customers and the immense knowledge you have to have to take care of each and every plant in the shop.
To say you loved it, would be an understatement.
You walked to the register and started to count the cash as you saw someone walk by the shop. It was the same guy every single day, at almost every single time. He was handsome, you hated to admit since you knew absolutely nothing about him. But he never faltered to wave at you through the window before continuing to walk down the street. You always waved back and gave him a smile before continuing to count the change you had. You hoped one day he would come in and introduce himself, but only time would tell.
“Sam, Bucky, you guys should head down to that small local flower shop a few blocks down to grab some flowers for Nat. It's her anniversary since joining Stark, and I don’t have enough time to go by myself.” Steve walked over to his desk and shuffled some mission papers in his hand, looking over at the two boys. Sam laughed and put a hand on Bucky’s shoulder, squeezing it lightly.
“Sure thing, Stevie. What kind does she like?” Bucky asked, wanting to make sure to get the right ones. He walked past that flower shop almost daily since it was on the way to his small coffee shop he frequented after his morning jogs. It’s where he saw you every morning behind the counter counting the register change.
Steve looked up with wide eyes and panicked. He had forgotten what kind of flowers his girl liked. He smacked himself in the forehead and shook his head pulling out his phone and shooting a text to Nat without trying to give it away.
“I’ll text you Sam when she responds. Maybe go grab some coffee while you’re out.” Sam nodded and pushed Bucky out the door, both hands on his shoulders.
“You ready icebox? We are passing your little crush.” Bucky shook Sam’s hand off his shoulders and socked him in the arm. He didn’t have a crush on you, he hardly knew you enough to develop a crush, plus he wasn’t sure if he knew what it felt like to have a crush after such a long time. The only thing he knew was that you were pretty, but that was about it.
“I don’t have a crush, birdbrain. Don’t even know her.” Sam laughed and nodded his head, not believing his friend as he spoke.
He shoved his hands into his pocket, silently praying that Sam wouldn’t open his big mouth the second they walked in and gave anything away. He wasn’t sure if you would even recognize him from passing by everyday. He looked ahead and saw the little sign hanging above the front door, sucking in a nervous breath and preparing for the worst from Sam.
Sam looked over at Bucky and just shook his head with a laugh, and opened the door, Bucky following behind him. The bell above them rang, and as they looked around the shop for someone to help, you peaked your head around the back door and greeted them with a warm smile.
“Hey boys, how can I help you?” You smoothed your hands on your apron, drying them off from the water you had touched after trimming the stems of new arrivals from the back. You looked between the two gentlemen, noticing one of them was smiling widely, while the other one looked like he was suffering just standing next to the gleeful one.
“Morning, ma’am. We are just here to get some peonies. It doesn’t matter what color, it’s just for an anniversary.” You nodded your head and walked behind the counter, pulling out a little pamphlet of everything that you offered. The one who was more happy than the other took it in his hands and flipped through some of the pages while the other gentleman walked around the shop. You looked over his figure, noticing a black and gold metal arm on his left, a black t-shirt hugging his upper body. He turned around and you both happened to make awkward eye contact for a second until he looked away, a red blush growing against his cheeks.
You bit your lip, swearing you have seen him before but couldn’t place from where. The man in front of you set the pamphlet down and called his buddy over.
“Should we get the dozen deal, Bucky? Do you think Steve will be okay with that?” The man who was named Bucky looked between you and the other man, shrugging his shoulders and looking out the window before speaking.
“I think that’ll be fine.” He spoke fast, before looking back over at his friend.. He scrunched his nose before letting out a sneeze and grew embarrassed. ‘Shit,’ he thought as he ran out the door and you heard him sneeze again before he took a huge breath of air. ‘Didn’t know I was allergic.’ He shoved his hands into his pockets as he waited for Sam, hoping he didn’t completely embarrass himself in front of you.
A few minutes passed and he heard the door open as he looked over and saw Sam holding a bouquet of multicolored peonies in his hand. He smiled widely at him, holding out the flowers for Bucky to see better, he held his hands up and backed away slowly.
“Did you not see me there? I am clearly allergic, dumbass.” He punched Sam in the shoulder as they started to walk away, Sam holding the flowers in the opposite hand far away from Bucky. He looked through the window one more time and yet again made eye contact with you. He held a hand up and waved, smiling gently before you did the same and the two of them walked away.
You rubbed your face as you watched them leave, suddenly recognizing the man who just came in. He was the one who passed by the shop almost every morning and now you knew his name.
“Bucky.” You spoke softly, no one was in the shop but you were embarrassed of saying a stranger's name. You liked how it sounded, it clearly fit him, though you did feel bad that he came in here and sneezed up a storm before leaving. You cleaned the stems off the counter and threw them away before walking over to the sign and turning it over telling the customers that you would be back in an hour after your lunch break.
It had been a few days after meeting Bucky, unofficially you might say. Not that you owed him to know your name, rather you wanted him to know his name and get to know him. He seemed interesting. Like he was someone you would get along with.
You decided to keep the store closed today due to the rainy weather, but wanted to go out and grab some lunch from the coffee shop a few blocks down. You grabbed your raincoat and umbrella, pulling on your rainboots and leaving the shop. You locked the shop door and turned around quickly without paying attention and felt a hard chest in front of you knocking you back on your feet. You looked up and saw Bucky standing there with an umbrella and a lop-sided grin on his face.
“Oh my gosh, I am so sorry. I wasn’t looking where I was going.” He chuckled and shrugged, picking up the umbrella that had fallen out of your hand when you ran into him.
“It’s alright, doll. It happens.” You blushed at the nickname, not sure if he meant to call you that or if it was an accident. Either way, you weren’t complaining. You took your umbrella from his hands, noticing that this time he was wearing a leather jacket and some black gloves covering his metal arm you saw the other day.
You walked besides him, assuming that he was headed in the same direction as you, walking in the puddles and watching the ripples of water with each step. You loved the rain, walking in the rain and listening to the droplets hitting your umbrella. You watched Bucky’s boots step in the puddles, the ripples much bigger than your footsteps.
“Are you headed to the coffee shop too?” You looked up at Bucky as he watched his footsteps in front of him as he walked, then looked down to you and nodded with a smile.
“I usually come after my jog, but the rain stopped that otherwise.” You looked away and nodded, seeing Bucky in the corner of your eye as he smiled at you, then looked away.
“Well, it’s nice to have some company.” You saw him from the corner of your eye blush, and it was a sight you wanted to see all the time.
You wondered what it would be like to make him laugh, like really laugh. Eyes shut, hand on his chest and just the loudest laugh he could muster up. You wanted to know what it was like to see a genuine smile from him, on the outside he had a hard expression, but you knew deep down he was the most playful and goofy person. You just wanted to know how to get there.
You both walked in silence for a few minutes, until you came up to the door of the coffee shop. Bucky jogged ahead a little bit just to open the door and took your umbrella for you, shaking it off and closing it up before tucking it under his arm. You shyly thanked him and ducked inside, pulling your hood off and ruffling your hair in your hands before looking besides you to see Bucky standing there with a smile.
