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the gorgon lizard aka GORGOSAURUS ~  tyrannosaurid theropod that also lived in the late Cretaceous.

I’m going to be honest here I totaly forgot that I had this drawing to make today, been with my mon to the hospital and I just completly forgot about it, but here is us haha ~

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Soooo Adelaide went into Lockdown 2.0 for like,,,, half a week and in that time I managed to start making a full-on sculpture of a Ceratosaurus because apparently palaeoart instagram is full of people making absolutely sick dinosaur sculptures? And so I was like aw yeah let’s give that a go, like someone who’s ever attempted to sculpt a dinosaur before. Which I haven’t. But like hey it can’t be that hard right?

It is, it is very much that hard. I may have managed to work on this sculpture in the exact opposite order of body parts to sculpt and that made things a little tricky. But hey, learning for next time!

I’m definitely gonna keep working on this lad cause like at this point I am absolutely addicted to the process of sculpting this stuff, it’s so great. I made a stamp out of a lump of clay to make the scales and that was super fun to use, the clay I bought kinda lowkey sucks to work with? But like I’m getting used to it.

So yeah, sculpting funtimes! I’ll keep y’all updated!

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I forgot to post this video of the triceratops head I had made during the beginning of quarantine.

Sadly it wasn’t wearable after I added the clay and paper mache, but I’ll be doing a rebuild with Eva foam next run(after I finish my clients suits).

But I thought y’all would enjoy this vid

Song is by lord triceratops called bacon

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Day 21: Zuniceratops christopheri

Named after the Zuni Pueblo of the southwestern state such as New Mexico, which could make an honorable mention for #Nativember month.

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Just finished my latest time lapse art video showing my process when painting Sinosauropteryx prima. This is the first video I have put together in Adobe Premiere Pro, and while it’s mostly just a slicker version of the same sort of videos I have done up till now, I did learn a lot about the program while making this. To keep things interesting I also added in some pop-up facts about the animal I was painting throughout the video, feel free to let me know what you think of this as I may keep doing it.

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