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writing-belle · 18 minutes ago
Dancing With The Devil (4/?)
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader / Helmut Zemo x reader / Sam Wilson x Reader (Platonic)
Masterlist: Dancing With The Devil (Part 2 of National Anthem)
Type: Fluff, Angst, Bit of crack.
Warnings: Swearing. Bucky, You, Sam, and Zemo bickering, a lot. Sexual Themes implied.
Plot: TFATWS Ep 3. Zemo got out of jail and was slightly whipped because he and reader has a little fling in the past. (It was briefly mentioned in part 1 of National Anthem) Reader refuse alcohol. Yay!
Word count: 3,535. [Unedited]
Disclaimer: I am not sure how accurate the google translation is because I used some other language that I am sure as fuck not familiar with. I apologize if It is wrong. Feedback base on my writing is appreciated. Enjoy!
Song: Horns - Bryce Fox
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Tumblr media
[B E R L I N, G E R M A N Y]
The guard buzzed you in through a vault, your eyes scattered looking at different cameras that you've walked by. Another guard greeted you with a mental detector machine before letting the three of you through which you hoped was the last one.
"Danke" you said to the guard but he didn't even acknowledge you, you rolled your eyes and continue to walk.
"God, you're gonna think Zemo's in the 50th circle of hell with all that doors" You whispered to yourself.
"He should be deeper than that, (Y/N)" Sam chimed.
Bucky stopped the three of you halfway, "Give us a sec. I’m gonna go in alone."
"What? No." You declined.
"You’re both an Avenger. You know how he feels about that." Bucky explained.
Sam puts his hand on his pocket, "It’s not like you two were known for frolickin’ in the sun together." He scoffs, "At least let (Y/N) go with you, she's barely an Avenger. Maybe she can try her mind wispies to use"
"Yeah! Besides, I think he'll appreciate an old friend that's not from....y'know" you trailed off.
Bucky and Sam looked at you in suspicion.
"Excuse me?" Sam asked.
"Shut up. It's a long story just...." you sighed, "Bucky will go in first and then I'll join him once he signal me, ok? trust me."
"That's triple no from me. How do you ev- You know what?" Bucky grabbed both of your arms and puts you next to Sam "Stay here. He was obsessed with HYDRA. We have a history together. Trust ME. I got it."
You watched as he walked inside, "If you let me go with him, I'll make you a customized Redwing that's not from the government." you bribed Sam.
The man took a step back, his eye squinting, thinking of your offer. "I sometimes forget your smart" you frowned at him, "I am just kidding. Go, make sure he doesn't go all soldier on us"
You opened the door,
"That time wasn’t exactly a picnic." you heard Bucky said.
Zemo eyes turned to you which made Bucky looked behind his back.
"Hello boys" you waved.
"Hase" Zemo whispered, taking a closer step to the glass.
Bucky glared at you for not listening to him but you approached him nonetheless, "I am sorry, did I step on your moment?" you placed your hand on his shoulder, "Told you he'd go all puppy on seeing me"
Zemo scoff, "Of course, It's the least I could do for bringing me all that Stark technology"
"You what?" Bucky turned to you.
You looked at him with eyes widen, "I- I wasn't, He-"
"For what it’s worth, I’m sorry. It was never personal. You both were simply a means to a necessary end." He turned his back to the both of you, grabbing something from the table before placing it on a box that is on the left side of the glass, pushing it to your direction.
Bucky picked up the little gold chain choker with a bunny charm on it, "What's this?"
You snatched it from him and put it inside your pocket. You gave him a glare, "He's making us waste time"
Bucky glared back at you but then softens. You knew you're gonna have a long talk after this. You turned back to Zemo, who was now sitting back at his little bed. Watching the two of you like you're in a television.
"Someone recreated the super-soldier serum. We need to find out who." Bucky demanded.
"You are assuming HYDRA has something to do with this, which is why you came to me, which means you are desperate. Luckily for you, I know where to begin."
Tumblr media
"What are you talking about? You wanna break Zemo outta' jail?" Sam exclaimed, trying to navigate through the dark with a small flashlight, "Where are we, Buck? Have you lost your mind?"
"We have no leads, no moves, nothing." Bucky answered.
"What we have is one of the most dangerous men in the world behind bars." Sam argued
Bucky successfully opened the lights and reveals that they're in a garage, "We also have eight Super Soldiers that are loose, Sam"
"Zemo’s gonna mess with our minds. Especially yours. No offence" He pointed at Bucky.
"Offence" The metal armed man said, "Super Soldiers go against everything he believes in. He is crazy, but he still has a code."
"Code? We've been on the wrong side of that code and so have you. He blew up the UN, he killed King T’Chaka and framed you for it. Did you forget that? You think the Wakandans forgot about it? It’s a rhetorical question. They didn’t. I know why this matters to you, but it’s pushing you off the deep end." Sam lectured Buck.
Bucky sighed, "We don’t know how they’re gettin’ the serum. We don’t even know how many of them there are. Let us just walk you through a hypothetical. Can I walk you through hypothetical?" he offered.
"What did you do?" Sam asked, looking at the Bucky with a serious stare, "and where's (Y/N)?"
He turned back to Sam, "I didn’t do anything."
"what 's the book your reading?" You asked to Zemo.
He turned glancing back,
"The weakest point in any system isn’t the software, the hardware, it’s the meat ware. The human element. Now, in this lockup, it’s nine to one, prisoners to guards. And if two prisoners start fighting, then the protocol says four guards have to respond." Bucky explained.
Bucky and You got out of Zemo's cell, You both casted each other a knowing look as you both got down the stairs. You lowered your head and looked at one of the prisoners that was playing chess.
Your eyes glowed purple for a second, you looked back at Buck and nodded.
"So why would two prisoners randomly start fighting at that moment?" Sam asked.
"Who knows" Bucky shrug shrugged, "could be many reasons"
The prisoner you targeted flashed his eyes purple before looking at his opponent and leaping over the table. The other prisoner tripped back, giving access to your target to straddle him and punched again and again. The prisoners around them egged the fight on.
An loud sound was turned on, alerting the Police, they hurried down to stop the massive fight that just occurred.
"But the point is, these things escalate." Bucky added, "Lockdown procedures would have to be initiated, and with all those bodies flying around left and right, wouldn’t be hard to slip down a hallway or two."
Zemo got the signal, opening his cell door and walking down the hallway before a guard spotted him. He glared at the guard before disarming him, dragging him on one of the cells and taking his uniform making him escape with barely a scratch.
He flashed the guard's ID at the final door, the green light signal appearing. He lowered his hat as passing by a security cam.
"Aufseher Menz." He whispered to the walkie talkie. The last door opened, Zemo got out and held the door for the incoming S.W.A.T team.
"And if the fire alarm got tripped while the prisoners were being separated…" Bucky elaborates
He walked through the long hallway catching you besides a fire alarm wearing a guard uniform. Zemo smirked but was met with a frown from you. You pulled the fire alarm before briskly walking forward with Zemo following close.
"…someone could use the chaos to their advantage."
Numbers of guard was approaching, Zemo grabbed your arms and pulled you in on one of the cells. The force caused you to have your back against the wall with him pressed against your body, trying to cramp at the small wall to avoid being seen.
"You look good in uniform, Hase" he whispered.
"You lost your flirting privileges when you stole half my tech" You pushed him off you.
"Still fiesty" Zemo groaned as his back hit the other side wall, "When did you became so strong?"
You ignored him and checked outside noticing there's no more guards on either side. "Come on" you tilt your head to him, getting out of the cell and heading towards the fire exit.
You both got out smoothly, the sun kissed your skin as you left the facility. You motioned Zemo to a car and getting into the driver seat. You road out of there with the sun trailing behind.
"I don’t like how casual you’re both bein’ about this. This is unnatural." Sam chuckled, "Are you… And where are we, man? and where the hell is (Y/N)"
A door opening catch your attentions, a two figures wearing a police uniform walking in, Sam squint before realizing who it is.
"Whoa. Whoa, whoa." Sam start to take mean steps towards Zemo.
Bucky tried to stop him, a hand on Sam's chest, "No, listen."
"What are you doin’ here?" Sam asked, "and (Y/N)? What the- you have to be- shit"
"I didn’t tell ’cause I knew you wouldn’t let this happen." Bucky shouted back at him.
Sam turned his face to you, "What did you do?"
"We need him." You explained, taking your cap off and holding Sam's chest to calm him down, "I had to make sure he's not gonna bail, Sam" you defended yourself.
Sam tried to take steps forward, "You’re going back to prison!"
"If I may…" Zemo spoke
"NO!" the three of you shouted in unison.
The escaped man just nod his head, "Apologies."
"When Steve refused to sign the Sokovia Accords, you backed him. You broke the law, and you stuck your neck out for me. I’m asking you to do it again." Bucky tried to reason with him.
"I really think I’m invaluable…" Zemo uttered
"Shut up" you grit your teeth at him.
"Okay. If we do this, you don’t make a move without our permission" Sam pointed at him.
"Fair" Zemo replied.
The three of you looked at each other before turning your head back to the escaped man,
"Okay, Zemo, where do we start?" Sam asked.
Tumblr media
The lights in another huge garage filled with cars opened. You winced at the familiarity of the place.
"So our first step is grand theft auto?" Sam questioned.
Zemo opened one of the car's trunk to reveal weapons, "These are mine. Collected by family over the generations."
You stood over the corner as you watched the men inspect the cars. Bucky opened one of the car's door.
"Wouldn't sit on that if I were you" You threatened.
Bucky looked at you and gave him a knowing look. He looked back at you with disgust and shut the car's door.
"seriously?" Sam throwed shade at your direction, you gave him a fake smile.
"I spent years hunting people HYDRA recruited to recreate the serum. Because once it’s out there, someone can create an army of people… like the Avengers." Zemo said looking at Sam before turning back to the yellow car.
His eye caught a certain mask, putting it in a duffel bag along side with some clothes, "I ended the L.R. and Winter Soldier program once before. I have no intention to leave my work unfinished. To do this, we’ll have to scale a ladder of lowlifes."
"Well, join the party. We’ve already started." Sam replied sarcastically.
"First stop is a woman named Selby. Mid-level fence I still have a line on. From there, we climb." Zemo explained walking with the duffel bag in hand and the a very lavish coat on the other.
You followed closely to him. You and Bucky meeting eyes before heading to wherever the fuck Zemo's taking you.
Tumblr media
"So all this time you’ve been rich?" Sam asked, motioning to the private plane.
"I’m a Baron, Sam. My family was royalty until your friends destroyed my country" an old man was waiting by the plane's door. "Servus, Oeznik" Zemo and the butler shared their greeting.
You nudged Bucky with your elbow, "That guy looks like he's suppose to be seven deep under"
Bucky tried to stifle a laugh with a huge smile, Sam however cannot.
"Servus, Lady (Y/N), Lange nicht gesehen" Oeznik turned to you, shaking your hand.
"Dein Meister war ein Schwanz, also bin ich gegangen" You said honestly, Oeznik looked back at Zemo and saw his master gave him a forced smile. You got up the plane first laughing as you heard Bucky chuckled.
The three of you sat down with Sam and Bucky opposite of each other as well as you and Zemo.
Oeznik came back from the plane's kitchen, handing Zemo a drink. "Apologies if the drink is warm, The fridge is out from the last time you both were using it. Would you also like a drink, Lady (Y/N)?"
"I need a whole bottle if you can, Oeznik. Danke" You said, not bothering to look up.
"Don't give her anything" Bucky spoke.
Turning to Bucky but you were met with his eyes glaring daggers to yours. "Fine, Just water then."
You sighed before deciding to take off the guard uniform revealing your tight black shirt that accentuates your chest and a pair of army camo pants, Zemo discreetly looked up from the book he was reading.
"Les yeux baissés ou je te ferai manger du verre" you threatened.
He looks back down and whispered, "Rien que je n'ai jamais vu auparavant"
Unbeknownst to you, Sam was staring at all of this unfold.
"Water for Lady (Y/N)." Oeznik handed you the water as you said a quick thanks, handing him the glass back, "I will see if there is some good food in the galley."
"Wenn es den Geruchstest nicht besteht, geben Sie es den Männern" Zemo smiled.
"It's good to have you back sir" Oeznik spoke before returning back to the kitchen.
"You don’t know what it’s like to be locked in a cell." Zemo beckons to you but then turned to Sam, "Oh. That’s right. You do."
"I am sorry, I am pretty sure it's an overdue explanation on how the hell do you two know each other? You're both speaking French like your going home from a honeymoon or something" Sam asked, the three men was staring at your direction.
"All right, but" you held your hand up. "Let me finish."
Sam nodded.
"So, mommy and daddy me-" you started.
"(Y/N)!" Sam grunted, "The no jokes version please"
"You're no fun. Anyways, Me and Mister money bags here met when I was helping rescues to one of the Jets while you guys fight Ultron. Thought he was charming with his accent and whatever" you breath, "and then after that I thought I never see him again, what happened to Sokovia and the guilt I was feeling because I helped built Ultron was taking a toll on me so Steve and I had a little space"
"Wait a minute, I thought you went back to the Cryo?" Sam asked.
"I said let me finish" you complained. Sam made a motion of zipping his mouth shout and then nodding, "Yes, everyone thought I was in the Cryo but those months I decided to take a little vacation instead. Here, In Berlin. That's why the little garage was familiar. I was always in the ice since I was sixteen, I bought my dad's bullshit about 'so Tony can have someone' and I didn't know it was just for something he wanted to sell to the military. Instead of being a rowdy teen, I was a lab rat."
"and?" Bucky urged you on
"I saw him there again, charmed me, made me think my inventions on Stark Tech was genius. It was like the teenage love story I never had and of course, I have daddy issues and my old man only viewed Tony's stuff, never resent my brother for that by the way. And I guess that kicked in, It was fun in the first few months of sex and casino Vegas until I eventually caught on that he was using me for Stark Tech and Information"
You saw Sam opened his mouth.
"And before you ask why I didn't turn him in or confront him. It was because his family died when Ultron happened and I- I know how that felt because Mr. Cyborg here killed my parents while I was on Cryo" You looked at Bucky, "I forgive you" you assured but the man gave you a guilty smile.
"I apologize, Schatz." Zemo whispered, "It was never personal."
"You still killed a lot of people Helmut, and If I had known I would've suffocated you while you were sleeping beside me" You leaned back to your seat and crossed your arms, "For what it's worth, It was in the past and I left his ass in a motel."
"I returned home and the accords was shoved in my face with Steve and Tony screaming at each other, I signed of course and just then I was aware of what the fuck was this man was doing, not only was I supplier of tech and info. I was supposed to also be leverage but I guess someone felt a spark huh?" You nod to Zemo but he stayed silent.
