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#Bucky Barnes

Resurgence (3)


Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Avengers!Reader

Summary: After accepting a mission from an old friend, you and along with the other Avengers set out to another planet to retrieve a mysterious gem. Little did you know that the gem isn’t the only thing inhabiting the planet and soon found yourselves in a sticky situation.

Word Count: 1.4k

Warnings: slow burn, language, friendship issues, mentions of injuries, death, inaccurate depictions of space travel, angst, fluff

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters and any of the other fictional works mentioned.

A/N: This is the last of the pre-written chapters so it’s gonna take me a while before I post another one, but please be patient with me! 🥺

Chapter Two | Masterlist | Chapter Four


You immediately turned the other direction and began sprinting as if your life depended on it. Well, it did. “(Y/N), run!” Steve exclaimed. “Yeah, way ahead of you, Cap!” you panted as you continued to run away from whatever that was.

“What the hell was that thing?” Nat asked. “I have no clue, and I’m not sure if I wanna find out,” you hissed. Your legs were on fire as you felt like you’ve been running for so long now, but in reality, it had just been a few minutes. You swiftly glanced behind you to see if Not-Bucky was chasing you and soon found yourself bumping into something, making you fall on your butt. You look up to see Steve, or something in the form of Steve, and you immediately sprung up on your feet and pointed a gun at him (or it).

Whatever was in front of you instantly threw their hands up, with eyes wide. “Woah, woah, it’s me!” It shouted in what seemed like a carbon copy of Steve’s voice. “You expect me to believe that, E.T.? You think I’m not scared to shoot something that looks like my best friend?”

“(Y/N), it’s really me!” he declared, but you didn’t buy any of it. You took a deep breath and placed your finger near the trigger. “Prove it,” you uttered. “When Bucky got a haircut, you came up to me and told me how much you wanted to shove his face between your—“

“Woah, woah! Okay it’s definitely you!” you shrieked before he could continue. You lowered your gun as Steve bent over and placed his hands on his knees, breathing heavily. After a few seconds of silence, you heard Bucky through the comms. “Didn’t know you felt that way, doll.” his teasing voice rang through your ears, making you roll your eyes. “Y’all are disgusting,” Sam gagged.

You shook your head as you and Steve started to walk together. “Is everyone just gonna ignore what we saw back there?” Rhodey asked from the ship as he replayed the footage from your suit camera. “It’s literally an exact replica of Barnes.”

“Must’ve been one good-looking fella.”

“Oh, shut up!”

“So what, shapeshifting aliens?” Nat questioned, “what do we do?” You looked at Steve who gave you an unsure look in return. He sighed. “I don’t know. Just keep looking for the stone,” he commanded. “And don’t trust anyone you see.”



“I say we should just call it a day. I feel like I’m just going in circles,” Sam grumbled. You’ve been exploring around the temple for a couple of hours now and none of you have found the center yet. You and Steve decided to stick together just in case another doppelgänger alien decided to come along. “Same here,” Bucky replied, “It’s like I’m— woah.”

“What is it? Are you okay?” You asked frantically, afraid that he’s run in to something dangerous. You heard shuffling from his end. “Yeah, I’m fine. I think I found the center.”

On the other side of the temple, Bucky stood outside of one of the four openings of what seemed like a throne room, but instead of an alien king sitting on a throne, a crystal podium was stationed right in the middle of the room with a gem emitting green light placed on top of it. The room itself was dimly lit, torches of blue flames hung up on the walls, giving the room a blue tint. Aside from the podium and the gem, nothing else was inside the room.

Nat and Rhodey were seeing all of this from the ship as well. They watched as Bucky started to walk towards the gem, not really knowing what to expect. Just as he was about to grab the stone, a figure entered the room, causing Bucky to jump back and point his gun towards it. He aimed at what seemed to be Sam, but he can’t be so sure. “Not another step,” he warned the person (or alien) that had their hands up. “It’s me, old man. An alien wouldn’t call you that now would it?” Sam quipped, releasing a breath of relief when Bucky lowered his gun.

“What, Sam’s there too?” Steve asked through the comms. “We’ve been searching for that place for over two hours now and as soon as Bucky finds it, Sam just happened to find it too?” he wondered out loud.

