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Day 10 of 100 days of productivity


The most productive thing I did today was bring out some of my favorite books to read during the quarantine/lockdown period. Organized them in this neat little pile under my writing desk (honestly, I couldn’t find a place for them after taking them out of the carton I moved them in from my old house 😂).

It was a chill day. I was up till 5:30 in the morning finishing Assassin’s Creed. It was such a relaxing experience to stay up all night to finish a book like I used to!

I intend to start studying from tomorrow. Hope to be far more productive than I was before my little break.

Been feeding my local stray dogs too and that has been very fulfilling. ☺️

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This book was gifted to me for my birthday. I read it with low expectations because the person who gave it to me said it wasn’t the same as the authour’s prior book titled ‘Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows.’

The more I read it the more I was engrossed with the story and characters. In each of her books Jaswal tackles a mainstream topic in the punjabi culture. In this book she addresses female infanticide and assisted suicide.

The book was a difficult read for me because it took me back to when my grandfather passed away, and how difficult it was to watch him deteriorate. How he wanted to escape the tortured of his last days. He didn’t want to live anymore. His pain was unbearable. I paused many times because my real life memories were too vivid to separate from the lives of the characters.

It is an amazing read and one I highly recommend for someone looking for a thought provoking, pensive read.

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Martha Medeiros
Eu poderia ter o mesmo pai, a mesma m茫e, ter freq眉entado o mesmo col茅gio e tido os mesmos professores, e seria uma pessoa completamente diferente do que sou se n茫o tivesse lido o que eu li. Foram os livros que me deram consci锚ncia da amplitude dos sentimentos. Foram os livros que me justificaram como ser humano. Foram os livros que destru铆ram um a um meus preconceitos. Foram os livros que me deram vontade de viajar. Foram os livros que me tornaram mais tolerante com as diferen莽as.
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