recoverr · a day ago
well, you know what? i'm gonna be gentle to myself. whether or not i accomplish things. whether i'm at my one hundred or at my ten percent. whether i'm angry, happy, stressed, anxious or insecure. even when i don't have all the answers or all the hope. even when the world demands more and more of what i can no longer give. even when i disappoint people. even, even, even.
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honeymooncupid · 20 hours ago
Sometimes all you can do is try. Even if you succeed or not, trying is already a very brave thing to do. Don't be afraid to be proud of yourself for trying.
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Tumblr media
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The words, "late night reminders" written in gold block letters and "for when your brain is being mean to you" written in smaller white block letters underneath. Under that, there are six drawings with text under each one, 3 in each row:
a crescent moon with "you are deserving of love." Beside, there's a cloud with "everyone doesn't hate you." Beside that, there are 3 "z"s indicating sleep with "you are capable of so much." The second row contains stars with "what you are seeking will come to you," a planet with "what others did to you isn't your fault," and the big dipper constellation with "you aren't a failure."
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violetvibrations · a day ago
Tumblr media
@ lindseys.lettering
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sk-lumen · 20 hours ago
Ladies, build your foundation first.
visiting a derm/investing in skincare > buying tons of make-up to pile unto problematic skin to hide the issue
investing in quality (and yes, potentially expensive) shoes > hoarding piles of cheap shoes that last a few months or a season
intentional therapy sessions to take accountability over your self > dating anyone who comes along and victimizing yourself/blaming others over the bad relationships you attract (aka accept)
acting (intentionally choosing the life you wish to have) > reacting (only responding to whatever life throws your way).
In conclusion, quality over quantity. Focus on building a strong and healthy foundation first, and focus on the rest later, otherwise you're repeating the same cycle to your own detriment (financial or health wise).
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drarrily-we-row-along · a day ago
Day 227: I Didn't Know Where Else to Go
Harry, for all intents and purposes, enjoyed his nice quiet life.
He loved his quiet, one-room cottage by the sea, with his garden in the back full of fresh vegetables and flowers, and his lovely hive of bees. He loved Mable, the scruffy mutt that had shown up on his doorstep, looking for food and then never left. No one in the village knew him as anything other than James Evans and it was the most peace he'd found in his life.
Harry absolutely did not miss being in the aurors. He didn't miss the press, the constant niggling anxiety that was present whenever he was in wizarding communities.
No, the quiet was enough.
It had been so quiet in his cottage for so long, that the pounding on his door one night in the middle of a wild storm made him summon his wand before he moved slowly to the door.
There was another round of a fist banging against the door before he finally blew out the nerves and yanked it open.
He wasn't prepared for the man who fell through the door, stumbling as though it had been holding him up.
"Draco?" he asked, catching him and bearing most of his weight as the other man slumped on his feet; cold, wet fingers clinging to Harry's shirt.
"Sorry," he whispered, silver eyes taking in Harry's face like he was noticing every new wrinkle, every last sun worn freckle. "I didn't know where else to go."
And then he promptly passed out.
Harry carried him over to the bed before locking the cottage door and warding it against whoever might be after Draco. Then he set to work, stripping the other man of his soaking wet clothes, finding numerous bloody gashes and deep red and purple bruises.
(Read more below the cut)
"Shit," he hissed, casting a series of diagnostic charms he'd learned both as an auror and as the former partner of the man in front of him, who held no real regard for his own life. He cast a series of spells to stabilize the other man's condition before going back to his bedroom and digging his case out from under his bed.
Harry spent the next hour and a half tending to wounds, using the spellbook he had, along with half a dozen potions before he was satisfied with Draco's diagnostics.
He managed to get Draco into a pair of loose pajama bottoms before pulling the blankets up over him and stoking the fire, adding a few more logs for good measure. Then he sat down in the armchair and let himself drift while he waited for Draco to wake up and explain himself.
Draco had always been a stubborn sod.
Honestly, he shouldn't have even been surprised that the other man hadn't woken up by the time Harry did the following morning.
He went about his business as usual, letting Mable out into the back garden to chase away any rabbits that might be contemplating his vegetables, before making a pot of coffee and starting in on the bread making he did every other day.
The morning went on as usual and Harry was just pulling the bread out of the oven when the spell he'd left over Draco to alert him to movement went off.
"Your stomach always did wake you up," Harry called softly, his voice carrying across the small space.
Draco groaned, rolling and wincing, "Harry?" he asked, eyes blinking open like it was difficult.
