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#bucky barnes x yn
classylo · 16 hours ago
fourteen days | bucky barnes
pairings: bodyguard!bucky barnes x female reader 
summary: you had been with your bodyguard for 14 days and you can’t tell if you hate him because he’s always there or hate him because you can’t tell if he likes you (inspired by a scene from west wing)
warnings: 18+ ONLY! | fluff, cuss words, mentions of stalker, mentions of guns/using guns/shooting range, cute bodyguard!bucky
Tumblr media
eighteen plus only — by choosing to ‘keep reading’, you are agreeing that you are eighteen years old and over. do not interact with this story if you are a minor.
You sat in the back of the car, arms crossed, nostrils flaring. You were furious. You were over this situation. You were over your bodyguard.
He had been with you for 14 days now. Fourteen. The last 10 he was practically glued to your side as you had to attend a meeting in London and he was the only one allowed to go with you. You had got to know him quite well in the last 10 days. Specifically, that you don’t like him.
He always stares. He’s always quiet. He’s always there. And god did you think about him between your legs every night for the last 14 days.
There was no reason a bodyguard should be that attractive. None.
But alas, he is. He’s so attractive and if he was any other man in your life you would’ve already had him in your bed. But he’s not. He’s your bodyguard and for some reason, you can’t get him to break character. Which, is a good thing…you guess. But god, did you wish for just a second he’d let you know if he likes you or not. If he’d like to fuc—
“We’re here, ma’am.” His words bring you out of your aggressive daydream.
“Barnes. For the love of god please stop calling me that.” You groan as you get out of the car.
“Yes ma’am,” he chuckles quietly as he exists as well.
“This better be a good gym Barnes or I am going to be —“
“It’s a good gym ma’am, the avengers train here.” He cuts you off as he slides his key pass along the door and it opens for the two of you.
You roll your eyes at him and walk inside first. He insisted you had to come to his gym from now on, as yours wasn’t safe anymore since your stalker sent you pictures of you exiting from there a few days ago. This only added on to your day as you wanted nothing more than to go to your gym and go home. But no, once again your bodyguard had to take something you enjoyed from you.
“There are treadmills and weights in that room over there.” He points past you, his arm briefly grazing your own.
“Thanks.” You mutter as you walk off toward the bathroom to change.
He was gracious enough to leave you alone for your hour and a half workout. That gave you plenty of time to work off some steam from work and any aggression he has added to your life the past few days. As you walk back out in the hallway to meet him you see a bunch of agents walking out of a corner room with guns.
“You have a shooting range here?” You question Bucky as he stands up to leave.
He chuckles as he watches as you eye all the recruits.
“Well, we are the avengers.” He shrugs.
“I wanna do it.” You say as you begin walking towards the room.
Bucky watches in shock as you walk off from him.
“You want to — you wanna shoot a gun?” He asks as he chases you down as you enter the now empty shooting range.
“Yeah, why not.” You shrug as you pick up some safety goggles on the table.
“Have you ever shot a gun?” He asks cocking his head to the side.
“Yeah. Yes. Plenty of times. As in never. No, nope.” You say.
He chuckles. Which makes you smile. You love when he chuckles. He doesn’t do it often.
“Well then let me find you something easy to —“
“I’ll take your gun.” You say as you attempt to pull it from his holster.
He grabs your hand to stop you and you two make eye contact.
“It’s got a kick.” He says.
“I can handle it, Barnes.” You assure him.
He takes it out of his holster and hands it to you. He tells you to aim at the targets down the hall.
“And you need to straighten up a bit —“ he whispers as his hands go to your shoulders and you jump at his touch.
“It’s alright, I’m just trying to help.” He says and you can’t help the chills that run down your spine.
“Alright, go for it.” He says and you immediately pull the trigger and jolt back in the process. Luckily he is there to catch you.
“Jesus! What the hell is this thing!” You yell.
He just laughs at you as he takes the gun back.
“Let’s see what you’ve got.” You say.
“What?” He asks.
“C’mon I wanna see what you’ve got. How do I know you can even shoot?” You tease.
“Alright.” He smiles.
“Oh no, let’s make this interesting. You hit 2 out of 5 dead center.” You state.
“Alright, and when I do you have to say something nice about me.” He says.
You laugh at his wager.
“Make it 3 out of 5 then.” You smile.
You move out of his way so he can take aim. You begin to pester him some more but he shoots off 5 rounds before you can even speak. He hits the bottom to bring the target up to the two of you and you can’t believe your eyes.
“3 out of 5.” He says with a smile.
The target had 3 out of 5 bullet holes…but where were the other 2?
“Wh—where are the other two?” You ask before slowly realizing he hit 3 dead center.
“Wow.” You whisper.
“Something nice about me please.” He wiggles his eyes.
You laugh at his childish demeanor.
“I — I like that you’re tall.”
“Yeah?” He asks, taking a step into you.
“Yeah. It makes me feel…safe.” You mutter.
“Good. That’s my job.” He whispers.
You stare up at him as he stares down at you. Your glance goes from his eyes to his lips and within seconds they are on yours. It’s soft and sweet and nothing like you imagined. You didn’t think he would have such a gentle side but he did. He wraps his hands around your waist to steady you but to also bring you further into his embrace. Your hands go around his neck as he deepens the kiss. As you both pull away for air you can’t help but smile.
“Well, that was something.” You say.
“Been wanting to do it for the last 14 days.” He whispers.
a/n: ooooooo bodyguard! bucky <33 
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subwaysurf45 · a day ago
A Sunday Afternoon (epilogue)
Tumblr media
Summary: with your first year basically finished you decide to go out to a park with Bucky for little celebration. 
Pairing: College!Bucky x Reader
Words:  3525
Warnings: body issues, relationship insecurity, fluff on fluff!
Mini-Series Masterlist      Main Masterlist
Tumblr media
Spring had sprung. Bucky now woke up to not only you curled beside him but birds chirping outside his window, he got to see the sun that had fully risen cast a glow over your face. He never saw that in the fall and he really didn’t see it in the winter. In the winter he’d wake up in the middle of the night to find you digging through his closet for a thick sweater to wear in bed, he’d wake in the morning to find you shivering and basically on top of him. 
This morning wasn’t different, except that he was wide awake before you; it was common for you to run in the morning. He had already brewed the coffee in the kitchen and was now typing away on his computer, editing his final essay for his film studies elective. The reason you were stomach down and drooling while you slept was because you had your last exam for the year yesterday, for some reason your schedule saved the hardest for last. He’d never seen you that stressed out, it was worse than when you’d think about your parents. There were tufts of hair where you were studying in your dorm. Nat had called Bucky over because she couldn’t pull you away from the papers; even after over half a day with no breaks. 
Of course you worried for nothing, when you walked out of the exam you were jumping and bouncing towards Bucky’s car. When you opened the door your head jutted in to yell ‘I’m passing that bitch!’ as people walked past you. The exam was in the afternoon and Bucky had promised you a very expensive dinner after writing it, he had gotten a part time job with Steve and Sam at a construction company. With all the money saved up he paid off first year student debt and took you to a restaurant five minutes away that was a three star, which was high to people who live off ramen and croutons. You had dawned a tight dress Nat had leaned to you at the beginning of the year, Bucky put on a pair of dress pants with a nice button up. By the time you both got home the dress was pooling at your feet and Bucky was throwing his belt across the room. 
As Bucky read his second paragraph he glanced over to see you moving, his boxers looked nice on you. Part of him wanted you to turn over because you weren’t wearing anything on top, but he took what he got. His hand left his laptop to gently rub your bare back, half soothing you back to sleep but at the same time he wanted you to wake up. It was selfish for him to want you up and moving, you deserved to sleep for an entire day, which was most likely what you’d both do. 
His hand traveled to your back side, going up the curve and staying there. After three seconds your half awake brain realized he wasn’t going to move, so you grumbled at him. You could hear him laugh as well as feel the bed shake, his hand patted your butt which made you grumble more. 
“Grumpy pants,” he laughed. Your hand barely moved back to swat his hand away, he laughed louder at your third attempt to swat him away because you grunted like a tennis player as you swung. 
“Stop,” you said into the pillow, “I’m comfortable.”
“So am I,” Bucky leaned over and rested his head on your butt, his head looking down to your legs. One hand rubbed your back while the other held your thighs. You didn’t seem to mind so he stayed there. 
“What are you doing?” you asked, your head still in your pillow and your hair covering your face.
“I was editing my film paper but your butt looked too cute, so I had to give it some love,” he placed a chaste kiss to your butt cheek before turning up and laying his head beside you. His hand moved all the hair away so he could cup your face, his hands were warm against your skin. 
You just laid there as you felt him move closer, a few kisses in between adjustments. You body couldn’t help but heat up at the feeling of him touching you, turning back into the kid he met first in September. You’d always curl or hide away, the overload of attention still managed to make its way into your head. Bucky would always click his tongue and give you more attention and more kisses. 
After cuddling and taking a shower together you stood by the stove, moving eggs around in the pan. Bucky was sitting on the kitchen stool, just watching you. Natasha was out while Steve and Sam had a shift at the construction site, it was just you two in the house. Bucky rested his head in his hand as he watched you cook, slightly moving your entire body as you pushed around the eggs so they would scramble. His eyes scanned over you, you could feel it. Bucky took his time on your legs, seeing the dips and curves that were facing him, you were now wearing a very loose pair of blue sleep shorts you swore you lost. He couldn’t help it but he spent an extra few seconds on your ass, but you wouldn’t mind. As he made his way to your back he so desperately wanted you to turn around, the tank top you were wearing was practically see through, it showed your stomach with frayed edges and caused your boobs to almost fall out. He waited patiently for you to turn and when you did all he could do was stare. 
“Eyes up here,” you giggled as you sat next to him, the breakfast burritos were done and served. 
“Sorry,” Bucky muttered though he wasn’t at all. He couldn’t help but watch you as you ate, his eyes making their rounds over and over. 
“I can see you staring,” you placed your glass down that was now half full of juice, “is there something on my face?” 
You had fallen right into that trap. Bucky put on a smug smile before letting his hand trail to your backside, “just beauty,” he whispered before pulling you in for a kiss. There was a muffed yelp as he squeezed your butt, your hands tightened on his forearm. 
You’d be a major hypocrite if you said Bucky was the only one who checked his partner out. Ever since he started working at the construction company you had found his entire body got more and more chiseled and buff. He was a strong guy, Steve and Sam joined his almost daily workouts. To most people they didn’t see a massive difference in Bucky’s build; it would click after they saw a picture from Halloween. But for you it was instant. He’d come home from work covered in dirt with his shirt already off, sweat glistening his abs, and your knees would buckle every time. He’d noticed and used it against you, obviously. When he’d want you to cuddle he’d take his shirt off and open his arms wide, allowing you to see his v-line as well as the defined muscles on his chest. You’d zombify and fall right in without any hesitation. 
But with that came the other side to having a smoking hot boyfriend, the unhappy side. The number of women who would approach Bucky at parties or at a club had only gone up, you’d both notice for different reasons. For you it would always be when he’d go get drinks at the bar and take a seat as we waited for them, a lady would come up and drag her hand across his back before sitting on the empty stool, Bucky would shake his head and turn around to point at you, then get up quickly and leave to find your comfort again. For Bucky he had found you had gotten more insecure, he guessed you were most likely comparing yourself to the women who approached him, and he was right. You’d wrap your arms around your stomach when you were near him, not trying to close off but trying to cover yourself. Instead of curling into his touch he found you shy away, especially when he’d hold onto you by your waist. 
You both had a very painful conversation one night because of it. Bucky talked to you about you becoming more reserved around him, he wanted to know if anything was bothering you at home or if it was something different. You shook it off like it was nothing but Bucky kept pushing.
“Sweetheart, I just want to know what is going on, I want to help,” Bucky stood from the bed. 
You wrapped your arms around yourself again, “it’s nothing.”
“Don’t lie to me, I know it’s not nothing,” he made his way over to you which made you shy away more, “look at you! You’re turning away, you’re not coming to parties or even just stuff with our group, Natasha doesn’t even know what’s going on- you have to tell me, please,” his hands covered his chest in sincerity as he leaned in, “please.” 
“I don’t want to talk about it,” you tried to head to the bathroom but Bucky caught your arm. 
“I just want to help-”
“Then leave me the fuck alone!” you screamed back to him, your nose almost touching his. His hand dropped and he stood up right, head cocked to the side as he tried to figure you out. 
“What the fuck does that even mean,” his voice was strong but quiet. His hands balled into fists as he tried to hold back from yelling, “what do you want?”
“I don't-'' your hand came up to your neck, “I don’t- I’m not- I just don't…” your angry demeanor changed to a sad one, so did Bucky’s. 
“Tell me,” he was strong again, but sadness showed on his face. 
Your eyes looked at your fingers as you picked away the dirt that was under them, you were doing everything to not look at him. Bucky had not moved, you could feel him. “I’m not pretty enough for you anymore...” 
When you looked up, Bucky's eyes were full of tears and tear stains were already down his face. “...what?” he breathed in total and complete disbelief. 
You pulled away from the kiss and looked back down at your burrito and juice, Bucky’s hand was still resting on your ass. He nudged you over to him and when you didn’t understand he picked you up and placed you on his lap, “my beautiful, perfect, scrumptious, heavenly, sexy, wonderful, amazing, girl,” he muttered before showering your exposed shoulder with kisses, you tried to squirm your way out of it but Bucky held you flush against him. 
You both ate in a comfortable silence after that, slowly making your way through the meal you made. Bucky’s hand had slowly crept to your stomach, what he found was what you were most insecure about, his thumb gently rubbed the skin he loved so much. 
“Wanna go on a picnic?” you leaned back against him, he seemed shocked you even thought of that. “I have a sundress I want to wear and I think the weather is really nice, we should make some sandwiches and maybe grab some dessert from the grocery store, I don’t know.”
“Sounds great, we can go to the grass space near your dorm building,” Bucky took you off him and placed the plates in the dishwasher. 
“I was thinking off campus,” you rested your elbows on the counter. 
“Oh?” Bucky turned around. 
“There’s this park that’s a five minute drive, I was thinking we could go there because there’s trees and it might get super sunny and I don’t want you to get sunburnt and-”
“Sounds great,” Bucky lovingly cut you off. His hands found your waist as he pulled you in for a kiss, one hand moved to your back and then to your head to cup it. 
Everything was a blur when you both were getting ready for the day, it all went quickly because of how excited you were to go on a picnic with Bucky. The entire time you were doing your skin care or getting dressed into the new sundress Bucky was always hugging you or rubbing your back, his hands seemed to never leave. Soon enough you were in the car with Bucky as he played his music. His left hand held the bottom part of the steering wheel while his right rubbed your thigh that was exposed, he kept trying to push the sundress up a little bit at a time but you caught him. At the red light he just looked over to you but found you were already staring at him, ‘my pretty girl’ was all he said before the light turned to green. Bucky ran into the store to grab a few other things, you offered to join but he just wanted you to not move a muscle. 
Finally you were there. The car was parked, Bucky ran to the other side of the car to open the door. Whenever you’d go on dates he’d seem to change into this gentleman that wouldn’t let you lift a finger, he just said it was his ma who showed him. “Seeing your ma date scumbags over and over, you figure out what not to do.” he had said while you two laid in bed one night. Bucky also said he’d carry the basket and the blanket but you negotiated and carried the blanket, it was extremely light. 
Both of you walked for about five minutes before finding an open field that had trees sprouting far apart from one another, you laid the blanket down under an old oak while Bucky got the food out of the basket. 
“This is nice,” Bucky spoke softly as he stuck a fork into a watermelon chunk he got from the store, “great idea, love.” 
He could have a different pet name for every hour for an entire year. “Thank you,” you scooted closer to him. You both started sitting cross legged before finding yourself lying on your side, one hand propping your head up so you could look at one another. Bucky had gone for a chocolate covered strawberry but because of the heat some of it melted on the corner of his mouth, “you got something,” you tapped the corner of your lip, he wiped the other side. “I got it,” you said as you leaned in. your thumb flicked away the chocolate but before you could bring your hand down Bucky caught your wrist, “what, something on mine?” 
He shook his head and kissed your knuckles, “just beauty.”
“Ugh, I fell for it again!” you laughed and leaned towards him, Bucky giggled and kissed the inside of your palm again before letting you bring it back to the ground. 
You both took pictures of one another before the dessert Bucky got from the store was taken out. It was a tiny, most likely one person, cake. You practically lost your shit at how cute it was, Bucky just laughed as you took a few pictures and compared it to the size of your hand. When you looked up to look into his eyes time seemed to slow down, it felt like you were frozen. You could faintly hear kids screaming in the park as well as the wind rustling the trees, you could hear the sound of your breathing. The scene and the picture was so perfect you wanted to frame this moment forever, you wanted to make sure you remember every little detail of right now. The way Bucky looked at you needed to be saved even though he’d look at you like that if you asked him in a week, he’d look at you like that for the rest of his life. He seemed to study you, like he wanted to remember everything as well. 
Very quickly you were snapped out of it by Bucky grabbing the hem of your dress and pulling it down, “gust of wind took it,” he held it down even after the wind had stopped. 
“Oh, thanks,” you ran your hand over the fabric. 
“Lost you for a sec, everything okay?” Bucky asked, his hand moved to the dip on your waist. 
“Just thinking,” you whispered. 
“About what?” 
Bucky giggled, “dido,” he moved his hand to your hip to give it a pat. “This has been great, we should do this all the time, I think.”
“Wanna walk around to find spots for next time?”
The blanket was tucked under your arm as you walked the gravel trail, the other hand held onto Bucky’s. Spots were saved for the next time you’d come back, the trail turned and twisted as you pointed. And soon you found yourselves in a garden. Lumps of flowers changed colour drastically from one to another, none of them repeated. You walked over to a small batch of sunflowers that matched the print on your dress, your fingers gently rubbed the petals. 
“Look at me,” Bucky muttered. You looked up and before you could think a sunflower was curled around your ear, his hand took his time coming back to his side, making a pitstop on your cheek and your chin. “There,” he whispered, his thumb rubbing your cheek. “Pretty as a picture, my love.”
“Oh, stop-”
“No, none of that,” Bucky kissed your lips, “let me compliment you, dove.” 
Bucky took a deep breath, “I did say pretty as a picture but something is missing. But I just wanted to say that you’ve made my first year feel like a dream, I wish I could have dated you in high school or something so I could’ve had a head start,” Bucky dropped the basket and cupped your other cheek, “but I’m so happy where I am right now, I’m so happy I get to wake up next to you almost everyday, I so happy you’ve trusted me with things that you might not have trusted yourself with, I love you.” 
“Let me talk,” his voice was so soft you could feel the warmth, “I want to give you something, it’s very important to me, and I want to ask you something.” Bucky swallowed hard.
“I’m sorry, I’m gonna have to cut you off,” Bucky laughed as you cut in, “are you proposing?”
“No,” Bucky’s eyebrows pulled close together, “I’m gonna need a few more years to do that, now.” Bucky cleared his throat, “third time’s a charm,” he reached into his back pocket, “this is my mom’s necklace, my biological mom. I want you to have it, to wear it. Before we left for the foster home she gave me this to remember her. I wore it for a very long time before wanting to keep it safe for a girl I knew I loved, and that’s you.” the necklace was silver, the chain was delicate and thin as well as the small blue pendant that rested off of a hook in the middle. 
“It’s beautiful,” you gasped and clipped it on immediately, your hand coming up and holding the pendant close. “Thank you,” you could feel yourself start to get emotional. 
“One more thing to make this a perfect picture,” Bucky took both your hands into his, “I know you haven’t found a spot to go back to next week,” school was out next week and you weren’t allowed to go to your parents, “so I talked with Becca-”
“And she talked with our parents,” foster parents, “and they want you to come home with me, stay for the summer,” Bucky smiled, “there’s an entire guest bedroom for you, and it’s on a really nice plot of land with a dog- they got a dog while I was gone, I know you love dogs,” Bucky held your hands tighter as you began to shake your head no, “please, doll, you don’t have anywhere to go, I gotta make sure my best girl is alright and taken care of.” 
“This is too much,” you cried, “too much.”
“It’s never enough,” Bucky countered softly, “I love you and will do anything for you, let me do this, please.”
“I can’t pay you back-no, I’ll get a job and pay rent, I’ll do that,” you began to softly mutter to yourself your plan, trying to figure everything out. 
“You can get a job, but you’re not paying a cent,” Bucky pulled you into a hug, his hands rubbed your back, you weren’t crying anymore but you were still overwhelmed. He kept you pressed close to him, the flower in your hair fell to the ground. 
You slowly pulled away, the flower made its way into your hair again. “Okay,” you smiled, “I’ll go.”
“And the picture is now complete,” Bucky whispered, “we should put you in a museum or something, a work of art.”
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youlightmeupfinn · 6 days ago
Sleepy Barnes 》 Bucky Barnes x Reader
request: For the drabble prompt challenge could you please do 84 with Bucky? (@writing-for-marvel)
a/n: ah i loved this one!!
warnings: none!
summary: You come home to find Bucky fast asleep, which means you have to take him to bed.
Drabble Prompt #84: "Come on, baby, up to bed." link to prompt list
**my requests are open!**
main masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It was the peaceful snores that you walked into the house to first hear. On the couch with one arm draped over his chest, his left dangling, fingertips touching the carpeted floor beneath him. His phone was lying on his chest, his legs awkwardly splayed out against the cushions, making you giggle quietly. You had pulled a late shift and usually, Bucky tried his hardest to wait up for you, but tonight was one of those nights, he crashed.
Slipping your feet out of your shoes, you gently put your things away before slowly making your way over to your sleeping boyfriend. Not helping yourself, you reached down and raked your fingers through his dark hair. His head immediately fell into the direction of your touch, his warm cheek pressing itself into the palm of your hand.
Here came the issue;
How were you about to get your six-foot-tall, beefy mass of a boyfriend off of the couch while he was practically knocked out? You were strong, but not that strong. You hoped that within moments of realization, his body would automatically begin to help you.
Snaking an arm underneath his shoulders that were pressed against the armrest, your hand reached for his right. Pushing him carefully, you picked his left arm up and situated him so he was almost sitting, although his dead weight was nearly about to make you tumble over.
“Come on, baby, up to bed.” You said to Bucky as he finally began to stir. He started moving around, his eyes cracking open, the baby blues filled with sleep.
“Doll?” His raspy voice called out to you, blinking a few times to readjust his eyesight. You giggled quietly and he started helping you by planting his feet securely on the floor. Hoisting Bucky up with you, your arm wrapped around his waist, his own draped across your shoulder.
The walk up the stairs was much easier when he had his bearings. Although he nearly tripped at the top step, you held your own with him. Making your way into the bedroom, you pulled back the blankets. Thankfully he was already dressed for bed. Once he was settled on his backside, you pressed a tender kiss to his forehead.
Slipping out of your work clothes and into your pajamas, you performed a quick night routine. Upon finishing, you crawled into the empty space next to him. His eyes were closed yet again, the exhaustion apparent on his beautiful face.
“Goodnight, Bucky.” You smiled, kissing his lips sweetly before curling yourself up against him, sleep soon overtaking you.
Tumblr media
tagging: @high-functioning-lokipath @eclecticlokibytomhiddleston @spidyyparker @nervousbiscutzonkslime @kiolabean @caritobbg @lynnettes-stuff @straightforwardly @tiredmamamac @stuckybarton @peachsteven @mvaldez7821 @moonshooter @holdmytesseract @l0st-in-reality
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touchstarvedirl · 3 months ago
You Again?
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word Count:  4,732 (or something like that...)
Warnings: Smut, Explicit Language, Absolutely FILTHY dirty talk towards the end, Breeding mention
A/N: My last fic has gotten so much traction it’s unbelievable. Grateful to any and everyone who’s shared and liked my work, big thank you to everyone who’s followed me since then!! Also if you have a bit of a praise kink, the end of this will really do it for ya :)
My Masterlist for other Bucky Barnes + other Marvel characters fics 
Summary: Nat’s friend is having a bake sale and Natasha wants the Avengers to show their support. But a certain soldier already knows you from somewhere, and well... you’re not the happiest to see him.
“I invited my friends.” Natasha announces, briefly taking a break from kneading dough to glance at you.
   You had asked Natasha to come before to help you get a few more batches of sugar cookies into the oven before the Bake Sale you were hosting for the Elementary school started. She had obliged, like the great friend she was but not without making you promise to make her her own personal batch of cupcakes the next week. She had really pulled through, hadn’t stopped mixing, kneading and cutting since she’d arrived.
   “What friends? You don’t have many friends…” Nat shoots you a sideways glare. “I mean friends that don’t fly, kill, and shoot things, being that it is a bake sale and all.”
“Why do you say it like that?”
“Like what?” You ask, laughing. You slide past Nat to throw away a dirtied up napkin.
“Like we can’t come and not destroy the place.” She turns away from the metal counter splayed with flour and sugar, leaning against it wagging her finger at you.
“I’m not saying that you can’t! I’m just saying that I don’t want any shields flying around. This is supposed to be a family friendly thing.”
“The Avengers are family friendly!” Nat yells as you duck under the sign, leaving the kitchen to you out to the seating area.
“Whatever you say Nat.”
You can barely contain your excitement as you wipe down the tables out front, fixing napkin holders and such. Natasha could sense your anticipation from the way you flew around the bakery starting to sweep the already spotless ceramic tile, for the third time, in the last hour.
“Sit down and relax of you’ll give yourself a heart attack a couple minutes before this thing even starts.”
“I just want everyone to like the goods, I hope we raise enough money for those kids. This could be a good gig.”
“Are you fucking kidding me? The first time I tasted your red velvet cupcakes I think I started to levitate. Everybody will love ‘em.”
“I hope so Nat.” You murmur leaning on top of the broom handle, staring out at the signs advertising the sales. “I really hope so.”
