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Basically, my fanfic has the extremely popular, yet somewhat toxic, canon ship as being still together at the beginning, but my OC will end up being end game for one of the canon characters and it will become an OC/Canon

I do expect some backlash from the fandom because I do plan to break up something that so many in the fandom basically worship, but it’s not a secret that the Canon/Canon won’t be endgame, it’s literally in the summary and the tags.

Normally when there’s an OC/Canon involved with this particular ship broken up, they are already broken by the beginning to middle of the first chapter or they never got official un the first place, but I plan to stir the pot by having them break up within the fic to cause drama and tension at the beginning of the OC/Canon.

Honestly, I’m excited, because it gives me a chance to actually realistically point out why I find the ship to be somewhat toxic within the fanfic that will cause them to break up, without making one of them too OOC or turning it into an outright bash fic where the other half of the pairing is basically an over exaggerated parody of its flaws.

I do hope it goes well.

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from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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“Here people is like that, kid. They leave! They just go. They pick up and leave.”

Beyond the Mountain (2018)

David R. Romay


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