You continued, "After all that, I left to be a two faced bitch and helped Steve's team. I told Steve what happened between him and I" you motioned to the man opposite to you, "I was guilty at first until I heard from Nat that Steve had a little something with Sharon too"
"Is that why you just forget about her after she covered for your ass?" Bucky's words struck you like a knife. His sudden change in demeanor surprised you. "No, of course not. I had my neck out while trying to snoop into the government files for a few months, dipshit. I was trying to locate her."
"Ok, ok. Guys, calm down. Let's face our respective windows please" Sam disputed the situation, "Why don’t you tell us about where we’re going?" he faced Zemo.
"I’m sorry. I was just fascinated by (Y/N) and this. I don’t know what to call it, but this part seems to be important. Who is Nakajima?" He questioned Bucky.
You flinched when Bucky got up from his seat and put his hand around Zemo's neck, "If you touch that again, I’ll kill you." snatching the little notebook back.
"I’m sorry. I understand that list of names. People you’ve wronged as the Winter Soldier." Zemo replied, not even showing fear that Bucky almost asphyxiate him.
"Don't push it" Bucky replied back.
"I’ve seen that book. It was Steve’s when he came out of the ice." Sam stated, "I thought you had that?" he turned to you.
"Oh, yeah. I have it to him after we first sle-" you stopped yourself midsentence, "I gave it to him."
"ok..." Sam looked at you suspiciously. He turned back to Bucky, "I told him about Trouble Man. He wrote it in that book. Did you hear it? What’d you think?"
Bucky shrugged, "I like ’40s music, so…"
"You didn’t like it?" Sam looked offended
"I liked it." The man reassured.
"It is a masterpiece, James. Complete. Comprehensive. It captures the African-American experience." Zemo commented. Sam face contorts in a way, "Wh- He’s out of line, but he’s right. It’s great. Everybody loves Marvin Gaye."
"I like Marvin Gaye." Bucky states.
"Steve adored Marvin Gay" you replied, adding more fuel to the fire.
Zemo looked at Sam, "You must have really looked up to Steve. But I realized something when I met him. The danger with people like him, America’s Super Soldiers, is that we put them on pedestals."
"Watch your step, Zemo" you warned.
He looked back at you and continued, "They become symbols. Icons. And then we start to forget about their flaws. From there, cities fly, innocent people die. Movements are formed, wars are fought. You remember that, right? As a young soldier sent to Germany to stop a mad icon. Do we want to live in a world full of people like the Red Skull? That is why we’re going to Madripoor."
"Selby's in Madripoor now?" You asked.
"How'd you know Selby? and What’s up with Madripoor? You talk about it like it’s Skull Island."
"When we went to Vegas, he took me to a club and I met Selby. I wasn't myself because I took a couple happy pills to fuel my little rebel phase and I sold her a couple tech."
"I am just realizing now how much of a villain you can be" Sam said. Zemo smiled into the window, reminiscing the past.
"Madripoor's an island nation in the Indonesian archipelago. It was a pirate sanctuary back in the 1800s." Bucky answered.
"It’s kept its lawless ways. But we cannot exactly walk in as ourselves. James, you will have to become someone you claim is gone and (Y/N) you know how to act" Zemo reminded.
You and Bucky looked back at him with a glare but said nothing as you knew he was right. The whole plane went silent and the next hours of ride goes smoothly.
Translation: Servus(German) - Hello / Hase(German) - Bunny (Pet name) / Schatz (German) - Darling / Lange nicht gesehen (German) - Long time no see / Dein Meister war ein Schwanz, also bin ich gegangen(German) - Your master was a dick so I left / Danke(German) -Thank you / Rien que je n'ai jamais vu auparavant (French) - Nothing that I have never seen before / Wenn es den Geruchstest nicht besteht, geben Sie es den Männern (German) - If it doesn’t pass the smell test… give it to the men / Les yeux baissés ou je te ferai manger du verre (French) - Eyes down or I'll make you eat some glass
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You reach out to me if you wanna be added or removed. Thanks for reading babes! <3
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elena-reina · 2 hours ago
You’re Done - Bucky Barnes x Reader
Request: Can I get a bucky imagine where the reader messes up really badly on a mission, can she have fire powers, and bucky is there for her in the end. Maybe like a friends to lovers kind of vibe? Thank you! Love you!- Anon
Warnings: none
a/n: [For the sake of this imagine my bby Pietro is alive for his two seconds of fame ;)]         There will be a pt 2. Idk when, but eventually.
Tumblr media
“I need you all to lay low,” Steve’s voice spoke through the earpiece.
“Copy,” you along with the other Avengers said into the intercom in unison.
You have gone on many missions with the Avengers, however, this one was different. Most of the ones you’ve experienced were small track and point ones. Nothing like this where it was a life or death situation.
You had to capture one of the men named Azazel. He had vital information that was going to help the team out on a lead for the rest of the mission. You were a powerful asset to the team. The only issue was how much you underestimate yourself.
For weeks you had been training your powers and learning to keep them under control. There had been many incidents where you accidentally caused the sprinklers to go off at the tower for reasons we shall not speak of. But let’s just say they were all minor setbacks in your progress.
The team loved having you go on missions with them, but most of the time Steve wanted you to stay back at the tower and continue to train. You underestimate your powers and It took you many days to convince him to bring you on this specific mission. It wasn’t until you had a one on one with him that he finally gave in.
You had all the weight of the world on your shoulders. However, the adrenaline masked all the doubts running laps throughout your mind.
“I can see four of the guards standing by the door.. and I think a couple more on the other side of the building,” Wanda said slyly moving around the compound unseen.
“Could you at least try to make an effort to stay hidden,” Tony groaned, maneuvering around in the sky. “I can literally see your red head from here.”
“Listen Stark, you’d be caught long before I am,” Wanda smirked, sassily.
You softly chuckled to yourself.
“No, you listen Maximoff-” Tony began before Pietro cut him off.
“In all honesty, you’re not that witty Tony. Sorry, not sorry.”
“You know I don’t appreciate this slander on my title,” Tony mumbled.
While they bickered back and forth, you noticed one of the guards waving at the men to go inside the building. You ducked down when one of the men gave one last look around the area and went inside.
“They’re going inside,” you announced.
“Alright, here’s what we’re going to do,” Steve commenced going over the mission.
After listening to the entirety of Steve’s plan, you felt like there were some flaws in it. Naturally, you had your own plan in your head. Steve wanted everyone to go inside unnoticed and basically move around incognito. You, on the other hand, wanted to do it the old-fashioned way and all gang up together because there were more of you guys than there were of them. Or so you thought.
Sneaking inside the facility, you hid behind boxes and waited as Wanda and Pietro were the first ones to begin. Wanda would use her powers to mess with the men’s minds and make them fall asleep while Pietro would move their bodies to somewhere outside away from the rest of the Avengers. The building was old and looked like it could fall apart at any given moment.
Everything was going smoothly until one of the men, who had gone unnoticed by the rest of you, punched you harshly having you slam into the wall, sending an immediate alert to the people inside.
Clint and Natasha took awareness of this immediately and rushed by your side, but it was like the man had a vendetta on your head. He was overpowering all three of you and none of you understood how. Everyone was in full combat mode, and soon enough, almost a full army of them was coming out in groups. There was more of them than you thought there were.
Your fire powers were flowing out of your hand as you disintegrated any daggers or weapons they would try and throw your way. By this point, you were growing irritated and were having enough of this nonsense.
“Tell us where Azazel is!” you shouted holding one of the men up by the collar of his shirt. He smirked and pulled out a machine from the back of his pocket. You looked at it confused until you noticed a timer on it fastly counting down.
Your eyes widened.
“There’s a bomb in here!” you shouted into your earpiece.
“We’ll get this under control. Y/N, Bucky, and Clint get everyone out now!” Tony responded, already using his suit to find and defuse the bomb.
You were about to respond when you caught something out of the peripheral vision of your eye. You saw a door that was left cracked opened and decided to do a little digging for yourself. Looking around at the Avengers busy, you slipped away and entered the room. Silently closing the door, you moved behind a big crate to remain hidden.
Inside, you noticed a man dressed in all black with his back to you. You bet this was Azazel.
“Y/N, where are you!” Steve yelled into the earpiece.
You knew that you had to respond to Steve, but doing that would compromise your position. Without saying anything, you made a B-line towards the man.
“HEY!” you shouted, as who you assumed was Azazel, frighteningly looked up. He pushed boxes of glass out of his way and started to run. You weren’t going to leave him that easily and every place he tried to dodge into, you would blast up with your powers.
Picking up speed, you threw a firebolt at him hitting him in the back causing him to fall to the ground. You slowly sauntered over to him, a small triumphant grin on your face.
“Tell me what you know!” you fiercely shouted. Feeling bold, you had him exactly where you wanted. However, that confidence you once had faltered as his face then fell into a smirk. He pulled out a cylindrical device with a red button on top of it.
“Y/N! Do you copy!” Steve yelled again.
Ignoring Steve, you quickly extending your hand out to grab the device out of his hands but instead, you accidentally triggered your powers and blasted out an uncontrollable flame you’ve never seen or done before.
Azazel let out an excruciating scream of agony and the device slipped out of his hand. He was being burned alive.
“Oh no no no! What’s happening?!” you freaked, trying to get your powers under control. The flames emerged from your hands and began to consume everything within its path. It had a mind of its own and it was determined to burn everything to ashes.
Your screams rang throughout the room and Tony busted through the wall, frantically looking around. His eyes landed on you and the fire coming out of your palms.
“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Y/N STOP!” Tony yelled, wanting to get close enough to grab you, but the heat coming from the flames was too much, even for his suit. If anyone came close, they would have gotten burned as well. Pietro followed suit next to him.
You tried to stop them and bent down trying to grab onto Azazel, but this only made matter worse. It wasn’t until you felt a knife slice through the side of your arm, distracting you, that the fires coming from your hand died down.
You brought your hands up to your face horrified. His face and body were burned beyond recognition. You slumped to your knees and grabbed his lifeless corpse with one of your hands. His blood pooled out of his burnt clothes, coating your hands in warm crimson.
Looking further down his arm, you grabbed the device that was now barely holding together and looked at the odd wiring.
He was bluffing. It was a fake only to intimidate you.
“The bomb is going to go off! Everyone out-”
An ear-shattering explosion began to erupt throughout the facility before he could finish. For the most part, everyone was already on their way to the outside.
Pietro took awareness of you being out of it and quickly scooped you up into his arms and sped out of the exploding building. All of you had made it just in time before the entire building was already engulfed in flames. Pietro safely placed you down and grabbed onto your shoulders.
“Hey, are you alright?”
You nodded still shaken up.
“We almost fucking had him!” Tony exclaimed frustrated. “Let’s go.”
The ride back was silent. You had ruined the whole mission. You were mentally beating yourself up with a war inside your brain.
Why couldn’t you have just listened?
Back at the Avenger’s Tower, Steve ordered you to meet him at the office. You knew that whatever was coming wasn’t going to be good.
“Y/N, do you realize what you’ve just done?” Steve groaned, angrily placing his hands on the table in front of him. You looked around the room and at your hands that were covered in Azazel’s dried blood. You didn’t know that you were being set up. As a matter of fact, you didn’t even know that your powers had that much potential.
“I.. I didn’t mean to I was just-” you whispered, backing up to create some distance between you and Steve.
“You ruined the whole mission, Y/N! I told you that you were not ready!” he snapped, making your head jerk towards his direction. You opened your mouth to form words, but nothing came out. If you would have just had a moment to collect your thoughts, you would be better at articulating yourself.
“If you would just let me explain myself!” you shouted growing frustrated with overwhelming emotion, you felt your body getting hot. Taking a deep breath, you tried your best to calm the fire inside of you, quite literally.
Steve placed his hands on his hips and disapprovingly shook his head.
“You’re done.”
Your chest felt like it plummetted twenty feet underground. Despite the fire running through you, you felt your body grow cold. You had been training countless nights just to get where you are. There were so many things you wanted to say, while at the same time, you had nothing to say.
What was there to say anyway?
“What?” you managed to breathe out.
“Just go, Y/N.”
Steve then walked past you, leaving you standing in the middle of the complex. You clenched your fists and turned on your heel. You needed to get out. To blow off some steam before you burned the whole building down.
You rushed down the stairs, down every elevator, and all the way down to the empty field in front of the Avenger’s Tower near the aircraft. You felt the flames wanting to come out of your hands, but you tried your best to suppress them. Frantically looking around, you finally spotted a metal storage container.
Running inside, you shut the door and dropped to your knees finally letting the flames ignite. You cried your feelings out, this time not holding back. The flames engulfed the entire space.
A small part of you was fearful about not being able to contain it, but you knew you had to let it go. No one in this compound listens to you. It’s like they just want to keep you here to stay out of the way.
Was it for your benefit or theirs?
A knock on your door interrupted your thoughts, but you didn’t bother to turn around. Not that it would have mattered at this point. After releasing your emotions, you took a cold shower to cool off before coming back to your room at the Tower. The tower seemed empty. There was a stale stillness in the air that could be cut with a knife.
You couldn’t help but feel that everything was your fault. If you had just been able to stop underestimating yourself, maybe things would have happened differently. Or if you would have maybe just trained a bit more.
The door clicked signifying that someone was entering your room.
“Hey, mind if I come in?”
You turned around, lifting your gaze as your eyes fell on the handsome soldier before turning back around to face the window. There was nothing to be said. You and Bucky had always had this unspoken bond since the day you joined the Avengers. Whenever you were having a bad day, he was always there to talk about it and vice versa. Was there more underneath the surface than the two of you would like to acknowledge? Yes.
You watched as the trees flowed in the wind looking as peaceful as it could be, the opposite of how you were feeling.
“Do you wanna talk about it?”
He closed the door behind him and trudged next to you. He pulled up a chair and sat down, mirroring your actions by gazing outside the window.
“What’s there to talk about?” you dismissed.
“No one is blaming you,” he said, leaning back in the seat and crossing his arms over his chest.
You scoffed, shaking your head. “Oh really,” you mumbled, “I’m sure Steve would beg to differ.”
Gossip spreads like wildfire throughout the Tower and there was no way that anyone was going to be oblivious to what was going on. There was no easy way to sugar coat it. You fucked up and Steve knew this would happen. It’s plain and simple.
“Steve is just upset right now and will get over it. The mission was already a work in progress, to begin with. I don’t know exactly what went down, but your powers are stronger than you realize and with just a little bit more training-”
“Stop!” you shouted, standing up. Your chair fell behind you with a loud thud. Bucky jerked his head at your outburst but remained seated. He knew you were overwhelmed and wasn’t going to invalidate how you were feeling.
“No one listens to me! I was doing what I thought was right! I didn’t realize what I was doing until it was too late. It doesn’t matter how much ‘training’ I do, no one is there to help me!”
“And you have every right to feel that way. No one is blaming you, things happen. We live and we learn. It a part of life, Y/N. I recognize that I will never understand the struggles you are going through, but I can try.”
“Don’t patronize me, Buck,” you frowned. Truth be told, you just wanted someone to appreciate you.
