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hey michigan people i’m really intrigued by your state but it also seems really sad and desolate and cloudy and empty except for detroit.

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best worst things about the midwest:

  • it snows every year. we know this. like clockwork it snows.
  • never know when. november? february? april? who knows. not us.
  • after it snows that first time, no one is prepared.
  • no one is prepared for any snow after that. never. not once. never enough rock salt. never the right tires.
  • it literally never matter, it could actually be snow season and everyone’s like, “oh shit, really? huh. guess we’re done here” and then it snows. again.
  • no one knows how to drive in the snow, even when prepared. you are taught in driver’s ed how to drive in snow. it does not matter.
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2nd time in the last 7 days that I’ve had a gorgeous sunset. Even the skies are celebrating the end of the Trump presidency!

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Sometimes you have to reflect to appreciate what the Midwest has to offer. That’s exactly what I did in this week’s blog post.

Fabulous Pineapple Blog:
… #lgbt #midwest #gay #lesbian #bi #trans #nonbinary #lgbtq🌈


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see i feel all ohioans are the opposite😂

but this could also just be from the crackhead energy my friends and i have lmao

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Needle in a hat stack. 🥱💙

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His eyes bore into her own,
An entrancing harmony of blue and gray,
Reminiscent of a midsummer storm on a July afternoon,
Or January gloom from her Ohio bedroom.

His eyes were a window into his soul,
A staggering juxtaposition in its depths,
Radiating warmth and brimming with adoration,
Reigniting her unmet aches for love.

Her eyes longed to linger in his,
A composition of silky brown rimmed by ebony,
Nostalgic of the rich earth from Midwestern woods, 
Or fresh morning coffee with a dash of milk.

Her eyes were the only suggestion of her struggles,
Melancholy coiling beneath the surface,
A physical manifestation of trauma and despair, 
Beckoning him to resuscitate her. 

– What a lovely paradox they created.

( aleta jay )

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I sincerely did not believe it when someone informed me that California was beginning to lose people to the Midwest

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