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a-queer-seminarian · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ID: a tweet by _grimm @ExileGrimm reading, What's the dumbest beliefs you had as a child?
When I was 4-5 I swore that bird seeds grew birds, thus the name. When my parents asked me to prove it to them, I planted a pile of bird seeds.
The next day there were loads of birds where I planted the seeds, showing I was right.”
A second tweet reads, “I wondered why my parents still objected to this idea after I proved it worked, so I thought they were hiding this secret from me because they were worried I'd grow a massive flock of birds and they'd not be able to tell me what to do.” / end id
Link to original tweet
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untmd · a year ago
Jiu Jitsu Instructor Lets Adorable Little Girl Beat Him
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m-l-rio · a year ago
One real benefit of reading I rarely hear anybody mention is how much more interesting life becomes when you read a lot. It depends what you’re reading, of course, but most (good) books will teach you something you didn’t already know, and even if you have to give the book back to the library, you get to take that much with you. A lot of people talk about things they wish they’d studied in school--I’ve done it, too--but it’s a nice consolation prize that you can always pick up a book and learn something new. And as that library in your brain collects more volumes, everything around you gains new resonances, new context, and new connections which make your lived experience richer. In quarantine alone I’ve read about religion and politics and history and evolution and computer science and astrophysics without even leaving my house and it’s already a more interesting world. 
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blunt-science · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dogor is the 18,000 year old pup that was found within the Siberian Permafrost, yet is not quite a dog nor a wolf, but a puzzling connection to both. 
Dogor has been miraculously preserved within the permafrost, with its fur, teeth and even whiskers incredibly intact. Radiocarbon dating has placed the animal at 18,000 years old and researchers have suggested that the animal passed away at just 2 months old. The name Dogor means “Friend” in Yakut, a language spoken within Eastern Siberia. 
Generally, genetic analysis can quite easily discern whether a discovered canine is a wolf or dog, but in this instance, the genetics suggest that it could be an ancestral link to both. Interestingly, Dogor lived at a time in canine evolutionary history when dogs and wolves began to branch off from each other.The general scientific consensus is that dogs and wolves split from a common ancestor, however, the process of how “dogs became dogs” is certainly contested, and Dogor could be a crucial piece in that puzzle.
If Dogor is determined to be a dog, it will be the oldest ever discovered. The next oldest, the Bonn-Oberkassel puppy, was discovered in Germany and was clearly determined to be a dog of around 14,000 years old, buried with a man and a woman. 
The progression of climate change is melting the permafrost more rapidly, and discoveries like these are becoming more and more commonplace.
Images via Sergey Fedorov/The Siberian Times
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introvert-unicorn · 10 months ago
Some idioms and phrases you should know about part I
Salt of the earth: a very good or worthy person.
Gut-wrenching: making you feel very upset or worried.
Make a spectacle of yourself: to do something that makes you look stupid and attracts people's attention.
Pass muster: be accepted as adequate or satisfactory.
Putty in someone's hands: easily influenced by someone else, excessively willing to do what someone else wishes.
Look before you leap: carefully consider the possible consequences before taking action.
Set the wheels in motion : to do something that will cause a series of actions to start.
Off the books: without being included on official records.
A long Haul: something that takes a lot of time and energy.
An end in itself: a goal that is pursued in it's own right to the exclusion of others.
Night owl: a person who prefers to be awake late at night.
Kick the Bucket: to die.
Alter Ego: a person's secondary or alternative personality immediately or extremely quickly; at once.
Freak of Nature: something or someone that is unusual, rare, or abnormal in some way / To avoid attracting attention to yourself.
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desultory-suggestions · a year ago
Tumblr media
Hello, lovelies! I’ve gotten a couple of asks about studying so I decided to condense them into one post for you guys! I’m trying to hit a bunch of different topics so if you need an even more specific post you can send an ask! Without any further ado, have some tips! My studyblr is @spacey-scholar​
First, you always need a good base for your day! Especially if you’re studying a lot.
Make a good full breakfast! Ex. Eggs and Toast, Smoothie and fruit, Pancakes and a cup of juice. 
How’s your hygiene? Do you need to shower, brush your teeth, wash your face, condition your hair? Do it! You’ll be distracted if you feel messy!
Get dressed like it’s a normal day. Staying in PJ’s is okay! But being ready for the day seriously helps focus!
