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Vital Organs
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x fem!Reader
Summary: Reader is in love with her best friend, Bucky. The feeling is mutual but having a troubled relationship with her father means that she’s scared to risk the heartbreak.
A/N: I MAY have cried while writing this. To all the girls who, like me, have shitty dads and derive a lot of comfort from Bucky - I’m dedicating this to you. We deserved better.
Tumblr media
“Do ya think you’d ever go on a date with me?”
Bucky’s words echoed in your brain, sending a sharp pain in your chest with each repetition. The quietness in the jet only increased the agony of that moment being replayed. Your best friend had stood before you and put his emotions on the line - something he had never afforded himself to do. Then you made him realise why.
Two of your ribs were fractured from the mission but that thought was more painful.
“So quiet, what are you thinking about?” Yelena commented, looking over her shoulder from her pilot duties to check up on you.
“Nothing.” You replied putting your hand over your ribs and resting your back against the seat.
Bucky was going to be so worried when he’d found out you’d been injured. You could see it now, him following you around like a puppy. At least, he might have done if you’d given him a better answer than ‘I don’t know’ to a date. When you left for the mission he had worn a wounded expression that he’d desperately tried to conceal as you told him goodbye.
The truth is, when Bucky had asked you that question it threw your body into a complete state of conflict.
Your heart was about to burst out of your chest, as if it was trying to escape and connect with Bucky’s. It was crying out for you to say yes to him and take everything you had ever wanted.
That was until your brain stepped in and lassoed your heart to keep it in its place. The logic had corrupted you and was determined to prevent you from getting hurt. It wore you down and drowned out the excitement of your heart. It went to work in bringing back all the disappointment and hurt caused by your father who had left you behind at an early age.
But your lungs burned. The air was trapped in them and you struggled to breathe. It felt like you were being suffocated. It was a curious and familiar feeling from when you were younger.
To be the daughter of a man who abandons you is to constantly hold your breath in fear that if you let go, you’ll fall apart.
The other organs had overpowered and barricaded your lonely heart. They left you in the predicament of stuttering and stammering in front of a very nervous Bucky which had concluded with your pathetic answer. The memory had plagued you ever since.
Simultaneously, your brain provided you with flashbacks of being a child and waiting excitedly for a a man that rarely ever came. The feeling of disappointment after every interaction with your father that somehow managed to make you feel so unimportant had returned. The lump in your throat held there with every breath reminded you of the struggle to accept that he was never going to be what you needed to him to be.
It had taken some bone-crushing strength to move on. He was your father and you needed him to be better. As his child, you believed you should be the only motivation he needed to stop being so unreliable and grow up.
Whilst you were right, that is unfortunately not how the world works.
Now the perfect man had asked you the question you deemed was only possible in your wildest dreams. But to say yes to him was to give him access to potentially do the exact same thing as your father had done.
It was just too much of a risk.
The jet had landed with a halt and Yelena came over to assist you with walking off. You were quietly grateful for her, trying to hide just how much pain in you were in as you grasped Yelena’s shoulder.
Sam was poised and waiting for you both. Bucky stood next to him, fidgeting anxiously in anticipation of your return. He had spent the last few days licking his wounds in your absence. He had accepted that you had only ever been so affectionate with him because you were a good friend and he’d misinterpreted it. It fucking stung, but he respected that you can’t help how you feel. Although your answer had left him unsure where he stood with you, he was eager for you to return so he could be the best friend you needed him to be.
Bucky’s face fell as his eyes landed on Yelena holding you up with your arm round her shoulders and your regular wincing.
“First of all, are you okay?” Sam asked, him and Bucky instinctively making their way over to you both, ready to take you from Yelena if need be.
“Yeah, just fractured some ribs. No biggie.” You joked but it sounded painful. You could feel Bucky’s eyes on you, scanning and analysing you, processing the possibilities if this had been worse.
It made you feel weak and incompetent. The strong super soldier wanted to protect you and all you could think about is that you wished you were stronger. All of those years of having to establish your independence and leave behind weakness and vulnerability were completely discarded in that moment with Bucky’s pitiful look.
“Okay well, get checked out. No training or missions for you until you’re better.” Sam instructed, having settled into his new role as Captain America; he needed to make sure his team were in the best shape possible.
“Got it, Cap.” You nodded at Yelena to get her to take you to the medical wing of the compound. That was when Bucky stepped in.
“I’ll take it from here, Yelena.” He said and before you could even say anything, you were scooped up into Bucky’s arms and he was carrying into the compound.
“I could have walked.” You protested meekly. Being in his arms felt awkward, you didn’t allow yourself to hold on to him because then you’d stop holding your breath and you’d be done for.
“This is easier.” He retorted. For the first time since Bucky had started his recovery, he was unable to look you in the eye.
It was stony silence between you both, each of you having moments to open your mouths but no words came out. Nothing felt right. Despite being in his arms, a gap had been wedged between you and you were unsure how you’d ever be able to get back to him again.
You fixated on Bucky’s jaw which was constantly clenched, you could just about feel his teeth grinding together. His slouched shoulders and defeated expression didn’t go unnoticed by you. He was your best friend, you knew everything about him. Bucky was heartbroken.
Heartbroken, yet he still showed up for you when you needed him.
It was now a requirement that the compound had medical staff on hand at all times. Pepper had insisted on it in the rebuild, too many people had been lost. More preventative measures were put in place to keep the team as safe as possible.
You were thankful that you didn’t have to go to hospital but it now meant that Bucky was glued to your side as you were checked over. He was sitting on the edge of his seat, digesting everything the doctor had said to you while you lay back wishing he would go away.
Bucky being there was a constant reminder that you’d hurt him. Locked inside its cage, your heart wept at the thought, desperate for you to tell Bucky you’d been stupid and you’d love to date him, marry him, die for him.
It made your lungs tighten and your breath hitch, ready to give way. You had to be stronger than this. Love was not worth risking the pain of being abandoned. You had vowed never to give anyone the power to make you feel that way again.
When the doctor left, Bucky settled back into his chair, clearly having no intention of leaving. You settled down on the bed, feeling drowsy from the painkillers and squeezed your eyes shut like a child, wishing that when you opened them that he’d be gone.
Alas, moments later when you opened your eyes again he was still there, watching over you protectively.
“You don’t need to sit with me, Buck. I’m sure you’ve got better things to be doing.” You mumbled, looking away from him to stare out of the window.
“I am not leaving your side, need to make sure you’re okay.” Bucky responded. “And I missed you.”
His voice broke a little at the last four words, almost as though he was scared to admit it to you. It wasn’t like you were a stranger to his vulnerability but this felt different after him admitting to having feelings a few days prior. It made you frown.
“I missed you too.” You muttered. “I’m sorry about the other day.”
“You have nothing to be sorry for.” Bucky said defensively and definitively as though he didn’t want to talk about it. He was ready to pretend it didn’t happen and move forward as your friend.
But Bucky deserved the whole world. The least you could do is offer an explanation.
“No, Bucky, you deserve better than an ‘I don’t know’. In all honesty, you’re… perfect. And I’ve loved you for a long time. The way my heart skipped a beat when you asked me that question, you have no idea. But I just can’t…”
“Why?” Bucky choked out, his voice still broken. He had moved to the edge of his seat again, his eyes constantly darting between you and your fingers which you were anxiously playing with.
“Can’t risk it. I can’t risk being abandoned.”
“I’d never leave you.”
“Don’t make promises you can’t keep.” You snapped at him and instantly regretted it as you could sense his posture shrink with the unsolicited harshness. It wasn’t intentional but rather instinctual. Words were empty; if a parent could leave you then there was nothing to stop a boyfriend from doing the same thing.
“You promise me you won’t leave all the time.” Bucky offered after a couple of seconds of uncomfortable silence. He was right, in all of his moments of insecurity and grief after Hydra; it was you providing comfort and reassurance. It was you by his side, being his supportive and loving best friend.
“Because I know how shit it is to be left.” You sighed and felt the painful tug in your chest. Your breathing was rapid and your lungs were aching. They were agonisingly trying to keep everything in; keeping your heart locked up and holding your breath. You’d come too far, you couldn’t let go now.
“And you think I don’t?” It was Bucky’s turn to snap now.
His words were a cruel and embarrassing wake up call. It prompted you to give him eye contact and fuck, he really was broken.
It was so insensitive: you should have known better than that. Steve leaving him behind had had a profound effect on Bucky. Rarely did he ever let people see his tears but he had allowed you to cradle him like a baby while he sobbed for his friend who had left him behind.
“Buck, I’m so sorry.” You mumbled, feeling like a fool with your carelessness. Twice now had the tight leash you had kept on your lungs resulted in your words hurting Bucky. It was becoming more than you could bear.
Bucky shook his head lightly, waving off the comment and wiping the slate clean again. Nonetheless, he held your eye contact in search of further elaboration.
“It’s just I used to get all that crap from my dad about never leaving me and he did. It means nothing to me anymore. What if I’m not enough for you like I wasn’t for him?” Tears has trickled from the corners of your eyes and spilled down on to your face and the sheets.
Bucky wasted no time in getting up and sitting on the bed next to you, pulling you into his chest. The remaining pieces of the puzzle formed in his head. He had known before that any mention of your dad made you extremely uncomfortable and he had always changed the subject. Bucky understood all too well what it was like to be left behind, but not by a parent. Not by one of the very few people in this world that actually owed you something. He cursed himself for not considering this beforehand but quickly turned his focus to comforting you.
This time you didn’t protest to being taken in Bucky’s arms, you just wept into his t shirt as he stroked your hair and pressed loving kisses to the top of your head. Your brain was too fatigued to provide you with reasons why you should push him away. You just needed him.
“I need to protect my heart.” You asserted finally, trying to explain yourself further.
“Sweets, you’re breaking your own heart.” Bucky sighed as he pulled you in closer to him.
Just as you had cradled him when Steve left, it was his turn to do it for you. Engulfed in those strong arms, he rocked you gently and carefully. It felt safe and warm and like home.
Now that your brain had called surrender on this pointless fight against your feelings for Bucky, it played a different film in your head than memories of your dad.
You remembered Bucky teaching you to ride a motorbike. He had put your helmet on for you and let out a hearty laugh at the goofy grin you’d given him. Everything he did that day was with extreme patience as he’d put his hands over yours on the handlebars, explaining what everything was and how it worked. The praise he’d given you when you did something right had encouraged you to keep trying. Conversely, when you got something wrong or made a mistake; Bucky was calm and reassuring, compelling you to try again.
Or the time you’d gotten sick and were bedridden for days. Bucky made it his personal mission to take care of you. He was out of his depth, sure, but he had just tried to mirror what you had done when you comforted him after nightmares. Your cup of tea was never empty, you were never left without enough blankets, you never had to wait for your medicine. Bucky was attentive, caring and there.
Even today, you knew that based on his stoic face that you’d hurt him. But he still turned up for you. He was nothing like your father.
Bucky had proved already that he could be there. He was right: you were breaking your own heart. The trauma of abandonment had caused you to deny yourself a love that felt like home. You had been judge, jury and executioner in your own trial and had made a mistake.
Then it happened. You stopped holding your breath.
Your lungs expanded as fully as possible and then shrunk dramatically again. This process continued over and over as you inhaled as much air as possible and then exhaled in deep, incredible breaths.
“You okay, sweetheart?” Bucky asked, looking down at the powerful heaving of your chest and listening to your breathing.
You nodded in response, unable to offer any words. Without realising, you had clutched on to his t-shirt and balled up a bunch of the fabric in your fist.
It was exhausting after having kept your lungs in tension for so long but it was so liberating to let go safely. Focusing on the thudding of his heartbeat in his chest, it grounded and secured you.
Your own heart was screaming in her cage, knowing her rightful partner was close and she needed to be near him. You had set your brain and lungs free, it was time to do the same for your heart.
With some slow coaxing from Bucky as he rubbed your back and continued to kiss the top of your head, you started to calm down. Your lungs adjusted to regular breathing and seemed content in their new routine of being used the way they should always have been.
Your head was rested on Bucky’s chest, still finding comfort in his regular, clockwork heartbeat. The fabric of his shirt that you had grasped before had been let go and was left wrinkled and misshapen.
“You know, Doll,” Bucky began. “I understand why you feel like that, but I’m not your dad, okay?” He took a moment to look at you and ensure that you weren’t too upset or triggered for him to continue.
“You say you love me, so can you trust me? Can we give this a go?”
You looked up and met the adoring gaze of his ocean eyes. Instead of answering him with words you pressed your lips against his. It was soft and gentle, his flesh hand moving to hold your face. Even with his eyes closed, he’d studied your face enough to know where to run his thumb so it was along your cheekbone.
It was the key to unlocking your caged heart. She leapt from her shackled prison and lunged for Bucky’s heart to connect with him. The hearts embraced with the deepening of your kiss and formed an unbreakable bond.
When you finally pulled back for air - which your lungs were well accustomed to now - you couldn’t help but give each other a chuckle. Your foreheads met as your hearts worked in unison to pull you as close to each other as possible.
“Is that a yes then?” He asked, with a cheeky smile stretched across his face.
The insecurity and fear of being left was still there. You accepted that it always would be on some level. On the other hand, you’d had enough of constantly being on your guard and having to be so strong all the time. No longer would you send your vital organs into mortal combat over an irrelevant man when the man in front of you just wanted to love you.
“Yes.” You decided. “Yes it is.”
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
BUCKY BARNES + quotes ↳ for shay (@buckybarness) i hope you’re having the best birthday ever, love ya! ♥️
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A Correspondence of Obligation - Eight
Tumblr media
Pairing: Prince!Bucky x Princess!Reader (Royal AU)
Summary: Obedience, duty, pristine smiles—raised as the princess of an oppressive kingdom, you knew nothing else. Your father signed your life away at the ripe age of five, black ink bleeding into a contract between nations, fate cemented with the flick of a quill. So when the time came to fulfill the promises you were too young to make, you expected much of the same in the land of Brookshire. But Prince James had other plans, as did the enemies looming outside the castle walls.
Word count: 6k
Warnings: Angst, a bit of fluff, cannon-level violence, a very distraught protective bucky (sorry!)
a/n: I appreciate feedback so much, let me know what you think! Thank you for reading ♡♡
Series Masterlist // Main Masterlist
You painted him often. 
In the morning, when you got to see the way the rays reflected upon the planes of his face and lit him up. Gentle. Ethereal. With no rush or concern for the time of day because it was simply the beginning. 
In the afternoon—quick brushstrokes, always in a hurry. The colors were purple and blue and red. They were blurred together to replicate the way his lips felt as he passed you in the corridors and sought you out after meetings. Images of the afternoon were more abstract and less cohesive; they were how you felt after the brief rendezvous you were granted during busy days. 
In the night. In the night… starlight was the easiest to paint, but only because of him. Rippling waters and branches weighed down by the moon; boots lost in knee high grass and layers of your gown lost in the heat of the balmy air. You painted him most at night, even when he could be found nowhere on the canvas. 
And he must have been able to tell, because with each painting you showed him, he kissed you just a little bit harder. He would let his eyes trail over each of your decisions, the brushstrokes touched by light reflecting off of spun glass, and he would smile at you as if you had given him some gift he could never repay. As if he hadn’t been the one to give you the tools and the joy to create such things. 
You wished he would take a step back and see the truth behind your paintings—the love. 
There were occasions where you almost said it out loud; every time the words fell from his lips first, or in instances where the laughs escaping you were so attached to the feeling that to not tell him you loved him seemed an impossible feat. 
But you didn’t—hadn’t yet. And you wanted to, so bad. 
You wanted to watch the way his eyes would widen and feel the pads of his fingers as he brushed them against your face. You knew he would laugh and that it would be so breathless that the sound would drift past your ears and melt into you, warm you. You wanted him to kiss you, feeling loved. 
You were waiting for the perfect time. 
You wished you had just said it sooner. 
“I won’t be in the room with you, I have to train the squires with the knighting so close. But the prince will be beside you the entire time, and Steve will be there as well. I asked him—” 
“—to be sure to keep an eye on you. Of course, he agreed. Was rather annoying about it actually.” Your lady-in-waiting ripped the brush through your hair with an unrelenting flick of her wrist. “He said ‘well obviously, Natasha. She is my family after all’. As if I was some dimwit. I swear—” 
“Natasha, please.” 
“—he acts as if I’m being overbearing. Like you weren’t just tossed about in some forest and held hostage. I want to strangle him sometimes—” 
You twisted in the plush armchair, removing the brush from her grip with raised brows. She snapped her mouth closed and pressed her lips together as you turned back around and met her eyes in the mirror. 
“Ow,” you remarked, reaching up to instead hand her the flowers she planned on weaving into your small headpiece. “I wanted to leave my hair attached to my head for this luncheon, but if you have something else in mind, please let me know.” 
Natasha grimaced, sheepishly taking a more delicate approach to your look. “I’m sorry. You know I get carried away when I’m worried.” 
You sighed, sending her a smile in the mirror that she replicated with an unsure look. There was no need for her to be as worried as she was; this lunch was a simple one. There would be local diplomats and noblemen and some of the more prominent shop owners from the kingdom. It was your gentle reintroduction to court, paired with small sandwiches and chilled tea. It wasn’t as if you were going to faint from overexertion; you had been clear of bed rest for well over a month. 
Not that Natasha cared, with all of her mother hen tendencies. 
“Natasha, you know better than most that the prince would have me out of the room if he even presumed I was uncomfortable,” you assured. “Between the two of you, I’m surprised I’m allowed to converse with anyone that hasn’t gone through some inspection.” 
She sent you a pointed look. “You watched yourself get dragged up from the ground with a knife at your back and then get back to me.”��
Guilt bloomed within you, making you bite at your lower lip to keep from blurting out an apology; she had chastised you for as much several times since the attack. Still, it was hard not to find blame when your friends were plagued with so much worry. 
“Well, with all of the training I’ve been doing, I’m sure something like that won’t happen again.” 
Natasha set your hair into place and leaned down, squeezing your shoulder as she smirked, “Your training with me is beneficial. Not so sure about the time you spend on the grounds with the prince, however.” 
Heat crept up your neck at her teasing, embarrassment battling with the pride you felt at your progress. It had only taken about three weeks of healing for Natasha to agree to train you again. You’d gotten quite proficient in the bow since then, but Steve loved to remind you that that statement only applied when the targets were stationary. You also loved to remind Steve that you would have the power to banish him in just a few weeks. 
That usually shut him up, but not before all of his laughing got you ten extra push ups from Natasha. Steve’s teasing was getting you into immaculate shape. 
Getting Bucky to agree to take you to the training grounds took a bit more persuasion, but after many pleas and multiple promises to take it easy, you were able to show him everything Natasha had taught you. For about ten minutes. 
Every time you found yourself “training” with Bucky, that was how long the productiveness lasted—ten minutes. Not that you were complaining; spending an hour outside with Bucky, the smell of fresh grass bright in the temperate air, was priceless. It meant no eyes and no responsibilities, and it meant freedom, even for a little while. 
Well—it meant no eyes until Natasha came down to ensure the troops were taking their break at the appropriate time.
“Tell me how to do it again, once more.” 
“Bucky, you are being facetious. You know how to string a bow.”
“I truly have forgotten, princess. Once more, for my benefit.” 
You giggled, the sound rustling the branches of cherry blossom trees as the wind followed close behind. You pretended to glare at him, squinting in the sun and catching the slightest hint of his spiced citrus past the floral breeze. The pants you had on braved the weather, but your hair was not so lucky. 
“You are such a terrible liar,” you accused. The bow in your hand swayed as your arm did. 
“Perhaps I am,” he admitted, stepping forward to slip the wood from your fingers. “A truth, then—I do know how to string a bow.” 
“But I much prefer to listen to you explain it.” He dropped the bow, hand coming below your chin, thumb pressing into your bottom lip. “And I do love watching the way your mouth forms the words.” 
You let out a shaky breath, speechless at being so close even though you had kissed him countless times before. He leaned forward, pressing your foreheads together but refusing your lips the feel of his own; you’d have to work for that, it seemed. 
“Are you going to teach me then, my love?” 
A breath in. A pass of your tongue across your bottom lip. “You should first hold the riser straight to ensure that your bow is the right fit for you.” 
Bucky hummed, eyes never leaving your lips as you spoke. His hands came down to press your hips forward, seeking as much contact as he could find. 
“You should—you should hook the bottom loop of the string around the bottom of the bow.” 
“How will I know it’s the bottom?” he breathed, lips brushing yours as he spoke. Your stomach burned at the contact. His grip tightened on your hips. 
“Shorter…” you began, the rest of your sentence lost somewhere between Bucky’s lips and the corner of your mouth. But he urged you to go on, nudging his nose to yours. “Shorter finger guards should be on top.” 
“And then what?” 
You were sure this was some kind of torture; he was teasing you, pressing his lips to your cheeks and your jaw. And all you could do was try not to melt in his arms and recite the steps to some arbitrary thing. Truthfully, it wasn’t arbitrary, but right now, everything other than him felt as if it was. 
Bucky took your brief pause as a forgetful stint, sliding one of his hands up your back until it cupped the back of your neck. 
“Where should you step after the bottom is strung, darling?” he whispered. 
“Through… through the bow and string while—”
His lips tasted like sweet rose water and lemons and laughter. He kissed you and put you out of your misery, halting your poor excuse for a lesson with urgency and pressing desire. And you kissed back with just as much fervor, hands coming up to rest against the stubble of his cheeks. 
But that wasn’t enough—it never was. So Bucky brought a hand between your shoulder blades and lowered you down until grass tickled at your neck and made the air sweeter. He encased your head with his arms until even that was bothering him as well, one hand coming down to grip your waist as you laid in the grass. 
He kissed you harder until a smile was found between lips. Until you were both breathless but neither of you had any intentions of pulling away. You were about two seconds from pushing him into the grass—an act that surely would have shocked him—when the sound of a clearing throat shot you out of your adrenaline. 
“Your Highnesses.” Natasha’s amused tone had you pushing a reluctant Bucky into the grass after all, but for an entirely different reason. 
“Natasha!” you greeted, dusting yourself off as you stood. “I was just—I was just showing the prince how I am with the bow.”
Natasha threw her gaze over to the very disheveled prince, still unapologetically in the grass and smiling up at her. She raised a brow at him, gave a small nod in greeting, and then turned back to you with a smirk.
“That looked to be exactly what you were doing.” 
The burn in your cheeks and up your neck increased as you remembered the afternoon that followed that day, all of the questions and remarks as Natasha readied you for bed. But you would take them all over again if it meant that the lightness Bucky gave you would linger as it did that day. The love was worth all of the teasing. 
“I don’t know, Natasha,” you called out as she sorted through your jewelry. “Maybe I have become advanced and you just don’t know it because you’ve been spending all your time with those squires.” 
She fitted pearls around your neck as she scoffed. “It is more likely that the prince appointed me as their trainer so that he could have more time making you ‘advanced’ in place of me.” 
You rolled your eyes with a smile, pushing out of the chair and rounding its back to grab Natasha’s hands in both of yours. She narrowed her eyes, but that was vastly overshadowed by the smile that played at her lips. You gave her fingers a small squeeze, one she reciprocated with ease. 
“Thank you, Natalia, truly,” you spoke lowly, her name from childhood thick in your voice. “You’ve gotten me through so much. Through everything.” 
She shook her head, biting the inside of her cheek and looking to the ceiling in feigned nonchalance. But you knew what it really meant; you were seconds away from doing the same yourself. 
“Are you about to ask me to hide you away in the woods again?” she jested, voice heavy with an unshed happiness.
The laugh you shared with her echoed to your windows, filling your room with a sound that would have been frowned upon back in Hyland. But you weren’t in Hyland anymore, and you never would be. 
Natasha spoke again. “I would do much more than teach you how to shoot a bow.” 
You bit your lip, ready to tear up and throw her into a hug, when a knock at your door stopped you in your tracks. 
“Time for your fancy lunch then,” she said, drawing out the words with a playful brow. 
She got the hug anyway, and maybe a few tears. 
On the other side of the door was a patient Steve, his hands held behind his back as he tried to make conversation with Sir William at his post. Your guard was obviously disinterested in the small talk, his face impassive and his words monotone, but you were there soon enough to save him from your cousin. 
Steve looked dashing, as usual; an embodiment of spring with his light features and healthy glow. His blonde hair looked vibrant as it slipped past his forehead, just a tad bit overgrown. His smile was bright as you greeted him and took his arm in the hall. 
 “Are you excited?” he beamed, nudging you slightly as you walked to the dayroom. 
You sent him a confused smile. “For lunch? I mean, sure, but I would much rather prefer something intimate.” 
“No, not lunch,” he rolled his eyes. “For the wedding. It’s almost here. Buck won’t shut up about it.” 
Your grip on Steve’s arm tightened, nerves and elation twisting within your chest. Just a fortnight and you would be married. Everything would be official and you would be queen, but more than that, you would be Bucky’s.
The thought used to scare you; the idea of belonging to a man you didn’t know was so heinous before, but that was because of expectations forced upon you from childhood. In truth, you weren’t going to belong to Bucky. On paper, the law would proclaim you did; there was no way to escape such a system in your current position. But Bucky would never act upon his power. In his mind, the thought would be nonexistent. 
Your nerves, instead, sprouted from the title you would gain from your union, not from Bucky. 