“You have a point. Something’s definitely not right,” you agreed, your voice wavering slightly. “Do you see the gem?” you asked the two, not knowing that they’ve been staring at it this whole time, mesmerized by its appearance. “Oh, we see it alright,” Sam replied, his eyes still fixed on the glowing stone in front of them. “Don’t touch it, we still don’t know what it can do,” Nat blurted out when she saw Bucky’s hand start to reach for it. He quickly retracted his arm and stepped away from the gem.

They snapped out of their daze when they felt the room start to shake violently. “Steve, tell me you’re feeling that too,” Bucky mumbled as he and Sam struggled to keep their balance while tremors rippled through the whole temple. “Affirmative,” Steve winced as the two of you tried to shield your heads from the small rocks that started falling from the ceiling. “What’s happening, Rhodes?” you asked.

Back at the ship, he and Nat were frantically trying to figure out what was causing the shaking. Their eyes widened once they realized what was happening. “It’s the storm! It’s coming towards you faster than expected, you have to get out of there!” Rhodey exclaimed. You and Steve exchanged panicked looks before taking off to try and find the exit.

“How long do we have?” Bucky asked as he and Sam ran out of the room. “It’s gonna hit in approximately five minutes,” Nat answered. “Five minutes?! We’ll never make it out!” Sam yelled as he dodged a falling boulder. The four of you were on two opposite sides of the temple, running for your lives as you navigated through the maze.

Fortunately for you and Steve, you managed to find the entrance again. Running out of the temple, you squint your eyes as the bright light came into view. You glanced behind you only to have your eyes double in size as you looked at what could only be described as a massive wave of dust and rock that was barreling towards you. “C’mon, we gotta go!” Steve bellowed, picking up his pace as the two of you ran back to the ship. “Bucky, Sam, where the hell are you?!” he screamed in his comms. “Still inside! We can’t find the exit!” Sam shouted back.

You cursed under your breath as you and Steve finally reached the ship. “I’m going back!” you announced, making your way towards the jet’s door only to have Steve yank you back. “You go out there and we lose the only person who can fly us back home. I’m going,” he contradicted, stepping in front of you, but before he could step outside, a strong force hit the side of the ship, causing it to rock back and forth and almost tipping over. Strong winds and space debris pelted the ship which prevented Steve from going out and back to the temple.

“Bucky, Sam, come in.” you muttered, praying that someone would answer. One of the lines was static, but you weren’t able to decipher whose line it was. A few seconds of silence later, Bucky’s voice rang through your ears. “We’re fine, doll. The entrance we found was blocked, we’re gonna try to find another one and wait until the storm passes.”

You let out a sigh of relief as you blinked back tears you didn’t know you had upon hearing his voice. For a second there you thought you’d lost them and couldn’t bear to think about what you’d do if you did. “Looks like the storm stopped moving, I have no idea how long we’re gonna stay inside it,” Rhodey mentioned as he looked at the computer screens.

“Don’t worry. We don’t know how long it’s gonna take for us to find another exit, too.” Sam quipped, turning to Bucky as they started walking along the narrow hallway to try and find another way out.


A/N: Taglist is open ❤️

Taglist: @thewolfgirluniverse @kingbuckyx @indecisivedolly @needlsjacksonfan

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I love how different writers portray Bucky in their works. I mean, to name a few, we got:

  • Anal retentive Bucky who makes sure everything is where it’s supposed to be because it’s how he compensates for his years of being under mind control (clean ass room, hella organized, strategic af, leader of protective details, head consultant for missions (even Tony Stark relies on him despite yknow what), usual AUs are bodyguard au, Sugar Daddy au, BDSM au, Dark au)
  • Sloppy Bucky who is completely anal expulsive as a way to make up for his time as a manchurian candidate, he’s living his best chaotic life because he doesn’t want to worry or else his nightmares will catch up with him (sloppy lifestyle, happy-go-lucky, playful to a fault, usual AUs are playboy au, college au, hoein around au, or he’s a side character)
  • Military Man Bucky who is good old Bucky but more of following rules and routines but not as extreme as anal retentive Bucky (goes for runs in the am, minimalist lifestyle, clean room due to it more of a bunk rather than a home, usual AUs are singledad au, trying to find love au idk what that’s called, cop au, ABO au, undercover au, royal au)
  • Hurt-But-Trying-To-Get-Back-Up Bucky who is not as sloppy as Sloppy Bucky but is the Bucky who wants to go back to being 40s Bucky carefree; not quite military man Bucky as well because he wants to be a normal person now and retire from all the fighting (doesn’t live with the avengers, or if he does he’s completely aloof from everyone, territorial about his food in the fridge, sensitive because his age is showing, usual AUs lumberjack au, lone wolf au, temp avenger au, handyman au, blind date au, arranged marriage au)
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as excited as I am for TFATWS I am not ready to get my headcanons of characters that I’ve came up w over this time period to be destroyed

but, Marvel

Can we please have Bucky and Sam interaction and friendship and badass team ups with Zemo and Sharon 🥺👉🏻👈🏻 is that too much to ask for?

