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#seb stan x reader
angrythingstarlight · 24 days ago
Shower Me in Praise
Summary: Bucky knows what you need after a long week without him.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Beefy Bucky x Reader
Warnings: Smut, oral fem rec, size kink, praise kink, Bucky is 6'4"
A/n: requested.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Rivulets of hot water rain down on your back, a thick mist clouding the glass surrounding the shower. This is what you needed after a busy day, the heat soothes your aching muscles. Resting your head on the cool shower wall, your arms dangle by your sides and you relax for the first time in days.
It’s been such an exhausting week and you’ve been looking forward to finally getting to spend time at home. Just you and Bucky. The couch, an old worn knitted blanket, and whatever movie is on tonight. Wine, cheap, greasy takeout, and passionate sex on the living room rug before the credits have a chance to roll across the screen. You’ve been looking forward to tonight all week.
But first, you need to let the stress of the real world fade away. You’re nearly done with your shower when you hear the soft click of the door opening.
“Hey Bunny.” Your head cants back at the sound of his raspy deep voice, your body instinctively responding to him. Glancing over your shoulder, the water pours down your face as you watch him through the foggy glass. “Missed you.” The longing in his tone makes your chest tighten. You’ve missed him too, more than words can express.
“I’m glad you’re home,” you respond with a smile, turning around to get a better look at him. He's handsome, a shadow of a beard forming on his sharp jaw, his pink bottom lip caught between his teeth as he eyes you through the glass. Bucky leans against the sink, tapping his fingers on the surface. 
His eyes peirce your eyes through the mist and when he rolls his bottom lip between his pearly white teeth, you shiver. Your body's calling him like a siren and he can never resist you. 
Bucky removes his red henley, real slow making sure you see his muscular abs and pecs ripple as he stretches his arms above his head. You can’t look away, the sight of him peeling layer after layer off of his massive body is mesmerizing. Soon all he has left on are a pair of tight auburn boxers, you can see the outline of his erection and your thighs clench together in a desperate bid to quell the growing ache between them.
He slides them down his muscular legs, your eyes following his movements until they pool around his feet, his cock springs free, smacking him on the stomach. Your mouth goes dry as you gaze at his pretty cock. There’s no way you can hold back the growing throb in your pussy now that the only thing separating you from all of him is a thin sheet of glass. You bite your lip, wiping the condensation to get a better look at your man.
Bucky notices your eyes drifting down to his stiffening cock, a smirk curling the ends of his pink lips up. He’s missed you Bunny. He can’t wait to show you how-actually hold on. He reaches inside and adjusts the knobs. His fingers gingerly test the water as he glares at you.
“Bucky,” you laugh, tossing your washcloth at his head. “It wasn’t that hot.”
He scoffs before turning the knob a little more. “Not that hot Bucky,” he says mocking your tone. You laugh even harder, remembering the first time he jumped in the shower with you
The blast of fiery molten liquid startled him, his feet slipping across the porcelain surface. “What the fuck?” His eyes had widened so quickly you thought they were going to pop out of his head, his brows almost touching his hairline as he screeched. “Why is it so fucking hot bunny? What the fuck!”
You burst into hysterical laughter, nearly wheezing, tears streaming down your face while you slide down the shower wall. He flailed around you trying to dodge the water before landing ass first on the cool tile floor.
Of course, Bucky claims that he never screamed, he yelped. And he didn’t fall, he slipped. You have no idea what the difference is but he insists that the latter is more manly. “You know I nearly died that day. Boiled alive in my own home while my girl laughed at me.”
“Aw poor Bucky,” you coo, scrunching your nose at him. “I still don’t know how you thought you were going to fit in there with me.”
Finally deeming the water tolerable, he steps inside the shower. Instantly his large body takes up most of the space, without even meaning to he crowds you. “There are a few places you didn’t think I was going to fit Bunny,” he hums, his tongue moving across his bottom lip. “What did you say? Something about me being too big?”
Those words squeaked out the first time you saw him naked, his large cock hanging between his legs. He was soft but you couldn’t believe that he could get any bigger.
Then he got hard and you realized how wrong you were. That’s not going to fit Bucky. You were so sure that he was never going to get all of that inside you.
“Remember what I said Bunny?”
Oh, you do.
“You and your pretty pussy are prefect, like you were made for me.”
The way he says that made you preen, you’ve never felt more loved or cherished.
In one swift motion, he corners you, his large palm splayed across your belly, taking your wrists in his metal hand he pins them above your head. He always makes you feel so small. Your nipples brush over his warm chest with every shaky breath you take in.
He steps even closer until his body is pressing into yours. His head dips down slowly, his large palm glides up your wet skin, his fingertips tease your pebbled nipples sending sparks straight to your clit. You start to squeeze your thighs together but he nudges them apart, his thick hair-covered thigh grazing over your clit so lightly it makes you shiver.
“You’re so tight,” he murmurs, his lips sweeping over yours, teasing you with a chaste kiss. “But I knew I was going to fit.”
He did. 
Bucky spread your legs apart, resting his head between your thighs, eating you like he was starving, making you cum over and over on his tongue and fingers. He was methodical, learning his way around your body, studying your face whenever he tried something new, ticking away every single thing that made you gasp, sigh and moan his name.
You were still crying out from the last orgasm he pulled from your trembling body when he thrust inside you. "Told ya I'd make it fit, look how pretty you are stretched around me." And you made a sound you never heard before. You had never felt so full in your life, your tender walls stretched over him, a delicious burn coursing through you.
Before he even moved, you knew that you were ruined for other men.
Bucky sees the way your eyes darken, your breath hitching in your chest. He was going to draw this out, tease you until you were begging for him but he can’t. Not with you looking up at him so sweetly, he can’t deny his pretty girl anything.
He reaches down and lifts you up with one hand, your back slides up the wall until you’re looking at his face. His deep blue eyes capture yours and he’s gazing at you as if he’s seeing you for the first time.
“You’re gorgeous,” he says quietly and reverently, almost unaware that he’s speaking. “I dream about the way your face looks when you cum for me. You don’t even know how perfect you are but I’m going to show you until you believe me.”
Bucky keeps your wrists above your head, reminding you of his incredible strength, the way he can easily manhandle you makes you even wetter. Your legs lock around his waist and you look down to see him gliding his thick swollen head through your folds.
“Eyes on me Bunny,” He demands, his tone soft, almost pleading. Your eyes snap up to his, only a thin rim of blue surrounds his lust-filled pupils. A quick shift of his hips and he’s inside you. Buckys eyes flutter shut, he lives for that first thrust, the way your warm tight walls enveloping him is indescribable.
You both gasp but his is more guttural and drawn out, your pride blooming knowing that he sounds wrecked and desperate because of you. He buries himself in your aching pussy, inch by inch, soon he’s so deep you feel him in your chest. “Bucky,” you moan, your heels dig into the small of his back.
“That's it, that its,“ he whispers resting his head on your forehead, watching your cunt swallow his cock, “you can take it, just a little more Bunny.”
More? You look down and whimper. Oh fuck, you swear he’s even bigger. One more shallow thrust and he’s bottomed out and you're so full. “See,” he chuckles, “your pussy can handle every fucking inch I give her.”
The corner of his lip lifts in a satisfied smirk. And that's your only warning before he’s pulling out of your tight heat before you can begin to feel empty, he’s slamming back inside you. Your head lolls back from the force, jaw going slack as a wave of sensations surges up.
Bucky drops his head down, his lips finding yours and his tongue delves into your mouth. His kiss is sloppy and passionate, he greedily inhales your frantic moans as his hips drive his cock deeper and deeper, faster and faster inside you. The coil in your belly winds tighter until you feel like you’re going to explode.
Bucky knows you’re close, he knows you need to cum, your wordless cries in his mouth begging him for more, your walls clinging to him trying to keep in. You have no idea how much he wants to stay inside your sweet little cunt but he’s going to take care of you first.
His fingers strum your clit the way he knows you like. You feel everything, your clit rolling between his rough, calloused fingers, his warm skin pressing into yours, the filthy grind of his hips, the water dripping off his head onto your chest. “I know, I know bunny,” He mutters, his lips moving to your ear, “I got you, go on and cum for me pretty girl.”
You feel all of it.
And then he angles his hips, his cock hitting something inside you and then all you feel is ecstasy, pure pleasure, as the coil bursts inside you, leaving trails of sultry white heat in its wake. “Fuck Bucky, oh god yes,” you gasp, raking your nails across his broad back.
Bucky groans, scraping his teeth across your throat before sucking a bruise on your skin. You’re gripping him so tightly he struggles to pull out, once he does, you immediately drag him back in and he loses it. His smooth fast pace becomes erratic, his soft grunts of your name echo across the bathroom as he chases his release. “One more bunny, one more,” he pleads. “Be a good girl and give it to me.”
Bucky lets your wrist go, his hands curving around your waist to bring you down on his cock, you can only hold on to his large slippery shoulders, taking his wild strokes. “You feel so good, let me feel you cum again,” he says, his mouth sweeping over your jaw, reclaiming your lips.
You’re already so wound up from your first orgasm that it only takes one more roll of his hips before you’re coming undone, a thin high wail leaving your lips as another searing orgasm pulses through you. 
As soon as your walls flutter around him, you grab his throat and clench down around his pistoning length. "Fill me up,Bucky, make me yours, please," you moan. His feral blue eyes widen as you squeeze tighter 
You always know how to push him over the edge, Bucky lets go with a guttural grunt, spilling into your tight, warm heat, folding himself around your body, his arms wrapping around you, keeping you pressed into his chest.
Bucky laughs breathlessly, tilting your head back to kiss your forehead. “Fuck you’re good, Jesus I can’t- god damn,” he rambles, slipping out of you, murmuring softly when you wince. Gently setting you back on your feet, he places his hands on your waist, keeping you upright. Your legs tremble uncontrollably, and you know if he doesn’t hold you, you’ll collapse to the floor.
Bucky grins, taking in your sated and wrecked appearance with pride. “Bunny,” he says, “told you, this is all mine and I always take good care of her” he cups your mound, pushing you back into the corner.
“But I made a mess, look at what I did to my pretty girl.” Your eyes warily move up his flushed chest to his face, not trusting his soft tone, when he starts talking directly to your pussy you know he’s not done with her. 
And damn her, she starts aching for him again. He lowers himself, his hands moving down your sides, trailing kisses on your skin until he’s kneeling at your feet, his long hair plastered to his forehead, he winks before focusing on your pussy.
"Now tell me about your day," he says placing your leg over his shoulder. “While I’m cleaning her up,”
Tumblr media
A few hours later, you're propped on the couch, his head on your belly, the faint sounds of the movie playing in the background. 
Bucky gazes up at you, his bearded chin grazing your skin. "Ya know," he starts, his brows raising, your own furrowing in response. "I think I missed a spot."
"You know damn well you didnt-" you screech, breaking into laughter as he sits up and yanks your panties down. 
Bucky swipes a thick finger through your folds, holding the glistening digit in front of your face. "Look at that, still messy," he hums, popping his finger in his mouth with a sinful moan. 
"What would I do without you?" 
Bucky pauses, his head lifting slightly. "Dont worry, you'll never have to find out. I'm always going to take care of you and her." 
Before you can melt at his sweet words, his lips surround your clit and all thoughts leave your head. Bucky listens to your pretty sounds, he decides he's going to spend the rest of the night making you sing for him. 
Tumblr media
Comments and reblogs are appreciated 😍
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youlightmeupfinn · a month ago
Dinner Plans - Seb Stan x Reader
request: Sebastian comes home from a whole day of interviews promoting a new movie/show. Your cooking dinner for you and Sebastian when he walks in to see you in sweats and an apron. He comes up behind. You wanted a peaceful night in together just relaxing and watching movies but he has other plans😏
a/n: oh this got STEAMY. thanks so much for the request, anon! hope you like it, haha!
warnings: smutty smut smut
Link to my Sebastian Stan Masterlist
Tumblr media
The aroma of fresh basil mixed with the tomato sauce filled your kitchen. You smiled to yourself, feeling as though you were in your own personal Italian restaurant. With the day off from work today, you took it upon yourself to explore the kitchen and develop a new recipe. Sebastian had been gone since early this morning. His day was jam-packed with interviews of the new movie he was the lead star in. So to reward his hard day’s work, you opted to cook for him.
Dancing through your kitchen to Hungry Eyes by Eric Carmen, you had the wooden spoon nestled in your grip as though it were a microphone. Shuffling around, you hadn’t even heard the front door open and close, signaling Seb was home.
Twisting around on the tiles of the kitchen, your baby pink apron flung around, the words Kiss the Chef plastered across the front. You donned your sweatpants and a sports bra underneath. Getting to the chorus, you started belting out the lyrics as though your heart depended on it.
Seb was smiling like an idiot as he propped himself up against the doorway leading into the kitchen. Singing aloud the second verse, you stirred your sauce and smiled. Seb lingered for a few more moments until he cleared his throat.
“Looking good, doll.” He called out, scaring you nearly to death. You dropped the wooden spoon inside the pan and hissed, sauce splattering across your face. You yelled for Alexa to pause the music and you turned around, eyeing your husband evilly.
“Sebby!” You groaned, placing the spoon on a plate beside the stove.
Sebastian laughed, walking over to you. He pressed his lips against the corner of your mouth where some of the sauce had landed and his tongue brushed across your skin, making you squeal in his grip.
“Mmm,” He moaned. “Tastes really good.” He winked, reaching behind you and gripping your ass. You gasped at the feeling and eyed him. Nudging him back with your finger, he simply would not budge.
“Babe, come on. Let me finish,” You giggled.
Seb’s eyes darkened and you knew that look.
“Oh, I’ll make you finish.”
Your eyes widened and you turned around quickly to eye your sauce.
“You’ve had a long day and I took it upon myself to cook you dinner… Can I please finish cooking?” You eyed him with a puppy-dog-like stare and Seb growled, kissing underneath your ear.
“I’ve been thinking about you all day, kitten. Wanted nothing more than to come home and have you as my dinner.” He whispered, his lips connecting with your neck. He knew that was your weak spot. You moaned, your head falling back against his shoulder as his hand moved across your upper thigh. He inched closer to your heat that was already throbbing, begging for attention.
Seb reached over you and turned the stove off himself. Grabbing the lid to your pan, he covered the freshly made sauce and smirked. “I wanna have some fun… then we can have dinner?” He smiled.
You stared at him momentarily, knowing he was completely serious. Seb was the type of man, when he was in the mood for sex, he wanted it right then and there. Never would he force you if you weren’t in the mood for it, but he already knew your heart was thumping at the anticipation.
You slipped the apron off, exposing your body that donned the sweats and sports bra to your husband’s feasting eyes. He groaned at the sight of you, his fingers already hooking into the inside of your sweats, desperately wanting to remove them.
Turning around in his grasp, Seb hoisted you onto his waist and you started to laugh. “Bedroom?” You questioned. He laughed at you as though you were stupid. You gazed around, noticing you two were getting close to the… kitchen table.
Your eyes widened. “Are you serious?” You gasped.
Seb licked his lips.
“I said I wanted you for dinner, didn’t I? Don’t we normally eat dinner at our kitchen table?”
With that, your husband quickly moved the utensils and placed your bottom on the table. You groaned as he shimmied your grey sweats down your legs, tossing them to the side, seeing that you were wearing his favorite black laced underwear. He gazed at you for a moment before settling himself between your legs. You felt as Sebastian ran his hands up and down your legs, admiring how smooth and soft they felt before his hand teasingly brushed against your already soaked core.
You moaned at the feeling of his hand rubbing across your clit, your mind wandering.
“Oh, Seb,” You called his name, tossing your head back.
“Let’s get this off of you, doll.” He whispered, tugging at the sports bra. Without another word, you removed the article of clothing from yourself, tossing it over where your sweats laid aimlessly.
Your breasts exposed, Sebastian eyed you intently as he began a trail of warm kisses from your jawline, to each breast. Using one hand to massage the opposite, he took the bud into his mouth, sucking on it, his teeth gently biting. His other hand that rested on your other breast worked wonders as his fingers pinched, making your eyes widen.
As he worked his way down, he ensured to keep eye contact with you as he kissed your naval. Dipping below, he kissed over the fabric of your panties and you watched him closely. Sebastian loved it when you watched him work wonders on you.
You moaned as his fingers pushed your lace to the side, his finger dipping into your folds before encircling your clit. Instantly, your legs prodded open naturally, falling in such a way that made Sebastian groan at the sight.
“You are soaked, doll,” He moaned. Without hesitation, Seb pulled the underwear down and tossed them over to the increasing pile. As your legs remained spread, Sebastian lowered himself, his tongue dipping into your folds, lapping you. You moaned loudly as his tongue grazed your clit before he began sucking.
He licked your clit as though you were the ultimate delicacy.
“Sebastian,” You moaned loudly, your back arching, your heat colliding with his face. The friction of his face against your heat made your walls tighten. As he continued to swirl his tongue around your sensitive bud, he used his fingers to pump in and out of you, earning high moans of pleasure that only made him harder by the second. Hooking his hands around the backs of your thighs, he pulled you in closer, eating you out with pure ecstasy.
“Seb, I’m gonna,” You moaned, feeling the burning sensation intensify, your orgasm closer than expected.
“Don’t you dare,” Seb’s voice was stern as he came off of your clit. He pushed two fingers inside of you, pushing until he reached that spot that made your eyes roll into the back of your head. Curving them at the perfect angle, Seb attached his lips to yours, the taste of you sweet in your mouth as he worked his fingers inside of you. You hadn’t even seen him remove his jeans or boxers until you felt his member brushing against your entrance.
He pulled his fingers out of you, putting them to your mouth. You licked and sucked yourself off of him, earning a desperate moan from Sebastian’s lips.
“You taste so sweet, don’t you, doll?” He smiled at you. You grinned, moaning in utter delight.
Sebastian continued to tease your entrance with his hardened length and you whimpered desperately, wanting to feel him deep inside of you. “Seb, I can’t take this anymore, please,” You gasped, his tip sitting right at your soaking entrance.
Seb smiled to himself. He loved seeing you like this.
“Beg,” He demanded. He wanted to know how much you wanted him, needed him.
“Please,” You moaned. “Please!” You cried out as he slowly began pushing himself in.
Yours and Sebastian’s moans mixed wonderfully together as he pushed himself inside of you further, feeling how tight you were around him. Closing your eyes, your mouth fell open when he finally went the entire way in. You molded around his member perfectly. You felt as he stretched you out and you moaned desperately when he left and came back in.
His thrusts were powerful. Sebastian knew your body like a map. He knew where to touch, where to kiss, and especially how to angle himself inside of your tight space that would send you into a frenzy. Your nails dug into his back and he groaned at the feeling, pounding into you relentlessly as your legs intertwined around his waist. You could feel yourself clenching around him each time he pulled out and Sebastian knew he would be close in just a few more strokes.
“Seb, faster, please,” You cried out. He knew what that meant. He kept his perfect angle but increased his speed slightly, both of you breathing awfully heavy. Your stomach began to form knots as you could feel yourself on the brink of a climax.
He attached his lips to yours, his tongue slipping in between your lips, connecting with yours. You moaned loudly into his mouth, the feeling of his strokes on top of the electricity of his kiss drove you crazy.
“I’m gonna come,” You announced, sweat beading on your forehead as you held your husband tight against you.
“Come for me, pretty girl.” Seb rang into your ears.
You began to see stars as you released, coming completely undone all over Seb. You felt as the warmth of his climax entered your body and you felt fuzzy, lightheaded, and happy.
The both of you breathed hard and the coolness of the table was against your back. Seb’s head pressed against yours as he kissed you passionately.
“Oh, that was so good,” You breathed out, your chest rising and falling rapidly. Sebastian smirked, the tips of his hair slightly wet from the sweat you two had produced.
“You think it’s better than your pasta?” He looked over at the stove, seeing the pan still sitting there.
You giggled, shaking your head. “I know you’re not hungry.”
Seb shrugged. “I could eat… actual food this time.”
You smirked, getting off of the table. Pulling Seb up by his hand, you pushed his back against the wooden table.
“You had your dinner… now I want mine.” You growled, dropping to your knees, Seb’s eyes widening.
“You dirty girl!” He laughed, his head falling back.
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imsebastiansta-n · 2 months ago
Condom Mishap
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: fluff, a little bit of smut at the end, talks of condoms, shy bucky, nerdy bucky, mention of Bucky’s cock and erections
Word count: 1217
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It was a warm sunny day, you, and Bucky where currently in your shared apartment. You were in the bedroom sorting out your wardrobe while Bucky was laying down on your shared bed, talking about the mission he just finished for work.
“And then Sam blasted the last HYDRA agent. He’s now back at the compound for questioning.” He finished, with a little wavier in his voice. You knew how hard HYDRA missions were for him, you expressed your concerns countless times and each time he’d tell you that he was okay, that he can do it. But every time he came home, you could see that each mission took a piece of him.
You finished hanging the last item of clothing and closed the wardrobe doors.
“Are you sure you’re okay though?” you questioned with concern in your voice, and a frown on your face.
“I’m... I’m doing better.” He breathed, truthfully. Making you release a breath you didn’t even know you were holding.
“Now, how about a little fun time.” Bucky smirked, leaning in to kiss you but you pulled back.
“Oh no you don’t, big guy. If you want fun time, you need to pop down to the store and grab some more condoms.” You chuckled, as his face drained colour.
“H-how will I know what to get?” he stuttered so quietly you didn’t even notice.
“You know what size you are, babe. Just grab and go.” You softly smiled at him and walked out of the bedroom, leaving Bucky to his thoughts.
Bucky stayed on the bed for a few minutes, trying to sike himself up.
He’d never been to the store to grab condoms; they were so different from what he was used to in 40’s. It was usually you grabbing them when you went shopping, but you must have forgot this time.
He slipped on his shoes, not bothering to change out of his comfy sweats he was wearing and grabbed his wallet from the bedside cabinet.
Walking out of the bedroom, he made his way to the kitchen where you were pottering about.
“I’ll be back, doll. Love you.” He reached down to kiss you goodbye.
“See you soon, love you baby.” You kissed him back, not sensing his nerves and he was on his way.
It didn’t take Bucky long to reach the store.
He walked in, nodded politely at the little old lady behind the register as she said her hellos and made his way to the condom section.
Bucky’s eyes scanned the entire stock.
He’d never seen so many brands, styles, or colours of condoms before.
Getting more confused by the minute, he remembered what you told him. “You know what size you are, just grab and go.”
So, that’s what he did.
He grabbed a box, not even looking at the size or brand and went to the till.
As Bucky stood there, he tried to cover his face with his long hair to hide the blushing mess he had become. The little old lady didn’t even bat an eye. For that, Bucky was thankful.
She scanned the box, telling Bucky the total so he can pay and be on his way.
He shoved the box into his pocket and made a brisk walk home, so he could hide forever.
When Bucky walked into your shared apartment, you were sitting on the couch in the living room with a book in hand and a fresh cup of tea steaming away on the coffee table.
He pulled out the box and dropped it on the table making you jump as he walked away.
You put your book down and grabbed the box and saw the size he got.
You stood up with the box in hand and went to your shared bedroom.
“Baby?” you called opening in the door to see Bucky sitting on the end looking more confused than ever.
“There was so many. I was so confused.” He started and turned to look at you, “why is there so many?”
“I don’t know, baby. People just like variety, I guess.” You shrugged softly and sat down beside him.
“I got the wrong size, didn’t I?” he sighed and rubbed his face with his hands and groaned, causing you to giggle softly.
