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I live in the south. It’s hot. I don’t have central air, just giant window units. Last year before summer I bought a portable air conditioner that I ended up keeping in the same place. I take great care of it. Keeping it clean, filters empty, etc. It’s worked great for a year and a half!

Here in LA, we don’t just switch over from summer to winter, it starts and stops. Gets freezing two days, unbearably hot the next, and so on. So I’ve been using it a little less lately, but still regularly enough.

Recently, we had a hurricane and I didn’t have power for a week. When it came back on, the AC kept shorting the power surge it was connected to. I tried a couple of times and watched the light under the switch on the strip flicker like it was straining before going out. I tried different power strips, old and new, and different areas in my house but it kept failing.

I thought it must have something to do with the power issues that my entire area was suffering from. Everything else worked fine, so I decided to wait.

Today is a little hotter than it has been in a couple of weeks and I was going to flick it on for a few minutes, only its still having the same issue, cutting off.

It cuts out surged protectors and blows fuses if not connected to one, no matter what part of the house I try it in and on fuses that have nothing else on them. Even when I turn off almost every thing else in the house.

I don’t understand why this is happening. Could the storm have done something to the AC or is it my house that had the problem? Is the storm just a coincidence and the issue is something else?


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