This time, he stood up and placed both hands on either side of your shoulders. “I’m not. Look, how about we go out tonight to get your mind off things. Then, when you’re feeling better, we can discuss a plan to talk it out with the rest of the team.”
“They’re not going to listen to me.”
“I’ll make sure they listen, okay? Now, go get dressed before I dress you myself. You’ve got thirty minutes,” he winked pulling you in for a hug, to which you gladly returned.
Maybe you do need a night out.
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Super Soldiers
Tumblr media
pairings: bucky barnes x female!reader steve rogers x female!reader
word count: 1295
warnings: sexual content 18+ (IF YOU ARE A MINOR DNI) threesome, choking kink, dom!bucky, dom!steve, explicit language, kinda sexual slow burn
again if you are under the age of 18 please do not read as this is purely for sexual purposes.
and as always please do not copy or repost my work in any way without my consent.
“Well doll, would you look at you, so pretty all sprawled out for us like that” a deep voice said, a second after you could feel metal fingers run over your bottom lip as you whimpered. “Doesn’t she Stevie?” Bucky adressed the other soldier in the room.
“Shes absolutely gorgeous, Buck” in the dark room you could hear his footsteps getting closer to the bed. The tall blonde ran his hand from your ankle, all the way up to your chest. His eyes on your face as he traced his thumb repeatedly over the now hard bud, making your back arch.
You let out a moan before Steve moved his hand up to the collum just below your throat “please” you whispered, he swallowed at the sound of you so wrecked for him, then he allowed his fingers to curl around your throat and apply just the right amount of pressure.
Your eyes fluttered closed as you felt the delicious feel of his hand on your throat. He leaned down, pressing his warm lips to yours and you moaned into his mouth as your hand flew up to a head of short hair. “Steve” you moaned against his mouth.
As the kiss began to get more heated, Steve slowly pushed you back on the bed. As his lips started on your neck you heard a low groan from beside the bed. You turned your head to the side and saw that at some point, Bucky had pulled up a chair and was watching you and Steve for a bit before joining in.
Your eyes closed as you felt the bed shift and then a second pair of lips on your neck, Steve trailed back up and captured your lips in his as Bucky trailed down your body. The soldier took his sweet time peppering kisses along your stomach and tighs, down your legs and back up again. You squirmed at the feeling of Bucky’s hot kisses on your bare skin and that fact alone made his cock twitch in his pants.
Steve kissed your forehead and shushed you, telling you that you’d just have to be patient. And in that moment the brunette soldier dropped his head between your legs, licking, sucking, biting, you name it, that man was doing it to you.
You threw your head back and let out a loud moan at the relief of his hot tounge on your sweet pussy. Steve shuffled down the bed and the men shifted so he could fit. He added a thick finger in as Bucky lapped at your clit. As the pleasure washed over you in waves, you weaved a hand in each man’s hair, tugging and pulling trying to get as close to them as possible.
You could feel yourself getting closer to your peak as Steve added another finger inside of you, Steve knew it too when he felt you clenching around his fingers. Bucky sucked your sensitive clit into his mouth and you started to teter on the edge. “You wanna cum don’t you sweetheart? It’s okay, let go for us honey”
Bucky hummed, sending vibrations throughout your body and right as you were about to cum, he reached up and wrapped his right hand around your throat. You grabbed onto his wrist as you came hard all over Steves fingers.
Steve cooed and worked you through your high. Bucky pulled away and replaced his tounge with his metal fingers working your swollen clit, the sudden cool feel of it made you jump “there you go doll, such a good girl” Bucky praised as you came down, breathing uneven and heavy.
You hummed, eyes half closed and heavy. As your eyes closed all the way, you felt a hand on your cheek “wake up doll, we’re not done with you just yet” you peeked at the two super soldiers “there she is” Bucky teased.
“We want you to cum at least one more time for us okay, sweetheart” Steve whispered in your ear sending a rush of blood down to your core. Steve turned you so you were on all fours. You could hear the sound of two belts hitting to floor, one after the other. Bucky slid underneath you, cock very erect and tip slightly purple.
Steve kneeled behind you and pressed a few kisses to your back, he rubbed his cock through your lips getting his cock slick. Bucky pressed a kiss to your throat as he pumped his cock a few times. “Ready doll?” you nodded frantically, body already trembling in anticipation.
Both men pushed into you at the same time, groans coming from all three of you at the feeling. “mm so damn wet” bucky groaned. They stilled to let you adjust to their sizes, the stretching feeling a little painful but you loved it all the same. After a minute you could feel your body relax, the needy feeling coming back. “Move, please” you groaned.
“That feel good sweetheart?” he panted into your ear, your eyes fluttered closed and you could feel Buckys eyes on you. Your brain so foggy, you forgot to answer Steves question. Bucky grunted underneath you giving a particulary hard thrust “Steve asked you a question doll”
“Yes, yes it does, it feels so good steve please” Steve chuckled before he began to rub harder, tighter circles on your clit. One of Bucky’s hands came up to your chest and squeezed your breast, rubbing his thumb over your nipple.
You could feel the familiar feeling bubble up in your abdomen at all the stimulation, and Bucky and Steve could feel it too. “You gonna cum baby? C’mon i know you can do it, cum all over our cocks” Bucky rasped from below you “Be a good girl doll, let it all go” Steve chimed.
One of your hands flew to Bucky’s shoulder and the other grasped Steves hand on your hip tightly as you came on the super soldiers cock, moaning and trembling as you clenched around both of them. “So good, gonna cum inside of you honey” Steve grunted, thrusting faster “me too” Bucky panted.
After a few minutes of very hot panting and grunts from the two super soldiers, they both came, cocks twitching and spilling inside of you, countless praises spilling from their mouths “Oh god yes, honey” another groan “fuck, feels so good doll, god your so beautiful” the three of you stayed like that for a few minutes catching your breaths.
Steve planted another kiss to your back before he lifted himself up and pulled out of you, Bucky following a second after. He helped you off of him and onto your back as Steve went to the bathroom. He came back with two washcloths and handed one to Bucky, kissing your cheek as he cleaned you off.
Steve joined you two back in bed and helped Bucky pull the sheets over you three as you were already starting to drift off. “You okay doll?” the brunette asked softly, you nodded “more than okay Buck” The two men laughed “I think we should do this way more often” Bucky said
“Buck, we do this a few nights a week”
“Whatever, punk”
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heyquxxns · 7 hours ago
Say You’ll Remember Me - Chapter Four
Tumblr media
Summary: The truth is told...well some of it
Words: 4832
TW: Suicide thoughts mentioned, violence mentioned, death mentioned
A/N: Tags weren’t working so lets try again >_<. As always feedback is always appreciated. Edit: the tags still aren’t working so if people could please take the time and comment/reblog it would really really help me out. 
The Y/N’s were a family of five. Her father Theodore “Teddy” Y/L/N was a pilot before and during the wars. He survived in the first world war, but I made up for it on December 7th, 1941. Her mother, Julieta Y/L/N, was a baker mostly known for her cakes. Her older brother, Alexander, was drafted into the war, and her younger brother….well, her younger brother was a special kid. I do not wish to dwell too much on unnecessary characters. However, I feel it’s important to know why the Winter Soldier was sent to kill his lover’s brother. 
He loved to smoke
He never got over his sister’s death as they were closed. Although he and Alexander got along well, it was Y/N who willingly brought him along whenever she ran out to run errands. He was 12 when his older siblings left for war.
Bucky and Bradford had met briefly the day the Sergeant and the Nurse had left, the young couple being on the same train before departing at the airport. 
When JFK was killed, he worked as a secret service agent and got a lead on who actually killed the United States president. He found something he shouldn’t have. 
Again, I will not dwell too much on unnecessary character. And I only assume you, the readers, already know the nature of the Winter Soldier. 
To this day, Y/N Y/L/N still doesn’t know what happened to her brother, as you would recall from previous chapters. 
Bucky leaves the therapy appointment, gears turning in his mind. He remembered young Bradford; how could he not? The kid was not only shy but was visibly upset that Y/N would be leaving him alone for the nurse corps, having been clinging to her side the first and last time the two had met. The Nurse carried a picture of her family on her at all times but mostly talked about Bradford, how she couldn’t wait for Bucky and Steve to get to know him when they all got home. Mentioned how in the letter he would write to her that the kid was a massive fan of Steve, resulting in him getting a letter from the Captain. Bucky knew he liked the kid the second he saw him.
The fact that he couldn’t even remember being the one to take his life until now, though? And on top of the fact that Y/N Y/L/N could either be his Y/N after all these years? Made his legs weak and made him feel like shit for the rest of the day. His date with Izzy from the restaurant he and Yori usually go to? It only made him feel worse. 
Sure, the super-soldier may have been awkward, not having gone on a proper date since 1943, but it is unusual for someone to talk about a man’s dead son on the first date. Even I would have run out on her. It was much better than online dating, at least, the risk of being catfished close to none. 
The second he gets home, his usually strong legs give out on him as he sits against the door.  Bucky wanted to believe that it couldn’t have been his Y/N, that it was just some woman lying to him. That was possibly something more significant that he would have to deal with instead of something...something supernatural or alien-related. He wanted to believe that the Nurse had lived out her days well, did everything the two had planned but with someone who lived just as much, if not more, than he did before her supposed death. He wanted so much to believe that Y/N was dead.
But his latest nightmare only proved him wrong, feeling stupid for not recognizing those Y/E/C eyes before. Felt stupid for believing that someone could look like a carbon copy of his lover, even if they had been related. The sergeant felt even more ridiculous for not seeing it before. 
The way she still did her hair. 
The fact she worked at Ma’s diner just like her “great aunt” did. 
The fact that her go-to milkshake was a french vanilla milkshake with caramel drizzle. Something his Y/N would often crave on a mission making the rest of the Howlies also crave the sugary drink.  
He wanted to be angry. He wanted to hate her for lying to him after everything he been through. But he just couldn’t. Because he knew Y/N like the back of his hand and knew that she wouldn’t lie to him unless she had to. And it would be a bit hypocritical of him to be angry at her. Especially when he also had been lying to her this whole time. Both had been lying to each other about who they were: him about his life as the Winter Soldier and her about being his old lover. 
Bucky’s feet are already moving before he knows what he’s doing, wiping away stray tears. 
Rouan, France 1944
Sometime after their first mission, they stop for the night
“Can’t sleep, Y/N?”
The Sergeant is on guard, bringing a cigarette to his lips and inhaling deeply as he pressed against a wall with his legs stretched outwards. He can tell she’s exhausted. Despite his heavy jacket wrapped around her, she was still cold. The lack of ceiling in the bombed-out building was not really helping their situation. She looked so pretty, though, laying on a burnt and nearly destroyed mattress as the moon provides the only light besides his death stick. They had all decided to let her keep the bed to herself despite the Nurse insisting on sharing it with someone.
“Still a bit shook up a bit about earlier, that’s all.”.
He goes to respond, wanting to remind her that he wouldn’t let anything happen to her,  but a shot rings out below them. It causes her to jump like the rest of the group, who suddenly shoot up. Bucky is quick to reach for his rifle, not likely how close and loud the shot sounded. His cigarette drops to the ground as he looks out, crushing it with his foot. 
“Don’t see anyone, probably a misfire. Guy probably fell asleep behind the trigger.”.
“Well, he’s a real bastard for that.” The comment comes from Dum Dum, who’s wide awake now, just like the rest of them. 
They all fall silent after that, worried that perhaps it wasn’t a misfire. But after a while, the nurse goes to take a sip of someone’s long-forgotten instant coffee. Pinky can’t help but chuckle at the visible disgust on her face, watching as she quickly passes it over to Steve. He also makes a face of disgust.
“What, don’t like the taste of coffee?”.
“It’s not that, it just tastes so...bad? Makes me wish the war could end soon so I can get back to my job at the diner. I could make a way better cup of coffee than that, along with everything else we’ve been eating. Steve and Bucky can vouch for me. My mother taught me how to make the best desserts you could think of. Double chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes, Steve’s and my brother’s beloved apple pie with the cinnamon and ice cream on top.”.
“Brothers? How many” the question comes from Gabe. He had made himself comfortable on a worn-down couch.
“Two. My older brother is also serving, so my mother wasn’t happy to find out with me joining the Nurses Corp. Glad she doesn’t know about what I did….but glad I went out there anyway. My brother, on the other hand...”.
“Not too happy his sister to perform emergency surgery in the middle of a battlefield?” Dum Dum questions. 
“More like the fact that it was him I was risking my life for.”.
The room grows quiet as only Steve knows the exact details, having seen it in her file. But the Nurse goes on, knowing she should probably explain herself. 
“My father died on the attack of Pearl Harbor, his plane being shot down by the Japanese. Although we knew the risk, his death was a hard blow on all of us. So when my brother, Alexander, was deported? All the responsibility to help Ma pay the bills fell onto my shoulders. So, I left school and got a job at a diner before one night….one night I just got really scared. I was really close with both my dad and Alex.  Already had to lose one of them, didn’t think I could handle losing one of them. So, I joined the Nurse Corp in hopes of running into my brother. You know, in case anything happened. Sure enough, the idiot almost got blown up and nearly needed to get his leg amputated.”. 
It was obviously a difficult topic for Y/N as she pauses to take a deep breath.
“Hearing one of the soldiers tell me what happened to Alex while being brought in….I just blackout. I soon found myself doing surgery on my brother’s leg before throwing him onto my back and carrying him back to the field hospital myself. And I didn’t stop there. Went back to get more injured men and bring them back. When he found out I went back out, he cried, said that I scared the shit out of him. I...I didn’t want anyone’s family getting the same letter my mom got, didn’t want anyone’s siblings missing them every day.”. Y/N looks up at the men who are giving her sad looks, smiling at them.
“Imagine how much paper could be saved if they let us nurses and medics out of the field hospitals. If they just let us do what we have to do to make sure you guys make it home.”. 
They never gave nurses and doctors much credit. Even today, they don’t get as much credit as they deserve until a crisis happens. Especially the nurses. 
Bucky is still awake, long after the rest of the men go to sleep. Y/N goes to sit in the chair behind him, still not able to sleep. The proximity is welcomed, and both of them can’t help but feel safer in the other’s presence—the Sergeant with a rifle in his lap and the Nurse with a strong passion for saving lives. 
“Get some sleep,” he urges, a voice in a whisper, “You deserve some much-needed rest.”
Her hand goes to brush some hair out of his face.
“I can’t sleep.”.
“Won’t let anything happen to you, doll.”
“I know you won’t, Bucky. I know.”. 
Brooklyn, New York 2023
Y/N just got home from work. She now lived in Brooklyn
She opens a can of wet dog food, mixing it with the dry version before serving it a bowl for the giant Newfoundland named Sergeant. After all the years she’s been alive, Y/N learned that the bigger the dog, the fewer creeps will try to fuck with you. 
