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#self respect
mentalhealth---awareness · 9 months ago
Yes, your boundaries are still necessary even with people who do nice things for you or are really nice to you. I know sometimes when someone is really kind to you or you feel like you don't deserve the kindness you get from someone, it makes you want to violate your own boundaries out of gratitude for them or because you're afraid it will make them treat you differently. But in the long-term, this is only more harmful. Your boundaries are not an act of unkindness and are always relevant. And people treating you with respect and kindness is the bare minimum you deserve from others. Don't let someone's kindness or favours or respectful treatment make you abandon your self-worth and your needs to please them.
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anniespositivity · 3 months ago
Do not ever prioritise anything over your (mental) health. Not school. Not grades. Not chores. Not family. Not friends. I know it is easy to form the habit of ignoring how miserable you actually feel when you have so many responsibilities that need your attention more (at least that is what you think). But you owe it to yourself. You owe it to yourself to stop and listen. To feel what is really going on. To take time to heal what is really going on. Do not ignore the state of your body and mind, for it will only come back worse to the point that you will break. You need to realise that it is not what you deserve. Do not let the world tell you that you are supposed to feel this way all the time. You are not supposed to feel sick and tired, exhausted and empty, lonely and down. You are supposed to feel alive. So please make sure to prioritise yourself before making a choice to prioritise something or someone else.
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minnietalks · 14 days ago
it is okay to say no to someone...
even if they will be disappointed
even if you love them
even if saying yes will make them happy
even if you saying yes will help them out
even if saying yes is “not a huge burden”
even if you are scared of an adverse reaction
even if they might try to push
even if you think you owe them something
even if they have never said no to you
even if you think its rude to say no
it is okay to say no to someone.
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jaidspo · 2 months ago
it's time to start doing picturesque, aesthetically pleasing things because you want to live a beautiful life and not to impress people on your socials. you're worthy of a gorgeous existence beyond the popularity contest.
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positivelypositive · a month ago
know when to say NO
it's great to be sensitive and sweet and be kind to all. you want to be helpful towards everyone and avoid unnecessary drama in life and that's great.
but there may come a point when the other person starts using this kindness as a way to exploit you. know to recognise this behaviour and put a stop to it.
don't let anybody take advantage of your good behaviour. especially if they don't make efforts to exude any kindness themselves. know your worth. it's on you to uphold it ✨
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iamstrongallonmyown · 2 days ago
At the end of the day, you can either focus on what’s tearing you apart or what’s holding you together.
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brotherlysuggestion · a year ago
Remember: Resting isn’t transactional.
You don’t need to do anything special or extra difficult to deserve a break.
You don’t need to reach a certain goalpost of suffering and exhaustion before you’re allowed time off.
Resting for a day doesn’t mean that you’re obligated to work twice as hard the next day.
Humans need variety. Humans need quiet time. Humans need time to “shut off”, whatever that looks like for them.
You’re allowed to be human. You’re allowed a break. Don’t burn yourself out, okay?
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minnietalks · 12 days ago
you dont have to:
do favors for people
explain yourself to people
be what people want you to be
exist in spaces you feel unwelcome in
go to parties or get togethers
feel bad for taking care of yourself
be completely secure in yourself
have everything figured out
understand the world around you
you dont have to do anything you dont want to do.
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jaidspo · a month ago
quick reminder that you're not responsible for the way someone reacts to you setting a boundary. you are only responsible for continuing to uphold that boundary. love u
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lavenderpositivity · 8 months ago
Being alone is better than only having relationships where you feel unsafe, unwanted, disrespected, or not valued.
Being alone is scary, but it isn't worth accepting harmful relationships.
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