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mentalquotes · 18 hours ago
The moment you feel like you have to prove your worth to someone is the moment you absolutely and utterly have to walk away.
Alyssia Harris
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slfcare · 22 hours ago
It sounds ironic, but the moment you stop filtering everything you say and do and stay true to yourself instead of trying to fit in and make people like you, you'll see such a shift in your social life. On the one hand you'll see who you clash with, and on the other hand you'll see that people are more likely to approach you because they see how genuine you are, which makes it easier for them to know if they want to be friends with you (or not). The scariest part of being who you are is finding out who won't like you for it, but the best part is finding genuine friendships with people who like you for you, and that's so worth it.
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memeuplift · a day ago
Tumblr media
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mentalquotes · 2 days ago
Be willing to walk alone. Many who start with you won’t finish.
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atinycupofpositivitea · 17 hours ago
Mental health and self-care time are SO important! 💕
Remember to take time for yourself. You need it.
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harriyanna · a day ago
i know if no one got me i know my lipgloss do.
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