Throughout the years, Y/N had many emotional support dogs, starting to get them after she finally escaped Hydra. Her first one was named Captain, a golden retriever that looked so much like Steve. Her second one was called Dum Dum. Eventually, she had gone through all of the Howlies except for Bucky. Felt it was weird to name a dog after her dead lover. But when she got Sergeant as a puppy, his attitude reminded her so much of the super-soldier that she couldn’t resist.
She goes to get started on dinner until she hears the knock on the door. Raising a brow, she pauses what she’s doing before going to answer it. Of course, she has a gun on her. The Nurse wasn’t expecting anyone. Much to her surprise, though, the Sergeant stands on the other side. The surprised look on her face goes to one of confusion. But she smiles nonetheless.
“Hey Bucky, what’re y-”
“Why did you lie?”. 
Straight forward, looking her dead in the eye. 
“I don’t really know what you’re talking about, h-”
“Alexander Y/L/N never had kids because he was found infertile. Bradford Y/L/N was killed before he could, which ended the Y/L/N bloodline.” There are tears in his eyes, thinking to himself that he shouldn’t have come off so strong. But he just...he just wanted to know what caused him to lie to him. 
Y/N looks at him, taking him in. 
He was hurt, and she caused it. After all the times he trusted her, all the years he never let anything happen to her. Tears well up in her own eyes before she finally moves to let him in. “ should sit down. Please excuse the Newfoundland eating rather loudly. Sergeant doesn’t have any manners.”. 
He makes his way inside, taking off his shoes, seeing how she kept her shoes by the door. And just like she suggested, he goes to sit down on the big couch. Big enough to a girl and her bear-sized dog who was, in fact, eating rather loudly.
Y/N sits on the other side, hand reaching up the neck. Bucky now recognizes them as dog tags. Their dog tags. 
“Do….do you remember our first date? When you took me to the Stark Expo?”. He just nods, wanting to say more. Wanted to say that it was probably one of the last good days he had, taking her out that night. 
“And you got excited over Stark’s studies over some comet? Yeah. I remember. But what does that have to do with you still looking 26 after 80 something years?”.
“It turned out that it wasn’t just some comet, Bucky. I still don’t know what it is. But it was there that night I crashed my car into the Delaware River in 46. When the freak accident happened.”. She glances up at him, meeting those steel-blue eyes she loved for years. They’re still filled with tears, but he still looks at her just as he did all those years ago. Her stomach growls in the stillness of it all, the Sergeant not missing the blush on her cheeks. Those eyes land on the kitchen counter, realizing he had interrupted her. Her eyes follow his gaze. 
“You up for shrimp Alfredo?”. At first, all she gets is a nod, but as she makes her way back to what she was doing prior, she hears him follow behind her before sitting at the bar table. Just like he would at the diner.
“Tell me the story—tell me everything.”
She understood his offer: tell me while you cook, and I’ll decide at the end whether or not to open up to you, to forgive you.
“It had been a year after you were assumed KIA. I wasn’t over your death yet; I wouldn’t until 1993. But we’ll get there.”.
She’s filling a fairly massive pot with water. Bucky’s stomach turns, imagining how she took the news when Steve told her. 
“Even after a year, it was still a hard blow. All I could think about were the plans we had made, what married life with you could have been like. Could have had the nice place we dreamt with kids running around, driving us up the wall. I had met your mom and your sisters at this point, both our mothers becoming good friends. Your sisters would often visit me, making sure I was okay. But what I saw out on the battlefield then losing you, followed by Steve? I was more than content on dying. I thought about it, imagined it so many times that it felt more like a memory than some hopeless dream. It would mean I get to see my dad again. Get to see Steve again. But most importantly, get to see you again.”
“Unfortunately, suicide meant leaving my brothers and mom behind. Leaving your mom who thought of me as another daughter behind. And your sisters who ended up becoming my closest friends.” She goes to grab the salt, adding it to the boiling water before dumping the fettuccine in. “I couldn’t do that to them, not after everything we had all been through. So, I got a job under some rich man working as a secretary. He was a complete asshole, made some very sexual comments about me, but the job paid well. I was driving to Alex’s cabin where he and his wife, Billie, offered to house me for the night as I was coming back all the way from Baltimore. I hit Lambertville, New Jersey, where they lived at the time when it happened. It started snowing on the hottest day in July. Oh, Bucky, it was beautiful. However, I knew something was wrong even before this magical winter wonderland shifted into a storm. At some point, I lost control of the car and drove over a railing. Found myself in the Delaware River. It was cold...and soon enough, everything went black.”.
She was dead. Bucky realizes this, swallowing. 
“Suddenly, I woke up, and after a few minutes of struggling, I was able to crawl out of the car and swim to shore. When I finally reached land, not only did I notice that my car was struck by lightning in the middle of a snow storm...but something very bright was flying over my head.”. 
“Stark’s comet.” Bucky interrupts, receiving a nod from Y/N.
“He was wrong by 77 years. But of course, we didn’t know that at the time. That part will come later. No one noticed anything different at first, not even me. But it wasn’t until my 33rd birthday I realized I still looked how I did during the war. That when the lies first started. Lied about how I found some amazing beauty products from different countries that made me look and feel young. Even at the age of 45, I kept telling those lies. But eventually, they caught up to me, so...I moved—quite a few times. At first, it was only the next state over. But soon, it went from halfway across the country and eventually to the other coast. Moving out of the country was out of the question, of course. Seeing as I had to bring my birth certificate to the station once after getting pulled over once? I knew leaving the country was out of the question. When my brothers started to ask questions about why I moved a lot, Peggy came to my rescue. Offered me a job for S.H.I.E.L.D. To help her keep with all the lies. Provided them proof via my paychecks. But it didn’t work for everyone, and soon enough, the U.S Government was investigating my family and me. So...I faked my death, recreating the very car accident that should have ended my life.”.
Bucky watches her reach into her fridge with shaky hands to take out a bag of shrimp, Sergeant making his way over to sit by her feet. It was watching her struggle to open the bag that made the super-soldier get up from his seat, walking around the counter to help her open it. But he doesn’t stop there. He reaches for where she had gotten the pot and takes out a frying pan. Y/E/C eyes watch him take over for a moment before continuing. 
“I was only able to do it by calling in a few favors. And my status as an agent? Allowed me to learn some new things that ended up coming useful. Making new identities came easy, along with picking up a few jobs here and there to help me move if and when I needed to restart my life. Eventually, meet back up with Howard. By the time we discovered Howard’s miscalculation of when the comet first appeared and when its second appearance would be made...Winter Soldier was sent to kill them. I, of course, didn’t know that at the time. We all believed Howard and Maria were killed in a car accident. Shortly after, Alexander was diagnosed with lung cancer, while Bradford was shot and killed. The police say he was probably at the wrong place at the wrong time.”.
She doesn’t notice Bucky clench his jaw, guilt filling him. He would tell her eventually. Now was the time.
“So I kept moving around, changing my name, residence, and appearance every decade and vowed never to speak a word of my fate to another living soul. And so, I never stayed in one area long enough where I would get attached to anyone. I would burn those bridges somehow if I did. I made the mistake of living in New Jersey for too long in 1993. I was taking the train home one night, the only one in my car. A group of men sat around me, but I didn’t notice anything was wrong until it was too late. Next thing I know, I’m being dragged down to a cell.”. 
“That’s the first time you met me while I was under Hydra?” The sergeant questions, blue eyes landing on her. 
“Yes, but I...I refer to you and Winter Soldier as two different people. Because you two are different people.”.  She looks back at him before going back to the pasta. 
“It was only our first meeting, but it was clear you were still in there...or that Winter harbored the same feelings as you did, for he killed one of Hydra’s agents for slapping me. Squeezes his neck so hard that it snapped. Could hear it from out in the hall. They took me in for some testing. Apparently, I didn’t cover up my tracks as well as I had thought. They had found out about my ability not to age and started taking my blood in hopes of creating a serum that would allow people to become immortal. Or at least slowdown aging. None of their experiments worked, I assume. If it did then the world would be a much different place by now. But they knew about our love story and the incident only proved to them that something was still there. So...whenever they took Winter out of cryo, they called me to play nurse after every mission. Each time Winter didn’t behave-”.
“They would threaten to kill you.”. Bucky remembered that, memories of Y/N coming to him in waves as she spoke. “Would either put a gun up to your head or worse...throw you in the electric chair meant for me, knowing it would kill any normal person.”. She nods, hands him a whole bunch of seasoning for the shrimp before going to drain the water.
“They never actually used it on me though, just wanted to scare you. Wanted to scare the Winter Soldier. I learned shortly after that I was the only nurse he hadn’t killed, all the others treated him like shit despite knowing how Winter could squash them like a bug. At some point, I had gotten you to remember your remember me but they would wipe you clean again. Each time I saw Winter, I would tell him all the good things happening in hopes to reach you. During my time there though, I was able to fix Stark’s mistake and would find that the comet would return sometime during 2023.”.
So this year. The Nurse would finally be free this year. She just needed to figure out how to reverse it though.
“One day, Winter helped me escape. I still don’t know how he managed to pull it off; I was so sure that they would track me down again. But the last time I saw the Winter Soldier was in 2009. That fear that they would find me again and actually kill me again sat in the pit of my stomach for years until finally, S.H.I.E.L.D fell along with Hydra’s empire. I’d like to think that if Winter knew where I was….he’d come to visit me, to say goodbye for disappearing.”. 
Bucky dumps the shrimp into the strainer with the pasta. Y/N takes care of the cooking from there. The super-soldier doesn’t move, though, leaning against the counter. 
“That day at the diner was the first time I saw you since. And I wanted to tell you right then, tell you that it was me after all these years. felt wrong. You always had to watch out for me. During the war, during your time at would have been wrong for me to drop my problems onto your shoulders. Especially after everything you’ve been through. When you still have shit to get through. So, I lied and said I was my own great-niece. And now here we are.”.
She opens the jar of Alfredo and dumps the sauce in it entirely into the pot, adding the shrimp and pasta back in. Neither of them says anything as she mixes, Bucky eventually finding where she keeps the bowls. Even as they sit down at the bar table, Sergeant is still at her feet. 
They eat in silence. Wash the dishes in silence. And it was killing her. But she wasn’t going to say anything, knowing he needed time to take everything in. 
Bucky knew that she was already in a vulnerable state, waiting for him to say something. He didn’t know what to say, honestly. But he wasn’t going to tell the woman he loved that he killed her beloved baby brother.
It isn’t until he’s putting his shoes on to leave that Dr. Raynor’s words come to him. 
“I saw a lot of dead bodies and I know how that can shut you down. And if you are alone? That is the quietest, most personal hell. And James, it is very hard to escape.”
Steve had the Avengers.
Bucky had Steve, the Wakadans.
But Y/N? She had been alone for years. Decades. She had seen just as many if not more bodies than both he and Steve combined. She had spent a lot of time in field hospitals. After Bucky and Steve were assumed dead, as the war got slightly worse before Hiroshima, she was put back into a field hospital. Y/N had outlived everyone she loved. Then...she saw him again, saw what was happening to him but was too weak and powerless to do anything. 
How could he be mad at her when she was living through hell? When she was also dealing with her own trauma? 
Bucky turns around to look at her, seeing her burying face into the Newfoundland’s fur to muffle her sobs. Y/N must have thought he left already, finally letting her emotions out. She’s visibly shaking, and he can’t help but feel like a complete and utter asshole. He hadn’t seen her distraught since...since Bastogne. The Howlies knew at some point the war would start to get to her, that her usual happy demeanor wouldn’t be enough one day. But when she came back to the tent that night, covered in blood. Not even Steve could calm her down. And Steve always knew how to calm her down.
Her head snaps up, quickly wiping away her tears. “Yes?”.
The Sergeant opens up his arms to the Nurse. 
“C’mere, Doll. I won’t let anything happen to you.”. 
That simple sentence is enough to make her break down fully, running into his embrace. 
I wish I could tell you that everything got better from here. But this would only be the beginning. The beginning to what exactly though? Well first off, The Sergeant still needs to tell the Nurse he was the one to end Bradford’s life. Second off, we still need to fix the Nurse’s issue. 
As you can recall, the second appearance of the comet would happen sometime during 2023. With that said, they would only have one chance to reverse her problem. And lastly, Bucky needed to climb out of his own hell. It would take more than reuniting with his old lover to cope with the last few decades. 
And soon, very soon, another problem will be on their hands. 
The super soldier stayed with her until she had  finally stopped crying and drifted off to sleep, briefly becoming acquainted with Sergeant as he tucks her into bed. A kiss is pressed to her forehead before he leaves.
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vibraniumqueen · 8 hours ago
Beautiful Ghosts
Chapter One
Summary: You never thought when you met your soulmate that he would become your abuser. You never thought a lot of things. Now, years later, you meet him again.
Warnings: 18+, MNDI!!! Explicit language, Dark!Bucky, PTSD, sexual abuse, mentions of CSA, violence, non consensual sex, rape, nonverbal shutdown (similar to a panic attack), ASD, MDD, Generalized Anxiety disorder, mentions of incest, angst.
Word Count: 960
Chapter Specific Warnings: 18+, Kidnapping, nonverbal shutdown, ASD, sexual abuse/rape insinuated, explicit language.
Next Part
Tumblr media
Oh God.
This couldn't be happening. Not here. Not now.
Why was he here?
No no no no no.
Not again. You would not let this happen to you again. You couldn't.
But you were frozen in place. Staring at him. Your visage a stone image of utter terror.
You watched helplessly as he noticed you.
Oh God.
In a flash he had stood up from his wrought iron chair on the café patio, leaving his coffee behind.
You needed to leave. Now.
However, you were still stuck. He was taking long strides toward you, quickly closing the gap. That seemed to be enough to shock you back into action. You had just taken a step back and were about to turn around. You knew you wouldn't be able to outrun him, but you had to try. But before you could even face the other direction, he had taken the last couple steps needed to reach you.
He spun you to face away from him and reached his right arm around you and placed it over your mouth. With his left hand on your waist he started walking you forward. He leaned his head in and whispered in your ear.
"We're going to have a talk in my car."
A talk. Right. You knew he definitely was planning on doing more than that.
How had you let this happen again?
You knew your only chance at getting out of this was to scream. But even if he didn't have his hand muffling you, you couldn't make your mouth work. You were completely helpless. It was disgusting. There was no way he should have been able to take you so easily, without even a fight. Not that you would have won. But at least that way you would still have some self-respect.
He was moving at a brisk pace and in less than a minute you arrived at his car. He opened the passenger door and practically shoved you into the seat before shutting the door behind you. Before you could react, he had already made his way to the driver's side and was in his seat with the doors locked.
You stared at him completely horrified. You couldn't move.
"I need to talk to you."
Yeah? A 'talk'? What the hell could we possibly have to talk about?!
You couldn't believe this. What the hell was he on about? What, now you two needed to have talks before he did anything? Was that it?
"I know I can't say anything that will make what happened better."
What the fuck?
