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#positive life
writethatdown · 4 months ago
if you woke up late, your morning didn't go well, something unexpected happened at the beginning of the day and you are now sad and worried your day will be wasted, don’t worry. take a deep breath and start with where you left off. you can always start at any point of the day. you can start getting your life together at 5PM in case you were too tired and sleeping all day long. please don't give a bad 20 minutes or so of an incident the power to dictate the rest of the day. you dictate the energy you want. start wherever you want. rest when you need to. you got this ♡
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lovelybluepanda · 2 months ago
Some solutions for overthinking
Go to the opposite extreme. Focus on the good. What if you're amazing? What if you sweep then off their feet? What if you succeed?
If you can't deal with a reality you created, avoid spending time and energy on it. If you can't touch this worry somehow, it's just an imaginary monster feeding off your thoughts.
Look for the best parts of the situation. You screwed 1 thing, how about the other 10 you did right? Appreciate your accomplishments.
Perspective is everything. Do you think that teacher will remember you dropping a paper in 4 days? Nope. Most people don't even pay attention. The more you focus on a little thing, the bigger it becomes.
Overthinking is a way of running from feelings. Learn to manage your feelings and know that's okay not to know how everything will go like.
Be focused on the positive intentionally!
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positivelypositive · 3 months ago
your life is not stagnant
it's possible that you're moving really, really slow but not for a minute are you stagnant.
every mistake teaches you something new. every occurance which may seem insignificant leaves an impact on you. these learnings and impacts are what help you grow in life.
don't underestimate your journey. you're getting along just fine. breathe ✨
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writethatdown · 2 months ago
try to look at your worth like a sky full of stars. they are always there. but it can't be seen all the time because of sun, cloudy night etc. that doesn't mean they aren't there right? it may get hard sometimes to see your worth due to various reasons but please remember that none of those things take away your worth. its always there from the moment you were born, unchanged and still and glowing. just like you are so sure the stars are there despite whether you can see it or not, i assure you you are always worthy whether it's hard to believe it or not. have a great day my love ♡
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lovelybluepanda · 2 months ago
How to romanticize your person:
Make a "badass" playlist that will make you motivated, now go and achieve your goals
Don't dress for the sake of dressing. Dress so you feel good.
Eating to survive? Nope. Eat so you fuel your body and also enjoy the food. Find balance.
Why bother working on projects? Because they matter to you. Achieve things because those goals set your soul on fire. That's enough.
Do stuff for yourself. There's no need for them to make sense for others. Your joy is top priority.
Invest in yourself first. It's important to share care and love to others but make sure you show yourself the same level of attention first.
There's only 1 opinion that matters the most and that's yours. Don't live in someone else's dream.
Find joy in the activities you do. Cleaning is amazing because you take care of your space and mental health. Eating 5 serves of fruits or veggies is great because it fuels your body and you feel energized. Reading brings knowledge which brings confidence.
Confidence is freedom. Aspire to listen to your heart. Others' words and opinions are leaves in the wind. They'll fly by and you never hear of them again.
You're always with you. Don't let someone who just passes by in your life control it. Also, enjoy your company.
Acknowledge your traits. As uncomfortable it is to learn to have a voice, don't let anyone make you feel invisible. There will always be at least 2 people who see you, you and me because you can always come and chat with me.
Setting boundaries is a form of self-love. Don't let your dreams, feelings or thoughts be stepped upon by others.
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crazy-hira · a month ago
"A Gentle Reminder That You Will Achieve Your Goals And Everything Making You Sad Is Temporary." 😇❤️
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positivelypositive · 2 months ago
it's okay. you're okay.
you're not in the most ideal situation but you're still going to be okay.
take a few deep breaths and remember, you don't change in the face of problems. you still have the same skills, qualities, and virtues as you always did.
right now, anything you do is okay. it could be taking a step back or staying where you are or moving forward at any pace. whatever you choose is okay. you've got this ✨
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1111mitsu · 2 months ago
🌸 hearty affirmations 🌸
💗 I am beautiful
💗 I am strong
💗 I give the love I wish to receive
💗 I exude positivity
💗 I attract good things
💗 I attract miracles
💗 everything is working out in my favour
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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