“Hey, its okay. Let me grab my shoes and we’ll go together.” You kissed his cheek and got up off the bed to grab your shoes.
You came back with your shoes on as Bucky stood up and grabbed your hand, linking his fingers with yours as you both made your way back to the store.
When you both got to the store, you waved hello to the lady behind the till and made your way, with Bucky in hand, to the condom section again.
Looking at Bucky’s face filled with confusion, you explain what the types were, what sizes they had and what colours and flavours they came in.  
He was still a little embarrassed but asked a couple of questions which you were happy to answer to the best of your knowledge.
When you were both finished, you grabbed his size (king size) and went back to the lady at the till to pay.
Once you were finished, you put the box in your pocket and Bucky grabbed your hand linking his fingers again as you walked home.
It didn’t take long for Bucky to rip your clothes off when you got home and use up the entire box you purchased.
 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A FEW WEEKS LATER ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
It had been 3 weeks since the whole condom mishap with Bucky. During those 3 weeks, Bucky’s confidence in getting condoms had rocketed.
Every day you came home from work, or when he came home from a mission, he’d always had a new box for you both to try out.
You didn’t complain, you loved it.
Although you had so many boxes, Sam and Steve thought you were selling them. When you had to explain Bucky’s obsession with different condom types, they were sorry they asked.
 It wasn’t until one night; you had gotten in from work and made your way to the bedroom you knew Bucky would be.
What you didn’t expect, is to find the lights off and standing in the middle of the room, sporting a glow in the dark condom on his erected cock, was Bucky.
“Hey, doll. Check out my light saber.” You couldn’t see him, but you could sense he was grinning.
He leant forward and pressed a button on his phone. The sound that came out, is what made you die along with watching Bucky swing his erection around to the light saber effect.
When you calmed down with your laughter, Bucky stalked towards you and picked you up, chucking you on the bed and within seconds you were naked.
He flipped you onto your stomach, so your ass was in the air as he lent forward to whisper in your ear.
“Do you think you can take my light saber pounding you?” he breathed, causing shivers to run down your spine as he slipped his cock into your dripping wet pussy causing you to squeak out a moan.
You knew when he was like his, you’d feel him in your cervix for days.
But that was always the best part about sex with Bucky.
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thewritingdoll · 3 months ago
Bucky is a newly single father and gets on a dating app for the first time.. how do you think that would go for him?
Tumblr media
ducky boxers ;
“Sorry to break it to you, lover boy, but I think you got some competition.”
Bucky blinks, perplexed, and peeks his head out from the en-suite bathroom, his toothbrush clenched between top and bottom mandible. clad in little more than a dark pair of sweats, he looks more than a bit tense. it wasn’t that being interrupted by his young, twin sons when he was in bed with a woman was a normal occurrence (in fact, it had never happened before this night), but he was worried that you would be disappointed.
he never took the idea of tinder too seriously, expecting a handful of one night stands if anything at all, but he had been lucky enough to match with you. you were absolutely everything he wasn’t sure he deserved: a red hot knockout, hilarious, with a soft smile and angel eyes, and you didn’t mind that he had two toddlers that demanded the majority of his attention. he’d stopped swiping for new matches the moment your message came in, and he’d been hooked on you ever since.
now that you and he had been on a couple of dates, the chemistry was undeniably electric, and he’d invited you to spend the night. of course, it would be just his luck that Declan and River would bang their tiny, little fists on the bedroom door as soon as things started to heat up.
Bucky wouldn’t blame you if you’d bolted the second they did.
what he sees, however, shocks him.
the twins are fast asleep, clinging to you like a couple of baby koala bears, your svelte digits brushing through Declan’s shoulder-length tendrils as your chin rests atop the crown of his head. you’re wearing Bucky’s tee shirt, and a humiliating pair of his boxers rolled up into makeshift shorts. when you see him appear in the doorway, you jut your chin out in gesture to the little ones holding on to you. “A couple of Casanovas you have here, they know how the way to a girl’s heart. Did you teach them that?”
sheepishly, Bucky looks at his sons. “Sorry,” he mumbles, “I’ll grab the little monsters so you can go.” he disappears back into the bathroom to rinse his mouth, but you’re looking at him incredulously when he returns.
“You kicking me out, Barnes?”
his eyes widen in surprise, and then panic. “What? No! Of course not. I just thought that, well, you know, they kind of interrupted what we had planned— not that that’s the only reason I wanted you here! I just—“ a flustered breath escapes him, as does his thoughts, and you smile bemused. “You wanna… help me out here?” he asks, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly.
you shake your head, quirking a brow. “You don’t do this often, do you?”
“No.” he mumbles, cheeks cherry red. “Do… you?” there’s a hint of jealousy in his voice, as if the mere possibility that you date other men makes upsets him, but he hopes you don’t take offense.
“Not at all.” you admit with a shrug. “So, let’s just be terrible tinder users together, and bypass the hookup thing? I’ll be the worst one night stand ever, you know, if you just want to come over here and hold me. I’ll sleep in, probably steal these clothes, and kiss you good morning when you wake up.”
“I’d like that.” he says, finally, a soft simper etching his lips upward. shuffling over, Bucky turns off the dim lamp on the way to the bed, and slides in on the other side, pulling you close from behind. it’s a warm embrace, tight and strong. he nuzzles his face into your hair and breathes in. though the divorce had been finalized recently, it had been months since he felt this at peace with a woman. one hand travels down to draw circles over the ducky boxers and he smiles wider. “You really like these cheesy things?”
“Mmhm,” you hum in response. “I’m pretty disappointed you didn’t wear them for our date.”
a low, rumbling chortle bubbles from deep within his chest, and he pecks your cheek. “They look much better on you.”
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byesexualbucky · 3 months ago
take me home, take me home
pairing: sebastian stan x fem reader
notes: 5k of smut. 18+ only. also, please do not take after seb in this fic. use a condom.
Tumblr media
It’s a weight lifted, driving out of the city. You don’t notice it on your shoulders when you’re going about your daily life, rushing through New York, half your day on the C train and the other half weaving through tourists on the streets to get to where you need to go. You thrive on it, and he does too, you know—but there’s something that happens once the city traffic clears up on the Bronx River Parkway, when it turns into the Sprain Brook and then to the Taconic, when the road opens up ahead of you and the trees rise on either side and Sebastian puts his foot on the gas just that much harder and you exhale, tension rising off your shoulders, a smile you hadn’t expected pulling at the corners of your lips as you let your sunglasses drop onto your nose, tinting the road in front of you a gorgeous red and brown.
Sebastian feels it too, you know him well enough to pick up on his emotions, his stress, his relief, even when he doesn’t say them out loud. He reaches over and turns up the stereo just a tad, Bruce Springsteen just a little louder, and then drops his hand on your thigh, fingers warm on your skin, brushing against the hem of your sundress.
You like it like this, when you can look at him while he drives, blue eyes darting from the road to meet yours every few minutes. The sun is hitting the bridge of his nose just right, illuminating the smatter of freckles there that no one else gets to see, because no one else gets to get this close, gets to have this much time, uninterrupted, looking at him. You kiss them every chance you get, but sometimes you still feel like that’s not enough.
“You’re staring, sweetheart,” he glances over at you, smile pulling at his lips too, and you laugh, warmth settling in your stomach as you kick your feet up on the dash of his brand new Range Rover. Or, rather, your brand new Range Rover—you bought it together, just six weeks ago, your first big purchase as a couple after four years together. It hadn’t occurred to you that all your friends had started doing this long ago, joint purchases with their partners: houses, cars, vacation homes. You’d just kind of settled in with Sebastian after a few months together, when he cleared a handful of dresser drawers for you and made space in the second closet in his bedroom, the one that had once housed his winter coats. Those coats hang in the foyer now, next to yours, dog leash looped over them. It’s stayed that way for four years.
You’d bought this big car with the thought of buying a second home together upstate some time soon, even though big cars don’t make sense in the city. It’s a nightmare to park, absurdly expensive, and stressful to maneuver through tiny streets, but when you think about why you chose it, about the way Sebastian asked the salesman if a baby’s car seat would fit safely in the back, a few years in the future, you don’t feel any regret.
“What about it?” You ask him, reaching for your iced coffee, settled in the cup holder between you. It’s starting to get chilly, August slipping into September and the nights getting cooler, but New York holds onto summer until nearly October most years, and Sebastian’s got the seat heaters on anyway, because he knows how much you love them. The iced coffee is a nice chill to your system, a little jolt, a reminder that you promised to stay awake with Seb for the whole drive upstate.
“It’s distracting,” he says, eyes on you again, just for a split second. “Can I have some?”
“You have your own,” you say, but you lean over anyway, holding the cup up to his face so he can take a sip, lips wrapping around the straw softly, a gentle tug of butterflies in your stomach. It’s been four years, and he still does this to you.
“Yours is better,” he tells you when he’s done drinking. “Thanks, angel.”
“Order this next time then, weirdo,” you settle back into your seat, but it doesn’t bother you, really. You reach for his drink, shoved in the other cup holder, and take a sip for yourself.
It’s exactly the same as yours.
It’s dark when you pull into the hotel in Hudson, three hours north of the city. You’d rolled the windows down when Sebastian pulled off the highway, letting the soft August air rush into the car, bringing with it the smell of a late summer evening, of warmth and stillness. It’s quiet now, so much quieter than you’re used to, the radio lowered to just a whisper, the sound of the Rover’s engine the loudest thing around. Sebastian cuts the engine and the headlights go with it.
“It’s pretty,” you tell him, eyes on the large, white farmhouse in front of you. It’s blanketed in the dark, but you can still see the windows, illuminated golden from the inside, and you can almost feel the warmth too, can imagine how it’ll feel tomorrow, everyone together, drunk, glasses in the air, cheers on your lips. “They made a great choice.”
“You can see? I can hardly make out anything,” Sebastian laughs, scratching gently at his stubble. It’s coming back strong, after he shaved for his last movie, and the rub of it against your inner thighs last night is still tickling the back of your mind. You wonder if he’s got enough energy after the drive. “Guess I should call the eye doctor when we get home.”
“Nah,” you tell him, reaching over to pinch his cheek. “I’m just imagining. Romanticising it, you know.”
“It is romantic,” he glances over at you, eyebrow raised, and you feel yourself flush, your cheeks rising red, your stomach flipping over itself again. You know he loves seeing you react like this, so you let yourself succumb to it, like a high schooler with a crush. It’s fun. Sebastian always keeps it fun. “It’s a wedding, I mean. Is there anything more romantic?”
“I dunno,” you roll your lips together to hide a smile, “but I can think of a few things we could try.”
Sebastian laughs, full and loud, the laugh that trails off into a gaspy giggle at the end, his hand coming to rest on his stomach as he settles down. It makes you feel giddy, buzzing off his energy, off him.
“Come here, sweetheart,” he leans over to plant a kiss on your mouth, pulling away with a soft bite to your lower lip, a promise of more later. “We should at least check in first.”
And, so, you do. Sebastian carries both his bag and yours to the front desk, tells the receptionist you’re here for the Mackie wedding tomorrow, and leads you down the hall to your suite, tall and so gorgeous, his front pressed to your back as you unlock the door and step into the dark room. He drops your bags right at the door and you almost protest, almost tell him you have bronzer in there that could crack if he’s not careful, almost check to make sure the bottle of wine you packed didn’t break, almost, almost, almost. But he gently kicks the door closed, presses his thumb to your lips, and kisses you without even bothering to turn the lights on, and all at once bronzer is the furthest thing from your mind.
It hadn’t even occurred to you to feel jealous. When Anthony asked Sebastian to be a groomsman it was nothing but excitement, and when his fiancee Maeve explained that she couldn’t ask you to be a bridesmaid you hadn’t felt disappointed, or hurt, or anything, really. She has so many sisters, it would’ve looked ridiculous to have you up there too. You had fun with the planning anyway, giving feedback on the boys’ suits and helping Anthony with his vows, and not once, over the past ten months of planning, has it occurred to you to feel jealous.
Until now.
Until you’re standing alone in the rows of seats, next to Maeve’s sweet cousins, watching your boyfriend walk down the aisle with one of the bride’s sisters on his arm. You know it’s nothing, you know this is how weddings work, and you know you’re being irrational. But it doesn’t stop the twinge in your lower stomach, the tightness in your throat, the shame, prickling at your eyes that you’re even feeling jealousy at all.
They walk down the aisle, Sebastian fit like a daydream in his tux, Maeve’s sister gliding in her forest green gown. Sebastian catches your eye as he walks past, winks just for you, and you feel so stupid, so selfish, so sick, for just a moment.
You reach for the white chair in front of you, resting a little bit of your weight on its back, and you let the feeling pass.
By the time Sebastian finds you at the afterparty, you’re well on your way to drunk.
He’d found you first after the service, kissed you quickly as Anthony and Maeve were pulled into hugs and kisses and congratulations, and then disappeared for official pictures with the bridal party, whisked away with a quick kiss to your temple, a quiet “don’t have too much fun without me, love,” before he was gone. You’d ended up making your way over to the reception with Chris instead, just a short walk up the road from the tiny, red church to the big white farmhouse. He slung an arm around your shoulders after Sebastian rushed off, jokingly asked what a girl like you would be doing alone in a dress like this, and led you toward the party.
And Chris is fun, really, one of the best people to have by your side at any kind of party—he’s a magnet, impossible not to like, boisterous and bright, shoving cocktails into your hand every time he notices you’re carrying an empty glass. He’s got you four deep and spinning around to Dancing Queen by the time Seb reappears, shouting both your names over the music to announce his arrival.
“Hey,” he’s smiling, his crow’s feet sending a little lightning bolt through your heart, “that’s my date, Evans.”
“You abandoned her,” Chris tosses his arm around your shoulder again, pulling you into his side. You let yourself flop against him, drunk, and just the tiniest bit bitter that Seb was gone for so long. “Not my fault, man.”
Seb shakes his head, reaches his hand out for you and you take it, of course, because you can’t imagine any world in which you wouldn’t. His hand is warm and safe and familiar and you let him tug you gently into his arms, into the triangle of his chest that’s exposed by his button down, open at its top four buttons. You press your cheek to his skin, and his free hand comes to rest on the small of your back.
“I’m so sorry,” he says, soft lips pressed to the crown of your head, and you forgive him immediately, without any hesitation. “We took so many pictures, everyone wanted to make sure they got the perfect one. And then Anthony got me a drink and I was chatting with him and time got away from me, I’m sorry.”
“S’okay,” you swear, looking up to meet his eyes. He really does look sorry, and worried, and it breaks your heart just the tiniest bit. “I understand. It’s his wedding. I had fun with Chris, anyway.”
“Sure looks like it,” he says, smile tugging at the corners of his lips. You love this smile, the one that’s mostly just for you, sharp at the corners and gentle in his eyes. You like the way it still gives you butterflies, even after four years of seeing it this close. He touches your cheek softly, thumb pressing against your lips. “You had a few drinks?”
“Just a few,” you say, but your giggle betrays you, and Seb laughs too. You can feel it reverberate through his chest.
“What’s your definition of a few?”
“I lost count,” you admit, glancing behind you to ask Chris. But he’s been pulled away, is dancing with one of Maeve’s cousins, and you turn back to Seb, who hasn’t taken his eyes off you. “You’d have to ask Evans.”
“You feel okay, right?” Sebastian asks, tilting your chin up to meet his eyes.
You nod, though it makes the room spin a little bit. “Totally, just drunk as hell. Which,” you tighten your arms, wrapped around his tiny waist, and let one hand wander down to the curve of his ass. “I think you should catch up to.”
“I can do that,” Seb nods, his eyelids fluttering as you slide your hands back around and then up his chest. You can feel his muscles react under your fingertips, and it sets those butterflies off again, this time with more urgency. You rest your arms around his neck, which encourages him to lean down just enough to kiss you.
“What do you want to drink?” You ask against his lips, thumb running over the back of his neck. He shivers against you, and you know you’ve won.
“This dress looks so fucking good on you,” Sebastian presses you up against the door of your hotel room, just enough to push the door shut and make the latch click closed, loud in the dark, silent room. He reaches around your body as he presses his lips to yours and you feel him turning the lock into place, hear the sound of sliding metal as he gently tugs at your bottom lip with his teeth, hand coming back to rest on your waist once he’s done. He pulls back, blue eyes blown out in the dark. “It would be such a waste to take it off.”
You shiver a little as his lips come to your neck—even after all this time, you can’t help what he does to you. It’s been hours since he caught up with you at the reception; hours of dancing around each other, his hands on your waist, yours trailing down his chest to toy with the buttons on his shirt. He’s as drunk as you now, and his kisses taste like red wine and wedding cake, and God, you can’t get enough of him, can’t stop thinking about how he looked up at the altar in his tux, how he looks now, dishevelled and drunk and turned on, and how it’s all for you. It’s enough to rile you up for him—you can feel it between your thighs. “If you rip it,” you muster up all your resolve before you inevitably turn into a whining mess underneath him, “you’re paying for a new one.”
He laughs into your neck, presses his nose against your skin lovingly, and pulls your back off the door so you’re fully enveloped in his arms. “I probably will,” he admits, and before you can work out what to say next he’s hoisting you up, hands under your ass, your legs wrapping tightly around his waist to keep you secure. He’s so fucking strong it still blows you away, the way he can pick you up like this with no issue, the way he can walk you to the bed like he’s doing now, holding you up and kissing you stupid and set you down gently on the mattress like it’s nothing. You cling to his neck as he tries to pull away and he laughs again, leans back in for another kiss, all tongue and red wine and just the right amount of teeth. You’ve never known a better kisser in your life. You’ve never known a better man.
“Gotta let go of me, angel,” he says, lips moving against yours as he speaks. “I can’t get undressed when you’re hanging on like this.”
You hum against his lips, happy, just for a moment, to rest comfortably on this plush bed with your boyfriend on top of you. The weight of his body on yours has always felt like home to you—comfortable and safe and warm all the way down to your core, and some mornings it’s impossible to let him get up to go to the gym, for you to rip yourself away from him to get up for work. You make up for it whenever you can.
“Alright, okay,” Sebastian presses his lips to your temple, gentle and sweet, and shifts his weight just enough to get his hand between your bodies. You feel him pop open the button on his suit pants, hear the pull of the zipper.
“No, no,” you scramble, pushing at his chest so he lifts his head to look at you. Your red lipstick is smeared all over his mouth and neck, and you reach up to gently brush your thumb over the corner of his lips, smudging some of it away. “Not like this. Wanna see you.”
Sebastian laughs, shaking his head gently, eyes fluttering closed in loving exasperation. You get lost looking at his lashes sometimes, the way they brush the tips of his cheeks, the way they curl up at the ends, the way they tickle your skin when he presses his face to your cheek or your stomach or the insides of your thighs. You reach up to cup his cheek, pressing your thumb gently into the dimple on his cheek.
“You’re impossible,” he whispers, leaning down again to press his lips to yours. It’s a little slower this time, sweeter, and, this time, when he pulls away you let him go.
He sits back on his haunches, straddling your thighs, and lets you watch as he makes quick work of the buttons on his shirt, leaving it hanging open when you reach up to touch his abs, to brush the tips of your fingers over the hills and valleys of his muscles, down to his hipbones. It never fails to make him shiver when you touch him there. With his shirt wide open and his pants undone he looks sinful, almost more intimate than if he was fully naked. You could lay here and watch him breathe like this forever, you’re sure of it.
“Enjoying yourself, honey?” Sebastian smiles, tilts his head to one side, and you feel yourself flush even more, your cheeks heating up and your stomach flipping over itself. He chuckles, and bends at the waist for another kiss. “So beautiful,” he tells you when he pulls away. “I love you.”
“Love you more,” you tell him, and he shakes his head, goes in for one more kiss to prove you wrong. He presses himself up into a plank and works his pants off one-handed as he kisses you, a frankly infuriating display of strength that would make you roll your eyes if it didn’t turn you on so much. You can feel him smiling against your lips, satisfied with his little show.
Sebastian tosses his pants behind him, into the darkness of the hotel room, and lets you reach up to help him shrug his shirt off, too. You make a mental note of the direction he tosses it in, so you can pick it up and put it on later, before he gets to it himself. Underneath him, you squirm a little, getting overheated now in your silk dress with Sebastian on top of you in nothing but his briefs.
“Like I said,” Sebastian smirks, noticing your discomfort, and trails his fingers from your ankle up the inside of your calf. Just above your knee he pauses, feather light, before ghosting his way up your thigh. “It would be such a waste to take this pretty dress off you tonight.”
“What’s your plan, then?” You try to maintain some dignity, but your voice is shaking, your chest heaving, and you know your cheeks are flushing up with anticipation. He’s always been good at this, the build up. And he always follows through, too.
“I think you can guess,” one side of his mouth lifts in a smirk, and he finally finishes the trail of his fingers, resting between your legs. You know you’re soaking wet, and you can tell by the look on his face that he’s happy about it. He presses two fingers against you, insistent, and you arch your back, baring your neck for him in pleasure. His lips attach to your neck the way you knew he would, teeth sharp and quick against your skin, his tongue, warm and wet, immediately following.
“So gorgeous for me,” he tells you, another nip to your neck, his fingers toying at the hem of your underwear. “Love you like this.”
And you love him like this, too: his voice low and gentle and just for you, his body heavy and warm and sensitive in the places only you know about, his cheeks flushed and his freckles bright and his body hair soft. All of him, just for you. Yours to love, like this, right now.
You don’t have the words to tell him like that—not in moments like this, when just his body on yours is enough to stun you speechless, enough to have you writhing and whining and begging for touch. You think one day, maybe, if he wants it too, you’ll have your own day like the one Anthony and Maeve had today: a white dress, a first dance, Sebastian choking up while reading out his vows. One day, you think, you hope.
But for now, this.
This: Sebastian, who’s worked your underwear off without you even noticing and tossed them in the general direction of his suit pants. This: your legs hoisted over his strong, sturdy shoulders, his toned muscles flexing and moving underneath you. This: his lips, pressing messy kisses to your inner thighs, trailing up, up, up, up, until he’s pressing those same messy kisses to the space between your thighs, his fingers working alongside his mouth, your dress pushed up around your stomach to give him the access he needs.
This: the way Sebastian looks up at you—his head between your thighs, his blue eyes flashing in the dark hotel room—and smirks against your clit.
You throw your head back onto the pillow, gasping out louder than you intended to, and Sebastian grasps at your ass, his fingers bruising, and doesn’t let up. He’s never cared how messy it gets, how much you soak his face, the sheets underneath you. He just keeps going and going, tongue, lips, fingers, nonstop until you’re coming, then coming again, then seeing God, then crying, your face wet with how good you feel and Sebastian’s lips and tongue slowing to a gentle stop, a sweet, loving kiss to your clit, a stark contrast to the way it all started.
He looks up at you again from between your thighs, lifting your head so you can see him properly, and it’s like you’re seeing God all over again: his cheeks flushed a gorgeous pink, his hair tousled from your fingers, his lips and chin shiny with the mess you both made. He looks just as fucked out as you feel.
Gently, Sebastian lowers your legs off his shoulders, hushing you comfortingly when you hiss from the stretch. He presses a kiss to each knee before pushing himself up your body to be face to face with you again, and you reach up to cup his cheek, to press your thumb against the space between his lips.
“Feel good?” He asks softly, pursing his lips for a gentle kiss to the pad of your thumb.