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this is a birthday gift for @mareviils! happy birthday carol, thank you for screaming with me about sub!basically every chris character ever. i hope you have a lovely birthday and that you enjoy this little piece of writing from me :’)

includes hurt comfort, very slight body horror (like two lines), and smut (implied sub steve idk if you can catch it)!! this is like my first time actually writing smut despite reading a lot of it so yeah i hope it turns out alright…

read it on ao3 if you would like


Awareness comes slowly to Bucky when he senses movement around him. Plastered to his chest, the muscles in Steve’s back shift and the sheets rustle softly with the movement, and the pillow dips when Steve burrows his face further into the soft fabric. The corners of Bucky’s lips tug up involuntarily – he loves seeing Steve like this, soft and warm and relaxed.

That is, until Steve jerks, a sudden contraction rippling through his entire body, and his arms tug at the sheets until cool air hits Bucky’s skin.

Bucky hurriedly scrambles to flick on the bedside lamp and goes back to wake Steve, but Steve’s already rolled onto his back, eyes wide and gasping for breath. “Steve,” Bucky murmurs, and his guy’s gaze immediately snaps to his, bare chest heaving with every gulp of air.

“Bucky,” he breathes.

Bucky wraps his arms around those shoulders, lets Steve rest his head in the crook of his neck. In his arms, Steve trembles with the aftershocks of his nightmare, and the little sniffling sounds he makes have Bucky’s heart clenching in his chest. Sometimes he wonders if Steve’s shoulders were made so wide just to carry the weight of the world.

Tenderly he brushes sweat-matted blond strands away from Steve’s forehead and presses kisses into his temples, running fingers down Steve’s back and rocking him gently in his embrace. Warm puffs of air land on Bucky’s neck as Steve’s breathing slowly comes back to normal and the tears dry.

Both of them have their fair share of night terrors, and while Bucky had them worse and more often, Steve’s ones got pretty bad sometimes. During one of the first nights they spent together in this new century, Steve quietly confesses that he often woke up alone with a throat sore from yelling and sweat-soaked sheets, when he woke up from the ice before he got Bucky back from Hydra. Sometimes obscure, sometimes vivid recollections of his life, most of them ending in absolute catastrophe and reality slipping away like sand between his fingers.

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Pairing: Bucky x Reader (Prompt List #76 “I had the weirdest dream”)

Word Count: Approx. 2k

Possible TW: Nightmares, Near Death Experience

Requests Open! See notes at bottom for details!


The waves came crashing down around you. Thunder boomed overhead, and lightning struck the water. With every stroke you made the surface seemed to grow farther and farther away. A cry tried to escape your lips, but as soon as you opened your mouth water filled your lungs. 

You shot up in bed, heart pounding. Electricity danced along your fingertips, increasing the level of static energy in the room. It happened again. No matter how many times you told yourself the fear was irrational, nightmares still plagued your dreams.

Sam tried his best to get you to go to therapy, but you thought you could deal with it yourself. Trying to shake off the clammy post-nightmare feeling, you lightly stepped out of bed. The cold wood floor sent a shiver down your spine. Grabbing the slippers from your bedside, you slipped them on. That was better.

As silently as possible, you opened your door and creeped down the hall. The absolute last thing you needed was the team waking up. Thankfully the kitchen was right down the hall. The time displayed on the stove clock illuminated the counter.

3:01 A.M. Deep down you knew you needed rest, but the idea of a nice hot cup of coffee appealed to you more. Besides, after what happened, you weren’t sure if you even wanted to go back to sleep. 

Taking out your favorite mug from the cabinet, you added in the perfect amount of coffee and sugar. Tony liked to make fun of you for not using the coffee machine, but there was something so soothing about preparing it yourself. As you filled the kettle up with water, a voice came from the living room. 

