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#positive thoughts

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” - Albert Einstein

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if today wasn’t a good day…

…believe that tomorrow will be better.

do not give up hope so easily. everyone has good and bad days. it’s just that the bad days seem to go on for a lot longer than the good ones. that’s alright. tell yourself tomorrow will be a day renewed for you. it will be brighter

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It makes me so happy to know someone looked at and said

“Hey! This is cool! Like me interact with it :)”

So thank you :)

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Elon Musk Advice | Positive Thoughts

Elon Musk Advice | Positive Thoughts

Elon Musk Advice | Positive thoughts… all day, every day.

Please send positive thoughts to my inbox (click here).


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🎉 Letting go ceremony 🎉

Take this space to give yourself permission to let go of behaviours that no longer serve you.

For example, I am personally letting go of:

- Not doing something because I am too scared to do it (such as applying to jobs)

- Giving up after relapsing one, two or a million times (the journey is more important than the ending result)

- Convincing myself that things cannot change (they can and will change, we just push them towards better)

- Constantly judging myself (high school is over, there is only growth)

- Looking for perfection (There is beauty in being average and just being yourself. No need to be perfect to be special)

- Giving in to depression and anxiety (they do not define me)

What are you letting go of? 💞

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Take me to the beach where I’m the happiest.

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Hello ☺️💖 I JUST DROP A NEW FREAKING VIDEO😭 Nd tbh I think I did pretty good with this video 😂🤷🏽‍♀️

Wht do y’all think? Just give me feedback if I’ve improve or not😅


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