     Three hours later, your ‘Bakery on the Corner’ is a hot spot, a line beginning to form down the block to get in. The atmosphere inside is hectic. You’ve been taking orders at the register, gleefully thanking the customers as you take them then sending them down to the next counter where your employees Isabel and Alisha hand them their orders.
   “How many brownies will that be?” You ask the couple standing at the register, familiar faces from the Hardware store across the street.
   “Mmm… we should bring home for the kids. We’ll take half a dozen?” Her husband nods agreeing.
   Of course! So that’s half a dozen Nut Supreme brownies, and anything to drink? We have bottled water, Red Bull, Apple and Orange juice. We also make tea and coffee.”
   “No, just the brownies please.”
   “That’ll be $10.67.” You collect the money and give their change sending them down to next counter.
   You shut the register, sighing tiredly. “Long day already?” You turn around to see Eli, your new hire.
“Oh my god. You’re here, finally!” You throw your arms around him.
“Finally? It’s only 3 o’clock. You told me to be here something like 2:55...” he laughs awkwardly.
“Oh I know, I know. I’m sorry, you’re perfectly on time.” You back away and look up at him. For someone some 10 years younger than you it was a little embarrassing having to look up everyone you spoke to him. Eli was huge, almost 6 feet, it made for good fun when he was trying to make his way around in the kitchen.
   “It’s just been so busy in here. Will you take over the register for me? I’m gonna go on break.”
   “Sure thing boss.” You and Eli switch places, and you shimmy from behind the counter towards the front seating area. You look once over to the customers. Some are alone, but mostly there are parents with their children.
   Walnut, an elementary school a few blocks away from the bakery had recently fallen out with the bakers who made the treats for their PTA meetings, movie nights, and other events. They were looking to Y/N’s bakery as a replacement. To show your thanks for even being considered, you offered all the proceeds to some overnight school trip the Principal had mentioned they were raising money for.
   The offer came at just the right time, a birthday party you were supposed to cater for this weekend pulled out at the last minute, and though you weren’t out of a check you had been left with dozens of already made donuts, brownies, cupcakes, and a large three tiered chocolate cake. So you offered to cater the soccer game they were having at the field next door, as a trial run to see if you were a right fit for them. 
   Your bakery was doing well, not at all strapped for money but a deal with a fancy school like Walnut could open a lot of doors for you. You could afford to hire another part -  time employee, give Eli, Isabel and Alisha a bit of a raise, upgrade your equipment, take some money home for yourself even. No wonder you were anxious for it to go well. But, even if you didn’t secure the gig you were happy to find a way to get rid of the extra treats you’d baked, and raise money for Walnut.
    Swiveling through the tables and new incoming customers you head next door to the field to mingle a bit. You walk past the tables set up outside, waving at faces you recognize. An older woman who brings her granddaughter by every Wednesday afternoon for snickerdoodles, Trevor and Sasha, runners who come by for their morning coffee and a new regular; a college student from the stickers on her laptop who comes for the iced coffee.
   The soccer game is in full swing, you notice entering the field. It’s an interesting game, you can tell from the way the parents, mostly dads, are sucked in cheering and yelling from the sidelines.
   “Y/N!” You look around for who was calling your name and spot Natasha way across the field by the benches, secluded from the game and crowds also surrounded by a group of buff men. You gulp, nervously. It was the fucking Avengers of course they were buff. Dumbass. “Y/N get your ass over here!”
   You start towards them, your stomach turning.  A bunch of buff, world saving men, no big deal. Except it was. You haven’t had your hands on a man in months, not since him anyway. It was easy to get wrapped up in your work and put your sex life on the back burner. 
   Well, it had been, before you had your life turned upside down a few weeks ago. Since then it’s been harder than usual not to get wet at the thought of sex with every mildly attractive man that had a little muscle on him. Though you knew they could never replicate him or that wild night, it didn’t stop your mind from thinking up scenarios or your body from reacting to them.
   Now is not the fucking time for this. You scolded yourself internally. What if you couldn’t keep your eyes on their face? What if you turned into a stuttering pile of goo, because you were being a horny toad? Oh dear god...
   “Guys she’s the best. I can’t wait for you guys to meet her.” You hear Nat say. She turns back to look at you from over the small hill. She must’ve known you were close enough to hear. “If she ever gets over here!”
    “I’m coming Nat. I’m a baker, not a damn hiker! It’s a long walk, jeez...” Finally making your way over the hill separating you from them, you approach the picnic table. Nat jumps down from the table where she sat and placed down her drink. “Guys, this is Y/N.”
   The first one to say hello is someone you don’t recognize, a black man you don’t recognize with a short cut. “Hey, I’m Sam.” He puts out his hand for you to shake, which you do. “Natasha won’t shut up about you. I think you’re the only normal woman she hangs out with.”
   “Oh shut up dumbass.”
   You laugh, “Hi, I wish I could say the same. Nat over here,” he elbows her in her side, “Refers to you all as the big one, or the dumb one or the nice one or Steve. Oh! Or the god, one of you is a god.”
   Sam laughs, “Figures.”
   “There are others. The big ones went off somewhere to find a bathroom. The asshole was busy, building something as usual. He sends his love in a check though.”
    “A check? Nat, I told you over the phone he didn’t have to send one. He’s a goddamned millionaire, I bet he is too busy for a bake sale. I’m sure we’ll raise enough money without it, anyways.”
   “Exactly, he’s a millionaire. Charity for a few kids won’t break the bank.”
“Don’t make him think I’m a-“
“You don’t do things like that. We’re in a park, with children Bucky!”
“I made sure no one was around. I’m not a fucking creep.”
You, Nat and Sam turn to where the noise had come from. And there’s- oh god. No, no, no, no. What the fuck is he doing here?
   Him. The man who’s been haunting your every wet dream for the past three weeks is right here in front of you. God does he look just as good as the night he put you against that wall and-
   “Hey, who’s this?” You know him, that’s Captain America. Well Steve, Nat calls him. He’s everywhere. One of your customers’ kids always asked for you to turn on the news just to see him, you think you’ve memorized his face.
But he isn’t important, he isn’t who catches your attention, it’s the man next to him. He’s as brooding and handsome as the night you met him in that bar. The metal arm that had done things to you that you wouldn’t even tell to Nat your closest friend, was right there.
“It’s you. It’s you again.” He says his gaze shitting up and locking with yours.
You’re in shock, your jaw slack.
Sam, Nat and Steve look at either cluelessly. “You guys know each other Y/N?” Nat whispers to you.
“He’s uh- we met at the- I-” Your mouth is dry and you’ve forgotten every word that you have ever learned.
“Yeah we do. I think I’ve seen her at my gym.” Bucky finishes for you, looking away.
“The gym? Since when do you go to the gym Y/N?”
You shake yourself out of your trance. “Uh sorry. Yeah we did meet at the gym. He lifts like 300 pounds as a warm up, I was just surprised to see him here that’s all.” You’re proud of yourself for saving face and coming up with a story so quickly.
“Oh well, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Steve, Natasha’s told us a lot about you.” He smiles at you warmly. You reach out to shake his extended and smile back.
“It’s nice to meet you too. Surprised you didn’t come in uniform, you’ve got a lot of fans here.”
“I’m trying to fly under the radar today. Hopefully, I can keep it under wraps.”
  “Sorry to break it to you but are all very avenger like, you should prepare to take a lot of pictures and sign some autographs later.” Avenger like... yes he was very avenger like. He had a metal arm for crying out loud, and you didn’t think to connect the dots to the Avengers?
The short and sweet conversation with Steve is enough to give you time to fully compose yourself and hopefully make everyone forget about the weird encounter with ‘Bucky’.
Before things can get awkward again, and you have about her chance to lock eyes with him you’re excusing yourself and Natasha is accompanying you back toward the bakery.
Bucky is watching you and Natasha retreat and finds his eyes trailing down to your ass adorned by the fitted light blue jeans you’re wearing.
   “What was that?” Sam questions sitting onto the bench watching Bucky watch you. “Don’t tell me you think we believed that damn gym story. She looked like she’d seen a ghost.”
Bucky is tuning him out, committed to watching you disappear around the corner. How the fuck did this happen? Bucky didn’t think to ask who this friend was, he regrets not listening to closer to Natasha.
“I mean she does have a great ass. If you-“
“Shut the fuck up.” Bucky warns.
“Ah- so that’s how you know her.”
“You slept with Nat’s friend Bucky?” Steve questions.
Bucky groans. “I didn’t know she was her friend…”
“You’ve just got bad luck, my friend..” Sam teases, clapping Bucky on the back, laughing. Bucky cuts his eyes at him, making Sam put his hands up in surrender. “Fine, hands off.”
“When did this all happen anyway?” Steve asks.
“A few weeks ago, when you fuckers left me at that bar alone.”
Bucky had already not wanted to be here. He had better things to do with his time than a guys night, with the human golden retriever that was Steve and the dumbass that was Sam.
But he did, because they fucking nagged him about it for days until he snapped and agreed just to get them off his fucking back. He knew he would come to regret it, and now he was. Sitting alone at a table in the corner of this hippie bar, an hour past the agreed meeting time.
He was ready to leave. No amount of liquor would save this night. He’d already had several shots while waiting, and was buzzed enough to know more drinks wouldn’t help. He just wanted to go home… until you walked in.
You caught his eye with the tight red dress you wore. It hugged you in all the right places, the silk material tight against your ass, vibrant and soft looking against your skin. His eyes followed you to the bar where you sat down fidgeting nervously.
He watched you order a couple drinks, loosening up a little more after each one, the nervousness leaving from her until you were enjoying yourself completely. Dancing in your seat to the pop music they played, sipping on your drinks happily.
Then some fucker set his eyes on you. Obviously drunk from his sloppy movements, Bucky watched him closely, as stumbled over to you and flopped in the vacant chair next to you. You talked with him for a few minutes, and Bucky began to look away, you seemed comfortable, safe.
Then Bucky hears him ask to take you home. You tense up, obviously uncomfortable and Bucky is heading over before he has a chance to say anything more. “Leave.”
The man turns around to find Bucky towering over him. “What?”
“Leave, go back to your table or go home. I don’t really care. But leave her alone.”
He stands, up shaky to face Bucky. “Hey man this is fair game. I was here fir-” His eyes widen when he sees Bucky’s metal arm and he’s sliding money across the bar and slipping out the door before Bucky has to speak again.
“Are you okay?”
Your eyes flashed from the man to Bucky, back to the man and then Bucky. “I am.” You were unsure of him, gave Bucky a once over, catching yourself string at his metal arm for a moment too long you look up to his face. “I am now. Thanks to you.”
Bucky nods gruffly before heading back to his table. How was he supposed to leave now that you were here? He had to stay to make sure you were safe.
“Hey wait!” Bucky looks back. “Don’t I owe you something? You saved me from that creep. Can I get you a drink… a dance maybe?”
Bucky declines, “It was no big deal.” He’s waving you off, beginning to walk away again.
“Wait,” you reach out and grab his arm, his metal arm, “I want to, really. To show my gratitude.”
“The dance or the drink?” Bucky humors you. You look too good in that dress to be ignored, he starts to think how good you’d look out of it too.
“The dance really, but the drink I wouldn’t mind getting for you either.”
   You don’t let him decline again before sliding your hand down his to his hand, hooking his and your pointer fingers, guiding him towards the dance floor.
   Bucky can’t help but stare as he lets you walk him to the middle of the floor, mesmerized by the way the material strains against your ass, curves to cover your hips.
   You stop abruptly, making Bucky lightly press against you. Its light and brief but Bucky’s dick is pressed against your ass for a moment. It’s a good fucking moment.
   You turn to him with a smile, a smile that lets Bucky know that you’re very aware of what you’re doing. You put one of your arms around his neck the other resting against the bicep of his flesh arm. “Dance with me.” His hands are to your waist briskly, per your request. The music is still bubblegum pop, so you and Bucky find your own rhythm. Slow and steady.
   “Thank you again for saving me.”
   “It was my pleasure.”
   “Do you go around being Superman to every girl you see alone in a bar?
   “There aren’t too many women like you, alone in a bar.”
    You smile, “Like me?”
   “Yeah.. like you.”
   “Maybe I shouldn’t be alone then. Mind saving me one more time?”
   “You slept with him!?”
   “God Nat, I didn’t know you knew him!” You’re pacing around the kitchen, where you ran to after meeting ‘Bucky’.
   “He has a metal arm of course I know him! How could you sleep with someone and not tell me?!”
   “Ugh!” You cover your face in your hands. “It was embarrassing…”
    “What was so embarrassing, that you wouldn’t tell me about the first time you’ve had sex in months?”
   You lean against the wall. “You really wanna know?”
   “Y/N...” Natasha warns
   “Fine!” You shut your eyes so you don’t have to look at her when you say it. “This man has just given me the best fuck of my life. I’m naked, sprawled out on the bed, breathing like I’m an asthmatic. Completely out of it, exhausted-“
    “I get it, just skip past all that. He’s my goddamn teammate, I have to look at him again sometime.”
    “I’m out of it, and he stands up like he’s unfazed. Like I’ve done no damage to this man at all, after we’ve gone for more than an hour, and he says ‘Thanks I should get going now.” You cringe having to repeat the words.
    “That’s it! That’s what you’re so embarrassed about?” Because he said thank you and left? I know you’ve been out the game for a minute now but that’s usually how one night stands work honey.”
    “Natasha,” you whine, “You don’t get it. Have I said he’s given me the best fuck of my life yet? Cause he did, and I was so mediocre, so bad that’s he’s literally running away the second he finishes. He didn’t even ask for my number or anything!”
    “Y/N. That’s how men work! You fuck, they finish, they leave. It is kind of how that goes. You’re overreacting.”
    “Am not! Every guy I’ve ever had sex with has asked for my number after. I’m not cocky or anything, everyone has bad days or whatever. But I just happen to have my one bad day with him? The sexiest man I’ve ever laid my eyes on, of course I’m embarrassed. And now he’s out there probably telling the freaking avengers I’m the worst fuck of his life!”
    Natasha sighs, you were ways this dramatic. “Even if that were true, which I doubt, Bucky isn’t that kind of guy. He doesn’t even like saying good morning, trust me he isn’t going to go telling them stuff like that.”
    Nothing she’s saying can help. You’re already invested in the idea, and it was no help your core had started to ache remembering that night so vividly.
   “Hey. Can we get a hand up front, Isa just went on break and the soccer game ended and were moving a little slow behind the counter.” Alisha asks sticking her head inside the kitchen.
    “Oh, yes of course. Just give me a minute, I’ll be right out.” She leaves so it’s just you and Nat again.
    “Look,” She says putting her hand on your shoulder. “Go out there and focus on securing this snobby rich kid money. We’ll talk about this later.”
    You laugh, “They’re not snobby.”
   She shrugs, “Can’t tell, all rich people remind me of Stark.”
   You straighten your back, standing off the wall. And shake out your limbs. “Right, I can do this.” Nat gives you a reassuring smile before you suck it up heading out to give Eli and Alisha a hand.
    About an hour and half the words had died down, the soccer game finally finished and parents and kids were clearing out either to celebrate the win, make up for the loss or going home starting their homework and nightly routines.
    You sent Eli, Isabelle and Alisha home a little early, thanking them for their hard work throughout the day. You’re ringing up the last customer when the overhead door bell rings, signaling a new customer. You don’t even look up, trying to contain your annoyance. One minute til’ closing and they were still piling in. You hand her the Chocolate & Buttercream icing cupcake and need her on her way finally catching a glimpse at the customer who had walked in.
   Your breath catches in your throat at the sight of him. Oh brother. You lock the register and leave from behind the counter with a cloth to wipe down the tables.
   “May I help you?”
    Bucky’s a little confused by your attitude, not that he expected you to jump into his arms or anything but why were you being so stand-offish? Was this all just too awkward?
   “Natasha sent me in to help you close. Her, Sam and Steve headed back but she said ‘you always have a problem closing on time, that you might need help.”
    It sounds just like Nat, especially after a busy day like today it was like her to send him to make sure you close. Obviously, you don’t ignore that she just had to send him.
   “If you could just flip the sign over for me.” Your head tilts toward the white sign that hands in your window, reading Open or Closed.
    He goes to flip it and you sneak a look at him. he’s wearing black jeans, and god does his ass look great in them, and a plain navy blue t-shirt that does barely a good enough job of containing his muscle. That fucking body accompanied with that face… it shouldn’t be legal.
   “Anything else?” He offers gruffly.
   “No that’s all, thanks.” You’re finished wiping down the tables and the only thing left to do it lock up, you’re tired and you can sweep up before you open tomorrow. You’re turning to go back behind the counters, to grab the keys and almost bump into him from the closeness.
   “Jesus!” You jump back. “You scared me!”
   “Sorry, was the only way to get you to look up at me.”
   “Yeah well… I’m busy so…” you look down to fold the cloth you’re holding.
    Bucky notices your fidgety behavior, like that night at the bar. What did you have to be so nervous about, you knew him. Well... knew him as well as a one night stand who fucked you senseless could know someone.
   “You told me your name was James…” you don’t know why you say it but it slips out.
   “It is. Everyone just calls me Bucky.” You hum still looking down at the floor. ”I don’t like everyone calling me that.” He adds.
   You can’t help but think of all the times you called out his name that night, screamed it at the top of your lungs, cried it out, moaned it. You straighten, squeezing your thighs together, something that doesn’t go unnoticed by him. 
   “You don’t like everyone calling you Bucky or James?”
    “James. It’s more for close friends. People I trust.”
   “So why’d you tell me?”
   “You gave me the best fuck of my life, I I trust you more than I trust Stark.”
   You look up to him, dumbfounded. What’d he just say?
    You let out a nervous chortle, something somewhere between a scoff and a laugh. “The best fuck of your life?”
    Bucky nods, like yeah that’s what I said. But that can’t be what he said.
   “If that’s how you treat the good ones, I’d hate to have a bad night with you.”
   “What? How’d I treat you?” Bucky has never been the most hospitable not since the 40′s anyway. But he always held to the notion of being a gentleman, he thought he was the epitome of one at all times. So he’s bothered by the implication in your tone. 
   “That’s like a rhetorical question right?”
   “No it isn’t, did I do something wrong?” You’re confused by the confused look on his face. Did you two experience the same night?
   “Bucky - James - uh... dude. You completely wreck me, which was great - amazing even, so thank you. But as soon as you, you know finished... you zipped up your pants and said, ‘Thanks, I should get going now.” Bucky is looking at you, waiting for you to continue. 
   “You didn’t even ask for my number.” Realization dawns on his face. 
   “Oh...” He trails off
    “Yeah, oh. Look I’ve got to start closing. It was nice-”
   The kiss takes you completely by surprise, his lips smashing against yours in a quick instant. His arm is circling your waist, the cold of the metal felt against your skin through the fabric of your shirt making you gasp lightly.
   But you’re slipping into the kiss, eyes closing in bliss the way his tongue explored your mouth. Your panties are flooding at everything after, the way he hoists you up onto his torso, gripping your ass. Sitting you on the countertop, positioning himself between your legs, pressing against you.
    “I’ve never had someone take me that way.” He admits, as Y/N pulls away, he stares into your eyes.
    “Take you...?” Your brain is a little scrambled, and you’re breathing heavily.
    “That night, you were so good for me.” His breath is heavy too, his voice deep and raspy, as he recalls. “You took me so well,” He’s pulling you closer, dropping his head to your ear, beginning to whisper lowly. ”So fucking perfect. Tight and wet, still taking all of me even when I thought it’d be too much for you.” He grips the counter worked up now, “Your pussy felt like it was made to take me, I’ve never... I’ve never been fucked that way before. Never fucked someone who’s been that way before”
    You’re out of breath looking at him with wide eyes, and you feel the rush in your panties from his dirty words, and it’s your first instinct to press your thighs together, but Bucky is between your legs, and had you tried he would’ve stopped you.
    “I - I thought that when you didn’t ask for my number you were unsatisfied or something... I thought I was a bad fuck.” You tell him, lowering you head sheepish, at the explanation of your behavior.
   Bucky laughs. A throwing his head back kind of laugh, hearty and full. “Are you fucking kidding me? I had to leave quick, or I would’ve... I would’ve came in you til my cum was dripping down your leg.” He takes a deep breath before finishing. “I would’ve bred you until you were full of me... until you begged me to stop. Would’ve given you my fucking kid, maybe a few of ‘em.”
    His dirty confession starts a frenzy; clothes start flying, hands gripping, grabbing, fumbling everywhere. All you do is hope everyone on the block has gone home, closed up shop and was far out of earshot because Bucky showed you exactly what he’d meant. He fully demonstrated, on the floor, the counter, the wall, the tables...
   You’ll have to do a lot more than sweep in the morning.
A/N: Was I writing this filth 10:30 in the morning??? Yes I was, pls mind your business.
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starbuckie · 3 months ago
𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐰𝐨 𝐲𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐬
Tumblr media
challenge: 1k writing challenge by @bubblebuckys
prompts: “wanna fuck?” “i don’t want to ruin our friendship.” “i won’t.” “i will.” and the situation of your car breaking down on the way to your best friend’s wedding but luckily, they offer up their asshole sibling to take you the rest of the way of the very long road trip.
pairing: college!bestfriend’sbrother!bucky barnes x reader
words: 5.2k words
warnings: SMUT 18+ (car sex, protected sex, spanking, choking), angst, fluff, bucky is a grumpy lil nerd, reader is gonna be annoying the fuck out of him
summary: y/n is going to stab becca barnes for ever introducing her older brother to her. also for sending him to pick her broken down car from a musty side of the highway. but she can’t help but thank whoever got bucky barnes to dirty talk like it was his job in the two years since she slept with him last.
a/n: happy 1k dya!! i’m so happy for you and so happy that i could help you celebrate your big milestone with this fic. i absolutely adore college bucky and this was just so fun to write. this is not beta-read and any and all mistakes are mine. just a reminder to reblog and leave comments, it really helps a lot with motivation so i can create more content without wondering if people actually enjoy it. so without further ado, please enjoy<3
main masterlist || sebastian stan characters masterlist
Just ten minutes ago, Y/N had been speeding down some highway under the burning afternoon sun, sunglasses perched on the tip of her nose like some old Hollywood type starlet. Her heart had been lighter, her smile had been wider, and her foot had hurt a hell of a lot less because she wasn’t kicking the shit out of the car’s now-flat tire.
“Fuck!” Sweat beaded at her forehead on the side of the highway as the cars speeding behind her took no sympathy to her situation. A rock sat behind the car, such a small item that obstructed the road, but she hadn’t noticed it until it punctured her front left rubber and sent her slowing down. The old car rumbled to a stop and since then she’d managed to push the stupid piece of junk to the weed covered side pavement, bringing the rock with her so no other hopeless bastard would get stuck in her predicament.
Clive- actually, was it Clive? Yes, yes it was Clive, Utah that she was stuck in. Clive was pretty far from California. As Rebecca Barnes’ best friend, she was obligated to carry out her maid of honor duties. Which she did, pretty damn well if she said so herself. The eighteen year-old girl and her boyfriend had made a snap decision in the spring of their freshman year of college to get hitched, and with that quick decision came the quick planning. A rustic July wedding in Tahoe, quite aways from Brooklyn, but the couple had insisted, wanting to be closer to the schools they’d be transferring to that coming fall. Every other event, the bachelorette party, the dress fittings, the excessive amount of partying on the other hand had all taken place on the Upper East Side in Manhattan.
Y/N had fulfilled every wish, from helping to send out invitations and picking out decorations and setting up guest tables in between her classes as a sophomore in college. It still boggled her mind how her younger best friend had grown up so quickly, and how the time seemed to only pass quicker as the wedding approached. Planning took place during sophomore finals, and June was dedicated to the quaintest details. She’d taken two weeks of vacation from her job at the small deli corner in Queens to road trip her ass across the country, and though Y/N herself was normally extremely unorganized she had to give props to herself for pulling her shit together for her best friend’s wedding.
But the last step, the most important step, was actually being there for the wedding, and now she was fucking up all of her hard work. Of course, the event was two days away, but Tahoe was also sixteen hours away and there was no service within twenty miles that would be able to fix up her car quick enough to get back on the road in time.
For once in a near perfect five months, Y/N was completely and utterly fucked.
With a loud groan, she lifted her arms from leaning on the hood of the car and opened the driver’s door. She landed in the seat and dug through her Kate Spade purse for her phone. Becca’s name came up as her first emergency contact as it had been since wedding planning began, and she clicked on it immediately.
Y/N held the phone up to her ear, listening to the drawled-out noise of the call, biting her lip in anticipation. The bride was probably busy preparing for the rehearsal dinner the night after or at the spa, but regardless, the ringing stopped and the light, chirpy voice of Rebecca soon-to-be Carmichael-Barnes came through the speaker.
“Hey, Y/N, what’s up? There anything wrong?” Y/N was a little offended that her best friend immediately assumed the worst, but maybe it’d make the delivery of her news easier.
“Kinda? A stupid rock blew out my front tire, so I’m kinda stranded in Utah.” It was dead silent on the other end of the phone, and she could feel disappointment radiating from her best friend. Becca had taken a big risk with Y/N- she wasn’t known for being the most reliable, because she was carefree and a trademarked wild child, but she had done everything perfectly up until she got stuck on the side of the road. A heavy feeling of guilt sat at the bottom of her chest and she fought off tears as she spoke. “I’m so sorry, Becca, this is supposed to be your big event, and I just fucked up being the maid of honor while you should be relaxing.”
“It’s fine, Y/N, we’ll think of something, please don’t worry. There’s gonna be a simple solution-” The pitch of her voice went up an octave as an idea popped into her head. Y/N could just see the smile that took over her best friend’s face, and she fought the urge to hang up because Barnes’ ideas were not known for being brilliant. “Oh, babe, I’ve got the perfect solution! I literally just got off the phone with Bucky, he’s half an hour behind you. Still don’t understand why you two refused to come together because you're coming from the same city and…”
Truthfully, she did not give a damn as to the rest of what her best friend was saying. Becca probably was rambling on and on about the reasoning as to why the two wouldn’t carpool, but Y/N could only try to imagine what being in a car with Bucky Barnes for seven hours or more would be like.