You both walked up to the counter and looked over the options of what you wanted, though you knew you’d get the same thing. You asked for a man iced chai tea latte with oat milk and you heard Bucky asking for a plain black coffee with two sugars. As you went to reach for your wallet you felt his hand on yours, pushing it away and looking down at you.
“On me, doll.” You blushed and thanked him while he paid, surprised that he would go out of his way just to pay for your coffee. You hadn’t had anyone be that nice to you in a long time, and you enjoyed it. You both gathered your items and found a two seater table near the window, being able to look out and watch people rush by in the rain.
You both lost track of time talking to each other, getting lost in each other’s words in stories he told. He told you about how he met Sam unwillingly through Steve, who had been his best friend since the beginning of his time. You couldn’t focus on anything else around you because his voice was just so entrancing, smooth like honey that you wanted to hear him speak every single word in the English and Romanian language.
As you both talked on, people came and went in the coffee shop and you didn’t notice that it was so late until you looked down at your phone. It was nearing late afternoon and you had to go back to the shop to water the flowers.
“Shit, that late?” You said aloud, and heard Bucky chuckle across from you. He shuffled in his seat and stood up, walking next to you and held out his hand for you to take.
“Sorry I kept you for so long, can I walk you back?” You blushed, nodding your head and took his hand, it was warm to the touch, his calloused fingers rubbing against your soft ones. You noticed a few scars on his palm and around his fingers, wanting to trace yours over them delicately and ask the origins of them. You wanted to know everything about him.
He walked you out of the cafe and back to your shop, holding you close to him as the two of you walked in unison, his arm over your shoulder. He kept you on the inside of the sidewalk, not wanting you to be close to the road and you admired that, it made you feel safe. Even though the two of you had just officially met, you felt like you could talk to him about anything.
Bucky didn’t want to let you go, he wanted to spend as much time as possible with you that he could. He could look at you for hours, admiring each and every freckle against your skin, the way your eyes glistened when you spoke about something you were passionate about. He wanted you to tell him all about the different types of flowers you grew, even though he was very allergic.
He walked you to your shop, standing a little awkward, as his back faced the street and watched as you fumbled for your keys to unlock the door.
“So, do I get to see you again?” He spoke a little louder than inside the cafe, the rain coming down hard on the two of you underneath the awning of the shop. You blushed as you pushed the key into the hole and unlocked the door, turning to look up at Bucky and smiled.
“Of course. I’d invite you in but, last time you seemed to be allergic.” This time Bucky blushed and laughed awkwardly. He didn’t want to somehow hurt or offend you by saying that yes, he was allergic. But you knew he couldn’t help it.
“Yeah, I'm sorry about that. I’d still love to come over sometime if you’d let me.” You smiled, turning around and standing on your top toes, pressing a soft kiss to Bucky’s stubbled cheek. You saw a red form on his cheeks as you pulled away. You would do anything to make this soldier blush like that.
You both said goodbye as he watched you enter your shop and lock the door behind you, pulling his jacket closer to him and walking towards the tower, knowing he would be bombarded with questions by Sam and Steve. He pushed through the doors of the tower and immediately heard loud noises next to him. He groaned and looked over, Sam and Steve walking up to him and both patting him on the shoulder simultaneously.
“You were gone for most of the day! I’m assuming it went well?” Steve asked as the three men walked into the elevator to go up to the residence area of the tower. He rubbed his face, dreading this entire talk but he knew he couldn’t avoid it now.
“Yeah, it went really well.” He didn’t want to blush, but he couldn’t help thinking back to seeing your smile at any stupid joke he said, how well you were so quick to bounce off his witty remarks and just make his cheeks hurt from staying in the same spot the entire time.
“I think the old man finally has a crush, Stevie!” He punched Sam in the shoulder, telling him to shut up but not once denying it anytime Sam said it.
Because he was right. Bucky did have a slight crush on you, but he wasn’t about to admit that outloud. Not until he knew how you felt about him. He grumbled as he walked through the hallway to the living room of the tower, sitting down and letting out a huff. He wasn’t sure how he was going to continue seeing you in that flower shop of yours without sneezing and his eyes itching. But he would put on a brave face and deal with it if it meant he got to see you.
You threw your head back on the pillow as you looked at the clock, your alarm blaring. You didn’t want to wake up, your warm and cozy bed telling you to stay under the covers forever. But you somehow willed your body to get up and get dressed, pulling on a salmon colored crop top and some jean shorts, putting on your shoes. You didn’t bother doing your makeup or your hair, just brushing it to detachable the knots.
It had been about two weeks since you saw Bucky, the shop being busy during the last full warm weather week. You often caught yourself frowning at the thought of not seeing Bucky but you quickly shook your head, knowing that he wasn’t obligated to come see you.
You looked at the time and saw you had about an hour to spare before you had to open up shop, so you decided to go downstairs and fix some of the display bouquets you had on sale. It would only take a few minutes, but you wanted to make sure your shop looked presentable for the window shoppers and your customers.
As you were fixing one of the daisy displays, you saw Bucky walk up, a smile on his face, a small bag of what you presumed were to be breakfast, and two coffee’s in a cup holder. You looked at him confused before you stepped out of the display window and towards the front door, unlocking it and greeting him.
“Goodmorning, Bucky. What’s this?” He chuckled, a soft blush creeping over his cheeks as he shrugged. He wanted to do something nice for you, plus he wanted to see you again and what better way than breakfast for the two of you. He prayed that it wasn’t creepy and that you weren’t going to slam the door in his face. He let out a sigh of relief when you moved over, inviting him in.
“I thought that you would want some breakfast, got your coffee order and some donuts.” he held up the food, walking past you and towards the front counter setting them down. You thought it was super sweet he brought breakfast, and the fact that he brought you coffee made you smile.
“You remembered my coffee order?” If heart eyes could be shown, Bucky would be able to see them. No one has ever remembered your coffee order let alone drop by and want to have breakfast with you and bring you your coffee. You walked behind the counter and brought out a stool for Bucky to sit on across from you. He sat down as you sat, taking your coffee and sipping on it, sighing on how good it tasted.
“I hope that’s not weird.” You shook your head as you grabbed a donut from the bag as he offered, setting it down on a napkin and smiling.
“It’s probably the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. But are you sure you’re okay to be in here?” He chuckled, nodding his head as he drank his coffee. Sure, he felt the urge to sneeze right now and he wanted to rip his eyeballs out for being overly itchy, but he wanted to see you. Maybe he would look into allergy medication just so he could come by more often.
“I’m fine, doll. Don’t worry.” He gave you a smile, chewing into his donut. You noticed that he was blushing, and you would be lying if your heart didn’t swell at the thought of him blushing because of you. You both sat and talked, while eating breakfast. He asked you questions about how long you’ve been a florist, what your favorite flowers were, where you grew up.
