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#90s music
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1.) Nirvana

2.) Soundgarden

3.) Stone Temple Pilots

4.) Bush

5.) No Doubt

My favorite decade!!!

Thanks for asking, May!!! 🖤🤘

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Holy Wind


Members: Mark Thomas, Willam Dixon, Barry Weeks

Origin: Virginia

Years Active: Unknown. It’s currently unclear when the formed or broke up. They were definitely active during the late 80s and early 90s.

Style Of Music: Christian

Discography: Holy Wind from the early 90s, according two Wikipedia the released three albums but it’s unclear what the names of the other two are.

Status: It seems like none of their music is available online but I’m not 100 percent sure. So far there is virtually no information about them online. I do have a cd copy of their self titled album however. Besides the Wikipedia page of Barry Weeks that briefly mentions them. If anyone has any info on Holy Wind please let me know.

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Another track that needs no introduction. Simply wonderful progressive breakbeats mixed with orchestral brilliance that litters Hybrid’s early works. Unbeatable.

(alt. link:

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