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Veronika Franz, Severin Fiala, 2020

A fantastic homage to classic despair horror. The lodge presents paranoia, fear and desolation in a large house in the woods. Occupied by a father, his children and his new girlfriend on winter vacation just after the ex wife commits suicide, this movie provides foreboding, uneasy moods with beautifully dark, enamoring shots. The cinematography is reminiscent of  Hereditary in the way that it uses doll houses to communicate key aspects of the plot. However, the chemistry between characters reminds me of The Shining. Very intense and the ending is hard to swallow for any horror fan. I enjoyed it but I might wait awhile to watch it again. 

Good, solid horror. 

9/10 stars. 

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I’m curious because I continuously see authors put in what race, what sexuality, what gender, (if) what mental disease, what ever else they are/have in the summaries of a story that has nothing to do with the things they say about themselves

Personally if I read a story, I read the story for the story and not really for the author behind the story. Fanfiction or not. Good on people for saying things about themselves, but if I like the story, it honestly has nothing to do with what gender the person is or etc.

I’m curious to see if anyone likes or dislikes the story more because of what an author says about themselves.

No hate to me or anyone, it’s a genuine question and discussion

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from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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🎥 Hoy en vivo 

👉 Por Twitch:

BLOW (2001, Ted Demme)


George Jung comienza su carrera de narco como vendedor de marihuana en California durante los 60’s hasta que llega a trabajar con Pablo Escobar como principal contacto del Cartel de Medellín al sur de E.U.A. en los 80’s.

📖 Basada en el libro: “Inhala: De cómo un muchacho de un pequeño pueblo hizo $100 millones con el Cartel de Medellín y de cómo lo perdió todo” (1993) de Bruce PorterInspirado en hechos reales.

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Richard Linklater, 2001

Imagine you’re sitting with a friend. Your friend is having an incredibly engaging conversation that really resonates with you and clicks on an surrealistic level. 

That’s what this movie feels like. A series of conversations that make you question what reality and human connection is. It seems to be a trend among rotoscope films to have the viewer question whats real, taking full advantage of the art to play into the theme of blending reality. A scanner darkly, Undone and this film all use the film technique and all three use the idea that the main character cannot trust that they are in reality or trust the people around them and use the art to reinforce this idea. I also noticed some other interesting similarity.  Both Undone and parts of this film take place in San Antonio, Texas. It does not say it explicitly, but I live in Houston and am very familiar with San Antonio. The other similarity I noticed that was very odd was the presence of Alex Jones in this film as well as in A Scanner Darkly. For those of you who are unfamiliar with him, he is a very popular paranoid Youtube conspiracy theorist that has been preaching his ideas for 20 years now. Some vary from severe theories of the Sandy Hook massacre was fake to chemicals in the water turning frogs gay. Why I find this interesting is in both these movies, he is soapboxing about how we live our lives and government control. His ideas in these monologues are actually fairly lucid and is more on the stance of personal rights and freedoms. His presence and monologue in A Scanner Darkly is actually alluding to the premise and plot of the whole movie. So does his in Waking Life. I think perhaps knowing that society and the government is untrustworthy can drive people insane with paranoia but I think his voice has its place on certain topics. Anyhow, Waking Life just makes you feel as though you are deep dreaming and questioning reality. Some really deep extensional. 

would watch again but with a mellow crowd. 

9/10 stars. 

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