“Alright, I’ve just texted him now! He’s getting gas but will be there soon.”
“Becca, no, he really doesn’t have to do this, I can call the company and wait here-” Anything besides being in a car with your asshole brother.
“Don’t talk nonsense, Y/N, it’s fine. I need my maid of honor here by tomorrow to celebrate my last days as an unmarried woman.” Without leaving room for Y/N to speak, she sped up her words, finger hovering over the button to hand up. “Bye! I love you! Bucky will be there in thirty minutes!”
The call went dead, and Y/N had half an hour to prepare for Bucky’s arrival.
She started by calling the nearest towing company, negotiating to bring it to the motel at the border of Utah and Nevada. It was about three or four hours west, but she figured that she could survive that long in a car with Bucky.
Her next order of business was to repeatedly smack her head onto her wheel, waiting for death to take her before Bucky did.
And that was exactly how he found her, slumped over like she’d been shot dead. Bucky honked twice, gaining her attention as she shot up with a glare. She turned around, seeing a man wave at her through the front window of his car. Barnes.
Reluctantly, she pulled herself from the hot car, stepping out into the equally hot air as Bucky did the same, and-
Oh Lord. Only two years since she had seen him last, and James Buchanan Barnes looked good.
He was taller, at least four inches taller than she had last seen him, and his once-long hair had been cut into a fluffy, shorter style, matching his stubble way too well in a messy, but cute way. And his muscles- his arms were bigger. So. Much. Bigger.
He donned a ratty Star Wars tee and a pair of black jeans, a pair of dirty combat boots at his feet. But he looked good in it. Fuck him.
“Buck.” Y/N sniffed, trying her best to keep a neutral expression.
The boy- no, the man responded with a similar face, offering nothing but a tight-lipped smile as he slammed the door shut. “L/N.”
There it was.
She snorted at the snark he shot at her, grabbing her luggage out of the back of her car and loading it into his. “We can leave the car here, I called the towing people and they’re gonna bring it up to the next motel.”
That seemed to surprise Bucky and it showed. His face was caught with pinched eyebrows and parted lips. “You called before?”
“Yeah…” Y/N answered slowly, “why do you sound so surprised?”
“That’s just not your thing.” His answer just stewed with sass and it pissed her off more than ever. She swore there was smoke coming out of her ears.
He pried her duffel bag from her clenched hands harshly, nearly smirking out how irked she visibly looked. With a childish pout she dropped the rest of her bags to the dusty ground (probably more hurtful to her than to him, though she’d never admit it) and stomped to the passenger seat.
He followed soon after, plopping in behind the wheel with a heavy sigh and grabbing his sunglasses off the dash with his prosthetic hand. She watched him, how he acted so normal when their situation was everything but, and failed to keep herself from speaking her mind.
“Those glasses make you look like a douchebag, Bucky.”
He stuck the key in the ignition, keeping his eyes on his movements intently and choosing to actively ignore her taunting. The car took off after a few sputters, and they were back on the road.
The first three hours, playing Bucky’s favorite Utah radio station (“Why do you have a favorite Utah station?”) as they ignored each other in bliss. The sun had begun to set, pinks and orange swirling in the sky to give off golden light across the barren land.
Y/N snapped photo after photo- it was so pretty that she had to- but that’s when she started admiring Bucky again. This time she didn’t even try to be subtle.
“Why’re you lookin’ at me like that?” Bucky questioned quietly.
“Just wondering how you kept your looks up so well.” Y/N scoffed, brushing off his question. “Only two years into college and I look like I haven’t slept since I was ten. I mean, look at these fuckin’ eye bags…”
She inspected her face in the mirror, prodding and poking at the skin. “I think you look just as pretty as you did in highschool, sweetheart.” Bucky commented.
His words woke dusty butterflies up from their slumber, their delicate wings wildly flapping around in Y/N’s stomach. It took all of her willpower to not deflect his compliment, and she mumbled a thanks under her breath.
They didn’t speak for an hour after that.
It was only once the sun had gone down and the moon came out to play did Siri warn them that the motel was coming up. Bucky’s hands hadn’t left the wheel either, keeping to a stoic expression and nearly still posture as he drove the two of them. Y/N was yawning, fiddling with her phone without a thought in her bored head, up until a song she hated came into the station they were listening to.
She leaned forward to switch it, but it turned classical and she had to groan. Her fingers tapped different parts of the screen, just begging to find something pleasing to listen to. His selection was shit.
He hit her hand away from the console, his disgruntled face concrete. “Stop touching that, it’s not a damn video game.”
“Not my fault you enjoy shitty old music.” She grumbled and hit her head against the back of her seat, turning slightly to admire Bucky’s concentrated face. Not much had changed since high school. A bit more scruff and darker circles under his eyes, but Bucky Barnes was still attractive as hell. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the motel sign in view, about fifty feet up. “Wanna fuck?”
She watched as his eyes widened and his hands fumbled with the wheel, skewing out of the lane. Cars behind him honked angrily at his mistake. Bucky’s face had turned an adorable shade of crimson, the blush rising to his forehead and down his neck barely visible in the night. Once he’d regained control of the car, he trained his eyes back on the road with a sharp glare. “I don’t want to ruin our… friendship,” he grunted.
Y/N snorted, throwing her arms behind her head and yawning. “I wouldn't call four hours of not killing each other in a car friendship, Bucky.” She didn’t catch his small frown, how his shoulders slumped as he finally pulled over into the small motel parking lot. “I won’t, if that’s what you’re really worried about.”
“I will.”
“Just wanted to get some fucking dick, but leave it up to you to ruin something simple as that.” Y/N spat back.
It was nearly cinematic, the way the music died down and the tension rose. The car came to a full stop, Bucky suddenly too aware of the angry glare aimed at the side of his head. “What the hell are you talking-“
“Oh, don’t act stupid, Bucky. Who was it who upped and left that morning, Bucky? ‘Cause I certainly know I was the one sitting and crying on the half-empty bed.”
And just like that, she was thrown back into the full rage and sadness that the summer before college brought her.
They had both been seniors, both not quite popular and most definitely excited to get out of New York. He was an MIT-bound nerd, early admittance and everything, but she was slowly breaking down and falling behind in AP physics. They’d met each other before, with ten years of friendship with Becca there was no way that they couldn’t have run into each other. But it was only when Winnie Barnes suggested that he tutored her did they become close.
Y/N had been mortified of getting a tutor at age eighteen, she should’ve been going out and enjoying what little bit of highschool she had left, but both her mother and Bucky’s had insisted. So it began with the library after school, fingers tracing sentences on a textbook and Bucky whispering formulas across the table.
She didn’t know when or how she started actually listening to those whispers, or when they started to make heat rise to her face or her heart beat a little faster. He didn’t know when the loud, energetic girl with attention issues started to grow on him either.
Over the last remaining months of school, her grades progressed as did their friendship, which was bordering on something… else. He’d come over to her house, she’d go to his and no longer did he tutor her. They’d watch Netflix, hell, Y/N even got Bucky to knit with her, and no one else batted so much as an eye. Graduation passed, and summer just brought on more time for the two of them to spend together.
It was the night at the drive in. Both of them had never spoken of it, but the way that they stared into each other’s eyes for just a second too long as Summer Nights blasted through the car radio spoke what they had wanted to say for so long. Soon enough they were driving home at an alarming speed, holding hands and giggling like idiots through the halls of Y/N’s empty house.
The night was made of shaky hands and fumbling around. Slow movements and sweet whispers of reassurance, getting caught in a night-long romance that neither of them knew would end so abruptly the next morning.
“I was just trying to protect you, sweetheart.”
Y/N scoffed, “From what exactly, Bucky? You broke my heart instead, so great fuckin’ job with that.” She tried to hide her tears with ill-fated words, but he knew she didn’t mean them.
“Hey,” he grew defensive, finally unbuckling his seatbelt so he could sit up in his seat to face her. It was only then did she realize how much Bucky towered over her still in the small car, his head nearly hitting the roof at full height. “It wasn’t easy for me either, you can’t blame that shit on me, Y/N.”
“Well as far as I can remember, you were the only one not willing to take a chance on us, asshole.”
“Don’t fucking call me that, you’re not being fair.” Bucky spat.
“It’s cute that you wanna talk about this now like adults finally, two years after it happened. You had so much time to call me about it, but you just had to save yourself from your consequences, right?” His silence answered her instantly. She rolled her eyes in annoyance, trying to stop the ache in her chest with any anger she could grasp. “Typical. I’m Bucky Barnes, I kiss peoples asses and I can’t confront anything I fuck up-“
She barely had time to process Bucky’s hands lifting her over the seat, but she had just enough mind to feel his chapped lips against hers. It was after he opened his mouth against hers, his tongue delving between her lips, did she notice the sensation of two hands on her skin, one cold, one warm. His touch lit her skin up, nerves rattling at his touch as she reciprocated the kiss with ferocity. Her hands flew to his cheeks, massaging the stubble scratching at her palms until he pulled away. Though his heart was nearly beating out of his damn chest, he couldn’t help the fond chuckle that came upon seeing Y/N’s swollen lips and lust-filled eyes. “You never just shut the fuck up, do you?”
His words took a moment to register with her, and he could tell the moment it clicked in. Eyebrows furrowed adorably, she opened her mouth to spout some more shit about how he had no right to kiss her after everything that had happened (they both knew she would pretend to have hated it), but all he could focus on was the stupid button on her jean shorts.
He cupped her cunt through the rough material, and her train of words stopped at the contact.
She was fucked.
Her hips bucked into the heel of his palm, her lips finding home on his once again. Fingers worked diligently to unbutton her shorts, both of them shoving her bottoms just low enough to straddle his thighs. She dove for his zipper, biting Bucky’s lower lip when he laughed at her struggle.
“I can smell you, sweet girl,” he smirked against her lips, “you’re really worked up, ain’t ya?”
“Shut up,” she retorted, slapping his cheek. Oh, no one had ever done that before. He liked it. “When did you learn to talk like that anyways? You weren’t nearly this good last time.”
“We were fuckin’ virgins, Y/N, I’ve learned since then. Turns out that girls in college hump anything that breathes, got quite the experience in a few years.” Her hands paused in smoothing over the burn of his cheek and his grin grew even wider when he realized she was going green. “You jealous, sweetheart? Got no reason to be, only ever thought of you.”
He lifted his hips to drag his jeans down his thighs, and good God, she did not remember them being that muscular and her pussy was just dripping for them. For him, because then he took off his shirt- fuck, he had to have lifted in the last two years. There was no other explanation for the thick, corded abs that took over his torso. Definitely not there before.
Her hands slid down his chest, finding rest against the burning hot flesh that had been revealed to her. She let her fingers dip into the scars that littered his left shoulder, those she remembered as bright as day. Their beauty, how she kissed them and told Bucky how gorgeous he was with everything he hated about himself.
She pulled away from his mouth, just for a minute, and let her lips trace that same path down the angry red lines. His eyes fluttered shut at the light contact, basking in the peace her presence brought his guilt and being.
But as soon as the moment was over, her eyes met his again, only to fly shut as she slammed their mouths together again. Teeth clattered against each other as she palmed over his erection, caged inside his boxers. Oh, he was straining. A wet patch formed on the fabric, showing him to be just as needy as she was.
Without another second to waste, she slipped her cold fingers under the elastic, feeling Bucky jolt when she wrapped her hand around him. He was hot and leaking in her hand and when she finally pulled him out of his boxers, well, she had to keep from her jaw dropping open.
His head painted an angry shade of red, precome smeared all over and she couldn’t fight the urge to tease him. Gripping him in a loose fist, she twirled her thumb around his tip, eliciting a loud groan from Bucky. She jerked him slowly, making sure to apply pressure to the prominent veins that ran up his shaft.
Pulling a condom out of the cup holder- she’d ask him about it later- she ripped it with her teeth and inspected it for just a second to make sure it didn’t tear. Bucky had to chuckle at her cute little pout as she put it up to the light of the night, her elegant features just illuminated in the moon. When she was satisfied with the quality of the condom, she rolled it on him, slowly and tortuously, so he could feel the drag of it in full sensitivity.
Her face lowered to his- with his sweat-beaded forehead, reddened cheeks, and mouth puffing out quick little breaths- and he let her think she had him. Lips taunting his with the little smirk he knew all too well, she believed that she had him under her control.
Then, before she could even catch his movement, his metal hand moved to her throat, fingers pressing at the sides, and the tides flipped. He was the one smirking then- grinning like a hyena when he saw Y/N’s eyes roll back. Her chest was heaving, hips mindlessly rutting down onto his, just begging to have him inside her, and he had her right where he wanted her.
Bucky took her silence, that very rare occasion she wasn’t mouthing off, to line up his cock to her entrance with her free hand. His warm hand sliding up the inside her thighs, he snaked it around her hip, and with one movement, guided her hips down his length. Both of them let out a moan at the intrusion.
It felt so good and natural. Maybe Bucky was lying about the other girls, he probably just watched too much porn in his dorm room to learn that type of dirty talk. He didn’t know really where the dominance came from, but what he did know was that it was doing both him and Y/N wonders by the way her cunt was clamping down on his dick.
She made herself comfortable on his cock at first- after all it had been since that summer two years before that she’d been with someone: him- but after the delicious burn of him went away, she was bouncing up and down on his cock like a desperate whore. Bucky readjusted his prosthetic hand around her throat, pressing harder on the junctures and praying to God that they’d bruise later on. Her gurgles, her body instinctively begging for breath, made him grin, and he smacked her ass harshly one, two, three times, just to make sure she got the message that he was in charge. It may have been two long years without each other, but he was dead set on proving to her that he wasn’t planning on leaving her- never again.
“C’mon, darling, I know you can move better than that, go a little faster.” Bucky groaned.
He dragged her lips down to his by the hand wrapped around her throat, letting their tongues entwine as he slammed her hips down onto his cock. She let out a high whine into his mouth, finding it in her to bite down on his lip as her eyes met his hungrily.
Bucky continued to bring his hand onto her ass one after another, his slapping falling in tandem with that of their skin clapping together. “Bucky, oh- James,” she groaned after he hit her again, “you feel so good.”
Her knees hurt, digging into the edges of the cramped car seat, but she made no move to adjust them. Both of them were too caught up in each other to pay the space they were in any attention. Bucky’s hand trailed down her throat, moving under her shirt to feel up the soft skin of her stomach and sliding the fabric up. She whined at the coolness of his hand on her collarbone, feeling the warm air of the car peak her nipples into little buds.
The more her sweat slick torso that was revealed to him made his mind reel, and he was forced to pull away from the intoxication of her lips to taste her skin too. “Honey, you’re so, so fucking gorgeous,” he groaned against her sternum. He bit, licked and nipped, sucking to make sure dark bruises would show up, biting lightly on her nipples and marking her in every right. “Taste so good too, no one’s ever as good as you.”
Even though her mind and body were on a high of ecstasy and pleasure, his words gave her a sense of renewal, grounding her to that moment in the car with him. Her hips were losing rhythm- she was close and her lower stomach was bundling up inside, just begging to find release.
He could feel her desperation to let go too- he needed to just as bad. Bringing his right hand down to her clit with a harsh smack, he let two fingers rub her wetness around the sensitive bud, teasing the swollen flesh over the edge.
His hips snapped up into hers when her knees began to fail her, heaving with slow breaths as he staved off his orgasm for hers. “You can let go, darling, I’ll take care of you just fine.”
The feel of his calloused fingers against her clit sent her over the edge. Her hand grasped at the closest thing, slamming against the window with its freezing condensation under her palm. Her cunt clamped on Bucky’s cock with wild ferocity and her head fell back, leaving her neck exposed for him to bite down on as he chased his own release.
She continued to ride him, sensually and slowly, and soon enough he was coming into the condom, groaning praises about how she felt wrapped around his dick. He kissed her delicate skin, soothing his marks with chapped lips and pink cheeks. “You look so pretty when you come, sweetheart. ‘M so glad you were so good for me, like you were made to take my cock. God, I love you so much.”
When her cunt finished milking his cock, the soreness kicked in. Bucky lifted her off of his cock from her armpits, letting her slump forwards tiredly on his chest. She was nearly asleep, even with her sweaty hair and come leaking out of her swollen pussy, her eyes drooping heavily. Bucky wanted to clean her up, to care for her and talk with her about how much he missed her, but he could tell she needed to sleep.
Moving his lips to hair, he whispered quietly. “Hey, darling?” She hummed in response, and he could feel her eyelashes flutter lightly against his bare chest. “You wanna get cleaned up? You can get some rest in the backseat, I’ll watch out for your car.”
She sat up, rubbing her eyes blearily with pouty lips. Bucky didn’t know where they stood; he wanted to kiss her so bad in the moonlight, but he stood against it. He helped her pull her panties back up her legs, the jean shorts following behind. He wrapped up the used condom, sneaking out of the car to toss it in the trash without anyone to see him in the parking lot.
By the time he came back, Y/N was wrapped in one of his sweatshirts, curled in a fetal position in the backseat. He took a minute to look at her, longing to lay by her again.
Y/N sensed his eyes on him. His stare was never exactly subtle. “Come over here, James,” she yawned, “you make a comfy pillow.”
She sat up and before she could even fully understand what was going on, he tackled her into the seat, pressing her body against his as she squealed. “You’re squishin’ me, Buck, can we move around?”
His face flushed, and once again he was reduced to being a blushing, stuttering mess around her. “Oh God, yeah, m’ sorry.”
He laid back on the seat with his head crooked against the cold window, gesturing for her to lay on top of him. She complied happily, resting her head right under his chin, her ear right above his comforting heartbeat. Neither of them really felt sleepy anymore, the full force of what their sex was to them hitting them so suddenly. “Honey?” Nothing in response. “Can I tell you something?”
“Buck, can we talk about this tomorrow-”
“No!” He recoiled at the desperation in his voice. Clearing his throat, he tried to start over again. “Sorry. I just wanted to tell you, before we fucked, and still now, I guess- God, I’m just fucking this up, aren’t I?” Y/N’s giggles vibrated against his skin, and he found warmth in that laugh of hers.
“I’m not good at emotions. I guess that’s why I left that night, but it’s just because I’m a huge fuckin’ coward. Was scared how big my feelings for you were, and that we were goin’ to different colleges, but that doesn’t seem so scary anymore. It’s easy to say this now, ‘cuz I love you and nothing is keeping me back from saying it anymore.”
Those words. She’d been waiting to hear those words in her fantasies for two haunting years, and now that she had- it just made her the happiest girl on the planet. But she couldn’t let him get away with what he did so easily. Y/N grinned against his chest, lifting her head up to kiss his scruffy jaw. “You said that already, Buck.”
“Told me you loved me already.” She shrugged.
“When did I- oh.”
You look so pretty when you come, sweetheart. ‘M so glad you were so good for me, like you were made to take my cock. God, I love you so much.
His cheeks reddened again, embarrassed that he had gotten caught before his big planned speech, but Y/N grabbed his hand and kissed it before resting it over her chest.
“But for the record, I love you too. Now get some shut-eye, we’ve got some shit to talk about tomorrow.”
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barnesand · 18 days ago
your body sings - b.b.
Summary: I don't know if we believe that Bucky has a praise kink, but I think he does and I personally would like to talk about the unconventional way he enjoys receiving his praise (spoiler alert, its sex). Warnings: 18+, MINORS DNI. Dirty talk, oral sex (fem receiving), vaginal sex, unprotected sex, NSFW, EXPLICIT CONTENT. Word Count: 1k A/N: IDK Honestly, it's been a long time since I've written smut and I really wanted to become less rusty. Please enjoy this because I don't know how I feel about it. NOT EDITED.
You see, Bucky knows from your previous boyfriends that they required that vocal validation. He understood that the ones before him needed to be told that you felt so good. Not great. Good.
Bucky enjoys the compliments, sure, but he likes to find them elsewhere. Because he can sense the fallacy; he knows that your praise for the other ones were lies. He prefers the praise found in shudders, in fingers clenched around bunched sheets, in the perfect arc of your spine.
Bucky doesn't need you to tell him how fucking great his tongue feels dragging across your cunt; he can tell by how your fingers curl deep into his hair. His bruising grip on your thighs will keep you still as your body sings praise to him, trembling and your voice whimpering into the open air above you.
Your hips snap and a moan tumbles over your hips. Bucky doesn't need you to tell him that you're close to seeing stars--he's not even fucking you yet and you're ready to come. You want that, he feels it in the way your thighs grow tighter around his head. You want him buried deep inside of you.
Fuck, he needs it too. One final swipe his tongue across your slick folds and Bucky's making his ascent--his mouth trailing wet marks across your shuddering skin. He finds his place between your thighs, thick and heavy against your slick folds, and he takes that quiet moment to listen to your raspy breaths.
When you're beneath him like this, Bucky wonders how none of them knew. How did those boys have no fucking clue that you weren't enjoying yourself? You--heavy-lidded and lips parted in a pleading whimper--don't have to utter a single word and Bucky fucking knows precisely how well he's doing.
His bottom lip tucked between his teeth, he shoves into you--pulse stuttering as you squeeze around him.
"Fuck," you whimper. "Feels--"
You choke on your moan as his hips snap forward, practically splitting you open with every push forward. A smirk curls at the edges of his mouth as he tips his forehead against yours.
He grunts; his metallic fingers grip your chin as he forces you to look down, to where his cock sinks deep into you with every thrust of his hips. "Taking me so well. Like you were--fuck--made for me."
It comes out as a squeak, a near-silent confirmation that you are made for him. You can't pull your gaze away, mesmerized by the sight of him. He's staring, too, releasing his grip on your chin so he can spread your thighs wider.
This is how you tell him; this is how you show him just how good he is. This is the only acceptable way to tell Bucky anything. You see, Bucky isn't like your other boyfriends--doesn't need the coddling, the assurance. Not even coddling; lies. You told them lies, and Bucky knows it. You didn't feel anything with them--but you feel it all with him.
That's all the praise he needs--the knowledge that you'll only ever unravel with him.
He pulls back, his hands moving quickly to grip your waist. Your hips raise, the angle changes, and your back bows to the ceiling. He can't stop the cocky smile that tugs at his mouth--he can't help it as he watches you fall into a hazy delirium. Like you've forgotten how to speak, forgotten how to tell Bucky that it feels so, so good.
You whine, choke on a moan while your fingers latch around his wrist. It's all you can do... just hold on and wait for the end.
"Buck--" you moan, voice taut in your lungs. "Fuck, please!"
He's found himself drowning in the sight of you. Each thrust into you is filled with a desperate need for more, to be deeper. You feel tighter, now, and fuck he can already feel it climbing.
Bucky's torn. He's torn with wanting to watch you from this angle, to watch you writhe beneath him, your body unable to remain still for just a fucking second with every rut of his hips against yours. He's torn, because he also wants to smother you--with kisses, with pleas to come all over him. He swears, this happens every fucking time. Eventually, he finds his answer--pulls you up like a rag doll into his arms.
Your legs wrap around him, one arm slung over his shoulder as you move to his quickened, fervent pace. Bucky can't stop himself, cant force down the rumble that settles in his chest. You crash your mouth to his, a moan tumbling over your lips.
Your body sings to him--tells him that you're so close. It's in the tremble of your shoulders, the light sheen of sweat that clings to your ever-burning skin. His kisses quiet you; his hands slips between you, his thumb pressing between your slick folds and swipes at your clit.
You're gone. Undone by the quick, skilled swipe of his fingers and he tries to hold onto you as your crumble in his arms. You unravel in his lap, and the little sounds that you make as you come act as a catalyst for him. It doesn't take long before Bucky is chasing his own end, your cunt clenching him tight with each push of his cock into you until he can't take it anymore.
He spills into you, fingers gripping onto you so tightly that he knows he'll see bruises tomorrow. He swears into your skin, obscenities pressing into your collarbone. A shudder quakes down his spine.
With a deep sigh, Bucky lulls his head back to look at you--he finds a thrill in the flush that covers your skin, in the sheen of sweat that forces your hair to cling to your forehead. Breath heavy, you smile at him.
"It was okay," you tease, pressing a hand to his chest until he fell back on the bed.
Bucky chuckles, nodding. "You'll regret that in a minute."
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twoghostsfromeden · 12 days ago
Lit Through the Darkness at 1:58
Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: When you're home alone, you convince yourself that Bucky deserves more
Warning: insecure reader, angst, throwing up, heartbreak, i don't mean any hate toward natasha during this fic, let's be honest if my bf was hanging around natasha i'd be insecure, have you seen her???
A/n: was requested (@scorpionchild81) but put my own spin on it to fit my 1k celebration! sorry it's so short :(
Tumblr media
You grip the toilet tighter as you throw up, tears rolling down your cheeks. You've been throwing up for what seems like hours, but you've been crying for weeks. This happens every time Bucky goes on a mission, leaving you all alone. Things are perfect when Bucky is home, but as soon as he leaves... The doubt sets in.
You don't hear from him for weeks sometimes, you don't know where he is, who he's with... You know Bucky loves you, but should he?
How could he really love you, when Natasha is right there next to him? She's a badass! She's just like him... She took her trauma and made it into something positive. She's beautiful, she's funny, she's strong...
All you do is sit at home and wait for Bucky to return. You can't relate to him about much of anything. He's 100 years old, you're 23. Natasha might not be able to relate to the age part, but you know how deep their conversations get about their trauma.
Bucky opens up to her about things he won't dare talk to you about.
You throw up again, your heart breaking in your chest. You don't know why you even still try to convince him that he should be with you. You know the truth, he should be with Natasha.
You scramble for your phone, dialing Bucky's number. You haven't spoken to him since he's been gone, which hasn't helped your anxiety. You don't want to wait until he's home, you want the relief now. If you're not with him, you can't be upset about what he's doing when he's gone.
The phone rings, but proceeds to go to voicemail. Your breath hitches in your throat, a tear rolling down your cheek.
