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kaiserbladz · a day ago
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Nothing as It Seems [again]
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renamonkalou · 2 days ago
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Magic sunset | Tomas
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kosa-photo-insta · 2 days ago
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秋の静かな夜 (Kyoto Prefecture)
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bisexualrapline · 2 days ago
is there a bts song that moves you so much that you can't listen to it? i'm always afraid people would misunderstand me but there are a few tracks i just can't get myself to listen to because of how overwhelmed i feel. 4 o'clock for example ... i think i have only listened to two times. like ever. first listen was, well, the first time i heard the song. then i listened to it just the once last year when i was really down. even thinking about the song makes me tear up and i can't quite explain it. on the positive side, the song made me develop a deep fondness for taehyung. i read joon's post about how they made the song and i genuinely felt so appreciative of taehyung and the way he conceptualizes his emotions and weaves it into his craft. it's funny how much i love the song when i've listened to it so little and find it difficult to listen to. but somehow it means a lot for that reason. i have a few more songs by bts that make me feel similarly overwhelmed but 4 o'clock definitely has a special place in my heart.
i understand you and totally get how 4 o’clock can feel like that. funnily enough (dang kim taehyung really got us all out here like this) that song for me is probably blue & grey. while i know the entire song by heart and could probably recite lyrics in my sleep i’ve only listened to it maybe ten times total compared to the rest of BE album which i’ve listened to like probably over 100 times. it just hit way way too close to home and while sometimes i feel grateful for being seen the way bangtan seems to See Me (see Us) it also sometimes feels overwhelming to feel like this person who i will never meet understands and knows me better than like. my own therapist. you know? i think the intensity of the emotion of bangtan’s music definitely means that everyone has a few songs that are like this
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peaceinthestorm · 2 days ago
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Fernand Toussaint (1873-1956, Belgian) ~ Reflection, n/d 
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