“You know, Sam says tea is better to have at night. Caffeine will just keep you up.” 

Your heart skipped a beat as the kettle clattered noisily into the sink. “God, Bucky don’t scare me like that. Almost gave me a heart attack.” 

“Sorry doll,” you rolled your eyes at the pet name but you smiled anyways, “mind if I ask why you’re up in the first place?” 

“I could ask you the same thing,” you said, purposefully dodging the question.

“I’ll tell you if you tell me,” he countered.

You sighed in defeat as you continued filling up the kettle. There was no way you’d be able to leave this kitchen without talking about your feelings. God, Sam was practically determined to turn everyone in the tower into a psychologist. “Alright fine.” you said, turning on the stove, “ I had the weirdest dream, happy now?” 

“Well, I’d be a lot happier if you told me what exactly this weird dream was about.” 

“Okay, so it wasn’t a dream, more of a nightmare. I was caught in the flood again. Except this time I never made it out. It felt like my lungs were filling with water, I couldn’t breathe. Instead of being saved by the lightning strike, I drowned.”  You said it all in one breath, not wanting to dwell on it. “I know it’s stupid, because in reality I didn’t drown, I’m perfectly fine. And yet,” you trailed off, staring at the coffee grounds in your cup.

Bucky made his way to the kitchen counter and took a seat on the barstool next to you. “Doll, look at me,” when you didn’t even glance up he grabbed your coffee mug away from you.

“Hey,” you exclaimed, “What was that for?” 

“I asked you to look at me, and you didn’t so I had to come up with something else. But now it’s my turn to share why I’m up. You’re not the only one in this tower plagued by nightmares. Every night I relive my days as him. And even though I know that part of me is gone, that I’ll never be the Winter Soldier again, the thought of it still terrifies me. So no, it’s not stupid.” 

“What do you do to cope with it all? I feel like sometimes it’s just too much to deal with.”

“That’s just it, doll. Sometimes things can’t be ‘dealt with’, and you need to talk to someone to help you through it.”

You rolled your eyes as you snatched back your cup. Sliding off the barstool, you walked back over to the stove. “Sam put you up to this, didn’t he,” you asked as you poured the water. 

“No,” Bucky sighed, “he didn’t. But he was the one who encouraged me to open up about things. Something you could benefit a lot from.”

“Alright, say I do talk things out, then what?”

“Then you have a support system who can help you.”

“Well, I don’t know-”
Bucky cut you off, “How about this, if you aren’t ready to talk to a professional, the next time you have a nightmare you come to me and tell me about it. Alright?”

Turning to face him, you nodded in agreement, “Okay, deal.” As you took a sip of coffee a sudden clap of thunder shook the tower. Lightning lit up the darkened room a second later as rain started to pour down. 

Your blood ran cold as you felt fear grip you. Closing your eyes you kept telling yourself that you were safe, but it wasn’t helping.

Bucky looked over at you, worry laced in his voice, “Doll, what’s wrong?”  

“Oh, yeah, it’s nothing just the storm,” you paused for a moment but then decided to open up a little. As you walked back to the barstool, you took a deep breath. “The flood was caused by a sudden storm like this one. I don’t mind a little rain, but when it’s unexpected I just freeze up.” 

He gently put his hand over your own. “Is there anything I can do to help?” he asked.

You shook your head ‘no’, but then reconsidered. “I was going to sit on the couch and try to watch some dumb reality TV,” you replied quietly. “It usually helps me to calm down to laugh at something, and it could block out some of the noise from the storm. Would you want to watch it with me? If not that’s alright, I should be fine.”

“No, that sounds great, besides I wasn’t planning on going to bed anytime soon,” he answered with a smile. 

That’s how you two ended up falling asleep on the couch together, HGTV playing in the background. You awoke the next morning to find that Bucky had ended up wrapping a protective arm around your shoulders. Somehow you managed to slip out of his embrace so it wouldn’t result in an embarrassing situation. 

Neither of you talked about it that day, but a few nights later when you were up again from another nightmare you found yourself back on the couch with him, this time watching a sitcom. 

 Before either of you realized it, it became a habit. If you or Bucky woke from a nightmare, or if a sudden storm came on, both of you would go to the living room and put on some cheesy show. Luckily none of the other team members ever found out, or you’d both be teased about it relentlessly. 