Likewise, your space should be clean. A clean space is a clean mind! Remove dishes, trash, scrap paper, and extra items. Wide down your desk, organize your pens and books. Your space should feel like your space!
Now make a list of what you need to get done! What needs to be done Now, what needs to be done Soon, and what needs to be done Later? 
Order your list how you want your day to go, and don’t put super-tough subjects back to back, or subjects that are similar exercises i.e. reading thirty pages of two different books back to back is no fun.
The Studying
It’s important to buckle down with No Distractions! If you find yourself distracted put your phone away! If you need your phone, put it on Do Not Disturb until you’re done. I also do this at night for better sleep. 
Pick the best technique for you, Pomodoro, reward-based, group studying, etc.
Play music but only if it will not distract you! If you sing along or daydream it’s the wrong music! Classical, Lo-fi, and White noise are all good! My Spotify Here has some good ones.
Use a nice journal (I don’t mean expensive!) and pens/pencils you enjoy using. I like to have a specific journal and color dedicated to each subject. 
Take notes on recorded lectures and classes, if you’re doing online classes right now try to screen record or record the audio! That way if you space out you can play it later and take notes, and you can absorb the lesson better instead of being distracted.
Don’t worry about your notes, stationary, pictures, being beautiful and your grades being perfect. Life doesn’t always look the way it does on Instagram. And the people who spend hours trying to get a good photo of their coffee are not studying! 
Use flashcards! Quizlet is good if you need premade ones! If you can save up and buy them, Barrons AP Flash Cards are the best in my opinion. Very clean, not too long, very durable, and cover all subjects.
Feeling Distracted 
If you catch yourself drifting off and getting into your head, get up and take a quick walk, stretch, or energizer. 
It’s okay if this happens, don’t guilt yourself! practice affirmation. The best and smartest still get distracted. 
If you are drifting, why? Are you hungry? Tired? Thirsty? Bored? Get a snack and some water, take a break and rest, find a way to make your studying more enjoyable. 
Remember that Motivation and Discipline are different things. Sometimes we just won’t be motivated, we won’t want to do it and it will be rather frustrating. But the cure to this is not shaming its discipline. Remind yourself “This may be hard, and I may not want to do this, but I want to reach my goals and If this is what It takes I will make it happen. 
Always do just one more page of you’re tired. One at a time and oh you did it! Maybe just one more? One more? Eh, one more just to finish the train of thought, Oh just- I’m done? Nice!
If you really can’t focus just move on and come back to this subject, you can always ask for help.
Supplementary Things
There are so many apps you can use to study, for free! My favorites are Tide, Quizlet, Focus Keeper, Forest, Flora, Egenda, SpanishDict, Photomath, and Kahn Academy. 
You can also join a study group! You may know one, but if you don’t, there are a lot of online ones! I’m in a study Discord and have been for a while! it helps a lot and motivates me to finish my work!
You can make a studyblr, but don’t do it just for the aesthetics! It’s about studying, and sometimes that gets messy! Sometimes we fail a test, we spill our tea on our notes, we cry because we don’t understand the formula. That’s the part you don’t see!
Having cute stationery can really help, as well as nice organizers and decorations for your space! I don’t have much money so I get a lot of stuff on Amazon or FB Marketplace.
Remember that no matter what you are good enough. It’s okay if you fail, it’s okay if you struggle.
It’s also okay if your path doesn’t go the way you expected! Maybe you go to a different school than expected! Or choose a trade instead! Maybe you take a gap year! Maybe your passion changes! Maybe it changes six times!
Your health is always more important than your school. If you are in pain, mentally or physically, if you are anxious, exhausted, burnt out, talk to your teachers about it! You matter more than a grade.
Your best is good enough! And your best doesn’t look the same as someone else’s best! Don’t compare!
Now go get out there and study!
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dear-future-ai · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Marie Antoinette playing a Dulcimer by David Roentgen, 1784
An automaton is a machine that does preprogrammed work, unassisted.
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theemotionmachine · a year ago
Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that 'my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.'
Isaac Asimov
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introvert-unicorn · 8 months ago
Words to use instead of Happy
Over the moon
As happy as a sandboy
On top of the world
Blissed out
In high spirits
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lgb-positivi-t · a year ago
I know the quarantine is scary BUT you can:
-- get ahead on your studying
-- take up a new hobby like painting or writing
-- learn a new language
-- research something that interests you
-- do some major leveling up on a video game
-- binge a TV show you like
It can be a scary time but there are still good things you can do <3
Stay safe!
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