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#light academia aesthetic

When I think of Muslim academia/da, I find that some element of cottagecore seeps in. Islam is intricately bound up with nature and having them be two separate aesthetics doesn’t make sense to me. For example, take a look at Islamic architecture, particularly Persianate - florals are intricately woven with geometric patterns. Math and astronomy entangled with gold and illuminated manuscripts. The edges of scrolls annotated with entwined branches. Even Arabic calligraphy takes on shapes of birds/animals/plants sometimes.

Islamic academia is aesthetically stunning and deserves its own category instead of conforming to Occidental boxes.

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I feel like I’m a little bit in love with everybody. 

Like fuck off y’all if you smile at me in the sunlight one more time I’m going to fall in love, just you fucking wait, you little twat, I’m going to buy you some goddamn flowers

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Old Books: What Literary Character do you most personally relate to?

Marble Statues: If you could choose a Historical Figure, Fictional Character or Loved One to model your life after, who would you choose and why?

Old, Stone Buildings: Which Book or Movie are you yearning for right now, and why? 

Warm, Dim Lighting: What’s your favorite book you currently already own, and why?

Libraries: Which part of your Home is your personal favorite? If you had to choose one room to spend the whole day in, where would you go? 

Classical Paintings: What was your Childhood Obsession (ex: Dinosaurs, Aliens, A particular Movie, etc.)

Steam Engines: How have you changed over your life? What has changed and stayed the same from your childhood to the present day? 

Vinyl Records: What are your current Interests or Hyperfixations?

Rain: Which Hobby are you interested in taking up at the moment?

The Ocean: If you had to describe yourself using things you find Aesthetically-pleasing, which would you use? You can also make a Moodboard for these things, if you’d like. 

Lace: Rant about something, from a celebrity who did something stupid, to that one Scene from that movie you love, to that one classmate you don’t like. Let loose, darling. Keeping it all in will only compound your stress.

Warm Tea: What’s your favorite thing to drink, or what do you usually order from Starbucks or a Tea Shop when given the chance?

Snowy Winters: What Villain, whether from Myth or Story, do you most personally relate to, and why?

Area Maps: Describe that Teacher, Mentor or Parental Figure that truly moved you. What made you connect with them so strongly?

Wooden Furniture: What time of day or night do you feel best at?

Embroidery: What’s your favorite Subject in school, or what thing do you most enjoy researching? 

Sunlight: How old are you mentally? If you had to tell your age based on your mentality, what would you say?

Flowers: What’s your favorite type of Plant, whether it’s a Tree, an Herb or a Flower, and why?

Sweaters: Describe the saddest part of your life so far in the most poetic way possible. Where did it go wrong for you?

Freshly-baked Bread: What makes you an Eccentric? What might people find odd about you, whether you choose to hide it or not?

Cute Mugs and Teapots: Are you more partial to Silver or Gold, and why?

Greenery and Nature: What’s your favorite kind of Weather, and why? Try to describe it as passionately as possible.

Vintage Stationary and Letters: What’s a cute little quirk or habit of yours that others would find endearing?

Old Sepia-toned Photographs: What Music Instrument do you enjoy the most? 

Animals: What’s your current favorite Outfit, or piece of Clothing?

Swords and Daggers: What makes you feel Confident?

Windows: Who’s your favorite Comfort Character? The kind of Character you could rant about how much you love for hours? 

The Human Body: Which of your favorite Films do you relate to most? Why did it move you so much?

Yearning: How would you describe your Gender without using common Labels?

Mirrors: How would you describe your relationship with Love itself, whether you feel it or not?

Stationary: What was the first Book or Movie that moved you to tears?

Piano: What makes you swoon, whether it’s in a romantic, platonic or aesthetic light? Which traits or aspects deeply move you and make you feel human?

Messy Hair: How would you describe your upbringing and home community in the most poetic, aesthetic and emotional terms possible?

Waistcoats: If you had to choose a Treasured Item you own to bring with you on a grand adventure, which would you choose?

You: What are you most thankful for these days?

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it doesn’t look like im going to be able to post an update for a while; living at home, even for five-ish weeks Is proving to be a bit more difficult than expected. but ill provide not-fashion updates just the same. happy holidays to everyone ! stay safe :)

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i’m so over that stupid “love is dead, nothing matters” phase of my life

like bro there is love in everything!! i love biology because my crush is there!! i love writing because i can make my own villains!! i love waking up because i get to see my dog!!

being negative is easy but falling in love with your reality is beautiful

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“I have grown to love secrecy. It seems to be the one thing that can make modern life mysterious or marvelous to us. The commonest thing is delightful if only one hides it.”

—The Picture of Dorian Gray, O. Wilde

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