Was he gonna try to apologize to you? After EVERYTHING that happened?! Was he really going to try to apologize? What the hell was his problem? What was going on? What fucked up kind of bull shit was this? There was NOTHING he could say that would EVER change how you felt about him. You didn't give a damn if he was supposed to be your soulmate.
"Look, I know I can't just say sorry."
Fucking obviously.
At least he wasn't a complete fucking idiot. You still absolutely hated everything about him though. Why were you even in his car? What the hell was going on here?
You had been staring straight ahead instead of paying attention to him, but you notice him as he sighs and rests his head in his hands and rubs his face.
"I wish none of that had ever happened."
Yeah, sure.
You didn't trust a word he said.
"I understand if you never want to see me again."
That made you furious. Of course you never wanted to see him again! Why would you ever want to see him?
All you could do was sit there, fuming. Still staring straight ahead. Your arms were crossed with your hands gripping your arms. Your fingernails were digging into your skin, leaving red marks. You clenched your hands harder, knowing that if you kept it up, you would have little scratches from each of your fingernails breaking through your skin.
He looked at you and saw what you were doing.
"Hey, no. Don't do that," he said in a soft voice.
Why would you ever listen to him?
He reached across and pried your hands off your arms. As soon as they were off, you grabbed his right hand and started digging your nails into his palm. He only sighed.
You didn't see it, but he was looking at you sadly.
"I know this doesn't change anything..."
Then don't say it.
"... But I'm no longer under Hydra's control. I would never hurt you like that again."
He watched you, waiting for a response.
No longer under their control?
How could you trust that? You would never take that chance. You didn't give a shit if he was under Hydra when everything happened. He was still the one that did it. If he had done it before, what was stopping him from doing it again?
He looked down at his lap, realizing you weren't going to talk.
"I'm so sorry this happened to you."
You're the one who did it, asshole!!!
If you had looked at him then, you would have see a few tears trail down his cheeks.
He drew in a labored breath, and forced himself to look up at you, even if you weren't looking back at him.
"I am James Bucky Barnes. I am no longer the Winter Soldier."
He wouldn't say the last part. It wouldn't mean anything to you. He couldn't bring himself to smile, either. Instead he watched you mournfully.
You didn't react. You didn't even move a muscle. You were still digging your nails into his palm.
One last tear made its way down his face.
Next Part
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yeth please to the 4/20 fic <3
ANON! yes yes I will be doing the 4/20 fic
how do you I think he would act?
is he giggly? super zen, intuitive? maybe he’s horny and will speak Romanian to you?
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always by your side
Tumblr media
© credits to the author, i found on pinterest. if you own it, let me know so i can add your @
bucky barnes x reader
Summary: you were seeing someone, one night you bring them to the compound but at the same night bucky has a terrible nightmare and you drop everything to comfort him
Word count: 1282 (every word is worthy, i promise)
Warnings: mention of alcohol drinking, angst, curse words, mention of panic attacks
Author's note: in this story steve did not go back to the past and all avengers are alive.
english it’s not my first language so I’m deeply sorry for any mistakes or inconveniences. xoxo, lola
join my tag list here
Tumblr media
you’ve been seeing this guy name josh for about a month now, it was nothing serious, just fuck buddies and out of nowhere, he asked you if you could spend the night together, without thinking you agreed.
when you arrived at the compound everything was quiet and calm, but you didn’t expect to find steve, bucky, and sam hagging out in the kitchen. obviously, bucky was the first one to notice you, sometimes the super-soldier wished he didn’t have assassin instinct. he looked at the man beside you with a death glare.
“who’s the new guy?” sam asked looking at josh who quickly put a slime on his face and step forward, “im josh, is so nice to meet y’all”
steve looks at you with a raised eyebrow and bucky is just dead silent staring at you.
“let’s go, josh” you say while holding his arm and guiding him to the elevator. when you’re almost in the elevator you can hear steve questioning bucky, “you good, man?” and sam joking him right after, “you were staring really hard, dude. if a look could kill, we would be hiding a body now”, bucky was quicky to respond “fuck off”.
Josh felt threatened when he walked into your room, the place was full of pictures of you and your friends but the ones with bucky really highlighted.
“what’s your thing with Sergeant Barnes?” there was a bit of jealousy on his voice but you elected to ignore it.
“we’re just friends, we've known each other for a long time” you hope he gives up in the subject but that doesn’t happen. “didn’t know friends looked at each other like that” he points at a picture in your dresser. full of that you spit what you think “josh, we are not a serious thing, we’re fuck buddies, so don’t act like i own you some explanation because i don’t” he flinched when you touched him and that made you feel bad, he thought you would hurt him. “let’s just watch a movie and go to sleep” you grab the remote and lay down on your bed waiting for josh.
it was pretty late a night when you woke up with the sound of a scream, you knew that it was bucky. he was having nightmares for a long time now, and sometimes they are so realistic that he panics and someone has to calm him down, actually, you are the only one he allows to be around him during a panic attack, even steve can’t get close.
you quickly stand up and drag your feet to the door, without thinking you get yourself out of the room to find steve and peter in the hall staring at bucky’s door. already in the hall, you go to steve but you feel a hand on your shoulder
“he's not your problem. if you guys are really just friends, stay with me” steve looked at you in disbelief, he was shooked, just like you. “here” you place a key in josh’s hand “that will give access to the front door, use and get the fuck out”
the awkward silence ends when bucky breaks something in his room, so you rush at his door “he’s gonna hurt you, just like he did with all those people” steve was the one who responded this time, full of rage. “man, please get out.” josh opens his mouth to say some dumb shit again but you're already in bucky's room.
the place was a mess, things were thrown on the floor, some things were broken and when you looked at bucky you could feel your heart breaking a bit. He was covered in sweat, his face was red like a tomato and he had some scratches where the flesh meets metal.
"hey, it's y/n… can i come in?" you were standing with your back against the closed door, waiting for permission.
"i'm not in my right mind, please don't come close. i don't wanna hurt you, y/n"
"you could never hurt me, buck" without questioning you stand by his side, left hand on his shoulder and the right one on his metal arm "do you wanna talk about the nightmare?" he nods signaling "no"
just by your touch bucky’s whole body relax, he felt safe like he never felt before.
"you can go back to your date, you don't need to be here" all this time bucky was looking at the floor, ashamed to look you in the eyes, until now.
"you're crazy if you think i'm leaving you… i will always be by your side" your hand that's was resting on his shoulder goes directly to his cheeks, wiping the tears who were running down his face "and that guy… he’s a douchebag” a small smile appear in his face “you’re cute when you’re smiling” you point it out holding his cheek on your hand.
“you are james bucky barnes, you are not the winter soldier anymore and i trust you with my life” bucky hugged you really tight, with his arms around your waist and face buried on your neck, when he lets you go with a smile on your face you suggested “why don't you take a hot shower to calm down and i can show you something”
while bucky was on the shower you got out of the room to talk to steve who was waiting this whole time
“is he good?” steve was really worried, the last time bucky woke up screaming took 2 days for him to get out of his room. “he’s taking a shower, he didn’t talk much about the nightmare but i’ve never seen him this broken before, stevie” the capitan sighs in distress
“you think it will be bad to stay the night with him? i usually calm him down and we go back to sleep separately but he doesn’t have to be alone and i don’t want him to be.”
“why would it be bad? you’re good for him” you smile at steve. “just don’t do anything to break his heart, i don’t know if he can patch it up” the capitan goes back to his room to try to sleep again and you keep waiting for bucky on the wall
when bucky leaves his room, he’s looking fresh. wet hair on his forehead and his body looks more relaxed. he cracked a smile when he saw you. going to his side you grab his hand and you both get to the compound roof.
“what are we doing here? are you gonna throw me off the roof?”
“only in your dreams, barnes” a smirk crosses his face “but what are we really doing here?” he question
“for the past years when im too stressed to even function like a normal person i come here, usually with a glass of wine and a book” the steel-blue eyes meet the y/y/c and everything stops “but you can’t get drunk, and getting drunk is not a healthy way to deal with things, so i thought we could stargaze” bucky places his hands on your cheeks, cupping your face and looking directly into your eyes “i don’t know what i would do without you, doll” you both smile at the same time “i don’t even have the word to thank you” you come close to bucky, resting your hands around his sides
“you don’t need words… you can just kiss me”
and that’s exactly what he does, traveling his hand to your waist, one pressed in your lower back bringing you together and the other in the back of your head.
when your lips touched, nothing mattered anymore
Tumblr media
feedback is appreciated, please, leave a comment to let me know if you liked it.
support the blogs!
tag list: @watersofmars @lifeofafangirlfandom @auromalima
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fa-headhoncho · 12 hours ago
Untitled TFATWS Fic: Part 2
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes x Reader
Prompt/Background: After turning yourself in to the government following the events of CA:TWS, they lock you up for the crimes you committed during your time at Hydra. Spending years there until Captain America got you on parole during the blip to help fight Thanos. Now, after doing community service acts and helping the broken society, when they give the new Captain America the shield, you’re thrown back into a life you didn’t want.
Word Count: 1719
Reader: Female
Warning: parole officers? canon level violence, john walker
Author’s Note: uh, hi. i'm shit at fighting scenes so... Also, slow burn, I'm sorry. I'm a whore for slow burn fics. GIVE ME IDEAS FOR A TITLE PLEASE
Masterlist Part 1
“So, how’d you end up here?” Walker screams over the loud roaring of the helicopter, trying to make conversation as the pilots drive you where you were going. You roll your eyes at him, did he really not do any research before recruiting you on this mission?
“You’re the one who cut my parole.” You scoff, not looking up to speak to him. You were too busy fiddling with the tactical gloves they gave you. The velcro sticking to the material of the ridiculous suit frustrated you, it was too tight. It matched Battlestar’s, red and blue but yours didn’t have a star on the side and his wasn’t as fitted. “Why did you, exactly? I haven’t been on a real mission since my Hydra days and you bring me into what? Taking down a terrorist organization that we have little to no information on?”
The Captain shakes his head, a small smile slipping onto his face. “You’re a good asset, a great addition to the team I’m building.” He simply answers before looking out of the open door of the copter.
You roll your eyes once again, if he thinks you’ll be a part of his team then he’s really in for it. This was just one favor you were going to do for him before you would be released out into the public again. You owed him this but you weren’t about to become a team with this imposter.
Deciding it would be better to not respond, you just vaguely nod your head. You weren’t about to tell him off in fear that he’d just snap his fingers and have you back into jail for not complying with him.
“They’re right there.” He suddenly gets up and holds onto the tether above for stability. The helicopter carefully lowers as he exits, throwing his shield before hopping down onto the truck.
Standing up, you lean over to get a better look to see who else was fighting. Anger bubbles up as you see Sam being pinned down and Bucky being restrained by masked figures. “You guys didn’t tell me those two were going to be here!” You turn to shout at Battlestar.
The dark-skinned man just shrugs, a sly grin on his face, “You wouldn’t have come.” He merely offers before jumping out and swinging in to help his friend. Letting out a frustrated groan, you follow him.
Using the rope to drop down, you land on the other semi where Sam is. Two of the masked people have him pinned down. They were too distracted with the two landing and throwing the shield around to notice you sneaking up behind one of them.
You swiftly kick right under the back of their knee causing them to fold back slightly. You take the advantage and spin, the roundhouse kick sending them off the side of the trailer. Sam looks up at you from below, a pained expression on his face.
“Oh no, not you too.” He sighs out in which you return with a sad smile. He lets out a groan before turning to deal with the other enemy holding his right arm down. You help him stand up just as Battlestar lands right beside Walker.
“Sam. John Walker, Captain America.” Walker decides this was a good time for introductions and sends the Avenger a salute.
“Lamar Hoskins.” His sidekick steps in after they do their little forearm bang. The two look at you, waiting for you to introduce yourself but you just glare at them.
“And that’s (Y/N) (Y/L/N).” He points to you.
“Yea, we know.” Bucky spits out, side-eyeing you. You don’t even need to look at him to know he was pissed off. The guilt starts to wash over you but you push it down. It wasn’t the time now to talk to him, you needed to focus on taking down these abnormally strong people.
“Looks like you guys can use some help.” The Captain continues before turning and hitting the redhead with his shield. The rest of the Flag Smashers pounce as well. The four that were on your side try to come at you causing Sam to try to fly away. Noticing that they were all targeting Sam, you unhook the bolas from the side of your suits.
Using the rope to swing the balls at the end around, you throw it to wrap around one of the guy’s bodies. It tightens around him and you give it a hard tug, sending him to the floor. They still manage to pull him back down and attack him.
The guy you were fighting grabs the rope and pulls you towards him, you let out a surprised squeal at his strength. You release your grip on the rope before he could tug you down to his level but the person you thought you knocked off wraps his arms around your shoulders.
You struggle against the man, his fingers digging into your shoulders would definitely leave bruises but you didn’t care. It’s been a long time since you’ve been out in the field like this and you were trying to think back to your Hydra training to figure out an escape.
The man you pulled down finally gets up and drags his feet over to you. Behind him you see Bucky jump over and help Sam with the two other Flag Smashers. The man gets close enough and you use the leverage the other has on your upper half to lift your legs and swing them around his neck and jerk your body to the side.
The movement causes the guy to release his hold on you, letting you and his partner fall off the side. You luckily catch the side of the metal, watching the guy roll onto the grass on the side of the road. You turn back to see the other guy hovering above, his foot coming up to step onto your fingers that were gripping on for dear life.
Just as he was about the step on them, you see Sam’s wings hit him off. Letting out a sigh of relief, you pull yourself back onto the roof of the trailer. Sam was still fighting off two of the Flag Smashers but Bucky was nowhere in sight.
Then you hear grunting from below so you peak your head over to see Bucky hanging on by the bottom of the truck with a guy trying to stomp his arm off. Sam seemed to be handling the one person on him so you decide to help the super-soldier first.
“Bucky! Hang on!” You call out to him, looking around to figure out a way to get him safely off the bar.
“That’s what I’m doing!” He yells back while tightening his grip inside of the torn metal.
You watch the new Captain America and Battlestar struggle slightly to keep the soldiers off of them but you weren’t too concern about them, Bucky was your main priority now. Taking out your knives, you throw one at the woman attacking Sam. It slightly stuns her before she rips it out and throws it aside. “Sam! Go get Bucky, I got this.” You demand and he just nods.
The woman turns to you as Sam flies off right before the woman plows through the road sign. She lets out a roar before charging at you. She swings her arm to hit you in the face but you dodge it. It didn’t take a scientist to realize that these people were super-soldiers so you knew that the last thing you wanted to do was take a blow from them.
The years of training with the former Winter Soldier have taught you well for this standoff. She tries to recover from the miss but you elbow her in the ribs making her go off balance for a few seconds. Taking the opportunity, you kick her chest to send her lying on her back.