When Steve bent his neck to inspect your pregnant pause, you were quick to formulate an answer. “Of course I’m excited,” you whispered. The ocean to the west crashed beyond the arches you passed. “This land is vast and plentiful. I am grateful to be its queen.” 
Steve let out a humorless laugh. “What a lovely, trained, answer.” His tone was accusing as he stopped you in front of the ornate doors of the dayroom. “Tell me the truth, y/n. Before we go in there and you have to use all those words that Lady Austeen ingrained in that big head of yours.” 
You slapped his chest with a scoff. “You are rude. And nosy.” 
“I only worry about you. As does Natasha, although you seem to answer her questions more willingly.” 
“She doesn’t insult me when she asks them!” 
Steve’s smile was soft as he raised a brow. “Insulting you is part of my job description.” 
Glasses clinked and violins created a gentle song just beyond the doors, and you took a breath, enjoying the simple comfort of family before having to greet so many others. Your dress swayed as you shifted your weight between your feet, the green silk shimmering and delicately draping at your shoulders.
“Sometimes… I just worry that being queen will be too much for me. I’m not ruthless. I won’t kiss another’s betrothed for my own benefit. And you saw what it did to my mother. If I am not able to withstand the pressure, it won’t just be myself I let down.” 
The playfulness on Steve’s face sobered up quickly, leaving behind a sincere expression and hands that rested on your shoulders. His “father look”, you liked to call it, and he did it quite well. 
“Hey, there’s no law in place that states you need to be brutal to be a leader. There’s respect in kindness. These people—they already love you. They aren’t looking for a malicious queen to take over regions. If you haven’t noticed, that’s not going so well for Sharon.” Steve paused, squeezing your shoulders as he took a breath. “And your mother… there are things we still don’t know, things we will never be told. The king was so secretive and unfair to you, but you have to know that you won’t end up like your mother. Bucky would never let that happen. I would never let that happen.” 
There was an ugly truth hidden behind Steve’s words. You were so young when your mother died, and that left any questions about her thwarted and banned. You never got to learn what illness had taken her, or why your father took it so hard. All you had were the remnants of your court and the rules that followed her as she passed. 
You’d be lying if you said her death had no connection to your nerves; being queen was a heavy weight to bear, and you had little example to go off of. 
But you had Bucky now, and you had Brookshire. Things would be different. 
Steve’s eyes were stuck flitting between yours as you finally spoke. “I know you wouldn’t,” you smiled, easing the tension in the hall. “You’re too headstrong to let me wither away.” 
He huffed out a laugh and pressed a kiss to your hair, jerking his head to the door and letting you straighten yourself out before entering the room. Bucky spotted you immediately, putting an end to whatever conversation had him tied up by the balcony. 
His grin was terribly endearing as he carded his fingers through his hair and met you at the doors. He placed a hand on the small of your back and kissed your cheek, clapping Steve on the shoulder with the firm grip of his right hand. 
“Steve,” he greeted, eyes shining. “Thanks for escorting her. The noblemen never leave my side at these things.” 
Steve returned the prince’s gesture and parted after a few fond exchanges, heading straight for the refreshment table where he was greeted by shop owners and plenty of conversation. You smiled as you watched him, relishing in Bucky’s touch as he dragged it up and down your spine. His lips back on your cheek had you finally turning to greet him, a perfect picture of comfort settled onto his face. 
“Hello, my love.”
You couldn’t hide your smile as you exchanged your own greeting, and you suddenly found it rather annoying that you were in a room full of people. Your cousin’s boisterous laugh reminded you of such, and you were spouting off the question that had been running through your mind during your walk in the hall. 
“Why did Steven escort me here? I know where the dayroom is well enough.” 
Bucky knocked his head back in feigned regret. “You caught me,” he groaned. “I asked him to. I wanted to make sure you were… warmed up—so to speak—for the questions all these men might ask.” 
“Oh? So you are the reason I had to endure such a serious conversation before my first ‘no pressure’ appearance in court?” you teased. 
He bit into his bottom lip when you cocked your head to the side, both accusing and grateful. It had been some time since you were last grilled by the people of the kingdom, and getting all of your nerves out with Steve instead of one of the nobles was preferable. 
“Is our marriage such a serious conversation, darling?” 
You laughed and shook your head, the response lost on your lips as a stocky man with dark hair cleared his throat. You turned away from Bucky, but the prince was sure to leave his hand pressed to your back. 
“I am sorry to interrupt, Your Highnesses,” he apologized, a slight bend in his waist as he bowed. 
Bucky was quick to interrupt. “It’s not a problem at all, Wong. Allow me to introduce you. Princess, this is Wong, library and archive manager in Brookshire. Wong, this is my princess—” 
“Surely I know who your princess is by now, Your Highness. In fact, with all of her art gracing the halls of the library, we might as well give the building her namesake.” 
You gaped—completely improper given the company—and blinked up at Bucky. Your art? Why on earth would anything you made leave this castle, let alone be hung in public places? Bucky looked down at you with an unsure smile, his fingers now fidgeting with the material of your dress. 
You snapped your gaze back to Wong. “I’m.. I’m sorry, I just didn’t realize—” 
“Oh, please, princess, do not take my comment the wrong way. We love your art. The library was so dull before—all stuffy and beige. Every time the prince brings one of your works we spend the evening clearing off a spot on the wall. The students love it.” 
“Thank you,” you breathed, still too shocked to form anything coherent. 
“No, thank you. That is why I came by this afternoon, to thank you. Well… I also wanted to wish you well. I heard there is still no word on the people that attacked you. The town just outside the castle was devastated when we were told what happened. And so close to your wedding as well.” 
There it was—another ugly truth. After weeks of questioning, it became extremely clear that Roger, one of the lesser mercenaries that had attacked you, knew nothing of the people that employed him. He knew that he was employed, but that was about the extent of it. 
You had caught Bucky tugging at his hair one too many times to assume any better outcome had arisen, and it wasn’t too long ago that he finally admitted the truth to you. It had taken a lot of coaxing, but the words had echoed in your brain for the remainder of that night. 
We have no idea who wants you. No idea. I won’t lock you up in this castle but it is eating away at me, princess. 
You hadn’t slept well that night. Bucky hadn’t either. The both of you spent hours on his balcony instead, mapping out stars in a warm breeze, wrapped in each other and trying to forget. 
But it was always looming there, and now it was front and center once again. 
“Thank you, Wong,” Bucky covered for you, your silence incredibly loud. “The search is still out.” 
“It was nice to meet you,” you managed, calling out before he could part. Wong presented you with another bow and a smile, this one a touch more strained. 
“I wish he hadn’t brought that up,” Bucky murmured, voice turned down to you. 
You pressed a hand to the lapel of his jacket, smoothing it out and trying to redirect. “Which part? The attack, or the fact that Brookshire apparently has so many of my paintings that they are about to rename a library in my honor?” 
Bucky cringed for a moment, closing his eyes as a breeze passed through the dayroom. The violins were still in full swing in the corner, the sandwiches still towered high upon trays and the tea still fresh with ice. You had hardly made your way around the room, but the atmosphere was still lovely where you stood. 
“Are you truly angry about that, princess?” Bucky finally got out, sliding his gaze to you as you smiled at a group of diplomats passing by. “Because I really only sought to show the world your talent. You would have been satisfied keeping all of those works piled up in your paint room and the library had requested art. The kingdom appreciates beauty, and to have their queen—” 
“Can you show me?” 
Bucky paused. “I’m sorry?” 
“The library,” you clarified. “Can you show me?” 
The violins picked up, livening the room and causing every conversation to get louder; almost imperceptibly, but it was still there. You could see Wong close to the group of strings, talking animatedly with his hands to get his point across. 
“I’m sure I could have that arranged, darling. We haven’t left the castle since—” 
“—since the attack,” you finished. You turned to face him fully, grabbing his forearm with hopeful eyes. “Let’s go see the library. It’s just beyond the castle, isn’t it?” 
It would be the perfect place. In a room surrounded by variations of him—in the morning, the afternoon, the night—all carried by his hands and brought out to show the world. Because he was proud of you. Because he loved you. 
Your wedding was just weeks away, and you hadn’t said it back. 
It would be the perfect place. 
“Now?” Bucky emphasized, looking around the room as a roaring laugh boomed from an archway. One of the trays clanked against a crystallized glass bowl, the sound resonating against the walls. 
“Now, Bucky. Please,” you pleaded. 
His resolve dissipated the second you looked up at him like that, your fingers tugging at his sleeve with impatience. You could tell by the way his face softened; by the way he covered your hand with his own, the warmth combating the excitement rushing through you. This would be the perfect time, the perfect day, the perfect place. 
“Darling, we are in a room full of our court. We can’t just leave.” 
You ignored the spark you felt from the word our. “This is the perfect time to leave. No one expects us anywhere else, and since Wong, no one has come within ten feet of us. They are all too busy discussing matters of their farms and their shops. We are simply ornaments at this point.” 
Bucky seemed to weigh his options carefully as a heavy wave crashed beyond the walls. A seagull cried as well, but it was hard to hear over the music. You could only make out the end of its call. 
“Okay, yes. Fine,” he conceded, quick words spoken against your cheek as he kissed it and expertly ushered you to the door. “But I’ll have to meet you at the stables. We can’t leave at the same time.” 
You nodded your head enthusiastically when your back met the door. He glanced over his shoulder to survey the room, but only Steve seemed to notice your not-so-subtle getaway, his head shaking fondly as he listened to shop owners continue on. Your giggle was met with Bucky’s hand on your stomach, gently pushing you through the door. 
“Okay, go! I love you, go,” he whispered, and then you were a joyful mess in the hall. 
You brought your hand up and pressed your fingers to your mouth, taming your smile before heading down to the stables. It was nearly impossible; with the lightness in your gait, your dress trailing at the tops of your feet with a gentle ease, it would be so easy to spot your unrelenting emotions.  
But it didn’t matter. Everyone in the court could see the happiness coming off of you in waves and you wouldn’t care. 
Only they didn’t see; no one saw, because no one was in the hall. There were no guards at your door when you passed it, no visitors of the court bowing to you by balconies or archways. No staff could be found going in and out of rooms and no children ran beyond their mothers’ skirts. 
There was no one. It was…eerie. 
A loud boom startled you out of the stupor you had fallen into, finally getting your feet to move. You had stopped by the kitchens, a far cry from the stables. But the boom was the least of your worries, because the horns started. 
Blaring and incessant and close; the horns sounded off from the towers stacked on top of you, and you knew what they meant.
Find a guard. Run. Do anything other than stand in one place and get yourself killed. 
Your feet made the decision for you before your mind could, sending you hurtling back to the dayroom, back to Bucky. Footsteps could be heard in the distance now, and you weren’t sure if the heavy boots sounded like Brookshire’s guard, or if they meant something else. 
The guard. It had to be the guard, because your mind couldn’t fathom anything else. 
Breathing got harder the faster you ran, panic stealing what little air you could take in. You needed to get to Bucky; Natasha was too far away on the training grounds. But Natasha was out in the open as well, leaving her exposed to so many possible attacks. Now your mind was reeling as your body struggled, and there wasn’t enough adrenaline in the world to tame both. 
You rounded a corner as you heard it. 
“Princess! Princess, please. Where are you?” 
You opened your mouth to scream back at him, when the sound was muffled by leather. A leather palm, leather fingers; the same leather wrapping around your middle and dragging your thrashing body away. You kicked and let out unheard words until the sun was dimmed, and you were in a space between walls. 
Whoever this was knew the castle well. 
Whoever this was didn’t let you go as they dragged you through the tunnels you didn’t know existed. 
You couldn’t hear Bucky anymore. You could barely hear the horns. 
“This is going to be real easy for you if you just shut up and get in the carriage, got it, princess?” 
Their voice was deep and gravely, thick with an accent you didn’t recognize. You thrashed again in their arms, unrelenting even though it just made them tighten their hold. A tutting in your ear made you recoil.
“They told me you weren’t going to be easy.” 
Light assaulted your eyes as the wall gave way to some back entrance of the castle. They must get deliveries here; it was hidden, shrouded with ugly twigs and snarling vines. The scene made you feel ill. You were one step closer to being taken, the same position you were in just weeks ago. How had it come to this so quickly? How had the perfect image if your afternoon been ripped to shreds so suddenly? 
You didn’t have time for questions, only actions. You jutted your elbow out to meet your captor’s stomach, taking them by surprise as they doubled over. Their hand came next, your grip coming up to twist their wrist until they released your mouth as well. You could hear their annoyed hiss as you ran to the wall, hands skimming over every stone. 
Where was the way back in? The gated entrance to wherever this was impossible to reach unless you wanted this man to chase you, and he would certainly win. Each stone set another weight in your stomach as you passed it with shaking fingers, trying so desperately to find what he had. 
He recovered before you had the chance to cry in frustration, the cruel grip back around your body.
“Stop!” you screamed, hands reaching out to the cold stone. “Please, we’ll give you more than whatever they have. Anything you want.” 
His chuckle was dark. “I’m not getting paid for this. Consider it loyalty.” 
The carriage came into view then, its less than polished exterior blurred by your tears. Your captor kicked at your heels when you dug your feet in the ground, and an amused sound came from the back of his throat at your effort. 
But the carriage was nothing compared to what came next, Bucky’s form being dragged up by two men sending you into a panic. 
“Not him! Just me, you don’t need to take him,” you pleaded. The sound of your voice made the prince’s seething remarks toward the men halt, his head snapping to you with an unmatched speed. 
The man at your back sounded annoyed, almost letting out a yawn as he said, “We are not allowed to hurt the prince… unfortunately. He just gets to watch. Direct orders.” 
Bucky yanked away from the men to avail, his eyes wild as he marked every point in which the man held your body.
“Let her go or I swear to god I’ll—” 
“You’ll what?” the man on his right taunted, pulling him back just to show him he could. “You’ll nothing. Be thankful you even get to see her leave.” 
Yelling from a top floor of the castle erupted, and a small spark of hope shot through you. It was quickly put out when your feet were moving again, dragging you into the dilapidated carriage long before anyone could make it down the many castle steps. 
Bucky’s voice came out broken as he promised, “I’ll find you, y/n. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” 
His words were so different from the ones he had shared in the hall, just moments ago. 
Okay, go! I love you, go!
You’d remember those, wherever you went—the laughter and the lightness, and Bucky without his voice coated in tears. 
“Look at me, my love. I beg of you.” You hadn’t even realized your eyes were closed. You opened them to find you were passing him. “I love you,” he said, his cheeks glistening. “I love you and you’re going to be okay, alright? I’m going to find you. I won’t rest until your back home.” 
And maybe it was because of the possibility that you’d never see him again. Maybe it was because of the heavy tears making tracks down both of your faces. Maybe it was just the pain blooming along your arm where the man held you that made you say it. 
Either way, the I love you that fell from your lips sounded nothing like it had in your daydreams. 
Bucky thrashed against the men even harder, stringing curses and threats as your head was shoved into the nondescript cab. He promised death and pain and everything you knew he could deliver, if he only had the freedom to do so. 
“You bastards,” he choked out, the anger lost to pain. “If you hurt her I will hunt you down and make you wish you were dead. Don’t touch her!” 
The horses shook when his screaming stopped, but that only made your tears fall even harder. 
The man sitting across from you rattled the carriage and simply scoffed. “We didn’t kill him. God, are you royals always so dramatic? Feels like this in every court.” 
The horns started up again, and you could hear yelling past the creek of a rusty gate—footsteps marching with a heavy haste. But you were past anyone’s eyesight, and with the prince unconscious on the ground, he would take precedence. 
That was fine. All you could focus on was the man’s last few words as you stared down at the ripped emerald green on your thigh. 
In every court. 
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𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝙈𝙤𝙤𝙣 𝘾𝙖𝙣'𝙩 𝙎𝙝𝙞𝙣𝙚 𝙒𝙞𝙩𝙝𝙤𝙪𝙩 𝙄𝙩'𝙨 𝙎𝙪𝙣
A/N: Okay so I don't care if you guys will judge me but damn I had fallen for this Mister Bird Man and I thought like " Why the heck I won't write for this fine specimen?" So enjoy darlings, because that's gonna be a wild ride and there is probably gonna be another part! And a friendly reminder, when the italics start, please listen to "Only Love can hurt like this"...
Summary: After being alive for 20.000 years alonsgide your brothers, losing one, losing your parents,your home and Thanos snapping everyone, you were ready to take a break from everything. While having a different identity and a somehow normal life, you couldn't have guessed that a shy, Egyptian nerd would come to ask for your help which eventually led you to meet with someone you thought had betrayed you.
Pairings: Khonshu x Goddess!Reader( romantic); Steven Grant x Goddess!Reader( Platonic); Marc Spector x Goddess!Reader( Platonic); Jack Lockley x Goddess!Reader( Platonic); Layla El-Faouly x Goddess!Reader( Platonic)
Tumblr media
"Thank you so much for covering for me, Leena! I don't know how I can pay you back..."
"Don't worry, darling! Just bring your daughter over for a play date and everything will be fine!"
You waved at the young mother who you called as your friend and watched her get out of the shop hurriedly. You sighed heavily and sat down to look at the many people passing by with a sad yet content smile. All of these people who didn't know anything about the snap just went on with their daily life and those who were aware of what happened were trying to adjust to life again. You were happy that everybody was safe and sound but remembering how two of your best friends died and the anguish you felt when you couldn't feel the heartbeat of your little brother Loki was...
You shook your head when someone came in and you immediately grabbed your apron to go to the front. You passed by a young girl who was struggling with college and feeling sympathy for her, you touched her forearm slightly to give a relief to her. She looked around curiously to see if there was something wrong around her, not being used to feeling so relaxed after days of stress. You called out her name, making her scared out of the thought that she did something wrong. Smiling reassuringly at her, you made a thumbs up at her.
" Don't stress over college that much! It's not that worth it and please go home early and rest! That's an order!"
She widened her eyes at you and with slight tears, nodded her head to go and change her outfit. A pair of brown eyes were watching your interraction with curiosity and wonder. He wasn't used to seeing such kindness on a complete stranger ever since his childhood. He slightly turned to the ancient God next to him to not catch any attention but just gaped at him since he was feeling... sadness? Love?
Can this sassy old God even love someone?
"Hey, just wondering? How do you know this woman and how can she help us?"
"And why are you being all mushy?"
"Marc Spector, if you talk about her like that one more time, this will be the last time you'll ever talk."
Steven raised a hand in surrender and just pouted, turning to look at you talking sweetly at a child, he couldn't help but think that you were just an ordinary girl who had a simple life as a barista who was kinda cute and motherly who was also great at making coffee.
Elegant look, kindness that could match even Gods, and good looks-
"Don't you dare to think nasty things, little worm!"
"Okay, easy there Murder Bird!"
He scoffed and wanted to throw a snarky comment at him but when they heard you laugh over your phone while holding your chest thightly, Steven jumped up on his seat at Khonshu growling loudly at you- no, to the one you're talking with.
"You know, Buck... I prevented a death today and I'd like to consider this as a character development!"
"Oh, yeah? How did you do it then, doll?"
"Self restraint, of course!"
You were idly fixing the tables while talking to Bucky who became a close friend to you after helping them for some time with the new Captain America. Even after you three parted ways, they were still a part of your daily life since your daughter loved Sam's corny jokes and your son adored how strong Bucky was. They both weren't used to someone so young, little yet strong kids look up to them, especially Bucky who thought that he wasn't a good man that deserved praise. Before you could scold him for laughing at your answer, you visibly beamed at hearing your son and daughter over the phone, both of them laughing joyfully.
"Is that momma you're talking? We want to talk too!"
"Yes, Uncle Bucky! We want to!"
You sat down and looked at the many pastries before you absent-mindedly while Bucky was trying to set the excited kids down to let them speak to you. He couldn't exactly blame them for their excited fidgetings since it's been a long time they saw you and he wasn't sure if he could keep up with their powers and smartness any longer.
Being born to the two strong Gods wasn't that easy. The spiritualness, smartness, and limitless power the duo held between their little hands were inmeasurable and that made you worry more than anything in the life. Who knew what would happen to them if humans learnt about them? Or your enemies? Would you be able to protect them from the harsh world?
You winced when a particular harsh and angry scream erupted from your daughter. Heart pounding hard in your ribcage, you asked if everything was all right when Bucky told you that she got angry at her brother for pulling on her hair and threw a blue and white ball at him?
"Wait... Did you just say a ball of blue and white?"
"Uhh, yeah, doll... That's exactly what I said but- Hey? Y/N? Are you there?"
"Ah, yes I am! I think I should come there quickly though... I guess her powers are starting to appear and I need to be there to calm her."
Sighing heavily to yourself, you touched the star necklace around your neck to find some solace and comfort midst your anxiety attack. Remembering your one and only love used to bring a painful stab to your heart and an inexplicable feeling of revenge and hatred but now, there was just a hollow emptiness inside where your heart used to be. Your eyes started to sting, your heart paced faster at the memory of you two's last day together.
The late night sky was shining with the bright twinkling light of millions of stars. The purple galaxies across the endless universe and constellations was such a sight to behold that you just admired what your lover created while swinging your feet in the river. Your father, Odin, was pretty much angry at this relationship you two created, stating that you were a princess and therefore deserved the best, strongest God as your husband... and preferably a human one. You giggled at the memory of you yelling at him so hard that your beloved Sun almost scorched the whole Asgard. You could even feel the air shifting around you and hearing what sounded like a coo and awe, you felt your cheeks turn a sweet shade of pink before sprinting out of the Great Hall to visit your lover in his realm.
And now here you were, throwing your head back fondly to look at the endless sky. Seeing your grumpy yet sweet lover, you smiled so wide that it made even the aloof God smile at your small form. It was hard, being with a 8 feet God while you were hardly 5'7 but somehow you managed by finding that he can posses a human body. You didn't like the idea that much since he was using a poor guy who didn't know anything and you loved the true form of him more than anything.
"My Goddess, why are you smiling so hard for?"
You hugged yourself hard when you heard his deep and raspy voice while he was holding his staff between his hands and folding his legs to sit next to you. Looking up at him and kissing his beak softly, you took his long arm between yours and looked at the lake before you which was painted with a deep night blue which was lighted by the little fireflies.
"Nothing, My God... Just thinking about my father and you."
"Hmm... I hope you don't think about pranking him with your brother, my star."
"Ah, never never! Me, the Goddess of Sun, Power and Eternal Life, is going to prank the Father of all Gods? No way!"
A deep chuckle rumbled inside his chest and vibrated to your own smaller figure which made you close your eyes peacefully. Inhaling and exhaling slowly, you made the most with the time you two had before you went back to the palace to work with your mother. Looking at the hollow eye-sockets of your lover, you made an attempt at speaking first. But before you could open your mouth, he beat you into it.
"My Moon, My Star... You do know of how much I love you, right?"
You looked at him with your pointer finger up, mouth forming a shocked "o" shape at the voice of the God of Moon and Vengeance, the one who would throw snarky comments and annoy everyone sounded so... insecure and unsure. The realization made you look at him in sadness and also curiousty, wondering why he brought this up so suddenly.
Turning your head to the big and shining Moon, you looked back at the God that was your lover who was looking down at you, waiting for an answer. You couldn't probably see it that well, but internally, he was at the verge of freaking out. Eveey second you weren't answering was like a year of torment, a million swords piercing his body at everywhere. He knew he was rough around the edges, that you deserved a more romantic lover who wouldn't yell over you when you fluster him, or someone you could cuddle easily, walk around easily... The list was a long one, and unfortunately, Odin threatining the absolute shit out of him if he didn't leave you was good enough as reason to be sentimental.
"Leave my daughter alone, you little God! How can you possibly think that you're good enough for her?!"
He still remembered how your mother tried to calm him down while he was walking back to where he came from, mind already clouded by what he was supposed to talk to you. He wasn't gonna just leave you like that just because Odin told him to. Heck, he felt like he found the other half of his existence! You, with your bubbly personality, caring self, smile full of love and eyes that couldn't even rival the brightness of his Moon were everything to him.
And he would rip out his own heart if it meant that you could be together, even if it was in another galaxy.
"You know... The Moon actually shines thanks to the Sun, and without the Moon, Sun wouldn't have such a meaning to anyone except brightining around while burning itself for the sake of others..."
Khonshu looked at you with what you assumed as wonder and a deep love, your bond being strong with him. You definetly have a way with your words, my little one, he thought while gently caressing your hair. He hummed at you, urging you to go on and you grabbed his hand. Putting something a little heavy in his hand, Khonshu tilted his head to left and opened it, only to see a sun-shaped golden necklace. Looking at you for any affirmation, you just nodded your head and got up to put it on his body, right in the middle of his Moon Symbol.
" You're the reason I don't loose myself, the reason I always give life and enlighten paths for people. I'd like to think that we both complete each other and... I really don't believe my life would have such a meaning if you weren't in... there..."
You blushed and shied away from him, taking a few steps back when you felt him freeze and get tense. You beat yourself in your mind for speaking so carelessly and pouring your heart out at him. You two weren't even in that part of your relationship! You didn't even mutter any "I love you"s to each other, and you had to go and utter such words! Idiot YN!
" Why?"
He didn't know why exactly he said that, I mean you literally serenaded to him and he asked "why?". But he really wondered the reason. You were such a powerful God, beauty that could rival Helen of Troy, or Aphrodite and Hathor and every Goddess all around the realm yet, you chose to be with him. You chose to love him, cherish him 'till the day you'd die and felt so strongly about him that you even created your very own hidden heaven just for you two to come and love each other.