"This is Bucky, leave a message. Or don't, I probably won't call back either way,"
The sound of his voice has you choking a sob back, your lip trembling. You hear the beep, scrambling to come up with words. "Uh, Bucky... This is y/n," You say, rolling your eyebrows as you remember he already knows who it is, thanks to caller ID.
"I know you're busy, but uh, I thought I should tell you now, before you come home," You say, your voice broken and quiet. You lean your head against the wall behind you, taking a deep breath. You don't know how to break this to him, especially over the phone.
You know he'll be better off without you, better off with someone who understands him. "I won't be home when you come back. I'm sorry, Buck, but I can't do this anymore. You deserve better, you deserve someone like you," You say, your voice failing you, sobs taking over. You instantly hang up, not wanting him to hear you cry anymore.
You sob against the bathroom floor, wrapped in his shirt, knowing you'll never where his clothes again.
You're in the bathroom of your new apartment, getting ready for bed. You don't know when Bucky went home, or even if he went home. You've blocked his number, not wanting to put yourself through that pain again.
it's over, there's no need to rehash things when he gets home. He deserves better, that's that. You wonder what he did when he got the message. Was he relieved? DId he run to Natasha, telling her that you were gone? Did he even miss you?
No, he doesn't miss you. You're not the kind of girl guys miss when it's over. You're the kind of girl guys are relieved about when you leave. Finally, the boring nights, meaningless arguments... It's over.
Natasha is the kind of girl guys miss when it's over.
You splash water on your face, closing your eyes as the cold water wakes you up. Water runs down your forearms, landing on Bucky's red henley. You swore you wouldn't take any of his clothes when you left, but you always did love this shirt.
You inhale deeply, trying to get yourself to relax, to forget about Bucky. You lift your head up, opening your eyes as you stand straight up. Your breath hitches in your throat as you see Bucky standing behind you, his eyes fixed on yours through the mirror.
"Bucky, how the--"
Before you can finish, Bucky is spinning you around, pinning you against the counter. His eyes are red, his lips puffy and his cheeks red. "How could you?" He asks, breathlessly.
You gulp, your bottom lip trembling. It's obvious he's been wrecked, just like you have been. It's obvious you've broken his heart.
"Bucky, I had to. You deserve better," You whisper, your voice breaking.
Bucky shakes his head, furrowing his eyebrows. "Better? I deserve better?"
You push past him, not wanting to be trapped in this tiny bathroom with him. "You need to leave," You say, trying to convince yourself that's what you want.
Bucky follows you, using his metal arm to grab your flesh one. The metal of his fingers burn into your skin, digging into your bone. "Tell me, y/n. If I don't deserve you, what do I deserve?"
You refuse to look at his eyes. You don't answer, wanting this to be over already. You were at peace with your decision, why did he have to come back?
"Tell me!' He barks, raising his voice. You finally look at him, watching the tears stream down his face.
"Natasha, alright? You deserve Natasha!" You say, jerking your arm away from him.
Bucky furrows his eyebrows, taking a step back. "Natasha...?" He asks, muttering under his breath. You wipe your eyes, sniffling.
"What are you talking about?"
You shake your head, dropping your eyes to the ground. "You deserve someone like you, Buck. I can't understand you. I can try, I can pretend I understand you, but there are things I'll never understand about you, because I've never gone through what you've gone through. Natasha has... I can never be what you need," You admit, your tears rolling down your cheeks.
Bucky stares at you blankly, his lips parted. You can see the gears turning in his head, but you can't tell what he's thinking. "Y/n... Natasha is a friend. She's my friend because she understands what I've gone through. But... For you to try to put yourself in my shoes... To try to understand me, that's what makes you a good girlfriend. I don't need you to understand me, I just need you to love me." Bucky reassures you, his voice soft.
You keep your eyes on the ground, sniffling quietly.
Bucky moves closer to you, reaching out and wrapping his arms around you. You fall into his touch, snuggling against his chest. "You're the only thing that makes me feel human. I love Natasha, but part of me still feels like a monster when I'm on a mission. It reminds me of everything I went through. The best part of a mission is coming home to you, coming home and feeling like a human. You're the only person who makes it all go away," He says, cradling your head against his chest.
You allow him to hold you, soaking in his presence. The past few days have been horrible. You've been trying to distract yourself from the fact that your heart was breaking in two. You missed having Bucky in bed with you. You missed waking up next to Bucky.
You don't want to be without Bucky, you want to be with him for the rest of your life. You just want him to have what he deserves. You lift your head, sniffling. "You're sure I'm what you want?" You ask, your voice quiet.
Bucky cradles your face in his bruised hands, a smile slowly creeping across his face. "I've never been more sure of anything in my entire life,"
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buckysmischief · a month ago
tag! you're it - 6
Bucky Barnes x f!Reader
Summary: Bucky falls for Wanda’s college roommate, too bad she’s less that interested.
Warning(s): slow burn
AN: the series taglist had 2 spots open up & my permanent taglist cleared up a bit so if you'd like to be added just send me an ask :)
Masterlist | Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
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marvelescape · 3 months ago
a gentleman from the 40s
summary: You joined the Avengers and finally met Bucky.
pairing: Bucky Barnes x Avenger!Reader
words: 1,098
The first part of a kiss on your hand
author’s note: hiii! I hope you enjoy my first Bucky Barnes fanfic ✨ Also, in this fic, Infinity War didn't happen and the Avengers didn't break up during/after Civil War 🤩 tell me what you think!  💗
Tumblr media
GIF is not mine. Credits to its owner! ✨
Tumblr media
The moment you were recruited for the Avengers, you knew that while you will be risking your health and mental stability for the job, it was something that you signed up for and you just have to learn to live with it. What you didn't know then was that you will also be risking your heart.
It was Natasha who convinced you that you will be an integral part of the growing group of heroes when she witnessed how you, a casual citizen that they were supposed to get out of the battle area during one of those days in New York City, instead quickly gave Sam and Peter the exact directions of where the man (who you weren't sure if it really was a man) went and a brief yet detailed description of his fighting moves and which part of the body the two shall target just from watching them fight hand to hand.
Since you were a kid, your parents told you that you were gifted with a sharp memory. They were right but that was definitely an understatement.
You had the perfect memory.
You didn’t understand why and how you can somehow remember everything exactly even if you just encountered or experienced it for only a split second. You kept your skill to yourself the last years, not even your family knows the extent of it. However, you always knew you could use it for something good so when the Natasha Romanoff asked you to join her, it only took a few statements and little encouragement before you found yourself nodding yes.
The moment you stepped inside the Avengers tower, you were interviewed by the team. Well at least some members of the team.
At first it was intimidating being a literal human being with nothing to offer but her brain in front of these agents, geniuses, enhanced and suited people as well as a literal god.
However, as soon as they warmed up with you, it was like you were friends with them for a long time.
In Peter’s words, you easily passed the vibe check.
It was your second day in the tower when you came face to face with the one and only Captain America with the Falcon beside him. They were wearing their suits and were surprisingly almost unscathed after what you assumed was a mission. They just got back and you could say you were culture shocked when you saw how they stood calmly and reported the mission to the other members of the team easily despite having a few cuts here and there.
Like Tony and Bruce, who were more than glad to have another brain that can solve and exchange ideas with them, Steve and Sam welcomed you with open arms. Well, not quite literally because you were sure that bruises were definitely preparing to show and you wouldn't want to risk making that worse. Plus, despite you wanting to hug these people who you look up to, it wouldn’t be appropriate as you are technically a stranger.
Behind them was a long haired man who was silently observing.  
The Winter Soldier.  
You saw how he gave you a once over. It wasn’t malicious or anything disrespectful. It was more like making sure that you were no threat to them.
You assumed it was his second nature to do that by now.
Of course you heard the stories. Who didn’t?
His background and journey was something that you still memorized from your lessons in high school about the world war. The news also covered him a lot over the years that you were well caught up on how the man deemed to be one of the most dangerous assassins was doing.
Howling Commandos.  
His fall from a train.  
A hero.
Then Hydra.  
The framing for the bombing of the Vienna International Centre.
The disagreement between Tony and Steve that lasted for three years and the almost complete breakup of the Avengers because of the Winter Soldier's mistakes.  
His pardon and recovery in Wakanda.  
And finally, his recruitment in the Avengers after everything was settled between the two leaders of the team.
Standing face-to-face with who you know most people still found a threat, you found yourself offering him a shy yet genuine smile.  
You had an intense amount of respect for the man. He's been through hell, probably worse, but he is still here trying to make his wrongs right. To have that will to keep going after everything, you can't help but look up to him.  
He looked surprised with your gentle and warm nature that he can't help but give a small smile back.  
He was dressed in a black suit that you are quite familiar with as you remember every detail of it from watching few 10-second videos from the news.  
"Oh, Y/N, this is Bucky." Steve smiled kindly, quite exhausted yet welcoming as he encouragingly pushed the man towards you.  
You nodded and gave a gentle nod towards Bucky's direction. "Sergeant Barnes, it's nice to finally meet you," you greeted, maybe too formally.  
You didn't want to offend the guy by calling him by his nickname without his permission. You thought it was only right for you to address him respectfully.
His blue eyes twinkled as soon as he heard his military title. His jaw dropped almost comically but he managed to get a hold of himself and smiled at you timidly after a few seconds.  
"Oh boy, Y/N just stole Barnes’ heart and soul.” Sam’s teasing from the side didn’t escape your ear.
Bucky gave him a glare before looking back at you, his eyes now soft. "Just Bucky, doll," he spoke softly. He then gently grabbed your hand, holding on it loosely giving you a chance to pull it away.  
You smiled at him encouragingly and waited for his next move.
He raised your hand to his lips and gave it a light feathery kiss, eyes staying on yours as he did. "It’s nice to meet you too," he said as he lowered your hand and let it go.  
Your breath hitched and you felt your cheeks warm up.  
Your eye contact with Bucky lasted for a few more seconds before Natasha urged them to head to the hospital wing to get fixed up.
You smiled to yourself as your eyes followed the trio as they walked out the door.
That was the moment you knew that beneath that stoic, emotionless and cold-looking man, there was still little left of the gentleman from the 40s that you may or may not have daydreamed about when you were once roaming around the Smithsonian.  
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lovelybucky1 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
written for my 500 followers celebration! this fic is based on the song Woman by Harry Styles.
warnings: ceo!bucky, age gap (reader is 18+), background cfo!steve/reader, cheating, sexually suggestive content, smoking (cigarettes), mentions of alcohol, angst
Bucky may be a selfish asshole for seeing red every time he sees you hanging off of Steve’s arm, but he doesn’t care. True, he did break up with you, but that doesn’t mean you can start running around with his best friend. Who do you think you are?
You always used to complain about his long hours at the office and his business trips, but Steve is just as busy with the company. He has a sneaking suspicion that you’re only with Steve to make him jealous, and that’s why you’re putting up with all the shit you’d nag Bucky about.
Bucky takes a sip from his glass as he sits at the bar in the crowded club and watches you perch yourself on Steve’s thick thighs. You sling your arm around his friend’s shoulders and lean your head on his chest, just like you used to do with him. If your plan is to make him jealous, it works.
He clears his throat and sets his glass down on the bar, having no intention of finishing the drink. He casually walks over to the couch and stands in front of the two of you.
“Hey, Buck,” Steve smiles, showing off every pearly white tooth in his mouth.
“Hey, Steve,” he smiles back, but it falls when he turns to you. “Y/n.”
“I saw you sulking over there,” Steve smirks. “No luck tonight, I take it?”
“Come on, Rogers, I’ve got more luck in my finger than you do in your entire body,” Bucky scoffs.
Bucky debates sitting down, but he can’t stand to have a conversation with Steve while you’re curled up on his lap like a fucking house cat.
“Can I borrow Y/n for a minute, Steve?” Bucky asks, making a point not to address you and providing no other explanation.
Steve nods and moves his arm so you can get up. You stand from the couch and look at Bucky with an expectant expression.
Fucking brat.
He jerks his head in the direction of the door, then turns around and starts walking without checking to make sure you’re behind. He does hold the door open for you, which surprises you, but you decided not to comment.
“What do you want, Bucky?” you ask once you get outside.
“Don’t fuckin’ play dumb with me,” he scoffs as he takes a cigarette out of the pack he keeps in his jacket pocket. “I don’t think the little show you’re puttin’ on is cute.”
You put your hands on your hips and laugh in his face, not believing the audacity of your ex-boyfriend.
“What show are you talking about, exactly?”
“Being all cutesy with Steve like we used to do.”
“Exactly! Like we used to do. You broke up with me, Bucky, I’m not your property or whatever you see me as.”
Bucky lights the cigarette and a puff of smoke clouds your vision momentarily. You’re almost disappointed when it dissipates because it means you have to look at Bucky’s cocky smirk again.
“You know I’m selfish, doll. I don’t want to see you with him.” Bucky takes half a step forward, crowding you against the brick wall.
“I don’t care what you want. I’m with Steve now and I love him,” you say, and Bucky picks up on the slight tremor in your voice. To him, it almost sounds like you’re reminding yourself who you belong to.
“Ain’t that sweet?” Bucky smirks and he puts his hand on your hip and looks down at you. You almost forgot how he towers over you, but to be fair, he hasn’t been this close to you in months.
“I’ll tell Steve if you try anything, Bucky,” you say, trying to stay strong and not give into Bucky’s irresistible charm.
“Go ahead, I bet he’d get off on thinkin’ about you takin’ my dick,” he chuckles.
He brings his hand up and rubs the crease between your eyebrows with his thumb, making your face relax from the frown it’s been stuck in since you left the club.
“You don’t have to fight me, doll. I’m not trying to hurt you, I swear. I miss you, and I know you miss me too, that’s all.”
His sweet, deep voice makes you feel inclined to believe him, but you know that silver tongue is nothing but trouble. Trouble doesn’t sound so bad when he takes ahold of your chin and rubs your bottom lip. You instinctively part your lips and he smirks down at you.
“Old habits die hard, huh?”
You’re weak when it comes to him, because you can’t help but nod. Old habits do die hard, but your feelings for Bucky have remained very alive, even after all this time.
“We shouldn’t do this, Bucky,” you whisper as he leans closer, his cigarette now smoldering in his other hand.
“But you want to do it, don’t you?”
You don’t answer, but that isn’t good enough for Bucky. He presses his body against yours, positioning his knee between your legs, and repeats his question.
“Yes, I want it,” you say, your voice barely more than a whisper.
His face splits into a smug grin and he tosses his cigarette to the concrete sidewalk. He cups your jaw and squeezes your hip, which is the only warning you get before he crashes his lips to yours.
You moan into the kiss, and he immediately swallows the noise. His lips dominate yours, but to be fair, you don’t try to fight it. Just like he used to do, he takes. He took everything from you: your love, your loyalty, your support and all of your energy, and gave you nothing in return. Yet here you are, voluntarily giving it to him once again.
His tongue pushes past your lips and presses against yours. The taste of him is familiar, like alcohol and cigarettes and something that makes your heart full and makes you feel sick at the same time. You can feel him grab the hem of your dress and start to push it up, but you have enough self restraint to stop this before it goes too far.
You grab his wrist and push it back down, covering your thighs again. He breaks the kiss reluctantly, and when you open your eyes, you catch sight of a string of spit connecting your lips. His mouth is stained with your lipstick, but it looks good on his crooked smile.
He moves his hand from your cheek and uses his thumb to wipe away the smeared lipstick from the corners of your mouth. It’s a subtle gesture, one that he always used to do, but it still makes you feel giddy.
You lean your head back against the brick wall and take a deep breath, and the scent of his cologne fills your nose and makes your head spin.
“This was a mistake,” you say.
“It didn’t feel like one.”
“I’m with Steve,” you say firmly.
“He doesn’t have to know, sugar.”
“No he doesn’t, and he won’t, but we aren’t doing this again.”
Bucky takes a step back and wipes the lipstick off his mouth with the back of his hand. He then pushes his hands in his pockets and his posture makes him seem even broader.
“You don’t want to be with him, I can tell. You belong with me,” he says, voice gentle.
“If you thought that, then why did you break up with me?” you shout, finally having enough of his games. “You only want me because I’m with Steve. If we got back together, it’d be the same shit it always was. You don’t love me, you’re just too selfish to let me be happy!”
Bucky looks away and clenches his jaw. He sighs out of his nose, frustrated because he wants to argue back, wants to yell at you and put you in your place, but he can’t. He knows you’re right; he only wants you because he can’t have you.
“I really do care about you, doll,” he says, looking up from the ground.
“Then leave me the fuck alone, James.” you say before pushing him away and storming back into the club.
Bucky sighs as he watches you leave. He knows you’re going to sit back with Steve and act like nothing happened, but he wouldn’t blame you if you told Steve what happened. Bucky’s gone too long without any kind of consequence, and maybe a punch to the nose and a trip to the hospital would set him straight.
Bucky is an asshole. A selfish, careless asshole who steps on anyone he can to boost his ego and get to the stop. He’s been through many people in his life, and even though he used you just the same, he still can’t get you out of his head for some reason. Maybe, deep down, he does have some true feelings for you, but you’d never believe him. He’d hate for you to be the one who got away, but he isn’t good enough to make you stay.
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vanillanaps · a month ago
Can I Have This Dance? | Bucky Barnes - The Nanny Diaries
Tumblr media
Summary - Bucky comes home early to have movie night with you and Sophia.
A/N - I was feeling nostalgic so I wrote this djdkdld, reblogs are appreciated
Category - Mob!Bucky x Nanny!Reader, fluff
Warnings - pining from both characters
Word Count - 1.2k
The Nanny Diaries Masterlist
It was a miracle when Bucky was able to make it home before 10 pm. Especially on Friday’s considering it was always the busiest day of the week. People would have just gotten paid and wanted to stock up on whatever they could get their hands on for the weekend before Monday rolled around and they were tossed back into the daily 9-5 schedule.
But lately, Bucky has been overworking himself. Coming home passed midnight for the last two weeks. Barely making time for his daughter who was always asleep when it got in and just barely waking up before he left. He could hear you distantly in his ear. Trying to tell him that he needs to take better care of himself and spend more time with his daughter.
For some reason tonight, it hit him hard as he stared at the picture on his phone he just received. It was a picture of you and Sophia with big, bright smiles and thumbs up as a bowl of popcorn sat between the two of you.
We‘re missing you for Friday movie night! Soph said she’s 100% waiting up for you tonight, see you soon!
Bucky couldn’t stop the smile that grew on his face, not able to pull his eyes away from the photo. He should be there, sitting besides you and his little girl as she undoubtedly picked a Disney movie to watch.
On my way.
You smiled to yourself as the text came through, glancing over at the small girl whose eyes were glued to the tv. She’d be happy to know her dad was on his way home to her. A small wave of jealousy flushed through it, wishing he was also coming home to you. But he wasn’t, you were nothing but the Nanny.
Pushing the thoughts out of your head, to focus on the movie. Only about 15 minutes had passed before you heard the jingle of keys and the sound of the door unlocking. Sophia turned her head to you in confusion as you smiled, “I think that’s for you.”
“Soph?” His voice called out.
You were surprised at the loud scream she was able to produce from her tiny lungs as she jumped up and ran towards the front door, “Daddy!”
Your heart swelled at the excitement in her voice, almost audibly awing aloud as he walked into the front room with a smile on his face as his daughter clung on to him, “I missed you, Princess.”
“I miss you.” She sobbed. Bucky sighed, rubbing her back as she cried on his shoulder. He didn't realize how much him being gone lately affected her. He knew she’d be sad, but not to the point where she’d be crying like this.
You slowly stood up, not wanting to be in the middle of a moment that was clearly meant for a man and his child, but Bucky caught you, shaking his head and motioning for you to sit back down. You nodded and watched as he sat down, prying Sophia away from his shoulder so he could look at her
“It’s okay. You don’t have to cry, I’m here now, okay?” He told her calmly, helping her wipe her tears, “Daddy’s right here and he’s gonna be here all weekend.”
“Really?” Sophia hiccuped, pushing her hair out of her face and calming herself.
“Mhm, just me and you.” He smirked.
“And y/n?”
Bucky looked over at you with a raised brow, “And y/n?” He repeated the question to you.
“Oh, I don’t want to interrupt family time.”
“Please, y/n?!” She pouted, her eyes getting big.
You internally groaned, knowing you were about to give in because you hated when she got sad, “Okay.”
Her mood immediately changed around as she jumped off of Bucky’s lap, back onto her original spot on the couch. He chuckled at her sudden change of mood as he loosened his tie before pulling it off, “Alright, what we watchin?”
“High school musical three! Y/n said it’s her favorite!”
Your cheeks burned with heat as he looked over at you, “It was one of my favorites. As a kid.”
“You said you watch it all the time!” Damn kids and not being able to read the room.
Bucky chuckled and nodded, “I get it, it’s a nostalgic thing.”
“Right.” You swiftly agreed before turning your attention back to the movie.
The three of you sat in silence, you and Sophia completely stuck on the screen. Bucky glancing over at the two of you every once in a while, softly smiling at how into the movie you were. His ears perked up as a song started up and he heard you quietly humming along to it. Seeing the smile on your face and the way your body slightly swayed back and forth.
Suddenly, Sophia jumped up off the couch, wrapping her small hands around yours as she pulled you up, “Come on, let’s dance!” She shouted excitedly. You laughed, nodding not being able to refuse. Taking her hands in yours, the two of you twirled around in circles. It only lasted a moment before she pulled away from you, running over to Bucky to pull him up as well, “Come on, dad! It’s your turn!”
His eyes widened and shook his head, “I don’t know the dance, Princess.” He tried denying. But he knew better, his daughter didn’t take no for an answer.
“Just listen to the words, please daddy??” She begged, puppy dog eyes bulging.
Bucky sighed, making his way over to you and held out his hand as Sophia jumped back on the couch, starting the scene over from the beginning of the song, “May I?”
You slipped your hand into his just as the song stated, stepping closer to him to rest your other hand on his shoulder as his other one went to your waist. Your heart picked up as the two of you made eye contact. This was the closest you the two of you had ever been, now able to see the soft green specs that were hidden in his blue orbs. Bodies flushed together as you twirled around the living room.
“You’re good at this.” He spoke softly
“Thank you, I guess you can say I had a lot of practice growing up,” You joked. He chuckled as the two of you continued to dance. It wasn’t long before you broke eye contact, it began to become too much for you. But Bucky’s eyes never left your face. He eyed your every feature as he cherished being this close to you cause he wasn’t sure when he’d get the chance again.
“For the record,” He muttered into your ear, his hand sliding from your waist to the small of your back, “You can’t interrupt family time if you are family.”
If your heart could jump out your chest, it would. You said nothing as the two of you danced until the song ended. Slowly pulling away from each other, you finally looked at him again, “Thank you, Mr. Barnes.”
Bucky laughed, shaking his head at your formalities. Even after calling you family, you remained professional. Well, as professional as sharing an intimate dance could get. He went to speak to Sophia, only to notice the couch empty of her presence.
That sneaky little girl.
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subwaysurf45 · 14 days ago
The Smell of Perfume
Tumblr media
summary: Bucky gets to look around your childhood bedroom that hasn't changed since you were a kid
words: 3k
warnings: just crying for two seconds but it's fluff
Tumblr media
“Oh god,” you sighed once you pushed open the door to your childhood bedroom, Bucky was right on your tail trying his best to conceal his laughter, “I can’t believe they wouldn’t leave you alone!” you didn’t even look back, all you did was faceplant on your bed. The scent of your mother’s fabric softener smacked you with a wave of nostalgia.
After many years of friendship and one year of dating you finally introduced Bucky to your parents. They were nice until they weren’t, question after question and repeating the questions again. There were times where Bucky had to slightly raise his voice to talk to your grandfather who was there as well, it caught Bucky off guard when he found out that your grandfather was a World War Two vet. Near the end of the small talk, before you ran up to your room, Bucky had taken your grandfather outside on the porch to talk to him, it lasted a very long time. You on the other hand turned to your parents and scolded them for the insane amount of questions and bugging.
“I bet Bucky loves to answer your questions,” you looked over your shoulder to make sure Bucky wasn’t listening, “but he can get overwhelmed and when he’s fiddling with the hem of my shirt,” you narrowed your eyes at your dad, “he’s not acting like a child, he’s telling me he’s very anxious.”
“He was following you like a lost puppy,” your dad took a swig of his beer, “you used to grab my shirt when you were a kid, he’s over a hundred and he’s acting like a child.”
“He's a nervous human,” your voice slightly raised but Bucky was still outside, “he’s been through so much and when you start to ask him about Hydra and being the Winter Soldier-” you took a deep breath, you slowed down again, “when you ask that stuff it doesn’t help him, and he gets the same PTSD symptoms as grandpa. Ask him about his favourite dessert or if he likes the New York Mets or Jets, don’t ask him about his darkest moments in life.”
The door to the back yard opened and everyone looked over to see Bucky helping your grandpa in. By chance Bucky was using his left arm to help him get up the steps, even that made your eyes swell. You walked over to Bucky and he turned to you after he got your grandpa on the recliner, he just wrapped his arm around your waist and took hold on your shirt.
“I’m going to show Bucky my room,” you didn’t wait for any type of confirmation, you just took him up.
That’s where you were now, face down on your twin sized bed, breathing in the aggressive cleaner your mother still uses to this day. At the sound of a hum you looked up, Bucky was just looking around from where he was standing. You flipped onto your back and watched as Bucky looked over and around, nodding his head at every new thing he saw. He was so focused on taking in your room he didn’t notice you had begun to watch him, just waiting for him to walk around.
“Can I touch stuff?” he spoke but didn’t look over, after a beat where you didn’t answer he looked over. Instantly a blush grew on his face, it always happened when he caught you looking at him, now embarrassed he was being looked at.
“Go ahead,” you whispered and snuggled further into your pillows.
As Bucky picked up little things you couldn’t help but start to get vivid flashbacks of your childhood, the memories and feeling stuffed inside of a little plush seemed impossible, but it was real. Bucky picked up the books you read as a kid, he slowly saw your taste in literature change, the adult books had annotations and markings on them.
