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[Hello dearest! I love you forever and always for finally requesting this spicy boy. Tbh I had been surprised as well. As of yet, I haven’t received many requests for DBZ villains in general.]

  •  Frieza, the Galactic Emperor, is a nightmare of a yandere. In measure of action, he sets new records. He’ll go the farthest for you, and his lack of morals doesn’t help you in the slightest.
  • He’ll destroy an entire solar system in the blink of an eye, without a moment’s hesitation, all for you. How lucky, right?
  • Though it’s hard to believe that someone as heartless as Frieza could turn, I agree wholeheartedly he’s among the most likely characters of Dragon Ball to take on those traits.
  • He’s too prone to letting his emotions guide him, and he’s a very emotional creature. Although, he would only turn if specific conditions were met. You would’ve had to have served under him at some point. Though you may think that being a saiyan might make him less likely to grow interest, it would more than likely escalate the process even more.

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I submitted my proposal! SUCCESS! Here’s the next Gohan theme to celebrate:



Thanks for the idea, @webelurking​!

I had to google what vaporwave was (yet another phase that I missed), but I hope I’ve included all of the elements! The background is from Google but I did everything else. Neon colours, the glitchy effect, and that round sunset thing seemed like commonalities, so that’s what I included. Hope you like it!

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Perfect Mess


Originally posted by vgeta-remade


Cells day began with you leaving for work in the early morning. That was soon followed by him levitating above your bed. As always. Waiting for you to come home. Some would call it boredom, he calls it patience because his days have been placid and something short of Normal with you.

He likes it. 

Today is the day to snoop, learn some weird things about you while you work.

He opens drawers and pushes things around curiously, he goes into your bathroom and sees the exorbinant amount of makeup. He doesnt get if but its childlike wonder on his face when your eyelids are a different color and your face is done up.

He returns to your room and looks at a chair and his magenta eyes widen. “Oh?” He sees your laptop. He pops it open and realizes his fingers are the size of 3 keys combined. He smirks and tuts.

Its fuckin 5 minutes and hes in your computer. Your password was a goofy variation of his name. Predictable at best and from there hes snooping. Hes going through files and becomes impatient. He goes to the search engine and discovers a treasure trove of information about you he never knew. 

And for the next several hours hes absorbing thia knowledge and converts it to ammo for himself. To use against you.

You open the door tired and fully ready to go to bed, despite how hungry you are. “Cell! Im home!” You say loudly and theres nothing. No movement no sound of his feet. Its concerning. “Cell?” You come in and look in your bedroom first your laptop is out of place of where you usually keep it. That little detail disturbs you.

“Ahem.” He clears his throat suddenly behind you. So close hes invading your space, you yelp and drop your bag to the ground and sigh. “Oh there you are where were you.”

“Reasearching” it was immediate and hes backing you up slowly backinh you into the room. Theres a dark look in his eyes your unfamiliar with. “Cell are you ok?” “No more questions. Get on the floor.” You look up at him in abject horror and confusion. Did you breathe the wrong way upon entering the house? Do you offend? 

You did as he said and he crossed hia arms and looks down upon you, casting a menacing shadow above you. “I looked into your laptop foe abit of researching and… i was quite pleased with my discovery… your more perverse and daring then i imagined.” He raises his foot and puts it right up against your chest and pushes you to your back. Hes looking down upon you magenta eyes liking what hes seeing already.

“What did you see..” you blush eyes wide and holding his ankle. He starts to chuckle menacingly, only reaching down to grab your neck comfortably and hoist you up with your back against the wall. Your eyes roll up abit.. already fully enticed and aroused. “I guess you will just have to find out.. how perverted your little human mind is.” He leans right in and misses your mouth by a mile, you feel him roughly grope your wet sex through your clothes. His voice already grave. 

“Im willing to tear you apart.. for the rest of this night and leave you screaming for mercy…”

It was at this moment you realized your calling into work tomorrow.. for rest and recovery~

Note: @dragonblobz issa callout

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