Knitting your eyebrows, you smiled sweetly and kissed his forehead. Lingering there a few second, you took a step back and put his hand on your chest, right where your heart was.
"Because I'm in love with you."
And just like that, he pulled you to his lap and smelled your every part, he always thought that even though there was a heart, nothing could make it beat so loudly. Not protecting humans, not ripping hearts, not Hathor's music, nothing.
Except you...
"My Moon, be mine. Let me make you mine and cherish you forever in the presence of our love for each other."
Feeling every inch of love he had for you through his lovesick voice, you nodded at him with slight tears. Bandaged hands started to caress your body and took you in his arms to go where your palace was residing. You couldn't help but caress the skull and whisper to him.
"Silly, Don't you know I've always been yours..?"
And the Moon shone so bright that it was visible even in the morning and the Sun was shining in such a warm yet strong way that people were curious yet happy since their days will go with peace. You two made your bond stronger by making love to each other for the first time, both in his true form and in a human, laughed freely and happily, not caring about how you'll be in trouble for all the bruises he gave to you but you were fine. You had your lover here, with you, soon to be married for eternal life... Turning to look at him, you softly kissed his jaw and closed your eyes for the sleep to take you over...
Not knowing that the Sun you adored so much would loose its spark in a matter of seconds, and the heart that was once filled with love would be nothing but a heart that screamed for one thing:
"Lee! There is a creepy looking guy and a sweet girl looking straight at you for the past 30 minutes! Shall we call the police!?"
When a co-worker whisper yelled at you, you almost fell of the chair, if not for grabbing the table at the last minute. You looked at her with wide eyes, almost hearing what seemed like an amused chuckle and she got panicked, stuttering over her words while trying to apologize but you cut her off to understand who she was talking about and where that damn chuckle was coming from.
"What man and woman? Where? Show me, show me!"
"Right behind you but don't be too... Obvious..."
She sighed annoyed when you turned abruptly to look at what she was talking about, and you saw a curly-haired woman who had a sweet yet awkward smile and a man looking at you as if you were his next prey with soft curls that fell on his forehead. By the look of his eyes, you could guess that he was somehow in a lot of wars or jobs that included killing, not serial killer since he wouldn't come with a girl to observe his victim, maybe a mercinary or something like that.
Keeping the eye contact, you turned on where you were sitting and looked at them with whole of your body turned to them, legs dangling both sides of the chair. Leaning down a little bit more, you tilted your head to see if any of them would stop looking, whether it was out of discomfort or their human eyes finally loosing the batte against being dry for so long.
"Are we going to keep staring at each other until your eyes will dry so hard that not even water would help, or are you going to stop?"
And you smirked in victory when both of them groaned out in discomfort, rubbing their eyes to ease the pain. You chuckled and grabbed your eye drop for dry eyes, whistling at them, you threw it at the girl while fixing your clothes.
"You know, staring at people is rude and you even kept looking at me when I clearly warned you? You got some real guts, darlings!"
You stood in front of them, folding your arms in front of your chest, waiting for them to finish dropping the eye drop. You turned your head to the back slightly and smiled at your co-workers to let them know that everything was fine and that you were going to deal with the duo. Taking off your notebook and pencil, you waited for them to talk so you can just go and prepare their orders and go back to your place to your kids.
"Okay, gentleman, my lady, what may I bring you?"
"Look, we aren't here for-"
"An Iced-Latte and Americano would be great! Right, Marc?"
You looked at them with a bored yet curious gaze and raising your brow at the look the woman was giving him, thight lips with half wide eyes that screamed for him to shut up, you shrugged your shoulders and wrote their orders. Smiling at their way, you went back to your place and started to prepare what they wanted while trying not to laugh at their banter.
"Look, I know you want to ease into the talk but we don't really have time! Harrow is right on our tail and-"
"And freaking her out would be no help, Marc! If she really is who she is, than she already knows everything just let us get her trust!"
Oh My, What could two mortals do with a God?, you thought, while twisting your rings anxiously. You could just march up right there, tell them to go away since they'd be throwing themselves into more danger by being with you but your mind couldn't help but wonder: Who was this Harrow and how do they know who you are?
Meanwhile, a certain ancient God was right behind you, with his staff planted on the marble floor firmly. He extended a bandaged hand out to you, wanting to touch the face he dreamed of seeing again for all these centuries but he looked at you in shock since his hand just... slipped through you. He shuffled where he was standing and clutched the sun shaped necklace on his chest thightly, as if he was in pain. He didn't understand, do you not see him? Was he wrong about this woman being you? Did you forget about him?
Marc, thinking that Khonshu was right behind him, turned to question the God but when he saw that there was no one, he frantically looked around, finding him right next to you, trying to touch you and fail miserably. He nudged Layla and they both looked at him curiously while Layla was sad. She frowned at the scene since the snarky, grumpy God looked like a little kid trying to grab his mother and that he was somehow looking at her with pure sadness and a sullen look. Layla turned to Marc and leaned down to his ear to speak what was in her mind.
"Do you think... Maybe they have a shared past? It's not normal for him to be so... depressed."
"I don't know but I guess we're about to find out..."
You shivered slightly and looked around to see if there was any open windows than necessary and upon finding none, you grabbed their drinks and walked towards them. Smiling to yourself at the delighted look on the woman's face which made you smile softly at her even more and before you could go and change your outfit, she called out to you.
"U-Uh, Miss! Can we talk a little bit!"
"Uh... Sure, just let me change quickly okay?"
When you came from the back room and sat down in front of them, you could see that the man next to her was no longer the one you saw earlier. Sure, the body was the same but the look he was giving were shy? Anxious, and a little bir excited?
"Sorry for asking this but... Are you Egyptian?"
"Uh, yeah! I am and my friend here is-"
"You sure?"
They both looked at you with their mouths hanging open widely, the man spilling his coffee almost over himself and you gighled delightfuly at their shocked faces while handing a napkin to the poor man who thanked you stuttering.
"Ahh, that's the best part of the day! But seriously, your pheromone levels are quite high to be just friends and I'm not dumb... Actually I didn't mean the sexual tension you both have, more like you used a singular word whereas there are 3 people in one body..."
"Holy Fuck, she really is a Goddess!"
"Shhh, you idiot! Don't shout thing like that!"
You closed his mouth with your hand and looked around you anxiously to see if there was anyone who heard you. You sighed in relief since most people were outside and sat back down on your seat. Looking at them with hooded eyes and a tired look, you lifted your head to look at the woman before you.
"Look, sweetheart... I don't know who do you think I am or how much you know about me but I'm not the one to help you..."
"Wait, please! We know you faced many shit but you have to listen to us, you're the only one that could help us and if you don't want to help, then we'll let you go!"
Layla would have pressured you into listening to them more, even using harsh words but the look on your eyes touched her heart deeply. The tired eyes,dull look that screamed to let go of you... They were the same eyes she used to have and even though she didn't have a great sense of feeling people's emotions, she was sure as hell that you have been through a lot.
Thinking about her offer for a minute, you looked at the door and to them, trying to decide which option was better. To be honest, walking through that door and never looking back was a good idea. You didn't even know these people, you owed nothing to them to accept their offer and you weren't in the mood to deal with a bunch of kids... But the desperation and scared look in their eyes, even though they tried to hide it, was clear and that made you sit straight on your seat. Whining and pinching the bridge of your nose, you nodded and accepted to talk.
The woman, who later told you her name was Layla, smiled in gratitude and looked at the man beside her, who was Steven who had three alters, to speak since things were about to get complicated.
"Okay so, even I don't really understand what really is going on but one time I woke up in the middle of a meadow, got chased down by people and was holding a dung beetle. Later, I saw a man who was talking about the other world, the after life and then used a cane and then sucked the life out of a woman, saying that maybe bad thing will happen in the future and then everyone screamed-"
"All Hail Ammit, right?"
"Yes! But how did you..?"
"Ammit is the ancient Egyptian God that devoured the soul of those who she deemed unworthy. Eater of Hearts, Devourer of the Dead... Please, continue with your story, Steven Grant."
" And I don't know they were after the dung beetle and when I opened it, it just started to fly around, there is a God that wants me to be his avatar, well actually Marc is his but since he's inside my body, I kinda am his avatar too... And how do you know my surname, I didn't even tell you!?"
You sighed lovingly at the man who forgot that you were a Goddes yourself and waited for him to realize his mistake and when he did, he blushed so hard that he just wanted to crawl under the blankets and hide there forever. You pat his hand softly, telling him that it was okay and asked him to show you the beetle. Inspecting it while turning it upside down, you started to murmur to yourself.
" The ancient Egyptians identified this with creation, the indisputable strength of masculinity, procreation, wisdom, reincarnation, immortality and renewal... Ammit has been imprisoned for centuries and if there is a man, using her powers to collect souls... and thinking of the meaning of dung beetle... It's obvious that this Harrow man is trying to set her free, Steven..."
You gave it back to him and rubbed your face while thinking. The Egyptian Gods have always been into chaos more than anyone, being like little children and all that. They never gathered around one topic or aim, resulting in more chaos. They didn't even care about humanity anymore, opting to observe them through their avatars and even then, they didn't really give a single fuck about them. Always thinking so highly of themselves, looking down at humans... No wonder you hated their guts.
If this man would set Ammit free... You didn't want to imagine what would happen to the world.
"But... How can we stop them? We don't even know any God except you and you might not even help-"
"Who told you I'm not gonna help? I mean sure I'd have loved to have the retired life but... Unfortunately, if you come face to face with the other Gods, they wouldn't be nice to you... and probably wouldn't listen either. With me in the picture, they'd have no choice but listen."
"And Miss Lee... Since you're gonna help, can we learn your real name and identity please? If that's... okay?"
Looking at her sharply, you looked down and up at her, knowing that you were making them anxious second by second. Grinning joyfully, you nodded your head and popped a lollipop into your mouth, extending your hand out for her to shake.
"Nice to meet you, Layla El-Faouly! I'm the Goddess of Sun, Power snd Immortal Life... Daughter of Odin and Frigga, elder sister of Thor and Loki, a mother of two children and a woman who is this close to loose her shit."
She laughed at your way of introducing and watched you hug Steven to yourself lovingly, patting his head softly and praising him for being smart enough to find you. He curiously looked at your right and you turned your eyes at where he was looking but seeing no one, you ssked him what he was looking at.
"Oh, nothing! It's just... we didn't find you, he showed you to us..."
"He? Who?"
"It's the God of-"
Everyone inside the shop screamed when multiple bullets sounded around. Protecting Layla and Steven, tucking their head under your arms, you looked around to see a man with a cane walking towards you three. Creating a light shield around them, you took tentaive steps to the man looking at you with a fond smile. Feeling uneasy of his presence, you took out your staff and directed it to him. He stopped where the end of your sun staff ended, he bowed in front of you.
"O' the strong Goddess of the West, the one who enlightens paths and give what they desire, I find such pleasure in meeting the daughter of Odin..."
"As much as I like being praised, I really would rather you talk to me standing up, Arthur Harrow."
Smiling at you, he got up and after setting your staff down, he kissed your hand softly which made you raise a brow at his action. Meanwhile, Steven and Marc was having a headache over Khonshu screaming right next to him.
Not being aware of what was happening behind you, Arthur started to talk while looking at you in astonishment.
"I never thought I'd see the day I'd be in front of such power but even someone like me can get lucky from time to time..."
"Cut the bullshit, darling... Enough of the praises, I already know why you're here."
"Then you also know that I've come here to convince you to join-"
"Who do you think you are, convincing me? I am the one that will decide on what I'll do and I'm the only one who will decide whether you're telling truth or not!"
Layla and Steven let out a wow at your voice echoing all around, and your body shining in an angry orange and red, Arthur's men took a few steps back but he only came closer to you with a manic grin. Directing your staff at him again, he didn't care and continued to talk.
"Oh, I can see why such a power is coming from you... Who would have guessed that a Goddess can have revenge inside of her so powerful that it's enough to burn everything?"
"I don't have revenge or anything like that inside me, watch your tongue, boy..."
"Oh, but you do. The fall of your home, your brother and your friends, being betrayed by the one you thought who loved you... So many sins have been committed against you..."
"Shut up..."
"I know the feeling... The same God who spoke such lovely words to you, whispering his love and affections also deceived me as well..."
Well, that caught your attention. Did he even know what he was talking about? Did he really know Khonshu at some point? You looked him up and down to see if he was throwing any lies at you but you saw... none.
With wide eyes, you lowered your guard and looked at him with big, shaky eyes. Seeing that he was getting under your skin, Marc took over an tried to break the shield that surrounded them.
"Do you... really know him? I mean-"
"Khonshu? The ever changing God? Yes, my dear... I know him and how he betrayed me just like how he betrayed you..."
Marc grunted in pain and cursed at you for creating such a strong shield. And the fact that Khonshu was screaming and trashing out didn't help.
"Who is that woman to you anyways?! WHY ARE YOU SO-"
Before Arthur would try and touch you with his filthy hands, you heard the breaking of your shield and it was as if something switched back on. Growling at the man before you, you punched him hard from the balls and threw him away from you. Fighting against the men surrounding you, you turned to look at Steven and Layla to see if they were fine but what you saw made you falter and silently cry...
For the same bandages and Moon shape was on Steven, and your husband standing right in front of you protectively with a pleading and crushed look...
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1038276637 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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buckies-dolle · 2 days ago
Jealous dilf Bucky 🥴🥴
Tumblr media
Ok see when I hear dilf!bucky my mind instantly goes to dbf!bucky, like he just hanging with your dad and you get all dolled up to go on a date and he does not like that.
“Bye guys see you later!” You shouted as you walked out the door.
“Honey wait, Bucky can drop you up if you like, maybe then you can have a drink. You took a deep breath in before responding “yeah ok, that would be great, thank you Mr. Barnes” l
Bucky leads you out to his car and begins driving but he stops just in a corner near your house. “Mr. Barnes is everything okay?”
He leans his hand over and grabs onto your cheeks aggressively, he drops his other hand to your thighs and spreads your legs out, your skirt riding up to your hips, revealing you lace covered crotch. “what my name baby?”
“Mr Barnes” you whimper out before crying out loud when he lays a light slap down on your pussy
“Once again, what’s my name”
“Bucky?” you question, he shakes his head before slapping you again, you covering your moan with a cough.
He squeezes your cheeks a bit harder and grits his teeth “what’s slap my slap name slap“
“Daddy!” You cry out as you feel you arousal leak through your panties. “Good girl” he whispers as he begins rubbing tight circles on your clit through you panties.
“Are you gonna be a good girl and fuck me instead of going on that dumb date”
“Yes daddy” you moan as your hips buck up. Bucky pushes the back of his chair back and grasps onto your hips, pulling you over his crotch. “Go on take Daddy’s cock out” you quickly scramble and unbuckle his pants, pulling his cock out as he messaged your boob. “Do you wanna ride daddy’s cock”
“Yes please” you practically growled at him. He grasped onto your hips and gently pushed your panties aside and lined you up before letting you sink down in your own time. As you went down you fell flat onto Bucky’s chest, before he sat you back up and pushed you down a little. Once you bottomed out you dragged yourself back up and stared bounce.
“Such a tight pussy” Bucky moaned as his hand fell to your clit and started rubbing in tight circles. “Daddy! You feel so big!”
“Much better then that dumb little date of your huh?”
“So much better, no one else but you”
And that’s all Bucky needed to hear
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barnesafterglow · a day ago
start over
summary: when a mission goes wrong, you're determined to give bucky a piece of your mind. until you actually see him
pairing: bucky x avenger!reader
word count: 1.3k
warnings: explicit language, mention of injury/tending to wound, enemies to lovers-ish, bucky and reader are both kinda jerks tbh
a/n: here is day 3 of my sweet summer writing challenge with the prompt “you’re so fucking annoying! and- wait, are you hurt?”. i hope y'all like this, feedback is always appreciated!
main masterlist ─ challenge masterlist  i no longer have a taglist, but you can follow @theafterglowlibrary and turn on post notifications to get fic updates! 🤍
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes was going to be the death of you. That is, if you didn’t kill him first.
Everyone was in a sour mood as you shuffled off the quinjet - the effects of a mission gone wrong lasting even after the three hour ride home - but more than anyone, the anger was radiating off of you in waves.
You intended to give Bucky a piece of your mind the second you were out of earshot of anyone else - you at least had the decency not to rip him a new one in front of the entire team, including Peter who practically idolized him - but Fury called for an immediate debrief.
So you seethed the entire time, not even relenting when Wanda tried to send a wave of calm over you. Maybe you could have calmed down if Bucky hadn’t decided to skip the debrief entirely, instead leaving Fury to pin the blame of the mission’s failure on you.
If he had just fucking listened to you, then nothing would have gone sideways. But of course, the first time Steve lets you run lead on a mission, Bucky decides it’s in his best interest to go off script in the worst of fucking ways, ending in the spectaular show of tackling you out of the way of a civilian.
Finally, after what felt like hours, Fury dismissed you with that ever-disappointed stare of his, and you stormed out, heading straight for Bucky’s floor.
As each level of the elevator ticked up, your anger continued to bloom, until you were practically seeing red by the time you were stopped in front of his door. You knocked - more liked banged - against it and waited with your arms crossed until it cracked open.
Stepping in, you were shocked to see how barren the space was. No pictures or personal articles, the only thing that even signified it belonged to Bucky was a battered notebook that you recognized as the one Steve got him for Christmas a few years before. The lights were dim and you could barely make out the shape of Bucky’s bare back facing towards you on his bed.
“Come to blame everything on me?” he huffed through what sounded like gritted teeth, which only pissed you off more, because who was he to be mad, when he was the reason everything got so fucked in the first place.
“Real fucking bold coming from the guy who -”
“Steve never should have let you lead on a mission like this. You don’t have the background experience, and it almost went entirely to shit,” he interrupted, as if your words meant nothing to him.
“Almost went to shit? I don’t know if you noticed, but some of us came out of there with more than just scrapes and bruises.” You stopped, becoming increasingly agitated at the fact that he couldn’t even bother to look at you while you were having a conversation, so you stepped around his bed until you were at his side. “You’re so fucking annoying! You could at least face me while - wait, are you hurt?”
Even in the dim light, you could make out the wound on his side, wrapped in seeping red gauze. A bullet wound, if you had to guess.
“That civilian you kept going on about to Wanda, during the flight back? An undercover agent. Which you would have known if you had actually paid attention during the briefing instead of preening that Steve had bestowed upon you the great responsibility of leading your friends into the line of fire.” His voice dripped with sarcasm, and you were both hurt and ashamed that he thought of you as someone who only cared about status.
“No, I-,” you stopped, trying to think back to the briefing, and you couldn’t remember that guy’s face in any part of the file. 
“You have no sense of self preservation, Y/N. That’s your problem. You walk into situations as if you’re untouchable, and it fucking kills me.” He gestured towards you with his right arm, and winced as the motion pulled at the fresh wound.
“If you’re gonna be a dick, at least let me stitch you up,” you said, moving closer. He reluctantly let you settle onto the bed beside him, grimacing silently as you pulled the soaked bandage off and dabbed at it with alcohol from the med kit he had laid out. Something else you hadn’t noticed - apparently that was a pattern for you. “Why do you care about my lack of self preservation anyways?”
You tried to keep the hurt out of your voice, not meeting Bucky’s stare as you threaded the needle. For two people that claimed to hate each other, the tension in the room was thick in a way it never had been in the times you’d butted heads before.
“Because, contrary to popular belief, I do care about you,” his words were barely a whisper, but you could hear them perfectly clear even over the heavy thudding of your heart. You didn’t say anything, quickly looping a couple of stitches through the wound and tying them off. Thankfully, it was only a graze, and it would probably be gone in a handful of hours without the stitches, but you needed something to occupy your hands.
You had just taped a new patch of gauze in place when his own hand caught yours - cool metal on the balmy heat of your skin - and you finally met his eyes for the first time since you had walked into the room.
“I don’t know how we started off on such a bad foot. I think I got jealous over the way everyone talked about you - you were like the cool new kid, and I knew I was never that. I thought they were just kissing your ass. But then you got here and you were just as amazing as everyone said you were. I wanted to hate you, but I just couldn’t, so I pushed you away instead.” He took a shuddering breath before he continued. “And today, when Steve asked you to lead, I had this awful mixture of jealousy and pride. Because I knew you had earned it and that somehow just pissed me off even more. I took my feelings out on you - have been taking my feelings out on you, and I shouldn’t have.”
“What about the agent? The one you said I missed in the brief.” Your words were watery, and you couldn’t pinpoint which emotion was causing the tears to press against your eyes.
“It was a footnote, not even a picture. I only knew because of a mission Sam and I wrapped up a few weeks ago.”
You wanted to laugh at the irony of it all. You wanted to tell him that you felt the exact same way - that everyone sung the praises of Bucky Barnes even when you were a standard SHIELD agent, long before you were ever asked to be a part of the Avengers. The two of you had been dancing around each other unnecessarily for years now, and you couldn’t believe it took you all this long to figure it out. But you didn’t get to say any of that, not yet anyways, because Bucky kept talking.
“Maybe this is shitty of me to say, but maybe we can start over? Or we can pretend this never happened and go back to pretending to hate each other. Up to you.”
You did laugh then, because there was the oh-so-charming Bucky everyone had told you about. He smiled then, one so beautiful and almost hurtful - because it had never been directed at you before.
“Yeah, Buck. I think we can start over.”
Tumblr media
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cupidsbarnes · 2 days ago
incandescent glow (your touch brought forth)
summary -> Your shoulder knocks against his softly, just before the doors to your floor open and you step away. “You should come for dinner, if you’re not too beat. I know Ophelia would love to see her favorite firefighter.”
“I’m the only firefighter she knows.” Bucky smiles teasingly, but he steps out of the elevator after you. You raise your eyebrows and Buck holds his hands up in surrender. “I would love to. Thank you, sunshine.”
or; bucky barnes has a knack for finding warmth. his job as a firefighter. steve and nat and their unwavering warmth and kindness. you, and your daughter, and the sunshine filled smiles and laughs. 
he’s just trying to figure out how to tell you he wants it all with you. [bucky barnes x single mom! reader]
words -> 5.7k
warnings -> firefighter!bucky (this story in no way reflects the actual life & work firefighters do) single mom! reader (daughter is named ophelia) found family, background! steve x nat & pure softness
notes -> hello! my welcome back to writing is a little fun piece with firefighter bucky (bc i have been watching 9-1-1 nonstop) & single mom reader. this was gonna be sexier but i was in such a soft mood, so enjoy.
make sure to check out the bonus scene after my author notes at the end
eighteen plus blog.
— ➶ —
Bucky knows warmth. He feels it all the time.
He feels the heat of the Los Angeles sun beating against his back as he and Steve fight against whatever metal warps in car doors to save lives.
He feels it in the fire that almost burns as he pulls out families because the stove was long forgotten or a candle was just too close to the curtain.
But he never feels the kind of warmth at work that he feels around you. Your smile is always warm and eyes as bright as sunshine.
Bucky knows warmth, but no warmth can make him quite as happy as yours.
— ➶
“Bucky!” He looks up from his spot in the elevator, and finds you calling out from the revolving door in the lobby with grocery bags in your hand. “Hold it?” You smile brightly and Bucky freezes for a moment, absolutely consumed by the warmth of it before he sees the elevator doors closing on him.
He panics reaching an arm out at the last minute before they shut completely on you. You smile gratefully as you slip in beside him.
“Hey, thanks.” You grin up at him as you stand beside him, your shoulders brushing against his. “How are you?”
Bucky smiles down at you. “Hey. Sorry, I blanked for a second there.” He nods at the doors that are now closed as the numbers begin to ascend.
1. 2. 3.
“I knew you wouldn’t let them shut on me, Buck.” You shrug with a gentle smile.
Buck looks up at the numbers again. 3. 4. 5.
“Yeah. It was just a long shift.” He thinks of the little boy, around your daughter’s age, who had clung to his turncoat and coughed into his shoulder as Buck carried him out of the burning house.
Kids were always hard. Bucky couldn’t shake the worry he felt over the smoke inhalation.
Your shoulder knocks against his softly, just before the doors to your floor open and you step away. “You should come for dinner, if you’re not too beat. I know Ophelia would love to see her favorite firefighter.”
“I’m the only firefighter she knows.” Bucky smiles teasingly, but he steps out of the elevator after you. You raise your eyebrows and Bucky holds his hands up in surrender. “I would love to. Thank you, sunshine.”
You smile brightly, and the skin around your eyes crinkle and your eyes sparkle, Bucky is hit with how well the nickname fits you.
“Come on, firefighter Barnes.” You nod your head begin the walk down the hallway towards your apartment.
“Hey, wait,” Bucky reaches out to take the bags from your hands, “let me get these for you. I can’t believe it took me this long to grab them.”
You let him grab them easily, but stop to look at him with worry on your face. “You sure? You look dead on your feet, Buck.”
He walks ahead of you, already knowing the way to your apartment, and turns to look over his shoulder with a reassuring grin. “Never too tired to carry groceries for my favorite girl.”
You scrunch your nose up with a smile. He knows it’s not out of confusion, he refers to both of you as his favorite girls all the time, he just likes seeing the smile you shoot his way when says something like, “Obviously I mean O, I know she’s starving and her favorite mac and cheese is in here.”