“You’ve talked about this one,” he whispered, his finger running down the lifted cover, “it’s seen better days, huh?” He flipped through the pages and really saw the spills from wax, coffee and random things like paint. The pages were creased from water damage but still smiled when he picked it up, “it’s been loved.”
You just nodded, not wanting to break the glass surrounding you. It was so quiet and calm here, you could feel a string attached to the both of you, keeping you together. Talking or even making a noise could snap the beautiful feeling you’ve both created. The word ‘intimacy’ was always used to surround sex or sexual activity, but right now you’ve never felt more intimate. Bucky kept looking back at you with a small smile, like he was feeling it too. The pure love that was pushed around the room with every flip through of a book washed your face clean, it came in waves with every new thing Bucky looked at.
He moved a bit to your dresser and picked up the perfume bottle that sat there, the lid came off easily. When he brought it to his nose with one long sniff the smell seemed to take him back a few years, “oh my god,” Bucky muttered as he smelt it again, “I can picture this, the day I met you, oh wow…” he sighed and let his eyes flutter shut, his left hand that wasn’t holding the bottle up to his nose held onto the dresser to brace himself.
“I wore that the day I met you?” you giggled, Bucky eagerly nodded which made you laugh louder.
“So here’s what happened,” Bucky breathed in again, “it was my eighth day at the compound and Steve was still showing me around,” sniff, “and you had gotten back from a mission and were sweaty,” sniff, “so when Steve pulled you over to me you were quickly dousing yourself in this stuff,” sniff, “so that I couldn’t smell your sweat,” sniff, he held it before letting the breath out through his mouth. Bucky opened his eyes and looked over to you, “come here really quick.”
You got up and faced him, Bucky sprayed a bit on both sides of your neck before putting the bottle down. With a childish smile he pulled you in for a hug, your arms warped around his neck while his fingers were spread apart against your back. Bucky had told you he always tried to cover as much surface area of your back when hugging you, it helped that he had big hands.
“It’s like a time machine if you close your eyes,” Bucky whispered, “I can picture how happy you were to see me, even though you hadn’t met me and I didn’t say a word.”
“I remember it too,” you faced Bucky’s neck. Your nose was pressed right up against where he sprayed his cologne, he sprayed a lot before coming here because he was nervous.
“I knew I could trust you because when I froze up you pulled away,” Bucky held you tighter, “you didn’t get mad or look at me weird, you just said you were a hugger and that you’d be there to give me a hug whenever I wanted, not questions asked,” Bucky took a deep breath in at the memory, “I found you the next day to hug you, and it was the best ever,” Bucky pulled away, a few tears were in his eyes, “can I tell you something?”
“Of course,” you were worried about him crying but it was normal for Bucky to cry when he was overstimulated with emotion.
“When I hugged you for the first time you did this thing where you cupped the back of my head,” Bucky smiled as it went up to his eyes, causing a few tears to slip out, “it reminded me of my ma,” he looked down and you saw a few tears fall to the floor, when he looked up more filled his eyes. He was smiling through the pain, every few seconds he’d let out a breath and his smile would drop. You wiped away the tears but he held your wrist to stop your hand, making you cup his cheek. He tilted his head and kissed the inside of your palm, “she would have loved you.”
At that you let out a sob and fell back into his arms, both of you pulled one another so tight it was hard to breathe, but it was worth it. The tears were just there, some were happy and some were sad, every few seconds Bucky would let out a breathy laugh but then sniffle the tears back. Both faces hid into the other’s shoulder, Bucky pressed a kiss to your neck when you brought a hand up to cup the back of his head.
You both pulled away and laughed it off, wiping and kissing each other's tears away. Bucky couldn’t stop smiling, it made its way onto your face as well. “Show me something funny so we don't cry again,” Bucky joked and looked over your shoulder, he saw medals and trophies on a little stand. He walked over and you followed, his hand around your waist but not holding your shirt.
“Here’s the trophies from when I was a kid,” you smiled up at him, he was extremely impressed.
“That’s my girl!” he smacked your ass which made you yelp, he picked up the biggest trophy, you couldn’t help but jump back on the bed to cover your embarrassment. You could hear him picking up every single one and inspecting it, the little clinks of them hitting one another and his proud whispers. “I’m bringing some of these back to the compound,” he laughed.
“Yeah,” you rolled over to see him, “my grade six science fair win will totally work in our bedroom.”
“I’ll make it work,” Bucky smirked, “trust me.”
You just laid there and let your eyes close, Bucky could still be heard making his way around the room. After a while you felt the small bed dip and Bucky spoon you, his arm went over your waist and his leg snuck between yours. His hand found the spot where your shirt had rolled up and left a part of your stomach exposed, his thumb brushed back and forth as he got comfortable behind you. His nose was right against your hair and his chest fit perfectly against your back.
“I wish I could show you my room,” he whispered.
“Tell me about it,” you snuggled further back into him.
“Well,” he sighed, “it was very plain, only the necessities. Small bed and small desk,” you could tell his eyes were closed and he was picturing it, “grey undertones everywhere, no colour, that was a big difference.” He was quiet after that, “I had my draft document posted on the wall with a thumb tack I stole from my ma, I also had a couple pages worth of Steve’s illnesses so I could remember the symptoms and all that.”
“Really?” you were shocked he’d do that.
“Ya, Steve had a lot,” Bucky laughed, “I needed to remember everything so if he had to go to the hospital they knew he was allergic to latex and all that,” Bucky pulled you tighter, “I also had notes that got passed around our classrooms, I’d read over them from time to time.” he nuzzled deeper into you, part of you thought he was smelling that perfume on you again.
“What did you and my grandpa talk about?” you knew the answer.
“The war,” Bucky responded quickly, but paused after. “It was nice to hear him talk about the aftermath, it was like closure from a person who actually knew what they were saying, very few people know what it was actually like back then.” His thumb was still rubbing your skin, “he was never involved with Hydra, but he was still there,” Bucky rolled you over to face him, “he told me how a letter that I wrote home to my ma was put in the newspaper.”
“Really?” you’d never heard of that story before.
“I told her how much gum we had, how it was used as its own currency when dealing with other countries that weren’t introduced to it yet,” Bucky smiled, “who knew gum would be the topic of discussion next to the cross word,” he paused, “apparently a few of my letters made it into the newspaper, some of them are in the archives at the Smithsonian, as a vet he got to see them.”
“Do you want to see them?” you reached up to cup his cheek.
“Not really,” he looked off, “I’ve finally let him rest, I’ve moved on and I think seeing that will send me into a spiral I won’t get out of.”
You just smiled up at him, “the Bucky I first met all those years ago would’ve never said that.”
Bucky smiled and lowered his head, “the Bucky you met will never be seen again, I don’t want to spend my life thinking of something I can’t change,” he shook his head in disbelief, “this doesn’t even sound like me talking but I mean it, I’ve never been more happy in my life, and I think that’s because of you.”
There were no words left that could truly capture how you feel, you were left speechless. All you could do was pull down and lay him on your chest when you flipped to your back, he welcomed the gesture and snuggled closer into you. His arms were securely wrapped around you and his head was deep in your chest, he matched his breathing to yours. Only now were you reminded of the people downstairs, you could hear muffled voices between the three of the adults. Maybe you heard your name but you didn’t care, you were too wrapped up with Bucky being wrapped around you. As you ran your fingers through his hair you couldn’t help but notice the smile that grew onto his face, he’d shiver and pull you closer, you’d then just run your fingers through the same spot that made him shake a bit.
After a while you headed out before the sun went down, everyone said their goodbye and you drove home. Bucky was weirdly on his phone the entire time, he looked to be typing something. Every time you’d look over he’d shield it from you, “eye’s on the road,'' would be spoken from his lips. By the time you actually got back to the compound Bucky was giddy, he kept taunting you jokingly because you didn’t know what he was doing. You both walked in and Bucky flashed the phone at you but you weren’t able to read it, you were just over it at this point. For the rest of the day Bucky was out and about, you didn’t really see him. He kept texting you and telling you he had a surprise, a gift for such a nice afternoon at your parent’s house.
Bucky walked into Steve’s room, “you have it?” Bucky eagerly asked.
“You know it, punk,” Steve walked over to his desk and grabbed a folded piece of paper, “first time I picked up a pencil to draw in a very long time,” Steve rubbed the back of his neck, “thank you, Bucky, I forgot what it was like to draw.”
“Thank you,” Bucky pulled him in for a hug, “you have no idea how much this means to me,” Bucky opened the piece of paper and threw his head back with a laugh, “this is perfect!” he brought the page closer to inspect, “ you even got Mr. Snuggles, you jerk!” Steve just smiled knowingly, both of them ended up talking about the 40’s for a while.
“Alright, I’ll see you for that run tomorrow,” Bucky waved at the threshold of Steve’s door, Steve waved and Bucky ran down his shared room with you.
“There you are,” you smiled sweetly at him, “you disappeared right when we got back-what’s that?” you saw the paper in his hand.
Bucky just left it on the dresser and made his way over to you, “I have a gift like I said before,” he smiled, “but just know Steve drew this, okay?”
“Okay, okay, just show me!” you were bursting with excitement, Bucky passed the paper to you, “thank you.” you slowly opened it to see a room, it was very narrow. There was a twin bed on the right with a stuffed bunny sitting at the head of the bed, it seemed like the blanket was vertically striped. The hardwood floors ran with the stripes, as well as the small oval rug. There was a desk that looked to be wood with a few papers on it and a very uncomfortable looking chair. It was when you saw the papers on the wall did you know, “this is your room,” you said with a gasp, it wasn’t a question.
As Bucky looked at it, it seemed to come alive. He could picture himself falling into bed after a long day and letting Steve sleep there while he was sick. After Steve’s mother passed Bucky took the most care of him, Bucky would give the medicine and run a warm cloth over Steve’s forehead. He also saw himself later in life, things that never happened. He could picture what it would’ve been like to come home and see Rebecca sitting on his bed, waiting. Because it never happened his mind made it look like it was a moving sketch. Becca would always be in Bucky’s room, even though it was small, Becca’s was smaller. She needed to sprawl out her growing legs and annoy her older brother. She’d read the notes from classmates on Bucky’s wall and poke fun at Bucky’s crush on a girl he called ‘Da’.
“My blanket was blue, so was the rug,” Bucky pointed out to them, “the bunny was white but it got dirty over time,” he chuckled, “that’s why Steve smudged it to be grey, that punk.”
“It looks so quaint,” you looked up at him, “” the pads of your fingers traced lightly over the art, careful not to smudge it. “Let’s hang it,” you said while standing.
Bucky just watched as you found a pin and smushed it into the wall with the picture, taking a step back to see it in its glory again you felt two arms wrap around your waist. Bucky’s head leaned on your shoulder but no one said a word. His nose pushed into your neck as you leaned back into him, you could feel his smile.
“I can smell your perfume,” his voice was muffled.
“I put more on,” you whispered back, “and I bought some.”
Just three kisses to your neck before you were picked up and thrown on the bed, “you bought more!” His smile was wide, “no way!” he jumped on and pulled you close, “I’m never leaving this spot,” you were on top of him but his nose was right in your neck, where you’ve sprayed when you met him all those years ago and where you spray to this day.
tag-list: @imtherain
If you’d like to be added to the tag list send an ask, personal message me, or leave a comment on any of my works!
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youlightmeupfinn · a month ago
Tumblr media
key: ☆ (features smut and/or is smut), ❀ (fluff), ✤ (angst)
“Let me just walk you through a hypothetical. Can I walk you through a hypothetical?”
Tumblr media
》 Little Beginnings Series (ongoing & not in a certain order)
Baby Fever ❀ (prelude to series) summary: After watching Bucky interact with Sam's nephews, it really makes you want to have a baby with your boyfriend.
Mini You ☆ ❀ (part 1) summary: Your dreams of having a baby with Bucky finally come true. The pregnancy tests prove it.
Little Beginnings ❀ (part 2) summary: Morning sickness sucks. But thankfully, you have Bucky. You also discover whether he's hoping for a little boy or a little girl.
Dance With Me ❀ (part 3) summary: It's 12 AM and you can't sleep. Which means slow dancing in your kitchen with Bucky.
Forever ❀ (part 4) summary: Baby bump talks at 2 AM lead to Bucky posing the question of whether he thinks you believe he'll be a good father. He also asks you a mighty big question...
Late Nights ❀ (part 5) summary: Cravings for peanut butter and pickles lead to Bucky looking at you in disgust. But you two also indulge in the fact, as time pushes closer, you're both scared.
Hello World ❀ (part 6) summary: Baby Barnes has officially decided to enter the world. You and Bucky are nervous as ever.
Mission Impossible ❀ summary: You leave Bucky and your six-month-old son alone for the day, only to come home and find them performing Mission Impossible...
Sick Baby ❀ summary: Grant catches a cold for the first time and Bucky is freaking out.
》 Soul Search (2-part series)
Soul Search ✤ (part 1) summary: You and Bucky find yourselves sitting in Dr. Ingrid's office, fighting it out over the stress you two had been facing since the blip and now being reunited, which leads to a stressful exercise.
Soul Search ❀ (part 2) summary: After storming out of Dr. Ingrid's office and piling yourself in bed at home, Bucky comes to apologize, both of you realize you were stupid.
Tumblr media
Dating Bucky Barnes Would Include (version 1) Dating Bucky Barnes Would Include (version 2)
Tumblr media
Who Am I? ✤ summary: You were intended to be used by HYDRA in order to create a brand new Winter Soldier. Upon wiping your memory; you have no earthly idea who you are as you escape. Only to run right into Bucky Barnes.
Surprise Kitty ❀ summary: You own a cat that simply adores everyone... except Bucky.
Your Hands Are Beautiful ✤ ❀ summary: You're the sister of Wanda and Pietro. Kidnapped by HYDRA during a solo mission, your hands are held down by metal, your powers unusable. When you are discovered, your hands are ruined, leading you to become sad, but Bucky's there to help.
Break On Me ❀ summary: After a hard day, you simply break on your boyfriend.
You're Leaving Tomorrow? ✤ summary: It's the year 1941 and Bucky comes home drunk, only to tell you he was drafted for the war, which he knew for a few days, and is leaving promptly the next morning.
Victory ❀ summary: Everyone knew, you were the queen of Call of Duty. No one in the tower could beat you. Bucky thinks he has a chance, though.
He's Just A Kid ❀ summary: Babysitting Steve's son goes a bit haywire as jealous Bucky shines through.
You Mean The World ✤ summary: You didn't have the best self-esteem and you don't think you mean much to everyone. But Bucky chooses to prove you wrong.
Relapse ✤ summary: Bucky relapses to a time when he was the Winter Soldier, ultimately hurting you. Something he never wanted to do.
Piano Talk ❀ ✤ summary: A beautiful pianist, you used it as a mechanism to cure your insomnia. Bucky hears you, only to come to find you, but rather than playing, you are crying.
Breaking Through ❀ summary: You work as a doctor, treating the Avengers when need be. Bucky pushes you away, but you make it your mission to break through to him.
Doll, I'm Home ❀ summary: What if Bucky never fell off the train but actually made it home to you, safe and sound?
Fluffy Bucky ❀ summary: Your Tony's younger sister, about to marry Bucky Barnes, the 'same guy who beat his face in at the airport' as Tony liked to put it.
Joking Around ❀ summary: You play around with Bucky, telling him you don't love him.
You Go Out With Him and Not Steve ❀ summary: Denying Steve's request to go out, you agree to Bucky's, to which he rubs it in his best friend's face.
Can I Stay? ❀ summary: During a thunderstorm, Bucky finds his way to your doorstep.
You Are The Reason ❀ summary: You are the reason Bucky's life regained a purpose. He was the reason you believed in love again.
Swift ❀ summary: When you can't sleep at 3 AM, Bucky has the perfect remedy.
Short Stuff ❀ summary: You can't reach the top shelf and Bucky decides to pick fun.
I'm Scared to Lose You ✤ summary: Bucky reminisces on the old days and prompts the question; will you always be there?
Is That My Shirt? ❀ summary: Wearing your boyfriend's clothes was always more fun.
Leather Crazy ☆ summary: Something about seeing Bucky wear a leather jacket makes you lose all your reasoning.
Metal ❀ summary: Bucky feels as though his metal arm is more of a weapon. He's terrified to hurt you and craved being able to touch you with both of his flesh hands.
Rambling Love ❀ summary: Bucky confesses his love for you.
I Hate You ☆ ❀ summary: You and Bucky hate each other's guts. But somehow you get yourselves stuck inside of an elevator... only to get hot and heavy.
Welcome to the 70s ❀ summary: You introduce Bucky to all things music-related in the 70s, resulting in a dance party.
Colors (soulmate au) ✤ summary: You only saw color when you met your soulmate. You were dating Steve, wondering if it took time. However, you see Bucky and. the world becomes bright.
Forget About Him ☆ summary: Your boyfriend cheated on you. You run into the arms of your best friend who intends to make you forget all about him.
I Will Choose You ✤ ❀ summary: Bucky promises you that no matter what, he will always choose you.
Jealous ❀ summary: A week after you caught your boyfriend cheating, you show up at a party where he is. However, Bucky Barnes is also there and decides to intervene.
My Youth ❀ summary: Bucky stumbles inside of a record shop, only to find a woman who triggers his youth, making him suddenly feel so alive.
I'm With You ✤ ❀ summary: You and Bucky are enemies, but share a common past. However, Bucky realizes he's in love with you upon watching the Winter Soldier in you unleash, resulting in him having to hurt you.
Lethal ✤ ❀ summary: She knew he was coming for her, she just didn't know when.
Sleepy Barnes ❀ summary: You come home to find Bucky fast asleep, which means you have to take him to bed.
Monster In Me ✤ ❀ summary: Bucky swears you could never love him, for he was a monster too with a dark fear of the old him returning, but you try to convince him otherwise.
Cold Feet ❀ summary: Bucky hates when you put your cold feet on him.
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sweetsbfreex · a month ago
a faux pair
Summary: an enemies to lovers trope, where you and Alpine borderline tolerate each other
Warning: none!
Pairing: Bf!Bucky barnes x reader
If you were water, Alpine was oil. If you were Steve Jobs, Alpine was Bill Gates. If you were a fork, Alpine was definitely the toaster that burnt you to bits. If you were a phone, Alpine would be the water that ended you immediately.
In summary, the two of you did not get along. At all. It was very unfortunate too seeing as you were dating Bucky Barnes. In turn made you stuck with the cute, little demon.
Something soft was tickling the back of your neck, but you're tired and could care less at this point. From Bucky’s point of view, he watches as your hand floats away from his shoulder, so your fingers could graze the back of your neck.
You went back to sleep, but he wasn’t satisfied with that. You yawned the second time and scratched the back of your neck again, nuzzling your face closer to his chest. The third time, he could feel the frustration flowing off of you, as your eyes scrunched then finally opened.
Bucky closed his eyes without delay, letting his mouth hang open as if he was asleep.
“You’re really annoying, has anyone ever told you that before?” you yawn.
“Yeah, Sam let’s me know from time to time” he smirks, not even hiding how guilty he is. “Morning, baby”
He grips your hip, tugging your body up so your face to face then gives you your routine morning kiss/kisses.
“Morning, plum” you recited, it’s amazing how frustration washes away when you look at him.
Bucky would knock the socks off of someone if they ever had the balls to call him plum. Hell, he stopped what he was doing the first time you decided to give him the pet name. But then his heart started doing that weird thing it did when he said or heard things like ‘I love you’. Once he realized you had actually given him a cutesy name to begin with. The nickname didn’t seem so bad after all— plus it was coming from you which was a major bonus.
So, once he sorted his thoughts out, he stared and smiled. A creepy smile if you were the one to tell the story, but you were glad he found it endearing.
You watched him contemplate going in for another kiss. You closed your eyes, puckering your lips. You were ready. Because if there’s one thing about Buck, it’s how much he loves kissing.
If this were a movie. That sound effect where the record scratches to reveal an awkward stop. Would play at this exact moment, you swore that cat could sense whenever you wanted your time with Bucky.
You hear her meowing first and then watch her stretch out at the end of the bed, near Bucky's feet. She walks along the comforter, like royalty, before reaching Bucky's face. Fitting herself between your faces. Her rear to your face, tail whipping in front of your face.
Your hand nudges her tush to the side when you hear his raspy chuckle. as she gifts him kitten licks on his cheeks.
“You have a good sleep? Yea? Can tell” his knuckles scratching her cheek.
The pitch in his voice as he talks to her isn't lost to you. Alpine is literally his child.
You turn on your other side to get your phone.
‘That little––”
Your thoughts get cut short when you feel the extreme body heat of one super soldier on your back. “You alright?”
“She chewed through my charger” you groaned, You twist your head, the first thing that catches your eye is Alpine sitting behind Bucky's body. Eyeing you as if she didn't do it or she could be owning it and was testing you. Licking her paws all while she looked down on you. "And now my phone's dead"
Bucky turns to Alpine, his back to you. Taking the opportunity, you stick your tongue out towards her. Trying to keep your brave face when she throws a deep hiss towards you.
“Aye,” he snaps his finger. “That wasn’t nice, it also wasn’t nice that you destroyed her charger” he reprimands her. It seems to work as she puts down her paw immediately, throwing Bucky those big eyes.
As you’ve said, a literal child through Bucky’s eyes.
He can’t resist, bringing her into his chest and placing a kiss on her head. She purrs when his fingers–– the vibranium ones–– scratch her fur. There’s only two things you and Alpine could agree on. The love for his vibranium arm and the love for Bucky.
“What time is it?”
“9:45. I’m so sorry about that, doll.”
“It’s okay Buck, really. Is it alright if I use yours? I’ll buy a new one on my way to work”
“Go ahead, what do you want for breakfast?”
“Those plum parfaits?” you ask warmly.
“You got it, babe” he kisses you once. “Go hop in the shower”
Watching him walk away, you eye the way his back muscles flex and the way his sweat pants hang low. Low enough to see the band of his briefs. The way his bun hangs low, after tying it back fast last night. It was a perfect mess, with those fly-aways and the strands in front of his face.
You want to scream into your pillow thinking about how this morning should've gone.
The shower you take helps you sizzle down. Now you’re walking out of Bucky's room, your hair styled away from your face. Lavender scrubs with paw prints patterned adorning your body.
“Lookin’ hot, doc”
You laugh him off, taking a seat at his kitchen island. Inserting his charger in your phone.
A major paradox with your relationship with Alpine was that you were a veterinarian. Surrounded by different animals everyday, especially cats and dogs.
So imagine your surprise when your boyfriend introduces you to his cat and she doesn't like you very much. You and Bucky assumed she needed time to warm up. She's only around Bucky eight percent of the time, the Avengers for the rest of it. Now, there's this random lady who keeps staying at her owner's place, taking him away.
You’ve gotten along with ninety-nine percent of the pets you interact with. Aside from the ones that weren’t domesticated or hated the vets.
In truth, she seems to be territorial of Bucky.
They say cats, animals in general, can sense energy in people. It seems like a load of crap now.
Bucky takes a seat next to you, sliding you your parfait, holding onto a spoon.
“Thank you!”
“Anything for you” he smiles at you, sticking the spoon deep in the cup.
“Bucky!” you push his hand off the spoon, pulling the spoon up. There’s yogurt on the middle of the spoon and you scowl at him.
You sit and talk with him, laughing or giggling most of the time. his arm naturally around your shoulder.
“I gotta go” you raise from your seat, striding to the sink.
“What?” He checks the time on the stove, “You usually leave in like, 10 minutes.” He recounts this like it’s easy math, remembering your routine to a t.
“I have to go buy a new charger, remember?” Your back is to him.
“Oh...well, I’ll see you later love you”
When you turn around from placing the dishes on the drying rack. Bucky stands a few inches away from the door. Your jacket hangs on his arm, purse in hand, and a pack of treats he picked up at the store clutched in his other hand.
With their meet-cute, he dropped by with the notion of adopting a pet, you could tell a cat was the pet for him. It usually was what all the biggest, broodest men need. So he came by and you guided him, helping him meet cat after cat. Sadly none of them clicked with him.
“How do you know when one is for you?” he asked, an Orange kitten sat in his gloved hands.
“Trust me you’ll feel the bond before you know it” you smiled at him, a senior cat in your arms.
That day you talked him through all the demands of a cat, they aren’t as simple as most people think they are. He listened to every piece of advice you gave him.
By the end of the two hours he spent there. Getting to know every single cat that was a part of the shelter connected to the vet. He went home empty handed and you could see how bummed out he was.
You advised him of two options: you could call him when you had new cats or you could send him to other great shelters.
He chose to look around some other shelters.
You don’t see him until four days later.
You were beginning to spread peanut butter on the lick pad in front of an eager young husky. When a knock was on your door, causing the puppy–– storm–– to bark and howl.
“Come in” you replied. When you looked up Adah poked her head out.
“Hey, Bucky Barnes is here to see you” she couldn’t hold back the sleek look on her lips as she talked.
“Oh, uh,—“ the popsicle stick in your hand falters, giving Storm an easy advance to the peanut butter. You laughed mumbling a sorry to his owners, taking away the lick pad. “I’m still doing his check up, can u ask him if he’ll wait in one of the rooms?”
The puppy is all good to go, happy as he gnaws on his treat, and healthy with the shot you had to give him.
You knock on the door Adah told you. Revealing Bucky Barnes sitting in a chair, a cat carrier on the seat next to him. He's talking to the cat in the carrier and you laugh when his head shoots up in embarrassment. Smiling when it washes away to see it's you, when he smiles back
“Hey!” Bucky greets, his hand waving.
“Hey Bucky, is everything alright”
“Everything is perfect. I went to another shelter like you told me and picked her up. I wanted you to meet her.”
Your smile stays at his information, “I’m glad you were able to find a pet. What’s her name?” You asked, sitting in the chair next to him.
