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Jesus Chri–… Anon! My goodness this is, I mean do I really need to follow this up with writing anything?! This is a drabble and a mood all on its own you know?! Damn. Can I just post this on its own? I’m scared to ruin it hehe. Oh lord, oh good lord, okay let me think.


Well right off the bat, I can thing of a few ways this could go. Version one is she’s supportive in the basic partner aspect of being supportive. She may not understand his struggles on a daily basis at all but she’ll do whatever she can to help him feel as “normal” as possible. The thing able bodied and able minded people forget though is, there is no such thing as normal, just what society deems normal and close to perfect and almost always impossible to obtain if you have disability whatsoever.

Version two is she’s supportive because she has physical and or mental ailments too. She’s on SSI, receives Medicare and food stamps, has an IHSS provider that helps occasionally, and has all these reasons to live in a bubble of depression and be just be angsty moody all the time but that’s not who she is. Even with those qualms, she’s got a smile on her face, likes helping the less fortune and donate to charity where she can (like shopping AmazonSmile instead of regular Amazon for groceries and household items and such so proceeds go to a homeless shelter or a wildlife preserve or plant a tree program), tries not to miss her favorite twitch streams cause you never know who’s streaming for charity, etc. Even with all the emotional and mental and physical pain she herself has been through she gives back as much as she can to everyone else and never asks for anything in return but respect and to be treated like a human being, not an alien because she’s different. She wears her pain like stilettos and as bad as it may hurt others will never know.

So when she comes home to her apartment and finds it surprising spotless, because it’s never perfectly clean with her energy levels, there’s not even shit through in closets randomly, like it’s all nicely put away and tidy thanks to his military training; the bedsheets in the master and guest are so tightly tucked you could bounce a quarter on them. [Side note that’s a really thing from back then, my grandpa and grandma (pilot and nurse) used to do that to my mom and aunt’s beds BEFORE a cleaner came. OCD to the max.] Plus he’s made dinner, or at least ordered in and pretended to make it on the fine china plates in case he burned anything, and he’s dressed nicely but not super over the top either just a little classy so she doesn’t feel like a complete swamp monster in return? Yeah she’d appreciate that a lot. A lot a lot.

As for that bath he drew afterwards for them, with candles, dim lighting and bubbles galore? That’s not fluffy after everything else he’s done for her. They’re getting in together with boxers and lingerie still on, and bubbles overflowing needing towels thrown down and the vent on later as results.

Thanks for the great idea Anon! 😙

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Hmm, he’s definitely a very affectionate man, so I think that as soon as you get home he immediately takes you two to sexy times ;) But afterwards I feel like he would like to talk about how your guys’ days went and just mundane things while he cuddles you close.

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a/n: this is a great prompt, thank you for requesting it!!! i hope you enjoy xoxo <3

‎✪ ‎✪ ‎✪ ‎✪

“okay, y/n, i think it’s time we go to bed.”

“bed? noooo,” you whine.

everyone is looking at the two of you in amusement. the team had gotten together for a little party and there had been a few drinking games. inevitably, you had one too many drinks, and now bucky has to deal with the consequences. not that he’s complaining.

“can we stay a little bit longer, buck?” you ask, which is followed by a hiccup.

“yeah, bucky,” sam laughs. “let her stay a little longer, she’s the life of the party.”

“i think she’s had enough. besides, y/n can’t hold alcohol very well, so she’s gonna be miserable in the morning.

“aw man,” you pout. then you open your arms to bucky and say, “can i have a hug first?”

he never expected you to be so clingy when you’re drunk. all night long, you’ve been asking for bucky to hug or kiss you. and he honestly can’t get enough.

when bucky walks over to you, instead of giving him a hug, you grab his face and squish his cheeks together. “wow, you have such a cute face. i just wanna kiss it.”

“y/n,” he groans.

“everyone look at his face!” you slur out, presenting bucky’s face to the rest of the team. “he’s so cute!”

he wishes he could say that this is embarrassing and awkward, but he loves this kind of attention. even though his cheeks feel like they’re on fire.

“okay, we really should get going now,” bucky insists, trying to pull you off of the couch.

“carry me!” you giggle.

he picks you up without hesitation, your legs wrapping around his waist and face buried in his neck. the two of you leave without even saying goodnight to everyone else. he seriously can’t wait to have you all to himself.

“are we gonna cuddle, buck?”

he smiles. “we sure are.”


the whole entire walk there, you’re kissing every inch of his face and neck and mumbling about how cute and soft he is. although the clinginess becomes a little bit of a problem when bucky goes to help you change into some pajamas and you stick to his chest like a baby monkey.