You nod, thumb moving down to touch at the cleft of his chin, his stubble rough against your skin. He’s hard between your legs, gently rocking his hips forward and back to get a little friction. You can feel him each time he brushes against you through his briefs. “Your turn,” you reach down to grasp at him through the thin layer of cotton, watching as his eyes flutter closed and he lets out a soft, sweet sigh, just for you. You want to hold your breath sometimes, when it’s like this, so you don’t make too much noise, so you don’t miss a single thing.
“Yeah,” he sighs softly, his hips still rocking, and when you reach around to pull his briefs off he lets up just long enough to help you get them off him, to kick them onto the floor and gasp when you wrap your hand around him again. You can hardly see with how dark the room is, but you know the sight of him hard and desperate like you know the home you share together: without even having to think about it you know where and when to apply pressure, when to swipe your thumb over his head, when to pause, to give him a moment to collect himself. You know when to go slack, too, to let him fuck himself into your hand like a desperate teenager, and you know when to take control, to use your free hand to pin his hands back so he can’t touch, can’t get the friction he so badly needs.
He’s a whimpering mess in no time, practically incoherent, but when you pull your hand free and move to tie your hair back he shakes his head, his giant hand closing around your wrist to stop you. “No,” he tells you, breathless and beautiful, “I won’t last. Wanna fuck you. S’that okay?”
You laugh, as if it wouldn’t be okay, and Sebastian does too, a little break in the hot, heavy tension in the room. He leans down for a giggly kiss as you wrap your legs around his waist again, one hand reaching down for his ass to guide him forward, up, and in.
You let out matching sighs once he’s inside you, shuddering breaths because you can never quite get used to how good this feels, how safe and overwhelming and loving and explosive it feels to be with Sebastian like this. He presses a wet, sloppy kiss to your temple and gently bucks his hips, forcing another whimper out of you, a low groan out of him.
“I love you,” he tells you, lifting his head to meet your eyes. He’s so serious, his forearms bracketing you in on either side of your face, that it makes you want to cry. “I can’t stop thinking about how much I love you.”
“I love you too,” you whine as he builds up a rhythm, his thrusts driving you up the bed, your entire body wrecked underneath him.
“I kept thinking,” he says, his words punctuated by each thrust of his hips, “kept thinking about weddings. About us. One day.”
“Me too,” you’re amazed you can string even those two words together, what with the way your body and mind are short circuiting right now. He feels so fucking good, you almost think you’re hallucinating.
“I wanna marry you,” Sebastian says. He pauses for a moment, buried inside you. “I know we don’t need to get married to know we’re in this forever but—”
“Sebastian. Are you proposing to me while you’re balls deep?” You ask, because now you really do think you might be hallucinating.
“I—” Sebastian laughs, swallows thickly. “No, not really. I’m just—I’m just telling you. When I do propose, I’ll do it properly.”
“Right,” you nod, and when Sebastian thrusts gently again you moan involuntarily. “Not fair,” you say, arching your back anyway to give him a better angle. “I was digesting your proposal. You didn’t even give me a chance to—oh!”
Seb laughs, and does it again.
“I love you,” he says, picking up the pace until you’re incoherent again underneath him. “I love you so fucking much and I love making you feel good and I can’t fucking wait to ask you to marry me.” He grips your thigh, hoists one of your legs up higher, and changes the angle to make you scream. “That’s my good girl,” he smiles, buries his face into your neck, and, for the third time in less than an hour, he makes you pretty sure you’re seeing God.
You come like it’s the end of the fucking world, like the only thing left is Sebastian and how good he makes you feel. You’re holding onto him for dear life, his back muscles flexing under your fingers as he fucks you through it, fucks you until he’s coming too, shouting as he does. He collapses on top of you heavy and sweaty and wholly, utterly perfect. He collapses on top of you completely yours.
You lay there together for a few minutes, catching your breaths, until Seb rolls over and takes you with him so that you’re lying on top of him, taking you both a few inches from the mess you’ve made on the bed. You scrunch up your nose a bit at the sight of it and Seb laughs, tucking some of your hair behind your ear as he does.
“I’ll clean up and change the sheets,” he says, even though you know he will, because he always does. “How about I run you a bath? I’ll join you after.”
You hum contentedly, reaching up to run your hands through his sweaty hair. “You didn’t rip the dress,” you say. “I’d have felt it if you did.”
A smug look works its way across Sebastian’s face then, and he reaches down again to run his hands along your curves, down your body, until one hand works its way between your thighs again. “Good,” he smirks, leaning in for a kiss. “It means I won’t rip your wedding dress, either.”
thank you for reading!! this was my first seb fic, I hope I did alright!! you can also find it on ao3 here and eventually it'll be up on my wattpad account too.
please feel free to hmu with questions, comments, whatever!! love u
also, it goes without saying but please make sure this never gets anywhere near sebastian ever. thanks.
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starshipsofstarlord · 6 months ago
2k followers blurb: hi, first of all congratulations on 2k, you deserve it!!! For the blurb i would like to request some dad!Seb reacting to his son's first word being dada, or something like that, if it is not possible, then I understand 😊
thankyou sm hun, and ofc id never pass up a request for Seb. Here ya go hun, thankyou for all the support for my work xxx
Pairing | dad!Sebastian Stan x mum!reader
Summary | based on the request
Warnings | fluff, swearing, nappy changing, brief mention of sex at the end
2K blurb masterlist
Quick link to my masterlist, if you’re interested in reading more of my crap 😬
Tumblr media
His oceanic pools stared, his chin resting on his hand, as he seated himself on the floor, as y/s/n was on his play mat, playing with the colourful rings that were strewn across the floor.
He put one in his mouth, looking up at his father innocently, as he suddenly threw the toy in his father’s face.
But Sebastian did not yield, instead he remained on the child’s level, patiently... waiting.
“He’s not going to say anything if you’re giving him an intense gaze all day long. Y/s/n needs space and patience if you want him to say anything.” You cocked your hand upon your hip as you rushed in from the kitchen, a hand towel laid over your shoulder.
“I can’t miss it.” Seb spoke, reaching down to grasp the red ring, handing it back to his son, who fiddled with the plastic item. “I have to be alert, otherwise when I’m walking around the house, it could slip out. Both of us could miss it!”
“Then we wouldn’t even know he had his first word. So technically in our eyes and ears, it wouldn’t be.”
Crouching down beside him, you ruffled his brunette locks, pressing a kiss upon his temple, before reaching for the child that you made together, watching as he crawled towards you, soon after picking him up in your arms.
“Where are you taking my little man?” Seb pouted, lines forming upon his forehead, as he trailed after you and your precious cargo. “Gimme.” He held out his hands, watching adorably at you as he stared helpfully at you.
“Gimme?” You laughed, humoured by his child like vocabulary. Though, you gently put him in your husband’s arms, fixing him in a firm look. “Stop pressuring our son.” You pointedly ordered, your eyes crinkling at the vivid image of your two boys.
Seb rubbed his nose against y/s/n’s, cooing lightly at the wideness of the infant’s eyes. “I’m not pressuring you, am I? Mummy’s just being critical... of everything.”
“Are you wanting to end up on the couch tonight?” Sebastian gaped at you, rubbing his son’s head as he poked his tongue out of his mouth as he tried to decide on a response.
You continued on with your task concerning your hydration, grabbing a glass from one of the cupboards, and filling it half with water, bringing the edge to your lips.
“Mmh.” Your husband grunted, returning his attention back to your son, bouncing him softly in his encircling arms, as he reached out to graze his minuscule fingers against Seb’s scruff.
“That’s what I thought.” You laughed, throwing the kitchen towel down onto the side, as you pulled out a juice bottle for your little one, fixing up a simple concoction for him to drink.
Y/s/n began to squirm. Small sobs emitted from his infant mouth as Seb wrinkled his nose, patting him softly on the bum as he walked back towards his bedroom, laying him down on the changing mat.
“Daddy is just gonna put a new diaper on you, and take the dirty one off, ‘Kay?” He spoke lightly, well aware that the child most likely had difficulty understanding him, but he recognised the voice of his father.
Sebastian pulled out a clean nappy, putting it beside his son, as he unbuttoned his clothing, so that he had access to the soiled, disposable catcher of waste.
“Dadda loves you very much y/s/n. And I’m only doing this for your own health and hygiene.” He cooed, as he pulled off the diaper, as his son kicked his legs about, clearly not enjoying the situation. He never did.
As soon as he removed the nappy, and put it in a scent covering plastic bag, Seb quickly put the fresh one on, after wiping y/s/n down. When he finished, he picked his child up once more, returning to the kitchen, where you were washing some dirty dishes.
Though, whence you heard them enter the room, you removed your hands out from the soapy water, drying them, as you shook the bottle, earning y/s/n’s attention.
“Look what mummy has baby boy.” Seb spoke, watching as his son’s gaze flickered slowly between him and the bottle. “Come on, go to mumma.” He encouraged, about to pass him over to you.
But y/s/n gripped onto his shirt, and squealed a noise that was far from just random syllables strung together. “Daa-daa.” Seb froze, his azure eyes widening.
You too tensed up, your mouth dropping open, as you moved closer to the pair, peppering kisses over y/s/n’s face. He giggled, as Seb rubbed his back, joining you in on your praise of him.
“Clever boy.’ You gently spoke, your voice raising into a baby positive tone, as you allowed him to wrap his small hand around your index finger. “Is that your dada? Is it?”
“Do I actually have to sleep on the couch?” He asked, as blew a small raspberry onto y/s/n’s neck. If he wasn’t holding something so precious to you, you would’ve hit him for ruining the moment.
“No.” You sighed, grasping the juice bottle, which he now eagerly reached for. “How’d you do it? Get him to speak, was it the intense stare that i told you would give him nightmares?’
Seb lowered his head, taking the bottle from you as he popped the lid off one handedly, and held it towards his son, whom eagerly began to grab the sides and drink the contents.
“No. I was patient.” Saying so was like admitting defeat, he lowered his head, knowing without looking that there was definitely a boastful smirk aboard your face.
“What’d i tell you bubs?” You asked, stalking closer so that your mouth was beside his ear. “Maybe tonight calls for a celebration; you know, you and me, and a whole lot of sweet loving.”
“Y/n!” He lightly covered y/s/n’s ears looked at you shocked for your bluntness. “There is a child within hearing distance. You can’t say stuff like that!”
“Fine, we don’t have to celebrate.” You took the bottle from y/s/n who had finished guzzling, placing it and the leftovers on the side, as he began to tiredly snuggle his face into Seb’s chest.
“Now I didn’t say that...”
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slutforstucky · 4 months ago
long time, no see
Tumblr media
a/n: this is kinda rushed and bad so sorry!!
summary|| you haven’t seen sebastian in months and he’s finally home..
pairing|| sebastian stan x reader
warnings|| NOT PROOFREAD , smut 18+, breeding kink, orgasm denial, praise kink, language, slight choking, oral (f receiving) pussy smacking and ass smacking. that’s abt it i think MINORS DNI
‎ ✪
being with sebastian is hard on the both of you. balancing his acting career and you medical profession. he’s been in athens, greece for a few months now.
keys jingle and a door opens which causes you too perk up. loud foot steps are heard throughout the condo and you know it’s seb.
“angel?” he yells and you don’t respond, “y/n?” sebastian walks into the kitchen where you’re sitting on the kitchen counter and smiles.
“hi baby.” you mumble and fall into his chest;hugging him. he strong arms wrap around your horse and he pulls you deep into his embrace.
“why didn’t you respond when i called your name hun?” he ask and you shrug slightly. he rolls his eyes and laughs, “i missed you.”
“i missed you too seb.” you say and kiss him. his hands slip down onto your butt. “ah ah, i want too spend time with you.” you advised and he lets out a groan like a lost child.
“but we can spend time with each other when i’m buried in you babe.” sebastian theorized and you give him a stern look which he straightens up at,” i’m just kidding.. kinda. but i want to spend time with you too.”
a smile spreads across your face and he laughs, “you’re so cute. i missed your face, and your laugh, and your cuddles.. can we cuddle?” he ask the last question with a bit of ease thinking you’d say no. you nod and he picks you up.
when you get too you guys room he lays you onto the bed and quickly positions himself behind you. after about 30 minutes of talking about the past few months spent apart you feel sebastians hand rubbing up and down your leg almost getting too your most sensitive spot.
your breath hitches in your throat and seb chuckles lowly. “you want me, love?” he beckons and you nod. his hand slips into your pants and glides over your your cunt. “my slut is so wet for me.”
you hold back the moan in your throat, but as soon as he slides a finger it it’s let out. “i’ve missed this baby.” his mumbles before bringing you in for a kiss. the room begins too get hot with anticipation.
“seb..” you moan and he hums softly, pulling your leggings down. “i’m gonna cum.” you whisper out and he laughs. “already, god this cunt was waiting for me.” he exclaims and you nod slowly.
“don’t cum.” his fingers thrust into you faster and you almost break. you squeeze around him and once he feels it, he stops. “what’d i say?” he begins and pulls your leggings down; finally seeing how wet you are.
“i’m sorry” you choke out but he doesn’t buy it, landing a hard smack onto your pussy making you yelp. “don’t. cum.” he growls and you nod, “words.”
“yes sir.” you mumble and he smiles a satisfied grin. he moves down between your legs too your glistening cunt and slides his tongue in you. you gasp out for air and as he eats you out; your moans get louder.
“can i cum?” you ask and he hums a no. the vibrations making it harder for you not too. “please, can i cum?” you ask again and he slaps your thigh; humming another no.
he focuses on your clit mainly until you’re shaking under him. “cum” he hums and you do. a wave a pleasure washes over you and you cum all in his mouth. “my girl taste so good.” he praises and you smile down at him. you sit up slightly, hinting at seb that it’s your term to give him pleasure, “no. i need you now.”
he flips you onto your back and pins your back down. you can hear his belt rattling at him taking it off and his jeans being pulled down. when he slides himself in, you gasp loudly and moan. “ ‘o tight. after not being fucked by me for months.” he says and thrust into you at a great speed.
“daddy-“ you say and realize that you’ve never said it before. seb also notices very quickly and that turns him on even more, “say it again slut.” he mutters lowly.
“daddy, can i cum?” you exclaim and he begins thrusting into you even fast, filling you in a way no one has before. “no.” he growls and pulls you up so your back is on his chest. his hand snake around your body, one rubbing your clit, the other grabbing your neck.
the room is filled with moans and skin slapping. “can i cum? please can i come?” you question and seb whispers a “yes” in your ear. you cum again and this time even harder than the first time. “shit-“ sebastian begins as his thrust slow down slightly.
“your pretty pussy is squeezin’ me so well. gonna make me cum.” he grunts out as he continues to pound into you. you feel his dick twitch a bit in side of you as he releases and begins to fuck the cum in you. “don’t let a single drop of it come out.”
he pulls out of you and looks at your now destroyed cunt in awe. “ ‘y girl all filled with my cum, havin all my kids” he whispers and you giggle slightly; falling onto your back. “ah ah, get the hell up. that’s only round one.” he says with a firm smack too your ass.
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teebarnes · 4 months ago
🌿 | That's My Wife For Ya'
Tumblr media
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x wife!reader
Summary: Sebastian is doing an interview for TFATWS when Anthony spots you in the background, Mackie makes snarky comment so you put him in his place.
Word Count: 750 words (Idk why I add this... but it's there if anyone wanted to know)
Warning(s): None just y/n putting Mackie in his place lol. Oh my! I almost forgot, reader is preggo :)) (Sorry not sorry).
A/N: A little fic, honestly I have so many completed fics that I am just trying to get them out lol. So why not a fic where the reader is his wife? a girl can dream 😭 especially me. Please don't repost or copy my work, sorry!
Any feedback, likes and reblogs are apppreeeciateedd 🥰
You're cuddling Alpine, the white furball who both you and Sebastian had named after his very famous character in the marvel universe. You cradled her in your left arm as the other caresses the small bump that had been growing for the last three months. Alpine sleeps softly in your hold as you walk down the hall from your room sporting a floral flow dress.
Humming to yourself, you didn't realise you had walked into the frame of Sebastian's Q&A for his new series 'The Falcon And The Winter Soldier.' Regardless, Seb blocked most of the background with his body. However, it still wasn't enough to stop the crew from seeing what you were doing, inadvertently making lunch for you and him. Sebastian is talking to the interviewer to answer questions when Mackie lets out his usual loud laugh before texting you.
Anthony: "Look forward y/n."
Your phone goes off, you lick the sauce from your thumb, all the while shoving a piece of cold chicken into your mouth before checking to see the notification. Your face froze as you look forward seeing your husband engaging on call. It had ultimately become one of those tik Tok scenarios you'd been watching with Sebastian late at night.
The music playing in your head, "oh no… ohhh no- oh no oh no oh no!". You kinda chuckled before slowly backing out from the frame in a humorous way like one of those clichè films where you'd just seen something you weren't supposed to see. You can't help but laugh as you whip your hand to cover your mouth. The interviewer notices the interaction and laughs as well. Sebastian pinches the bridge of his nose, laughing all the while shaking his head seeing the delayed footage of your little sequence. He turns his head to spot you peaking through the door frame with an absolute smile on your face. This is why he was always doing interviews in his office because you'd attempt to do something silly on screen.
While Sebastian looks at you, giving a small smile before gesturing you to come over, Mackie continues to laugh. It wasn't the first time you had accidentally interrupted one of Sebastian's interviews. The last time you were casting funny faces as Sebastian talked, he gave up and burst out laughing in front of the live audience. You put Alpine softly down to rest on the couch as you took a seat on his lap, his arms wrapped around your lower abdomen after he had put an AirPod in your ear to listen in.
Mackie smiles. "Ah! Y/n, you just bathe in the spotlight," he laughs, causing you to give a funny yet seething glare. The interviewer welcomed you in. "This is unexpected, but we are so glad you could join us. Please welcome y/n Stan," the interviewer introduced, and Mackie did a little audience cheer. "Sorry for the interruption", you giggled. Sebastian smiled as he held his arms around you, softly caressing the lower of your small growing bump. Of course, the camera couldn't see below the waist, but it didn't stop your husband from being a bit protective of you. "I was just asking your husband about his character and his preparation for the series. Do you have any thoughts on it?" You give a smile laughing from your nose, knowing far well that you got pregnant in preparation for the series. "Well, it was intense. I mean, he is seeeexy" You chuckled, which causes Sebastian to shake his head laughing. "I mean, I hope you'll get to see the muscles on my man. I know I enjoy seeing it," you wink joking about.
Mackie chimes in, "Hard and fast, huh y/n?" He cracks up on the other end of the call. You roll your eyes before sending a snarking remark back to him, "well, his preparation lasts longer than you, I'm guessing."
Your comment causing your husband to give a slight gasp in utter surprise before full out laughing as the interviewer joined in. You turn to give your husband a kiss before returning his headphone. You quickly leave back to the kitchen, drawing the doors, so they don't see you in the background. The laughter continues as Seb puts the earbud back into his ear. "That's my wife for you", he laughs as Mackie tried to think of a comeback, very much failing at that.
"She really put you in your place, Mackie", Sebastian laughed.
"Yeah... yeah, I know", he scoffed in defeat.
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duuhrayliegh · 5 months ago
thanks, vogue <3
pairing: sebastian stan x reader
summary: singer/songwriter!reader does a vogue beauty secrets youtube video with a surprise special guest
warnings: language, super fluff, cute seb (that’s a warning of it’s own), i think that’s it
word count: 1860
a/n: this was really just an idea that i had, i’m glad it came out short like this. i planned for it to be a continuation of 3.10, but it can totally be read on it’s own.
p.s.: my requests and tag lists are open!
m.list here!!
xoxo ray
Tumblr media
You were currently double checking everything. Making sure the camera was set up the right way, that the light wasn’t sending a glare on your face, nothing crazy was going on in the background, just going through the checklist of things. Vogue had contacted you after your recent album, wanting you to do a get ready with me video for their Youtube channel. You were thrilled. You had always wanted to do one of these.
You decided to make the video as authentic as possible, so you were now sitting on the floor of your living room. The camera monitor was set up beside your trusty mirror so you could see what the camera saw. The open concept of your apartment was light and airy. Big windows lined the wall in front of you, allowing plenty of natural light to illuminate your kitchen. The contrast between the dark flooring with warm, open face cabinetry and shelving made the whole place feel bigger.
“Okay, let’s do this.” You leaned forward pressing the record button on the camera and just going for it. You waved your hands in front of your face as you spoke your opening line. “Hey, y’all! It’s Y/N Y/L/N here and this is my Vogue Beauty Secrets video.” You sat back, crossing your legs, glancing at the paper that your manager had sent over. “Okay, so I’m showing y’all my everyday makeup routine, if I’m not planning on going to, like, a shoot or being interviewed.” Your voice lilted and dipped with remnants of an accent that wasn’t quite distinguishable.
“So basically, if you see me on the street, this is probably what I’m going to look like.” You grabbed your moisturizer as you continued speaking. “Well, either this, or, like, just so tired.” Your media training was slipping away while you were in the comfort of your own home. “Anyway! I’ve already washed my face with the Cetaphil daily facial cleanser. Honestly, I’ve got super sensitive skin, so that’s what works best for me and I usually get it from, like, Target or Walgreens. Although I will say that I hardly ever run out of it because I have so many just scattered throughout different suitcases and bags.”
You held up your moisturizer, “So I use the Tatcha Water Cream moisturizer, like I said, I’ve got super sensitive skin, however, it’s also super dry.” You unscrewed the lid, scooping some out on your finger. “You’d never be able to tell because I’ve got really great makeup artists that help hide things like that.” You smeared the product onto your skin, closing your eyes and enjoying the feeling.
“Okay, so now we do sunscreen.” You plucked the tube from your pile of makeup in front of you. “Sunscreen is so important guys, I cannot stress this enough.” You applied your sunscreen the same way you did your moisturizer. You sat back for a second, thinking of your routine. “I’m not even going to joke, this whole process usually takes me like fifteen minutes. I’ve been doing this exact same routine since high school.” You quirked a brow, shrugging your shoulders as you held up your next item.
“I use the Milk Hydro Grip primer.” You pumped twice on the bottle, applying the primer to your face. “I know that this is usually for like full coverage makeup, but I find that with the humidity and all the weather changes that we go through here, it just makes my makeup stick better.” You heard rustling coming from your bedroom, head snapping to the source. When nothing happened, you shrugged it off, deciding to try and finish this video.
“So, most of my makeup comes from, like, either Target or Ulta. I hardly ever buy high-end or luxury makeup products because I know I’m not going to savor them.” You smiled as you explained your foundation and concealer picks. You were currently applying setting powder to your face when you glanced at your manager’s paper again.
“I’ve got some questions that I’m supposed to answer, so here goes nothing.” You swiped away the excess powder on your face, picking up your contour powder. “I do use powder for my contour, don’t come for me. It’s only if I’m doing my makeup on my own and I’m not planning on doing anything big that day.” You were layering the contour just above the hollows on your cheekbones while you answered one of the questions on your sheet.
“How did you get into music?” You stopped for a second, sitting back fully and dropping your hands to your lap as you thought. “Well, if I’m being honest,” you winked at the camera, “I had a lot of pent up energy that wasn’t being properly used in the profession that I was in, so I just started writing and it turned out they made for a good melody.” You continued your process, spraying your face with some setting spray to melt the makeup together. You introduced the blush you use, applying it to your nose and above your cheekbones.
“What inspires your music writing?” You bit your lip as you dabbed your blush brush on your face. You stopped, scrunching your nose before answering, a habit you’ve only picked up recently. “I only write what I know. So, most of my inspiration is personal experience. Obviously, sometimes it’s based on something like 3.10 is based on Bucky Barnes from the MCU.” You finished applying your blush as you spoke. “But, my least favorite thing that songwriters and singers do, is write out of their own experience. I totally get drawing inspiration, but there’s a difference when it comes to drawing inspiration and making something up completely. I feel that it makes the songwriting and the song itself feel disconnected.”