Through it all, you found yourself developing feelings for Bucky. Even though you tried to tell yourself those feelings were strictly platonic, you’d be lying if you said you would refuse a relationship with him. 

It wasn’t until a month later when you realized just how dependent on him you had become. Bucky was out on a mission, but since it was a low-level threat, you were able to stay at the tower. Some of the team had accompanied him, so the compound was a lot quieter than usual. 

Wanda was preparing dinner while you and Sam sat at the counter debating conspiracy theories.

“I’m just saying, don’t you think we would know if Area 51 had aliens? We’re the Avengers, and Thor is literally an alien.”

“No, Sam, because I don’t trust the government. Just because I technically work for them doesn’t mean I need to believe everything they say.”

Wanda chimed in, “I think it might be something from another dimension. Didn’t Dr. Strange mention something about a multiverse when he helped us with that mission last year?”

“Exactly,” you agreed, “it doesn’t have to be an ‘alien’ as we would define it.” 

The lights started to flicker, and an uneasy knot formed in your stomach. Sam glanced at the lamp and back at you, “Y/N, are you doing this?” 

“No, it must be a storm,” you responded, your voice shaky.

FRIDAY’s voice spoke over the intercom, “There is a severe thunderstorm coming in. Flash flooding may occur.”

It was like a vice was crushing your lungs. You didn’t want the others to see you panic over a storm, so you made up an excuse. “Ya know what guys, I’m not feeling hungry. I’m gonna go lie down for a bit.” 

Wanda and Sam exchanged a look as you exited the kitchen but said nothing. 

As you crawled under the covers of your bed, you put in your earbuds and started playing some soothing music. However it didn’t help, and nothing could help you fall asleep. You crept to the closet and pulled out an oversized shirt. Bucky had lent it to you during one of your reality tv marathons and you never ‘found the opportunity’ to give it back. At some point you probably could have, but you wanted to hold onto it for a little while longer. 

Slipping it on over your head, you took a deep breath. It still had traces of his cologne on it, and it made you feel a bit safer. When you crawled back into bed, you fell asleep almost immediately. 

A knock resounded at your bedroom door, and you answered groggily, “Come in.”

“Hey doll, I just thought I’d let you know the mission went well. By the way, Sam mentioned that you were acting strange during last night’s storm,” he paused mid-sentence, a slight smirk on his lips, “Is that my shirt?”

You glanced down, vaguely remembering slipping it on the night before. “Possibly,” you answered sheepishly. “I couldn’t sleep and you weren’t here so I just, sorry,” you trailed off.

“It’s fine, it looks cute on you,” he mumbled, brushing a loose strand of hair back from his eyes. “But I came here to ask if you’re alright? Sam told me about you leaving when the storm hit and I was worried.”

“I managed to fall asleep, but it took a while. I’m feeling better now, though.”

“There’s another storm on the radar, do you want to go play Uno or something until it ends?”

You smiled in response, “That sounds great, thank you.”

When you put down the +4 card and called out “UNO!”, Bucky laughed and rolled his eyes.

“Wow, I had some good cards that time too. You’re lucky I decided not to play them.” 

“Uh huh, I believe that,” you chuckled.

Later that night during the team movie night you found yourself sitting next to him, head on his shoulder. “I think I love you,” you whispered, thinking he wouldn’t hear. Hoping he wouldn’t hear.

He turned to look at you. Damn that supersoldier serum. “Say that again doll?” 

Taking a deep breath, you felt your chest tighten. Might as well get it over with, you just hoped it wouldn’t ruin things between the two of you. “I love you,” you repeated, still a whisper, but  more sure this time. 

“I love you too. I didn’t want to say anything because I didn’t want to mess things up, but I love you too.”

“Look, I get you two are having a moment,” Sam said from the other side of the room, “but some of us are trying to watch a movie.” 


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Hey y’all! So this is from a prompt list I’ve been looking at for ideas. I will be posting the list right after this and will link it here! My ask box and inbox will be open to requests, just give me a number and ship! (No pedophillia or incest ships tho please!) As always, likes and reblogs are appreciated! Love you all <3 (And if you’re protesting please stay safe!)

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Bucky Barnes is abducted by a new reincarnation of Hydra. He’s rescued, and he ends up bringing one of his captors back with him. Can he convince The Avengers to believe that she’s telling the truth about needing their help to destroy this new threat and save her fellow captives? Or is it a trap?

