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autistic-af · 10 hours ago
Important note: A self-reported 70% of those with ADHD take over an hour to fall asleep.
The average time for non-ADHD?
15 minutes.
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adhd-chaos-queen · 12 hours ago
Nothing is more dangerous to a healthy sleep cycle, than the "Next Chapter" button...
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how much of my hyperfixation on coding is that I actually enjoy it and how much of it is just that the text editor makes all the words pretty colors and ADHD brain likes that
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olafur-neal · 18 hours ago
Baby!Ted not reading the book he was supposed to and then panicking about it the night before the big test is such an ADHD™️ mood.
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honeyhemlocked · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
when we were dating, my husband gave me a tiny square journal and told me it was for 5-word poems. I found it today after some years, mostly blank, but these particular entries remind me of a rather uncertain time in my life. I have never been without a roof over my head, but I spent a long time floating about, waiting for home to reveal itself. I am thankful that this feeling is only a memory.
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autistic-af · 23 hours ago
Today's ADHD vibe: my husband cuddling me as he tells me about WW2 tank battles (his current hyperfixation) for 30 minutes.
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strwbbeli · 9 hours ago
everyday i go onto tumblr, look for headcanons of my comfort characters and kins being neurodivergent-coded, reblog them cus it makes me feel happy as a neurodivergent person, then close the app and think about it for hours
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When I forget to put on shoes before I leave the house...again...
Tumblr media
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thatautisticadhdfeel · 22 hours ago
Hii, im the anon that wanted to ask about what I believe are intrusive thoughts, (i wasnt sure if it would be considered triggering so wanted to ask for permission first)
Anyways so I've been researching ADHD the past few months and i believe that I relate to it in many aspects but there is this thing that happens that I havent seen others mention
So when I spill water on the floor or when I think of like climbing something to reach the cupboard, my brain imagines the "bad scenarios" that could possibly happen .
For example, ill be washing the dishes and spill water on the floor and Ill imagine my slipping on it and hitting my head. Or I will be holding my phone/laptop etc and Ill imagine it falling from my hands and breaking.
Im not sure if this is an ADHD symptom or if its considered like intrustive thoughts,
Do you happen to know/experience this?
Thanks !!! Hope u have a great day~
Hi! I do sometimes experience this, and I think it mostly comes from my anxiety rather than my ADHD, because while my ADHD makes me think a million miles a minute, it’s my anxiety causes me to overthink on everything/ think of worst possible scenarios on things.
Definitely could be Intrusive thoughts, but maybe you’ve got a bit of anxiety too?
Hope this helps!
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justlgbtthings · a month ago
i got a New Planner which means that i will suddenly and miraculously become organized despite this technique never having worked in the past
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symptoms-syndrome · a month ago
Passive aggressive maybe, but like...healing and getting better isn't easy. When I see people make posts about "LOL google says I should make a schedule to help manage my ADHD but I can't make a schedule bc I have ADHD" it's like. People saying that stuff know it's hard. That's part of why you gotta do it.
Sometimes healing is easier. Sometimes it's something really small that becomes routine. But sometimes it's hard! Sometimes you gotta push yourself to do something and it sucks! But I don't know what to tell you, other than that you don't need to be good at it right away.
Using the calendar example, I have ADHD + semi-frequent memory loss, so it can feel really difficult to try and make a calendar when both of those things can directly get in the way. So I started with making sure recurring events were in it, like therapy and med reminders. Now I'm usually able to remember to put in appointments or other one-time events in as soon as I know about them. It takes a lot of work.
I don't know. I just think sometimes people on this site are sitting in mud and complaining about being dirty. You really do need to try.
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justlgbtthings · 10 days ago
me, an autonomous adult in college: *looks up tips for managing adhd on a deadline*
every single result: AS A PARENT to help YOUR CHILD WITH ADHD monitor YOUR CHILD'S behavior and reward HIM for doing work because CHILDREN WITH ADHD need constant support-
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sammy--moh · 4 days ago
I understand that infantilism is a huge issue in our community. I hate when abled people see us as children and not disabled adults/teens
But I am /so/ tired of low support disabled people speaking over everyone, to the point of claiming my accessibility needs and other high support people's needs being met is infantalization.
Some people /need/ things to be broken down and explained in simipliar words to process the information. That need being met is not treating them like a child
Some people learn to read through children's books because they didn't or can't currently learn to read at an average level, this need being met is not treating them like a child
Some disabled people need part time or full time medical caretakers, some need help grocery shopping, some need help with everyday living and showering
Just because youre disabled doesn't mean you know every disabled experience and doesn't mean high support needs aren't valid.
Some disabled people do need similar things as a child like daily care and simple sentences and its honestly insulting to claim their being infantilised for having those needs
I sometimes need things broken down and explained more simply to understand. I'm currently thinking about adult assisted living programs that would help me with housing and daily needs and shopping. Because I /could not/ survive on my own in an abled person world my support needs for both my chronic disabilities and severe mental illness range from mid-level support to extremely high support.
And those needs being met does not mean I'm being infantilised
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