You checked your reflection in the mirror, making a face at your lack of eyebrows. “Oh my good lord, my brows.” After swiping a spoolie through your brow, you filled in the gaps with an eyebrow pencil. Nodding, you grabbed an eyeshadow palette, dipping into a light brown color with a fluffy eye brush. “Right, so for eyeshadow, like everyday eyeshadow especially, I try to just deepen my crease and then I put the blush that I used that day all over my lid.” You proceeded to do what you said, bobbing your head along with the song stuck in your head.
“Awesome.” You said cheerfully while grabbing your mascara. “The only time I’m ambidextrous is when I’m doing mascara. True story.” You winked at the camera again, hearing the rustling from your room again. You stopped quickly, turning your head to your bedroom door.
Sebastian struts out in his plaid pajama pants and crumpled white t-shirt. You rolled your lips in, preventing a laugh leaving your lips as he traveled to the kitchen. You couldn’t tell if he just hadn’t noticed you and the camera yet, or if he just didn’t care about it. You watched in awe as he poured two cups of coffee before locking eyes with him.
“Good morning, Y/N.” He smirked at your reaction, nodding to the camera. “Hello, Vogue.” He added creamer to the coffee cups before walking over to you from the kitchen. You had turned around to finish your mascara so you didn’t see him coming toward you. He sat down on the couch behind you, placing your coffee cup next to you on the ground. He pecked you on the cheek before settling into the couch cushions, watching as you finished the video.
“Alright, so we’re almost done here. I’ve just got to do highlight and then a lip gloss.” Sebastian sipped on his coffee as you held up two different highlights for him to pick from.
“Do the one on the left, it’s more natural looking.” You smiled at him, pulling the highlighter closer to you.
“I’m glad you picked that one, I was probably going to do it anyway.” Sebastian’s laugh sounded from the sofa behind you. “Oh, help me pick a lip gloss though.” He gave you a look before choosing and you widened your eyes at him. “I promise I’ll use the one you pick!” Sebastian’s tongue darted out from between his lips as he decided.
“Do this one, with the mauve lip pencil liner.” He held up a nude pink gloss and a mauve liner, proudly. You smiled at him, before leaning toward the mirror to apply the pigments. You popped your lips after replacing the applicator to the tube. You looked back at Sebastian, both hands under your chin, expectantly waiting for his approval.
“Well? What do ya think?” You smiled wide at him. He slid from his spot on the sofa to sit next to you. He leaned towards you, pecking you once on the lips, then licking his own pair.
“I like that one because it tastes like cookies.” He winked at the camera again, making you blush under your makeup. “You look beautiful, draga mea.”
“Thank you, lovey.” Your face has been stuck in a permanent smile ever since Sebastian left your room, but you had to finish this video before you could do anything else. “Well, that’s it for my everyday makeup! I hope you guys enjoyed it. As usual, my DMs are always open, although I don’t think I’ll be much help for makeup tips. Thanks for watching!’ You looked at Seb, who was sitting on the floor next to you. He wasn’t facing the camera though, his gaze was trained on your face, not wavering.
“What? Did I already mess it up?” You grabbed a compact mirror, checking for any imperfections. You stopped when Sebastian laughed lightly, shaking his head.
“No, you just look really beautiful, Y/N.” You bit your bottom lip before pressing a kiss to Sebastian’s. The kiss was sweet with his hands on your neck, his proudly displaying the hickies you gifted him last night. After breaking the kiss, you turned off the camera, sending a text to your manager.
“You know that this is going to confirm our relationship, right?” You turned to Sebastian, who was heading back to the kitchen with his now empty mug. “You okay with that?” You pushed yourself off the ground, grabbing your own cup, sipping on the lukewarm beverage. You stood next to him, placing your mug on the dark countertop, a soft clink sounding through the now silent apartment.
“I think it’s about time.” He caged you in with his body, both arms resting on either side of you. Sebastian leaned forward, pecking you on the nose. “I’m ready to show you off, baby.”
The video came out about a week or two later. It was accompanied by a post on yours and Sebastian’s Instagram’s. The picture was of when you had both attended a baseball game. Caps pulled low over your faces, the back of the jersey’s reading ‘Mr. Stan’ and ‘Mrs. Stan.’ The second picture was of your reflection in a car. Sebastian leaned over your shoulder, happily kissing your cheek as you beamed.
The caption on both your posts was, “thanks, vogue <3”
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champagne-bucky · 6 months ago
Petals in the Bathtub
Summary: You’ve got 20 minutes before Sebastian has to leave for work.
Warnings: Sebastian x reader, fingering, dirty talk 
Notes: I wrote this in twenty minutes. Monday comes out and I heard Sebastians gonna get naked 👀 ummm... this is just straight up porn with little to no plot... enjoy :)
Tumblr media
“Hey, honey can I come in there for a quick sec?” your boyfriend asked from the other side of the bathroom door.
“Sure,” you replied just as you finished shaving your legs.
Today was probably one of your most favorite days of the week… Self-Care Sunday.
After many mental breakdowns and tireless days of work, you decided to take one day to yourself just to relax, recharge, and rejuvenate. The three most important words in your vocabulary.
Sure, you could’ve made a whole weekend out of relaxing but your boyfriend ummm well he has other things planned out for the both of you on your days off.
Sebastian entered the bathroom just as you shut off the steaming hot water. He looked so delectable in his tight black t-shirt and dark denim jeans. He was probably headed out to meet up with friends or head to the grocery store.
“Where ya headed?” you questioned as you started to fix his hair in the mirror.
“Got called into work for a late night shoot,” you frowned. Usually shoots like those don’t wrap until early morning.
“Do you think you’ll be home before I go to bed,” you looked at him with your signature puppy dog eyes. Sebastian smirked, he knew what you were about to do.
“Probably not, baby, but don’t worry I’ll be sure to wake you up with a kiss when I get back,” he walked over and crouched down to you.
“A special kiss?” you tried, and failed, to do a cute pout.
“Hmmm, aren’t all my kisses special?” Sebastian taunted you.
“Yes, but I liked the really special ones you do,” you tried to fight off the growing heat that was warming on your face.
“You mean these kisses?” Sebastian leaned in and kissed your lips, a quick peck.
“Noooo,” you whined.
“These?” Sebastian grabbed that back of your head and pulled you in for a deeper, more passionate, kiss.
“I like those too, but there’s a certain one I like more,” you bit your lip.
“Can you refresh my memory? Which is the special kiss?” his forehead was now pressed against yours.
“Well, you can’t kiss it now,” you giggled.
“Why not?” his hand was gripping the side of the tub now.
“Cause I don’t think you’ll be able to kiss me and hold your breath at the same time,” Sebastian smirked, he loved getting you to talk dirty.
“Ohhh, I see now baby, you want your pussy kissed huh?” his fingertips started to dip inside under the water.
“Maybe,” you whispered as you caught what his hand was doing.
“You do realize I have to leave in,” Sebastian checks his watch on the other wrist, “twenty minutes to make it into work on time right?” his fingers were now submerged under the water and touching your nipples.
“Then you got twenty minutes to make me scream, baby,” Sebastian pulled you in for another passionate kiss as his whole arm was in the tub now, fingers searching for your clit.
“Oh god, baby, you’ve been really needy lately haven’t you?” you moaned softly as his fingers circled your clit roughly.
“I’m always needy for you cock-,” you cut yourself off with a high pitched moan when he brought his fingers up and down your while slit.
“That’s what I like to hear, blossom,” oh fuck that pet name. That’s the name he used for you when he was really horny.
His pointer finger entered your pussy at a fast rate, you were already so horny that you wanted him to give it to you as fast as possible.
“Faster, more, more, moreeee,” you were moaning and chanting all over the place. The water sloshed around the tub due to your hips grinding into his palm.
“You want more? That’s what blossom wants, that’s what blossom will get,” he added his middle finger and proceeded to go faster.
“Oh, fuck, Sebastian!” tears started to form in your eyes as he slammed into your pussy with brutal force. He had every intention of letting you shake with pleasure.
“Ya know, honey, ever since I’ve been home more often, I’ve noticed you’ve become needier and needier for me,” you moaned in response. You were getting higher and higher with each stroke of his fingers.
“Maybe I should quit my job just to stay home and make you cream, is that what you want, blossom? Want me to just stay home and make this pussy cream anytime you want it”
You moaned as he seemed to be going at a rapid pace.
“YES,” you screamed, “FUCK YES, I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME SO HARD,” you moaned again as your back started to arch.
“Please, please, PLEASE, make me cum, make me cream so hard on those thick fingers, baby. Fuck, make me cum on that thick, hard, cock of yours when you get home… OH GOD-,” your vision went cross eyed for a moment as you clamped down on his fingers, still they were going at a rapid pace.
“Shhh, there she is, there you go, blossom, squeeze my fingers. I got you, I got you,” Sebastian coaxed you through your orgasm.
Your chest was heaving up and down, your body started to shiver as you felt the cold water prickle your skin.
“Let's get you out now, blossom,” Sebastian helped you get up out of the tub. He had to make sure he held you for a little bit until you regained your balance, due to your wobbly legs.
He set you on the counter top and stroked your wet hair, whispering how you were “such a good girl”.
“I gotta go know, blossom,” you began to whine and Sebastian shushed you gently.
“None of that. I’ll try and come home to you as soon as possible, I promise. You remember the rules right?” you bit your lip and nodded.
“What are they?” Sebastian asked you.
“No dirty picture or text message while you’re working,” he hummed and kissed you.
“That’s right, and no touching yourself either. I already spoiled you just now, don’t make me change my mind,” he warned you.
“Okay, baby, I promise. I’ll be a very good girl,” Sebastian kissed you as he pulled himself away from you.
“I’m counting on that blossom,” he winked and shut the bathroom door, leaving you wet, in more ways than one.
Maybe now would be a good time to send him a picture of that new lingerie set you’ve been wanting to try on...
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angeli-marco-writes · 4 months ago
Sebastian Stan - The Ballet Teacher
A/N & WC - I do not know Sebastian, nor do I claim to: this is a work of fiction. I was a dancer, though, and it was fun to relive my ballet days through this. I'm also not Eastern European, though, but I researched Romanian and Russian words for this. 2.6k.
Warnings - Romanian words I've probably spelt wrong, Dad!Seb being cute, reader speaks Russian, yelling.
Summary - Ballet teacher!reader. Sebastian's daughter attends a very prestigious ballet school, but when she's late out one day, the last thing he expects to happen is to meet her wonderful new teacher, who has him head over heels.
Tumblr media
SEBASTIAN COULDN’T BE PROUDER of his wonderful daughter if he tried. Fourteen and already top of her class at one of the most prestigious ballet academies in all of the USA. Cătălina Georgeta Stan is at the absolute top of her game, and Sebastian’s only qualm with the whole thing is how often he’s forking out on beautiful $100 satin pointe shoes that she waxes, paints, varnishes, sews, ties, stands on and beats every week, only to dance on them every day, wearing the shank out. It seems that she gets through them every fortnight, and that’s not to mention the amount of normal ballet slippers, character shoes, tap shoes, jazz shoes and more, piled on top of the leotards, tights and skirts. Being successful has its price, but money isn’t an object to Seb, not when it’s all flowing into his incredible daughters career, one that she’s worked hard for since her first dance class when she was just two.
Being a single father was never the easiest job in the world, but now it means he never has to share his love and pride for Cătălina with anyone else. She’s all his to dote on, to treat, to utterly spoil.
Usually, on a Saturday, or any day Cătălina has dance classes, in fact, she’ll be outside and in the car with Seb within ten minutes of her class ending, running him through every event of the day, telling him what she learnt, so excited about getting better with each and every day that she can’t seem to stick to one language, so Sebastian has to concentrate extra hard when driving and listening to her slide between English and Romanian.
Today, however, she’s late. It’s been fifteen minutes and all five-foot-two of Cătălina hasn’t yet come barrelling out the doors, her great bag slung over her shoulder, instantly hugging her father. He raises his wrist, taps the watch face, and reads it. No sign.
Most parents wait in cars, or let their children commute, but Seb is adamant that he has to drop Cătălina there and collect her every single session without fail. Overzealous? Perhaps. But he’s not letting his fourteen year old daughter onto the tube on her own with only some wooden dance shoes to protect herself.
He taps his foot impatiently on the carpet of the footwell in his car, the ticking of the seconds mocking him, until his patience itself ticks out as he flings the door open and steps out, locking the car as he stalks into the building. He knows all the necessary codes, just in case, and when he was brought on a tour here by the principal before admitting his daughter here, so he knows how to get to the studio she’s in. At least he thinks so.
It would help if he actually knew his daughters teachers, but a new ballet teacher came in this past term, an incredible woman called Miss y/n, so he hears from Cătălina, an ex Prima, and he hasn’t yet had the honour to make her acquaintance yet. He checks the schedule on his phone, checking that she’s in ballet, and then flicks on ‘find my friends.’ Contrary to popular belief, Seb can be practical, and he follows the little green circle around the twining bends and sharp corners of the prestigious academy until he’s face to face with an oak door towards the left of an entire glass wall. Just beside him is a stack of labelled cubby holes. Towards the bottom is Cătălina’s, which he smiles to himself at. There’s a soft piano rhythm coming from within, and two dozen dancing bodies are jumping and turning right on the beat, the tips of their toes driving them into the floor. The sheer skill… He’s always admired it, though he does jump a little when the music clicks off and your shout is heard by him. It snaps him from his reverie, at least, and he trains his eyes on how obedient his daughter suddenly is from a single word from you.
“Stop!” you shout all of a sudden, stopping the music as you clap thunderously. They seem to only learn the way you were taught, brutally. “Watch. It is wrong.”
Every girl in the room closes instinctively into third position once they’ve scurried back to their original positions, though a couple of them cast glances over their shoulders, catching sight of Sebastian. You look up, too. Scolding them for looking would be a viable way to go, but then you’d be a hypocrite, and he is rather tasty. You do wonder, though, why he’s here.
Catching sight of him, you smile before tugging your warm up gear off; he smiles back, a shy thing, his eyes twinkling. The same blue eyes as Cătălina, your star student.
Limbering up, you press play once more, and begin to shout out each movement as you dance it. “DÉGAGÉ DÉGAGÉ PIROUETTE AND ROND DE JAMBE. GRAND ADAGE, SAUTER, GLISSE, COUPE, GLISSE, FIFTH. FOUETTE…” With this last move, you cut off as you rise onto pointe, completing a series of fouette turns before landing at last.
Polite smatters of applause burst from all of your students, an even louder round from the kindly gentleman outside the glass. A few of the girls cast a look over their shoulders and giggle. You can’t entirely blame them; it’s not every day that there’s a handsome man in fitted blue jeans and a leather jacket standing outside. You probably should check he’s not a predator, though.
“One moment, girls,” you call, and train your eyes on this fellow as you tug your warm up jumper back on, and glide out the door. How can one man look so good in a plain white tee? “Can I help you, Sir?”
“Oh, I’m sorry,” he stammers nervously, his hand flying to his chin, stroking his beard, “my daughter is i— in your class, and she was due out twenty minutes ago. I, um, was worried.”
“Did I run over that much? I’m so sorry, Mr…”
“Stan. Cătălina’s Tată.”
He visibly winces, perhaps at the use of a ‘not English’ turn of phrase. Thankfully, you understand it.
“Of course!” you exclaim. Those blue eyes, a dead giveaway, not to mention that they match your jumper perfectly.
“Wait, is that an Eastern European accent I detect?”
You gasp a little in surprise, there’s a certain twinge to his accent, paired with the Romanian term of ‘father’. “Yes, definitely. And on you too.”
He nods, his hands now clasped behind his back.
“You know what, wait for after class. One sequence, I will meet you.” you say, smiling to him one last time before re-entering your studio. “Come on ladies, again!”
They complete the sequence twice, once just to your claps and the second time with the backing track. They all say thank you as they begin a steady stream out of the room. They all bid you a good day, waving and smiling before turning to gossip amongst themselves at the handsome man now sidling into the room, his shoulders hunched.
“Dad?” Cătălina says. “Why are you here?”
“You were late, Cat. I’m just going to talk to your teacher, come in once you’ve got your kit.”
She furrows her brows, you observe, but does as she’s bidden.
“Go on then, what do you think?”
“Hmm, Ukraine?” he guesses.
His strides are wide across the polished floor, his black boots so out of place when compared with the dainty pink ballet slippers so often seen. As he approaches you once more, you can’t help but notice the height difference between you both, even as you rise up onto pointe.
“Good guess, but no. I was raised in Russia, ballet school.”
“Oh, of course!” he exclaims, running a hand through his dark hair, “and me?”
His stubbled jaw falls slightly slack, “How?”
“I teach your daughter.”
His chuckle is music to your ears, warm and hearty, the way a man should laugh in your head, and it goes right to your belly, setting flutters off.
“Are you a dancer? Cat is very good, she must get that talent from somewhere.”
He holds his strong, rough hands up in surrender. You take the opportunity to fall back onto flat feet, moving to sit down.
“Definitely not. I was a gymnast for a couple of years though, so that might help.”
“Oh yes, yes,” you agree, tugging at the ribbons at your ankles.
“You’re really good,” he compliments a little hurriedly, gesticulating, and you can already see him mentally face-palming, his cute face flushing and scrunching up, “Obviously you are, you’re a teacher here…”
You giggle a little, already flattered by his complement, “Thank you. That means a lot.”
He seems taken aback. “Really? But weren't you a prima ballerina?”
You stand up again, now with trainers on your worn out feet. “Yes, for ten years with a big Russian ballet company, but my coaches were always hard on me even then. Compliments within this industry are hard to find.”
And of course, Cat re-enters at this exact moment. “Tata, can we get Momite?” she asks, her hands tucked into the pockets of her hoodie.
“Of course, Pisi, I was just talking to Miss, y/n. You didn’t tell me she was so nice.”
You try to ignore is hidden inflection, but your nerves begin to tingle, your heart caught in your throat.
Cat shrugs, brows arched, “She’s too young for you.”
As amusing as their discussion is to you, you fold your arms over your chest and turn your attention to Cat; “How old do you think I am, Cătălina Stan?”
“I dunno, twenty five?”
You gasp a little, smiling, “That’s the greatest compliment I’ve received in years.”
Sebastian stops, and moves his hand to your arm, “You certainly don’t look it, and you dance wonderfully.”
“Thank you, Mr Stan.”
“Sebastian,” he squeezes your upper arm just hard enough to assert his presence but gentle enough that you feel like a precious delicacy, “please.”
Your cheeks begin to heat, casting your eyes away shyly, watching Sebastian from the mirror instead, the way his tongue darts out to dampen his rosy lips.
“Just ask her out already, Dad,” Cat exclaims.
If you thought you were visibly embarrassed, Sebastian outdoes you tenfold. His beautiful plump cheeks glow a bright crimson, his eyes crinkling a little at the side, the shyest smile you’ve ever seen creeping onto his lips.
“I— well, um… Cat.” He stumbles for words, and proceeds to stumble over his own two feet even with his laces tied and his stance balanced. You can’t help but chuckle at the beautifully adorable sight.
“How about I give you my number and you can ask me out when your daughter isn’t breathing down your neck?” you tease, winking good-heartedly just to lighten the mood.
Well damn if you haven't heard a cuter sound than this bear-like, grown-ass man giggling like a child on helium.
“Y— yeah, okay…”
You can’t help but smile at him as you turn your back, and you desperately try not to look in the mirror as Sebastian and Cat speak incredibly animatedly with flailing hands and raised eyebrows and hushed Romanian words. You understand the root of it, the basic premise of the back and forth being that Cat thinks Sebastian should ask you out but he’s trying to be respectful of the situation despite how pretty you are, something that sends shivers all throughout your body, turning back once you find a pen. You feigned the whole search which Cat undoubtedly knows, seeing as your pen was out on your book all day, but Sebastian’s cute, blushing, teddy bear face in the mirror was too cute to miss.
“Sleeve up then, Domnul.”
“Seb, please… Wait— Was that Romanian?”
You see the flare of inquisitiveness in his cerulean blue eyes, lighting up the whole room, and loose a sigh before saying, “You speak basic Russian, right?” He nods. “Where we come from, languages all blend, ne tak li?”
“Yeah,” he chuckles, flexing his arms as he rolls his sleeve up to reveal his beefy forearm, banded with muscle and dusted with chocolate brown hair, though the bulging veins that line his skin are prominent: you think your eyes may be bulging at the sight. “I suppose we do.”
You bite the lid off your pen as sensually as you can, keeping it precariously between your teeth even while you let the black ink of your phone number seep onto Sebastian’s tan-white skin, only removing it to place a feather light kiss to his inner wrist.
“Your handwriting is... wow.”
“Thanks. Were you taught the ‘not giving up’ saying at school? They drilled it in as we learnt to write, repeating it.”
“The overly religious one about God?”
“Yes!” you exclaim. “Bog lubit troitsu.”
“Dumnezeu iubește treimea, yeah. Same roots, you see.”
“I see.” you laugh, letting your fingers rest at the heel of his palm perhaps a moment too long.
“Why did they use a saying about God to make you do school work and handwriting?” Cătălina interjects.
“Its English equivalent is the ‘at first not succeed, try try again.’” you explain, snatching your palm away despite the heat of the gentle contact.
“Oh, really?”
“We wrote Russian cursive, we had no fears. We had to try again, we had to get it perfect. I suppose it's like that with your lessons.”
“That was the same with us!” Sebastian exclaims, his words laced with excitement, with remembrance, but then his face takes on a sombre tone, his eyes limned with pain at the memory of school. “God, those days were awful weren’t they.”
“The worst,” you concur, “but hey, we are here now.”
“That we are.”
He inclines his head towards you in silent agreement, the memories haunting, melancholy, and yet without them, you and Sebastian mayn’t have anything to bond over. Your past has brought you here today, you’re convinced of it. Not his daughter, not fate, not your class running over, but your experiences. And that’s what’s so special.
“I— I really would love to see you again.” Sebastian says after a moment of silence, Cătălina’s hand now firmly in his grip.
“And you too,” you say, trying not to sound too eager.
He smiles at you, and waves over to you as he begins to leave, Cat by his side, desperately trying to silently communicate with him, but he’s locked in his own world. His boots thudding on the polished wood floor reverberate all around you. In a desperate attempt to push him out of your mind as he takes off—it’s on him now, he has your number, he can call you—you step into an open fourth, directly facing the mirror, and train your eyes only on your turnout. Rising up onto your toes, you begin to turn.
Sebastian casts a furtive glance over his shoulder, Cat already out the door and ready to run off down the stairs, when he hears your heavy, though steady, breaths. There you are. Your practise skirt floats around you, picked up by the wind at every turn, your centre of gravity holding well, your spotting impeccable. That’s when he decides to throw caution to the wind, waiting until you finish with a graceful step, of course.
“Y’know what, dinner, tonight. I’ll text you the address.”
His voice catches you by surprise, your chest heaving as you turn to face him. It’s your turn to become flustered this time, as you smile at him, smile coyly, and say. “Okay, I’ll be there. Bye Sebastian”
“Bye, Vishenka.”
You wave to one another as he finally leaves, and watch him through the glass at the back of the studio, laughter spilling from you when he detaches his hand from Cat’s in order to perform one of the most controlled, technically perfect cartwheels you’ve ever seen from a thirty-something year old man in a leather jacket and combat boots.