“Yeah. Yeah.” You push his shoulder blade and Bucky fakes a stumbling step. “I get it. She’s cooler, funnier, cuter, and all that jazz.”
Bucky looks down at his feet. “As long as you know where you stand.” When he looks up again, you’re swerving around him and stopping in front of your door with your keys out. When you stuff your key into the lock, Bucky nudges your foot with his to get you to look over at him. “If it makes you feel better, you’re a close second.”
“You are too.” You smile softly, then laugh. “I mean, my favorite person not my favorite girl.” You turn the lock and push the door open.
Bucky smiles to himself. His heart always beat a little faster when you let your affection for him slip through the cracks.
You were warm, but you protective of your daughter, it was the only reason Bucky was so nervous to ask for more. He knew the last thing you wanted to do was rip someone out of your daughter’s life after she’s lost so much and that’s why the two of you had stayed in this gray area of a little more than friends.
“Bucky!” Ophelia squeals as soon as she notices him behind you. Bucky smiles wide as she hops off of her grandmother’s lap and makes a mad dash towards him. He drops the bags at his feet and squats down with open arms.
Ophelia crashes into him, her little arms wrapping around his neck, and Bucky squeezes her in return. He turns his head and presses a kiss to the crown of her head before pulling back to look at her. “Boy am I glad to see you, O.”
She grins, a bashful one, before leaning into to give him another hug. “Missed you!”
“It’s like I’m not even here.” You say to your grandmother as she begins to gather her things. “You can stay here! Eat with us.”
Your grandmother presses a kiss to your cheek, laughing softly as she passes through the kitchen and stops by Bucky and Ophelia. “Come here. I know I don’t compare to this one but I deserve a hug too.”
Bucky laughs as he stands, Ophelia still holding onto hand, and gives your grandmother a half hug. “Have a good night!”
“When are you going to marry this boy, my love? Too sweet to your girls.” She pinches Bucky’s cheeks and he feels himself flush as you begin to splutter.
You pick up the bags from Bucky’s feet and shake your head at them. “I’m not get married right now.” You say to your grandmother. She shrugs and gives Bucky a conspiratorial look before moving towards you door again.
“Bucky! Do you want to see my drawing?” Ophelia begins to tug on his hand. He follows her easily, glancing at you as they pass by. You smile easily, waving him off like you know he feels awful for leaving you to put groceries away on your own.
Bucky nods and looks down at the little girl again. “Of course I do!”
She looks so much like you. You deny it every time he makes a comment about it and say she got so much of father, but Bucky wouldn’t really know.
All he sees are your eyes. Your smile. Your hair. He hears your laugh. And you never talk about her father. He’s never seen any pictures, so he wouldn’t know and he won’t press.
“It’s you!” Ophelia says sweetly as she pushes the drawing towards him. Bucky feels like his heart is going burst out of his chest at the look of adoration on her face. “With your truck! And with Twix!” She points to each piece of the drawing as she talks.
Bucky is standing beside a lopsided firetruck and the firehouse dog, Twix, who Ophelia had only met once when Bucky had brought her home because Steve was out of town, and then he notices what he presumes to be Ophelia and you.
“And who is this?” He points to the drawn Ophelia.
“Me!” She leans against his shoulder and points to the drawing of you. “And that’s mommy! It’s all of us!”
Bucky smiles so wide his cheeks ache, but he can’t bring himself to care. Not as Ophelia leans against him like he’s her favorite person in the entire world.
And certainly not as you watch from your place in the kitchen with soft eyes.
“I love it, Ophie.” Bucky says genuinely. “Can I bring it home with me? To hang on my fridge?” He already had a couple drawings up there. One was from a little boy who was thanking Bucky for saving his dog from the roof and the other from Ophelia depicting Twix.
She nods excitedly, Bucky looks over at you in the kitchen watching them. You just smile kindly at him, not saying anything, like you knew Bucky needed this.
You did. He knows you did. You had a knack for knowing when Bucky was coming off the hard shifts. From the first day you had met him, your eyes had trailed over his face almost like you recognized the far away look in his eyes and you had offered him some of the peach cobbler that was tinfoil wrapped in your hand.
Then you had introduced him to Ophelia and Bucky had found comfort in your family of two. Found comfort in the way you so effortlessly raised her with kindness and gentleness that made Bucky’s heart skip a beat every time he got to witness it.
‘Thank you.’ He mouths and your smile widens, but you still say nothing.
You don’t have to.
— ➶
Steve never said much about Bucky’s friendship with you. He knew it wasn’t like any friendship Bucky had and he probably knew that Bucky was in love with you, but he never asked.
Not until he saw the drawings. “These from Ophelia?” He had met her recently, and you, when you had stopped by the station together to drop off a plate of cookies.
(“She insisted.” You had grinned as you gently shoved the plate of cookies into his hands. “Her favorite firefighter needed some sweets and it’s my day off, so… I figured why not.”
Bucky’s heart had felt like it was going to fall out of his chest as he looked down at Ophelia, looking around the station in awe.
He loved you so much it ached. “Let me show you around.” He nodded his head towards the back of the station, where the kitchen and most of his crew were.
The two of you had followed willfully, nodding as Bucky pointed out the fire pole, the bunk room, the trucks. You listened silently as Ophelia oohed and awed at everything.
“Hey, Buck.” Steve had said from his spot at the kitchen table. Sam was stirring something on the stove, Natasha beside him as they chatted quietly. They smiled at Bucky and the two girls beside him, said hello, and went back to chatting.
Bucky swallowed, oddly nervous to introduce the two of you. He had talked about you a lot. Talked about the dinners, the elevator chats, the way Bucky had started to feel like a piece of family. “Steve,” he gestured towards you and Ophelia, “these are my neighbors, you know…”
Steve nodded, gave Bucky a look he was too afraid to decipher, and knelt down to say hello to the little girl clinging to your hand. “Nice to meet you, Ophelia. I’ve heard a lot about you.”)
Bucky nodded, a soft look on his face as he looked over i the drawings. “Yeah. She gave them to me after our last shift, like she knew it had been a rough one. I think that mom of hers always know when I need it.” Bucky smiles to himself, thinking of your nonchalant invitations and warm home.
Steve nodded and didn’t say anything for a moment. Bucky watched as his eyes trailed over the two drawings with Ophelia’s eight year old signature in the corner. “What’s going on with you two?”
“What do you mean?” Steve knew the two of you were friends, Bucky talked about you guys all the time and he never mentioned it being anything more. He had never even mentioned his feelings for you. “We’re friends.”
Steve hums in response, his eyes landing on a photo strip held up by a Los Angeles Zoo magnet. “You look more like a family.” He points out.
“We are, kind of.” Bucky shrugs. “I don’t know. You’re my family too. You know I haven’t heard from Becca in years, not since my parents funeral. I like to think I’ve got myself a little found family out here.”
Steve’s eyes soften. It’s not pity, he knows Bucky hates those pitying looks when it comes to his family situation, but’s something sad. “I am, Buck. You have. I just don’t want you to get attached to something you can’t have.”
“Something I can’t have?” Bucky asks incredulously. He feels his entire face twist with hurt at Steve’s observation. “Why not?”
Steve looks down at his feet. “Have you and her talked about it? Talked about being more than friends,” at Bucky’s look, he smiles, “or whatever you are now?” 
“No.” Bucky says, confusion evident in his tone. “Not really. I don’t want to push her into something she’s not ready for, you know? She hasn’t really spoken of her ex, but I know he left her with some issues.” 
“I’m not trying to pick a fight with you, Buck.” Steve says placatingly. “You’re my brother. I just worry...” He trails off and Buck instantly knows that there’s more he wants to say. 
Bucky raises his eyebrows, waits Steve out. Steve sighs. “I just don’t want you to build this family ideal with her then she finds someone else, or just ditches you when she doesn’t want you anymore.” 
Bucky has to bite back a rude response. He forces in a deep breath. “Kind of feels like you’re picking a fight.” Bucky says a little coldly. “Feels like you don’t trust my judgement. Like you’re questioning one of the most important people in my life and telling me that she doesn’t really want anything with me.”
Steve pinches the bridge of his nose. “Have you asked? About what she wants with you?”
“Well,” Bucky pauses. No. He had always been too afraid, and Steve knows that. “No. She has a daughter. A relationship isn’t just something you can jump into when you have a kid, I know that. I understand. I won’t push her.”
“It’s not pushing to ask, Buck.” Steve says gently. “I’m just… I just don’t want you to lose it all. I really think you should ask, just figure her out a little more before you’re left with drawings from a little girl you never get to see anymore.”
Bucky stares at him. The feelings twist and churn inside him. Nausea settles in his stomach and his head aches because no matter how defensive - protective - he felt over his relationship with you, Steve had a point.
He was attached to something, claimed something, that may not actually be his to claim. 
— ➶
Steve’s line of questioning leaves Bucky in a difficult position. On one hand, he feels protective over his relationship with you. He knew you and he knew you cared about him and that everything you did, you did with your daughter at heart. 
On the other hand, it had been five years since you had moved to Los Angeles. A few years of whatever it was you and Buck were, dinners the three of you, gifts for birthdays and holidays, and newly, stops by the fire-station. Things that made him think that maybe you wanted something more too. 
“Barnes.” Natasha’s voice snaps him out of it as she pulls out the chair across from him. “Why are so out of sorts? I swear Tony is about to send you home.”
Bucky furrows his eyebrows. “Why? It’s not like I’ve fucked anything up today or disobeyed any orders.”
“Because he’s worried about you?” Her tone is questioning and Bucky can see in her eyes that she’s worried too. “You’ve been in your head all day. I mean, I know you’re the broody type, but you’re normally a little funny.” She grins.
Bucky snorts and looks down at his fingers tapping against his knee cap. “Steve’s just got me worried about some stuff,” he risks a glance back up at Nat before looking down again, “and I’m feeling weird. I’ll get over it.”
“Is it the stuff with your girl? The one who lives in your apartment building?” She asks knowingly, and Bucky supposes she would be privy the the knowledge of his and Steve’s conversation considering her relationship with Steve.
He nods. “He just… I know Steve can be protective, he was there for the shit with my sister, and he’s like my brother so it makes me feel…” Bucky trails off, he had never been good with expressing how much he appreciated Steve and his found family at this station. “I appreciate it. I just… It just sucked for him to pop my bubble. I really like her, Nat. Him being weary of her kind of sucks.”
It’s silent in the kitchen as Natasha watches him. Bucky has always felt embarrassingly open when Natasha watched him. Her eyes are sharp and focused and she’s always been able to read people.
“Steve has a huge heart and he cares about you so much, Buck. You’re the brother he never had.” Natasha looks over her shoulder, as if she expects him to pop up at her mention of him. Bucky wouldn’t be all that shocked if he did. “I think… I think you protected him for so long, that he feels like he has to repay you somehow and that not being able to fix what happened with your sister made him feel like he failed.”
“It’s not like he could have stopped her from cutting me out.” Bucky says quietly.
She smiles softly. “I know. He knows, it’s just… It’s hard to accept, I think.” She shakes her head, then reaches across the table to tap the back of Bucky’s hand. “He wants to protect you this time, but don’t let him scare you out of something good. I hear the way you talk about them, see the way you look at them. You owe it to yourself to give it a shot, everybody else’s opinion be damned.”
“When did you go soft on me, Romanoff?” Bucky pushes away from table when they hear footsteps come towards the kitchen.
She smiles, but doesn’t say anything.
Bucky swallows, give it a shot.
— ➶
“Hey! Firefighter Barnes, how are you today?” You smile brightly as you open the door. Ophelia squela as Bucky drops the leash and allows Twix to barrel into the apartment. “Thanks for bringing Twix over, she’s been talking about it all week.”
Bucky smiles in thanks as he follows you into the kitchen. “Of course. Anything for that girl, you know that.”
“Yeah.” You say quietly, a smile brightening your face as you begin to pull wrapped dishes out of the oven, like you had been keeping them warm for him. “Ophelia, remember to be gentle. Twix is Mr. Steve’s pet and he trusts you enough to let you play with her.”
Ophelia looks up from her spot beside the golden retriever. “I know, mama. You already talked to me about the responsibility.” Ophelia can’t quite pronounce the word correctly and it makes Bucky grin as she goes back to petting Twix.
“Responsibility.” You correct, making it a point to pronunciate the word for her, but Ophelia is too wrapped up in the world of Twix the dog and you go ignored. You roll your eyes fondly before turning to look at Bucky. “How are you, Buck?”
He shrugs, moving to unwrap the dishes. “I’m okay. I appreciate the meal, but you didn’t have to do this. I could’ve cooked at home.”
“I wanted to. I love cooking, besides, you look like you could use a break. Rough shift?” You ask quietly, gently pushing him to side as you begin to make a plate.
Bucky watches for a silent moment, enjoying how you look confidently moving around your kitchen. “Yeah.” He breathes out when you look over your shoulder encouragingly. “Car accident on Sunset. It was bad. We,” he looks over at Ophelia and lowers his voice, “lost someone. One second he was there, joking with us about how upset his wife was gonna be and the next he was gone.” 
“Oh, Buck.” You say softly. You reach out and give his hand a gentle squeeze before moving to lean with your back against the counter as Buck takes the plate from your hands and rests it on the counter behind him. “I’m sorry.” 
He shrugs and looks down at his feet. They didn’t respond to fatal calls all that often. Car accidents? Yeah. Fires? Swimming accidents? Cats in trees? People stuck in things they shouldn’t be stuck in? Medical calls? Yes to all of it, but fatal calls were a lot rarer than people thought. 
Common enough that Bucky and the rest of his crew have come up with ways to deal with it, but rare enough that when they do happen there are moments of grief. What could they have done differently? Was this person at peace? 
Bucky couldn’t stop thinking about the realization on the man’s face when he coughed up blood. He was laughing one moment, coughing up blood the next and then making Bucky promise to tell his wife how sorry he was that he wouldn’t be home for dinner. 
‘She loves cooking. I love her cooking. Tell her I’m sorry I won’t be home for dinner.’ Bucky had nodded with tears in his eyes as the man coughed again, as his heart rate spiked then stopped. 
“Too much internal bleeding.” Natasha had said gently, her hand rubbing Bucky’s shoulder. “He was bleeding too much and too fast for us to get it under control.” 
“It’s okay.” Bucky rubs the bottom of his nose harshly with the back of his hand, trying to hide the tears and sniffles. There had been flowers in the passenger seat of the car. “Just... I hate losing people. Even worse when I have to inform the family.” 
Your eyes grow wide and wet at Bucky’s admission. “You went?” You ask quietly. “I’m sure someone else could have passed the message along. Someone who wasn’t there.” 
“Yeah. Officer Strange offered to do it for me. I just... I promised him, you know? I couldn’t save him so the least I could do is let his wife know what he said.” Bucky wraps his arms around himself like it can be some kind of comfort. 
(“I’m so sorry for your loss.” 
She had fallen to her knees, screams of agony coming for her lips as Bucky and Stephen tried to prevent her from hitting the ground too hard. “There was too much internal damage. He was declared deceased on the scene.” Strange finishes for Bucky when he realizes Bucky won’t be able to.
Bucky had swallowed thickly, tears threatening to fall as he kneeled down in front of her and held her hands in his. “He told me how much he loved you. And your cooking. And that he’s sorry he couldn’t make it home for dinner.” 
Buck knows, looking at her sobbing, that this image will stay with him for the rest of his life.)
“I’ll never know how anybody does that part of the job.” Bucky admits, wiping harshly at the tears on his cheeks. “It’s... it’s awful.” 
You crowd against him, you arms wrapping around Bucky’s waist tightly. “I’m so sorry Bucky.” You murmur into his chest, not letting him go. Bucky wraps his arms around you and pushes his face into you hair and breathes in. 
“Hugs!” Ophelia cheers, rushing into the kitchen beside you two. You laugh gently wrapping one loose arm around her shoulders as Ophelia wraps herself around both of your legs. Bucky smiles, a genuine smile, and runs a hand over her hair. 
“Thank you.” He presses a kiss to your temple and relishes in the comfort of his two favorite girls. Any worries or questions he had pushed to the back burner. There were bigger things to deal with right now and you were helping him through it. 
That’s what mattered. 
— ➶
Once Ophelia’s in bed, and you’ve opened a bottle of wine, Bucky starts to think about what it would be like to kiss you. It’s not a new thought, not really, but his inhibitions are lowered and he really wants to know what that banana chapstick you wear tastes like.
“Why are you looking at me like that?” You giggle, softly and relaxed, your own wine glass heading towards it’s third refill. 
Bucky grins, his head resting on the back of your couch as he stares at you. “Like what?” 
“Like...” You take another sip of your wine, eyes narrowing at Bucky as his own smile widens. “All warm and gooey.” That makes Bucky laugh loudly, so loudly that your hand flies over to cover his mouth as you shush him, your own hysteric giggles coming out. “Bucky! She’s asleep!” 
It makes Bucky’s chest ache with want. He wants this, so much. The late night glasses of wine and quiet laughter as Ophelia sleeps down the hall. A movie he won’t be able to recall by the time he falls asleep because he’s so focused on you. 
“I don’t think gooey is a look, sunshine.” Bucky finally whispers, pulling your hand away before letting it go. You grin, something sweet, before reaching up to play with a strand of hair that’s loosely hanging over his forehead. 
You hum. Bucky’s heart races. “If you saw the way you were looking at me right now, you’d see what I meant.” You whisper in response. 
“Hey.” Bucky starts, blinking up at you. “Sunshine, if I... If I kissed you right now what would you say?” 
Your eyes widen. Bucky’s heart doesn’t stop racing. You open your mouth, and, “Mama?” you both jump. 
“Hey, baby.” You move off the couch quickly. “What are you doing awake?” Your maternal voice is on instantly and the moment, the sweet, soft moment full of the kind of warmth that Bucky constantly craves, is gone. 
Ophelia shrugs. “I woke up and Mr. Bear was gone.” Bucky bites back a smile at the name. The creativity of a young child shining through. “I can’t find him, Mama.”
“And you can’t sleep without him.” You sigh, standing up straight. You look over your shoulder, apologetic eyes on Bucky, and he waves you off. “I should get going anyways. A secret between you and me, Steve and I are going ring shopping tomorrow morning. I should have been in bed hours ago.” 
It seems to lift whatever weight had settled over your shoulders and you nod. “Okay, love. Let’s go find Mr. Bear.” 
He’s undoubtedly stuffed between the wall and Ophelia’s bed, or under it, but Bucky feels the flush of embarrassment as soon as you turn your back. It’ll only take five minutes to find, ten to put Ophelia back to sleep, and Bucky could wait. 
He doesn’t. 
You had looked to him for an out when Ophelia had come out, and Bucky had given it to you, even if it felt like he was breaking his heart in the process.
— ➶
“You almost kissed her then Ophelia came out?” Steve asks again as his eyes trail over the case of jewelry in front of them. The sales associate is watching them with thinly veiled interest and Bucky groans.  
He glances at the associate again. “I asked to kiss her, she said nothing, then Ophelia came out asking about Mr. Bear. I booked it, dude.” He runs a hand through his hair. “I can take a hint, she did not want a kiss.” 
Steve snorts, the associate does too but he as least attempts to cover it up with a cough. “Can I see these?” Steve points to a small case of emerald cut diamonds. The associate nods and moves to unlock it and Steve looks up at Bucky. “I think you’re overreacting. She probably wasn’t expecting it. That doesn’t mean she didn’t want you to kiss her.” 
The case is set in front of them and Steve looks down. “You didn’t see her face, Steve. I don’t think I’m reading it wrong.” His eyes catches a smaller ring, something simple, and Buck points at it. “She wants something simple. Nat hates gaudy stuff.” 
“You should talk to her. At the very least so things aren’t awkward.” Steve pushes the case back to the associate and points down at the oval cut, single diamond that Bucky had noticed. “Can I see that one?” 
Bucky looks down at the ring. “She would love this.” He says quietly. Steve nods. “Is this the one?” The associate grins. 
“You should talk to her, Buck.” Steve says, still staring down at the ring. ‘If she wants to be with you, then you’ll finally be with her. If she doesn’t, you’ll know and be able to find your person.” He smiles at the associate, handing the ring back. “I think we have.” 
Bucky’s phone vibrates. He slaps a hand against Steve’s shoulder. “I’m happy for you, dude. Sorry about the price tag, but happy for you.” He grins at the associate, whose lips have flattened in annoyance, before stepping away to check his phone while Steve discusses payment. 
There’s a text from you, a photo of Ophelia grinning at the camera, Mr. Bear in her arms. Bucky smiles. 
Crisis Averted. 
Can I come over tonight? So we can talk? 
Bucky sucks in a shaky breath.
Yeah. Please. 
— ➶
Bucky is full of nervous energy. He shifts the vase of flowers that sits on his entryway table once, then twice, then a third time before he stuffs his hands into his pockets. 
He knows that this won’t ruin anything, that if you say you don’t want to be with him like that then you two will remain friends. He’s confident in the bond you’ve built, but he’s worried about the ache in his chest not going away even as the months continue on. As summer turns to fall and fall to winter, Bucky will still revolve around you.
There’s a knock at his door. Bucky sucks a deep breath in before opening it. “Hey.” You grin up at him, Bucky tries to grin back but he knows it looks forced. “Thanks for letting me come over. You left so quickly last night, I didn’t even get the chance to...”
“I’m sorry.” Bucky blurts out, effectively cutting you off. You pause, and Bucky forges on. “I didn’t. I mean, I did. I do. I just, was tipsy, and usually I keep it to myself, but you looked so pretty and I thought what the hell!” He laughs, a little hysterically, as you stare at him with wide eyes. “I’m so sorry. I never meant to make you uncomfortable.” 
Your eyes track him as he takes a step away from you, but your hand reaches out and wraps around his wrist. “Buck, breathe.” Bucky listens, inhaling deeply. “I wasn’t uncomfortable. Fuck, Bucky, I’ve had a crush on you since we moved in. I just... There’s a huge difference between being friends with a single mom and dating one, and most guys don’t mind being friends but run at the idea of a relationship.” 
Maybe for the first time since he asked to kiss you, Bucky’s heart slows to a normal rhythm. “I would never run from that with you, sunshine. That’s... That’s all I’ve wanted with you since the first time you and Ophelia invited me over for dinner.” 
“It’s not... It’s not always giggles and drawings and you being their favorite person.” You push, not stepping any closing to Bucky, your hand still wrapped around his wrist. “It’s... It’s, her waking you up at five in the morning and being forced to share holidays and dates and trips with her, because I won’t put her on the back burner. I won’t, Buck. Not for anybody.” 
Bucky cups your cheek with one hand, his other twisting to lace your fingers together. “I would never ask you to, sunshine. She’s my favorite girl in the whole world, no offense,” He grins when you laugh softly, “and I love her. I want her opening presents way too early on Christmas morning and getting hyped up on sugar every birthday. I want to share blowing out the candles and hopefully one day I’ll get to share a bride with her too.” 
“A bride?” You ask softly. “You’d want to... You’d want to marry me?” 
Bucky nods. If he was twenty and at the academy again he’d probably be embarrassed by the tears welling in his eyes, but he’s not, so he just shrugs and lets you see the glassy blue. “I’ve known you for five years now, sunshine. I think I’ve been in love with you for 4.9 of them.” 
“That doesn’t make sense, I don’t think that’s how that ratio would work out.” you murmur, your own eyes welling up, and words a little muffled by Bucky’s hand. 
Bucky laughs. “Shut up.” He takes a step towards you. “I’m gonna kiss you now, okay?”
“Please.” You smile at him and Bucky feels like he’s glowing with it as he meets your lips with his. His eyes slide shut and he just feels so fucking warm with it, with the kiss. It’s nothing like the Los Angeles sun that leaves his nose a little red, nothing like the warmth of Steve’s stare or of Nat’s smile. 
It’s comforting. 
It feels like coming home. 
— ➶
notes -> UMMM hi? is this.... tee.... posting the firefighter fic she talked about months ago? it IS! this went. a completely different direction than what i originally planned, but i’m still kind of in love with it, so i hope you enjoy it too. 
as always, comments & reblogs are appreciated. 
P.S - Bonus Scene  ->
You love the way Bucky describes things. 
The way things he loves are warm, like your home and your friends and Ophelia.
You kind of understand it now, why he says it, as you listen to him and Ophelia from your spot hidden in the hallway. 
The door to her bedroom is open, and you heard their laughter as soon as you stepped into the apartment, and it just makes you feel warm, like the comfort of your favorite blanket wrapped around you during a rainstorm. 
They’re whispering about a ring you found hidden in Bucky’s drawer in the bathroom when you were searching for his cologne. “Do you think mama will like it?” 
“Yes!” Ophelia giggles. “It’s like a real princess ring.” 
You smile, make sure to shut the door a little louder than necessary. “I’m home!” You call out, giving Bucky time to stuff the ring back into his pocket and shush Ophelia. “There are my two favorite people!”
You grin as you stop in her doorway. Bucky’s eyes are a warm blue, filled with love, and Ophelia’s conspiratorial giggles make your heart settle in a way that only she can. 
You can’t wait to say yes. 
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natbarnes1917 · a day ago
She’s Gonna F**king Kill Me
Pairing: Bucky/Female Reader
18+ Only.
Third entry for my new smutty one shot collection! All scenes come from my OC story Figure My Heart Out and can be read separately or as a continuous story.  The next few one shots are all Christmas themed because they are from the Christmas chapters of my story. So happy Christmas in May!
