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#sebby baby

Translated from the original post by @colectivocaje on instagram:-

Diveraneando CAJE brought very good moments to children and adolescents. Excursions, conviviality, workshops, sports and a surprise visit. @imsebastianstan spent a day with all the CAJE participants, getting to know the work of @ColectivoCAJE, explained by the group of teenagers and guiding them through the center where we had the base camp. Sebastian was able to learn how the Caje girls and boys learned the proper use of new technologies, the danger of social networks through games and dynamics. He listened to them and they could ask him about his role as an actor, his place of residence or his tastes. The group of teenagers interviewed him as journalists from @cibercorresponsales. @imsebastianstan told them about his aspirations, his next plans, his recommendations for movies to watch in a group. Sebastian Stan is an American actor known for his film and television roles, especially in films from the Marvel Universe such as the Winter Soldier, but also for his sensitivity to social causes. In this case, his approach to children and young people in vulnerable situations showed that their superpowers are really real by dedicating their time to share such special moments for boys and girls from @colectivoCaje Today is your birthday and from CAJE we want to send you our congratulations. To carry out the Urban Camp we are governed by the guide for the organization of leisure activities and free time of the Community of Madrid in the context of the Covid 19 pandemic and the Covid 19 action protocols of sanitary hygiene measures in municipal closed spaces of the City Council of Alcalá de Henares. Sebastian’s visit was planned for May, participating in our camp once the preventive quarantine had passed and the pertinent test having been carried out. The CAJE educational team complied at all times with the protocols with all measures of social distance, use of masks at all times, temperature measurement and continuous disinfection of hands and common spaces. We want to thank @mdceleste for all his work to make the meeting possible

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