You asked him about his life, how long he knew the other two boys you met the other day, and he willingly opened up about his arm, telling you how he didn’t really remember muhc, but that it was horrific and that no one should have gone through what he did. You offered him a sad smile, getting a smile back and a wave of his hand, him telling you that he was better than before he got his new arm.
“Well, I should get ready to open up soon. It was really nice of you to come by. I really enjoyed it. Next time we can go upstairs away from the flowers. I can tell you’re silently suffering.” You laughed as he got up and collected the trash to throw away, chuckling along with you.
“It was worth it, I will suffer as long as I have to just to spend time with you.” You blushed, going up to him and wrapping your arms around his waist slowly. He froze in his spot before he felt your warm hands on his lower back side, relaxing into your touch and throwing his arms around your shoulders, giving you a tight squeeze. Your head was on his chest, and you heard his erratic heartbeat, hoping he wasn’t able to hear yours. You pulled away as he looked down and smiled at you, bruising a loose piece of hair behind your ear and leaning down to kiss your cheek.
“Guess I’ll get going.” He pulled away and walked towards the door, his hand on the door knob before you spoke after him.
“I close at five today, if you want to come by for dinner. My treat.” He looked over his shoulder with a wide grin, nodding.
“I’d love that. See you at five, doll.”
You sat behind the counter for the rest of the day, business being agonizingly slow. You watched as the minutes passed by, thrumming your fingers on the glass counter waiting for the time to change to five so you could see Bucky again.
You thought back to this morning, butterflies in your tummy thinking about the smile he gave you when he saw you through the window, how handsome he looked in his usual black jeans, combat boots and black shirt that hugged his chest nicely. His hair was fluffy, looking soft to the touch and he had a little bit of stubble on his chin.
You couldn’t lie, he was easy on the eyes, easy on the ears, just easy all together. He radiated warmth and comfort regardless of how bad his past was. He always spoke so well about his friends, telling you how much they helped him in his line of recovery and how much he cared about them. He spoke with such care and adoration about the people in his life and you could see how much they meant to him as he spoke. He was one of a kind, and you hoped that he would be in your life for a long time.
You watched at the clock hit 4:30pm, bringing your phone out and decided to order some chinese food. By the time he got here, the food would be here. You realized you didn’t know what chinese food he liked, so you ordered some teriyaki chicken, orange chicken, some white rice, a few egg rolls and some crab rangoons. When you were satisfied with what you got, you placed the order and sat back on the stool, thoughts once against wandering to Bucky.
As you watched the clock tick by and no customers coming in, you decided to close shop up early, getting up and going to lock the door before heading upstairs and tidying up your studio for Bucky. You made sure to do the dishes, make your bed and fold the throw blankets.
Looking at the clock, you went to the bathroom to take a quick shower, making sure to wash your hair and shave your legs just for added confidence. You got out and quickly dried off, throwing on some loose pajama shorts and a crop tank top looking at yourself in the mirror. You sighed, drying your hair as best you could before leaving the bathroom and hearing a knock at the shop door.
“Coming!” You yelled as you jogged down the stairs, seeing Bucky at the front door, holding a thing of chocolates. What the fuck, could this man get any more perfect? As you opened the door, he smiled down at you.
“Hey doll.” You smiled back, bringing him in for a quick hug before closing and locking the shop door, guiding Bucky towards the back of the shop and up the stairs to your studio.
“Sorry it’s a little small. I ordered Chinese, it should be here in,” You took your phone out to get the eta. “Ten minutes.” he nodded his head as he slipped off his boots and set them by the door, setting the chocolates down on the counter.
“I felt bad not bringing anything, so I got those for you.” You chuckled, thanking him before putting the chocolates in the fridge so they wouldn’t melt. You sat on the couch, inviting him to sit next to you and he did, sitting a little close enough that his hands would brush against your thighs but nothing to make you uncomfortable.
The chinese food came and went, the wine was busted out and the two of you ended up sitting on the balcony of your studio. You had little lights hanging up on the rail, and a beautiful view of the skyline. The sun was setting, and the two of you sat awfully close on the balcony. He had his hand resting on your thigh, your head on his shoulder and wine glasses in each of your hands.
“You know, when I saw you, I was like wow, they are absolutely gorgeous.” You sat up and looked at him, a blush creeping on your cheeks as you shook your head and took a sip of your wine from the glass. There wasn’t anyone as attractive as Bucky who thought you were pretty. He held his heart in mock hurt, smiling as he looked at you.
“What do you mean no? You are so stunning, I look into your eyes and I feel myself getting lost until you speak to me. And even then I get caught in every single word you say to me. It’s crazy.” He brought his glass up to his lips as he took a sip, eyes training on your over the rim of the glass. As he sat here and looked at you, he couldn’t help but feel himself falling for you in the honey light from the sunset, the way you blushed at the words he spoke to you, how you brushed a piece of hair behind your ear and looked down, chewing on the inside of your cheek.
In that moment, he got a feeling of wanting to show you just how beautiful you were. He got this overwhelming need to protect you, to give you everything you wanted and show you how precious you actually were. He wanted to treat you like royalty, wanting to show you with affection and love and adoration. You looked up and saw him looking at you with a soft smile on his lips.
“What?” He bit his lip gently, setting his wine glass down on the table next to him and his right hand cupping your cheek, his thumb swiping your cheekbone so gently, you almost didn’t feel him touching your skin. You leaned against his touch, feeling a sense of relief wash over you from the slightest touch, wanting to feel his hand there forever.
“Can I kiss you?” He spoke softly, not knowing if he had even heard himself, but you nodded, knowing that you heard. He leaned in slowly, eyes flickering from yours to your lips and back again before his lips were hovering over your, feeling his warm breath fan over the bottom of your lip. You leaned in and met his lips with yours, the warmth of his lips spread across your face and you felt your cheeks heat up, your heart thumping in your heart and you prayed he couldn't hear.
He felt the electricity that you felt the second your lips met, shivering as you touched his arm, lips dancing with his, being careful to not go too fast or be too rough. He wanted to take his time indulging in how your lips felt against his, the soft skin making it hard to breathe because he hadn’t ever kissed someone with the softest lips like your. His other hand found your hip, gently grabbing it and you took that as getting closer, wrapping your legs on either side of him deepening the kiss.
His hand from your cheek traveled down the side of your body, fingers trailing over the exposed skin and feeling it spark with each trace, your arms wrapping around his neck. He bit your bottom lip gently, a soft gasp emitting from you as you pressed your lips harder against his, the way his lips felt on yours. You could taste the coconut chocolate he had eaten a few minutes ago from this, indulging in the taste of his lips and how he smelled like mint, and musk, wrapping around you like a warm blanket.
