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Have you thought much about the start to 2021? Are you searching for your rhythm? Me, too. Illuminate: Finding My Way Gently Into 2021

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Smith wigglesworth beloved. I could not agree more..

I asked for a double portion of what this man had and I know I got my petition of God.

Smith preached and healed many and raised the dead. His sermon was that god would visit earth; he still placed god far away.

The sermon god gave me was he is you, wake up. I know I am him. So there are some stark juxtapositions to my sermon and Smith’s.

Also Smith lost his wife late in his ministry but mine abandoned me before mine began.

Also Smith died but god showed me mine and your immortality..

Smith’s wife went into the pit of death, but god showed me mine coming out.

“ This is gonna get real good real quick, I feel the quickening and see the signs, Smith only knew his wife’s flesh but I know the heart and soul of goddess earth”

Smith worked by faith in what he didn’t understand, I work by faith in what I plainly see, know and understand.

If a blind man can wield God’s sword without knowledge of it’s working, I know I can wield it better with understanding.

Nothing ill to say of Smith, he was my mentor for a long time then Christ appeared and became my mentor; now I am a tree like Smith, and at the same time a horse of a totally different color.

God’s presence visited earth in Smith’s ministry, god is visiting earth in mine.

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Ok beloved, it has begun. An elderly woman today heard me call her goddess earth as I was teaching a young man; this told her two things, one I knew the depth of her sin her entire life, two, I was full of grace to forgive her. She immediately began to list her ailments and I immediately began to speak life into her and rebuke the disorder of her sicknesses.

She left and immediately her husband walked in the door at her urging and handed me a 10$ bill stating he had cancer. I would have prayed over him without the money but it was helpful. I prayed over him and commanded the cancer to dry up and go, the breath of god hit my body and the spirit took over, I syphoned the sickness right out of him.

Grace beloved, your pattern of life has crucified me and I know the depth of all your sin against me, but I am ready to heal you..

The image and verse your gold and silver is corroded and it witnesses against you in the flesh.. he is saying quite simply you are sick for rejection of Christ’s gospel and teaching.. love God or money, not both.

Grace beloved, you screwed up bad and I can heal you.. you don’t have to pay me one cent, but blessings are nice, I am a homeless man. I can heal you because I live like Christ. Grace, I can heal you by god even in the depth of your treachery. People who obeyed the gospel can’t have imperfect health.. shalom beloved, I am ready to receive you and make you whole.

“ He shall have whatsoever he saith”

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“Aprender uma língua estrangeira mantém nosso cérebro ativo e nos desafia. Há uma sensação de realização quando se continua aprendendo coisas ao longo da vida.

Estudos mostram que isso também pode ajudar os dinamarqueses no seu caminho para o primeiro lugar no quesito felicidade. Continuar a estudar ao longo da vida ajuda a aumentar o equilíbrio mental e a autoconfiança, dá um senso de propósito e faz você se sentir em conexão com outras pessoas, de acordo com o Departamento Nacional de Estatística.” RUSSELL ( 2015, p. 81)

Depois de ler esse trecho do livro “O segredo da Dinamarca” ficou mais fácil entender porque sempre que estudou aprendendo uma língua nova me sinto tão bem, em especial o alemão que é bem diferente do português.

Esse ano vou começar a estudar um pouco o sueco porque sigo a influencer Alexandra Bring que grava alguns podcasts e tenho interesse em entender o que ela fala, além das línguas nórdicas me chamarem muito atenção e despertar meu interesse.

Depois da minha professora de Alemão me perguntar três aulas seguidas sobre as minhas metas para 2021 e eu não ter nenhuma em mente decide escrever algumas metas:

1. Ler 1 livro por mês para o meu desenvolvimento pessoal sobre temas relacionados ao feminismo, política, relações familiares, atenção plena, felicidade e racismo.

2. Começar a estudar sueco.

3. Me exercitar todos os dias entre 20 e 30min.

4. Tomar 3 litros de água por dia.

5. Fazer os slides para apresentações de trabalho da faculdade(nunca faço).

6. Ser mais autoconfiante.

7. Todos os dias listas no mínimo 5 coisas que farei no meu dia.

8. Prestar mais atenção nas aulas on-line.

9. Aprender a ouvir críticas sem levar para o lado pessoal.

10. Ter mais clareza sobre a área de publicidade que quero atuar. (até agora mais para o Marketing)

11. Cumprir regras e horários.

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Daily Meditations by James Allen – Day Four

Our life is what we make it by our own thoughts and deeds.

Man attains in the measure that he aspires. His longing to be is the gauge of what he can be. To fix the mind is to fore-ordain the achievement. As man can experience and know all low things, so he can experience and know all high things. As he has become human, so he can become divine. The turning of the mind in high and divine directions is the sole and needful task. What is impurity but the impure thoughts of the thinker? What is purity but the pure thoughts of the thinker? One man does not do the thinking of another. Each man is pure or impure of himself alone. The man of aspiration sees before him the pathway up the heavenly heights, and his heart already experiences a foretaste of the final peace.

There is a life of victory over sin, and triumph over evil.

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writings on the toilet with my pants distancing my underwear

the wear and tear fears can stand when you aren’t there

I wish I was more like you my friend, mind is away from the minds of people that depletes you

I’m looking for something, please nothing temporary

I know it’s tempting to find something quickly to buy some time

honestly I don’t feel like it’s the right time to go elsewhere

feeling like it’s backwards or back to square one

somewhere. I don’t know it all, are you even allowed back in my head where these cars are parked?

you can’t even find my car, cause unlike the rest I don’t run on anyone’s gas

sassy but weird you told my chapter like my lips needed chapstick

I’m not that bad, I just needed a helmet

because ppl like you kept fucking with my head

I’m happy now, well that’s what I always tell myself

I feel a lot better than the opportunities you sell yourself

I must feel helpless the way she sucks my intentions away from belt

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I hold my breath so I can breathe
And take a pause for myself and inner breath.
I block my ears so I can hear
And listen to the music of my soul.
I shut my mouth so I can speak
And let my silence be my voice.
I close my eyes so I can see
And envision a world with only peace.
The sickle-shaped Moon is high and shrinking;
She is only revealing a small piece of herself tonight.
Even when incognito, her paleness always follows.
She never stops spinning as the Earth rotates faster,
And time passes by at a swifter pace.
I hold my breath so I can breathe
And savor the scents of the seasons;
Fragrant aromas drift away with each quick whiff.
I rest for a minute to collect a moment of inner serenity
In a world that never stops revolving.
Gazing at buzzing telephone wires and starry street lights,
I contemplate disconnected misunderstandings,
Twilight conversations and midnight rendezvous.
I block my ears so I can hear
And listen to the world in a lower, slower-sounding tone;
A vibration that connects the universe.
Growing older, life swirls more impatiently;
If only I could take one last breath from oxygen’s past;
I would huff it deeply and let it circulate into my future.
Instead, I puff toxic poison from a cigarette and exhale noxious air;
My throat is parched and my chest aches from anxiety.
I shut my mouth so I can speak
And confide in my internal thoughts;
Practicing mindfulness to stifle the negative gyrations.
Revolutions are necessary for liberations from the past.
Yet like the Moon’s day and the Sun’s night –
Around and around, I cannot grasp the tail of it all;
Like a comet streaking through the galaxy
And a sprinting cheetah chasing its elusive prey.
I close my eyes so I can see and slow the seasons of time,
So we can share another cup of hot herbal memories,
Extra sweet, in another equinox.

Copyright 2021 by Briar Moon

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// you’re burned into my brain 🩸

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