“You’re teaching me after dinner!” you shout.
How is he falling for his daughter's ballet teacher? He asks himself as he bows after his little show, but his thoughts quieten with your kind, enticing words. So, he just winks, and beams right back at you.
Glossary: (I used google translate I'm so sorry, correct me if I'm wrong)
Tata - father (rom)
Vishenka - cherry, affectionate name (rus)
Pisi - baby, term of endearment (rom)
Momite - grilled sweet breads (rom)
Domnul - Mister (rus)
Bog lubit troitsu/Dumnezeu iubește treimea - God loves the trinity, essentially meaning 'if at worst you don't succeed, try and try again'. (rus/rom)
Ne tak li - don't they? (rus)
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angrythingstarlight · 2 months ago
NSFW head canon
Having small hands/fingers which meant you were never able to hit your g-spot. So obviously your much larger than you boyfriend is dedicated to proving just how useful his fingers are🤤
Let's go with beefy lumberjack Bucky.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Beefy Lumberjack Bucky x reader
Word Count: 1.5K
Warnings: Smut, 18+, Fingering, Minors DNI, Protective Bucky. 
A/N: This was supposed to be five sentences. Five. Le sigh. As always dont’ copy, rewrite, repost or translate my drabbles. I do love comments, likes and reblogs. 
Bucky never intended on eavesdropping, he was heading to the kitchen to start dinner when he overhead you whispering on your phone.
The words gspot and can’t come, making him turn around. His brows furrowing, forming a deep wrinkle as he creeps into the living room.
You flopped back on the couch, tapping your foot on the plush chiffon rug. “What if it’s me?”
You sound dejected. He knew you had been hesitant to spend the night, but he chalked it up to nerves. Hell, he was nervous too; he wanted your first time with him to be incredible. As he listens to you talk about how the last guy you dated treated you, Bucky feels something twist deep in his gut, a startling rage at every guy who’s ever let you down flaring to life.
“Maybe I'm broken or something. I-I don’t want to disappoint him and I-“
You squeak in surprise when your phone is suddenly taken from your hand. “She’ll call you back.” Bucky tosses it on the coffee table, rounding the couch until he’s looming over you.
“Broken?” Bucky says in disbelief. “Bunny, I promise ain’t a damn thing wrong with you.”
You drop your eyes to your hands, picking at your nails. “I- I’m sorry,” you say, not even sure why you’re apologizing, embarrassment heating your face.
He kneels beside you, his hands smoothing up your legs until they’re curving around your waist. “Look at me,” he commands, lowering his head until he catches your eyes. “Just because some immature jackass couldn’t do his job doesn’t mean it was your fault.”
He can tell you’re not convinced. He’ll show you he’s right. “You want me to prove it?”
Even crouching, he’s at your eye level, his thin henley straining around his large corded biceps. His long chestnut locks pulled back into a loose bun, a shadow of a beard across his sculpted handsome face. You want him to be right, so much that your clit pulsates at the thought of coming apart for him.
“Just say yes and I swear I’ll make you feel so fucking good.”
“Ye-,” you clear your throat, shifting under his heady gaze. Bucky rubs small circles on your thighs, the feel of his rough fingers on your soft skin has heat forming in your core, slick dripping out drenching your panties. ” Yes.”
Taking your chin in his large hand, his lips slot over yours, passionately kissing you, guiding you back on the couch until you’re flat under him.
He deepens the kiss, his tongue delving into your mouth as he pulls down your shorts and panties, only breaking away to yank them off past your ankles.
He spreads your thighs with his calloused fingers, groaning at the sight of your glistening folds. “So fucking pretty,” he says to himself.
Bucky gazes into your eyes, the intense emotions lurking in his darkening blue ones have you shivering.
“You’re perfect,” he declares, sliding two fingers through you until they’re coated with your slick. “Now lemme show you’re going to be treated from now on.”
His cock twitches when he feels how soft and wet you are, the primal part of him screaming to bury his cock in your cunt.
Soon he thinks, staring raptly at you.
He shakes off the feral urges and pushes one thick finger into your tight pussy, groaning when you clamp down, quickly adding another. You’re so tight and warm and wet, barely able to handle his fingers. The thought of you stretched around his cock has him painfully hard and leaking in his gray sweatpants.
He gently pumps his fingers in you, slowly increasing his steady pace until you’re moaning. You’ve never felt so full, so good, and you know he’s only getting started.
He slips his fingers out of you, but any protest at being left empty fizzles out when he pops one in his mouth. Your belly drops when he groans out you’re sweet.
“Do you like that, bunny?” Bucky says with a soft smile, spreading you open as he teases your clit with soft swipes until you’re grinding on his hand, desperate for more friction.
You nod, glancing down at him. The look in his deep blue eyes makes your stomach sink in. He’s going to ruin you.
 “Use. Your. Words.” Bucky demands with three firm taps on your clit, the sensations making you jolt in his grasp. The dominance in his baritone voice has you clenching down, the need to be filled by him is overwhelming. You need it, need him.
Swallowing thickly, you nod again, whimpering when he gives you another warning tap, jolts of electricity sparking through your limbs.
“Yes, yes, I like-oh god damn it Bucky,” you screech at the sudden intrusion of his fingers stretching your velvety walls.
Bucky smiles, “you know that filthy little mouth of yours is going to look so pretty around my cock.”
Before you can even process that because fuck yeah, you want him down your throat, he’s doing this thing with his fingers and it’s setting your nerves on fire, his wrist twisting as he pumps in and out of you.
Bucky’s studying your face, taking in the way you’re quietly gasping, your hands flat at your side. “How do you feel?”
“Good,” you breathe out. It’s true, his thick fingers feel so good inside your pussy, filling you in a way no one ever has. Damn, if you’re this stretched out from his fingers, part of you wonders how you’re going to take his cock.
Bucky doesn’t like that answer, his bottom lip rolling between his teeth as he curls his fingers. He’s not going to settle for ‘good’ he wants you crying and begging him for more. He wants you babbling incoherently until you can only whimper. Bucky wants you to feel better than good.
Bucky slows his movements, murmuring, I know bunny I know at your soft whine. He keeps dragging along your walls, he cant get over how warm and tight you are around him. “Cmon sweet girl, give it to me, give it to me,” he mutters under his breath.
Then he hits it, a soft spongy patch. His eyes flicker up at your strangled oh fuck. Your hands balling into fists and your mouth goes slack for a second. He rubs it again and you gasp. “Is that it, Bunny?” Oh, he knows it is, but he wants to hear you say, another soft press has you keening, and he decides that’s his new favorite sound.
Bucky smooths the rough pads of his fingers over your spot again. “Yeah, that’s it.” he smirks, striking it faster and harder until he’s fucking you senseless. A searing heat spreading across you with each sloppy soaked thrust back into your cunt.
“Fuck, yesyesyes,” you chant, your head lolling on the cushion. All you can focus on is his calloused fingers, pressure building, pleasure cresting inside of you, fuck fuck fuck you’re going to break, split in two if he keeps fucking you so good. “Wait, Bucky-“ you cry out, your hands grabbing at his.
Bucky chuckles with a deep sense of pride, now he’s happy, you’re falling apart before his eyes. He’s drinking in the way you’re arching off the couch, your hips grinding down as your pretty pussy sucks his fingers back. He knew you were going to be a greedy girl.
“Please, I can’t take it- “you sob, trying to slow his hand, sensations crashing into you. “Please-“
“Your pussy is going to take everything I give her,” he promises, wrapping his other hand around your thigh, he sweeps his metal thumb across your clit at the same time he hits your sweet spot. And you keen, the thin high sound pulled from your chest as he circles your aching bud, setting off a powerful wave of pleasure, your moans thundering in his ears.
“Now cum for-“ he starts, grinning as the pressure snaps, your eyes roll back in your head and blindingly bright stars cloud your vision. “Good girl,” he laughs, “there ya go, lemme feel you come on my fingers.” He fucks you even harder, pushing your orgasm higher and higher until you shatter into little pieces.
Your mouth opens in a wordless scream, the wet sloshing of your cunt filling the silent room.
“How do you feel?”
He growls at the broken whimper slipping through your lips while your body collapsing on the couch. That’s what he wanted to hear.
For a brief two seconds, you have a chance to breathe, your chest heaving as you stare at the ceiling, waiting for your vision to clear.
“Let’s see how many times you cum on my tongue before you take my cock.”
You glance down at him, your eyes widening as his fingers languidly curl over your fluttering walls. “Oh, you didn’t think that was it, did you? He tsk, his smirk growing with each slow stroke. “You deserve to cum more than once, Bunny.”
He lowers his mouth over your clit, his sinfully dark eyes gazing up at you.
“I’m about to give you every orgasm your pretty little pussy missed out on.”
And i-
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youlightmeupfinn · a month ago
House Tour - Seb Stan x Reader
request: I'm still in love with Seb and just spent hours on YouTube watch random Youtubers. 🤦🏻‍♀️ But it did give me an idea! Actress!reader gets asked to give a live tour of her new house in LA. During the tour fans keep commenting about items that do not look like they belong to her and they keep asking if they were Seb's things and she jokingly makes lame explanations. Then in the end, Seb shows up at her door and asks what she was doing giving a tour of his house and they reveal they moved in together. 🥰🥰🥰
a/n: thanks for the request, anon! i hope you like it. wasn't too sure how to write it, so hope this is ok! sorry it's taken me so long!
also, requests are OPEN! keep requesting!
tagging: @depressed-barnes @sebby-staan, @bluemoon-icecream, @lejardinfleur, @miss-i-ship-it, @posteyymaloney, @shannonleanna182, @itzagothamcitysiren, @mylifeiscrazy0423, @quinnmaddie, @marvelseverything
Tumblr media
Launching your Instagram live, you were excited. Fans had been asking about your brand new house in Los Angeles for a good while now. They wanted to see the new place, practically begging you to give them a live tour. So after careful consideration, you decided to go along with the idea.
However, the catch was, the house truly wasn’t yours. In fact, it belonged to none other than your boyfriend.
“Hey everyone!” You smiled in happiness, enthused at how many people had already clicked on to join the live. You were reading through the comments, seeing fans say how gorgeous you looked, how excited they were to finally see the house, and of course questions on yours and Sebastian Stan’s relationship. You two had recently become the talk of Hollywood when your relationship blossomed almost a year ago, but you chose to keep it more so private.
You decided to start with the front entrance to the dream home.
“Guys, I seriously adore these French doors that lead into the house. I even have this cute little rack for when you walk inside to hang things on.” You explained, panning your phone over to a rack that had hooks which held jackets, hats, and other things you usually grabbed for upon leaving the house.
You read through some comments, noting a few that stood out.
“Who’s hats are those?” You read the comment, glancing back. Sure enough, there were different caps, all of which belonged to Sebastian with one exception of the baby pink one being yours.
“Guys, a girl can’t wear different hats?” You giggled, continuing. You walked into the kitchen and explained what you loved most, dishes you liked to cook, and other assets the kitchen had that you just adored.
Getting to the hallway, you panned the phone around to showcase the living room. What you failed to realize was some of Sebastian’s clothes were folded and nestled on your table, which neither of you had stowed away yet.
“Those look like men’s clothes?” You read the comment, turning to look. You giggled, shaking your head. “No, those aren’t Seb’s clothes.” You half-smiled.
Carrying on throughout the house, you made it into the bedroom which was tidied to perfection. However, as the tour continued, fans continuously asked about random things within each room and how they looked like they didn’t belong to you.
“Guys! A girl can’t have this sort of stuff in her house? It’s 2021!” You smirked.
What certainly iced the cake was the fact that when you arrived into your and Seb’s bathroom, his bottle of cologne was sitting out in the open. You didn’t even notice it until the fans began freaking out, noting the cologne. You grew nervous, knowing that you may have been caught.
Just as you exited from the bathroom, you heard the front door open. You thought to cut the live off, but you remained present. Walking inside the house was none other than Sebastian himself and the fans went crazy.
“Doll, what on earth are you doing?” He laughed, noting the phone in your hand that was pointed directly at him. You snickered and walked over, putting the lens on you both. “I was giving the fans a live tour.” You giggled.
Seb’s eyebrows furrowed as he gazed between you and the phone.
“You’re giving them a live tour of my house?” He laughed. Your mouth fell open and you suddenly knew you were caught red-handed.
The comment section was flooded with the accusations that you two were obviously living together.
“Seb, should we go ahead and tell them?” You questioned, showing him the comments.
Seb looked at the camera and smiled wickedly.
“Guys, (Y/N) and I are living together, yes. She moved into my house about a month ago.” He winked, kissing you on the cheek, making your heart melt.
You smiled, turning back to the phone.
“You caught me! I should’ve known you guys would start calling me out.” You tossed your head back and laughed. “Seb, babe, they caught on when they saw your bottle of cologne.”
Sebastian laughed. “You know there’s an imitation of my cologne on the market right now? Smells pretty accurate, too.” He laughed. “So if they ever want to know what I smell like, buy a bottle.”
You rolled your eyes back and bit your lip.
“Guys, Sebastian smells like he literally walked out of a magazine. Oh, the cologne is so good.” You informed them.
You two ended the live shortly after and landed yourselves on the couch, Sebastian wrapping you in his arms.
“You really made them think this was your house at first?” He slapped your leg playfully.
You shook your head, smiling at him.
“I’m telling you, they pay far more attention than you think. Your hats, the cologne, they even picked up on your clothes.” You pointed towards his shirts that were folded up on the table still.
Sebastian smirked and kissed your temple.
“Oh, don’t you just love being famous?” He laughed.
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imsebastiansta-n · 2 months ago
PR Stunt Masterlist (Mini Series)
Tumblr media
PR (public relations) or Publicity Stunt: something unusual that is done to attract people's attention to a particular person, product, or organization.
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader (Sebastian Stan x Alejandra Onieva (platonic, PR Stunt)
A/N: Okay so I wrote this bc I have an opinion and so do others. Please don’t comment/reblog talking shit, bc quite frankly I don’t want to hear it. I think the whole ‘relationship’ is bullshit and all she’s looking for is fame and money.  
If you don’t want to read this, that is absolutely fine, just keep scrolling and carry on with your day.
If you read it and have stuff to say and think its horrible? Don’t say it. Keep it to yourself.
If you read it and have your own opinion, great let me know. Just don’t say awful stuff, say your opinion and leave.
If you read it and have the same opinion as me, great let me know. Again, dont be horrible.
Either way, everyone has an opinion whether it be good or bad. As long as I don’t get death threats and little, teeny boppers in my dm’s going all keyboard warrior, go nuts.
PS: before anyone says it, I’m not a ‘jealous’ fan. I just care deeply for Sebastian’s wellbeing and mental health. Something a lot of people seem to forget about.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
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thewritingdoll · 6 months ago
[ ᴍɪɴɪ ᴍᴜsɪɴɢs ] another broken, pretty thing ❛ bucky barnes
fandom: sebastian stan / marvel / bucky barnes featuring: mob!bucky x fem!reader rating: completely NSFW (minors dni) smut, dubcon, gun play, bucky being mean and forced breeding. summary: this was posted on patreon last year. reader tries to leave, bucky doesn’t want her to. attention: this was probably proofread at the time of initial post, but has not been recently, and so there are probably mistakes. do not repost my works or claim them as yours. feedback and reblogs are essential to me, so please consider letting me know what you think!
Tumblr media
the door slams shut and you practically leap right out of your skin at the sound. you’re on edge, already, and this is exactly why. you decide not to turn and look at him, but you can feel dark azure boring into your back, burning a hole in you. you shudder. Bucky has a way of disarming you even like this. his gaze was enough to bring you to your knees most nights.
“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”
you’re silent, as much as you want to smart off, folding a blouse and tossing it into the suitcase open on the bed. 
a handful of heavy bootsteps follow as he approaches you from behind, large hands going straight to your shoulders, fingers splaying out over them. “I asked you a question. What the fuck are you doing, Kitten?” husky and authoritative, Bucky’s voice is practically earth-shattering. you remember a time that you would’ve done anything he said when he used that tone. were those days gone? you liked to think so.
“I’m leaving, Bucky.” you say simply, folding up another piece of your clothing. his grip tightens, and you let out a short gasp of breath.
“Like hell you are. You’re not going anywhere.” he snarls. you bite down on your lower lip. 
“I can’t live this life with you anymore, I wasn’t made for it-” you start. you want to keep your eyes as far from his gaze as possible, though he spins you around by your shoulders. you focus on his chest instead. it rises and falls, heavy with anger. 
“You were made for me.” he insists, and grabs your chin between his thumb and forefinger. he squeezes, pulling your face up so you have no choice but to look at him. your eyes meet, and his oceans are stormy and intimidating. “I’m not about to let you walk out on me. I fucking own you, Kitten. You’re mine.” he’s sonorous and threatening. 
your heart skips a beat. there was a time where you would’ve killed to hear him say that. but now? now it was dark, and it shook you to the core with fear. perhaps even more than the gun on his hip. “I didn’t sign up for this,” you try to counter, but your voice is small and weak. you take a shaky step back, reaching for the suitcase. “You can’t keep me here, it’s impossible.”
in one swift, incredibly fluid motion, Bucky has swept you off your feet, and holds you in his strong arms, fingers clasped beneath your bottom. your feet dangle helplessly against his thighs. struggling would do you no good, you decided. “Oh, I can’t?” his lips meet yours in a heated fight for dominance; one that you lose hopelessly. his knees meet the bed and he falls forward, pinning you on your back against the plush of the sheets, and he kicks the suitcase over the edge. it, along with the hopes of you getting out of this life, go tumbling to the floor. clothes spill out across it, but Bucky doesn’t seem to care. his mouth is too focused on yours, lips melding into yours and he swallows your breath.
in the meantime, his hands work your jeans down over your legs. a silent gasp is lost in his mouth as the button scrapes the bare flesh of your thighs. the mobster doesn’t even bother unfastening them. he’s too hasty, too hungry, and hellbent on changing your mind. or proving to you that he, in fact, owns your body, and there was nothing you could do about it. you didn’t know which one it was, but you figured it didn’t matter either way. 
“Bucky-” you break the kiss, placing both of your hands palm down on his chest as he jerks your legs free of the fabric. “Slow down-”
his fingers dig into the skin of your thighs as he grips them, leaving faint bruises while he hitches them on his hips. usually, you would’ve hooked your ankles together to keep him in the space between your thighs, but this was not one of those times. it made no difference, they stayed in place as Bucky pressed all of his weight against your body, nailing you to the bed. his fists found your wrists and jerked them upwards, above your head. he links them together in one, large grip and your back arches, completely restrained so easily. your bare thigh nudges the cool metal on his side and you freeze. “Bucky, take your gun off. Please..” it’s a soft whisper, a hopeful bargain, and your eyelashes flutter. you’d never liked having sex with Bucky when he wore his gun. it reminded you of who he was. what he was. a monster, a killer. a criminal. 
his mouth drops to your neck, other hand reaching down blindly to fumble with it. “You’re not leaving me.” it’s definitive. incredibly so. his breath is hot against your neck. he swirls his tongue around the delicate flesh and teases with his teeth. “Say it.” the fwip of the weapon sliding free of his holster is almost reassuring, before he places it on the pillow beside you, barrel pointed right at your reddening face. he pulls back, breathless, and content with his handiwork: your neck is a canvas of red and purple welts, soon to be hickeys that will last for the next couple of days. deep azure glare down at you, finger on the trigger guard. chocolate tendrils are unruly and hang over his forehead. “Say it.”
you’re stunned, staring into the barrel of his gun while you lay on your back, legs wrapped around him, and you can feel his hard-on against the inside of your thigh. “I- I’m not leaving you, Bucky.” it’s a tremulous promise, but you know it’s binding either way. the way you gawk at the weapon doesn’t go unnoticed by your counterpart.
his paw curls around the grip of the gun and he hauls it upwards, body pressed to yours. carefully he drags the barrel over the delicate skin of your cheek. you suck in a breath and hold it deep in your chest, eyes wide and welling up with tears as he presses the weapon against you. one little motion, that’s all it would take for him to end your life. as simple as that, and you’d be nothing but a ghost. a notch in Bucky Barnes’ bedpost. a memory. the barrel prods your lips. “Give it a kiss, Kitten.” he purrs, practically wild with lust and mastery. he’s on the outs of a power trip, and when Bucky got like this, the best thing to do was to go along with whatever he wanted.
pressing your silky, kiss-swollen tiers against his piece, you leave a dainty smudge on the ring of the barrel, eyes up at him the whole time. your eyelashes are wet from batting tears back. your breath leaves your parted lips in a shaky, ragged gust as you taste metal and grime on your mouth.
it seems to please Bucky at least, who releases the gun, but leaves it against the pillow. you almost ask him to point it away, but you know better.
“I’ve been too lax on you, Kitten. I know that,” while he speaks, the mobster grips your top with one fist, the other keeping your hands above your head. he practically tears the fabric to shreds against your body, exposing your nude bra beneath. a hunger unlike any other you’ve ever seen comes over his features. “I thought I could trust you, because I was bein’ so good to ya. I see now that you need a tighter leash. A shorter leash. One I can use to bring you back to reality when you start athinkin’ that you have free will here.”
calloused hands usually stained with blood knead at your breast, squeezing through the padding in your lingerie, so roughly that you squeak and writhe against his grip. “I’m sorry,” you coo in a failed attempt to soften his touches. usually such would do the trick. give him the puppy dog eyes, gentle kisses, and he’d turn to a marshmallow. you knew by the heat radiating from his body that this wouldn’t be one of those times. you’d really fucked up this time, pissed him off, and now you had to pay your dues.
“I know you are.” a daunting smile spreads his lips and sends chills over your spine. he peppers your forehead with butterfly kisses, his baritone dropping to barely audible whisper against your skin. “But I can’t have you thinkin’ you can run away from me. A baby should do the trick.”
while he whispers, your heart pounds against your ribcage and you realize his plot, feeling his hand between your bodies, prying your panties aside. warm knuckles drag against your folds that slicken at his touch. “A baby?” you repeat, dumbfounded. 
Bucky nods against you, his mouth dropping to your cheek and he trails sloppier, erratic kisses over your skin. his palm against himself, he retrieves his thickness from his jeans. “You heard me, Kitten. You won’t have time to try and run away, or disobey me, with my baby growing in your belly. You’re mine, and I’m going to mark you as mine. I didn’t think I’d have to, I thought you already knew better. Figured we could start slow, one little tyke in a year or two, but now I know that you can’t be trusted, my Little Kitty-”
a hefty, breathy growl tears through the back of his throat and interrupts his monologue as he spears himself into you. it mixes with your own cry of pain and pleasure in the air to form a symphony of sex.  “Fucking sweet and tight, as always.” he grins, gritting his teeth together. “Now, why would you want to leave me when I can make this pussy feel this good, hm?” you mewl, and Bucky rocks his hips, giving you little time to adjust.
regardless of how many times you’ve made love to him, you never would get used to his girth. it slides against the snugness of your walls, pulsating veins scraping your fragile, interior walls, and he seemed dead-set on hitting a pace that he typically saved for mid-coitus. he was usually so much gentler, more delicate with you, but you knew by the way he snapped his hips to yours that he was doing two things tonight: showing you that you were his property to use and abuse as he pleased, and quickening his own release. you assumed it was because of business waiting; that was usually the reason for his absence. you loathed yourself for enjoying the battering as much as you did. with each thrust, when your bodies collide completely and you feel his entire length filling you, you moan out in ecstasy, eyelids fluttering. every time his pelvis grinds against yours, you grip the sides of your hands so tightly your nails bite at them, breaking skin.
