soft-spoonie · 2 days ago
what matters most about your interests is that they make you happy. whether other people find them productive is irrelevant. you don't have to produce anything. you are not a machine. your interests aren't for others. your interests are for you. do what makes you happy.
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mj-irl · a day ago
Tumblr media
I created an Autpunk design years ago and recently got a message where someone was looking for something similar for ADHD so I went ahead and made it
Available on Redbubble ‘ADHD Punk’
Sadly the person messaged on anonymous so I can’t directly reply to them. Hopefully they find it!!
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420technoblazeit · 7 hours ago
ik people meme on it but genuinely i feel like every weird dysfunctional thing i do stems from my neurodivergency. im like hey i wonder why i sometimes have white hot flashes of overwhelming anger where i need to force myself away from an interaction. and then it's just another classic adhd thing again
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dreamquackity · a day ago
Tumblr media
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theneurospicecabinet · a day ago
For me, executive dysfunction feels like the moment before you rip off a bandaid. You want to do it; you need to do it, but your brain keeps telling you not to, because you know if you do, it’ll hurt. That’s what executive dysfunction feels like, but like, all the time.
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anarchistfrogposting · a day ago
So much generational trauma is just neurotypical parents being unconsciously but brutally ableist to their neurodivergent kids
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pride-potato · 2 days ago
found these “this or that” games for autism, stimming, and textures.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
credits goes to autisticbailey_ on instagram
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thefruityaquarius · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
being assessed on thursday so hopefully i’ll get some answers
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weirdmageddon · a day ago
it’s true it is just “ADHD” now but i still think that naming is stupid as hell, like why is it named that way. this always made me so mad.
it should be called ADD (attention deficit disorder) and THEN you have a hyperactive subtype (attention deficit disorder - hyperactive subtype). because attention deficit/unregulated focus is the common denominator that all the subtypes share, but not all with attention deficit/unregulated focus are hyperactive.
naming it ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) insinuates hyperactivity is a hallmark of the disorder, which it’s not, then having attention deficit hyperactivity disorder - innatentive subtype (those who AREN’T hyperactive)? what kind of dumbass naming is this
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geormenia · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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mentalhealth · 16 hours ago
chaotic (but likely a result of my adhd) trait: putting all my loose computer files into an "organize later" folder to clear up my desktop screen
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soft-spoonie · 2 days ago
do things slowly. skip steps. bend the rules. change the directions. do things the easy way. save your energy. take your time. stay within your limits.
be kind to yourself. everyone's different. you don't need to do things the way people expect you to. especially if you're struggling.
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cult-of-hootsifer · 2 days ago
The very adhd experience of people constantly asking why you’re so shy/quiet and then when you find something to talk about they make fun of you for talking too much.
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autism-resources · 15 hours ago
As someone who often misunderstands written text, and the person closest to me in the world is dyslexic it really bothers me how often on this site I see posts about “bad reading comprehension” and other literacy related difficulties as a criticism for bad faith interpretations. So I want to put it out there that:
1- This needs to change! Stop using ableism (and other prejudices) to criticize people for their decisions and/or behaviour (that they controlled!)
2- cognitive, emotional, intellectual, physical, and learning disabilities are not what make you a “good or bad” person, no part of who you are is a thing that makes you “bad”.
Thanks for taking the time to listen to this if you have, and I hope you have a great day!
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cometh-into-the-abyss · a day ago
Based on my earlier adhd sealing post:
Radiance: You think you can trap me in here, mortal? I’ll break out just like I did the Empty One!
Bug with ADHD: You don’t wanna do this, lady. I’m warning you now.
Radiance: Blasphemy! Observe, mortal, as your mind is rent apart!
Bug with ADHD: *blasts Radiance with every piece of 2010s media they’ve consumed in their entire life*
Bug with ADHD:
Radiance: Please don’t do that again.
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timeisanelephant · a day ago
Hi yes anyone who told you infodumping about your special interest or current hyperfixiation is annoying was wrong. talking about something your passionate about and you love is beautiful and amazing. Please please reblog this and infodump about your special interest, I love learning new things, especially when the people teaching me are so passionate about it
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pride-potato · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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