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So I just did a challenging and comprehensive workout. I did a 5 min warm up, 10 minute HIIT , 20 minute upper body strength and a 5 minute cool down (all Fitness Blender). It kicked my butt, but it was worth it. 

I feel like this is the most effective workout style I should follow (warm up -> 10 min HIIT –> strength –> cool down). That way I get all the important types of exercises in. It was quite difficult but I’ll adjust with time. Doing that 10 min HIIT workout beforehand made the strength workout a lot more doable. When my heart rate is raised and my muscles are warmed up, strength workouts become somewhat easier and more manageable. And it makes the strength workout more effective and well rounded, because I’m getting the best of both worlds by doing both cardio and strength (therefore increasing my fat burning capabilities).

This workout format was a lot more challenging than the longterm walking and bodyweight circuit style workouts I used to do in the past. I bet it will be more effective in combatting my skinny fat physique, and also making me a lot healthier and fitter.

Needless to say, I was starving after this workout. I have to eat so I can feel full. I know I’ve already set a stable eating plan but I’ll have to make adjustments to that now that I’ve incorporated challenging exercise into my schedule. I might go to the kitchen right now prepare something to eat. I am not usually a hungry person because I eat enough, but after this workout I need to eat more.

Exercise has a positive effect on your mood, as does eating healthy and other forms of self care. I’ll definitely make this a regular routine so I can see the positive effect as opposed to seeing exercise as an excuse to strain and torture myself. I do feel like I was challenged, but I most certainly don’t feel tortured. 

I am feeling hopeless and miserable because of COVID. Even if you don’t get infected, you still in a way suffer from the mental, emotional and financial burdens it puts on you. I don’t know when everything will settle down, nor am I a doctor; but the only thing I can do at the moment is improve my mood, make longterm goals, and get through these difficult times. In the end I’ll come out successful and strong, everything will go back to normal globally and I’ll be a strong, healthy and fit person who can drive a car, and I’ll be graduating from grad school and completing my thesis.

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