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Prom was a bust, I just found out that Highsmith College disbanded its cheerleading squad, …

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What do you say you and I take a mini vacation away from both our families?

I say let’s get this weekend started.

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RIHANNA at the MET GALA (2015)
Despite the theme being China: Through the Looking Glass, Rihanna was one of few attendees to wear a Chinese designer. Guo Pei designed the 55lb dress for a couture show five years previous, and she was worried that Rihanna wouldn’t be able to manage the weight.  However, when Pei accompanied Rihanna to the Met, she realized the singer was up for the job.  

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A deep discussion over the matters of gender happening at the back desks of 1-B classroom courtesy of Vnimaniye, Cherepakha! / Attention, Turtle! (USSR, dir. Rolan Bykov, 1969)

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Now, this joke is easily passed by with “oh smart guy humor.” 

but like. in this context. Professor Gerald Robotnik, the grandfather Eggman has said to have looked up to ever since he was a boy, WAS a biotechnician. 

In conclusion: 

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