In the meantime, Bucky never thought he’d meet anyone who had been where he’s been. But she has. Steve’s suddenly not the one who can help Bucky the most to deal with his tortured past and his crushing shame and guilt over what he’s been made to do. And Steve’s not happy about it.

But once the Avengers take out the new Hydra, Bucky and Steve finally find their way back to each other.

Until Steve returns to the past, and Peggy Carter.

It’s two years later, and Bucky’s still not even remotely OK. He remembers something a drunken, guilt-ridden Tony said once, and he learns that there’s a last chance for him to be happy. Very happy.  And, honestly, what does he care if it kills him, instead?

Landing, gravely injured but alive, in an alternate universe, he finds that he has a chance to do some things over again, and to finally be home for good.

Chapter 1:   Abduction
Chapter 2:   Switzerland
Chapter 3:   Questions
Chapter 4:   Knives In The Dark
Chapter 5:   Flight Home
Chapter 6:   The Compound
Chapter 7:   The Eve of Battle
Chapter 8:   Return To Siberia
Chapter 9:   The Bunker
Chapter 10: Spain
Chapter 11: The Switch
Chapter 12: New York
Chapter 13: The Cell
Chapter 14: The Tower
Chapter 15: Confidences
Chapter 16: Responsibility
Chapter 17: Fort Drum
Chapter 18: The Last Step In Saying Goodbye
Chapter 19: After The Fight
Chapter 20: Home And Family

Read It On AO3

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WARNINGS: mentions of blood

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five


Loki sat in Bucky’s apartment, staring out the small window of his bedroom; looking at nothing. A piece of paper lay in front of him, the few words that were written on it crossed out. He still held the pen between his slender fingers, spinning it around and keeping his hand busy. He sighed heavily and slumped back against the back of the chair which creaked softly as he hit the wood. Writing a letter wasn’t usually a difficult thing to do, for a poet like him, but hiding and holding in the words of affection that were racing through his mind was hard. He hadn’t recieved any letters from Bucky at the front but figured they must have went missing on the way back to the United States. He should have known; they were mortals afterall.

He glanced from the window to the paper and frowned disappointingly. Not a single word that he’d written in the past two hours was not crossed out or overseen with questionmarks. Loki had planned on finally confessing his love to Bucky, telling him that he meant far more to him than he could possibly assume. Loki wanted to tell him when the sergeant was shipped to Europe but the weak voice inside his head was screaming ‘no.’ He’d brushed it off that day, thinking he’d had all the time to do so when Bucky came back, but after recieving not a single letter in almost a year, he got scared. Had Bucky possibly found someone new? Maybe it was his own fault if. He hadn’t thought of writing James a lot if he was being honest and now maybe he had to pay the price. “But just maybe.” he mumbled and brushed his greasy black hair behind his ear. He missed Bucky doing that for him whenever he was reading. He missed when his gentle hand brushed it back and stayed there, cupping the side of his head before James went on doing something else. Loki smiled sadly. He missed him so much.

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Summary: Captain Y/N L/N. Leader of the Avengers on Earth-563, not really a family or team strictly just coworkers. A lot of responsibility for someone only nineteen. What happens when the Captain finds herself on “Earth Earth” in the compound of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Stuck on Earth for the time being, Y/N sees what these Avengers are about. And Captain America finds himself falling for this leader, even though her age is throwing him… that and the fact no one knows if she’ll head back to Earth-563 the minute she can.

Warnings: AGE GAP (clear from the summary, it’s a young reader but legal), slight angst maybe, this is looking to be a slow burn but idk

Pairing: (eventual) Steve Rogers x black!reader, Bucky Barnes x reader (pure sibling goodness)

Word Count: 3.6k

Part 1 | Part 2


Originally posted by stallingdemons

You and Steve left S.H.I.E.L.D. the same way you came in: through a portal. You enjoyed the expressions of all the other Avengers when you landed in the kitchen area. It was the same as the holograms. Tony pulled out his phone. 

“Do it again short-stack.” 

You didn’t say anything and stepped towards the kitchen island, looking at the containers of take-out. 

“We ordered Chinese,” Natasha said. “Celebrate the new recruit, make yourself feel at home.” 