"Hey," he said, sitting on the edge of the bed and brushing Draco's hair back out of his face.
His eyes fixed on Harry, soft and warm and for a moment it was like they'd never left. Ten years of time and space disappeared as though they'd never existed in the first place.
"I shouldn't be here," he said, eyes clouding again. "Sorry, I've put you in danger-"
"Hey," he said, gently pressing him back against the mattress. "You're not going anywhere. You've suffered massive internal injuries, you need to rest and-"
"I need to go," he repeated, struggling to stand.
Harry touched his shoulder, "You're not going anywhere. You said last night that you didn't know where else to go."
"I was delirious."
"I'm aware," he replied. "But I ran diagnostics; you didn't have any tracers on you, there's been no abnormal magical activity within a 10 kilometer radius, my cottage is warded and it's unplottable. We're safe."
Draco sank back against the pillow for a moment, rubbing his face with his hands.
He took in the curve of his wrists, even narrower now than they'd been when they'd worked together. He'd lost weight, too, and Harry's gut churned uneasily. "You've been working too hard," he said softly.
"Someone had to," Draco snapped and Harry recoiled, standing and moving back to the bread he'd left sitting on the counter. "Sorry," Draco said, and even without looking at him, Harry knew he was shaking his head. "I didn't mean that."
"You did," Harry replied evenly as he spread butter and then honey on a warm slab of bread. "Do you still like honey in your tea?" he asked as he prepared a cup for himself.
"Yes," he murmured, defeated.
Harry returned a few minutes later, handing Draco a plate with bread and a cup of tea before sitting down in the armchair once more.
"I'm sorry," he repeated.
He nodded.
"I never have been good at keeping myself from antagonizing you."
"Yes, well," he said before sipping his tea, "Wouldn't feel right if you weren't, so," he let the rest of the sentence drop, shrugging a shoulder.
"What do you do here?" Draco asked.
He shrugged again, "I bake bread and I garden. I take my dog for walks on the beach. I tend my bees."
"And you're happy doing that?" he asked as though he couldn't quite believe it.
Harry hummed, "I stopped trying to atone a long time ago."
The other man didn't say anything to that, probably didn't want to start a fight, but that was okay. Harry didn't mind the silence. He'd actually grown rather accustomed to it.
"Don't you miss it?" Draco asked eventually, tearing the crust of his bread between his slender fingers.
"It or you?" Harry replied.
He shrugged, "either. Both."
"It, no," Harry said softly. Then he waited and Draco's eyes found his, "You? Everyday."
"Harry," he whispered, face crumpling.
He reached over and took Draco's hand in his, "I just couldn't do it anymore. I couldn't watch while you did everything in your power to get yourself killed. Every mission we took," he shook his head, "It's like you were looking for danger."
"Someone had to-"
"I couldn't anymore," he repeated.
Draco stared down at his hands clasped in his lap, "I know."
"Still hurt, though," Harry finished for him. "You were always welcome to come with me, you know."
"I wasn't ready."
He hummed, "And now?"
Draco shook his head, "It's too late now. You've built your whole life here, it's safe and quiet. I'd just bring all of the chaos and-"
"It's not too late," he interrupted. "I got bees, Draco," he said, "so I could make you tea and slather your toast in honey. I bought a cottage by the sea because you always said you wanted to live by the sea someday, the humid air was good for your complexion and all of that. I learned to bake bread because you love the smell of bread in the oven. I've carved out a place for you here," he added, feeling small and afraid in a way he hadn't in a long time. "I want you here."
He blinked at him, "You can't mean that."
"I do."
"They're hunting me," he started. "The ministry-"
"They'll stop," Harry replied. "They stopped looking for me. They'll stop looking for you, too. Eventually."
He still looked uncertain, "You haven't seen me in a decade," he said. "And you just want me to stay here? You don't know anything about me anymore-"
"I'll learn." He brought Draco's knuckles to his lips, "I've never stopped loving you. You just have to let me."
Draco stared at him, tears in his eyes.
"Let it go," he murmured. "You've done enough. Just," he sighed, "Stay."
Harry'd never been so relieved in his life as the moment that Draco nodded and threw himself into Harry's arms. He hadn't ever fancied himself particularly gifted in Divination, but with Draco's body pressed against his, Harry knew that everything was going to turn out just fine.
This is very out of order. But it's the prompt that sparked a little bit of joy today.
Read my other ficlets here.