Your hands travelled to the ends of his face, leaning over him on his lap as he gripped your hips, pulling away and looking up at you, eyes going back and forth from your lips that were now red and swollen, glistening in the sunset light. You saw red acros his flushed cheeks, his lips looking still kissable as ever and wanting to kiss him more. You stopped yourself, sitting back on his lap, hands on his shoulders. You both did not speak for a few minutes, eyes trailing over each other's features. You noticed how his stubble was a little shorter, you trace the little indent between his eyebrows, fingers trailing down to his jaw line, running the tips of your fingers one his cheek, making his part his lips and a small gasp left his mouth as you ran your fingers over his stubble.
“God, I wish I would’ve met you sooner, doll.” He looked up at you, hands travelling up and down on your exposed waist, making delicate patterns leaving your skin ablaze with each stroke. You ran a hand through his hair softly, the feeling of his soft lock ran through your fingers making you cock your head to the side and give him a gentle smile.
“You are absolutely breathtaking, you know that Bucky?” He chuckled, the sound of his laugh reaching your ears and a smile on your face. He shrugged as he watched you look over his features, not feeling self conscious in the slightest. He felt like he could be vulnerable with you, tell you his deepest and darkest secrets and show you his true self, not feeling like he had to hide anything to fit any type of norm.
You felt the same way, the way his fingers held you so delicately, the soft look in his eyes as he watched you touch his face, the lazy smile plastered on his lips. The soft honey glow from his baby blues that bore into your eyes,and the way his skin was soft to the touch. You knew you wanted him in your life for a long time.
“Should we go inside?” You spoke softly, a nod coming from bucky as he stood up with you in his arms making you squeal. His hands were under your thighs, gripping onto them so he wouldn’t drop you. You threw your arms around his neck as he pushed the door open with his foot and dropped you on the bed, shutting the door behind him.
He fell into bed next to you, turning on his side and his hand underneath his cheek as he looked at you. You were turned on your side staring back at him, watching the rise and fall of his chest as he breathed, basking in the comfortable silence the two of you had created. You didn't want to leave this bubble, this serene space the two of you had.
“Can I ask you something? And feel free to reject me if you’re not comfortable.” You chuckled, nodding your head as you watched him close his eyes and suck in a breath before speaking.
“Would you wanna go out with me sometime? Like a fancy restaurant, let me spoil you.” You felt a blush reach your cheeks, you didn’t know how red they could get before you transformed into a tomato right in front of him.
“I would love to, Buck.” He smiled wide, looking down to your lips and pressing a quick kiss against them before pulling back and nodding his head.
“I can text you the details tomorrow. For now I just wanna spend some more time with you.”
“I don’t work tomorrow, so you can stay as late as you want.” You smiled, taking his cheek in your hand and rubbing your thumb over his cheekbone. You wanted him to stay forever.
You smoothed out your dress as you anxiously bit the inside of your cheek. It had been the following week since Bucky had asked you out on a date and to say you were nervous would be an understatement. He told you to dress nice, he was going to take you to an upscale restaurant and that you could only dress nice. You lowkey freaked out, because you didn’t own too many nice dresses, so you had to go out and get one.
You wore a black tight fitting dress, it had lace flowers covering the front, two thin straps on the shoulders and a low open back. It was absolutely stunning and you couldn’t pass the opportunity to buy it, especially if it meant you could impress Bucky with it. You paired it with a white sweater, and black pumps. You did your makeup and hair before you got dressed so you didn’t have to stress about it.
You walked out of the bathroom and grabbed your clutch, making sure you had everything before you heard the shop door downstairs with a knock. You walked downstairs to see Bucky standing there with his hands in his pockets, but you had the air knocked out of your lungs with how good he looked.
Black suit top, black tie, black slacks and black shoes. His hair was in a half up half down bun, and you saw he had shaved. You opened the door to greet him, his arm wrapping around your waist and pulling you in with a kiss to the shell of your ear as he spoke.
“God damn, you know how to take my breath away, doll.” You shivered as he spoke, pulling away and smiling softly up at him. You walked out of the shop and locked the door behind you as he put out his arm for you to take, looping your hand around his elbow and stuck to his side like glue.
It took about 20 minutes from your shop to the restaurant by car, and you looked out the window as he pulled up to a fancy restaurant. You chewed the inside of your cheek nervously, looking at Bucky who caught on your nerves.
“Everything okay, doll?” Concern laced his features as he grabbed your hand and pressed a kiss to your knuckles. You smiled and nodded, letting out a breath before getting out, meeting him at the end of the car. He took your hand in his metal fingers, cooling your hot skin, making you relax.
You entered the restaurant with Bucky holding the door open for you, walking up to the lady as he told her his name for the reservation. You were shocked, no one had ever taken you somewhere fancy, let alone to a place where you had to make a reservation. You were led through the tables, hearing the low chatter of people around you, not really paying attention to their conversations as you were led to a booth in the back.
You slid into the booth, as Bucky sat across from you. He reached out and took your hand, his thumb rubbing over your knuckles. You smiled, feeling more and more comfortable in this type of setting.
“You look handsome, Buck.” He chuckled, a small smile on his lips as he brought your knuckles up to his lips, pressing a soft kiss against them before letting you take your hand to look over the menu. He looked over at you from the top of the menu, taking his lip in between his teeth. You tilted your head to the side to silently question him what was up.
“While everything sounds good on this menu, you look the most ravishing out of all of it.” You gasped, brushing your feet against his under the table.
“Bucky!” He laughed, shaking his head as he brushed his foot back to you, shaking his head and looking back down at the menu. The fact that he even said that in public made a tight knot form in the bottom of your stomach. You knew Bucky well enough now to know that he wasn’t messing around, and that thought alone made you shiver with delight.
You both spent the evening drinking wine and sharing food off each other's plates, laughing at the childhood stories Bucky told, feeling his hand brush on your knee from under the table that always sent a shiver straight to your core. You both couldnt deny the romantic feelings the two of you shared, but you both couldn't ignore the sexual tension the two of you created from the first kiss you shared.
It was something unspoken, but you both knew each other wanted it by the way the two of you shared glances out in public while taking walks through the park, when the two of you went to your favorite book store and wanted to get him on the new novels you had read that he missed because you wanted him to feel like he could live freely again.
And you guessed with the pecks of kisses you both shared in public and the hot makeout session in private, led you to where you were right now, splayed out on your bed below him as both of you were naked, and he sucked on your neck, moaning as he licked the spots he was leaving marks. His hands gripped your waist gently, laying in between your legs and your hands tangled through his hair as you let out soft gasps with each kiss he pressed against your bruised skin as he worked his way down to your chest.
As he traveled to the valley of your breasts, he left wet, open mouth kisses that made you shiver when he pulled away, the coolness on your skin made you want more of it. He looked up at you from your waist, taking his metal finger and starting the bottom of your breasts, tracing his finger across your skin agonizingly slow, a smirk on his lips as he watched you tremble under his touch and whining for more.
Your lips were parted, chest heaving softly as his fingers found their way to your clothed core, hooking his finger on your panty, pulling it back and keeping eye contact with you as he licked your clit softly, not adding any pressure.