“no!” you protest. “i wanna keep hugging you!”

“if you let me put some pajamas on you, i’ll kiss you.”

you gasp and quickly stumble out of bucky’s embrace to rip off your shirt and pants. bucky chuckles and hands you his sweatshirt to wear. once you put it on, you look up at him expectantly.

“good job, baby,” bucky says softly before leaning down to kiss your lips. “you ready for cuddles?”

“yes please!”

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Hi, lovely! Ugh, I love this Fluffy Friday request! I’m so sorry I’m posting it a week later! But, I do hope you enjoy this little piece, and let me know what you think!

Warnings: Fluff, mild language, Tony Stark (yes, he’s a warning)

Word count: 1,106

A/N: No Fluffy Friday drabbles this week, but if you have any soft, fluffy thoughts, feel free to share them with me! My inbox is open!


Originally posted by iamdorka

You couldn’t remember the last time you felt like this. Alive, but the meaning behind the word was so different than the original. Your days were better, a small, soft smile adorned your face more often. The butterflies in your stomach, although annoying most of the time, were caused by one unbelievably handsome and kind-hearted, Bucky Barnes.

When Bucky first joined the team sixteen months ago, you were apprehensive. Not because he was once The Winter Soldier, Hydra’s asset, no, the country actually. He was Bucky Barnes, Hydra’s side experiment, and that in on itself couldn’t have been easy – the brainwashing, the orders he got, and the memories he was still missing to this day. You weren’t afraid of Bucky, no more than he was afraid of himself.

But as the days turned into weeks, slowly you made an effort to get close to him. You weren’t avoiding him; it was more like he was avoiding the world. Huddled into his room, sometimes punching a bag in the gym, or watching the sunset and sunrise, he was a loner.

Shy smiles here and there, a few words in between, it worked for a while. Weeks turned into months, and you and Bucky got closer. He opened, slowly at first, unsure if it was the right decision, but deep in his heart, it felt right.

Who would have thought that shy smiles, sharing your past and your demos with someone, would open your heart for something more?

Not Bucky Barnes, that’s for sure. And neither did you.

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Warnings : lot of Russian phrases and words

Word Count : 2500+

Blood Trails Masterlist -> here.


You fixed yourself on the window, drawing the blood red silk curtains together, your binoculars resting on the bridge of your nose. You squinted your eyes, licking your lips as you eyed the interior of the penthouse suite on the building top opposite yours; the home of your target. Everything looked okay, a warm fireplace lit in one corner, a woman walking around in the house, a Christmas tree; it looked like a normal family. Except for the little girl, she ran around the house like a little bolt of lightning, not literally, but she was faster than what was considered normal for children her age.

You had been living at this place for over a week now, and all you did was stand by the window and observe. The man in the house was hardly ever home; the only time you saw him was after 10 at nights, and that was it. Now, if you wanted to break in, you had to do it before he was back home. The less the people, the easier it’ll be to get this done.

Finally, you pulled the binoculars off your eyes and stepped away from the window, dragging your feet against the concrete flooring until you were in your bedroom. Placing the binoculars on the bedside table, you sat down against the edge of the bed, ready to go to sleep when a buzz from your cellphone alerted you. Your hand flew to your phone, that was laying under the pillow, and you saw your Handler’s photo flash on the screen.

“Открой мне дверь, моя птица.” (Unlock the door for me, my bird.)

For a split second, you let your true feeling reflect on your face, in your eyes; something that you preferred to hide within the layers of your life. Your eyes held a sudden fear, which was quickly masked into cold, emotionless steely ones.

Clutching the phone to your chest, you tiptoed barefooted towards the front door of your furniture less apartment of one week, until you were pressed against the dusty wall beside you, and the door was kicked shut by Vasili, using his foot.

“Не мог перестать думать о тебе, моя красавица.” (Couldn’t stop thinking of you, my beauty.)

Those were the words he whispered against your lips, as his soft, plump lips were pressed against yours, his arms holding you against his warm body so you could not escape from him. You didn’t protest, you didn’t fight back, but neither did you kiss him back; it was a one sided kiss, but he didn’t seem to mind. Finally, after about a minute or so, his lips pulled away from yours as he brought his palm up to wipe the corner of his mouth.

“Я знаю, что меня здесь не должно быть. Но я не хотел тебя проверить.” (I know I shouldnt be here. But I just wanted to check on you.)

