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perfect24hoursblog · 22 hours ago
What good habits are worth having? There are a few worth noting.
Set yourself goals every day. Make sure they are realistic and achievable. This will keep you focused and motivated. This way you won't feel time slipping through your fingers.
Read inspirational books and blogs. Surround yourself with people who give you positive energy.
Keep up to date with what is going on in the world. We are not isolated islands, we are part of each other and the world around us.
Make an effort to stay in touch with others. Just a simple 'like' on Facebook or a short message lets you know that someone means something to you and is important to you in some way.
Invest some time in your appearance and health. We are more confident when we look and, above all, FEEL good.
Pay attention to your priorities. Do the MOST important things first, not the most urgent. If you've never learnt to prioritise yourself, everything can seem urgent and this can run your life. Don't let that happen.
Smile. It will improve your mood and make you start attracting cool, positive people to you.
Keep things tidy. It's easier to work and you feel less stressed in an environment that isn't cluttered. Plus, a tidy room or desk is less overwhelming.
Allow yourself some margin in life. Not just a margin of error. This way you won't feel stressed when you encounter some unexpected life circumstances. Anticipate that something may (or may not) happen and leave yourself extra time for it.
Remember to take time for yourself. To relax, unwind and recharge your batteries. This is very important.
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fexusliyo · 3 months ago
random sites that are extremely helpful
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desktop goose
help with writers block
boil the frog
professions based on your personality
best dictionary ever
fighters block
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slides go
slides carnival
online library
free movies and tv shows
free movies and tv shows #2
worldbuilding website
make music online
human pose reference
email signature
cool design templates
animation tool
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bewitched-moonlight · 9 months ago
🔮 Witchy Habits to Make 2021 a Magical Year 🔮
Tumblr media
3 Daily Habits
🧘 Meditate and stretch every day, when you wake up or before going to bed, to recenter yourself and look inwards. 
📖 Keep a journal, grimoire or book of shadows and write as often as possible, to remember your thoughts and log your progress. 
✨ Find something to be grateful for every day, whether it’s a big event or simply watching a bird landing on a tree outside of your window. 
3 Weekly Habits
🃏 Make a past/present/future Tarot spread on Sundays to reflect on the week that has passed, your current feelings and the week ahead. 
🌲 Spend time around nature or observing the sky, at least once a week, to stay connected to the Earth and the Moon. 
🍞 Practice Kitchen Magic by making at least one special meal per week, where you pour positive energies and magical intentions. I try to learn a completely new recipe once a week to keep it fun and interesting.
3 Monthly Habits
📝 Make a list of your goals on the first of each month, and keep it close to your desk to stay on track every day. 
🌙 Follow the moon phases to connect to the Moon’s magic and power. Work hard, start projects and be productive when the Moon is waxing ; rest, recover and reflect when the Moon is waning. 
📚 Learn something new about witchcraft, spirituality, or a completely different topic that interests you. Staying curious, even when life gets busy and complicated, is what makes it worth living. 
3 Yearly Habits 
🧹 Fully cleanse your home after each witches sabbats to get a fresh start and throw out old energies. 
🕯️ Switch up and clean your altar at the end of each season, to keep it alive and filled with magical power. Decorate according to the coming season and sabbat. 
🌱 Adapt your behavior to the rhythm of nature: spring and summer are high-energy, starting big projects and spending time outside, while fall and winter are about rest, reflection and spending time indoors. 
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akindplace · a month ago
A self-reminder that some of you may need too: please don't deprive your body and your mind of what it needs most. You deserve good things. Don't punish yourself. Try to make this into a habit, but don't hate yourself if you get distracted and forget. Self-care for some people needs to be learned. It is not an organic thing. But repetition turns self-care into habit, and you will get there. I will get there. Take my hand. It's time to eat all meals, take enough hours of sleep, and learn to care for ourselves so we can heal.
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rawlinacademia · a month ago
Dark Academia Stuff ( Things I do..)
