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#son goku
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Tumblr media
This couldn't be happening.
Everything was falling apart, spiraling out of control, and Shin wasn't having any luck in preventing things from getting worse.
First Kibito, his faithful companion and honestly his rock in the crisis, straight up died. Then the Saiyans he enlisted for help kept ignoring his suggestions, because gods forbid they take the advice of someone with actual experience with the threat, right? Then one of them, Vegeta, gets under Babidi's control and refuses to listen to reason. Even holding a stadium hostage to get what he wanted.
And then when he makes a last ditch effort to keep it from going even more downhill...
Son Goku himself, the man who everyone he asked spoke nothing but positively about, was threatening him. Quietly, but no less clearly.
It had to be a bluff, he reassured himself at first in an attempt to calm his nerves, he wouldn't go this far, would he?
But one peek into his mind... proved him wrong...
Though Earth's hero didn't want to, he was more than willing to unless the Kai stood down.
The fact he could hear the magician mock him nor him feeling the eyes of the prince behind him flick between the two of them didn't even register, the cold dread drowning out everything else. His mind at some point even faded back to that past for a moment before returning to reality.
He stared at Goku as his mind went lightyears a second as he tried to think of what to do. All he could do was consider his options.
If he stood his ground, he would be dead. There was no question about that. He was no match for the warrior in front of him. And if he allowed himself to perish, then the universe was doomed for sure.
... So... as much as it pained him... his only option was...
Shakily, he lowered his arms, weakly muttering his surrender as he stared down at the ground.
He heard the tell tail sounds of the ki blast dispersing as he stepped out between Vegeta and Goku.
"I'm sorry, Supreme Kai."
"... I'm sorry too..."
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tofuthebold · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
slapped some colors on dragon ball ch 31 art because simple low effort something to hopefully force me out of artblock and then it took two whole days anyway mama mia partially because i’ve been asleep for like 35 of the past 48 hours
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damagecompiilation · 22 hours ago
tag dump cuz tumblr broke - tv muses pt 4
- goku / gohan / goten (dragon ball z) - black star / eruka / medusa / soul /tsubaki (soul eater) - bela talbot (supernatural) - temari (naruto)
#;out of worlds#;i can't bear the thought of innocent lives getting wiped out just cause i wanna fight the best. (interactions - goku)#;sometimes life is too uncertain to have regrets. (character study - goku)#;i'm giving you the chance to end this without violence. (interactions - gohan)#;you think you can just walk in and take our planet. but you forgot one thing...i'm my father's son! (character study - gohan)#;is it okay if i be like you? ya know a super saiyan. (interactions - goten)#;i guess when your family is the richest in the world there aren't many toys that you don't have. (character study - goten)#;compared to a man as big as me you realize how small you are don't you? (interactions - black star)#;if it's fear that you speak of then I'll stand & face it. the only time i lose is when i die! (character study - black star)#;next time i really am going to kill you! (interactions - eruka)#;it's so lovely to have been born a witch. (character study - eruka)#;this is how all that talk about killing me comes to an end? of course i knew you wouldn't deliver. (interactions - medusa)#;at all times there is an excess of fear flowing from every human being. (character study - medusa)#;the fear of interacting with people....even i understand that one. (interactions - soul)#;in the end the shape and form don't matter at all. it's only the soul that matters right? nothing else. (character study - soul)#;one person can't make a decision without the other - you decide together and you fight together! (interactions - tsubaki)#;i'm not going to let you call me some petty flower! even tsubaki has to have a fragrance! (character study - tsubaki)#;we're all going to hell dean. might as well enjoy the ride. (interactions - bela)#;you wouldn't understand. no one did. nevermind. i'll just do what i've always done. i'll deal with it myself. (character study - bela)#;the first move i make will be the last one you see. (interactions - temari)#;sacrifice is an inevitable part of missions. didn't you recieve emotion training? (character study - temari)
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the-saiyanity · a day ago
Should Vegeta phase out and should Goku have a new rival and challenges to conquer?
I don't think at this point Vegeta could be satisfyingly phased out. He could sit out an arc like he almost did when TOP began, but phase out ? No. Goku has always needed others to buy him time and space and context for his battles, and Vegeta is the only one that could match him in that. It would be like Buu again where Goku hypothetically could start and finish his own fight, but after everyone else had their try and screw up, you needed Vegeta to finish the arc. Now even without Majin Vegeta to kickstart thing, we've reached the point where Goku's both backstory and and main story is interconnected with his. You kinda cant write Goku well without him anymore, as his without Goku. For the entirety of Super lore since 2013 (except the manga because i have many things to say about Toyoraro's Vegeta and one of that is he is NOT the Vegeta i know), Vegeta is the sole provider of context for Goku's story. Beerus and Whis? they wouldnt come if they had no relations with Vegeta and Saiyans in the past, and wouldnt stay if not for Vegeta's wife's help. Frieza? He's Vegeta's old enemy. Future Trunks? Vegeta's son and family. Broly? He attacked Vegeta first because bad blood now. If not you get Z Broly's nonsense. Also Super Saiyan God and all its variation, in a way, is Vegeta's form., the way SSJ was Goku's. 
Goku "makes things happen" and is fun when he comes on screen, but he lacks the intent Vegeta has. Ultimately, Goku is a passive hero. He fights by the seats of his pants just like how Toriyama writes. He needs a reason and context lest he become a dumbass full blown villain. As a friend and partner who provides WHY and HOW Goku fights, Vegeta is pretty much the new Grandpa Gohan of DB and Kid Gohan of DBZ - The entirely of Dragon Ball's adventures happens because Goku wants to find his dragon ball, as well as saving his son in DBZ. As a rival, say you could hypothetically make someone like Hit Goku's new Vegeta, but you kinda cant write this much bulk of history and backstory and PERSONALITY to make them engaging.