You stepped backwards, so you could give the man the space to walk into your apartment. He looked around in distaste for a while, before moving on and disappearing into your bedroom. You fluttered your eyelids shut, and then opened your eyes again, taking one deep inhale, as you followed him in.

“Снимай одежду и дай мне увидеть эти шрамы.” (Take your clothes off and let me see those scars.)

Swallowing the lump forming in your throat, along with what little reluctance you felt at the back of your head, you brought your hands to the hem of your nightdress, until you slowly pulled it over your stomach, your chest and then over your head. All this while, Vasili’s eyes raked over your body, the dark, almost fading marks a sharp contrast with the smooth, milky exterior of your skin. His breathing hitched, and his eyes darkened with an insatiable hunger, the more his gaze wandered over your body.

“Подойди и ложись сюда, мой маленький сосуд. Позвольте мне заполнить вас.” (Come and lay down over here, my little vessel. Let me fill you up.)

Slow, graceful movements, you found yourself laying on your bed, the only piece of furniture that was there in this apartment, with Vasili towering over you, murmuring to you in Russian. You closed your eyes, when you felt him part your legs so he could fill you with himself.

He didn’t wait for your body to be ready, he just pushed himself into you, the thickness and his girth causing a sudden friction and a dull stinging pain in your abdomen, making you almost hiss in pain, “Ah, ты чувствуешь себя прекрасно.” (You feel perfect.)


Natasha looked at herself in the mirror once before her eyes trailed along over the bed and she saw her lover’s sleeping form. She was already dressed in her uniform and ready to step out as she had been called out on an urgent mission by Tony just hours back. She pulled open the drawer, and her hands flew to her handgun, that she placed in her holster, when Bucky’s sleepy voice drawled through their bedroom, “Доброе утро, красивое. (Morning, beautiful.)”

Natasha couldn’t help but chuckle, squinting her eyes in the mirror towards him as she grabbed her boots and sat down by the edge of the bed where Bucky’s feet were.

“You sure you can take care of her alone?” She smirked, eyeing Bucky from the corner of her eye and he just rolled his eyes, ruffling the sheets slightly and rolling over so he was now propped on his chest, his face held by his palms.

“Oh we’ll be just fine, you should go before Stark decides to blow up the towers in protest when his most favourite spy is late for a mission.”

Natasha smiled, leaning forward until she was face level with Bucky, and quickly pecked him on his lips, “Well, I’m off, Barnes. Kiss Sasha goodbye for me later, I don’t want to wake her up.”

He fell back in bed, yawning wide before burying his face into the pillow, “Stay safe, Natalia.”

Rubbing her palm against her hair, scratching her scalp absentmindedly as she was lost in his thoughts, she walked out, and forgot to set the security alarm again as she stepped outside. Neither did Bucky, in his semi sleeping state, get out and check the alarm system, for he was sure that his girlfriend must have done it on her way out.

You looked at the the security camera on the wall. Your hand reflexively flew up and you gave the camera a little wave, just when the sounds of Natasha’s boots hit your ears, and you pressed yourself against the wall, until the sounds of her boots clanking against the marble flooring of the reception of the building faded away. You smirked, pulling your black mask over your face as you pressed the elevator button. You had already taken care of the security guards down at the reception area, so you didn’t have much to bother. The only thing you were now bothered about was the fact that it wasn’t the Black Widow that you were to face, but rather, the Winter Soldier.

You had seen the man fight, in videos, in footages and it looked like he was out for blood. Every move, every snap of a neck with his metal arm; the move appeared to be a highly practiced one, that he managed to pull on effortlessly. Shaking these thoughts away, you stepped into the elevator, waiting as the elevator started moving upwards until, with a ping, it finally opened just outside the penthouse suite, the door of which was wide open, thanks to Natasha, who had forgotten to put the lock and the alarms back on.

You stepped into the warm apartment, instantly greeted by a wafting aroma of French toast, and a nice breakfast, that made you smirk slightly. Too bad you were going to ruin a family breakfast, but a woman had to do what she had to do, unfortunately. Keeping your pace steady, but making sure that your boots were not making a ruckus as you tiptoed through the hallway that you had been observing from the outside, you could hear someone whisking eggs in the kitchen.

You had memorized by now, the way to the little girl’s room. You had to keep walking down the hallway; until you were standing by the brown door at the extreme end. You brought up your palm to the doorknob, twisting it slightly and the door started opening, with a creaking sound.