“I named her Alpine” he grins, unzipping the carrier.
“It’s a cute name”
You peek in to see a white cat rolling around a plush sushi toy between her paws. She stops when she notices the intruder looking into her temporary home.
When you reach in your hand cautiously, palm down. Letting her get a sniff. You retreat the motion at the sound of her hiss and the image of her canines at attention. You laugh it off awkwardly, embarrassed.
The look on Bucky's face shows his embarrassment, “I’m so so sorry!” He zips the carrier in a wild manner.
“It’s fine—“
“She’s never done that before, really, I took her to meet my friend Sam and his nephews. So I don’t really—“
You could never be mad at that. But he also doesn’t know that, you note as he apologizes profusely.
“It’s fine, Bucky, seriously. I deal with it all the time. She probably enjoys her personal space!” you spring.
He nods his head, letting his hands rest on the carrier.
“I—“ he clears his throat, “I also wanted to ask you something”
“‘Was wondering if you wanted to go on a date?”
“That sounds great” you wish you could control how hard you're smiling now. Hoping it matches the charming one on his face.
Ever since then. He's dropped by with the guise of bringing you lunch or that he wanted to see you (which wasn't all the way false.) He couldn't fool you so easily. Because he somehow always had a cool gadget in his hand or treats that he thought the animals would enjoy. Heading to the back to play with, take care of, or clean up after the affirment of animals here. And getting to know your co-workers in the meantime.
“Thank you. I love you, be good” setting a kiss to his cheek then lips.
“I’ll try” chin jutted out to touch your palm.
You walk through the familiar doorway. You huff as you hang up your coat and drop your purse on the floor. You stand against the cold metal, loving the contrast from the heat outside. Today was starting so good only to end in complete shit.
“Baby is that you!” you hear Bucky yell from his bedroom.
“No! It’s an intruder” you mumble the last part, absolutely done with this day.
“Funny!” he yells back, it actually wasn’t.
You know he’s coming closer by the heavy footsteps. If he were to live in an apartment he'd definitely get complaints left and right.
Bucky notices almost immediately the frustration within your body language.
“Shit day?” he asks, arms open wide for you.
Your heart melts all while you crash into his chest and let your arms wrap around his waist.
“Yes!” groaning, your face clinging to his chest. “I got pecked by a parrot” you complain, raising the now band aid wrapped pointer finger.
He chuckles at the high-rise pitch in your voice, bringing you finger to his lips so he gives it a gentle peck.
“I’m sorry”
“It’s fine” you pull away, his hands warming your cheeks. “I just want to get in my sweats and watch New Girl”
“You got it,” he tells you lovingly. “You want salted or kettle corn”
“I’m in a salted mood today”
“I’ll get that ready, go change and put the show on”
You had no idea what you did to deserve a guy like Bucky, but you weren’t going to question it as you kissed his cheek.
Walking into his bedroom, Alpine was sunbathing on the catio Bucky built her.
A wooden box with a screen, built on the outside of the house. Letting her lay and relish in the breeze or whatever weather/image would catch her eye.
“Hey Alpine” you say tiredly, going straight for the drawer in the dresser that bc your clothes.
She meows back, walking out of the box, and most likely to the kitchen since that’s where Bucky is at the moment.
When you’re in your sweats and Bucky’s black tee, you stride over to Bucky who’s putting the salt and pan back in their places. Two bowls of fresh popcorn handed to you.
“Thank you!” You cheer, grabbing one bowl.
“You’re very welcome” Bucky replied, kissing your temple as he walked you both to the couch.
He sits first, arms away from his lap to allow you to settle onto his thighs. With utter audacity, Alpine dashes from in front of the television and between Bucky’s legs. Circling a bit before she decides to lay horizontally against his legs.
You stand there like an idiot as she turns onto her back, belly up, requesting for Bucky to rub her tummy.
“Alpine!” Bucky chuckles, giving in as he rubs her belly. “Okay, enough time to move, Al.” His voice is soothing as his thumb goes to run under her chin. Yet, when he goes to move her next to his thigh she meows in protest, clinging to his top, turning herself into liquid.
“It’s all right Buck” you smile, zipping to the spot next to him, as close as possible. A smile on your face as he slides an arm over your shoulders.
“Sorry ’bout that”
You turn your face to his, “It’s all right, I understand the need. It’s best spot in the house”
He laughs in response–– the cute, husky laugh where his eyes squint just a bit–– before he kisses you
The night was going perfectly. There was no way you were going to get the spot on Bucky’s lap as Alpine said her Z’s. But the kisses. Squeezes on your shoulder at the abnormal parts to let you know he found something hilarious. Made up for the bad day and you not being able to cuddle with Bucky.
In the middle of the episode, his phone that settles on the coffee table beeped three times.  Catching the attention of everyone, waking up Alpine.
He shuffles forward, to the end of the couch, reaching over to the coffee table. Alpine meows in annoyance.
“Yeah. Yeah. I know, drama queen” he huffs as he sits against the couch once again, tickling the cat’s belly when she argues back.
“Is everything all right?” you ask.
“Yeah…Sam texted me” he sighs, running his vibranium hand through his hair. “Just have a last minute mission in four hours.”
He tries not to let the sight of your eyebrows dropping and your hold on the bowl loosen a little bit, get to him. Tomorrow you had your day off in a while and the both of you had planned a cute date! Bucky feels like complete shit.
“Oh–– well it’s okay plum, we can––”
“It’s not okay, doll. I’m really sorry, but I promise I'll make it up to you when I get back–– Hey! I’ll take you to that extreme milkshake place.” he snaps his fingers when the idea clicks, proud of his quick thinking
“You got a stomach ache last time we went,” you mumble.
“Don’t worry about me. If you wanna go, we’ll go”
“Can we pass by the bookstore after?”
He nods, his thumb rubbing soft circles on your shoulder.
“All is forgiven then” you tease him, your thumb and pointer finger pinching his chin.
“I’m beat, you ready to go to bed, dollface?”
When you yawned a yes. Bucky lifted Alpine so she's cradled in his shoulder–– his literal child. A hand strokes her back while the other holds your waist.  You in front guiding you all to the bedroom.
He rests Alpine in her plush cat tower, her latest obsession with how fast she abandoned her cat bed for it. Then you're both in bed a minute later, chest to chest, as you hold each other close.  
“Baby” Bucky stands next to your side of the bed, body tilted down as he tries to whisper you awake. But, you don't budge.
When you finally do squint to see the lamp on your nightstand turned on. Springing awake when the blurs clear and you see Bucky standing over you in his tactical gear. Drowned in dark leather, his hair pulled back in a low, sprouting ponytail, and a duffle bag clutched in his hand.
“Bucky!–– You can’t do that, you almost gave me a heart attack” you breathe out, palm covering your face.
The sun hasn’t even risen yet, looking at the clock set on the desk across the room, you see it’s only three-thirty eight.
“I’m heading out,” he whispers.
“Okay, I’ll walk you out” you force a tight lipped smile. Taking Bucky’s offered hand, stepping out of bed. Unwelcome to the way the cold air glides against your legs.
He leads the way, your conjoined hands acting as a link. Before he gets to the door he makes a stop at Alpine’s fortress. You watch in adoration as he kisses her cheek then scratches under her chin. The sound of her purring in her sleep bouncing in the room. The paradox of him in his gear, all masculine and dark, while he says a goodbye to his cat, in utter softness. Isn’t lost to you.
Now you're both standing in the doorway. His duffle bag rests next to the boots on his feet, your hand waffles with his swinging in the small gap between you two.
“Be careful, allright, and tell Sam I said hi and to be careful too”
He smiles at your concern, lifting one hand to kiss the back of it.
“I will doll, don't worry yourself.”
You bring him into a hug, letting one hand rest on his neck while the other cards through his hair. “It’s kind of hard not too” you mumble.
He pulls you back by your waist to send you a pert kiss, “Don’t forget Alpine gets two feedings, half a cup. Nothing more. A treat or two if she’s being good”
You let him finish the rundown.
“Buck we've been together for months, I know what to do. It’s cute how you worry though”  
He tickles your waist at your teasing, smiling at you fondly.
A cloud flies over both of your heads, when his phone beeps three times. Messages from Sam you assume.
“Sam is downstairs, I’ll see you later okay, Love you”
“Love you too,” you kiss, your hand holding onto the back of his neck.
You watch him run towards the exit and over his shoulder he shouts, “You both stay out of trouble!”
“We’ll be the best of friends!” you shout, cupping your mouth with your hands.
“That’s what I'm scared of” he says last, blowing you a kiss.
The dynamic between you and Alpine was something he couldn’t not notice. But, he also wasn’t worried, knowing it wasn’t deep. He had his two favorites fighting for his attention, half the time, how could he hate this. He shouldn’t enjoy it as much as he does. He knows at some point whatever is between you two will go to rest.
Oh my gosh.
You scoot further to the edge of the bed, away from incessant meowing in your ear. It’s your day off, you want this one thing (to sleep!) As if she had sensed it, she crawled closer. Leaning her mouth even closer to your ears than before.
“Okay, okay” you sit up, looking down at the feline. Her ears tuck back, looking even closer, you watched her make biscuits in the soft sheets.  
You rub your eyes of sleep, you should’ve known, you sigh. Now, you feel like an asshole.
“Yeah...I miss him too, but Bucky will be back soon.”
A low, long meow is her response.
“Let’s go get breakfast”
You get out of bed, Alpine paced beside you.
Once you’re in the kitchen, you reach up for a can of cat food, today’s special: tender beef and chicken, placed on the counter. You spread it on her fun feed mat. You also add some salmon flakes.
“There you go” her food placed in front of her then you begin your breakfast, which you planned to eat in the living room.
You’re finished with breakfast and enjoying the movie in front of you. It was hilarious, so hilarious you didn’t notice something soft rubbing against your leg. Or the sound of the purring over your laughter. The hair on your leg stands up at the intrusion and you look down to see It's Alpine, obviously.
You move your leg and the shock on your face when she follows it, is very evident.
You assume that because Bucky isn’t here to give her the affection she’s used to, she has no choice but to get her elsewhere.
The shock continues when she jumps on the couch, prances over your leg so she’s sat in the space between your legs. Her head nudges your stomach.
You’ve had your fair share of cats, animals in general, come in for a check up. At first some are bitter as ever, no one likes going to the doctor, but they soften up or at least tolerate for the time being. But this— this is a monumental event, Bucky probably wouldn’t believe.
You grab your phone quickly, taking a picture of her all cuddled up in your lap. Your hand reaches down carefully to caress the white fur. She doesn’t hiss or fight it.
It could honestly make you cry, getting to finally cuddle with Alpine in a way like this. You know she doesn’t hate you, but wants her respectful space away from you.
Picking her up as you lay on your side, Alpine stays close.
“You’re so adorable when you're nice, you know that?” you coo, your finger rubbing under her chin.
“Hi baby” Bucky rasps. He’s in the quintet laying on his back as his hand fiddles with the necklace his love got him for his birthday. The mission was a feat, nothing too harsh for him and Sam. Now, he felt like he was in the 40s, talking to some girl he was tripping all over.
“Hi, how’d everything go?”
“Went fine doll, told you nothing to worry about”
“Well excuse me, but I’m glad to be proven right this one time” you smile.
It’s night time for the both of you and he’s ona quinjet back to you. It’s quiet except for slight snoring of Alpine, who’s laid right next to you.
“How’s pine?”
“She is perfectly fine, sleeping now–– you won’t believe it Bucky.”
“Continue, doll” he laughs at the habit of yours. Always expecting him to guess, by keeping a long pause after each ‘you won’t believe it’ or ‘guess what, Bucky!’
“Alpine and I cuddled today! Like full on cuddled, she rubbed against my leg and sat in my lap. We took a nap while the movie was playing, and now here she is again cuddling with me while she naps.”
“You guys are what?!”
“I know!” you whisper your excitement “She’s a little angel.”
He laughs at your remark, he couldn’t agree more, you somehow pulled the short end of the sticks.
“She do the nose twitch thing when you pet under her chin?” He knows the answer.
“Yes! She likes getting her beans massaged too, it’s adorable” you groan, overwhelmed with a cat so cute. “When are you gonna be  home?”
“Landing around five am, I'm pretty sure. I’ll be there to wake you up before you know it”
“Good morning” whispered in your ear.
You groan at the sun then turn around to face a shirtless Bucky, plopped up on his elbow.
“I thought you were gonna wake me up when you got here?”
“A good morning would be nice”
“Good morning, Buck, I thought you were gonna wake me up when you got here?”
He smiles, his index finger hooks under your chin and his thumb takes space on your chin. You let your thumb take a spot on the dimple of his chin.
“You’re cute when you’re sleeping” he murmurs, letting his face get closer to yours. He’s eyeing your lips and barely trying to not be obvious.
It’s so close, so so close to getting your morning kiss when Alpine jumps on the bed. Her meows are off the wall at the sight of Bucky in his spot once again. Bucky jumps away in surprise, bringing Alpine to his chest once she’s close enough.
“Hey girl, missed you too” he scratches under her chin. You can’t even be mad, melting at the sight in front of you.
You turn over to your nightstand...Your phone isn’t charging. Someone was hungry it seems. Inspecting the charger to see bite marks indented all over. When you turn back, Alpine eyes you cutely, telling you:
‘It can’t all be love’
It’s Monday morning:
“Bucky, I'm getting ready to leave” you yell, gathering your keys, lunch box, phone, and jacket.
“Okay! Bring me a kiss” he shouts back, from the couch.
You speed to the living room. Walking in on Bucky sitting on the accent chair, Alpine on his lap while he does her daily stretches. He has her up in the air as her arms spread up in the air. Then she’s taking a break cuddled in his lap.
“See you later Buck, be good” you give him a kiss at the end, then reach your hand down to scratch the top of Alpine’s head. “You guys are too precious, just wanna squish you” you coo, your finger pinching Bucky’s cheek. He blushes at the comment, trying to hide his face.
“No we’re not. Right Alpine? We’re manly men” he growls, saying the words in low pitch. You laugh at his goofiness.
You could practically howl when Bucky raises Alpine to your face. In a high pitch voice states, “Need your tires fixed?”
“You’re such a goof, have a good day, see you later” you lean down to kiss him again.
“Drive safe, Dinner will be ready when you get here” he hums, his closed smile thrown up at you almost puts you in a daze.
“Love you”
“I love you”
And you're on your way.
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whistlingwillows · a year ago
pretty face on a pretty neck | b.b.
summary: they aren’t fucking dating. not fucking friends, either. no, bucky just fucks romanoff’s best friend until she’s fucking stupid, begging for it, and leaves in the morning because that’s how the universe fucking works. and sometimes, he wishes it didn’t work that way.
WARNINGS: a tiny bit of smut (18+), fingering, choking, swearing, drinking, brief mentions of cheating, bucky’s just really fucking jealous, mentions of a shitty relationship and self-doubt from it, the dark knight spoilers, fluffy end!! pairing: modern!bucky barnes x fem!reader, brief steve rogers x fem!reader lmaoo  word count: 5.5k
a/n: this is a cute lil piece written for @sourpatchkidsandacokecan​​​​​​! my prompt was “you called me, remember?” inspired by kiwi by harry styles. 
Tumblr media
For a moment, Bucky wonders how the fuck he got into this situation.
Then again, he’s not complaining.
The view is fucking stellar.
You weave through the crowd, glistening like some glazed dessert that he can’t wait to get his mouth on. Your lips are shining with a swipe of that sweet lipgloss he loves to suck off and you’re wearing that black dress.
The black dress. Shorter than short, showing every inch of skin yet not enough.
You toss your head back, exposing that neck that he loves to bite to Steve who grins, glad his joke landed. Stifling a scowl, Bucky grabs his scotch and throws it back, desperate not to grab you and throw you into a stall just to mark you up as his.
You had made him promise, after all. No socialization outside their little nightcap sessions that often lead to… well, Bucky’s game for anything really.
A cigarette is pinched between your lips and Steve helps you light it with a flick of his lighter, the burning embers glowing in the dark, seedy bar. Leaning on the bar counter, you talk to Sam wiping down his station and he nods, eyes dragging over your face and Bucky cannot tear his gaze away as Sam pours you three shots of vodka. You blow out a lungful of smoke, cigarette pinched between two fingers before glancing at Steve and making some sort of bet, based on the way your lips curl.
They go down like water, dripping down your chin and you laugh when Steve wipes it off your collarbones before he grabs your chin and smashes his lips against yours. You immediately reciprocate, mouth opening as he bends you over the bar, his hair golden and his hand trailing up your thigh.
“Fucker,” Bucky mutters, finally managing to rip his gaze away. A heat blazes through his stomach.
Stupid fucking party for damn Romanoff’s birthday. Sometimes he hates being some of the oldest friends that redhead knows. It makes him feel creepy, wading through a sea of college students that are only one or two years younger than him. Steve himself is finishing his last year, so he’s sure he doesn’t share Bucky’s plight of feeling old.
He wishes he could just approach you and ask to leave, pin you against the wall of his apartment, take you like he knows Steve’s going to later, but he can’t.
You aren’t fucking dating. Not fucking friends, either.
No, Bucky just fucks Romanoff’s best friend until she’s fucking stupid, begging for it, and leaves in the morning because that’s how the universe fucking works.
And sometimes, he wishes it didn’t work that way.
“Not enjoying yourself, James?” Birthday Girl Romanoff asks, appearing at his shoulder and he turns to her, shifting in his seat.
“Steve’s too busy chatting up your friend for me to do anything,” he replies, keeping his tone light and Romanoff glances at where Steve’s made his way to kissing up your neck, your fingers carded through his hair.
“Give him a break,” Romanoff says. “They both need to get laid.”
“You don’t think she’s getting laid?” Bucky asks incredulously. “Every fucking guy I’ve met has said they wanted to get with her at least once.”
“Sounding a bit jealous over someone you claim to hate, James,” the redhead teases, sipping on her mojito with raised eyebrows.
“I’m just saying. All the boys were saying they were into it.”
“And you?”
“She’s… a brat.”
“Seems to me that you’re into that,” she hums, leaning on his shoulder. “Honestly, it would’ve been better if you two met before her and her stupid boyfriend did. Ever since she moved in with Rumlow…” The woman trails off and Bucky absently fills in the blanks, she’s faked every single orgasm she’s had with him. “I don’t know. He’s a fucking prick. Doesn’t treat her like she deserves.”
“Does he—“
“No. Just… never a priority, is she? Why else is she here alone?” Natasha pauses, as if debating how much to tell him, then adds, “Then he gets all pissy about where she’s been. On his beck and call, isn’t she?”
“Asshole,” Bucky replies distantly. Steve has his hand basically up your dress and he watches as your legs pull him closer, your lips running along the shell of his ear. “You’re endorsing your best friend cheating on her boyfriend, you know, when we could just be beating him up”
“Hey. She said she was going to break up with him. I can’t make those choices up for her and I’m not about to land any of my friends in jail trying to be my ride or dies.” Romanoff shrugs, glancing at her friend. “Besides, she doesn’t have anywhere else to go, does she? It’s not like she can move into my dorm or move back into her parents across the country.” Bucky watches as you hook your legs around Steve’s waist and he hoists you into his arms, disappearing into the crowd.
By the direction, Bucky can guess the destination and some distant part of his head whispers, She could move in with me.
“Might want to avoid the bathrooms for a while,” he comments and Romanoff snorts, the ice crackling by her straw as she stirs her drained glass.
“I’m going to go get laid, too,” she replies frankly. “Don’t stay brooding in the corner, Barnesy-bear. Your face is one worthy of being sat on.”
“Thank you.”
With that, the redhead slips into the crowd and Bucky gets up, plucking his jacket and leaving the bar. His pants are tight with the thought of your mouth and the sound of your gasping breaths echoing in his ear. The feeling of your fingers scratching down his back makes him roll his shoulders back as he flags a cab.
So what if you’re fucking Steve?
It’s not like he’s exclusive with you.
He can’t fault his best friend for having excellent fucking taste.
As he enters the cab and tells the driver his address, he wonders how the fuck someone like Rumlow snagged the title as your boyfriend when there are so many other options.
Steve being one, but he’s still living on-campus.
Bucky doesn’t want to say it, but maybe he, with his own apartment and steady job and intimate knowledge of your desires and interests and needs, is the other.
It’s two weeks later when he finally sees you again, at Romanoff’s birthday function at the beach. Something with closer friends, in broad daylight at a beach house Romanoff’s parents own. She and Sam are already there by the time Bucky gets there, unpacking in rooms for a weekend stay.
“Take any room you like,” Romanoff calls from upstairs and Bucky does so, choosing one of the few rooms on the main floor just as another figure walks in.
“I’m here, Nat!” Your voice echoes against wooden walls as Bucky pokes his head out of his room to see you there. He doesn’t know whether he should feel guilty or not that he’s glad Steve hasn’t sated your hunger when you show up alone, shorts riding up your thighs and a t-shirt that is so sheer it does nothing to conceal the bikini top you wear beneath it. “I’m taking my usual room.”
“Fine with me!”
With that, you walk down the hall, eyes meandering over the living room and kitchen. Bucky’s throat closes up when you walk past the stairs to stop at his room and you smirk all saccharine at him.
“Hey, Barnes.”
He scans your face for a moment. “You came. Thought you’d still be sucking Steve’s face off like you were back at the bar. Or… sucking his dick. Whatever floats your boat.”
“Well, that was a one-off thing. Heat of the moment,” you dismiss, leaning against his door frame and he hates the way you look against the wood. Makes something in him stir, makes the blood run hot and his mind focus on one image in particular.
“What’d your boyfriend say when he saw your neck fucking marked up?” he asks, uncaring of the thin ice he stands upon. You frown, arms crossing.
“I was careful,” you reply tightly, “and I didn’t let him leave any marks.”
Bucky can’t help the small flash of satisfaction at hearing that. “You’re not careful with me. I like seeing your neck tatted up with it,” he comments, his hand twitching to wrap around your throat as he lifts his finger to trace the soft, pulsing vein along your neck. You tilt your chin up, eyes narrowing with amusement.
“I’m not yours, Barnes.”
“What you say tells me differently, princess.” Dropping his hand to grab your wrist, he pulls you into his room and slams the door shut, pinning you against it with a harsh push. You exhale sharply, the breath pushing out of your lungs as your bags drop with a disant thump. His senses zero in on everything about you, the light scent of the sunblock smeared into your skin, the cotton twisting beneath his fist as his other hand finds your neck on its own accord. “You’ve been distant lately, kitten.”
He can feel your racing pulse against his palm as you smirk, hands wrapping around his waist and pulling him flush against you. Every inch of his skin is pressed against yours as you hike a leg up onto his hip. His hand at your waist immediately goes to cup it and you loop your arms around his neck innocently.
“I’ve had a lot of work to do. Brock and I…” You let out a soft hum as if to ponder but he knows it’s just to piss him off, “spent some time alone. Romantic trip out of town. Then, I had other things to do.”
“Did you?” It’s not a question Bucky wants answered as you nod demurely, lips twisted into a smirk. He wants nothing more than to yank your shorts down, spin you around, and have you screaming his name as he takes you again and again. He’s been blue balled for two weeks and you haven’t answered any of his calls.
Now, he knows why.
“So, that stupid boyfriend of yours was with you, huh?” he asks, not waiting for an answer as he leans in close. He can taste the vodka in your mouth still, the vodka he never got to taste two weeks before in a bar, along with something fruity. Your gum, maybe, or an orange that you sucked clean off its peel. “And then what? Did you hop off after you faked your way through a few nights with him and head for Steve’s? Hm?”
“Temper, temper, James,” you whisper, lips barely brushing his. His entire body is alight, every nerve shooting sensations through his limbs as your fingers curl against the nap of his neck. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were jealous.”
“Jealous, yeah.” His hand on your thigh trails up and inward, sneaking past the hem of your shorts as you lower your leg to hook on his calf, pulling him infinitely closer. His dick is pressing against his swim shorts, completely obvious and painfully hard against your navel as he shifts his hips just enough to let his hand sneak further up your shorts. “Why would I be jealous?”
His fingers find the silky slip of your bikini bottom and brush over the junction of your hip, smirking at the tremble he can feel course through your body.
“You wanted me that night at the bar,” you whisper as he slowly trails deeper inward. “Tell me that isn’t true.”
“Who didn’t, hm?” He smirks when you turn your face away, biting your lip at his fingers dancing around a spot already slickening with anticipation. “C’mon, princess. You telling me you didn’t wear that black dress for me? Look at me.”
You refuse and he rubs his thumb into the side of your neck, dipping his head to bite at your collarbones.
“Look at me, princess,” he whispers, lifting his head to see your defiant gaze meeting his. “Tell me the truth about the black dress.”
“I didn’t wear it for you,” you bite back softly, “to fuck me in.” His hand tightens, just barely around your neck and your eyes flutter shut. Oh, how badly he wants to ravage your lips, lock you in this room and just take you in every way you want…
“Trying to make me jealous, kitten?” he rasps as your hips roll against his dick and you bite your lip, chin tilting up as your nails dig into his skin. Because it worked.
“So what if I was?”
“Then, you’re going to have to pay for it.” He spins you around and moves to shove his shorts just past his hips. You let out a sharp exhale at the pressure of his hand against the back of his neck, your hands pressed flat against the door. “You got anything to say for yourself, princess?”
His swim shorts fall and he tugs your shorts down just past your ass, tracing the smooth curve of it with an arrogant curve to his lip. His lips find your neck, nipping lightly before raising to your ear.
“I asked you a question.” His hand lands on your ass, kneading it with warm, familiar fingers and his words are a warning. In the silence, he can almost hear you rolling your eyes, struggling not to moan when he feathers smooth skin, tempts you with tiny brushes between the legs.
“You gonna keep talking, Barnes, or you gonna prove a point?”
His fingers hook on your bikini bottom, pulling the elastic away with an amused grin before letting it snap back against your skin.
