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#personal development
michaelbogild · 2 days ago
Most personalities are mere social expressions of a trauma-inspired intricate self hypnosis.
You are not necessarily what you were told you were as you are not necessarily the rebellious reactivity to what you were told you were.
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sk-lumen · 7 months ago
Be that woman who is always learning and overachieving.
Be that woman who uses SPF50 even in winter because she has done her research on skincare and the importance of taking care of her skin all-year round.
Be that woman who looks polished to the nines for any occasion, simply because every day is an occasion to celebrate her divine femininity.
Be that woman who wears her pearls, silky robes and perfume even at home and doesn’t need a special occasion to enjoy luxury.
Be that woman who chooses her own wellbeing, her own selfcare, her own mental health, above all (because nobody gets a medal for being a doormat and sacrificing their life for another).
Be that woman who takes great care of her skin, body and hair by educating herself and investing in the best products for her - even before she's 40, or 30, even before any skin conditions appear forcing her to take better care.
Be that woman who is so incredibly brave to step outside her comfort zone and continuously challenge herself to become a better person, a kinder person; to do more, to achieve more, to be more.
Be that woman who whenever she hits rock bottom, she mourns her losses, but next day is reborn from the ashes like a phoenix, ready to conquer the world again, because the only direction she is moving towards is forward.
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billionairebabes · a month ago
Tumblr media
I once read that the universe responds not to what we want but to the energy we project into it. Learning this changed my life because it effectively shifted my mindset from “I want, I want, I want” to “I am.” I was introduced to the law of attraction at a very young age and have grown in my journey tremendously. The way I practiced the law of attraction as a college student looked a lot different than it did when I was 15 and has again evolved now that I’m in my early 20s. At 24, I think I’ve finally found the flow that keeps my energy aligned with the things I want to manifest. Let’s get into it.
Step 1: Identify Limiting beliefs and dispel them!
Unless your goal is to do something inhumanely possible like breathing underwater or mastering teleportation, there isn’t anything 100% out of reach even though our brains and society will have us think so. Identify your limiting beliefs and write ways they could actually be overcome. If possible, go a step further and identify the origin of these limiting beliefs. The universe will always provide proof of your thoughts.
Step 2: Take a break from social media!
When we spend hours on social media, we’re constantly exposed to other people’s accomplishments, goals, milestones etc. It’s normal to experience feelings of inadequacy and jealousy and unfortunately, these emotions are a breeding ground for limiting beliefs and low vibration.
Step 3: Raise your vibration!
I raise my vibration by doing activities that I enjoy. For example, in my dream life, I own a home with a chef's kitchen and all of the ingredients and spices I could ask for. Cooking in my everyday life and experimenting with new ingredients constantly reminds me of the life I’m manifesting. I also keep a “happy list” for when I feel my vibration waning. This list includes small paragraphs of happy memories, accomplishments/times I achieved a goal etc. Sometimes we need a reminder of our own power.
Step 4: Start Scripting!
Scripting is your best friend when manifesting! Manifesting requires a high level of specificity and writing out your manifestations will offer clarity not only for you but the universe as well. Write using all five senses! What does it smell like where you are? Can you hear sounds around you? What emotions do you want to feel? Be as vivid as possible when scripting and do it often. If you’d like to align your manifestations with the full moon, script during these times and leave your writing under the moonlight. Write often and read your writings. I’d also recommend keeping a separate journal for your scripting for safekeeping and easy access.
Step 5: Create a vision board!
More than likely, when you first came to learn of the law of attraction you were told to make a vision board, and rightfully so. Seeing your goals every day is paramount to working towards your goals on a daily basis. It can be so easy to fall into the banality of everyday life that we forget to work towards the goals that are considered “out of reach".
