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Take time to connect with nature. ✨

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a low hum slowly vibrates my fragile ears

my tired soul awakes to this soft cheer

the time on the clock says six-thirty

another day to clean up what is dirty

to begin our days of lovely glee,

in the many days that rush next to me

I warm my supper and toast in hand

greeting the early birds chirping in their band

my eyes perch onto the glow of this sun

this long life is not over yet; it is never done

I get dressed and wash to begin anew

in the trek that my prints left will forever glue

I feel a strong presence deep inside

the trials that we face are a part of the ride

this heart I hold is a power I feel

an organ of many that calms and heals

our love is infinite; we bleed the same

a reminder for the division that erupts with its flame

one’s journey has begun out of their dark ways

our passion ignites through all of these days

I am no stranger to what I do know

even if the people outside drag me low

my thoughts tend to spiral and never come to

a point where we no longer feel blue

these roads are a maze, an obstacle course

evading and dodging with defensive force

intuition detects what knowledge lacks

lost in the sound and sights that distract

our focus is on the current objective

zoning on one option, apart from the collective

I am glad there is intellect to use for light

in a world full of darkness that we have to fight

lies attract many, but facts towards few

we rise above the evil that captures what is true

I breathe a sigh as I help lift a man

he thanked me dearly, as a new chapter began

my wish for this world is that a voice can be heard

I do not want their vision to be blurred

long lives are worth the risks taken

to achieve a goal that renders our souls shaken

creating a delicate crisp of delight to feed

the stories we listen to are well worth the read

I take a break from this filled day spent

it started so calmly, and then off I went

a line that few will cross has the bridge drawn

an epic flight I leaped from this mere lawn

I jumped my way to the sights I saw

as I witnessed the beauty unfold to my awe

but for now, I continue my voyage through

the forests and jungles filled with bamboo

I will find the treasures with gems I behold

and the jewelry bedazzled with carots of gold

an amazing day is awaiting me ahead

past these shadows of doubt clouding over with dread

I will seek the beaming light I saw this morning

the rain will soon subside and will stop pouring

until next time we see each other soon,

I am crossing this threshold into the afternoon…

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Listen to عن زياد وبيسان وصبحي الجيز وخالتو زينب وعمو عباس والعائلة السورية والحب by Sabah Jalloul on #SoundCloud

I love this track so much :’)

It brings me so much warmth and peace 💚

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