“Are you awake, моя кукла?” Bucky’s voice called out from inside the kitchen; perhaps owing to his super soldier serum, his sense of listening had enhanced and he had heard the door. Without bothering to reply, you snuck yourself through the opening, and once you were in, you shut the door behind you.

The sun streamed into the room through the cracks in the blinds, but other than that, the room was still engulfed in darkness, and it took almost a few seconds for your eyes to adjust to it. That’s when you saw that the bed was empty, the sheets unkempt, as though someone was sleeping in here but had woken up. The first direction your head snapped towards was a door, that you assumed was the bathroom. You lunged towards it, and within seconds, you were standing in an empty bathroom, without any trace of the girl.

Anger surged through your veins, and instinctively, your hands gripped the porcelain of the washbasin, when you heard the small thud of the door shutting outside. Grunting underneath your breath, you darted out of the bathroom, towards the door, your hand now flying to your handgun that was securely held in your waist holster.

Only to come face to face with a gun drawn to your face.

“Sasha, Иди в нашу комнату и не выходи, пока я не приду за тобой.” (Go into our room, and do not come out until I come get you.)

The girl glanced at the man with the metal arm, and then she turned towards you, your eyes meeting her blue ones. There was something really familiar about those eyes; and you wanted to get lost in them. It wasn’t like Vasili’s eyes that hid an evil within those irises, this was something else, something pure.

“Sasha, go.”

The little girl, upon hearing her father’s low pitched voice, ran into the nearest room, the door slamming shut.

“Who the hell are you, and what are you doing in my house?”

There was a safe distance between the two of you, but it really didn’t matter, for the two of you had your guns drawn towards the other one. Your eyes sparkled, with adrenaline, and your smirk was uncanny, hidden behind the mask that covered your face, leaving only your eyes in his view.

“Who I am.. doesn’t matter. What matters is the reason I’m here for. It’s a pity you just sent her away. We were just getting started to know each other.”

It seemed to be working; engaging in a conversation with him. He was distracted, his mind entangled in a web of your words, and the way he held his gun, you could easily get him to drop it. It didn’t take much of an effort, you lunged at him suddenly, taking him by suprise, your left foot jutted out to knock the gun off his hand. The kick caused his grip to loosen on the gun, and as a reflex, he dropped it with a clatter to the floor. However, just as the gun dropped, he used his metal arm to catch your foot midair. This time, you used your other foot, jumping over his head with it, your other foot slamming against the side of his neck with a sickening crack.

He grunted as his thick body crashed against the floor with the impact of your kick, his metal arm colliding against the floor with an even louder noise.

“Я слышал истории о тебе, Солдат. Я слышал, тебя сложно победить, потому что ты был создан в том же самом месте, откуда я родом.” (I heard stories about you, Soldier. I heard you were a hard one to beat, for you were made at the exact same place from where I come from.)

His metal arm grabbed your foot, and he pulled you hard, which made you lose your footing, and fall backwards, the back of your head hitting against a corner of a cabinet. It was as though it happened in slow motion, but you could feel a sudden crippling pain spread through your skull, rendering you useless, and frozen on spot, on the ground when he pulled himself on top of you, so he was straddling your waist, his body arched forward so he was now whispering darkly against your ear, while you struggled to push him off you, “Вы слышали обо мне еще что-нибудь? Зимний солдат не проигрывает.”

(And did you hear another thing about me? Winter Soldier doesn’t lose.)

“Могу только сказать … Солдат, ты начинаешь ржаветь.” (I can only say… Soldier, you’re getting rusty.)

You slammed your forehead hard against his, and squeezed yourself from underneath him the second he got disoriented enough to loosen his grip on you. What followed after this was a series of punches, kicks, tooth breaking smacks across the face, punches to the ribs, pulling and pushing over each other until the two of you were coated in a sheen of sweat with Bucky once again on top of you, his metal arm pressed against your throat. His flesh arm latched itself to your mask, and he was about to rip it off your face, growling down at you in the most animalistic way when Sasha’s voice sounded through the hallway, “Daddy?”

“Sasha, I told you to stay in, until I come get you.”

Once again, Bucky’s distraction proved beneficial for you as you pushed him off you with all your might, immediately stepping up to your feet, your eyes now on the frightened girl. You would have grabbed her, pulling her over your shoulder of the buzz in your phone had not alerted you.

You pulled out your phone, watching from the corner of your eye as Bucky started getting up, after having made sure that Sasha had run back to her room, you quickly placed your phone to your ear, “Johanna. Mission abort. Уходи оттуда. The Avengers are almost on your tail.”

