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She lifted her face to the sun and felt the vibrant scents of waves and freedom fill her lungs. The whole of her relaxed as if on cue. Pre-programmed. Indelibly tuned in to the whoosh of ocean breath that she could not yet see but every cell within her remembered.
Her heart swelled and her chest rose, liberated.
The moment coursed through her in liquid satisfaction.
Surf. Ebb. Swish. Flow.…


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Answer to all your life-long questions

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Let your inner garden grow. // I started meditating and I really want to make it a habit. It helps me to let go of the things I can not control, at least a bit. And at the moment there are so many things one can not control.

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Sure! And don’t worry—it’s not annoying.

The songs on CALM that are about Lierra are “Easier,” “Teeth,” “Not in the Same Way,” “Best Years,” and “Lover of Mine.” Some of those are blatantly about a toxic relationship (the first three), and then the last two have an underlying message of toxic tendencies (especially BY).

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