 “Bucky!” your back arches against his primal mishandling of your figure, but he uses all of his weight to bore down on you, pressing his torso flush with yours, his lips against the side of your face. he pants against your skin, snorting like a wild animal, while hungry eyes watch you, submissive and under him while he ruts you as if attempting to tear you apart. and that’s what it feels like, too. Bucky is completely merciless, and you’re helpless to his base instinct to cum. “That-That-”
“Feels so good, doesn’t it, Kitten? Fuck, I know it does. It’s going to feel even better when I fill that little tummy full of my seed, won’t it, Baby?” you can’t even deny that it will, yet you’re not willing to give him complete satisfaction, so you turn your head away, towards the gun staring back at you. your body jolts against his thrusts, breasts jumping against your bra as the tightening in your stomach begins to seize the rest of your body. you know your orgasm is right around the corner, as much as you don’t want to cum. not for Bucky. however, the man knows your body too well, and you’re too absorbed as you listen to him snort and scoff against your ear, breeding you in the most primitive way possible. the sounds are heaven, as much as you want this to be hell.
you come apart, shaking, and your eyes roll back. finally, it gives you a reason not to stare at the gun or the man who wields it to frighten you as he pumps himself fully into your guts relentless. “That’s right, Kitten. Go ahead and enjoy it-” he snarls against the shell of your ear, before he nibbles on the lobe. “You’re allowed to. I want you to like belonging to me, you know. I can give you pleasure through servicing me. Bearing my children. It’s a fulfilling job you have, Little Pet. You’ll learn by our third or fourth that my fat cock is the reason you’re alive, Kitten. You live because I let you, I give you a purpose, don’t I?”
you nod, a cum-broken girl beneath the man that shattered you.
“And what is that purpose, Kitten?”
panting, you bat your eyelashes. there aren’t any more tears threatening to fall from them, because you’ve come to the conclusion that he’s right. he does own you. your body, soul, your mind, they all belong to Bucky Barnes. “For you- to breed- me.” 
your obedience and admittance to him sends Bucky over the edge, and he growls as he forces himself into you more violently than before. you’re just beginning to come down, body alive with aftershocks and pink with the glow of fresh climax as he reaches his peak. an animalistic howl bubbles from deep within his chest and he splatters your depths with his liquid pleasure. he’s incredibly warm, and fills you up in moments. you weren’t used to the sensation; Bucky always took care of you before, wore a condom, pulled out. not this time. a weak whine of his name escapes your lips. you’re almost shocked your belly isn’t bulging already from how much you feel inside of you.
“You’ll be a good girl, yet, Kitten.” he puffs against your skin, releasing your wrists for the first time. you just know there’s bruising in the shape of his grasp around them. pushing both palms against the mattress, the mobster pulls himself on to his knees between your quivering thighs on the bed, and sits on his calves. you can already feel warmth dribbling from your freshly used hole as he pulls himself free of your vice, but he’s quick to pull your panties back into place, trapping his ejaculate from escaping anymore. “Can’t have that, can we?” he purrs with a devious grin a mile wide. “Gotta keep you full of my loads, Baby. You have to get good and knocked up, so how about this-?” as he speaks, Bucky pushes himself back into his trousers and snatches the gun from beside your face. you watch him with pink cheeks and swollen lips, but don’t dare move, only now getting your breathing back under control. he slides the gun into the holster. “I’ve got some shit to handle, but I’ll be back in a couple hours. I don’t want you to move from that fucking spot, Kitten. When I get back, I’m going to stuff you again and again, over and over, every fuckin’ day. Until that little belly is swollen with my kid.” Bucky hovers over you, palming at your stomach, the cracked pad of his thumb scraping the silky flesh. 
“Yes sir.” it’s such a hopeless pledge, but you know you haven’t a choice. Bucky gives your navel a gentle kiss, before leaving you alone in the bed you share with him, soiled and aching, to expect the same treatment whenever he returns. you hated that you were even looking forward to it.
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jbreenr · 2 months ago
𝐋𝐢𝐯𝐢𝐧' 𝐋𝐢𝐟𝐞 𝐋𝐢𝐤𝐞 𝐚 𝐑𝐨𝐜𝐤𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐫
Pairing: Sebastian Stan × Reader
Summary: Sebastian comes back home with his make up still on.
Word count: 2.3k
Warning: Poorly written smut (+18 only, please), oral sex (f receiving), fingering, tattoo kink (???), use of the world whore at least once, unprotected sex (don't do that, kids. be responsible), itty-bitty tiny bit of begging and some dirty talk, this is a RPF so don't read if you're not comfortable with it.
A/N: I'm a hoe for tattooed Seb, bare with it. Also yes, I am posting this on his birthday because hey, we gotta celebrate somehow. Also, do you see that tongue? I'm tHINKING! As always, lack of vocabulary and grammatical mistakes abound. *apologizes in español*
Tumblr media
ᴹʸ ᵍⁱᶠ
I won’t make it to our date, last minute shooting. Sorry.
You huffed as you read Sebastian’s text. That was the second time he cancelled your plans because he had to stay late for work. As an actress yourself, you understood how it was, but since you took a flight from Atlanta to spend the long weekend with him, you felt kinda frustrated.
The first time, you were too tired to even wait awake for him to arrive and ended up passing on the couch while watching some sitcom. Tonight though, if you were not to go out, you’d surprise him with dinner, candes and a well deserved bubble bath for both of you.
The table was ready, dinner was cooked and the bath was prepared. You were lighting the last candle when the sound of keys distracted you.
The door opened, letting you see your boyfriend entering, mask covering half of his handsome face, backpack hanging from his shoulder, black hoodie and jeans, and the Converse he’d been wearing the last few weeks.
When he took off the mask, his features showed surprise. He obviously was not expecting you to welcome him like that, not at 11 pm.
“Hi!” Your smile only served for him to smile as well.
“Hey, honey. Wh-what’s all this?” The backpack fell to the floor next to the door as he left the keys in the small counter next to it.
“Well, I thought that if we were not going to our date, I’d bring the date to us.”
He took a look at the place before eyeing you up and down. You were wearing the dress he gave you for your last birthday; red, thight, short and sewn from the zipper tear he caused before your last birthday present. You had been wearing it even before he texted, so…
“It smells delicious.” He said, referring to the food. “You look delicious,” His hands went straight to your waist to move you closer. “But I don’t want to ruin the atmosphere you’ve created here so, I’ll take a quick shower and put something more… appropriate.”
“What’s wrong with the outfit?” You put your hands in his back pockets to keep him from walking away. “I kinda like it.”
“I don’t mean the clothes, darling.”
Confused, you asked “Then?”
He took a step back and slipped the hoodie up his head, revealing his arms covered in fake sleeves of ink, the big MAYHEM drawn on his stomach, the also fake nipple piercings and the chain necklace of his character. You could be drooling and you wouldn’t care about the puddle forming on the floor since the pool between your legs was a bigger concern to think about.
Drinking in him, you didn’t notice he had said something until he moved a hand in front of you and repeated his question. “Are you okay?”
“Yeah, yeah. Just… it’s nothing.”
“You sure? Cause it looked like you were in a trance.” He said, obviously worried.
It shouldn’t have surprised you, the contrast between his looks and the sweet person you knew he was, and yet, it did.
You had some tattoos yourself, meaningful pieces of art that would follow you to the grave, and even though you had tried to convince Sebastian to get one, he didn’t seem interested in it. Of course, you had seen the leaked photos from the set, the ones he posted on his Instagram, those videos of him playing the drums, but having him Live and in color in front of you, well, none of it compared.
You imagined how he'd look after a shower, towel hanging low on his hips, drops of water touring down his arms and abs, how you'd love to help him apply some body cream to keep the tattoos from fading…
“If I didn’t know you, I’d think you like what you see.” The look in his eyes said that he deciphered what was going on in your head.
“What if I do?” You blatantly bit your lip as your eyes travelled down his abdomen to the belt in his jeans.
As if he read your mind, he unbuckled it, making the loose jeans fall to his feet, letting you see the diverse drawings rounding his right thigh and the big piece on his left one. He kicked his shoes off and got rid of the jeans, throwing them somewhere in the apartment. Your breath hitched when he shortened the distance once again.
“If you do then…” His lips barely brushed yours, only turning you on more, his still black lined eyes looking into yours with intensity. “I can keep them for now.” And he kissed you.
The passion and hunger of it was almost new, the way his lips moved with yours had you almost dizzy, how his breath mixed with yours and the way your tongues intertwined was something you would never forget.
When you ended the kiss to take a deep breath he decided to take things to the next level. One hand behind your thighs and the other on your back, he took you to the couch and tossed you in the grey cushions.
Kneeling on the floor, Sebastian took the dress from both sides of the front zipper. With eyes wide open, you half begged him not to do it, but he paid no attention and pulled with the biggest smile on his face.
Brrrrrp! Tore the cloth, exposing not only your breast, but also your drenched panties to his view. With cold hands, he patted you over them, making you hiss. His touch was what you needed but it was just not enough.
Slowly, very slowly, he dragged them down. The sight of his tattooed arms moving, fingertips caressing your legs as they went down, got you wetter than you thought possible.
“Look at you.” He chucked. “I’ve barely touched you and… Can’t believe you were so into this.” Opening his arms, as referring to his appearance, he shook his head.
“It’s not my fault that you look hot with tattoos.” You said in a whisper as you felt his fingers exploring your pussy, teasing your entrance and rubbing around your clit ever so slightly without actually touching it, scattering your moisture.
His middle and pointing fingers formed a V, spreading your lips and allowing him to lick you from hole to clit. At the contact of his hot tongue you closed your eyes and threw your head back.
“No, no, no.” He blew over your bud to get your attention back. “I want you to see me eating you out. I want you to see what happens if you look at me that way.”
And that was your only warning. His face went back to your core, lips kissing everywhere, tongue playing with your folds until you felt it breaking through your center. His movements were expert, how he managed to rub your clit with his nose as he kept focused on his other task was mind blowing.
You didn't know when, but one of his thick fingers replaced his tongue and entered you as his mouth came in contact with your bundle of nerves to give it the attention that it carved. His lips slurping, the feeling of his tongue drawing figures and the wet sound his digit created had you nearly closing your eyes one more time.
A second finger was added to please you, pumping in and out, scissoring inside of you, making you meowl as you tried to move to either get away from him or let him know that you wanted more. At this point, you didn't know what you were trying to do.
To stop you from bucking your hips, his free hand went to rest in your stomach, flat palm keeping you in place and you couldn’t help to take a glimpse of the colorful sleeve of makeup in his arm, your eyes traveled from his wrist to his elbow, passing from his practically clean shoulders to the back of his neck, and you saw them. The big, black wings that covered his full back, the intricate lines recreating Tommy Lee’s tattoo.
Watching his muscles working as he kept thrusting with his fingers and moving his head from side to side as to cover his full face with your juices had you whining, a sound that you didn’t recognize as yours but that Sebastian would remember for the rest of his life.
His hand went up, looking for one of your nippes, which he teased by pinching and twisting slightly before his whole palm came in contact with your boob and squeezed. Your back arched, wanting him to do it again. And he did.
He roared, knowing that you would feel it in every inch of your shivering body.
By the way your walls were contracting he knew that you were close and he drew away. Both his tongue and fingers, dragging away from you.
“What--?” Your soft protest made him raise his head. “Oh.” You breathed. The cold padlock hanging on his chain came in contact with your swollen clit accidentally. The contrast between your hot wetness and the piece of metal had you jolting forward and clenching around nothing.
“So needy.” He moved, working as a pendulum so the padlock hit your sensitive bud repeatedly. “But you’re not cumming unless it’s on my cock.”
Separating from you for half a second, he got rid of his underwear. His tip was red, and even though the veins of his shaft were inviting you to have a taste, you couldn’t bring yourself to move. And not only because he was already hovering over you. You felt like floating, body and mind, lost in anticipation.
“Tell me what you want, doll.” His glistening fingers brushed over your cheek, your smell, hitting your nostrils only making you more desperate.
“Please…” The word left your lips in a barely audible sigh.
“‘Please’ what?” His fingertips dug in your face, making you pout, forcing you to look at his lustful expression, accentuated by the dark eyeliner.
“Please, fucking ruin me.”
And that was it for him. With no warning, he entered your channel, stopping for a second as he bottomed out to let out a groan that mixed in the air with your loud, sinful whine.
“As much as I’d love the whole floor to know how good I’m fucking you, I won’t have time to deal with their complains tomorrow, so…” He forced your mouth open and shoved two fingers inside. You could taste yourself in them. “We’ll try to keep it quiet, yeah?”
He didn’t give you time to even try to respond since his hips were already hitting against the back of your thighs. The slapping sound of skin meeting skin working as gasoline, motivating Sebastian to go faster and harder with each thrust.
He was amazed. With his eyes locked on your own, he could see how much you were enjoying his performance, how the whole tattoo thing aroused you so much, how your eyes wanted to roll back as pleasure quickly took over your senses.
Hands flying to his hair and tugging a little, you also moved your legs to hug his hips with them, locking your heels in his lower back, pressing for him to go deeper, hitting your sweet spot over and over.
“God, you are loving it, aren't you?” His lips met your cheek, covering you with wet kisses until he reached your ear. “Didn't know you were such a whore for rockstars.” His movements were paused as he spoke, pushing inside with each word, making sure that you got what he was saying. “Maybe I should bring the drumsticks home next time; see what happens when you see me spinning them.”
Your moans were being muffled by his fingers, soft begs for him to keep going, morphing into music to his ears. His free hand flew between your bodies, adding fast rubs of his knuckles in your bud to his ruthless pace, dragging a roar that he could feel rumble on his fingers and that went down his spine.
“Fuck, doll.” He said. His assault went sloppy as you clenched around him. “You’re taking me so well.” Increasing the rhythm, his head fell to your neck, where he grazed his teeth. On his lips, he could feel your accelerated pulse. “Quite a dream you're living, uh?”
Covering you with kisses, he made his way to your earlobe. All it took was for him to shakely exhale, sending shivers all the way to your toes to bring you to your orgasm with an otherwise noisy scream.
Colors faded, your vision became blurry, the world disappeared and the only things you could focus on were Sebastian and the way his brows furrowed as he tried to last a little bit longer.
Your walls tightened as you started to see stars behind your eyelids, you were sure your heart was going to explode anytime now.
With your ears ringing and your eyes still closed to the hundred sensations in your body, you sucked your cheeks and ran your tongue along his fingers, unleashing his undoing.
He didn't stay still as he coated you with his hot cum, no. He rode you both through your releases, moving his hips back and forth, making sure to ruin you as you asked him to.
Only when he seemed happy with your soft relaxed moans was when he pulled out and allowed a bit more of his weight to fall on top of you as your legs fell to your sides, freeing him. He moved to your side to lay on the couch.
As your breathings normalized, you heard him laugh and turned to him with an interrogation mark stamped in your face, silently asking him to share his thoughts.
“I’m stealing some of these tomorrow.” He said, moving his arm to hug you to his chest. “You know, for later.”
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slutforstucky · 5 months ago
invitation only
Tumblr media
a/n: i wrote this whole thing while listening too another love by tom odell & i cried but it’s ok.
summary|| it’s yours and sebastians wedding day and everything goes as planned!!
pairing|| fiancé!husband!sebastian stan x reader
warnings|| fluff. that’s it. (i cried sooo) um if you don’t have any parents or family figures you can imagine anyone you want(be comfortable with whatever) and i most def copied and pasted what the pastors says.
‎ ✪
you stare at your mom through your eyelashes as she fixes your hair, “you look beautiful hun.” she mumbles and kisses your cheek. the wedding venues is private, mostly because seb knows you hate paparazzi.
it’s finally the day, you get to marry the love of your life and there’s nothing stopping you. your best friend is at the door of your room telling chris evans, and anthony mackie that they can’t come in nor let seb come in.
“just let him see her.” you hear chris say and you can hear your best friend sigh and smile, “not until y/n walks down the aisle.”
the door slams and you look at yourself once again in the mirror. you look great and you feel so happy. “we have to get you in your clothes.” your mom exclaims and you stand quickly walking towards the hanger on the bathroom door.
you slip into your clothes and look down flattening out your front. tears begin to brim through your eyes but you hold them back; to not mess up your makeup.
“y/n, are you ready too show us?” you hear your best friend say and you step out. both your mom and your best friends jaws drop and you smile.
“you look so gorgeous.” you hear from the door and turn too see your dad.
“hi dad.” you whisper and hug him. you can feel his tears on your back and you laugh a bit, “i didn’t cry so neither can you.” you joked and he sniffles, laughing.
a loud bell rings signaling its time five minutes before the ceremony starts. your best friend and mom bid their goodbyes and walk out.
leaving you and your dad. you guys begins too walk into the hallway of the venue “you know, i always wished for this sweets. i want you too be as happy as ever.”
“i love you dad.” you mumble and he smiles. “i love you too baby… god i can’t believe you’re getting married!” he stuttered and you feel tears again.
“dad you’re gonna make me cry!” you laugh and he grabs your hand as soon as the last bell rings. you look at him and nod.
“it’s time.” he exclaims and you look forward and see all your family and friends. you see sebastian standing at the end of the alter and your stomach fills with butterflies. he looks great.
“flightless bird” begins too play. the song you and seb have always loved to sing too each other. everyone stands and faces where you’ll be entering.
your dad hooks his arm around yours and begins walking. all eyes are on you, and yours are glued too sebastians. you see familiar faces; chris, anthony, scarlett johansonn, elizabeth olsen, robert downey jr. and a bunch more.
when you get too him, you hand your best friend your flowers and seb grabs your hands. “you look incredible angel.” he whispers so only you can hear it and he kisses the top of your head.
“dearly beloved, we are gathered here today in the presence of these witnesses, to join y/n y/l/n and sebastian stan in matrimony commended to be honorable among all and therefore is not to be entered into lightly but reverently, passionately, lovingly and solemnly. into this these two persons present now come to be joined. If any person can show just cause why they may not be joined together let them speak now or forever hold their peace.” the pastor says and looks around wide eyed.
you and seb look around hoping now one will speak and no one does. all smiles, “let us be grateful for the capacity to see, feel, hear, and understand. let us be grateful for this incredible gift of life. let us be especially grateful for the ties of love which bind us together, giving dignity, meaning, worth and joy to all our days. this is indeed a day which the lord has made. let us rejoice in it and be glad, and let us count our many blessings. vows can be officiated at this moment.”
“i, sebastian, take you y/n to be my wife to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish from this day forward until death do us part. since i met you, it’s been the best. you have taught me that two people joined together with respect, trust, and open communication can be far stronger and happier than each could ever be alone. you are the strength i didn’t know I needed, and the joy that i didn’t know i lacked. today, i choose to spend the rest of my life with you. you have made me the happiest man on the world today by agreeing to share your life with me. i promise to cherish and respect you. i promise to care for you and protect you. i promise to comfort you and encourage you. i promise to be with you for all of eternity. yeah, i was kinda stressing about what too say so i just let it out.” sebastian says and your begin to cry, he wipes your tears away and you giggle slightly. turning to your best friend, they hand you the paper with your vows written on them.
“i, y/n, take you sebastian to be my husband to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish from this day forward until death do us part. i choose you and promise to choose you as my husband every day we wake. i will love you in word and deed. i will laugh with you, cry with you, scream with you, grow with you, and craft with you. to be your kin and your partner in all of life’s adventures is all i could hope for in the world. loving what i know of you and trusting what I don’t yet know, i give you my hand. i give you my love. i give you myself, the good, the bad, and the yet to come. you love me in love and complete me in ways i never knew possible. from this day forth, i promise to listen to you and learn from you, to support you and accept your support. i will celebrate your successes and mourn your losses as though they were my own. i will love you, my husband, and rejoice in your love for me for all of the years of our lives.” sniffles come from your friends and family and you giggle slightly. sebastian is staring at you, “what?” you question
“i love you so fucking much.” he mumbles. the plaster begins too speak again,”the rings?”
out of your surprise, dodger; chris’ dog comes waddling down the aisle with a small pillow in his mouth. laughs and chuckles come from the audience, you and sebastian. dodger stops at you and your fiancé tilting the pillow up.
sebastian squats and takes the pillow from dodger, scratching behind his ears; as he begins to waddle over too chris. you grab sebs ring and grab his hand. “i, y/n give you sebastian this ring as an eternal symbol of my love for you.” you speak and slip the ring on his finger
“i,sebastian give you y/n this ring as an eternal symbol of my love for you.” he mumbles and slips the ring in you and holds your hands close.
“y/n and sebastian, you have expressed your love to one another through the commitment and promises you have just made. It is with these in mind that I pronounce you husband and wife.” the pastor begins and looks at sebastian, “you know what to do son, kiss her.”
sebs lips meet your and yours and you can feel all your happiness rise and your worries fall. everyone in the crowd stands, clapping, and howling.
you smile in the kiss as sebastian slightly dips you and brings you back up slowly.
“hi mrs. stan” he mumbles breaking the kisses and gives you a big smile.
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teebarnes · a month ago
Tumblr media
She's Just Like You | Sebastian Stan x Wife!reader
| Word Count: 1k
| Summary: Sometimes it is a struggle when she is her father's daughter, she is mischievous just like your husband and sometimes... you just give up.
| Warning(s): A lil yellin' (not much), fluff for sure, you've got a daughter, messy child, fooood, fake baby name :D
A/N: Mh, les just talk about de gif above for a sec bc... why is he bitin' like that 😭. Anywhooo... hope you enjoy this one, I got a few suggestions for more Seb stan x wife fics :)) so this is for ya'll.
All likes, comment and reblogs are always super duper appreciated :)
Tumblr media
"Li-… No! Honeyyyyy…" you pinch your nose, sighing with your eyes closed. "LILA GEORGETA STAN" you yelled just enough to grab her attention. You stood there with a stern look, your daughter who stopped eating out of the cookie jar sitting on the kitchen counter looking straight at you. Sebastian walks into the kitchen, leaning his big form against the door frame chuckling to himself. You look up at your husband, half glaring and half ready to burst out into a laugh.
Both you and Sebastian's daughter was the epitome of mischievous, just like her dad. Here she was at the age of two, sitting on the countertop, hands deep in the jar of her and her dad's favourite cookies. Sebastian continues to chuckle underneath his breath, quickly grabbing his phone from his denim jacket pocket, swiping to the camera app and clicking away from a few shots of Lila in her own world, as well as you just not knowing what to do with life.
Sebastian shoves his phone back into his pocket, walking over to your daughter. Lila sitting there wide-eyed, watching her dad come closer "hey cutie", he chuckles. You couldn't help but laugh too, which ultimately made your daughter Lila giggle too. Lila hands a half-eaten cookie to her dad, who bites it right out of her hand. "Alrighty", Sebastian groans, picking up his daughter to hold "my gosh, look what those cookies have done." He smirks, holding Lila on his side. She looks at you, making grabby hands, chocolate covering her face. You smiled "here you take, Lila, and I'll clean this mess up" Sebastian turns to you, smiling.
"Are you sure?" You look up at him; Sebastian gives a slight nod, walking towards you so you could take Lila from him. He softly kisses your head. "Mum!" Lila giggles as Sebastian hands her over to you. You chuckle, cuddling her into your arms, your hand softly holding her head as she snuggles into you. "Alright, Miss Lila… let's go get you cleaned up, huh?" You look at Lila, who nods.