Waking up superrr early (like 4AM)
and then working, powered by the mystic misty early morning vibe.
Early morning Study sessions (STEM subjects)
Daily wearing a delicate and petite rose gold hair clip
Along with hair tied in a loose braid and pretending I am a no effort queen.
Watching the sunrise every day
Wearing clothes that make me feel good
Listening to audiobooks while Gym-ing
Using night light mode on the laptop throughout the day
Taking the hottest shower possible and ending it with the coldest possible shower.
Listening to that one soul, who you have claimed as your best friend, every day.
lighting up the room with candles
Walking with head held high, (being complimented by everyone but still )working on a better posture.
being scolded every day for empty mugs and cups (for tea and water) lying around in the room(and working on that)
coming up with character names in the middle of the day
and forgetting to write them on the notepad
Reminding self 50x a day, "Control, dear, Control"
NEat and organised notes and files
Rewatching Sherlock and Supernatural and Doctor Who and other countless shows and movies and Marvel and etc etc
Notes and books covered in post-its
detailed diagrams with annotations
Ameliorating the grades
promising not to use the pen on textbooks and pencils instead, and failing to do so
getting in the habit of reading the newspaper (Education Times)
Diary entering every two-three days and especially on a Sunday
fountain pens!
whispering to self
Teaching and explaining concepts to self
Accidentally turning into a fastidious person
making decluttering a habit
Doing extensive research on Criminal databases for a school Computer science project, that is supposed to be a friendly project
Sketching and painting
Eating Healthy
Fantasizing over vintage lockets
Working on the trust issues.
Writing letters to Future self through Futureme
Using wardrobe as a blackboard for Math and Physics
Memorising information I am never going to use
Wearing long scarves (Cotton in winters and wool in winters)
trying to work like Hermione Granger
Improving Handwriting
Wanting to read a novel but having no time because of school and the work-_-
Having an easy Morning and Night Skincare routine.
Visioning and working for future life
Avoiding procrastinating
Helping bestie with applications and essays
Getting Excited over the tiniest things
Romanticizing my life
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macrolit · a month ago
Crime is terribly revealing. Try and vary your methods as you will, your tastes, your habits, your attitude of mind, and your soul is revealed by your actions.
Agatha Christie (1890-1976) English writer
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divine-dreamgirl · a month ago
Getting Back on Track
I won’t lie, there are times when I fall off track with my goals.  I’m not always super motivated and disciplined.  There are days when I feel lazy or simply can’t find the motivation to do what I want to.  I wanted to make this post because I feel like it is common, but isn’t talked about.  I want to be honest with everyone and maybe help another person who may be going through this as well.  So, here’s my plan for getting back on track.
Be gentle with yourself.  I understand it’s frustrating to fall off track, especially if you don’t know why.  But it is not the time to put yourself down.  Accept that it happened, and make a point to improve it.  It’s okay to take rest days, or to fall off track as long as you try again.
Start up slow.  As tempting as it is to want to pick up right where you left off, it can be detrimental to the process of getting back on track, especially if you’re less motivated.  Starting it back up slowly will help with this.  By this, I mean not taking on too may tasks/goals right away, or minimizing them so that there isn’t much effort required.  Eventually, you can build up your habits and get back to where you were originally. 
Look for motivation through intention.  I say this a lot, but your “why” is the most important thing when making goals.  If your reason for doing something isn’t strong enough for you, you’re not going to care enough to actually do it.  Make sure your reason is important to you, and if it’s not, change it.
Create visual cues or reminders.  Write down your goals/habits on a to do list.  Set out your workout gear where you can see it so it will visually remind you to exercise.  Set reminders on your phone.  Plan out your day.  Etc. 
Make the task enjoyable or easier.  If there’s a task you want to do but have been avoiding it, there’s a chance you don’t necessarily find it enjoyable.  A good example for this could be exercise.  Many people I know don’t exercise because they find it difficult or boring, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  There are so many different ways of getting in your movement for the day; find something you like and stick with it.  This goes for anything though; read books you like, engage in activities you like, add different sensations or processes to your habits.