“Does that mean all the buttons in the elevator will light up for me now?” 

“Sorry, kid. You’re still on a probation period. Don’t fuck up for two weeks and you’re good to go.”

You hummed in understanding and did what Natasha suggested, making yourself at home by sitting cross-legged on the island. Clint chuckled, finally someone else who liked to perch the way he did. 

You pulled a small container of orange chicken and vegetables. Breaking the wooden chopsticks apart, you started to dig in when you noticed a small black notebook next to you. Steve set down his shield on the other side of you and grabbed a container of chow mein. He held up the notebook. 

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Summary: Soulmate!AU where everyone has a song they will hear when they meet their soulmate. 

Word Count: ~700 words

Warnings: Referenced Smut.

Soulmate songs. Everyone had one. The song that would supposedly play when they met their one true soulmate. Yours was an interesting one. “Thirteen” by Big Star. It had a smooth, mellow vibe that you really loved. But years went on and you felt like you would never ever meet your soulmate.

           It was a hot and steamy Wednesday afternoon. You were waiting tables in the café you worked at in Manhattan. It was a good part time job while you finished school. You were just heading back up to the counter when the door chime rang. You turned to greet whomever the new customer was and you nearly dropped your tray.  It was Bucky Barnes of the avengers. His hair pulled back into a manbun, sunglasses hiding his eyes. But what he wasn’t hiding was his vibranium arm. He was in a black tank top with the Jack Daniels logo on it and a pair of basketball shorts. He wasn’t in Avengers mode. This was “citizen James Buchanan Barnes” but he was no less perfect. Everything you’d always fantasized about in a soulmate; strong, smart, kind, and sexy as sin.

           He removed the shades and your eyes met icy blue ones that made the air conditioning feel even chillier.

           “Hey doll.” His smooth voice purred. “Is it seat yourself or what?” he asked.

           “Absolutely, just…” you were about to direct him to any of the open tables when the song over the speakers changed. And the guitar sounds you’d know in your sleep started up. Followed by Alex Chilton’s glorious voice.

Won’t you let me walk you home from school?

Won’t you let me meet you at the pool?

           “That song.” Bucky said under his breath. “I’m supposed to hear it when I meet…” he looked at you and you weren’t sure if you wanted to scream or have the Earth swallow you up

Maybe Friday I can

Get tickets for the dance

And I’ll take you

           Bucky took a step closer. “My soulmate…” he said. You started to feel a little dizzy but you realized it was because you’d been holding your breath.

Won’t you tell your dad get off my back

Tell him what we said about paint it black

Rock and roll is here to stay

Come inside well it’s okay

And I’ll shake you

As Bucky closed the gap between you. You realized the fear was completely leaving your body. And instead was being replaced with the acknowledgement that Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier, the man who you saw constantly saving the day with his best friend Captain America, was your soulmate.  Okay, maybe not all the fear was gone. Bucky took your hand gently.

“What’s your name, sweetheart?” he asked. You responded in just above a whisper. “What a lovely name. You might know who I am.” He said, cockily

“I do indeed, James Buchanan Barnes.” You quipped back.

“Cute doll. But just Bucky, please.”

“Bucky.” You said, loving the way it rolled off your tongue.

           “Hmmm, I like the sound of that, doll.” But he leaned in close to whisper. “But I’m sure it sounds better when you cry it out from underneath me in bed.” Your face flushed as he stood back up.

           “What time does your shift end?” he asked.

           “4 o clock,” you squeaked.

           “Great. I’ll pick you up for dinner at 5.” He said.  He handed you his phone as you gave him your phone number. As you were typing, you were biting your lip shyly. Still coming to grips with the fact this was actually happening. You looked up to give him back his phone when suddenly he was leaning into you again, this time to press his lips against yours in an amazing kiss. Fireworks danced through your veins as his tongue just grazed against your lips. He took his phone from your hands and pulled back. You were sure that your face was red as a beet and that little cartoon hearts were appearing above your head.

           “See you tonight doll.” He promised.

           “Tonight.” You replied. Yes, tonight. You had a date with your soulmate, Bucky Barnes.

Won’t you tell me what you’re thinking of

Would you be an outlaw for my love?

If it’s so well let me know

If it’s no, I can go

I won’t make you.

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  • Pride Month Marvel icons *Steve, Nat, Sam and Bucky* requested by @hillarydiangelo
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