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kindnotestoself · a day ago
{ you will heal }
{ say it out loud } { repeat it } { believe it }
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dapperenby13 · 2 days ago
Also religious tw/cw I think
It means a lot to me that in the newest ep Lilith had that whole situation where she was afraid of taking the titans name in vain
As someone who grew up religious it feels nice to have that part of it represented
And as I stopped being religious people around me would still be offended if is said something like ‘oh god’ or ‘oh my god’ cause we weren’t supposed to say stuff like that
So it’s just really nice to see Lilith heal from the coven and the little steps she’s taking
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loveandthepsyche · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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ed-recovery-affirmations · 2 days ago
It's not your fault you developed an eating disorder. All the pain you were feeling had to manifest somehow. If it wasn't an ED it would have been something else. Just because you took part in the disordered behavior then doesn't mean you deserved that pain. And you deserve to heal now.
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positivityforlesbians · 2 days ago
Take pride in being a lesbian. There's nothing lesbophobes can say that should get to us. Thanks to our existence women can be homosexual, can be more often that not gender non-conforming, can be more often than not going against the standards pushed on women under patriarchy. We expand the box of what it takes to be a woman, we were always there but it's taking time for others to acknowledge us and accept us as a full part of the family. Their perception is what needs to shift, we have nothing to be sorry about, nothing to adjust to please their narrow view of womanhood. We are each SHE, we each have a potential of pride and self-love in us if we care enough about not listening to those trying their best to burden us with their hatred, we are not doing womanhood wrong, we are women just the same, we are not inverted or having a male spirit or male brain, we can love other women with all our tenderness and desire, if anything it makes us closer to anything female. Nothing stands naturally against us and other women, our love is natural, there is no man in our intimacy destroying the bond between one another because our heart prioritises women and we wouldn't want it any other way. 💖
We have nothing to do with people pushing us to put distance between us and our lesbian identity, it's not separable, I am not a non-woman (whatever the new trendy word is) for being a lesbian, none of these lesbophobes will succeed to brainwash me into thinking this is what it must means since I am not into men and not conforming to femininity either. We are powerful, handsome, beautiful just the way we are, our diversity and our difference is a strength, not a fundamentally incompatible fact with womanhood. I love being a tomboyish lesbian, when I was younger and having internalised sexism and homophobia (so, internalised lesbophobia) I used to cringe and shiver at the thought of being called a woman after growing a little older. Now I am proud of being "just" that. We are surrounded by amazing examples, heroines, warriors, queens, daily heroes, the straight ones and the bi ones along our lesbian sisters, we are one. This is what pride looks like, it doesn't split between identities, acceptance of being a lesbian came along acceptance of being a woman. Different from the majority because of that one detail (being homosexual) but the same in nature. Without us the female existence wouldn't be complete, we are the puzzle piece that other women need to be so powerful as a group. United, we stand. 💖💖
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snorlax-and-co · 4 hours ago
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violetvibrations · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
@ kiracyan.design
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mufti-ismail-menk · 2 days ago
Society may not tolerate second chances. It can be unforgiving when you make mistakes. But the Almighty is ever ready to give you a fresh start when you turn back to Him. Whatever you need He has for you: healing, forgiveness and peace. Seek Him for a new beginning.
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ultimateearworm · 2 days ago
I wont reach out to you, because I’m afraid you’re angry and I want to respect your boundaries.
Please reach out to me if you ever want to, but know I will not sit around for you. I will not waste my days wondering if you will ever message me. I plan things to fill my days because idle hands are the devils best friend, so if you do reach out, understand that my priority right now is growing. Maybe that growth to be a better person for myself, will allow me to be a better partner in your future, or maybe its for another partner to enjoy if you don’t end up reaching out. Love can be the most painful emotion and can make you do things you would never originally do.
I am not lonely, I have myself and friends, but I still think about you every day. I’m probably a fool for continuing to love you despite your ghosting.
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vibratingwords-photos · a day ago
***History Lesson***
Link to Part 2👇
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feral-ballad · a month ago
Tumblr media
Clementine Von Radics, from In A Dream You Saw A Way To Survive; “You are on the floor crying”
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recoverr · 29 days ago
don’t let this world’s obsession with youth rob you of the big and small joys of adulthood. i spent most of my teenage years and early twenties struggling with my mental health. but there’s no timeline for happiness. for many people, getting older and growing up means having more chances to redefine their values, find their path and stability in life. some people go to college in their forties. some people marry in their sixties. some people recover better after their thirties. there’s no timeline for this kind of stuff. your childhood and teenage years won’t be the only chance you have at experiencing freedom and joy.
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