“I can’t tell you how much I’ve dreamed of tasting you, doll. Been wanting to hear those pretty little noises only I can make you make.” You gripped the sheets in your hands as he licked a longer stripe against your folds, reaching out and pulling your hands to his hair. You tangled your fingers in his curls and pulled, earning a groan from him vibrating through your core.
“Buck, please. More..” He chuckled as he looked up, watching you come undone underneath him just from his tongue, his saliva mixing with your slick making it sound obscene. He threw his right arm over your hips, pushing you down in the mattress so you wouldn’t squirm away from him, his left finger running over your wet entrance before pushing a finger into you as you moaned out.
“There’s my pretty girl, I wanna hear you.” He pushed a second finger in, curling them inside you as you moaned his name like it was the only word you knew how to say. His tongue flicked your clit fast, working his fingers fast inside of you. You clenched around his fingers and felt him smirk against your clit as he grinded into the mattress to alleviate the pressure. He wanted to make you come undone on his fingers, wanted to see you look destroyed before he was able to move on.
“I’m close, Bucky please keep going..” You trailed off, eyes screwing shut as he hummed against you, adding a third finger and pumping fast, tongue flicking over your clit.
“Just like that, sweet girl? Cum around my fingers, you can do it. Wanna taste all of you.” You moaned as he spoke, cumming around his fingers and squeezing his head gently around your thighs as your body trembled from the aftershock of your orgasm. You hadn’t came that hard in a while, not even from your vibrator. He flicked your clit a little longer, your thighs shaking from the overstimulation as you gripped his hair. He pulled his fingers out from you, and looked up at you, watching your face contort to pleasure and heard you moan as he llicked his fingers clean, his own eyes rolling to the back of his head and moaning as he tasted you.
“You taste so fucking sweet. Just like I knew you would.” You shook as he climbed over you, lips attacking you and slipping your tongue into your mouth, moaning at the taste of yourself. His right hand tweaked your nipple, rolling it in between his thumb and pointer finger. You arched your back for more contact, arms around his neck and pulling him as close as you could humanely have him but it still wasn’t enough.
He pulled away, whining as his lips left yours. He sat back on his heels, spitting into his hand and rubbing the spit on his hard cock. His swollen tip was leaking with pre-cum and the fact that he got hard on eating you out made you more wet than you already were. He worked his hand from the base to his tip a few times, watched as you panted underneath him, whining and begging for him to fuck you into oblivion.
He wanted to watch you, see how much you were willing to beg for until he couldn’t take it anymore. He stroked himself, eyes falling over your body, a film of sweat on your soft skin, lips red and swollen from rolling them in between your teeth and your nippled peaked from how aroused you were. You were a sight to behold.
“How bad does my girl want it, hm?” His voice was low, panting softly as he stroked himself and he nearly came in his fist as you reached up to grab your breast, watching him jerk himself off as he watched you.
“Bad, so bad sarge. Please, I w-want you to fuck me so hard, please.” You stuttered, your core aching at the emptiness from his touch. Your thighs were touching but it wasn’t enough, you needed him to fill you up with his cock. You were on the verge of tears from begging, the aching feeling driving you mad.
He teased your entrance with his tip, only pushing the head in, and you felt yourself clench around him, at anything you could get but it wasn’t enough. He gripped your thigh with his right hand, left hand reaching down to your clit and gently rubbed small circles, your body jerking at his touch as you were completely sensitive to anything he gave you.
“Fuck, so fucking pretty. So responsive to anything I do, so fucking needy.” He thrusted into you without warning, a moan escaping your lips as he bottomed out, thumb still circling on your clit making you buck your hips into his hand and meeting his pelvis.
“J-just like that, more please, fuck..” You were a withering mess under his touch, licking your lips making them glisten in the light, arching your back to take more of him as much as you could, gripping the sheets at how you needed to come.
“Such an ethereal sight.” He mumbled under his breath as he leaned forward and caged you in with his arms on either side of you, taking your lips against his as he thrusted out of you and back in slowly, making sure to bottom out with each thrust. You clenched around him, both of you swallowing each other’s moans as you messily kissed each other, teeth clanking together, hands tugging and pulling his hair for more contact.
“You like that? Like how I fuck you like this?” You nodded your head as he pulled back, looking all over your face and only finding a blissed out expression, hair sticking to your forehead. He smiled as he brushed the hair away, leaning down and pressing a kiss to your sweat forehead as he thrusted quicker into you, moaning at how you felt squeezing him, the way it was so warm and wet, he nearly came at the thought.
“You feel so good.. Love how your cock feels in me right now..” You panted softly, hands running up and down his sides as his pelvis met your hips, watching your breasts bounce with each thrust, moans slipping past your lips as he hit the right spot over and over again, creating that knot in your stomach.
“I feel you squeezing me, so fucking tight. Gonna cum around my cock, sweet girl?” You nodded as you looked at him, panting out as you felt the knot getting tighter and tighter before it snapped, your eyes rolling to the back of your head and your fingers digging into his skin.
“Fuck, Bucky, oh my god..” You could barely form any coherent sentences and it made Bucky moan, that he was making you feel this good you could barely speak. He picked up his paced, hand wrapping tightly around your neck and squeezing, a smirk across your lips as you rode out your high and made eye contact with him as he choked you.
“Fuck, such a needy slut for my cock, huh? Love getting choked while I fuck you? Love how I make you feel?” He grunted as he pounded into you with no remorse, the sound of skin on skin making you moan with delight, your hands grabbing at his arm as he choked you. He gripped your thigh tighter, another tight knot bubbling up in your stomach.
“Gonna cum again, huh? Milking my cock so good, cum, doll. Make another fucking mess around my cock.” He smirked as he watched you squeeze your eyes shut, your lips were parted as he felt you squeeze him tighter than before and let out a strangled moan.
He moaned with you, your name falling from his lips that sounded like music to your ears as he came in you, mixing with yours, falling down your leg. He slowed his thrusts from you, releasing your neck from his grasp and sitting with his cock in you for a second, caressing your cheek with his hand.
“This pretty pussy is so warm, I never want to leave.” He dipped down to press a hard kiss against your lip, moaning into your mouth as he pulled out of you, the fluids from both of you gushing out and onto your sheets, making it damp. You tugged at his hair as he groaned, peppering kisses down your chin to your neck before pulling away and sitting on his heels again.
He admired his work, saw your throbbing cunt and ran a finger through your swollen folds, pressing a finger into you making you whine, a shiver going through your spine. He took his finger out and licked it clean, humming as he tasted.
“So perfect.” His hand held your waist, rubbing his thumb against your sweaty skin, but it was still somehow soft to the touch.
He got up off the bed and pulled you forward, helping you to your feet as your legs shook from the post three orgasms you had, following him to your bathroom. He set you on the toilet and started the shower making sure that it was the perfect temperature before holding his hand out to you. You took it, a smile on your face as you joined him in the shower and the warm water hitting your aching muscles.
“Hey,” he spoke softly in front of you, a finger under your chin and bringing your face to look up to him. A gentle look was across his features and you smiled. “Will you be my girlfriend?” You smiled, pressing a hand to his chest before getting on your tiptoes and pressing a soft kiss to his lips.
