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In this time of uncertainty, having a set daily routine is key to create a positive level of stress that keeps us focused and healthy! ❤️

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How to: Vision Boards

So it’s a new year and you want to try out new things. Perhaps you’ve always wondered how vision boards work or how you would start if you wanted.

Here’s the 411 on vision boards from little old me to little old you. EnjoyThe first rule is: There really are no rules. You’re basically putting your dreams on a board quite literally, what rules could possibly govern that?1. Be creative.2. Dream…


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Having The Desire to Achieve your goals

I believe everyone has goals. What may be your goal, will for sure differ from one person to the next. But one thing everyone MUST have when setting goals is the desire to Meet and exceed your goals.

When people fail to meet a goal whether it’s short term or long term, a big reason for that is because of lack of desire within that individual to put in the effort to meet that goal.

A perfect…

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#Love Yourself Enough To Be Honest With Yourself

Sometimes we’re pulled in different directions.
Sometime people are coming at us with their various needs.
Sometimes we need to come back to the center.
Focus on our values.
Our needs.
Our desires.
Our truth.
Sometimes we need to have a talk with ourselves and be honest with ourselves.


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To be a successful entrepreneur you have to be ambitious than being goal oriented.

“Ambition and goal are two different things; how can you compare the two? You need both”, you may say.

Yes, that is true. But, hear me out.

If you want to make a presentation next week, its better to break it into manageable pieces and set goals for each day. If you want to take a course and pass an exam, setting goals will help. And may be a little ambition too.

If you want to lose 10 kilos, setting goals would help. Or maybe not.

(I’ll come back to losing weight in a moment and tell you what it has to do with startups.)

Goals only work when the number of variables are few. The success of a goal depends on how well you are able to control these variables.

When the number of variables increase, your ability to control it decreases. This is only human.

But still, you may end up blaming yourself unnecessarily.

Thus, goals are also notorious for burning you out.

In situations where there is extreme uncertainty (like a startup) goals are useless. This is because every week your goals could change depending on the validated learning.

Only your ambition to make something useful for others will help you move forward. Successful startups therefore find a system to adapt to constantly changing situations.

My favourite definition of a startup is by Steve Blank. He defines a startup as “a temporary organization formed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model.”

To be successful in business, you need a system, rather than goals. This is because the variables are too many to set any reasonable goal.

As they say, “life happens”.

Now, to lose 10 kilos, setting a goal would help. But to lose that 10 kilos and keep it off, you need to make it your ambition to be healthy.

Look at it from the other side: You hadn’t set a goal to gain 10 kilos.

You just indulged in a pattern that led to the weight gain.

Instead, just do the opposite now. Make it your ambition to stay healthy.

Likewise, you can reverse engineer your failures and make your startup a success by just being ambitious.

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Dream a little dream


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