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going through a day full of anxiety?

make note of the following steps which can help you relax, without taking any extra time out from your busy schedule:

  • every time you feel you anxiety increasing, focus on your breathe. picture your breath going in and providing enriched oxygen to your body. imagine each exhales as removing toxicity from the inside.
  • every time you drink water, picture the pure water entering inside your body and illuminating everything with its purity.
  • every time you walk, move or make any movement, give credit to your healthy limbs. mentally praise them for doing a good job or even pat your leg and thank it for helping you walk. it may seem silly in the beginning but it’s a part of the process towards self appreciation!
  • deliberately slow down the rate at which your eyes blink a few times. focus on the soft movements of your eyelids. try to picture your happy place or anything else that makes you calm down, in the split second that your eyes are shut.
  • pay attention to your general state. relax any strained parts - frowning eyebrows, clenched jaw, stiff shoulders, shaking leg or all of it. take a deep breathe and focus on relaxing slowly. it’s alright. you’re doing okay.

above all, remember to pat yourself on the back at the end of the day! appreciate the efforts you made to get through the day successfully and congratulate yourself on winning another battle and rest up for the next day

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Words we speak and thoughts we think create our future.

Since Monday I wasn’t feeling well and I was unfocused.

Yesterday and day before yesterday I just slept early and couldn’t force myself to write any post.

I would like to share the feelings and emotions I was having during this week. I believe you can resonate with.

I got feelings that I want someone in my life to love, care, trust, support and respect even though I give myself all these.

I believe that Whatever emotions and feelings we have they are there to tell us that we need to make some changes.

I have found a new pattern that I don’t trust guys at all. It is really hard for me to trust. I have a few friends who I trust, but I don’t feel comfortable if I am there with them. I feel unsafe. I have said No to few marriage proposals, if cI use I don’t want to suffer like my mom. Maybe since I have seen only fighting at home. I never see happiness on my mom’s face even for a minute. Never. I don’t have any such memory. That’s why I hate word “marriage” and decided to be single.

I believe marriage is not for misusing another person’s feelings for our own purpose and think the other person is an object and use the way we want.

And we can see most of the people do think this way and marriages are not successful, because people don’t value another person feelings, desires, etc. We just want to fulfil our needs no matter what limit we need to cross.

When I look at @jayshetty I feel good people are also there who value their relationship and live the meaning of word “MARRIAGE”. I know it is not an overnight success in any relationship. It is like 🌸 we need to water, give it proper sunlight and all, but no use if friendship is not there in a relationship. Any successful relationship needs respect, trust, love, support and commitment. I am working on this pattern, maybe the Universe has sent the 😋GENTLEMAN aka second Jayshetty😋 for me. I need to release the pattern first to attract the right person.

If you are in a toxic relationship. Please observe what kind of beliefs you have about relationship. You need to release otherwise you will keep on getting in the toxic relationships because our words and thoughts create our future.

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Terkadang, manusia yang menginginkan ceritamu bukanlah karena mereka peduli, melainkan hanya ingin tahu hal buruk apa yang menimpamu hingga membuat orang lain bisa berbahagia atas hal itu.

Erva Deviana | 5 Juni 2020

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Voy tras de ti, me dijo.

Y se volvió a mis brazos

y se resguardó en mi regazo

y, entre lágrimas, me confesó

que la hacían sentir fea

sustituible y que no era suficiente.

Le sequé las lágrimas con mis dedos

y la abracé más fuerte

y en un silencio cómodo

le hice saber que para mí

no habían más poemas

desde que la conocí;

que no existían más islas

ni mares

ni lluvias

que calaran tan profundo

como lo hacía ella.

Reía al borde de la locura

y se mordía la lengua

cuando maldecía

y que me la llevaba a conocer

los rincones más bonitos del mundo

cuando nos besábamos:

teníamos un cena romántica

en Mykonos

hacíamos el amor en Santorini

despertábamos en Islandia

y el corazón siempre era el último destino.

A veces era una

a veces era otra

pero siempre era la misma:

se ponía a ver entre el jardín lo hermoso de sus rosas y yo, a veces, en silencio, la veía como la octava maravilla del mundo

aunque a ella muchas veces la encontraba llorando porque alguien le había dicho fea. Pero es hermosa. Y, sobre todo, mágica.

Benjamín Griss

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Sei perfetta

Sei perfetta perché sai sbagliare bene

E non hai paura di buttarti, di spaccarti il muso

Non hai paura di rialzarti, di pulirti dal sangue

Guardarti in giro, rassicurare chi ti guarda

E fare con le spalle quel verso di chi si è fatta niente

Sei perfetta non perché non fai errori

Ma perché ne fai tantissimi

Perché ci provi sempre e ci riprovi ancora e non molli mai

Testa dura, cuore morbido

Sei perfetta perché riconosci le tue cazzate

E sai chiedere scusa, sai chiedere scusa guardando negli occhi

Non ti nascondi dietro un messaggio

Tu esci fuori all'improvviso come i petali del girasole

E ti fai trovare sotto casa e consegni a domicilio le tue scuse

Sei perfetta, perfetta non significa impeccabile

Perfetta significa “per fetta”

Significa che ci hai provato così tante volte

Da essere a fette, a pezzi, distrutta, disintegrata

Che ci hai provato così tanto che ora è da stupidi mollare

Sei perfetta

Sei perfetta perché tutte le persone

Che anche per un secondo ti passano accanto

Si ritrovano all'improvviso con la voglia matta

Di lottare per i propri sogni

-gio evan.

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