“Yes, Buck. You’re gonna have to figure out your allergies though.” He chuckled as he nodded, grabbing your soap and lathering it on a washcloth before pressing it against your skin, making sure to clean you well. He pressed kisses against your shoulder gently, washing your skin and held you close to his body.
“When I tell you I have never seen anyone look so perfect when they cum, I mean it.” You turned your head to look at him and blushed. No one has ever said that to you, and no one has ever made you cum three times in a row. You turned your body and washed him up, his eyes trained on you the entire time, and feeling himself fall deeper and deeper in love for you. You were something special, something he wanted to hold on to for as long as you let him.
You loved and welcomed every part of him, you didn’t judge him for his past, you didn’t look at his arm disgustingly. You kissed his scars softly, making sure to cover each scar that was visible to the eye. It made Bucky almost tear up, he hadn’t felt that kind of softness in years, and no one had ever treated his scars with love and adoration like you had.
He was glad he kept coming back to the flower shop, he was glad that you kept allowing him to see him, and he was convinced that you were made for him and he was made for you. He was convinced the two of you were made from the same star, and finally had a chance to meet again.
He wrapped his arms around your waist in the sower, feeling the warm water dance over the both of you, pressing a kiss to the top of your head.
“You are everything and more that I could ask for, pretty girl. I will show you exactly what it is like to be loved, I won’t ever let you feel like you're unwanted or unlovable. I will prove you wrong. You are mine.”
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lovelybucky1 · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
written for my 500 followers celebration! this fic is based on the song Woman by Harry Styles.
warnings: ceo!bucky, age gap (reader is 18+), background cfo!steve/reader, cheating, sexually suggestive content, smoking (cigarettes), mentions of alcohol, angst
Bucky may be a selfish asshole for seeing red every time he sees you hanging off of Steve’s arm, but he doesn’t care. True, he did break up with you, but that doesn’t mean you can start running around with his best friend. Who do you think you are?
You always used to complain about his long hours at the office and his business trips, but Steve is just as busy with the company. He has a sneaking suspicion that you’re only with Steve to make him jealous, and that’s why you’re putting up with all the shit you’d nag Bucky about.
Bucky takes a sip from his glass as he sits at the bar in the crowded club and watches you perch yourself on Steve’s thick thighs. You sling your arm around his friend’s shoulders and lean your head on his chest, just like you used to do with him. If your plan is to make him jealous, it works.
He clears his throat and sets his glass down on the bar, having no intention of finishing the drink. He casually walks over to the couch and stands in front of the two of you.
“Hey, Buck,” Steve smiles, showing off every pearly white tooth in his mouth.
“Hey, Steve,” he smiles back, but it falls when he turns to you. “Y/n.”
“I saw you sulking over there,” Steve smirks. “No luck tonight, I take it?”
“Come on, Rogers, I’ve got more luck in my finger than you do in your entire body,” Bucky scoffs.
Bucky debates sitting down, but he can’t stand to have a conversation with Steve while you’re curled up on his lap like a fucking house cat.
“Can I borrow Y/n for a minute, Steve?” Bucky asks, making a point not to address you and providing no other explanation.
Steve nods and moves his arm so you can get up. You stand from the couch and look at Bucky with an expectant expression.
Fucking brat.
He jerks his head in the direction of the door, then turns around and starts walking without checking to make sure you’re behind. He does hold the door open for you, which surprises you, but you decided not to comment.
“What do you want, Bucky?” you ask once you get outside.
“Don’t fuckin’ play dumb with me,” he scoffs as he takes a cigarette out of the pack he keeps in his jacket pocket. “I don’t think the little show you’re puttin’ on is cute.”
You put your hands on your hips and laugh in his face, not believing the audacity of your ex-boyfriend.
“What show are you talking about, exactly?”
“Being all cutesy with Steve like we used to do.”
“Exactly! Like we used to do. You broke up with me, Bucky, I’m not your property or whatever you see me as.”
Bucky lights the cigarette and a puff of smoke clouds your vision momentarily. You’re almost disappointed when it dissipates because it means you have to look at Bucky’s cocky smirk again.
“You know I’m selfish, doll. I don’t want to see you with him.” Bucky takes half a step forward, crowding you against the brick wall.
“I don’t care what you want. I’m with Steve now and I love him,” you say, and Bucky picks up on the slight tremor in your voice. To him, it almost sounds like you’re reminding yourself who you belong to.
“Ain’t that sweet?” Bucky smirks and he puts his hand on your hip and looks down at you. You almost forgot how he towers over you, but to be fair, he hasn’t been this close to you in months.
“I’ll tell Steve if you try anything, Bucky,” you say, trying to stay strong and not give into Bucky’s irresistible charm.
“Go ahead, I bet he’d get off on thinkin’ about you takin’ my dick,” he chuckles.
He brings his hand up and rubs the crease between your eyebrows with his thumb, making your face relax from the frown it’s been stuck in since you left the club.
“You don’t have to fight me, doll. I’m not trying to hurt you, I swear. I miss you, and I know you miss me too, that’s all.”
His sweet, deep voice makes you feel inclined to believe him, but you know that silver tongue is nothing but trouble. Trouble doesn’t sound so bad when he takes ahold of your chin and rubs your bottom lip. You instinctively part your lips and he smirks down at you.
“Old habits die hard, huh?”
You’re weak when it comes to him, because you can’t help but nod. Old habits do die hard, but your feelings for Bucky have remained very alive, even after all this time.
“We shouldn’t do this, Bucky,” you whisper as he leans closer, his cigarette now smoldering in his other hand.
“But you want to do it, don’t you?”
You don’t answer, but that isn’t good enough for Bucky. He presses his body against yours, positioning his knee between your legs, and repeats his question.
“Yes, I want it,” you say, your voice barely more than a whisper.
His face splits into a smug grin and he tosses his cigarette to the concrete sidewalk. He cups your jaw and squeezes your hip, which is the only warning you get before he crashes his lips to yours.
You moan into the kiss, and he immediately swallows the noise. His lips dominate yours, but to be fair, you don’t try to fight it. Just like he used to do, he takes. He took everything from you: your love, your loyalty, your support and all of your energy, and gave you nothing in return. Yet here you are, voluntarily giving it to him once again.
His tongue pushes past your lips and presses against yours. The taste of him is familiar, like alcohol and cigarettes and something that makes your heart full and makes you feel sick at the same time. You can feel him grab the hem of your dress and start to push it up, but you have enough self restraint to stop this before it goes too far.
You grab his wrist and push it back down, covering your thighs again. He breaks the kiss reluctantly, and when you open your eyes, you catch sight of a string of spit connecting your lips. His mouth is stained with your lipstick, but it looks good on his crooked smile.
He moves his hand from your cheek and uses his thumb to wipe away the smeared lipstick from the corners of your mouth. It’s a subtle gesture, one that he always used to do, but it still makes you feel giddy.