Before you leave, you give Sebastian a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you, hon", you smiled, walking into the hall to take Lila into the bathroom "Cu plăcere Dragostea mea" (You're welcome, my love). You smile at Sebastian's Romanian, he had been teaching you how to speak a little Romanian, and by what you could tell, you were doing quite well. You wanted your daughter Lila to learn so she could have a part of her culture within her.
You back up to the kitchen, leaning into your husband's line of vision with Lila looking at him too. You looked back at Lila and poked her stomach "what do you say to dada for cleaning up your mess?" You look at her. Sebastian had one arm resting on the kitchen bench, looking back at the pair of you, Lila smiles, waving at her dad "mulțumesc" (Thank you), fumbling over a few vowels, but her dad got the idea. Sebastian laughs lightly through his nose. She was close enough, he thought, "ești binevenită Lila" (you are welcome, Lila).
Grinning happily, you walk back down and into the bathroom. You sat Lila up on the bathroom counter, grabbing the baby wipes from underneath the counter. You look back up at Lila, who is patiently waiting for you, "Let's hope... You're not like this when you grow up, huh? Or you and I will be having some issues" you chuckle, Lila nods widely before answering back in some gibberish "mhm. Mhm." Wiping the chocolate from her face and hands. "Dada dressed you up nice today", you smiled, watching your daughter play with your bracelet as you finished wiping her face "surprised you didn't get any chocolate on your t-shirt, love".
You pick Lila back up, cuddling her tiny waist. Lila spoke quietly, mumbling a thank you before kissing your cheek. You giggled at your daughter's little interaction. "Awe, you're most welcome, love" "Okay, c'mon now, we gotta go now. Gonna go see your uncle Chris today, huh?" her excitement peaks.
Walking the pair of you back into the kitchen, Sebastian had already finished cleaning everything and packing Lila's snack bag for the car. "Look at you beautiful, Momma cleaned you up", he smiled. You sat Lila on the bench next to her dad as she followed the food being packed into her little snack bag.
"Hungry?" Lila asked her dad. You chuckled, watching your daughter ask for more food despite her nearly eating a whole jar of cookies. Sebastian kneeled down, so he was looking up at his daughter, "sandwich?" her bright eyes glistened, and her head gave a big nod, she pointed at the sandwich "what do you say prințesă?" "vă rog." (please) your daughter sweetly replied.
He kissed her and then gave her the small triangle cut sandwich that she was eagerly waiting for. You shook your head and laughed before making your way into Lila's room to grab a pair of her shoes. You came back to both Sebastian and your daughter sharing a few cookies, "I- I literally left for a minute", your eyes were wide. They were both the same as each other. "A lot can happen in a minute, right, Lila?" your husband carefully nudges your daughter's shoulder. She looks up to her dad and then to you nodding "mhyeah", she mumbled.
Lila extended her hand with a cookie for you to eat. A small smile on your face, you walked closer and bent down to take a bite of her cookie "mhhh, thank you, Lila", You chuckled before putting her shoes on. "We better get going; you don't want uncle C to wait too long" Lila smiled and did a mini dance.
Sebastian laughed, picking Lila up as well as the snack bag. You closed the door behind them, loading everything into the car and buckling Lila into her car seat. Sebastian had started the car, closing Lila's door. You hopped in, buckling yourself in "ready Lila?" you looked into the rearview mirror. She gives you a small thumbs-up before attending to her toys.
"That's your child", you sighed looking at Sebastian. "Our y/n... our daughter" he emphasised.
Tumblr media
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diner girl
pairing: sebastian stan x reader
summary: reader is a waitress at a late night diner and meets an interesting new customer
warnings: fluffy beginning, language, annoying coworkers, soft!seb (a lil bit), SMUT AT THE END, a lil bit of dom!seb, fingering, vaginal penetration, PROTECTED SEX (wrap it b4 u tap it), google translate romanian (if it’s wrong and you know the correct way to put it, pls tell me, i’ll fix it pronto), lil bit of aftercare, fluffy ending.
a/n: this is my first time writing smut, so be gentle but i do take constructive criticism v well, so if you’ve got it to offer, pls give it. i’ve been in a slump recently bc of classes, i’m abt to start my summer classes and job, so this is going to be tricky but i’ve got y’all covered loves <3
p.s.: my requests and tag lists are open
xoxo ray
ray’s m.list
Tumblr media
Honestly, it looked like something out of one of those ridiculous teen Netflix movies that Anthony was always forcing Sebastian to watch. The neon signs outside flickered from age, only partially illuminating the street below. All Sebastian was really searching for right now was a distraction. Really it seemed like that was all he was ever doing anymore. He could tell his anxiety was getting worse. He was sleeping less and less, the circles under his eyes were getting darker and darker. He just hoped his fans couldn’t tell, not wanting to deal with another lecture from his manager about it.
Sebastian wore a leather jacket over a zip-up hoodie because it was just starting to get into the colder months in New York. His hand reached out to pull the door of the diner open. The smell of grease immediately attached itself to his body and he could tell that it wasn’t going to leave him even after he left his most recent distraction.
“Hey, hun! Just grab a table wherever you want, I’ll be with ya in a jiff, kay?” A feminine voice floated into Sebastian’s ears, but he was unable to tell where it originated from. He shook his head, turning to his left and taking a seat in one of the booths there. The teal fabric of the seat was only slightly sticky so Sebastian just shrugged it off. He looked around the table for a menu, finding it tucked in between the ketchup and mustard bottles pressed against the wall.
He wasn’t really in the mood to eat anything, he really just needed to get out of his apartment and away from everything. He heard footsteps approaching from behind him, and he turned to look at the owner of the steps. A woman wearing a dress that matched the seat covers came up to his table, stopping beside him. She huffed out a breath before taking the seat opposite in the booth.
“Alright, hun.” She pulled out her notepad, placing it on the table in front of her. “Whatcha want tonight?” He didn’t answer for a short while, just taking in the woman opposite him. The woman’s brows rose and a concerned look crossed her face. “Are you alright, sir?” Bucky snapped out of whatever trance he was in, nodding quickly.
“Oh, um, yeah, I- god I’m sorry. I just, I don’t know.” He gripped the menu in his hand tighter as he spoke, his anxiety getting the better of him. What if you recognize him? What if someone else does and somehow notifies the paparazzi.
“You’re perfectly fine, sweetheart! What can I get ya to drink?” Your cheery tone had returned, along with a thickening accent that Sebastian couldn’t quite place.
“Um, just a water for right now.” You nodded, hauling yourself to your feet with a groan. He watched as you walked away. He could tell your feet hurt by the way you stepped, making him wonder how long you had been working. You were gone for a few more minutes before returning with two glasses in your hands. You put one down in front of him before taking your seat across from him again. You drank almost half of your glass before addressing him again.
“Ma’am, are you alright?” Sebastian asked cautiously, you dropped your glass back on the table.
“Oh yeah. Sorry, this is just the first, like, lull that we’ve had of the day, so I’m taking advantage of it.” Your eyes darted around the table. “I can go if I’m freaking you out or if you’re waiting on someone else. You just looked like you could use the company as much as I could use a break so I figured, ‘why not kill two birds with one stone,’ ya know?” The words seemed to have left your mouth before you could stop them. Your lips rolled inward after you rambled, an apologetic look covering your features.
“I so totally didn’t mean for that to sound like I thought you were pathetic or anything. I don’t think that.” Your accent dropped again, which confused him.
“You’re fine, I didn’t think you did.” His reply was short, but he hoped you didn’t take it the wrong way. “I actually don’t know what I want, so what do you recommend?” Your smile widened, as you began listing things off the menu that were your favorite. Sebastian knew he was supposed to be on a diet for his next project, but one cheat day wouldn’t hurt.
He ended up ordering a plate of flapjacks, as they were listed on your menu, and two scrambled eggs and hashbrowns as a side. Before you left the table, you asked if it was okay with him if you ordered some food and ate with him. Sebastian nodded with a smile as you walked away. You came back a few minutes later with a different pair of shoes on your feet and a pitcher of water. You must’ve noticed Sebastian’s stare on your new shoes because you felt the need to justify the switch.
“Look, I’ve been in those shitty ass non-slip shoes for almost eight hours now, I’m allowed to change them if I want, strange man whose name I do not know.” You giggled to yourself as you refilled your glass of water. Sebastian raised his hands in surrender.
“I totally get it.” His eyes roamed over the parts of you that he could see, not finding a name tag anywhere. “What’s your name?” He picked up his water to drink after he asked. You made a face at him, before tapping above your heart. His brows raised as he placed his glass back on the table. “Yeah, there’s nothing there. So, what’s your name?” Your head dropped to look at your uniform and true to his word, there was nothing there.
“Well, shit.” You stuck your hand out over the table for him to shake. “I’m Y/N, but my friends call me Y/N/N. Pleased to meet you,” You paused waiting for Sebastian to fill in his own name.
“Sebastian, but my friends call me Seb.” He wondered why you were asking his name. He wasn’t vain or anything, but he thought he was pretty popular after being in the Marvel movies and all.
“Pleased to meet you, Bastian.” He made a face at you. You weren’t phased by his facial expression, as you explained yourself.
“What the fuck is a Bastian?” You giggled while taking a drink.
“You’re a Bastian. You said your friends called you Seb, but I’m not your friend, least not yet anyway. So, I’m gonna call you Bastian for the time being.” You plastered a smile on your face after finishing your sentence. Sebastian went to say something else when he was interrupted by the sound of a bell dinging. “Oop, that’s our food.” You walked off quickly, your steps much more comfortable in your new shoes which made Sebastian happy for some reason. As you made your way back to Sebastian, he could hear you humming to yourself happily, seeming perfectly content.
“Here’s yours, Bastian. And here’s mine. Come to mama!” You plopped down in the booth and Sebastian laughed. He took a second to look around the diner, there wasn’t anyone else inside except for you and him and he assumed the cook who hadn’t bothered to come out of the kitchen. The two of you began eating in a comfortable silence, which surprised Sebastian. It wasn’t often that he was this relaxed when meeting a new person. It was easy for him at conventions because he was only going to have to interact with his fans one-on-one for a short period of time, but this was different.
“So what brings you out this late, Bastian?” You kept saying that horrible nickname that you coined for him, making him shake his head.
“Just needed to get out of my own head, ya know?” He took a bite of his eggs, “Figured a walk around the city would do me some good.” He watched as you nodded while chowing down on a plate of fries. “What about you? Why are you working so late?” You sighed grabbing your glass.
“Oh, I actually wasn’t supposed to, but Stephanie really needed to go home. She’s pregnant, so it was a no brainer to let her go home and rest.” You turned to point into the kitchen. “George is actually her husband and the owner here.” You grabbed a few more fries before mumbling, “Plus, Joanie didn’t come in for her shift again, so I’m covering for her yet again.” Sebastian could tell you weren’t a fan of this Joanie person. You looked up from the table into Sebastian’s eyes. If you had recognized him you weren’t letting it show.
“Has it at least been an easy shift?” Sebastian wanted to keep the conversation on you, simply because he was interested in what you had to say. You hummed as Sebastian continued eating.
“It’s been normal, I guess? This isn’t my usual shift, so I haven’t had any of my regulars have come in which is annoying. I have gotten all of Joanie’s regulars and I don’t know what kind of catnip she’s putting in the food to give to these men, but they are all kinds of gross.” Anger bubbled in Sebastian’s chest which he immediately questioned. He just met you, but then again he was a good fuckign human who knew that women deserved to be respected.
“The men are gross? How do you mean?” Sebastian didn’t really want the answer, but he had to ask. Your brows raised and you made a face.
“I mean, you know how men are. They’re pigs, no offense to you because you seem normal.” Sebastian laughed, holding his hand up as he chewed, signalling that no offense was taken. “Thankfully, I can handle my own and George is pretty intimidating, so they scamper off pretty quickly after being told no.” That made Sebastian relax back into his seat.
“Well, that’s good, right? I honestly don’t know.” Sebastian watched as you pushed your plate away from you, bringing your knee up to your chest, resting your chin on it.
“It’s not too bad though. I made good money today.”
“How long have you been here?”
“Like long term? Or just today?” Sebastian laughed.
“Well, I’ve been working here since my junior year of college which was about three years ago. I’m working to pay for my master’s. And I’ve been here since five.” Sebastian’s eyes bulged, darting down to his watch.
“It’s two in the morning, Y/N.” You shrugged.
“I told you Joanie didn’t come in, she was supposed to relieve me at eleven!” A loud squeak emitted from the door causing your head to jerk to the new arrival.
“I’ll be right with ya, hun! Take a seat wherever!” Your voice settled back into your accent. You turned back to Sebastian. “Sorry, Bastian. Duty calls, I’ve gotta go.” You stood from the booth, taking your plate and glass. “Also, your meal is on the house.” You winked at him, walking away before he could protest your generosity.
He could hear your accented voice float through the nearly empty diner, enjoying the little lifts and drawls of it. Sebastian watched as you conversed with the other table, a group of high school kids it seemed. He stood from his table when you went to the back, dropping a twenty on the table. He’ll be damned if he was going to let you go away without compensation. When he got back to his apartment, he had no issue falling asleep, something that he felt he had you to thank for.
Today had been a long ass day for you. Your classes this morning started at eight sharp, which you missed because you overslept. Then your professor wouldn’t allow you to come into class late, citing his stupid syllabus with his classroom rules. The only saving grace for that fiasco was that your friend texted you her notes after class. When you went to the commons to get a coffee before your next class, you promptly spilled all over your textbook and when you checked the clock it was only ten-thirty.
You could afford to blow off your classes for the rest of the day, so you did. It was just easier to let yourself go home and catch up on sleep than it was to force yourself through those courses. You couldn’t afford to blow off work tonight though. Tonight though, you were going to be catching up on all your missing assignments from the classes you skipped. You invited the stress but you knew that in the end, it was most likely for the better. You got to the diner before your shift started, settling in one of the corner booths with a chocolate milkshake and your laptop. Out of the corner of your eye, you could see Stephanie hovering.
“You good, Steph?” Stephanie made a noise and you furrowed your brows as she stumbled with her words.
“I mean-- Like, no-- I just-- Why are you doing school work in my booths?” You sighed heavily and she began apologizing. “You totally don’t have to tell me, really it’s none of my business anyway.”
“Steph, you’re fine. I just had a really bad day today, so I skipped my classes to catch up on sleep so I’m doing my missed work.” Stephanie nodded at you, placing her hand on her stomach.
“Okay, good. Just checkin’, ya know? Cause ya never know what somebody’s doin’.” She started walking off but stopped suddenly. “You’re doing okay, right Y/N?” You smiled at her mother level instincts.
“Yeah, I’m okay Steph, I swear. Just a little stressed lately with everything going on.” You turned your attention back to your laptop. You were supposed to be writing an essay over the importance of political correctness in the media, but instead your blinking cursor was mocking you. It was about an hour and a half later when you had to start your shift, begrudgingly putting your laptop in your bag. You definitely didn’t get as much done as you wanted, but you did get almost half of your essay done, so that’s nice. What isn’t nice is that you’re actually working with Joanie tonight.
She may as well have not been there. For four hours, Joanie stood at the countertop, flirting with some greasy sleazebag. You huffed every time you went into the kitchen to get food for your tables. It had gotten dark long ago, but the diner hadn’t gotten any slower since around seven. You didn’t care though because you were making incredible money today. People were feeling really generous for some reason, not that you were going to argue with it. Joanie, of course, was still working the countertop of disgusting men. You had to give it to her, she was fucking persistent, but she was also so unhelpful.
You were currently serving a table of high school it kids, which was just so fun for you. This is where your night started to go to shit. First off, they all ordered plates of fries, which is just, okay, whatever. Then they complained about everything. ‘Your ketchup tastes funky,’ or ‘my fries aren’t crispy enough.’ Or it was something like, ‘are you sure you gave me two melted ice cubes and not three because it takes like you gave me three.’ And you were able to handle all those issues for them, remaining civil and pleasant.
You could feel that something was going to go wrong, you were just waiting for it, and this was it. They ate their whole meal and you had just dropped off their check, walking away from the table when you heard three finger snaps directed towards you. Your jaw clenched, you were usually really really fucking good at holding your tongue, but not at this point in time. You could feel your stress level start to rise along with your anger.
“Is there something else that I can get ya?” Your accent was getting thicker the angrier you became. The brunette teen on the end of the booth glared at you, holding her cup.
“Yeah, I didn’t order a lemon in my water.” You felt your brows raise, okay maybe this wasn’t going to be the disaster you thought it was going to be. “And now my experience here has been ruined.” The brunette stood beside you, dumping the glass of water down the front of your uniform. Your jaw dropped as she shook the glass to get all the water out. “That’s for being a shitty waitress.” She flipped her hair over her shoulder, forcing past you. “Let’s go guys. I’m not even willing to pay because of how horrible this was.” And then they fucking left. You gulped down tears of frustration because now you had to pay their fucking tab. Your uniform was soaking wet and the whole restaurant was waiting for your reaction.
Taking deep breaths, you made your way to the back office and to your locker. You twisted the dial lock, opening the door with a loud squeak. Pulling on a spare pair of blue jeans and an extra work shirt, you walked back on to the floor. The whole floor was still silent, anticipating your response.
“Aren’t you people supposed to be eating right now?” You walked back to the kitchen, grabbing the mop and starting to clean up the mess. You finished bussing the table, running the dishes through the washer to catch up. Out of nowhere, Joanie corners you in the dishwashing area.
“Hey, so I know that was, like, super embarrassing for you, but I’ve got to go, so I’m gonna need you to cover the rest of my shift.” She bit her lip when you didn’t reply. “Yeah, Joe out there at the bar top is taking me out, if you catch my drift.” You could hear the wink in her nasally voice.
“Unless he’s a hitman and that’s the definition of the phrase you’re using, then I don’t care.” Joanie scoffed at your retort.
“I can stay for like ten more minutes and then I’m leaving, so you’re gonna have to stay.” You rolled your eyes at her, not stopping your dishwashing. She walked away and you finally had a few moments of peace, so you dropped your head to your chest, exhaling sharp breaths leaving because you wouldn’t let yourself cry over something stupid.
When you walked back on to the floor, there was hardly anyone there, which you were thankful for. Stephanie had gone home earlier, leaving just you, Joanie and George in the restaurant. Seeing as how dead the building was at the moment, you decided to pull your laptop out again to finish your essay. You sat in the booth you did earlier, leaning your back against the wall, legs stretched out in the seat. You were putting the finishing touches on your essay when the screech of the front door hinges alerted you to a new customer. “I’ll be right with ya!” You placed your laptop on the table, not looking up to see who walked in, expecting it to be a customer this late.
“Oh, hi. I’m Joanie, come have a seat at the bar and I’ll getcha order, sweetcheeks.” You heard Joanie’s obnoxious voice croak to the newcomer.
“Uh, no thank you.” You heard Bastian’s voice respond to Joanie. “I’m actually going to sit over here with Y/N.” His finger pointed in your direction, his body following soon after.
“Ew, why? The goods are over here, sweetheart!” You had to hold back a laugh at Bastian’s wide eyes. He made his way to you faster, settling into the booth quietly.
“Joanie?” He asked expectantly, to which you nodded with a smug smile. You asked if he wanted a glass of water from behind your laptop screen. You got up after he nodded grabbing two ice cups and a pitcher. Joanie leaned over the counter to talk to you.
“Hey, Y/N/N. Who’s the hunk at table twenty one?” You groaned at her question.
“First off, Joanie. I’m Y/N to you and weren’t you supposed to leave five minutes ago?” You snipped at her. Joanie’s face was one of annoyance.
“I just wanted to fucking know. It’s not like he’s going to be interested in you.” You rolled your eyes at her response, walking back to Bastian in the booth.
“Just go home Joanie, neither one of us wants to deal with your shit. Also, I’m pretty sure that Joe wants to take you out.” The woman glared at your back as you sat down. She quickly picked up her purse and stormed out the front door. “Sorry about her.” Bastian shook his head.
“No, you’re good it’s not your fault.” He gestured to your laptop that you began typing furiously on. “What are you working on?”
“A discussion posting for one of my classes.” Bastian’s eyebrows raised, waiting for you to elaborate. “It’s about what movie we would show to the class for female empowerment. I picked Miss Congeniality, such a fucking good one.” Bastian laughed, filling his cup with water. You paused for a second, looking up from your computer screen. You looked at him for a long while, tilting your head at him. “How was your day, Bastian?” You asked while closing your laptop screen.
“It was good, I actually slept really well last night, so I was actually rested when I went to the gym. Then I ate pasta.” Bastian had a wide smile on his face as you laughed at his recollection of his day.
“Well, are ya hungry now? I can get ya something from the kitchen. We don’t close for another hour or so.” You pushed your laptop into your bag, standing from the sticky seat. “I’m getting my second milkshake of the day because I want one.” Sebastian stood and followed you to the bar top, watching patiently as you took out the ingredients.
“You know, I’ll have a milkshake with you.”
“What kind?” You turned to face him, leaning your weight on the counter, “And just so you know, I’m going to judge you based on your milkshake flavoring.” Bastian tilted his head forward, whispering his request.
“Do you have peanut butter and chocolate?” Your brows raised, a loud ‘hmm’ escaping while you turned to get out the rest of the items.
“We do. I figured you were gonna be like, ‘can I get a vanilla, please?’” He made a face at you as he pushed off the counter, doing a spin on the chair.
“Nah. I’m not a fan of vanilla in any capacity.” A shiver went down your spine at his rasp. Is he referring to what you think he’s referring to? “So, I’ve got a question for you.” You looked at him expectantly. “What’s up with your accent? You keep dropping it and picking it back up.”
“Do you always ask people about their accents the second day of speaking to them?” You pressed the button on the blender, not giving him time to answer. The blender stopped for a second and you asked, “You got a thing against accents?” With a wink, you started the blender again.
“Not at all, I actually spent a long time trying to drop my own accent, so I know it can be difficult. Normally, I wouldn’t mention it, but I’m curious about you, so I did.”
“What accent?”
“What do you mean, ‘what accent?’”
“For you, what accent? I haven’t heard you speaking with an accent.”
“Oh well, thanks. I’ve worked very hard for that. Now what about yours?”
“Customer service.” You stuck a straw in each milkshake, sliding his over the counter, which he caught with a raised brow. “It’s just my customer service voice. I am from deep down south Texas, but I don’t really have that accent unless I’m speaking to customers.” His brows furrowed.
“Then why don’t you have it with me? I’m a customer.”
“You’re not a customer, Bastian.”
“I wanna be a customer, Y/N.”
“You’re not a customer.” He released a loud groan which you laughed at as you made your way back to the booth. You stretched your legs to rest on the other seat underneath the table. “I thought we were friends, Bastian.” He glared at you playfully as he wrapped his lips around his milkshake straw. You rolled your lips inwards. “Hey, Bastian?”
“Hm?” He asked while happily drinking the final gulps of his milkshake.
“Did your milkshake bring all the boys to your yard?” He dropped his head backwards to rest on the booth back.
“Oh my god, Y/N.”
“What? That was funny!” You both burst into a fit of laughter. Sebastian glanced down at his watch, showing you the time. “Oh, yay. Closing time.” You stood from the table, bringing your empty cup with you, holding your hand out for Sebastian’s too. “It shouldn’t take me too long to close up, if ya wanna hang out in here.” He smiled wide, nodding his agreement. When you walked to the back, you saw that George had already done more than half of the cleaning.
“Oh my god, George! You didn’t have to do that, I would’ve helped.” George straightened from his position over the grill.
“Yeah, I know, but you were having a good time with what’s-his-face and I know you’ve had a rough day, so I figured I’d do more than enough for you to leave early.”