Tumblr media
Word count: 4K
Summary: Your friends, Sam and Yelena are visiting you and Bucky for Christmas! Bucky’s sex drive doesn’t appreciate the intrusion though, and you teach him a lesson in patience. 
Need to know: Fluff and Smut. Dom Bucky in the beginning but Sub Bucky for the majority of the story. Slightly rough sex (dom Bucky). Orgasm denial, edging, public sex, handjobs, blowjobs, toy use, prostate stimulation. I’m probably forgetting stuff, let me know. I could have made this one shot 10k words honestly. 
Please do not copy or post this anywhere.
Feedback is always welcome :)
It had been weeks since Bucky had last felt your warmth wrapped around him. Long torturous weeks since he had been able to slip inside your tight body. Okay, Sam and Yelena had only been staying at his apartment for the past few days, but it felt like weeks to Bucky. At first, he had welcomed the surprise intrusion into his privacy; he had enjoyed their company in his own way. Laughing along with you all until he was drained and had to sneak away for some peace. Eventually, you would come find him nestled in the bedroom with a book in his hands and drag him back to the living room. He didn’t quite understand why he had to be there; he rarely participated in the conversation—but then he realized you just wanted his presence. You wanted to sit in his lap and play with his hair and watch him smile. And how could he possibly deny you that?
But now–as he sat on the edge of the bed and watched you dressing for the day–he wanted your friends gone.
“Bucky, I can feel you staring at my ass. We can’t.”
“Can we just kick them out then?”
“You know I want to as much as you, but no. We can last a few more days without sex, right?”
Bucky scoffed, and you giggled.
You stopped getting ready, dressed in just your robe as you went to sit next to him. “So, if you and Sam are going out today, don’t you think I should give you my Christmas list now?”
Bucky pulled you into his lap and gave you a stern look. “Have you been nice, doll?”
You bit back a laugh and played along, looking up at him through your thick lashes. “Oh no, I’ve been very, very naughty.”
“Hmmm,” Bucky ran his fingertips lightly over your thigh, moving your thin robe out of the way. “How naughty?”
You licked your lips as he looked down on you, his eyes smoldering. “Well, my boyfriend likes to get me into trouble.”
“Oh, he does?”
You nodded, watching Bucky’s jaw clench just slightly.
You knew you should stop this, it was going too far. You shifted your hips, chills shooting up your spine when you felt how hard Bucky was already. It was too late. 
Bucky gripped your hips, holding you still. “What were you saying about that boyfriend, doll?” Bucky teased.
You swallowed hard as his hand slipped under your robe. His fingers toyed with the thin string around your hips, pulling it up, down, rubbing it between his fingers, but never attempting to pull the fabric down your thighs like you wanted.
“I can’t resist him,” you whispered, moving one hand up to play with his hair. “He has the sweetest puppy dog eyes, and he makes me want to cuddle with him on a cold day, but then he takes his shirt off, and he has all these big muscles, and I just want to drop to my knees and swallow his big fat co—"
You giggled as Bucky kissed you needily. “I wasn’t done.”
“I got the picture,” Bucky huffed against your lips as he frantically undid his belt with one hand while his other blindly searched for the condoms.
“Lucky for you,” Bucky pushed your robe apart and roughly shoved his throbbing cock into you. “Naughty girls get the best presents.” His gravelly whisper was both a promise and a threat in your ear.  
“Fuck!” You yelped at the sudden pain of him stretching you out. “Fucking hell—Bucky, move,” you begged, eyes wide with lust.
Bucky covered your mouth with his hand, pulled out, and slammed back in; his only focus was on getting you off.
“Be quiet for me, okay, doll?”
You nodded and whimpered as he took his hand off your mouth. He lifted your hips and drilled the blunt tip of his cock into your sweet spot over and over again until you couldn’t contain the shout of his name.
Bucky slapped your thigh and shushed you; you looked like you were on the verge of tears. Every muscle in his body was pulled taut as he tried not to come; he wanted to give you as many as possible first—but as you let out a particularly pornographic moan and begged him to fill you up, he settled on just giving you one for the moment.
“Doll—’m not—not gonna last. Need ya to come for me,” Bucky groaned and quickly circled your clit with his thumb.
He was barely holding himself back as your thighs started to shake around his waist and your pussy clenched him like a vice as you came.
“Fuck—so tight, can’t even move, doll—" Bucky buried his face in your neck as you rode out your high on his throbbing dick.
As you came down and found your voice, you grabbed Bucky’s hair and lifted him up to meet your eyes. “Wanna feel you fill me up, baby,” you whispered hoarsely.
Bucky almost came right then—it wasn’t going to take him long. He pulled out of you and flipped you over. He left the condom on, knowing you were speaking figuratively. You arched your back for him, and he groaned as he started to slide back into your tight heat.
“Hey!” Yelena’s voice yelled from behind your closed bedroom door as she banged her fist on the wood. “Are you done?! We’re trying to eat breakfast out here!”
“Fuck,” Bucky muttered as you quickly sat up and made yourself somewhat decent.
“Go away! We’re busy!” Bucky pulled you back toward him as you tried to slide off the bed. “No, no, I’m not done with you,” he whispered to you.
“Buck—" You looked toward the door again as Yelena banged on it. “She’s not gonna go away.”
“Sam won’t let me go back to the kitchen until you stop. Plus, we’ve got to go anyway. We’re late. If you don’t open the door, I’ll just let myself in.”
Bucky growled in annoyance as you slid off the bed and went to the door. You opened it just enough for Yelena to see your face.
“I’m very close to kicking you both out, so please go away, and I’ll get dressed.”
Yelena rolled her eyes. “Hurry up.”
You closed the door and, to Bucky’s disappointment, went to the closet instead of back to the bed.
“Doll, just real quick—" Bucky pressed up against you as you pulled a pair of pants on. “I’ll be fast—I was so close anyway.”
You pulled a shirt over your head and turned around in his arms. “I’m sorry, Buck. But she’s right; if we don’t get to the salon on time—I had to pull a lot of strings to get us appointments so last minute.” You pecked him on the lips and went to the bathroom to put your hair up.
“Doll,” Bucky whined.
“I’ll make it up to you when I get back, okay?”
Bucky sighed as he pulled his boxers back on. “Yeah, okay,” he said grumpily, joining you in the bathroom. “I’ll take care of this on my own for now.”
“No.” You quickly turned and slipped your hand into his boxers, stroking him tight and fast.
Bucky groaned and backed you up against the sink, his hands gripping the counter tightly. It’s not what he wanted, but in his current state, he would take anything he could get.
“No, you leave this for me,” You lifted his chin to make him look at you. “I’ll take care of it later.” You kissed his cheek and pulled your hand away.
All Bucky could do was whine and pout; his cock absolutely ached; he had almost come in your hand just then—you were being cruel.
“You gonna be a good boy?” You cooed.
“God—ye—yes,” Bucky stuttered, his knuckles turning white as he gripped the counter even tighter.
You kissed him with a pleased smile on your face. “See you later, baby.”
Bucky watched you leave, his cock throbbing in frustration. As soon as you were out of the room, he stuffed his hand down his pants and pumped himself quickly—he could still smell your pussy, taste your lips—he was so close to coming over his fist. He groaned as he pulled his hand away at the last second, his cock throbbing uselessly in the confines of his boxers.
He took a cold shower, but his super-soldier dick still stood stiff and proud, leaking precum everywhere. He felt a little calmer, though, and got dressed before finding his phone and texting you.
“When will you be back?”
You sent a laughing emoji. “I left 15 mins ago.”
Bucky sent back a sad face. “Miss u, love u. Have fun.”
“Love you. Behave.”
Bucky sighed and left the room before he could start touching himself again; he had to find a distraction.
Bucky twitched anxiously every time you even looked at him; you were chattering away as if you didn’t know he was rock hard—and had been for hours.
You and Yelena had returned home about an hour ago, both of your hands full of bags–all yours. 
Bucky waited patiently for you to hold up your end of the deal, but you didn’t.
He was staring at your ass as you bent over the table to adjust a falling gumdrop on Yelena’s gingerbread house.
“Does that sound good, baby?”
“Huh?” Bucky snapped out of his trance and frowned slightly at the glint in your eyes.
“Yelena and Sam have never been on one of those carriage rides. Do you wanna go?”
Bucky didn’t want to go–he wanted you to send them away so he could finally get what he actually wanted.
“Yeah, sure.”
Bucky’s stomach twisted in desire when he saw the smirk on your face at his concession–you knew exactly what you were doing.
She’s gonna fucking kill me, Bucky thought.  
You and Bucky were settled in your horse-drawn carriage; Sam and Yelena were a few feet ahead. The carriage walls were high and long to shield you from the wind, and you had brought blankets along to keep everyone warm.
You knew Bucky was extremely on edge–his hands were balled into fists, and you weren’t even touching him yet. You caressed his thigh, and he turned to you with the most desperate look in his eyes.
“Were you a good boy for me?” You asked in a sultry voice that made him whine.
He nodded frantically. “Please.”
“Please, what?”
“Need you.”
“I’m right here.” Your hand moved higher under the blanket and just sat there, burning a hole through his jeans.
“Please,” he whined. “Need you to touch me—to make me come—please.”
Your hand slid over his crotch, and you heard the sharp intake of air as he tried not to react. You moved your hand with more pressure but slower, and he groaned lowly.
“Touch you like this, baby?” You asked sweetly.
“Yes, but—" Bucky groaned louder as your hand sped up. “Can we—go—oh—go back home?” He rushed the last few words out before biting his lip to hold in his moan.
“Thought you wanted me to make you come?” You undid his pants quickly and shoved your hand inside.
“Oh god, not here.” Despite his protests, Bucky spread his legs further apart under the blanket. He dipped his head back, breathing hard, as you pushed him closer and closer to his orgasm.
You sucked the sweet spot on his neck and moved your hand with the sole purpose of making him come.
“Doll—please stop,” he huffed out, thrusting his hips into your hand.
“Doesn’t seem like you want me to stop.”
Bucky shuddered as your warm tongue trailed over his neck. The adrenaline pumping through his veins every time the carriage passed a group of people wasn’t helping his situation.
“I’m—I’m gonna come if you don’t stop, please!”
“It’s okay, baby, just pretend you’re filling up my tight little cunt,” You whispered as you sucked his earlobe into your mouth.
“Fuck! Fuck!” Bucky couldn’t stop picturing that. His brain was no longer working as his hips chased the orgasm his body so desperately needed.
You giggled and kissed his flushed neck as you pulled your hand away. Bucky looked at you like he was about to cry, his chest heaving rapidly. “Please,” he said brokenly.
You called for the driver’s attention and asked him to take you back. Bucky breathed a sigh of relief when you exited the carriage and headed back home.
“So, I got Sam and Yelena tickets to see the Rockettes tonight–”
Your sentence was cut off as Bucky picked you up and threw you on his back as he ran through the park. He hailed the first taxi he saw, and you were home before Sam and Yelena even realized you had left.
Bucky pushed you up against the door, already pulling your clothes off.
“Bucky—slow down.”
“No,” Bucky groaned. “I’m so fuckin’ hard—can’t wait anymore.”
You pushed him away. “You said you were gonna be good for me.”
Bucky followed you like a puppy to the bedroom and frowned when you picked up your shopping bags off the floor. “Doll, please, please, I’m dying over here.”
You ignored him as you took items out of your bags, all clothes and one small black box. “Strip and lay on the bed.”
Bucky quickly did what you said, looking at the sleek black item in your hand with curiosity. He laid against the headboard, his abs tight and his cock leaking precum all over his stomach.
“I got you something if you want to try it.” You knelt next to him on the bed.
“What is it?” Bucky was already twitching with excitement as you poured lube over the toy.
You pushed a button, and the toy vibrated in your hand—Bucky’s hips involuntarily flexed.
“Think you can handle that?” You asked as you started prepping him with your fingers.
“I—fuck—I don’t know.” Bucky screwed his eyes shut, wanting so badly to feel the toy inside him but so close to losing control just from your fingers.
“Tell me if it’s too much; I just want you to feel good, kay?”
Bucky nodded, watching you slowly slide the toy inside him. He groaned when it was fully settled, nuzzling right against his prostate.
You got off the bed and dangled the remote in his face. “Touch yourself for me, baby. But no coming until I say.”  
You made him watch you try on all the clothes you had bought, keeping the vibration against his prostate low. His hand moved slowly over his cock until he couldn’t handle it anymore, begging you for release. But all you gave him was the mercy of turning the toy off until he could start again.
He was trying so hard to be good, but as you got to the last bag, he was squirming and grinding into his hand. He could smell how wet you were—you were enjoying this maybe more than you should be.
You came back out of the bathroom, and he whimpered as he thrust faster into his hand. A tiny red skirt with a white fur trim fluttered around your hips, only highlighting the little piece of lace between your legs. A big red bow covered your breasts.
“What do you think?” You twirled for him before climbing onto the bed and sitting between his legs.
“Please,” he muttered as his eyes admired every curve and line of your body.  
You leaned forward and moved his hands out of the way. “You’ve been so good, baby,” you whispered as you wrapped your delicate hand around his shaft.
“I have—please, wanna come,” Bucky sighed as you turned the toy up and worked your hands over his cock.
“I’m gonna let you come.”
Bucky relaxed at the promise, letting you build him up.
“One more thing.” You left the bed and came back with a red silk ribbon. “Give me your hands.”
Bucky didn’t hesitate; he held his hands out, and you quickly tied them together.
“Is this okay?” You placed gentle kisses on each of his wrists.
“I’m okay,” Bucky assured you. He’d never done anything like this, and part of him was surprised at how much it turned him on.
“Does that feel good?” You asked as you stretched his arms above his head and attached his tied hands to the headboard.
“Ye–yes,” Bucky stuttered.
“What’s your color, baby?” You settled between his legs again.
“Green, very green.” Bucky flexed his muscles, testing the restraints.
You took a moment to admire him, his muscles taut and glistening as he tried to regulate his breathing. Of course, he could easily get out of your restraints, but that just made it so much hotter—he was allowing you to do this to him—trusted you enough to allow it, to want it.
“So sexy, Buck. I’ve been so wet for you all day.” You leaned forward and gently sucked the tip of his dick, your tongue kitten licking him.
Bucky couldn’t speak; only desperate moans would come out of his mouth.
You kept your mouth on his tip only as your hand worked the rest of his shaft. You could feel him swell in your hand and knew he was getting close. You slid your mouth down a little further and moaned at the broken whine that left his mouth.
“I’m gonna come—don’t stop.” Bucky managed to get out between moans as the plates in his vibranium arm whirred with the effort to keep his hands where they were.
You pulled your mouth off and slowed down your hand. “You wanna come in my mouth or my pussy?”
Bucky groaned and threw his head back. “I—I don’t know, please!”
You turned off the toy and pulled a condom out of the bedside table drawer, slowly rolling it onto his red cock.
“Yes, yes, yes, please,” Bucky panted as you straddled him and teased the tip of his dick at your dripping entrance.
You slowly sank down on him, letting yourself feel every inch of him. “So big, Bucky. You feel so good,” you moaned.
His fingernails dug harshly into his palm. He was about to come, and he needed it more than he needed air.
“Gonna come, oh fuck, oh fuck,” he sighed as he bottomed out in you. “So fucking tight. Move doll,” he groaned.  
Ignoring his begging, you leaned forward, keeping him stuffed inside you, and kissed him. You traced his bow-shaped lips with the tip of your tongue, making him groan when you bit his plush bottom lip. How was it possible for someone to have such a pretty mouth?
“You been thinking about filling me up all day?”
Bucky nodded. “Please, please! I—oh fuck I’m right there, doll, please.” His eyes were screwed shut in frustration. He wanted to scream—he was finally buried in your warm, velvety walls; his balls were heavy and tight in anticipation of the orgasm that was seconds away—and you wouldn’t fucking move.
“So hot when you beg—beg a little more, baby, and I’ll let you fill my teasing little pussy with all that hot cum.” You reached back and gently squeezed his balls to punctuate your sentence.
Bucky shouted nonsense as he squirmed underneath you.
“Use your words, Buck.” You drug your fingernails down his chest, just hard enough to leave light red marks.
“Please! I’ll do whatever you want—need you so bad—been going fucking crazy since this morning.” Bucky groaned when you still didn’t move. “Please, I’ve been so good—I wanted to come so bad when you were gone.”
“Did you touch yourself?” You grabbed the remote and teased your finger over the button, smirking when Bucky’s cock twitched inside you.
“Yes,” Bucky sighed, his arm whirring again as he fought the urge to break free and take what he needed from you. “I—I—fuck doll, let me come!” Bucky’s dominant side started to seep through as he practically growled the words out.
Unamused with his outburst, you leaned back, resting your hands on his trembling thighs. The position put you even more on display for him. His eyes raked down your body, starting with the displeased frown on your face, pausing briefly on your chest, wrapped up like a gift from God, down your stomach, over your soft hips—he squeezed his eyes shut when he caught sight of the space where you were joined together, afraid the view alone would send him over the edge.
“Open your eyes,” You snapped, just barely rolling your hips. “Look at how perfectly you fit inside me.”
“I can’t,” Bucky groaned when you moved your hips again. “I’m gonna come,” he whispered with a slight tremble.
“No, you’re not. Only good boys get to come.”
Bucky’s eyes flew open; he was about to argue but swallowed it. You wanted his submission. And fuck, he would give you whatever you wanted.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, please.”
“Do what I told you.”
Bucky reluctantly dragged his eyes down to the lacy thong shoved to the side, making room for his thick cock to stretch you out. You lifted your hips just enough for him to see the base of his cock, drenched in your juices.
Bucky couldn’t help it; he closed his eyes again, straining against his restraints. “I’m sorry, it’s too much! I can’t fucking think about anything but pounding into your pussy until my cum is dripping down your thighs.”
“Fuck, Bucky,” You moaned, your body clenching on reflex. “Gonna make my good boy come, kay?” You started bouncing yourself on him hard and fast.
Bucky grunted as he lifted his hips, meeting you with every thrust. “Thank you, oh please,” Bucky’s face screwed up in pleasure as he thrust up into you. “Oh please, don’t stop. Please, please, gonna come.” Bucky didn’t realize he was shouting as he begged you for his release.
You were nearly as wound up as he was, and looking down at him—every muscle in his colossal body flexing—begging you for his release was too much for you to take.
You moaned his name as you reached your peak. “Come, baby, fill me up.”
The combination of you turning the vibration on the highest setting and your walls fluttering around him was it for Bucky. He broke the tie around his wrists and dug his fingers into your hips hard as his cock twitched wildly inside you. No sound came out of his mouth as he came. The pleasure was too much; all he could do was hold your hips flush against his as he let rope after rope of cum fill the condom.
As he came down, he groaned, “god damn, I can’t feel my legs. That was so—so,” Bucky lost his train of thought; his eyes were slightly unfocused as he stared up at you.  
You giggled and kissed his lips. “Glad you liked it—it was hot as hell.”
Bucky’s chest was still heaving; he couldn't form more words. His hands roamed over your body. Once he caught his breath, he sat up to kiss you properly.
“You definitely owe me more than one orgasm after that.” Bucky grabbed the end of the bow around your chest with his teeth and pulled it off.
“We’ve got two hours,” You sighed, pushing Bucky’s head closer as his teeth grazed over your nipple. “Maybe, if you’re good, I’ll let you come again.”
Bucky groaned and laid back on the bed, ready to submit to you as many times as you asked.
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𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞 (𝟏) • 𝐛.𝐛𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐞𝐬
pairing — best friend!bucky barnes x reader (modern au) (best friends to lovers)
summary — after breaking up with your cheating ex, you’re left with two tickets to greece. you continue with the trip and oh, bucky’s coming along with you. what could go wrong? 
warnings — angst, cheating, fluff, lowkey mutual pining, tension 
word count — 2,244
author’s note — hi, this is the first chapter of my new series, i’ve just started writing and your feedback is important to me! i hope you love this and thank you for reading!
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Tumblr media
You sat on a bench in the middle of central park, shivering lightly as a cold breeze brushed past your skin, you were alone in the middle of a park at one in the morning, the usual sounds of crickets chirping barely bothered you as you wiped at what was left of your tears, your cheeks were tear stained and your eyes were red, swollen from crying for what felt like half a day.
You choked back on a sob, your fingers tightening around the napkin that a stranger had passed you, her eyes filled with sympathy, that was probably a good three hours ago, you had lost count of just how long you had been sitting on this exact bench, tears streaming down your cheeks as you tried so hard to get the image of your boyfriend, well, ex and your friend in bed out of your head. 
They were both half naked, Brock’s face practically in her neck, her wanton moans bouncing off the walls of what you once called your room as she rode him, her fingers digging into his chest, and there you stood for a good ten seconds, too dumbfounded to say a single word. 
Your eyes had welled up with tears, the bags and bags of essentials you had bought for you and Brock’s trip to Greece dropped to the floor, catching their attention. You remembered how your ex had scrambled, eyes wide with shock at the sight of you, shaking your head as you chuckled dryly. 
“Don’t you fucking dare tell me it was an accident because we both know that you’ve been eyeing her for months” you retort, fist clenched as you held back your tears, refusing to give the both of them the satisfaction of seeing you cry, you didn’t need to hear Brittany’s mocking comments about you, and you could see that smirk painted on her face, her hair framing her face ever so fucking perfectly, she had always been the perfect one, the one with the small waist and the ass that you were pretty sure caught Brock’s attention the second you introduced your friend to him. 
So when the both of them stood against you, you weren’t left with much of a choice except to pack your things messily into your duffle bag, trying to ignore their whispered comments outside the room. 
Now, here you were, in the park, alone. You sighed, biting your lip, willing yourself not to cry. You were homeless, what was left of your savings had been pumped into that damn apartment’s rent and the rest went into the getaway vacation that you had planned for months, and just as you were about to give in to the tears that threatened to slip, your phone buzzed, the ten percent warning flashing in your face, you cursed lightly, and just then, your phone rang. 
The familiar picture of your best friend, Bucky popped up on your screen, the profile simply being a selfie of you and the brunette, wide happy smiles on your faces, it was taken years ago and yet it still stood as one of your best memories. 
You picked up the call, trying to steady your voice as you mumbled a quick “hey Buck”, because if Bucky knew what Brock had done, you were pretty damn sure he’d be at your ex’s door faster than you could stop him, and the last thing you needed was Bucky standing up for you like that. Just as he did when you were both in elementary school, against bullies who’d never left you alone just for him to end up in the nurse’s office with a bloody nose and a black eye. 
“(Y/n)?” he said, his voice was filled with worry, “are you okay?” you swallowed hard, trying to hold back tears, you needed him, so badly, the feel of his arms wrapped around you in a comforting embrace always made you feel at ease, almost as if you were home. 
“I-I, it’s nothing Buck-”
“Doll, what’s wrong?” he continued. 
“It’s Rumlow isn’t it?”
“Bucky, please-” you replied, your voice shaky, “Where are you?” he asks, almost gently. 
“The park, on the bench,” you said softly, “The one with the oak tree beside it?” your best friend concludes and you replied with a “yes”. He drops a quick “I’ll be there in ten, do not move” before he hangs up. 
You gazed at the oak tree beside you, the memories from almost two decades ago ran through your mind like a film without sound. It was right here where you met Bucky, you were both seven, and you remembered thinking how this boy had the most bluest cerulean eyes you had ever seen paired with the brightest smile. 
You and Bucky became best friends almost instantly, that was sealed when you realised you both shared the same favourite ice cream flavour, chocolate chip, from then on, you were both inseparable, he’d wait for you at your apartment every morning, greeting your mum with a smile and an ever so polite “good morning Mrs (L/N)” before he left with you, your laughters echoing through the hallway as you both made your way to school. 
That lasted a good way till the end of high school, and even in college, you both had “Friday movie nights” which you had cancelled many times due to Brock demanding that you spent Fridays with him. 
The rumble of a motorcycle pulled you from your thoughts, and you looked up to see Bucky dressed in one of his black shirts and jeans matched with his signature dark leather jacket, he slipped his helmet off with ease, his eyes quickly found yours, a comforting smile on his face as you stood up. 
“You alright?” he asks, and you nod, returning his smile with a small one. 
“You didn’t call and I was at your place-”
“Movie night! Oh god, Buck, I, I was gonna go over once I dropped the things off and-”
“No, no, it’s fine doll, what matters most is that you’re okay. What happened?” he asks as he helps you with your bags and you blinked back tears, “Brock, h-he cheated with Brittany.” you admitted, and you swore you saw the brunette’s fingers tighten around your bag. 
“That piece of-”
“It’s alright Bucky” you said quickly, “Brock and I are over” you whispered, nodding almost as if to remind yourself of that fact, the brunette places your bags in his top box, passing you a helmet in the process, it was the same purple one he had gotten just for you when he got his motorbike, “Just in case you ever wanna go for a ride” he had said with a boyish grin, you were both eighteen, and you remembered being so excited when he took you for a ride around New York. 
“Here, let me” he said softly as he takes the helmet, putting it on you, “Just making sure it still fits” he says lightly and you nod, it had been years since you took a ride and just feeling his fingers brush against your neck just as the way they did when he first put it on made you shiver. 
You shook your head as Bucky slips his jacket off, “It’s fine, i’m not-” “It’s a cold night doll, put it on” the brunette replies and deciding that you could never argue with him, you gave in, putting it on, and immediately the smell of his cologne hits you, it was familiar, the smell of sandalwood and white musk, the cologne you had gotten him on his birthday just last year. 
