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Okay, so, i’ve been thinking about what the SIX film could be/be based around and hear me out…

(I did add this in a reblog this but i think it’s awesome so i’m posting it again.)

THE QUEENS MAKING SIX (a prequel kinda thing)

It starts with the queens being reincarnated into the 21st century and we get these scenes where they meet each other again, work out who they are before discovering the outside world etc etc.

We could get some really cute scenes with Cathy and Catalina, maybe Anne could discover she’s Bisexual in the 21st Century and Jane could accidentally walk into a lingerie store. 

Eventually, (through means of movie magic) they find out that no one is telling their true stories and they come up with a plan to tell that: A musical!

It’s about their story making the musical, the meanings of their songs and how they eventually come together as a found family to retell their stories through means of forgiveness and hope.

To end, the queens are performing their flash mob at the Tower of London. After the performance they all take a moment to bow and look at the crowd. Soon after though, they each start fading away in rhyme order - they’ve reclaimed their stories.

Cathy is the only ‘survivor’. The 6th queen makes it her mission to get SIX officially on the West End before her time is up and she casts a new group of queens. She fades away after the first official performance having reclaimed their stories.

*As for cast, the original West End cast will play the tudor versions of the reincarnated queens (in any flashbacks)

We have a totally new upcoming cast of Gen Z performers playing the reincarnated queens.

The ‘final’ cast of queens will be played by the updated west end cast (Courtney, Danielle, Sophie etc.)* 

I have an ENTIRE TRAILER IDEA pre-written and ready to go because i’ve been hyped on this idea for like a year now! ☁️

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I’m pretty proud of my newer fics so it always gives me a fluttery feeling whenever I get a kudos/fave email in my inbox. However I am honestly shocked at whoever is reading my old stuff that I wrote when I was a very bad writer in my teen years. This stuff was posted on FFN back in 2008/9 and I’ve tried re-reading it and honestly, some of the stories don’t even make any sense. The grammar is horrendous, the characterisation is so ooc, and the plot is filled with more holes an a sieve.

Who is reading this stuff?! How are they enjoying it?! I mean, they’re bad. Where did they even find the story? They’re not exactly high up the list of most favourited stories in the fandom.

Anyone else cringe, or just plain surprised, by the occasional interest in some of your older and badly written works?

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from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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I know stats shouldn’t matter much but how exactly do you make your written fic (especially on AO3) get noticed/be popular? Do you need to be popular in other social media accounts like tumblr, twitter, etc. and have a small fandom in your side?

I’ve noticed a few works get a lot of kudos and hits as well and I’m really confused on how they do that. Is it talent, the number of works, or the amount of friends that you have to support your works?

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from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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Hatırla beni.. Uzaklara gitmek zorunda olmama rağmen

Hatırla beni.. Ne zaman hüzünlü bir gitar duysan

Bilmelisin ki seninle olabilmemin tek yolu

Yeniden kollarımda olana kadar

Hatırla beni..

Coco - 2017


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Announcement: Ultimate Decades Blogathon 2021

Announcement: Ultimate Decades Blogathon 2021 #UltimateDecadesBlogathon #Blogathon @DrewToTheFuture

Welcome to the 6th Annual Ultimate Decades Blogathon 2021 hosted by myself and Drew’s Movie Reviews.

This year, we’re changing things up a little. Instead of picking an entire decade, we’ve adopted the Decades Blogathon from Thomas J and Three Rows Back. How this blogathon works is that we pick a number and of course, we’re going to just do it the easy way and work our way up starting from 1 and…


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Check out my latest video on my page where I go into a deep dive on how to use the joke formula for suspense, studying Dunkirk

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Balls to the Wall (2011) - Raymond O'Connor as Bernie Niles

Ahhh… Raymond O’Connor. My bootleg Jack McGee.

What? Look at him and tell he doesn’t reminds you of Jack McGee.

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Yesterday evening I watched Kajillionaire and let me tell ya it hit HARD. Fantastic movie though, I really enjoyed it

I watched tons of old movies last year due to the fact I was taking Film History, but now that I finished my exam I can’t wait to catch up with all the most recent ones!

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