I have a physical vision board on a poster-sized foam board as well as a digital vision board made on Canva! I made my first physical board in college and throughout college, I realized that I began to ignore my vision board and it no longer had an impact on me. Why? Because my goals changed dramatically and so my vision board was no longer relevant to me. To combat this, evaluate your vision board yearly. Is this still what you want? Don’t be afraid to peel pictures off and replace them as needed. It’s okay to change, it’s okay to grow!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Read the next five steps here!
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lovelybluepanda · 7 months ago
Simple ways to make your life more interesting
This post is especially towards introverts who think they live a boring life and to make it more interesting you need to do a lot of things or interact with other people.
make your own (secret) cookies recipe
learn recipes from different cultures
watch documentaries (i suggest: Origins explained, Timeline - World history documentaries, Absolute History, Discovery)
learn morse code
learn a new language
learn to build an app
choose a craft and enjoy it (suggestions: crocheting, painting, beads and wire crafts, sewing, origami)
try a new food weekly (suggestions: sweets from another country, usually supermarkets have at least a couple of things from another country; a new sort of milk, vanilla soy milk for example; new tea)
read myths from around the world
read books
make your own stickers
embroidery! make your clothes more “you”
dance, choose some simple yet catchy dances
learn ethical hacking
choose some online courses on obscure topics
train to do splits, learn to be flexible
got a pet? train it 
make your own candles
have your own collection of jams with recipes you made
learn about plants, what do certain flowers mean? which flower is good to eat? which one is poisonous?
have a tiny garden, a portable one perhaps with herbs
learn tarot
pick up yoga and do those impressive poses
strength training! shock with your strength ᕙ( : ˘ ∧ ˘ : )ᕗ
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isa-glow-bella-grow · a month ago
“A lot of times I can tell that certain circumstances makes my executive dysfunction worse. And recognising these ‘triggers’ can help you become more aware of your behaviors. Knowing what contributes to your executive dysfunction will help you work towards creating strategies to overcome it.”
I just read this helpful post by @adhd-attention-deficit-dumbass and it inspired me to figure out what my triggers are.
My Executive Dysfunction Triggers
Staying in my pj’s all day
Not washing my face
Sitting in my comfy chair first thing in the morning or before doing anything productive
Watching tv first thing
Watching more than one episode of a show at a time gives me the feeling that I don’t have the power to stop myself, and then I end up watching tv for hours or all day. Taking breaks in between episodes reminds me that I can balance work and leisure
Choosing a fun task over a necessary one sends a message to myself that those tasks which are crucial to my well-being are not worth it, and encourage laziness
Waking up late makes me start my day feeling guilty and incompetent, whereas waking up on time gives me the confidence boost I need to start my day right
Hitting snooze over and over again makes me feel lazy and incompetent
Alternating between the same 2-3 outfits
Being away from home for more than a day (without structure) causes me to fall out of my routine
Not brushing my teeth makes me feel like I’m not worth effort and care, and brushing my teeth makes me feel refreshed
Not showering — same effect as not brushing my teeth, plus makes me feel grungy, and like I’m not a functioning adult
And finally — this one is a result, as well as a trigger for further regression — avoiding tasks. When I start avoiding, it snowballs until I’m able to interrupt it and get back on track
Reading this, I notice that one thing that really makes my executive dysfunction worse is the belief that I’m lazy. I knew this already, but man, is it blatantly obvious when I see it written. So I suppose a good strategy for this is 1) Work on mindset and 2) Try really hard to get tasks done so I can support the mindset that I’m not lazy.
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ofparadoxalmind · 4 months ago
Your character will take you places where your looks simply can’t.
Who are you? What do you value? How do you show love each day? Are you committed to growth??
Investing in character development is one of the BEST things you can do in your level up journey.
Fads + fashion fade. Inflation will always influence the value of money.
But a good character? Priceless.
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theambitiouswoman · a month ago
If you’re getting into sales or want to, read this book. Everyone overall probably should as sales is the most important skill you need to learn in life on a business and personal aspect. You may not realize it, but you’re constantly selling on a daily basis.
