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Prompt number: 6 “that was impressive”

Fandom: Marvel

Paring: Chubby!Bucky x reader (teacher au)

Rating: T

Word count: 2.5k (this is a lot longer than I originally planned. Whoops.)

Warnings: Insecure Bucky/ self deprecation based on chub. Brock Rumlow being the grade a asshole that he is. Swearing. 

A/N: I apparently only write for Bucky now, lmao. I think I liked this one more in my head.


Originally posted by bluesteelstan

Teaching high schoolers isn’t easy; trying to teach thirty plus rowdy students six times a day for forty-five minutes each is quite possible the hardest thing you’ve ever done in your life. As they say, the rewarding things are rarely easy. Each year you get one or two students that are truly affected by your teachings, inspiring them for life. And that makes all the late night grading and putting up with bad behavior worth it. 

What helps you get through each painstakingly long day is the lunch break you share with your best friends, and fellow history teachers; Steve Rogers and James ‘Bucky’ Barnes. Steve teaches U.S. history, Bucky teaches world history, and you teach civics. Some days you talk about your students, others you talk about some tv show one of you watched the night before, and sometimes you each ask advice on questions for the tests you’re writing. 

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Warning: Suggestive Themes!

That’s right, ya boi does suggestive nsfw.

Not nsfw.

But like, 👌 this close.


Anyway, it’s Stucky ;)


Have fun with this, I guess. I can’t post it again after this because reasons but I might throw it on queue occasionally, if you guys are fine with it.


Horny people be respectful >:(

Please reblog! Likes don’t spread my work.

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I’d Wait a Million Years

Challenge: One Word Prompt Challenge by @spaceodditybarnes

Prompt: “galaxy”- a system of millions of billions of stars, together with gas and dust, held together by gravitational attraction

Pairing: Chris Beck x Reader

Words: 1,465 words

Warnings: Angst, lots of yelling, dialogue-heavy, just a maybe little bit of floof

Summary: Chris tries to break up with his girlfriend when his mission requires him to be gone for a few years, but she assures him that she’ll wait for a million years until he comes home to her.

A/N: I am back on my Chris Beck shit, whoohoo! Anyways, I know that this is so so so late, but happy 200 followers Jade! I’m so happy that you reached this milestone, and that I get to be your friend on here. This is not beta-read, so I am very very sorry if there are any mistakes. Whelp, besides that, enjoy<3


“Sweetheart, are you home?” Y/N and Chris’ apartment of three years had been half-empty the whole day, her favorite man being at work all day. Every day in Houston had been like this ever since he had been chosen for the NASA Astronaut Program, and though it’d been a huge move from Hartford to Houston, she couldn’t be more proud of him. Today had been another day at the space center for him and she had been working on lessons for her third grade class. 

The door unlocked with a slow creak, and there Chris Beck stood in all his messy glory, chestnut curls unruly and blue eyes showing clear exhaustion. “Yeah, honey, it’s me.” 

Normally, he would drop his brown shoulder bag by the counter in their small kitchen before absolutely dropping his whole body weight on Y/N’s lap as she ran her hands along his scalp and told him about her day, but today was different. Today, he dropped his bag, lost in his head about the pain they were about to feel as a couple. There was no easy way to break the information he had gotten at work to the love of his life, but it had to be done, as much as it hurt him. Guilt and pain pooled around in his gut as he kneeled in front of her, hands on her knees. 

In the five years Y/N had been dating Chris Beck, there was never a time she had seen him so stressed. She had stood right by his side through job applications, space walks, a move halfway across the country, and his several years, and hopefully more, in the astronaut program, fully supporting his childhood dreams. There wasn’t anything she wouldn’t do for this man who had walked into her life and stolen her heart without a second thought. “Are you okay, Chris? You look a little tense, honey.” She placed her hand on his jaw, thumb rubbing small circles along his cheekbone.

He took a deep sigh and peered up at her, and only then did she notice the tears in his eyes. “I’m going to be leaving, Y/N.”