“But Vasili, the kid.”

“We’ll have more chances, Мой дорогой.”

“Fine,” you slid the phone back into your pocket, and without thinking, you turned back on your tail, as you darted towards the elevator, with Bucky now running after you. You turned right just as you reached the elevator, and kicked the emergency exit door, watching the wood splinter into two as you slid through the opening your kick had caused. Bucky cursed, when he realized that his body structure was not slender enough to fit in through where you had just managed to easily slide yourself out from.

You smirked to yourself, when you realized that Bucky was now trying to completely break the door, you slowly lowered your upper body, in a dramatic bowing stance and took a step away, eyeing him one last time before you started skimming down the stairs, humming a Russian song,

Без тебя родная я не я

Ты моя мания, ты аномалия

С тобой хочу взлететь на небеса

Я всё построю сам по белым парусам

И мне не нужно много слов, а я снова я

Ты просто будь со мной и всё оя, всё оя

Ведь без тебя родная я не я, родная я не я, родная я не я.

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Fandom: Marvel
Request: “could you do an angsty fic where boyfriend!Bucky gets pissed off that you’re gonna hang out with a guy friend again two Friday nights in a row and you say something awful to him and regret it immediately?”
Word Count: 1502
Author’s Note: heres ur angst, anon. Not gonna lie it hurt a little to write this.


Originally posted by friendzoned-by-avengers


Bucky had officially been your boyfriend for a month now and you loved every moment. The honeymoon phase was in full effect and only made life sweeter. You had a crush on him for over a year when you first met him. No way would you have thought he felt the same way until he was dying and you confessed your feelings.

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x fem!OC

Chapter Summary: The enhanced hearing of a super soldier certainly comes in handy during missions - but what if they overhear a private conversation they weren’t supposed to know about?

Word Count: 4.3k

Warnings: swearing, angst, mention of guns (everything’s canon typical)

A/N: A very special thank you to the amazing @captain-kelli​ for their support and answering my many questions about Atlanta! It really helped me in placing this a lot better. Remember folks: next chapter comes in two weeks, have fun with all the angst until that! Mwahahaha…


The short week left until the mission flew by too quickly for Bucky’s liking. He barely saw 17 apart from the briefings where the whole team tried to come up with the best plan in order to corner Quinn. 

On luckier days, he caught at least a glance of her, like leaving the cafeteria on Tuesday, smiling with crumbs around the corner of her mouth when she saw him. Or yesterday as he walked into the gym with Steve; they bumped into her as she was just finished with a workout. The breathy ‘hi’ she sent them had him so entranced he almost walked into a wall, much to Steve’s amusement. But they could never be alone again, like that morning.

He wasn’t sure what this was, but as the mission day drew closer, a frustration and uneasiness settled in his very core.

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Bucky and Steve’s first kiss was under mistletoe when they were little kids, after Bucky saw his dad dip his ma and kiss her little Buck just had to ask why they’d done that in such a seemingly random place?

Immediately after he finds Steve and pulls him under the same doorway, under the mistletoe.

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Letting Loose


This series is TICKLE related.

Series Summary:  You’re the little sister of the one and only Captain America. You’re also the youngest girl on the team, so that automatically makes you the avengers’ little princess. And they spoil you as such. They have become your amazing family and you don’t know where you’d be without them. This series will show random adventures and fluffy events in the daily life of the reader and her family, along with an unexpected turn later on as you read.

A/N: I’m so excited to be writing this series! This is my first time writing one and I’m a bit nervous but I hope it all goes well. :)  Hope you enjoy!

Word count: 2,986


Originally posted by lonerhowl

This morning you, Peter and Ruby Anne had gotten dressed and ready to go out into the city for some good pizza. The three of you made your way down to the kitchen where a few members of the team were. Bucky, Steve, Bruce, and Tony were there, having breakfast and coffee.

“Hey good morning. Me and the girls are gonna go to the city to get some pizza!” Peter said, you and ruby following behind him. Tony made a weird face and Steve raised an eyebrow at you.

“Pizza for breakfast?” Tony asks. You and Peter shrug before you speak.

“Why not?” Tony just shrugs with both brows raised and waves you off.

“Alright. Go have fun I guess.”


You were at a booth, playing a game on your phone while you waited for Peter and Ruby. They were at the line ordering their mini pizzas and you were securing your seats. Peter ordered what you wanted and now the three of you were sitting at the booth waiting for your pizzas to come out of the pizza oven.

