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Hi guys risk here, i KNOW a bunch of yall are fucking weebs like me, and me and my fwiends made a server dedicated to Windbreaker (webtoon) but also just anime shit in general SO if you want to join a small chill server and talk about dumb shit. Come ERE

This is the first and last promo this page will see LMAO

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Joe shimamura from cyborg 009! One of my favorite retro animes (1979 version especially) it’s story may seem simple compared to a lot of shows that come out now, but that simplicity mixed with the morals and questions it has throughout is plot were definitely before it’s time and it was amazing for it.

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1. I’m quite passionate about computer science, I could nerd out about that for ages.

2. For me, I feel the safest being alone in liminal spaces, like a playground at night. That might not seem very safe but I like to be alone at night (outside if possible) and just relax. Being alone at night calms me mentally and I feel safest when I’m mentally okay and content, not when I’m in a physical safe place.

3. My healthiest and therefore best coping mechanism is to watch old cartoons in low quality; I watch pink panther in low quality a lot.

4. I get along with quieter, intelligent people that I can just debate with about philosophical and physiological topics such as morality for ages. I like people who keep their distance and aren’t very social as well as anyone who will aid me in my quest of social anarchy.

5. The luckiest thing to happen to me (that I can remember with my crappy memory) was when I collapsed right before a major exam and instead of having me retest they just gave me the highest mark possible. Apart from that the fact that I haven’t died from the reckless things I do as an adrenaline seeker, is probably a miracle as well.

6. My soul, if it was a drawing, would be a drawing of an apocalyptic city where disorder and fear are the reigning king and queen. Above it all I would be lying on my back atop the tallest skyscraper, that is defying the laws of physics by floating as it’s bottom half has crumbled, my head hanging off the edge as I look on at the chaos through the frame of a book that has a hole in the middle.


Thankyuu for asking anon x

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Romeo’s Blue Skies have such strong potential to be my favourite anime (well, 2nd fav after hxh) if it weren’t for the forced het ships, maybe I could be wrong I’m still on episode 20 but the Nikita x Alfredo chemistry (or lack thereof) is annoying tf outta me rn

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