You walk over the woman, scowling down at her before leaning down and sending a hard punch to her head, knocking her out. You peak over at the other two just as the gunshot goes off. The person behind Battlestar retracts but doesn’t loosen his grip on him. The other takes advantage of Walker being distracted and throws him off the back of the trailer.
The man jumps over to you and tries to wind up a punch but you barely dodge it, tripping over the woman you just knocked out. “Fuck,” You whisper out, eyes flicking from the man in front of you over to Battlestar getting tossed off like a ragdoll. The rest of the group turns to you, seeing you as the last person standing.
They get distracted as the Captain appears again, a sense of hope washes over you but he just gets shit on. They were easily attracted to him since he was the star of the show so they let the one guy handle you. You look straight past him as he takes his time to stalk over to you. These people were cocky and you couldn’t blame them. They just took out four well-known figures, well-known fighters, and were left with you.
It wasn’t an ideal situation and you needed to find a way out. You couldn’t even keep count of the super-soldiers since they kept popping up and you weren’t enhanced enough to take them all on nor were you about to get captured. Seeing the road sign approaching from behind the man sparks an idea in your head.
Making eye contact with the Flag Smasher, you throw your last tool past him. He watches it zoom past his head and looks at the sign approaching. He braces himself for the impact, busting through the metal before whipping back around to look at you. But you weren’t there.
You used your last bola to wrap around the metal bracing and use a steel grip to hold onto your end. Letting out a grunt at the rough pull as the rope drags you off the trailer to hang from the sign. You let out a sigh, watching until the soldiers and trucks are out of view before jumping down onto the ground.
This was a lot more complicated than Walker said it was going to be.
taglist: @crowleysqueenofhell @mischiefmanaged71 @thewinterrbucky @lizajane3 @ahahafudge @spookycereal-s @a-girl-who-loves-disney @kittengirl998
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givemethepsychopath · 15 hours ago
Bucky Barnes x Reader – The day that I ruined your life.
Tumblr media
(sorry for any mistake, english is not my first language. Gif not mine)
TRIGGERS: mentions of blood, character death, violance. 
TYPE: angst.
“So James tell me, have you had any nightmares recently?” the therapist asked him like every week.
Of course he had nightmares, he killed so many people when he was the Winter Soldier, the feeling of guilt never left him. But recently he had been feeling worst than any other week. Three days from that day will be the anniversary of the death of his soulmate, his beloved, his best friend and unfortunately, his victim too.
Five years ago…
“Come ‘on Bucky don’t be an asshole, give me that back.” said the girl to the ex sergeant.
“Take it yourself. Oh wait… you seem a little too short to grab it.” Bucky said laughing hard. He and y/n would always do things like that, they annoyed each other so much that the Avengers almost hated them both.
“James Barnes if you don’t give me back my phone I swear-“ she was cut off by Jarvis.
“Agent Barnes, Agent l/n, you have an incoming call from Nick Fury.”
“Agent Barnes, Agent l/n, I need your help, since the Avengers are away. We have found a secret H.Y.D.R.A. base and it seems that they are trying to create a new Winter Soldier. This base is situated in Siberia. I’m sending you an Alicaner to get you there. Don’t fuck it up, we can’t afford to let them finish their project.”
y/n gave a look at Bucky. She knew this would be hard for him even after all the therapy with the Avengers and their newfound friendship. That place would be for sure the base that created the first and only Winter Soldier, a twisted version of Bucky that he hated and hoped to bury deep down in him even though sometimes it tried to show up and kill everyone in the room.  
The girl took Bucky’s hand and tried to reassure him that the mission will go well and that she will protect him from that evil monster that was H.Y.D.RA.
Bucky knew very well that when y/n said those kinds of words she will keep them but he was really scared to turn back to the old himself, after all those 3 damned words kinda worked on him even now. He tried not to think about it and simply hugged the h/c woman. He hugged her so hard that she was out of breath shortly and had to say his name to stop him. They laughed one last time before heading to the plane. 
After a a few hours they were in the freezing cold Siberia and the only thing left was to head to the not-so-secret-anymore base. Bucky and y/n had to come up with a plan quick if they didn’t want to be caught; after a while they decided to sneak in and to separate to look for information’s on the new type of super soldier and try to destroy them.
y/n was pretty athletic so she sneaked in easily but for Bucky it was a bit more difficult. The only thing he could do was to surrend himself and hope they would take him back.
y/n found a room that was dark and the only light source was very poor which turned in her favour so she could stay hidden in the shadows and source up things. When almost all hope were lost she found a fil folder that contained a bounce of paper sheets. She read them and what she found was terrifying to her…
Bucky’s acting was never the best but fortunately the secret society believed him or so he thought.
The moment they took him into a room he saw a face he wished to never see again, Zemo was there standing with the Winter Soldier book in his hands.
Bucky was right about fearing the worst when him and y/n were called on this mission.
“it’s nice to meet you again, old friend.” Zemo greeted him with a sly smile.
“I’m not your friend, Zemo.” Said Bucky with stone cold voice.
“we know why you’re here, oh wait let me correct myself, why you and that girl are here” said the man. Bucky felt a shiver down his spine. They knew everything from the start: the base, Fury this time didn’t think ahead, he and y/n have fallen into a trap.
“well now that you’re here why don’t we catch on the old times? I remember you screaming so loud that it was like music to my ears. Boys take him here.” He ordered the two guys that were behind Bucky. The ex sergeant fought them but he felt a sting in his right arm, one of the soldier injected him with something that made his vison go black.
y/n watched those files again and again but she still couldn’t believe that was nothing in them; Bucky and her have fallen into a trap. How could have she even thought that this mission would be that simple? She felt stupid, she was naïve but a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent couldn’t afford to be naïve or they would die.
While she was scolding herself, she didn’t capture the sound of someone walking in but when she felt someone grabbing her she was quick to neutralizing them. The woman run away from that room but going back to the main corridor would have mean a certain death. She quickly scanned the alleyway and saw a small door. “it’s the only way out of here, come ‘on y/n you can do it.” She reassured herself even though she was claustrophobic.
Crawling her way out she then arrived at the entrance and surprisingly enough Bucky was there.
“Buc we have to go, it’s a trap” she told him but as soon as she finished to talk a hand grabbed her buy the neck and smashed her to the nearest wall. The air was leaving her lungs quickly as she tried to grab Bucky’s metal arm to stop that torture but his grip was too strong and she almost blanked out. Then her throat was released but a punch hit her stomach hard then in the face multiple times, now she was a bloody mess.
The Winter Soldier was back.
Bucky was following the orders, killing the spy. He was back to his evil origins but he couldn’t fight against an order not when Zemo said those russian words that made him swap back. He liked that feeling: the power, the violence but at the same time the good side of him knew this was bad. All he could ear was his punches hitting skin and felt blood on his armored arm but then he heard a mumble.
“Please stop.” That voice was familiar but he couldn’t grab on it. He continued punching the spy until there was silence. The small whimpers stopped and that could mean only one thing: the spy was dead and his mission was accomplished.
“B-b-buc, I love you.” She said with her last breath.
That 4 words snapped the Winter Soldier out of that foggy mess that was his head and let return Bucky Barnes at the reality. What he saw was horrifying: blood everywhere, blood on his hands and then he looked at what once was his best friend now laying in a pool of blood with eyes shut open and cold as ice. Bucky kneeled down to grab her lifeless body and hugged it one last time. Tears were falling down his face without him even realizing. The pain, the grief, the guilt, he felt everything.
“James, can you answer my question?” the therapist asked once again.
“No, no I don’t.” he answered with a small forced smile.
He remembers that day as the day that he ruined her life.
if anyone is interested I can create a tag list. Write me if you want to be in there. Thanks for reading ✨
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silkybucky · 18 hours ago
hi so i need to figure out how mcu tumblr works, cuz i dont know nothing so if anyone wants to be friends and like uhhhhhh talk and uhhh befriend me that'd be cool :)
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lorastyrels · a day ago
Tumblr media
bucky barnes day art dump!! I’ve drawn this man 50+ times in the last two weeks so here are a few extra’s that haven’t made it into my upcoming merch line for tfatws! INSTAGRAM | TWITTER
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thisisarcanereverie · a day ago
When in Love (Sam Wilson x Reader)
A/N: I love Sam Wilson period. 
Summary: Bucky did indeed flirt with Sam’s sister again........and now they’re getting married. Sam brought you as his date to their big day. 
“It’s not too late to get Carlos,” Sam said as you straightened his tie, Sam could do it by himself but then he wouldn’t have an excuse to have you near him. 
“I’m pretty sure people would notice if the groom weren’t to make an appearance.” You said as you finished straightening his tie, letting your hands linger there for a while as you looked up into his dark eyes. 
“Don’t know unless we try.” Sam half heartedly said. He was only half joking, for the past few years he saw Sarah happier than she had been in years. He knew Bucky treated her well and that he loved the kids as well. Sam knew Bucky would never hurt them. 
Didn’t mean that Sam didn’t have Carlos on speed dial and an alibi set up just in case. 
(Y/n) lightly smacked her hand against Sam’s chest as he laughed. His warm dark eyes lit up as he looked at her. 
(Y/n) smiled and rolled her eyes. She had gotten ready before driving over and Sam couldn’t help but think of how beautiful she was in sky blue. 
Sam had been nervous when he asked (Y/n) to be his date to Sarah and Bucky’s wedding. He knew she wasn’t one for parties where she didn’t know anyone but she had surprised him by accepting. 
“We have a wedding to get to.” You drew him from his thoughts while grabbing your clutch on the bed and walking out the door to wait for him. You had no idea the effect on Sam, even the way your hips sway when you walked away drove him insane. 
Sam took a deep breath in to calm his nerves as he readied himself mentally. Sam was not only going to be one of Bucky’s groomsmen but also the one giving Sarah away. 
Their father was the one to give her away the first time she got married, and now since their father had passed Sam was the only one left for the job. 
Sam gathered his thoughts and headed out of the bedroom and down the stairs to see your figure waiting for him patiently at the bottom. 
You hear the stairs creak under his feet and look up. You had always thought he looked attractive, but put that man in a suit and your knees began growing weak. 
You barely managed to tear your eyes away from him for a second as he reached the bottom of the stairs.
“Ready?” you asked, trying to keep your voice even. 
The wedding had been beautiful, it was held at the church. The aisle and booths were decorated with white flowers and ribbons. 
On Bucky’s side there was Dora Milaje and T’Challa. Along with Thor, Brunheilda, and the Guardians. Rocket was mostly looking at Bucky’s metal arm though. 
The Ceremony had been just as beautiful, Sarah walked down the aisle in a beautiful white gown which made Bucky tear up with Sam. AJ and Cass were already by Bucky’s side, after all Bucky had named them his Best Men. 
While Sarah and Bucky said their vows Sam’s gaze couldn’t help but wonder to you. You were seated by Sarah’s side of the church along with almost everyone in town. You smiled and wiped a few tears as the vows got increasingly emotional. You had been seated near a glass stained window and all of its colors bathed you in it’s light. You just got more beautiful the longer he looked at you. 
Suddenly your eyes had met with his, and he felt his heart stop and breathing suddenly became difficult. It wasn’t unwelcomed though, in fact it was quite the opposite. Sam didn’t look away and neither did you. You both had stared at each other until Sam decided to be bold and wink and flash his intoxicating smile. You smiled bashfully before winking back and tearing your eyes from his to focus back to the stars of the day as Sam did the same thing. 
The reception was back at the house, Sam and a few other people from town helped set up the yard yesterday. Making an area for dancing, dining, food, socializing. Decorating it with magnolias and fairy lights and it looked stunning. 
The sun had almost begun to set by the time everyone got back to the house to enjoy the party. 
Bucky and Sarah did their first dance as husband and wife to an old 1940′s song and was later joined by AJ and Cass. Bucky had gone above and beyond to make sure the boys had been included in everything. 
After their dance ended, something faster paced began to play and almost everyone began to make their way to the dance floor. You and Sam being among them. Sam had twirled you around and danced with you until it was time for the toasts to begin. 
“I just want to thank everyone who came here today,” Bucky began to speak on the microphone, a beer in his hand. “I especially want to thank AJ and Cass for letting me into their lives, and my beautiful wife Sarah.” Bucky paused and gave her a wink, Sarah winked back and smiled. “I promise to uphold my vows and protect and love you and the boys with everything I have.” He raised his beer bottle in cheers before taking a quick swig out of it. 
AJ and Cass had performed their toast next, welcoming him into their family and just an overall sweet speech which ended with Bucky in tears for the second time that day. It made your heart swell to see Bucky so happy after all these years he had to endure alone and tortured. He deserved this, they all did. Sarah, Bucky, Cass, and Aj deserved to be happy together. 
A few other people gave speeches before Sam gave his. Even Rocket gave an impromptu speech. 
“Can I have that arm now?”
“I’m getting that arm.” 
You saw a quick look of fear cross Bucky’s face as Rocket was approached by Dora Milaje and struggled to hold in a small laugh. 
Sam made his way up the stage to give his speech. He straightened his jacket before grabbing the microphone. 
“Sarah as your brother I am so proud of you and I know if Dad and Mom were here they would say the exact same thing. They would be proud of the woman and of the mother you have become.” Sam said with tears at the corners of his eyes at the mention of their parents, Sarah wiped her tears away as well. “Bucky as your friend I know Steve would be as proud and as happy for you as I am. Happy that you have finally found your peace and I welcome you to the family with open arms.” He raised his glass to Bucky who returned the favor. “Although I do recall telling you not to flirt with my sister,” laughter then ensued as Bucky chuckled and shook his head. “As Sarah’s brother,” Sam then motioned to Carlos sitting at one of the tables, “I want you to know that it’s not too late for me to get Carlos to feed you to the fish if necessary.” Carlos then waved and laughed at the groom who returned the favor. “treat her and the boys well and I guess we’re no longer co workers.” Laughter erupted as Sam took a drink in congratulations as did everyone else. 
As the party began to die down you had snuck out the pier to get some fresh air away from everyone. 
It wasn’t like you didn’t enjoy their company and didn’t get to meet some pretty interesting people. It was just you needed a moment to yourself to relax. You were an introvert at heart and so many people at once tended to overwhelm you sometimes. 
You watched as the water moved gracefully, breathing in time with it. The lights from the party reflected in the water and the music could still be heard although softer now. 
You didn’t even seem to notice a certain man making his way to you before you heard a silent ‘oh shit’. 
If Sam thought you had looked beautiful before, now you were angelic. The sun had long before set and now your figure was illuminated by the faint lights of the party and the moon. It gave you an almost ethereal glow as he noticed your hands fidgeting. A habit he noticed a long time ago, you always have to do something with your hands. He honestly found it cute. 
Sam had been so caught up in you that he hadn’t noticed a little loose board and nearly tripped over himself. 
Your hands stopped moving as you saw Sam holding onto the wooden railing of the pier for dear life. You laughed a little at Sam’s embarrassed expression as he tried to walk it off as though it didn’t happen. 