You all made small talk while your drinks came, and made plans to once again stop by the pet shop down the street. It was tradition that every time you went to get pizza, you’d have to stop by the pet shop and look at all the puppies.

“Have you ever been to a pet shop?” You asked Ruby, who was taking a bite out of her pizza. She shook her head as she swallowed her food.

“No, I’ve never been. I’m not really a dog person.” You gasped at that. You had assumed everyone on earth was a dog person. Who doesn’t love puppies?!


“Yeah, I guess it’s cause I never had a dog, or met one up close, but I don’t know, they just never caught my attention.” She shrugged. You nodded side to side and hummed.

“Well, now’s your chance to change your mind. Me and Peter have this tradition to stop by the pet shop down the street and look at all the puppies. Peter never lets me go in though, because he thinks that if I go in, I’m walking out with a puppy in my hands.” You say, rolling your eyes. Peter scoffs and rolls his eyes as well.

“I don’t think. I know you will. And then Tony’s gonna blame me for letting you.” He said.

“Whatever. Anyway yeah, so we just look at the animals from the window. But… maybe todayyy can be different!” You say, hope dripping from your voice and you turn to look at Peter with a sly grin. “Since we have Ruby Anne, we have to show her inside! So she can meet a puppy up close and maybe change her mind! Come on, pleaseee? Can we go in, I promise not to adopt anything, I promise!” you plead, pulling out your puppy eyes, knowing he almost always falls for that.

Peter lets out a heavy sigh and rolls his eyes, making your cheer. “Fineee, just because of Ruby Anne.” He says, getting up and waiting for you all to go to the shop.


“They’re really cute! And so soft!” Ruby chuckled, walking out of the pet shop with you and Peter on either side of her. She had a really good time looking at all the little puppies and going into the small booths to pet them and snuggle them.

“Right? They’re amazing! Hey, I’m pretty sure now, that if you asked tony for a puppy, he wouldn’t hesitate.” You say with a smug smile of your face as you wiggle your eyebrows at her. She lets out a short laugh. Peter knows exactly why you said that and looks at you while he giggles.

“Dohohon’t even start.”


You had come home about an hour ago and practiced some ballet as well as training a bit with your brother in the gym. You were now walking in the yard with Ruby Anne, having a nice little girl talk. You were talking to her about Jeremy as you both took a seat on one of the benches in the garden.

“Hmm. Maybe Steve is right.” Ruby chuckled. You shook your head with a smile.

“I used to doubt it but, now I don’t know what to think. But I do know that “we” would never happen.” You scoff. Ruby hums and stares off at the flowers. “What about you? Any crushes you got?” You smirked, nudging her with your elbow. Ruby scoffed and paused for a moment.

She shook her head almost sadly. “Not anymore. It didn’t work out.” She shrugged. You hummed and gave her an apologetic look.

“Well… he’s an idiot for not seeing your worth.” You say. Ruby laughs at that and raises her eyebrows as she nods sarcastically.

“Yeah well, its fine. He likes some other girl. She’s so much better for him. They compliment each other very nicely.” She smiles.

“Don’t say that, you are enough. There’s no “girl that’s better”. Everyone has something that makes them valuable. You’ll find someone that sees that in you.” You grin, giving her shoulder a comforting pat. She nods and gives you a shy smile.

“Thanks.” She sighs. “So, your turn. You got a crush?” she asks. You take a deep breath and stretch your arms a bit.

“…. I don’t know actually. I mean, I see guys and find them attractive but, I’m not really at the point where I wanna date yet. And I guess that’s what’s stopping me. I wanna appreciate and take advantage of my youth. Maybe- I don’t know. I just feel sometimes that when you date at a young age, especially when you both are still growing and immature, you’re basically dating for heartbreak.” You shrug. “So I figured I’d just wait, and save myself the pain. I’ll find the right one eventually. But of course, that’s just my take on it.” You chuckle. Ruby nods and smiles.

“Yeah… that’s kinda true I guess.”


Pietro had brought some Chinese home so everyone gathered to have lunch today. You were having some orange chicken and rice and you couldn’t be happier. After everyone was almost done, Tony spoke.

“So guys I was thinking we should have our movie night outside, what do you think? We set up the yard real nice, weather’s good, we could set up the projector and have our snacks.” He said, smiling when everyone started to agree. You were really excited at the idea and couldn’t wait to set everything up.

That was until now.

After lunch you had taken a shower and a nap. You hadn’t realized its been hours that you were asleep but you were just so tired, you didn’t know why. So when Tony came waltzing into your room to wake you up, your motivation to go help outside was very low.