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Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Kinktober Prompt: Toys
Warnings: AU roommates, sexy talk, smug Bucky, sassy jokes, light hearted banter, shady Steve
A/N: You have no idea what’s coming at the end of this because I sure as hell didn’t. lol Enjoy!


“What’s this?” Bucky asked, holding up the black and gray massager.

“It’s a personal massager,” you said, taking a swig of your beer. It wasn’t out of the ordinary for Bucky to be in your room, but this was the first time he’d dared to nose around.

“Like a Magic Wand?”

That made you swallow wrong. Choking, you spun around in your chair, “And how do you know what a magic wand is?”

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Genuinely concerned about Sebastian at this point. The last few months he’s looked so exhausted and has rlly looked like he’s trying to put a brave face on for the sake of the pressure CAA are probably putting him under. I’m 100% convinced he is being blackmailed to do these things by CAA and they’re holding his career against him if he doesn’t do them. I just don’t understand how someone can snap like he has into a completely different person. I genuinely have a gut feeling he doesn’t want to be doing this stuff but CAA are pressuring him and manipulating him into thinking it will benefit his career by getting negative press when it won’t it’s just tearing his fandom apart. I really hope there’s a way through this for us aswell as him and I hope if my gut instinct is right he knows where and how to get help or reconsiders all of this because he’s worked so so hard to get where he is and CAA are literally stomping all over it🥴🥴 hope whatever this is gets sorted soon

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Prompt number: 31 “I trust you”

Fandom: Marvel

Paring: Bucky Barnes x reader

Part two to Trust me for once.

Rating: T

Word count: 2.2k

Warnings: Swearing. Mentions blood, violence, and death. A lil angst. 

A/N: I just want to write for Bucky for the rest of fictober, someone stop me please. I don’t know why I love this fic so much, but I do. Maybe it’s my lack of sleep messing with me lmao. I passed 500 followers and I can’t possibly begin to explain how much that means to me and how much I love each and every one of you! When I started my Tumblr last year to write some shitty self indulgent fanfics I never thought anyone would ever read them. I never imagined having 500 people following my shitty blog. 


Originally posted by capsgrantrogers

In the week and a half since Hydra had captured you, Bucky has been spiraling. When he got to the quinjet and turned to look for you, his heart fell into the pit of his stomach when he couldn’t find you. Everything you had said to him in the warehouse started to make more sense, you phrashed things a specific way; ‘so long as it gets you out of here safely.’ He knew you weren’t coming, but he still made Steve keep the quinjet there and wait until it was almost too late and the team was under attack again.

Back at the compound Bucky spends all of his time in his room or down in the gym punching- and breaking- one of the many punching bags, throwing his knives at targets, and working on his shooting. He isn’t sleeping and he isn’t eating, he won’t even talk to Steve when the super soldier tries to get him to talk- whether it be about what happened in the warehouse or anything in general. 

Steve, Sam, and Tony are exhausting every resource they have to find you, Hydra had moved you to another location as soon as the quinjet was out of sight of the base. On the rare occasion Bucky isn’t in the gym or his room, he’s hovering over the shoulders of the three men hoping he’ll see something they missed. He doesn’t, and only succeeds in annoying aforementioned men with his brooding stares and silence. 

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Prompt number: 26 “How about you trust me for once?”

Fandom: Marvel

Paring: Bucky Barnes x reader

Rating: T

Word count: 1.3k

Warnings: Swearing. Bitchy/moody Bucky. Angsty. Mentions kidnapping/self-sacrificing 

A/N: I’m thinking of doing a second part to this, thoughts?


Originally posted by bishopl

It’s been half a year since James Buchanan Barnes officially joined the Avengers, and in those six months he’s befriended everyone on the team. Everyone but you, him and Tony even got over their issues, but the winter soldier can barely get through a simple conversation with you. If he happens to walk into a room where only you are, he’ll immediately turn around and walk out. Bucky’s apparent hatred for you makes it extra awkward being Steve’s other best friend and all. America’s golden boy forces you and Bucky to spend time together because he wants his best friends to be friends. 