You looked back out to the water as Sam finally made his way to your side. Out of the side of your eye you caught a glimpse at the man beside you. The light of the party and the moon made him look romantic, and you noticed that at some point in the night Sam discarded his tie and jacket, rolled the sleeves up his forearms and unbuttoned a button or two on his shirt. He started fidgeting with the watch on his wrist as you both look at the water dancing. 
You could hear the upbeat music from the party change to another slow dance. 
“You wanna dance?” 
You turned and saw Sam with his hand out, ready to take your hand if you accepted. Which you did. 
Slowly you and Sam moved with the beat, the music was quiet and the lights had made the moment all the more romantic. 
Sam held your hand in one and his other hand went to your waist, pulling you flush against him making your heart beat out your chest. 
Neither of you said a word, Sam hummed in tune with the song as you smiled at him. 
Sam’s heart was beating out of his chest, usually he was smooth. Usually Sam had no trouble speaking to ladies, but it seemed as though you were the exception. 
A couple of seconds passed before Sam finally broke the silence. 
“Usually I can speak just fine in front of someone,” He started his deep voice quiet, “but now I can’t seem to speak without getting all tongue tied.”
You laughed a little at that, Sam loved your laugh. He couldn’t understand why but your laugh always seemed to put him in a better mood. 
“What’s so funny?” Sam asked with a smile on his face, you wondered if his smile would ever stop making your heart beat faster. 
“It’s just something my Mum used to tell me,” you explained, “what you just said reminded me of it.”
“Tell me.” He said his eyes focused on you, eyes reflecting the light from the reception. You looked down bashfully before meeting his eyes again. 
“When in love speech becomes meaningless.” 
Sam’s dark eyes stared into yours intensely as if you had become the only thing left in the world. 
For a moment you wonder if you had misread the signs, maybe you had scared him. Panic starts to fill you as you begin to apologize before his hands move from their places at your waist and hand to either side of your face and kiss you. 
The first thing you noticed was that Sam tasted of beer and spice. The next thing you noticed was how soft his lips were on yours and how gently he moved against you. 
You had been so lost in the kiss that you hadn’t noticed the music dying down and the lights going out, all there was, was you and him. 
You both pulled away reluctantly and watched as the moonlight reflected off the water. Content with not speaking another word and just holding each other in peace.
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from-the-clouds · a day ago
Kiss Me More - Zemo/Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: Reader works with Sam & Bucky and has a moment alone with Zemo upon their arrival in Riga. Loosely inspired by this song.
Words: 2.5k
Warnings: Kissing, heavy petting, minor TFATWS spoilers.
A/N: As if you couldn’t tell already when it comes to what characters I love to write for, I love a bad boy. This was meant to be a short, sweet fic and then I had to get all existential and invent an entire storyline around these two. I think there’s definitely room here for a multiple parts, if you’re interested. Let me know what you think!
“I’m going for a walk.”
Y/N didn’t argue with Bucky as he walked away stiffly. With anyone else, she would’ve been suspicious, but she knew Bucky well enough to know it was in her best interest to ignore any of his cryptic behavior. At the end of the day, she knew she could trust him. 
Zemo’s flat was spacious and beautiful, and she wasn’t surprised by the ostentatious but minimalist decorating. Zemo excused himself into the bathroom to shower and freshen up. Sam eyed him wearily, but didn’t seem too concerned. Y/N sat down on a couch she guessed cost thrice as much as she paid monthly in rent.
“I’m going to grab some grub, want anything?” Sam asked after only a few moments of pacing around the apartment, seemingly checking to see if they were being set up. 
Y/N shook her head no, the constant traveling over the past few days hadn’t been great for her appetite. 
“Will you keep an eye on him?” Sam said, flicking his eyes in the direction of the bathroom, where she heard the patter of the shower running steadily.
“Of course,” she answered. Zemo had a reputation, she’d seen it herself. But she didn’t know him to the same extent that Bucky and Sam did. So far, he’d only been polite to her so she wasn’t exactly scared or intimidated about any sort of confrontation.
Plus, was only here as a favor to her friends. She was hardly talented or important enough to be an Avenger. Bucky and Sam knew they could call her if they were in a pinch. And right now, they were definitely in a pinch. 
Picking up a book of photography from the coffee table in front of her, she flipped through it absentmindedly, admiring the photos of ornate architecture and crowded city streets before the click of a doorknob caught her attention. Zemo emerged from the bathroom with damp hair in a bathrobe, slinging a towel over his shoulder and immediately making his way towards the kitchen.
Y/N heard the clink of glasses and ice, and she returned her attention to the book. All the traveling was catching up to her, as her eyelids began to feel heavy and the quiet in the room allowed her body to finally settle.
“Have a drink with me,” she was startled when she realized Zemo was standing over her, a cocktail extended in her direction. Not a question, a command. 
“I’m alright, thank you,” she said flatly. 
“I have to celebrate.”
Sighing, and abandoning the book altogether she closed it, sitting it on the table and crossing her arms, looking up at him.
“Come on, It’s one drink,” he winked, and pressed the cocktail into her hands. Up close, she felt like she was seeing him for the first time, rather than just another means to an end for one of Bucky’s missions. Zemo was good-looking, there was no doubt there. Tall, Dark hair, handsome enough to turn heads, but not so chiseled to be unapproachable. She guessed he was maybe ten years her senior, and while she thought being locked up for so long might’ve taken a toll on anyone, there was no trace of it in his features.
Taking it reluctantly, but still not entirely sold, she raised an eyebrow as he slowly sat down next to her. “All right, what’s the occasion?” she asked.
He lifted his drink, and she sighed, shifting her weight so she was facing him, meeting his eyes and lifting her cocktail so it was level with his. “To being a free man.”
They clinked glasses and she took a sip, the bite of the liquor concealed by a sweet and smooth aftertaste. Whatever he’d made her, it was good. 
“Temporarily,” she added after a moment, watching him take another sip of his drink.
“What?” he asked, turning to face her. 
“You’re only a free man temporarily,” she said. 
“Touche,” he answered, one arm stretching over the back of the couch, his hand nearly touching her shoulder. He gave her a devilish grin. 
A surprising warmth fluttered in her stomach, and she turned away from him to sip her cocktail. She wasn’t ignorant. After all, she was the only woman in the group, she hadn’t missed his lingering glances and once-overs while they were partying in Madripoor. It would’ve been flattering, but she was probably the first woman he’d seen in years. 
They sat in silence for a moment as Zemo leaned back to survey the room. She supposed she hadn’t done a good enough job of appreciating it the first time around, high ceilings, natural light, but just enough privacy to feel cozy and inviting. Another steely sip of liquor passed her lips. She hadn’t had a drink in god only knew how long. 
“Tell me, doesn’t this work get exhausting?” his smooth, accented voice cut through the quiet. “Traveling all the time, getting beat up, the lack of sleep, or a routine, following orders…”
She shrugged, pondering a moment. “It’s not so bad. Plus, it’s not like I know anything else.” When she glanced over at him, his eyes were fixated intently on her, but he was unreadable. “I know you think I’m a monster, but I’m just doing what’s right.”
“What you think is right,” he corrected, and before she could bite back, finished his thought. “My people, my family. All gone because of what someone with too much power thought was right.” A sadness flickered across his visage, but disappeared as soon as she could register it. 
“I’m sorry,” she rasped, earnest. 
“And I don’t think you’re a monster,” Zemo said, shifting his weight so he was facing her dead on, tilting his head to the side and studying her. Something about his gaze felt sharp, like he could see through her. “You aren’t entirely sold on all this, I can see it in your eyes.”
His words cut deep, deeper than she was willing to admit to anyone, even herself. But what was normal? And could she ever be? “What makes you think that?”
“How often do you get to be selfish?” he asked. His robe gaped open a little at the top, revealing a dainty silver chain necklace clasped around his neck with a small charm dangling from it, pale skin and a smattering of chest hair. “When was the last time you got to sit down, relax, enjoy yourself?”
Glancing down at the drink in her hand, feeling slightly vulnerable, she felt a smiling playing at the edges of her lips. “I could ask you the same question.”
“I’m enjoying myself right now,” he said, and she raised her eyebrows. “What, can you blame me? Good whiskey, a beautiful woman by my side.”
Her jaw dropped slightly, holding back a smile. Warmth crept like vines up her neck, pooling in her cheeks. “You should be careful,” she warned. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were flirting with me.”
He leaned closer and she could smell the scent of his aftershave, smoke and musk, heat from the shower still radiating off his body. Maybe the whiskey was getting to her. The corners of his mouth turned up ever so slightly as he lifted the drink to meet his lips, pitching his head back to finish off the liquor before discarding the empty glass on the table in front of them. 
“Would it be so bad if I was?”
Outside, the sun passed behind a cloud, and the room dimmed ever so slightly, casting shadows that caught along Zemo’s cheekbones, his jawline. The waning light made her all the more aware of how the energy in the room had shifted. 
“It’d be unprofessional,” she said, voice low, and he seemed much closer than he’d been before. But he wasn’t the only one closing the gap, she realized she was definitely, inadvertently, meeting him halfway. 
“Oh well,” he said, softly. “We wouldn’t want that, would we?” Her eyes adjusted to the light, and up close, he was mesmerizing, deep brown eyes filled with longing. His gaze made her stomach turn, and she knew she should be disgusted but she just couldn’t bring herself to feel anything other than intrigue.
Shaking her head no, she couldn’t find the words to speak. Maybe because she wouldn’t believe any last attempts at protest. Better to save her breath.
The Baron’s hand, cool from the icy glass, rose to cup her cheek, so gentle and tender, his thumb brushing over her bottom lip. Frozen, all she could do was breathe slowly as her heart raced. “Zemo-” she began weakly.
“Helmut,” he corrected. “Call me Helmut.”
Y/N gave no answer, unable to remember what she had been protesting when he leaned forward and pressed his lips against hers. 
Goosebumps rose along her arms, ears ringing, as he kissed her. The arm he’d been resting on the couch behind her pulled her closer, and her own free hand rose to his neck, letting him take control. 
Her lips parted and his tongue traced her bottom lip, deepening the kiss. He groaned into her mouth, the vibration raising every hair on her body. Oh, she knew it was bad, but she hadn’t felt so desired, so wanted in years. Wandering hands lazily slid down his neck, to his shoulders where her fingers pushed underneath the loose neckline of his robe, palms exploring the broad expanse of his chest. 
Her skin tingled, every exposed surface aching to be touched, explored by him, and maybe he could tell as his hand left her jaw to coast down her torso, all the way to hook behind her knee and pull her leg across his lap, an invitation to straddle him that didn’t go unnoticed, but she’d need time to decide whether or not she was willing to go that far. 
As for exploring, he wasted no time bringing his hand back up her stomach, to hover lightly over the curve of her breast, squeezing gently as to gauge her reaction, a request to continue, and her breath caught in her mouth, her body instinctively pressing against him. His thumb found the peak of her nipple even through the padding of her bra and thin t-shirt. 
Her lips parted from his to let out a breathless moan, and his mouth trailed down her neck as her fingers tangled in his hair. His tongue and teeth passed over a particularly sensitive spot, which he discovered when she let out a strangled gasp, and doubled down, sucking and grazing over and over until she finally couldn’t bare it any longer and she pulled away. 
His face hovered inches from hers, and she wanted to give him some sort of excuse. That this was wrong, they shouldn’t be doing this, but she took in his equally unfastidious appearance and decided not to waste her words on something so cliche. He looked utterly breathtaking.
He didn’t move away, just smiled gently. “How does it do the bad thing?” he teased.
Y/N couldn’t help the giggle that passed her lips, feeling lightheaded and giddy. “Not so bad at all,” She should’ve been enraged, she should’ve wretched herself out of his arms, but she was engulfed in his scent and his comforting presence, unwilling to leave. It wasn’t so terrible to be selfish. It was her who closed the gap between them again.
He smiled against her lips, hand returning to hook behind her knee once more, and this time she obliged, shifting her weight so she could straddle his lap and his hands met both sides of her hips as she cupped his face, fingers in his hair on his shoulders, kissing him with unbridled passion. 
She could feel his excitement through the fabric of the robe, and knew she was getting carried away, but every nerve in her body smarted for contact. He was impossibly warm and she couldn’t get enough of it. Rolling her hips forward to tease him, he let out a groan and arched upward. “Oh, liebling, I wish we had more time.”
As if on cue, she heard the scratching of the key in the front doorway, and was immediately jolted from her reverie. Before she knew it she was off the couch and halfway across the room, just as Bucky entered, looking perturbed as always. 
“Hey,” she said, turning her back to him and pretending to look out the window, voice unsteady. She heard Helmut clear his throat shift his weight on the couch. 
Busying herself in the kitchen, she let the curtain of her hair fall over the side of her face, hiding her clearly flustered appearance, her face was still impossibly warm, her skin sensitive, lips swollen. “How was your walk?” 
“Fine,” Bucky said, and she heard him walking towards her as she absentmindedly pretended to wipe down the countertops. When he brushed past her to use the sink she jumped, finally looking him in the eyes. Bucky frowned. “Are you all right?” he asked. 
Staring back at him for a moment she nodded. “Yeah, I’m fine, why?”
“You just seem a little jumpy.”
“There was a spider,” the lie came out so easily, so quickly, that she was actually ashamed of it. “It was big and I….I don’t know where it went.”
Bucky snorted, and whether he believed her or not, didn’t respond. “Where’s Sam?” he asked. 
“Out getting dinner,” she said, feeling her heart rate begin to turn back to normal. Bucky washed his hands and shook the excess water off in the basin.
“If you don’t mind, I think I’m going to lie down,” she said after a moment. “The jetlag is catching up to me.”
She turned around and left Bucky in the kitchen, returning to the lounge area where Zemo turned to look over his shoulder. “Allow me to show you to the guest bedroom,” he said, an ornery sparkle in his eyes. 
“Fine,” she said flatly, wondering what exactly he was planning and just intrigued enough to resist an argument.
The bedroom was just out of Bucky’s earshot, down a short hallway. As she stepped over the threshold to the awaiting large, inviting bed, a hand on her waist halted her in her tracks. 
“I’m not finished with you,” she could feel his breath on the back of her neck, the scent of his cologne overwhelming her senses once more. It took a great deal of control to pull herself away from him, as she turned around and grabbed the doorknob, dragging it towards her. “We’ll see about that,” she said quietly, shutting the door in his face and letting out an exhausted breath. She’d awakened a monster, and now she had no idea what to do about it.
If you’d like to be tagged in future parts, please let me know!
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lokiskitten · a day ago
Bucky Barnes | nightly disturbance
Bucky Barnes x fem!reader
Tumblr media
plot : you awake in the middle of the night, only to find out your boyfriend Bucky has decided to hump you in his sleep.
Warnings : mention of smut, dry humping.