You lean your head back against the brick wall and take a deep breath, and the scent of his cologne fills your nose and makes your head spin.
“This was a mistake,” you say.
“It didn’t feel like one.”
“I’m with Steve,” you say firmly.
“He doesn’t have to know, sugar.”
“No he doesn’t, and he won’t, but we aren’t doing this again.”
Bucky takes a step back and wipes the lipstick off his mouth with the back of his hand. He then pushes his hands in his pockets and his posture makes him seem even broader.
“You don’t want to be with him, I can tell. You belong with me,” he says, voice gentle.
“If you thought that, then why did you break up with me?” you shout, finally having enough of his games. “You only want me because I’m with Steve. If we got back together, it’d be the same shit it always was. You don’t love me, you’re just too selfish to let me be happy!”
Bucky looks away and clenches his jaw. He sighs out of his nose, frustrated because he wants to argue back, wants to yell at you and put you in your place, but he can’t. He knows you’re right; he only wants you because he can’t have you.
“I really do care about you, doll,” he says, looking up from the ground.
“Then leave me the fuck alone, James.” you say before pushing him away and storming back into the club.
Bucky sighs as he watches you leave. He knows you’re going to sit back with Steve and act like nothing happened, but he wouldn’t blame you if you told Steve what happened. Bucky’s gone too long without any kind of consequence, and maybe a punch to the nose and a trip to the hospital would set him straight.
Bucky is an asshole. A selfish, careless asshole who steps on anyone he can to boost his ego and get to the stop. He’s been through many people in his life, and even though he used you just the same, he still can’t get you out of his head for some reason. Maybe, deep down, he does have some true feelings for you, but you’d never believe him. He’d hate for you to be the one who got away, but he isn’t good enough to make you stay.
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metalbuckaroo · 10 hours ago
Your Mafia!Bucky gives me life! I love it so much!!!
Can i request a short little drabble with him being really controlling with a bratty reader because she wants to go out and he doesnt so she slips on a tight revealing dress and he basically shows her who she belongs to?
Hearing that honestly mean so much 🥺 thank you babes
Some smut below cut so minors DNI 18+ONLY
Tumblr media
"Please, Buck. Just for a couple hours." You whined, cheek pressed to his back as you walked with him; your arms secure around his waist. "I told you no. Stop hounding me." Bucky grumbled, rolling his eyes when you let go of his waist.
"I'll have someone else take me then." You quipped, folding your arms over you chest. "No, you won't. I don't want to go out tonight." He snapped, watching as you scoffed and stormed out of the room.
Bucky figured you had given up and went to stew in the bedroom where he'd have to ease the situation later.
But, when you walked into the lounge room in his favorite dress with the hem that stopped just below your ass that fit every dip and curve perfectly; he knew you had other plans.
"Where are you going?" He said, tone level yet stern as he watched every move you made. "I told you, I'm having someone else to go with me tonight. Maybe, Nat or Sam." You shrugged, reaching for your jacket that was quickly snatched from your fingers.
"Oh, you're not going anywhere, babydoll. Not without me while you're wearin' my favorite dress."
You bit back a smirk when you noticed the darkening of his eyes, deciding to find out just how far you could push him. "That's not gonna stop me." You tested, walking pass him. "Sweetheart- get back here." He huffed, following behind you to the hallway. "Shut up, Bucky. I'm going out."
"No, you're not." An excited squeal erupted from your throat when you were easily lifted to his left shoulder. "I said no, we've had this conversation. But, it seems you wanna have it again."
You could feel the arousal building between your thighs, the show of strength sending a shiver down your spine. "Do your worst, James." You giggled, slapping at his ass.
"You're gonna regret saying that." Bucky said, sitting you back on your feet in front of the couch. Shifting you around so your knees were on the cushions and hands holding the back of it as anticipation bubbled in your lower belly.
Warm, calloused fingers ghosted up the inside of your thigh, a soft whine passing your lips when he slipped one through your folds; groaning at the wetness.
"You're not even wearing panties." He rasped, one hand pawing at the thin fabric of your dress as the other worked at his belt and the fastening of his slacks.
You choked out a moan when he buried himself in you with a swift movement, your fingers curling into the leather of the couch from the stretch as he moved a hand to pull the front of your dress down to expose your chest.
Bucky pushed and pulled your hips to meet his with each relentless thrust that made you see stars. The low, gravelly sounds coming from the broad man behind you aiding in the tightening of the coil in your abdomen as vulgar sounds spilled from your mouth.
The sting of his flesh hand coming in contact with the swell of your ass made you whine as he soothed it with the cool metal of his left hand.
You panted out a string of curses when you glanced over you shoulder. The sight of Bucky's jaw slacked as his gaze stayed on where he disappeared into your velvety walls being your undoing. A soft cry pulling from your chest as your high crashed into you.
Fucking you through your high, his left hand gripped your shoulder. Tugging you so your back was to his chest before the sturdy fingers dug into your cheeks to turn your head to look at him.
"So tight and wet. All mine, sweets." He moaned, his plump lips engulfing yours in a sloppy kiss.
The change in angle made you mewl and clench around him, his cock sliding again every sweet spot as a warm hand kneaded the supple flesh of your breasts.
Bucky's steady pace grew sloppier, his teeth grazing the skin at the side of your neck to brush his lips to the shell of your ear. "Can feel you squeezin' me. Go on, cum again." He panted, his left hand slipping down to press tight circles to your clit.
Your hands flew for anything to hold onto as your vision started to white out, Bucky's rough thrust not letting up as your hands found his wrists.
Your head fell back against his shoulder, chanting his name like it was the only thing you knew through the wave of burning pleasure that coursed through you.
"There ya go. Good girl." Bucky hummed, reaching to turn your head to him again for another messy kiss as he worked to his own orgasm.
A low groan rumbled from his chest as his movements stilled, painting your walls with hot streams of his release before slipping out of you, fully sated.
You let yourself fall forward against the back of the couch on your forearms, Bucky letting out a satisfied hum as he looked over your blissed out form.
"So- where did you wanna go?"
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kaiparker-avengerssmut · 20 hours ago
Another day on the job
Pairings | pornstar!bucky Barnes x f!pornstar!reader
Warnings | swearing, smut, sybian use, toys, femme!dom, sub!bucky Barnes, use of the pet name 'puppy', slapping,
Word count | 1613
Summary | Bucky Barnes, the costar you hate to see, but love to work with
A/n | I feel like all the pornstar!bucky fics are dom!bucky, so I thought I'd play around with the idea of him being submissive yet just as eager! I hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
You loved your job at Stark Industries, you really did. Even though porn wasn't the most...normal job out there, you really did enjoy it. The people were lovely, accommodating and just fun to be around.
There were barely any costars which you didn't get along with. Except, well, except the man who was walking towards you right now.
"Hey doll, how are you?" He grinned impishly, arms outstretched.
"Fuck off Barnes, I don't need any of your shit today." You chided back, making Bucky chuckle.
