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TStweet 28/05/20 : Heading off to bed now, but before I do, please remember to take care of yourself. I know you’re all doing your best to be helpful & to stay alert, and that’s WONDERFUL, but taking breaks and taking care of yourself helps ensure your strength to do good for many years longer. 💜

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“If you find yourself at a standstill with no way to move forward, backtrack and find another path to where you wish to be. For every dead end is connected to a main road, one which connects to many more roads than solely the dead end. Keep moving forward, even if you must back track to do so.”

Mandy Panic

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☕ Spideneur Espresso Routine ☕

“Don’t Tell Me What I Can’t Do” | Michael Crossland


Michael has been a fighter since birth, defying the odds of surviving not only a rare form of life-threatening cancer, but being the sole survivor of a horrific cancer drug trial.

His battle continues to this very day, having spent nearly quarter of his life in hospital. Michael is a true fighter, and despite only being told what he could not do, he continually shows the world absolutely everything that he can accomplish.

A businessman and elite sportsman, Michael is at the forefront of today’s new generation of inspirational speakers and is one the most in demand and highly respected speakers in Australia.

Michael’s story will undoubtedly bring a tear to your eye and a smile to your heart, as he teaches the keys to success, the importance of embracing change and the mindset needed to achieve your goals. Once you hear him speak, you will have a renewed perspective on life



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Sometimes I’ll think about my annoying habits, like how I talk too long about my interests, how I talk with my hands or how I prefer childrens movies to movies “suitable for my age group” (I have never seen any of South Park, for example.) Then, while I was listing the thjngs I’m insecure about, I realised that if a fictional character had those traits, the fandom would love them. So you go, me! Dance your heart out and do mediocre in history class! You’ve got this!

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THE GRATITUDE LIST helps you to observe from within, all things and happenings around you for which you are being grateful for.

Also writing it down deliberately every morning helps you to find out your blessings especially your food, shelter, health, books, lessons from your life etc.,

Hence start writing it down daily and drop your comments here on how you felt once written them.

Gratefully yours- Vignesh.

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So I went on an adventure today!

It’s been the first time really I’ve managed to go out and fully explore. There’s just something amazing about forests and nature, it fills you with positivity and refreshes the mind. I, along with so many others, have been one to take the world for granted before, but it’s such a fascinating and wonderful place, full of natural beauty.

It’s definitely helped me to carry on being more positive about life and I am already looking forward to the next adventure which I hope will be very soon.

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