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asnxdt · a day ago
Broly the Legendary Super Sayan
Check my main page on Instagram (@asnxdt) for full post 🐉
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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evelily1803 · a day ago
They park at ur hotel's parking lot, do you give them a room?
Tumblr media
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Goku and vegeta finding out their students have developed a rivalry after mimicking them
This is literally the MC VS Pinich dynamic from Dragon Ball Fusions except they were already rivals before Goku trained MC and Vegeta trained Pinich.
Were that not happening, and instead Goku and Vegeta independently got students and they happened to develop a rivalry, it's just more evidence to others that the two don't get along.
Depending on when Vegeta picked up a student, that student may be completely insufferable or just kind of a dick. Which would irritate a student of Goku's who is just as dedicated to picking fights as Goku is. Which could make picking fights way easier.
Goku would be delighted by this because he runs with the thought that having rivals that challenge you makes you a better fighter. He would get concerned in the event the two students actively try to murder each other.
Vegeta's still on that "if you make me look bad compared to Kakarot I will kick all of your asses" kick as of the most recent Super chapters, so that would follow to him expecting his student to beat Goku's student.
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nayuladelbarrio · a day ago
Tumblr media
en tu pupíla el arcoíris se reflejó y el amor florece en tu corazónnnn sigue teniendo fe y esperanza en que el mañana va a cambiaarrr
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actuallysaiyan · 2 days ago
If you can spare the time, could you please write a headcanon between the reader and Goku, Gohan, Krillin, Broly, and Gogeta, where the reader has low self esteem and always feels lonely?
Tumblr media
Word count: 819 Pairings: Son Goku x Reader, Son Gohan x Reader, Krillin x Reader, Broly x Reader and Gogeta x Reader Warnings: Mentions of low self-esteem and sadness.
Tumblr media
Goku isn’t really the smartest when it comes to feelings. He knows you aren’t feeling amazing a lot of the time, but he doesn’t see why.
“Come on, you are awesome! Why are you always bringing yourself down?” Goku loves to try and get you to see your self worth, but it is hard.
He might not understand low self-esteem, but he knows when you feel defeated. It’s something everyone feels.
He’ll bring you into his arms and hug you closely. You may feel so small in comparison to him, but he’s just trying to hug the pain away.
You’ll have a hard time not smiling because Goku is all smiles. His sunniness and happiness is so contagious and he makes you feel very warm inside.
Goku’s idea of cheering you up might be training, but if you allow him to let you get stronger, you may start to feel a little different.
You’ll never really feel alone when he’s around. He’s so sweet and he always wants to do something with you if he isn’t out training or fighting an enemy.
Tumblr media
Gohan understands what it feels like to have low self-esteem. He will do anything in his power to cheer you up.
He will often cheer you up by cooking you yummy foods and just wrapping you up so you are a burrito in a blanket.
He will praise you over and over again. “You are so valid and worthwhile, I love you.”
Gohan is always going to hold you close and hug you until you don’t feel sad anymore.
If you are feeling way too overstimulated and don’t want a hug, Gohan will also just listen to you and let you vent if you need it.
Gohan likes to buy you little cute plushies and wrap you up in the blankets and just set you in front of the tv with a snack and your plushie.
He’s big on just comforting you with sweetness and cuddles.
Tumblr media
Krillin knows that low self-esteem and feeling lonely can be so debilitating. He wants you to know that he is here for you.
He’ll hold you in his arms whenever you are feeling so unworthy and sad. He whispers sweet nothings in your ear as he rubs your back.
If you want to go out to eat and just try and forget about it for a while, Krillin takes you out to a nice little restaurant and treats you like a queen.
If you feel like staying in and just crying, Krillin will run you a bath and cater to your every need.
He’ll order you some take-out and will throw on your favorite movie as he cuddles you on the couch.
You never have to feel alone with Krillin. He’ll tell you some dumb jokes to make you smile, but he will also compliment you a lot.
“You are the most gorgeous person I have ever laid eyes on. I am so lucky to have you,”
Tumblr media
He doesn’t have the best experience with other people’s feelings, but he does care so much about you.
He wants you to see how wonderful you are in his eyes. He’ll do almost anything for you.
You can expect a lot of bone crushing hugs and lots of sweet words of affirmation. He’ll call you beautiful and just compliment anything about you.
If you want to go out to eat, Broly will take you to a little obscure diner that’s out of the way and have a little private dinner.
He often will hunt for you and just bring you home food so that you can stay home. He always compliments your cooking.
“You are a great asset. You complete me…” Broly doesn’t have the best compliments in terms of the right words to use, but they are from the heart.
He’s the clumsiest about your feelings. He means well and just wants you to feel good about yourself.
Tumblr media
The Vegeta part of him thinks it’s stupid that you have low self-esteem. It’s the Goku part of him that calms Vegeta down.
He wants you to see your self worth, but he is kind of odd about it. He only knows about training and getting stronger.
So you go with it. He helps you become stronger, but he is soft about it. He knows you are sensitive.
He’ll bring you into the shower and just kiss you all over until you feel so damn beautiful.
You literally will not feel alone. There are two of them together who are just trying their best together to make you feel like a million dollars.
“Such a beautiful girl. Your tears are being wasted. You don’t need to cry over something this silly.” But he pulls you in for a sweet kiss.
He’s trying his best to see you smile. Gogeta wants the best for you and will fight somebody if he has to.
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