He still had it. 
You got onto the motorbike, wrapping your arms around his waist, the motorcycle rumbled and off it went, you rested your head against Bucky’s back, allowing yourself to give in to much needed sleep as you went past empty roads, the jacket keeping you warm as your eyes slowly fluttered shut, and for a while, you managed to catch some rest, the image of your ex disappearing. 
“(Y/n), we’re here” Bucky had said, shaking you ever so gently as he picks up your bags, taking your helmet along with him as he guides you to the oh so familiar building, the last time you were here was a good three months ago, for movie night, it felt it had been years ago, and you could feel guilt pooling in your stomach as you remembered the number of times you had cancelled on the brunette. 
The dinghy lift creaked a little as Bucky pressed the number 5 button. “I swear this lift is about to breakdown” he mumbles and you couldn’t help but chuckle, “Buck, that’s what you said a year ago,” you joked as he shoots you a playful glare. 
“Not my fault Marge lasted this long,” you shook your head, laughing, Marge was the nickname you and Bucky had given this lift when he had just moved in, and it was just as old as it was then. 
The lift dinged, and you stepped out, following the brunette to his door, he easily unlocked his door, letting you in first, after all he was always the gentleman, something about him you had always appreciated. You looked around the apartment, it still looked and felt the same, like home. 
The pictures of you and Bucky at prom still hung from the wall, bright smiles and you could still fondly remember how your heart had almost pounded out of your chest when the brunette placed his arm around your waist, pulling you close as you both smiled for the camera, those times were perfect and you always wished you could go back when you were a wide eyed innocent child, oh how simple things were back then. 
“Bucky” you started softly and he looks towards you, “Thank you, for everything,” you continued and he nods with a reassuring smile, “Anytime doll,” he replies. 
“Could I, maybe borrow your laptop, mine’s dead,” you said and he glances at you, surprised, “Now?”. 
“Yeah, I-I should cancel that trip to Greece, the hotel and-”
“Y-yeah, I planned a trip with Brock months ago and the flight’s on Sunday and-” you rambled on before Bucky cuts in with a “I’ll go with you” leaving you in shock. 
“B-but, it’s a week long” 
“Exactly, and you’re not wasting your money, come on doll, it’s Greece, you love it, Athens and the Parthenon, all that was part of your travel diary,” the brunette replies, you couldn’t help but smile when he brings up your travel diary, a little journal you had made when you were in the sixth grade, and you had been so exhilarated when you completed it, showing it to your best friend as you went on and on about how you were so gonna visit the place of your dreams when you were older. 
“You remembered”. 
“Of course, i’d never forget a thing about you,” he replies, his voice so, so comforting and you nodded, warmth flooding your chest as you allowed his words to sink in, you could feel all the feelings that you had buried long before slowly surfacing, you remembered just how you had tried so hard to hide the way your palms would turn clammy when Bucky held your hand, squeezing it reassuringly on your first day of senior year, or how you had almost combusted when he leaned in closer, his warm breath tickling your neck as he taught you how to solve the one math problem that you just couldn’t figure out. 
“Let’s go for that trip doll, you deserve it,” the brunette says, “I guess we’re off to Greece then,” you reply with a smile. 
“You bet we are,” Bucky replied, he couldn’t help but smile when you did, god, there was just something about your smile, it wasn’t just the fact that it bought out just about all your features, it was the fact that he couldn’t help but fall into it, every time you smiled, he swore he could feel his heart beat just a little faster, his stomach would do flips as he tried to stop himself from being pulled deeper into the clutches of love, he had in every damn way, tried to get over you when you dated Rumlow. 
He went on random dates that his friends had set him up on and even then, he never could get you out of his mind and just by the way his heart was pounding so quickly, he knew that was impossible. 
Not that he ever wanted to either. 
It was almost three in the morning when you finally settled into bed, well, Bucky’s bed, he had insisted to take the couch despite the both of you having cuddled on the couch every time you came over for movie night. Despite your protests, he had moved his blanket and pillow to the hall, handing you fresh ones, and making sure you were comfortable before he left. 
You tossed and turned, and just then, your phone lit up, the notification of your upcoming flight two days from now flashed on your screen, you sigh as you rested your head against the pillow, wondering if you had made the correct choice to go on vacation with Bucky. 
You shook the doubts away, reminding yourself to catch some sleep, and to perhaps stop worrying. 
After all, you and Bucky were just best friends, right?
Tumblr media
author’s note — hi sweetie! i hope you enjoyed chapter 1, if you’d like a chapter 2, let me know and i’ll work on it! your feedback is important to me, so let me know what you think! thank you for stopping by! 
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hi! i love your writing so much! idk if you’ve done something like this before, but could i request a bucky x reader imagine where the reader is really high maintenance? if not, that’s okay! xx
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x F!Reader
Summary: He knows that when he takes his girl out, not forgetting his wallet is important. There are many things his baby is—sweet, witty, smart-mouthed, a little bit of a freak; among the big list he's compiled so far, 'cheap' is nowhere to be found. It takes a lot to keep her happy. Bucky loves the challenge.
A/n: Feedback is really important to me. Tell me what you think and I'll adore ya forever :)
Word count: 3.1k
Warning(s): This work is intended for 18+ audiences. Minors, DNI. I also do not allow for my work to be copied, translated, or reuploaded anywhere else.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
There were many surprises in re-adapting to life in the 21st century with a mind of his own, free to do whatever he wanted, search for and make the life he never could in the past, and, of course, create his own reasons to be happy, have his sense of self back.
One of the things he did not include or expect to be on that list: getting used to designer brand luxury stores.
What could he say?
Sgt. Bucky Barnes' girl was not a cheap date. Never had been, and if he had his way, never would be.
She was one of those people who were not born into wealth but still were born with a sense of self-worth which made them richer than a lot of others in life.
Y/n never gave her time to people who never earned it, she cultivated friendships of a lifetime and had the maturity to surround herself with people who were true to what they wanted just like her; the beauty of her confidence exuded in every pore of her being, and it was what attracted him towards her in the first place.
She also enjoyed fine things.
Which was okay—there was the desire for money (stupid) and the desire for good things (reasonable) and when the latter existed and the person didn't turn into someone else in order to get what they wanted, Bucky couldn't see a problem with liking extravaganze.
Bucky always thought fondly of how his first time truly flirting with her went.
"With a mouth like that and answers like these, I could think you're trying to flirt with me."
"Trying? Sergeant, if I was flirting with you, you'd know."
"I—Really? Wow. All the times you flicked your hair at me, you were just playing with my heart, then?"
"Never did that either. I think you are trying to flirt with me, Sergeant Barnes."
Bucky laughed.
"Outch—is the thought of it that funny to you?"
"Oh, no. Not that. I am definitely flirting with you. I just thought it was funny you trying to deny you were looking specifically for my attention those times when you love rolling your tongue around Sergeant Barnes that damn much, y'know?"
"D'you always speak to your work colleagues this up close or...?"
"I don't know, d'you always talk to yours while focusing so much on their lips? ... Ah. There it is. I got those cheeks pink once and I thought it was just a fluke, but I think I got it. See—the way I see it, Mrs. Y/l/n, we could be doing this flirting elsewhere. Like on a date, or... on a date? Or. Instead, you could tell me again about how I'm wasting my time here because you are 'not flirting with me'."
"... Could we?"
"Why not?"
"Well. All this time you've been 'flirting' with me—"
"I do not appreciate the air quotes."
"Stop smiling at me like that, I'm trying to focus here."
Bucky wanted to kiss her there and then. He stopped himself, and bit down on his smile.
"As I was saying, all this time you've been 'flirting' with me, you let out that a) 'this generation', aka people my age, tend to annoy you with their 'silly' hobbies, and I'm not sure which one of mine would fall into that category and a) said you don't like going out and doing 'fun' things is overrated, and... While I appreciate the frown and adore the sexy smolder it's attached to it... I'd need a little more than that."
"... You're right. It's—hard. For me, still, to just... let my guard down."
"I can see that."
"I'm trying, though..."
"I can see that, too."
"Good. So—if I showed you I meant it, maybe you could tell me about your hobbies? I'd keep my old brain very open to all of them. I—you're a really smart, funny, and witty woman, Y/n. Beautiful as the icing on it all. I... would love to try. If you want me to."
The smile you gave him then sealed it. Bucky Barnes knew: after all those months of flirting, he'd do anything for you. For that smile. That attention in those eyes.
"I'm not a cheap date, Sergeant Barnes," you whispered, the smile lazier than ever, or maybe it was the hooded blink in your eyes.
Bucky felt glad for the first time that his job under Fury and Captain America — he'd have to thank Sam Wilson, fuck — gave him real money.
He spent it rarely on things, never quite finding anything worth it besides a good motorbike, decorating his house to not look like a hotel, and a few good weapons.
He was willing to spend any amount on you.
"I'll make sure to take you somewhere nice."
"Wow... Are you gonna smile like that when you pick me up?"
"If you're looking at me like this, then yes." He laughs. "I like that smile."
"I like yours more."
"What are your favorite flowers?"
"You heard me. This is my first proper date in—actually, never mind. You don't need to know the number. In a long time. So I'm doing it right."
"Calla lillies."
"Thank you. You can go back to work now."
"I'm not one of your Agents, Sergeant."
"You do realize I'm the Second Superior in Command of the entire Avengers Compound, right?"
"Captain America," he puts his hands high on top. "Me." He lowers his hands just a little."
"Technically, doesn't even exist."
"So... you're my boss's boss?"
"Right. Good to know, Sergeant."
That had been the first date of many.
Bucky kept good on his word and doing so managed to bring you into his life. Light took over many corners that had been dark for years.
He took you to museums, art galleries, book launchings, and whatever else you asked him to, and had pleasure in doing so.
The days were not all spent out, either.
You showed him that when he let his guard down and showed you more than just his frowns or just the Sergeant you met walking the walls of the Compound, you could let your guard down, too.
Inside his apartment, you two watched countless movies, painted the walls, ordered take-out from several different places in the city with the intent of trying and figure out all the best ones—you napped with him. Accompanied him to physical therapy sessions he had with Dr. Park as he tried to learn life without the arm, too.
Some of it was flashy nights in the city, but some were quiet nights with jazz and wine, too.
Bucky loved every side of this.
All of them were worth their weight in gold.
Tumblr media
None of the designer stores he's ever visited made Bucky comfortable, but most of them were tolerable because of the champagne.
He enjoyed having something to do with his hands.
After a few months of visiting them every now and then, he ever learned a few cool games he could play as he stood or sat in the waiting area. This time, he was playing 'spot the places you could conduct secret sound surveillance without never being found' when you called his name.
"C'mere for a sec, please?" You called.
Your voice sounded just a fraction too off for his liking, so Bucky puts down the glass and in a few steps arrives at the fitting room where you are.
When he enters the place, Bucky's jaw meets the velvety floor.
Gods, she looks breathtaking.
He walks almost subconsciously, stepping closer until he's standing right behind you as his eyes take over every inch of the outfit.
To accompany him as his date to the dinner the committee was holding for spies and allies in a lot of other countries, you'd come to shop for a new dress. You'd told Bucky you had never better to a party that important, and while part of him wanted to tone it down, say the occasion wasn't that fancy at all, the number of scientists, people Fury called personally to attend and the secret venue made it impossible.
So he told you to go shopping, and now, here you two were.
You in a satin, shimmery dress, a slit high up your thigh and with the back almost naked except for a few super thin straps of gold metal holding it together, and Bucky right behind you with his eyes darker than when he entered, his work clothes — jeans, a black t-shirt and his leather jacket on top — and a stupid look on his face.
"Holy fucking..." his words die out. The eyes are too busy drinking all of you in.
He's so busy watching how every bit of the dress clings to your body that Bucky almost misses the insecurity in your face. If it weren't for the way you whisper, "You think it's nice?" It would pass by him.
Your voice calls his eyes to go up to your face though, and that's when he sees.
The dark spark of judgment in your eyes, which are glued to the middle, where the dress hugs tight your round belly—the stomach he loves squeezing, loving, and biting, even on the days where you find it hard to love all the bits of you, that's one of the parts Bucky sees your eyes darting back to. You seem to judge your clavicle as well, exposed in the thin straps that hold the dress, even your arms.
"It's not too..."
"Too what?" Bucky chuckles. "Too sexy? Maybe." He's done with the uncertainty on your face, so he closes the distance between your bodies. "But that's a problem for me to deal."
"Buck. I'm serious," you even sound the part when you lock gazes with him through the mirror. "I know I'm—I try my best to be nice to myself and I accomplish it most of the time, but this is a big deal. And—with you. I'm your date. You wanna take me as your date, I gotta look the part." Your voice lowers, tugging on the strings of Bucky's heart. "I wanna look good."
"Baby." Bucky wraps both arms around your waist, hugging your body tightly. "You look way past good," he states, pressing a firm kiss to your cheek, and making sure to keep his eyes on yours so he sees that you believe he means every word. "Good was left in the dust. Miles behind ya. This? This is gold. I mean—It's literally gold—what is this fabric? God, it's good."
You giggle when he starts feeling up your body with both hands, and he thinks there it is. Much better. "Bucky—"
"Shhh, I'm tryna figure out what fabric this is."
"It's satin. Stop feeling me up!" you giggle.
"Hm. Your words say 'stop', and your body says 'oh, I love it, James, keep going'." He does stop, though, even if you were leaning into the touch. Even if you were pushing more of your back to mold on his front. He rests his chin on your shoulder and kisses the skin there. "I meant it. You look amazing, baby. Wasn't this the first dress you set eyes on when you walked in?"
Bashful with how much he's noticed, you nod. "Yeah."
He nods. "You've got good eyes."
"It's really not too much for an official, high-ranking, Fury-made Avengers party?"
"Nope," and Bucky would not give a rat's ass if it were. This is the dress you want and he knows it, and if what you wanted was to wear a black plastic bag, he'd let you.
"Right." You look to yourself again in the mirror, and Bucky watched you doing so. "I wanted to ask. 'Cause I know it's... tight."
"It's fitting," he corrects. His palms run through your stomach, the rolls and curves of your waist and thighs, and feels you sighing against his chest. "Looks really damn good."
That's a different kind of tone. Bucky's lips form a smile right against the skin of your shoulder, and he decides to show you just how much he loves the dress.
His right hand makes a slow path to the hem of the dress while he presses kisses alongside your jaw, then on your neck. He pays good attention to that spot in the juncture of your shoulder and neck where you love to feel his tongue, his teeth—by the time his hand is sneaking under it, your legs are already parting for him just with the ministrations of his mouth on that sensitive part of your body.
Reluctant to leave his other hand from where it is, Bucky noses along your cheek until the magnetism of his lips close to yours calls you in for a kiss.
Your lips meet his slowly, and Bucky revels in the feeling of your tongue.
There's a reason he uses his right hand and not the metal one (most of the time): Bucky loves to feel on skin how warm you are.
The inside of your thighs are burning, and the soft moan you let out against his mouth makes his neck feel as hot as your core must be right now.
"Bucky," this time, it's said as a warning.
"What?" He runs the tip of his fingers deeper between your thighs until it's brushing on the fabric of your underwear. "Want me to stop?"
You gasp softly when Bucky's thumb makes contact with your folds, running upwards until it brushes on your clit. "I... we're in public."
"Never stopped us before," he chuckles, nosing along with your temple now. He feels how wet you are getting even through the panties. That's reason number two he enjoys to use his right hand.
"I'm still trying on the dress," you protest. It's weak in comparison to the way your hips are starting to be less than innocent in what you two are doing.
"I'll buy it. I'll buy ten of them."
It's your turn to chuckle. "You can't afford ten of these," your voice is a little breathy, but you're still too smart-mouthed for his tastes.
"I'll hack into politicians' accounts and buy this store, Y/n. You're not the only one with insane hacking abilities in this fitting room," Bucky feels himself getting worked up by how wet you already are and the fact that the sight in front of him in the mirror is his, so he starts kissing your neck again. "Can I show you what I see? How good you look in this, hm?"
You exhale in surrender, and Bucky feels all your weight pressed on him. "Okay."
"Thank you, baby." Bucky gets a little dizzy with how much he wants you, sometimes. "You gotta see what I see, 'cause..."
He stops teasing you, and instead of just a brush, he now cups his hand over your whole cunt, applying pressure to the heat he finds there.
He starts. "You see, this is the thing..." With his other hand, Bucky lets down your hair and drapes it on one side, making it voluminous. The blush on your cheeks helps with the vision too. Dropping his voice so low that only you can hear it with his lips pressing right on the shell of your ear, he continues. "This is the privileged vision you'd wanna deprive people of. Look at you. Look in the mirror, baby—yeah. See that? That's you. And fuck, don't you just look delicious enough to eat?"
"James, stop teasing. Please. Please," you plea.
He loves hearing you call him his name. The first time you did it, a voice in his head that came from decades ago said:
Hey, I'm Bucky. The dames call me James, but Bucky's what most people know me for.
You bring that voice and the person who said it back, even if just a little.
"Please what?" He demands.
"Your fingers," you whine.
"Sh. I'll give you what you want," he whispers, but then lifts his metal hand to cover your mouth. He knows you'd tell the whole store what you two are up to otherwise. "You gotta keep quiet, though."
You nod behind his hand, and Bucky enjoys the view a little too much.
He stops teasing you after that.
Bucky pushes your panties to the side and starts by spreading your slick all through your folds, coating his fingers with it until he's lubed up all the way to his knuckles.
Then, he starts circling your clit.
That's when your eyes roll to the back of your head.
Bucky looks at the mirror and all his mind can conjure is The Cursed Woman, 1859. He'd seen that painting with you, and while he'd die if another man touched you (let alone two), he believed he could take the part of all three of them and make you the center of that art still.
You looked like a painting when pleasure hit all the nerves of your body.
Melting against his torso, Bucky watched you writhe and buckle against his head, seeking more of his fingers until he gripped your throat for a second in a warning and groaned, "Stand still," and you nodded in compliance.
You stop pushing your hips back on his crotch and just took what he gave you.
He'd still grow hard as a rock until you came, but with you obeying him at least there were no chances of him cumming undone in his pants like a teenager.
Some things are easier to mask than others.
Bucky finally takes pity on you and starts pumping his fingers inside you, one by one.
He first dips one all the way 'till his knuckles. Then two, which is a bit more of a stretch, but only for a few seconds. Your cunt swallows his fingers greedily the more you catch a glimpse of you two in the mirror, and the only sounds in the fitting room are both of your hard breathings and the low noises of your wetness and his fingers finding your spot relentlessly.
Bucky's glad for the music playing outside—when he does find your spot, it's impossible for him not to chase that orgasm that knocks all strength out of your legs.
He's three fingers deep in you when your hips start rocking back against his hard-on, and Bucky's too far gone in the way your eyes keep finding details on the reflection to pay attention to. He lets you.
Bucky finds that spot inside of you that makes your toes curl and hits it until you're clenching around his fingers and your legs are shaking, your eyes nothing but white.
He'll buy you the dress, and a new pair of shoes to go along with, and after the event is done, he'll take all of them off and throw it somewhere in his house, just for the pleasure of seeing all of you like this—head swimming in pleasure, knowing you're the most gorgeous sight he's got to lay eyes on.
Tumblr media
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bonky-n-steeb · 2 days ago
Merman bucky x reader please . Buck took her while she was lost at sea and kept her in an isolated island
I’ve wanted to write merman Bucky for sooooo long asjdgsusy
Your head was spinning and your lips were dry as you groggily woke up. You blinked your eyes rapidly, disbelieving that you were still alive. Your last memories were of the wreckage and you didn’t know how you landed up here, safe and alive.
You gasped as you took in your surroundings. You were laying on smooth rocks in a cove and this was honestly the most beautiful place you’d ever seen. Though you couldn’t see any man or even pieces of the ship wreck nearby, the beauty of the place was breathtaking.
Just as you wondered how you’d come so far away, you saw a pair of eyes looking up at you from beneath the water. You screamed before you registered what exactly you were looking at.
A Merfolk.
His eyes were electric blue, such a colour you had never seen before. His face and upper body was just like a human, but it was the huge tail in place of legs that three you off. It was glimmering silver and distinctly visibly under the clear waters.
“Hi!” You awkwardly waved. “Hi!” He finally got above the surface and repeated your actions. His voice was hoarse as if unused for a long period. “Did you get me here?” You asked and he nodded.
“Wait! You understand English?” You squealed when the realisation hit you. “Yeah. Small small.” He squinted his eyes and you couldn’t help but think how cute he was. He was truly the most beautiful man you had ever seen.
“Oh, but how?” You couldn’t stop being curious. “I listen… on ships.” His words were broken, but you understood perfectly. “Are you alone?” You knew you should wary of such a unknown creature, but something about him made you trust him. Also he had indeed saved your life.
“No.” Was his simple reply. “Did you.., did you save someone else too?” You hopefully asked. Though you were sure many saved themselves using lifeboats, you hoped for those drifted apart like you. “Only you.”
“Where am I?“ you asked. “Sea!” He stated as a matter of factly. You were about to ask for a name, but then you realised that naming a place was a very human concept. “Yeah.. right. Can you get me back though? Somewhere with other humans?”
A look crossed over his face that you couldn’t really pinpoint, but he seemed a little angry. His jaw clenched and his electric eyes narrowed at you before he quickly changed his demeanour to a smile. “You rest now.” You smiled and nodded. He was right, you were too tired.
“Thank you!” Bucky beamed at you as you thanked him. He knew you were his soulmate the instant he had seen you drifting apart. He had been worried sick but he was so relieved to see you safe now. But you didn’t have to be worried anymore, he was going to keep you safe — he was never going to let you go.
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summerofsnowflakes · a day ago
His Angel, His Sweetheart
Tumblr media
Pairing: Mob!Steve Rogers x Fem!Reader / Mob!Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader / Steve x Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 3.9K
Summary: You and Steve 'break up' after a nasty fight in front of his guys and you have the perfect idea to make him jealous.
Warnings: This fic contains smut, 18+ MDI, threesome, overstimulation, spanking, fingering, oral (M and F receiving) Pet names, sub/dom dynamics.
A/N: This is purely just porn with a tiny bit of plot and I'm not sorry about it.
Dividers by the amazing @firefly-graphics
Masterlist | Marvel Masterlist
Tumblr media
Your heart was beating out of your chest as your knuckles wrapped against Bucky’s office door. Anticipation thumped through your body, you could hear the low hum of your own anxiety buzzing above your head. 
You knew this was a terrible idea, you shouldn’t be doing this. You were signing your own death certificate. You wish you’d realised an hour ago when the idea popped into your head.
But it was too late to back down, you had to push through the nerves. Steve was a complete asshole, he’d treated you like trash, shouting at you in front of his men. 
He needed to be taught a lesson, even if you would end up worse off from it. 
Bucky smiled up at you as you treaded carefully into his office. “Hiya Doll face, what can I do for you?” 
You breathed out shakily, strutting over to his desk.You smiled proudly when Bucky’s eyes flickered from your face to your hips, entranced by the way you wiggled your hips from left to right.  
You placed your hands on the edge of his wooden desk, fingertips curing round the stained, pushing your low cut top into his eyeline.
“I need your help with something, Buck.” You sang sweetly.  
He cleared his throat painfully, leaning back in his chair to create some distance between your bodies. He adjusted his pants, not hiding the growing tent in his suit trousers. 
“And what’s that, Sweetheart?” He smirked.
“Well…you see…” Your teeth chattered as you forced the words past your lips.
“StevieandIbrokeupandIwaswonderingifyoucouldhelpmemakehimjealous?” The words tumbled out so quickly that you Bucky barely had a chance to register what you’d asked of him. 
He studied you, pulling apart the squashed jumble of words and piecing together their meaning. You watched as realisation washed over his features, “you want me to do what?” 
“Help me make Steve jealous.” You stated more clearly. Shock turned into amusement, a cackle escaped his lips as he shook his head incredulously but remained silent.
“You’re the boss and his best friend and it would really get him back for the way he spoke to me this morning.” You continued, pacing back and forth frantically in front of his desk. 
“You tryna get us both killed, Sweetheart?” he scoffed, “I may be the boss, but Steve’s the muscle in this operation.” 
“Pleeease.” You whined, rushing around his desk and grabbing his hand in yours. You ran your soft fingers over the back of his hand, toying with the silver rings that sat comfortably on his fingers. 
“He really hurt my feelings this morning, it’s only fair I get to hurt him back.” You pouted, fluttering your eyelashes at him innocently. “I need you, Buck.”
Bucky sighed, dropping his head in defeat and mumbled a soft agreement. You let out an excited squeal, jumping into his lap, you wrapped your arms around the back of his neck. 
“You’re the best, thank you!” You cheered, kissing his cheek lightly. “I’ll see you at the kickback later?” You asked, you face centimetres from his. 
“Yeah I’ll see you there.” He smirked, placing his hands on your hips, helping you out of his lap.
Tumblr media
Bucky waited for you outside the club, his cold stare burned through the tinted windows you hid behind. You were late, very late. 
He opened the door for you, thanking Frank your driver and helped you out of your seat. “You’re late, Sweetheart.” There was a soft seething in his voice, no one kept Bucky Barnes waiting. Ever.