“Y/nn, wake up…” he sang lightly shaking your shoulder a bit. You groaned loudly, hugging your pillow tighter. “You said you wanted to help with the yard, you’ve been sleeping for a while, its 7:30 and its getting dark. Peter and Ruby are already outside.”

You groaned again, burying your face into the pillow. “mmm. Don’t care.” You mumbled sleepily. Tony smiled softly.

“Aww come on, you don’t wanna get up?” he asked in a very sweet voice. You shook your head no. “You sure? You promised you’d help…” He said, smirking as he lightly started scratching your sides. You began you giggle and kick your feet tiredly, tightening your grip on the pillow.

“Noooohoho. Stohohop.” Your giggles were muffled as you kept your face planted in the pillow. Tony added more pressure, waking you up a bit more and causing you to squirm around. Your laughter became louder and you began to push his hands away as much as you could. “Tohohonyyy!” You yelled, cacklling when his fingers drilled mercilessly into your ribs and you shook him off, giving you enough time to grab the sheets and engulf yourself in them, using the comforter as a shield.

“Come on, get up!” He sang, before smirking. “If you don’t get up, I’ll eat your belly!” He said, poking his head under the covers and hugging your waist to his face, playfully biting and nibbling your stomach. You scream in ticklish agony and flop around as much as possible. His beard was driving you crazy and the noms and noises he was making were not helping at all. “TOHOHOHONY STOHOHOP!” You cry, unable to defend yourself since you were getting tangled up in the covers.

Tony ignored your protests, playfully growling and rubbing his beard all around your torso, occasionally biting your ribs. “I don’t hear a surrender!”

You erupted into loud belly laughter when he began to continuously blow raspberries into your belly. That was the breaking point for you, and you finally decided to give in to make it stop. ”OKAHAHAY ILL GET UHUHUP PLEHEHEHASE!!” You begged, pushing at his head desperately. Tony blew one last raspberry before poking his head out of the covers. He chuckled loosely and helped you untangle yourself from the blankets, giving you a hand to get you out of the bed.

“Glad I was able to convince you. Now come on.” He smiled, leading you out of your room. You whined slightly and lazily walked wherever he led you.

Everyone was out in the backyard, blankets and pillows everywhere, ready to be set up. Steve and Clint were pinning the big white sheet in between 2 close trees and setting the projector up.

When you had gotten to the yard, you went towards Peter, who was helping Thor and Bruce set up the snack and drink table. “Look who finally came out of her coma!” Peter teased, smirking as you rolled your eyes. “Wanna roll down the hill?” he asked, pointing behind him. The backyard had a small hill that the 2 of you liked to roll down off. It wasn’t steep, but it was high enough for it to be fun to roll down. You nodded with a grin.

“Where’s Ruby?” you ask, looking around for her.

“She’s helping Wanda put up the lights. We were practicing cartwheels a bit ago. She’s pretty good!” he said, walking up the hill with you. You smiled at the thought of them playing around.

“Cool! I’m glad she had fun.” You both had your blankets and wrapped yourselves up in them before laying down. “Ready? First one down gets the last pop tart.” You giggle, ready to roll. Peter’s smile faltered as he craned his neck to look at you.

“Wait, what? There’s only one left?!” he asked.

“321GO!” You yelled, immediately rolling down, leaving Peter to scramble around and roll down, already too late to win. You were giggling and closing your eyes as you spun and spun until you slowed to a stop. You unraveled yourself and looked up just in time to see Peter roll to a stop. You laughed along with him and both got up, him helping you.

“That was so not fair.” He chuckled.

“I was just kidding about the pop tarts.” You started. Peter sighed in relief. “There’re none left. Thor finished them all.” You tittered, shrugging a shoulder. Peter deflated and groaned, making you laugh.



You and Peter were in the middle of one of your many pillow fights while the rest of the team were finishing up. All that was left was putting the blankets and pillows down. 

You were aiming at Peter and were about to smack him, your arm bent over your head when your pillow was suddenly snatched from behind. You gasped and turned around to see Nat tucking it under her arm.

“Nat!’‘ You cried. She gave you a shrug and half a smirk. 

“What? This is my pillow, I need it.” She said, walking away and leaving you to get quickly knocked to the ground by Peter with the pillow. You could tell he wasn’t done so you quickly got up and and ran, giggling loudly as he chased you. 

