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I might just die here online classes are worse than I imagined

Yeah they’re really TERRIBLE aren’t they? It’s so much worse for the people with ADHD because we’re not so good at maintaining our own schedule and everything

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1 day left to complete the essay.

I’m on my third draft of it (which is kind of nuts, normally I don’t draft) so I’m basically cutting and pasting stuff from the second draft and giving it a better flow (I think), and I have most of the body/discussion down.

All I have to do is reconstruct three more paragraphs, edit the introduction, write a conclusion and ensure everything is formatted and referenced properly.

I was up until 1 a.m. last night doing the first of four large paragraphs (listening to some fun music which probably slowed me down a la stimming), then couldn’t sleep until 2:30-ish, and I *wanted* to wake up early to continue my work but turned off both of my alarms and went back to sleep.

I’m so lucky that my scheduled classes are like, unintentionally, conveniently arranged around my inability to focus on assignments. I have a free day today to get the rest of this essay done, and it’s due tomorrow but I have other things happening tomorrow so I *have* to finish it tonight.

Can’t help but ask myself how I manage to get anything done, ever.

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So I’m back to full-time work this week. I was worried that I would lose habits that I’ve been working on while my school was closed. So I came up with this loose checklist, something I highly recommend if you have ADHD like myself. I’ve found that trying to maintain a daily structure/routine while switching schedules is really helpful for me. What does your daily checklist look like?


Je suis de retour au travail à temps plein cette semaine. J’avais peur de perdre les habitudes sur lesquelles je travaillais pendant la fermeture de mon école. Donc j’ai fait cette liste de contrôle, quelque chose que je recommande fortement si vous avez ADHD comme moi. J’ai trouvé qu’essayer de maintenir une structure/routine quotidienne tout en changeant d’horaire est vraiment until pour moi. À quoi ressemble votre liste de contrôle quotidienne?

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Okay fuckers a hot take that should be common knowledge

Disability is more than just mobility. It is more than needing a walking aid or wheelchair. It is a term that encompasses things from mental illness to amputees.

If you have a health condition that impacts your daily life and your function you can call yourself disabled. And you will not be taking away from disabled people because you are one of us.

You are not taking away from the conversation because you too know what it’s like to live in a world that can be so stubborn to make the slightest accommodation. You know what it’s like to be judged by the ones not suffering with your issues. You know what it’s like to be expected things that are or near impossibility from the abled people around you. You know what it’s like to be ultimately disadvantaged, you know what it’s like to be disabled.

You don’t have to participate either, you may feel that you overall have it better, but that doesn’t take away from your daily struggles.

You are not taking anything away from the struggles of others, we need more voices, we need more empathy. We need to realize that disabled is not a bad word, that the people who have called themselves that haven’t “given up.”

This word encompasses so many people and we all need to work together for our rights, because no one else is going to do it. If you’ve ever been given the slightest accommodation which can even be test time extensions, that is because you had your disability recognized. It does not mean weakness, it does not mean useless, it does not mean “less than,” it means disabled.

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Day 3 of autism acceptance week.

Also April Fools day (but I don’t really like the tricks, and therefore haven’t done any).

Today’s new product is…

A Glitter Mochi!

These new mochis come in a variety of animals. They’re great for both visual stimming and squishing 😁

They will sell for £2.50 each.

I’m aiming to have these new products up tomorrow (as it is world autism acceptance day on the 2nd of April). So tonight I’ll be getting the product pages ready 😊

(Video description: blue, rabbit glitter mochi on a white background. I am squishing the mochi, tapping it, and showing the glitter reflecting the light).

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Hahahahahahaha it’s 1:40 pm and I’m still in bed. I hate this quarantine, I’m going to die here. I haven’t taken my antidepressants/antianxiety medication in a week because I don’t have to get dressed in the morning and my whole morning routine depends on me having to be somewhere 😂🔫

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