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#girl in red

i was vibing to girl and red in the bathroom and i realised i dance like an actual muppet like

w t f—

idk why but this just feels like the gayest thing about me, aside from the fact i wanna kiss girls and enbys.

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we fucked to girl in red

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Whee I’m listening to Girl In Red

again, ✨women✨

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Marie posted about these world in red themed shoes she made for world in red :))

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i about out myself everyday cause everyday something goes wrong and i about say “this is homophobia” with my family right in front of me

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Bad idea! Cover
just chillin
lesbian brain
hehehe titties
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Me, trying to be hip with the young gays: So do you listen to uhhhh… *checks notes* t.A.T.u.?

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I just want some pretty girl to ask me if I listen to girl in red

Is it too much?

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the way I was washing dye out of my hair and my SHUFFLED playlist decides to play 4 girl in red songs in a row whilst my mom is next door🧍‍♀️ PLEASE APPLE MUSIC I AM NOT OUT YET DONT EXPOSE ME WHEN I CANT SKIP THE SONG DJJDJDJFJ

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That’s actually really funny because I saw them last night and they made me really happy. I almost commented on one of them, but couldn’t think of something to say lol. 

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<div> —  <p>lol</p> </div><span>been listening to mother mother, radiohead and girl in red the whole day</span>
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