You circle around the food table to where Steve is and you run behind him, hugging him for protection. He’s taken aback at first; giving you a weirded out smile, unaware of Peter standing a few feet away, and returning the hug. You beam at him, giving him your brightest smile and looking back over at Peter, who’s glaring at you playfully. You grin and stick your tongue out, watching as he leaves but not before quietly telling you that he’ll be back for you. 

You finally leave your brother’s side once you deem the coast is clear and go help Nat who’s laying the blankets down. 

After helping out a bit, you spot Ruby Anne talking to Peter a little far away. They’re both laughing and you smile to yourself, happy that you’ve been seeing her smile a lot more. You were glad that she actually did what she said she was gonna do and give the team a chance. There was still a lot of progress that she and Tony would have to make, but the more you saw her interact with the other members, you knew things would only get easier from here.

As you’re laying a blanket down, you smirk widely at an unexpecting Bucky, who’s sitting on the ground with his back to you, changing the batteries on some of the battery powered candles. An idea to surprise him slipped in your head and you couldn’t stop yourself. When it came to Bucky, messing with him was your favorite hobby. You didn’t know what made him so fun to prank but he was. 

You grabbed the blanket back and snuck up behind him, careful not to make any noise before throwing the blanket over his head and pulling down/back so that he falls on his back. With a laugh you try to get away but somehow he manages to quickly grab a hold of your ankle before you can run. You scream and protest as he begins to slowly drag you over to him with the blanket still over his head. “Nononononoooohohooo!” You giggle nervously, kicking and rolling around with no avail.

“I wonder who this could be?” He hums, blindly tickling all over you, starting with your thighs, mercilessly tasing them, knowing how that drives you crazy. You’re letting out loud uncontrollable giggles as you pointlessly try to kick your legs out. “Hmm. Feels like… female, mid-teens,” He starts, digging his thumbs into your hips making you convulse with laughter. “About __ lbs., Extremely ticklish, hmm… seems familiar…” He moves his hands to your sides, rapidly squeezing them, smiling at the sound of your laughter. “Apparent poor defense skills,,, very sneaky though; always out to get me…” 

Your stomach was beginning to cramp from all the laughter and teasing. You were begging for him to stop but he only ignored your pleas. 

“God- I know this! I’ve heard that laugh before! It can’t be Peter, it’s gotta be…” Bucky sighed feigning defeat, playing dumb and prolonging the torture for you.  “I feel like this could be y/n but I’m not sure.” He shrugged, shaking his fingers into your ribs. 

“IT’S MEHEHEHEHE!” You cry, throwing your head back as you laughed. Bucky gasped before ripping the blanket off of him and blowing raspberries on your belly. You shriek and arch your back violently, bursting out into hysterics. Your body falls limp as you laugh and accept your fate. 

“I knew it! There’s only one person who’s brave enough to constantly mess with me and think she can get away with it!” He teases, blowing another raspberry and shaking his head into it, chuckling against your skin when you let out a small snort. He sits back briefly only to start leaning down towards your neck. You immediately know what he wants to do and you shrug your shoulder up with a squeal. “Nooohohoho! It’s gonna tihihickle so bahahad!” You cackle. 

“Yeah, you’re probably right.” He said. He chuckled loosely and blew the raspberry in the crook of your neck. Your body instantly paralyzed when you screamed, falling into silent laughter . He finally sat back and watched as you we’re just a giggly puddle on the ground. “I wonder when you’re going to learn that pranking me almost never works out for you.” He thought out loud, smiling as you let out residual giggles sprawled out on the floor. 

“Neveheher.” You say, shaking your head tiredly. Bucky snorts at that and shakes his head at you fondly before scooping you up and laying you on his lap. “You gonna sit with me while the movie plays?” He asks, wrapping his arms around you, cuddling you to his chest. You nod firmly with a hum and cover yourself with a blanket since it’s getting chilly out. The yard is all set up and everyone finds their seats and watch the movie as a family. 

It’s about 2am when the movie ends and everyone is having another snack at the food table. Tony had said that it would be better to clean up tomorrow, since it was late, so all they had to do was clean the food table and bring the leftovers in. Since Bucky had gone to help, you were clingily holding onto Steve’s arm since you were so sleepy you couldn’t even stand on your own. 

When everything wrapped up and you all said your goodnights, you raised your arms at Steve, hinting at the fact that you wanted him to carry you inside. He huffed out a laugh and rolled his eyes, but obliged anyway; picking you up. You wrapped your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck as he carried you inside and up to your room where you quickly fell asleep. 

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