“Leave early? George, I’m not going until you do, so let’s get this done.” The corner of your mouth twitched up as you walked to wash yours and Sebastian’s glasses. “And his name is Sebastian, just FYI.” It took you and George about twenty minutes to finish up the cleaning. It would’ve been shorter if Bastian didn’t tease you on the way you swept the floor.
“Hey, so I don’t know what your plans are for tomorrow night, but if you aren’t busy you could come over to mine for a Miss Congeniality marathon.” You suggested as Bastian walked you to the bus stop, despite his protests. He looked over at you with a smug smile.
“Are you askin’ me out, right now?” You stumbled over your words at his question,
“Psh, I mean, like, no? But, hypothetically if I was, like, I dunno, what would you say?” He hummed a laugh at you.
“I would say yes, but only if we watch both of them.” He leaned over to you, “And if we had loads of jars of peanut butter that I can dip chocolate bars into.”
“I think you have a slight obsession and a deal, Bastian.” You stopped walking, digging in your bag for your phone. “Here, put your number in and I’ll text you the information.” After getting your phone back from Bastian, you opened a new text under his number. His phone dinged a second later, “Just checking to make sure you weren’t giving me a fake number.” You winked at him as you left. “I’ll text ya, Bastian!”
You did end up texting Sebastian. Two days later. Not that Sebatian was worried that you wouldn’t text him, you seemed like a woman of your word. He was reading over an audition script that his manager had sent him when you texted. His phone buzzed against his countertop, prying his attention away from the highlighted sections.
you busy later tonight?
The question was simple in theory. He wasn’t, not that he knew of anyway. Apparently, he took too long with his reply because his phone buzzed again.
it’s y/n, btw.
He laughed at that before typing his response.
I figured it was you, Y/N, also, I don’t think I’m busy later tonight.
Want to cash in on that Miss Congeniality movie marathon?
Sebastian nodded to himself, proud of his callback of your previous conversation.
haha, if you want to we can. i’ve got a shift at the diner later tonight though
He made a face at his phone, readying himself to salvage the situation.
i was just wondering if you’d come keep me company at the diner tonight?
A large smile spread over his lips.
Yeah, definitely. When does your shift start?
it starts at five pm, but it usually slows around eleven if you want to come then?
otherwise, i’d have to wait on you like a real waitress and i doubt you’d like that ;)
I mean, I don’t know, maybe I want the special customer service Y/N
Only if the accent is included in the customer service package though ;)
accent def included for my fav bastian <3
Sebastian’s eyes widened. A heart? What’s a heart mean? Oh what the hell ever, it doesn’t matter. A pretty girl that he is genuinely interested in has invited him to come hang out with her. Granted, she’s supposed to be working, but those are minor details.
I’ll be there around eleven tonight, then.
He thought a second before biting his bottom lip and adding.
I’m excited to see you :)
God, he hopes you don’t take that as him being a creep, perv man.
i am too, bastian. i’ll see you tonight. i’ll be the one in the comfortable shoes ;)
Time couldn’t have passed any slower for you. Tonight was a typical shift for you, so all your regulars were tipping you well. Joanie, on the other hand, was also working tonight. She was training a new girl. A horrifically bad idea in your own professional opinion. However, you weren’t the boss, Stephanie was and to Stephanie, Joanie was an angel who could do no wrong. You don’t know what the fuck Joanie did to get on Steph’s good side, but there she was. Joanie was with the newbie behind the counter, “teaching” her the ins and outs. You could just faintly hear what Joanie was telling the new girl, whose name you think was Amber?
“Okay, so this is where we keep the tea pitchers and coffee pots. If they’re empty, just tell Y/N and she’ll refill them for you.” Joanie chewed her bubble gum obnoxiously. You rolled your eyes, walking away from their conversation. You’re going to have to retrain her anyway, so why not just ignore them for the time being?
“We don’t refill them ourselves?” Amber seemed to have good intentions when she asked. Joanie made a face at her, shaking her head quickly.
“Abso-fucking-lutely not.” She leaned closer to Amber to whisper in her ear, “Y/N gets so pissed off if I try to do anything but take care of my tables around here.” Amber’s eyes widened, throwing a glance in your direction. You were holding a tray full of dirty plates from all your regular’s tables, on your way to the back. You threw your head back in frustration before tossing a glare at the two women behind the counter.
“Are y’all going to just stand there and gossip, or are you going to help me bus these tables? We have people waiting at the fucking door and you’re just standing there.” You’ll admit it, that was harsh. Not uncalled for, just harsh.
“See?” Joanie scoffed, popping her gum again. “Total tyrannical bitch.” She rolled her eyes before looking around the diner. Joanie placed her hand around Amber’s upper arm. “Come on, I’ll show you how to greet the people at the door and sit them.” You glanced at your watch, reading the time to be 11:15, Bastian should be here soon. You were unloading the dishes and stopping to get a drink when you heard his voice following Joanie’s.
“Hey there, hot stuff.” Joanie’s gum popped again. How unprofessional can you get? Chewing gum as a fucking server? How this woman hadn’t been fired yet was beyond you. You had your back turned to them, pouring yourself a cup of coffee. “How many’ll it be tonight?” Joanie slipped a slight southern drawl into her voice, mimicking your own. Bastian cleared his throat awkwardly.
“Uh, just one.” You turned around, pulling the cup to your lips, watching Bastian’s frame over the rim. You watched as his eyes darted away from Joanie quickly as she leant down, showing off her breasts to him. “Are there any seats open in Y/N’s section?” Amber scoffed quietly, rolling her eyes. She took the menu from Joanie’s hands when she saw that Bastian wasn’t giving her any attention.
“Actually, there isn't, sir. I’m so sorry about that. I do have some seats open in my own section at the bartop if you’d be okay with that.” Bastian bit his bottom lip, coughing lightly.
“Um, yeah I guess so.” Amber led him to the bartop, pushing past your body at the coffee maker. She was talking to Joanie on her way over.
“This guy is so fucking hot. Does he come in here often?” You decided to keep your mouth shut, waiting to hear what Joanie replied with.
“He came in this one time, late at night. I was just leaving so I wasn’t able to serve him, but I think he’s gay, so probably not worth the effort.” Joanie had taken up a defensive stance with Amber. Apparently, Amber was encroaching on what Joanie thought was her territory and you were reveling in it.
“Whatever, he’s so not gay. He’s too fucking hot the be gay. I’m going to go for it.” Amber raised a brow at a stunned Joanie. Amber pulled out a pad from her apron, clicking her pen before starting towards Bastian.
“Well, you’re still going to need my help because you’re a newbie.” Joanie sassed at Amber.
“Nah, I’m okay. I think he’ll find it cute if I do it myself. Ya know, first real customer bit?” Amber walked away confidently, leaning down in front of an oblivious Sebastian. She put a pad on the counter, leaning to write, displaying her chest to Sebastian. You could hear her conversation with him.
“Hi, sir.” She was attempting to be seductive? “I’m Amber and I’ll be your servant today.” She brought her hand up to her mouth, “Oops,” her eyes widening, “I’m sorry, I usually use that in a different context.” Your jaw dropped, a cackle working its way out of your mouth. Sebastian looked horrified at her insinuation, his face entirely too pale. “I’ll be your waitress tonight. What can I get you to drink, sir?” Sebastian kept his replies to the woman short. Amber walked away confidently, adding a sway in her hips as she left, attempting to draw Bastian’s attention to her ass.
Amber was next to you as she was making Bastian’s drink. Your phone buzzed in your apron, a text from Sebastian came in.
You laughed to yourself, bringing your hand up to your mouth to muffle the escaped giggles. A noise of disdain left the body next to you.
“What the hell are you laughing about?” You glared at the woman. “It’s not like you’re interesting or anything.” The front door squeaked loudly before you could form a retort. “Oh look, a new customer just for you.” She danced her fingers in front of your face. “Run along.” You shot a look at her retreating figure before taking care of the people at the front door. You sat them down, bringing them their drink order soon after.
As you were heading back to the kitchen, you looked over at Amber and Sebastian. You popped the bones in your neck, making a decision. You walked over to the pair, placing a hand on Sebastian’s shoulder as you sat in the seat next to him.
“Oh my god, Bastian! Why didn’t you text me that you were here?” You leaned in for a hug, whispering in his ear. “Just go along with this and you’ll get a free meal.” You pulled back, still holding his shoulders with a smile on your face. “Why aren’t ya sittin’ in my section?” Sebastian leaned back, holding a hand out to Amber.
“She said you were full, so she sat me here.” You turned to Amber, brows raised waiting for an explanation.
“Did she? Well, I guess I can just serve you here then. You already decide what ya want tonight?” You pulled out your own pad, ready for his order when two fingers began snapping in your face.
“Excuse me? Hello? This is my customer.” You glared at her, eyes flicking back and forth across her face. You cleared your throat, sticking your hand out for her to shake.
“Hi. I don’t think we’ve been properly introduced. I’m Y/N.” You waited for her to shake your hand, but she just stared at it in disgust. You retracted it, placing it at the base of Bastian’s neck, playing with the hair there. “This is my boyfriend, Sebastian.” Amber’s eyes widened at your statement, her jaw dropping slowly.
“That’s impossible.” She groaned when neither of you denied it. “Whatever, it doesn’t matter. He’s in my section now, so he’s my customer.” You narrowed your eyes at her while she tilted her head in defiance. You looked around for Stepahnie, calling her over to the group.
“Hey, Steph. I’m really not feeling up to being able to stay for the rest of my shift. You know how I’ve got all those tests tomorrow. Do you think that I can clock out early to study at home?” Was this morally the right thing to do? Eh, you don’t care. Amber’s annoying, so why the fuck not?
“Of course, honey. Good luck on your tests tomorrow.” Amber made a noise at Steph’s decision.
“You know she’s not going to study right? She’s probably going to suck his dick in the alley behind the diner!” It took every shred of will you had left to not slam her fucking head into the counter.
“Amber!” Stephanie raised her hand, pointing to the back of the diner. “My office. Now! You too, Joanie!” Stephanie placed a hand on your shoulder, an apologetic smile on her face before she followed a huffy Amber and Joanie.
“That solved that problem!” You laughed as you walked beside Sebastian. Your laughter was music to his ears, it brought a wide smile to his face that just wouldn’t go away. “Well, I’m free for the night, for real now.” You stopped walking, looking upwards at Sebastian. “Do ya wanna come over to mine for a movie night? I’ve got peanut butter!” You bribed him, which really was unnecessary, he wanted to hang out with you however you would let him.
You both had decided that ordering pizza was the best option because you were both feeling a bit peckish. It was now a bottle of beer each and a whole pizza later, the pair of you were on your couch in your apartment watching the first Transformers. Sebastian had stuck to his side of the couch as well as he could. He was a large man, but he wanted nothing more than to respect your own personal space. You took it upon yourself to break him of this. You laid your head on his shoulder, wrapping your arm around his right. You glanced up at him from his shoulder.
“Is this okay with you?” He wanted to speak, but he was too enraptured by your beauty, so he settled for a nod. “Good because you’re really comfy.” You snuggled into his side, making his heart beat faster. He desperately hoped you couldn’t hear it.
“This is probably the best out of all the Transformers.” Sebastian said in an effort to draw your attention away from his ever increasing heart rate. Your head lifted from his shoulder, making him internally frown.
“Mm, I think I like the second one more.” You put your head back on his shoulder. “Really, I just like John Turturro in it. His character makes me laugh.” You let out a small giggle accompanied by a hiccup. Your phone began buzzing on the coffee table and you held your arm out, making grabby hands towards the device. Sebastian laughed at your action, leaning forward to grab it for you. Joanie’s name lit up the screen, you groaned while denying the call, tossing your phone back on the table.
“Want to watch Mamma Mia?” Sebastian smiled.
“Only if you’ll sing all the songs with me.” You laughed as you switched the shows on your TV. You shifted your body upwards, waiting for Sebastian to stretch out so you could lay down. You had already hit play when you head rested on his lap. The opening titles of the movie began and you both started singing with the song. The show continued on and you began commenting on everything in it, making Sebastian’s stomach hurt with laughter. You grew quiet as Sebastian was laughing, watching him from your spot on his lap.
“What? Something on my face?” You leaned up, shifting into a sitting position facing him, still not saying a word. “Y/N?” Sebastian watched as your hands came up to his face, tracing his features.
“You’d make a good Sky.” Your fingers continued to trail along his cheekbones lightly. Sebastian’s eyes slipped closed as he enjoyed the moment of peace with you. His revere was broken by a gentle pressure against his lips. His eyes snapped open to see your face closer than before, your hands dropped to your own lap. “Oh my god, I’m so--”
Sebastian cut you off, pulling your face to his in a searing kiss. He backed away slightly, allowing his thumb to run over your bottom lip and chin. A silent agreement was made between the two of you in that split second. Giving Sebastian the permission he needed to bring his hand returned to the side of your neck, drawing you back into him.
His tongue was the first thing your lips felt. Tracing the inside of your top lip, before entering your mouth completely fighting for dominance. His hands left your face, traveling down your torso, pulling your midsection against his. Neither of you broke the kiss when he pushed against your ribcage, nudging you back against the couch cushions. Sebastian slotted himself in between your legs, bringing his left hand to the outside of your thigh. His lips left yours and descended on your neck, forcing your head upwards in bliss.
“Not here.” You moaned out, hands gripping the top of his curls. A powerful kiss was exchanged between the two of you before you spoke again. “Follow me.” Your eyes flicked over his face. You got up quickly, shedding layers of clothing on the way to your bedroom. You could hear Bastian doing the same behind you, causing you to giggle a little. Your laughter was cut off quickly as Sebastain heard, catching up to you quickly. He wrapped his arms around your waist, lifting you up as he walked. You were both down to just your jeans as your back hit the mattress.
Sebastian planted little kisses on your shoulders as his hands went to your jeans button. He looked up at you for a go-ahead before continuing. Not half a second after a yes slipped past your lips were your pants on your body. A groan of appreciation left Sebastian’s mouth, the action leaving a shockwave of vibrations that shot through your body. He left you for only a second to discard his own pair of pants, before settling on top of your body. Sebastian placed his hand on your waist, nodding his head upwards.
“Scoot up, Y/N.” His voice was rough but it was velvet to your ears. His hand never left your waist while you moved. Sebastian leaned down to kiss your collarbones. “Before we do this, Y/N. I need to know that you want this.” You were rendered almost speechless by his actions and Sebastian picked up on it. He brought his left hand to your face, brushing a stray hair out of your eyes. “Use your words.”
Your heart definitely just fell out through your vagina, what the fuck. You leaned out from underneath him, reaching your hand into your bedside drawer, pulling out a foil packet. “Yes, Bastian. I want this.” He smiled, kissing your neck again. “Now are you going to fuck me? Or am I going to have to do it myself?” You could feel a rumble leave Sebastian’s lips on the column of your neck. The skin there was slightly wet from his constant attention, not that you minded, of course. Sebastian continued on his downward path, both of his hands on your stomach, holding you in place. He inhaled your scent as he went down, licking his lips in anticipation. He kissed the front of your underwear before hooking his fingers into the waistband and tugging the fabric off your body.
“Oh, Y/N.” He groaned as he dove. in. tongue. first. Your head reared back in euphoria as he latched his lips onto your clit. A sigh of content left his lips, vibrations attacking your nerve endings. “Where have you been all my life, baby?”
Sebastian backed away slightly, bringing his arms underneath your upper thighs. He hiked your legs over his shoulders, bringing his face further into your pussy. If Sebastian had to describe what heaven was like, it was this. Your legs tightened around his head as he flicked his tongue against your sensitive bundle of nerves. Sebastian’s left hand came up to your mouth. He watched as you wrapped your lips around the digit, swirling your tongue around it, his eyes fluttered closed at the sensation. Sebastian pulled his finger out of your mouth soon after, bringing the now wet digit to your entrance. He watched your reaction as he traced your clit, then as he sunk his finger into you. No, that’s what heaven is. That reaction on your face, the dropped jaw, the squinched eyes, staggered breathing, that’s heaven. He’s sure of it.
He retracted his finger before pushing it back in, a squelching sound emitting from your labia. It’s only now that Sebastain realizes just how tight you actually are. He wonders for a brief second if he’s going to fit. He continues this motion for a few more pumps, slowly opening you up for him.
“You think you can handle another one, darling?” Sebastian’s voice was scratchy, waiting for an answer before he went any further. You let out a moan of assent, causing Sebastian to laugh lightly. “What did we talk about, Y/N?” His voice dropped an octave. “Use. Your. Words.” He punctuated each word with a thrust of his finger.
“Yes! Oh god, yes, I can. Please.” Sebastian pulled his finger back, lining up another.
“Well, since you asked so nicely.” He watched as his digits disappeared into your awaiting hole. A loud moan left your lips again, your hand coming down to Sebastian’s hair. Sebastian never stopped pumping, even when your hips began lifting off the bed. He began hooking his fingers against the walls of your vagina. His own hips began grinding against the bed as he watched you climb.
“You gonna cum for me, Y/N?” You nodded quickly. “Come on, sweetheart. Words, Y/N.” His actions sped up, and he watched as you struggled to form words.
“Yes, Sebastian. Can I cum, please?” Both of your hands went to his hair as he began sucking on your clit. Your grip on Sebastian’s hair was almost painful, but he basked in it. Your hips started lifting off the bed, but Sebastian was having no part of that. He used his right hand to hold you against the mattress as he ate you out like a man starved. There was only a brief second that his mouth left you.
“Cum for me, Y/N.” Your body responded to his words immediately. Legs shaking on his shoulders, eyes rolling in the back of your head, all because of the man between your thighs. Sebastian wondered when the last time was that you had been treated, but he didn’t care. He knew you shouldn’t either, Sebastian would take care of you for as long as you’d let him.
His fingers never stopped their movement, making you reach a second climax during the waves of the first. You eventually began to push against his head, needing a breather. Sebastian climbed up your body, leaving kisses, covering you in your own essence. He settled with his arms on either side of your head, a proud smile gracing his features.
“That was fucking hot.” He leaned down, sloppily kissing your lips. “You got one more in there for me, darlin’?” Sebastian watched as you captured your bottom lip in between your teeth, flashing pearly whites at him. You held the foil packet in your hand, eyes flicking to his still clothed center. You opened the package as Sebastian unveiled his own. He saw your eyes enlarge and nostrils flare for a second before returning to normal. He leaned down, kissing your forehead. “It’ll fit, sweetheart.” He winked at you as he sat back, holding his hand out for the condom.
You angled forward, stretching the latex material over his stiff member. A shudder ran down Sebastian’s spine at the feel of your hands on him. Before you could lay back down, Sebastian caught you by the back of the neck. He pulled you into an intense smooch, continuing this as he laid you down. Your legs fell open and he situated himself between them. Sebastian ran his hand up the outside of your thigh, curving it around his hip. His eyes flicked to yours, waiting for your approval.
“Fuck me, Sebastian.” You groaned out, tossing your arms around his neck, pulling him in for another kiss. He sighed into the exchange, grabbing a hold of his dick, positioning it at your entrance. The kiss broke as you both looked down to watch as the head of his cock disappeared into you. A warm feeling radiated from your chest as you took in Sebastian’s blissed out face.
“Oh god, ești atât de strâns.” Sebastian didn’t move for a few minutes, letting you adjust to the size. One of your hands left the nape of his neck to grip his bicep.
“Two things.” You were slightly breathless which made Sebastian’s chest swell with pride. “One, what language was that?” Sebastian smiled at your question, happy to talk about it. You held a finger up before he could speak. “I can tell you’re about to give me some long winded answer, so why don’t we save it for when you aren’t inside of me? And two, will you please move?” Your sentence was cut off by a moan leaving your lips. Sebastian angled his hips forward, pressing more of him into your body.
“You’re doing so good, lubita.” Sebastian’s eyes cast downward, watching as he slipped the rest of him inside of you. You both felt him bottom out, sighs of pleasure leaving both of you. Sebastian pulled back, leaving just his tip in before dropping his weight onto you, sinking in fully.
“Oh! Bastian, faster please?” Sebastian decided to make you suffer, apparently. He denied your request and ignored your pleading whines. He hooked your other leg over his waist, continuing his hard and slow pace. You were able to wrap your leg around his, flipping his body underneath yours, his cock never leaving you. Sebastian looked up to with wide eyes, taking in your form on top of him.
“My turn.” You spread your knees, bouncing on his thick thighs. You leaned back, placing your hands on his calves to steady yourself. Sebastian took advantage of this position, your exposed clit just begging for his attention.
“Feel good pe penisul meu?” Sebastian’s hands hadn’t left your waist until now. His palms left a hot trail up to your breasts. He tilted upwards, gripping them in his hands. “Atât de frumos.” He latched his mouth onto your left breast, tongue swirling your nipple. His right hand drifted to your neglected clit, rubbing it with quick circles. Sebastian managed to catch onto your rhythm and began thrusting upwards in time. You let out a loud groan the first time he did, almost losing your balance.
“You close, darling, huh?” Sebastian brought his right thumb to your mouth as you nodded and sucked. “Baby,” Sebastain drug the vowels out in a patronizing tone. “What did we say?” He hit into you harder when you didn’t answer, not accepting your beautiful little sounds.
Sebastian quickly flipped the script again, tossing you on your back onto the bed. His cock left you only briefly. He was soon lined up and sinking in again in no time flat. You threw your head back at the feeling, a loud moan leaving your mouth.
“Close! I’m clo--” Your words got cut off by Sebastian’s thrusting. He leaned forward, whispering in your ear as he spoke.
“Asta e iubito. I’m right behind you.” He exhaled harshly, “Fata buna. Let go, Y/N.” You felt it come up from your toes and the tips of your fingers. Your mouth dropped open as Sebastian brought you to the edge and threw you overboard. Tears began to form at the corner of your eyes as he continued thrusting.
“Sebastian!” A scream left your lips, shocking Sebastian into silencing you with his hand over your mouth. His body grew rigid, eyes rolling in the back of his head. He breathed heavily, gasps of ecstasy slipping in and out. You both stayed still as you caught up with your beating hearts. Sebastian figured you’d eventually want him to get off of you, so he pushed himself away. He discarded the condom in your bathroom trash, bringing a damp towel to clean you up with. You were still laying on the bed, immobile. Sebastian began to worry.
“Y/N? You okay, baby?” Your head lolled to face him, a blissed out expression riddling your features. A small ‘mhm’ sounded from your lips as Sebastian spread your legs again. “Words, darling.” Sebastian berated playfully. You went to push away his hands from your center until he explained what he was doing. “Shh, it’s okay, dragӑ. I’m just cleaning you up, I promise.” He tossed the towel into your bathroom, before crawling in next to you. You shifted to your side to face him fully.
“What language was that?” Sebastian smiled at your quiet voice.
“That would be Romanian, sweetheart.” A small yawn left your lips, causing more tears to gather at your waterline. “I’ll tell you all about it later. Right now though, let’s get some sleep.”
“You’re hot.” You booped Sebastian’s nose before dropping your head onto the pillow, the duvet pulled all the way up to your chin. Sebastian laid there admiring your relaxed face, his eyes memorizing every detail. “I can feel you staring at me. I thought we both decided to go to sleep.” You opened one eye to stare at the man lying next to you. Sebastian smiled softly, curling his arm around your bare waist to pull your body to his.
“That we did, dragӑ.” He kissed your forehead before closing his eyes.
“Goodnight, Bastian.” You pressed a soft peck to his jawline, snuggling into his body heat. Sebastian didn’t respond because he had already drifted off into his first night of unbothered sleep in weeks.
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