The heel of your shoe caught in a crack on the sidewalk and your leg gave out, clumsily falling out of the car and into Bucky’s arms. His strong arms wrapped around your waist, large fingertips splayed over your body in the most delicious way. 
Your breath caught in your throat as you peered up into his smirking eyes,  “careful, can’t have you hurting yourself before the night’s even started.”
You mumbled a sheeping thank you, as he led you through the doors and into the darkness. 
Everything in your body screamed for you to slip out of Bucky’s grip, to run back to the door and get Frank to take you home. Until you see Steve laughing and joking, surrounded by the regular women that hung around. 
Your blood boiled in your veins, you knew what they wanted. They were always ready to pounce on him the minute you were out of sight, tonight he looked like he was entertaining the idea of them too. 
You made eye contact with him over the smoky air and your heart gave out for a short lived second. 
Bucky’s fingertips rubbed soft circles over your waist as everyone came up to pay their respects to the boss. It was a grounding moment, the push you needed to work through the guilt and anxiety. 
You offered Steve a menacing, albeit fake smile, cocking your head sideways playfully. 
You lent further into Bucky’s  body, reaching up on your tiptoes and pressed your lips to his cheek, your eyes never leaving Steve’s furious gaze as you soft lips ran across scratchy stubble. 
“Think it might be working, Buck.” Your lips lingered over the shell of his as you shot a wink in Steve’s direction and walked off. 
“Yeah, I can feel the hole he’s burning into the back of my head, Sweetheart.” He chuckled. 
You reached the VIP section of the club and were welcomed by Bucky’s men with their usual standard of hospitality. 
Bucky took a seat at the highest point of the section, the highest point of the club, bar his office. He was the king looking down on the land he ruled, his subjects danced the night night away as the heavy baselines thumped through connecting bodies. 
It was the ultimate power trip. 
The closest you’d ever gotten to that seat was with Steve, you sat beside Bucky in the seats placed just below his. You knew your place in the club usually, tonight you were a fish out of water. 
You looked around the VIP section, like a lost little girl and moved to sit in your usual seat. 
Bucky cleared his throat, capturing your attention once more and patted his knee, signalling for you to sit down with him tonight. 
Nerves tingled in the pit of your stomach as you grinned at him. He was taking his role so seriously, it was good to have someone on your team. 
You climbed into his lap, settling your back against his warm chest, he wrapped one arm around your waist. Metal fingertips grazing over your bare shoulders softly, awakening a trail of goosebumps along your exposed skin. 
Steve couldn’t look away, he watched from below at your little scene of payback he was forced to look at. Fire burnt in his blue eyes the glass in his hand shattered under his iron grip. 
You heard the sound of fractured glass falling to the floor and you knew it was Steve, but it was too dark to see it happening. 
You fidgeted in Bucky’s lap, squirming at the thought of Steve's anger boiling over. The only thing keeping you calm was Bucky’s fingertips toying with your skin lightly.  
Through the flashing lights and clearing smoke, Bucky met Steve’s gaze over your shoulder and smiled at him. 
You couldn’t sit still, no matter how hard you tried, it was becoming hard for Bucky to concentrate. His hands gripped your waist, stopping your movements entirely as his arousal grew harder to control. 
He lent into you, lips grazing your ear, his hot tongue licking along your earlobe. “You're killing me, Sweetheart.” He growled in your ear. “You need to stop fidgeting or I’ll rip that dress off of you right now and fuck you here in front of Steve and everyone in the club.” 
Your eyes fluttered shut, a soft moan slipped past your lips, only loud enough that he could hear. You circled your hips against his bruising grip. 
“I’m sorry Buck.” You whimpered, “feels really good.”
Confidence surged through you, you knew Steve could see you, but you were getting lost in Bucky. You grabbed his hand and led it up your skirt. 
His breathing picked up when he realised you were wearing any panties, his fingers gliding through your soaking folds. You couldn’t hold back the broken whine that ripped through your chest as his fingers teased your clit. 
“You enjoying the thought of me ruining you right here, Sweetheart?” He smirked, lips moving against your neck. 
You nodded frantically, as the tip of his finger teased your entrance. Your head fell back onto his shoulder as you pushed your ass back on his hardening length. 
You heard him before you saw him, the thundering of his footsteps against the sticky floors. A cloud of rage shrouded the VIP section as he ripped the rope and stormed up the stairs. 
“Upstairs, now! Both of you.” He roared, his face flushed with deep seeded anger, a fury in his eyes you’d never seen before. 
He didn’t look at Bucky, his eyes stared straight at you and you walked up into Bucky’s office, a sheepish tale between your legs.
Fear rippled through your body, you weren’t sure what to expect. You and Steve had always been volatile, constantly arguing, breaking up over silly, insignificant things. But truthfully, you wouldn’t trade it for the world, no one ever made you feel the way he did. 
Bucky walked into the room first, patiently wandered over to his desk and sat down. You walked in next, head hanging low, you refused to look at either of them now. 
Steve walked in behind you, closing the dock behind him, the click of the lock, made your body jump nervously. 
Steve pressed his body against you, your breath faltered in your chest as you felt his hot breath move over your neck. “Bend over the desk facing Bucky, Angel.” He ordered quietly in your ear, “and pull up that pathetic excuse of dress.” 
You followed his instructions and bent over the desk, you peered up at Bucky looking into his cold eyes for any sign that he would help you. You found nothing but amusement there, he was enjoying seeing you like this. 
You were on your own and you felt humiliated for ever considering going to Bucky for help. 
You released a shaky breath and pulled the silky fabric over your ass, exposing your bare pussy to Steve’s vexed gaze. 
He walked up behind you, pressing himself against you, pushing his cock into you. It was gone before you had the chance to push back on it.
Steve dropped to his knees, kneading the globes of your ass, spreading them apart and watching your slick spill from your slit and down your legs. 
“Such a naughty girl,” he murmured. “You wanna tell me who made you this wet, angel?” He demanded, his fingers digging into your cheeks roughly. 
You stared up at Bucky frantically with parted lips, waiting for him to jump in and claim it was all down to him. He did no such thing, instead he quirked his eyebrow at you, waiting for your response.  
Steve’s hand cracked down your asscheek harshly, the sound echoed through the room. You whimpered at the sting, head dropping against the desk in defeat. 
“I asked you a question, I expect an answer.” He slapped the same cheek again, with the same force. “I’ll ask again, who made you this wet?” 
You shook your head frantically, lips not daring to open and stinging shockwaves washed through your body.  
Steve laughed menacingly, unleashing another slap on the same cheek and this time you cried out painfully. 
“Interesting, you were so vocal when you were begging Bucky to agree to your little plan to make me jealous. So where’s that voice gone now, Angel?” He sneered, the life drained from your as you met Bucky’s smirking gaze. 
You hadn’t banked on Bucky double crossing you, you hadn’t considered the strength of their friendship. That was a colossal mistake. 
“I have to say it worked out very well for everyone, all things considered.” Steve continued. “Even though I knew what was going on, it still took everything in me to not walk over to you sooner and shoot you both in the skulls.” 
You whimpered at his words as he clapped his hand down on you, tears stung the corners of your eyes. You rested your head against the desk,  defeat flooded through you. You’d lost this little game, you had to take your punishment and pray Steve didn’t kill you at the end of all of this. 
“I’m gonna ask you one more time Angel and I want an answer. Who made you this wet?” Steve's voice grew more stern, his patience wearing paper thin. 
“You and Bucky.” You whispered into the wood, shame creeped up your neck. You prayed you said it loud enough that you wouldn’t have to say it again.  
Steve’s hand slipped between your thighs, taking your clit between his thumb and index finger and rolled it gently. “See that wasn’t so hard was it?” 
You moaned as he worked your clit slowly, building up the pleasure knotting in your stomach, the pain spread of your ass completely forgotten. 
“I have to say Angel, I am impressed by your nerve, but if you wanted to be fucked by Bucky, all you had to do was ask.” He huffed, tapping your clit with his finger, his soft tabs against the bundle of nerves grew harder until you were crying out for him. 
Steve’s name echoed around the room just as you teetered on the edge of pleasure. Without warning, he removed his hand from you completely.
He left you like that for two achingly long moments, as you cried softly, begging him to let you cum. 
He leant in close, blowing cold air over your sensitive clit, flicking it with finger every so often. Everything was dialled up to hundred, you felt his every move on your body so much more intensely than usual. 
“But instead, you had to come up with some elaborate plan that was only going to ensure you got punished.” He growled, slapping your ass again. 
As your body jerked forwards from the impact, Steve’s tongue was out and ready to capture your clit, he swirled his tongue around it.
“Steve, please…” You sobbed desperately, your body jerked uncontrollably. “I’m sorry.” 
“She finally speaks.” He muttered against your thigh. “Sorry isn’t going to cut it this time, Angel.” 
He repeated his last movement on your body again, but this time when your body moved forwards his lips wrapped around your clit and sucked on it harshly. Your body shook with pleasure, your thighs threatened to give out under you. 
The cord threatened to snap in your stomach as you mumbled and cried out your apology over and over again. 
“Hold it.” Steve demanded against your clit, the vibrations nearly took you over the edge, but somehow you held it. You were determined not to make him more angry. 
Steve’s hand connected with your ass cheek and this time when you pushed your clit to his lips, he grazed his teeth over the pearl. 
Your body convulsed above him, you couldn’t hold it back any longer, but you had to. You were so close to pure bliss, but you held yourself together by a very thin piece of fraying thread. 
Bucky’s hand gripped your chin, forcing your vision up to him, metal fingertips wrapping around your neck and squeezing the air from your lungs. 
His other hand fisted his thick cock quickly, you could tell by the pained expression on his face, the stuttering of his breath that he was as close as you were. 
“Be a good girl and hold it just a little bit longer.” He breathed through gritted teeth. Steve’s teeth grazed your clit again as he pushed two fingers inside you, curling them up into your soft spongy spot. 
“Please, please please.” You whimpered through strained breaths as Bucky’s fingers tightened around your neck.
“Go ahead, Sweetheart, make Steve’s face all wet.” Bucky moaned as he fell back in his chair, his seed spilling from  his cock all over his hand and his white shirt. 
Steve’s fingers dragged along your walls quickly, hitting all the right spots while his tongue flicked your clit in his mouth. You came with a loud scream, one that overpowered the sound of the music outside the office. 
It was the most intense high you’d ever experienced. Steve’s fingers and mouth worked you through it all, his hand and face soaked in your juices. 
Steve gripped the back of your neck, pulling you up from the table, tight against his back. Your head spun lightly, you felt your mind and body floating apart under the strength of pain and pleasure Steve had caused you. 
“Don’t think I’ve ever seen you act like such a good girl, usually you never listen to me.” Steve kissed along your neck, his fingers pulling the top of your dress down over your breasts. 
“You trying to show off because Bucky’s watching you, want him to think you can be a good girl for him when you’re naughty for me?”
“No, I want to be good for you, Steve.” You mewled, reaching between your bodies and gripped his length through his pants. 
“Oh Angel, I think we’re way past that now.” Steve chuckled, “sit on the desk, legs spread, facing Bucky.” 
You followed his orders to a clumsy degree, climbing onto the table. Bucky’s face had changed completely, he offered you an adoring smile, licking his lips hungrily at the meal presented before him. 
He looked up at Steve, hands crawling up your open legs, pulling you closer to him. “Once I start, I don’t think I’m gonna be able to stop.” 
“Who said you had to stop?” Steve smirked down at his best friend. “Fun’s just beginning, Buck.” 
Bucky’s eyes travelled from Steve’s to yours, checking for any signs you wanted to stop. “You sure about this, Sweetheart?” 
“Certain.” You nodded, fingertips lacing through his long, brown locks and pulled his face down to your core. You moaned brokenly as his tongue explored your sensitive walls, as he breathed you in. 
His tongue dipped between your folds and into your entrance, slowly fucking you with his tongue slowly, his hands travelling up your body to cup your breasts.
Bucky lapped up the juices left from the orgasm Steve had brought down on you. He watched Steve roll your nipples between his fingers, tugging and pinching at your sensitive skin. 
“It’s okay Buck, she likes it rough.” Steve chuckled as he slapped one of your breasts. You mewled and rolled your hips into Bucky’s face. 
Bucky’s fingers toyed with your clit, smiling proudly as you bucked your hips wildly each time his fingers brushed past it. He continued his assault on your pussy, guiding your hips with his vibranium hand back and forth on his tongue and he delved deeper into you. 
Steve gripped you by the neck as your breathing became more laboured with each time his tongue dipped inside you. “Don’t be rude, Angel, you gotta let Bucky know he’s doing a good job.” 
You whimpered and writhed at Steve’s words, you looked down at Bucky through wet eyes. “Buck your tongue feels amazing.” You breathed, picking up the pace of your hips, grinding down further on his tongue. 
“Not as good as you feel sucking my tongue in greedily.” Bucky grunted against your core as his fingers rubbed a figure of eight into your clit. 
You didn’t get the chance to ask for permission, you were already falling apart by the time you could think a  coherent thought. You soaked Bucky’s chin more than you had to Steve. A drawn out cry ripped from your chest.
“I’m sorry,” you muttered over and over, falling back against Steve's rock solid chest. 
“It’s okay Angel, I think we can let that one slide.” Steve whispered in your ear, as Bucky stood and pulled his hard cock from his pants once again . “You’re doing so well for us, can’t wait to fuck your throat.” 
“Love you Steve.” You muttered quietly, focusing your gaze on Bucky, the sight of his cock bobbing as he inched towards you had you clenching around nothing. 
He gripped the backs of your thighs and pulled you to the edge of the desk and lined himself up with your entrance. 
You whined as he pushed inside you, the stretch was delicious and dizzying.   “Fuck that’s even better than I ever dreamed it would be.” He grunted, bottoming out. 
“Bucky.” You whimpered, head lulling tiredly as he allowed you the reprieve of getting used to his size. 
“Can see why he keeps getting back with you, Sweetheart. The way you're squeezing round me is just too good to give up.” He moaned, pulling out leaving you completely empty. His tip hovered over your entrance until you lifted your hips and pushed yourself down on his dick. 
You both groaned at the feeling, Bucky watched as you swallowed him whole and started to drive his hips in and out of you. 
You reached behind you, moving Steve’s hand from his cock and replacing it with your own, pumping in time with Bucky’s thrusts. All three of you were experiencing a different form of heaven, no one wanted the pleasure to end. 
Steve rutted his hips into your hand, desperate to quicken the movements as he chased his high. 
Bucky’s hand raked down your body, grabbing at you roughly, doing as Steve had done earlier, pinching and rolling your nipples between his fingers. 
“Fuck, sweetheart.” He growled as he felt your walls contract around him. “You gonna be mine too? Let me have this tight little pussy whenever I want?” 
“Only if Steve says it’s okay.” You groaned, as your hips met his thrusts.
Both men laughed at your answer, Steve placed a soft kiss to the top of your head, whilst Bucky’s fingers threatened to play with your oversensitive clit once again. 
“I can get on board with that.” Steve moaned, “Lay down Angel, I want your mouth.” 
You laid back, head hanging off the side of the desk, mouth in line with his cock as he pushed it passed your willing lips. 
They worked in tandem with one another, when Steve thrusted in, Bucky pulled out. Setting a relentless pace on your holes, both eagerly chasing their own highs as they used you for their own pleasure. 
Bucky lifted you leg over his shoulder, thrusting into you at a deeper angle that had you crying around Steve’s cock. The vibrations on your moans pushed him over the edge and he shot his seed deep down your throat. 
Bucky’s hips began to falter as he neared his high. Steve pulled himself from your mouth and reached over your body to press down on your clit. 
Your third and final orgasm exploded inside you, white hot pleasure coursed through your veins as you clenched around Bucky’s cock and forced his own orgasm. You finished with a pained cry and fell limp, as he fell back against his chair tiredly.  
Steve tenderly picked you up from the table and carried you over to the sofa in the corner of the room. You curled up into his side as the intensity of your orgasms died down and fatigue took over. 
“Relax Angel, I’ll be right here while you wake up.” He spoke softly as you floated back down to earth against the beat of the music downstairs. 
Tumblr media
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Scenting | B. Barnes
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary: the stereotypes of the alpha and omega dynamics were blurred, when it comes to you and bucky.
pairings: omega!beefy!bucky x alpha!small!reader
warnings: language, abo dynamics.
Tumblr media
anyone who sees bucky; six foot four mass of a man, yielding brute strength and the deadly precision of a world-reknowned assassin, would always assume he's an alpha. he's got the muscular stature down to pat, he looks like someone who will slam you to the nearby wall should you present to be a threat to his omega and pups, don't he?
well he will, absolutely, slam you into a wall without a second thought should you prove yourself to be a threat to his mate and pups; mostly because he's a senior citizen, and he's had enough of people's shit and he would not stand for some rando disrespecting his mate, omega or not, his hands are rated violent for everyone.
another thing is, he was an omega.
HYDRA, for all their advanced technology during their time could not alter his designation despite the serum cursing through his veins. it was a silly joke he had been dealt with, drawn and quartered in the 40s, experimented on, had been on copious amounts of suppressants and scent blockers, frozen like a damn chicken when the winter soldier is not needed.
there was little time to mingle or find his mate even as he tried to immerse himself in the real world.
sure, bucky has dated. he's dated plenty. tried to put himself out there, like that beta from the pr department, or the receptionist from stark tower's, or that chick from the park. but he was spread far too thin with missions, and therapy, training and making amends with his victims or their families, which made any meaningful relationships impossible. they were all too weirded out about his identity anyways, what more, should they figure out he was a broken omega too.
his cycle was fucked up and he hasn't had any since sometime twenty years ago, in an abandoned warehouse twisting in gut wrenching pain, before he was caged and tossed in the cyro. he remembers that. the pain too piercing to have been missed.
o the life of james buchanan fucking barnes. the casanova from the 40s had fallen too far from the suave and easily beguilling man, too confident for his own good. now? oh now, he's embroiled in self-hatred, and trauma, with night terrors and his designation atop of it all. he's given up on finding an alpha, because, who in the world would want a broken toy?
“you okay pal?” steve huffs out in fatigue, a rough session with the weights and his usual exercise routine had tired the blonde out, sweat sticking to his forehead. but even he was not too dense to figure out that bucky has been under considerable amount of stress and the pressure he puts on himself, is so to speak, staggering.
“why won't i be?” he quips, delivering a blow that knocked the punching bag off it's perch and to the floors.
“hey, you're sexually frustrated, we get it.” sam hollers from the threadmill, barely flinching when bucky snarled at his audacity.
“shut up, birdbrain.”
“i'm saying-”
“why don't i punch your teeth in so you can't anymore?”
“alright!” steve clamors, cutting of the snark reply tethering on sam's tongue. “everyone is tired and fatigued with all the mission's we've been committing to. there's no use in snarling and clawing eachother's eyes out, or teeth in.”
bucky grumbles, but stayed quiet nonetheless, whereas sam mumbles something incoherent under his voice. bucky chose to ignore him for peace and quiet, but he did try to trip sam when he walked past, to which steve immediately inserted himself as to avoid further altercation.
“seriously, buck.” steve chides as they walk out of the gym, “you're uncharateristically short this week, something bothering you?”
he grimaces in his head, how could he ever explain it to steve when even he, struggles to make sense of it all.
“'m fine.” he gruffs out, but steve remained unphased with his reply, quirking an eyebrow. “just tired.” he supplies, which was half the truth.
he is tired, and sleep deprived. but nothing the serum can't work with. he's been neglectful of his well-being with far more extreme measures.
he looked like he wanted to say more, but the voice of FRIDAY beat him to speaking, “mr. stark is requiring every present avenger in the conference room, meeting starts in five.” the robotic voice of the AI cuts through he air. the men looked at eachother, shrugging in confusion but following through orders aswell.
Tumblr media
you fiddle with the invisible seams of your tactical gear, clad in the skin tight black suit and armed with high powered guns in the holster, your shoulders squared and your gaze intent on nothing in particular- your chin turnt up and a serious expression as your facade to hide the true nervousness bubbling inside your chest.
finally, though, you snagged a well coveted spot in the elite avenger initiative after a year of rigorous training and life-risking missions under the supervision of SHIELD and the watchful eye for talent of director nick fury.
you passed the trainings with flying colors, dabbled on tech and weapon engineering, excelling in classes. it also quite helped, that despite your small frame and seemingly harmless appearance, as an alpha, people were esily reliant and trusting of you; as if openly seeking for approval, which clouds your target in a momentary haze of how nature intended it to be.
you had easily become the fastest recruit to accomplish s-classified missions and infiltrated several terrorist organizations and brought them to ruins inside out. you were esteemed and applauded for your talents, and equal parts disdained at for being an accomplished young female alpha, but most were certain your prospects were only looking bright from here on out.
still, there was a strange gnawing thought at your basebrain. as if something important was missing.
you had not even noticed that the chairs were half filled, and your new teammates looking upon you, standing alongside fury with curiousity and interest.
“we're just waiting for the soldiers,” stark assures you, must have sensed that your brain was going into an overdrive and you were lost to your own thoughts. he was the only one you had met down at the labs, where fury was slowly introducing you to the team; testing the waters of your chemistry with the rest.
stark was ofcourse first, due to his obnoxious demeanor and sarcastic quips that were sometimes, borderline offensive.
you didn't mind his humor, nor his ramblings. you had gotten along like a house on fire with the alpha and the distance was easily thrown out the window once you both had gotten to tinkering with his repulsors, adding new functions and doing general calculations.
taking a lungful of air, you were wrapped in several scents, but none too overpowering. they were all light and airy, pleasant to the nose which was a good sign; they weren't having unpleasant feelings at your presence.
“sorry, we're late.” the baritone of captain america rumbles along the expanse of the conference room, most of the team looking at him, and the grumbling pair behind, equally as tall and built behind him.
“cat fight?” natasha smirks in amusement, as she sees the scratches and forming bruises around bucky and sam's face, aswell as the nasty bust to steve's chin.
“he started it!” sam's boisterous voice yells, it was coupled with an accusing finger pointed towards bucky, eyes wide as the man tries to bite it off, “the senior citizen tried to trip me, and hurled a water bottle at my face!”
“in my defense, i thought you swallowed the garbage can and was trying to fucking recycle!”
“you dimwitted fuck!” he exclaims, offended.
“you're one to speak, there's not an iota of intelligence in your small fry brain!”
“enough!” steve threw a withering glare to the kids, who continued to glare and hurl expletives and insults under bated breath. steve felt an incoming headache and sensed a few white hairs making itself known, however.
the team snickers, familiar with the banter. whereas fury watches with impatience and beside him, you giggle. this was the infamous sam wilson and bucky barnes; both soldiers, one a wold war veteran at that.
“can you shut the fuck up for one moment, so we can proceed with the meeting?” fury barks, which ceased the arguement for a bit.
enough that they finally take a seat, and for bucky and you to finally meet eyes; both of you freezing, as an electric like current flows through the single stare.
unconsciously, you take a stuttering breath, pupils blowing wide once you register the heavenly scent permeating in the air; of fresh pine and sultry sandalwood, coupled with hints of damascus rose. it smelled positively divine, that your throat dries up, and you looked away in order to suppress the primal urge, clawing at your sanity to jump the wide-eyed super soldier.
fuck, you wanted to knot him.
your designation has never held to be a defining quality of yours, but at this very moment, every single ounce of your cells were itching to grab him, despite his obviously bigger statesque frame, and scent his glands, chanting deliriously.
oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck.
but he can't be an omega— could he? he could. ofcourse he can, you add. but you've never felt such a strong pull towards an omega, let alone one you've never bonded with.
and then, there was the concept of true mates. they weren't impossible to have, just.. rare.
“you okay, agent?” fury asks, quietly. you nodded solemnly despite struggling to remain composed. you had to. lest your mate- you say that with internal glee and equal parts worry- thinks lowly of the way you present yourself.
suddenly, it was no longer just the nerves of working with world reknowned heroes that weighed like a ton on your shoulder, the pressure to do well and be liked by this particular group and their pack, even more brutal.
Tumblr media
the meeting proceeded without a hitch, after a momentary stare off concerning barnes and the new avenger; y/n y/l/n. if the avengers had noticed something, they didn't mention it. she was articulate in conveying her ideas, and when she introduced herself along with her capabilities, people hang off her every word interestingly.
bucky listened intently, but he was restless inside. his hindbrain was urging him to do all sorts of mating calls to appeal to his alpha, even the preconcieved title she already has in his own brain, he had no control of.
his omega recognized the small, and intoxicatingly divine smelling alpha, with the flawless face and even more perfect curves, coupled with her wits and talents, his.
how in the world does he deserve her? she's untainted, sharp and every sort of perfect, while he was fifty shades of screwed over.
but holy crap, if he weren't singing inside his head whenever you would glance at him in midst of speaking, and smile softly. it made all sorts of animals trample his stomach.
his head swam with the thoughts of you, and he barely registers fury's speech to disperse; everyone shuffling in their seat and slowly piling to the doors after shaking your hand, welcoming you to the team.
“you got this buddy,” steve was last to leave with an encouraging smile, making him breathe out shakily.
was he too fucking obvious? but no, he was sure they were discreet and their stares brief. it was the star spangled hero's intelligible guess with his eldest friend's behavior. he paid too much attention to what was being said in the meeting.
he clenches his fist unconsciously, insecurity gnawing at the forefront. he had a metal arm, he had done all sorts of things heinous. he was a terrible, terrible man and he would totally deserve it if—
“seargent.” your tone was a touch softer, making his head snap towards you. he was not aware of your footsteps drawing near, which is why he startles when he sees your distance, merely a few steps away from him. “are you okay?” worry laced your voice, noticing the distinct hints of something wrong in his scent.