After spending a lovely evening with your lover, both of you finally decided to drift off to the bed in a hopeful attempt to fall asleep. The room was plunged into darkness, allowing your tired orbs to be plunged into the proper conditions your body needed in order to enter the world of dreams and endless possibilities. Bucky was already asleep, his poor exhausted brain requiring more rest than you probably did. With time, you grew aware of his torments and learned how to deal with his nightmares and anxiety, which came out to be quite helpful whenever the veteran would wake up in the middle of the night because of his terrors.
However, today, you ended up being the one unexpectedly awakening in the middle of the night. Your eyes tiredly looked up at the clock on your bedside table, which showed 03:43 am exactly. A frustrated groan escaped your lips, eyelids closing again as you were slowly starting to become aware of Bucky’s tightening grip that he held around you waist. His arm had instinctively traveled up to your hip, his body cupping yours as he lovingly and reassuringly held you against his strong chest. At first, you didn’t mind it, and even managed to think how cute this movement was no matter how tired you were.
But Bucky’s lovely gestures soon took an unexpected turn when his hips started to brush against your ass, causing your eyes to widen slightly. Yet you didn’t speak a word, scared to wake your lover up and be the reason of another nightmare taking over. Instead, you remained silent and decided to see how far his instincts could go. And you weren’t disappointed. Soon enough, Bucky’s rythme paced up, causing his hips to lustfully hump your bottom. Fainted, sleepy groans escaped his lips, your eyelids shutting back close as you even managed to appreciate this short moment of peculiar affection. The grip he held onto your waist tightened, metallic arm instinctively refusing to let go of the thing he cared for the most, and that even through his sleep.
Bucky’s cock soon hardened, an extra grunt escaping his mouth as his face remained nuzzled against the back of your head. Your natural perfume which he knew by heart probably worsened his case, enhancing his senses and leading the man to carry on his nightly activity which he could barely control. Biting down onto your bottom lip, your hand traveled up to his bionic wrist which you held as you allowed your lover to hump the back of your body. Was he going to carry on until he came? This was the only thing that could travel through your mind at the moment. However, your body soon managed to go on with the event, senses slowly drifting back to sleep as Bucky continued to lovingly yet unawarely put his love for you on display.
Thanks for reading! I take request so don’t hesitate to hmu in dms or drop one in the box!🤝 I really appreciate feedback, so please make a girl happy and leave a comment💜
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its-interstellarx0 · a day ago
Gamer Girl
Bucky Barnes x Reader
Bucky comes home early from a mission to discover you playing video games. With Bucky being unsure of what video games really are, you decide to show him.
Warnings: none
Words: 1.4k
I don’t own any gifs/media, and all my work is work of fiction.
Tumblr media
Your room at the Avengers Compound was twinkling from the reflection of the Christmas lights you had set up in the corner. It gave the room a warm glow as you snuggled into your bed for the evening, fuzzy socks on your feet and an amber candle burning on your bedside table. Next to the candle, your mug of peppermint tea was steaming, sending the mild scent wafting through the air
Your set up was perfect.
With your playlist of lo-fi beats playing, you were reading for a long night of video games. Your boyfriend Bucky was away on a mission, so you were sure you could enjoy a few hours of uninterrupted game playing. You both had actually been so busy that you hadn’t been able to play any since you two started dating a few months ago.
You were just about to grab your mug of tea when all of the sudden there was a knock on your door.
“It’s open!” You called cheerfully, pushing your throw blanket off of you. You scooted closer to the edge of the bed when your door opened, Bucky walking through.
“Hi, doll.” He breathed, smiling. You couldn’t help but grin.
“Hey sweetheart! I thought you were coming back tomorrow?” You hopped up from the bed, trotting over to him and giving him a soft, quick kiss. He dropped his bag and wrapped his arms around you, deepening the kiss.
“We finished early, believe it or not!” He said as he pulled away. Glancing around the room quickly, he took inventory of what he saw, “Cozy. Am I interrupting?”
“No!” You said, squeezing his arm. You walked towards the bed and picked up your Switch, “Not at all. I was just going to play some video games since you were out of town.” You were excited to game, but more excited to see him.
“Oh, well,” He followed you in, closing your door, “By all means, please continue. I don’t want to take up your evening. I can…watch TV. Or read.” He slid his shoes off and motioned to the television in the corner, “I really don’t mind! I just…want to be near you.” He smiled.
Smiling back, you powered up your Switch, “Okay. But the second you get bored let me know and we can do something together, okay?” He nodded and gave you a quick kiss on your forehead, grabbing the TV remote and turning on a sports channel.
You focused back on to your game as the music from the Switch started to quietly play. The “beep” and the “boop” sound effects pinged as you started to play, concentrating at the task at hand. Suddenly, you felt that someone was watching you.
Peeking above your Switch you saw Bucky timidly looking over in your direction. Once he realized you noticed he startled slightly, turning his attention back to the television.
“Can I help you?” You asked, a smile tugging on your lips. Bucky peeked back at you and shrugged nonchalantly.
“I was just…wondering what those noises were.”
“Ah…” You said, pausing the game. Bucky didn’t break eye contact, obviously waiting for an explanation, “Do you want to see?”
“I mean, just a little.” He said instantly, scooting closer to you and looking into the Switch’s screen, “I just…want to know what’s happening. I’ve never played video games before so, I can’t really picture it…” He examined the menu as you unpaused the game, “Who’s that?”
“That’s me.”
“What are you doing?”
“I’m watering some crops.”
“Because I own a farm! So I’m done watering my crops now, and I’m going to harvest these strawberries because they’re ready to be sold.”
“Oh.” He said, nodding while totally being transfixed by the game. A moment went by before he pointed at the screen again, “Who’s that?”
“That’s my dog.”
“You have a dog!” He smiled, leaning into the screen to get a closer look. Finally, he scooted up near the headboard so he was sitting next to me, “What’s this game called?”
“Stardew Valley.”
“Stardew…Valley…” Bucky’s hands subconsciously went to his chin as he thought for a bit, “And you…farm? That’s the game?”
“Mhm,” You nodded, going back to the game, “And forage and create things and raise animals. You can even get married and have kids!”
“Oh!” Bucky was surprised, “You can…get married? Have kids?” He looked between you and the game, “I like the music.”
“Yeah, it’s fun,” You smiled and kept watching him as he examined the game. You realized that the idea of a video game must be an entirely new world with him – something that in his original lifetime didn’t even seem plausible. Suddenly, you had an idea, “…you want to play?”
His gaze broke as he looked over to you, “I’ve…never played a video game before. I don’t know how to do it.”
“It’s okay! It’s not a big deal. The game is fun, you’ll probably pick it up quickly,” You moved through the different screens, opening up a new save file and handing the game over to him, “Try it. You can make your farmer look like you, and name him your name.”
“Ohhh…” Bucky took the Switch gingerly in his hands, almost paralyzed. He didn’t move for several moments and just looked at the screen, the 8-bit music playing in the background. Finally, he moved his finger over the little joystick a few times. His smile grew as he pressed different buttons, “Oh! Look! He kind of looks like me! Look at the hair,” He showed the screen to you, proud of finally finding the brunette option for hair. He took it back and looked down again, a scowl appearing on his lips, “I wouldn’t wear that, though…”
A few minutes later, you grabbed the television remote and flipped through the channels to find a pop-culture review show. Bucky was deep into designing his character and you were more than keenly aware that you had lost your boyfriend for the night to the pull of video games.
Bucky seemed to be cooing and tutting as he chose different options. You peeked over and saw a character that surprisingly similar to him, but he was now switching between the pet option.
“Do I want a cat or a dog?” He asked, turning to you. You shrugged, flipping through the channels once again.
“I don’t know, it’s up to you. What do you want?”
“Well, I don’t know…” He put the game down in his lap and seemed to stare off into the distance, “Dogs seem to bring more energy and love, but require more work. Cats can be…more aloof, but when they create a connection with you, they’re extremely loyal…”
“Buck,” You said, grabbing his hand and squeezing it lightly, “It’s not that serious. You just get one of them and have to fill it’s water bowl up.”
“What about food?”
“No food.”
“No food?! That doesn’t seem right,” He picked the game up again and started pushing more buttons. He was deep in concentration for a few moments before he finally nodded a final nod, “A dog. I named him Spot,” He turned the Switch towards you so you could see, “See? Spot. He looks like a Spot. I like his ears.”
You giggled, “I’m glad. He’s cute.” Bucky scooted closer to you so your thighs were touching, and he furrowed his brow in concentration. You looked back up to the television as he started to play through the game, clicking the buttons with extreme caution.
“Oh…I’m meeting the mayor. This must be important.” He jerked the game towards you to show you. You couldn’t help but find his child-like discovery of video games incredibly endearing.
“You know, we can get you your own Switch and you can download a bunch of other games to put on it so you can have your own,” You said, grabbing the mug of tea you suddenly remembered and took a sip, “We could even play games together…at the same time-”
“We could play games together?!” He asked, turning towards you. He smiled, “That would…awesome. I’d love to play with you!”
You grabbed his hand quickly and kissed him, “Tomorrow we can go buy one. And maybe a new game too.”
Bucky nodded, already back to his game. You cuddled closer and rested your head on his shoulder turning your attention back to the television.
You had lost your boyfriend to video games for the evening, but judging by the pure child-like joy on his face, you were perfectly okay with that.
A/N: I don’t know why but this scenario popped into my head and I just really really had to write it haha. Thank you all for reading! As always, my inbox is open for requests of all kinds!
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sam: “Is-is that Zemo’s coat?”
(Y/N): “No... Yes, It’s comfortable, alright.”
Sam: “Does he know you have it?”
Zemo: “I do and (Y/N) looks very cute in it. Would look better in just the coat.” 
Sam: “I don’t need to hear any of this.”
(Y/N): “Why do I keep finding turkish delights in the pockets?”
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Tumblr media
Y/N and Bucky despise each other. But what will sleep, showers and mission do to resolve that?
It was roughly 1am at the Avengers compound, Steve and Sam had been on a mission all day. Steve and I were close. Brother, sister type bond, and he had messaged me whilst flying home on the Quinjet. He mentioned something about meeting an old pal...I of course agreed to greet them as they arrived. 
Hearing the elevator ding, I stood up, cracking my neck, and made my way over. First out stepped Steve, pulling me into an embrace; next Sam, patting my shoulder and finally
"Y/N meet Bucky, Bucky meet Y/N" Steve smiled.
"Nice to meet you" I replied, sticking my hand out to shake his. He started at me and then my hand, dumbfounded. I slowly pulled my hand away and turned to Steve.
"Well I'll let you guys get some sleep...see you in the morning" I waved off, embarrassed. 
...And that was how I met Bucky Barnes.
From then on, me and Bucky never got on, whether it was fighting over milk, or fighting over who caused the mission to go south. We could never get on.  In fact, the rest of the Avengers tried to keep us as separated as they could, knowing we would kill each other if we could. What didn't help however was the fact that our rooms were opposite each other.
I don't know why he hated me, it seemed he just had this fury towards me. Like my existence ruined his life. 
Saturday nights are usually the teams chill nights. No one has any missions or jobs. So, the group often put a film on together and relax, not thinking of anything but being together. Tonight was Steve choice of film, so as always, we all made our way to the living room. However, my night got ruined when the only seat available was, of course, next to Bucky. Sighing, I decided to just sit, not wanting to ruin the night for the others. I saw him roll his eyes but again, I didn't make a fuss over it, knowing he hates me anyway.
Half way through the film (which was boring, not going to lie) I felt a wave of tiredness wash over me. Keeping my eyes open felt like a chore so slowly but surely I fell asleep. Without knowing, my head was now resting on Bucky's shoulder. The whole team now looking at him smirking, and for some unbeknownst reason...he wrapped his arm around me. 
The next morning, I woke up in my bed, confused as to how but I guessed either Steve or Tony has carried me back. Heading towards my bathroom, I tried to turn my shower on but to my luck it was broken. 
"Jarvis, where's Tony?" I asked.
"He's in the lab Miss" he replied. 
I made my way to the lab and tried to convince Tony to fix my shower.
"Y/N, honey I cant right now, use Barnes, he's never in his room" he sighs.
"but-but Tony i-"
"sorry kid...later" he walks off.
Grumbling to myself, I push Bucky's door open and unsurprisingly, it was empty. His room surprised me though, it was dark and cold yet felt like it could be so comforting if it had love given to it. Turning on his shower, the hot water hitting my back, I finally relaxed and tried to not think about anything else. 
Minutes go past and I heard the door click. Fuck. I heard a sigh and then the bathroom door open. 
"I know it's you Y/N, Tony told me" He said monotone.
"I-um- I wont be long I-" and that' when I felt a gush of wind and the shower curtain open. Bucky stood there, everything on display.
I squeaked and turned around facing the shower trying to cover myself. 
"What? I need a shower and you're in MY shower" He replied nonchalantly. 
My heart was beating so fast. I felt his rough hands on my shoulder, massaging them.
"No wonder you're moody all the time, the tension in your shoulders...Christ" He said. 
Leaning into his touch, he continued to massage both my neck and shoulders. The shower together continued, both of us washed each others hair for the first time since we met, we both smiled.
================================================================================It had been a week since the shower incident and me and Bucky hadn't exchanged much words. We exchanged glances and hasn't fought but speaking was still a no-go. That was until the mission. 
We'd been paired up together on a mission, and the mission wasn't go right. I ended up on the floor with a bullet through my leg. Bucky had taken out the guy that did it and ran towards me. 
"shhh, you're okay. Show me where it hurts" He had concern in both his face and voice. Pointing to my leg, he nodded and picked me up bridal style, taking me back to the Quinjet. 
Once back at the compound. He took me to Banner to heal me up. 
That was when I realised he didn't hate me as much as I thought. 
That night, back in my bed, I couldn't stop the demons. The nightmare of the mission kept replaying in my dream. Waking up in a cold sweat, I needed a cuddle. I didn't want to wake anyone else up as they all were exhausted. The only people who left the mission early was me and Bucky. 
I raised my fist and knocked on his door. A sleepy Barnes appeared rubbing his eyes.
"Y/N? What's wrong?" He asked in his rough voice.
"I keep having nightmares and normally I go to Steve and we cuddle but i don't wanna go to him because he's exhausted but so is everyone else and I know you don't like me but i was wondering if I coul-" I ramble and instantly I'm flung over his shoulder. 
He plops me back down onto the bed and pulls the sheet over us, he right arm going under my head, his metal arm going over my waist drawing me into his chest spooning me.
"This ok?" he whispers in my ear.
"Perfect...thank you" I respond.
"for the record, I don't hate you. In fact, I never did. I don't know why I've been such a dick to you. But I'm so sorry. Truly" he kisses my forehead. 
"I never hated you too, I just always thought you did. i actually like you. You're caring to those you love, you're smart and you're incredibly handsome" I giggled.
"OH really?" He smirks, poking my side making me squirm and laugh more,
Eventually we both fall asleep in each others arms, no nightmares, just peace. 
And this was the beginning of an incredible relationship with James Buchanan Barnes.
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