“I don’t know. Are you gonna continue being a fucking brat?” He squeezes your neck, fingers digging into the soft flesh and you almost seem to melt against the door before he drags those bikini bottoms down too. Rolling his hips flush against your ass, he smirks when you shudder and try to thrust him in with a messy jerk back. “Aw, did you miss this?”
“Wouldn’t miss a thing about you,” you reply but it comes out strangled as his other hand wraps around your hip, travels down your navel. It wraps around your waist, keeps you tight against him as you smother his wrist between the door and your hips. When his fingers find your bud, you let out a soft sigh at the pressure he begins to rub into you and he smirks, biting the shell of your ear.
“C’mon, princess. You can admit it if you like,” he murmurs. Your fingers dig into the wood as you try to push yourself—in what direction, away from his hand, towards it, Bucky doesn’t know. He reaches farther down, fingers tracing through slick heat and he chuckles huskily against your skin, biting lightly into the junction of your neck and shoulder. “‘S that all for me?”
“Shut up,” you growl. Your eyes flash to him and he pushes you flush against the door, your head falling back against his shoulder as cock nestles itself between your cheeks. So close, not quite there. His hand on your neck travels forward, crooking inward and his fingers wrap around a silky neck from the front. He can feel every beat of your heart, the raspy whistle of your breathing. Lips falling to your exposed neck, Bucky sucks marks he knows are going to last if he doesn’t stop himself soon but two weeks has been two weeks too long— “Barnes.”
“Relax… it’s been a while since you’ve had a proper fuck.”
“Cocky bastard.”
“Needy brat.”
Your eyes flutter shut as his fingers work at a languid pace inside you. He knows every nook and cranny, every angle that brings you euphoria and he grinds his palm against your clit with every thrust, arrogant smile growing when you melt back onto his shoulder, lips slightly parted.
“Don’t have time for foreplay,” you finally manage to croak and you turn to look at him, eyes surprisingly clear for having his fingers in your soaking heat and working you up a steady incline.
“It’s the fucking beach, kitten. They won’t be in a rush to get anywhere.” Your lips are tantalizing up close and he chuckles, fingers pressing gently into your pulse. “How quiet can you be?”
“Try me,” you breathe, chest heavy and eyes filling with assured focus, “bitch.”
Challenge accepted.
Nudging your legs ever so lightly apart, he is about to push in. He can feel your heart beating through your back, a quick, racing drum and your breasts heave with every anticipating breath.
“James! Y/N! Wanna meet Steve at the beach?”
Natasha’s voice breaks the humid tension like a hot knife through butter, and your eyes fly open as if you’ve risen from a trance and he growls, not quite moving yet.
To say nothing raises suspicion.
He hates it here.
“Sure!” Bucky yells back right into your ear, much to your displeasure and he shrugs, trying to repress the smirk as his hand drops and playfully squeezes your breast. You return with a subtle nip to his jaw and he steps back. Your shoulders drop and you turn around, leaning against the door with a soft, condescending smile. Your eyes are blown with a mistiness and your thighs press together as he sucks his fingers clean. Your gaze narrows, he smirks with glee.
“What was that about not being in a rush to get anywhere?” you ask, dismissively sweeping your gaze up and down his body before grabbing your pants and pulling them up. His eyes follow the slow trail of the fabric and he sighs softly between parted lips. “Play one of those audios I know you’ve got on your phone. Can’t ever get enough of me, can you, soldier boy?”
“Don’t put yourself on a pedestal, princess.”
“I’m not.” You pick up your bags and open the door, letting cool sea wind sweep into the room that was cloudy with heat and lust. He can’t help the smile that digs into his cheeks despite how disappointed he is as you shrug innocently. You play the part so well. “It’s just the facts.”
Not for the first time, Bucky is left with the thought that Rumlow doesn’t deserve a second of your time.
It’s near the end of the month, the very last day. The thirty-first of May.
You broke up with your stupid boyfriend three days ago. He knows because he looked at your Instagram only to find all the pictures with him gone.
But he wasn’t stalking. He was just…
Also, Natasha FaceTimed him and Steve, ranting all about it. So, he came upon this naturally.
Not stalking at all.
“Hey.” Bucky’s lying flat on his bed, naked and the sheets are too warm as he hears you pick up with a disgruntled sigh. “You awake?”
“Am now.” You don’t sound too heartbroken but your voice is a bit thicker than he remembers as you sniff. “What do you want?”
“Are you sick?”
“No, I was crying.”
He arches an eyebrow at your blunt response but doesn’t continue that line of interrogation. “Where are you staying?”
“Why does it matter to you? What do you want?”
“I was going to ask if you wanted to come over, princess,” he replied dryly. “But if you’re on the streets, I can come pick you up.”
“I’m not on the streets,” you reply sharply in a way that makes Bucky doubt your words. “But fine. I’ll be there in a moment.”
“Princess,” he begins but you cut him off.
“I just needa pack some things. See you in twenty.”
You hang up without another word. He lets his cellphone drop with a heavy sigh, sitting up and pulling on some boxers and some ratty old university hoodie.
It’s another fifteen minutes before there’s a knock on the door and he moves from the kitchen to the door, abandoning the orange juice he poured to pass the time. Swinging open the door to reveal that pretty face, he smirks to hide the concerned expression threatening to overtake his face. You look like hell, heavy eye bags and a wariness that he’s not used to seeing on your bold face. You’ve got luggage by your legs and a backpack is strapped to you as you regard him.
“Look what the cat dragged in.”
“You called me, remember?” you reply dryly. He steps aside, inviting you in. Walking in, toeing off your sneakers, and shedding your jacket, you let your backpack drop as Bucky pulls your luggage in. “Woke me up and everything.”
“Yeah, I bet I woke you up from your beauty sleep,” he snorts and you roll your eyes as his eyes trail over the dull skin of your shoulders, the limpness of your hair. He closes the door behind him, an unfamiliar tug pulling at his stomach. “Your boyfriend didn’t even give you time to find a new place?”
“No. And he’s not my boyfriend anymore.”
“Just a guy you used to fuck on occassion who couldn’t even make you come,” he says sagely and you sigh, rolling your eyes again.
“Are you describing yourself?” The words make blue eyes flash to meet yours and you smirk at the dangerous warning glimmering in his irises. Cocking your head, you shrug and lean against his dining table. “So, what do you want?”
“Why do I ever call you here if it isn’t for fucking you, huh, princess?” he muses, but even he can’t find the reason anymore. Whatever libido he was housing had melted in the time between you hanging up and you arriving at his apartment. As you stand before him, his blue eyes flicker from your exhausted face to the way your body seems strung out and on high alert. He sighs, too. “I didn’t want you in some seedy motel where the locks don’t work and the concierge is probably on the registered sex offender’s list. That sound good enough for you?”
You smile, the only thing familiar about you, and it sends a wave of relief through him. “Being nice isn’t your colour, Barnes.”
“Go take a shower,” he retorts, plucking your bag from the floor by your feet and he notices you don’t protest when he grabs your jacket and throws it in the hamper. “Then, we’ll talk.”
“Fine.” You’re unnaturally obedient as you head silently for the bathroom and he brings your luggage to the living room, setting it by the couch and laying it flat. Unzipping it quickly, he grabs the clean clothes he can find right off the bat and goes into his room to put them on his bed so you can grab them as soon as you come out. You’re standing in his bathroom, shedding your tank top and he grabs some clean towels.
It’s a strangely intimate silence as he offers you the towels and you dip your head in thanks. He can see the beginnings of a bruise on your bicep and he reaches tenderly for it, fingers barely brushing your skin.
“Did he—” The anger comes unbridled, hot and heavy and dark, in his voice and you don’t even jerk out of his touch. You’re completely relaxed in his presence as you look at your reflection in the mirror, so unlike a few minutes before when you’d been a ball of tension and you shake your head. His thumb gently digs into your skin and he can feel the pulsing heat of it. It’s fresh. Not even a day old, probably.
“No. I was walking and it was dark. Guy was coming out of a cab and didn’t see me standing there. Got whacked by the door,” you assure, pulling your arm out of his loose hold. Unbuttoning your pants, you continue to undress as he stands there, eyebrows knitting together. The air is wrought with an energy he’s unfamiliar with and he withdraws but your hand reaches for his wrist. Wide eyes dart to your face and he’s shocked by the surprisingly soft smile pulling at your lips. “Thank you.”
“Yeah, uh, sure. Hungry?”
You let go of his wrist and his skin is tingling. He rubs at it absently as you nod, your strange smile ever present. “Starving.”
“I’ll whip you something to eat.”
As he’s stirring Kraft Dinner around in a bowl, he listens to the shower run and thinks.
Or doesn’t think.
Time seems to pass in such a strange way. He’s cooking for you and you’re in his shower and nothing about this is normal or something he’s used to, but it’s not something he hates.
The shower turns off just as he’s sliding the mac into a bowl and he pours you a glass of water before finishing his own abandoned cup of orange juice.
Your footfalls are light and you smell like his shampoo as you sit down at his kitchen island, clad in the clothes he laid out for you.
“It’s just some Kraft I had lying around,” he says uneasily, pushing the bowl towards you but you take it anyway with a shrug and a easygoing smile. You look more awake after the shower and colour has worked its way back into your lips. There’s new life in your eyes as you eat and Bucky, satisfied, heads for the couch just to watch whatever’s on until you’re done.
Everything seems so strange, mundane, almost… domestic as you eat, scroll your phone, and he watches The Dark Knight just because it’s on. He watches the movie blindly, his mind still going a mile a minute and his body unintentionally becoming attune to yours in a way he only knows with when he’s fucking you.
But now, he knows how you move, knows when you’re putting your bowl in the sink and knows when you’re walking towards him by the way his heart starts beating just a millisecond quicker, the gentle give of his couch as you sit down beside him. Your eyes burn into his cheek and he glances at you out of the corner of your eye.
“Come here,” he allows, lifting his arm from the pillow and you scoot closer, pulling the pillow into your lap and hugging it tight. He rests his arm along the back of the couch. “You didn’t die of food poisoning. Pity.”
“You’d have to be truly something to fuck up Kraft Dinner, Barnes,” you reply dryly, smirking at him and he suppresses a snort as you tuck your knees up. “It was good. Although, I hope you’re not living off of that stuff.”
“I do take out every once in a while,” he says with a shrug and you roll your eyes.
“I’m a college student and I can cook better than you.”
“You’re one year younger than me. We’re not so different.”
“Whatever you say.”
Bucky can’t help the amused smile edging its way onto his face as you fall into silence, watching the movie, too. One thing Bucky’s always liked about you, even if he didn’t like anything else, is that you share a lot of the same interests as him. They had whole rants on how terrible some movies were, or the disappointment that was some TV finales. It always made pillow talk a fun time, if they ever made it to that stage. 
It was more often than not either of them would wake up before the other and just head out without a single word.
Bucky finds he likes your companionable silence more than he thought he would. Maybe he should’ve indulged pillowtalk a bit more. By the small, sated smile on your lips, he wonders if you’re thinking the same thing.
“You know,” you say after a while, “when I said at the beach house that you wanted me…” Your voice rouses Bucky from his trance of staring at the TV. The credits are rolling and he hadn’t even realized. So lost in his thoughts he was near the end, thinking about Rachel’s letter to Bruce and hyper aware of your every shift in your seat beside him, the movie seemed to pass by in a blink.
Something about the long lost melancholy of lost chances…
Bucky’s never been fucking sentimental, but even he can see the chance that Bruce Wayne really… really missed out on, and the blue-eyed man doesn’t want to be in that position ever. To do the right thing only to find out it’s too late. Because she died in the end, didn’t she? She died and he was alone even though he tried…
“At the beach house,” you repeat. “When I basically told you that you wanted me…” you say with a roll of your eyes, “it was just teasing, foreplay.” Then, more seriously: “But I guess I was being like Two-Face. Double entendres, innuendos, all that.”
“You’re going to become a vengeful, homicidal DA?” he quips wryly and you huff in faux irritation, poking him lightly in the chest.
“No. God, use that brain inside that pretty little head of yours for once.”
“Aw, you called me pretty.”
“Fine. Continue.”
“Well, what I was saying… When I said you wanted me… God, this is stupid. Feel free to just punch me in the face after, but…”
“But?” Eyebrows knitting together, he looks at you and you pull the blanket up to your face, embarrassment telltale in the way you avert your eyes. He gently pushes the blanket down, muting the TV and waiting patiently. You look more alive that you did the first minute you walked into your apartment and you look like you want to bury yourself in the blankets but he’s not going anywhere and you stare at him, lips pressed into a flustered line. “I’m not going to punch you in the face. You can just tell me.”
“I guess… I just... I wanted to believe that you wanted me,” you state, shaking your head, “for me. Like some affirmation that there’s a possibility you could ever want me like that, and… I’m being dumb. I swear I’m not usually like this, all sentimental and shit, but it’s just I feel like shit and you don’t care about any of that and Brock… I broke up with him because I know he doesn’t love me even if he says he does and that I deserve better but I just… it gets to me, you know? It fucking gets to me when I’m all alone and now I am alone and if he didn’t put me first... maybe it’s because I’m not wanted.”
“Hey, princess,” he murmurs, reaching for your hands and you surrender to him easily as he cranes his head to keep your eye contact despite you ducking your head. “I don’t judge you for any of that shit and that’s wrong. He’s a fucking prick, and people want you here. Romanoff, Steve, Sam…” Me.
“I know. I know and I just… I’m scared because I have nowhere to go. And, you’re always honest with me, and just slap me in the face because… I can’t believe I’m asking you this what if… what if everyone’s gonna treat me like Brock did? What if no one will ever really want me?
There’s a beat.
Then, two.
He’s squeezing your hands so hard he’s surprised you haven’t drawn away but then he realizes your fingers are clutching onto him even tighter, his bones wincing as you crush his digits.
“It’s stupid. I’m stupid—”
“No, you’re not.” Bucky shakes his head and you—fourth year college student and someone he shouldn’t be attached to because you two are so different but he is because you two are so alike—are something else. No one has gotten under his skin like you have.
You’re not fucking stupid. Because I do want you. In a way. In more than one way. And you are irritating and burn so fucking bright and you’re fucking bold, but—
I want you.
He doesn’t say any of that.
And it’s complicated, but that’s how the universe fucking works.
“You’re free to stay here for however long you need to,” he tells you quietly, seriously. “I don’t care how long it is, and there are no catches. Just… just don’t give that fucker another chance, yeah? ‘Cause there’s always gonna be someone who wants you, kitten. Someone who’ll treat you right.”
You smile faintly, knees tucked to your chest and hair still a bit damp from your shower. You’re warm, soft, with no cigarette smoke clouding your silhouette and no glossy sheen of alcohol. You look like you in a way Bucky’s never known before.
He thinks this beats you in any kind of black dress.
“Okay,” you accept and you lean over first to kiss him. It’s a soft peck to the corner of his mouth, an innocent, flitting thing, but Bucky doesn’t mind. He eases against the couch and you lean against his chest, cuddling close against him. His arm falls around your shoulders, holding you tight to him and you melt against him just like he does around you.
For a moment, Bucky wonders how the fuck he got into this situation.
Then again, he’s not complaining.
The view is fucking stellar.
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It's teasing, love [Bucky Barnes x Reader]
Tumblr media
Title: It's teasing, love Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female!Reader Word count: 1.4k Published: 5 October 2021 Author: Heloise Daphne Brightmore Warnings: Bit of a make out session Summary: You've been battling a cold for the past three days and it takes a toll on Bucky to keep himself away from you longer than he deems necessary.
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Tumblr media
For the past three days, you've been stuck in bed, coming down with a terrible cold that seemed to enjoy your company more than you did. Your nose felt stuffy, your voice was barely audible, and your fever was coming and going like a yoyo, making your head spin. Though a part of you knew that a couple of days of rest could only do you good, your less reasonable part was screaming to get out of that damned bed and move.
Unfortunately, each time you tried to escape from under the layers of duvets and blankets to go to the bathroom, your legs threatened to buckle under you, your head feeling woozy from simple movements. Even your eyes felt heavy and tired at all times, regardless of how much you slept. But it didn't stop you from reading. Tucking yourself under the layers of covers, you leaned against the headboard, sinking deep in your fluffy pillows and immersed in the fictional word you found yourself to be entranced by.
"It seems I cannot leave you alone, not even for 5 minutes." A deep baritone voice made you jump from across the room and as you lifted your gaze, Bucky looked back at you with a sceptical look across his face, arms folded in front of his chest, his muscled body leaning against the frame of the bedroom door.
"One chapter. One chapter, that's all," you nodded, though you couldn't fool him. It was more of a plea to yourself than to him, knowing how often you got carried away and one chapter turned into multiple, if not the whole book.
"Am I supposed to believe that?" He arched a brow and fixed his narrowed eyes on you, his gaze threatening to read your mind.
"I promise?" You asked, your nasal voice sounding squeakier and higher, making Bucky scoff with a humorous undertone. His reaction brought out your already built up, bed-ridden frustration and in turn you huffed at him and pouted, before turning your gaze away, focusing back on your book in your lap.
"Don't go sulking on me, love. I'm worried about you," his tone softened as he walked into the room and took a seat on the edge of the bed, but he frowned regardless. "Can you hear me?" He asked, but you just ignored him. To be honest, anything could have sparked your frustration at that point, even a too hot or too cold cup of tea. Everything and anything had become irritating to you. Even yourself. A simple huffing sound was all you managed to indicate you heard him. "Hey," his voice was barely beyond a whisper as he reached for your face, the cool metal against your skin making you let out a content sigh against the touch. "Oh, you like that, huh?" A playful smirk started growing across his handsome face, but you couldn't be mad. Not when that cool sensation his touch offered you finally started clearing your mind.
"That's— that's nice," you breathed as your eyes fluttered shut and you leaned against his palm.
"If you could see the look on your face—," he didn't finish the sentence, but you could only imagine the satisfaction that he could read off you. The thought made your cheeks heat up, but you couldn't get yourself to move away from his touch as he turned his hand and placed the back of it on your cheek, earning a silent moan from you. "Now that is outright teasing, love," he arched a brow, watching your eyes slowly open, still in complete daze of the sweet coolness against your skin. "If you keep acting like that, I'll have no choice but to kiss you," he warned you, though it only made the corner of your mouth curve up. You were as desperate as he was to finally feel his lips on yours, but you basically forbade him from coming any closer to you than his side of the bed. "Three days, love, it's been three days and I obeyed, but I have my limits too and when you purse your lips like that, it's stretching my patience thin." He wasn't lying, his eyes seemed to be enamoured by your lips, his gaze attached to the sight of them shamelessly.
Once he turned his hand back again and placed the cool plates of his metal palm against your skin, you couldn't control the inaudible moan that escaped your lungs. Before you could even say anything, Bucky pushed himself off the edge of the mattress and leaned towards you, his eyes closing as he anticipated that sweet kiss he'd been waiting for days.
You had just enough wit to stop his lips with the back of your book, watching his eyes shoot open as he felt the paper against his mouth. His eyes grew wide as he realised you stopped his attack, daring to separate him from you before he could succeed. "That is just rude," he groaned with a deep frown and placed his index finger on the top of the book, gently nudging it down to your lap. "I'm over 100 years old with super soldier serum running through my veins. I survived stab wounds, bullet shots, even falling from a mountain. I can reassure you, a cold is nothing to me. So, if you could kindly give me those lips, I'd very much appreciate it," for a moment you debated whether to laugh or kiss him, but at last you grabbed the neck of his shirt, pulling him closer and pressed your lips against his.
The desperate groaning sound leaving his lips made you smile into the kiss. Eager to please, you licked across his bottom lip, waiting for permission to devour his mouth. Without hesitation, he opened for you, but he didn't let you lead. He fought for dominance and as he dug his metal hand into your hair, pulling you closer by the back of your neck, you let him take control, offering yourself up to him.
It felt like fire was scorching through your veins, fever seemingly retracting from the incoming heat Bucky had the audacity to awaken in you. He pulled away for a mere second to give you time to breathe, but before you could have enjoyed the ticklish feeling his breath on your lips offered, he pounced on your lips like a wild beast ready to devour its prey. Grabbing his shoulders, you tried to ground yourself, his sensuous attack turning your mind into a mess of thoughts consisting only of Bucky and his body pressed against yours.
But then he pulled away, leaving just enough gap for both of you to organise your breathing. "I think that's enough for now, love," his voice was hoarse, his eyes dark from lust, still he halted his attack on your body, mind, and senses, each hyper-focusing on Bucky as though he was the sole purpose of your existence. You would have felt shame for such a thought if it wasn't for the hazy mind that could only think of Bucky's hands on your body, his lips pressed against yours, his body becoming one with yours. A loud whine left your lungs, disappointment filling you up as you finally realised that was all you'd get.
"But Bucky—," you wanted to object, but he ran his metal thumb across your lips, leaving you with a content sigh.
"You're still sick and I need you to recover as quickly as you can," he said with a stern tone. "Once you're alright, I'll do anything you wish me to do to you." The mischievous glint in his eyes, the offer hanging in the air left you silent for a moment, tasting those words as you could just imagine what waited for you once you recovered.
"Anything?" You arched a brow as you pulled your bottom lip between your teeth, Bucky's eyes immediately focusing on your movements. He cleared his throat, prying his eyes away from your playful mouth, fixing his gaze on yours.
"Anything," he replied, his eyes darkening, anticipating each and every naughty little idea that could possibly come to you.
"Fine, I guess I'll have to recover quickly then," you said with a wide grin. Bucky just shook his head in a reply, mirroring your expression, before he took the book from your lap and placed it on the nightstand. He laid down beside you, pulling you into his arms and let you rest on his chest. He pressed a small kiss to the top of your head, securing his arms around you tighter, basking in the closeness you so rudely denied from him all this time.
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twoghostsfromeden · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Strawberry Ice Cream
Stepdad!Bucky X Reader
Word count: 1.1k
Summary: Bucky Barnes is the best stepdad ever, especially when he has to deal with your ex.
A/N: For the sake of this one-shot, let’s pretend Bucky doesn’t have a metal arm lmao
“Go wake up B,” You whisper, shaking your 2 year old toddler awake. Your little boy rubs his fists at his eyes, squirming in his bed.
At some point in the middle of the night, he’d shed his shirt, leaving him just in his dinosaur pajama pants. You tickle his chubby belly, listening as he giggles.
Ellis looks so much like his dad, reminding you of all the good times in your past relationship. He’s got his blonde hair, his green eyes, and his cheeky dimples.
Your son hurries out of bed, his socked feet trodding down the hall, not waiting on you to follow him. Ever since you entered the third trimester of your pregnancy, you’ve been the slowest one in the house.
Your hands cup your swollen belly, trying to ease the pressure. You make it to the bedroom just in time to see Ellis climb on the bed, his hands cupping Bucky’s face.
“B! B! Wake up!” Your son squeals, giggling. You lean against the doorframe, a smile on your face as you watch the interaction.
Bucky wraps his arms around Ellis, pulling him onto the bed. He immediately starts tickling him, his voice deep. “You woke up the tickle monster!” Bucky teases, his fingers jabbing at Ellis’s sides.
The interaction makes your heart swell, your eyes watery. After the breakup with Ellis’s father, you never thought you’d find someone who fell in love with you and your son. You certainly never thought it would be Bucky.
You remember the first time Bucky met your son, two months into the relationship. You wanted to make sure Bucky would stick around before introducing him to your 8 month old son.
Bucky was nervous, scared he would break the little boy, but he fell in love as soon as Ellis giggled up at him.
Ever since then, Bucky has been a part of Ellis’s life, being the best step-father.
Bucky looks up at you, a sleepy smile on his face. “How are my girls this morning?” He asks, cuddling Ellis into his side.
You rub your belly, sitting on the edge of the bed. “We’re good, she’s kicking a lot,” You say, watching Bucky smile. You’re 30 weeks into your pregnancy, the reality of it all setting in.
The pregnancy was a surprise, for both you and Bucky, but it was a welcomed surprise.
You swing your legs on the bed, laying down beside Ellis. Bucky reaches across, resting his hand on your belly. Ellis plops his thumb in his mouth, soothing himself back to sleep.
Tumblr media
After a successful nap and a quick lunch, Bucky had the idea to take Ellis out for ice cream. You couldn’t deny it, you were craving ice cream, too.
You’re standing in front of the counter, Ellis standing in front of Bucky. Bucky tussles his hair, looking down at the toddler.
“What do you want, bubba?” He asks, making your heart swell.
Ellis points to the ice cream, a smile on his face. “Chocwet,” He giggles.
You smile, your hand resting on your belly. “Chocolate, buddy,” You correct him.
“Two cups of strawberry and one kiddie cup of chocolate, please,” Bucky orders. While he waits inside for the order, you take Ellis out to the picnic tables.
Ellis sits next to you, his chubby hand reaching for your belly. “Lanie?” He asks, looking up at you. You smile, nodding.
“That’s right, E! Delanie is in there,” You say, encouraging his love for his sister. It took Ellis a while to warm up to the idea of sharing you, but with each passing day, he seems more excited.
Your attention is shifted when Bucky brings your order out to you. He leans down, placing a quick kiss on your lips. Ellis looks up, a smile on his face.
“Daddy!” He squeals, giggling.
You and Bucky’s eyes widen, glancing at each other. Bucky looks at you, a smile on his face. “Did he... He’s never called me that before!” He says.
You’re distracted by Ellis running behind Bucky, your eyes following him. Your heart sinks when you see your ex.
Bucky sees the sad expression on your face, turning around. “Oh,” He says, when he sees your ex.
Ellis is practically climbing up your ex’s leg, desperate to get his attention. It’s been several months since Ellis has seen his dad, but his love for him hasn’t lessened.
Your ex, John, picks Ellis up, his eyes locking onto yours. “Y/N,” he says, surprised.
Your hand instinctively covers your belly. “John...” you say.
Bucky places a protective hand on the small of your back, attempting to calm you down. You’ve always regretted having a child with John, he’s the worst possible dad.