"Now that's not very nice doll, I'm jus' tryin' to be civil." Bucky drawled, hands shoved into his pockets as he leant against your dressing table. You scoffed with a roll of your eyes.
"Don't call me Doll, doll." You snapped.
"Wow, I sure hope someone isn't on their period. After all, blood play isn't on the schedule for today's shoot." Oh, how you wanted to slap that grin from his fucking perfect lips.
"I'm shooting with Nat today, so it's neither here nor there whether I'm on or not." You huffed, standing abruptly and pulling your robe tighter around your body. "And besides, you know full well I don't get my period anyway, Barnes."
"Whatever you say, y/l/n. But I'd check your filming schedule with the big guy if I were you."
"Whatever, Barnes." You dismissed as you walked away. "And stop staring!" You snapped, feeling his eyes glued to your behind.
"I get to fuck it, so why can't I look?" He teased. You shook your head and gave him the finger over your shoulder before pushing through the door.
So, turns out you were timetabled in with Bucky today.
Natasha had a terrible cold and was off sick, so your shoot with Bucky had been moved forwards a week as you were both around anyway.
Tony clapped you on the back as he walked you out his office, a mocking smile on his face as the door slammed shut.
You took a deep sigh, collecting yourself, before making your way down to the set.
Your eyes became like a deer in headlights when you saw the black, curved saddled machine resting in the centre of the room.
The sybian had a bright dildo poking out the top that you just knew would touch all the right spots when it was on and rotating.
Plus, the little hair-looking stubs covering the surface of the saddle would tickle your clit deliciously. Oh, how you couldn't wait to get started.
"Good to see you, doll. Come here often?" Bucky sauntered up next to you, a sly wink shot your way and an accompanying sly smile on his plump lips.
"Let's just get this over with, minimum argument." You gritted. Bucky chuckled dryly.
"You haven't read the brief yet, have you?" He pondered smugly with an arched brow.
"What? No, I've only just got here." You shook your head, walking swiftly over to the dresser that had the information sheet on it.
"Oh." Oh.
"Oh indeed." Bucky grinned, although the expression confused you.
"It's- it's for you." You exclaimed, browns sky-high.
"Uh-huh. You get to slap me around real good, doll." Bucky was much too chirpy for your liking.
"So it's...hate sex with the sybian? How the hell have they worked out that plot?" You balked, blowing out a confused breath.
"All I know is I get those pretty hands on me for the next few hours, so I'm more than fuckin' happy." Bucky grinned before wandering off to greet your usual camera man, Clint.
You shook your head before following, stripping of your robe as you did so to leave you in the straps, leather lingerie they had left in your dressing from you. The colour stood out against your skin; a stark contrast always looked best on camera, accentuating the best parts of your figure.
"You ready, ma'am?" Clint teased and you stuck out your tongue. "Woah, save that for Barnes. Now get your ass in frame."
You giggled as you followed Clint's directions, getting into place as he wanted you.
You were sat - man spreading - over Bucky, who was now straddling the sybian with his wrists bound and a beautifully red gag resting between his lips, already collecting a shiny layer of his saliva.
God, you couldn't wait to see the same shine on his pecs.
"You both ready?" Bucky gave a sharp nod and you followed suit. "Action!"
You took a deep breath, gathering yourself before beginning.
"You've been a bad boy, baby," Bucky whimpered as you dragged a finger over his perfect jaw, "so you can now face the consequences."
You kept your tone light, mocking - throwing in mimicked pouts when you got the chance for that extra effect. Bucky played his part well, too, considering he was gagged. His whimpers and wines almost sounded genuine as you made him lower himself over the fake, silicone cock all the while you refused used to help him.
An evil grin played across your lips when he was seated, a long moan pushing through the gag at the feeling of being stretched so wide.
"You want me to turn it on, puppy?" You teased, waving the little black remote that controlled the vibrations in front of his face, like you would a bone for a dog. He nodded eagerly, neon ding forwards to rest his head on your thigh.
He looked so fucking good on his knees.
"You can't think I'm that easy." You scoffed, fingers finding their way into his hair to sharply yank the man's head back. "You're going to have to beg."
The sharp crack on his cheek would've sent Bucky's head snapping to the side if it weren't for the hold you hand in his hair. His moan was duel to your fire.
"Oh? Does my puppy like being slapped around?" You bit your lip in amusement as he dried to nod against your hold, "dirty boy." You cooed, before landing another smack to his other cheek, backhanded.
Hitting Bucky Barnes felt so damn good.
You took mercy on his after a long moment of raking your nails across his scalp and fingered the little remote until you saw Bucky's hips jerk in surprise.
"Ah-ah," you lifted a foot and pressed the front of your stiletto onto his balls, "you don't move unless I tell you, understand?" You waited for him to nod vigorously before easing the pressure of your shoe. You left it resting though, as a lingering threat to do as he's been told.
"Ride it, puppy. I want to hear those pretty walls clamp down on that fake dick stuffed inside you." You could see the lust burning in Bucky's eyes at your dirty words.
Obediently, Bucky began to lift his hips off the sybian before dropping back down, moaning every time he reached the hilt.
"Good puppy, keep going." You encouraged when he started to slow down. Bucky whimpered when you applied more pressure with your foot, but he didn't falter.
You and Bucky were both know on set as sluts for both giving and receiving pain.
"Remember, don't cum unless I tell you too. You're already in enough trouble as it is." You reminded sternly and Bucky shook his head in agreement.
You sat back in your seat, deciding to play around with the strength of the vibrations for a while until you could see Bucky virtually on the brink of orgasm - his swollen tip leaking multiple beads of white precum.
"Stop." Like a good boy, he obeyed.
You dared a glance towards the camera out of the corner of your eye, where Clint was giving you an enthusiastic thumbs up.
"You can move again." You commanded coldly, carding a hand through his sweaty hair. When you sensed Bucky getting close again, you told him to stop. He whined this time.
You did it again, with Clint's indication before telling Bucky to start moving again one last time.
"Make yourself cum, puppy. You've deserved it." Oh my was watching Bucky cum a beautiful sight. His brows would furrow every time and his lips stretched around the gag even more, trying to form a moan that was trapped in his mouth. His abs would flex as well as his biceps and his cock would twitch.
You hated him, yet you couldn't get enough of working with him. Especially when he was gagged up.
"Cut!" Lights came on and the crew came over to untie Bucky and clean him up, whilst you were handed your robe and a cup of coffee.
"You get it all?" You asked Clint and he smiled wide.
"I got it. Thanks y/l/n, thanks Barnes." Bucky raised a hand in recognition before Clint got wrapped up in his footage. 
"How was I?" Bucky smirked and you scoffed.
"Rogers is better. He gets a cute little blush that spreads down to his chest." You we're only failing to wind him up now.
"I know. That's not what I asked." Bucky grinned impishly and you got up.
"See you Thursday." And with the final word, you left a grinning Bucky to be cleaned up.
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