Tumblr media
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thedeluxedoll · 11 days ago
The aim for the rest of the year is to be fiercely focused on reaching my goals.
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therealglowup · 11 months ago
Books that changed my life / PART ONE
the secret by rhonda byrne
wings of soul by dadi janki
You are a badass by jen sincero
Interview with the Devil by Napoleon Hill
The 48 laws of power by Robert Greene
The new age goddess by Alisha White
The Art of seduction by Robert Greene
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iamstrongallonmyown · 2 days ago
At the end of the day, you can either focus on what’s tearing you apart or what’s holding you together.
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namitha · a month ago
Yes, you have a long way to go
and this is also true:
you have already sown
good and faithful seeds.
You have already started this journey.
Keep watering.
Keep letting the daylight brings things to life.
One day at a time: you’ve got this.
And may you never compare your garden to anyone else’s.
Have gratitude for how you have already grown
and let every season teach you what it needs to teach you.
Whether you are sowing new seeds
or pulling up old weeds,
let this season be what it needs to be,
and keep watering those good seeds
you have already sown.
One seed at a time.
One seed at a time.
One day at a time.
-- Morgan Harper Nichols, LET EACH SEASON TEACH YOU
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billionairebabes · a month ago
In order to grow you must learn to let go.
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lovelybluepanda · 3 months ago
Let’s talk books
Recently (last week) i started reading self-development books by Japanese authors or/and about Japanese principles and i got mesmerized by some of them so here i am, recommending you my favorite books which i have read recently. 
The life-changing Manga of Tidying up, by Marie Kondo
This book got a 5 stars from me. Marie Kondo combines cleaning and organizing with finding happiness. You’d think cleaning is something everyone knows, yet many people feel ovewhelmed by the idea of having to clean. I like that Marie Kondo explains where to start so you get a list of steps and tips how to go about it but the whole experience is personal because you keep things which “spark joy” for you in a way or another. 
She is also teaching you how to enjoy cleaning. The book mentions and explains the visualization process of setting a goal and by doing this, she is teaching you a life long habit. The fact that she is focusing on your happiness rather than the cleaning makes this perfect because you can keep whatever you want and she is not promoting some minimalist mindset as in owning as little as possible.
Kintsugi: The Japanese art of Embracing the Imperfect and Loving your flaws by  Tomás Navarro
Most books of this kind promote how to focus on the “good” emotions and the bright side of life but this book teaches that focusing on the negative traits of life, humans, experiences etc. 
I genuinely thought the first chapter which was about pain and suffering was just some method to get rid of the topic from the start but this is the theme of the book, to look at the not so pleasing things and learn how to deal with them. If you feel overwhelmed by anger, frustration, sadness often, this book is great. 
My favorite part was the chapter about depression which was the most wholesome thing i have read in a while. Teaching someone to accept their depression and how to handle it in a gentle and non judgemental way is the most heartwarming thing you can read. 
The Power of Chowa: Finding Your Inner Strength Through the Japanese Concept of Balance and Harmony by Akemi Tanaka
I finished this one a few moments ago and i write this post because of this book. 
The author is a combination of everything here. She talks about good and bad parts of life while tackling every major topic you can stumble upon in life. She tries to teach how to accept yourself, deal with your emotions and also look for the bright side of things. On the other hand, she is also talking discrimination in Japan while praising the positive traits of the culture. I think she is the first author who speaks up about discrimination against women in Japan from the books i have read so far who fit in this category of self-development. 
Another thing which i liked enourmously was the exercises/suggestions she gave out for different situations. I actually messaged a couple of friends after so i try out one of her exercises on them.
Bonus points for explaining kanji in her chapters. I think this is one of those books that can teach anyone something new. 
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authormdluna · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Today I got my home set up just how I like it: minimal, but cozy.  After living with a partner, I am nervous to be single and live alone.  But sitting here in my space, knowing it’s completely mine, seeing it look how I want it to look… it is making the transition a little easier.
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