You’re leaning into Sam’s side on the couch you two are sharing, it’s movie night at the Avengers compound. You’re quoting the words to Clueless quietly into Sam’s pecs, you got to pick the movie this week. Sam lets out a chuckle as you murmur, “you’re a virgin who can’t drive.”

“That Josh guy looks like Scott,” he whispers to you. 

“Oh my God, he totally does!” you let out a loud laugh. Everyone’s eyes turn to you and Sam’s laughing forms. You chance a glance at Bucky and find his piercing blue eyes glaring at you. You let out a little sigh of disappointment before turning to Scott, “Scott, did you have an acting career back in the day?” 

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Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Kinktober Prompt: Eating Out

Word Count: 590+

A/N: Remember when I said I was going to post these regularly? lmao yeah me too. 


You and Bucky had been laying in bed together for the last hour, casually watching reruns of a show on Netflix and spooning. Soon the small kisses against your neck turned into full on attentive nips and licks that had you wiggling against him.

“Bucky,” you whined, arching your neck to give him better access to the sweet spot that made you shiver. “I thought we were relaxing today.”

He hummed against you, lips pressed against your ear, “This is relaxing. In fact I think you should just let me take the reigns for the day. I’ve got it all planned.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Mmmhmm,” his teeth nipped at your earlobe before he turned you over, facing towards him. Bucky pressed his forehead against your own, kissing the tip of your nose. “Everything from snuggles to snack time.”

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Marvel Smut Shot Weekend


Originally posted by wreckache

Alright, we’re doing this!

In an effort to expand my writing, and get out of my comfort zone, I’m opening up a marvel smut shot weekend. Rules are few, and simple but do exist.

1. You must be 18+! This is SMUT. Dirty stuff. Not for minors.

2. Send me an ask with your character (either x reader or ships), and a very brief description to set the scene. Keep it simple bc those are easiest to work with.

3. No incest, pedophilia, or non con—nothing against you if you do write or like to read these. I just have a hard time with them for personal reasons

4. Have fun! You have until Monday at noon MST to submit ideas and I’ll write them as they come in!

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Here are my thoughts on the ending of Avengers:Endgame;

People rag on Steve for leaving Bucky behind. Saying he didn’t “stay til the end of the line.” That if Steve was a true friend, he wouldn’ve stayed in the past or whatever.

But. Here’s the thing: In Civil War, after they stole the quinjet and went to the bunker after Zemo… while flying there Bucky says “I don’t think I’m worth all of this to you, Steve.”

And Steve doesn’t reply. He just- continues to fly. But, if you watch the scene, you can see a confliction in Steve. And I feel like Steve doesn’t understand what Bucky is getting at. It’s like Steve is trying to understand what Bucky is getting at.

But here’s the thing; Steve and Bucky are brothers. They always have been, ever since Steve could remember. It was Bucky who helped back him up with bullies. It was Bucky who stood by him. Bucky who had gotten him dates. Bucky who was right there (when his Mom couldn’t be) when Steve was sick. Bucky who went into the military so Steve wouldn’t have too. Bucky who saw right through the alter ego. It was always Bucky.

And here is the same guy who is telling his little brother “I’m not worth it.”

Now clearly, Bucky was talking about Steve losing the Avengers.

But after watching Endgame and remembering that line from Civil War… I don’t personally think Steve was being selfish, leaving Bucky.

Steve was telling Bucky that HE (Bucky) was worth it. Because I think Steve finally realized after everything. After waking up in 2011, after finding out Bucky is still alive, after Ultron, after EVERYTHING, life was worth living. Not just saving. And knowing that Steve was coming back to a future where Bucky was still alive, Steve knew he could live his life in the past, and everything would be okay.

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A gut feeling. That was what people who trusted themselves called the inner mechanism that helps them decide what’s right. You never had an inner compass telling you what to do. Actually, no, that’s inaccurate. You had a compass, but its needle flitted wildly around, drawn to multiple unknown magnetic fields, leaving you to decipher which direction it stayed on for a millisecond longer. Nonetheless, you had this flawed sense of direction, but then he walked through that door for the first time. The effect was instantaneous. He was like neodymium, resolving your case of reversed polarity. 

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