“i-i'm fine.” he stammers out, cursing silently because of his inability to speak properly. get it together!
“yeah?” you tilt your head to the side, heartbeat hammering in your chest. “can i.. can i hold your hand?” the words slip out before you can coral it, knowing it to be such a weird request but it was either that, or your base instincts was shrieking to do some things unspeakable to your omega.
he reaches his flesh hand to you, sweating palms and all, yet you clasp it gently, intertwining your fingers carefully.
“thankyou,” you murmur shyly, smiling at him.
“don't worry about it.” he squeaks, with sa strained voice which made you giggle.
“i'm y/n.”
“bucky.” he replies, watching with wide eyes when you place his hands on your face. he almost preens at the soft flesh under his warm palm.
“nice to meet you, omega.” he couldn't help the yip of joy that escapes him, and if it were even possible, you glower with happiness. “i'm courting you, just so you know.” and that is how you made a grown ass man, blush a bright shade of red.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“I thought about getting the band back together”
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"More" - Bucky Barnes
Right... So this absolutely got out of hand as I wrote it. Definitely indulgent but I'm hoping you find something here you enjoy ❤️ also it's really long 🫢
Also just wanted to say thank you for all the love and reblogs for my other works. I love to hear from you guys and know what you think!
Ok take a breath cos here comes the warnings: p in v; oral (both); light bondage; daddy!dom Bucky; sex toys; overstim; light spanking; squirting; dirty talk; again every paragraph is utter filth
Enjoy ❤️
Tumblr media
You knelt between Bucky's knees, your hands resting on his thick, suit clad thighs. You batted your lashes and smiled up as his fingers stroked at your cheeks.
"Tell me what you want Babygirl" he muttered, eyes roaming over you, making you blush under his possessive, loving gaze.
Your fingers danced over to his belt, and tugged at it. "Want you daddy...want you to make me come over and over.... please?" you whispered, lifting up to bring your face a little closer to his.
He chuckled darkly and pinched your chin between his fingers. "You sure sweetheart? You want daddy to use that pretty pussy until it can't take anymore?" You squeezed your thighs together and nodded enthusiastically.
He unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants, pulling out his thick, semi-hard cock. "Put that mouth to use then baby, let me see you earn it." Your mouth watered and you were on him before he barely finished speaking. You pressed kisses to the leaking tip, before taking him into your mouth. His legs spread wider to allow you to go deeper. Taking the hint you pushed further your eyes beginning to water. He groaned as the tip brushed the back of your throat and he threaded his fingers through your hair, holding you in place.
"Fuck princess, that's a good girl." You hummed in happiness as you pulled away a little and began bobbing up and down, stopping a occasionally at the base and choking around him. You lifted your eyes to look at Bucky, a mixture of pride and lust on his features as tears leaked down your cheek.
He pulled you off him, your lips swollen and messy. He was dying to paint your face with come but decided to save it for later. "Get on the bed, hands and knees." Despite your fuzzy mind, your scrambled up and crawled onto bed. You felt him approach you, slip his fingers into the band of your pretty pink panties and suddenly he ripped them from you.
Thick fingers spread your soaking lips, exposing your intimate parts to him and you couldn't help but wiggle and moan under his actions. As he pushed his fingers in further he landed a firm slap to your ass. You squealed as he continued this process for what felt like a lifetime. Soon your ass was a pink as your ruined underwear and he seemed to be satisfied with his work.
Finally he thrust his fingers in and jerked until you were squirting around his fingers, your cries muffled into the bedspread. His hands wrapped into your hair, pulling you upwards, your screams filling the quiet bedroom. You were shaking when he let go, your body dropping to the bed. Before you could catch your breath you felt him grab your ankle and pull you to the edge.
"Not finished yet are we babygirl?" He mocked, squeezing your sore cheeks and spreading your ass. You squealed as his fat cock pushed into your throbbing cunt and your gripped the sheets. He pounded hard into you, balls slapping against you soft skin. His fingers dug into your hips as he chased his own release. "Daddy, it's so big.... So much..." You panted and moaned as his growls became louder. "So fucking tight princess, no matter how many times, always so tight for me." You nodded, feeling the coil in your stomach begin to tighten. His hand reached round and rubbed at your clit mercilessly. You tried to escape the onslaught but he held you tight as he pushed you over the edge. As you squeezed him you felt his load paint your walls and a string of curses left his lips.
As he pulled out, a sob left your lips, wanting more of him, yet feeling so wrecked already. "Roll over baby, wanna see your pretty face" he cooed and you obeyed, feeling empty and bare without him. His hands cupped your face and your lips latched on to his thumb, placating the need in you.
"Colour baby?"
It took you a moment but once you thought you whispered "Green" and he smiled at you. A look so adoring and direct you couldn't help but shiver at him. "You're so beautiful baby, gonna make you feel so good" he murmured, pushing his thumb further into your mouth. "Gonna make you come over and over just like you want, then I'm gonna paint that pretty face. You want that princess?"
You nodded again, letting his thumb slip out, "yes daddy, please" you mumbled and watched as he pulled out some of your favourite toys from the bedside cabinet.
First he tied you to the bed, legs spread wide and arms secured to the frame. Enough room to wiggle but not enough to hide yourself from his ministrations. He then pressed a vibrator straight on your already pulsing cunt, making your toes curl. You moaned and whined over and over, simultaneously chasing your release and desperate for relief. When you squealed as you came he planted a few spanks you your pussy, prolonging the pleasure and pain, tears welling in your eyes.
He stroked your thighs, soothing you but leaving lingering touches to your soaked folds which only made you crave him more. He teased your ass with a finger and then you felt the head of a thick dildo pressing at your pussy, not as thick as Bucky but enough to have you thrashing in your binds. "Daddy please" you cried, not really sure what you were begging for.
"I know baby, daddy will make it better, you can take it princess" he said softly as he fucked your aching pussy as his finger teased you. After torturing you that way until he was satisfied, Bucky returned the vibrator to your sensitive clit. No longer able to speak you whimpered as he leaned over to kiss you, licking the salty tears from your face. You were only slightly aware of him leaving hickeys and bites over your neck and chest, adding to the growing tension in your lower half.
"Show me your a good girl, don't hold out on me now" he mocked and you came again with a cry. "Daddy, need you please" you begged and who was he to deny such a pretty thing?
"Doing so well for me princess, not long now, just a couple more..." He said as he undid the ties around your legs. Moving between them, he pushed until your knees touched your chest, ankles by his shoulders and he sank into you with one smooth thrust, his previous load leaking out as he delivered a long, slow fuck. You were so sensitive, but heard yourself begging "more, more, more" in-between kisses, tugging at the binds at your wrists.
He sank is fingers into your open mouth, making you choke, your pussy clenching around his cock as he did it. He continued to fuck you and choke you, tears streaming down your cheeks as you drew closer and closer to another orgasm, not entirely sure you could manage more, knowing that wasn't really an option if Bucky was having his way.
You began to float, your focus solely on the fingers in your mouth and the cock in your pussy. The pleasure and the ache that was taking over you. Somewhere you heard him mumble sweet praises and dirty growls.
"Come, now." A firm voice cut through the haze and you could do nothing else, you legs squeezing around him. You arms had become unbound and your hands flew to Bucky, threading your fingers through his soft hair, tugging and pulling as your release continued on.
True to his word, he pulled out and he manoeuvred himself so he could cover your face and chest with his come, pumping his cock as he groaned. Being his good girl, you stuck out your tongue and used your free hands to stroke his balls, prolonging his own release.
When he was finished you fell back on the bed spread eagle, every muscle throbbing with satisfaction as your eyes fell shut. You felt Bucky hover over you and you opened your eyes, a smile gracing both your faces.
"How are you sweetheart?" He muttered taking in your glassy eyes, puffy lips and his own come on your perfect face. "So good, daddy" you whispered as you dragged your fingers across your face and took it into your mouth. You both moaned as you licked your fingers clean.
"Careful babydoll, don't be teasing now" he gently admonished. You grinned at him and stroked his chin, his scratchy beard feeling good against you soft fingers. He pressed some kisses to your fingertips and smiled at you. "Let's get you cleaned up princess and we can get all snuggly hmm?" You nodded and let him carry you to the bathroom.
You looked up at him, feeling so small and fragile in his arms. "Was I good?" You whispered, threading your fingers in his hair. He pressed a soft kiss to your forehead and squeezed you tighter. "Perfect sweetheart, my best girl, so proud of you."
You smiled and laid your head on his shoulder again. Content in his arms for the rest of the night, feeling safe and loved.
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buckies-dolle · a day ago
Join us
+18 minors dni if you do you will be blocked!!!
bucky x fem!reader, steve x fem!reader, stucky x fem!reader
Summary: Steve doesn’t know what he walked in on, but he wants in on it
Warnings: couch sex, threesome, throat fucking, creampie.
Tumblr media
The movie hadn’t even been on 10 minutes. Bucky was already on you, massaging your boobs, pulling at your hips, kissing around you neck as you moaned into his ear.
He gently laid you down on the couch under him “fuck Bucky oh god”
He moved up closer and gently rubbed his beard against your neck, the friction making you go wild. You pulled him up by his hair and began kissing his neck and he undid your pants. “Need to feel you baby” you mumbled in between kisses.
Bucky pulled away quickly and pulled your trousers off, tossing them behind him and unbuckling his and pulling his cock out.
He placed his hand beside you head and slowly pushed is cock in. “Shit! Always so tight” your legs were up in the air, one around his waist and he began pumping in and out of you. “Oh baby you’re amazing”
You dropped your hand to his ass and squeezed, pulling him closer. Bucky brought his metal hand down to you clit and began rubbing in some tight circles. “fuck fuck fuck fuck Jamie so good” you moaned out as Bucky moaned in unison as you clenched around him
You were both so loud that you didn’t even hear the door click open behind you and Steve walk through
“What the shit!” Steve shouted as his hears filled with moans and his eye saw your legs thrown over the top and bare ass moving up and down.
As you heard Steve shouting, both your and Bucky’s head shot up, hair a mess and panting. “hi Steve” you blurted out as Bucky brought his hands over your exposed breasts. Steve quickly covered his eyes “w- what- why are you guys fucking on the couch”
“sorry Steve just kinda got caught in the moment” Bucky said sitting back, half pulling out of you. You looked at Steve and noticed the outline of his cock in his sweats. “Listen Steve, wer-“ you press your finger to Bucky’s plump lips,shutting him up.
“Steve?” you say with a little hint of seduction in your voice. He separated his fingers covering his eyes. “Would you like to join us?”
Steve almost passed out, then he got flustered. “Yeah i mean no, i do-“
“do you wanna fuck my throat?” you cut him off by talking a little bit louder then he was. Steve wore he was gonna cum in his pants. “yes please” he moaned out.
“C’mon get over here” he hastily moved in front of your mouth and shimmed his sweats down and grasped onto his cock and gave it a few strokes before tapping it on your lips. Bucky looked at with so much lust in his eyes as you took his best friends cock into your mouth. Quickly Bucky plunged his cock back into you making you moan around Steve’s cock, sending vibrations through him making him groan with pleasure.
“Fuck, Bucky, that’s an amazing mouth your girl has”
“I know” Bucky replied grabbing at one of your boobs. You release your hand from Bucky’s bicep and dropped it to Steve’s balls, and began rolling them in your hand. “Fuck, doll you treating Steve so well”
Bucky picked up the pace as he felt you clench around him. “Is my good girl gonna cum” you moaned a muffled “yes” around Steve cock. “fuck fuck, Buck i’m gonna cum too” Steve moaned
“go on, shoot it down her throat”
Steve moans and your muffled moans filled the room as Bucky continued to plow into you. “shit doll gonna cum” Bucky slammed his hips into you with a shudder. He collapsed down on top of you and snuggled your breasts. Steve knelt down bedside you and brushed some of your hair.
“You did really well” he whispered as Bucky fell asleep. “do you want me to bring him upstairs? maybe you guys can get some rest”
You brought you hand up and scratched his chin. “Only if you come with us” you said before wrapping your arm around his neck and pulling him in for a deep, long kiss. Once you pulled away you pressed your forehead against yours “Join us”
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celzswrr · 2 days ago
[ 1:28 PM ]
you’re at the grocery store because, well, your on grocery duty.
steve and bucky decided to tagged along with you and you didn’t mind because you need help carrying the groceries anyway.
while you were getting the snacks that the team wants bucky spoke, “doll, were just gonna check on something.” he said, you just nodded at them, too focused about getting nat’s snacks right.
minutes later you decided to roam around, knowing that you will found them eventually. but it was 20 minutes later and you still haven’t found them, you sigh and was about to call one of them when you heard someone announcing your name through the speakers,
“your children is at register 10.”
you frowned, confused. but still found yourself walking towards the register 10, wherever it is.
and that’s when you saw them...sitting at the bench, pouting at you for leaving them.
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lesbian-deadpool · a day ago
Sam: I’m this close to falling in love with Bucky.
Sarah: Your fingertips are touching.
Sam: Exactly.
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pellucid-constellations · 2 hours ago
Spring in Stowe Mills
Tumblr media
Pairing: Lumberjack!Bucky x Reader
Summary: Spring had sprung in Stowe Mills, leading you to try your hand at gardening. Unbeknownst to you, it was still far too cold in the mountain town for anything to actually grow, but Bucky was doing his absolute best to keep that small detail from crushing your hopeful smile.
Word count: 2.5k
Warnings: Literally just some fluffy Undisclosed content thank you
a/n: This is a oneshot associated with my series Undisclosed, but can be read separately :) Enjoy!!
Series Masterlist // Main Masterlist
“Wow, this looks incredible, honey. It’s gonna be great,” Bucky grinned, arms strong across his chest as he leaned in the doorway. 
You glanced up from the soil, patting another tomato seed into the ground. “You think so? I’ve never really done this before.” 
“Coulda fooled me. You sure you didn’t have some rooftop garden back in New York?” 
“Yeah,” you scoffed. “As if my mother would have let me do that.” 
Bucky kicked away from the doorframe, joining you in your makeshift garden and crouching in the dirt. He placed a warm hand on your back as he thumbed at one of the leaves in the ground. 
He hummed, the sound sweet on your skin as he pressed a kiss to your temple. “Have I ever told you how much I wish you’d gotten here sooner?” 
You turned, shifting on your knees until his lips met yours instead of your head. It was short and adoring, a sarrachrine brush that was quickly followed by a smile against your mouth. You placed a dusty glove on his thigh to steady yourself. 
“I think you’ve mentioned that before,” you giggled. “This time I’m wondering if it’s because you missed out on my gardening skills for so many years.” 
He moved forward to kiss you again, a hunger behind his lips. The spring sun was bright today, but the cold that nipped at your skin was still unforgiving. The light sweater Bucky had thrown over your shoulders helped a little, but the chill that you weren’t used to associating to the season was prominent. 
That was Stowe Mills—frigid and cold, even as spring danced the line of summer. 
“You’re freezing, sweet girl,” Bucky chastised, moving a loose strand of hair behind your ear. “Let’s head inside, yeah? I’ll get you a bath goin’ before a bunch of people start raiding our kitchen.” 
You sent your gaze across the empty pots still lining the front of the house, frowning. “But I haven’t finished.” 
“I’ll help ya with it tomorrow. We gotta get you warm, honey.” Bucky took your forearms in his grip, lifting you from the ground with a gentle smile. 
“Buck, it’s spring. The sun’s out.”  
“Yeah, it’s out and it’s bein’ useless.” 
“You think it’ll still be okay for the plants?” you asked, a slight concern edging into your words. You had never attempted something like this before, and there was strangely a large part of you that really wanted your garden to be successful; call it making up for lost time. 
Bucky caught on to the inflection in your tone, tossing an arm over your shoulders as you shucked the gloves from your numb fingers. “‘Course it will, sweet girl. The trees grow just fine around here, don’t they?” 
“I guess so.” 
Bucky Barnes was panicking. 
The second you had asked Sarah about those damn seeds, he had started to feel a bit antsy. He had no idea why she hadn’t informed you that hardly anything grew in Stowe Mills, but she didn’t, and now he was wondering how discreetly a full grown tomato plant could be shipped into town. 
Technically, he could have told you as much, but you had looked so excited when the small packets finally arrived; there was no way he was going to shoot down the smile he loved so much. 
So he helped haul soil and ceramic pots into the front yard, and presented you with the gardening tools one of the old shop owners dusted off from a backroom. Because it was spring. And apparently spring meant it was time to start a garden. 
“You know she’s not gonna get a single sprout outta all that, don’t you?” Steve posed, motioning outside with the drink he held in his hand. 
“Keep your damn voice down,” Bucky hissed. He popped his head out of the kitchen, ensuring that you were still getting dressed back in the bedroom. “I know that, you punk.” 
“So why’re you letting her waste her time?” 
Bucky grunted, leaning back against one of the counters. “I don’t know, man, she looked so excited. What was I supposed to say?” 
“That her cucumbers are going to wither away the second we get too much rain. Which’ll probably be like… next week.” 
“How the hell’d you know she planted cucumbers?” 
Steve furrowed his brow. “My ma has a Better Homes and Garden subscription. I just guessed based on spring plants.” 
“Oh yeah, I’m sure it’s Sarah’s magazine subscription,” Bucky taunted, lightly hitting his friend over the arm. The bedroom door creaked open. “Okay, shut up. Not a word.” 
Steve shot his hands up in surrender, plastering a genuine smile on his face when you came into the kitchen with Alpine pressed to your chest. You gave Bucky a quick kiss on the cheek, and then made a beeline for the other man in the kitchen. 
“Steve!” you greeted, throwing him into a side hug. “Glad to see you got back in one piece. With all of the calls I got from Nat, I was sure she was going to leave you behind in Kansas or something.” 
Steve rolled his eyes and reached down to ruffle your hair, earning a discontented sound from Alpine. “She couldn’t leave me behind. She hates being the one to talk to the guys at the other lumberyards. Says they never leave her alone.” 
You laughed, knocking your shoulder into his and heading over to the fridge. Bucky felt his chest constrict at the sound, biting his lip to contain the stupid grin about to take over his face; the last thing he needed was Steve making fun of him in his own house. Which he would definitely do, right after he tried to ruin your gardening dreams.
“I saw the yard, y/n,” Steve shot out, nonchalant as Bucky glared daggers into the side of his head.
You turned, letting the fridge click shut. “Did you like it?” you asked, eyes shining with excitement. 
Bucky could see the moment Steve lost his drive. His eyes softened and his smile faltered just the slightest bit; apparently, your hopeful nature didn’t just pull on Bucky’s heartstrings. 
Steve took a cautious glance at Bucky, the latter raising a brow as if to drive an unspoken point home. He nodded in your direction, daring Steve to tear you down as you stood there with a cat and a bottle of juice in your arms. 
“Looks great, y/n. Really livens the place up,” Steve finally replied, sighing when you smiled back in response. 
Bucky sagged against the counter, getting over one hurdle of this whole ordeal. He could deal with dying plants later; right now he just needed your friends to play along. You didn’t seem to notice the silent conversation he had with Steve, so this one was considered a win. 
You released Alpine into Steve’s hands, walking back until your back was pressed against Bucky’s chest. He wound an arm around your waist and pulled you closer, happy that you felt a bit warmer than you had outside. 
“Is Sam coming?” you asked, trying and failing to untwist the lid on your drink. Bucky took it from your hands with a silent smile, opening it after your feigned scoff. He chuckled when you took it back, mumbling something along the lines of loosening it for him. 
“He might be,” Steve pondered. “His lumber delivery ran a little late. Not sure if he’s back just yet.” 
Bucky stiffened. If Sam came here, his first comment would be about the state of the yard. And then it would be something about the uselessness of a garden in Stowe Mills, and you would cry. Okay, you might not cry, but the disappointment on your face would feel the same to Bucky. And then Bucky would have to fight his friend. 
He threw a look at Steve from above your head, eyeing his phone as it sat on the table across the room. Steve cocked his head to the side before his features lit up in recognition, a firm nod following the pointed glare from his friend. 
“You guys are acting weird,” you hummed, knocking your head back to gaze up at Bucky. “Why are you acting weird?” 
Bucky sucked in a sharp breath, blinking down at you with an uncomfortable smile. “We aren’t actin’ weird, sweet girl.” 
“You are. Weirdos.” 
You removed yourself from Bucky’s chest, taking Alpine back with a side eye in Steve’s direction. He huffed at you, but you paid no mind as you headed for the couch piled with blankets—most of which he had made. 
Bucky watched you with caution, now hyper aware of his obvious behavior. “If he’s coming,” Bucky mouthed. “Text him.” 
Steve nodded and reached for his phone. 
Bucky made himself busy in the kitchen for a while, getting things prepped for dinner even though he had no idea how many people would be arriving. It had been like that ever since you moved in; people loved coming over unannounced, and Bucky attributed that to the warmth you brought to the place. 
To the whole town, if he was being honest, but he might be a bit biased. Not that he cared in the slightest if he was considered biased.
He was just about to interrupt your book and ask you if you wanted to make the bread for the night, when a knock came at the front door. Steve’s head whipped up from his place at the sink, eyeing his phone that hadn’t pinged once since his text to Sam, which was something Bucky had also taken special care to track as well. 
And Sam never knocked when he came over.
Bucky narrowed his eyes as you kicked up from the couch. “You expecting someone?” 
A blanket still wrapped around your shoulders, you simply replied, “Greta.” 
Bucky paled, his urge to run to the door and lock it indefinitely almost boiling out of him. Of all the people in Stowe Mills, Greta was possibly the worst for this situation; that old lady would break his girl’s heart faster than the hinges would finish squeaking on the door. 
Bucky wiped his hands on a towel and hurried out of the kitchen, blocking your path with gentle hands on your arms. “What’s she doing here?” he stressed, words spoken slowly as Steve tried to slink behind him. 
You peeked around Bucky’s shoulder, raising a brow at a guilty-looking Steve. “Am I not allowed to answer the door?” 
“Can someone open this damn thing?” Greta called, words muffled from the wind outside. “God forbid you let an old woman come in from the cold.” 
You turned back to Bucky to throw him an accusatory look, and he sighed, releasing you and motioning for Steve to open the door. He might as well brace himself for heartache now; the look on your face was going to be devastating in about ten seconds. 
Greta came barreling in, huffing past Steve and grumbling, “Those plants outside are gonna die. Ain’t no gardening in Stowe Mills.” 
The whole room cringed. Bucky reached for you again as you blinked over at Greta, trying to provide some comfort after that brutal truth. But Greta wasn’t done. 
“You’re gonna keep planting and nothing’s gonna happen. Colder than a well-digger’s wallet out there. No one tell you that, girl?” 
Bucky just about died on the spot from the crestfallen expression on your face. He tucked your hair behind your ear as you replied, “Uh, no, they didn’t.” 
The older woman scoffed, “Men.” 
Steve let out a heavy breath as you bit the inside of your cheek, his chest expanding and his hands coming out to relieve the tension. He turned to Greta with a sheepish smile on his face. 
“Why don’t I get you something to eat, Greta?” 
She grumbled and hobbled behind him as he led her to the kitchen, leaving you and Bucky in the doorway and silent. This had gone south far faster than Bucky had anticipated, and he had to act quickly to try and save your feelings. The hand that had tucked your hair back now rested on your cheek, his thumb sliding back and forth against your skin. 
“‘M sorry, sweet girl,” he began. “I didn’t want you to be upset.” 
Your mouth twisted up, and Bucky feared for the worst. Maybe you were going to cry, and if you cried, he would probably cry. And it’s not like he could fight Greta. Bucky was about a moment away from going outside to yell at the sun to actually work for once, when another sound escaped you. 
You were laughing. 
You were trying your hardest to keep it in, but the smile creeping onto your face was impossible to miss, and your shaking shoulders were slowly jostling Bucky’s own body. 
Bucky eyed you, dubiously. “What are you—” 
“Oh my god,” you laughed, leaning your forehead to his chest. “This is hilarious, Buck. I can’t.” 
Bucky let out a nervous laugh, bringing his hand up to rest it on the back of your head. He patted you, glancing around the room as if something was going to jump out at him. It wouldn’t have been a far cry from what was happening right now. 
Your giggling finally let up a bit, and you leaned back, wiping your eyes. “Why wouldn't you just tell me? You walked out there every day and—” another laugh escaped you; you tried to hold it back “—you acted like I was doing such a great job. You carried like… ten bags of soil in from your truck!” 
An actual smile spread across his face when he took in your joy—whatever it was from. “You told me you wanted to start a garden,” he replied simply, as if it made perfect sense. 
You shook your head, voice still laced with humor. “You knew a garden wouldn’t work here.” 
“I was gonna order you some plants and replace them while you slept.” 
God, he could listen to you laugh for the rest of his life, and at this rate, it seemed like he was going to. Bucky pressed a kiss to your forehead and caught Steve’s questioning gaze from the kitchen. He could still barely understand what was going on, but shook his head at his friend anyway; you were fine—happy and still laughing, even when all of your hard work was down the drain. 
“Buck, I love you so much, you know that?” 
“‘Course I do,” he said. “Just don’t really know what that has to do with all your plants.” 
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