He promises things to Ellis that he can’t fulfill, he never calls him, never tries to see him.
“I wasn’t aware that you were pregnant,” John says, placing Ellis back on the ground. You scoff, resisting the urge to roll your eyes.
“I didn’t think it was any of your business,” You say.
Bucky inhales a deep breath, his grip tightening on your hip. He’s never been the biggest fan of John, knowing how he hurt you and Ellis. Bucky has always said he would keep his mouth shut when it came to John, letting you handle him.
John raises an eyebrow, glancing at Bucky. “I think it’s my business when you let a random man around my son. Who’s to say he’s fit to be a dad?”
You open your mouth to defend Bucky, but Bucky steps forward. “I’ve kept my mouth shut long enough.” He says, his voice stern.
“I’m not just some ‘random man’, I’m the man that raises your son. I’m the one that takes him to daycare, I’m the one that calms him down when he’s crying over you, I’m the one that takes care of him when he’s sick. I’m the one he runs to when he’s hurt, when he’s happy, or when he had a bad dream,” Bucky says.
Bucky glances at you for any sign of discomfort, to make sure you’re not angry with him for this. You give him a small smile, showing him that you’re thankful for him doing this.
He looks back at John. “I’m putting my foot down. Whatever you do to Ellis, affects Y/N, which affects my child. If you want to see Ellis, you better grow up. There will be no more in and out. You’re either in completely or you’re out,” Bucky instructs.
John clenches his jaw, looking over at you. “You’re gonna let him talk to me like that?” He asks.
“Yep,” You say.
John looks back over at Bucky, his jaw still clenched. “I’m done with this,” He mutters, walking off.
Bucky sighs, turning to Ellis, who has completely devoured his ice cream. Bucky sits down beside him, pressing a kiss to his forehead.
“I love you, buddy,”
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tag! you're it - 4
Bucky Barnes x f!Reader
Summary: Bucky falls for Wanda’s college roommate, too bad she’s less that interested.
Warning(s): slow burn, idiots being idiots
AN: it had to happen at some point :)
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5-seconds-of-bucky · 4 months ago
A/N: Okay, so let’s pretend that Bucky didn’t blip 😉 That is the job I am trusting you with as you read this, dear reader (especially during a certain part, but you’ll get there when you get there) Also, please ignore my lack of original concepts, as I am well aware that I used this similar concept for a Shawn fic a while back (I promise this version is quite different and much better written) Anyways, happy reading! :)
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Fem Avenger!Reader
Summary: Different types of kisses throughout you and Bucky’s relationship
Word Count: 4.3k+  (oof, much longer than I intended. Sorry, friends!)
Warnings: Swearing, reader gets stabbed, mentions of blood, mentions of pregnancy, (brief) mention of death (nobody actually dies)
The First Kiss
It was quiet as the two of you walked down the hallway, save for the occasional sounds of Bucky’s boots scuffing on the linoleum. Whether it was because you didn’t want to wake up anyone else in the compound this late at night or because there was nothing left to say, you weren’t sure.
After months of longing looks and nervous conversations (and a bit of pushing from Steve), Bucky finally found the courage to ask you out on a date. He made it a whole ordeal, even bringing flowers when he asked if you wanted to grab some sandwiches from a nearby deli and eat them at the park. You would be lying if you said you hadn’t been waiting to hear those words for a while now and told him you’d be happy to. Your shy smile made Bucky’s insides melt and he found himself mirroring one back at you.
Now, your third date--a midnight hike through a trail you suggested--was coming to an end.
“Can I walk you back to your room?” Bucky broke the silence, chewing his lip nervously as he awaited your answer.
“Your room is right across the hall from mine. Aren’t you going that way anyways?” you giggled.
“Let me be a gentleman,” he insisted as you rounded the corner of the hallway that led to your rooms.
“I mean, how can I say no to that?”
“I don’t think you can.” His signature smirk and charm had you melting and you stared at the floor in hopes that he wouldn’t see the obvious ways he affected you.
The two of you arrived at your door almost too soon, and you found yourself wishing that your night together wasn’t over quite yet.
“I had a great time with you, Bucky.” You turned to fully face him, looking up shyly into his eyes.
He took one of your hands with his, bringing it up to his lips. “I did too, Y/N. We should do it again.”
“The date or getting eaten alive by mosquitoes?”
“The mosquitos were endearing but I was more so thinking of another date.”
“I’d like that.” You squeezed his hand before letting go, pushing your door open and taking a step forwards before Bucky’s hand grabbed your wrist. He gently spun you back towards him, his charm suddenly replaced by a more timid look.
“Um, can I . . . would you let me . . .” he glanced down to your lips. “Can I kiss you?”
You didn’t respond, simply placing your free hand on his cheek and leaning towards him. His hands both went to wrap around your waist as your lips brushed and your other hand came to rest on his chest. The kiss was slow and soft. There was no need to rush as you stood there in the hallway at 1:45 in the morning, wrapped around each other like you couldn’t let go.
You finally broke away, feeling Bucky’s chest steadily rise beneath your palm as you calmed your own breathing. You tried to play it cool on the outside, though you were screaming with glee internally.
“Goodnight, Bucky.” You slowly slipped out of his grasp, a twinkle in your eyes that hadn’t been there before.
“Goodnight, Y/N.”
The Welcome Home Kiss
Your eyelids seemed to droop more by the second as you tried to keep yourself awake. The caffeine you had earlier could only do so much to curb the sleepiness that was settling in your bones. The fact that you were sitting in your bed at the moment probably wasn’t helping, but you were too tired to move.
Waiting up for Bucky seemed like a good idea until it was 2:30 in the morning and he still wasn’t back. He would probably scold you when he got back, saying how sleep deprivation didn’t look good on you, but you didn’t care. You hadn’t seen your boyfriend in a week and you missed him. If you had to pull an all-nighter to do so, so be it.
The sound of footsteps outside your door pulled you from your thoughts. It only took a second to recognize the familiar clunking of Bucky’s combat boots, causing you to perk up as you waited for him to peek into your room.
The footsteps paused outside your door for a moment and you held your breath in anticipation. The door didn’t open though, and the footsteps became fainter, presumably walking away from your room.
Does he think I’m asleep? You frowned. Usually, he at least opened the door to check in on you.
You pulled the blanket off your body, getting out of bed and padding out of your room towards Bucky’s. You did your best to stay quiet as you twisted the door knob in case he was already asleep. It wasn’t uncommon for him to pass out as soon as his head met the pillow after a mission. Lord knows he needed the rest.
You were met with an empty room when you peeked your head in. You almost left, assuming that your excited mind had been playing tricks on you, when you caught sight of light peeking out from beneath the bathroom door. A smile crept its way onto your face and you closed the door behind you, sitting on the edge of his bed and waiting for him to come out.
A few more minutes passed and you debated just letting yourself fall asleep there when the bathroom door swung open. Bucky stepped out, wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt that you had tried to steal on multiple occasions. He didn’t notice you until he was almost to his bed and lifted his gaze from the floor, jumping back with a “shit!” when he saw you.
“What are you doing up, doll?” he asked once he regained his composure.
“Waiting for you,” you replied simply, pulling him into a hug as soon as he sat down next to you. “I missed you.”
“I missed you too.”
You pulled back just enough to press your lips against his, relishing the languid movements of his lips against yours at the absurd hour of the morning. His arms traveled down to your hips as yours moved to wrap around his neck.
“Welcome home, sergeant.”
The Fevered Forehead Kiss
You were burning up.
The sweat drenched shirt you were wearing was sticking to your body and the fact that Bucky, AKA: the walking furnace, was laying next to you, wasn’t helping in the slightest. His arm was slung over your back, which made your situation that much worse. He seemed to be sleeping peacefully: a rarity with him. Moving out of bed was sure to wake him up but you really needed to change your shirt.
You sighed, deciding that you needed to get into some dryer clothes if you had any hopes of falling back asleep before the sun rose. Prying yourself from Bucky’s grip as carefully as possible, you swung your feet over the edge of the bed and stood up. A wave of dizziness overcame you, forcing you to brace yourself against the wall. A quiet groan escaped your lips when the dizziness started getting worse rather than fading away. Your vision started to tunnel: a surefire sign that you were going to pass out.
A pair of arms wrapped around you and Bucky’s face came into view. He gently eased you back onto the bed, supporting your back as he layed you back down. You felt a hand brush over your cheek as the dizziness faded and your senses returned.
Bucky frowned at how warm your cheek felt beneath his touch. You were feeling a little warm when he carried you to bed after a group game night--of which you had fallen asleep halfway through--but he didn’t think much of it then. He smoothed some hair back from your forehead and rested his lips there to better judge your temperature.
“Shit, doll. You’re burning up,” he murmured.
“It’s really hot in here.” Sleep was clawing at you but you were uncomfortable beyond belief. “I need to change my shirt.”
Bucky silently helped you out of the shirt you were wearing, throwing it in the hamper before shuffling over to the dresser to get you another one. He grabbed the first one he saw, making his way back over to where you were laying and helping you into it.
“Get some sleep, sweetheart,” he said as he pressed his lips to your forehead once more. “I’ll be right here.”
The “Shut Up!” Kiss
The Quinjet was filled with chatter as the team headed back to the compound after a successful mission. You managed to get the intel you needed and nobody got hurt in the process--well, nobody except you, but no one needed to know that.
You managed to get yourself stabbed in the right bicep when you were making your way back to the jet. It wasn’t horribly severe, it just hurt like a bitch. You were quick to take care of the Hydra agent and keep moving, knowing the team was going to want to get back to the compound as quickly as possible to celebrate. Missions without some kind of injury were a rarity with you guys.
You just assumed that you’d wait until you got to the compound and stitch yourself up there without anyone knowing. Seemed easy enough of a plan, right?
“Hey, doll,” Bucky said as he sat down in the seat to your left with a kiss to your cheek.
“Hey, babe.” You leaned your head on his shoulder, snuggling into the warmth radiating off of him.
“I’m so ready to get in bed.”
“You said it.”
You were able to block out the pain coming from your arm for a moment, allowing yourself to relax in your boyfriend’s presence instead. That was, until Bucky’s arm came up to wrap around your shoulders. You winced when his hand brushed over your wound, cursing internally when you felt him stiffen up next to you. Of course he was going to find out.  
He pulled his hand back, seeing it covered in red. “Is that blood?”
“Yes but that doesn’t matter right now. You know what does matter? Getting to bed cause you look-” You sat up, rubbing your hand over the wound yourself, finding that there was significantly more blood there now than there was earlier.
“You are literally bleeding right now!” He raised his voice slightly and you glared at him, not wanting to draw attention to the situation.
“I know but-”
“I love you but if you shut the fuck up right now, Y/N-”
Bucky grabbed your face, quickly bringing your lips to his. “You are going to stop talking and let me take care of this, okay? No ifs, ands, or buts. I don’t wanna hear ‘em.” His voice was stern but you could see the concern in his eyes.
“Okay,” you sighed, dropping your eyes to your lap.
“Now let me see your arm so we can fix you up.”
The Top of the Head Kiss
“You don’t think it’s too soon, do you?” Bucky asked Steve as they sat in the kitchen. It was early on a Thursday morning, when everyone else was either asleep or doing an early morning workout. The two super soldiers had already finished their daily morning run and decided to enjoy a cup of coffee in the kitchen before the rest of the team showed up.
“Buck, I thought you were going to propose after the fifth date. You’ve been together for almost two years. I think it’s about time,” Steve answered with a chuckle, enjoying the bashful look on his best friend’s face.
“I just wanna do it right, you know?” Bucky bit the inside of his cheek as he contemplated the right way to propose for what was probably the thousandth time. “I know she doesn’t want something that’s so romantic it’s cheesy but I want it to be special.”
“I’m sure you’ll figure it out.” Steve patted Bucky’s arm as he got up to put his mug in the sink. “You know she’s going to say ‘yes’ no matter what.”
“Yeah, I know. It’s just scary trying to-”
“Morning boys.” Your groggy voice rang through the kitchen, causing Steve and Bucky to immediately shut up.
“You’re up early, sweetheart,” Bucky commented as you made your way over to him.
“Thought I’d be productive today.” You ran a hand through his hair, still unruly from his run, before placing your lips on top of his head. “Whatcha’ guys talking about?”
Steve and Bucky shared a panicked look. “Uhh . . . super secret boy band stuff.” Bucky’s hands made their way to your hips, fingers messing with the hem of your shirt.
“Ohh, okay. Let me just grab my breakfast and then I’ll let you plan your little boyband stuff.” You ruffled Bucky’s hair and busied yourself with making a bagel, winking at him before leaving the kitchen.
“You better hurry up,” Steve chuckled. “Cause she’s gonna figure out what you’re doing soon if you don’t.”
“Yeah, yeah,” Bucky grumbled. “I’m working on it.”
The Passionate Kiss
“I’m so hungry!” you complained as you took your suit off, having just returned from a mission. You weren’t able to eat lunch earlier and your stomach was making sure you knew just how much it did not appreciate that.
“We stocked up the fridge yesterday so you should be good to go,” Bucky said from his place on the edge of the bed. His eyes stayed glued on you as you slipped on a pair of shorts and one of his Henleys.
You smiled brightly at his words and made your way over to him, giving a quick peck to his temple and grabbing his hand. “Care to join me?”
“Course, doll.” He stood up and followed you out of your shared room, wrapping an arm around you and pulling you into his side as you walked to the kitchen. Everything was going according to plan.
The mission you just came back from? It was fake. You didn’t know that of course, but Bucky had Steve and Tony help him set it up so he could get ready for what he was planning on doing tonight without you either finding out or getting overly suspicious. What was he planning on doing, exactly? Proposing. He was finally going to propose tonight.
You and Steve were sent out on an undercover “mission” in which you had to pretend to be a couple in order to attend a ball and gather intel on a possible new Hydra branch. Bucky wasn’t quite sure how Tony managed to set the whole thing up, but he decided not to bother himself with the logistics. There were more important issues at hand.
He patted his pocket as you parted from his side to grab plates. Yup, the ring was still there.
“Why don’t I get the plates and you grab what you want from the fridge, sweetheart?” he suggested.
“Oh no, I got the plates. You grab whatever you think is good. I’ll eat whatever.” You took two plates out of the cabinet and made your way to the table, your back to the fridge.
This is going to be harder than he anticipated.
In his debate to decide the perfect way to propose to you, Bucky somehow came to the conclusion that the best way to ask you to be his future wife was by spelling out “Will you marry me?” on the refrigerator with a bunch of magnets. A picture of the two of you from when you first started dating was placed next to it with a heart magnet, and Bucky was pretty proud of himself for the idea. He forgot, of course, that you could be a little oblivious sometimes when it came to noticing things.
No need to stress about it. She’ll notice eventually.
Bucky grabbed some things from the fridge, microwaving a few before bringing them over to the table and sitting down in the seat next to yours. “Bon appetit!”
“¡Muchas gracias, señor!” You smiled, already dumping a few things onto your plate and digging in.
“That was a completely different language,” he chuckled.
He shrugged his shoulders. “Tell me ‘bout the mission.”
“It was alright,” you said through a mouthful of food. You swallowed before continuing. “I don’t know why they sent Steve with me instead of you. You’d think that since we had to pretend to be a married couple, they’d have me go with my boyfriend.” Damn, Tony really didn’t try to be that subtle, did he?
“Yeah, strange . . .”
“Anyways, it was pretty easy. I didn’t even have to go to a debriefing!” You put some more food on your plate, noticing that Bucky had barely touched his. “You okay? You’ve hardly eaten.” You motioned towards his plate.
“Hmm? Oh, I ate before you got home so I’m not that hungry.” It wasn’t entirely a lie. He ate, just not a lot to be considered a meal. Nerves.
“Uh huh.” You gave him a weird look as you took a bite of food. “You’re up to something.”
“Me? Up to something? Never.” He watched you finish your food and sit back with a satisfied groan.
“Okay, sure.” You gave him a playful glare as he took your plates and got up to put them in the sink. You grabbed the leftover food and containers, and put them in the sink, nudging Bucky’s hip with yours.
“You trying to start something, doll?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.
“Maybe I am.” You looked back at him, completely missing the colorful magnets on the fridge yet again as you opened it and put the food back inside. Your hand caught the ‘W’ when you tried to take your hand off of the refrigerator handle, causing it to fall off and clink on the ground.
“Ill you marry me?” you read off the fridge, a confused laugh escaping your mouth. “What?”
Bucky playfully shook his head. He walked over to you, picking up the fallen magnet and putting it back in its place. He leaned against the fridge as he watched you read the phrase again.
“Buck, are you being serious?” Your eyes lit up, though there was a hint of hesitance in your voice.
“I don’t know, you tell me.” He pulled the black velvet case out of his pocket, getting down to one knee.
Your hand slapped over your mouth, trying to contain the squeal of joy threatening to jump out. “Bucky!”
He flipped the lid open. “Y/N Y/L/N, will you marry me?”
You bit your lips together, nodding your head vigorously. “Yeah. I think I’ll marry you, Bucky Barnes.”
Bucky stood up and you grabbed his face, crashing your lips onto his. It was messy but perfect for the moment. Your heart was beating a million times a minute but you paid it no mind as you tried to pull Bucky even closer.
“I love you,” you said once you pulled away for breath. Your eyes watered as you tried to keep tears from falling.
He leaned back in to slot his lips between yours again. “I love you too.”
The Relieved Kiss
Bucky wasn’t sure what exactly to expect when he rushed out with the team to find Captain Marvel lowering down a giant ship in front of the compound, but nothing could have prepared him for what he was about to see.
He’d been a mess since Thanos snapped away half the universe. Unbeknownst to him, you were up in space when the battle happened, leaving him to assume that you had dusted away with the millions of others and left him behind to pick himself up.
While Bucky suffered in his own personal hell down on Earth, you were stranded in a broken spaceship with Tony and Nebula. Up until your rescue, you were sure that you were going to die up there, staring into the void of space. You recorded a message for Bucky after Tony recorded his for Pepper in hopes that it would someday make it back to him. Then Captain Marvel came to save you and bring you back to Earth; to bring you back home.
Bucky ran up with Steve to help Tony, supporting the man who looked like he’d been to hell and back a few times. He stepped aside once Pepper ran up, choking on his own breath when he looked back to the steps of the ship.
You held onto Nebula’s arm as you slowly stumbled down the stairs. Bucky let out a sob at the sight of you, immediately rushing up to help you. You felt so fragile in his arms and it took everything in him to not collapse to the ground in shock, not sure if it was relief that you were alive or horror at your condition
He held you to his chest as tightly as he could once you made it to solid ground, his vibranium arm holding you up by your waist while his flesh hand held your head to his chest.
“Oh my god,” was all he could say as he stood there, body shaking as he cried
“Hey, I’m okay.” Your hand shook as it came up to weakly pat his shoulder. He could tell you were completely out of it: eyes distant and mind barely there. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw someone approaching, ready to help get you to med bay.
He pressed his lips to the crown of your head, gently rocking you back and forth in his arms. “You’re alive.”
You tried to pull back in his grip, forcing him to loosen it slightly. “I love you.” You leaned up to kiss his lips, though it ended up being more of a brush of your lips than an actual kiss.
“I love you too, sweetheart.” He kissed your hairline, scared that kissing your lips would steal more oxygen away--something you desperately needed more of in your system right now. “You’re gonna be okay.”
The “Holy Shit!” Kiss
You weren’t sure how much longer you could keep it a secret. You were sure he would’ve figured it out by now: the sticks in the trash, the sudden avoidance of certain foods you would usually never pass up, the second heartbeat that now accompanied your own.
It wasn’t that you didn’t want him to know--you had actually been trying for a baby for a while now--you just weren’t sure how to tell him. Is this how he felt before proposing?
The opening of your bedroom door interrupted your thoughts. You were met with the sight of your husband shrugging off his jacket when you turned around. He cut his hair recently. Something about it being “too hot for this shit.”
“Why are you wearing a jacket? It’s June,” you giggled.
“The air conditioning is fucking blasting and I got cold while I was doing my paper work, if you must know,” he said, laying the jacket on the chair you were standing next to. He left a quick kiss on your lips, leaving you craving for more.
“You’re crazy.”
“I’m crazy? I think you have the wrong guy here, doll.”
“No, I don’t think I do.” Your hand caught his, tangling your fingers together. Should I just tell him now?
“You keep thinking that. Steve asked me to help train some agents here in a few minutes so I gotta go now.” Another quick kiss and a wink and he started making his way out the door.
“Wait, Buck!” He turned around, almost out the door. “I need to tell you something real quick.” You motioned for him to come back over.
He took a few steps forward, a confused look on his face as you grabbed both his hands in yours. He could hear your heart rate picking up, which only served to worry him.
“So, I was wondering if you would be free to go to the hospital about eight months from now?” You gave a small smile, hoping he’d catch on quickly. “I’m not sure what the exact date is going to be quite yet but I’d really appreciate it if you could be there.”
Bucky frowned. What business did you have at the hospital that you scheduled nine months ahead of time? “Babe, what are you talking about?”
“I think we’re going to need to find our own place too. We’ll need a lot more space.” He still wasn’t catching on. “I doubt having three people in here would be super pleasant.”
He frowned even more and you simply giggled, bringing his hands to your stomach. “I’m pregnant, Buck.”
“Ohh!” He let out a sigh of relief, glad that that was all you were worried about. “Had me worried for a second there, doll.”
It was your turn to frown. “What?”
“From the way you started, I was worried you were dying and this was some sadistic way of telling me.”
“Nope. Quite the opposite, actually.”
“Was wondering when you were going to tell me.” His thumbs rubbed circles into your belly.
“You knew?!”
“I heard the heartbeat weeks ago. Took me a while to figure out what it was but I figured you’d tell me when you were ready.”  
“Damn your supersoldier hearing.” You leaned your head on top of his shoulder, letting out a small groan.
“Holy shit though,” His voice was soft as he rested his chin on your head. “we’re having a baby!”
“Yeah,” You lifted your head up slowly to see the biggest grin on your husband’s face. “we’re having a baby.”
A hand came up to cup your cheeks as he leaned into your lips, kissing you deeply and trying not to cry. “Holy shit!”
Reblogs and feedback are greatly appreciated!! :)
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barnesand · 3 months ago
bestie….am interested in roommate!bucky …..gimme 🤲🤲🤲
*cracks knuckles* about fucking TIME. LET'S GOOOO. I will preface this by saying I will absolutely write this in its entirety someday. But for now is here a drabble!
Warnings: mentions of sex and masturbating.
BASICALLY, I have thoughts and they're all underneath the keep reading line.
you were down on your luck. your last roommate didn’t quite check and left you hemorrhaging for cash after they left you high and dry with rent. you really didn’t wanna use craigslist, but here you are--filtering through the creeps even though you didn’t mention that you were a girl because that’s crazy.
then you stumbled on him. clean record. flying colors. hell, he even presented you with references. it was better than the other candidates and his only request was that he got to keep his cat (who was adorable, and honestly you liked cats.
you’d gone back and forth over email and texts, and you even had a phone call with him a couple of times, and it wasn’t until moving day (look, you were desperate, you needed someone and you vetted him well) that you actually met him and--
holy fucking shit he’s hot. that was going to be an issue--an issue for you, really. you could handle it; you can live with someone as hot as him. there had to be something wrong with him to counteract the hotness of him.
maybe he wouldn’t clean the dishes immediately after using them; maybe he would forget to empty the lint traps after using the dryer. there had to be something that gave you the peeves. something had to make him less attractive then he actually is.
alright it’s been two fucking months and there’s nothing about him that you find unattractive. that’s a problem.
he does the dishes right away. he empties the lint trap. he’s offered to do you laundry and also cleans the house unprovoked and all you want to do is jump his goddamn bones and it’s becoming an actual problem.
because you know he fucking sees it, too. he’s seen you catch your bottom lip between your teeth when he crosses the hallway from the bathroom to his room in nothing but a towel. he knows your breath catches a little bit when he walks around in just his boxers because the AC is broken, yet again. he knows that you’re into him--and, hell, he likes teasing you.
sometimes, he’ll get close to you when you’re cooking for the both of you. he’ll lean in real close and steal with wooden ladle to taste the sauce you’re making for one of your comfort dishes. sometimes he’ll lick the spoon clean, looking directly at you, flattening his tongue against it. cause he really wants you to know what that mouth does.
you’ll just watch and all bucky can do is laugh and ask “sorry, did you still wanna use that?”
and, honestly, you can dish it out just as well as he can. you know you can. but bucky is so fucking hot, that your skin is sweltering and you don’t have enough thought in your filthy, murky head to actually give it to him.
so you think about it; all day and night you think about what you want to do him, what you would say to him. and you think about it, hard. so much that your hand has become a sorry replacement for what you really want. You shove towels in-between the gap under the door because you don’t want him to hear you moan his name, whining into your favorite pillow as you plunge your fingers deep.
........ it’s been four months and you actually can’t take it. one night the teasing is too much. bucky’s getting ready to hang out with his friends and everything about him just breaks you. bucky dressed in leather does things to you, and the cologne he spritzed himself with lingers in your lungs. and when he leaves the apartment you don’t even bother going to your room.
you lean back into the couch as you touch yourself to the lingering fantasy that’s in your head; you think of bucky’s head between your legs, and his hands gripping your thighs and you moan so loudly it nearly echoes in the living room. you’re almost there, you can feel it vibrating all over your limbs, when the door opens.
bucky’s forgotten his keys. you’re too stunned to actually leave the room; you’re too embarrassed to even remove your hand from your fucking panties, and now you watch as bucky’s gaze lingers on the hand that dips beneath the elastic hem. there’s a heat that burns beneath his eyes, and he just drops his jacket on the floor.
you don’t say anything but he knows--he knows that you’re touching yourself while thinking of him. honestly, did you really think the towels would work to muffle your sound? bucky knows that you want him, and now you’ve just given him the opportunity to act on it.
and bucky just drops his jacket. drops everything in his hands because “the boys can fuckin’ hang out with me tomorrow.”
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