Remember how it feels to achieve your goals.  Usually, there is a reward in itself after finishing a task, and it’s how you feel afterwards.  Remember this feeling each time you feel like doing nothing.  Think about where you want to go and have the discipline to recognize that that trumps any temporary feelings you have of not wanting to do something.  
Make a list of your responsibilities and goals, and prioritize them.  Cut out anything that you don’t necessarily need to have on your plate right now.  Prioritize your life and make these priorities the goals you focus on.  You can prioritize by any time limits you may have, or just by its importance to you.  
If you can, find out why or where you got off track.  Maybe it was something that happened that caused you to fall off.  If you don’t know this, it’s okay - there may not be a solid reason.  But for the times in which you do have a reason, it helps you to be proactive in preventing it (or helping you to get back on track if it happens again).  
It doesn’t have to be every day, unless you want it to.  It’s okay to have different goals for different days.  Of course there may be some habits you do want to keep up every day- your non-negotiables.  But there are some things that can be fit into your week or even month rather than every day.  This can actually be beneficial as it will prevent burnout, give you some flexibility in your days, and allow you to work on different goals at your own pace.  Realize that you have time to work on yourself- and you will always be doing so.  You will never reach perfection, so don’t make that your goal.  We are meant to grow and learn and constantly improve and create ourselves.  Maybe there is something you’ve been wanting to do but you haven’t started.  Maybe you don’t know where to start.  These kinds of goals are good ones to add in less frequently.  Any type of progress towards your goals is still progress.  Know that you are in control of your life and you can always tweak your goals or systems as you please.  There’s no rush.  
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daughtersofthesun · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
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abrighterspark · 4 months ago
isn't it crazy how the world works? everything seems to point you in a direction, so you take it you fail it you look for direction again, and repeat isn't it crazy to think our lives are mostly routine built from habits built from mindset? you fake it you fail it you look for new habits again, and repeat and eventually something gets stuck: something wrong, or something right but we can choose to take it and make it what we want it to be; we can choose to aim for the light and trust we'll be landing somewhere bright
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the-diary-of-a-failure · 6 months ago
Replace your bad habits
We all have habits we don’t like. It’s far easier to replace a habit than to get rid of it.
The theory is quite easy: Define the habit you want to change and then set an action to replace it with. Every time you want to do the “bad” thing, you immediately do the healthier thing.
Actually replacing your habits will be a bit more difficult: You’ll have to be quite mindful and present in your day to notice yourself doing/wanting to do the bad habit. Doing the healthier thing will also require a lot of willpower, since bad habits often are the ones that feel good in the moment.
Some replacement habit ideas:
Listen to a song that gives you courage
Drink some water
Do a few squats
Dance for a bit
Find an inspiring picture for your vision board
Walk around (a walk outside is a bit too long to use as replacement every time but would be a nice thing to use here and there)
Clean something
Read a page of a book
Watch a short inspiring/funny video
Talk to a loved one
Make sure to choose a replacement habit that isn’t too similar to the habit you want to change! If you want to stop scrolling on your phone so much, don’t choose youtube as replacement. If you want to stop weighing yourself or quit obsessing over weight loss, don’t choose squats as replacement and so on.
Also don’t add moral value to these habits. I used words like “bad” and “good” because it’s the simplest way to word things, but please realise that having habits you don’t want doesn’t make you a bad person. Not doing things deemed “right” is okay and normal and it’s okay to fail here and there during your journey. It’s important to try again!
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kyahcreate · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
life update! lil diary comic. heyo everyone, thanks for all the likes and follows and asks! I've read them all and I want to reply to them, im just working on my art and working on taking care of myself for now! I love you guys and im sorry im super distant but I wanna be better!! socializing is hard, even if its through a screen. but I want to make connections with you all through my art and I really appreciate all this love and support, it has been great sharing my life with all y'all . <3
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akindplace · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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